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Guide to the Clarence Bagley Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 0036
Creator: Bagley, Clarence, 1843-1932, creator
Title: Clarence Bagley papers
Date Span: 1864-1931
Quantity: 9.7 cubic feet (26 boxes) plus one oversized folder
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

From his arrival in Seattle in 1860 until his death in 1932 at the age of eighty-eight, Clarence Bagley was concerned with the growth of Washington as a Territory and State in general, and Seattle's growth as a city in particular. Soon after their arrival and his father's appointment as University Commissioner, Bagley became a clerk in the Surveyor General's office in 1866, shortly after his marriage to Alice Mercer.

This move brought him directly into politics and into the printing trade as well. While working in the Surveyor General's office in Olympia, Bagley came under the tutelage of Randall Hewitt, owner of the Territorial Republican and the Temperance Echo. With L. G. Abbott he bought the Echo in 1868 but sold his interest shortly thereafter and took employment with the Commercial Age, organ of the Republican Party. When this newspaper was discontinued in 1870, he returned to Seattle, remaining until May 1871, when he became deputy in the internal revenue office, holding the position until 1873. While in this office he worked with the Puget Sound Courier, finally buying it in 1873, and emerging as Territorial Printer for the next ten years. He sold the Courier and the printing office in 1884, returning to Seattle to stay in 1885 after a brief interval in Portland as a deputy collector of internal revenue.

By now a confirmed publisher, Clarence Bagley joined with others and purchased the Post-Intelligencer in 1886, which he managed until L. S. J. Hunt took it over that same year. Other ephemeral ventures followed, one in banking and one again in newspapers, joining with Homer Hill for two years in publishing the Daily Press.

In 1890 he was elected to the House of Delegates of the City Council from where he fought open gambling and Seattle's "open town" policy with the result that doors were barred on many of the "gambling hells. " Following upon this experience in elective office he acted as an adviser in writing the 1893 city charter, contributing clauses affecting assessments for local improvements.

From 1893 until his appointment as Secretary of the Board of Public Works in 1900, he worked in the City Comptroller's office. He continued as Secretary of the Board until his retirement in 1929. These experiences in city government and his ever-present concern for governmental efficiency led him to become candidate in 1909 for the Republican nomination for councilman from the Eighth Ward. He announced his candidacy in letters to friends, but did not actively canvass his ward for votes. He stressed his alarm with what, in his opinion, was a growing trend toward mismanagement and extravagance in city affairs. Promising a "square deal, " Bagley felt this could be changed with a business-like economy and management terminating in better, cleaner government.

The election itself, with its many side issues, was unsettling for him as he associated political reporting with what he considered to be honestly partisan, and took exception to the methods used by 1910 newspapermen, not only in his own case but on behalf of all the candidates. He lost the election to Elbert F. Blaine, and explained that the loss was due to his association with the "City Hall Gang, " whom the voters had rejected completely.

Until this point in his career, he appears to have been a public servant first and a historian second. Now his interest in historical writing resurfaced. He had begun two years previously to edit the manuscripts of William I. Marshall's Acquisition of Oregon. Marshall, whom Bagley had met in 1905, had devoted twenty years to disproving the "Whitman Saved Oregon" myth, and after his death in 1906, Bagley and Thompson Coit Elliott, both interested in seeing the work published, joined to edit the manuscript and to assist the widow financially.

Despite feeling that his position with the Board of Public Works took too much time away from historical study, he stayed on as Secretary, editing Marshall's work for publication in his spare time; it appeared in 1911. This was followed by publication of articles in historical quarterlies and journals, and in 1916, The History of Seattle appeared, culminating more than two years of research.

With publication of this work, Clarence Bagley's often-expressed dream of writing the history of his region was becoming a reality. He had little sympathy for writers who romanticized the facts of history into fiction that bore little or no resemblance to actuality. However, his view of "actuality" was restricted by rigid adherence to the "pioneer code" on the one hand and self-imposed limitations on the other, as he illustrated in a letter to Edmond S. Meany in 1911:

"Sometime I shall write a history of Seattle, and while what I shall say will be the truth I shall not give all the truth. I shall rake up no old stories of evil. "

His activities were not confined to writing. He gave his time freely in efforts to organize pioneer societies and similar groups, frequently being called upon for speeches and public appearances in connection with pioneer-inspired celebrations.

In 1905 he had become deeply involved in a dispute between the historical societies of Seattle and Tacoma. Consolidation of effort and location under the aegis of the State was suggested by the Seattle group when its members (including Meany, Cornelius Hanford, Thomas Burke, Roger S. Greene and John P. Hoyt) decided that the Tacoma society was "dead. " Most of the members of the Seattle group had aided in founding the Washington State Historical Society in 1891. But the early years turned into a struggle for mere existence which Bagley et al regarded as a hindrance to accomplishment of the Society's original purposes of collection and preservation of historical source materials. This suggestion revitalized the slumbering rivalry of the two cities and the battle was joined. Bagley became the unofficial spokesman for the Washington University State Historical Society which had been newly founded. In a letter to Professor J.N. Bowman of the State Normal School in Bellingham, he explained:

"Experience had proved that the Societies thus allied with State Universities have done the best work, and that this will be true here."

Proposals of merger were not accepted by Tacoma, and the Washington State Historical Society remained a separate body. Unallied with the Tacoma group in either effort or ideals, Bagley was elected president of the Washington University State Historical Society, and under his leadership the work of collecting and preserving original data was begun. His vision of a central repository for historical research materials was challenged once again in 1915, when the King County Historical Society sought allocation of land on University-owned property.

In a letter to Winlock W. Miller of Seattle, Bagley called for a "concert of action in historical efforts, " insisting that "I have seen so many similar efforts live a precarious existence and finally die from slow decay that I may be permitted to express doubts as to the long life or active work of the present one."

In the public mind Bagley symbolized Pacific Northwest history in many ways. The post-office delivered letters to him addressed merely "Historian, Seattle, Washington;" newspapers of the city began to refer to him affectionately as "Pop, " and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce directed all of its inquiries on historical matters to his desk in City Hall.

In 1929 he brought out his History of King County. With retirement, articles and pamphlets began to appear with regularity. Indian Myths of the Northwest, "compiled, annotated and expurgated" as he wrote to a friend, was published in 1930.

Plans for future publications simmered. Clarence Bagley began 1932 with letters to friends expressing enthusiasm for his many historical projects, and often a small boast regarding his health. He was proud of the two-mile walk he took each day from his home on Seattle's Queen Anne hill "to town, rain or shine. " But a lingering cold developed into pneumonia, and on February 17, 1932, "Pop" Bagley died.


Arranged in three accessions:

  • Accession No. 0036-001, Clarence Bagley papers, 1864-1931
  • Accession No. 0036-002, Clarence Bagley papers, 1924
  • Accession No. 0036-003, Clarence Bagley papers, undated

Scope and Content

Correspondence, legal documents, historical writings, speeches, and reports 1864-1931. His historical collection includes materials on Washington territorial Indian wars, the Hudson's Bay Company, anti-Chinese sentiment in Seattle, and early banking in Seattle and Puyallup, Washington. Also includes Bagley's copy of his book The Acquisition and Pioneering of Old Oregon, 1924, with clippings and letters pasted within.

General Notes

Major publications of Clarence Bagley:

  • The Acquisition and Pioneering of Old Oregon. Seattle, Argus Print, 1924. 41 p.
  • Along the Oregon Trail in 1852; Reminiscences of an Overland Journey from Illinois to the Oregon Country 72 Years Ago. [New York City, Motor Travel, 1924] (From Motor Travel, v, xv, nos. 10, 11, 12, January to March, 1924, pp. 13-20, 11-16, 11-18 respectively.)
  • History of King County, Washington. Chicago, Seattle, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1929. 3 v.
  • History of Seattle from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Chicago, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1916. 3 v. also: Supplement in 1916, "Seattle. "
  • In the Beginning: A Sketch of Some Early Events in Western Washington While It Was Still a Part of "Old Oregon." Seattle, Lowman and Hanford, 1905. 90 p.
  • Indian Myths of the Northwest. Seattle, Lowman and Hanford, 1930. 148 p.
  • Pioneer Seattle and Its Founders. [Seattle? 1924?] 17 p.
  • Pioneer Seattle and Its Pioneers. Seattle, 1928. 17 p. [This is the same as Pioneer Seattle and Its Founders but it includes photographs]
  • Early Catholic Missions in Old Oregon. 2 vols. Seattle, Lowman and Hanford, 1932.
  • Charters of the City of Seattle Beginning With the Original Charter of 1869 and Embracing All Subsequent Charters With Each and Every Amendment Thereto Compiled and Arranged Chronologically. Seattle, Record Publishing Co., 1910.

