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Guide to the Brock Adams Papers

Record Group No.: 1096
Creator: Adams, Brock, 1927-, creator
Title: Brock Adams papers
Date Span: 1947-1993
Quantity: 326.64 cubic feet (456 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are inEnglish.
Brock Adams. Special Collections, UW Libraries, UW23751z

Biographical Note

Brock Adams was a liberal Democrat whose record of public service spanned almost 40 years. He served in both houses of the U.S. Congress and as Secretary of Transportation under President Jimmy Carter.

Brockman Adams was born on January 13, 1927, in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in Portland and Seattle. Upon graduation from Seattle’s Broadway High School in 1944, he enrolled in the University of Washington. He interrupted his studies to enlist in the U.S. Navy, where he served for two years. He returned to the University in 1946 and graduated summa cum laude in 1949 with a degree in economics. During his senior year he served as President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington and was the first student to both serve in that post and receive the President’s Medal of Excellence as the University’s top scholar. After receiving a law degree from Harvard University in 1952, Adams entered private practice in Seattle.

Adams entered electoral politics in 1958 with an unsuccessful challenge of King County Prosecutor Charles O. Carroll. He was an early organizer for John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign and eventually chaired Kennedy’s Western Washington organization. In 1961, President Kennedy appointed Adams U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington. Adams resigned this position in March 1964 to run for Congress. In November he was elected to represent Washington’s Seventh Congressional District, the south side of Seattle and its southern suburbs, Renton and Kent. In this area are the major Boeing manufacturing plants. He was reelected six times by ever-increasing margins and served on the following committees: Interstate and Foreign Commerce; District of Columbia; Revenue and Financial Affairs; Banking and Currency; and Agriculture.

Adams' record on social issues was solidly liberal. He was an advocate of civil rights, the 18 year old vote and the Equal Rights Amendment.

In 1967 Adams broke with President Lyndon Johnson over his escalation of the Vietnam war. In 1969 he urged President Richard Nixon to speed up the withdrawal of U.S. troops. He condemned the bombings of North Vietnam and was one of the 85 Congressmen who supported the October 15th 1969 Vietnam War Moratorium march. In 1971 he called for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of the year.

The two issues with which Adams was primarily concerned during his tenure in the U.S. House were transportation and economic policy. As chairman of the subcommittee on Transportation and Aeronautics, Congressman Adams worked to strengthen the nation’s railroad system. In 1973 he sponsored the Shoup-Adams bill which saved Northeastern railroads and restructured them into a viable system. In 1966, with Senator Magnuson, he sponsored legislation to relieve a national box car shortage and in 1974 introduced the Rail Freight Transportation Improvement Act to make available more rail equipment. Adams was also a proponent of rapid transit and introduced legislation to provide federal assistance to cities for design and construction of mass transportation facilities. Along with other members of the Washington State delegation, he pushed unsuccessfully for a government loan to Boeing for development of the Supersonic Transport (SST). During the energy crisis in 1974, Adams introduced legislation to ration fuel.

Adams was outspoken in issues involving the economy and the federal budget. He was an advocate of tax reform and proposed a minimum tax on wealthy individuals and corporations. As a member of the Steering and Policy Committee of the House Majority in 1974, he helped develop the Democratic position on the economy.

Adams was involved in a bitter battle to reform the House District of Columbia Committee, which was the governing body for the District. The Committee had for years been controlled by a conservative Southern faction. Motivated by concern for the problems of urban decay in the nation’s capitol, Adams succeeded, in 1973, in guiding through Congress a bill that gave the District a measure of home rule.

Adams helped to craft the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974. The law called for the creation of a Budget Committee in both the Senate and the House of Representatives and required that Congress create an overall budget before passing spending or revenue legislation. Although the law did not require the new process to be inaugurated until 1976 for the 1977 fiscal year, Congress chose to write non-binding budget resolutions in 1975 to guide spending for the 1976 fiscal year.

Adams ran as the liberal caucus’ candidate for chairman of the new House Budget Committee in the spring of 1974, but he was defeated by Al Ullman of Oregon. Ulmann, however, soon resigned to take over as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, and Adams won the race to succeed him. In implementing the new budget process, the new chairman had to contend with a sharply divided House. Republicans were unhappy with high levels of spending on non-military programs while liberal Democrats were upset over cuts in spending on social programs. After a series of contentious battles, Adams was able to push the first budget resolutions through the House with the very slimmest of margins.

Adams worked on behalf of Governor Jimmy Carter in his bid for the presidency in 1976 and served as executive director of Carter’s Washington State campaign. President Carter subsequently appointed Adams, who had developed an expertise in many transportation issues in the House, Secretary of Transportation in his new administration. Adams resigned his House seat in January 1977.

Adams’ tenure as Secretary of Transportation was marked by several well-publicized policy disagreements with the White House. President Carter came out early and enthusiastically for airline deregulation. Adams, who had spoken out against deregulation while in Congress, advocated a much more cautious approach to what he would call “regulatory reform.” Civil Aeronautics Board Chairman and pro-deregulation economist Alfred Kahn, rather than Adams, would be the architect of the Administration’s airline strategy. However, Adams, with his legislative experience and personal connections on Capitol Hill, would play an important role in the eventual passage of the landmark Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, legislation that spurred subsequent efforts to deregulate a host of other industries.

There were also policy differences in the area of energy, another top Carter Administration priority. Adams advocated that transportation initiatives that reduced the use of energy, including increased automobile fuel efficiency and improved mass transit, be an integral part of the Administration’s energy strategy. Such measures were largely absent from the proposal Carter presented Congress in March 1977 and continued to be overlooked as primacy on energy policy was given to the newly created Department of Energy.

In spite of these setbacks, Adams had his successes. He reorganized the department, another Carter Administration priority, and was regarded as a good administrator. He disposed of several controversial issues left over from the Ford Administration, most notably that of airbags in passenger cars. Early in his tenure Adams scrapped the demonstration program devised by his predecessor and ordered that by model year 1984 all passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. must include passive restraints (motorized seat belts or airbags). Congressional efforts to veto Adams’ order proved unsuccessful. Adams also raised fuel efficiency standards and challenged American automakers to reinvent the car to make it more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Adams pushed the Department of Transportation in the area of affirmative action by requiring grant recipients to include measures that promoted minority businesses and by establishing the Minority Business Resource Center. Adams also proposed regulations mandating that federally funded transportation facilities and programs be accessible to all, regardless of physical limitation.

Adams resigned his cabinet position in July 1979 as part of a Cabinet shakeup by the Carter Administration. While Adams and the Administration had policy differences, Adams and the White House were also in conflict over the hiring of top departmental aides. In addition, Adams felt his access to the President was unduly hampered by White House aides. After his resignation Adams entered into private practice with the Washington office of a Seattle law firm working on transportation and international trade issues.

In 1985 Adams signaled his interest in winning the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Slade Gorton in the 1986 election. (An earlier campaign for the Senate in 1976 was aborted when Henry M. Jackson, whom Adams hoped to succeed, pulled out of the Presidential race.) Although given little chance of beating the incumbent after a long absence from public office and from Washington State, he was able to keep other prominent Democratic challengers out of the race. During the campaign he made issues of Gorton’s vote to confirm Daniel Manion, a controversial Reagan Administration judicial nominee, and the Reagan Administration’s decision to name the Hanford Nuclear Reservation as one of three possible sites for a high-level nuclear waste dump. Adams surprised political pundits with a strong showing in the September open primary, which places both candidates together on the ballot. He went on to upset Gorton in the general election.

As a freshman Senator Adams was appointed to the Senate’s Committees on Commerce, Science and Transportation; Foreign Relations; Labor and Human Relations; and Rules. In 1989, Adams took a seat on the Appropriations Committee and left the Commerce and Foreign Relations Committees. He maintained a consistently liberal record, opposing the Reagan and Bush Administrations most notably in foreign policy, environmental and social matters.

Adams fought to protect Congressional authority in the foreign policy arena. He was a vocal critic of the Reagan Administration’s proposal to provide U.S. naval escorts to Kuwaiti oil tankers sailing in the Persian Gulf, where the tankers were the targets of attack in the Iran-Iraq conflict. He argued that invoking the War Powers Act would provide the necessary debate over the United States’ deepening involvement in the Persian Gulf region. He sat on the special War Powers Subcommittee established by the Foreign Relations Committee to consider the issue. A series of bills, resolutions and amendments sponsored by Adams and his allies was ultimately unsuccessful in invoking the War Powers Act. However, his skillful legislative maneuvering forced a compromise and full debate of the policy. He continued to push for a greater Congressional role when he urged President George Bush to seek “explicit authorization” from Congress before launching an attack on Iraq in retaliation for its invasion of Kuwait. Adams was also a consistent opponent of aid to the Nicaraguan Contras and the Salvadoran military.

On environmental matters, Adams was closely aligned with conservationists. The Hanford Nuclear Reservation was a central topic of Adams’ Senate campaign, and it remained a focus of Adams’ activities in the Senate. He continued to fight the Department of Energy’s consideration of the site as a nuclear waste repository, and he opposed continued production of nuclear weapons at the Hanford site. He advocated monies be spent on clean up and diversification of the Tri-Cities economy.

In the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound Adams introduced legislation that would ban single-hulled oil tankers from Puget Sound and impose spill containment and contingency planning requirements. In the heated debate over the Pacific Northwest’s old growth forests, Adams was a leading advocate of forest preservation. He opposed exports of logs from federal lands and encouraged economic diversification of timber-dependent communities.

Adams used his position on the Senate Appropriate Committee to support many Washington State projects. As Chairman of the Committee’s Subcommittee on the District of Columbia, Adams drew on his experience as chair of the House District Committee and continued to advocate for greater self-determination for the District’s citizens.

Adams’s work on health care focused on issues related to women and seniors. He was a staunch advocate of abortion rights and a leading supporter of the Women’s Health Equity Act. As Chairman of the Aging Subcommittee of the Labor and Human Relations Committee in 1991-92, Adams highlighted the health problems of older Americans. He also used his seat on the Appropriations Committee to fight for increased funding for research for cancer and AIDS.

In March 1992, shortly after Adams launched his reelection campaign, the Seattle Times published a front-page story in which several unnamed women accused Adams of sexual misconduct over a period of twenty years. At an emotional news conference that same day, Adams angrily denied the allegations, but announced his decision to suspend his reelection campaign. At the conclusion of his term, he retired from public life. After a long struggle with Parkinson's disease, he died at his home in Stevensville, Maryland in September 2004.


Organized into 4 accessions:
Accession No. 1096-001, Brock Adams papers, 1965-1976
Accession No. 1096-016, Brock Adams papers, 1947-1993
Accession No. 1096-017, Brock Adams microfilm, undated
Accession No. 1096-018, Brock Adams papers, 1987-1992

Scope and Content

Correspondence, legislative files, campaign files, minutes, speeches and writings, press releases, clippings, case files, committee files, trip files, subject files, audio recordings, video recordings, object, photographs, microfilm.

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Accession No. 1096-001
Brock Adams papers, 1965-1976
145 cubic feet (145 boxes)
Scope and Content
Accession 1096-001 consists solely of papers created by Brock Adams and his staff during his time in the U. S. House of Representatives (1965-1976). The papers cover Adams’ work in the House and its committees and subcommittees, as well as his interest in Washington State issues. Unlike the Senate Papers, these papers do contain case files, both in a “Case Files” series and within Washington State Correspondence and Correspondence About Departmental Matters. Also in contrast to the Senate papers, correspondence comprises a major part of this collection.
Correspondence, which comprises about a third of the accession, has been placed at the beginning of the papers. In all correspondence series, the majority of the letters come from constituents. Congressional colleagues and interested parties from local corporations also have a presence in the files. Common correspondents include the University of Washington, Boeing, and Amtrak. The most prominent demographic groups were the elderly, generally writing about Medicare, Social Security and veterans' pensions, and college students concerned about the Vietnam War.
General Correspondence is broader in scope than in other series, not limited to a specific bill, or falling within the jurisdiction of a certain department. This series documents a mixture of regional and national issues, and includes constituent and colleague correspondence. The files are arranged chronologically by two-year session and within a session alphabetically by heading. Outgoing Correspondence or “Robos” are form letters for responding to constituent correspondence. The letters in this short series were intended as masters that could be modified to fit different aspects of an issue and could describe to constituents actions of the Congressman related to that issue.
Correspondence About Departmental Matters relates to particular government departments, for example the Internal Revenue Service, Immigration and Naturalization Services, Selective Service Administration, etc. This series consists mainly of constituent correspondence. Also common are letters from fellow members of Congress, members of government departments, city and county government officials and business associations outside the 7th District with an interest in Adams’ sponsored legislation. A number of the constituent letters are case files, personal complaints or situations in which a constituent has asked the Congressman to intervene on his or her behalf. This series has been restricted to protect constituent privacy. The files are arranged chronologically by year and within the year alphabetically by department. In keeping with the original order of Adams’ office, when alphabetizing, words such as “department” and “agency” were disregarded. Thus, the Agency for International Development is filed under “I” not “A.” This series and the Legislative Correspondence series show a large degree of overlap, and many letters in the Departmental Correspondence series mention specific bills. Researchers interested in legislation involving a particular department are advised to check both series.
Washington State Matters Correspondence discusses issues specific to Washington State (Hanford, the Lake Washington Bridge) as well as the effects of federal policy on the region (vocational rehabilitation, energy policy, welfare). This series has been arranged alphabetically by subject heading. The “General” files, placed at the beginning of the series, contain case files and have been restricted for privacy reasons.
Legislative Correspondence begins the Legislation superseries. This first series contains constituent and colleague correspondence often related to a particular bill or bills. Like the general correspondence, the files are arranged by session, then alphabetically by heading. Unlike the general correspondence, each session begins with a collection of files marked “General,” correspondence about little discussed or relatively minor issues. Adams’ Sponsored Bills is composed of bills and resolutions sponsored or cosponsored by Brock Adams. In many cases, related information such as correspondence, articles, drafts, similar bills and press releases are interfiled with the legislation. This legislation is arranged chronologically by year. Within the year, legislation is arranged by number; bills are listed first (H. R.), then House Joint Resolutions (H. J. Res.), House Concurrent Resolutions (H. Con. Res.) and finally House Resolutions (H. Res.)
Adams’ Working Files document his interest in legislative measures other than his own. The files contain bills and drafts of bills, as well as correspondence, articles, speeches and notes. Occasionally, the materials are annotated by Adams and his staff. The files are arranged in alphabetical order. Roll Call Votes is the heading for Adams’ voting record in the House of Representatives. For each measure, the record displays the title of the measure, how Adams voted, and the result of the vote in the House. This record also includes quorums and roll calls, in which Adams is listed as either “Present” or “Absent.” Floor Files are items that Brock Adams used on the House floor. Usually, these files contain heavily annotated copies of bills, reports to accompany bills and other government publications. Occasionally, the files also include releases from the Democratic Study Group or other opinion pieces from Congressional interest groups. These items are not related to Adams’ own bills, but rather display his opinions on other representatives’ measures. Adams’ annotations may show how he intended to vote, points he wished to clarify, and possible future effects if the bill was passed. Sometimes, Adams recorded the result of the House vote on the bill. These files are arranged chronologically.
Subject Series contain information on issues of particular interest to Adams and his constituents. Subjects include the Vietnam War, welfare, transportation (especially the proposed supersonic transport aircraft), housing, and reform in the U. S. House of Representatives. File content may include press clippings, correspondence with colleagues and constituents, drafts of bills, legislation, notes, speeches, floor statements and selections from the Congressional Record. The series are filed in alphabetical order. Folders marked “General,” are filed at the beginning of a series, and press clippings are filed at the end.
The General Series include a number of small series about a wide variety of issues. All series are arranged in chronological order. Press Releases contain, in addition to news releases, articles written by and about Brock Adams, interviews for television and radio, speeches and floor statements. In some cases, related items such as correspondence, articles and brochures are filed with the releases. Authorship of articles, when known, is listed in the file titles. Speeches, floor statements, interviews, and radio and TV transcripts are by Brock Adams unless otherwise stated. The Newsletters were sent to Adams’ constituents. Each newsletter gives information on a variety of topics, including Adams’ recent voting record, bills that Adams sponsored or co-sponsored, and legislation particularly relevant to the Northwest. Events of particular importance resulted in the creation of a “Dear Friend” letter or an issue-specific newsletter, entitled “A Special Report from Brock Adams.” The tiny series Background Information for Newsletters contains correspondence, press releases and handwritten notes.
Speeches include speeches delivered inside and outside of Congress. Common topics include the Vietnamese conflict, transportation (especially railroads) and Congressional budget reform. There is also a special series of Speeches and Writings Regarding the Vietnamese Conflict, which includes articles as well as speeches. Writings contain drafts of a book entitled Criminal Justice – Some Modest Proposals. Although there is no evidence that Adams ever published the book, he did complete the manuscript and submitted it for editing. The designations “Early,” “Middle” and “Late” on the different drafts are estimates on the part of the archival staff, as none of the drafts are dated. Index to Adams’ Speeches in the House of Representatives is the record of Adams’ testimony and floor statements in the House. The date and subject of each statement are listed, as well as the Congressional Record page number where the statement can be found.
Trip Files include information on domestic and foreign business trips. Included in the files are schedules, articles relating to Adams’ activities during the trip and correspondence before, during and following the trip. Daily Schedules are actually weekly schedules detailing Adams’ engagements both on and off the House floor. Many of these schedules are heavily annotated with last minute scheduling changes, notes and outlines for speeches and quick facts about the people and institutions he would be dealing with in the upcoming week.
Invitations Accepted come from local government and business leaders as well as fellow Congressmen and other federal government officials. Events include dedications, luncheons and dinners, forums, celebrations and vigils. Adams’ favorable responses are often included with the invitations. Thank You Letters are divided into two categories: Incoming and Outgoing. Incoming Thank You Letters are often from fellow members of Congress or from interest groups thanking him for cooperation on legislation. Also included are letters from important constituents. Most of these letters have Adams’ response attached. Outgoing Thank You Letters are often sent to Congressional colleagues or to constituents who provided him with useful articles or expert opinions. Thank you letters for gifts and for travel and campaign arrangements together with constituent thank you letters for the most part have been weeded and destroyed.
Clippings are found throughout the accession, and this single folder is by no means a comprehensive collection. The clippings found within this series come from the early part of Adams’ House career (1965-1969). They generally discuss Adams’ background and his policies in general as opposed to specific legislative measures. This series also contains a few articles on Adams’ fellow Congressmen.
The next series after the General Series group is Case Files. These are constituent requests of a deeply personal nature. Some requests relate to the draft, for example conscientious objectors during the Vietnam conflict. The bulk of the case files deal with immigration issues, generally the efforts of aliens to gain entrance to, or remain in, the United States. Also included in this subgroup are a few files containing general information about the draft and the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS), which Adams and his aides may have used in responding to the requests. These files have been restricted for privacy reasons. These files are arranged in alphabetical order by topic. Individual case files are alphabetized by name.
The Personal/Political Papers subgroup contains both Personal Correspondence and Campaign Files. Personal Correspondence contains letters from family and friends and some record of day-to-day activities such as replacing lost articles, subscribing to newspapers, etc. Campaign Files are mostly composed of correspondence such as letters of congratulations, thank-you letters to office staff and contributors and interaction with Congressional colleagues. The series also contains publicity materials, Adams’ notes and a few articles and clippings.
Records generated by Adams’ committee work have been subgrouped at the end of the papers. The largest subgroup by far is the Foreign and Interstate Commerce Committee and its sub-subgroup Transportation and Aeronautics Subcommittee. There is some overlap between the two sections, and some records from the full committee may be found in the subcommittee and vice versa. The Legislative Correspondence, found in the records of the full committee, contains the correspondence for both the full committee and the subcommittee. Significant topics within this subgroup include rail and air transport, health, and environmental issues. The Legislative Correspondence series within this subgroup is arranged chronologically by year and within each year alphabetically by subject. All other series are arranged alphabetically by subject.
The small Agriculture Committee subgroup is composed of legislative files. The Banking and Currency Committee contains only two folders, both Adams’ sponsored bills. The Budget Committee is completely composed of correspondence. No separate Budget Committee subgroup existed in the House Papers originally. Archivists removed correspondence regarding the budget committee from other series such as Departmental Correspondence and Legislative Correspondence to create this subgroup. A larger block of records for the Budget Committee may be found in the Adams Senate Papers (Accession Number 1096-16). Pursuant to House Rule VII, the records of the House Budget Committee are closed until 2006. The District of Columbia Committee is the largest committee subgroup after the IFCC. This subgroup contains a correspondence series, including general and legislative correspondence, legislation and subject series. As with the Budget Committee subgroup, some of the correspondence in this series was originally part of Legislative Correspondence and Correspondence About Departmental Matters. Nothing documenting Adams’ work on the Revenue and Financial Affairs Committee has come into the archives. Only three files of correspondence remain from his work on the Science and Astronautics Committee, and these files have been retained in the Legislative Correspondence series at the beginning of the accession.
Adams worked on the National Transportation Policy Study Commission before being appointed to Carter’s cabinet. The records from this commission are sparse, containing correspondence, a few government reports and one folder of clippings.
The final subgroup consists of papers of Adams’ aide, Henry Seidel. Seidel began as Adams’ Administrative Assistant and managed the Congressman’s Seattle office from 1968 until his retirement in 1970. Unlike the Senate papers, with the exception of this subgroup, no series or subgroups are devoted specifically to Adams’ aides. Annotations, correspondence and other traces of Adams’ aides’ activities may be found scattered throughout many series.
Physical/Technical Access
The papers are stored offsite; advance notice is required for use.
Terms of Access
Boxes marked with a red "R" may contain case files regarding individuals. Researchers who request these boxes must sign a statement agreeing not to disclose the identities of individuals whose cases are documented in the papers (during the likely lifespan of the individuals). Series likely to contain case files are: Correspondence About Departmental Matters (boxes 25-40) and Washington State Matters (Boxes 40-43) as well as the Case Files series (boxes 107 and 108)
Terms of Use
Literary rights of Adams and his staff members have been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Donated by Brock Adams in 1981.
Processing Info
This accession is a merger of accession numbers 1096-1, 1096-2, 1096-3 and 1096-4. Processing was completed in 2004.
This accession is slightly smaller than the Senate papers (Accession Number 1096-016). An effort has been made to retain the original folder headings in all series, but some headings have been modified for clarity. The original order of folders within each series has remained intact for the most part, although in some cases the archivist removed folders that were obviously misfiled. The one exception to this rule is the Subject Series subgroup, described below.
The order of the series has been shifted somewhat. A Legislation cluster of series was created, and all series corresponding to legislation, including Correspondence, Sponsored Bills, Working Files, Floor Files and Roll Call Votes were placed in sequence. Likewise, a General Series grouping was created to house all of the smaller series that dealt with publicity issues, such as press releases and speeches, and day-to-day records like schedules and invitations.
The organization and location of the committee-related subgroups at the end of the collection are a part of the original order, save for the creation of a small Budget Committee subgroup, made up of correspondence extracted from other series. Likewise, the District of Columbia Committee has been enlarged by the inclusion of correspondence from other series. The most significant instances of file extraction and rearrangement occur within the Subject Series. Originally, the Washington State Matters Correspondence was a part of this subgroup. However, since these files were already distinct from the rest of the subgroup and they contained exclusively correspondence, the archivist moved this series next to the other correspondence series. The archivists processing the collection also felt that a number of the files in Subject Series contained enough legislation to merit their removal to Legislation. Specifically, those series which focused on the creation of a bill or bills were removed and placed in Legislation – Adams’ Working Files. If a file contained no legislation, or contained legislation but was focused on a broad topic instead of a specific bill, the file was retained in Subject Series. For example the SST files contain a good deal of information about Defense Appropriations bills, but the focus of the information is the aircraft, not defense appropriations. Finally, the U. S. House of Representatives – House Reform Correspondence was originally part of Correspondence about Departmental Matters.
Sampling and reduction has occurred in the Outgoing Letters (Robos), the pruning of Thank-You Letters and the removal of duplicates and bulky published materials from all series. Furthermore, some items containing social security numbers, including most of the IRS correspondence in Correspondence About Departmental Matters, were removed and shredded for privacy reasons.

Photographic prints and negatives were extracted from this accession and placed in theBrock Adams Photograph Collection. This photograph collection is composed of approximately 4500 items, extracted from both Adams' House Papers (AdamsBrock1096-1 through 1096-4) and his Senate Papers (AdamsBrock1096-16).

