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Guide to the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 Records

Manuscript Collection No.: 5680
Creator: Amalgamated Transit Union. Local 587 (Seattle, Wash.) , creator
Title: Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records
Date Span: 1941-2015
Bulk: 1980-2010
Quantity: 23.84 cubic feet (25 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Processing paid for by the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 and the Labor Archives Fund, Labor Archives of Washington

Historical Note

Founded in 1892, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 is the largest ATU local on the West Coast. The local had 4000 active and 300 retired members in King, Clallam and Jefferson counties as of 2011. The main membership is comprised primarily of transit operators, but the union also includes 800 members working in over 80 craft occupations.

ATU Local 587 represents employees of:

King County Metro King County, Washington First Transit King County, Washington Solid Ground King County, Washington Jefferson Transit Authority Jefferson County, Washington Clallam Transit System Clallam County, Washington

ATU 587 has, as of 2012, about 4,000 active and 300 retired members spread throughout King, Jefferson, and Clallam counties, and is the largest West Coast ATU chapter. Also as of 2012, ATU International was the largest transit workers' union in North America, including over 190,000 members in the US and Canada.

On April 8, 1912, the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America, Local 587 was formed by the Rainier Valley Electric Railway Workers. The name was eventually shortened to the Amalgamated Transit Union. The international union itself had been established in 1892, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and the Knights of Labor. The history of Local 587 is intertwined with that of its major bargaining counterparts: the Seattle Electric Company/Puget Sound Traction, Light, and Power/ Puget Power, Seattle Transit, and Metro Transit/King County Metro Transit. Public transit in Seattle has undergone many changes, peaks, and troughs, each of which greatly affected ATU 587.

The first horse-drawn street railway was built in Seattle in1884, but horse-drawn cars proved troublesome on the city’s many hills. Horses were soon replaced by the first cable cars, introduced in 1887, and several independent streetcar lines were established. With the economic depression of 1893, many of these lines suffered and were bought but Boston-based Stone & Weber, who managed them under the names the Seattle Electric Company, Puget Sound Traction, Light, and Power, or Puget Power. By 1900, Stone and Webster had acquired twenty-two street railway lines and the main power company.

ATU 587’s first major action came in July 1917. Relations were already tense, as Puget Power had cut wages to compensate for operating losses, but things came to a head when two transit employees were fired for joining ATU 587. The remaining 1,500 employees walked out in response. When Puget Sound Traction, Light, and Power brought in strikebreakers, the striking workers rioted and overturned two streetcars in Pioneer Square. This strike shut down operations in the city and forced shipyards to close, so, as it occurred during WWI, the federal government pressured both sides for arbitration. As a result, ATU 587 did not win a wage increase, but the company was prohibited from firing workers solely for joining the union.

In 1918, Puget Power was losing money, in part due to competition from motorized jitney taxes and the private auto. $400,000 behind in taxes to the city, Puget Power asked the city to lease some of its lines. In response, Seattle Mayor Ole Hanson purchased the entire streetcar system from Puget Power (for much more than it was technically worth). Voters approved the plan, paying $15 million (renegotiated to $10 million) and the city assumed control in 1919, renaming the system the Seattle Municipal Railway. After a few years, the city also began to struggle to pay for this system, especially with fares set at the low price of a nickel. To remedy the problem in 1939, Seattle Mayor Arthur Langlie borrowed $10.2 million from New Deal agency the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to pay off Puget Power and purchase 235 trolley buses and 102 motor coaches. By 1941, the last streetcar ran in Seattle (until the 1980s, when streetcars were revived by the waterfront, and later in South Lake Union.

During WWII, ridership rose to 57 million as the government rationed gasoline, while ATU 587 made wartime concessions. A new group of younger leadership took over the ATU 587 in 1945 and committed themselves to strengthening the union and increasing assertiveness. The ATU 587 made major gains in the postwar period, obtaining paid vacation and the first operator wages over $2 per hour.

In the 1950s, though, ridership decreased as Seattleites spread to the suburbs. Tensions grew as Seattle Transit lost money but ATU 587 remained assertive, until union members went on strike in 1956. The city of Seattle eventually won an injunction that declared public employee strikes illegal. Suburban sprawl continued, while voters did not approve sources of funding for transit proposed by the Forward Thrust program. By 1973, it became evident that even the survival of the system was in question, as Seattle Transit faced impending bankruptcy. The Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle (Metro), established in 1958 to deal with waste treatment in the greater Seattle area, received voter authorization to take over the transit system in King County by 1973. With this shift, ATU Local 1384, associated with privately owned Metropolitan Transit Corporation, merged into ATU 587.

Metro Transit tried to decrease costs, to the frustration of ATU 587; at the time, Seattle transit employees made about 15-20% less than employees in other West Coast cities and lacked a cost-of-living adjustment in the face of rapid inflation. Yet Metro was hiring rapidly, and was hesitant to also give employees, new and old, these benefits. ATU 587 went on strike for 15 days in 1974, asking for higher wages and benefits, but Metro was not compliant. A federal mediator was brought in, and parties eventually settled on sick leave, an eight-hour day, and a 34% wage increase for drivers and mechanics, plus cost-of-living increases, though other Metro Transit employees did not gain quite so much. In 1977, Metro instituted part-time drive positions to provide sufficient service during peak times without losing massive amounts of money in off-peak hours. Some ATU 587 members protested this policy with some strategic sickouts, as part-time drivers violated the guarantee of an eight-hour day. However, the union’s eventual position when negotiating the installation of part-time drivers was to try to make the position undesirable, with few benefits, in the hopes that having part-time employees would be untenable and Metro would eliminate the position. This tactic proved shortsighted in many ways, as there were many part-time drivers, so ATU 587 spent much of the following decades trying to improve the working conditions of part-timers. Other issues arose regarding seniority between part-time and full-timer drivers, to be negotiated in the coming decades.