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Accession No. 0036-001
Clarence Bagley papers, 1864-1931
9.49 cubic feet ( 25 boxes)
Arranged in 2 parts:
  • Purchased papers and collected materials
  • Donated materials
Scope and Content
Correspondence, legal documents including abstracts, deeds, indentures, and financial records of the Lake Washington Coal Company and the Seattle Coal Company; historical writings; speeches; and reports reflecting his career as historian and collector; Territorial printer, 1873-84; newspaper publisher, 1868-89, and secretary of the Seattle Board of Public Works, 1900-29. His historical collection includes materials on Washington territorial Indian wars, the Hudson's Bay Company, anti-Chinese sentiment in Seattle, and early banking in Seattle and Puyallup, Washington.
Sharp delineation of young Clarence Bagley's character and activities, as well as the social and economic motivations that inspired them, may be found in the voluminous correspondence between father and son during the twenty-odd years when Clarence Bagley was in Olympia. Weekly letters, exchanged from 1862 until the middle 1870s, are rich in commentary on politics, business, and society. Here the researcher will discover a tempestuous, impatient and often hot-headed son urging his father into political activity and real estate ventures (the Bagleys were part-owners of a coal mine on which they hoped to realize a profit by selling their interests at the opportune time; and both father and son speculated on property in King and Thurston Counties); while letters from Reverend Bagley to his son contain steadying advice and occasional urgings to declare his allegiance to the Church.
Hints of what actually transpired between Clarence Bagley and Selucius Garfielde, as the latter's political career waned, are found in the letters which Garfielde wrote to Bagley. Although Bagley did not consistently preserve his outgoing correspondence until 1903, there are many of the details of the earlier years in letters to his father and in the retrospective exchange of letters with Edward Huggins (former Hudson's Bay Company employee and later owner of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company). Although Huggins was older and their contacts had been few during the time of Huggins's residence at Fort Nisqually, the younger Bagley in later years came to regard him as a contemporary. They had shared an experience, as pioneers, that set them apart from friends met later in life. Between 1903 and Huggins's death in 1907, more than three hundred letters passed between them. As a result, the Huggins-Bagley exchange of letters is a rich source of historical and anecdotal material about many of the more prominent figures of early Puget Sound history.
Shortly after Huggins's death, Bagley acquired another, equally prolific correspondent in Thompson Coit Elliott. Their previously mentioned partnership in editing and publishing Marshall's Acquisition of Oregon soon developed into a warm friendship. Elliott was an investment banker in Walla Walla, president of the Inland Empire Historical Society, and treasurer of Whitman College from 1895 to 1900. Because of his involvement with Bagley in publication of Marshall's work, Elliott drew bitter criticism from officials at Whitman College, who were at that time attempting to acquire the Fort Walla Walla site for further expansion of the school. Elliott held that the college was trading on the Whitman myth to accomplish what he termed a "land grab. "
From about 1911 onward, a temperate moderating spirit seems more evident in Clarence Bagley's letters. With the exception of issues on the national level of politics, he became mellow and tolerant to a degree that amazed even himself.
"... I am a very strong partisan, but of late years am more inclined to look on both sides of the ticket, except on National questions. There I am a bed rock Republican and it would be a very bad nomination indeed to make me not vote the ticket straight. "
Although he never yielded to his father's promptings to join the Methodist Church, he had been raised in an atmosphere of prejudice and dislike for missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church and agents of the Hudson's Bay Company. Beginning as early as the family's stay in Salem, the young Bagley had become fast friends with the children of the early Protestant missionaries, and had imbibed their slanted opinions regarding both Catholics and Hudson's Bay Company people. Yet in his later correspondence, Bagley seemingly could not resist pointing to the humor of his situation. He had just completed writing and editing a publication for the Roman Catholic Church, and in a note to George H. Himes, president of the Oregon Historical Society, describing his work, he concluded, "... all of this done by a son of a Protestant Clergyman will have Bishop O'Dea's approval. "
In his correspondence with Himes, he displays a natural and relaxed approach. Subtle wit, with himself often its prey, pervades the letters. His undiluted opinions on national politics, which had replaced local politics in his thoughts after 1914, appear most frequently in his letters to Himes. If he had labeled himself a "bed rock Republican" in 1904, by the end of the war he had become even more firmly entrenched in his ideas of Americanism when the specter of "Bolshevism" seemed to materialize in the strikes and riots of 1918 and 1919. Perhaps in reaction to the General Strike of 1919, which had just shaken Seattle's complacency, he mounted an attack on the alien element in the population. He declared to Himes:
"... Every 'Red,' I. W. W., Bolshevic [sic], or whatever the traitors or enemies of our government go by, they should be deported at once, and laws passed so stringent that they and their kind can never again come here. "
In municipal affairs Bagley grew uneasy about the growth of City Light under J. D. Ross' driving leadership. He really did not approve of municipal ownership of electric power, so two years after his retirement, he congratulated Mayor Edwards for firing Ross and volunteered support in the event of a recall movement being instigated against Mayor Edwards. (The Mayor was recalled.)
The varied paths which Clarence Bagley followed in his eighty-eight years, most of which are illuminated in his papers, lead to a unique distillation of another, in many ways less complex, era of American life and enterprise. It is the purpose of this necessarily limited exposition of the many facets of the Bagley papers to provide the researcher with an adequate introduction to their potential as a source of Puget Sound and Northwest history.
Acquisition Info
Purchased from Clarence Bagley in February in 1919, and donated by the Bagley-Mercer Company on April 6, 1959.
Purchased papers and collected materials
Arrangement: Arranged in 7 series:
  • Incoming correspondence
  • Outgoing correspondence
  • Legal documents
  • Mining companies
  • Writings
  • Pioneer letters
  • Other pioneer materials
Acquisition Info: Purchased from Clarence Bagley in 1919.
Incoming correspondence
Individual name folders
1/1Abernethy, Alexander Smith1878
4 letters
1/2Allen, Carrie L.1900, 1906
4 letters
1/3Allen, J.S.1906
3 letters
1/4Allen, John Beard, 1845-19031882, 1883, 1887
4 letters
1/5Andrews, Clarence Leroy, 1862-19481898, 1903-1905
10 letters
1/6Andrews, Lyman Beach, 1829-19131865-1875
12 letters
1/7Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-19181882-1895
16 letters
1/8Barnard, William E.1866
1 letter
1/9Bartlett, N.H.1876
1 letter
1/10Beach, Louis P., 1833-18731867-1868
4 letters
1/11Berry, Haidee L.1883-1884
3 letters
1/12Brents, Thomas Hurley, 1840-19161880, 1883
8 letters
1/13Brown, Beriah1873, 1874
3 letters
1/14Burke, Thomas, 1849-19251903, 1908, 1916
3 letters
1/14bB Miscellaneous
1/15Carr, J. Tyler1863-1871
9 letters
1/16Carr, Ossian J.1875
4 letters
1/17Chapman, Memory Noble, 1845-18891865-1877
7 letters
1/18Coulter, Samuel, 1831-1870-1873
6 letters
1/19Davies, Griffith1883
3 letters
1/20Eells, Edwin1905-1917
21 letters
1/21Eells, Myron, 1843-19071902-1906
10 letters
1/22Elder, A.R.1869-1874
3 letters
1/23Evans, Elwood, -18981868, 1882
4 letters
1/24Feinler, Franz J.1910, 1911
3 letters
1/25Ferry, Elisha Peyre, 1825-18951894
2 letters
1/26Frost, Robert1894-1906
4 letters
1/27-28Garfielde, Selucius, 1822-18811866-1874
29 letters
1/29Gowey, John F.1889
1 letter
1/30Graham, David1864-1875
3 letters
1/31Greene, Roger Sherman, 1840-1916-1926
8 letters
1/32Grubbs, F.H.1905-1909
9 letters
1/33Hammond, William1873
1 letter
1/34Hanford, Clarence, 1857-1880
3 letters
1/35Hayden, James R., 1837-1870-1889
3 letters
1/36-44Himes, George H.1880-1931
143 letters
2/1Hopkins, C.B.1889-1898
13 letters
2/2Howay, Frederick William1913-1926
6 letters
2/3Hoyt, John P.1896
2 letters
2/4-17Huggins, Edward, 1832-19071903-1907
186 letters
2/18McElroy, Harry B., -19281896-1919, 1923
6 letters
2/19McGilvra, Oliver C., 1867-1904, 1907
4 letters
2/20McGraw, John Harte, 1850-19101903-1908
4 letters
2/21McMicken, William, 1827-18991877-1898
3 letters
2/22McNaught, James1881
1 letter
2/23Mann, Champion B., 1844-19291895-1905
17 letters
2/23bMarshall, William I.1905-1914
8 letters
2/23bMarshall, (Mrs.) William I1905-1914
62 letters
2/24Meigs, George Anson, 1820-18971862, 1870
2 letters
2/25Milroy, V.A.1900
1 letter
2/26Minor, Thomas T., -18891876, 1881
2 letters
2/27Moore, C.W.1895, 1909, undated
11 letters
2/28Murphy, John Miller1886-1913
8 letters
2/29Oliphant, E P.1870
1 letter
2/30Oregon Historical Society1905, 1921
3 letters
2/31Owings, Nicholas H.1880-1899
5 letters
2/32Parker, John G.1903-1904
4 letters
2/33Porter, Nathan S.1903
3 letters
2/34Power, James1874-1880
4 letters
2/35Prosch, Thomas Wickham, 1850-19151899-1906
3 letters
2/36Rasin, V.M.1889
1 letter
2/37Reed, Thomas M1867-1903
7 letters
2/38Richardson, Edwin C.1867-1894
8 letters
2/39Richmond, Francis1904-1905
6 letters
3/1Seattle, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition1909
3 letters
3/2Sahm, S.P.1875
1 letter
3/3Sinclair, William B.1870
1 letter
3/4Squire, Watson C., 1838-19261890
2 letters
3/5Stevens, Hazard, 1842-19181901, 1910
3 letters
3/6Stone, Corliss P., 1838-1870, 1895
5 letters
3/7United States Internal Revenue Service, Washington (Territory)1865, 1866
11 letters
3/8United States World's Columbian Commission1893
1 letter
3/9Washington (State), University1908, 1921
4 letters
3/10Washington (State) miscellaneous1889, 1923
2 letters
3/11Washington State Historical Society1905, 1906
11 letters
3/12Weir, Allen, 1854-1880-1903
5 letters
3/13Whitworth, George Frederic, 1816-19071866-1870
7 letters
3/14Wisconsin State Historical Society1906, 1911
3 letters
3/15Wyckoff, Ambrose Barkley, 1848-1908-1909
3 letters
3/16Yesler, Henry L., 1810-18921866
3 letters
Miscellaneous name folders
Scope and Content: One letter per name unless otherwise indicated.
3/17Adams, Edward F.1884
3/17Albertson, Robert Brookman1901
3/17Alden, A.E.1882
3/17Angle, Grant E.1886
3/17Atkinson, John F.1875, 1907
2 letters
3/17Atwood, A.1904
3/18Bagley, Katherine1884
2 letters
3/18Barnes, G.A.1867
3/18Beal, C.undated
3/18Bigelow, D.R.1867
3/18Bingham, Kate Stevens1901
3/18Blaine (E.P.) & DeVries, [attorneys] Seattle1894
3/18Bradshaw, Charles Miner1891
3/18Brainerd, Erastus1904
3/18British Columbia, Provincial Archives [R.E. Gosnell]1908
3/18Brown, D.B.1867
2 letters
3/18Brown and Son, Seattle1876
3/18Bryan, E.1867, 1870
2 letters
3/18Buchanan, Thomas F.1870
3/18Buifinch, James T.A.undated
2 letters
3/19Calhoun, George V.1893
3/19Callow, William1886
2 letters
3/19Cavanaugh, Thomas H.1889
3/19Chapman, Jennie [Mrs. Memory N.]1905
3/19Cook, Francis H.1879, 1880
2 letters
3/20Davis, Brad W.1889
3/20Denny, David T.1901
3/20Denny, Rolland H.1905
3/20Dodge, John1866
3/20Dolph, Joseph N.1884
3/20Donaldson, Thomas Blaine1903
3/20Dunbar, R.O.1889
3/21Eells, W.C.1906
3/21Elliott, Thompson Coit1919, 1924
2 letters
3/21Everett, City Clerk1903
3/22Faray, W.P.1890
3/22Fares, Joseph1866, 1867
2 letters
3/22Fenton, William D.1905
3/22Finkboner, C.C.1875
3/23Gale, J.N.1887
3/23Galliher, Milas1893
3/23George, M.C.1922
2 letters
3/23Gill, John K.1909
3/23Gilliam, William H.1901
3/23Gordon, Elden M.1919
3/23Grant, Frederick Jamesundated
3/23Grant (Frederick James) Memorial Association1896
3/23Greer, G.H.1871
3/23Guyot, Fred1897
3/24Harris, George W.1870
3/24Henry, J.D.1903
2 letters
3/24Hewitt, R.H.1864
3/24Hicks, W.E.1903
2 letters
3/24Hill, Nathaniel D.1903
3/24Hill, William Lair1893
2 letters
3/24Horton (Dexter) and Company, Seattle1881
3/24Hunt, Leigh S.J.undated
3/25Jenner, Charles K.1888, 1890
2 letters
3/25Jones, William P.1882
3/25Joslyn, A.J.1912
3/25Joslyn, E.S.1870
3/25Kellogg, G.1916
3/25Kendrick, Rodney C.1895
3/25Ketzler, P.C.1904
3/25Kubel, E.F.1879
3/26Lansing, Grace Moffett1908
3/26Leggett (Thomas B.) & Company, New York1861
3/26Lindsley, (Mrs.) A. Denny1904
3/26LittleJohn, A.J.1903
3/26Lewis, Perry1904
3/26Lord, Harry C.1917
3/26Lowman and Hanford Stationery and Printing Company, Seattle1908
3/27McMicken, Maurice1907
3/27Magee, (Mrs.) Charles1903
2 letters
3/27Mapel, R.1882
3/27Marsh, (Mrs.) Robert J.1905
3/27Marshall, (Mrs.) William I.1906
3/27Maxwell, G.G.1869
3/28Mills College, California1889
3/28Monson, Fred W.1893, 1894
2 letters
3/28Moore, H.H.1903
3/28Moore, Miles Conway1889
3/28Moores, Charles B.1911, 1927
2 letters
3/29Moultray, W.R.1880
3/29Myrick, M.L.1905
3/29Newland, R.G.1880
3/29New York University1912
3/29Northern Pacific Railroad Company1883
3/29Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, Portland1880
3/30Parker, Frank J.1913, 1920
2 letters
3/30Pierce County Pioneer and Historical Association1931
3/30Piper, Thomas H.1897, 1898
2 letters
3/31Rabnett, L.S.undated
3/31Radebaugh, R.F.1884
3/31Reitze, Chester N.1923
3/31Roberts, W.H.1884
2 letters