Other Finding Aids
Further information about the visual materials collection is available in the repository.
United States House of Representatives Papers
1/1Accession Inventory
1/2Biographical Features
General Correspondence
1/8-9Boeing Company1965-1966
1/10Captive Nation Organizations1965-1966
1/11Civil Rights1965-1966
1/12Collegiate Athletics (NCAA vs. AAU)1965-1966
1/13Communist Activities1965-1966
1/24Crown-Zellerbach Co.1965-1966
1/25-28Democratic Party, Washington State Committee1965-1966
1/29Dominican Republic1965-1966
1/30Economy (U.S.)1965-1966
1/36-38Fishing Industry1965-1966
1/40-41Foreign Affairs1965-1966
1/42Foreign Trade1965-1966
1/43-45Green River (WA) - Industrial Development1965-1966
1/46-48Green River (WA) - Watershed1965-1966
2/1Hospital Construction1965-1966
2/4Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Co.1965-1966
2/8Mason (Virginia) Research Center1965-1966
2/9Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle1965-1966
2/14National Safety Council1965-1966
2/15Nutritional Science1965-1966
2/16Paris Air Show1965-1966
2/17Pollution Control1965-1966
2/19Railroad Mergers1965-1966
2/20Scandinavian Airlines1965-1966
2/22-25Seattle, Port1965-1966
2/26Student Financial Assistance1965-1966
2/29United Nations1965-1966
2/30-31Urban Mass Transit1965-1966
2/47Water Resources1965-1966
4/1Boeing Company1967-1968
4/2Captive Nations1967-1968
4/3Civil Rights1967-1968
4/4Columbia River1967-1968
4/5Communist Activities1967-1968
4/8Democratic Party, National Committee1967-1968
4/9-10Democratic Party, National Committee, Convention1967-1968
4/11Democratic Party, Platform Committee1967-1968
4/12Democratic Party, WA State Central Committee1967-1968
4/20-25Foreign Affairs1967-1968
4/26-28Foriegn Trade1967-1968
4/29Green River (WA)1967-1968
4/30-32Highway Programs1967-1968
4/36-37Kennedy, Robert1967-1968
4/47-49Fort Lawton, WA1967-1968
5/1-5Logging Exports1967-1968
5/10Mental Retardation1967-1968
5/11Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle1967-1968
5/12Newsletter Responses1967-1968
5/13News Media1967-1968
5/14-15Pollution Control1967-1968
5/18-21Powell (Adam Clayton) Controversy1967-1968
5/22Public Power1967-1968
5/29-30Seattle, WA1967-68
5/31-32Seattle. Port1967-68
5/33Student Financial Aid1967-68
5/34Supersonic Transport1967-68
5/35United Nations1967-68
5/36-37Vashon, WA1967-68
6/26WA State Medical Association - Drafting of Physicians1967-68
6/27Water Districts1967-68
6/28Water Resources1967-68
7/1Arts and Humanities1969-70
7/2Arts - Burien Center (proposed)1966-67
7/3Baldwin, Bernard T.1967
7/4Banking Matters1967-68
7/5Berman, Louis1967
7/8Boeing Airplane Company1969-70
7/9Breitenberg, Donald1967-70
7/10Cafeteria Workers1969-70
7/11Cambodia no. 21970
7/12Cambodia - Opposition Robo Reply no. 11970
7/13Cambodia - Opposition Robo Reply no, 21970
7/14Cambodia no. 11970
7/15Cambodia - Opposition Robo Reply no. 41970
7/16Cambodia - Opposition Robo Reply no. 31970
7/17Cambodia (answers with Robo Replies)1970
7/18Cambodia (telegrams sent)1970
7/19Cambodia - Nixon Supporters vol. 21970
7/20Cambodia - Nixon Supporters vol. 11970
7/21Cambodia - Letters against war1970
7/22-27Cambodia - Letters against war with replies1970
7/28Cambodia - Petitions1970
7/29-31Cambodia - Petitions unanswered1970
7/32Cambodia - Student Protests1970
7/33Campanella, Felix1966-67
7/34CAPI (Central Committee for Peace and Improvement)1968
7/35Captive Nations1969
7/36Chamber of Commerce1969-70
7/37Checkley, David - AIA1969-70
7/38Civil Rights1968
7/39Civil Defense1969
7/40Columbia River1969-70
7/43Consumer Affairs1970
7/44Core, Cecelia1969-70
7/45Crime - Seattle1967, 1970
7/46Crime and Violence1967-70
8/1Crystal Mountain1967-69
8/2Decker, Half, Architects1965-68
8/3Democratic Party. King County Central Committee1969-70
8/4Democratic Party. WA State Central Committee1970
8/5Democratic Party. National Committee1969-70
8/6Democratic Party. National Committee. Freedom to Run Task Force (Campaign Financing)
8/7-8Democratic Study Group1969-70
8/9Democratic Party. Young Democrats1970
8/10District Office Forests Correspondence1969
8/12Economy no. 21970
8/13Economy no. 11969-70
8/16Eighty-Ninth Club1968-69
8/17El Paso Natural Gas1970
8/18Fishing Matters1969-70
8/19Foreign Affairs - General1969-70
8/20-26Foreign Affairs - Middle East1970
8/27Foreign Trade1968-70
8/28Fortas, Abe1969
8/29Gallery Visitors1970
8/30Garfield Students1968-69
8/31Government Printing Office - Discrimination1968
8/32Green River Watersheds1969-70
8/33Health Generalundated, 1969-70
8/34Hightower, Ann - Generalundated, 1969-70
8/37Jail, King County1969
8/38Kennedy, Senator Ted1966-67, 69
8/39Kent, City of1968
8/40King County Charter and Executive1968
8/42-44Labor Matters1969-70
9/1-2Lawton,Fort1968, 1969-70
9/3Lawton, Fort - Correspondence1965-67
9/4Log Exports1969-70
9/5Luke (Wing) Memorial Museum1966
9/6Lumber Standards1969-70
9/8McGirr, H. Don1965
9/9McGovern Commission1969
9/10-12Members of Congress for Peace Through Law1969
9/14Military Cutbacks1970
9/15-17Muckleshoot Indians1970
9/18Peace Groups1966-70
9/19Pearson, Drew1968
9/20Pelly File1967
9/21Planned Parenthood1969-70
9/25Pollution - Oil1970
9/26Poor of Washington State1967-68
9/28Powell, Adam Clayton1969
9/29Public Power1969-70
9/30Public Relations1969-70
9/31Railroad Merger1969-70
9/33Seattle - Blackfront Stores1969
9/34Seattle - Black Radio Station1970
9/35United Black Community Foundation Inc.1970
10/1Seattle Central Area1968-70
10/2-3Seattle - Central Area Cooperative1969
10/4Seattle - Checkmate Project Proposal1970
10/5Seattle Mental Health Institute1969
10/6Seattle Port Matters1969-70
10/7Service Matters - General1969-70
10/8Skolar, Dan (Professional Resume)1968
10/9Snoqualmie River1970
10/10-11Student Disorders1969-70
10/12Student Loans1969
10/14Travel - Northwest Association of Private Colleges and Universities (NAPCU)1968
10/15United Innercity Development Foundation1970
10/16United Nations1969-70
10/17Washington. University1969-70
10/18W.U. School of Communications1966-67
10/19-20Vietnam - Against, Moratorium of October1969
10/21Vietnam - Against, Adams' Stand November1969
10/29Vocational Education1967, 1969
10/30Water Resources1969-70
10/31Welfare Matters - General1969-70
10/32Youth Today1969-70
11/12Aging - Senior Citizens1970-71
11/16Alaska Airlines1971
11/17Arts and Humanities1971-72
11/18Arts and Humanities - Seattle Opera Festivals1971-72
11/19Banking Matters1971-72
11/20Birch (John) Society and other extremist groups1966-70
11/21Boeing Airplane Company1971-72
11/22Boeing - Supersonic Transport1965-69, 1971
11/23Bombings - Seattle1970
11/25Capital Extension1966-67
11/26Captive Nations - Russia-occupied Lithuania1971-72
11/27Civil Rights1971-72
11/28Columbia River1971-72
12/1Computerized Interference Elimination1971
12/5Consumer Affairs1971-72
12/6Criminal Violence1971-72
12/8Democratic Party. King County Central Committee1971
12/9Democratic Party. WA State Central Committee1971
12/10Eighty-Ninth Club1972
12/11Democratic Party. National Committee1971-73
12/12Democratic Party. Young Democrats1971-72
12/13Democratic Study Group1971-72
12/18Education - Coloring Books1971-72
12/19Fishing Matters1971
12/20-21Foreign Affairs1971-72
12/22Foreign Affairs - Middle East1971-72
12/23Foreign Trade1971-73
12/26Highway Mattters1971-72
12/27-28Indian Fishing Rights1971-72
12/29-30Indian Matters - Talent Search1971-72
12/31Indians of the North Slope1971-72
12/33Kingston Village no. 21971
13/1Kingston Village no. 11971
13/2-3Labor Matters1970-72
13/4Labor Matters - Service Employment Redevelopment (SER Program)1972
13/5-6Lawton, Fort1970,72
13/7Lawton, Fort - Newspaper Clippings1969-70
13/11Members of Congress For Peace Through Law1971-72
13/12METRO - Seattle1972
13/13Muckleshoot Overall Economic Development Plan1970
13/14-15Muckleshoot Indians1971-72
13/16Neighbors in Need1972
13/17-18New Economic Plan1971-72
13/19New Economic Plan - Payboard1971
13/20Peace Groups1971
13/21-22Pike Place Market1970-71
13/23Planned Parenthood1971-72
13/26-27Pollution - Oil1971
13/29Prison Reform1971
13/30Public Power1971
13/32Russo, Mrs. Fred1969
14/2-3Seattle - Busing1972
14/4Seattle - Busing (telegram reply)1972
14/5Seattle - Active Mexicanos1971-72
14/6Seattle - Port Matters1971-72
14/7Seattle - Central Area1970-72
14/8Seattle Central Contractors Assciation (plus model city plan)1971-72
14/9-11Seattle Economy1971-72
14/12Seattle - Seattle King County Equal Opportunity Board (SKEOB)1971-72
14/13Student Disorders1971-72
14/14-15Subsidized Housing1971-72
14/16Subsidized Housing - Seattle1970-71
14/17Transportation - Aerospace1970-72
14/18Transportation - Urban Mass1971-72
14/19United Innercity Development Foundation1971-72
14/20-21United Nations1971-72
14/22Vietnam - Telegram Responses1972
15/12Water Resources1971-72
15/13Welfare Matters1971-72
15/14White House Fellows Program1966
15/15Wisconsin Corporation1969-70
15/23-24Aging/ Senior Citizens1973-74
16/3American Council of Young Political Leaders1969
16/4Arts and Humanities1973-74
16/5Arts and Humanities (Seattle Opera festivals)1974
16/6Banking Matters1973-74
16/7Bicentennial - General1974
16/8Boeing Airplane Company1973-74
16/9Boeing Retrofit1973-74
16/11Capitol Hill Tennis Club1973
16/12-13Civil Rights1973-74
16/14Columbia River1973
16/17Consumer Affairs1973-74
16/18Democratic Party. National Committee1973-74
16/20-23Economic Budget1973-74
17/5Fishing Matters1973-74
17/6-10Foreign Affairs1973-74
17/11-12Foreign Affairs - Middle East1973-74
17/13Foreign Trade1973-74
17/19Highway Matters1973-74
17/20Hoffman, Maurice L.1967-74
18/1House Reform1974
18/3-4Indian Fishing1973-74
18/6Kingston Village1971
18/7Labor Matters1972-74
18/8Labor Matters - Service Employment Redevelopment (SER)1973-74
18/9Lawton, Fort (Park)1973
18/10Lawyer Referral Service - Seattle/King County1969-73
18/11Lewis, Palmer G.1973-74
18/19Members of Congress for Peace Through Law1973-74
18/20Muckleshoot Indians1973-74
18/21New Economic Plan (NEP)1972-74
18/22Niedfelt, Milton1965-71
18/23Planned Parenthood1973-74
18/25Prison Reform1974
18/26Public Relations1973
18/28Railroad Safety1973-74
18/29Railroads - Regional Rail Services Act of 19731973
19/1Revenue Sharing1973-74
19/2Schonert, Iris E.1968-69
19/3Schoolcraft, L.K.1969-73
19/4-9Seattle - General1973-74
19/10Seattle - Bulk Mailing Facility1973-74
19/11Seattle Central Area1971-72
19/12Seattle Economy1973
19/13-14Seattle - Energy1973-74
19/15Seattle - METRO1973-74
19/16Seattle - King County Alcohol Safety Action Project1973
19/17Seattle - Seattle King County Equal Opportunity Board (SKEOB)1973-74
19/18Seattle - Minority Contractors1973-74
19/19Seattle- Port Matters1973-74
19/20Student Loans1973-74
19/21Subsidized Housing1973-74
19/22Transportation - Aerospace1973-74
19/23Transportation - Miscellaneous1973-74
19/24Transportation - Urban Mass1973-74
20/1Trucking Matters1973-74
20/2United Nations1973-74
20/11Wage and Price Control1973-74
20/12-13Water Resources1973-74
20/14-15Watergate - Impeachment1973-74
20/16-18Watergate - Pardon1973-74
20/19Woolgar, Paul W.1973-74
21/3Adriance, Paul1975-76
21/4Aging - Senior Citizens1975-76
21/5-7Agriculture - General1975-76
21/8Alaska Pipeline1975-76
21/9-11Arts and Humanities1975-76
21/12Arts and Humanities - Good Shepherd Home1975-76
21/13Arts and Humanities - Northwest Center for the Performing Arts1975-76
21/17Civil Rights1975-76
21/18Columbia River1975-76
21/21Consumer Affairs1975-76
21/22Crime and Violence1975-76
21/23Danilov, Dan1975-76
21/24Democratic Party. King County Central Committee1975-76
21/25Democratic Party. National Committee1975-76
21/26Democratic Study Group1975-76
21/27District of Columbia1975-76
21/28-29General Economy and Budget1975-76
22/9Equal Opportunity1975-76
22/10-11Fishing Matters1975-76
22/12-15Foreign Affairs1975-76
22/16Foreign Affairs - Middle East1975-76
22/17Foreign Trade1975-76
23/3Highway Matters1975-76
23/5-6Indian Fishing Matters1975-76
23/7-9Labor Matters1975-76
23/10Labor Matters - Service Employment Redevelopment (SER)1975-76
23/15Members of Congress for Peace Through Law1975-76
23/17Prison Reform1975-76
23/18Public Relations1975-76
23/19Responsibility in Government1975-76
23/20Retirement Matters1975-76
23/21Revenue Sharing1975-76
24/3Seattle - See Cap Appl.1975-76
24/4Seattle - Central Area1975-76
24/5Seattle - Energy1975-76
24/6Seattle - Health Insurance Study1975-76
24/7Seattle - METRO1975-76
24/8Seattle - Minority Matters1975-76
24/9Seattle - Port Matters1975-76
24/10Student Loans1975-76
24/12-13Transportation - Miscellaneous1975-76
24/14Transportation - Aerospace1975-76
24/15Transportation - Urban Mass1975-76
24/17Trucking Matters1975-76
24/18United Nations1975-76
24/25Water Resources1975-76
24/26Watergate - Impeachment1975-76
24/27Watergate - Pardon1975-76
24/28Welfare Matters1975-76
25/1Outgoing Correspondence ("Robos")1976
Correspondence About Departmental Matters
25/2U. S. Atomic Energy Commission1965-1966
25/3U. S. Army Corps of Engineers1965-1966
25/4U. S. Arts and Humanities National Foundation1965-1966
25/5-6U. S. Bonneville Power Administration1965-1966
25/7U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board1965-1966
25/8U. S. Civil Service1965-1966
25/9U. S. Commerce Department1965-1966
25/10U. S. Customs Bureau1965-1966
25/11-12U. S. Defense Department1965-1966
25/13-19U. S. Economic Opportunity Office1965-1966
25/20U. S. Farmers' Home Administration1965-1966
25/21U. S. Federal Aviation Administration1965-1966
25/22U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1965-1966
25/23-24U. S. Federal Communications Commission1965-1966
25/25U. S. Federal Trade Commission1965-1966
25/26-27U. S. Food and Drug Administration1965-1966
25/28U. S. Forest Service1965-1966
25/29U. S. General Services Administration1965-1966
25/30-34U. S. Housing and Urban Development Department1965-1966
25/35U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Services1965-1966
25/36-38U. S. Indian Affairs Bureau1965-1966
25/39U. S. Information Agency1965-1966
25/40-41U. S. Interior Department1965-1966
25/42U. S. International Development Agency1965-1966
25/43U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission1965-1966
25/44U. S. Justice Department1965-1966
25/45-46U. S. Labor Department1965-1966
25/47U. S. NASA1965-1966
25/48U. S. Navy1965-1966
25/49U. S. Patent Office1965-1966
25/50U. S. Peace Corps1965-1966
25/51-53U. S. Postal Service1965-1966
25/54-55U. S. Selective Service1965-1966
26/1-2U. S. Small Business Administration1965-1966
26/3U. S. Social Security Administration1965-1966
26/4U. S. State Department1965-1966
26/5U. S. Treasury Department1965-1966
26/6U. S. Veterans' Administration1965-1966
26/7U. S. White House1965-1966
26/8-11U. S. Agriculture Department1967-1968
26/12U. S. Air Force1967-1968
26/13-14U. S. Army1967-1968
26/15U. S. Army Corps of Engineers1967-1968
26/16U. S. Bonneville Power Administration1967-1968
26/17-18U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board1967-1968
26/19U. S. Civil Service1967-1968
26/20U. S. Coast Guard1967-1968
26/21-22U. S. Commerce Department1967-1968
26/23U. S. Customs Bureau1967-1968
26/24-26U. S. Defense Department1967-1968
26/27U. S. Economic Development Administration1967-1968
26/28-34U. S. Economic Opportunity Office1967-1968
26/35U. S. Federal Aviation Administration1967-1968
26/36-37U. S. Federal Communications Commission1967-1968
26/38U. S. Federal Trade Commission1967-1968
26/39-42U. S. Food and Drug Administration1967-1968
26/43-44U. S. Forest Service1967-1968
26/45U. S. General Services Administration1967-1968
26/46-48U. S. Health, Education and Welfare Department1967-1968
26/49-51U. S. Housing and Urban Development Department1967-1968
26/52-53U. S. Indian Affairs Bureau1967-1968
27/1U. S. Information Agency1967-1968
27/2U. S. Interior Department1967-1968
27/3U. S. International Development Agency (AID)?1967-1968
27/4-5U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission1967-1968
27/6U. S. Justice Department1967-1968
27/7U. S. National Science Foundation1967-1968
27/8-10U. S. Navy1967-1968
27/11U. S. Prisons' Bureau1967-1968
27/12U. S. Peace Corps1967-1968
27/13-17U. S. Postal Service1967-1968
27/18U. S. Small Business Association1967-1968
27/19-21U. S. Social Security Administration1967-1968
27/22-23U. S. Social Security Administration - Medicare1967-1968
27/24-26U. S. State Department1967-1968
27/27-28U. S. Transportation Department1967-1968
27/29U. S. Treasury Department1967-1968
27/30U. S. Veterans' Administration1967-1968
27/31U. S. Veterans' Administration, Hospitals1967-1968
27/32-34U. S. Agriculture Department1969-1970
27/35U. S. Air Force1969-1970
27/36-38U. S. Army1969-1970
27/39-41U. S. Army Corps of Engineers1969-1970
27/42U. S. Atomic Energy Commission1969-1970
27/43U. S. Bonneville Power Administration1969-1970
27/44U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board1969-1970
27/45U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board - NW/SW Service Case1969
27/46-47U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Pacific NW/SW Service Case1965-1966
27/48U. S. Civil Service1969-1970
27/49U. S. Coast Guard1969-1970
27/50U. S. Commerce Department1969-1970
28/1U.S. Customs Bureau1969-1970
28/2-9U.S. Defense Department1969-1970
28/10U.S. Economic Development Administration1969-1970
28/11-19U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1969-1970
28/20U.S. Economic Opportunity Office - National VISTA Alliance1970
28/21-24U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1969-1970
28/25-27U.S. Federal Aviation Administration - PATCO/Precious1970
28/28-29U.S. Federal Communications Commission1969-1970
28/30U.S. Federal Housing Administration1969-1970
28/31U.S. Federal Power Commission1970
28/32U.S. Federal Trade Commission1969-1970
28/33U.S. Food & Drug Administration1969-1970
28/34-36U.S. Forest Service1969-1970
28/37U.S. General Services Administration1969-1970
28/38-40U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Department1969-1970
28/41-43Highway Matters1969-1970
28/44-49U.S. Housing & Urban Development Department1969-1970
28/50U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service1967-1970
29/1-3U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1969-1970
29/4-5U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau - Indians of the North Slope1969-1970
29/6-9U.S. Interior Dept.1969-1970
29/10-12U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1969-1970
29/13U.S. Justice Dept.1969-1970
29/14-15U.S. Labor Dept.1969-1970
29/16-19U.S. Navy1969-1970
29/20-21U.S. Pardon & Parole Matters1969-1970
29/22U.S. Peace Corps1969-1970
29/23-25U.S. Postal Service1969-1970
29/26U.S. Public Works Committee1970
29/27U.S. Reserves1969
29/28-29U.S. Small Business Admin.1969-1970
29/30-31U.S. Social Security Admin.1969-1970
29/32-33U.S. State Dept.1969-1970
29/34U.S. Supreme Court1969-1970
29/35U.S. Supreme Court - Admissions1965-1967
29/36U.S. Transportation Dept.1969-1970
29/37-38U.S. Transportation Dept. - Urban Mass Transit Admin.1969-1970
29/39U.S. Treasury Dept.1969-1970
29/40-41U.S. Veterans Admin.1969-1970
29/42-43U.S. Action Agency1971-1972
29/44U.S. Atomic Energy Comm.1971-1972
29/45U.S. Air Force1971-1972
29/46U.S. Armed Forces1971-1972
29/47U.S. Army1971-1972
29/48U.S. Army - Lt. Wm. Calley Courtmartial1971
30/1-6U.S. Army Corps of Engineers1971-1972
30/7U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Dumas Bay1970-1972
30/8U.S. Bonneville Power Admin.1971
30/9-10U.S. Census Bureau1970-1972
30/11-15U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1971-1972
30/16-17U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Mutual Aid Pact1972
30/18U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Route Cases Involving WA Parties1970-1972
30/19-20U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Trans Pacific Route Case1969-1970
30/21U.S. Civil Defense Dept.1971
30/22-23U.S. Civil Service1971-1972
30/24U.S. Coast Guard1971-1972
30/25-26U.S. Commerce Dept.1971-1972
30/27-28U.S. Customs Bureau1971-1972
30/29-32U.S. Defense Dept.1971-1972
30/33U.S. Economic Development Admin.1971-1972
30/34-35U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1971-1972
30/36-39U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1971-1972
30/40-42U.S. Federal Aviation Admin.1971-1972
31/1-2U.S. Federal Communications Comm.1971-1972
31/3U.S. Federal Housing Admin.1971-1972
31/4U.S. Federal Power Comm.1971
31/5U.S. Federal Trade Comm.1971-1972
31/6U.S. Food & Drug Admin.1971-1972
31/7-11U.S. Forest Service1971-1972
31/12-17U.S. General Services Admin.1971-1972
31/18-27U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Dept.1971-1972
31/28-29U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Dept. - National Cancer Inst.1971-1972
31/30-31U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Dept. - National Heath Services Corps1972
31/32-38U.S. Housing & Urban Development Dept.1971-1972
31/39-40U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service1971-1972
32/1-11U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1971-1972
32/12-15U.S. Interior Dept.1971-1972
32/16U.S. Interior Dept. - Youth Conservation Corps1971
32/17-18U.S. Internal Revenue Service1971-1972
32/19U.S. International Development Agency1971-1972
32/20-22U.S. Interstate Commerce Comm.1971-1972
32/23-26U.S. Justice Dept.1971-1972
32/27-32U.S. Labor Dept.1971-1972
32/33-34U.S. National Passenger Rail System1971-1972
32/35U.S. Navy1971-1972
32/36U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.1971-1972
32/37U.S. Pardon & Parole Matters1971-1972
32/38U.S. Peace Corps1971-1972
32/39-41U.S. Postal Service1971-1972
33/1U.S. R.O.T.C.1971-1972
33/2U.S. Reserves1971-1972
33/3U.S. Securities & Exchange Comm.1970
33/4U.S. Selective Service1971-1972
33/5-7U.S. Small Business Admin.1971-1972
33/8-9U.S. Social Security Admin.1971-1972
33/10U.S. State Dept.1971-1972
33/11U.S. Supreme Court1971-1972
33/12-15U.S. Transportation Dept.1971-1972
33/16U.S. Treasury Dept.1971-1972
33/17-18U.S. Veterans Admin.1971-1972
33/19U.S. Action Agency1973-1974
33/20U.S. Air Force1973-1974
33/21U.S. Armed Services1973-1974
33/22-23U.S. Army1973-1974
33/24U.S. Army Corps of Engineers1974
33/25U.S. Atomic Energy Comm.1973-1974
33/26-27U.S. Bonneville Power Admin.1973-1974
33/28-34U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1973-1974
33/35U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Mutual Aid Pact1973-1974
33/36U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Trans Pacific Route Case1973
33/37-38U.S. Civil Service1973-1974
33/39U.S. Coast Guard1973-1974
33/40-41U.S. Commerce Dept.1973-1974
33/42U.S. Customs1973-1974
33/43-46U.S. Defense Dept.1973-1974
34/1U.S. Economic Development Admin.1973-1974
34/2-5U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1973-1974
34/6U.S. Education Dept.1973-1974
34/7-12U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1973-1974
34/13-14Federal Aviation Admin.1973-1974
34/15U.S. Federal Railroad Admin.1973-1974
34/16U.S. Federal Reserve Board1973
34/17-24U.S. Food & Drug Admin.1973-1974
34/25-26U.S. Federal Communications Comm.1973-1974
34/27U.S. Federal Housing Admin.1973-1974
34/28U.S. Federal Power Comm.1974
34/29U.S. Federal Trade Comm.1973-1974
34/30-31U.S. Forest Service1973-1974
34/32U.S. General Accounting Office1974
34/33-35U.S. General Services Admin.1973-1974
34/36-41U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Dept.1973-1974
35/1-4U.S. Housing & Urban Development Dept.1973-1974
35/5-7U.S. Housing & Urban Development Dept. - Subsidized Housing1973-1974
35/8-10U.S. Interstate Commerce Comm.1973-1974
35/11U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service1973-1974
35/12-19U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1973-1974
35/20-26U.S. Interior Dept.1973-1974
35/27U.S. International Development Agency1973-1974
35/28-29U.S. Justice Dept.1973-1974
35/30-31U.S. Labor Dept.1973-1974
36/1U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.1973-1974
36/2-4U.S. National Passenger Rail System1973-1974
36/5U.S. National Science Foundation1973-1974
36/6-7U.S. Navy1973-1974
36/8-10U.S. Navy - Sand Point Naval Facility1973-1974
36/11-12U.S. Pardon & Parole Matters1973-1974
36/13-18U.S. Postal Service1973-1974
36/19U.S. Reserves1973-1974
36/20U.S. Securities & Exchange Comm.1973-1974
36/21U.S. Selective Service1973
36/22-23U.S. Small Business Admin.1973-1974
36/24-28U.S. Social Security Admin.1973-1974
36/29-30U.S. Social Security Admin. - Supplemental Security Income1973-1974
36/31-32U.S. State Dept.1973-1974
36/33U.S. Supreme Court1974
36/34U.S. Transportation Dept.1973-1974
36/35U. S. Treasury Dept.1973-1974
36/36U.S. Veterans Admin.1973-1974
36/37U.S. Action Agency1975-1976
36/38U.S. Atomic Energy Comm.1975-1976
36/39U.S. Air Force1975-1976
36/40U.S. Armed Forces1975-1976
36/41U.S. Army1975-1976
37/1U.S. Army Corps of Engineers1975-1976
37/2-3U.S. Bonneville Power Admin.1975-1976
37/4-6U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1975-1976
37/7U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Mutual Aid Pact1975-1976
37/8U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1975-1976
37/9-11U.S. Civil Service1975-1976
37/12-13U.S. Coast Guard1975-1976
37/14U.S. Commerce Dept.1975-1976
37/15U.S. Congressional Budget Office1975-1976
37/16U.S. Customs Bureau1975-1976
37/17-19U.S. Defense Dept.1975-1976
37/20-21U.S. Economic Development Agency1975-1976
37/22U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1975-1976
37/23-25U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1975-1976
37/26U.S. Energy Research & Development Admin.1975-1976
37/27U.S. Federal Aviation Admin.1975-1976
37/28-31U.S. Federal Communications Comm.1975-1976
37/32U.S. Federal Energy Admin.1975-1976
37/33U.S. Federal Housing Admin.1975-1976
37/34U.S. Federal Power Comm.1975-1976
37/35U.S. Federal Reserve Board1975-1976
37/36U.S. Federal Trade Comm.1975-1976
37/37-39U.S. Food & Drug Admin.1975-1976
38/1-2U.S. Forest Service1975-1976
38/3U.S. General Services Admin.1975-1976
38/4-26U.S. Health, Education, & Welfare Dept.1975-1976
38/27U.S. House Commerce & Health Committee1975-1976
38/28-33U.S. Housing & Urban Development Dept.1975-1976
39/1U.S. Housing & Urban Development Dept. - Subsidized Housing1975-1976
39/2-4U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service1975-1976
39/5-12U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1975-1976
39/13-17U.S. Interior Dept.1975-1976
39/18U.S. International Development Agency1975-1976
39/19U.S. Interstate Commerce Comm.1975-1976
39/20-21U.S. Justice Dept.1975-1976
39/22-23U.S. Labor Dept.1975-1976
39/24U.S. National Passenger Rail System1975-1976
39/25U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospherice Admin.1975-1976
39/26-27U.S. National Science Foundation1975-1976
39/28-29U.S. National Transportation Policy Study Comm.1976
39/30-32U.S. Navy1975-1976
39/33U.S. Peace Corps1975
39/34-38U.S. Postal Service1975-1976
40/1U.S. Reserves1976
40/2U.S. Securities & Exchange Comm.1975-1976
40/3U.S. Selective Service1975
40/4-5U.S. Small Business Admin.1975-1976
40/6-8U.S. Social Security Admin.1975-1976
40/9U.S. Social Security Admin. - Medicare/Medicaid1975-1976
40/10U.S. Social Security Admin. - Supp. Sec. Income1975-1976
40/11-13U.S. State Dept.1975-1976
40/14U.S. Supreme Court1975-1976
40/15U.S. Transportation Dept.1975-1976
40/16-18U.S. Treasury Dept.1975-1976
40/19-24U.S. Veterans Admin.1975-1976
Washington State Matters Correspondence
42/1Anti-Crime Bills, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Assistance Act1967
42/2Association of Washington Cities1974-1975
42/3-4Washington State Bar Association1974-1976
42/5Bibliography of Washington State1976
42/6Catastrophic Health Care Costs1975
42/7Comprehensive Health Planning Council1976
42/10Education - Career Education1976
42/13-15Hanford Reactors1971-1972
42/16Handicapped Education - Mainstreaming1976
42/22-24Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)1971-1976
42/25-27(State) Legislation1965-1966
42/28Puget Sound League of Women Voters' Congressional Conference1971
42/29Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO)1975-1976
43/6Pacific Northwest Regional Power Program1974
43/7Pacific Northwest Electronic Energy Shortage1975
43/8-9School Levy1975-1976
43/10Snohomish River Basin Project1975
43/11-12Third Lake Washington Bridge1967
43/13-15University of Washington1971-1976
43/16-18University of Washington Alumni Association1965-1966
43/19University of Washington Alumni Association1974
43/20Vocational Rehabilitation for Federal Offenders1969
43/22Welfare, Correspondence With Governor Evans1966
Legislative Correspondence
44-5Age Discrimination in Hiring Policies1965
44/13Alcoholism, to Study - H. R. 7811965
44/15Auto and Highway Safety1966
44/16Bankrupcy - PL 86-6211965
44/17-20Banks and Savings and Loan Associations1965-1966
44/21China (Peoples' Republic)1965-1966
44/22Civil Defense Budget1965
44/23-24Civil Rights - General1965-1966
44/25-28Civil Rights - Civil Rights Bill of 1966 (H. R. 14765)1966
44/29Civil Rights - Selma, Alabama1965
44/30Congressional Reform1965
44/31Congressional Terms of Office1966
44/32Connally Amendment1965
44/33-36Conservation - General1965-1966
44/37Conservation - Grand Canyon (H. R. 4671)1966
44/38Copyright Law Revision1965-1966
44/39Defense Department1965
44/40Economic Opportunity Programs - Economic Opportunity Act Amendments (HR 15111) and Misc.1966
44/41-44Education - General1965-1966
44/45Education - National Defense Loan Program, Continuance of1966
44/46Education - School Lunch Program1966
44/47Election Date Change1965
44/48Electoral College1965-1966
45/3Engineers and Engineering1965
45/4Export Expansion1965-1966
45/5Florence Agreement (to reduce trade barriers on books and other educational materials) - H. R. 86641965
45/6-7Foreign Aid1965-1966
45/8Foreign Trade1965
45/9-10Freight Car Shortage - "Boxcar Bill" (S.1098)1965-1966
45/11Gold Standard1965
45/12-19Gun Control - Dodd Bill (S. 1592) and Misc.1965
45/22-25Highway Matters - Billboards1965-1966
45/26Highway Matters - General1965-1966
45/27Hospitals - Public Health Service and Misc.1965
45/29-30Immigration Reform1965-1966
45/31Indian Affairs1965
45/32Kennedy Medal of Honor - H. R. 46111965
45/33Liberty Amendment Bill - H. J. Res. 231965-1966
45/34-36Labor - General1965-1966
45/37-38Labor - Airline Strike (S. J. Res. 186)1966
45/39-41Labor - Common Situs Picketing Bill (H. R. 10027)1966
46/1-4Labor - Common Situs Picketing Bill (H.R. 10027)1966
46/5Lumber Imports1965
46/6Maritime Affairs - General1965-1966
46/7Maritime Affairs - Independent Federal Maritime Administration (H. R. 11696, H. R. 15963)1966
46/8-25Medicare (H. R. 1) vs. Eldercare (H. R. 3727)1965-1966
46/26Metric System1965-1966
46/27Military Pay Raise1965-1966
46/28-29Military Retirement1965-1966
46/30Minimum Wage - H. R. 105181965
47/1Minimum Wage - H.R. 105181965
47/2-3Minimum Wage - H. R. 137121966
47/4-7Mississippi Delegation to the U. S. House of Representatives, Attempt to Remove1965
47/8National Debt1965
47/9Naval Requirements for Shipyard Capacity1965
47/11-12"Population Crisis"1965-1966
47/13-20Post Office and Civil Service Matters1965-1966
47/21Postal Rates - H. R. 123671966
47/22-23Railroad Retirement Pensions1965-1966
47/24-30"Right-to-Work" Initiative (H. R. 77)1965-1966
47/31"Right-to-Work" Initiative (H. R. 77) - Religious Objections to Joining Unions1965
47/32-33Reapportionment - S. J. Res. 2, H. J. Res. 21965-1966
47/36Rural Electric Cooperatives - H. R. 14000, H. R. 148371966
47/37-38Russell Saltonstall Amendment (to merge the National Guard and Army Reserves)1965-1966
47/39Silver Reduction in U. S. Coinage - S. 2012 and Misc.1965
47/40-41Social Security1965-1966
48/1-2Surplus Federal Property Disposal - S. 26101966
48/4Taxes - General1966
48/5-7Taxes - Excise1965
48/8-9Taxes - Income1965-1966
48/10Taxes - Inland Waterways1965-1966
48/11-12Taxes - Interstate (H. R. 11798, H. R. 16491)1966
48/13Taxes On Tips - H. R. 1 and Misc.1965
48/14Taxes - "User"1965-1966
48/15Transportation - General1966
48/16Transportation - Rapid Transit1965-1966
48/17-18"Truth in Packaging" - S. 985, H. R. 154401966
48/19-22Unemployment Compensation - H. R. 8282, H. R. 151191966
48/23United Nations, U. S. Membership in - H. R. 1641966
48/24Urban Development Act of 1966 - H. R. 158901966
48/25-27U. S. House of Representatives, Science and Astronautics Committee1965-1966
48/28-30U. S. House of Representatives, Un-American Activities Committee1965-1966
49/9Vocational Education1966
49/10Voting Age1965-1966
49/11-12Voting Rights - H. R. 6400, S. 15641965
50/3Balance of Payments - General1968
50/4Balance of Payments - Devaluation of Dollar1968
50/5-6Balance of Payments - Travel Restrictions, Travel Tax1968
50/7-8Banks and Savings and Loan Associations - General1967-1968
50/9-11Banks and Savings and Loan Associations - H. R. 13718, H. R. 154951968
50/12Banks and Savings and Loan Associations - S. 15421967
50/13-15Budget, Federal1967-1968
50/16-22Civil Rights - H. R. 2516: Civil Rights Bill, Open Housing1968
50/23-26Conservation - General1967-1968
50/27Conservation - Kennecott Copper1967
50/28-32Conservation - North Cascades National Park1967-1968
50/33-36Conservation - Redwood National Park (S. 2515) and Misc.1967-1968
50/37Consumer Credit Protection Act - H. R. 116011967
50/38Copyright Revision1967
51/3-5Draft Reform1967-1968
51/6-11Economic Opportunity Office - Cutbacks, Poverty Programs1967-1968
51/18Election Reform1968
51/19Ethics, Congressional1967
51/20Foreign Affairs1967-1968
51/21-29Gun Control - General1967-1968
51/30-36Gun Control Legislation - Opposed1968
52/1-14Gun Control Legislation - Opposed1968
52/15-28Gun Control Legislation - Support1968
52/33Highway Beautification, Billboards - H. R. 171341968
52/34-35Highways - Including Truck Weights and Sizes (S. 2658)1968
53/1-6Highways - Including Truck Weights and Sized (S.2658)1968
53/7Indian Affairs - "Yakima Bill" (H. R. 7653)1968
53/8-14Labor - Common Situs Picketing Bill (H. R. 100)1967
53/15-16Labor - General1968
53/17Maritime Affairs1967-1968
53/18-21Medicare - Including Chiropractic Services (H. R. 5710)1967
53/22Medicare - Physical Therapy1967
53/23Military Pensions1968
53/24Mink Imports1967-1968
53/26Panama Canal Treaty1967
53/28-32Post Office and Civil Service Matters1967
53/33-34Postal Rates1967-1968
53/35Prayer in Schools - S. J. Res. 1 "Dirksen Amendment"1968
53/36Questionnaire Responses1967
54/1-3Railroad Employees - Including Retirement (H. R. 4706), Hours of Service1967
54/4Rhodesia, Economic Sanctions Against1967
54/5Senior Citizens1967
54/6-11Social Security - General1967-1968
54/12-14Social Security, Pres. Johnson Proposal - Petitions1967
54/15Soviet Consular Treaty1967
54/16Surplus Federal Property Disposal (S. 878), Platinum Sales1968
54/17Tariffs - General1967-1968
54/18-19Tariffs - Steel Import Quota (H. R. 13543, S. 2537)1968
54/20-24Taxes - Income1967-1968
54/25-26Taxes - Interstate (H. R. 2158)1967-1968
54/27-31Taxes - Surcharge1967-1968
54/32Trading Stamps - H. R. 185351967
54/33"Truth-in-Lending" - H. R. 116011968
54/34-35U. S. House of Representatives, Un-American Affairs Committee, to Abolish1967
54/36U. S. House of Representatives, Un-American Affairs Committee, to Abolish (H. Res. 148)1968
55/4-5Voting Age1967-1968
55/23Arts and Humanities, to Extend Funding for Three More Years1970
55/24Banks and Savings and Loan Associations - General1970
55/25Banks and Savings and Loan Associations - Bank Holding Company Amendment (H.R. 6778)1969
55/26Child Care Centers - General1970
55/27-28Child Care Centers - Petitions1970
55/29-30Conservation - General1969-1970
55/31-35Conservation - Timber Supply Bill (H. R. 12025, S. 1832)1969-1970
55/36Copyright Revision (S. 543)1969
55/39-40Defense - General1969-1970
56/1-8Defense - ABM System1969-1970
56/11-12Economic Opportunity Office - Cutbacks and Amendments1969-1970
56/27Education - "Project 408" (U. of Washington efforts to recruit disadvantaged students)1969
56/28-29Election Reform1969-1970
56/30Federal Budget and Expenditures1969-1970
56/31-32Fishing Matters1969-1970
56/33Foreign Affairs1969-1970
56/34Foreign Affairs - Opinion Ballots1969-1970
56/35Freight Car Shortage - S. 32231970
56/36-37Gun Control1969-1970
57/1-2Highways - General1969-1970
57/3-4Highways - Commercial Vehicle Weights and Sizes (H. R. 11870, S. 2658)1969
57/6Indian Affairs - Alaska Native Claims Settlement (S. 1830) and Misc.1969-1970
57/7Insurance - Health1970
57/8Internal Security - Emergency Detention Act (H. R. 19163 vs. S. 1872)1970
57/9Internal Security - Defense Facilities and Internal Security Act (H. R. 14864)1970
57/10-15International Trade1969-1970
57/16-18Labor - General1969-1970
57/19-20Labor - Occupational Health and Safety Bill (H. R. 16785)1970
57/21-22Maritime Affairs1969-1970
57/23-24Medicare - General1969-1970
57/25-27Medicare - Chiropractic Services1970
57/28Military Pensions - S. 3641969-1970
57/29Mink Imports1969-1970
57/35Population Growth Concerns1970
57/38-41Post Office and Civil Service Matters - General1969-1970
57/42-45Postal Employee Wages (H. R. 13000, H. R. 10000, H.R. 12823)1969
57/46Postal Rates1970
58/1-4Postal Reform - Including H. R. 170701970
58/5Prayer in Schools1969
58/6Senior Citizens1969-1970
58/7-9Railroad Employees - Pensions, Wages, Hours of Service1969
58/10-17Social Security1969-1970
58/18Sports, Professional1971-1972
58/19Strike Legislation1969-1970
58/20-22SST Aircraft1969-1970
58/23-38Tax Reform - Including Personal Income Tax Exemption, Oil Depletion Allowance, Surtax1969
59/1-4Tax Reform - Including Personal Income Tax Exemption, Oil Depletion Allowance, Surtax1969
59/5-6Tax Reform1970
59/7Tax Reform - Adams' Appearance, Comments on N. B. C.'s "Congressional Report"1969
59/8Taxes - Interstate (H. R. 7906)1969-1970
59/9-13U. S. House of Representatives, Un-American Activities Committee, to Abolish1969-1970
59/14Urban Mass Transit1970
59/17-18Voting Age1969-1970
59/19Voting Age - Letters from Ninth Graders1969
59/20-21Welfare Reform1970
59/33-35Agriculture - General1971-1972
59/36Agriculture - Food Stamps for Striking Workers1972
59/37Arts and Humanities1971-1972
59/38-39Banks and Savings and Loan Associations1971-1972
59/40Campaign Reform1971-1972
59/41Child Care Centers, Federally Operated1971-1972
60/1-5Child Care Centers, Federally Operated1971-1972
60/6-7Civil Rights - General1971-1972
60/8Civil Rights - ERA1972
60/9-14Conservation - General1971-1972
60/15-17Conservation - Alpine Lakes1971-1972
60/18-19Conservation - Marine Mammals1971-1972
60/20Conservation - Public Land Policy Act (H. R. 7211)1972
60/21-23Conservation - Snake River1970-1972
60/24-25Conservation - Wild Horses1971
60/26Consumer Affairs - Warranties, Product Safety1972
60/30-34Dock Strike on Pacific Coast1972
60/38Economic Opportunity Office1971-1972
60/41-47Education - General1971-1972
61/1-2Education - General1971-1972
61/3-11Education - Tax Credit for Private School Tuition1972
61/12Education - Tax Credit for Higher Education (H. R. 5)1972
61/13Fishing Matters1972
61/14-15Foreign Affairs1971-1972
61/16-18Foreign Trade1971-1972
61/19-23Gun Control - General1971-1972
61/24-32Gun Control - Senator Birch Bayh's Bill (S. 2507) to Regulate Handguns1972
61/33-41Health - General1971-1972
62/1-2Health - Conquest of Cancer Act (S. 1828)1971
62/3Health - Alcoholism Treatment (P. L. 96-616)1971-1972
62/4Highways - General1971-1972
62/5Highways - Federal Aid to Highways Act (H. R. 16656)1972
62/8Indian Affairs - General1971-1972
62/9Indian Affairs - Optional Withdrawal from Reservation1971
62/10Insurance - General1971-1972
62/11-16Insurance - Health1971-1972
62/17-23Insurance - No-Fault1971-1972
62/24-30Labor - General1971-1972
62/31Labor - Seattle Unemployment (H. R. 6065)1971
62/32-33Lockheed Aircraft, Federal Loan to (H. R. 8432)1971
62/34Maritime Affairs - General1971-1972
62/35Maritime Affairs - Strike1971
62/37-38Military Pensions - Survivors' Benefits, Recomputation and Misc.1971-1972
62/39Pension Reform, Non-Military1972
62/40-44Pollution - Water Pollution Control Act (H.R. 11896, S. 2770) and Misc.1971-1972
62/45Population Control1972
63/1-2Post Office and Civil Service Matters1971-1972
63/3-7Prayer Amendment - H. J. Res. 1911971-1972
63/8-11Revenue Sharinig1971-1972
63/12Senior Citizens1971-1972
63/13-17Social Security - Retirement Age, Benefits, H. R. 11971-1972
63/18-23SST Aircraft1971
63/24-27Taxes and Tax Reform1971-1972
63/28Urban Mass Transit1971-1972
63/29-32Veterans - General1971-1972
63/33Veterans - WWI Pensions (H. R. 12504)1972
63/34Voting Age1971-1972
63/35-38Welfare - H. R. 1 and Misc.1971-1972
64/1-8Agriculture - General1973-1974
64/9Agriculture - School Lunches1973-1974
64/10Agriculture - Sugar Act1974
64/11-18Alaska Pipeline - S. 1081, H. R. 91301973
64/19Arts and Humanities1973-1974
64/20-21Banks and Savings and Loan Associations1973-1974
64/22-26Campaign Reform1973-1974
64/27Child Care Centers1973-1974
64/28Civil Rights - General1973-1974
64/29-35Civil Rights - Abortion1973-1974
64/36-40Conservation - General1973-1974
64/41Conservation - Alpine Lakes1973-1974
65/1-6Conservation - Alpine Lakes1973-1974
65/7-9Conservation - Hells Canyon, Snake River (H.R. 2624, S. 2233)1974
65/10-11Conservation - Land Use Planning Assistance Act (S. 268, H. R. 10294)1973-1974
65/12Conservation - Timber1973
65/13Consumer Affairs - Including Consumer Protection Agency1973-1974
65/16-21Defense - Including Military Spending, Indochina1973-1974
65/22Draft - General1973
65/23-24Draft - Amnesty for Draft Evaders1973-1974
65/25-26Economic Opportunity Office - Programs1974
66/9Education - "Project Seed" Mathematics Program1974
66/10-27Energy - Crisis, Rationing, Proposed Solutions1973-1974
66/28Fishing Matters1973-1974
66/29Ford, Gerald - Confirmation as Vice-President1973
66/30-32Foreign Affairs - General1973-1974
66/33Foreign Affairs - Atlantic Union Delegation H.J. Res. 2051973
66/34Foreign Affairs - Chile1973-1974
66/35-37Foreign Affairs - Israel and the Middle East1973-1974
67/1Foreign Affairs - Panama Canal1973-1974
67/2-3Foreign Affairs - Rhodesia (S. 1868)1974
67/4-5Foreign Affairs - Turkey, Cyprus, Greece1974
67/6Foreign Affairs - Vietnam1973
67/7Foreign Affairs - War Powers Legislation (H. J. Res. 542)1973
67/8-9Gun Control1973-1974
67/10-18Health - General1973-1974
67/19Health - Diabetes (H. R. 4882, H. R. 12417)1973-1974
67/20-24Highways - Federal Aid (S. 502)1973
67/31Indian Affairs1973-1974
67/32-34Insurance - Health1973-1974
67/35-37Insurance - "No-Fault" (S. 354)1974
68/1-4Labor - General1973-1974
68/5Labor - Hawaiian Transportation Strikes (S. 1566, H. R. 7189)1973-1974
68/6-7Labor - Minimum Wage1973
68/8Labor - OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act)1973-1974
68/9Labor - Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (H. R. 17, S. 7)1973
68/10Maritime Affairs1973-1974
68/12Merchant Marine (Including Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation)1973-1974
68/13-14Military Pensions1973-1974
68/15National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)1974
68/16-17Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach, General1973
68/18-37Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach, Pro1973
69/1-24Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach, Pro1973
69/25-30Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach, Con1973
69/31-36Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach1974
70/1-23Nixon, Richard - Campaign to Impeach, Petitions1974
70/24-27Pension Reform - General1973-1974
70/28-33Pension Reform (H. R. 4200)1973
71/1-5Post Office and Civil Service Matters1973-1974
71/6Revenue Sharing1973-1974
71/7-10Rockefeller, Nelson - Confirmation as Vice-President1974
71/11Senior Citizens - Including Extension of Older Americans Act1973-1974
71/12-15Social Security - General1973-1974
71/16Social Security - Blind and Disabled (H. R. 6554)1973-1974
71/17-18Social Security - Child Care Cutbacks1973
71/19Sports, Professional1973-1974
71/20-24Tariffs and Trade1973-1974
71/25-35Taxes - General1973-1974
71/36-37Taxes - Tax Credit for Private Tuition (H. R. 49)1973
71/38-39Taxes - Savings Account Interest Exemptions (H. R. 16994)1973-1974
72/1-5Taxes - Savings Account Interest Exemptions (H. R. 16994)1973-1974
72/6-7Taxes - Tax Policy Review Act (H. R. 636, H. R. 15230)1974
72/8Urban Mass Transit1973-1974
72/9U. S. House of Representatives - Select Committee on Committees1973
72/10-15Veterans - General, Including Pension Reform1973-1974
