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Guide to the Naomi Achenbach Benson Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 0204
Accession No.: 0204-001
Creator: Benson, Naomi Achenbach , creator
Title: Naomi Achenbach Benson papers
Date Span: 1895-1961
Bulk: 1935-1961
Quantity: 19.5 cubic feet (40 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

Naomi Achenbach Benson, a teacher as well as a political and civic activist from Everett, Washington, was a member of the Snohomish County Democratic Party and the Washington State Progressive Party. She worked on behalf of a wide variety of liberal causes in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s: civil liberties and freedom of speech, liberal relief policies, pacifist foreign policies, equal rights for women and minorities, public power, and many others.

Naomi Benson was born Naomi Achenbach on August 19, 1878, and raised on her parents’ farm in Gladbrook, Iowa. She began attending the Iowa State Normal School in Cedar Falls in 1893, then in 1900 enrolled at the State University of Iowa in Iowa City, from which she graduated in 1902. After graduation, she taught one year of seventh grade and three years of high school before moving to Everett, where she taught high school from 1906 to 1908 and 1912 to 1919. She moved back to Iowa in 1919 to help her parents with the farm, and on October 12, 1921, she married Jesse Noble Benson, a highway engineer from her hometown. After their marriage, Jesse Benson worked out of town while his wife continued to help at the Achenbach family farm. The Bensons moved into their own house in 1922 and in the late 1920s moved to Everett permanently.

Naomi Benson was a member of numerous organizations throughout her lifetime. Among the first that she supported were the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Everett-based Mountaineers, the American Red Cross, and the National Parks Association.

Benson first became seriously involved in politics in the 1920s, when she joined the League of Women Voters and served on a Democratic Party committee. She then took little part in political affairs until the Great Depression. In May 1936 she acted as a delegate from the Snohomish County Democratic Women’s Club to the State Conference of Democratic Women. In September of the same year she was elected Democratic Party state committeewoman. Benson continued to serve as a committed Democratic Party worker in the early 1940s but was slowly becoming disillusioned with the party and the government. She was particularly concerned with what she considered mismanagement by the Works Progress Administration. In 1942 she resigned from her post as state committeewoman and by the mid-1940s she was turning down other positions on Democratic committees and declining to assist with party campaigns.

Benson, who had always been an admirer of Henry Wallace, joined the Progressive Party when it split off from the Democrats in 1948. She became president of the Snohomish County chapter of Women for Wallace, a Progressive Party organization that supported Wallace’s 1948 presidential campaign. Benson also served on the Progressive Party’s Washington State Executive Board and helped lead a strong effort by the Progressives in Snohomish County. Wallace ran stronger in Snohomish County than anywhere else in the state. Benson resigned her leadership posts in 1950, when members of the Communist Party took over top positions in the Washington Progressive Party.

Among the organizations in which Benson most actively participated were the Public Ownership League of America and the Everett Consumers’ Co-operative Association. In conjunction with the Public Ownership League in the early 1940s, Benson worked on an initiative for a public utility district, which was eventually established. Her involvement in the Everett Consumers’ Co-operative, founded in 1945, consisted of serving in several capacities, including recording secretary and trustee chairwoman. Benson attempted to stabilize the cooperative as it became plagued with financial problems, but it fell apart in 1948 with the resignations of several trustees.

In her later years Benson supported numerous liberal groups, including the American Association for the United Nations, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Friends Service Committee (an anti-war group), Americans for Democratic Action, the Association on American Indian Affairs, the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Washington Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, and the Workers Defense League.

Although Benson fought communist efforts to control left-wing organizations, she strongly defended their right to participate in the political process. Benson opposed the state legislature’s Canwell Committee investigations of alleged communists and the federal government’s efforts to prosecute “subversive” organizations. She participated in picketing of the Canwell Committee in 1948 and testified on behalf of Jerry O’Connell, a former Montana representative who was first convicted but, on appeal, later acquitted of disorderly conduct for the leading role he took in the picketing. In 1954 and 1956 she also appeared for the defense in a series of Smith Act anti-communist court cases.

Naomi Benson died in 1961.


Arranged in 12 series:

  • Correspondence
  • Journals and notebooks
  • Financial records
  • Writings
  • Clippings
  • Democratic Party
  • Everett Consumers' Co-op Association
  • Mid-Century Conference for Peace
  • Progressive Party
  • Snohomish County Legislative Council
  • Campaign materials
  • Printed materials

Scope and Content

The collection contains correspondence, journals, notebooks, financial records, writings, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. The correspondence series makes up the bulk of the papers. Many items in this series are ephemera or form letters from organizations of which Benson was a member. The series of journals and notebooks includes notes Benson took while at college as well as teaching notes, diaries from the 1920s to the 1950s, and notebooks containing newspaper clippings about political affairs. A series of writings contains essays Benson wrote in college and additional lecture notes. The writings series also houses many loose sheets of paper with notes that Benson took while reading, participating in political meetings, or attending her Unitarian church. Also included in the Benson papers is an extensive series of printed materials which includes books and pamphlets published by pacifist groups, civil rights organizations, and religious groups of many denominations. Much of the religious material is anti-Catholic in tone.

The collection includes substantial series documenting the Democratic Party, the Everett Consumers’ Co-operative Association, and the Progressive Party. In the campaign materials series, a large quantity of printed materials -- especially broadsides and form letters -- are from various presidential, legislative, and initiative campaigns between 1920 and 1960.

Major correspondents and others who are represented in the papers include Homer T. Bone, Herbert Holdridge, Hubert H. Humphrey, Henry M. Jackson, Warren G. Magnuson, Hugh B. Mitchell, Beulah Thomas, Mon C. Wallgren, the American Association for the United Nations, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, the American Friends Service Committee, the American Veterans Committee, Americans for Democratic Action, the Association on American Indian Affairs, the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, the Citrus Grove Development Company, the Civil Rights Congress, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Democratic National Committee, the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, the Everett Unitarian Fellowship, the Northwest Citizens’ Defense Committee, the Peoples’ World, Piney Woods School, the Progressive Citizens of America, the Public Ownership League of America, the Puget Sound Power and Light Company, the Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Washington Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born, the Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association, and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

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Access to boxes 1-36 are subject to restrictions. For terms of access, contact the Special Collections Division, University of Washington Libraries.

Boxes 37-40 are open to all users.

Terms of Use

The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.

Acquisition Info

Gift of Donald Fairchild, Naomi Benson’s nephew. Fairchild placed the papers on deposit in December 1961 and donated them on January 15, 1965.