3/31Rogers, E.R.1903
3/31Runez, Carl H. [?]1925
3/32Saunders, H.M.1877
3/32Schafer, Joseph1903
3/32Scott, Harvey W.1890, 1903
2 letters
3/32Seattle Civil Service1896
3/32Seattle Board of Public Works1899
3/32Seattle Labor Carnival1903
3/32Seattle Chamber of Commerce1904
3/32Seattle Post1880
3/32Seattle Savings Bank1894
3/32Shackelford, (Mrs.) R.S.1904
3/32Shannon, George S.1886
3/32Shaser, W.S.1910
3/32Smith, H.A.1867
3/32Snowden, Clinton A.1910
3/32Snyder, Alfred1879
3/32Steel, George A1879
3/32Stone, Fred P.1883
3/32Stone, N.J.1895
3/32Steward, G.H.1878
3/32Struve, Henry G.1874
3/33Talkington, H.L.1916
3/33Thomas, C.E.1928
3/33Treadway, A.J.1867, 1868
2 letters
3/33Treen, L.A.1884
3/33Trimble, W.J.1914
3/33Trumbull, C.G.1910
3/34Vawter, William1881
3/34Venen, L.P.1894
3/35Wahkiukum County Auditor1876, 1877
2 letters
3/35Walling, A.G.1888
3/35Ward, Dillis B.1867, 1868
2 letters
3/35Ward, Mark R.1880
3/35Weed, G.A.1883
3/35The West Shore [magazine], Portland.1883
3/35Wheat, Jonathan R.1881
3/35Whitworth, J.E.1869
3/35Whitworth, John M.1869, 1873
2 letters
3/35Williams, George1905
3/35World's Work1905
3/36Yantis, John V.1876
3/36Young, A.B.1869, 1876
2 letters
3/37Letter from an unidentified author1908
1 letter
3/38Letters in which Bagley is referred to1869-1910
5 letters
3/39Letters introducing Bagley1862, 1890
5 letters
3/40Fragments of letters, memos, etc.
8 items
4/1-20Outgoing correspondence1867-1931
20 folders containing 323 letters
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically
General Notes: The outgoing correspondence series of Part 2: Donated materials, should be used in conjunction with this series.
Legal documents1865-1897
5/1Power of attorney, John A. Suffern to Arthur A. Denny, notarized by Bagley1865
5/1Agreement between Samuel Coulter (agent for Commercial Age Printing and Publishing Association) and Bagley1869
Scope and Content: Regarding publication of Commercial Age newspaper for the interests of the Republican Party and Selucius Garfielde.
5/1Acknowledgement of indebtedness, Bagley to Susannah R. Bagley1882
5/1Memorandum of agreement between Bagley and Homer M. Hill regarding Press Publishing Company, Seattle1891
5/1Memorandum of receipt of goods from Hubert H. Bancroft1897
5/2Mining Companiescirca 1868-1870
9 items
Scope and Content: Papers of the Lake Washington Coal Company, Seattle Coal Company and stock certificates in other mining companies.
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous writings by Bagley.
5/2aManuscripts of various addresses by Bagleyundated
4 items
5/3Articles regarding Chief Seattle, Angeline, first settlement at Alki Point, notes on early printers in the Territory, criticism of Whitman Myth.undated
4 items
5/4Oregon Trail articlesundated
2 items
5/5Pioneer reminiscences; missionary notes, etc.; notes regarding sale of University lands.undated
6 items
Pioneer letters
5/6From: Alexander, William (Whidbey Island)1862
5/6From: Anderson, J.W. (Olympia); To: Marsh, Edwin1862 April 29
5/6From: Applegate, Jesse (Yoncalla); To: Allan, George T.1854 May 31
5/6From: Armstrong, Martha (Vancouver, Washington Territory); To: Castro, Abbie1862 February 16
5/6From: Armstrong, Martha (Columbia County, Oregon); To: Castro, Abbie1862 April 6
5/6From: Atkins, H.A.; To: Horton, Dexter1868 February 4
5/6From: Avery, John W. (Sacramento); To: Plummer, George1863 April 24
5/7From: Bagley Susannah Rogers (Salem, Oregon); To: Whipple, Andrew1855 May 8
5/7From: Ball, Harry M. (Tacoma); To: Nichol, W.H.1892 January 18
5/7From: Battle, C.C. (Brownsville, Tennessee); To: Lane, Joseph1854 December 17
5/7From: Beach, L.P. (Portland); To: Struve, Henry G.1873 February 3
5/7From: Begg, Alex (Tacoma); To: Henry, Francis1889 September 13
5/7From: Bonser, Rebecca (Columbia County, Oregon); To: "Dear Children"1862
5/7From: Brannan, Joseph (Seattle); To: Simmons, Michael T.1862 December 26
5/7From: Beach, Louis P. (Umatilla, Oregon)undated
5/7From: Barnard, William E. (Seattle); To: Blinn, Marshall1865 October 2
5/8From: Cain, A.J. (Madison, Indiana)1857
5/8From: Carr, Ossian J. (Seattle); To: Dickenson, O.1880? January 23
5/8From: Carr, Ossian J. (Seattle)1856?
5/8From: Cashmere, Joseph (Olympia); To: Chisholm, Collin1870 Septmeber 10
5/8From: Chappellier, Joseph (Cowlitz Prairie)1866
5/8From: Clagett, Charles W. (Washington, D.C.); To: Denny, Arthur A.1893 August 22
5/8From: Clancey, Charles K. (Olympia); To: Baldwin1866 May 13
5/8From: Clarke, J.P. (Olympia); To: Boone, Edward D.1870 March 26
5/8From: Cullom S.M. (Washington, D.C.); To: Pinkham, A.J.1898 December 20
5/9From: Denny, Arthur A. (Seattle); To: Chapman, W.W.1857 October 12
5/9From: Denny, Arthur A. (Olympia); To: Mercer, Thomas1862 February 14
5/9From: Denny, Arthur A. (Olympia); To: Mercer, Thomas1862 March 17
5/9From: Denny, Arthur A. (Olympia); To: Plummer, George1864 November l
5/9From: Denny, D.T. (Seattle); To: North End Bank1893 July 26
5/9From: Dickson, Campbell & Company (Victoria, British Columbia); To: Wright, Thomas1863 January 7
5/9From: Dowell, B.F. (Jacksonville, Oregon Territory); To: United States District Court1855 August 4
5/9From: Doyle, James A.; To: Drew, Michael S.1871 January 5
5/9From: Drummond, Willis (Washington, D.C.); To: United States General Land Office, Olympia1871 November 15
5/9From: Dubeau, L.L. (Cowlitz); To: McFadden, O.B.1870 November 10
5/10From: Edna; To: Andrews, Clarence L.1893 July 14
5/10From: Eells, Thomas (Washington, D.C.); To: Mercer, Thomas1879 March 7
5/10From: Fay, R.C. (Coupeville); To: Munsen, J.H.1869 May 25
5/10From: Gove, Warren (Union City)1875
5/10From: Graham, Walter (Paso Robles)1870
5/11From: Hall, S.W. (Olympia); To: Evans, Elwood1873 January 21
5/11From: Haller, George M. (Port Townsend); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1876 July 27
5/11From: Halstead, A.1864
5/11From: Hill, John (Elm Grove)1857
5/11From: Hill, W. Lair (Oakland, California); To: Folger, ?1893 March 1
5/11From: Horton (Dexter) & Company (Olympia); To: Pickering, William1875 October 12
5/11From: Huntington, C.A. (Olympia)1866
5/11From: Huntington & Son (near Monticello, Washington Territory); To: Judge Lombard1869 June 11
5/12From: Jones, Daniel (Seattle); To: Moore, C.W.1895 January 14
5/12From: Jordan, John T. (Seattle); To: King County Probate Court1867 February 2
5/12From: Jordan, John T. (Vallejo, California); To: Hubbs, Paul V.1869 January 7
5/12From: Kennedy, James K. (Walla Walla); To: Beach, Louis P.?1870 April 2
5/12From: King, David (Burgh-Hill, Ohio)1861
5/12From: Ladd, Reed & Company (Portland); To: Smith, A.C.1860 June 20
5/12From: Lea, Jason B. (Mount Coffin, Washington Territory); To: Henry, Frank1878 February 15
5/12From: Loveland, William R. (Mokelumni City, Washington Territory); To: Holstead, John1864 November 2
5/13From: McBride, John R. (Washington, D.C.); To: Adams, E.M.1862 February 17
5/13From: McGuire, M.A. (Crawford, Pennsylvania)undated
5/13From: Marsh, Edward (Olympia); To: Scarburer, David1868 January 25
5/13From: Marsh, Edward (Olympia); To: Scarburer, David1868 February 21
5/13From: Mattice, George W.188?
5/13From: Minto, John (Oak Mills, Oregon Territory); To: Crockett, Samuel D.1854 September 18
5/13From: Minto, John (Salem, Oregon); To: Prosch, Thomas1909 October 3
5/14From: Naher, Charles (Seattle); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1884 November 27
5/14From: Nash, L.B. (Seattle)1879
5/14From: Newkirk, W.L.undated
5/14From: Owings, Nathaniel H. (Olympia); To: Holton, Charles H.1879 October 30
5/15From: Pearce, Thomas (Eola)1866
5/15From: Percival, S.W. (Olympia); To: Marsh, Edward1863 May 21
5/15From: Phillips, David (Seattle)1855
5/15From: Pickering, William (Olympia); To: Lincoln, Abraham1863 December
5/15From: Pumphrey, W.H. (Seattle); To: Walker, (Mrs.) J.M.1879 April 11
5/16From: Richmond, T. (Tyndall, South Dakota); To: Atwood, A.1904 December 12
5/16From: Robinett, L.S. (Crawfordsville, Oregon)undated
5/16From: Rupell, T.S. (Seattle); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1860 August 24
5/16From: Sander, F.E. (Puyallup); To: Hartman, John P.1894 September 8
5/16From: Schwabacher Brothers (Seattle); To: Miller, Mary M.1882 June 12
5/16From: Smith, Albert C. (Olympia); To: Marsh, Edward1862 May 18
5/16From: Smith, Albert C. (Olympia); To: Tilton, James1858 September 16
5/16From: Smith, Victor (Port Angeles); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1862 November 14
5/16From: Struve, Henry G. (Portland); To: Scott, ?1873
5/16From: Stuart, C.E.; To: Douglas, James1851 December 8
5/16From: Titlow, A.R. (Tacoma); To: Hartman, John P.1894 September 14
5/16From: Turner, L. (Seattle); To: Hartman, John P.1894 August 29
5/16From: Turner, L. (Seattle); To: Hartman, John P.1894 September 1
5/17From: United States General Land Office (Washington, D.C.); To: United States Land Registry Office, Olympia1872 February 13
5/17From: United States General Land Office (Washington, D.C.); To: United States Land Registry Office, Olympia1882 June 26
5/17From: United States Office of Indian Affairs (Washington, D.C.); To: Bell, William N.1883 July 23
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Burrows, Matilda1885 April 30
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Holstead, John1872 October 4
5/17From: United States Land Office (Colfax); To: Mattice, G.W.1883 March 16
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Morgan, David W.1884 November 29
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Morgan, David W.1886 October 14
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Pickering, William1863 November 28
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Purcell, James C.1879 September 10
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Purcell, James C.1880 March 22
5/17From: United States Land Office (Olympia); To: Strickler, W.A.1871 December 2
5/17From: United States Post Office (Washington, D.C.); To: Owings, N.H.1873 July 14
5/17From: United States Post Office (Washington, D.C.); To: Owings, N.H.1873 January 21
5/17From: United States Post Office, Post Gamble (Port Gamble, Washington Territory); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1871 July 10
5/17From: United States Post Office, Post Gamble (Port Gamble, Washington Territory); To: United States Post Office, Seabeck, Washington Territory1877 July 5
5/18From: Vaillant, J. (Folsom, California); To: Sinclair, William B.1860 September 23
5/18From: Washburn, Andrew; To: United States Land Registry Office, Olympia1869 February 27
5/18From: Washington Surveyor General (Washington Territory); To: Jameson, William1875 October 18
5/18From: Williamson & Kellogg (Seattle); To: [Warin] William1881 September 6
5/18From: Wollweber, Otto (Reardon, Washington); To: Eells, Edwin1911? February 11
5/18From: Wright, C.W. (Seattle); To: United States Post Office Seabeck, Washington Territory1879 April 28
5/19Cruise of U.S.S. New Orleans, written to Seattle Times.1916
General Notes: Copy
5/20Excerpts from two letters of Henry H. Spalding1866
General Notes: Copies
5/21Letters regarding Hudson's Bay Company1841-1884
19 letters
Scope and Content: Including letters to James Douglas, Angus McDonald, Peter Skene Ogden, Isaac Ingalls Stevens; and letters from Douglas, Charles E. Stuart, Amory Holbrook, George Simpson.
5/22-22ALetters collected and copied by Bagley regarding Indian Wars1850-1887
5/23Letter from Reverend Myron Eells to Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The Object of Dr. Whitman's Famous Midwinter Journey"1881 May 28
20 pages
5/24Three writings by Maurice Fitzgerald undated
Scope and Content:
  • "The Modoc War"
  • "The Apache Indian Boy"
  • "The Reason for John Phillips Ride"
Other pioneer materials
5/25Bills and receipts relating to Edward Huggins, Hudson's Bay Company, etc.1853-1869
20 items
5/26Documents relating to anti-Chinese demonstrations in Seattle1886
5/27Financial miscellany concerning various parties1855-1871
approximately 15 items
5/28Fragments of diaries1841, 1848
3 items
5/29"History of Indian Affairs Among the Nez Perces" by Henry H. Spalding. circa 1865
51 pages
Scope and Content: Copied from Pacific, May 25, 1865, by William I. Marshall.
5/30Legal miscellany concerning various parties1847-1880
18 items
5 items
5/32Nomination of Joseph M. Glasgow for municipal judge by King County Republican Party1892 October 11
5/33Petition by employees of Isaac Carson's logging camp, Steilacoom, disclaiming "political purpose" as reason for their employment.circa 1870
5/34Renton (William) and Howard, King County, Washington Territory claim for loss against Henry L. Yesler.1858 February 15
5/35Seabeck, subscription lists1854, 1868
5/35Seabeck, poll book1867 June
5/36Seattle, list of Union League membersundated
5/36Seattle, subscription list1854 October 31
5/37Shipping documents relating chiefly to Hudson's Bay Company1849-1865
approximately 25 items
Scope and Content: Including deposition of H.A. Goldsborough regarding seizure of the steamer Beaver, dated November 19, 1852.
5/38Two articles by Ezra Meeker1851
carbon copies
Scope and Content:
  • "Hudson's Bay Company"
  • "Landing of the Pilgrims at Alki Point"
6/1Bound volume of miscellaneous indentures, deeds, etc. concerning various parties.undated
6/2Account book, Seattle First National Bankcirca 1883
1 volume
6/3Letter press book, Seattle First National Bank1894 March 10-1985 April 3
1 volume
Donated materials
Arrangement: Arranged in 14 series:
  • Incoming correspondence
  • Outgoing correspondence
  • Sale documents
  • Financial miscellany
  • Legal documents
  • Memorabilia
  • Memoranda
  • Notes
  • Speeches and reports
  • Bagley as Secretary of Board of Public Works, Seattle, Washington
  • Bagley family papers
  • Collected materials
  • Miscellaneous selections
  • Oversized materials
Acquisition Info: Gift of the Bagley-Mercer Company and Cecil Bagley in 1959.