72/16-18Veterans - Educational Benefits1973-1974
72/19-22Vitamins - FDA Potential to Restrict (H. R. 643)1973
72/23-24Vitamins - FDA Potential to Restrict (H. R. 643, H. R. 16317)1974
72/25Voting Regulations - Postcard Registration (S. 352, H. R. 8053)1974
73/14-20Agriculture - General1975-1976
73/21-22Agriculture - Monongahela National Forest Decision1976
73/23-24Agriculture - National Forest Management Act (H. R. 15069)1976
73/25-29Agriculture - "Right-to-Food" Resolution (H. Con. Res. 393)1975-1976
73/30-33Arts and Humanities - Appropriations1975-1976
74/1-2Arts and Humanities - Appropriations1975-1976
74/3-8Banking and Savings and Loan Associations - General1975-1976
74/9-12Banking and Savings and Loan Associations - Federal Assistance to New York City1975
74/13-15Campaign Reform1975-1976
74/16Campaign Reform - Financial Disclosure (H. R. 15, H. R. 3249)1975
74/17-21Child Care - General1975-1976
74/22-28Child Care - Child Care and Family Services Act of 1975 (H. R. 2966)1976
74/29Civil Rights - General1975-1976
74/30-32Civil Rights - Abortion1975-1976
74/33Civil Rights - International Women's Year Conference1976
74/34Congressional Reform1975-1976
74/35-39Conservation and Interior Dept. Matters - General1975-1976
75/1-12Conservation - Alpine Lakes (H. R. 3977, H. R. 3978)1975
75/13Conservation - Alpine Lakes1976
75/14Conservation - Hell's Canyon and Snake River (H. R. 30)1975-1976
75/15-17Conservation - Indian Fisheries, Boldt Decision1975-1976
75/18-19Conservation - Olympic National Park (H. R. 11706)1976
75/20Consumer Affairs - General1975-1976
75/21-23Consumer Affairs - Consumer Protection Agency (H. R. 7575, S. 200)1975-1976
75/25Debt Ceiling1975-1976
75/26-35Defense - Including Appropriations1975-1976
75/36Draft - Including Amnesty for Draft Dodgers1975-1976
76/1-7Economy - General1975-1976
76/8Economy - Balanced Growth and Economic Planning Act (H. R. 7678)1975
76/9Economic Opportunity Office - Programs1975-1976
76/10-17Education - General1975-1976
76/18-20Education - School Lunches1975
76/21-31Energy - General1975-1976
76/32Energy - ERDA (Energy Research and Development Association)1976
76/33Energy - Nuclear Fuel Assurance Act (H. R. 8401)1976
76/34Energy - Oil Divestiture (S. 2387)1976
77/1Energy - Synthetic Fuels Act (H. R. 12112)1976
77/2Federal Trade Commission1976
77/3-7Foreign Affairs - General1975-1976
77/8-9Foreign Affairs - Angola1976
77/10-12Foreign Affairs - Atlantic Union (H. J. Res. 606)1975-1976
77/13Foreign Affairs - Indochina1975
77/14Foreign Affairs - Jordan, Missile Sales to1975
77/15Foreign Affairs - Panama Canal1975-1976
77/16-17Foreign Affairs - Rhodesian Chrome Embargo (H. R. 1287)1975-1976
77/18-19Foreign Affairs- Turkey, Military Aid to1975-1976
77/20-37Gun Control, Con1975-1976
78/1Gun Control, Con1975-1976
78/2-3Gun Control, Pro and Mixed Opinion1975-1976
78/4Hays, Wayne - Congressional Misconduct1976
78/5-10Health - General1975-1976
78/11Health - Fluoridation of Water Supply1975-1976
78/12Health - Labor/HEW Appropriations Bill for 1976 (H. R. 8069)1976
78/13Health - National Cancer Institute Appropriations1976
78/14-15Highways - General1975-1976
78/16-17Highways - Truck Weights and Sizes1975
78/18-19Housing - General1975-1976
78/20Housing - Emergency Housing Act of 1975 (H. R. 4485)1975
78/22-23Indian Affairs1975-1976
78/24-29Insurance - Health1975-1976
78/30Insurance - "No-Fault"1975-1976
78/31John F. Kennedy Assassination - to Re-Open Investigation1975-1976
78/32-37Labor - General1975-1976
79/1-5Labor - General1975-1976
79/6-10Labor - Common Situs Picketing Bill (H. R. 5900, S. 1479)1975-1976
79/11Labor - Mine Safety Act (H. R. 13555)1976
79/12Labor - Minimum Wage (H. R. 10130)1975-1976
79/13Labor - OSHA1975-1976
79/14-15Labor - Unemployment Compensation Amendment (H. R. 10210)1976
79/19-23Merchant Marine (Including Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation) - General1975-1976
79/24-25Merchant Marine (Including Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation) - Steel-Jaw Trap Ban (H. R. 66)1975-1976
79/26-38Post Office and Civil Service Matters - General1975-1976
80/1-2Post Office and Civil Service Matters - Hatch Act (H. R. 8617)1976
80/3-4Post Office and Civil Service Matters - National Guard Technicians' Retirement (S. 584)1975
80/5-6Post Office and Civil Service Matters - Postal Worker Right-to-Strike (H. R. 55, H. R. 56)1975
80/7Pension and Retirement1975-1976
80/8Public Works1975-1976
80/10-14Revenue Sharing1975-1976
80/15-16Senior Citizens1975-1976
80/17Small Business1976
80/18-22Social Security1975-1976
80/23-35Taxes - General1975-1976
81/1-8Taxes - General1975-1976
81/9-10Taxes - Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC)1975-1976
81/11Taxes - Double Taxation1975-1976
81/12-14Taxes - Federal Estate Tax1975-1976
81/15Taxes - Single vs. Married Taxpayers1975-1976
81/16Trade and Tariffs1975-1976
81/17Transportation - General1976
81/18-19Transportation, Air1975-1976
81/20U. S. Environmental Protection Agency1976
81/21Urban Mass Transit1976
81/30Voting Regulations - General1975-1976
81/31-32Voting Regulations - Postcard Registration (HR 11552)1975-1976
Sponsored Bills
81/35-37H. R. 2941 - National Humanities Foundation Act1965
81/38-40H. R. 3028 - Export Expansion Act1965
81/41H. R. 4611 - John F. Kennedy, Posthumous Award of Congressional Medal of Honor1965
81/42H. R. 6539 - Voting Rights Act1965
81/43H. R. 7359 - Export Control Act of 1949, to Amend1965
81/44H. R. 8615 - Overseas Teachers Pay1965
81/45H. R. 9321 - Fort Lawton, Land Transfer to King County1965
82/1H. R. 9801 - International Pacific Halibut Commission1965
82/2H. R. 10685 - St. Mark's Cathedral, Duty-Free Importation of an Organ for1965
82/3-5H. R. 10879 - Railroad Employees1965
82/6H. R. 11681 - Kidney Centers1965
82/7H. J. Res. 514 - United Nations, Support for1965
82/8H. Con. Res. 317 - Soviet Jews, Persecution of1965
82/9H. Con. Res. 396 - Right to Vote and Residency Requirement1965
82/10H. R. 11289 - Kidney Machines1966
82/11H. R. 11863 - Uniform Reallocation Act1966
82/12H. R. 12153 - Junior College Teachers, Improvement of1966
82/13H. R. 12238 - Urban Mass Transportation Act, Amendment to Provide Additional Technical Research1966
82/14-15H. R. 12495 - IRS Code Section 333, Amendment (regarding liquidation of stock and securities)1966
82/16H. R. 12938 - District of Columbia Parking Bill1966
82/17-18H. R. 13106 - Ryukyu Islands Development1966
82/19-20H. R. 13309 - Urban Mass Transportation Act Amendments1966
82/21H. R. 14279 - Kidney Disease Community Programs1966
82/22H. R. 14614 - Interstate Commerce Act1966
82/23H. R. 14797 - Boy Scouts, 12th World Jamboree1966
82/24H. R. 15204 - Interstate Equalization Tax1966
82/25H. R. 15656 - Federal Alcoholism Act1966
82/26H. R. 15781 - Reimbursed Moving Expenses, Taxation of1966
82/27-28H. R. 17671 - Teachers' Federal Income Tax Equity1966
82/29H. J. Res. 912 - National School Safety Patrol Week1966
82/30H. J. Res. 1301 - Spring Garden Planting Week1966
82/31H. J. Res. 1312 - Equal Rights Amendment1966
82/32H. Con. Res. 546 - Constantino Brumidi, Statue of1966
82/33H. Con. Res. 691 - Permanent United Nations Peacekeeping Force1966
82/34-35H. R. 185 - IRS Code Section 333, Amendment1967
82/36H. R. 2049 - Assistance Following Displacement by Federal Programs1967
82/37H. R. 2050 - Clean Air Act1967
82/38H. R. 3120 - Highway Beautification Act of 19651967
82/39H. R. 3241 - Flood Insurance1967
82/40H. R. 3272 - 3rd Class Mail Rates1967
82/41H. R. 3944 - Indian Claims Commission Act, Amendment1967
82/42H. R. 4206 - Kidney Disease Community Programs1967
82/43H. R. 4351 - St. Mark's Cathedral, Duty-Free Importation of an Organ for1967
82/44H. R. 5388 - Reimbursed Moving Expenses, Taxation of1967
82/45H. R. 5908 - Export Control Act of 1949, Amend (anti international trade boycott legislation)1967
82/46-47H. R. 5909 - Construction of Washington State Schools and Public Facilities, Income for1967
82/48H. R. 6421 - Flammable Fabrics (Magnuson S. 1003)1967
82/49H. R. 6777 - Electric Vehicles1967
82/50H. R. 6778 - To Amend the Social Security Act re: disabled widows1967
82/51H. R. 7327 - District of Columbia Crime, to Reduce and to Improve Criminal Procedures1967
82/52H. R. 8667 - District of Columbia Revenue Bill1967
82/53H. R. 8668 - Postal Service, to Reclassify Certain Positions in1967
82/54H. R. 8669 - Congressional Adjournment During Summer Vacation Period1967
82/55H. R. 9366 - Careers in Law Enforcement, Assistance to Students Pursuing1967
82/56H. R. 9368 - National Institute of Criminal Justice1967
82/57H. R. 9369 - Safe Streets and Crime Control Act of 19671967
82/58H. R. 9885 - Veterans' Administration Hospital, Additional Beds for Alcoholics1967
82/59H. R. 10109 - Family Planning Programs, to Amend Economic Opportunity Act to Provide for1967
82/60H. R. 10113 - National Science and Technology Center for Crime Prevention and Control1967
82/61H. R. 10273 - Wiretapping Regulation1967
82/62H. R. 10315 - Bulk Shipping Regulation Changes in Interstate Commerce Act1967
82/63H. R. 10601 - Pistol Regulation in Washington, D. C.1967
83/1H. R. 10713 - Moving Expenses, Reimbursement of1967
83/2H. R. 11149 - District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary Act1967
83/3H. R. 11294 - Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Act1967
83/4H. R. 11295 - Federal Judical Center, Establishment of1967
83/5H. R. 11296 - Corrections Service1967
83/6H. R. 11396 - Dairy Imports Regulation1967
83/7H. R. 11705 - Highway Beautification1967
83/8H. R. 11834 - Urban Employment Opportunities Act1967
83/9H. R. 11836 - Riot Prevention and Control Act1967
83/10H. R. 11843 - Urban Housing Development Act1967
83/11H. R. 12120 - Juvenile Delinquency Prevention1967
83/12H. R. 12152 - Chief Veterinary Officer of Public Health Service, to Establish Position1967
83/13H. R. 12276 - Optometrist Regulation in Washington, D. C.1967
83/14H. R. 12337 - Signal Corps, Females Serving in1967
83/15H. R. 12430 - Textile Quotas1967
83/16H. R. 12542 - Unemployed and Underemployed, to Guarantee Productive Employment for1967
83/17H. R. 12654 - Federal Reinsurance Corp., Insurance in Riot-Prone Areas1967
83/18H. R. 13042 - District of Columbia Elected Board of Education Act1967
83/19-20H. R. 13074 - Mink Import Relief1967
83/21H. R. 13187 - Merchant Marine Act Amendments1967
83/22H. R. 13250 - Circuit Judges, to Provide Four Additional Judges for 9th Circuit1967
83/23H. R. 13497 - Increased Taxes (Tax Reform Act of 1967)1967
83/24H. R. 13768 - Cuprophane, Free Entry for Use in Kidney Dialysis1967
83/25H. R. 13940 - New Maritime Program1967
83/26H. R. 13970 - District of Columbia Judges, to Increase the Number and Salaries of1967
83/27H. R. 13971 - District of Columbia Juvenile Court, to Provide Counsel in1967
83/28H. R. 13972 - Paternity and Non-Support in Washington, D. C.1967
83/29H. R. 14202 - District of Columbia Courts, Retirement of Certain Judges1967
83/30H. R. 14279 - Kidney Disease Bill1967
83/31H. J. Res. 326 - Voting Rights for Persons Eighteen Years of Age1967
83/32H. J. Res. 573 - Equal Rights Amendment1967
83/33H. J. Res. 585 - Railway Labor Dispute, Settlement of1967
83/34H. J. Res. 611 - Railroad Strike Settlement1967
83/35H. J. Res. 708 - Joint Committee to Investigate Crime, Creation of1967
83/36H. J. Res. 915 - School Safety Patrol Week1967
83/37H. J. Res. 928 - Vietnam, Joint Investigatory Committee on U. S. Civic Action Program in1967
83/38H. J. Res. 968 - Federal Trade Commission Home Improvement Industry Investigation1967
83/39H. Con. Res. 168 - United Nations Peacekeeping Forces1967
83/40H. Con. Res. 395 - South Vietnamese Elections, to Have Nine Members of Congress Observe1967
83/41H. Con. Res. 582 - Vietnam, United Nations Consideration of1967
83/42H. Con. Res. 586 - Vietnam, United Nations Security Council Consideration of1967
83/43H. Res. 705 - Middle East, Permanent Peace in1967
83/44H. R. 14733 - Interstate Commerce Act, Repeal of Section 409 of1968
83/45H. R. 14901 - Kidney Transplants1968
83/46H. R. 14971 - Electric Reliability Act1968
83/47H. R. 15136 - District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Salary Increase1968
83/48H. R. 15137 - Federal Service Employees Management Relations1968
83/49H. R. 15575 - District of Columbia Air Pollution Control1968
83/50H. R. 15799 - Selective Service Act1968
83/51H. R.16409 - District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Amendment1968
83/52H. R. 16460 - Vocational Education Act Amendment1968
83/53H. R. 17097 - Consumer Affairs Department, to Establish1968
83/54H. R. 17144 - American Hunger Commission1968
83/55H. R. 17232 - Defense Department Land Transfer to King County1968
83/56H. R. 17413 - Pacific Northwest Federal Reclamation Projects1968
83/57H. R. 17414 - District of Columbia Air Pollution Control1968
83/58H. R. 17502 - Police Volunteers1968
83/59H. R. 17559 - Hazardous Substances Act1968
83/60H. R. 17568 - Truth-in-Polling Act1968
83/61H. R. 17685 - Federal Aviation Act Amendments (Supplemental Carriers)1968
83/62H. R. 17723 - Food Stamp Act Amendments1968
83/63H. R. 17821 - Gun Crime Prevention Act1968
83/64H. R. 17850 - Muckleshoot Indian Tribe1968
83/65H. R. 17851 - State Firearms Control Assistance1968
83/66H. R. 18254 - Merchant Marine Act Amendment1968
83/67H. R. 18367 - Vocational Educational Amendments1968
83/68H. R. 18449 - District of Columbia Code Amendments1968
83/69H. R. 18986 - Switchblade Ban1968
83/70H. R. 19204 - Law Enforcement Officers and Firemen Benefits1968
83/71H. R. 19422 - District of Columbia Police and Firemen, Compensation for Education1968
83/72H. R. 19919 - District of Columbia Retail Installment Sales Act1968
83/73H. R. 20419 - Community Self-Determination Act1968
83/74H. J. Res. 1135 - National Fire Service Recognition Day1968
83/75H. J. Res. 1379 - FCC Violent T. V. Programs Study1968
83/76H. Con. Res. 678 - Vietnam, Consent of Congress for Increase of U. S. Forces in1968
83/77H. Con. Res. 712 - Vietnam War Policy, Congressional Review of1968
83/78H. Con. Res. 738 - United Arab Republic, Diplomatic Relations with1968
83/79H. Con. Res. 762 - France's Obligations Under NATO1968
83/80H. Con. Res. 815 - Foreign Direct Investments, Terminating Controls on1968
83/81H. Con. Res. 834 - United Nations Initiative in Biafra, Nigeria Civil War1968
83/82H. Res. 222 - Summer Intern Authorization1968
83/83H. Res. 1135 - Phantom Jet Fighters, Sale to Israel1968
83/84H. Res. 1284 - Public Opinion Polls1968
83/85H. Res. 1302 - Congressional Reform1968
83/86H. R. 215 - Independent Federal Maritime Administration, To Create1969
83/87H. R. 2646 - Fort Lawton Land Transfer to King County1969
83/88H. R. 2647 - Personal Income Tax Exemption Increased1969
83/89H. R. 2664 - Grand Coulee Dam, Third Powerplant at1969
83/90H. R. 3795 - Prohibit Use of Draftees in Undeclared Wars1969
83/91H. R. 3855 - Government Management and Organization Commission, Improvement of1969
83/92H. R. 4191 - Educational Services in Daycare Centers1969
83/93H. R. 4822 - National Lung Institute1969
83/94H. R. 4867 - Selection of President and Vice-President, Commission to Study1969
83/95H. R. 5250 - Tax Reform Act of 19691969
83/96H. R. 6037 - Consumer Affairs Department, to Establish1969
83/97H. R. 7305 - Postal Service Employee Management Relations1969
83/98H. R. 7315 - Medical Device Safety1969
83/99H. R. 7429 - Residency Voting Act1969
83/100H. R. 7472 - Postal Service Corporation1969
83/101H. R. 7478 - Medical Insurance Benefits to Include Chiropractors' Services1969
83/102H. R. 7734 - Comprehensive Water Quality Improvement Act1969
83/103H. R. 7784 - Draft Reform1969
83/104H. R. 7989 - Benefits to Law Enforcement Officers and Firemen not Employed by the U. S.1969
83/105H. R. 8362 - Air Traffic Controllers' Requirements1969
84/1H. R. 8416 - Interagency Committee on Mexican-American Affairs, Establishment of1969
84/2H. R. 8532 - Veterans Admin. Hospitals Additional Beds for Alcoholics1969
84/3H. R. 8915 - Urban Mass Transportation Fund, to Establish1969
84/4H. R. 9157 - King County, WA, Funds to Federal Aviation Agency1969
84/5H. R. 9313 - Drug Abuse Education Programs1969
84/6H. R. 9382 - Pollution Disaster Fund, to Establish1969
84/7H. R. 9505 - Alien Employment Commuter System1969
84/8H. R. 9661 - Urban Mass Transportation Fund, to Establish1969
84/9H. R. 9847 - Permanent Memorials to Dwight David Eisenhower Study1969
84/10H. R. 9911 - Railroad Employees' Service Hours, to Limit1969
84/11H. R. 9955 - National Labor Relations Act1969
84/12H. R. 9975 - Tax Code Amendment: Percentage Depletion Disallowed in Natural Deposits in Foreign Territory1969
84/13H. R. 10413 - "911" Emergency Communication, to Establish1969
84/14H. R. 10426 - Legislative Branch Reorganization1969
84/15H. R. 10634 - State Tax Exemptions for Non-Resident Employees1969
84/16H. R. 10799 - Oil Import Control Program, Elimination of1969
84/17H. R. 10858 - Tax Exemption for Servicemen in Korea1969
84/18H. R. 10868 - District of Columbia Elected Delegate Act1969
84/19H. R. 11119 - Public Ownership of District of Columbia Bus System1969
84/20H. R. 11170 - Commission on Government for District of Columbia, to Establish1969
84/21H. R. 11193 - Federal Contribution to the Transit Development Program1969
84/22H. R. 11471 - District of Columbia Delegate in the House of Representatives1969
84/23H. R. 11475 - Legislative Reorganization1969
84/24H. R. 11576 - Government Contracts - Annual Report of Comptroller General1969
84/25H. R. 11610 - Social Security, 15% Increase in Monthly Benefits1969
84/26H. R. 11620 - Employment Aid for the Disadvantaged1969
84/27H. R. 11640 - Food Stamp Distribution1969
84/28H. R. 11650 - Federal Lands for Parks and Recreation1969
84/29H. R. 11753 - Postal Service Reform1969
84/30H. R. 12084 - Essential Railroad Passenger Service, to Establish a Study1969
84/31H. R. 12180 - Council on Environmental Quality, to Establish1969
84/32H. R. 12286 - Lab Animal Research Facilities, Improvement of1969
84/33H. R. 12337 - Discrimination in Title to Real Property1969
84/34H. R. 12418 - Increase in Income Tax Exemptions1969
84/35H. R. 12426 - National Kidney Disease Act1969
84/36H. R. 12836 - Park System to Include the Frederick Douglass Home1969
84/37H. R. 12831 - Certification of Air Freight Forwarders1969
84/38H. R. 12915 - District of Columbia, Additional Revenue for1969
84/39H. R. 12946 - National Institute fo Building Sciences, to Establish1969
84/40H. R. 12965 - Small Business Crime Insurance1969
84/41H. R. 13012 - Double Income Tax Exemption1969
84/42H. R. 13125 - Exchange of State and Federal Lands1969
84/43H. R. 13195 - Presentation of U. S. Flags to Parents of Deceased Servicemen1969
84/44H. R. 13259 - Unsolicited Mail, "Pandering Advertisements"1969
84/45H. R. 13352 - Railroad Passenger Equipment, Modernization of1969
84/46H. R. 13423 - Nutritional Diet for Low Income Families1969
84/47H. R. 13568 - Passport Services Improvement1969
84/48H. R. 13639 - Disability Insurances for the Blind1969
84/49H. R. 13721 - Television Time for Congressional Candidates1969
84/50H. R. 13832-13834 - Railroad Passenger Services, Minimum Standards for1969
84/51H. R. 13919, 13920, 13981 - Railroad Passenger Services, Minimum Standards for1969
84/52H. R. 14090 - G. I. Educational Benefits1969
84/53H. R. 14148 - Social Security, Increases in Benefits1969
84/54H. R. 14214 - Railroad Passenger Services, Minimum Standards for1969
84/55H. R. 14250 - Drug Abuse Education, Funding for1969
84/56H. R. 14431 - Social Security, Increases in Benefits1969
84/57H. R. 14501 - Economic Opportunity Programs, Funding of1969
84/58H. R. 14535 - Federal Low-Emission Vehicle Procurement Act1969
84/59H. R. 14627 - Consumer Class Action Act1969
84/60H. R. 14965 - Uniform Displacement Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies1969
84/61H. R. 15241 - Joint Committee on Environmental Quality, to Establish1969
84/62H. R. 15319 - Vietnam, My Lai, Study of U. S. Troops Misconduct in1969
84/63H. R. 15362 - Youth Conservation Corps, to Establish1969
84/64H. J. Res. 56 - Investigate Crime, to Create Joint Committee to1969
84/65H. J. Res. 253 - Federal Communications Commission Study of T. V. Violence1969
84/66H. J. Res. 326 - Congressional Representation of the District of Columbia1969
84/67H. J. Res. 342 - Right to Vote for Persons Eighteen Years of Age1969
84/68H. J. Res. 624 - "Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium," Designation of1969
84/69H. J. Res. 658 - House Representation of the District of Columbia1969
84/70H. J. Res. 927 - Education Funds for Fiscal Year 19701969
84/71H. J. Res. 951 - Equal Rights Amendment1969
84/72H. Con. Res. 20 - Investigate Crime, to Create Joint Committee to1969
84/73H. Con. Res. 85 - Foreign Investment Direct Controls, Elimination of1969
84/74H. Con. Res. 96 - Relief Assistance for Nigeria-Biafra Civil War1969
84/75H. Con. Res. 197 - U. S. Military Involvement in Vietnam, Reduction of1969
84/76H. Con. Res. 201 - Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy, Additional Copies Printed1969
84/77H. Con. Res. 255 - Homeless Children in the District of Columbia1969
84/78H. Con. Res. 408 - Timely Response to Bills Required of Executive Agencies1969
84/79H. Res. 33 - House Committee to Investigate Crime in the U. S.1969
84/80H. Res. 241 - Iraqi Jews, U. S. Aid for1969
84/81H. Res. 392 - Urban and District of Columbia Affairs, to Create Committee on1969
84/82H. Res. 395 - Soviet Jews, Requesting President to Promote Emigration of1969
84/83H. Res. 444 - First-use of Gags and Bacteriological Warfare, Ban of1969
84/84H. Res. 493 - House Restaurant Foodworkers Participation in Employee Organizations1969
84/85H. Res. 564 - Vietnam Withdrawal1969
84/86H. R. 15539 - Law Enforcement Assistance Program Appropriations1970
84/87H. R. 15656 - Consumer Class Action Act1970
84/88H. R. 16001 - Freight Car Shortage1970
84/89H. R. 16685 - Widow of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, Gold Medal Issued to1970
84/90H. R. 17078 - Professional Baseball Under Anti-Trust Laws1970
84/91H. R. 17221 - Clean Air Act Enforcement Amendments1970
84/92H. R. 17829 - Postal Field Service Employees, Pay Rates of1970
84/93H. R. 18305 - Washington Technical Institute Property Transfer1970
84/94H. R. 18366 - District of Columbia Authorization to Fix Fees1970
84/95H. R. 18367 - District of Columbia Licensing Procedures Based on Occupations1970
84/96H. R. 18368 - District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Unsatisfied Judgement Fund Act1970
84/97H. R. 18369 - District of Columbia Zoning Law Amendment1970
84/98H. R. 18370 - District of Columbia Council to Fix Water and Sewer Rates1970
84/99H. R. 18371 - District of Columbia Administration Improvement1970
84/100H. R. 18372 - District of Columbia Rental Space Limitations1970
84/101H. R. 18373 - District of Columbia Health Services Administration Improvements1970
84/102H. R. 18374 - District and Federal Income Tax Conformed1970
84/103H. R. 18375 - District of Columbia Administration Code on Estates1970
84/104H. R. 18376 - District of Columbia Education System1970
84/105H. R. 18377 - District of Columbia, Removal of Ice and Snow From Sidewalks1970
84/106H. R. 18378 - District of Columbia, Additional Federal Funding to1970
84/107H. R. 18379 - District of Columbia Increase Motor Fuel Tax1970
84/108H. R. 18380 - District of Columbia, Funding of Higher Education1970
84/109H. R. 18381 - District of Columbia Pavement Construction Contracts1970
84/110H. R. 18382 - District of Columbia Funds for Housing Developments for Low/Moderate Income Families1970
84/111H. R. 18486 - Travel Agency Industry, Federal Regulation of1970
84/112H. R. 18577 - District of Columbia Hospital for Women Land Transfer1970
84/113H. R. 18578 - National Service Agency Created1970
84/114H. R. 18725 - Commission on the Organization of the District of Columbia Government1970
84/115H. R. 18741 - Public Works Acceleration Act Amendment (to benefit high unemployment areas)1970
84/116H. R. 19031 - Byssinosis Sufferers' Benefits1970
84/117H. R. 19036 - Community Health Services Act1970
84/118H. R. 19067 - Crime Reduction by Speedy Trials1970
84/119H. R. 19068 - Interstate Traffic Control of Explosives1970
84/120H. R. 19069 - National Science Foundation Research Programs1970
85/1H. R. 19246 - National Health Service Corps, to Establish1970
85/2H. R. 19327 - Juvenile Research Institute and Training Center, to Establish1970
85/3H. R. 19490 - National Public Employee Relations Act1970
85/4H. R. 19745 - U. S. Industry, Conversion from Defense to Civilian Production1970
85/5H. R. 19916 - Food Stamp Act Amendments1970
85/6H. R. 19953 - Financial Assistance to Railroad Services1970
85/7H. R. 19954 - Immigration and Nationality Act Amendment1970
85/8H. J. Res. 1113 - National Railway Labor Strike1970
85/9H. Con. Res. 480 - Peace in the Middle East, U. S. Policy for1970
85/10H. Con. Res. 522 - High Interest Rate Policy1970
85/11H. Con. Res. 533 - Passenger Airlines Terrorism1970
85/12H. Con. Res. 548 - Atlantic Union Delegation1970
85/13H. Con. Res. 684 - POWs' Treatment in Vietnam1970
85/14H. Con. Res. 720 - NASA and the Fight Against Pollution1970
85/15H. Res. 806 - House Vote Recording Standards1970
85/16H. Res. 931 - Oil Import Control1970
85/17H. Res. 962 - U. S. Military Action in Cambodia1970
85/18H. Res. 985 - American Troops in Vietnam, Funding of1970
85/19H. Res. 1052 - Soviet Presence in the Middle East1970
85/20H. Res. 1108 - Federal Responsibility for the Administration of Indian Affairs1970
85/21H. Res. 1250 - FAA Dismissal of Air Traffic Controllers1970
85/22H. R. 101 - Public Works Acceleration Act Amendment for Areas of High Employment1971
85/23H. R. 806 - Industrial Water Pollution Abatement Loan Act of 19701971
85/24H. R. 1000 - National Service Act1971
85/25H. R. 1744 - National Economic Conversion Act1971
85/26H. R. 2323 - Food Supplements Act, Definition of1971
85/27H. R. 3655 - Conquest of Cancer Act1971
85/28H. R. 4122 - Conversion Research and Education Act of 19711971
85/29-32H. R. 4241 (1971), H. R. 13452 (1969) - Emergency Detention Camps, Repeal and Prohibition of1971
85/33H. R. 4429 - Consumer Protection Organization Act of 19711971
85/34H. R. 4809 - Consumer Product Warranties and FTC Improvements Act of 19711971
85/35H. R. 4811 - Social Security Disability Benefits for the Blind1971
85/36H. R. 4996 - Railway Strike Legislation1971
85/37H. R. 4974 - Sports TV Broadcast Law Amendment1971
85/38H. R. 5075 - National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, Amendment1971
85/39H. R. 5492 - SST Regulation of Sonic Boom1971
85/40H. R. 5630 - Consumer Class Action Act of 19711971
85/41H. R. 5762 - National Public Employee Relations Act of 19711971
85/42H. R. 6751 - Oil Import Program, Termination of1971
85/43H. R. 6876 - Unemployment Compensation1971
85/44-46H. R. 7039 - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 19711971
85/47H. R. 7209 - Airport and Airway Development and Revenue Acts of 19711971
85/48H. R. 7328 - Cooperative Forest Management, Increased Authority for1971
85/49H. R. 7329 - Urban and Experimental Forestry, New Program for1971
85/50H. R. 7330 - Forest Fire Protection, Increased Funds1971
85/51H. R. 7331 - Chiropractors' Services Under Medicare1971
85/52H. R. 7406 - Law Enforcement Officers and Firemen Benefits1971
85/53H. R. 7414 - State Technical Services Amendments of 19711971
85/54H. R. 7471 - Community Health Services Act1971
85/55H. R. 7551 - Martin Luther King Postage Stamp1971
85/56H. R. 7724 - Emergency Employment Act of 19711971
85/57H. R. 7752 - Social Security Benefits, 50% Increase in1971
85/58H. R. 7789 - Pretrial Crime Reduction Act1971
85/59H. R. 7820 - International Drug Trade1971
85/60H. R. 7845 - Federal Water Pollution Control Act1971
85/61H. R. 7855 - Social Security Act, Amendment to Extend for 5 Years1971
85/62H. R. 7887 - Soviet Jew Relief Act of 19711971
85/63H. R. 8701 - Reclamation Projects in the Federal Columbia River Power System1971
85/64H. R. 8716 - Fuels and Energy Commission, to Establish1971
85/65H. R. 8849 - Abandoned Automobile Programs1971
85/66H. R. 8896 - National Open Beaches Act1971
85/67H. R. 8945 - Older Americans Act, Title IV (continued funding of certain nutrition projects)1971
85/68H. R. 9109 - Air Traffic Controllers, Regulations for1971
85/69-72H. R. 9496 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance1971
85/73H. R. 9964 - Desalting Plant for Development in Israel, Prototype1971
85/74H. R. 10146 - Surface Transportation Act1971
85/75H. R. 10189 - Economic Disaster Assistance Act of 19711971
85/76H. R. 10190 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance1971
85/77H. R. 10196 - District of Columbia Charter Act, Home Rule1971
85/78-81H. R. 10331 - Natural Gas Act, Amendment1971
85/82H. R. 10332 - Federal Power Act, Amendment1971
85/83H. R. 10333 - Natural Gas Act Amendment1971
85/84H. R. 10660 - Income Tax of POWs, MIAs1971
85/85H. R. 10665 - Railroad Retirement Act1971
86/1H. R. 10682 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act1971
86/2H. R. 10734 - Omnibus Campaign Reform Act1971
86/3H. R. 10860 - Youth Conservation Corps, Expansion of1971
86/4H. R. 10925 - ICC Government Loan, Extension of Payment Period1971
86/5H. R. 11207 - Surface Transportation Act of 19711971
86/6H. R. 11310 - Surface Transportation Act1971
86/7H. R. 11311 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act1971
86/8H. R. 11347 - Surface Transportation Act1971
86/9H. R. 11415 - Jurors in Federal Courts, Minimum Age Qualification1971
86/10H. R. 11701 - Income Tax Credit for College Tuition1971
86/11H. R. 11841 - Federal Employment Pay Rates, Comparability Adjustments for1971
86/12H. R. 12011 - Emergency Employment Act1971
86/13H. R. 12064 - Rural Job Development Act1971
86/14H. R. 12209 - Surface and Air Transportation Act of 19711971
86/15H. R. 12327 - Older Americans Act Amendments1971
86/16H. R. 12361 - Cougar Lakes Recreational Area, to Establish1971
86/17H. J. Res. 21 - National Week of Concern for POWs/MIAs1971
86/18H. J. Res. 348 - Joint Committee on the Environment, to Establish1971
86/19H. J. Res. 504 - National Peace Corps Week1971
86/20H. Con. Res. 36 - Homeless Children in the District of Columbia1971
86/21H. Con. Res. 108 - Public Health Service Facilities1971
86/22H. Con. Res. 155 - Public Service Hospitals Opposition to Closing1971
86/23H. Con. Res. 183 - Atlantic Union Delegation, Creation of1971
86/24H. Con. Res. 231 - MIAs/POWs, Commission to Investigate1971
86/25H. Con. Res. 267 - Diplomatic Relations in the Middle East1971
86/26H. Con. Res. 278 - Asset Depreciation Range, Sense of Congress1971
86/27H. Con. Res. 323 - Soviet Jewry Policies1971
86/28H. Con. Res. 329 - United Nations Appointed Commission to Report on South Vietnam Elections1971
86/29H. Con. Res. 355 - United Nations Charter, Review of1971
86/30H. Con. Res. 357 - U. S. Policy in Southeast Asia, Select Joint Committee to Investigate1971
86/31H. Con. Res. 392 - Soviet Jews1971
86/32H. Res. 118 - Select Committee on Aging, Creation of1971
86/33H. Res. 327 - U. S. Energy Resources, Select Committee to Investigate1971
86/34H. Res. 431 - Ukrainian Independence Day1971
86/35H. Res. 490 - "U. S.- Vietnam Relationships, 1945-1967" (Study)1971
86/36H. Res. 662 - Shipment of Phantom Jets to Israel1971
86/37H. Res. 743 - Fishing Industry Representatives in United Nations Sea Conference1971
86/38H. R. 12706 - Penal Reform, Establishment of Commission on1972
86/39H. R. 13088 - Secretary of Transportation, Health of Airmen1972
86/40H. R. 13135 - Transportation Development Act of 19721972
86/41H. R. 13379 - Funds Impounded, to Require President to Notify Congress of1972
86/42H. R. 13431 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act1972
86/43H. R. 13546 - Emergency Mass Transit Passenger Act of 19721972
86/44H. R. 13701 - Public Works and Development Facilities Grants1972
86/45H. R. 13741 - Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act1972
86/46H. R. 14199 - Department of Health, Establishment of1972
86/47H. R. 14415 - Cessation of Bombing and Withdrawal of U. S. Military Personnel from Indochina1972
86/48H. R. 14440 - Workers' Readjustment Assistance Amendments of 19721972
86/49-50H. R. 14723 - Transportation Payment Act of 19721972
86/51H. R. 14847 - Air Passenger Safety and Convenience Act1972
86/52H. R. 14991 - Air Passenger Safety and Convenience Act1972
86/53H. R. 15443 - Unemployment Compensation1972
86/54H. R. 15445 - Emergency Program Unemployment Compensation1972
86/55H. R. 15581 - Independent Regulatory Agencies Act1971
86/56H. R. 15740 - Refreezing Meat Prices for 45 Days1972
86/57H. R. 16281 - Surface Transportation Act1972
86/58H. R. 16300 - Travel Agency Industry, Federal Regulation of1972
86/59H. R. 16362 - Federal Property and Administration Services Act, Amendment to Allow Use of Excess Property1972
86/60H. R. 16363 - Practices, Policies and Procedures of All Government Agencies, Study of1972
86/61H. R. 16819 - Social Security, Federal Assistance1972
86/62H. R. 17030 - Freedom of Emigration in East-West Trade, Soviet Jews1972
86/63H. R. 17090 - Longshoremens' and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act of 19721972
86/64H. J. Res. 1040 - Tax Forms, Simplification of1972
86/65H. Con. Res. 546 - Trade Adjustment Assistance, Review of1972
86/66H. Res. 859 - Farmers' Home Administration, Releasing Fiscal Year 1972 Funds for1972
86/67H. Res. 934 - Rural Electrification Administration, Funds for1972
86/68H. R. 20 - Consumer Product Warranties and FTC Improvements Act of 19731973
86/69H. R. 1058 - Department of Health, Establishment of1973
86/70-71H. R. 1400 - National No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act1973
86/72H. R. 1415 - Public Service Employment Act of 19731973
86/73H. R. 2227 - Urgent Supplemental Appropriation Act of 19731973
86/74H. R 2232 - Free Flow of Information Act1973
86/75H. R. 2251 - Comprehensive Older Americans Service Amendments1973
86/76H. R. 2337 - Daylight Saving Time on Year-Round Basis1973
86/77H. R. 2415 - Consumer Protection Agency Act of 19731973
86/78H. R. 2712 - Prescription Drug Coverage under Medicare1973
86/79H. R. 2818 - Oil Import Control Program, Termination of1973
86/80H. R. 3146 - Secret Impounding of Funds by the Executive Branch1973
86/81H. R. 3497 - Urban Parkland Heritage Corporation, Amendment of the 1961 Housing Act1973
86/82H. R. 3646 - Telecasting of Sports Contests Act, Amendment1973
86/83-84H. R. 3775 - FTC Act Amendment "Bottlers' Bill"1973
86/85H. R. 3795 - Endangered Species Conservation Act of 19731973
86/86-87H. R. 3911 - Freedom of Emigration in East-West Trade1973
86/88-89H. R. 4056 - Comprehensive Child Development Act of 19731973
86/90H. R. 4128 - Mailing Costs and Postage Rates1973
86/91H. R. 4182 - Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 19731973
86/92H. R 4241 - Social Security Act, Extending Title V for Another 5 Years1973
86/93H. R. 4615 - Rural Electrification Funds1973
86/94H. R. 4649 - Director of the Office of Management and Budget1973
86/95H. R. 4706 - Impoundment of Funds by the President1973
86/96H. R. 4821 - Public Works and Development Act, to Extend1973
86/97H. R. 4887 - Social Security 20% Increase1973
86/98H. R. 4897 - Essential Rail Services Act of 19731973
87/1H. R. 5385 - Surface Transportation Act of 19731973
87/2H. R. 5626 - Social Services Programs1973
87/3H. R. 5822 - Essential Rail Services Act of 19731973
87/4H. R. 5868 - USS Arizona Memorial1973
87/5-7H. R. 6041 - Health Programs Extension Act of 19731973
87/8H. R. 6212 - Legal Services Program1973
87/9H. R.6261 - Freedom of Information Act1973
87/10H. R. 6388 - Airport Development Acceleration Act of 19731973
87/11H. R. 6525 - Federal Scholastic and Amateur Sports Act of 19731973
87/12H. R. 6557 - Mobile Teachers Retirement Assistance Act1973
87/13H. R. 6629 - Presidential Election Campaign Fund1973
87/14H. R. 6880 - Surface Transportation Act1973
87/15H. R. 6881 - Seattle Public Health Service Hospital, Continued Operation of1973
87/16-17H. R. 7121 - Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park1973
87/18H. R. 7224 - Federal-State Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 1970, to Amend1973
87/19H. R. 7448 - Public Health Service Hospitals1973
87/20H. R. 7536 - Oil Importation in U. S. Flag Vessels1973
87/21H. R. 7541 - Oil Importation in U. S. Flag Vessels1973
87/22H. R. 7903 - Gasoline Sales and Independent Gasoline Retailers1973
87/23H. R. 7917 - Consumer Product Warranties and Federal Trade Commission Improvements Act of 19731973
87/24H. R. 8067 - School Bus Safety Act of 19731973
87/25H. R. 8142 - Adult Education Amendments of 19731973
87/26H. R. 8282 - Depreciation Allowances1973
87/27H. R. 8283 - Internal Revenue Code of 1954, to Amend1973
87/28H. R. 8288, H. R. 8316 - Authorizing SBA (Small Business Act) Loans to Non-Profit Organizations1973
87/29H. R. 8412 - Real Property Tax Rate in the District of Columbia1973
87/30H. R. 8863 - Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 19731973
87/31H. R. 8893 - Youth Conservation Corps1973
87/32H. R. 8895 - West Coast Corridor Feasibility Study Act of 19731973
87/33H. R. 9056 - District of Columbia Self-Government1973
87/34-37H. R. 9069 - Northeast Rail Transportation Act1973
87/38H. R. 9167 - Arbitration Board for the U. S. Postal Service1973
87/39H. R. 9361 - Northeast Rail Transportation Act1973
87/40H. R. 9634 - Oil Pipeline Regulation1973
87/41H. R. 9682 - District of Columbia Home Rule1973
87/42H. R. 10467 - Public Health Service Hospitals1973
87/43H. R. 10514 - National Agency for Transportation Safety Act of 19731973
87/44-45H. R. 10652 - Minimum Tax Imposed on Tax Preferences1973
87/46-47H. R. 10789 - Public Health Service Hospitals1973
87/48H. R. 10809 - Solar Energy1973
87/49H. R. 11006 - Social Security Income1973
87/50H. R. 11029 - Cost-of-Living Increases for Social Security Recipients1973
87/51H. R. 11059 - Alpine Lakes National Recreation Area, to Establish1973
87/52H. R. 11060 - Wilderness Areas, to Designate1973
87/53H. R. 11061 - Alpine Lakes Wilderness, to Designate1973
87/54H. R. 11062 - "Alpine Lakes Wilderness" and "Enchantment Wilderness"1973
87/55H. R. 11168 - Social Services Amendments of 19731973
87/56-57H. R. 13323 - Commodity Exchange Commission Act1973
87/58H. R. 11460 - Escrow Account System Improvement Act1973
87/59H. R. 11885 - Energy Emergency Act1973
87/60-62H. R. 12838 - FTC Act, "Bottlers' Bill"1973
87/63H. J. Res. 411 - Guam and Virgin Islands to Participate in Presidential Election1973
87/64-65H. J. Res. 432 - Social Services Programs, Relating to Administration of1973
88/1H. J. Res. 516 - End War in Indochina1973
88/2H. J. Res. 763 - Environmental Protection Agency, to Set Aside Certain Regulations1973
88/3H. J. Res. 796 - Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Water Pollution Control Act1973
88/4H. Con. Res. 146 - NATO Allies Should Contribute More to Cost of Own Defense, Sense of Congress1973
88/5H. Con. Res. 175 - Office of Economic Opportunity, President Should Continue1973
88/6H. Res. 321 - Food, Select Committee on Cost and Availability of1973
88/7H. Res. 614 - Middle East, to Seek Peace in1973
88/8H. R. 12389 - Eisenhower Memorial Bicentennial Civic Center1974
88/9H. R. 12487 - NASA's Research, Authorization for1974
88/10H. R. 12678 - Emergency Energy Control Act1974
88/11H. R. 12824 - Veterans' Disability Compensation1974
88/12H. R. 12825 - Veterans' Education and Assistance Programs1974
88/13H. R. 12826 - Vietnam Era Veterans' Education and Employment Assistance Act1974
88/14H. R. 12832 - District of Columbia Law Revision Commission Act1974
88/15H. R. 12888 - Consumer Emergency Act of 19741974
88/16H. R. 13351- Federal Property and Administration Services Act, to Amend1974
88/17H. R. 13487 - Rail Freight Transportation Improvement Act of 19741974
88/18H. R. 13512 - Consumer Energy Act of 19741974
88/19H. R. 14343 - Oil Price Roll-Back1974
88/20H. R. 14388 - Social Security Tax, Reduction of1974
88/21H. R. 14389 - Tax Preferences, Minimum Tax Imposed Upon1974
88/22H. R. 14390 - Depreciation Allowance1974
88/23H. R. 14391 - Percentage Depletion Method re: Oil and Gas Wells1974
88/24H. R. 14436 - Economic Stabilization Procedure Act of 19741974
88/25H. R. 14580 - Percentage Depletion Allowance for Oil and Gas Wells1974
88/26H. R. 14754 - District of Columbia Campaign Finance Reform Act1974
88/27H. R. 14932 - Federal Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 19741974
88/28H. R. 15026 - Interim Fisheries Zone Extension and Management Act of 19731974
88/29H. R. 15074 - Campaign Finance Practices in the District of Columbia1974
88/30H. R. 15519 - Health Action Corps, to Establish1974
88/31H. R. 15659 - Congressmen's Travel Reports, to Publish in Congressional Record1974
88/32H. R. 15684 - Harry S Truman Memorial Scholarships, To Establish1974
88/33H. R. 15747 - Student Loans, Cancellation of Indebtedness1974
88/34H. R. 15879 - Eastern Wilderness Areas Act1974
88/35H. R. 15883 - Child and Family Services Act1974
88/36H. R. 15950 - Franchised Dealers in Petroleum Products, to Provide for Protection of1974
88/37H. R. 15992 - Price Stability, to Amend Employment Act of 1946 with Respect to1974
88/38H. R. 16165 - Emergency Petroleum Allocation Extension Act of 19741974
88/39H. R. 16327 - Consumer Product Warranties, FTC Improvements1974
88/40H. R. 16605 - Solar Energy Research and Development1974
88/41H. R. 16782 - District of Columbia, People's Counsel in Public Service Commission1974
88/42H. R. 17066 - Military Surveillance, Freedom From1974
88/43H. R. 17371 - Consumer Commodities Regulations1974
88/44H. R. 17387 - Airlines Mutual Aid Agreement, Termination of1974
88/45H. R. 17388 - Animal Fighting Prohibition1974
88/46H. R. 17389 - GI Educational Benefits, Extension of1974
88/47H. R. 17404 - Public Records Act1974
88/48H. R. 17450, H. R. 17457 - District of Columbia People's Counsel for Public Service1974
88/49H. Con. Res. 464 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue to be Placed in Capitol1974
88/50H. Con. Res. 515 - Salmon Netting on the High Seas, Sense of Congress1974
88/51H. Res. 1118 - Israel, Sense of House to Condemn Terrorist Killings of Schoolchildren in1974
88/52H. Res. 1157 - TV and Radio Coverage of Resolutions to Impeach President1974
88/53H. Res. 1235 - Select Committee on Aging, to Create1974
88/54H. Res. 1329 - Cyprus and Turkey, Conflict Between1974
88/55H. R. 27 - Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 19751975
88/56H. R. 30 - Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area, to Establish1975
88/57H. R. 1194 - Klondike Gold Rush National Park, Establishment of1975
88/58H. R. 1618 - Commerce Regulations and Amendments to Natural Gas Act1975
88/59H. R. 2055 - Fisheries Zone Extension and Management Act of 19731975
88/60H. R. 2139 - Presidential Authority to Increase Tariffs, Temporary Suspension of1975
88/61H. R. 3038 - National Conservation Area of the Arizona Desert, Establishment of1975
88/62H. R. 3876 - Consumer Energy Act of 19751975
88/63-65H. R. 3977 - Alpine Lakes National Recreation Area, Establishment of1975
88/66H. R. 3978 - National Wilderness Preservation System, Inclusion of Wenatchee and Snoqualmie Lands in1975
88/67H. R. 4002 - 1965 Voting Rights Act, Extension for an Additional Ten Years1975
88/68H. R. 4059 - Gasoline Conservation Act of 19751975
88/69H. R. 5334 - Airlines Mutual Aid Agreement, Termination of1974
88/70H. R. 5729 - Franchised Dealers of Petroleum Products, Protection for1975
88/71H. R. 6351 - Railroad Improvement Act of 19751975
88/72H. R. 6871 - Federal Water Pollution Control Act1975
88/73H. R. 6887 - Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail, Authorization of a Feasibility Study of1975
88/74H. R. 7792 - Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and Wenatchee National Forests, Designation of1975
88/75H. R. 8095 - Housing, Emergency Assistance to Stimulate1975
88/76H. R. 8349 - Franchise Practices, Correction of Inequalities in1975
88/77H. R. 8672 - Railroad Transportation, Improving the Reliability of1975
88/78H. R. 9086 - Reimbursement of Veterans for Costs Incurred for Private Pilot's Licenses1975
88/79H. R. 9100 - Congressional Campaigns, Public Financing of1975
88/80H. R. 9601 - Signal Corps, Women in1975
88/81-82H. R. 10979 - Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 19751975
88/83H. J. Res. 264 - Leif Ericson Day1975