Processing Info

Loose newspaper clippings were placed in their own series and sorted by subject. The journals and notebooks have not been processed. Many national magazines originally included in this collection were removed.

Notes describing the collection were written by Michael Reese in 1996.


Incoming correspondence
1Achenbach, Williamundated
5 items
1Action for Human Welfare1956-1957
6 items
1Ad Hoc Committee for Cleveland Taft-Hartley Conspiracy Case Appealundated
2 items
1Affiliated Schools for Workers, Inc.undated
2 items
5 items
1American Anti-War Crusade, "The Campaign Issue"undated
1 item
1American Association for the United Nations1945-1961
35 items
1American Association for the United Nations, United Nations Reporter 1953-1954
12 items
1American Association for the United Nations, AAUN News 1954-1961
56 items
1American Association for the United Nations, Pacific Northwest Headquarters, Seattle Chapter, Snohomish County1953-1960
28 items, 3 folders
1American Cancer Society, Women's Field Army1943-1945
9 items
1American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), circulars and ephemera1950-1961
107 items, 2 folders
1ACLU, Washington, ephemera1954-1960
33 items
2ACLU, Washington, News-Letters 1954-1955
10 items
2ACLU, Washington, "Civil Liberties in Washington State"undated
18 items
2ACLU, Washington, News Bulletin 1959-1960
5 items
2ACLU, Washington, ACLU of Washington News 1960-1961
8 items
2American Committee for Protection of Foreign Bornundated
42 items
2American Committee on Africa1956-1961
22 items
2American Committee for Defense of British Homes1941
3 items
2American Farm Bureau Association, ephemeraundated
2 items
2American Federation of Laborundated
2 items
2American Foundation for Overseas Blind, Inc.undated
5 items
2American Forestry Associationundated
4 items
2American Friends Service Committee1947-1961
71 items
2American Friends Service Committee, Friends Peace Committeeundated
8 items
2American Friends Service Committee, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Peace Packet Service1953-1957
97 items, 4 folders
2American Friends Service Committee, Seattle, Washingtonundated
79 items, 4 folders
2American Friends of Viet-Nam, ephemera1961
2 items
2American Institute of Psychology1930
13 items
2American Newspaper Guild, Seattle1936
1 item
2American Peace Crusade ephemera1951
5 items
2American Peace Crusade, Washington State, ephemera1951
2 items
2American Protestant Defense League, Inc., ephemera1947
5 items
2American Public Utilities Bureau, "Public Ownership of Public Utilities"1943, 1950
2 items
2American Red Crossundated
1 item
2American Red Cross, Pacific Northwest1917-1918
6 items
2American Sponsoring Committee for Representation at the World Peace Congressundated
2 items
2American Unitarian Associationundated
27 items
3American Veterans Committee1948-1957
40 items, 2 folders
3Americans for Democratic Action1947-1961
55 items, 2 folders
3Americans for Democratic Action, Seattle-King County Chapter1947-1953
38 items, 2 folders
3Americans for Democratic Action, Seattle-King County Chapter, ADA News 1949-1952
28 items
3Americans for Democratic Action, Washington State Continuations Committee1947
2 items
3Americans for Democratic Action, Washington State Council1947, 1952
2 items
3Americans for Democratic Action, Students for Democratic Actionundated
2 items
6 items
3Animals' Crusaders1954-1956
6 items
48 items, 3 folders
3Arboretum Foundation1940-1947
6 items
3Arends, Henry1946, 1948
2 items
3Association on American Indian Affairs1949-1961
134 items, 4 folders
3Automobile Club of Washingtonundated
6 items
4"A" miscellaneousundated
37 items
4Babson Park Citrus Growers' Associationundated
7 items
4Babson Park Grove Serviceundated
15 items
4Ball, Joseph H.1945, 1947
7 items
4Bargreen, Howard1941-1961
7 items
4Barry, Myrtle and Corneliusundated
9 items
4Benson, John1945
3 items
4Benson, Mary A.1914-1959
15 items
4Benson, Naomi, character references1902-1905
5 items
4Benson, Jesse1941-1945
11 items, 3 folders
4Benson family, miscellaneous1941-1945
8 items
8 items
4Bone, Homer T.1935-1944
19 items
4Boy Scouts of America, Rural Scouting Service1939
11 items
4Bridges, Styles1944
2 items
4Browder, Earl1952
4 items
4Bryant, Alice Franklin1954-1961
12 items
4Buckmaster, C. W.1945
3 items
4Building Service Union, Local 6, Seattle, Washingtonundated
1 item
4Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists1952
6 items
4Byrd, Harry F.1944
2 items
4"B" miscellaneousundated
41 items
4Cain, Harry P.1945-1955
5 items
4Cakebread, Bernard, Doris, Peter1948-1950
5 items
4California Emergency Defense Committee1952-1955
2 items
4Call Radio Bureau1941
7 items
4Camp Beacon Rock, Skamania, Wisconsin, Beacon Flashes 1938
2 items
4 Catholic Worker 1948-1961
5 items
4Caughlan (John) Defense Committee1948
3 items
4Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors1951-1961
20 items
4Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, "News Notes"1951-1961
74 items
4Childs, Marquis1944-1948
3 items
4"China Reconstructs"1960
2 items
4 Christian Century 1945-1947
2 items
4Christian Cooperative Fellowship in North America1937
3 items
5Christ's Mission, Inc.1946-1957
9 items
5Church of the Peopleundated
6 items
5 The Churchman 1955-1961
9 items
5Citizens' Advisory Committeeundated
3 items
5Citizens' Committee on Displaced Persons1948
4 items
5 Citizen's Committee to Secure Democratic Rights within our Schoolsundated
3 items
5Citrus Grove Development Company1927-1939
46 items
5Civil Liberties Council of Washington1948-1949
7 items
5Civil Rights Congressundated
17 items
5Civil Rights Congress1950-1954
4 items
5Civil Rights Congress, Washington State1950-1955
35 items
5Civil Rights Congress, Washington State, "Liberator, " "Washington Liberator, " "Action Letter" and " Action Bulletin"1950-1953
26 items
10 items
5"Clean Politics Appeal"1958
5Coffee John Main1945
5Committee for the Marshall Plan1948
6 items
5Committee to Defend Martin Luther King, Jr.1960
3 items
5Committee for World Disarmament and Development1959
5 items
"The Committee of 100"
General Notes: See: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), "The Committee of 100."
5Committee on Education for Lasting Peace1947
5 items
5Committee on World Literacy and Christian Literature1953
3 items
5Committee to Defend A.A. Fisher1958
3 items
5Committee to Restore Constitutional Libertiesundated
2 items
5Committee to Save Olympic National Parkundated
1 item
5Common Council for American Unity1943-1944
6 items
5 The Commoner 1924
3 items
5Communist Party, United States of Americaundated
4 items
5Communist Party, United States of America, Los Angeles Leninist Group1957
1 item
5Communist Party, United States of America, Northwest Districtundated
1 item
5Communist Party, United States of America, Snohomish County Sectionundated
1 item
5Communist Party, United States of America, Central Area (Seattle) Clubundated
1 item
5Congress of Industrial Organizations, Political Action Committee1946-1948
24 items, 4 folders
5Congress of Racial Equality1953-1961
22 items
5 Congressional Quarterly 1956-1958
3 items
5Cooperative League1944-1947
13 items
5Copenhaver, Laura1950-1951