Incoming correspondence
7/1Adventure (magazine)1920-1930
6 letters
7/2Allbright, Amy1915-1928
4 letters
7/2Allen, Carrie L.1928
4 letters
7/4Allen (Geo. W.) & Conner, Seattle1931
3 letters
7/5Allied Printing Trades Council, Seattle1931
4 letters
7/6Anderson, Ellen1925-1931
4 letters
7/7Andrews, Clarence Leroy, 1862-19481894-1932
15 letters
7/8Andrews, Judge Rowley1913-1916
4 letters
7/9The Argus (magazine) Seattle1905-1931
5 letters
7/10A Miscellaneous
28 letters
Scope and Content: 1 letter per name unless otherwise noted
7/10Abbott, M.D.1908
7/10Aberdeen Superintendent of Schools1931
7/10Agnew, James1897-1898
2 letters
7/10Albertson, A.H.1931
7/10Albrecht, F.E.1926
7/10Alki School, Seattle1928
7/10Alki Women's Improvement Clubundated
7/10Allen, M.C. (Mrs. John Beard)1915
7/10Allen, Orrin Peer1906
2 letters
7/10Allmond, Douglass1928
7/10Alverson, Blanche Treen1929
3 letters
7/10American Legion, Department Adjutant1929
7/10American Necropolis Company1916
2 letters
7/10American Surety Company of New York1931
7/10Ames, Mrs. H.H.1928
7/10Anderson, Edmund1929
7/10Anderson, George P.1926
7/10Anderson, J.W.1922
7/10Anderson, Phoebe Prosch1923
7/10Art Marble Company, Seattle1924
7/10Ashton, James M.1911
7/10Atkinson, Edward1909
7/10Atkinson, John1907
7/11Babson, Joseph Ney1896-1910
5 letters
7/12Backus, Manson Franklin, 1853-19351930
2 letters
7/13-16Bagley, Alice Mercer, 1848-19261866-1905, undated
78 letters
7/17-30, 8/1-16Bagley, Daniel, 1818-19051862-1885, undated
60 letters
8/17Bagley, Ethel1890-1899
8/18Bagley, Myrta1882-1890
4 letters
8/19Bagley, Rena1879-1893
16 letters
8/20-22Bagley, Susannah Rogers, 1819-19131866-1883
55 letters
8/23Bailey, Almira1928-1931
5 letters
8/24Barkhuff, William D.1924-1928
4 letters
8/25Ben Franklin Club, Seattle1924-1929
6 letters
8/16Bixby, J.W.1892
8/27-28Blethen, Alden Joseph, 1846-19151903-1914
30 letters
8/29The Bon Marche, Seattle1924-1931
4 letters
8/30Bonney, William Pierce, 1856-1915-1931
19 letters
8/31Boulet, J.B.1908-1915
4 letters
8/32Bowman, J.N.1904-1906
9 letters
8/33Brainerd, Erastus, 1855-19221905, 1906
2 letters
8/34Brosnan, C.J.1917-1924
6 letters
8/35Brown, Ashmun Norris, 1872-19481906-1908
3 letters
8/36Bulfinch, John T.A.1910
3 letters
8/37Bullen, Henry L.1908-1911
5 letters
8/38Bush, A.N.1916-1926
8 letters
8/39-40B Miscellaneous
43 letters
Scope and Content: 1 letter per name unless otherwise noted
8/39Bagley, Alice Claire1929
8/39Bagley, Horace1925
8/39Bagley, Martha1865
8/39Bailey, E.H.1911
8/39Baker, Gertrude Johnson1931
8/39Baker, Jonathan W.1926
2 letters
8/39Baker, Richard D.1931
8/39Balch, Albertundated
8/39Ballard High School, Seattle1927
8/39Banks, Lyman T.1924
8/39Banks, Mary1903, 1914
2 letters
8/39Bass, Daniel W.1923
8/39Bates, James H.S.1931
8/39Batwell, E.A.1927
8/39Beals, Walter B.undated
8/39Beeler, Adam1926
8/39Bell, John B.1903
8/39Bertelson, Ernest B.1932
8/39Bierschenk, H. Madeline1924
8/39Bissett, C.P.1913
8/39Blankenship, George E.undated
8/39Bogue, Elizabeth Frye1911?
8/39Bolton, Frederick E.1932
8/39Boston Public Library1923
8/39Bothwell, James1903
8/39Bouillon, A.V.1928
8/40Bourne, Edward G.1903, 1905
2 letters
8/40Bowlby, John Quincy Adams1906
8/40Bowles, George H.1926
8/40Boyce, Robbin1909, 1918
2 letters
8/40Bringhurst, Harry W.1916, 1922
2 letters
8/40Brady, James H.1910
8/40Brown, M.F.1929
8/40Bruce, Robert1931
2 letters
8/40Bryan, J.1870
8/40Bucklin, Sanford1927
2 letters
8/40Butterfield, Ida K.1917
9/1Carr, J. Tyler1864-1869
5 letters
9/2Carr, Lucie W.1862-1875
14 letters
9/3Carr, Ossian J.1863-1882
11 letters
9/4Chapman, Jennie (Mrs. Memory Noble)1889-1912
3 letters
9/5Chapman, Memory Noble, 1845-18891874
9/6Chehalis Free Public Library1910-1911
3 letters
9/7Clark, Guy F., -1923.1918-1920
5 letters
9/8Clise, Herbert R., 1859-1909
1 letter
9/9Cotterill, George Fletcher, 1865-1958.1906
1 letter
9/10The Counting House, Boston1931
4 letters
9/11Coutant, Sara Eastman1929-1932
4 letters
9/12Curtis, Edward S.1904-1912
5 letters
9/13-15C Miscellaneous
54 letters
Scope and Content: 1 letter per person unless otherwise noted
9/13Cadmus Book Shop, New York1923, 1930
2 letters
9/13Calhoun, George V.1893
9/13Canada Department of Marine and Fisheries1910
9/13Cannon, Joseph1908
9/13Cannon, Miles1921
9/13Canse, J.M.1911, 1919
2 letters
9/13Carde, Mrs. William1927
2 letters
9/13Carey, Charles H.1927
9/13Carkeek, Vivian M.1908
9/13Carkeek, Emily L.undated
9/13Carroll, P.P.1905
9/13Case, Otto1913
9/13Case, R.A.1918, 1919
2 letters
9/13Caton, Gladys Mannundated
9/13Carroll, Harry W.1920
9/13Century History Company, Inc., New York1922
9/13Chamberlain, George E.1918
9/14Chandler, Frederick B.1912
9/14Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company1928
9/14Children's Orthopedic Hospital, Seattle1923, 1929
3 letters
9/14Christian Science Publishing Society1926
9/14Civil Service League, Seattle1927
9/14Clark (Arthur H.) Company, Glendale, California1931
9/14Clark, Grace Hawleyundated
9/14Clark, J.E.1884
9/14Clarke, M.M.1911
9/14Clarke, W.F.1909
9/14Collins, Josiah1911
9/14Community Hotel Corporation of Seattle1924
9/14Congdon, George Clinton1923
9/14Conner, W.W.1928
9/14Conover, Douglas C.1914
9/14Continental Coal Company, Seattle1928, 1929
2 letters
9/15Cooper, Mrs. Thomas1921
9/15Covington, L.J.1910
2 letters
9/15Coryell, G.K.1909
9/15Costello, Gilbert S.1919
9/15Cranston, Lida E.1909
9/15Crawford, Clara M.undated
9/15Crawford, Clayton1923
9/15Creagh, Harry1924
9/15Crittenden, Byrd Mock1912
9/15Crow, Louise1928
9/15Crowell Publishing Company1929
9/15Curtis (Asahel) Photo Company, Seattle1930
9/15Curtis Publishing Company1923
9/15Cushman, Francis W.1908
9/16Denman, A.H.1929
6 letters
9/17Denny, Arthur Armstrong, 1822-18991865
1 letter
9/18Dill, Clarence C.1924
1 letter
9/19Dix, I.F.1929-1930
2 letters
9/20Donthit, Mary Osborn1904
3 letters
9/21Doubleday, Page & Company, Publishers, New York1905
3 letters
9/22Drury, Wells, 1851-19321870-1931
12 letters
9/23Dovell, W., 1843-19321907
2 letters
9/24D Miscellaneous
21 letters
9/24Daniel, Sister1930
3 items
9/24Daughters of the American Revolution1920
9/24Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington, Pasco1928
9/24David, O.J.1929
9/24Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles1928
9/24Denny, Lenna1908
9/24Dexter Horton National Bank1927
9/24Dickerson, Mahlon A.1926
2 items
9/24Dolph, Joseph M.1882
9/24Donaldson, Thomas Blaine1903
9/24Donworth, George1915
9/24Dort, Sophia Fryeundated
9/24Driscoll, William D.1924
9/24Dudley, Mrs. E.L.1888
9/24DuPont (E.I.) de Nemours & Company, Tacoma1914, 1921
2 items
9/24Dupont Woman's Club1921
9/24Dye, Eva Emery1905
2 items
9/25Edwards, Frank, 1874-1931
2 letters
9/26Elder (Paul) & Company, San Francisco1931
3 letters
9/27-36Elliott, Thompson Coit, 1862-19431905-1932
191 letters
9/37Ellis, Glenn S.1924-1925
6 letters
9/38Ellison, R.S.1924-1927
3 letters
9/39Erskine, Robert Chase, 1876-1912
3 letters
9/40E Miscellaneous
9 letters
9/40Eberstadt (Edward), New York1928
9/40Eckstein, Nathan1930
9/40Engh, Flora Pearson1930
9/40Engle, Mabel1928
2 items
9/40Epstein, Henry1899
9/40Evesmith, Hansen1925
2 items
9/40Ewing (Henry C.) & Company, Seattle1926
9/41Fares, Henry1920, 1922
3 letters
9/42Frederick & Nelson, Seattle1925, 1927
3 letters
9/43Freemasons, Daniel Bagley Lodge, Seattle1921, 1925
2 letters
9/44F Miscellaneous
20 letters
9/44Falk, Nancy Annundated
9/44Farrar, Victor J.undated
2 items
9/44Fedderly, E.O.1930
9/44Federation of State and Provincial Societies of Long Beach, California1926
2 items
9/44First Methodist Episcopal Church, Seattle1925
9/44Fish, M.A.1855
2 items
9/44Fisher, R.J.1909
9/44Fishers, S.A.1890
9/44Fitts, J.W.1912
9/44Flick, James P.1927
9/44Fort Dalles Historical Society1908
9/44Foster and Kleiser Company1922
9/44Fowler, Charles A.1928
9/44Freeman, Miller1923
9/44Frost, Nellie1918
2 items
9/44Frye, Charles H.1916
2 items
9/45Ganzert, Frederick W.1929
4 letters
9/46Gill, Hiram C., 1866-1914
1 letter
9/47Gilman, Luthene Clairmont, 1857-19421925
2 letters
9/48Gilstrap, William H.1904-1914
5 letters
9/49Ginet, Joseph H.1916-1928
4 letters
9/50Gleason, Charles S., 1861-1903, 1905, 1910
3 letters
9/51Gosnell, R.E.1908-1909
3 letters
9/52Graham, David1866-1906, undated
12 letters
9/53Great Northern Railway Company1926-1930
7 letters
9/54Green, Joshua, 1869-1928-1929
2 letters
9/55Greene, Roger Sherman, 1840-1916
1 letter
9/56Griffith, Frank S.1896, 1913
2 letters
9/57G Miscellaneous
22 letters
9/57Galer, William1905
9/57Gannett, Henry1904
9/57Gardner, Grace Christiansen1932
9/57George, M.C.1924
9/57Gilbert, J.J.1910
9/57Gill, John1913
9/57Gill, (J.K.) Company, Portland1930
9/57Glass, (Mrs.) R.C.1926, 1929
2 items
9/57Gordon, Charles1928
9/57Gordon, Elden M.1919, 1928
2 items
9/57Gorham Manufacturing Company, Providence, Rhode Island1912
9/57Gorman, T.J.1910, 1911
2 items
9/57Gowen, Herbert H.1917
9/57Gunn, W. Chalmers1931
3 items
9/57Grant, Vernon1923
9/57Gundlach, Eva C.1896
9/57Guy, G.O.
10/1Hadley, Roy O.1923-1929
7 letters
10/2Hammons, Frederick Dent1918-1927
11 letters
10/3Hanford, Cornelius Holgate, 1849-19261915-1926
3 letters
10/4Himes, George H.1908-1932
8 letters
10/5Holcomb, Ira G.1919-1929
7 letters
10/6-7Holman, Frederick Van Voorhies, 1852-19271908-1925
30 letters
10/8Howay, Frederick William1910-1929
17 letters
10/9-10Huggins, Thomas1908-1930
30 letters
10/11Hull, Roy C.1921-1931
9 letters
10/12Humphrey, William E., 1862-19341903-1916
16 letters
10/13Hunt, Herbert, -1917circa 1916-1917
3 letters
10/13Hylebos, P.F.1908, 1910
45 items
10/15-16H Miscellaneous
10/15Hadley, Lin H.1924
10/15Hall, May1921
10/15Hallinen, Thomas F.1909
10/15Halstead, Elizabeth1865
10/15Hamburger-Davis Benefit Committee1923
10/15Hanford, Ada Levering1926
10/15Hanson, Howard A.1928
10/15Hardie, Marjorie1911
10/15Harris, Warren1866
10/15Hartman, John P.1903, 1911
2 items
10/15Hayden, John L.1917
10/15Hazeltine, Miron J.1890
10/15Heaton, George1912
2 items
10/15Heine Piano Company, Seattle1900
10/15Henry, Laura Hewitt1928
10/15Hesketh, Robert B.1926
10/15Hill, E.K.1895
10/15Hill, Samuel1908, 1921
2 items
10/16Hitchman, Robert B.1927
2 items
10/16Hoge, James D.1916
10/16Holcomb, Marguerite E.1921
10/16Holman, Alfred1919, 1923
2 items
10/16Hopkins, C.B.1900, 1907
2 items
10/16Hough, Emerson1923
10/16Horrell, Nell1930
10/16Howd, Cloice R.1923, 1924
2 items
10/16Howell (John) Books, San Francisco1931
10/16Hoyt, John P.1889
10/16Hubbart, Mrs. James E.1925
10/16Huber, Val1920, 1922
2 items
10/16Huggins, Mrs. Edward1907
10/16Hunt, Harry I.1926
10/16Hurst, Mrs. P.F.1930
10/16Hutchinson, Charles J.1925
10/10-17Johnson, Albert W.1931-1932
3 items
10/18J Miscellaneous
3 items
10/18Jenner, Earle R.1909
10/18Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church, Utah1925
10/18Jory, John W.1932
10/19King County Board of Commissioners1928-1931
3 items
10/20King County Graduate Nurses Association1925-1926
3 items
10/21Kinnear, George, 1836-19121911
1 item
10/22K Miscellaneous
8 items
10/22Kee, Clara1931
10/22Kennedy, M.H.1890
10/22Kind Words Club, Seattle1923, 1924
2 items
10/22Kitchell, Laura Hall1930
10/22Knights of Pythias, Grand Lodge of Washington1928
2 items
10/22Kruse, Irene M.undated
10/23Lister, Ernest, 1870-19191913
1 item
10/24L Miscellaneous
11 items
10/24Lamping (Sam G.) Harris & Wilton, Seattle1923
10/24Latimer, Earl H.1929
10/24Lee, Guy Carleton1903
2 items
10/24Lee, William H.1905
10/24Libby, Mrs. S.D.1869
10/24Lincoln High School, Seattle1908
10/24Livesley, Mrs. Pessis A.1931
10/24Longsworth, M.A.1905
2 items
10/24Lowman & Hanford, Seattle1923
10/25McCormick, Robert Laird, 1847-19111905-1906
2 items
10/26McElroy, Harry B., -19281922-1927
11 items
10/27McGilvra, Oliver C., 1867-1923-1925
3 items
10/28Mack International Motor Truck Corporation1923-1927
5 items
10/29McMicken, William, 1827-18991887
1 item
10/30-31Mann, Champion B., 1844-19291869-1929
46 items
10/32Marquis (A.N.) Company, Chicago1931
3 items
10/33Marsh, E. (Registers Office, Olympia)1868
1 item
10/34Marshall, (Mrs.) William I.1922-1927
12 items
10/25Masters, Joseph G.1930-1931
3 items
10/36Mead, Albert Edward, 1861-19131906, undated
5 items
10/37-38Meany, Edmond Stephen, 1862-19351903-1932
31 items
10/39Meeker, Ezra, 1830-19281909
2 items
10/40Miller, John Franklin, 1862-19361916-1929
7 items
10/41Miller, Winlock W., Sr.1915
1 item
10/42Miller, Winlock W., Jr.1928-1931
6 items
10/43Molloy, (Mrs.) C.H.1924
3 items
10/44Monson, J.A.1868-1919, undated
9 items
10/45Moore, Charles M1923-1931
4 items
10/46Moran, Robert, 1857-19431915
1 item
10/47Moreland, J.C.1912
2 items
10/48-50M Miscellaneous
55 items
10/48McAdam, William1922
10/48McAlister, Carrie L.1926
10/48McArdle, L.D.1911, 1912
2 items
10/48McClure, Elizabeth A.1928
10/48McClurg (A.C.) & Company, Chicago1911
2 items
10/48McCullough, Fred D.1911
10/48McElroy, Carrie M.1928
10/48McGee, J.G.1909
10/48McGill, Maude H.1921
10/48McGuire, M.A.undated
10/48McNaught, M.undated
10/48McNeff, Katherine1906
10/48McWilliams, Mary1927
10/49Macy, George1929
10/49Marion, Armand F.1931
10/49Marquette, Ruby R.1929
2 items
10/49Martens, Owensundated
10/49Martin, Vira W.1921
10/49Mason County Auditor1903
10/49Martin (M.R.) & Company, Tacoma1926
10/49Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants1913
10/49Mayfield, R.N.1927
10/49Meisinger, E.F.G.1912
2 items
10/49Merriam, C. Hart1917
10/49Metropolitan Business Club1928
2 items
10/49Metropolitan Press Printing Company, Seattle1930, 1931
2 items
10/49Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul1912, 1925, 1931
4 items
10/50Monson, F.H.1918
10/50Monson, Lillian1894, 1899
2 items
10/50Montana State Library1906
10/50Montgomery, Robert1925
10/50Moores, Charles B1904
10/50Moore, William Hickman1916
10/50Moran Brothers Company, Seattle1902
10/50Morrison, L. Gertrude1931
10/50Morse, Mary G.1925
10/50Moulton, Martha1926
10/50Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Company, Seattle1906