88/84H. J. Res. 421 - Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973, to Amend1975
88/85H. J. Res. 431 - District of Columbia, Constitutional Amendment to Allow Congressional Representation of1975
88/86H. J. Res. 481 - Leif Erikson Day1975
88/87H. J. Res. 606 - Atlantic Convention1975
88/88H. J. Res. 690 - National Family Week1975
88/89H. Con. Res. 57 - Tariffs on Petroleum or Petroleum Products1975
88/90H. Con. Res. 96 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue to be Placed in the Capitol1975
89/1H. Con. Res. 218 - Congressional Budget, Fiscal Year 19761975
89/2H. Con. Res. 351 - Jordan, Sale of Hawk Missiles and Vulcan Anti-aircraft System to1975
89/3H. Con. Res. 373 - United Nations Charter, Review Urged1975
89/4H. Con. Res. 466 - Congressional Budget of Fiscal Year 1976, Revision1975
89/5H. Res. 109 - Secretary of Agriculture and Food Stamp Regulations1975
89/6H. Res. 678 - Israel, Efforts to Expel from the United Nations1975
89/7H. Res. 802 - Zionism Equated with Racism in United Nations1975
89/8H. R. 11599 - Federal Employees, Congressional Members Must File Income and Financial Transaction Statements1976
89/9H. R. 11716 - Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, to Amend1976
89/10H. R. 11927 - National Marine Fire-fighting Program1976
89/11H. R. 12075 - Olympic National Park Boundary, Revision of1976
89/12H. R. 12091 - Interstate Commerce Act and Pipeline Companies1976
89/13H. R. 14934 - National Park Service Boundaries1976
89/14H. R. 15051 - Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, to Amend1976
89/15H. R. 15122 - National Trails System Act, to Amend1976
89/16H. J. Res. 898 - Thomas Jefferson Day1976
89/17H. Con. Res. 606 - Soviet Union Urged to Release Georgi Vins and Allow for Religious Freedom1976
89/18H. Con. Res. 611 - Congressional Budget for Fiscal Year 1977, Transition Date of1976
89/19H. Con. Res. 724 - Panmunjam, Two U. S. Officers Killed at1976
89/20H. Con. Res. 726 - Soviet Union Urged to Release Georgi Vins and Allow for Religious Freedom1976
89/21H. Con. Res. 728 - Congressional Budget for Fiscal Year 19771976
89/22H. Res. 983 - Angola, Withholding Aid Until Congressional Approval is Granted1976
89/23H. Res. 1000 - National Rural Health Week1976
89/24H. Res. 1227 - Alaskan Mountains Named After Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich1976
89/25H. Res. 1498 - North Korea's Attacks on U. S. Officers1976
89/26H. Res. 1499 - Panmunjam Officers, Study on1976
89/27H. Res. 1565 - Terrorist Attack in Chile Killing Letelier Moffitt, Sense of the House1976
89/28Summary of Legislation Introduced by Brock Adams in the 93rd Congress, 1st Session1973
89/29Adams' Legislative Program Summary1974
89/30-31Brock Adams' 94th Congress Group Efforts1975-1976
Adams' Working Files
89/32-37Agriculture and Consumer Protection Act of 1973 - H. R. 88601973
89/38-47Airline Subsidy and Protection Bills - H. R. 13824, H. R. 142661973-1974
89/48-50Alaska Pipeline - H. R. 91301973-1974
89/51-54Burke-Hartke Trade Bill - H. R. 109141973
89/55Busing - H. R. 13552, H. R. 13915, H. R. 139161971-1972
90/1-2Busing - H. R. 13552, H. R. 13915, H. R. 139161971-1972
90/3-4Busing Clippings - H. R. 13552, H. R. 13915, H. R. 139161971-1972
90/5Busing - H. R. 101461975-1976
90/6-10Campaign Financing - H. R. 12406, S. 30651976
90/11-12Campaign Reform - H. R. 7901, H. R. 160901973-1974
90/13-14Committee Reform Amendments of 1974 - H. R. 9881974
90/15Congressional Reform - S. 355, H. R. 112331967
90/16Debt Ceiling, National - H. R. 85081969
90/17-18Defense Appropriations Bill for FY 1974 - H. R. 115751973-1974
90/19Defense Supplemental Authorization Bill - H. R. 125651974
90/20-24Defense Appropriations Legislation1975-1976
90/25District of Columbia Self-Government and Government Reorganization Act - S. 14351975
90/26-27Draft Reform - H. R. 50171967
90/28Draft Reform - H. R. 7784, H. R. 14001, H. R. 140151969
90/29Economic Stabilization Act Amendments - S. 398, H. R. 59101973
90/30-31Education Appropriations Veto Override - H. R. 59011975
90/32Emergency Employment Act - H. R. 79491974
90/33-34Equal Opportunity and Full Employment Act - H. R. 501975
90/35Ford, Gerald, Confirmation as Vice President - H. R. 7351973
90/36Import Quotas - H. R. 11578, H. R. 17551, S. 25371968
90/37-38Health Insurance (National) Bills1973-1975
91/1-3Health Insurance (National) Bills1973-1975
91/4Health Insurance (National) - S. 2970, H. R. 126841974
91/5Health Insurance (National) - H. R. 138701974
91/6Heath Insurance (National) - H. R. 22, H. R. 22221973
91/7Health Insurance (National) - H. R. 1 (National Health Care Services Reorganization and Financing Act)1973
91/8-9Land Use Planning Act - H. R. 102941974
91/10-13Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 - H. R. 176541969-1970
91/14-18Military Procurement Authorization Bill - H. R. 140001969
91/19Military Procurement Authorization Bills - H. R. 9286, S. 12631973-1974
91/20Military Procurement Authorization Bill - H. R. 92861973-1974
91/21Military Procurement Authorization Bill - H. R. 145921974-1975
91/22-23New York City, Federal Aid to - H. R. 104811975
91/24-25Ninety-Third Congress, Proceedings and Legislation Of1973-1974
91/26Oil Imports - H. R. 10799, H. R. 10800, H. R. 108011970
91/27Psychology Bill - S. 1626, H. R. 91811970
91/28-32Public Health Service Hospitals - H. R. 6458, H. R. 68811973
92/1-4Public Health Service Hospitals - H. R. 6458, H. R. 68811973
92/5Public Health Services Hospitals - H. R. 6458, H. R. 68811971-1973
92/6Public Health Service Hospitals, General Correspondence1973
92/7Public Health Services Hospitals, Bill File1973
92/8Public Health Services Hospitals, Emergency Medical Services Act Conference Report - S. 5041973
92/9Public Health Service Hospitals - H. R. 6881, H. R. 6458, H. R. 504Undated
92/10-13Social Security Regulation Changes - H. R. 3153, H. J. R. 4321973
92/14Public Works Acceleration Bill - S. 5751971
92/15Sand Point Naval Station - GSA Appropriations1974
92/16-17Strip Mining - H. R. 11500, H. R. 12898, H. R. 150001974
92/18-19Subversive Activities Control Act, Robel Case - S. 21711967
92/20Tax Credit for Private Education - H. R. 161411972
92/21Taxes, Income Surtax Bills - H. R. 12290, H. R. 154141969
92/22Taxes, Interstate Taxation Act - H. R. 79061969
92/23Tax Reform Legislation - H. R. 8501971-1972
92/24Tax Reform Legislation - H. R. 110581972
92/25Tax Reform Clippings1972
92/26-28Taxes, Tax Reform Act of 1969 - H. R. 132701969
92/29-30Timber Supply Bill - H. R. 12025, S. 18321969
92/31Title XX Child Care Regulations - H. R. 9803, S. 24251975
92/32-35Trade Reform Act - H. R. 107101973
93/1-3Unemployment Compensation - H. R. 147051969-1970
93/4Unemployment Compensation Bills1971-1972
93/5-7U. S. Economic Opportunity Office, Community Services Act of 1974 - H. R. 144491974-1975
93/8Vietnam "Just Peace" - H. R. 6131969
93/9-12Vietnam Peace Movement Legislation1970
93/13-15Vietnam Peace Movement Legislation1971-1972
93/16Voter Registration by Postcard - H. R. 8053, H. R. 115521976
93/17Welfare Reform - H. R. 1 (Family Assistance Act of 1971)1970-1971
93/18-22Welfare Reform - H. R. 11971
93/23Welfare Reform - Clippings1971
Floor Files
93/24-38February - July1965
94/1-4February - July1965
94/5-14July - October1965
94/15-22January - August1966
94/23-24August - October1966
94/25February - August1967
94/26August - December1967
94/27-28January - July1968
94/29-30July - October1968
94/31January - October1969
94/32-34November - June1969-1970
94/35June - October1970
94/36November - December1970
94/37March - August1971
94/38-39September - December1971
94/40January - June1972
94/41-42July - October1972
94/43-44Debt Ceiling, Spending Limitation (H. R. 16810)1972
95/1-13Roll Call Votes1965 - 1976
Subject Series
95/14Alaska Airlines1970
95/15-17Alaska Airlines1971-1972
95/18All-Volunteer Armed Force1970
95/19Ambulance Association of Americaundated
95/20-21Amchitka Nuclear Testing Site1971
95/22-29Anti-Ballistic Missile1969
95/30Anti-Ballistic Missile - Press Clippings1969
95/31-32Apprenticeship - Revision of Department of Labor Regulations1971
95/33-34Billboards (Highway Beautification)1966-1967
95/35-36Billboards (Highway Beautification)1971
95/37Boeing Company - General1965-1969
95/38Boeing Company - General1971
95/39Boeing Company - C-5A Aircraft1965
95/40Boeing Company - "Defense Materials and Priorities"1966
95/41Boeing Company - SST (Supersonic Transport) Aircraft, General1964-1968
96/1Boeing Company - SST Aircraft1966-1969
96/2Boeing Company - SST Aircraft, General1967
96/3Boeing Company - SST Contract with General Electric1967
96/4Boeing Company - Clippings1965
96/5Federal Budget - Clippings1973-1974
96/6Campaign Reform1975-1976
96/7China Policy1971
96/8Commuter Airlines1972
96/9"Congressmen on the War" - Visual Media Message1972
96/11-15Ditchley Foundation Conference on Welfare Programs, Ditchley Park, England1970
96/16Douglas, William O. - Impeachment1970
96/17Drugs, Including Criminalization of LSD1966
96/18Economics - Economic Conversion Conference1971
96/27Economy - General Correspondence1974
96/28Economy - Press Clippings1969-1971
96/31Fisheries, Pacific1965
96/32-33Food Banks1971
96/34Foreign Aid1970
96/36Headstart Program1973-1975
96/37Health Insurance - Kitsap Physician's Service Position Paper1971
96/38Housing - General1971
97/1Housing - General1971
97/2Housing - FHA1970
97/3Housing - Low-Cost1969
97/4-7Housing - HUD Section 2351970-1971
97/8Housing - HUD Section 235 Clippings1971
97/9-11Impoundment of Funds by Executive Department1973
97/12-13King County Grand Jury1966
97/14-15Lockheed Loan1971
97/16McLean Gardens, Washington, D. C.1971
97/17-20Military Procurement, Defense Budget1970
97/21Mississippi Delegation to the House of Representatives, Challenge to1971
97/22Nerve Gas, Shipment of1970
97/23Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - General1974
97/24Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach -Congressional Quarterly5/11/741974
97/25Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - Use of Federal Agencies for Politics in 19721974
97/26Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - Illegal Campaign Contributions1974
97/27-36Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - Legal File1974
97/37Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach -The Offenses of Richard M. Nixon1974
97/38Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - Personal Finances1974
98/1Nixon, Richard, Campaign to Impeach - White House Coverup1974
98/2-3Nixon, Richard - Pardon by Gerald Ford1974
98/4No-Fault Insurance1974
98/5-8"Philadelphia Plan" for Employment of Minorities in Construction Industry1969-1970
98/9Pollution - General1968
98/10Pollution - Natural Gas as Automobile Fuel1969
98/11Pollution - Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency1967-1968
98/12-14Puget Sound Economic Conference, Olympic Hotel, Seattle1970
98/15-30Restricting (Washington State) - General1972
98/31Redistricting (Washington State) - General Correspondence1965 - 1966
98/32Redistricting (Washington State) - General Correspondence1971-1972
98/33Redistricting (Washington State) - General Correspondence1972
98/34Redistricting (Washington State) - Democratic Plan for Districts 1, 2, 3, 6, 71972
98/35Redisticting (Washington State) - Pelly/Adams Amendment1972
98/36-40Redistricting Lawsuit (Washington State) - Prince vs. Kramer, Brooks, Logan1972
99/1Redistricting Lawsuit (Washington State) - Prince vs. Kramer, Brooks, Logan1972
99/2-4Revenue Sharing1971
99/5-6Revenue Sharing1972
99/7Revenue Sharing1973
99/8-9Revenue Sharing1973-1974
99/10Revenue Sharing1973-1975
99/11Revenue Sharing1976
99/12-13Revenue Sharing - Reports1973
99/14Revenue Sharing - Clippings1971
99/15-16Rockefeller, Nelson - Confirmation as Vice President of the United States1974
99/17Seattle Mental Health Care Center1969
99/18-21Seattle Public Schools - Bilingual Education, Civil Rights1976
99/22Seattle Public Schools - Civil Rights1975-1976
99/23Seattle Public Schools - Civil Rights1976
99/24-25Seattle Downtown Business Association, EPA Regulations and1974
99/26Seattle Opera Association1968
99/27Seattle YMCA Outreach Program1968
99/28-29Sea-Tac Airport "Zone Three"1972
99/30-39SST (Supersonic Transport) Aircraft - General1970
100/1SST (Supersonic Transport) Aircraft - General1970
100/2-3SST Aircraft - General1970-1971
100/4-6SST Aircraft - General1971
100/7SST Aircraft - General Correspondence1971
100/8SST Aircraft - Incoming Correspondence1971
100/9SST Aircraft - Aviation Week1971
100/10-12SST Aircraft - Boeing Company Contract (Amended)1967
100/13-14SST Aircraft - Boeing Company Contract1967
100/15-16SST Aircraft - Boeing Company1970-1971
100/17-18SST Aircraft - Boeing Report "The SST Program and Related National Benefits"1969
100/19SST Aircraft - "Conference on Aircraft and the Environment," Washington, D. C.1971
100/20SST Aircraft - Continuation of SST Development (H. R. 8190)1971
100/21SST Aircraft - Statement by Henry M. Jackson1971
100/22-23SST Aircraft - Technological Spinoffs from Development of1971
100/24SST Aircraft - Termination1971
100/25SST Aircraft - Termination, Consequences of1971
100/26-27SST Aircraft - U. S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Hearings1971
100/28-30SST Aircraft - U. S. House of Representatives Vote1971
100/31SST Aircraft - Press Clippings1970-1971
100/32-33SST Aircraft - Press Clippings1971
101/1-2SST Aircraft - Press Clippings1971
101/3State of the Union Address - Democratic Response to1970
101/4-5Supplemental Security Income Conference, Washington, D. C.1974
101/6-7Taxes - General1969
101/8Taxation for Congressional Office Personnel (CBS Seminars)1973
101/9-10Urban Mass Transit - General Correspondence1965-1966
101/11Urban Mass Transit - General Correspondence1966-1967
101/12-13Urban Mass Transit - General1967-1968
101/14-15Urban Mass Transit1969-1970
101/16-22Urban Mass Transit - Seattle1968-1970
101/23-24Urban Mass Transit - Washington, D. C.1967
101/25-28Urban Mass Transit - Washington State1965-1969
101/29Urban Mass Transit - Press Clippings1965-1966
101/30Urban Mass Transit - Press Clippings1967
101/31U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Pacific Northwest-Southwest Service Investigation1965
101/32U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Pacific Northwest-Southwest Service Investigation (Re-Opening)1968
101/33U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board - Trans-Pacific Route Investigation1969
101/34-35U. S. Commerce Department - Economic Development Administration - Clippings1965-1966
101/36U. S. House of Representatives - Democratic Committee on Committees1964-1965
102/1-3U. S. House of Representatives - Democratic Study Group1969
102/4U. S. House of Representatives - Democratic Study Group, Television Censorship1969
102/5-6Food Service Workers at U. S. House of Representatives Restaurant1969
102/7U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1968
102/8U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1969
102/9U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1970
102/10U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1971
102/11U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1971-1972
102/12U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1972-1973
102/13-17U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1974
102/18U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1975
102/19U. S. House of Representatives - House Reform Correspondence1975-1976
102/20U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1965
102/21U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1968
102/22U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1968-1969
102/23U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1969
102/24-26U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1970
102/27-28U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership1971
102/29U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership, Charlie Diggs1971
102/30-31U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership, McMillan Challenge1971
102/32U. S. House of Representatives - Leadership, Whip System1971
102/33U. S. House of Representatives - Scandals1976
102/34-36U. S. House of Representatives - Seniority1969-1970
102/37U. S. House of Representatives - Seniority1971
102/38-41Vietnam - General1965-1969
103/1-2Vietnam - General1965-1969
103/3-4Vietnam - General1967
103/5Vietnam - General1969
103/6Vietnam - Correspondence with the White House1965-1967
103/7Vietnam - General Correspondence1965-1966
103/8Vietnam - General Correspondence1967-1972
103/9Vietnam - Notesundated
103/10-15Vietnam - Reports1965
103/16-20Vietnam - Reports1966
103/21Vietnam - Reports1967-1968
103/22-24Vietnam - Reports1969
103/25-26Vietnam - Clippings1965-1967
103/27-29Vietnam - Clippings1967-1969
103/30Vietnam - Clippings1971-1972
103/31"War on Poverty" (OEO Funding Cutbacks)1965-1967
103/32Watergate Special Prosecutor, U. S. Attorney General1973
103/33Welfare - General1969
104/1-2Welfare - Nixon's Proposal1969-1970
104/3Welfare - Nixon's Speech1969
104/4-8Welfare - Reports1969-1970
104/9Welfare - Clippings1969-1970
104/10WMAL TV Tower (Washington, D. C.) - Complaints and Concerns1970
General Series
Press Releases
104/11Press Releases1965
  • September 10, 1965Adams'ArgusArticle on Vietnam Solutions
  • December 1965"The North Pacific: What Are Our Goals?" - Adams' Article forFisherman's News
104/12Press Releases1966
  • February 13, 1966"'U. S. Should Go Viet-Cong One Better on Land Reforms' Says Adams" - William Prochnau Article forSeattle Times
  • June 24, 1966U. S. Army Contract to Colby Crane and Manufacturing Company, Seattle, WA - Telegram
  • July 7, 1966Two Grants from the Office of Economic Opportunity to Seattle Area - Press Release
  • July 7, 1966Construction of a New Post Office in Des Moines, WA - Release
  • July 12/14, 1966Public Works Planning Advance for Pacific, WA - Releases
  • July 19, 1966Grant from Department of the Interior to Bonneville Power - Press Release
  • July 20, 1966Grant for Groceries and Subsistence Items to Alaska - Release
  • July 20, 1966Public Health Service Department Grant for State Nurses Association - Release
  • July 25, 1966Adams Declares Intention to Run for Reelection - Press Release
  • July 26, 1966Housing and Urban Development Grant for Algona, WA - Press Release
  • July 29, 1966Contract to Boeing for Minuteman Missile - Letter
  • August 4/5, 1966Contracts from Bonneville Power, U. S. Department of the Interior to Puget Sound Companies - Press Releases
  • August 22, 1966Funding for Boeing Construction of Minuteman Missile - Letter and Release
  • August 23, 1966National Heart Institute Grant to Seattle Public Health Service Hospital - Release
  • August 30, 1966Presidential Signing of Urban Mass Transportation Act - Memorandum
  • September 6, 1966Interior Department Grant to Bonneville Power - Release
  • September 6, 1966NASA Grant to University of Washington - Release
  • September 7, 1966Manpower Development and Training Act Contract with Group Health of Puget Sound - Release
  • September 13, 1966Contract for Des Moines Post Office Awarded - Release
  • September 13, 1966Contract to Boeing for Minuteman II Progams - Release
  • September 21, 1966Alaska Engineer District Awards Urban Renewal Contract to Chris Berge, Inc. Seattle, WA - Release
  • September 21, 1966Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) Awards Grant to King County Hospital, Seattle, WA - Release
  • September 22, 1966Contract to Boeing for Trainer System in Support of Minuteman Missile - Release
  • September 29, 1966Walla Walla Engineering District Awards Contract to S. S. Mullen, Seattle, WA - Release
  • September 29, 1966Contract to Boeing for Aerospace Ground Equipment, Etc. - Release
  • October 3, 1966Office of Economic Opportunity Grant to University of Washington - Press Release
  • October 6, 1966Office of Economic Opportunity Grant to King County for Head Start Program - Release
  • October 12, 1966Neighborhood Youth Corps Project - Release, Statement to "Hotline"
  • October 21, 1966Contract to Todd Shipyards in Seattle, WA - Release
  • October 31, 1966Boeing to Develop Sram Missile - Release
  • November 1, 1966Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board Grant to Head Start Program - Release
  • November 4, 1966Head Start Grant to Muckleshoot Indian Tribal Council - Release
  • November 4, 1966Housing and Urban Development Grant to King County - Release
  • November 4, 1966Truth in Advertising - Statement to H. E. L. P.
  • November 8, 1966Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants Loan for Low-Rent Public Housing in Kent, Washington - Press Release
  • November 9, 1966Manpower Development and Training Act Experimental Project - Press Release
  • November 16, 1966Contract to Pacific Car and Foundary Company - Release
  • November 28, 1966General Services Administration to Take Bids for Repair of Earthquake Damage - Release
  • December 9, 1966Public Health Services Grant to King County, WA for Air Pollution Controls - Release
  • December 13, 1966Housing and Urban Development Funding for Urban Renewal Project in Seattle, WA - Release
  • December 16, 1966Funding for Housing Project for the Elderly - Release
  • undatedWashington State Office of Economic Opportunity Receives Grant - Release
  • undatedManpower Development and Training Act Project H 7002 - Release
104/13Press ReleasesJanuary - June 1967
  • January 13, 1967Grant Will Open New Doors - Press Release
  • January 25, 1967Balancing the Budget - Draft of Press Release
  • February 8, 1967U. S. Naval Academy Nominees - Press Release
  • February 15, 1967West Point and Merchant Marine Nominees - Press Release
  • February 15, 1967New Careers Training Program (trains persons without high school diplomas for low-level government positions) - Press Release
  • March 21, 1967Lower Voting Age to 18 - Press Release
  • March 22, 1967Air Force Academy Nominees - Press Release
  • March 2, 1967"Vietnam - Changing Policy Toward Middle Course" - Floor Statement
  • March 10, 1967Libby Dam Contract - Press Release
  • March 20, 1967"No Doves Among State's Delegates" - William Prochnau Article forSeattle Times
  • April 7, 1967Green River Watershed Project - Press Release
  • April 10, 1967National Railroad Strike - Press Statement re: Strike Legislation
  • April 11, 1967Adams Asks for School Funds - Press Release
  • April 18, 1967Adams' Vietnam Statement forArgus
  • April 30, 1967Super Sonic Transport (SST) - Press Release, Adams' Opinions
  • May 2, 1967National Maritime Poster Contest Winners - Press Release
  • May 12, 1967Joint Resolution to Settle Railroad Strike - Memo
  • June 9, 1967Middle East Situation - Statement in Press Release
104/14"Combatting Crime in the Streets" - Speech Before National Conference of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (also Press Release)May 25, 1967
104/15Press ReleasesJuly - December 1967
  • August 10, 1967 - August 13, 1967Adam's Changing Position on the War -Seattle TimesandSeattle Post IntelligencerArticles, various authors, nothing by Adams.
  • August 13, 1967Vietnam Surtax - Statement in Press Release
  • August 30, 1967"National Strike Legislation in a Conservative Congress" - Press Release of Speech before Washington State Labor Council, Tacoma, WA
  • October 16, 1967"What Can We Save?" - Adams' Article for COPE Memo re: 90th Congress
  • October 19, 1967Vietnam War -Seattle TimesInterview with Adams
104/16Press ReleasesJanuary - April 1968
  • January 16, 1968Credit Crunch in Home Mortgage Market - Press Release
  • March 31, 1968"Colonial City - District of Columbia Style" - Notes for Speech
  • April 1, 1968Adam's Hails LBJ's Decision to Deescalate War - Press Release
  • April 23, 1968Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee Legislation - Press Release
104/17Press ReleasesMay - August 1968
  • May 16, 1968Adam's Speaks in Favor of Better Air Routes to Seattle - Press Release
  • June 20, 1968"The Surtax Package" - Floor Statement
  • August 1968"Toward a New America" - Adams' Article Special toThe Puget Soundings
104/18"A Perspective for America: 1968" - Adams' Article forSeattle Post IntelligencerMay 1, 1968
104/19Press ReleasesSeptember - October 1968
  • September 1968"Medicine: Government and the American People" - Adams' Article forThe BulletinKing County Medical Society
  • September 4, 1968Fort Lawton as Potential ABM Site - Press Release
  • September 10, 1968Televised Presidential Debates (S. J. R. 175) - Press Release and Dear Colleague Letter
  • September 10, 1968Adams' Muckleshoot Indian Bill Passed - Report, Draft of Press Release
  • September 12, 1968Legislative Reform Bill - Press Release
  • September 25, 1968Police and Firemen Benefits - Press Release
  • September 26, 1968Airport Congestion - Press Release
  • October 2, 1968Fair Campaign Code - Press Release
  • October 11, 1968District of Columbia Parking Bill - Press Release
  • October 23, 1968Export-Import Bank Seminar - Adams' Remarks, Press Release
104/20"Equal Time"/Presidential T. V. Debate Bill - Press ReleasesSeptember - October 1968
104/21Press ReleasesNovember - December 1968
  • November 12, 1968Adams Opposes Reelection of Speaker McCormack - Press Release forwarded to "Hotline" 11/14/68
  • November 17, 1968New Congressmen Encouraged to Live in District of Columbia - Press Release
  • December 2, 1968Announcement of Seattle Press Conference 12/6/68
  • December 6, 1968Decision Not to Run for King County Executive - Press Release
  • December 26, 1968Udall Decision to Run for Speaker - Press Release
104/22Press ReleasesJanuary 1969
  • n. d.Chronology: Action on D.C. Self-Government Proposals in the House District of Columbia Committee, 91st Congress, 1969-1970
  • January 15, 1969Supersonic Transport - Telephone Interview with Wes Vernon
  • January 15, 1969Law Enforcement Planning Grant - Radio Tape Transcript
  • January 19, 1969"Police - Community Relations" - Forum at St. Alban's (Flier)
  • January 23, 1969Biafra Relief Resolution - Press Release
  • January 24, 1969Announcement of Open Space Land Project in Bellevue
104/23Lowering Voting Age to 18 - Adams' Weekly ColumnJanuary 31, 1969
104/24Press ReleasesFebruary 1969
  • February 3, 1969Voting Age - Radio Tape Transcript in Seattle
  • February 4, 1969School Desegregation and the Democratic Study Group - Background for Wes Vernon Interview
  • February 7, 1969Questionnaire forNation's Business
  • February 7, 1969Congressional Pay Raise - Remarks in Telephone Interview toArgusReporter Bob Smith
  • February 8, 1969Members of Congress for Peace Through Law - Press Release
  • February 14, 1969Housing and Urban Development Urban Planning Grant $155,000 - Press Release
  • February 19, 1969HUD Urban Beautification Program $450,000 - Press Release
  • February 24, 1969Supreme Court Decision to Review Railroad Merger - Remarks on Television Interview with Wes Vernon
  • February 26, 1969Draft Reform Bill - Press Release
104/25Need for Tax Reform - Adams' Weekly ColumnFebruary 6, 1969
104/26Post Office Reform - Adams' Weekly ColumnFebruary 21, 1969
104/27Press ReleasesMarch 1969
  • March 1969King County Election for County Executive - TV Tape Transcript
  • March 2, 1969Tax Reform - TV Spot Transcript
  • March 7, 1969Anti-Ballistic Missile Colloquy - Press Release Including Adams' Remarks
  • March 10, 1969Seattle Chosen for Urban Mass Transit Study - Radio Tape Transcript
  • March 10, 1969V.A. Hospital Alcoholism Treatment Facilities Bill - Press Release
  • March 13, 1969Creation of Urban Mass Transit Trust Fund (Adams' Bill) - Press Release
  • March 26, 1969Opposing Surtax Extension - Remarks on TV (Transcript)
  • March 26, 1969Food Service Facilities in Central Area Cooperative - Press Release
  • March 26, 1969"Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement" - Speech to 2nd Congressional Seminar, Washington Operations Research Council
104/28Press ReleasesApril 1969
  • April 1969Nixon's Guaranteed Income Statement - UPI Wire Story
  • April 2, 1969Resolution to Rename D. C. Stadium RFK Memorial Stadium - Rovner Article,Baltimore Sun
  • April 2, 1969Tax Reform and the Middle Income Taxpayer - Press Release
  • April 3, 1969Agricultural Workers and National Labor Relations Act - Press Release
  • n. d.Schedule for Congressman Brock Adams, Seattle WA, April 7-13, 1969.
  • April 11/12, 1969Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners - Press Releases
  • April 22, 1969Nixon's Tax Reform Proposals - Remarks on TV (Transcript)
  • April 22, 1969National Transportation Week - Remarks for Newspaper Ad
  • April 25, 1969Bill re: State Tax on Non-Residents - Notes
  • April 28, 1969Death of Eisenhower - Adams' Remarks in a Press Release
104/29Legislative Reform - Adams' Weekly ColumnApril 23, 1969
104/30Press ReleasesMay 1969
  • May 1, 1969Bill to Eliminate Mandatory Oil Import Program - Press Release
  • May 12, 1969Public Ownership of District of Columbia Transit Bill and Rapid Rail Transit Bill - Press Release
  • May 13, 1969Bill to Establish Charter Commission for District of Columbia - Press Release
  • May 14, 1969Democratic Study Group Letter to Mills Urging Early Action on Tax Reform - Letter and Press Release
  • May 19, 1969Adams Becomes Chairman of Task Force on Law Enforcement and Constitutional Rights - Democratic Study Group Press Release
  • May 26, 1969Bill Allowing Local Govs. to Reaquire Federal Lands for Recreational Purposes - Press Release
  • May 28, 1969Postal Reform Bill - Press Release
104/31Maritime Poster Contest Winner AnnouncementMay 1, 1969
104/32Reuss Alcoholism Bill - Testimony Before House Veterans' Affairs CommitteeMay 13, 1969
104/33Paris/Moscow Trip - Beeper, ArticlesMay 28, 1969
104/34Press ReleasesJune 1969
  • June 13, 1969Highline Commencement Address - Press Release
  • June 25, 1969Sale of Portion of GSA Center, Auburn - Press Release
  • June 27, 1969Kidney Disease Act - Press Release
104/35Surtax Extension Information - Press ReleaseJune 25, 1969
104/36Press ReleasesJuly - August 1969
  • July 2, 1969Draft Reform Legislation - Press Release
  • July 14, 1969Letter to President Nixon - Press Release
  • July 17, 1969D.C. Revenue Bill Fiscal Year 1970 - Press Release
  • July 22, 1969Raise Income Tax Exemption (To $1200) - Press Release
  • July 23, 1969Survivor's Benefits to Police & Firemen Families - Press Release
  • August 6, 1969Intercity Rail Passenger Service Act - Press Release
104/37Press ReleasesSeptember 1969
  • September 4, 1969"In Pursuit of Domestic Peace," Speech to International Association of Chiefs of Police - Press Release
  • September 11, 1969Statement on Floor about ICC - Press Release
  • September 17, 1969Bill for Interstate Commerce Commission - Press Release
  • September 23, 1969Supersonic Transport (SST) - Statement
  • September 23, 1969Subcommittee on Surface Transportation, Senate Commerce Committee - Remarks At Hearing, Press Release
  • September 25, 1969Interstate Commerce Committee Hearing - Press Release
104/38Press ReleasesOctober 1969
  • October 3, 1969Armed Services Committee on Draft Reform - Statement and Press Release
  • October 22, 1969Housing and Urban Development Grant to Seattle - Press Release
  • October 22, 1969Commercialization of Professional Sports - Press Release
  • October 24/26, 1969"The Poor in the Affluent Society" (Address to Washington State Council of Churches at Spokane and Washington Association for Social Welfare at Olympia, respectively) - Speech and Press Release
  • October 29, 1969Railway Employees Legislation (HR 13300) - Press Release
104/39Vietnam Moratorium of October 15, 1969 - Press ReleaseOctober 14/31, 1969
104/40It'sMagazine Article by Brock AdamsOctober 1969
104/41Press ReleasesNovember 1969
  • November 6, 1969Pacific Testing of Minuteman Missiles & Brock Adams' Schedule & Press Conference - Press Release
  • November 10, 1969War & Inflation, Speech to Masters of Business Administration, University of Washington - Speech & Press Release
  • November 15, 1969Office of Economic Opportunity & Murphy Amendment - Press Release
  • November 18, 1969ICC Decision on Mainstreeter (Railroad) - Press Release
104/42Article on Brock Adams in the Sunday MagazineWashington Star- Article by Boris WeintraubNovember 16, 1969
104/43Press ReleasesDecember 1969
  • December 1969"On Being Against Crime" - Adams' Article Submitted toNew Republic
  • December 2, 1969Statements on Vietnam Resolution - Press Release
  • December 4, 1969Income Tax Exemption - Press Release
  • December 4, 1969Social Security Increase - Press Release
  • December 30, 1969Nixon's Attack of Tax Reform Bill - Press Release
104/44TimesandPost IntelligencerArticles on Brock AdamsDecember 1969
104/45Press ReleasesJanuary 1970
  • January 20, 1970Legislative Delays - Press Release
  • January 20, 1970Boeing 747 - Press Release
  • January 21, 1970Inflation and Nixon Administration - Press Release
  • January 26, 1970Labor HEW Bill - Press Release
  • January 26, 1970Ditchley Conference - Press Release
  • January 27, 1970Passenger Train Derailment - Press Release
104/46Press ReleasesFebruary 1970
  • February 3, 1970U. S. Service Academies Nominees - Press Release
  • February 10, 1970U. S. Economy - Adams' Article to theArgus
  • February 12, 1970U. S. Service Academies Nominees - Press Release
  • February 12, 1970Closure of Public Health Services Hospitals - Press Release
  • February 18, 1970Brock Adams' & Pepper's Crime Bill - Press Release
  • February 24, 1970One Minute Speech to Move to Pass D.C. Self Government Bills - Speech and Press Release
104/47Material on Crime forPost IntelligencerFebruary 9, 1970
104/48Black Contractor Release - Articles, Authors UnknownFebruary 13, 1970
104/49Press ReleasesMarch 1970
  • March 4, 1970Memo on Proposed Public Offer & Seizure Amendment Railroad Strike - with Press Release
  • March 6, 1970National Newspaper Association, Speech on Priorities of 91st Congress - Press Release
  • March 11, 1970Urban Mass Transit, House Banking, and Currency Committee - Press Release
  • March 14, 1970Rapid Transit Bond Issue, Seattle Vote on May 19 - Press Release
  • March 18, 1970Cigarette Advertising Bill - Press Release
  • March 24, 1970Renton General Services Administration Center - Press Release
104/50High Interest Rates & Tight Money, Testimony Before House Banking & Currency Committee - Press ReleaseMarch 24, 1970
104/51Press ReleasesApril 1970
  • April 8, 1970Opposing Relocation of Chemical Munitions from Okinawa via Bangor, WA - Press Release
  • April 12, 1970Eastside Green River Pumping Plant - Press Release
  • April 16, 1970Oil Imports - Press Release
  • April 22, 1970Earth Day Speech at American University - Press Release
  • April 29, 1970Statement to Bill Taylor KOL, Assistance to Cambodia - Press Release
  • April 29, 1970Crime Testimony Before National Democratic Policy Council - Press Release
  • April 1970Article by Brock Adams for 1970 Edition ofFish Boat- Article
104/52Testimony RE: Fort Lawton, Federal Surplus for Parks & Recreation - Press ReleaseApril 13, 1970
104/53Interstate Tax - Press ReleaseApril 16, 1970
104/54Press ReleasesMay 1970
  • May 1, 1970Statement to Prochnau on Cambodia - Statement
  • May 1, 1970Statement on Cambodia Invasion - Press Release
  • May 4, 1970Maritime Poster Contest - Press Release
  • May 7, 1970Adams' Opinions on Cambodia, etc. Sent to College Papers - Press Release
  • May 7, 1970Bipartisan Resolution to Limit Fiscal Year 1971 Defense Appropriations - Press Release
  • May 8, 1970Recession - Press Release
  • May 21, 1970Nerve Gas Shipment - Press Release
  • May 22, 1970Signing UW Students Statement on McGovern/Hatfield Amendment to Military Appropriations Bill - Press Release
  • May 26, 1970Interstate Employee Tax Exemption Bill -Press Release
  • May 27, 1970New Weather Radar Program Commissioned - Press Release
104/55Cigarette Advertising Article forScrollby Brock Adams - ArticleMay 1970
104/56Press ReleasesJune - August 1970
  • June 1, 1970Railroad Passenger Service on Floor of House - Press Release
  • June 9, 1970Highway Trust Fund - Testimony and Press Release
  • June 19, 1970Penn Central Guarantee by Dept. of Defense - Press Release
  • June 22, 1970Office of Economic Opportunity Grants to Seattle-King County Opportunity Board - Press Releases (2)
  • June 23, 1970Bill to Repeal Ability to Terminate Indian Tribes - Press Release
  • June 25, 1970Open Space Land Program - Press Release
  • June 26, 1970Economic Development Administration Grant to City of Seattle - Press Release
  • June 30, 1970Office of Economic Opportunity Grant, Seattle Unified Inner City Development Foundation - Press Release
  • June 30, 1970Contract to Boeing - Press Release
  • July 6, 1970Crime Control Grant to Washington - Press Release
  • July 27, 1970Filing for Re-election, Legislative Reorganization Bill - Press Release
  • August 3, 1970Passage of Amendment to Enabling Act on Lands - Press Release
  • August 13, 1970Brock Adams Answers Lewis on Minute Man Missile - Press Release
  • August 13, 1970Brock Adams Answers Lewis on Renton Post Office - Press Release
  • August 13, 1970Military Funding Bills - Press Statement
  • August 24, 1970Urging Special Session on Unemployment Compensation - Press Release
104/57Press ReleasesSeptember - October 1970
  • September 9, 1970Brock Adams' Co-Sponsorship of Juvenile Research Bill - Press Release
  • September 17, 1970Introduction of Defense Conversion Bill, HR 19069 - Press Release
  • September 25, 1970Legislative Action, Week of September 21-25 - Press Release
  • October 1, 1970Boeing Cutbacks - Press Release
  • October 6, 1970AhMee Locke - Press Release
  • October 12, 1970Dear Colleague Letter on Rail Passenger Service Act - Press Release
  • October 14, 1970Passage of Intercity Rail Passage Bill - Press Release
104/58Press ReleasesNovember - December 1970
  • undatedNixon's Economic Policies - Press Release
  • November 17, 1970Speech before National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in Las Vegas - Press Release
  • November 25, 1970Special Order on Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 - Letter to Colleagues
  • November 25, 1970National Health Service Corps Bill - Press Release & Testimony
  • November 25, 1970Special Order on Railroad Passenger Service Bill - Press Release
  • December 3, 1970Railroad Passenger Service Special Order - Press Release
  • December 7, 1970Railroad Passenger Service Act. - Press Release
  • December 9, 1970Passage of Conference Report on Interstate Tax Bill - Press Release
  • December 9, 1970Contract Award for New Georgetown Post Office - Press Release
  • December 9, 1970Brock Adams' Remarks on House Support of Supersonic Transport (SST) - Press Release
104/59Article by William Prochnau inThe Seattle Times- ArticleDecember 14, 1970
104/60Press ReleasesJanuary - February 1971
  • January 14, 1971Proposals to Amend Hansen Report - Press Release
  • January 14, 1971Request House Interstate & Foreign Commerce Committee to Hold Hearings on Seattle PHS Hospital Closing - Press Release
  • January 14, 1971Grant to Black Arts - Press Release
  • January 19, 1971Secret Hearings on Public Health Services Hospitals Held by HEW in Seattle - Press Release
  • January 26, 1971Brock Adams' Remarks During Special Order on Railroad Labor Dispute - Press Release
  • January 28, 1971Designation of Basic Rail System Which Includes Western Links - Press Release
  • February 2, 1971President's Budget - Press Release
  • February 9 & 12, 1971Closing of Hanfords Reactor, Supersonic Transport Appropriations, PHS Hospitals and Rail Pax - Press Releases
  • February 10, 1971Announcing Hearings on Public Works Acceleration Amendment - Press Release
  • February 12, 1971Nominations for Service Academies - Press Release
  • February 23, 1971Comptroller General's Opinion on Closing of PHS Hospitals by HEW - Press Release
  • February 23, 1971Housing and Urban Development Department 235 Program - Press Release
  • February 25, 1971Supersonic Transport - Letter & Booklet
104/61Press ReleasesMarch 1971
  • March 1, 1971Ramsey Clark's Book "Crime In America" - - Adams' Book Review forWashington Law Review
  • March 4, 1971Economic Development Administration Grant to Port of Seattle - Press Release
  • March 9, 1971PHS Hospital Closure - Testimony & Statement before Public Health & Welfare Subcommittee of IFC Committe of House
  • March 14, 1971Park Grant to City of Seattle - Press Release
  • March 17, 1971Public Works Acceleration Bill Before Public Works Committee - Testimony & Press Release
  • March 18, 1971Repeal of Emergency Detention Act of 1950 - Statement & Press Release
  • March 31, 1971Statement by 31 Democrats Regarding Indochina, 92nd Congress - Statement & Press Release
104/62Press ReleasesApril 1971
  • April 1, 1971Commerce Committee Approves 10% Increase in Railroad Retirement Benefits - Press Release
  • April 8, 1971Sense of Congress Resolution to Promote Negotiations in Middle East - Press Release
  • April 12, 1971Statement of Economic Activities Given at Press Conference in Seattle - Press Release
  • April 14, 1971Foreign Policy Speech at MDC and Phoenix - Speech & Press Release
  • April 19, 1971Proper Use of Monies in Airport Trust Fund - Press Release
  • April 26, 1971Asset Depreciation Range vs. 7% Investment Credit - Press Release
  • April 27, 1971Public Service Jobs Bill - Press Release
  • April 30, 1971Special Refugee Passports for Soviet Jews - Press Release
  • April 30, 1971Washington Employment Supplement Program - Press Release
104/63Press ReleasesMay - June 1971
  • May 5, 1971Denver Trip, Speech at Young Democratic Clubs of America National Committee Meeting - Press Release
  • May 5, 1971Emergency Employment Act - Press Release
  • May 9, 1971Speech at National Committee of Young Democratic Clubs of America - Press Release
  • May 13, 1971Reorganization of U.S. Postal Service - Press Release
  • June 2, 1971House Passes Emergency Employment Act - Press Release
  • June 8, 1971Nutritional Program for Older Americans - Press Release
  • June 11, 1971El Paso Bill - Dear Colleague Letter & Memo
  • June 25, 1971Letter to Secretary of State Concerning Trials of Soviet Jews - Press Release
  • June 29, 1971Accelerated Public Works Bill - Press Release
104/64Press ReleasesJuly - October 1971
  • July 1, 1971Commerce Committee Action Citing CBS for Contempt - Press Release
  • July 6, 1971Letter to Secretary Hardin on Funds for Summer Feeding Programs - Press Release
  • July 8, 1971Summer Feeding Programs - Press Release
  • July 12, 1971Minority Views on CBS Contempt Citation - Press Release
  • July 12, 1971Additional Minority Views on CBS Contempt Citation - Statement
  • July 14, 1971Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act of 1971 - Dear Colleague Letter & Memo
  • July 16, 1971Statement After Delegation Meeting with Dept. of Agriculture Official on Food Problem - Press Release
  • July 27, 1971Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act - Press Release
  • July 28, 1971Surface Transportation Act of 1971 - Press Release
  • August 3, 1971Surplus Commodities (Food Stamps & Food) Withheld from Seattle - Press Release
  • August 17, 1971Pending Labor Legislation on Railway Labor Act - Adams' Article inThe Signalman's Journal
  • August 25, 1971Food Stamps - Press Release
  • September 22, 1971Need for Reforms & Role of Young Lawyers, Speech to Seattle King Co. Bar - Press Release
  • October 15, 1971Biographical Sketch for Congressional Directory - Memo
  • October 28, 1971CARD Study (Civil Administration R & D Study) - Press Release
104/65Multi-State Tax Reform - Adams' Article forBrotherhood of Locomotive EngineersConventionAugust 1971
104/66Extension of High Speed Ground Transportation Act - Press Release & Background InfoOctober 13, 1971
104/67Press ReleasesNovember 1971 (1 of 2)
  • November 1, 1971Phantom Jets to Israel - Press Release
  • November 3, 1971New Transportation Policy, Speech to Air Transport Association - Press Release
  • November 11, 1971"New Directions in American Transportation Policy," Speech in San Francisco Before Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners - Speech & Press Release
  • November 11, 1971Elimination of Position of Officers at Hospitals - Press Release
