Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD)

Pacific Coast Architecture Database

The Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD) includes a range of information on the buildings and designers of California, Oregon and Washington. Professionals in other fields related to architecture have also been included, such as landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners, developers, and building contractors. Building records are tied to those of their creators (when known) and include historical and geographical information and images. Bibliographical information, such as magazine citations, book citations and web sites, has also been linked for creators and structures.

The concept for PCAD was conceived by Alan Michelson, Head of the Architecture and Urban Planning Library, University of Washington, Seattle, and he has input most of the information currently populating the database. Started at UCLA in 2002, Terry Zeyen and Stephen Davison produced its initial Cold-Fusion-based version. The University of Washington Libraries ITS group currently hosts the second, PHP-based version of PCAD. Joe Edwards, formerly of the UW Libraries, was instrumental in developing its current form, while recent alterations and improvements have been made by the UW's Anne Graham, Corey Murata and Anjanette Young. Additional assistance has been provided by UW students, Dipti Shah, Sara Lachman and Josh Polansky. Special thanks to Catherine Westergaard for her research assistance. The UW Library's Noreen Jacky has also provided extensive research information for PCAD.

An Important Note: I have used the important genealogical database,, routinely in my research, and have made frequent web links to it. A link might say something like, "1880 United States Federal Census about Waldo Waterman." The link cannot send the reader directly to the page that I used, as Ancestry is a proprietary resource, requiring a membership payment. I include the link to indicate which page I used in the research process.

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