10/50Mountaineers Club, Tacomaundated
10/50Munday, Charles F.1927
10/50Munson, Albert J.1924
10/50Murphy, Charles B.1913
10/50Murphy, Ignatius I.1932
10/50Museum Book Store, London1930
11/1National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.1931
3 items
11/2New York Public Library1913-1931
16 items
11/3Northern Pacific Railway Company1928-1930
6 items
11/4N Miscellaneous
10 items
11/4National Aeronautical Association, Seattle Chapter1929
11/4National Aeronautical Association1930
11/4National Bank of Commerce, Seattle1915
11/4Nettleton, Clark1918
11/4Niendorff, Hazel Wood1929
11/4North Coast Transportation Company, Tacoma1927
11/4North Dakota State Historical Society1915
2 items
11/4Northrup, B.L.1880
11/4Nudd, Ben F.1928
11/5O'Dea, Edward John, 1856-19321909-1931
3 items
11/6Oleson, Frank, -19321905-1932
6 items
11/7Olympic Hotel, Seattle1924-1926
4 items
11/8O'Neil, Mary A.1912-1928
14 items
11/9Oregon Historical Society1903-1912
3 items
11/10Oregon Improvement Company, Seattle1897
2 items
11/11Oregon State Library, Salem1912-1924
4 items
11/12Ostrander, A.B.1925
3 items
11/13O Miscellaneous
7 items
11/13Ober, Sara Endicott1931, 1932
2 items
11/13Optomist Club, Seattle1923
11/13Oregon Trail Memorial Association, Inc.1931
2 items
11/13Osborne, Carrie M.1930
11/13Owings, Nicholas H.1896
11/14Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, Seattle1923-1931
17 items
11/15Park, George Hamilton1910-1931
20 items
11/16Parker, Frank J.1908-1923
27 items
11/17Parry, Will H., 1864-19171913
4 items
11/18Parsons, Flora1905
4 items
11/19Pell, Monte1929-1930
4 items
11/20Pendexter, Hugh, 1875-19401924
3 items
11/21Phelps, Byron, 1842-1925, 1928
2 items
11/22Pierce, Frank Richardson, 1887-1920
2 items
11/23Piles, Samuel Henry, 1858-19401908
2 items
11/24Pinkham, A.S.1909
3 items
11/24Pioneer Association of the State of Washington1903-1927
7 items
11/26Plowden, W.D.1911-1916
13 items
11/27Poindexter, Miles, 1868-19461910
1 item
11/28Porter, Nathan S.1915
1 item
11/29Prosch, Edith1915-1918
6 items
11/30Prosch, Thomas Wickham, 1850-19151908-1914
7 items
11/31Puget Mill Company, Port Gamble (Edwin G. Ames)1903
1 item
11/32Puget Sound Power & Light Company, Seattle1922-1929
4 items
11/33-34P Miscellaneous
41 items
11/13Pacific Coast Coal Company, Seattle1928
2 items
11/13Pacific Coast Syrup Company, Seattle1913
11/13Pacific Fisherman magazine, Seattle1916
11/13Palladino, L.B.1911
2 items
11/13Palmer, Victor E.1902
11/13Palmer, W.D.1881
11/13Pan-American Exposition, 19011901
11/13Parker, F.N.1918
11/13Pasco, Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington1927
11/13Patton, William1911, 1912
2 items
11/13Payne, Thomas1906
11/13Peirce, W.H.1896, 1899
2 items
11/13Pelly, B.1908
11/13Pendleton, Oregon, Commercial Association1925
11/13Percival, H.A.1924
11/13Peterson, H.F.1903
11/13Philadelphia Free Library1913
11/13Pickering, William W.1930
2 items
11/34Pierce, Frank1893
11/34Pigott, H. C.1923
11/34Pigott-Washington Printing Company, Seattle1928
11/34Pioneer Association, Pierce County1915
11/34Piper, Edgar B.1923
11/34Piper, O.A.1929
11/34Piper, Thomas H.1899
11/34Pirret, (P.K.) & Company, Tacoma1929
11/34Place, W.N.G.1925
11/34Polk (R.L.) & Company, Publishers1911
11/34Pratt, John W.1903
11/34Presbytery of Puget Sound1908
2 items
11/34Preston, H.A.1904
2 items
11/34Prindle, E.H.1903
11/34Protzman, Eugene C.1907
11/34Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company1929
11/35Quick, Wilbur F.S.1927-1931
5 items
11/36Railway & Marine News Publishing Company, Seattle1916-1931
3 items
11/37Rich, J.M.1930-1931
3 items
11/38R Miscellaneous
7 items
11/38Rainier Printing Company, Seattle1929
11/38Raker, John E.1925
11/38Raymond, Edna D.1905
11/38Reid, F.W.1868
11/38Rhodes, Seattle1931
11/38Ross, Thomas1931
11/38Rourke, F.J.1914
12/1Schafer, Joseph, 1867-19411903-1915
4 items
12/2Seattle Board of Public Works1931
2 items
12/3Seattle City Council1913-1930
4 items
12/4Seattle Civil Service Employee's Retirement System1929
2 items
12/5Seattle Law Department (Scott Calhoun, Corporation Counsel)1906, 1911
2 items
12/6Seattle Mayor's Office1904-1928
4 items
12/7Seattle Chamber of Commerce1924-1931
22 items
12/8Seattle Post-Intelligencer1903-1930
5 items
12/9Seattle Times1903-1927
3 items
12/10S Miscellaneous
32 items
12/10St. Paul Public Library1911
12/10St. Regis Hotel, New York1930
12/10Salvation Army, Inc.1932
12/10Schafer Brothers Logging Company, Montesano1932
12/10Seattle Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition1909
12/10Seattle, Brighton School1928
12/10Seattle Health Commissioner1909
12/10Seattle Young Men's Republican Club1929
12/10Seattle and Renton Railway1900
12/10Seattle Dexter Horton National Bank (First)1930
12/10Seattle Genealogical Societyundated
12/10Seattle Historical Society1918, 1924
2 items
12/10Seattle Press Club1912, 1925
2 items
12/10Seattle, Port of1918
12/10Seattle Public Schools1928
12/10Seattle Real Estate Board1932
12/10Seattle Star newspaper1927
12/10Shackelford, R.S.1906
12/10Shaw, George C.1931
12/10Shelton, Mary E.1880
12/10Simmons, C.C.undated
12/10Smith, Adeline H.1931
12/10Southern Pacific Lines1928
12/10Sparks, C.A.1923
12/10Sportsmen's Association of Seattle1931
12/10Starr, Frederick1925
12/10State Mutual Life Assurance Company, Seattle1931
12/10Statute Law Book Company1916
12/10Stevenson, W.A.1927
12/10Stratton, Lewis & Gilman, Seattle1894
12/11Thurston County Pioneer and Historical Society1912-1915
5 items
12/12T Miscellaneous
9 items
12/12Temple, Virgil and Richard1931
12/12Temporary Washington Monument Committee1931
12/12Thexton, Thomas1922
12/12Thomas, E.H.1931
12/12Thurston County Pioneer's Association1930
12/12Toronto University1911
12/12Toronto University Library1912
12/12Trick and Murray, Seattle1927
12/12Tucker (Wilmon) and Hyland, Attorneys, Seattle1915
12/13United States Post Office, Seattle (C. M. Parsons, Postmaster)1932
3 items
12/23University of Washington Alumni Association1925-1930
10 items
12/24University of Washington Library1903-1931
10 items
12/25University of Washington Regents1905
1 item
12/14U Miscellaneous
12 items
12/14Union Oil Company, Seattle1931
12/14United Pacific Casualty Insurance Company, Seattle1931
12/14United States Interior, Department of, Reclamation Service1915
2 items
12/14United States Library of Congress1913
12/14United States Navy, Branch Hydrographic Office, Seattle1928
12/14United States Navy, Bureau of Construction and Repair1921
12/14United States War Department, Adjutant General's Office1926
12/14United States War Department, District Engineer, Portland1915
2 items
12/14United States War Department, Quartermaster General1926
12/14United States Chamber of Commerce1929
12/33University of Washington ASUWundated
12/33University of Washington Law School1927
12/33University of Washington Printing Department1915
2 items
12/15V Miscellaneous
3 items
12/15Vagel, Kate1864
12/15Vincent, W.D.1928
2 items
12/16Walkinshaw, Robert Boyd, 1884-1929-1931
9 items
12/17-19Ward, Dillis Burgess, 1838-1862-1885
55 items
12/20Washington Mill Company, Hadlock, Washington1894
1 item
12/21Washington State Historical Society1906-1930
19 items
General Notes: See also: Bonney, Will P.
12/22Washington State Library1906-1912
4 items
12/26Watt, Roberta Frye1931
3 items
12/27Wehn, James A., 1882-1928, 1930
2 items
12/28Weir, Allen, 1854-1903-1915
3 items
12/29Wheeler, O.D.1911-1912
4 items
12/29Whipple West, Janeundated
12/30-31Whipple, Wayne1903-1931
34 items
12/32Whitworth, George F., 1816-1869-1894
9 items
12/33Wickersham, James, 1857-19391904
1 item
12/34Wilder's (Frank J.) Bookshop, Boston1914-1922
6 items
12/35Williams, John H.1914-1916
9 items
12/36Woodruff, Samuel C.1908, 1925, 1929
3 items
12/37Worthington & Jenner Agency, insurance, Seattle1930
3 items
12/38-40W Miscellaneous
52 items
12/33Waltham Watch Company, Waltham1928
12/33Ward, Clarence1929
12/33Ward, Mrs. Kirk C.undated
12/33Washington State College Library1911
12/33Washington (State) Bureau of Statistics1909
12/33Washington (State) Education Department1923
2 items
12/33Washington (State) Efficiency Department1924
12/39Webb, George W.1925
12/39Welch, Berniece1931
12/39Wells Fargo & Company, Express1918
12/39Wells, Lillian Sykes1926
12/39West, Ella J.1929
12/39West, William F.1867
12/39West Coast Lumbermen's Association1928, 1929
2 items
12/39Western Public Works Contractors Association1927, 1928
2 items
12/39Western Union Telegraph Company1928
12/39Wheeler, Walter S.1927
12/39Whipple, A.J.undated
12/39Whipple, Attis Andrew1928
12/39Whipple, B.T.1905
12/39Whipple, Clara1869
12/39Whitcomb, R.1926
12/39White, Clarence L.1926
12/39White, Harry1905
2 items
12/39White, Roy W.1926
12/39Whitney, Alfred C.1912
2 items
12/39Whitworth, F.H.undated
12/39Whitworth, Nancy1872
12/39Who's Who in Washington State1927
12/40Willard, Daniel E.1912
12/40Willis, Park Weed1929
12/40Winchell, F.G.1918
12/40Winders, C.H.1920
12/40Winship, P.D.1923, 1925
2 items
12/40Wisconsin State Historical Society1912, 1927
2 items
12/40Wittier, E.F.1901
12/40Women's City Club, Seattle1928
12/40Woodmen of the World1928
12/40Woods, Henry1911
12/40Wyckoff, Ambrose Barkley1909
12/41Young, Frederick George, 1858-19291904-1913
11 items
12/42Y Miscellaneous
12/42Yakima County, Engineer1930
12/42Young, J. Arthur1932
14 items
Arrangement: Filed by name of recipient
12/43To: Andrews, Clarence Leroy; From: Telegraph & Telephone Age, New York1927 November 21
12/43To: Barry, (Rev.) J. Neilson; From: Hays, Samuel H1912 February 20
12/43To: Denny, Rolland H; From: Million, E. C. (attorney)1900 December 18
12/43To: Denny, Rolland H; From: Dickerson, Mahlon A.1926 September 23
12/43To: Graves, A.J.; From: Seattle, A-Y-P Exposition1908 June 13
12/43To: Hadley, Roy O.; From: Beriah Brownundated
12/43To: Harper, Paul C; From: Harper (Wm P.) & Son1907 May 23
12/43To: Hassenmiller, K. Lyndon; From: Douglas, Paul Howard1923 July 12
12/43To: Mann, Champion B; From: Hitchcock, D.W.1901 July 23
12/43To: Pioneer Printing Company, Seattle.; From: Morse, Mary G.1925 April 9
12/43To: Snowden, Clinton A; From: Cushman, Francis W.1908 February 9
12/43To: Thompson, Reginald Heber; From: Blackman, John W.B.1915 August 2
12/43To: Thompson, Reginald Heber; From: Blackman, John W.B.1915 August 7
12/44Letter of introduction1912
Scope and Content: Written to Marion E. Hay from Pliny L. Allen
12/45Letters from unidentified partiesvarious dates
28 items
13-15Outgoing correspondence1864-1932
approximately 1500 letters
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
16/1Sale documents
4 letters
Scope and Content: Papers relating to the sale of the Bagley Collection to the University of Washington Library in 1919. Includes bill of sale and itemized list of books.
16/2-4Financial miscellanycirca 1877-1918
13 bound volumes
16/2-4Check registers1908-1918
13 volumes
16/2-4Invoicesvarious dates
approximately 25 items
16/2-4Receiptsvarious dates
approximately 40 items
16/2-4Tax notices, tax receiptscirca 1877-1917
approximately 30 items
16/5-6, 17/1-2Legal documentsvarious dates
approximately 85 items; 4 folders (1 folder pre-1889)
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous abstracts, deeds, indentures, etc., concerning Bagley and various parties.
approximately 120 items
Scope and Content: Clippings, photos, invitation, programs, etc.
14 items
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous memos, etc.
17/7Clippings, notes, etc., regarding Bagley's work on the Whitman Mythvarious dates
17/8Clippings, photos, etc., regarding Chief Seattlevarious dates
17/9-18Extracts from printed materialvarious dates
approximately 130 items
18/1-11Historical notes by Bagleyvarious dates
approximately 150 items
18/1212 historical notes copied by Bagleyvarious dates
2 items
18/13Historical notes; genealogiesvarious dates
11 items
18/14Historical writings, "Hall & Holliday" with copy of article by Ezra Meekervarious dates
18/15-16Material on Chief Seattle and Princess Angelinevarious dates
18/17-19Miscellaneous historical writingsvarious dates
19/1Regarding Seattle historyvarious dates
19/2The Chiricahua, manuscript of a novelvarious dates
19/3Unsigned manuscripts, probably by Bagley.various dates
19/4Loo-Low-Can -- Lo-Kout by Bagleyvarious dates
19/5Speeches and reportsvarious dates
10 items
19/6Bagley as Secretary of Board of Public Works, Seattle, Washingtonvarious dates
approximately 25 items
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence, etc., relating to Board of Public Works
Bagley family papers
19/7aStatement (genealogical) about Susannah Rogers Bagley by Clarence Bagleyundated
Bagley, Alice Mercer (1848-1926)
19/7b-9Incoming from Susannah Rogers (Whipple) Bagleycirca 1867-1883
19/7b-9Incoming from various partiescirca 1867-1926
23 letters
19/7b-9Outgoing to various parties1867-1884
27 letters
Bagley, Cecil C.
19/10Incoming correspondance from various parties1922, 1928
2 items
19/11Miscellany concerning Cecil Bagleyvarious dates
Bagley, Susannah Rogers (Whipple), 1819-1913
Incoming correspondence
5 letters
19/13Bogan, Edna1887-1890
3 letters
19/14Carr, Lucie1864-1903
11 letters
19/15Carr, Myra1880-1903
5 letters
19/16Mann, Champion B.1864, 1904-1905
4 letters
19/17Thompson, Bertha W.1898-1906
3 letters
19/18West, Ella J.1897-1909
7 letters
19/19West, Jane1873
3 letters
19/20Whipple, Ambrose J.1883-1906
11 letters
19/21Whipple, Hannah1906, 1912
3 letters
19/22Whipple, N.1867
3 letters
19/23-24Miscellaneous partiesundated
33 letters
19/25Outgoing correspondence to various partiesundated
3 letters
19/26-28Correspondence, incoming to and from various members of the Bagley familyundated
approximately 60 letters
Collected materials
20/1Letter to Samuel Royal Thurston from Daniel H. Lownsdale regarding disputed territorial claims with the Judson's Bay Company1849 August 10
35 pages
General Notes: Original
Meeker, Ezra M., 1830-1928
20/2From: Howard, Minnie F.1926 February 3
20/2From: Lutz, J. E.1913 January 8