  • November 11, 1971Seattle Trip Schedule - Press Release
104/68Press ReleasesNovember (2 of 2) - December 1971
  • November 12, 1971"Quality & Quantity Requirements for National Health Care," Speech to Washington State Conference for Hospital Governing Boards - Speech & Press Release
  • November 12, 1971Health Care, Speech to WA State Hospital Association - Press Release
  • November 24, 1971Letter to Secretary Richardson re: Public Health Facilities - Letter & Press Release
  • December 10, 1971HEW and Public Health Service Hospitals - Press Release
  • December 30, 1971Unemployment Compensation - Statement
104/69Modern Railroads"Railroads & Government Approch , a Transportation Crisis" - Adams' Article & Background Info. (1 of 2)December 2, 1971
104/70Modern Railroads"Railroads & Government Approch , a Transportation Crisis" - Adams' Article & Background Info. (2 of 2)December 2, 1971
104/71Press ReleasesJanuary - February 1972
  • January 17, 1972Emergency Employment Act of 1971 - Press Release
  • February 2, 1972Amtrak Bill & Amendments - Press Release
  • February 3, 1972Special Action Office for Drug Abuse - Press Release
  • February 4, 1972Service Academy Nominations - Press Release
  • February 8, 1972Brock Adams' Intention to Vote Against $20 Billion Debt Ceiling (However, Circumstances Changed & BA Voted for) - Press Release
  • February 9, 1972Vote for Extending National Debt Ceiling by $20 Billion - Press Release
  • February 16, 1972Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act of 1971 - Dear Colleague Letter
  • February 23, 1972School Busing - Statement
  • February 25, 1972Announcing Hearings on Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act - Press Release
  • February 28, 1972Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act, H.R.9496 - Dear Colleague Letter
  • February 29, 1972Announcing Hearings on Public Health Service Hospital in Seattle - Press Release
104/72Press ReleasesMarch - April 1972
  • March 2, 1972High Speed Ground Transportation Act - Press Release
  • March 3, 1972Public Health Hospital Hearing in Seattle - Press Release
  • March 9, 1972"We Care" Donated Food Drive - Press Release
  • March 15, 1972Amtrak Bill - Press Release
  • March 15, 1972Debt Ceiling Bill - Press Release
  • March 16, 1972Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act - Press Release
  • March 17, 1972Adams' Bill Concerning Accelerated Public Works Program - Press Release
  • March 20, 1972Need for Jobs - Adams' Article forTeamster
  • March 31, 1972Itinerary for Seattle Trip - Press Release
  • April 6 & 8, 1972Press Conferences re: "We Care" Program - Press Release
  • April 17, 1972Continuing Vietnam Disaster - Floor Remarks, Letter to President, Press Release
104/73Surface Transportation - Adams' Article forTeamsterApril 20, 1972
104/74Press ReleasesJune - August 1972
  • June 12, 1972Denial of Dr. Johnson's Appeal to be Reinstated as Director of Seattle Public Health Service Hospital - Press Release
  • June 13, 1972Unemployment Insurance Bills Introduced - Press Release
  • June 16, 1972Surface Transportation Act - Outline
  • July 31, 1972Candidacy for Re-Election - Press Release
  • August 10, 1972S. 2577 Companion Bill on Travel Agency Registration -Press Release
  • August 18, 1972Passage of Head Tax Moratorium Bill - Press Release
  • August 23, 1972Itinerary for Brock Adams' Seattle Trip - Press Release
  • August 1972Statement for WA State Voter's Handbook - Statement
104/75Nader Report - Investigation of Congress (1 of 2)July 21, 1972
104/76Nader Report - Investigation of Congress (2 0f 2)July 21, 1972
104/77Public Works & Economic Development Act Amendments in House (HR 16071) - Background Material & Press ReleaseAugust 16, 1972
104/78Press ReleasesSeptember - December 1972
  • September 8, 1972Report on Financial Investigation in New York City for Surface Transportation Act - Report
  • September 20, 1972Consumer Product Safety Act - Press Release
  • October 6, 1972Revenue Sharing - Press Release
  • October 11, 1972Head Tax Bill S. 3755 - Press Release
  • October 11, 1972Bill to Deny Trade if USSR Denies Citizens Right to Emigrate - Press Release
  • October 27, 1972Presidential Vetoes - Press Release
  • October - November 1972Itinerary for Brock Adams' Trip to Seattle - Press Releases
104/79National Health Services Corps Grants & Contract - Press ReleasesSeptember 21, 1972
104/80Approved Benefits for Families of Slain Police Officers - Adams' Article for Nov. 1972 Issue ofThe Washington PolicemanSeptember 29, 1972
104/81Revenue Sharing, Limitation on Social Service Expenditures - Floor StatementOctober 9, 1972
104/82Use of National Health Service Corps Funds for Planning & Study Grants - Adams' Article forKing County Medical Society BulletinOctober 1972
104/83Letter to EPA on Water Pollution - Letter & Press ReleaseDecember 15, 1972
104/84Press ReleasesJanuary 1973
  • January 2, 1973Democratic Caucus' Resolution on Stopping Funds for Vietnam War - Press Release
  • January 6, 1973Washingotn Education Association Speech in Olympia - Press Release
  • January 16, 1973Consumer Warranties (with no-fault, Jobs Now, Older Americans, Dept. of Health, Daylight Savings Time Bills) - Press Releases
  • January 17, 1973Emigration of Soviet Jews - Press Release
  • January 17, 1973Announcing the Appointment of Jim Mulligan, Press Assistant - Letter to Media
  • January 17, 1973D.C. Committee - Subcommittee of Government Operations - Press Release
  • January 18, 1973Appropriation Bill for Vocational School Machinery - Press Release
  • January 18, 1973Free Flow of Information Act - Press Release
  • January 22, 1973Oil Import Quotas - Press Release
  • January 22, 1973Seattle Opportunities Industrial Center Maritime Program - Letter & Press Release
  • January 23, 1973Reforms by Democratic Caucus - Press Release
  • January 23, 1973LBJ's Death - Press Release
  • January 24, 1973Vietnam Peace Settlement - Press, Radio, TV Statements
  • January 24, 1973Consumer Protection Agency - Press Release
  • January 25, 1973Prescription Drugs for Medicare Patients - Press Release
  • January 29, 1973Presidential Impoundment of Funds - Press Release
  • January 29, 1973New Nixon Budget - Press Release
  • January 30, 1973National Health Care Programs - Press Release
  • January 31, 1973Reply to HEW Jargon - Press Release
104/85Press ReleasesFebruary 1973
  • February 8, 1973Airport Head Tax - Press Release
  • February 13 - 16, 1973Brock Adams' Seattle Itinerary - Press Release
  • February 14, 1973President's Budget at Meeting of 41st District Democrats, Seattle - Press Release
  • February 15, 1973Revenue Sharing (Meeting of Personal Conserns Association) - Press Release
  • February 23, 1973Announcement of Hearings by D.C. Committee - Announcement
  • February 26, 1973Congressional Control of Presidential Impoundment - Press Release
  • February 28, 197320% Social Security Increase Not Counted as Income by Vets, Elderly & Poor - Press Release
  • February 28, 1973Essential Rail Services Act - Press Release
104/86Press ReleasesMarch 1973
  • March 5, 1973NATO Share European Costs - Press Release
  • March 6, 1973Public Health Service Hospital Continuation - Press Release
  • March 8, 1973Summary of HR 5385, Surface Transportation Act - Summary
  • March 12, 1973Northeast Railroad Crisis - Dear Colleague Letter
  • March 15, 1973Economic Development Act Extension - Press Release
  • March 15, 1973New HEW Regulations on Social Services - Press Release
  • March 20, 1973Brock Adams' Statement on Questionnaire - Statement
  • March 20, 1973Continuation of Amtrak Funding - Press Release
  • March 20, 1973Interview with Ted Capener on Public Health Service Hospital - Interview
  • March 21, 1973Blocking 10 Health Care Programs - Press Release
  • March 26, 1973DOT Transportation Report on Northeast Railroads - Press Release
  • March 27, 1973Democratic Steering & Policy Committee Election - Press Release
  • March 28, 1973Editorial by Norman Davis on Home Rule - Editorial
  • March 30, 1973Public Health Hospitals - Press Release
  • March 31 & April 14, 1973Railroad Crisis - Interview with Brock Adams inBusiness Week
105/1"The Transportation Crisis - Shape Up or Ship Out" - Boston Speech & Press ReleaseMarch 9, 1973
105/2D.C. Subcommittee Hearings on Home Rule - Info & Press ReleaseMarch 23, 1973
105/3Press ReleasesApril 1973
  • April 5, 1973Democratic Steering Committee First Meeting - Press Release
  • April 6, 1973Highway Trust Fund for Rapid Transit, Etc. - Press Release
  • April 8, 1973Presidential Campaign Fund - Press Release
  • April 10, 1973Utilization of Freight Cars - Brock Adams Interview with Lee Walczak forBusiness Week,
  • April 12, 1973Introduction of the Public Health Service Hospital Bill - Statement
  • April 12, 1973Court Decision on Office of Economic Opportunity - Summary of Brock Adams Interview with Brian Johnson ofKIRO
  • April 12, 1973Public Health Service Hospital Funding Extension - Press Release
  • April 16, 1973Transportation Committee Testimony on Rail Crisis - Press Release
  • April 16, 1973Merchant Marine & Fisheries Committee Testimony on Public Health Service Hospital - Press Release
  • April 16, 1973Letter to Weinberger on Cuts in Social Service Programs - Letter & Press Release
  • April 17, 1973Pioneer Building as part of Gold Rush National Park - Press Release
  • April 18, 1973Reaction to Brinegar Statements to Transportation Committee - Press Release
  • April 25, 1973Open Hearing by D.C. Subcommittee on Government Operations - Press Release
  • April 30, 1973Watergate Resignations - Interview with Brian Moran ofKIRO
105/4Tax Reform Proposals (With Reuss, Moss, Thompson) - Press ReleaseApril 24, 1973
105/5Press ReleasesMay 1973
  • May 1973Brock Adams Profile forBoard of Trade News- Article
  • May 1, 1973Reaction to Administration Tax Reform Package - Press Release
  • May 2, 1973Reaction to Passage of Airport/Airway Act (Including Head Tax) - Press Release
  • May 3, 1973Democratic Steering & Policy Committee Resolution to Block Administration Request for $500 Million for Military - Press Release
  • May 4, 1973Northeast Railroad Crisis , Erie, PA - Press Release
  • May 10, 1973Funds for Bombing Cambodia - Press Release
  • May 12, 1973Northeast Railroads - Adams' Article forNew York Times
  • May 17, 1973Independent Gas Station Protection - Press Release
  • May 18, 1973Brock Adams' Testimony on Vietnam Veterans, Submitted in Seattle - Press Release
  • May 23, 1973Airline Route Proposal, San Francisco, CA - Press Release
  • May 25, 1973Core Rail System - Press Release
  • May 29, 1973Adult Education Extension - Press Release
  • May 30, 1973Small Business Administration Loans to Non-Profit Organizations - Press Release
  • May 30, 1973Tax Reform Amendments - Press Release
  • May 31, 1973Public Health Service Hospital Amendment - Press Release
105/6Distribution WorldwideArticle on Surface Transportation Act - Article & InterviewMay 1973
105/7"The Position of Local Transport Airlines in a New American Transportation System" San Francisco, CA - Speech & Press ReleaseMay 23, 1973
105/8Press ReleasesJune - July 1973
  • June 6, 1973School Bus Safety Regulations - Press Release
  • June 8, 1973Economic Development Act/Public Works Bill - Press Release
  • June 12, 1973Transfer of Seattle Military Mail Center to San Francisco - Press Release
  • June 15 -17, 1973Adams' Itinerary in Seattle - Press Release
  • June 20, 1973High Speed Rail System from Canada to Mexico - Press Release
  • June 25, 1973Northwest Railroad Crisis, Speech in Mobile, AL - Press Release
  • June 25, 1973Legislation on Youth Conservation Corps - Press Release
  • July 10, 1973Amendments to Farm Bill - Press Release
  • July 13, 1973Protection of Benefits to Elderly Under Supplemental Security Income - Press Release
  • July 13, 1973Social Service Regulations - Press Release
  • July 17, 1973House Passage of Conference Report on Public Health Service Hospitals - Press Release
  • July 18, 1973Section by Section Analysis of Northeast Rail Transportation Act (Title II of HR 9069) - Information
  • July 26, 1973Legislation to Make Pipelines Common Carriers - Press Release
  • July 30, 1973Seattle Press Conference - Press Release
105/9Press ReleasesAugust - September 1973
  • August 2, 1973Veto of S 504, Emergency Medical Services Act - Press Release
  • August 23, 1973Transportation - Adams' Article forThe Commercial & Financial Chronicle
  • August 30, 1973Letter to Dan Evans on Emergency Medical Services Act of 1973 - Press Release
  • September 12, 1973Veto of Emergency Medical Service Systems & Public Health Service Hospitals Act - Press Release
  • September 13, 1973Farm Payment Limitation in Agriculture Appropriations Bill - Press Release
  • September 17, 1973Northeast Rail Crisis, Speech to National Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners - Speech & Press Release
  • September 25, 1973National Agency for Transportation Act of 1973 - Press Release
105/10Press ReleasesOctober - December 1973
  • October 2, 1973Katie Boyce as New Press Assistant - Letter to Press
  • October 5, 1973Opening of Burien Social Security Office on Oct. 15 - Press Release
  • October 9, 1973Solar Energy Bill - Press Release
  • October 10, 1973Agnew's Resignation - Statement
  • October 11, 1973D.C. Home Rule Bill - Press Release
  • October 11, 1973Washington State Water Pollution Control Facilities - Press Release
  • October 18, 19737% Social Security Increase - Press Release
  • October 23, 1973Investigation Into Possible Impeachment of President Nixon - Press Release
  • October 26, 1973Impeachment Mail - Press Release
  • October 29, 1973Electrification for Railroads & Latest Speech on Northeast Rail Crisis - Press Release
  • October 31, 1973House Passage of Public Health Service Hospital - Press Release
  • November 6, 1973Airlines & A New National Transportation Policy, Speech - Press Release
  • November 9, 1973Commodity Exchange Commission Bill- Press Release
  • November 14, 1973Required Interest Payments on Escrow Accounts - Press Release
  • November 19, 1973Emergency Fuel Bills - Press Release
  • November 27, 1973Gasoline Rationing & Electrification of Rails - Press Release
  • November 29, 1973National Energy Emergency Act, Rationing & Energy Conservation - Press Release
  • December 7, 1973Commerce Committee Bill on Fuel - Press Release
105/11Debt Ceiling Bill - Press Release & Background InfoOctober 2, 1973
105/12Chilean Wheat Sale - Press Release & News ClippingsOctober 29, 1973
105/13Hearing on Revenue Sharing & Budget Priorities, Seattle (Sponsor - Coalition for Human Needs & Budget Priorities) 1 of 2 - InformationNovember 10, 1973
105/14Hearing on Revenue Sharing & Budget Priorities, Seattle (Sponsor - Coalition for Human Needs & Budget Priorities) 2 of 2 - InformationNovember 10, 1973
105/15"Washington Perspective" - Adams' Article for Washington State Young DemocratsNovember 16, 1973
105/16Northeast Rail Crisis & Brock Adams' Legislation -KOMO-TVEditorialNovember 16, 1973
105/17Press ReleasesJanuary - March 1974
  • January 3, 1974Regional Rail Services Act - Press Release
  • January 16, 1974New National Transportation Proposal, Speech to National Council of Farmer Cooperatives - Press Release
  • January 29, 1974Nominees to Naval Academy - Press Release
  • January 30, 1974Eisenhower Civic Center Bill - Press Release
  • February 1974"A Costly Rescue for the Northeast Railroads" - Article by Rush Loving Jr. inFortune
  • February 7, 1974Emergency Energy Control Act - Press Release
  • February 15, 1974Veterans Legislation Package - Press Release
  • February 27, 1974Emergency Energy Conference Report - Press Release
  • March 6, 1974National Transportation Policy - Testimony Before the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Transportation
  • March 14, 1974Rail Freight Transportation Improvement Act - Press Release
  • March 23, 1974"Transportation & Energy" - Article by Brock Adams inThe Nation
  • March 28, 1974Election Campaign Practices Legislation for D.C. - Press Release
105/18Consumer Energy Act of 1974 - InformationFebruary 5, 1974
105/19Press ReleasesApril - May 1974
  • April 3, 1974Amendment on Foreign Oil Prices & Taxes - Press Release
  • April 12, 1974Oil Price Ceiling Amendment in Committee Mark-Up - Press Release
  • April 23, 1974Adams's Foreign Oil Amendment Passed by House Commerce Committee - Press Release
  • April 26, 1974Tax Reform Package, Social Security Tax Cut & Oil Industry Taxation - Press Release
  • April 29, 1974Price Control Board Legislation - Press Release
  • May 14, 1974Campaign Spending Reform Bill - Press Release
  • May 15, 1974Repeal Oil Depletion Allowance & Foreign Tax Credits - Press Release
  • May 20, 1974Health, Education & Welfare (HEW) Staffing Grant Award to Highline-West Seattle Mental Health Center - Press Release
  • May 21, 1974Standby Energy Emergency Authorities Act - Press Release
  • May 23, 1974Veterans Educational Benefits Package
  • May 28, 1974Transportation, Veto-Proof Congress, Speech to Womens National Democratic Club - Press Release
105/20Press ReleasesJune - July 1974
  • June 1974Federal Aid to Amtrak - Adams' Article inAmerican Legion Magazine
  • June 12, 1974Rail Reorganization Act, Speech to Food Industry Transportation Conference - Press Conference
  • June 12, 1974"A New Crisis for the Invisible Service," Speech to the Food Industry Transportation Conference in Washington DC - Speech
  • June 18, 1974$2 Million Granted to Seattle for Summer Youth Programs - Press Release
  • June 26, 1974Adams Saves Washington State Employers $12 Million - Press Release
  • June 28, 1974Foreign Travel Reporting Bill - Press Release
  • July 1, 1974Assasination of Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr. - Press Release
  • July 2, 1974Court Decisions on Regional Reorganization Act - Press Release
  • July 3, 1974Steel Price Increases & Institutionalized Inflation - Speech & Press Release
  • July 5, 1974Retroactive Taxes on Student Loans - Press Release
  • July 10, 1974Administration's Economic Statements & Adams-Reuss Economic Proposal - Press Release
  • July 15, 1974Federal Energy Administrator Plans for Fuel Decontrol - Press Release
  • July 16, 1974Select Committee on Aging - Press Release
  • July 19, 1974Balanced Budget - Press Release
  • July 23, 1974Steering Committee Adoption of Economic Proposal - Press Release
  • July 27, 1974Adams Declares for Re-Election at Dinner Party Given in His Honor by WA State Young Democrats - Speech & Press Release
  • July 30, 1974Housing Bill - Press Release
105/21Federal Energy Administration and Refinery Yield Order - Press Release & Background InfoJune 21, 1974
105/22Extension of Fuel Allocation Act - Press Release & Background InfoAugust 5, 1974
105/23Press ReleasesAugust - December 1974
  • August 7, 1974Adams' Election to Budget Committee - Press Release
  • August 14, 1974Federal Energy Administration - Press Release
  • August 15, 1974"Faith in our United States Future," Brock Adams' Statement forSeattle Post Intelligencer- Statement
  • August 20, 1974Economy Monitoring Task Force - Press Release
  • September 8, 1974President Ford's Pardon of Nixon - Statement
  • September 19, 1974Adams' Surface Transportation Act Reported Out of Committee - Press Release
  • September 30, 1974Adams' Opening Statement at the Second Day of DC Oversight Hearings on Utility Rates - Press Release
  • October 7, 1974Amtrak Conference - Press Release & News Clipping
  • October 9, 1974President Ford's Economic Program - Press Release
  • October 10, 1974Campaign Financing Legislation - Press Release
  • November 6, 1974National Commission on Water Quality Study of Puget Sound - Press Release
  • November 21, 1974Mills' New Tax Proposals - Press Release
  • November 26, 1974Transportation Modernization (Surface Transportation Act) - Press Release
  • December 3, 1974Tax Reform Bill - Press Release
  • December 9, 1974"Recycling the Past for the Use of the Future," Speech Promoting Union Station as Intermodal Terminal - Speech & Press Relese
  • December 10, 1974Adams' Surface Transportation Bill Passes House - Press Release
  • December 21, 1974PEPCO Request for 23% Rate Hike, & Passage of People's Council Bill - Statement
105/24DC Hearings on Utility Rates & People's Council Bill - Background MaterialSeptember 23, 1974
105/25Veterans Education Bill - Letter & Press ReleaseOctober 1, 1974
105/26G.I. Benefits Reform Bill - Press ReleaseOctober 11, 1974
105/27National Mass Transit Bill and Washington State Funding - Press Release & Background InfoNovember 21, 1974
105/28People's Council Bill - Press ReleaseNovember 25, 1974
105/29Amicus Curiae Brief - Special Court Re: Regional Rail Reoganization Act of 1974 - BriefDecember 1974
105/30Press ReleasesJanuary - February 1975
  • January 14, 1975Tax Cut, Ford's Energy Plans - Press Release
  • January 24, 1975Oil Import Fee Hike, Ford's Energy Plans - Press Release
  • January 29, 1975Tax Rebate Based on Social Security Tax Formula - Statement to Ways & Means Committee
  • January 30, 1975Tax Rebate Plan Based on Social Security Tax Formula - Press Release
  • January 31, 1975Ford's Energy Program, Speech to Gas Workers - Press Release
  • February 1975"The Shameful State of Transport" - Adams' Article inReader's Digest
  • February 5, 1975Adams Wins Budget Committee Chairmanship - Press Release
  • February 12 & 14, 1975Adams Will Hold Press Conferences - Press Release
  • February 18, 1975"Transportation Legislation in the 94th Congress," Speech before Traffic Committee of the Grocery Manufacturers Association in NYC - Press Release
  • February 19, 1975Budget Committee (Brock Adams) Announces Hearings & Hearing Schedule - Speech & Press Release
  • February 20, 1975Adams' Opening Statement for Budget Committee Hearings on the Fiscal Year 1976 Budget - Statement & Press Release
  • February 27, 1975Alpine Lakes Bills - Press Release
  • February 27, 1975Budget Committee Hears Testimony on Energy - Press Release
  • February 28, 1975Appointments to Naval & Military Academies - Press Release
105/31"Washington Straight Talk" with Paul Duke & Brock Adams - InterviewFebruary 17, 1975
105/32Press ReleasesMarch 1975
  • March 1975Bethlehem Steel MagazineInterview with Brock Adams & Other Members - Interview
  • March 1975"Views on Gas Rationing" - Article, author unknown
  • March 3, 1975Adams' Gasoline Conservation Plan - Press Release
  • March 3, 1975House & Senate Budget Committees on Budget Process Work Plan for Fiscal Year 1976 - Press Release
  • March 7 & 8, 1975Adams' Breakfast in Everett & Luncheon in Bellingham - Press Release
  • March 6, 1975Financial Assistance to Railroads - Press Release
  • March 17, 1975Budget Split - Press Release
  • March 18, 1975Economic Development Administration (EDA) Planning Grant of $80,000 to WA State - Press Release
  • March 24, 1975Appointment of William Belmondo to West Point - Press Release
  • March 31, 1975Press Conference on Budget Resolution - Press Release
  • March 31, 1975Adams' Speech Schedule in Seattle - Press Release
105/33"Loyal Opposition" on Economy & Budget - NBC InterviewMarch 2, 1975
105/34Press ReleasesApril 1975
  • April 2, 1975Federal Budget - Press Release
  • April 3, 1975Mahoney Appointed to West Point - Press Release
  • April 14, 1975Adams' Opening Statement at Budget Committee Press Conference - Statement & Background Material
  • April 14, 1975Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 1976 - Press Release
  • April 14, 1975Romanoff Appointed to Naval Academy - Press Release
  • April 23, 1975Adams Rejects Suggestion that U. S. Run a Deficit - Press Release
  • April 24, 1975Railroad Improvement Act of 1975 - Press Release
  • April 28, 1975"Is Congress on the Right Track?" - Brock Adams Interview withRailway AgeMagazine
105/35"New Tools of the Trade - Congress's Budget Machinery" - Adams' Article inBulletin of the American Society of Information ScienceApril 1975
105/36Press ReleasesMay 1975
  • May 1975Congressional Budget Resolution - Press Release
  • May 6, 1975House, Senate Vote Budget Targets - Press Release
  • May 12, 1975Imported Oil Price - Press Release
  • May 12, 1975Academy Appointments, Columbia & Lengenfelder - Press Release
  • May 14, 1975Congress Sets Budget Targets - Press Release
  • May 14, 1975Radar Training Facility Established in Seattle - Press Release
  • May 19, 1975Schedule of Press Conference & Speeches in Spokane - Press Release
  • May 27, 1975Washington's Coastal Management Program - Press Release
  • May 28, 1975Award to Math-Sciences of Bellevue - Press Release
105/37Cost-of-Living Increases for Social Security Recipients - Adams' Article for Senior Citizens Publication and Press ReleaseJune 1975
105/38Press ReleasesJune 1975
  • June 3, 1975Adams Testifies Before Ways & Means Committee on Public Debt Bill - Press Release
  • June 11, 1975Emergency Housing Act - Press Release
  • June 12, 1975Adams Interviewed by National Chamber of Commerce on Budget Process - Interview
  • June 17, 1975Jobs Potential - Press Release
  • June 20, 1975Economic Adjustment Program for Fishermen - Press Release
  • June 24, 1975House Budget Committee Establishes Task Forces - Press Release
  • June 24, 1975House Commerce Committee Energy Bill - Press Release
  • June 26, 1975Ford's Vetoes of Economic Stimulus Bills - Press Release
  • June 30, 1975First Congressional Budget Office Report on Economic Forecast - Press Release
105/39Press ReleasesJuly 1975
  • July 1975"Jobs -- That's the Answer" - Adams' Article
  • July 16, 1975Five Panel Discussion Between Brock Adams, Senator Taft, etc., at National Town Meeting on Regulatory Agencies - Transcript
  • July 16, 1975Press Conference on First Score, Keeping Report - Press Release
  • July 17, 1975Adams Urges Congress to Adopt Parts of WA State Legislative Computer Program - Press Release
  • July 17, 1975Seattle Public Schools - Letter from Brock Adams to Weinberger
  • July 17, 1975Ford Oil Policy - Press Release
  • July 18, 1975Economy, Energy, & LEAP Program - Interview for Washington Radios
  • July 24, 1975Russian Wheat Sales - Press Release
  • July 25, 1975Energy, Soviet Grain Sale, & Canadian Gas Imports - Interview for Washington Radios
  • July 29, 1975U. S. Railway Association Plan Submitted to Congress- Press Release
  • July 29, 1975House Holding Spending Line - Press Release
105/40Adams & Dingell Call for Rejection of Ford's Energy Plan - Press Release & Background MaterialJuly 21, 1975
105/41U. S. - Romania Trade Agreement - Press Release & InfoJuly 28, 1975
105/42Budget, Veto of Education Bill, & Romanian Trade - Radio Interview & Press ReleaseJuly 30, 1975
105/43Press ReleasesSeptember - October 1975
  • September 10, 1975Budget Committee Announces Top Staff Appointments - Press Release
  • September 10, 1975Middle East Agreement, Veto on Energy Bill - Radio Interview
  • September 11, 1975Hearing Set by House Budget Committee - Press Release
  • September 16, 1975Education & Labor Committee Investigation of HEW Procedures - Press Release
  • September 23, 1975Bacon Siphon & Tunnel on Columbia River - Press Release
  • September 25, 1975Retirement Financing Woes Growing, Adams Warns - Press Release
  • October 1, 1975Brock Adams Announces $2 Million Increase from EPA for Kent-Auburn Sewerage Interceptor - Press Release
  • October 3, 1975Announcement of Discussions on Monetary Policy October 7 by Task Force on Economic Projections - Press Release
  • October 7, 1975Budget Committee Task Force Physical Resources & Ford's Energy Independence - Press Release
  • October 15, 1975"Interdependence & American Interests" - Adams' Article forInternational Business
  • October 15, 1975House Budget Committee to Begin Markup on Second Concurrent Budget Resolution - Press Release
  • October 17, 1975"Irresponsible" Ford Tax/Budget Plan - Press Release
  • October 17, 1975Press Conference on 2nd Budget Resolution
  • October 24, 1975House Budget Committee Sets Budget Totals - Press Release
105/44Oil Prices, 200 Mile Limit, & Budget Schedule - Brock Adams Radio InterviewSeptember 4, 1975
105/45Oil Price Decontrol - Testimony Before Energy & Power Subcommittee & Press ReleaseSeptember 8, 1975
105/46Education Bill Veto - Press ReleasesSeptember 9, 1975
105/47Omnibus Railroad Bill (Maine Speech) - Speech & Press ReleaseSeptember 15, 1975
105/48Transportation Plan & Unified Transportation Budget - Speech & Press ReleaseSeptember 17, 1975
105/49Grain Sales, Seattle Public School Problem, Transportation Policy & Economy - Radio Interview & Press ClippingsSeptember 17, 1975
105/50Energy Bill Veto, Budget Committee Work on Second Resolution - Radio InterviewSeptember 24, 1975
105/51Alpine Lakes & Budget Targets - Radio Interview & Press ClippingsOctober 2, 1975
105/52School Lunches, Energy, Veterans Bill, & 200 Mile Limit - Radio InterviewOctober 8, 1975
105/53Adams & Muskie on Martin Agronsky TV Interview - TranscriptOctober 21, 1975
105/54Second Budget Resolution - Radio InterviewOctober 31, 1975
105/55Press ReleasesNovember - December 1975
  • November 6, 1975Ford Plan for Deregulation of Air Transportation - Speech & Press Release
  • November 12, 1975Gibbons' Hearings on Treasury Fund Spending - Press Release
  • November 17, 1975Reform Ruling Re: Federal Budget - Press Release
  • November 18, 1975Brock Adams, Hicks & Bonker to Hold Fact-Finding Session on Green River Watershed Project, etc. - Press Release
  • December 12, 1975House Approves Second Budget Resolution - Press Release
  • December 17, 1975Budget Enforcement Plan - Press Release
105/56Airline Deregulation Proposals & Sinai Military Aid Request - Radio Interview & Press ReleaseNovember 6, 1975
105/57Alpine Lakes, UN Zionism Resolution Vote, Public Broadcasting Bill, Oil Prices - Radio Interview & Press ClippingsNovember 14, 1975
105/58"Major Trends Affecting the Older Population During 1975, and Trends for 1976" - Adams' Article forAge of AchievementMagazineDecember 31, 1975
105/59Press ReleasesJanuary - February 1976
  • January 16, 1976Budget Committee to Review Spending Ceilings, Congressional Budget Office Activity - Press Release
  • January 17, 1976Launching of USS Mormacsun - Press Release
  • January 20, 1976House Budget Committee Sets Hearings- Press Release
  • January 30, 1976Butler Derrick to Head Special Study on "Uncontrollable Spending" - Press Release
  • January 31, 1976National Health Insurance - Press Release
  • January 1976Angola, $6 Billion Jobs Bill, Override of Labor-HEW Veto - Radio Interview
  • February 2, 1976"New Realism" in Nation's Budgetary Plan - Press Release
  • February 5, 1976Giaimo Announces Hearings by Budget Committee Task Force on National Defense - Press Release
  • February 13, 1976Rep. Mitchell Announces Hearings on Budget Priorities & Human Resources - Press Release
  • February 20, 1976House Budget Committee Schedule of Task Force Hearings/Meetings - Press Release
  • February 23, 1976Revenue Sharing is "Bad" For Budget Process - Press Release
  • February 25, 1976National Health Insurance, Budgetary Implications - Press Release
  • February 27, 1976Revenue Sharing, National Health Insurance, & Federal Election Commission - Radio Interview
105/60Adams Scores Ford on "Unrealistic Budget" - Press Release & SpeechJanuary 22, 1976
105/61Article inModern Railroads, author unknownFebruary 1976
105/62Five-Year Approach to the Budget - Press Release & SummaryFebruary 18, 1976
105/63Alpine Lakes Bill, Boldt Decision - Radio InterviewFebruary 19, 1976
105/64Press ReleasesMarch 1976
  • March 1, 1976Housing Group Revenues - Press Release
  • March 5, 1976Public Health Service Hospitals & Latest Economic Reports - Radio Interview
  • March 10, 1976In Response toPost IntelligencerEditorial on General Revenue Sharing - Statement
  • March 12, 1976Revenue Sharing Program & Protection of Whale in Puget Sound - Radio Interview
  • March 22, 1976Parren Mitchell Says "President's Tax & Public Welfare Proposals Are Anti-Work, Anti-Workers" - Press Release
  • March 22, 1976"Spending Straightjacket" for Next President - Press Release
  • March 23, 1976International Trade Policy - Press Release
  • March 23, 1976Realistic Budget Figures from Ford Administration - Press Release
  • March 30, 1976President's Defense Figure "Unreasonable" - Press Release & Statement
105/65Press ReleasesApril - May 1976
  • April 2, 1976First Budget Resolution & Federal Election Commission - Radio Interview & Press Clipping
  • April 2, 1976House Budget Committee Approves First Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 1977 - Press Release
  • April 27, 1976Credit for Economic Recovery Due Congress, Not President - Press Release
  • May 4, 1976House Approves Budget Targets for Fiscal Year 1977 - Press Release
  • May 5, 1976Congress Must Gain Budgetary Control Over Revenue Sharing - Press Release
  • May 13, 1976Return to Tight Money - Press Release
  • May 13, 1976House Approves Conference Report on First Budget Resolution - Press Release
  • May 14, 1976Press Conference in Seattle - Notice to Press
  • May 20, 1976Burns Could "Bust the Budget" - Press Release
  • May 26, 1976Education Budget Matters - Statement
105/66Economic Course for Democrats - Speech & Press ReleaseApril 24, 1976
105/67First Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 1977 - Radio InterviewMay 3, 1976
105/68Federal Pension Systems - Adams' Article forPost IntelligencerMay 26, 1976
105/69Alpine Lakes, Budget Monitoring, Housing, & Youth Conservation Corps - Radio Interview & Background InfoMay 28, 1976
105/70Press ReleasesJune 1976
  • June 1, 19761977 Deadline for Seattle School Staffing - Press Release
  • June 6, 1976Ford's Economic Policy - Press Release
  • June 8, 1976Klondike Gold Rush National Park - Press Release
  • June 8, 1976Alpine Lakes Bill - Press Release
  • June 14, 1976Sex Scandals in Washington D.C., Wayne Hayes - Statement
  • June 16, 1976U. S. Funds Spent on Scientific Research - Press Release
  • June 16, 1976Adams Endorses Carter for President - Press Release
  • June 16, 1976"Zero-Base" Budget Legislation Hearings Set - Press Release
  • June 21, 1976"Zero-Base" Budgeting Hearings Imminent - Press Release
105/71Press ReleasesJuly 1976
  • July 1, 1976Fiscal Year 1976 Spending Ceilings - Press Release
  • July 2, 1976Pacific Northwest Trail Bill - Mailing
  • July 8, 1976New Congressional Budget Process, Low Interest Rates - Press Release
  • July 8, 1976Jackson's Vice Presidential Chances - Radio Interview
  • July 22, 1976House Jobs Bill "Centerpiece" of Congress' Jobs Program - Press Release
  • July 23, 1976Budget Committe Chairman to Hold Hearings on "Zero-Based" Budgeting - Press Release
  • July 20, 1976Adams Announces for Re-Election to 7th Congressional District - Press Release
  • July 30, 1976Carter Presidential Campaign Organization in Washington State - Press Release
105/72Press ReleasesAugust 1976
  • August 2, 1976Budget Committee Mark Up Date for Fiscal Year 1977 - Press Release
  • August 6, 1976Seattle-Japan Air Route, Unemployment Rate, Defense Spending & Highway Trust Fund - Radio Interview
  • August 9, 1976Seattle-Japan Air Passenger Route - Testimony Before Civil Aeronautics Board & Press Release
  • August 10, 1976"Tax Reform" Provisions - Press Release
  • August 11, 1976Adams Named to National Transportation Policy Group - Press Release
  • August 23, 1976House Budget Committee Markup of Second Budget Resolution - Notice
  • August 26, 1976Adams Opening Statement at Markup of Second Budget Resolution - Statement & Press Release
  • August 27, 1976House Committee Sets Budget Totals - Press Release
105/73Russian & U. S. Defense Spending - Paper & Press ReleaseAugust 8, 1976
105/74Press ReleasesSeptember 1976
  • September 8, 1976Statement of House Budget Committee at Press Conference - Press Release
  • September 10, 1976Tax Reform Act of 1976 - Press Release
  • September 16, 1976Binding Budget Totals Approved by House - Press Release
  • September 21, 1976GOP Budget Figures "False" - Press Release
  • September 27, 1976Rail Amendments - Press Release
  • September 29, 1976Labor-HEW Veto Statement - Press Release
105/75Press ReleasesOctober - December 1976
  • September/October 1976"Welfare, Poverty, & Jobs: A Practical Approach" - Adams' Article forChallengeMagazine
  • October 2, 1976"Campaign '76 - The Great Numbers Game" Speech - Press Release
  • October 7, 1976Transportation Association of America Speech - Press Release
  • October 19, 1976"Adams Suggests New Directions for Transportation Policy," American Trucking Association Speech - Press Release
  • October 19, 1976Poor GNP Figures Are "Really Bad News" for Economy - Press Release
  • November 11, 1976"Shortfall" Spending Problems - Press Release
  • December 7, 1976Ashley's Budget Task Force Hearings - Press Release
105/76"Special Report" from the Office of Rep. Brock Adams - Foreign Aid1965
105/77"Hotline" - Proceedings of the 89th Congress1965
105/78Rep. Brock Adams Reports from Congress - Proceedings of the 89th Congress1965
105/79Congressman Brock Adams Reports1966
105/80Congressman Brock Adams Reports1967
105/81"Dear Friend" Letters1968
105/82Congressman Brock Adams Reports on the 90th Congress1968
105/83"Dear Friend" Letter1969
105/84Congressman Brock Adams Reports1969
105/85Congressman Brock Adams Reports1970
105/86Congressman Brock Adams Reports1971
105/87"Dear Friend" Letter1972
105/88Congressman Brock Adams Reports1972
105/89"Dear Friend" Letter1973
105/90Congressman Brock Adams Reports1973
105/91Congressman Brock Adams Reports1974
105/92Congressman Brock Adams Reports1975
105/93Your Congressman Brock Adams Reports from Washington1976
105/94Background Material for Newsletter Articles1965-1969
105/95"New Frontier in the Great Society" - Washington State Labor Council Convention, Spokane, WAAugust 8, 1965
105/96"It is a Hard World" - U. of Washington Law SchoolMay 26, 1966
105/97Washington State Labor Council SpeechAugust 23, 1966
105/98"Cities - Union - Poverty" - King County Union Card and Label LeagueSeptember 10, 1966
105/99"Human Resources - The Challenge to Education" - Green River SymposiumOctober 18, 1966
105/100"1967 Budget - Do We Have Assets?" - Public Utility Districts' Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WADecember 8, 1966
105/101King County Democratic Convention - Keynote Address1966
105/102"Managing Our Megalopolis" - Seattle Jaycees, Distinguished Service Award BanquetJanuary 14, 1967
105/103Response to President's Air Pollution MessageJanuary 31, 1967
105/104Electric Vehicles - Statement Before Joint Senate CommitteeMarch 15, 1967
105/105Washington State Enabling Act - Testimony Before House Interior CommitteeApril 11, 1967
105/106"Conservation in an Industrial Society" - Address to the Isaac Walton LeagueApril 21, 1967
105/107"Draft Reform and a Volunteer Army" - U. of Washington Campus, Seattle, WAApril 21, 1967
105/108"Combatting Crime in the Streets" - Metropolitan Police Departments of the United StatesMay 25, 1967
106/1Integrated Education - Intro. Remarks for Seattle U. Summer Institute ReportJuly 1967
106/2"National Strike Legislation in a Conservative Congress" - Washington State Labor Council, Yakima, WAAugust 30, 1967
106/3Air/Car Transportation - National Car Rental, Miami, FLNovember 6, 1967
106/4World Without War Council Meeting, Seattle, WA (notes for speech)November 18, 1967
106/5Log Exports - Statement to Senate Small Business CommitteeJanuary 18, 1968
106/6"Toward a New America" - Willamette UniversityApril 26, 1968
106/7Northwest-Southwest Service Investigation - Statement Before Civil Aeronautics BoardMay 16, 1968
106/8Police and Firemen's Benefits - Statement Before Judiciary CommitteeSeptember 25, 1968
106/9Airport Congestion - Statement at FAA HearingSeptember 26, 1968
106/10District of Columbia Community Education Platform Committee HearingOctober 1, 1968
106/11Model Cities/Elderly Relationship - Statement to Senate Special Committee on Aging Hearings in SeattleOctober 14, 1968
106/12Railroads - ICC Speech, Notes, Background Information1968
106/13"Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement" - Washington Operations Research CouncilMarch 26, 1969
106/14"Case for the Middle-Income Taxpayer" - Statement Before House Ways and Means CommitteeApril 2, 1969
106/15Puget Sound League of Women Voters Congressional ConferenceApril 8, 1969
106/16"ABM - A Lesson in the Decision - Making Process" - U. of Washington Symposium on Science, Government and Our UniversityApril 10, 1969
106/17Jefferson - Jackson Day Dinner - Arlington County, VAApril 25, 1969
106/18"Crime in the Nation's Capital" - Bureau of Rehabilitation on the National Capital AreaMay 5, 1969
106/19Surplus Federal Lands - Testimony Before Senate Committee on S. 1708May 14, 1969
106/20Controversial Issues Day Assembly - Mercer Island High School (radio tape transcript)May 21, 1969
106/21"Interest Rates - Taxes - Spending - and Inflation" - University District Rotary ClubSeptember 5, 1969
106/22"In Pursuit of Domestic Peace" - International Association of Chiefs of Police (9/4) and Washington State Bar Association (9/6)September 4/6, 1969
106/23Subcommittee on Surface Transportation, Senate Commerce Committee - Remarks at HearingSeptember 23, 1969
106/24Draft Reform Statement - House Armed Services CommitteeOctober 3, 1969
106/25"A Funding Son Looks at the Founding Fathers" - Symington Article, Adams' Remarks on FloorOctober 8, 1969
106/26District of Columbia Government Reform - Remarks on FloorOctober 13, 1969
106/27Crime in Washington, D. C. - Hearings on Crime Bill AppropriationsOctober 14, 1969
106/28"The Long Journey Home From Vietnam and Into the Future" - On Occasion of Vietnam MoratoriumOctober 15, 1969
106/29"The Last American Colony" - Women's National Democratic Club, Washington, D. C.October 23, 1969
106/30"The Poor in the Affluent Society" - Address to Washington State Council of Churches at Spokane, WA (10/24) and Washington Association for Social Welfare at Olympia, WA (10/26)October 24/26, 1969
106/31Railroad Bills - Testimony Before Subcommittee on Transportation and Aeronautics, Interstate Foreign Commerce Commission (same as 9/23/69 statement)November 6, 1969
106/32"The War and the Economics of Inflation" - Address to Masters of Business Administration, U. of WashingtonNovember 10, 1969
106/33"Smoking and Health from the Political Viewpoint" - Public Health Cancer Association of America, Philadelphia, PA (Wally Speaking for B. Adams)November 11, 1969
106/34Resolution 613 (Vietnam Conflict) - StatementsNovember 2, December 2, 1969
106/35George Meany Health Speech - Adams' Response, Remarks on FloorDecember 1, 1969
106/36Priorities of 91st Congress - National Newspaper AssociationMarch 5, 1970
106/37Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act - TestimonyMarch 9, 1970
106/38Urban Mass Transit - Testimony Before House Banking and Currency CommitteeMarch 11, 1970
106/39Emergency Detention Act of 1950 - Testimony Before Committee on Internal SecurityMarch 17, 1970
106/40High Interest Rates and Tight Money (H. R. 522) - Testimony Before House Banking and Currency CommitteeMarch 24, 1970
106/41"Meeting the Crime Crisis in Our Cities" - National Civil Liberties Clearing House National ConferenceMarch 26, 1970
106/422601, Omnibus Crime Bill - Testimony Before Committee on District of ColumbiaMarch 28, 1970
106/43"The Necessity for Quality in American Education" - U. of Washington College of Education Scholarship Banquet (1 of 3)March 31, 1970
106/44"... Education" - U. of Washington College of Education Scholarship Banquet, Background Information (2 of 3)March 31, 1970
106/45"... Education" - U. of Washington College of Education Scholarship Banquet, Background Information (3 of 3)March 31, 1970
106/46Fort Lawton, Federal Surplus for Parks and Recreation - Testimony Before House Subcommittee on Parks and RecreationApril 13, 1970
106/47Conditions in V. A. Hospitals - Statement Before Committee on Veterans' AffairsApril 14, 1970
106/48Earth Day Speech - American UniversityApril 22, 1970
106/49Crime Testimony Before National Democratic Policy CouncilApril 29, 1970