8 items
5Council Against Intolerance in America1940
3 items
5"C" miscellaneousundated
59 items
6Darlington Home and Garden Club1938
3 items
6 The Daily Pennsylvanian undated
4 items
6Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)1913-1942
18 items
6Daughters of the American Revolution, National Defense News 1940-1944
13 items
6Daughters of the American Revolution, Pacific Northwest, miscellaneous1942
6 items
6Davies (Harold, M. P.) and Vincent Hallinan, Seattle, Washington, Sponsoring Committee1956
1 item
6Democratic Party, New Deal Democratic League1934-1940
5 items
6 The Desert Grapevine 1947-1949
5 items
6Dill, Clarence C.1948-1957
1 item
6Dimon, Abigail Campundated
14 items
6Dinosaur National Monument Council1955
3 items
6"D" miscellaneousundated
16 items
6Emergency Civil Liberties Committee1952-1961
114 items, 2 folders
6Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, "Congress and Your Rights"1959-1961
32 items
6Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists1948
9 items
6Emergency Committee on Natural Resourcesundated
4 items
6Encyclopedia Britannica1947
3 items
6Everett Central Labor Councilundated
3 items
6Everett Garden Club1947
1 item
6Everett Junior Chamber of Commerceundated
2 items
6Everett Port Expansion Council1943
2 items
6Everett Public Schools1906-1960
9 items
Everett Unitarian Fellowship
General Notes: See: Unitarian Church, Everett Unitarian Church.
6"E" miscellaneousundated
14 items
6Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Seattle, Washingtonundated
2 items
6Fairchild, Donald and Jeanette1948-1952
8 items
10 items
6Farm Research Inc, "Facts for Farmers"1957-1961
22 items
6Farmers' National Company1958
3 items
6Federal Council of Churchesundated
9 items, 2 folders
6Fellowship of Reconciliation1956-1958
44 items
6Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pacific Northwest1951-1961
20 items, 3 folders
6Fessenbach, Sedonaundated
3 items
First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California
General Notes: See: Unitarian Church, Los Angeles First Unitarian Church.
6Florida Citrus Growers' Clearing House Associationundated
4 items
6Florida, miscellaneousundated
18 items
6Foreign Policy Campaign1957
3 items
7Foundation Farthest Out1949-1950
8 items
7Fowler, Ben C.1942-1945
4 items
7Free World House1944-1945
5 items
7Friends Committee on Legislationundated
5 items
7Friends Committee on National Legislationundated
34 items, 3 folders
7Friends Committee on National Legislation, Washington Newsletter 1951-1954
30 items
7Friends Committee on National Legislation, Washington Newsletter 1955-1961
93 items, 2 folders
7Friends and Neighbors of David Hyun1954-1958
6 items
7Friends of Diamond Kimmundated
4 items
7Friends of Edward J. Fitzgerald1956
9 items
7Friends of the Spanish Republic1945
1 item
Friends Peace Committee
General Notes: See: American Friends Service Committee, Friends Peace Committee.
7Frontier Bookstoreundated
4 items
7"F" miscellaneousundated
30 items
7General Motors Corporation1930-1935
19 items
7Gladbrook (Iowa) High Schoolundated
2 items
7Gladbrook (Iowa) State Bank1926-1935
6 items
7Golden Bough Colony1925
1 item
7Green, Edith1960
1 item
7"G" miscellaneousundated
9 items
7Hansen, Julia Butler1939
2 items
7Hartwick, Tolleyundated
4 items
7Health Researchundated
4 items
7Hemphill, William L.1939-1950
6 items
7Henson, H. F., 1952 Campaignundated
6 items
7Holdridge, Herbert1954-1961
109 items, 2 folders
8Holdridge, Herbert, "Holdridge News Notes, " "Reveille, " "Rank and Filers for Democracy"1956-1961
66 items, 5 folders
8Holmes, Hal1946-1954
4 items
8Holt, Rush D1939
4 items
8Horan, Walt1951
1 item
8Humphrey, Hubert H.1950-1956
9 items
8"H" miscellaneousundated
36 items
8Idaho Development Associationundated
11 items
8Idaho-Oregon-Washington Hells Canyon Association, Hells Canyon News 1953-1958
23 items
8Imported Publications and Products1960
4 items
8 In Fact 1946-1948
7 items
8Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Northwest Division1946
3 items
8Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedomundated
2 items
8Inter-Church Laymens' Association of Everett1946
3 items
8International League for the Rights of Man1951-1958
4 items
8International Rescue Committee, Iron Curtain Refugee Campaign1949-1952
6 items
8International Woodworkers of America, Everett Local 1011946
1 item
8Iowa, Political Campaigns1920-1940
11 items
8Iowa State University1900-1958
12 items, 2 folders
8"I" miscellaneousundated
20 items
8Jackson, Henry M.1941-1960
20 items
8James, Florence Bean ". . . for the Seattle Six"undated
1 item
8Japan Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and for Total Disarmament1960
5 items
8Jensen, Ben F.undated
1 item
8Jewett Appraisal Serviceundated
3 items
8Johansen, Mr. and Mrs. Jakeundated
3 items
8Johnson, Edwin C.1943-1947
7 items
8Johnson, Sergeant Glen1943-1945
4 items
8Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee1946-1951
2 items, 2 folders
8Joint Committee to free the Trenton Two1951-1953
5 items
8Joint Committee to Secure a Fair Trial for the Trenton Six1951
4 items
2 items
8Junior Forest Council of Washington1941
2 items
8"J" miscellaneousundated
9 items
8Kienzle, Jackie1951-1955
2 items
8King County Dairy Goat Breeders' Associationundated
3 items
8Koinonia Farm1957-1959
11 items, 2 folders
8"K" miscellaneousundated
11 items
3 items, 2 folders
8Lake Stevens Cooperative, Bulletin & Shopping News 1947
1 item
8Lane, Martha G.1936-1947
4 items
8Langer, William1947
1 item
8Langlie, Arthur B.1941
1 item
8League for Industrial Democracy, Inc.1954-1956
6 items
8League to Enforce Peaceundated
2 items
8"L" miscellaneousundated
19 items
9McMillan, Marcyundated
4 items
9McNutt, Paul V.1940
2 items
9Magnuson, Don1954-1958
7 items
9Magnuson, Warren G.1946-1958
11 items
9Martin, Clarence D.1938-1940
4 items
9May Valley Cooperative, "Together"1956
1 item
9Meany, Edmond S.1919-1927
4 items
9Methodist Federation for Social Action, Oregon1956
3 items
9Midland Cooperatives, Inc.1956
1 item
9Miller, A. L.undated
1 item
9Miller, H. T.1936
2 items
9Miller, John King1943-1951
11 items
9Mitchell, Hugh B.1945-1952
13 items, 2 folders
9 Monroe County News 1955-1957
2 items
9Morse, Wayne1948-1957
3 items
9The Mountaineers1923-1954
7 items, 2 folders
9Movement for Colonial Freedomundated
7 items
9Muste, A. J.1954
1 item
9"M" miscellaneousundated
19 items
9 The Nation reprintsundated
12 items
9 The Nation associates1945-1957
28 items, 2 folders
9National Assembly for Democratic Rightsundated
2 items
9National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), "The Committee of 100"1948-1960
22 items
9National Bank of Commerce, Seattle, Washingtonundated
9National Child Labor Committee1952-1959
9 items
9National Citizens' Political Action Committee1946
5 items
9National Committee for Peaceful Alternatives1950-1952
13 items
9National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy1961
3 items
9National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act1955
3 items
9National Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell1958
7 items, 3 folders
9National Conference of Christians & Jews
9 items
9National Conference of American Indians1953