Metro made some changes to operations in Seattle in the 1970s-1990s. It instituted the Ride Free downtown area, implemented services for the handicapped like wheelchair lifts and Paratransit Services, and proposed a 1.3 mile bus tunnel in 1987, completed in 1990. However, Metro ceased to exist in 1994, as it was found unconstitutional, and was replaced by the King County Metro.

ATU 587 has shown concern for worker rights and workplace conditions over the years, particularly in the 1980s-2000s, the period most strongly covered by this collection. In 1980, ATU 587 codified past practice and work rules by writing up extensive contracts, which grew to hundreds of pages and gave the union a stronger legal basis for grievances and other requests. ATU 587 began to represent Clallam Transit Services and Jefferson Transit Authority in the early 1980s, and Paratransit Services in the 1990s. The ATU also was politically active in the 1980s, supporting Greg Nickels for King County Council. In 1989, the Department of Transportation, a federal organization that subsidized much of Metro Transit, began to require random drug testing. This policy led the ATU 587 to a court battle, which it eventually lost. Metro Transit and ATU 587 suffered a tragedy in 1998 when Metro operator Mark McLaughlin was attacked by a gunman while driving a bus across the Aurora Bridge. The bus crashed and fell off the bridge, killing McLaughlin, the shooter, and a passenger. In 2003, the ATU 587 supported a move to bring surveillance cameras onto buses, arguing that cameras would help prevent assaults on drivers. ATU 587 concerns in the last few decades have included issues such as these about workplace conditions.

Throughout much of the 1990s and 2000s, ATU 587 also struggled for higher wages and better benefits as funding for transit remained unstable. Contract negotiations in 1989-1990 proved difficult, as ATU 587 members walked out for several hours and outside negotiators were brought in. ATU 587 won a modest wage increase and benefits. In 1999, State Initiative 695, sponsored by Tim Eyman, proposed to require voter approval for tax increase while lowering vehicle license tab fees from 2.2% of a vehicle’s value to $30. Despite the efforts of the ATU and other groups on the No on I-695 campaign, the initiative passed. Several groups, including ATU 587, took the issue to court, arguing that it did not follow the Washington constitution, which restricts initiatives to one subject. The court threw out I-695, but politicians installed a similar cut on license tabs. In 2000, Eyman proposed another initiative, I-745, which would have designated 90% of state and local transportation for roads, with only 10% left for other forms of transportation. ATU 587 campaigned passionately against the measure, and it was rejected. In 2002, citizens rejected Referendum 51, which would have provided a large amount of funding to improve state transportation, while approving a $30 limit on car tabs. Overall, ATU 587 and King County Metro alike have spent much of the past few decades struggling to find stable transit funding.


Organized into 3 accessions.

Accession No. 5680-001, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1941-2012
Accession No. 5680-002, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1999-2012
Accession No. 5680-003, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1982-2015

Scope and Content

ATU international union and Local 587 publications, King County-Metro publications, collective bargaining agreements, union election materials, histories, photos, ephemera, memorabilia, patches, and pins.

Terms of Access

Open to all users.

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The creators' literary rights have been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.


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Other Finding Aids

The visual materials that form part of this collection are described and indexed in the guide to the Amalgamated Transit Union photograph collection, Local 587, PH Coll 1095 in Special Collections.


Accession No. 5680-001
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1941-2012 (Bulk: 1980-2010)
15 cubic feet (17 boxes)
The series are arranged depending on their creator, format, or function, then arranged chronologically with the exception of videocassettes, which are arranged alphabetically, and CDs, which are in the order the ATU 587 had stored them in.
Scope and Content
Minutes, newsletters, Transit Operating Handbook (King County-Metro) and other publications, training materials, photographs, video, memorabilia and clippings
This collection documents the activities between years 1941 and 2012 of Local 587 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, with the majority of the collection covering the years 1980-2010. The collection provides information about the ATU 587 working conditions and wages, member concerns, and internal culture; ATU International activities; and issues related to transit in Seattle.
Series I: ATU 587 Materials consists of materials published by the ATU 587. Within that series, the first section consists of material meant for member use, including documents that strongly affect working conditions, like Collective Bargaining Agreements, By-Laws and Rules of Order. Of particular interest are the near-complete sets of the union’s monthly newsletter from 1981 to 2011. Also revealing are the ATU 587 board and committee minutes from 1940 to 1975, which chronicle the actions and concerns of ATU 587 over that period. Also in this first series are materials on officer elections, newspaper clippings related to transportation in the Pacific Northwest, ephemera and artifacts, videocassettes, and CDs. These show the daily activities and concerns of the union and its members.
Series II: ATU International Publications contains material created by the ATU International, generally for member and local union consumption, like materials from conventions or constitutions and general laws. These documents reveal the policies, priorities, and concerns of the ATU International.
Series III: City of Seattle, Metro Transit, and King County Metro Materials contains records created by other local ATU unions meant for consumption, generally, by their own members but available to the public and other unions.
Series IV: Materials from Other ATU Local Unions and Transit Organizations Outside of the Seattle Area contains documents created by ATU 587’s major bargaining counterparts, City of Seattle, Metro Transit, and King County Metro, providing insight into the state of transit in the Seattle Area. Of particular note is a near-complete subseries of The Book, the operator’s handbook, from between the 1970s and 2009.
Series V: Materials from Affiliated Labor Organizations contains material from other affiliated labor organizations, including the AFL-CIO and the Washington State Labor Council, giving insight into the ATU 587’s relationship with some of these other organizations.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Acquisition Info
Donor: President/Business Agent Paul J. Bachtel, January 6, 2012
Series I: ATU 587 Materials 1941-2011
Scope and Content: This series consists of material created by the ATU 587, subdivided by type of material.
Subseries A: ATU 587 Publications and Materials for ATU 587 Members 1941-2011
Scope and Content: Subseries A consists of documents intended for consumption by ATU 587 members; most of these documents were created by ATU 587. This subseries is divided into several sections: Handbooks, By-Laws and Rules of Order, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA's), and ATU 587 News Review.
Arrangement: Within each section of this subseries, documents are generally arranged chronologically, with the exception of CBA's, which are subdivided by bargaining counterpart and then organized chronologically within that subdivision.
Part 1: Handbooks 1986-2005
Scope and Content: Part 1 consists of Handbooks, which are different editions of the union member handbook first created in 1986.
Processing Info: Processed by Abigail Rhinehart; processing completed in 2012 with funds donated by Amalgamated Transit Unions Union, Local 587.