106/50"Recession and Inflation - The Results of an Undeclared War" - Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington, Hanford House, Richland, WAMay 15, 1970
106/51Highway Trust Fund - Testimony Before House Public Works Committee (also Press Release)June 9, 1970
106/52Preventive Detention - Testimony Before Senate Judiciary CommitteeJune 19, 1970
106/53"Economics and the War in 1970" (cover sheet only, same speech as 5/15/70 "Recession and Inflation")June 24, 1970
106/547th District Campaign - Address Before Democratic Legislative District ChairmmenJuly 24, 1970
106/55Operation Interface (Chemist's Convention)August 16, 1970
106/56House Special Subcommitee on the Draft - TestimonySeptember 24, 1970
106/57Crime Speech - 47th District Democratic Meeting, Alan Butchman for Brock AdamsOctober 7, 1970
106/58Police and Firefighter Benefits - Testimony Before Subcommittee 2 of House Judiciary CommitteeOctober 8, 1970
106/59Railroads, Pipeline Safety - National Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners, Background Information (1 of 2)November 17, 1970
106/60Railroads, Pipeline Safety - National Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners, Background Information (2 of 2)November 17, 1970
106/61National Health Service Corps Bill - Testimony and Background InformationNovember 25, 1970
106/62Public Health Services (PHS) Facilities - Testimony Before Subcommittee on Public Health and WelfareMarch 9, 1971
106/63Public Works Acceleration Bill - Testimony Before House Public Works CommitteeMarch 17, 1971
106/64Repeal of 1950 Emergency Detention Act - TestimonyMarch 18, 1971
106/65"A New Foreign Policy for the 1970's" - Speech in Seattle, WA (4/12) and Phoenix, AZ (4/16)April 12/16, 1971
106/66Public Works Acceleration Bill - Testimony Before Senate Committee on Public WorksApril 14, 1971
106/67"The Democratic Party and the New Society of the 1970's" - Young Democrats, Denver, COMay 8, 1971
106/68"The Loneliness of the Distant Talker" - Washington State Association of BroadcastersMay 26, 1971
106/69Revenue Sharing - Testimony Before House Ways and Means CommitteeJune 21, 1971
106/70Indochina War - Testimony Before Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee, Foreign Affairs CommitteeJuly 19, 1971
106/71Introduction to Surface Transportation Act of 1971July 28, 1971
106/72McLean Gardens - Testimony Before District of Columbia Zoning CommissionSeptember 22, 1971
106/73"The Role of the Young Lawyer in the Revitalization of America's Criminal Law System" - Seattle-King County Bar AssociationSeptember 22, 1971
106/74School Bus Yellow - Testimony Before House Public Works CommitteeSeptember 29, 1971
106/75"New Directions in Transportation Policy" - Railroad Personnel Association, Sugarbush, VTSeptember 30, 1971
106/76Conquest of Cancer Act - Statement Before IFCCOctober 7, 1971
106/77El Paso Bill (S. 2404) - Testimony Before Senate Commerce CommitteeOctober 21, 1971
106/78Civil Aviation Study - Remarks at AIAA 8th Annual Meeting and Technical DisplayOctober 28, 1971
106/79"New Transportation Policy for America" - Air Transport AssociationNovember 3, 1971
106/80"New Directions in American Transportation Policy" - Association of Interstate Commerce Commission PracticionersNovember 11, 1971
106/81"Quality and Quantity Requirements for National Health Care" - Washington State Conference for Hospital Governing BoardsNovember 12, 1971
106/82Puget Sound Pollution and Conservation - Statement Before Committee on Government OperationsDecember 10/11, 1971
106/83Public Health Hospital - Remarks at Hearing Before Subcommittee on Public Health, IFCC, Seattle, WAMarch 3, 1972
106/84Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act - Testimony Before House Committee on Public WorksMarch 16, 1972
106/85Surface Transportation Act - Testimony Before IFCCMarch 27, 1972
106/86Federal Power Research and Development Board (Amendment 364 to S. 1684) - Statement Before Senate Commerce CommitteeApril 6, 1972
106/87"Surface Transportation Act of 1971" - Local and Short Haul Carriers National Conference, New Orleans, LAApril 10, 1972
106/88El Paso Gas Bill - Testimony Before IFCCJune 14, 1972
106/89McGovern Campaign - Adams' Speech in Support of Candidate, UtahOctober 19, 1972
106/90Morals and Ethics in Government - Speech in Wenatchee, WA and Similar Speech of Unknown DateNovember 1, 1972
106/91Speeches and Writings - General Background Information1973 - 1975
106/92"Nixon Education Budget: Bombs Before Books?" - PULSE/WEA Legislative Workshop, Olympia, WAJanuary 6, 1973
106/93Nelsen Commission Report Hearings - Testimony Before District of Columbia SubcommitteeFebruary 8, 1973
106/94"The Revenue Sharing Shell Game" - Personal Concerns Association Revenue Sharing Conference, Seattle, WAFebruary 15, 1973
106/95"The Transportation Crisis: Shape Up to Ship Out" - Boston, MA?March 9, 1973
106/96"Railroads: Liquidation or Renovation?" - Adams' Article for New York Times ColumnApril, 1973
106/97Public Health Service Hospitals Closure - Testimony Before Merchant Marine and Fisheries CommitteeApril 16, 1973
106/98"A Proposal to Meet the Northeast Railroad Crisis" - Erie, PAMay 4, 1973
106/99"The Position of Local Transport Airlines in a New American Transportation System" - San Francisco, CA (1 of 3)May 23, 1973
106/100"The Position of Local Transport Airlines in a New American Transportation System" - Background Information (2 of 3)May 23, 1973
106/101"The Position of Local Transport Airlines in a New American Transportation System" - Background Information (3 of 3)May 23, 1973
106/102"A Trucker's Stake in the Northeast Railroad Crisis" - McAfee, NJMay 25, 1973
106/103"Tax Reform and the Debt Ceiling" - Joint Statement to House Ways and Means Committee (w/Reuss, Moss, Thompson)June 4, 1973
106/104Elder Citizens Coalition of Washington, Seattle King County Unit - Correspondence, Background Information (1 of 2)June 15, 1973
106/105Elder Citizens Coalition of Washington, Seattle King County Unit - Correspondence, Background Information (2 of 2)June 15, 1973
106/106The "New Federalism" and Children - U. of Washington, Background Information, Correspondence (1 of 2)June 16, 1973
106/107The "New Federalism" and Children - U. of Washington, Speech Draft, Background Information, Correspondence (2 of 2)June 16, 1973
106/108"A Time of Decision for America's Transportation" - Mobile, ALJune 25, 1973
106/109"Agribusiness, the Jolly Grain Giants" - Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Antitrust Matters, House Judiciary CommitteeJuly 27, 1973
106/110"The President and the Congress" - Seattle Union and Card Label CouncilSeptember 8, 1973
106/111"Railroads: A Vital Link in the Northwest-Northeast Transportation Chain" - National Association of Regulatory Utilities CommissionersSeptember 17, 1973
106/112"The Northeast Railroad Crisis: Some Lessons Learned and a Look at the Future" - Boca Raton, FLOctober 29, 1973
106/113"The Role of Regulated Carriers in an Energy Crisis" - Atlanta, GANovember 6, 1973
107/1"Energy Crisis: Crunch on Transportation" - Transportation Date Coordinating CommitteeDecember 5, 1973
107/2"The Northeast Railroad Crisis: On the Way to a Solution" - Wharton School, Philadelphia, PADecember 10, 1973
107/3Trade Bill Speeches - "Equality in the International Arena" and a Later Speech of Unknown DateDecember 17, 1973
107/4"Restoring the Railroads: A Job to be Done" - National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Washington, D. C.January 16, 1974
107/5"A Crisis in American Transportation and Energy Policies" - Testimony Before the House Committee on AppropriationsMarch 6, 1974
107/6"Transportation Troubles During a Negative Presidency" - Women's National Democratic Club, Washington, D. C.May 28, 1974
107/7"A New Crisis for the Invisible Service" - Food Industry Transportation Conference, Washington, D. C.June 12, 1974
107/8Adams Declares for Reelection - Dinner, WA State Young DemocratsJuly 27, 1974
107/9"Surface Transportation Act: Now or Never" - Produce Marketing Association, San Francisco, CAOctober 1, 1974
107/10"Airport Legislation in a New Model Congress" - Airport Operators Council International, San Diego, CAOctober 8, 1974
107/11"Recycling the Past for the Use of the Future" - Citizen's Advisory Committee of Transportation Quality, Seattle, WADecember 9, 1974
107/12"An Alternative to the President's Tax Rebate Proposal" - Proposal Before Ways and Means CommitteeJanuary 29, 1975
107/13"Equity in Energy" - Inter Union Gas Conference, Atlanta, GAJanuary 31, 1975
107/14"Transportation Legislation in the 94th Congress: A Rough Road Ahead" - Grocery Manufacturers of America, New York City, NYFebruary 18, 1975
107/15Budget Hearings on Fiscal Year 1976 - Statement at Opening Budget Hearings, House Budget CommitteeFebruary 20, 1975
107/16"The Depression of 1975: The Ultimate Railroad Crisis" - National Transportation Institute, Chicago, ILMarch 6, 1975
107/17"The Future of American Railroads" - Lynch, Jones and Ryan Conference on Railroad Industry, New York City, NYApril 17, 1975
107/18House Consideration of Budget Resolution - Opening Statement (Floor Statement)April 30, 1975
107/19Regional Rail Reorganization Act: The Role of Congress" - Cornell University, New York City, NYMay 3, 1975
107/20"Intermodal Transportation: The Way to Go" - National Railroad Piggyback Association, Chicago, ILMay 22, 1975
107/21"Developing a Rational Governmental Policy Toward the Private Automobile" - Democratic Forum, Washington, D. C.June 2, 1975
107/22Economic Impact of Oil Price Decontrol- Statement Before Energy and Power Subcommittee, IFCCSeptember 8, 1975
107/23"The Future of U. S. Rail Transportation: Are We Headed for Nationalization?" - American Paper Institute, Prouts Neck, MESeptember 15, 1975
107/24"The Sense and Nonsense of Congress and Transportation" - MITRE Corp. Symposium on Transportation, McLean, VASeptember 17, 1975
107/25"The Perils of Being a Budget Committee Chairman" - Tsai Forum, New York City, NYOctober 3, 1975
107/26"Our Remarkable Railroad System: Is it in Danger?" - Center for Transportation Studies, San Diego, CAOctober 10, 1975
107/27"Regulation: Strawman or Reality?" - Air Transport Association Annual Conference, Williamsburg, VANovember 6, 1975
107/28"Establishing Congressional Budget Priorities" - American Hospital Association, Washington, D. C.January 31, 1976
107/29Revenue Sharing - Remarks at Governors' ConferenceFebruary 23, 1976
107/30"National Health Insurance - Budgetary Implications" - Testimony Before Health and Environment Subcommittee, IFCCFebruary 25, 1976
107/31National Housing Conference - RemarksMarch 1, 1976
107/32Special Senate Committee on Aging - Report and ChecklistMarch 5, 1976
107/33Adams' National Health Insurance Testimony - Floor Statement of Paul RogersMarch 8, 1976
107/34"Let the People Speak" - Women's National Democratic Club, Washington, D. C.March 22, 1976
107/35"Needed Now: A U. S. Economic Foreign Policy" - Electronic Industries Association, Washington, D. C.March 23, 1976
107/36Defense Spending - Statement Before House Budget CommitteeMarch 30, 1976
107/37"The Federal Budget and Government Reform" - National Democratic Platform Committee, Kansas City, MOApril 24, 1976
107/38Federal Revenue Sharing - Testimony Before House Committee on Government OperationsMay 5, 1976
107/39Education Budget - Statement on FloorMay 26, 1976
107/40"A Look at the Future of the Budget Process and its Impact on Regional Government Councils" - National Association of Regional Councils, Hollywood, FLJune 6, 1976
107/41"Federal R and D Spending: The Potential Impact of the Congressional Budget Process" - American Association for the Advancement of Science Colloquium, Washington, D. C.June 16, 1976
107/42Seattle/Japan Air Service Investigation - Testimony Before Civil Aeronautics BoardAugust 9, 1976
107/43Tax Reform Bill - Statement to Democratic CaucusAugust 10, 1976
107/44Second Budget Resolution - Opening Statement Before House Budget CommitteeAugust 26, 1976
107/45"The Rail Amendments of 1976 Should be Passed" - Floor StatementSeptember 27, 1976
107/46"New Directions for Transportation Policy in the Last Half of the 1970's" - Transportation Society of America, Pebble Beach, CAOctober 7, 1976
107/47"New Directions for Transportation Policy in the Last Half of the 1970's, Part II" - American Trucking Association, Pebble Beach, CAOctober 19, 1976
107/48Association of Local Transport Airlines - Remarks at Luncheon, Washington, D. C.November 9, 1976
107/49"Any Election Impact on Government Spending and Budgeting Must Consider the Budget as a Living Document" - Institutional Investors Institute, Palm Beach, FLNovember 11, 1976
107/50Introducing Senator Magnuson - National Industrial Transportation League, Seattle, WANovember 18, 1976
107/51"The Airlines Have Taken Off Again: Where Are They Going?" - Aero Club of WashingtonNovember 23, 1976
107/52"The Congressional Budget Process: Is It Working?" - Tsai Forum, New York City, NYDecember 13, 1976
Speeches and Writings re: Vietnamese Conflict
107/53"Vietnam: The Other 95%" - Draft of 9/10/65ArgusArticle1965
107/54"A Proposal for Peace in Vietnam" - Similar to February 1966 Article inU. W. Alumni Magazine1966
107/55"Vietnam In Crisis" - Adams' Article forU. W. Alumni MagazineFebruary, 1966
107/56Renunciation of Support of U. S. Position in Vietnam - Format Unknown1967
107/57-59General Speeches and Writings Regarding Vietnamese Conflict (3 folders)1965-1972
107/60Toward Criminal Justice: Some Modest Proposals- General Correspondence1969-1970
107/61-62Toward Criminal.... - Notes (2 folders)1969-1971
107/63-64Toward Criminal.... - Early Draft (2 folders)undated
107/65-66Toward Criminal.... - Middle Draft (2 folders)undated
107/67-69Toward Criminal.... - Late Draft (3 folders)undated
107/70-71Toward Criminal.... - Drafts of Chapters and Pages (2 folders)undated
107/72Index to Adams' Speeches in the House of Representatives1965-1974
Trip Files
107/73Seattle Trip, Alderbrook InnFebruary, 1965
107/74Seattle Trip, Olympic HotelFebruary, 1965
107/75Seattle TripJuly 4, 1965
107/76Seattle TripAugust, 1965
107/77Seattle TripApril 9-14, 1966
107/78San Francisco/Oakland TripSeptember, 1968
107/79New York City TripMarch 20-21, 1969
107/80-82Paris/Moscow TripMay-June, 1969
107/83New York City, United Nations TripMarch, 1970
107/84Seattle/Arcata, CA (Humbolt State College) TripMay, 1970
107/85Seattle Trip, Olympic HotelJune 1970
107/86Seattle TripJuly 9-12, 1970
108/1Seattle TripJuly 23-26, 1970
108/2-3Seattle TripAugust-September 1970
108/4Seattle TripSeptember 14-16, 1970
108-5Wichita/Seattle TripSeptember 24-28, 1970
108/6-8Japan TripNovember 1970
Daily Schedules
108/9May 8 - June 301967
108/10July 10 - September 51967
108/11September 11 - November 31967
108/12November 6 - December 151967
108/13December 15 - March 21967 - 1968
108/14March 2 - May 41968
108/15May 6 - June 291968
108/16July 1 - August 301968
108/17September 3 - November 41968
108/18November 8 - December 251968
108/19December 24 - February 21969
108/20February 3 - March 21969
108/21March 1 - April 61969
108/22April 7 - May 21969
108/23May 5 - June 291969
108/24June 28 - August 161969
108/25September 3 - November 21969
108/26November 2 - December 281969
108/27January 5 - February 41970
108/28February 4 - March 11970
108/29February 28 - March 291970
108/30March 28 - May 21970
108/31May 2 - May 311970
108/32June 1 - June 281970
108/33June 26 - July 311970
108/34August 1 - September 11970
108/35September 9 - September 301970
108/36September 30 - November 31970
108/37November 5 - November 271970
108/38November 27 - January 11970 - 1971
108/39December 31 - January 291970 -1971
108/40January 30 - February 261971
108/41February 27 - April 21971
108/42April 3 - April 301971
108/43May 1 - May 301971
108/44May 30 - June 251971
108/45June 26 - July 301971
108/46July 31 - September 71971
108/47September 8 - September 271971
108/48September 30 - October 291971
108/49October 30 - December 31971
108/50December 4 - December 301971
108/51January 3 - January 281972
108/52January 29 - March 31972
108/53March 2 - March 301972
108/54March 30 - April 281972
108/55April 29 - June 21972
108/56June 3 - June 301972
108/57July 2 - August 41972
108/58August 5 - August 311972
108/59September 5 - September 291972
108/60September 30 - October 171972
108/61-71Invitations Accepted1965-1976
109/1-10Thank You Letters to Adams1965-1976
109/11-19Thank You Letters from Adams1969-1976
Case Files
109/21Case Files and Private Bills - General (Including Private Claims)1965, 1974-1976
109/23-28U. S. Air Force Academy Cheating Scandal1965
Immigration Cases
109/29Immigration - Epilepsy and1965
109/30Immigration - Labor Information1966-1967
109/31Immigration - Naturalization Information1967, 1974-1975
109/32Immigration - State Dept. Information1974
109/33-36Immigration - Visa Information1967-1974
109/37Visas - Classification Symbols1965, 1970
109/38-40Immigration - General Cases1965-1970
109/41Abiera, Eleanor V. (H. R. 14266)1967-1971
109/42Abinoja, Nicolas1971
109/43Abrittan, Andree1967
109/44Al-Khalil, Mariam R.1974
109/45Antonitsas, Anastasios1972
109/46Ashton, Kenneth1973
109/47Bachar, Jacob1970
109/48Bactad, Eduardo Pantilon1967
109/49Bactad, Ricardo1970-1971, 1974
109/50Ballena, Children of Roque M.1974
109/51Bermudez, May Avila (H. R. 12022)1967
109/52Boulanger, Ernita1972
109/53Brosas, Albert1972
109/54Buyco, Marcelino S.1967
109/55Cabico, Fermin A.1969
109/56Caldognetto, Irma A.1970
109/57Capestany, Eusebio and Maria1967
109/58Chan, Kai Foon1974
109/59Chan, Kau Wee1973
109/60Chan, Ken-sun and Family1974
109/61Chin, Gwock Wah1969
109/62Chin, Wun Wai1967
109/63Cho, Sun Shik1971
109/64Chong, Arturo1965-1967
109/65Chow, Ruby for Saw Hung Chow1971
109/66Christiansson, Ernst1973
109/67Chu, Fung Yau1967-1969
109/68Cokan, Dr. France1965
109/69Cruz, Ruben Arturo (S. 1537)1965
109/70Dannug, Placida D.1968
109/71dela Cruz, Flora1967-1968
109/72del Fierro, Aurelia Lacuesta1969
109/73Descargar, Mariano1968-1969
109/74Fabie, Dalmacio1971
109/75Fadul, Patria L.1965-1966
109/76Famuyibo, Makanju Folaju1971
109/77Fenzl, Dr. Otto1973
109/78Fisher, Dianne1972
109/79Gabanyicz, Nickolas1970
109/80Garcia, Julian Soriano (H. R. 11714)1967
110/1Garma, Leonor D.1966-1967
110/2Garma, Victoria D.1966-1967
110/3Gayatan, Francisca1965
110/4Gessel, Concepcion Ojeda de1967
110/5Gopaul, Family of M. Venu1974
110/6Harvey, Alexander and Family1969-1970
110/7Hipol, Nemesia1969
110/8Hoff, Carlos - Citizenship Request1976
110/9Hudon, Family of William P.1970
110/10Isaac, John Maurice1973
110/11Jack, Wilfred1969
110/12Jolay-Chea, Rosario Felicidad1965
110/13Khasha, Fariborz1973
110/14Kim, Seung Kyoon1973
110/15Klein, Igal1971
110/16Ko, San-te David1975
110/17Kouyoumdjian, Nourat D.1969
110/18Kulurys (Coulouris), Themes1975
110/19Lam, Chick Wai1968
110/20Laurencio, Alfredo C.1967-1968
110/21Laurencio, Virgilio C.1965-1966
110/22Lazarowitz, Miriam (S.2490)1970
110/23Lazo, Julia S.1968
110/24Lee, Janet Anne1973
110/25Lee, Shon Gee, et. al.1972-1973
110/26Lee, Young1971
110/27Leung, Helen1964-1965
110/28Levson, Dr. Harry1966-1967
110/29Liu, Chang B., et al1973
110/30Loo, Chew1965
110/31Lopez (Yu), Sun Cha1973
110/32Louie, Fat On1970
110/33Louie, Wai Fong Chung1967-1968
110/34McCauley, Mrs. William (Chong Pun Pak)1973
110/35McCorkle, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S.1965-1966
110/36Mair, Herbert1971
110/37Maramag, Constancia C.1967
110/38Markiewicz, Lech1967
110/39Marko, Filipovic1968
110/40Martinez, Cresencio1971
110/41Modiano, Sali Lea1973-1974
110/42Morales, Ricardo E.1972
110/43Motet, Dr. Dan and wife1967
110/44Mottram, Richard Paul1967
110/45Park, Myung K.1968
110/46Nakamura, Mari1974
110/47Nakayama, Kozo1971
110/48Ng, Ling-chi1973
110/49O, Yun Young and wife1974
110/50Orkiolla, Thomas and Maria1975
110/51Paler, Phoebe1969-1970
110/52Paul, Pierre Charles1965-1966
110/53Pehlivanian, Garo and Family1966
110/54Peredo, Manuel1971
110/55Petridou, Sultana1966
110/56Pinto-Quereb, Sonia (H. R. 5964)1965-1968
110/57Pinto-Quereb, Sonia - Petitions1965-1968
110/58Pono, Alfred A. and David B.1974
110/59Porcincula, Felipe N.1973
110/60Postnikoff, Marguerite1968-1970
110/61Prince, Robert Morris1971
110/62Pun, Si Leung1969
110/63Reed, Maria Linda Conchas1972
110/64Rittiyunti, Wanpen1974
110/65Tai, Chu1971
110/66Toevs, Yolanda1974
110/67Toman, Zdenek (aka Zoltan Toman Toman, aka Zoltan Goldberger)1965
110/68Topel, Jeff1975
110/69Ursua, Luis U. (H. R. 4884)1969, 1971
110/70Wong, Ken Mon and Family1966-1968
110/71Wong, Sun Hin1965
110/72Wong, Tsui Tai1966-1967
110/73Woo, Kim Hung, Children of1973
110/74Worthington, Thomas Benton1974
110/75Yap, Macario C.1967
110/76Yee, Rodillo Pacturan1967
110/77Zahir, Asif Mohammed1967
110/78Zapata, Olivia1972
Selective Service Matters
110/79-81Selective Service Matters - General1966-1972
110/82Selective Service Case Files1968-1969
110/83Conscientious Objectors' Case Files1967-1970
110/84Conscientious Objectors - William Oliver1968
Personal/Political Papers
110/85-104Personal Correspondence1965-1968
111/1-9Personal Correspondence1965-1968
Campaign Files
111/10General Correspondence - Campaign 19641965
Campaign 1966
111/11-12General Correspondence1966
111/13-14Correspondence Regarding Campaign1966
111/15-16Letters of Congratulations1966
111/17Thank You Letters1965-1966
111/18-19Campaign Contributions1965-1966
111/20-22General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1965-1967
Campaign 1968
111/23-26Correspondence Regarding Campaign1968
111/27Campaign Contributions1968
111/28General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1968
111/29Correspondence Regarding Presidential Campaign1968
Campaign 1970
111/30-32Correspondence Regarding Campaign1970
111/33-42Campaign Materials - Background Info.1970
111/43Letters of Congratulations1970
111/44Campaign Contributions1970
111/46General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1970
Campaign 1972
111/47Correspondence Regarding Campaign1972
111/48Campaign Contributions1972
111/49General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1972
Campaign 1974
111/50Correspondence Regarding Campaign1974
111/51Campaign Contributions1974
111/52General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1974
Campaign 1976
111/53Correspondence Regarding Campaign1976
111/54Letters of Congratulations1976
111/55General Correspondence - Campaign Workers1976
U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee (Full Committee)
Legislative Correspondence
112/12-13Airport Problems1967-1968
112/14Family Planning - H. R. 84611967
112/15Freight Forwarders - H. R. 10831, H. R. 147331968
112/16-21Mutual Fund Regulation - H. R. 9510, H. R. 95111967-1968
112/22Noise Abatement - H. R. 34001967-1968
112/23-24Railroad Passenger Service - Including H. R. 70041967-1968
112/25Television - Cable ("Pay TV")1968
112/26Television - Educational1967-1968
112/27Television - Equal Time for Candidates1968
112/36-37Airport Problems1969-1970
113/1-5Cigarette Advertising1969-1970
113/6-8Freight Forwarders1970
113/9Mutual Funds1970
113/10-11Railroad Passenger Service1969-1970
113/12Railroad Pensions - Including H. R. 133001969-1970
113/22Airport Problems1971-1972
113/23Broadcasting - H. R. 139181972
113/24Freight Car Shortage - Including S. 17291971-1972
113/25-26Freight Forwarders - H. R. 6242, H. R. 79861971-1972
113/28-30Passenger Train Service1971-1972
113/31-34Public Health Service Hospitals1971-1972
113/35-37Railroad Retirement - Including H. R. 80651971-1972
113/38Railroad Strike1971-1972
114/1-2Railroad Strike1971-1972
114/3Surface Transportation1971-1972
114/9-11Airlines - General1973-1974
114/12-21Airlines - "International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act" (H. R. 14266)1974
114/22Airlines - One-Stop Inclusive Air Charters (S. 1739, H. R. 8570)1973
114/23Amtrak - Including H. R. 154271974
114/26Committee Reform1974
114/27Consumer Issues1974
114/28Freight Car Shortage1973-1974
114/34Notices - Committee and Subcommittee1973-1974
114/35Passenger Trains1973
114/36-39Public Health Service Hospitals1973-1974
115/1-4Railroad Retirement - Including H. R. 7200, H. R. 153011973-1974
115/5Television - H. R. 129931973-1974
115/11-15Clean Air Act - H. R. 104981975-1976
115/20Consumer Safety - Including H. R. 35981975-1976
115/21Energy - Including H. R. 70141975
115/22-28Health - General1975-1976
115/29-30Health Manpower1975-1976
115/31Health Planning1976
115/32PACCAR (Automobile Testing)1975-1976
115/33-36Public Health Service Hospitals1974-1976
116/1-8Railroads - General1975-1976
116/9Railroads - Retirement1975-1976
116/10Railroads - Unemployment Insurance1975
116/11-12Regional Railroad Reorganization Act1975-1976
116/14Solid Waste - Including H. R. 144961976
116/15-16Toxic Substances1976
116/17Adams Elected to Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee - H. Res. 7551966
116/18-20Air Carriers - Acquisition of Control of (H. R. 8261)1969
116/21-33Air Carriers - Supplemental (Including H. R. 17685)1968-1969
116/34-37Air Charters1970
117/1-11Air Charters1970
117/12-16Air Freight Forwarder Certification - Including H. R. 128311970
117/17Aircraft Loan Guarantees - H. R. 147401972
117/18-19Airlines, Commuter1971-1972
117/20-26Airline "Headtax"1972-1973
117/27-31Airline Strike - S. J. Res. 1861966
117/32-37Airport and Airway Trust Fund - H. R. 70721971
118/1Airport and Airway Trust Fund - H. R. 70721971
118/2-3Airport Congestion1968
118/4-16Airport Facilities Expansion - Including H. R. 144651969-1970
118/17-18Air Quality Act - H. R. 95091967
119/3-4Auto Damage Bill - H. R. 116271972
119/5-10Barge Regulation "Mixing Rule" - H. R. 76101967
119/11-17Barge Regulation "Mixing Rule" - H. R. 82981969
119/18Black Lung Benefit Reform - H. R. 107601976
119/19-21Boxcar Bill - S. 10981966-1968
119/22Broadcasting Regulations - S. 20041969
119/23-25Cigarette Advertising - General1969
119/26Cigarette Advertising - Bills Proposed by 90th Congress1969-1970
119/27-31Cigarette Advertising - H. R. 65431969
119/32-34Cigarette Advertising - Clippings1969
119/35Clean Air Act Amendments1970
120/1Clean Air Act Amendments1970
120/2-4Clinical Laboratory Improvement - H. R. 143191976
120/5-6Common Situs Picketing Bill - H. R. 59001975
120/7-13Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA)1973-1976
120/14-16Consumer Protection - S. 3201, H. R. 149311970
120/17-20Drug Abuse - H. R. 18583, S. 32461970
120/21-22Electric Power Reliability Act - S. 19341967-1968
120/23-24Electric Utilities, Relicensing of - H. R. 12698, S. 24451968
120/25-35El Paso Natural Gas1971-1973
121/1-21El Paso Natural Gas1971-1973
121/22-24Emergency Health Insurance Extension - H. R. 5970, S. 6251975
121/25-34Emergency Rail Services Act - H. R. 18125, H. R. 19953 (BA Sponsored)1970
122/1-10Emergency Rail Services Act - H. R. 18125, H. R. 19953 (BA Sponsored)1970
122/11Employee Retirement Income Security Act - H. R. 21974
122/12-26Energy Legislation - H. R. 7014, H. R. 13834, H. R. 114501973-1975
122/27Energy Legislation - Price-Anderson (Atomic Energy Act of 1954), Amendments - H. R. 153231975-1976
122/28Energy Legislation - Clippings1973-1974
122/29-31"Equal Time" for Political Candidates - S. J. Res. 1751968
122/32"Equal Time" for Political Candidates - H. R. 13721 (BA Sponsored)1969
123/1-4Fair Packaging and Labeling - H. R. 15440, S. 9851966
123/5Federal Power Commission - H. R. 53481967
123/6Flammable Fabrics - S. 1003, H. R. 6421 (BA Sponsored)1967
123/7-8Freight Claims - Attorneys' Fees in1970-1971
123/9-14Freight Forwarders - H. R. 10293, H. R. 108311968-1970
123/15-20Gas Pipeline Safety - S. 1166, H. R. 65511968
123/21-23Health - General1969
123/24Health Maintenance Organizations - H. R. 90191975
123/25-32Health Manpower Acts - H. R. 5546, H. R. 170841974-1976
123/33-34Health Programs Extension - H. R. 56081973
123/35-37Health Services and Revenue Sharing - H. R. 49251975
124/1Health Services and Revenue Sharing - H. R. 49251975
124/2Heart, Lung and Blood Research - H. R. 79881975
124/3Highway Safety1969
124/4-5High Speed Ground Transportation1968
124/6-8High Speed Ground Transportation1971-1972
124/9Immigration - Freedom of Immigration in East-West Trade - H. R. 3911 (BA Sponsored)1973
124/10-15Interstate Taxation - H. R. 11798, H. R. 164911965-1966
124/16-17Interstate Taxation - H. R. 21581967-1968
124/18-22Interstate Taxation - H. R. 10634 (BA Sponsored)1970
124/23-24Kidney Dialysis - H. R. 11289, H. R. 11681 (Both BA Sponsored)1965
124/25LSD, Criminalization of - H. R. 140961968
124/26-27Medical Devices, Safety of - H. R. 111241975-1976
124/28Mental Retardation Amendments - H. R. 64301967
124/29Military Air Cargo Bill - H. R. 82641971
124/30Mutual Fund Regulation - S. 37241968
124/31Mutual Fund Regulation - H. R. 173331970
124/32National Eye Institute, Establishment of - H. R. 128431967
124/33-40National Health Policy, Planning and Resources Development Act - H. R. 162041974-1975
124/41National Health Service Corps1975
124/42No-Fault Insurance1973-1974
125/1-8No-Fault Insurance1973-1974
125/9Noise Abatement - H. R. 34001967-1968
125/10Noise Control1969
125/11Noise Control - H. R. 110211971-1972
125/12Nurses' Training Act - H. R. 170851974
125/13Nurses' Training Act - H. R. 41151975
125/14Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) - H. R. 148161968
125/15"Pan-Am" Bill - H. R. 165091966
125/16-32Passenger Train Discontinuance1967-1970
125/33-36Power Plant Siting1971-1972
125/37-38Public Health Service Act - H. R. 64181967-1968
126/1Radiation Control - H. R. 107901967-1968
126/2-7Railroad Employees' Hours of Service - H. R. 84491969
126/8-21Railroad Passenger Service Reform1969-1970
126/22-24Railroad Pension Increase1971
126/25-28Railroad Retirement - H. R. 72001973
126/29-32Railroad Retirement Supplemental Annuities - H. R. 133001969
126/33-34Railroad Safety - H. R. 169801968
126/35Railroad Standards of Service1969
126/36-37Railroad Strike - H. J. Res. 585 (BA Sponsored), H. J. Res. 5591967
127/1-7Railroad Strike - H. J. Res. 585 (BA Sponsored), H. J. Res. 5591967
127/8-27Railroad Strike Legislation1970-1971
127/28Railroad Taxation - H. R. 16245, S. 22891970
127/29Regional Medical Programs Act - H. R. 157581968
127/30-32Safe Drinking Water - H. R. 130021974
127/33-35Securities Legislation1972-1975
128/1-2Securities Legislation1972-1975
128/3Securities Act Amendments - H. R. 50501973
128/4-5Securities Reform - H. R. 41111975
128/6Solid Waste Disposal - H. R. 118331969
128/7Sonic Boom Bill - H. R. 5492 (BA Sponsored)1971
128/8Swine Flu Insurance - H. R. 150501976
128/9-13Television - Cable ("Pay TV")1967-1970
128/14Television - Cable ("Pay TV")1972
128/15-17Television, Public - Including H. R. 67361967
128/18Television, Public - Including H. R. 139181972
128/19Toxic Substances - H. R. 162451972
128/20-21Transportation Compliance Testing Facility, Ohio1971
128/22-28Urban Mass Transportation Act1966
128/29U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board, Air Mail Rate Authority - H. R. 168791970
128/30U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - Through Route - Joint Rate Bill (H. R. 13090)1968
Subject Series
128/3189th Congress1966
128/32-3490th Congress1967-1968
128/35-3791st Congress1969-1970
128/38-4094th Congress1975
129/194th Congress1975
129/2-3Air Traffic Controllers1969
129/4-7Airlines' Agreement to Restrict Service1970
129/8Airlines Merger, American/Western1971
129/9Airlines Merger, Delta/Northwest1972
129/10Airlines Merger, Northwest/National1971-1972
129/11-17Airline Safety1968-1969
129/18-19Airtron Industries1969
129/20Auto Safety1966-1967
129/21-37CBS Subpoena - "Selling of the Pentagon" Program1971
130/1-3CBS Subpoena - "Selling of the Pentagon" Program1971
130/4Hyde, Ross (Chairman of FCC), Contempt Proceedings Against1969
130/5Hydroelectric Power1968
130/6Mail Rates vs. Air Freight Rates1970
130/7Medical Malpractice1975
130/8Pipelines, Natural Gas1968-1970
130/9-17Public Health Service Hospitals1971-1972
130/18-20Public Health Service Hospitals1974-1976
130/21-22Television - "Fairness Doctrine" Definition1969
130/23-26Television - "Pot Party" CBS Special, Deceptive Programming Practices1968-1969
130/27-28U. S. Civil Aeronautics Board1967-1968
130/29U. S. Federal Aviation Administration1968
130/30-38U. S. Federal Communications Commission - General1967-1968
131/1U. S. Federal Communications Commission - General1967-1968
131/2-7U. S. FCC - Overmyer Case (TV Stations)1967-1968
131/8-10U. S. FCC - Telephones1974
131/11U. S. Federal Trade Commission1967-1968
131/12U. S. HEW - Statements of Programs and Problems1967-1968
131/13-14U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - General1968-1969
131/15U. S. ICC - Transcontinental Steel Shipment Rates1969
131/16-17U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission1966-1967
131/18U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission1969
U.S. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Transportation and Aeronautics
131/19-21Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970, to amend1973
131/22-27Amtrak Funding - H. R. 114171971-1972
131/28-32Amtrak Funding - H. R. 83511974
131/33-34Amtrak Funding - H. R. 154271974
132/1-4Amtrak Funding - H. R. 154271974
132/5Amtrak Funding - H. R. 136011976
132/6Amtrak Funding - H. R. 149321976
132/7-10Amtrak Improvement Act of 1975 - H. R. 3282, H. R. 49751975
132/11-13Anti-Hijacking Legislation1973
132/14-15Cargo Safety Act of 1972 - H. R. 102951971-1972
132/16-17Daylight Savings Time - H. R. 130891976
132/18-21Emergency Rail Transportation Improvement Act - S. 17301975
132/22-23Freight Forwarder Assistance - H. R. 6242, H. R. 79861972
132/24Hazardous Materials Control Act - H. R. 14628, H. R. 146291974
132/25-28International Air Rate Regulation - Including H. R. 114161971
132/29-33International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Prices Act - H. R. 142661974
132/34-35International Travel Act Extension - H. R. 4449, H. R. 53571975
133/1-4Interstate Horseracing Act of 1976 - H. R. 11610, H. R. 119931976
133/5-7Interstate Recycling Expansion Act of 1973 - H. R. 66371974
133/8-10Noise Control Act Extension - H. R. 52721975
133/11-20Northeast Rail Transportation Act - H. R. 9069 (BA Sponsored)1973
133/21Olympic Winter Games Authorization Act - H. R. 89061976
133/22-30Omnibus Railroad Bill - H. R. 98021975
133/31-34Railroad Electrification1973-1974
133/35Rail Freight Transportation Improvement Act - H. R. 13487 (BA Sponsored)1974
134/1-2Rail Freight Transportation Improvement Act - H. R. 13487 (BA Sponsored)1974
134/3-11Railroad Retirement Act of 1974 - H. R. 153011974
134/12Railroad Retirement Amendments - H. R. 140411976
134/13-14Railroad Revitalization Act - H. R. 76811975
134/15-17Rail Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1975 - H. R. 10979, S. 27181975
134/18-19Rail Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1975 - Notes of W. Price's Recess Meetings with the Dept. of Transportation1975
134/20-23Railroad Right-of-Way Protection Act - H. R. 57771975
134/24-28Railroad Safety Act of 1974 - H. R. 14076, H. R. 152231974
134/29Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1974 - H. R. 149321974
134/30-31Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1975 - H. R. 53581975
134/32-34Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1976 - H. R. 118041976
134/35Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Amendments - H. R. 4716, H. R. 87141975
135/1-4Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Amendments - H. R. 4716, H. R. 87141975
135/5-8Regional Railroad Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Background1973-1974
135/9-18Regional Railroad Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - General Correspondence1973-1974
Regional Railroad Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Amendments
135/27-28Adams-Shoup Amendments1973
135/32-36Amendments of 1975 (H. R. 2051)1975
136/8-14Amendments of 1976 (H. R. 14932)1976
Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Analyses
136/18-19Comparative Analysis1973
136/20Financial Analysis1973
136/21-23First National City Bank Analysis1974-1975
Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Legal Materials
136/24-32Amicus Curiae1973-1974
137/1-4Amicus Curiae Brief1974
137/5-14Appeal to Special Court1974
137/15-21Appellants' Briefs1974
137/22-23Legal Precedent1973
137/24Supreme Court Briefs1970
137/25-30Supreme Court Briefs1974
138/1-3Supreme Court Briefs1974
138/4-6Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Notes1973-1974
Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Reports1973
138/12House-Senate Joint Explanatory Statementundated
Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Subject Series
138/16-32Preliminary System Plan1975
139/1-3Preliminary System Plan1975
139/4-6Penn Central Railroad1973-1974
139/7Tax Provisions1973
139/8U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - Recommendations1973
139/9U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - Regulations1973
139/10U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - Railroad Rates1974
139/11-12U. S. Railway Association1974-1975
139/13Regional Rail Reorganization Act (H. R. 9142) - Clippings1973
139/14-22Resource Conservation and Recovery Act - H. R. 144961976
139/23Soft Drink Bottlers' Bill - H. R. 66841976
139/24-31Surface Transportation Act of 1972 - Including H. R. 11207 (BA Sponsored)1971-1972
140/1-4Surface Transportation Act of 1972 - Including H. R. 11207 (BA Sponsored)1971-1972
140/5Surface Transportation Act - Amendments1972
140/6Surface Transportation Act - Financial Assistance1972
140/7-18Surface Transportation Act - H. R. 5385 (BA Sponsored)1973-1974
140/19Surface Transportation Act (H. R. 5385) - Amendments1974
140/20Transportation Development Act1972
140/21-25Transportation Improvement Act - H. R. 128911974
140/26-27Transportation Safety Board - H. R. 10514 (BA Sponsored)1973
140/28Transportation Statistics Act of 1975 - H. R. 75091975
140/29Uniform Motor Carrier Standards Act - H. R. 61771974
140/30Urban Mass Transportation Assistance Act - H. R. 128591974
140/31War Claims Act Amendment - H. R. 110311976
Subject Series
140/32-37Air Brake Systems1975-1976
141/1-4Air Brake Systems1975-1976
141/5-6Airline Charter Tours1973-1974
141/7-8Airlines - Commuter1973
141/9Airlines - Mutual Aid Agreement1973-1974
141/10-12Airlines - Noise Pollution1973-1974
141/13-14Airlines - Subsidies1973
141/15-17AT&T Lawsuit1976
141/18Capital Equipment, Leasing of1972-1973
141/19-22Freight Car Shortage1972-1974
141/23Morton's (Commerce Department Secretary) Contempt Citation1975
141/24Professional Standards Review Organizations1974
141/25Rail Plan - New England1974
141/26-27Railroads - General1972-1973
141/28Railroads - Automationundated
141/29Railroads - Burlington Northern1973
141/30Railroads - Electrification1973
141/31Railroads - Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company1973
141/32Railroad Rate Bureau1974
141/33Railroads - Clippings1973-1974
141/34Railway Companies - Boston and Maine Corporation1973-1974
141/35Railway Companies - Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific1974
141/36Railway Companies - Erie Lackawanna1973
141/37Railway Companies - Illinois Central1973-1974
141/38Railway Companies - Milwaukee1973
141/39Railway Companies - New Haven and Hartford1973
141/40Railway Companies - Norfolk and Western1973
141/41Railway Companies - Reading1974
141/42Railway Companies - Santa Fe1973
141/43Railway Companies - Union Pacific1972
141/44Refrigerator Car Shortage1974
142/1Refrigerator Car Shortage1974
142/2U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission - Cost Standards in Rate-making1973
142/3U. S. ICC - Freight Car Fleet Increase1974
142/4-8U. S. ICC - Railroad Securities Offerings1973-1974
142/9-10U. S. ICC - Ten Percent Freight Rate Increase1974
142/11U. S. ICC - Truck Owner/Operators as Independent Contractors1974
U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
142/12-13Alpine Lakes Legislation - S. 2607, S. 2608, S. 2609, S. 26101975
142/14Alpine Lakes Legislation - Including H. R. 77921976
142/15-20Farm Subsidies Legislation1969-1974
142/21Food Stamp Reform - Including S. 31361975-1976
U. S. Congress. House. Banking and Currency Committee
142/22Export-Import Bill - H. R. 3771 (BA Sponsored)1965
142/23Urban Transportation Act of 1964 Amendment - H. R. 13309 (BA Sponsored)1966
U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the Budget
142/24-25Correspondence - Budget Committee Race1974
142/26Correspondence - Chairmanship1975
142/27Correspondence - Office Matters1975-1976
142/28-40General Correspondence1974-1976
142/41-42Legislative Correspondence1975-1976
143/1-30Legislative Correspondence1975-1976
U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Columbia
143/31-39Legislative Correspondence1965-1976
144/1-5Legislative Correspondence1965-1976
144/6Alcoholic Beverage Control Act - H. R. 90171970
144/7Bail Agency Act - H. R. 136901969-1970
144/8Bail Reform1967
144/9Bail Reform and Preventive Detention1969-1970
144/10Corrections - General1969-1970
144/11-12Corrections - Lorton Transferred to U. S. Government: Hearings1969-1970
144/13-19Court Reorganization and Crime Bills - General1967-1970
144/20Court Reorganization and Crime Bills - Testimony, Speeches1969
144/21-23Crime Bills - General1967
144/24Crime Bills - General1970
144/25Crime Bills - Amendments to H. R. 136891969-1970
144/26-27Crime Bills - H. R. 161961970
144/28Crime Bills - Amendments to H. R. 161961969-1970
144/29D. C. Home Rule - Correspondence1965-1966
144/30-31D. C. Home Rule - Correspondence1969-1970
144/32-36D. C. Home Rule - General1969-1970
144/37D. C. Home Rule - Broyhill "Board of Governors" Bills1970
144/38D. C. Home Rule - Caucus Action1970
144/39D. C. Home Rule - Charter Commission (H. R. 11215)1969-1970
144/40D. C. Home Rule - Little Hoover Commission" (H. R. 14715)1969
144/41-44D. C. Home Rule - Non-Voting Delegates Bills1969-1970
145/1D. C. Home Rule - Voting Representation for D. C.1969
145/2Debt Adjusting - S. 14581969-1970
145/3Employment of Minors - H. R. 91801969
145/4Firefighters' Museum - H. R. 10151, H. R. 101521970
145/5Human Cadaver, Donation of - H. R. 15033, S. 29991969-1970
145/6Jewish Historical Museum - H. R. 103661969
145/7Juvenile Code Revision - H. R. 141891969
145/8Juvenile Crime - General1969-1970
145/9Juveniles, Interstate Compact on - H. R. 88681969
145/10-12Optometry Bill - H. R. 23881969-1970
145/13-14People's Counsel for the Public Service Commission the District of Columbia - H. R. 17450 (BA Sponsored)1974
145/15Police Commissioner - H. R. 27471970
145/16Public Defender Agency - H. R. 128561969
145/17Radiation Regulation - H. R. 6681969
145/18Reserve Officers' Association, Tax Exemptions for - H. R. 21981969
145/19"Restrictive Covenants" (Racial Regulations in Real Estate Transactions) - H. R. 12337 (BA Sponsored)1969
145/20Washington International School Site - H. R. 119711969
Subject Series
145/21Adams' Welcome to D. C. Committee1967
145/22-26D. C. Committee Lawsuit1970-1971
145/27D. C. Committee Meetings Notices1973
145/28-30D. C. Committee Rules and General Information1969-1973
145/31D. C. Committee Rules - Memos1970
145/32Hill Staffers Concerned about District1970
145/33Institutions - Bureau of Rehabilitation1969
145/34Institutions - DATRC (Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center)1968
145/35McMillan Challenge1971
Speeches and Writings
145/36"In Pursuit of Domestic Peace" - International Association of Chiefs of Police, Washington, D. C.September 4, 1969
U. S. National Transportation Policy Study Commission
145/37-38General Correspondence1976
145/39Background Information1976
145/41Comptroller General - Report to Congress1976
145/42U. S. General Accounting Office (GAO) - Staff Paper1975
145/43U. S. GAO - Briefing for National Transportation Policy Study Commission1976
145/44U. S. House Budget Committee - "Recommendations for Improving the Budget Functional Categories"1976
Speeches and Writings
145/45"New Directions for Transportation Policy in the Last Half of the 1970's" - American Trucking Association, Washington, D. C.October 1976
145/46Adams Introduces Magnuson - Special Annual Meeting of the National Industrial Transportation League, Seattle, WANovember 18, 1976
Seidel, Henry
145/48Biographical and Historical Featuresundated
145/49-53General Correspondence1965-1968
145/54-55Incoming Letters1965-1967
145/56-57Outgoing Letters1965-1968
145/59Financial Records1965-1967