2 items
9National Council Against Conscriptionundated
4 items
9National Council of Catholic Men1940-1941
3 items
9National Council of American-Soviet Friendshipundated
4 items
9National Council of American-Soviet Friendship1961
3 items, 2 folders
9National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc.1946-1947
2 items
9 National Guardian 1951-1956
7 items
9National Hells Canyon Association1953-1959
16 items, 2 folders
9National Issues Committeeundated
10 items
9National Parks Association1920-1949
21 items, 3 folders
9National Radio Pulpit1947-1948
18 items
9National Security Owners' Associationundated
3 items
10National Service Board for Religious Objectorsundated
3 items
10National Sharecroppers' Fund, Inc.1946-1961
7 items
10National Vespers1940-1949
34 items, 2 folders
10Nearing, Scott1956-1960
4 items
New Deal Democratic League
General Notes: See: Democratic Party, New Deal Democratic League.
10New Order of Cincinnatusundated
2 items
10 New Republic 1946-1949
9 items, 2 folders
10 The New World 1944-1947
4 items
10 Newsletter on Education 1955-1956
5 items
10Noble, John1949-1951
3 items
10Nome, Alaska, Board of Education1906
3 items
10North American Company1930-1931
2 items
10North Cascades Conservation Council1959-1961
22 items, 4 folders
10Northern Book Houseundated
3 items
10Northwest Citizens' Defense Committeeundated
8 items, 4 folders
10Northwest Conservation League, Inc.1942-1948
3 items
10 Northwest Indian News undated
3 items
10Northwest Joint Action Committeeundated
3 items
10Northwest Wildlife Councilundated
3 items
10"N" miscellaneousundated
38 items
10O'Connell, Jerryundated
2 items
10Old Hickory Furniture Company1929
1 item
10Olympic Park Associates1949-1953
3 items
10Omaha Actionundated
3 items
10Oxnam, G. Bromley1947
6 items
10"O" miscellaneousundated
15 items
10Pacific Northwest Development Association1950-1951
7 items
10Pacific Shade & Drapery1929
2 items
10Pacific Supply Cooperative1945-1948
11 items
10Patrons of Husbandry, Washington State Grange1944
4 items
10Payne, C. E.1942
2 items
10 Peace News 1955-1959
3 items
10Peace Pilgrim1957-1959
6 items
4 items, 2 folders
10Peoples' Lobby, Inc.1947-1950
20 items
10Peoples' Memorial Association, Inc.undated
9 items
10The Peoples' World1949-1960
27 items, 2 folders
10The Peoples' World, "Press Builders' News"1959-1960
31 items, 2 folders
10Phillips, Nell1905-1910
23 items
11The Philosophical Research Society, Inc.1954-1958
4 items
11Piney Woods School1943-1960
36 items, 2 folders
11Piney Woods School, "The Pine Torch"1939-1958
52 items, 2 folders
11Platform for Peace -- 19601960-1961
20 items, 2 folders
11Polk County, Floridaundated
4 items
11Polk County Citrus Growers, Inc.undated
2 items
11Poole, Louiseundated
5 items
11Portland Stove Foundry Company1943-1946
2 items
11Poultry, Miscellaneousundated
5 items
11Prayer and Conscience Vigil1957
2 items
11 The Progressive 1951-1960
9 items
11Progressive Citizens of Americaundated
7 items
11Progressive Citizens of America, Washington State Chapterundated
45 items
11Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc.1955 and undated
24 items, 2 folders
11 The Protestant 1946-1953
18 items
11Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and Stateundated
7 items
11Provisional Defense Committee1960
6 items
11Public Ownership League of America1942-1949
46 items, 3 folders
11Public Ownership League of Washington1940-1946
12 items
11Public Power League of Washington1944
10 items
11Public Utility District 1, Snohomish County1943-1957
5 items
11Public Utility Districts Research and Information Services1940-1947
6 items, 3 folders
12Puget Sound Power and Light Company1942-1954
82 items
12"P" miscellaneousundated
36 items
12"Quaker International Affairs Report"1954-1959
16 items
12Quigley, E. G.1923
2 items
12"Q" miscellaneousundated
2 items
12Rainier Cooperative1946
1 item
12Religious ephemeraundated
47 items
12Retail Clerks-Montgomery Ward Strike and Boycott Committeeundated
1 item
12Reuben, William A1954
2 items
12River Resource Association of Pacific Northwest1959
1 item
12Robinson, Frank1946-1949
11 items
12Rogge, O. John1949, 1953
2 items
12Rosellini, A. D, 1956 campaignundated
2 items
12Rubber, Cork, Linoleum & Plastic Workers Unitedundated
2 items
12Ryan, William Fittsundated
1 item
12"R" miscellaneousundated
14 items
12Sandy Point Owners' Association1953-1956
4 items
12Santiago (Jo Ann) Defense Committeeundated
1 item
12 Saturday Review reprints1956-1957
4 items
12Savage, Charles R.1946
1 item
12Save the Children Federation, Inc.1951-1953
5 items
12Schuddakopf, Jean1955
3 items
12Schwellenbach, Lewis B.1938-1939
9 items
12The Science of Mind Church1952-1953
22 items
12Seattle Audubon Society1946-1960
11 items
12Seattle Public Schoolsundated
11 items
12Sebers, Reed1944-1945
2 items
12Sims, Don1943-1948
3 items
12Smith, Frances1908-1940
2 items
12Snohomish County Dairy Goat Associationundated
3 items
12Snohomish County Legislative Council1944-1947
11 items
12Snohomish County Museum & Historical Association1955
3 items
12Snohomish County Peace Crusade1952
1 item
12Snohomish County Public Utility Association1941-1946
2 items
12Snohomish County Federation of Women's Clubs1941-1946
3 items
12The Social Science Institute1955-1959
5 items
12Socialist Party1940-1956
9 items, 3 folders
13Socialist Workers' Party1946-1960
12 items, 2 folders
13Southern Christian Leadership Conference1960-1961
6 items
13Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.1947-1954
9 items
13Southern Conference for Human Welfareundated
2 items
13 Soviet Russia Today 1947-1949
3 items
13Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc.1954-1961
25 items, 2 folders
13Standard & Poorundated
6 items
13Starkovich Defense Committee1955
2 items
13State Information Committee on Capital Punishment1960-1961
3 items
13State Parks Association1942-1944
3 items
13Steelman, Anne1946
2 items
13Strong, Anna Louise, Today 1952-1955
6 items
13"S" miscellaneousundated
36 items
13Tax Education Council1939
2 items
13Taylor, J., 1952 campaign1952
2 items
13Technocracy, Inc.1938-1957
14 items, 2 folders
13Thomas, Beulah1942
3 items
13Thomas, Beulah1943-1945
59 items, 4 folders
13Thomas, Orbie1942-1945
22 items
13Thomle, Ottar A.1954
3 items
13Thompson, Carl D.1944
2 items
13Thornhill, J. W.undated
3 items
13Town Hall (American Town Meeting of the Air)1937-1941
26 items
13Townsend Planundated
3 items
13Traer (Iowa) Star-Clipper 1928
1 item
13 Trends and Tides 1947-1950
3 items
13Tri-County High Cost of Living Conference1947
2 items
13Tri-County Peoples' Legislative Conference1947
1 item
13 The Trumpet 1955
1 item
13Trustees for Conservation1959
3 items
13Tuskegee Institute1957
13 items
14"T" miscellaneousundated
23 items
14Unitarian Church, ephemeraundated
91 items, 2 folders
14Unitarian Church, Everett Unitarian Church1956-1961
57 items
14Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship1947-1953
137 items, 4 folders
14Unitarian Church, Los Angeles First Unitarian Church1951-1961
3 items
14United Independent-Socialist Conference1958
5 items
14United Independent-Socialist Convention1958
3 items
14United Nations1948-1961
20 items, 2 folders