Visual materials were separated into PH Coll 1095.

1/1ATU 587 Handbook, 1st Edition1986
1/2ATU 587 Handbook, 2nd Edition2001
1/3ATU 587 Handbook, 3rd Edition2005
Part 2: By-Laws and Rules of Order 1954, 1969
Scope and Content: Part 2: By-Laws and Rules of Order consists of two editions of this document, one from 1954 and one from 1969.
1/4ATU 587 By-Laws and Rules of Order1954
1/5By-Laws and Rules of ATU 5871969
Part 3: Collective Bargaining Agreements (Contracts) 1973-2010
Scope and Content: Part 3 is composed of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA's) made between ATU 587 and the Seattle Transit System, Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle (Metro), King County Metro Transit, Paratransit (MV) Public Transportation, Seattle Personal Transit, Paratransit Services, First Transit Call Center, Jefferson Transit Authority, and Clallam Transit System.
1/6Agreement between Seattle Transit System and ATU 587, 1947-19481947-1948
1/7Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 19731973
1/8Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 1977-19801977
1/9Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 1981-19841981
1/10Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 1984-19871984
1/11Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 1987-19901987
1/12Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, exp. 19951995
1/13Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, exp. 19981998
1/14Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, exp. 20012001
1/15Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, exp. 20042004
1/16Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, exp. 20072007
1/17Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, exp. 20102010
2/1Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and King County Metro Transit, Addendum for Rail Employees, 20102010
2/2Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Paratransit (MV) Public Transportation, 2004-20072004
2/3Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Paratransit (MV) Transportation, 20072007
2/4Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Seattle Personal Transit, 2002-20052002
2/5Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Seattle Personal Transit, 2005-20082005
2/6Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Seattle Personal Transit, 2008-20092008
2/7Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Seattle Personal Transit, 2009-20122009
2/8Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Paratransit Services, 2004-20062004
2/9Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Paratransit Services, 2007-20092007
2/10Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Paratransit Services, 2010-20122010
2/11Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and First Transit Call Center, 2010-20142010
2/12Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Jefferson Transit Authority, 19841984
2/13Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Jefferson Transit Authority, 1993-19951993
2/14Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Jefferson Transit Authority, 2005-20072005
2/15Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Jefferson Transit Authority, 2008-20102008
2/16Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System Authority, 1986-19881986
2/17Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System Authority, 1989-19911989
2/18Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System, 1995-19971995
2/19Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System, 2001-20032001
2/20Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System, 2004-20062004
2/21Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between ATU 587 and Clallam Transit System, 2010-20142010
Part 4: Newsletters 1981-2011
Scope and Content: Subseries B consists of the ATU 587 News Letter, changed to News Review, a newsletter produced by the union that ranges from 1981 to 2011.
2/36ATU 587 News Letter Feb, July 1981Feb. 1981, July 1981
2/37ATU 587 News Review Oct.-Nov. 1983Oct. 1983
2/38ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1984Jan. 1984, June 1984
2/39ATU 587 News Review July-Oct., Dec. 1984July 1984, Oct. 1984, Dec. 1984
2/40ATU 587 News Review Jan., Mar.-June 1985Jan. 1985, Mar. 1985-June 1985
3/1ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1985July 1985-Dec. 1985
3/2ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1986Jan. 1986-June 1986
3/3ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1986July-Dec. 1986
3/4ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1987Jan.-June 1987
3/5ATU 587 News Review July-Oct. 1987July-Oct. 1987
3/6ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1988Jan.-June 1988
3/7ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1988July-Dec. 1988
3/8ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1989Jan.-June 1989
3/9ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1989July-Dec. 1989
3/10ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1990Jan.-June 1990
3/11ATU 587 News Review Aug.-Sept., Dec. 1990Aug. 1990-Sept. 1990, Dec. 1990
3/12ATU 587 News Review Jan., May 1991Jan. 1991, May 1991
3/13ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1991July-Dec. 1991
3/14ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1992Jan.-June 1992
3/15ATU 587 News Review July-Nov. 1992July-Nov. 1992
3/16ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1993Jan.-June 1993
3/17ATU 587 News Review July-Sept., Nov.-Dec. 1993July-Sept. 1993, Nov.-Dec. 1993
3/18ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1994Jan.-June 1994
3/19ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1994July-Dec. 1994
3/20ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1995Jan.-June 1995
3/21ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1995July-Dec. 1995
3/22ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1996Jan.-June 1996
3/23ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1996July-Dec. 1996
3/24ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1997Jan.-June 1997