Accession No. 1096-016
Brock Adams papers, 1947-1993 (Bulk: 1974-1979, 1986-1992)
177.43 cubic feet (205 boxes)
Scope and Content
This accession of the Brock Adams Papers documents Adams’ later years in public service. It is comprised primarily of his Senate papers, and includes two types of subgroups. The first consists of the files of his Senate aides. The second consists of files from Adams’ other public offices, including the Department of Transportation and House Budget Committee, and from his pre-Congressional career.
The bulk of Adams’ Senate papers date from 1986-1992. They include files from only Adams’ Washington D.C. office and focus on Adams’ legislative activity. Very little of Adams’ work on state projects, other than his appropriations committee work, or his visits around the state is documented. Constituent case work files are not part of the collection.
The Senate papers contain relatively few correspondence files. Many of the letters received by Adams’ Senate office, particularly those from interest groups, government agencies, elected officials and other VIPs, were apparently routed to the legislative aide responsible for the subject discussed in the correspondence. Consequently, the letters are scattered throughout the legislative aides’ files. Major correspondents include Jimmy Carter, Jack Watson, Alice M. Rivlin, Edmund S. Muskie and Carl Albert.
INCOMING LETTERS are primarily letters thanking or congratulating Adams for his legislative work. His staff arranged them by issue or interest group. OUTGOING LETTERS consists of four types of correspondence. Correspondence of a more personal nature, including notes thanking Senate colleagues for their support on a particular issue, made up Adams’ “Chron File.” Targeted Mail refers to the large-scale mailings prepared by Adams’ office on selected topics and mailed to constituents known to have an interest in the topic. They are arranged chronologically and retain the headings created by Adams’ staff. The Item Library contains the form letters used to respond to constituents’ letters. Paper copies are included only for letters used in 1992. The libraries for the remaining years were transferred by Adams’ office to microfilm. Adams’ office also transferred to microfilm an index of correspondents who received form-letter responses. Letters to VIPs, which also includes internal memoranda, was transferred from seven magnetic computer tapes to a single compact disc during processing in 2002. The transfer process resulted in large text files that preserved the content but not the individual files or file names. As a result, individual letters are difficult to access, and the paper index to the tapes will provide little guidance. The letters are generally, but not strictly, in chronological order. A text search may be the best method for finding letters on specific topics or to specific addressees.
GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE largely deals with the scheduling of Adams’ meetings with colleagues and student groups. LEGISLATIVE CORRESPONDENCE is a representative sample of the mail that Adams received from constituents on legislative matters. The letters, which comprise the only legislative correspondence files received by the Libraries, concern the 1991 Persian Gulf conflict. INTRAOFFICE CORRESPONDENCE includes a small number of internal memoranda.
Summaries of Adams’ legislative work can be found in the VOTING RECORDS and REPORTS files. A lengthy report, “Brock Adams’ Accomplishments” was compiled by his office to serve as a comprehensive record of his Senate career. BA SPONSORED BILLS contains only texts and summaries of legislation and Adams’ statement on introduction. Files that document the bills’ journey through the legislative process are generally found in the legislative aides’ papers. Briefing materials for particular bills or hearings are found in BRIEFING BOOKS. Only a handful of the speeches Adams gave in his Senate career are found in the SPEECHES AND WRITINGS. The texts of many speeches are found in the files of his aides.
SUBJECT SERIES is comprised of what Adams’ staff referred to as the Senator’s working files, which contain many of Adams’ own notes. The SUBJECT SERIES-LEGISLATIVE HISTORY files were essentially the office’s reference center. The files are typically a compilation of Adams’ voting record on a particular issue, newspaper clippings about the issue and copies of staff memoranda. They serve as a catalog of the issues debated during Adams’ term. Some files in this series appear to be the working files of legislative aides that were retired to serve as reference material for other staffers.
The bulk of the Senate papers are found in the various subgroups, consisting of the working files of Adams’ legislative aides and the subcommittees he chaired. Because the files associated with the subcommittees are the working files of the subcommittee staff members and not the records of the subcommittee, the subcommittees are treated here as legislative aides. The aides for whom the subgroups are named were all, with exception of Anne Badgley and Mary Ann Richardson, working for Adams at the end of his Senate term. The files in the respective subgroups are those in the possession of a particular legislative aide (or retired and boxed) and include files created by previous legislative aides. The staff members’ characterization of their files’ subject matter was taken from the container lists. The original arrangement of the files was maintained to the extent possible. Some rearrangement was made where necessary to improve access.
The files of Adams’ Senate staff document Adams’ legislative work as well as the legislative process itself. The aides’ papers are comprised largely of SUBJECT SERIES. The files contain incoming correspondence, memoranda, drafts of legislation, committee reports, and background materials given to Adams and his staff by groups interested in particular bills. As a general rule, the volume of materials is greatest for those issues that were considered by committees on which Adams sat. However, there are relatively few files documenting Adams’ work as chairman of the Appropriations Committee’s District of Columbia Subcommittee. In addition, education issues, which were referred to the Labor and Human Resources Committee on which Adams served, are not well represented.
Press Office Subgroup
Press material, including CLIPPINGS and NEWS RELEASES, can be found in this subgroup and are arranged chronologically. The CLIPBOARD series contains not only press releases from Adams’ office, but also press releases and statements from other offices on issues of interest to the Adams staff. These materials were kept in chronological order on large clipboards.
Anne Badgley Papers
This subgroup contains a small amount of material on Adams’ environmental work, including the Washington Parks Wilderness Act of 1988, early efforts to preserve the Hanford Reach and the creation of the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge in Bowerman Basin.
Megan Bowman Papers
Adams’ work on foreign affairs and trade matters is documented in this subgroup. His opposition to the Reagan-Bush Administrations’ policies in El Salvador and Nicaragua and his efforts to help a young Microsoft Corporation with a trade dispute are documented This subgroup also includes a small amount of material on stem cell research and a proposal for a balanced budget amendment.
Helen Chatalis Papers
This subgroup contains materials on a broad range of environmental matters from the 101st and 102nd Congresses (1989-1992), including clean air, clean water, forestry, and pesticides. The files, however, tend to contain largely background material. Chatalis also covered animal welfare issues for Adams.
Daniel Ebert Papers
This subgroup documents Adams’ work on fiscal matters, such as tax and banking, and Indian Affairs. Among the former aides represented in his papers are Alan Osaki (fiscal matters) and Bruce Need (Indian affairs). Adams did not sit on any of the committees drafting fiscal policy, so the materials deal largely with the local implications of tax and banking legislation, such as the Microsoft Corporation’s tax concerns. The files on Indian Affairs are concerned primarily with the appropriations requests of the various federally recognized tribes in Washington State. A number of files document the 1989 Puyallup Tribe land claims settlement. There is also a small amount of material related to judiciary matters such as crime and immigration.
Michael Ellenhorn Papers
This small subgroup documents Adams’ work on veteran’s issues, including efforts to build a national cemetery in the Puget Sound area.
Ellen Globokar Subgroup
Globokar managed Adams’ 1986 Senate campaign and served in the Senate as his Administrative Assistant and chief political aide. The CAMPAIGN MATERIALS in this subgroup include Intraoffice Correspondence, Clippings and Campaign Ephemera from Adams’ 1986 campaign. The subgroup also contains a small amount of material on two politically charged issues from Adams’ Senate tenure, nuclear waste at Hanford and old growth forests.
Carole Grunberg Papers
Grunberg served as Adams’ Legislative Director and staff member responsible for agricultural issues. This subgroup documents Adams’ work on agricultural issues, particularly through his position on the Appropriations Committee, from 1991-1992. The LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR FILES provide a brief look at the broad range of Adams’ legislative activities during his final two years in office. Of particular interest are weekly MEMORANDA detailing Adams’ legislative activities from his first two years in the Senate.
Jeanne Irwin Papers
This subgroup documents Adams’ work on energy and defense issues, including the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Among the issues documented are the roles of Adams and aide Dave Berick, who handled Hanford-related issues before Irwin, in the passage of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments of 1987. Also documented are Adams’ efforts to accelerate clean-up of the site and prevent additional weapons production facilities from becoming operational. The defense files date largely from the second half of Adams’ term. They are related primarily to defense appropriations and authorization bills, but also include material on the successful effort to persuade the Base Realignment and Closure Commission to keep Naval Air Station Whidbey Island open.
Tom Keefe Papers
The wide range of issues documented by these files reflects Keefe’s broad responsibilities. Keefe served as Special Counsel to Adams and therefore followed the entire spectrum of issues considered by the Senate. In addition, Keefe was the legislative aide primarily responsible for matters referred to the Judiciary and Labor and Human Resources Committees. Among these were health care issues other than those handled by the Aging Subcommittee, including AIDS research and funding. This subgroup also contains files on the nominations of Robert Bork, David Souter and Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court and William Dwyer to the U.S. District Court for Western Washington; the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (including the exemption of workers at the Ward’s Cove cannery), McCaw Cellular and its early efforts to build its telecommunications business, and Native American fishing rights advocate David Sohappy, whom Keefe had represented while in private practice.
Robyn Lipner Papers
Adams’ early work (predating his time as chairman of the Aging Subcommittee) on health care and seniors issues is documented in this subgroup. More of Lipner’s files can be found in the Aging Subcommittee Subgroup, as described below.
Eric Ostrovsky Papers
These files document Adams’ work on transportation and commerce issues. This subgroup contains a significant volume of material, including files created by Ostrovsky’s predecessor, Bruce Need, on Pacific fisheries issues such as fish allocation, driftnets and factory trawlers. A wide range of transportation issues are also represented, including railroad, marine transportation, aviation and trucking. They document Adams’ role in the passage of legislation tightening safety regulations in the trucking and rail industries in the 100th Congress. Among the materials on the trucking industry are files on deregulation created by Adams when he was serving as Secretary of Transportation. Materials on local transportation issues are found largely among the files on appropriation matters.
Unlike other staff members, Ostrovsky provided no description of his files other than calling them “working files,” but a general organizational pattern by subject matter was identifiable. To facilitate access, large groups of files have been moved and grouped with files on the same broad subject following the structure established by Ostrovsky. However, the original order has been largely maintained. In the inventory, [bracketed] headings have been given to various sections of files to identify general subject areas, i.e., transportation, fisheries, commerce, and appropriations.
Mary Ann Richardson Papers
This subgroup documents Adams’ work on foreign affairs in the early part of his Senate term, when he sat on the Foreign Affairs committee. The Special War Powers Subcommittee Sub-subgroup documents Adams’ efforts to invoke the War Powers Act during the 100th and 101st Congresses (1987-1990). The sub-subgroup includes the files of both Richardson and staff member Bob Seltzer. The Subject Series War Powers/Persian Gulf Parts I, II and III appear to be Adams’ working files.
U.S. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the District of Columbia.
The few files in the collection related to Adams’ work as chairman of the Appropriations Committee’s District of Columbia Subcommittee can be found here.
U.S. Senate. Committee on Labor and Human Resources. Subcommittee on Aging.
The files of the Aging Subcommittee Subgroup were created primarily by Robyn Lipner, his senior aide on health care matters. The materials document the subcommittee’s work on issues concerning the well-being of older Americans, and in particular women’s health. They include the implementation of the Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act, the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, and hearings on such topics as breast cancer, fetal tissue research and women’s health equity. The subgroup also contains some material on education issues, which were considered by the full committee.
Mike Weland Papers
This subgroup contains materials on a wide range of legislative matters concerning the environment and natural resources. The issues most fully documented include Wild and Scenic Rivers legislation, Interior Appropriations for FY 1991, Adams’ efforts to have dams on the Elwha River removed and the battle over the Northwest’s old growth forests.
Personal Papers - Pre-Congressional
This subgroup dates from 1947 to 1964 and includes WRITINGS from Adams’ student days at the University of Washington, EPHEMERA from his first campaign for King County Prosecutor in 1958, and files from his tenure as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington. Among the files from the U.S. Attorney’s Office include INTEROFFICE CORRESPONDENCE, two brief INCOMING LETTERS from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, legal briefs from a couple of Adams’ cases and CLIPPINGS regarding Adams’ work.
U.S. House of Representatives - General
These are files from Adams’ service in the House of Representatives that were kept by Adams apart from the bulk of his House papers. (The main body of Adams’ House papers is found in accession nos. 1096-1, through 1096-4.) They were received by the Libraries following Adams’ retirement from the Senate. This subgroup, which dates from 1967 to 1977, includes a few pieces of INCOMING LETTERS, NEWSLETTERS, NEWS RELEASES, VOTING RECORDS, SPEECHES AND WRITINGS, and CAMPAIGN MATERIAL.
U.S. House of Representatives. Budget Committee
This subgroup documents Adams’ tenure as the chairman of the House Budget Committee, 1975-1976. The files have two sources. Approximately half of the subgroup consists of the records maintained by the Committee. These include the committee’s files for CORRESPONDENCE, MEETINGS, HEARINGS and SPEECHES. The committee also maintained a chronologically arranged series of topical files. These are labeled SUBJECT SERIES – CHRONOLOGICAL. Some of the materials date from the period before Adams took over as committee chairman in 1975. The remaining files are budget-related materials maintained by Adams’ personal (i.e., Congressional) office. These files include BRIEFING BOOKS and Adams’ topical files, labeled SUBJECT SERIES-CHAIRMAN’S FILES. Again, some of the files pre-date Adams’ tenure as chairman but document the organization of the committee. Files in both of the subject series contain a large amount of correspondence. Major correspondents include Speaker Carl Albert, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Edmund Muskie, and Alice Rivlin, first director of the Congressional Budget Office. Non budget-related files that deal with the business of the House Democratic Caucus in electing the party leadership and Adams’ campaign to succeed Al Ullman as chairman of the Budget Committee are also noteworthy.
Carter-Mondale Campaign
These files document Adams’ work on Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential campaign. They include POSITION PAPERS, NEWS RELEASES, CLIPPINGS, CAMPAIGN EPHERMA and SUBJECT SERIES.
U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
This subgroup documents Adams’ two-and-a-half-year tenure as President Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of Transportation and the transition period leading to his appointment and confirmation. The bulk of the materials date from 1977-1979.
GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE includes a portion of his personal and official correspondence. This series consists largely of his 1977 correspondence, which is arranged alphabetically. Major correspondents include Jimmy Carter and Jack Watson, the President’s assistant. The “Major Events” file, a compilation of correspondence relating largely to significant DOT accomplishments in 1978, contains several letters of support written in reaction to rumors of Adams’ ouster as Secretary. The series also includes correspondence from the Carter transition team. MEMORANDA include Adams’ memos to the White House, both weekly reports updating the President on significant issues in the transportation area and memoranda on specific topics for which Adams is seeking action or direction. Copies of memoranda returned by the White House often contain margin notes from President Carter. Among the issues raised are problems in the railroad industry (including Amtrak), regulatory reform for the aviation and surface transportation industries, the national energy policy, mass transit, airline hijackings, and fuel economy standards.
MINUTES include those for Cabinet and senior staff meetings at the Department and meetings with DOT officials and constituency groups (for 1977). Many files include Adams’ notes from the meetings and follow up memoranda outlining actions that needed to be taken. SCHEDULES consist of the daily schedules Adams’ carried with him. The SCHEDULE BACKUP files provide Adams and his scheduler with greater detail about events on the daily schedule. Materials for any given event may include a letter of invitation or request for a meeting, briefing material supplied by DOT staff or the party requesting a meeting, and Adams’ speech or remarks for the event. Backup files exist only for 1977. TRIP FILES and SPEECHES AND WRITINGS similarly contain background for the trip or speech where available.
SUBJECT SERIES files include Adams’ own working files on several of the key issues handled during his tenure, including the Carter Administration’s response to the energy crisis, deregulation of the trucking and rail industries and reorganization of the Department.
Personal Papers
This very small group of papers consists of two folders of correspondence (primarily holiday cards and congratulatory letters) and a few items of oversized campaign ephemera. The materials date from 1979-1991.
Three-Dimensional Objects
The collection includes several small artifacts from Adams’ many years in public service. Among them are commemorative pins, campaign buttons, Congressional license plates and a gavel given to him for serving as chairman of the Democratic Convention in either 1972 or 1976.
Audio Video Materials
The audio and video materials come largely from those maintained by Adams’ Senate Press Office. The audio cassette tapes, which number approximately 580, include recordings of interviews with print and broadcast reporters, hearings and press conferences as well as comments and radio shows which were “fed” to Washington State radio stations. The cassette tapes are arranged in chronological order. No index of the tapes was created by the Press Office. Of special interest is an undated recording made for the University of Virginia of Adams’ reflections on the Carter Administration. The only cassette tapes not originating from the Press Office are two tapes of advertisements from Adams’ 1986 Senate campaign, which were among Ellen Globokar’s papers, and four tapes of Adams’ speeches during his days in the House of Representatives (transferred from the original open reel tapes during processing).
The majority of videotapes in the Brock Adams Papers were maintained by the Press Office. One series of tapes, entitled Newsbites, are recordings made by the Press Office or Senate Recording Studio of Adams’ media appearances and floor statements. Another series was produced by Tempo IV, a company that compiled segments of Washington State television news programs mentioning Adams. Both the Newsbites and Tempo IV are almost exclusively in VHS format. The Press Office also maintained a collection of tapes in various Beta formats. An index created by the Press office for these tapes is found with the tapes. In addition, the collection includes a number of Campaign Video tapes. Many contain television ads from Adams’ 1986 campaign and footage shot for future use. They are in both VHS and Beta formats.
Physical/Technical Access
The papers are stored offsite; advance notice is required for use.
Digital Content/Other Formats
A CD-ROM version of correspondence originally recorded on 9-track computer tape is available. Four open-reel audiotapes have been transferred to cassette.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Literary rights of Adams and his staff members have been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries. The papers, however, include recordings of commercial radio and television broadcasts and the work of others, the use of which may require permission of the copyright holders.
Custodial History
The bulk of Adams’ Senate papers were sent to the Libraries directly from Washington, DC when he closed his Senate office in 1992. Materials on the Special War Powers Subcommittee were in the custody of the U.S. Senate Historical Office and came to the Libraries in 1994. The other materials were kept by Adams at his home and received by the Libraries in installments from 1992 to 1998.
Acquisition Info
The materials in this accession were donated by Brock Adams in installments between 1992 and 1998. Phyllis Hayes, Brock Adams' sister, donated additional materials, primarily photographs, clippings, and campaign materials in 1997. The U.S. Senate Historical Office donated a small number of photographs in 1995.
Processing Info
Processing completed in 2003.
This accession is a merger of accessions 1096-5, 1096-6, 1096-7, 1096-8, 1096-9, 1096-10, 1096-11, 1096-12, 1096-13, 1096-14 and 1096-15.