14United Secularists of Americaundated
8 items
15United States Atomic Energy Commission1957-1958
3 items
15United States Bonneville Power Administration1939-1944
7 items
15United States Civilian Conservation Corps1938-1939
9 items
15United States Congressional Record (reprints)1919-1960
26 items
15United States Corps of Engineers1946-1949
2 items
15United States Department of Agriculture1934-1959
26 items
15United States Department of Agriculture and Food Administration1918
2 items
15United States Department of Commerce1945-1959
2 items
15United States Department of Interior1937-1954
20 items
15United States Department of Justice1943-1957
5 items
15United States Department of State1936-1958
32 items
15United States Federal Power Commission1944
3 items
15United States Forest Serviceundated
1 item
15United States Housing Authorityundated
1 item
15United States Immigration and Naturalization Service1940-1942
8 items
15United States Office of Price Administration1942-1944
15 items, 2 folders
15United States Post Office1947-1959
3 items
15United States Public Health Service1945
1 item
15United States Selective Service1940-1941
2 items
15United States Soil Conservation Service1946-1960
3 items
15United States Treasury Department1918-1945
15 items
15United States Veterans Administration1948-1951
2 items
15United States Office of War Information1944
10 items
15United States Works Progress Administration1936-1939
23 items
16United States Committee Against Militarization, ephemera1948-1960
77 items
16United States Committee against Militarization, (Albert Bofman)1950-1956
2 items
16United States Festival Committee1957-1960
6 items
16United World Federalists, Inc., ephemera1947-1961
57 items
16"U" miscellaneousundated
6 items
16Veterans of Foreign Wars1943-1956
66 items
16Veterans Hospital, Vancouver, Washington, "Barnes Yarns" newssheet1952
15 items
16Victory Conference1942
1 item
16"V" miscellaneousundated
13 items
16Wallace's Farmer1920
1 item
16Wallgren, Mon C.1936-1944
22 items
16Wanamaker, Pearl1954-1956
3 items
16War Resistors' League1960-1961
32 items
16Washington Attorney General1942-1948
2 items
16Washington State Defense Committee1941-1942
2 items
16Washington Department of Finance, Budget, and Business1941
1 item
16Washington State Division of Forestry1941
1 item
16Washington State Department of Game1948
1 item
16Washington State Government1931-1961
18 items
16Washington Office of the Governor1937-1959
3 items
16Washington Governor's Council on Aging1959
1 item
17Washington Planning Council1936-1943
5 items
17Washington Department of Public Lands1939-1952
5 items
17Washington State College1937-1938
2 items
17Washington Department of State1957
6 items
17Washington State Normal School1934
1 item
17Washington State Parks Committee1939
1 item
17Washington State Progress Committee1939
1 item
17Washington Superintendent of Public Education1939
3 items
17Washington University1928-1941
2 items
17Washington Citizens' Bill of Rights Committeeundated
3 items
17Washington Committee for Academic Freedom1947-1948
32 items
17Washington Committee for Conscientious Objectors1952-1953
16 items
17Washington Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born1951-1957
127 items
17Washington Commonwealth Federation1937-1942
4 items
17Washington Cooperative Chick Association1935-1936
2 items
17Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association1930-1938
59 items
17Washington Cultural Cooperative1960
6 items
17Washington Dairy Goat Association1940-1941
4 items
17Washington Forest Products Cooperative Association1942-1949
19 items
17Washington Pension Union1947-1957
16 items
17Washington People's Committee against Canwellundated
6 items
17Washington Savings Protective Association1936
1 item
17Washington State Committee Opposing Peacetime Conscription1945-1950
19 items
17Washington State Committee Opposing Universal Military Training1955
13 items
18Washington State Conference of Roosevelt Democrats1947
9 items
18Washington State Dairy Goat Council1949
3 items
18Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs1941-1955
10 items
18Washington State Historical Society1951-1959
47 items
18Washington State Referendum Committee1941
2 items
18Washington State Sportsmen's Council, Inc.1958
2 items
18Washington State Taxpayer's Association1938-1944
4 items
18Washington's Cooperative Broadcasting Association, Inc.1948
4 items
18Waters-Genter Company1929
2 items
18Westland, Jack1954-1959
18 items
18Wetzel, William A.1895-1931
15 items
18White, Mrs. DeWittundated
2 items
18Wolf, Hazel Anna1956
1 item
18Women's Committee for Equal Justiceundated
4 items
18Women's International League for Peace and Freedom1946-1960
137 items
18Women's International League for Peace and Freedom1950-1961
14 items
18Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Seattle Branch1953-1961
40 items
18Workers' Alliance of Washingtonundated
2 items
18Workers' Defense League1950-1960
19 items
18World Events Committee1944-1950
19 items
18World War I ephemera1917-1918
33 items
18 Worldvets magazine1933-1954
3 items
19Wurm-woven Hosiery Mills1928-1929
3 items
19"W" miscellaneous1919-1960
35 items
19Yarnell, Irwin A.1919-1920
9 items
19Young, Stephen M.1959
1 item
19Yugoslav newsletter1949-1950
6 items
19"Y" miscellaneous1950-1959
6 items
19Zinkel, Edward L.undated
2 items
19"Z" miscellaneous1958
1 item
Outgoing correspondence
Arrangement: This material is generally undated; therefore, it has been filed aplaphabetically according to addressee.
19Achenback, Mr. and Mrs. Williamundated
7 items
19American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)undated
1 item
19American Society for Control of Cancerundated
1 item
19Americans for Democratic Actionundated
3 items
19Arboretum Foundationundated
1 item
19Beernink, Harryundated
1 item
19Benson, Jesse N.undated
11 items
19Benson, Juneundated
1 item
19Bloom Buildersundated
1 item
19Childs, Marquisundated
1 item
19 Christian Advocate undated
1 item
19Clinton, DeWittundated
2 items
19Dulles, John Fosterundated
1 item
19Eisenhower, Dwight Davidundated
11 items
19Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientistsundated
1 item
19Ernst, Charles F.undated
1 item
19Everett Central Labor Councilundated
2 items
19Everett Garden Clubundated
1 item
19 Everett Herald undated
2 items
19Island County Commissionersundated
1 item
19Johnston, Ericundated
1 item
19Keller, Helenundated
2 items
19Kilgore, Barleyundated
1 item
19KJR Radio Stationundated
3 items
19Langer, Williamundated
1 item
19Langlie, Arthur B.undated
1 item
19Magnuson, Warren Grantundated
2 items
19Martin, Clarence D.undated
1 item
19Mitchell, Hugh B.undated
3 items
19Morgenthau, Henryundated
1 item
19Nearing, Scottundated
3 items
19Nehru, Panditundated
1 item
19Pearoon, Drewundated
1 item
19Quigley, E. G.undated
1 item
19Radford, Arthurundated
3 items
19 Seattle Times undated
3 items
19Shikles, Reverendundated
1 item
19Smiley's Farmundated
2 items
19Thomle, Dr. D. A.undated
1 item
19Truman, Harry S.undated
4 items
19United States Bureau of the Censusundated
1 item
19United States Department of Stateundated
2 items
19Vandenburg, Arthurundated
1 item
19Weinberg, Paulundated
1 item
49 items