3/25ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1997July-Dec. 1997
3/26ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1998Jan.-June 1998
3/27ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1998July-Dec. 1998
3/28ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 1999Jan.-June 1999
3/29ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 1999July-Dec. 1999
3/30ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2000Jan.-June 2000
4/1ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2000July-Dec. 2000
4/2ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2001Jan.-June 2001
4/3ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2001July-Dec. 2001
4/4ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2002Jan.-June 2002
4/5ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2002July-Dec. 2002
4/6ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2003Jan.-June 2003
4/7ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2003July-Dec. 2003
4/8ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2004Jan.-June 2004
4/9ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2004July-Dec. 2004
4/10ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2005Jan.-June 2005
4/11ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2005July-Dec. 2005
4/12ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2006Jan.-June 2006
4/13ATU 587 News Review July-Nov. 2006July-Nov. 2006
4/14ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2007Jan.-June 2007
4/15ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2007July-Dec. 2007
4/16ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2008Jan.-June 2008
4/17ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2008July-Dec. 2008
4/18ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2009Jan.-June 2009
5/1ATU 587 News Review July-Sept., Nov.-Dec. 2009July-Sept. 2009, Nov.-Dec. 2009
5/2ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2010Jan.-June 2010
5/3ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2010July-Dec. 2010
5/4ATU 587 News Review Jan.-June 2011Jan.-June 2011
5/5ATU 587 News Review July-Dec. 2011July-Dec. 2011
Subseries B: Board and Committee Minutes 1940-1975
Scope and Content: Subseries B consists of ATU 587 minutes from late 1940 to 1975.
Arrangement: Most of these minutes are arranged chronologically rather than by committee, as they were originally all kept in the same notebook, so minutes from one committee's meeting exist on the same page as minutes from another meeting. Two exceptions are Board Meeting Minutes from July 9, 1975, which were originally loose, and a set of Motor Coach Employees Security Plan Trustees Meeting Minutes, which were kept separate and range from 1958 to 1973.
5/6-6/1ATU 587 MinutesDec. 30, 1940-Dec. 19, 1963
6/2ATU 587 Board Meeting Minutes July 9, 1975July 9, 1975
6/3Motor Coach Employees Security Plan Trustees Meeting MinutesMay 28, 1958-May 14, 1973
Subseries C: Officer Elections Materials 1997-2010
Scope and Content: Subseries C consists of materials specific to ATU 587 officer elections that ranges from 1997-2003.
Arrangement: Records are in chronological order.
6/4ATU 587 Voters Pamphlet1997
6/5ATU 587 Officer Elections2003
6/6ATU 587 Officer Elections2006
6/7ATU 587 Officer Elections2009
6/8ATU 587 Elections Fliers and Brochurescirca 2010
6/9-7/6 Subseries D: Newspaper Clippings 1973-1980
Scope and Content: Subseries D consists of newspaper clippings related to transportation in the Puget Sound and were originally contained in a scrapbook. Clippings range from 1973 to 1980. While the material is not entirely created by the ATU 587, the arrangement and selection shows creative thought process.
Arrangement: Records are arranged chronologically.
Subseries E: Ephemera and Artifacts Mostly undated, some circa 1998-2002
Scope and Content: Subseries E consists of ATU 587 ephemera and artifacts including pamphlets, fliers, postcards, buttons, patches, plaques, and other similar materials. Most are undated, but probably range from the 1980s to 2000s.
7/8ATU 587 Postcard to Politician, Budget CutsUndated
7/9Flyers on King County CouncilUndated
7/10Black Paratransit Services ArmbandsUndated
7/11ATU 587 Shoulder PatchUndated
7/12ATU 587 Datebook CoverUndated
7/13ATU Romanian Council Plaquescirca 2002
7/14Pins and Buttons, General and CommitteesUndated
7/15Pins and Buttons, ElectionsUndated
7/16Mark McLaughlin Memorial Cardscirca 1998
17ATU for Obama/Biden Yard Sign2008
Subseries F: Videocassettes 1984-2005
Scope and Content: Many of the 29 videocassettes in this Subseries F were intended for ATU 587 viewers, though they originate from many different sources, including the ATU International, local news organizations, and employer organizations.
Arrangement: Items are arranged alphabetically by title.
8/1ATU 1995 Convention Opening Video1995
8/2ATU Advancement Through Unity - 19861986
8/3ATU CDL Study Program Orientation TapeUndated
8/4ATU Jerry FundUndated
8/5ATU Tapes - 1986 Seattle, WA1986
8/6ATU Trip to OlympiaUndated
8/7ATU "The Workers' Voice"Sept. 17, 1993
8/8Aqui Se Puede, Farmworkers in Washington State1991
8/9Best of Tunnel Closure Video2005
8/10Financial Systems Products CorpUndated
8/11Grievance HandlingUndated
8/12Mayworks FestivalUndated
8/13Mayworks Festival/Portraits of Union WomenUndated
8/14King 5 - Metro SecurityUndated
8/15King 5 - "Metro Safety"Nov. 10, 1987-Nov 12, 1987, Dec. 1, 1987-Dec. 4, 1987
8/16KOMO's Bullshit on Bus Drivers and King 5 Cheap Shot 5-20-94May 20, 1994
8/17Peninsula College Commercial, "Bus Drivin' Shuffle," "Clallam County - Stickin' to the Union"June 1987
8/18Portraits of Union Women 1992
8/19The Role of the Shop StewardUndated
8/20"A Safe Ride For All," The UMTA RuleUndated
8/21Security Task Force Training FilmUndated
8/22Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceUndated
8/23Struggle in the HeartlandUndated
8/24Washington Citizen Action Medicare/Medicaid PresentationUndated
8/25Washington Forest Protection AssociationUndated
8/26Winning -- With ATU Committee on Political Education (COPE)Undated
8/27Workplace Hustle/Would You Let Someone Do This to Your Sister?1984