In 2003, 4.11 cubic feet of photographic prints, negatives, and slides were extracted from this accession and placed in the Brock Adams Photograph Collection, (Accession Number PHColl.622). This photograph collection is composed of approximately 4500 items, extracted from both Adams' House Papers (AdamsBrock1096-1 through 1096-4) and his Senate Papers (AdamsBrock1096-16).

Hackes, Peter and Adams, Brock, "U.S. industry in trouble: what is the Government's Responsibility?" Washington, D.C.: The Institute, 1980
Cornfield, MikeBrock Adams, Democratic Representative from WashingtonWashington, D.C.: Grossman, 1972
Other Finding Aids
Information about the visual materials is available in the repository.
Related Material
Records of the Department of Transportation (Record Group 398) and the Budget Committee (Record Group 233.7) are held by the Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives and Recrods Administration, Washington, D.C.
The Jimmy Carter Library holds the Presidential papers of Carter as well as papers from other officials who served in his administration.
The University of Oklahoma's Political Commercial Archives holds cassette recordings of 14 of Adams' advertisements from his 1986 Senate Campaign.
Michigan State University Libraries has several audiotrapes of interviews with Adams on a variety of economic and transportation issues.
United States Senate
1/1-3Biographical Features1969-1998
Incoming Letters
1/4Appropriations Thank You's1991
1/5-9Constituent Service Thank You's1991-1992
National Thank You's
1/10National Thank You's1991-1992
1/16Children & Family1987, 1991
1/21Foreign Affairs1989-1992
1/27Peace/Human Rights1990-1992
Washington State Thank You's
1/34Abortion/Title X1989-1992
1/37AIDS/Gay1987, 1990-1992
1/39Auctional Fundraiser1987, 1989-1990
1/44Civil Rights1990-1992
2/1Education1987-1992, undated
2/2Emergency Assistance1988-1991
2/6Federal Employees1989-1991, undated
2/9Foreign Affairs1987-1992
2/10Forestry1988-1990, undated
2/11Hanford/FFTF [Fast Flux Test Facility]1987-1992
2/21Persian Gulf1991
2/22Reelection Help1991, undated
2/24Support [I]1987-1991
2/25Support [II]1989-1991
2/27Transportation1987-1992, undated
Outgoing Letters
Adams Chronological File
2/29-60Jan. 1987-Aug.19891987-1989
3/1-39Sep. 1989-Oct. 19921989-1992
3/40Appropriations Committees FY19911990
3/41Appropriations Committees FY19901989
3/42-45Letters to Colleagues1989-1992
Targeted Mailings
3/46Proactive Mailings1988
3/47Military Waste at Hanford1987
3/48Defense Opposing Star Wars1987
3/49Omnibus Trade Bill1988
3/50Navy Expansion Whidbey1988
3/51AIDS Helms Amendment1988
3/52Pro-Arias Peace Plan1988
3/53Grays Harbor National Refuge1988
3/55Medicare Catastrophic Protection Act1987
3/56International Affairs General1988
3/57Federal Employees1988
3/58Farm Credit1988
3/59Fishing Vessel Reflagging1988
3/60-61Bork Nomination1988
3/62Middle East Conflict1988
3/63Diesel Fuel Tax1988
3/64-66CRRA [Civil Rights Restoration Act]1988
3/67VIP Omnibus Trade Bill1988
3/68Pro-Hatch Act Reform1988
4/3Bank Regulation Proposal1988
4/4FAA Op-ed1988
4/5Trade Bill1988
4/6War Powers1988
4/7INF [Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces] Treaty1988
4/9-11Environment Newsletter1988
4/12Anti-Whidbey Expansion1988
4/13Fair Housing Mailing1988
4/14Plant Closing Mailing1988
4/15-16El Salvador Con-Contra Aid1988
4/17Trade and Trade VIP Mailing1988
4/18Women's Mailing1988
4/19Hanford Mailing1988
4/21Survey Reply1988
4/22Diesel Fuel Tax Exemption/Non-road1988
4/23Seattle/Tokyo United Airlines1988
4/24Drug Mailing1988
4/25New Year/Sam/Mini-op List1989
4/26Pacific Rim Hearing1989
4/27-30Peace Mailing1989
4/31-34Sierra Survey - Environment1989
4/35People Who Checked Environment On Surveys1989
4/36Sport Utility Vehicles1989
4/38-39Lady Washington1989
4/40-41Arbor Day/Clark Co.1989
4/42Eastern Airlines1989
5/1-3Tanker Safety1989
5/4Contra-Con Mailing1989
5/5-5/7Pro-Choice/Webster Decision1989
5/8-5/10Double Hull1989
5/12Contra Code Corrections1989
5/13-14Contra Kid Mailing1989
5/16-17DC Veto/Pro-Choice1989
5/18El Salvador - Year End1989
5/19Rural Referrals Centers1989
5/20Japanese [-American] Reparations1989
6/4Freedom of Choice1990
6/5-8Clean Air1990
6/9Progress on Clean Air1990
6/10Hatch Act1990
6/11Asparagus Letter1990
6/12-14Planned Parenthood1990
6/15-17Double Hull1990
6/18-19Woman Health1990
6/21Jesuit Shalom Center Petition1990
6/22-23, 7/1-2Peacenik Mailing1990
7/3Refuge Mailing1991
7/4Constitutional Bicentennial Mailing1991
7/5AIDS/Women's Health1991
7/6-7COLA Mailing1991
7/8Labor Mailing1991
7/9-10Mountaineers Mailing1991
7/11-13Senior Mailing1991
7/14Pearl Harborundated
7/16Indian Mailing1991
7/17Surface Transportation1992
7/19El Salvador1992
7/22Senior Organizations1992
7/23Asian Constituents1992
7/24Cable TV1992
7/25Agriculture Soil Survey Report1992
7/26Health/Survey Mailing1992
7/27Fall Newsletter1987
7/29Family Newsletter1988
7/30Hanford Newsletter1988
7/31Casework/Senior Citizens1989
7/33Appropriations Newsletter1989
Item Library
178-179Alphabetical Index 1986-1992 On Microfilm1992
180-181Libraries & Abstracts 1987-1991 On Microfilm1987-1991
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Letters to VIPs
2059-track computer tapeundated
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8/18Index By Date: 2/25/87-11/28/921987-1992
8/19-20Alphabetical By Nameundated
8/21Index By Document ID Numberundated
General Correspondence
8/22-25Aspen Institute1986-1992
8/26-30Student Groups1987-1992
8/31Task Forces and Caucus1991-1992
Legislative Correspondence
8/32, 9/1-5Gulf War - Pro-Bush1990-1991
9/6-21Gulf War - Pro-Adams1990-1991
9/22Intraoffice Correspondence1991
Legislation-BA Sponsored Bills
9/24S.606 - Federal Emergency Management Agency Contracts1987
9/25S.943 - To Amend the Federal Aviation Act1987
9/26S.966 & S.967 - Relief of Frederick & Aileen Paul1987
9/27S.1499 - Transport Regulatory Reform Act1987
9/28S.1755 - To Establish the Grays Harbor Wildlife Refuge1987
9/29S.1803 - Mail Order Lock Pick Prohibition Act1987
9/30S.1979 - To Establish the Grays Harbor Wildlife Refuge1987
9/31S.2189 - Federal Nuclear Facilities Environmental Restoration & Management Act1988
9/32S.2225 - Protection of Franklin Co. Road System1988
9/33S.J.Res.213 - Persian Gulf Navigation Protection Act1987
9/34S.J.Res.217 - Authorization Under the War Powers Resolution1987
9/35S.J.Res.277 - Management of Fishing in the International Waters of the Bering Seas1988
9/36S.J.Res.305 - Authorization Under the War Powers Resolution1988
9/37S.J.Res.343 - To Designate Filipino American National History Week1988
9/38S.Con.Res.97 - Commending Relief Efforts in Ethiopia & Sub-Saharan Africa1988
9/39S.Res.315 - Concerning Brazilian Trade & Investment Informatics Policies1987
9/40S.136 - Uniform Poll Closing Act of 19891989
9/41S.402 - Puyallup Tribe Resettlement Act1989
9/42S.523 - Releasing a Reversionary Interest in Certain Lands in the Port of Benton, WA1989
9/43S.815 - To Provide Fair Tax Treatment of Interstate Transportation Employees1989
9/44S.839 - Puget Sound Tanker Safety Act1989
9/45S.854 - To Expand Eligibility for the Expert Witness Loan Fund1989
9/46S.1462 - Federal Nuclear Facilities Environmental Response Act1989
9/47S.1907 - Cellular Communications Competition Act1989
9/48S.2105 - To Amend the District of Columbia Appropriations Act1990
9/49S.2734 - To Direct Grants to the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority1990
9/50S.8538 - To Establish the Vancouver National Historical Reserve1990
9/51S.2817 - Chehalis River Basin Fishery Resources Study & Restoration Act1990
9/52S.2945 - Clinical Trials Fairness Act1990
9/53S.3224 - Breast Cancer Screening Safety Act1990
9/54S.3245 - School-based Meals for Older Individuals and Intergenerational Programs Act1990
9/55S.J.Res.209 - To Designate Washington Centennial Day1989
9/56S.J.Res.385 - To Authorize U.S. Participation in Multilateral Efforts to Restore Sovereignty of Kuwait1990
9/57S.J.Res.386 - To Authorize U.S. Participation in Multilateral Efforts to Restore Sovereignty to Kuwait1990
9/58S.Con.Res.149 - To Create a Congressional Leadership Group1990
9/59S.Res.146 - To Authorize Printing Additional Copies of a Compilation of Eulogies of Senator Magnuson1989
9/60S.Res.211 - To Commend the Government of Hong Kong1989
9/61S.243 - Older American Act Reauthorization Amendments1991
9/62S.395 - To Require Establishment of the Research Reactor User Complex1991
9/63S.512 & S.513 - Women's Health Issues1991
9/64S.601 - To Withhold US Military Assistance From El Salvador1991-1992
10/1S.806 - To Transfer Property for Warren G. Magnuson Park1991
10/2S.973 - School-based Meals for Older Individuals and Intergenerational Programs Act1991
10/3S.974 - Heinz Elder Life Program Act1991
10/4S.1041 - Washington Outer Coast National Marine Sanctuary Act1991
10/5S.1091 - Long-Term Health Care Workers Information Act1991
10/6S.1118 - HOV Facility Improvement Act1991
10/7S.1119 - Homeowner's Higher Education Student Assistance Relief Act1991
10/8S.1196 - To Prohibit Arm Sales to Countries Participating in Economic Boycott of Israel1991
10/9S.1402 - Defense Federal Nuclear Facilities Waste Management Act1991-1992
10/10S.1471 - Vulnerable Elder's Rights Protection Amendments1991
10/11S.1536 - PNW Forest Community Recovery & Protection Act1991
10/12S.1730 - Early Childhood Staff Training & Professional Enhancement Grants Act of 19911991
10/13S.1751 - Infertility Prevention Act1991
10/14S.1777 - Breast Cancer Screening Safety Act1991
10/15S.1902 - Research Freedom Act of 19911991
10/16S.1962 - Justice For Wards Cove Workers Act1991
10/17S.2110 - Energy Conservation Expenditures by Electric Utilities1991
10/18S.2186 & S.2187 - For The Relief of Certain Individuals1992
10/19S.2192 - Comprehensive Indian Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention & Treatment Act1992
10/20S.2193 - Long-Term Home Care Act1992
10/21S.2351 - Nutrition Screening Research Act1992
10/22S.2527 - Elwha River Ecosystem & Fisheries Restoration Act1992
10/23S.2623 - To Authorize The Release of Restrictions & Reversionary Interest in Certain Lands in Clallam Co.1992
10/24S.2895 - Rural Development & Ancient Forest Ecosystem Conservation Act1992
10/25S.3008 - Older Americans Act Amendments Act of 19921992
10/26S.3184 - Private Pension Reform Act1992
10/27S.3186 - Ethics in Referrals & Billings Act1992
10/28S.J.Res.20 -Collective Security in Persian Gulf1991-1992
10/29S.J.Res.108 - To Designate National Senior Nutrition Week1991
10/30S.J.Res.149 - To Designate Older Americans Month1991
10/31S.J.Res.276 - To Designate Older Americans Month1992
10/32S.J.Res.296 - To Designate National Senior Nutrition Week1992
10/33S.Con.Res.14 - Beer Exports to Canada1991
10/34S.J.Res.236 - Gays and Lesbians in the Armed Forces1991
Speeches And Writings
10/35American Waterways Assn. - Dec. 4, 19871987
10/36Preston Thorgrimson Luncheon - April 1, 19881988
10/37TIMS/ORSA - April 25, 19881988
10/38City Club Speech - April 25, 19881988
10/39American Trucking Assn. - Apr. 30, 19881988
10/40Interstate Carriers Conference - June 20, 19881988
10/41Tacoma City Club - Aug. 16, 19891989
10/42International Energy Group - Oct. 31, 19891989
10/43"Environmental Compliance at Federal Facilities" Conf. - Nov. 30, 19891989
10/44FDA Council Luncheon - Dec. 1, 19891989
10/45American Society of Nephrology - Dec 4, 19891989
10/46Nutrition Screening Conf. - Apr. 8, 19911991
Voting Record
10/47101st Congress1989-1990
10/48-49101st Congress, 1st Session1989
10/50101st Congress, 2nd Session1990
10/51-52102nd Congress, 1st Session1991
10/53Attendance at Roll Call Votes1990
10/54-56Democratic Policy Committee Analysis of Interest Group Ratings1989-1991
11/1DOD Vote Report1989
11/2Aspen Institute1990
11/3-5Brock Adams' Accomplishments1992
11/6Legislative Activities (100th Congress)1988
11/7Legislative Activities (101st Congress)1991
11/8Legislative Activities (102nd Congress)1992
Briefing Books
11/9Aging Sub-Committee Hearing - 1/31/911991
11/10Rules Committee Mark-up - 3/20/911991
11/11Uniform Poll Closing1983-1987
Conferences And Conventions
11/12-13Aspen Institute - Jamaica [I]1987
11/14Aspen Institute - Jamaica [II]1988
11/15-16Aspen Institute - Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia1989
11/17-18Aspen Institute - Jamaica [III]1990
11/19-20Aspen Institute - Vienna1992
11/21Congressional Pictorial Directory1989
11/22Senate Democratic Staff Directories1987-1990
Subject Series
11/24Bosnia - Herzegovina1992
12/1Campaign Finance1991
12/2Child Care ABC Bill1989
12/4-5Defense Conversion1992
12/6Democratic Health Message1991
12/7Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations1991
12/8Economic Growth and Recovery Program1991-1992
12/9El Salvador Bill1991
12/10Ethics - David Durenberger1990
12/11Fetal Tissue Research1991-1992
12/12FFTF [Fast Flux Test Facility]1991
12/13Flag Amendment1989-1990
12/14Foreign Operations Appropriations FY19931992
12/15-16Freedom of Choice Act1992
12/17FY1990 Appropriations - Agriculture1989
12/18FY1990 Appropriations - Commerce, State, Justice1989
12/19FY1990 Appropriations - Defense1989
12/20FY1990 Appropriations - Foreign Operations1989
12/21FY1990 Appropriations - Interior1989
12/22FY1990 Appropriations - Labor/HHS1989
12/23FY1990 Appropriations - Legislative1989
12/24FY1990 Appropriations - Transportation1989
12/25FY1990 Appropriations - VA/HUD1989
12/26-27FY1991 DC Appropriations1989-1991
12/28FY1991 Supplementals1991
12/29FY1992 Agricultural Appropriations1991, undated
13/1FY1992 Appropriations - VA/HUD1991
13/2FY1993 Appropriations - Commerce State, Justice1992
13/3FY1992 Appropriations - Interior1991
13/4FY1993 Appropriations - Interior1992
13/5-6FY1992 Appropriations - D.C. Appropriations1991
13/7FY1993 Energy Appropriations - Superconducting Supercollider1987-1991
13/8FY1993 Appropriations - Labor/HHS1992
13/9FY1993 Military Construction Appropriations1992
13/10FY1993 Appropriations - VA/HUD1992
13/11-12FY1993 DC Appropriations1992
13/13FY1993 DC Appropriations Committee1992
13/14-15FY1993 DC Appropriations Conference1992
13/16FY1993 DC Appropriations - Nehemiah Project1992
13/17-18FY1993 Defense Appropriations1992
13/19FY1993 Defense Authorization1992
13/20FY1993 Treasury/Postal Appropriations1992
13/21FY1992 Rescission Package1992
13/22, 14/1Gates, Robert1988, 1991
14/2Gender & Education1983-1992
14/3Gulf War1990-1991
14/4Hanford Tanks Hearings1990
14/5-8Hastings Impeachment1989
14/14Interstitial Cystitis Association1991
14/15Log Export Subsidies1992
14/16Mammogram Bill1987, 1990
14/17Neah Bay, WA - Oil Spill1991
14/18"New Beginnings" Timber Displacement Program1992
14/19Nicaragua Appropriations1989
14/20Ninth Circuit1989-1991
15/1Nixon [Walter] Impeachment1989
15/2Nuclear Trust Fund Bill1991
15/3OAA [Older Americans Act]1990-1991
15/4-5Oil Spill Bill1989-1990
15/6Rail Strike, 19921986, 1992
15/7Rescission & Budget1992
15/8Rescission & Budget - Economic Policies1992
15/9Resolution Trust Corporation1991, undated
15/10Rules Committee1991
15/11Russian Aid Bill1992
15/12-13S.250 - National Voter Registration Act1991
15/14S & L [Savings & Loan] Bailout1984-1991
15/15Seattle Mariners1987, 1992
15/16Senate Ethics Committee - Keating 51990
15/17Souter [David] Nomination1990
15/18State of the Union - Bush - 19901990
15/19Supplemental Appropriations, 19921992
15/20Surface Transportation1991
15/21Technology - Space Station1987-1992
15/22Thomas, Clarence Nomination1991
15/23Timber Meetings1990
15/24Tower [John] Nomination1989
15/26, 16/1Transportation1991-1992
16/2Transportation - Commuter Rail Meeting1991
16/3Transportation - Commuter Rail Information1991
16/4Unemployment Compensation Bill1991
16/5Uniform Poll Closing1987-1991
16/6War Powers & Persian Gulf1990
16/7Wean vs. Adams et al.1988
Subject Series-Legislative History
16/11Cargo Preference1989-1991
16/12Commodity Price Supports1986-1990
16/13Commodity Price Supports - Income Gap1990
16/14[Commodity Price Support] Barley1989-1991
16/15[Commodity Price Support] Corn1990
16/16[Commodity Price Support] Dairy1987, 1991
16/17Commodity Price Support - Fruit1989-1990
16/18Commodity Price Support - Honey1990-1991
16/19[Commodity Price Support] Credit1987-1990
16/20[Commodity Price Support] Livestock1991
16/21[Commodity Price Support] Mohair1990
16/22[Commodity Price Support] Oilseed1990
16/23[Commodity Price Support] Peanuts1987, 1990-1991
16/24[Commodity Price Support] Rice1990
16/25[Commodity Price Support] Sugar1990-1991
16/26[Commodity Price Support] Wheat1990-1991
16/27Commodity Price Support - Other1990-1991
16/28Conservation - Soil1987-1990
16/30Disaster Assistance1987-1992
16/32Farm Bill (1990)1987-1991
16/34Food & Drug Administration1987, 1991
16/35Inspection & Grading1987-1992
16/36Irrigation & Reclamation1987-1992
16/37Marketing Orders1987-1988
16/39Research - Washington State University1987
16/40Research - WSU Pesticide Lab1987-1992
16/41Research - Yakima Lab1989-1991
16/42Rural Development1987-1992
16/43Trade - General1987
16/44Trade - General - Exports1987-1992
16/45Trade - General - Imports1987-1991
16/46Trade - General - Import/Export1987-1992
16/47Trade - Foreign Subsidies1987-1988
16/48Trade - Imports/Exports - Canada1987
16/49Trade - Imports/Exports - EC [European Community]1987
16/50Trade - Imports/Exports - GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade]1987-1991
16/53Patriotic Statements & Events1988-1991, undated
17/2Washington State Projects [I]1987-1989
17/3-4Washington State Projects [II]1990
17/5-6Washington State Projects [III]1991
17/7Washington State Projects [IV]1992, undated
17/15Commerce State Justice Appropriations FY19911990
17/16Commerce State Justice Appropriations FY19901989
17/17Energy & Water Appropriations FY19911990
17/18Energy & Water Appropriations FY19901989
17/19Labor, HHS Appropriations FY19901989
17/20NMFS [National Marine Fisheries Service] FY19911990
17/21-22NOAA [National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration]1988-1990
17/23Transportation Appropriations FY19901989
17/26NEA [National Endowment for the Arts]1989-1990
17/27Votes1988, 1992
17/29Goodwill Games1987-1990
17/30Olympics1988, 1991-1992
18/1Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act of 19921992
18/3Antitrust1987-1989, 1991
18/4Antitrust - Newspapers1990-1992
18/5Mergers & LBO's [Leveraged Buy Outs]1988-1991
18/6United States - International Investment1988
18/7Records & Reporting1991
18/8Small, Female, Minority Owned1987-1992
18/9Small, Female, Minority Owned - Loan Programs1988, 1991
18/10Small, Female, Minority Owned - Preferences1988-1991
18/11Small, Female, Minority Owned - SBA1987-1991
18/12Agriculture/Food (Fish)1987-1991
18/13Agriculture/Food (Grains)1987-1991
18/15Agriculture - Other1991
18/16Agriculture - Fruit1987-1991
18/24Forest Products1988-1992
18/26Oil1989, 1991
18/28Research & Development1987
18/29Ship Building1987
18/32Soda Ash1987
18/37Cable TV1988-1992
18/38Commercial Broadcast1989
18/39Fairness Doctrine1987-1988
18/40Public Broadcasting1987-1992
18/41Satellite Communications1987-1992
18/45Campaign Finance1987-1992
18/46Ethics - General1989-1990
18/47Ethics - Lobbying1991
18/48Ethics - Members1987-1992
18/49Ethics Committee Activities1990-1991
18/50Franked Mail1989-1990
18/51Internal Operations1987-1991
18/52Pay Raise1987-1991
18/53Poll Opening1988-1989
18/54Voter Registration1988-1992
18/55Term Limitation1991
Constitutional & Human Rights
18/57Abortion - General1988-1992
18/58Abortion - Freedom of Choice Act1990-1992
18/59Abortion - "Gag" Rule1990-1992
18/60Abortion - D.C.1990
18/61Abortion - Parental Consent1991
18/62Civil Rights - General1987-1991
18/63Civil Rights - Other Than Women1988-1991
19/1Civil Rights - Employment1988-1992
19/2Criminal Procedure - Search & Seizure1988-1990
19/3Disabled - General1988-1992
19/4Disabled - Americans with Disabilities1989-1990
19/5Disabled - Transit Access1990-1991
19/6Gay Rights - General1988-1992
19/7Gay Rights - D.C.1989-1991
19/8Gay Rights - AIDS Discrimination1987-1992
19/9Japanese Internment1987-1992
19/10Privacy - Non-Abortion1990
19/11Religion - General1990-1991
19/12Religion - Aid to Education1988-1989
19/13Religion - School Prayer1988, 1992
19/14Religion - Public Displays1987
19/16-17Speech/Press - Americanism & Arts1988-1991
19/18Women's Rights1988-1992
19/21FTC [Federal Trade Commission]1987
19/22Legal Services Corporation1988-1990
19/23Packaging/Labeling - Except FDA1988-1990
19/24Product Safety1989-1991
19/25Product Safety - CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission]1989-1990
19/26Product Safety - Tort Reform1989
19/31Criminal Justice Organization1987-1992
19/32Criminal Procedure1990
19/33Criminal Procedure - Habeas Corpus1990-1991
19/34Criminal Procedure - Search & Seizure1991
19/35Drugs - General1986-1991
19/36Drugs - Education1988-1991
19/37Drugs - Funding1988-1993
19/38Drugs - International Assistance1987-1990
19/39Drugs - Treatment1989-1991
19/40Drugs - Washington State Aid1989-1991
19/42Funding - Priorities1988-1990
19/43Gun Control - General1991
19/44Gun Control - Bans on Weapons1987-1992
19/45Gun Control - Waiting Period1991
19/48Sentencing - Death Penalty1989-1992
19/49Sentencing - Drug Criminals1988-1990
19/51Victims' Rights1989-1991
19/54Arms Control1987-1991
19/55Arms Control - General1986-1992
19/56Arms Control - Chemical1987-1991
19/57Arms Control - Conventional1988
19/58Arms Control - INF1987-1991
20/1Arms Control - Nuclear Proliferation1987-1991
20/2Arms Control - Strategic1987-1991
20/3Arms Control - Test Ban1987-1991
20/4Bases & Facilities1987-1991
20/5Facilities - Base Closings1989-1992
20/6Facilities - Base Openings/Expansions1986-1992
20/7Civil Defense1987-1988
20/8Coast Guard1987-1989
20/11Iraqi War/War Powers/Foreign Affairs - General1990-1991
20/12Iraqi War - Allied Contributions1991
20/13Iraqi War - Cost1991
20/14Iraqi War - Personnel1990-1991
20/15Iraqi War - Weapons1991
20/16National Guard and Reserve1987-1992
20/17Personnel - General1987-1992
20/18Personnel - Women1988-1991
20/19Personnel - Gays1990-1992
20/20Procurement - General1987-1990
20/21Procurement - Reforms1987-1988
20/23-24War Powers Act1983-1992
20/25Weapons Systems - Conventional - Airpower1989-1991
20/26Weapons Systems - Conventional - Armor (Tanks)1990
20/27Weapons Systems - Conventional - Chemical1990
20/28Weapons Systems - Conventional - General1987-1990
20/29Weapons Systems - Conventional - Communications1987, 1990
20/30Weapons Systems - Conventional - Ordinance1988-1992
20/31Weapons Systems - Conventional - Ships1988-1990
20/32Weapons Systems - Conventional - Submarines - Seawolf1992
20/33Weapons Systems - Conventional - Transport1989-1991
20/34Weapons Systems - Conventional - Troops1989-1991
20/35Weapons Systems - Priorities1986-1992
20/36Weapons Systems - Strategic - General1988-1989
20/37Weapons Systems - Strategic - ASAT [Anti-Satellite]1986-1990
20/38Weapons Systems - Strategic - B11989
20/39Weapons Systems - Strategic - B21989-1991
20/40Weapons Systems - Strategic - MX1989-1991
20/41Weapons Systems - Strategic - Non-MX Missiles1987-1991
20/42Weapons Systems - Strategic - Sub[marine]s - Trident1987-1990
20/43Weapons Systems - Strategic - SDI [Strategic Defense Initiative]1986-1991
20/44Weapons Systems - Strategic - SMEZ1989
District of Columbia (D.C.)
20/48Bennett's Drug Proposal1989
21/1Statehood1990, 1992, undated
21/2Women's Health1991
21/5Development Assistance - Enterprise Zones1987-1991
21/6Disaster Aid1987-1992
21/8Industrial Policy1992, undated
21/9State of the Economy1991-1992
21/11Wage & Price Controls1987
21/14Adult Literacy1987-1991
21/15Civil Rights1987, 1991
21/16Day Care1987-1992
21/21Higher Education1987-1992
21/22Higher Education - Financial Aid1988-1992
21/23Impact Aid1987-1991
21/24Latchkey Children1989-1991
21/25Native American Education1987-1992
21/26Preschool - Even Start1987-1990
21/27Preschool - Head Start1989-1992
21/28Preschool - Healthy Start1989-1990
21/29Preschool - Smart Start1985-1989
21/30Presidential Program 19911990-1991
21/32School-Based Management1989-1992
21/33Special Education1988-1991
21/34Star Schools1987-1990
21/35Teacher Training1987-1990
21/36National Teacher Act1990
21/37Vocational Education1987-1992
21/39Alternative Fuels - General1987-1992
21/40Alternative Fuels - Solar1990
21/41Alternative Fuels - Synthetic1988-1990
21/44Gas (Natural)1987-1989
22/1National Energy Policy1991
22/2Nuclear - General1988-1992
22/3Nuclear - Price Anderson Amendments Act1987-1988, undated
22/4Oil - General1988-1990
22/5Oil - Foreign Dependence1987-1990
22/6Oil - Oil Shake1987
22/7Oil - Strategic Petroleum Reserve1990
22/8TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority]1987
22/10Water - BPA [Bonneville Power Administration]1986-1992
Environment/National Resources (NR)
22/13Air - General1989-1992
22/14Air - Acid Rain1988-1992
22/15Air - Clean Air Act1987-1991
22/16Air - Clean Air Act - Adams' Visibility [Amendment]1990-1991
22/17Air - Gas/Auto Pollution1979-1991
22/18Air - Indoor Air1989
22/19Air - Ozone Layer/CFC's [Chlorofluorocarbons]1987-1992
22/22Forests - General1987-1992
22/23-24Forests - Ancient Forests1992
22/25Forests - Export of Logs1988-1992
22/26Forests - Old Growth - Adams/Hatfield1989-1991
22/27Forests - Old Growth - Economic Diversification1991-1992
22/28Forests - Old Growth - Judicial Review1990-1992
22/29Forests - Old Growth - Yew Tree1991-1992
22/30-31Forests - Old Growth Preservation [I]1989-1991
22/32-33Forests - Old Growth Preservation [II]1991-1992
22/35Land Use - General1989-1992
22/36Land Use - ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge]1991
22/37Land Use - Columbia Gorge1987-1992
22/38Land Use - Mining1990-1991
22/39Land Use - Solid Waste Management1989-1992
22/40Land Use - Toxic/Hazardous Materials1987-1992
23/1Land Use - Wilderness - Wetlands1990-1992
23/2Nuclear - Clean-up - General1987-1991
23/3-4Nuclear - Clean-up - Hanford1987-1992
23/5Nuclear - Clean-up - Hanford (Diversification)1987-1992
23/6Nuclear - Clean-up - Downwinders Study1989-1992
23/7Nuclear - Clean-up - FFTF [Fast Flux Test Facility]1989-1992
23/8Nuclear - Clean-up - Nuclear Reactor1986-1988
23/9-10Nuclear - Clean-up - Dump1986-1992
23/11Nuclear - Clean-up - PUREX [Plutonium Uranium Extraction]1989-1995
23/12Nuclear - Clean-up - WPPSS Conversion1986-1992
23/13Nuclear - Clean-up - NRC/NSA1988
23/14Nuclear - Clean-up - Trust Fund1988-1991
23/15Nuclear - Transport of Waste1987-1992
23/16Nuclear - DOE Operations1987-1991
23/17Pesticides - General1987-1992
23/18Pesticides - Circle of Poison1990-1991
23/19Pesticides - Harmonization/GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade]1990
23/20Recycling1987-1992, undated
23/21Water - General1987-1992
23/22Water - Clean Water Act1987-1991
23/23Water - Conservation1989
23/24Water - Dams & Dikes1989-1992
23/25Water - Dams & Dikes - BPA1987-1991
23/26Water - Dams & Dikes - Elwha [I]1990-1992
23/27Water - Dams & Dikes - Elwha [II]1987-1990
23/28Water - Ground/Drinking1987-1991
23/29Water - Irrigation & Reclamation [Columbia Basin Project]1987-1989
23/30Water - Ocean1987, 1991
24/1Water - Ocean - Adams' Puget Sound1988-1991
24/2Water - Ocean - Dumping1988-1990
24/3-6Water - Ocean - Offshore Oil1986-1990
24/7Water - Ocean - Marine Sanctuaries1987-1991, undated
24/8Water - Ocean - Oil Spills1989-1991
24/9Water - Ocean - Ocean Oil Spills - Oil Spill Prevention1989-1992
24/10-11Water - Ocean Oil Spills - Double Hulls1977-1992
24/12Water - Pesticide Runoff1987-1991
24/13Water - Rivers/Lakes1987-1992
24/14Water - Sewers1990-1991
24/16Wildlife - Animals1988-1991
24/17Wildlife - Endangered Species Act1987-1992
24/18-21Wildlife - Fish - Ocean Fishing Controls1987-1992
24/22Wildlife - Fish - Salmon1988-1992
Federal Government
24/25Employees - General1987-1992
24/26Employees - Pensions1991
25/1Employees - Wages1987-1990
25/2Employees - Hatch Act1989-1991
25/3Employees - Whistle Blower1987-1992
25/4Ethics (Non-Congress)1987-1989
25/5Internal Operations1987
26/6Nomination (Non-Judicial)1987-1991
25/7Procurement - General1987-1988
25/8Procurement - Votes1988
25/9Procurement (Non-Defense) - Buildings & Facilities1987-1992
25/10Procurement - Goods & Services1987-1991
25/11Procurement - Property Disposal1987-1991
25/12Tort Claims1987-1989
25/14Banking - International - BCCI1988
25/15Banking - Reform1988-1991
25/16Banking - Reform - Consumer Protection1987-1992
25/17Banking - Reform - Diversification1987
25/18Banking - Reform - FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] Insurance1987-1991
25/19Banking - Reform - Glass Steagall1988-1991
25/20Banking - Reform - Interstate1987, 1991, undated
25/21Banking - Reform - Lines of Business1987
25/22Banking - Reform - Non-Bank Banks1987
25/24Credit Unions1990
25/25Federal Reserve1987-1988
25/26International - General1987-1988
25/27International - Exchange1988
25/28International - G7 Agreement1991
25/29International - IMF [International Monetary Fund]1988-1989
25/30International - World Bank1987-1991
25/31Money - Bills/Coinage1989-1991
25/32Savings & Loan - General1982-1990
25/33Savings & Loan - General1987-1991
25/34Savings & Loan - Votes1980-1989
25/35Savings & Loan - FIRREA1989-1991
25/36Savings & Loan - FSLIC1987-1988
25/37Savings & Loan - OTS/RTC/DOJ [Office of Thrift Supervising, Resolution Trust Corporation]1990
27/38Savings & Loan - OTS/RTC/DOJ - Financing1991
25/39Savings & Loan - OTS/RTC/DOJ - Sale of Assets1990
25/40Savings & Loan - OTS/RTC/DOJ - Operations1991
25/41Savings & Loan - Reform Pre-19891987-1990
25/42Savings & Loan - S.7901987
25/46Budget - General [I]1987-1991
25/47Budget - General [II]1990-1992
25/48Budget - Adams on Budget Act1990-1991
25/49Budget - Gramm Rudman1986-1992
25/50Budget - Budget Reform1988-1992
25/51Budget - Waiver Budget Act1987-1992
25/52Debt Ceiling1987-1990
Foreign Affairs
25/55, 26/1Votes1987-1992
26/3Department of State Administration1987-1990
26/4Economic Assistance - General1987-1992
26/5Economic Assistance - Family Planning1987-1992
26/6Economic Assistance - Health1987
26/7Economic Assistance - Third World Debt1987-1988
26/8Economic Assistance - World Bank/IMF [International Monetary Fund]1991-1992
26/9Human Rights1987-1991
26/10Military Aid1987-1991
26/12International Organizations1990
26/13International Organizations - U.N.1987-1990
26/15Treaties - Non-Weapons & Trade1987-1992
26/16Weapon Sales - See Also: Trade & Defense1987-1991
26/17Regional Relations - Africa1987-1991
26/23South Africa - General1987-1990
26/24South Africa - Sanctions1987-1990
26/29China - General1988-1990
26/30China - Arms Sales1989-1991
26/31China - Hong Kong1989-1990
26/32China - Human Rights1987-1992
26/33China - Immigration to US1988-1989
26/34China - Trade1987-1992
26/36Japan - General1987-1992
26/37Japan - Trade - FSX1987-1989
26/38Japan - Trade - General1987-1991
26/39Japan - Trade - Imports1987-1992
26/40Japan - Military Assistance1987-1988
26/41Japan - Trade Exports1987
26/42North Korea1988
26/45South Korea - General1987-1989
26/49Soviet Union - General1988-1991
26/50Soviet Union - Armenia1990
56/51Soviet Union - Baltics1987-1992
26/52Soviet Union - Economic Assistance1988-1992
26/53-54Soviet Union - Human Rights1987-1992
26/55Soviet Union - Trade1988-1991
26/56Soviet Union - US Embassy1987-1991
26/57Soviet Union - Ukraine1992
26/59Regional Relations - Eastern Europe1987-1992
26/61Czechoslovakia - General1987-1992
26/62Czechoslovakia - Economic Assistance1991
26/64Poland - General1987-1991
26/65Poland - Economic Assistance1989-1991
26/28Europe/EC [European Community]1987
26/72Germany - General1987-1991
26/73Germany - Reunification1990
26/76Cyprus [I]1987
26/79Central America1987-1991
26/80El Salvador - General1987-1992
26/81El Salvador - Immigration1987-1991
27/1Mexico - General1988-1989
27/2Mexico - Drug Trade1987, 1989
27/3Mexico - Free Trade1991-1992
27/4Mexico - Trade1987-1992
27/5Nicaragua - General1986-1990
27/6Nicaragua - Election Aid1989
27/7Nicaragua - Iran-Contra1987-1989
27/8Nicaragua - Sanctions/Embargo1990
27/9Nicaragua - Contra Aid1986-1989
27/10Panama - General1988-1990
27/11Panama - War1989
27/12Panama - Noriega1987-1990
27/13Panama - Drug Operations1987
27/15Regional Relations - Latin America1989
27/19Columbia1989, 1992
27/20Costa Rica1987-1989
27/22Regional Relations - Caribbean Basin1988-1990
27/24Cayman Islands1989