20-24Journals and notebooksundated

Financial records
25Avon Park Citrus Growers' Associationundated
2 items
25Ballard-Hassett Companyundated
6 items
25Bank statementsundated
38 items
25Bank statementsundated
35 items
25Citrus Grove Development Companyundated
3 items
25Danville Pacific National Bankundated
3 items
25Fairchild, Herbert E.undated
22 items
25Glen Saint Mary Nurseries Companyundated
60 items
25Maulsby, J. H.undated
12 items
25Pennsylvania Railroad Companyundated
16 items
25Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Companyundated
2 items
25Puget Sound Power and Light Companyundated
37 items
25Puget Sound Power and Light Companyundated
44 items
25Southern Land Companyundated
10 items

17 items
25Regarding the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)undated
1 item
25Regarding the American Association for the United Nationsundated
1 item
25Regarding the Everett Garden Clubundated
8 items
25Literature distribution listsundated
60 items, 2 folders
20 items
25Regarding the Public Utility Districtundated
25Religious notesundated
53 items, 4 folders
26School essaysundated
59 items, 4 folders
26School notes1897, undated
104 items, 5 folders
26Regarding the Smith Act trials1953
13 items
26Regarding the Snohomish District Federation of Women's Clubsundated
1 items, 8 folders

27Regarding Bok, Edwardundated
27Regarding Brookhart, Smith W.undated
27Regarding Ford, Henry1923
27Hopkins and Ickes1945
27Johnson, Magnusundated
27Roosevelt, Franklin D.1945
27Regarding gardening and politics, miscellaneousundated
2 folders
28Regarding political campaigns: Initiatives, referenda, etc.undated
approximately 75 items, 2 folders
28American Legion, various postsundated
19 items, 5 folders