8/28United Farm Workers of America Wrath of GrapesUndated
8/29Untitled VHSUndated
Subseries G: Compact Discs circa 2000s
Scope and Content: This Subseries G consists of 81 compact discs. These discs range from 2003 to 2012. Most contain photos. Of particular note are CDs from the Memorabilia folder from the ATU 587 office server.
Arrangement: Discs are in their original order, as they were stored at the ATU 587,
16/1Disc #2: Meetings, Memoranda on Agreement (MOA), News Review Articles1990s-2000s
General Notes: These discs were burned for the archival donation by members of the ATU 587 office staff. The files on them contain copies of useful documents.
16/2Disc #3: Section 13(c), ATU 587 Motions Log1990s-2000s
General Notes: These discs were burned for the archival donation by members of the ATU 587 office staff. The files on them contain copies of useful documents.
16/3Disc #8: Contracts1990s-2000s
General Notes: These discs were burned for the archival donation by members of the ATU 587 office staff. The files on them contain copies of useful documents.
16/4Disc #9: Bulletins; By-Laws, Rules, & Regulations1990s-2000s
General Notes: These discs were burned for the archival donation by members of the ATU 587 office staff. The files on them contain copies of useful documents.
16/5-14Memorabilia Folder Pictures2012
16/15Photos Black Caucus Sea 2005 Marc Auerbach2005
16/164 together, labeled "CTS": Clallam Transit System April 03 cutr May 03 Declination Glens Social Hour2003
16/17Clallam Transit System Awards 042004
16/18Clallam Transit System photos as of 1-19-06Jan. 19, 2006
16/19Clallam Transit SystemUndated
16/20John Senear '052005
16/21Monorail Demonstration 2-11-04Feb. 11, 2004
16/22-25 "2004 International Convention"54th Convention September 13-17, 2004 DVD featuring Driven to Serve, Happy Faces, Safety & Security, Education, Community Service, Organizing, Sen. Clinton, Convention Highlights, Legislative & Political Action2004
16/2654th Convention September 13-17, 2004 Driven to Serve Convention Anthem TRT 8:272004
16/272004 ATU International Convention Las Vegas2004
16/28King County 2004 Operators of the Month Photos2004
16/29-39Committee on Political Education (COPE) FormUndated
16/407/22/11 entered on excel 6/9/08 Lance Norton PDR King Co. Dept of Transportationcirca 2008-2011
16/41Steven Frank PDR King County DOT 1 of 1Undated
16/42Portland MaxUndated
16/43American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Demo 2-26-032003
16/44ATU Latino Caucus-Committee on Political Education (ATULC-COPE) Jan 20042004
16/45Local 587 Carey Larsen Group ShotUndated
16/46Lobby Day 2008 with note: Paul, here are the pix from the lobby day Thanx, Alan"2008
16/47Washington State Labor Council Convention Digital Photo AlbumUndated
16/48"Employee Photos 2002-2008": The Kim and Cathy Tour of Greater Seattle Washington June 2002 Photos by Cathy Donalds2002-2008
16/49Open House MDRS Mar. 20042004
16/50SB Safety Breakfast Mar. 20042004
16/51Teri Allen VM Emp of the Year the Man 20042004
16/52PTTO Qualification Day March 26, 2004 by Jim Elder for Paul Griffin, with note "a little something for the news review?"2004
16/53P/T class of 3-26-04 CD #22004
16/54Festive Annual Member Event 2005 Picnic Photos by Marie Larsen2005
16/55Office Scenes July 20052005
16/56Street Car 11-18-052005
16/58-59Local 587 Picnic 20052005
16/60ATU 587 BBQ 2006 jpegs2006
16/61East Base Christmas Party 12-17-20072007
16/62SLU Employee Appreciation Day 20082008
16/63Set of photos labeled "Retirees." Retiree 05 F.A.M.E. 2960002 to 29600222005
16/64Retiree 05 F.A.M.E. 2950003 to 29500222005
16/65Solidarity and Romania for News reviewUndated
16/66Russians pictures and story July 042004
16/67ATU 587 Photos Mark McLaughlin memorial 11-23-20072007
16/68-70"Northwest Conference 2004-2006": Northwest Conference 042004-2006
16/71Northwest Conference Portland 20052005
16/72Northwest Conference 2005 "pick of the litter" with note "Review and send to the intl (???)"2005
16/73Northwest Conference Edmonton - 062006
16/74Northwest Conference best Phoenix 062006
16/75"How do we get there from here" Undated
16/76ADR - Mediation Training May 2008 Arbitration Training2008
16/77Labor Arbitration Institute 5th Ed.Undated
16/78Puget Sound Milestones Central Puget Sound Regional Economic Profile, 20032003
16/79Metro 30th Anniversary Feb 1, 2003, with note "Got some good shots, Lance. Hope you like them. Al"2003
16/80Lobby Day Committee on Political Education 032003
16/81Shop Steward Training Feb 062006
16/82Gay Pride Seattle, WA 20062006
16/83Election 2003 Best Pictures at random2003
16/84Trainings-metro. Calling out the stops. Peggy A. Renfrow, Chief of Bellevue Base OperationsUndated
16/85Health Matters Video from the King County Leadership ForumUndated
Series II: ATU International Publications 1980s-2000s
Scope and Content: ATU International Publications is made up of material created by the ATU International.
Subseries A: Regulations, Constitutions and General Laws 1975-2007
Scope and Content: This subseries includes publications from the ATU International related to the conduct and goals of members, local unions, and the organization as a whole. The first section contains Constitutions and General Laws from between 1977 and 2003. The second section contains other materials related to conduct, such as the ATU Ritual and Form of Initiation from 1995 and the booklet The ATU: A Brief History from 1985.
9/1ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1977
9/2ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1981
9/3ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1983
9/4ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1986
9/5ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1989
9/6ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1992
9/7ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1995
9/8ATU International, Constitution and General Laws1998
9/9ATU International, Constitution and General Laws2001
9/10ATU International, Constitution and General Laws2004
9/11ATU International, Constitution and General Laws2007