20/2From: McLoughlin Union High School1927 February 5
20/2From: Meeker, Jerry1904 May 28
20/2From: Miller, Daniel B.1924 December 19
20/2To: Allen, H.P. et al.; 19?? February 27
20/3Legal documentscirca 1877-1896
Scope and Content: Relating to Ezra and members of the Meeker family (titles, deeds, etc.)
Mercer, Thomas, 1813-1898
20/4Letter from Mercer to "Dear Children"undated
20/4Indenture from Thomas Mercer to David S. Maynard regarding purchase of land in Town of Seattle1857 October 26
20/5Miller, Mary M.1882-1886
Scope and Content: 7 letters directed to or concerning Mrs. Miller
Pioneer materials collected by Bagley
20/6Financial miscellany1873
4 items
Scope and Content: Including account book of Denny (A.A.) Iron Mine with Dexter Horton & Company, and balance sheet of Stringham (T.H.) & Company
Legal documents
20/7Bankruptcy notice, Gardner Kellogg1873
20/7Land sale between Charles W. Lawton and Washington (Territory) University1872
20/7Land sale between Christopher C. Thompson and Sarah V. Brannan1860
20/7Easement agreement between G.L. Keller and John Langston1882
20/7Land sale between John Miller and Anna Wadleigh1882
20/7Indenture between John F. Lynch and William D. Wood1883
20/7Indenture between Hunt O. Hills and Henry Bankson1867
20/7Land sale between Benjamin F. Ball and J.M. Johns1874
20/7Land sale between William and Sarah Renton and L. R. Buiberson1882
20/7Cemetery deed for William L. Barnard at Washelli Cemetery1886
20/7Extract from the law of February 28, 18911891
20/8To: Beardsley, R.T.; From: Kips, W. Ingraham1867 September 20
20/8To: Denny, Arthur Armstrong; From: Clagett Charles W.1893 June 7
20/8To: General Land Office Commissioner; From: United States Interior Deptartment1890 December 19
20/8To: Kelly, Michael; From: Kellogg, Gardner1873 June 12
20/8To: Nichol, W H.; From: Washington (State) Horticulture Board1892 August 30
20/8To: Robens, Joseph; From: Pierce, Thomas1881 February 19
Puyallup, First National Bank, correspondence
20/9Incomingcirca 1890-1895
20/9Bisson, F., South Prairie1982 October 12
20/9Boatman, E.A., Orting1894 April 24
20/9Crowley, Sullivan & Grosscup, Tacoma, attorneys1895 July 11
20/9Cudahy (Michael) Packing Company, Seattle1895 July 15
20/9Horton (Dexter) & Company, Seattle1890 October 18
20/9Lee (Frank P.) & Bowden, Seattle1892 December 14
20/9National Bank of Commerce, Tacoma1891 May 25
20/9Northern Pacific Railroad Company, Lakeview1892 October 10
20/9Ouimette, E.N. 1894 March 26
20/9Sumner Bank, (Paulhamus, William H., cashier)1894 April 23
20/9Wells, Fargo & Company, San Francisco1890 December 15
20/9To: Vaughn & Morris, Tacoma [with reply]1894 March 21
20/9To: Horton (Dexter) & Company, Seattle1894 April 13 and 20
20/10Transcript of letters regarding pre-emption claim of William A. Jepsoncirca 1865
6 pages
20/11Translation of Notice on the Territory and on the Mission of Oregon, by A.M. Blanchetcirca 1847
3 copies
20/12Tribute to John H. Mitchell by Henry G. Struveundated
4 pages
20/13Ward, Dillis Burgess1863, 1922
Scope and Content: 2 letters from Ward to "Brother and Sister", 1863; 1 incoming letter to Ward from the Oregon Historical Society
Miscellaneous selections
Volume 1
21Extracts from the Missionary Heraldcirca 1836-1882
Scope and Content: Includes information on the Hudson's Bay Company; Henry H. Spalding; William H. Gray; Marcus Whitman and the Whitman massacre; letters dealing with missionary life, and relations with the Indians.
21Extracts from Niles Registercirca 1823-1844
Scope and Content: Regarding Oregon territory and settlers.
21Extracts from Annals of Congress1820-1846
Scope and Content: Regarding exploration and claiming of Oregon Territory.
21Extracts from Wilke's Explorations1841
Scope and Content: Wilke's special report on Oregon.
21Two letters from Charles Wilkes to the Secretary of the Navy 1841 May 15; 24 November 24
General Notes: Copies
21Miscellaneous reviews from English paperscirca 1832
Scope and Content: Regarding Oregon exploration and settlement of the west
21Missionary letters (with index)circa 1838-1847
Volume 1A
21Pioneer reminiscences , by Samuel Hancock1860 February 17
General Notes: Copy - typescript
Scope and Content: Written at Whidbey's Island, Washington Territory.
21Letter fromWilliam Fraser Tolmie to Fayette McMullan, 1858 January 12
Scope and Content: Regarding Leschi, a chief of the Nisqually. Duplicate in Volume 9.
21Indian War in 1855-1856, in Washington and Oregon, by Granville Haller.
Scope and Content: Original with Haller papers, Mss H142.
Volume 2
21Addresses to the Pioneer Association relative to the markers on the Oregon Trail
Scope and Content: Addresses by Clarence B. Bagley, George H. Himes, Edmond S. Meany
21Letters concerning the Indian wars1857 February 1-August 13
Scope and Content: Isaac I. Stevens, James Tilton, Michael T. Simmons, Elwood Evans, Francis A. Chenoweth, etc.
21Jason Lee diary1844 July 25-September12
21Copy of "Memorial to Congress adopted by Provisional Government of Oregon, June 28, 1845. "1845
Scope and Content: Labeled "documentary evidence" in Hudson's Bay Company versus United States of America.
21"From the Diary of Mary R. Walker (Fort Boise) "1838 August
21"From the Diary of Rev. Elkanah Walker (Fort Colville)"1838 September-1842 November
21Letter to the Rev. David Greene1843 January 23
21Lectures by the Reverend Henry H. Spalding, "Early Oregon Missions..." undated
9 lectures ( typescript)
21Letter to "Editor, Statesman" from William McBean1866 March 12
21Note on Jason Lee, from the works of Stephen Olin, late president of Wesleyan Universityundated
21Report of Jason Lee to Missionary Board, New York1844 July 23
21Letter Jason Lee to Missionary Board, New York1844 July 23
21Copy of articles in New York Daily Tribune relating to "Mercer Girls" expedition1865 October 6 and 1866 January 18
21Protestant Missionary Labors in Oregon- (Quotes from Dr. Stephen Olin.) Extracts from Sketch of the Cowlitz Mission, 5 February 1840, by the Rev. M. DeMers; also 1844, 1847. Whitman massacre, 28 November 1847; resume of Catholic missionary efforts in Oregon.various dates
21Extract from Rush's residence at the Court of London, regarding United States claim to Oregon Territory.undated
Volume 2A
21Typescript of extracts from The Great Company, by Beckles Willson, concerning the Hudson's Bay Companyundated
21Excerpts from Daniel Williams Harmon's Journal1800-1819
21Extracts from Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River, etc. , by John K. Townsend1839
21Territorial Growth of the United States, by Bagleyundated
21Extracts from newspapers, documents, letters, etc., regarding early days in Oregon Territoryundated
21Extracts from St. Louis Republican regarding early overland tripsundated
21Various letters to William I. Marshall, relative to collection of pioneer material.undated
21Reprints of letters from M.M. McCarver, Peter H. Burnett1843
21Extract from New Orleans Picayune1843 November 21
21Copies of letters from the Oregon Territory appearing in the New York Herald1844-1845
21Extracts from Christian Advocate and Journal regarding Mission to Flat Head Indians-Jason Lee, etc.1833-1840
Volume 3
21Who Saved Oregon, by F.H. Grubbsundated
21Chronicle of land acquisitions to United States from 1783undated
21History of Indian Affairs among the Nez Perces, by Henry H. Spalding, from Pacific1865
21Proceedings of the Fox Island Reservation Treaty1856 August 4
21Statement of operations of Washington Territory Volunteer forces regarding Cedar River Watershed1856-1857
21Department of Interior instructions to Governor Isaac I. Stevens1853 May 9
212 letters from G.H. Atkinson to American Board of Missions, Oregon City, regarding disposition of mission properties1858 November 20; 1859 September 7
Volume 4
22Cornelius Holgate Hanford's opinion on Missionary Stations in Oregon (United States Circuit Court, District of Washington, Western Division)1890
22The State of Washington Addition to Seattle 1891
Scope and Content: Legal documents relating to acquisition of original University properties. Dedication of original grant to Seattle for establishment, location and maintenance of the University.
22Auction bill for sale of Puget Sound Agricultural Association wool in London1848 July 3
22Speech of William E. Humphrey in House of Representatives1911 July 15
Scope and Content: Text of report from Charles Wilkes, commander of exploring expedition (to Puget Sound and Washington Territory), 1840-1842, to Navy Department. Printed in the Congressional Record at Humphrey's request. (Also typewritten copy of Wilkes report)
22Letters from the Reverend Elkanah Walker to the Reverend David Greene1843 January 23, 1842 October 3
22Our First Indian War, by Clarence B. Bagley.undated
Scope and Content: Including typescript of letter from James Douglas to George Abernethy, dated December 8, 1847.
22Chief Seattle was of the Nisqually Nation, by Clarence B. Bagley; excerpts from Contributions to North American Ethnology, by George Gibbsundated
22Tribute to memory of Commissioner Grahame of the Hudson's Bay Company, written by Roderick Campbellundated
222 letters from Peter Skeen Ogden and James Douglas to William Fraser Tolmie1846 May 22, 1847 July 27
22Article written to the Tacoma Ledger by C. B. Bagley: "State Historical Matters "1905
22William Fraser Tolmies diary1833 May 2-August 10, 1833 August 10
22Letter from Ezra Meeker to the House Committee on Libraries, Pittsburg, regarding erection of granite markers on the Oregon Trail1908 February 5
Scope and Content: Typescript of address by Meeker to citizens of Seattle (circa 1906-1907), detailing his pilgrimages to inspire people to donate to the project.
22Brief history of founding of the University of Washington, by Clarence B. Bagleyundated
Scope and Content: Includes detailed accounts of people involved in the establishment of buildings, etc.
Volume 4A
22Address on Washington and Oregon history by Clarence B. Bagleyundated
22Account of an Early Visit to the Present Site of Seattle and Vicinity, by Colonel Isaac N. Ebey1850
Scope and Content: In form of a letter to Michael T. Simmons, dated September 1, 1850.
22Oregon Mission, typescript of articles from The Friend1846
22Letter from Daniel H. Lownsdale to Samuel R. Thurston, with introduction by C. B. Bagleyundated
22Biographical sketch of Thomas Stowell Phelps, (1822- )author of Reminiscences of Washington Territory1882
22Translation of an address from the French (on Canadians in Willamette Valley), translated by P.J. Frein.undated
22Petition to the city council of Olympia from Dudley S.B. Henryundated
22Eliza and the Nez Perce Indians, by the Reverend Eelsundated
22Introduction to the Biography of George Bush, by Professor Ayerundated
22Resume of Newspaper History in Washington and Oregon Territory, by C. B. Bagley.undated
22"The First Settler" : Letter from John P. Richmond to Editor, Seattle Weekly Chronicle1883 September 11
Volume 5
22Letter to unidentified party from Edward Jay Allen1916
22Miscellaneous newspaper clippings regarding Coast Indian tribes, habits, etc.undated
Volume 6
22"Mercer Girls" story1901
Scope and Content: Including letter from Asa S. Mercer to Clarence B. Bagley, dated November 12, 1901. Also list of members of the Mercer party.
22Henry Villard history in Washington Territory by C. B. Bagleyundated
22Early settlers in Puget Sound Area , by C. B. Bagley.undated
Volume 7
22The Indian War of 1855-1856 in Washington and Oregon, by Granville O. Haller, (in 4 parts) undated
General Notes: Original manuscript in author's handwriting.
22The Early Impressions and Later Confessions of a Native Puget Sounder, by Mrs. Sarah Allister McAdams. Original manuscript in Author's handwriting.undated
Volume 8
22Washington donation claims-alphabetical and geographical listsvarious dates
Volume 9
22Address by Ezra Meeker, March 2, 1903, on 50th anniversary of Washington Territory, and miscellaneous speeches by Miles C. Moore, T. M. Vance, Herman D.C.row, William E. Humphre, Glen N. Ranck.1903
22Typescript of Medicine Creek Treaty1854 December 26
Scope and Content: Includes ratification by Senate and President Franklin Pierce. Joint resolution by Territorial government (16 January 1857) relative to Gov. Stevens proclamation of martial law in Pierce and Thurston counties (typescript).
22A Reminiscence of '56 : How a Port Townsend Man Offered, Unaided, to Build the Northern Pacific Railroad, by James G. Swanundated
22Excerpt from Tacoma Daily News1884 March
Scope and Content: "John Flett reviews some statements of an alleged missionary."
22Excerpts from Hudson's Bay Co. journal of 1839, regarding site and building of the Indian Mission at Nisqually.1839
22Oregon Missions-excerpts from the New York Christian Advocate and Journal1839-1841
22Pacific Pine Lumber Company, San Francisco. Trade agreement for Pine Manufacturer's Association1880 December
22How the boys went to St. Elias-fiction, author unknown.undated
22Application of Lee Fong for a writ of habeas corpuscirca 1902
22Letter to Robert Harris, President, Northern Pacific Railroad, 20 January 1887, from John Jay McGilvra (?).1887 20 January
22Letter to George W. Manypenny, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, from Isaac Stevens, regarding Medicine Creek Treaty1854 December 30
22Records of the proceedings of the commission to hold treaties with the Indians in Washington Territory and Blackfoot country1854 December 7
22Letter to Fayette McMullan from William Fraser Tolmie, 12 January 1858, regarding Leschi. [Duplicate of copy in Volume 1A]
23Bill headsundated
Oversized materials
24Scrapbook of Manuscripts    OVERSIZEundated
24Testimonial from Seattle Board of Public Works    OVERSIZEundated
Scope and Content: Notes of city and county expenditures relating to personnel and contractors, health department and epidemics, and maintenance of properties and cemeteries.