Democratic Party
National Committee
29Incoming correspondence1937-1958
40 items
29Outgoing correspondence1936-1948
4 items
29Financial records1940-1956
7 items
52 items
29 The Democratic Digest 1945
1 item
22 items
Washington State Central Committee
29Incoming correspondence1936-1943
53 items
29Outgoing correspondence1942
4 items
15 items
Washington Conference of Democratic Women
29Incoming corespondence1937-1939
4 items
15 items
3 items
Progressive Conference Committee
1 item
Washington State Convention
29 Outgoing correspondence1936
3 items
12 items
4 items
29Speeches and writingsundated
Snohomish County
29Incoming correspondence1938-1945
18 items
29 Outgoing correspondence1939-1945
3 items
9 items
12 items
29Precinct list of votersundated
22 items
29Precinct committeemen1936-1938
3 items
8 items
Snohomish County, Women's Democratic Club
29Incoming correspondence1942
2 items
29Outgoing correspondenceundated
2 items
16 items
29Membership lists1945-1946
1 item
Democratic Digest
29Incoming correspondence1937-1940
51 items
30Outgoing correspondence1940
12 items
11 items
30Subscriptions and progress reports1938-1940
70 items
3 items
King County
30Incoming correspondence1939-1941
5 items
Young Democrats
30Incoming correspondence1938-1940
3 items
10 items
30Incoming correspondence1938-1950
7 items
30Outgoing correspondenceundated
2 items
30Iowa: notes and clippings1922
12 items

Everett Consumers' Co-op Association
30Incoming correspondenceundated
9 items
30Outgoing correspondenceundated
2 items
30Financial records1946
62 items, 2 folders
88 items, 3 folders
40 items
4 items

Mid-Century Conference for Peace
33 items
2 items
2 items

Progressive Party
Progressive Party (general)
31Incoming correspondence1948
7 items
6 items
31Financial records1948
3 items
31News releases1950
4 items
31Speeches and writingsundated
8 items
2 items
Progressive Party, National Wallace for President Committee
24 items
31 The Citizen 1948
1 item
Progressive Party, Women for Wallace
31Incoming correspondence1948
2 items
14 items
31New York ephemeraundated
1 item
Progressive Party, Young Progressives of America
2 items
Progressive Party, Progressive Party of Washington
31Incoming correspondence1948-1951
31 items
31 Outgoing correspondenceundated
1 item
39 items
31Ephemera: Mundt Billundated
12 items
31Ephemera: miscellaneous1950, undated
15 items
31Notes (by Naomi Benson)undated
1 item
31State board minutes1948-1950
6 items
11 items
31Organization of Constitutional Conventionundated
14 items
Progressive Party, Washington
4 items
31Women for Wallace ephemeraundated
6 items
31Young Progressives of Washington ephemeraundated
1 item
31Democrats for Wallace ephemera1947
2 items
31 The Washington State Progressive 1949
1 item
Progressive Party, Snohomish County
31Incoming correspondence1948-1951
14 items
31Outgoing correspondenceundated
1 item
30 items
31Financial records1948
11 items
1 item
31Vote statisticsundated
3 items
31Membership listsundated
2 items
31List of Second Congressional District state board membersundated
2 items
Progressive Party, miscellaneous
31Notes by Naomi Bensonundated
12 items
31Paul Robeson placard1948
1 item

31Snohomish County, Legislative Councilundated
1 item

Campaign materials
31Democratic Party1920
10 items
31Referendum # 18 (notes)1934
5 items
31National Democratic Party1936
67 items
32National Republican Party1936
14 items
32Democratic Party, Washington1936
11 items
32Republican Party, Washington, Independents1936
6 items
32King County; Snohomish County1936
7 items
32Washington Commonwealth Federation1936
4 items
32National Democratic Party1938
37 items
32Democratic Party, Washington1938
7 items
32Washington, Initiative 130, non-partisan1938
12 items
32Snohomish County1938
28 items
32Everett, Washington1939
9 items
32Democratic Party (National)1940
89 items
32Democratic Party, Women's National Democratic Party1940
32 items
32Republican Party (National)1940
2 items
32Socialist Party1940
8 items
32Democratic Party, Washington1940
115 items
32Republican Party, Washington1940
14 items
32General-national elections1940
1 item
27 items
32Washington-referendums and amendments1940
10 items
33Washington-Initiative 1391940
17 items
33Washington-Initiative 1411940
7 items
33Democratic Party, Snohomish County1940
35 items
33Republican Party, Snohomish County1940
6 items
33Snohomish County-Independents1940
3 items
33Washington-Initiative 151, 1531942
10 items
33Local primary1942 September 8
7 items
33Local general election1942 November 3
3 items
33Democratic Party (National)1944
23 items
33Republican Party (National)1944
1 item
33Socialist Party1944
2 items
33Democratic Party, Washington1944
37 items
33Republican Party, Washington1944
7 items
33Washington, Amendment (HJR # 4), Initiative 157, Referendum 251944
44 items
33Democratic Party, Snohomish County1944
19 items
33Republican Party, Snohomish County1944
1 item
33Washington- primarily Referendum 251944
108 items
33Washington-Initiative 1661946
28 items
33Snohomish County1946
2 items
33Seattle, King County1946
3 items
34Democratic Party1948
4 items
34Republican Party1948
2 items
34Progressive Party1948
9 items
10 items
34Clippings, papers1948
8 items
34Democratic Party1950
11 items
34Washington-Initiatives 12, 2021950
2 items
34Democratic Party, National1952
16 items
34Republican Party, National1952
25 items
34Democratic Party, Washington1952
10 items
34Republican Party, Washington1952
2 items
34Democratic Party, Washington1954
1 item
342nd Congressional District Voter News1958
1 item
2 items
18 items, 2 folders