9/12ATU Ritual and Form of Initiation1995
9/13ATU Women's International Auxiliary Constitution and General Laws1975
9/14The ATU: A Brief History1985
9/15ATU PamphletUndated
Subseries B: Local Union Directories 2007-2008
Scope and Content: Subseries B includes booklets from 2007 and 2008 with the contact information for all ATU local unions.
9/16ATU Local Union Directory2007
9/17ATU Local Union Directory2008
Subseries C: Convention, Seminar, and Meeting Materials 1961-2001
Scope and Content: Subseries C contains material from the Amalgamated Transit Union biennial conventions, including convention programs, proceedings, international reports, and Committee on Political Education (COPE) Reports. Documents range from 1961 to 1995 and are arranged chronologically.
9/18ATU Souvenir Programed 36th Convention1961
9/19ATU 45th Convention Proceedings1979
9/20ATU 46th Convention Proceedings1981
9/21ATU 46th Convention International Reports1981
9/22ATU 47th Convention Proceedings1983
9/23ATU 47th Convention International Reports1983
9/24ATU 48th Convention Proceedings1986
9/25ATU 48th Convention Program of Events1986
9/26ATU 48th Convention Program of Events1986
9/27ATU 48th Convention Program1986
9/28ATU 48th Convention, ATU-Committee on Political Education (COPE), 1983-861986
9/29ATU Jerry Fund 1st Annual Golf Tournament1986
9/30ATU 49th Convention Program1989
9/31ATU 49th Convention International Reports1989
9/32ATU 49th Convention ATU-Committee on Political Education (COPE) Report, 1986-891989
9/33ATU 50th Convention Program1992
9/34ATU 50th Convention Proceedings1992
9/35ATU 50th Convention International Reports1992
9/36ATU 50th Convention Resolutions1992
9/37ATU 50th Convention ATU-Committee on Political Education (COPE) Report1992
9/38ATU 51st Convention International Reports1995
9/39ATU 51st Convention Resolutions1995
9/40ATU 51st Convention ATU-Committee on Political Education (COPE) Reports1995
9/41ATU 53rd Convention Proceedings2001
9/42ATU Collective Bargaining Seminar1993
9/43ATU Collective Bargaining Seminar1994
10/1ATU Collective Bargaining Seminar1995
Subseries D: ATU International Ephemera circa 1980s-2000s, Undated
Scope and Content: Subseries D contains one piece of ephemera, a clip-on watch from the ATU Committee on Political Education (COPE).
10/2ATU-Committee on Political Education (COPE) Watchcirca 1980s-2000s, Undated
17 Subseries E: ATU International Newsletter May 2004-Feb. 2006
Scope and Content: Subseries E contains copies of the ATU International Newsletter In Transit from May 2004 to Feb. 2006, arranged chronologically.
17ATU International Journal "In Transit"May 2004-Oct. 2004
17ATU International Journal "In Transit"Jan. 2005-Aug. 2005
17ATU International Journal "In Transit"Sept. 2005-Feb. 2006
Series III: City of Seattle, Metro Transit, and King County Metro Materials 1930s-2009
Arrangement: This series is subdivided by publication type, and within each section items are organized chronologically.
Scope and Content: City of Seattle, Metro Transit, and King County Metro Materials is composed of material created by the major bargaining counterparts for the ATU 587.
Subseries A: Governmental Charters, Rules, Policies, and Studies Relating to Transportation 1930s-2002
10/6Seattle Municipal Street Railway Transfers1930s
10/7The Charter of the City of Seattle1946, 1950
10/8City of Seattle Civil Service Law and Rules1942, 1948
10/9Seattle-King County Transit Service Map1979-1980
10/10Paratransit (MV) Transportation Employee Handbook and Employment Guidelines2002
10/11Ordinance Governing the City Employees' Retirement System1953
10/12Reports of Board of Administration, Seattle City Employees' Retirement System1967-1969, 1976
17Report, "A Transit Plan for the Metropolitan Area, Seattle and King County," 19721972
17Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project, 2010 Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement Executive SummaryOct. 2010
17Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project, Final Environmental Impact Statement SummaryJuly 2011
Subseries B: Seattle Transit System Annual Report 1941-1966
Scope and Content: Subseries B contains copies of the Seattle Transit System Annual Report from many of the years between 1941 and 1966 arranged chronologically.
10/13Seattle Transit System Annual Report1941, 1944
10/14Seattle Transit System Annual Report1951, 1952, 1955, 1956
10/15Seattle Transit System Annual Report1957, 1959, 1963, 1964, 1966
Subseries C: King County Metro Bus Driver Handbook, The Book 1970s-2009
Scope and Content: The Book is the term for the King County Metro Bus Driver Handbook, which is published three times per year. Operators are instructed to read The Book and to keep it with them while driving. Changes to each new edition are generally noted at the front of each book, often in an insert. Some of the inserts have been removed and placed next to the books themselves to prevent damage to the book's spine and cover. This subseries is arranged in chronological order.
11/1The Book, Undatedc. 1970s
11/2The Book, Dec. 1980Dec. 1980
11/3The Book, Feb. 1981Feb. 1981
11/4The Book, May 1981May 1981
11/5The Book, Feb. 1982Feb. 1982
11/6The Book, June 1982June 1982
11/7The Book, Sept. 1982Sept. 1982
11/8The Book, Jan. 1983Jan. 1983
11/9The Book, June 1983June 1983
11/10The Book, Sept. 1983Sept. 1983
11/11The Book, Feb. 1984Feb. 1984
11/12The Book, June 1984June 1984
11/13The Book, Sept. 1984Sept. 1984
12/1The Book, Feb. 1985Feb. 1985
12/2The Book, June 1985June 1985
12/3The Book, Sept. 1985Sept. 1985
12/4The Book, Feb. 1986Feb. 1986
12/5The Book, June 1986June 1986
12/6The Book, Sept. 1986Sept. 1986
12/7The Book, Feb. 1987Feb. 1987
12/8The Book, June 1987June 1987
12/9The Book, Sept. 1987Sept. 1987
12/10The Book, Feb. 1988Feb. 1988
12/11The Book, June 1988June 1988
12/12The Book, Sept. 1988Sept. 1988
12/13The Book, Feb. 1989Feb. 1989
12/14The Book, June 1989June 1989
12/15The Book, Sept. 1989Sept. 1989
12/16The Book, Feb. 1990Feb. 1990
12/17The Book, June 1990June 1990
12/18The Book, Sept. 1990Sept. 1990