Accession No. 0036-002
Clarence Bagley papers, 1924
.21 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Bagley's book The Acquisition and Pioneering of Old Oregon, 1924, with clippings and letters pasted within. Letters comment on errors in spelling and dates, and also include biographical information on Bagley. Correspondents include Robert Bruce, George H. Himes, Frederick V. Holman, and Clarence Mulford.
Acquisition Info
None available.

Accession No. 0036-003
Clarence Bagley papers, undated (1863 originals)
1 oversize folder
Arranged as received.
Scope and Content
Photostatic copies of three letters in the collection of Clarence B. Bagley. The letters are from Henry L. Yesler to his partner in San Francisco, George F. Plummer, dated May 15, August 30, and November 16, 1863. The letters pertain to the expansion of their sawmill, the product of which was traded for merchandise in San Francisco. These goods were in turn traded from their general store to the populace for logs, grain and cash. Their grist mill converted grain into flour. Another partner in the business was Arthur A. Denny, also one of the founders of Seattle.
Custodial History
These photostatic copies were framed for display when received, one frame of which included a typed caption. The originals of the letters are not a part of the Clarence Bagley papers, although the provenance and date appear to be the same as those of the original collection.
Acquisition Info
Donor: Bagley-Mercer company, 1956
Processing Info
Partially processed. Removed from frames and stored in oversize folder

Subject Terms

Geographic Names:
King County (Wash.)--History--19th century--Sources.
Seattle (Wash.)--History--19th century--Sources.
Washington (State)--History--19th century--Sources.
Personal Names:
Bagley family--Correspondence.
Bagley, Alice Mercer, 1848-1926--Correspondence.
Bagley, Clarence, 1843-1932--Archives.
Bagley, Daniel, 1818-1905--Correspondence.
Bagley, S. R. (Susannah Rogers), 1819-1913-- Correspondence.
Elliott, T. C. (Thompson Coit), 1862-1943--Correspondence.
Garfielde, S. (Selucius), 1822-1883--Correspondence.
Huggins, Edward, 1832-1907--Correspondence.
Marshall, William I. (William Isaac), 1840-1906-- Correspondence.
Plummer, George E.--Correspondence.
Ward, Dillis Burgess, 1838-1922--Correspondence.
Yesler, Henry L.  (Henry Leiter),  1810-1892--Correspondence.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Seattle (Wash.). Board of Public Works.
Genre Headings:
Authors' copies (Provenance)
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Research (document genres)
Acquisition and pioneering of old Oregon.
Banks and banking--Washington (State)--History--Sources
Chinese--Violence against--Washington (State)--Sources
Frontier and pioneer life--Washington (State)--Sources
Historians--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Pacific Coast Indians, Wars with, 1847-1865--Sources
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Territorial Government
Washington (State)
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