13/1The Book, Feb. 1991Feb. 1991
13/2The Book, June 1991June 1991
13/3The Book, Sept. 1991Sept. 1991
13/4The Book, Feb. 1992Feb. 1992
13/5The Book, June 1992June 1992
13/6The Book, Aug. 1992Aug. 1992
13/7The Book, Feb. 1993Feb. 1993
13/8The Book, June 1993June 1993
13/9The Book, Aug. 1993Aug. 1993
13/10The Book, Feb. 1994Feb. 1994
13/11The Book, June 1994June 1994
13/12The Book, Sept. 1994Sept. 1994
13/13The Book, Feb. 1995Feb. 1995
13/14The Book, June 1995June 1995
13/15The Book, Sept. 1995Sept. 1995
13/16The Book, Feb. 1996Feb. 1996
13/17The Book, June 1996June 1996
13/18The Book, Sept. 1996Sept. 1996
14/1The Book, Feb. 1997Feb. 1997
14/2The Book, June 1997June 1997
14/3The Book, Sept. 1997Sept. 1997
14/4The Book, Feb. 1998Feb. 1998
14/5The Book, June 1998June 1998
14/6The Book, Sept. 1998Sept. 1998
14/7The Book, Feb. 1999Feb. 1999
14/8The Book, June 1999June 1999
14/9The Book, Sept. 1999Sept. 1999
14/10The Book, Feb. 2000Feb. 2000
14/11The Book, June 2000June 2000
14/12The Book, Sept. 2000Sept. 2000
14/13The Book, June 2001June 2001
14/14The Book, Sept. 2001Sept. 2001
14/15The Book, Feb. 2002Feb. 2002
14/16The Book, June 2002June 2002
14/17The Book, Sept. 2002Sept. 2002
15/1The Book, Feb. 2003Feb. 2003
15/2The Book, June 2003June 2003
15/3The Book, Sept. 2003Sept. 2003
15/4The Book, Feb. 2004Feb. 2004
15/5The Book, June 2004June 2004
15/6The Book, Sept. 2004Sept. 2004
15/7The Book, Feb. 2005Feb. 2005
15/8The Book, June 2005June 2005
15/9The Book, Sept. 2005Sept. 2005
15/10The Book, Feb. 2006Feb. 2006
15/11The Book, June 2006June 2006
15/12The Book, Sept. 2006Sept. 2006
15/13The Book, June 2007June 2007
15/14The Book, Sept. 2007Sept. 2007
15/15The Book, Feb. 2008Feb. 2008
15/16The Book, June 2008June 2008
15/17The Book, Sept. 2008Sept. 2008
15/18The Book, Feb. 2009Feb. 2009
Subseries D: Other Seattle Metro and King County Metro Publications 1959-1987
Scope and Content: This subseries is composed of newsletters, primarily those produced by the Seattle Transit System or Seattle Metro. The first section of newsletters, Transit Talk, was produced by the Seattle Transit System, and ranges from 1943 to 1948. The second section is Transit News, a newsletter put out by Seattle Metro. The third section consists of publications put out by other governmental transit organizations that are bargaining partners with ATU 587.
2/22-35 Part 1: Transit Talk Aug. 1943-1948
2/22Transit Talk Aug. 1943Aug. 1943
2/23Transit Talk Jan.-June 1944Jan.-June 1944
2/24Transit Talk July-Dec. 1944July-Dec. 1944
2/25Transit Talk Jan.-June 1945Jan.-June 1945
2/26Transit Talk July-Dec. 1945July-Dec. 1945
2/27Transit Talk Jan.-June 1946Jan.-June 1946
2/28Transit Talk July-Dec. 1946July-Dec. 1946
2/29Transit Talk Jan.-June 1947Jan.-June 1947
2/30Transit Talk July-Sept. 19470July-Sept. 1947
2/31Transit Talk Mid-Winter Issue 19471947
2/32Transit Talk March 1948March 1948
2/33Transit Talk April 1948April 1948
2/34Transit Talk Mid-Year 19481948
2/35Transit Talk Oct. 1948Oct. 1948
10/16-17 Part 2: Transit News 1959-1982
10/16Transit NewsJan. 1959, Aug. 1959-Dec. 1959
10/17Transit News1961-1982
10/18-20 Part 3: Other Publications 1974-1987
10/18Clearwater Transit Times1974-1983
10/19The Insider1984, 1987
10/20King County Metro, Resolving Conflict, A Pocket GuideUndated
Series IV: Materials from Other ATU Local Unions and Transit Organizations Outside of the Seattle Area 1990-1993
Arrangement: This series is arranged chronologically.
Scope and Content: This series consists of materials produced by other local unions: ATU 583 in Edmonton, ATU 843 in Bellingham, and the Portland Tri-Met transit organization.
10/3Local Colour, A Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of ATU 5831990
10/4ATU 843 Bellingham 75th Anniversary Retrospective1993
10/5Tri-Met 20th Anniversary Portland, Oregon1990
Series V: Materials from Affiliated Labor Organizations 1957-1995
Arrangement: This series is divided into subseries based on creator, then arranged chronologically within the subseries.
Scope and Content: Materials from Affiliated Labor Organizations contains documents created by other labor-related organizations divided into sections based on originator.
Subseries A: Materials from the AFL-CIO 1976-1991
Scope and Content: This subseries consists of resolutions from AFL-CIO conventions and instructional materials put out by the AFL-CIO.
10/21AFL-CIO Resolutions, 18th Convention1989
10/22AFL-CIO Resolutions, 19th Convention1991
10/23AFL-CIO Report, 19th Convention1991
10/24AFL-CIO Manual for Shop Stewardscirca 1986
10/25AFL-CIO How to Run a Union Meeting1976
10/26Workers' Memorial Day RibbonUndated
Subseries B: Materials from the Washington State Labor Council 1984-1988
Scope and Content: This subseries contains proceedings from the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) conventions from 1984-1988, arranged chronologically.
10/27Washington State Labor Council 1984 Convention Proceedings1984
10/28Washington State Labor Council 1986 Convention Proceedings1986
10/29Washington State Labor Council 1988 Convention Proceedings1988
Subseries C: Union Labor Report, Bureau of National Affairs 1993-1995
Scope and Content: This subseries contains the Union Labor Reports from 1993, 1994, and 1995, produced by the Bureau of National Affairs.
10/30-10/33Union Labor Report1993-1995
Subseries D: Materials from Other Labor Organizations 1957-1982
Scope and Content: This subseries includes documents from the Port Angeles Central Labor Council, King County Labor Council, International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers, a Washington State Worker Rights Complaint, and labor-inspired calendars.
10/34Port Angeles Central Labor Council, Constitution and By-Laws1957
10/35Constitution and By-Laws of the King County Labor Council1982
10/36National Apprenticeship and Training Standards for the International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers (IUE)1976
10/37Washington State Worker Rights ComplaintUndated
10/38Strength Grace Courage: Rosie's Legacy Calendar 20082007
10/39Labor History Calendar 20122011

Accession No. 5680-002
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1999-2012
2 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Scope and Content
ATU publications, constitution and general bylaws, collective bargaining agreements, route maps, ATU 587 Centennial photos and ephemera; memorobilia, patches, and pins; union election materials. ATU International convention proceedings, collective bargaining agreements of other ATU locals.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Acquisition Info
Donor: Pamela Hoang, Amalgamated Transit Workers, Local 587, April 12, 2013.
1/1ATU 587 News Review (s)January 2012-December 2012
1/2Constitution and General Laws as amended 2004September 13-17, 2004
1/3Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and King County Adendum for Rail Employees, exp 2010October 31, 2010
1/4Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and Jefferson Transit Authority, exp 2013January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2013
1/5Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and First Tranist, Inc. Call Center, exp 2014March 9, 2010 - March 31, 2014
1/6Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and Clallam Tranist System., Terms and Conditions for Paratransit Employees, exp 2012April 1-December 31, 2012
1/7Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and Paratransit Services, exp 2012January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2012
1/8Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and Clallam Transit System, exp 2014 January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2014
1/9Collective Bargaining Agreement between ATU and Seattle Personal Transit, exp 2009August 2, 2008-August 1, 2009
1/11Route Book Transit Routes, exp 2012June 9, 2012-September 28, 2012
1/12Route Book Transit Routes, exp 2013September 29, 2012-February 15, 2013
1/13ATU 2011 Local Union Directory2011
1/14ATU Fifty Fourth Convention - Proceedings: Las Vegas, NV September 13-17, 2004September 13-17, 2004
1/15ATU Fifty Fourth Convention - International Reports: Las Vegas, NV September 13-17, 2004September 13-17, 2004
1/16ATU Fifty Fourth Convention - Programs: Las Vegas, NV September 13-17, 2004September 13-17, 2004
1/17ATU Fifty Fourth Convention - Resolutions: Las Vegas, NV September 13-17, 2004September 13-17, 2004
1/18Labor's Heritage, Vol. 11/No. 1 Quarterly of the George Meany Memorial ArchivesSpring/Summer 2000
1/19ATU Local 113 Toronto Canada - 100th Aniversary 1899-1999October 13, 1999
1/20ATU Local 587 Centennial 2012: Pictures, Invitation, centennial program agenda, Almagamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America charter, Remarks by County Council Co-Chair Jane Hague, Message from King County Councilmember KathApril 21, 2012
1/21ATU Local 587 Elections Materials: Don MacAdam 2012 Flyer, Kenny McCormick 2012 Flyer, Kermit Gipson 2012 Flyer, Bruce Tiebout 2012 Flyer, Verita Alexander 2012 Flyer, Paul Bachtel 2012 pin, ATU Local 587 2012 Officer Elections Voter Pamphlet, ATU Local 51997, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012
1/22Memborilla/Misc: ATU badges/pins, MV Access/140 jobs "lost" strap, ATU Local 587 patches, Local 587 E-Board 7/2012, Public Transit National Day of Action April 4, 2012, King County Metro's Operators of the Year.Multi-years
2Records[Dates needed]

Accession No. 5680-003
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 records, 1982-2015
6.84 cubic feet (6 boxes)
Scope and Content
ATU international union and Local 587 publications including "ATU 587 News Review"; ATU 587 collective bargaining agreements. King County Metro Transit publications including route maps, and The book : transit operating instructions --a manual for transit drivers in the King County transit system, 1982-2010. ATU 587 photos and ephemera; memorobilia, patches, and pins.
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