Printed materials
35Ephemera, miscellaneous
36Cookbook- Washington Women's Cook Book 1909
1 item
Abingdon Press
37Reynold, Arthur G., What's the Difference in Protestant and Roman Catholic Beliefs? 1954
Advance for Christ and His Church
37 Our Faith in Love 1949
37 Our Faith in the Kingdom of God 1949
Advertising Council
37Galindo, Albert, People's Capitalism undated
37Ketchum, Alton, The Miracle of America undated
Africa Bureau
37Scott, Reverend Michael, Experiment in Time circa 1954
Agora Publishing Company
37Bishop Strossmayer's Speech in the Vatican Council of 18701941 July 1
37Freeman, James Morton, Centuries of Intolerance 1947
Lehmann, L. H.
37 Behind the Dictators 1942
37 The Catholic Church and the Public Schools 1947
37 How the Popes Treated the Jews 1944 July
37 Mixed Marriages in the Catholic Church undated
Processing Info: Missing.
37 Vatican Policy in the Second World War 1946
37Lehmann, L. H., and Francis Behn Riggs, The Catholic Church in a Democracy 1947
37Mannaberg, Leopold, A Vital Condition for Lasting Peace undated
Murphy, J. J.
37 Clerical Fascism in Austria undated
37 Clerical Fascism in Mexico undated
37 The Clerical-Fascist Betrayal of France undated
Processing Info: Missing.
37Tomitch, D., Those Responsible for the Second World War 1947
Allan Publications
37Steele, Rufus, Clipping the Wings of Fear 1951
Processing Info: Missing.
American Association for International Conciliation
Processing Info: Transferred elsewhere.
37Guerard, Albert Leon, The Land Where Hatred Expires undated
American Association for the United Nations, Inc.
37Bath, Cyril J., Europe in the Modern Age 1948
American Bar Association
37Text of address of the vice president of the United States1959 April 13
American Bible Society
37 The Acts of the Apostles undated
37 The Book of Proverbs undated
37 The Book of Psalms undated
37 Galatians to Thessalonians undated
37 The Gospel of St. Luke undated
37 The Gospel of St. Mark undated
37 James to Jude undated
37 Revelation undated
37 Romans undated
American Civil Liberties Union
37 America's Need: A New Birth of Freedom--34th Annual Report1954
37 By the People -- 40th Annual Report1960
Processing Info: Missing.
37 Civil Liberties Versus the Smith Act 1951 July
37 Clearing the Main Channels - 35th Annual Report1955
37Fraenkel, Osmond K., The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties 1952 October
37 Freedom Justice Equality 1953
37 In the Shadow of Fear -- 29th Annual Report1949 August
37 Liberty is Always Unfinished Business -- 36th Annual Report1956
Processing Info: Missing.
37 Nor Speak with Double Tongue -- 37th Annual Report1957
37 The Past Is Prologue -- 38th Annual Report1958
37 Security and Freedom -- 39th Annual Report1951 June
37Sulzberger, Arthur Hays, Have We the Courage to Be Free? 1953 July
37 Work Ahead in Hope -- 39th Annual Report1959
Processing Info: Missing.
American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Green, Abner
37 In Defense of the Right to Defend Foreign Born Americans 1955
37 In the Shadow of Liberty: the Inhumanity of the Walter-McCarran Law 1954 September
37 The Walter-McGarran Law Police State Terror 1953 February 5
American Economic Foundation
37 Are the Four Freedoms Enough? 1942 September 13
37 News, Censorship and Morale 1942 September 13
American Friends Service Committee
37Born, Max, Man and the Atom 1957
37A Brief Descriptionundated
37Cary, William, Jr., Madmen at Work: The Polaris Story circa 1960
37Chance, Harold, Peace Begins at Home undated
37 The Christian and Modern War 1956 September 26
37 The Future Development of the United Nations 1955
37Hanson, William, Peace in China 1955
37Kennan, George F., Reflections on our Present International Situation 1959 October
37King-Hall, Sir Stephen, Armies Are Now Obsolete undated
37Lattimore, Owen, Freedoms and Foreign Policy 1955
Maver, Milton
37 Guilt by Dissociation undated
37 Sit This One Out? 1953 October 23
37Mower, A Glenn, Jr., But--You Can't Trust the Russians 1960
Muste, A. J.
37 How to Deal With a Dictator 1954 February
37 Jesus and the Way to Peace undated
37 Our China Policy 1959 November
37 Race and Conscience in America 1959
37Schneir, Walter, The Campaign to Make Chemical Warfare Respectable 1959 October
37 Speak Truth to Power circa 1956
37 The Spirit They Live In 1956 April
37 The Story of the American Friends Service Committee:1917-1952 undated
37Swomley, John, Jr, The Case for Disarmament 1960
37 The United States and the Soviet Union 1950
37Wellock, Wilfred, Not By Bread Alone 1955
American Legion Auxiliary
37 National News 1951 January
American Library Association
37 The Freedom to Read undated
American Rally
37 Defense Without Militarism undated
American Red Cross
37 Manual on War Relief Activities for Schools 1918 January 25
37Stimson, C. D., Sphagnum as a Surgical Dressing undated
37Story of the Red Cross1917
37 Surgical Dressings: War Manual 1917 September 5
37 What It Is and What It Does 1918
37 The Work and Spirit of the Junior Red Cross 1918 January 28
American Russian Institute
37Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.)1938
37Nearing, Scott, Soviet Education circa 1958
American System Council
37 Tests on Constitution of the United States of America undated
American Unitarian Association
37Booth, John N., The A-B-C's of Unitarian Faith 1947
37Brooke, Stopford A., What Think Ye of Christ? undated
37Channing, William E., A Discourse on Some of the Distinguished Opinions of Unitarians 1819 May 5
37Darling, Edward, Religion in the Public Schools 1957 April
37Davies, A. P., Unitarianism: What Is It? 1954 March
37Dodson, Reverend George R. A., Sermons: Twentieth Century Man's Faith in God 1926
37Eliot, Frederick M., What Kind of a Christian was Thomas Jefferson? 1947
37Emerson, Ralph W., The Divinity School Address 1938
37Howlett, Duncan, The Legacy of Servetus 1946 March
37Lovely, H.W., The Decline of the West and the Liberal Faith 1949 August 15
37Morgan, Rev. J. H., Christmas Is a State of Mind circa 1952
37Park, Charles E., We Hold in Common 1945
37Pocket Directory undated
37Reese, Curtis W., Time for Liberal Action! 1947
37Ricker, Francis G., Five Bases of Unitarian Advance 1946 April
37Savage, Maxwell, Unitarian Answers undated
37Sheffer, Homer L., Who Is a Spiritual Person? 1950 January
Sunderland, Jabez T.
37 Directions of Unitarian Thinking 1947
37 The World's Seven Great Historic Religions 1946
37 Unitarian Progress circa 1959
37 The Unitarian Yearbook 1946-1947 1946 October
37 What Is This Neo-Orthodoxy? undated
37 Why I Believe in Advancing Unitarianism 1946 May
American Veterans Committee
37 Invest in American Veterans Committee undated
37Tenth Anniversary Convention 1953 December
American Youth Commission
37 Jobs for Youth undated
37 A Program of Action for American Youth undated
American Youth for Democracy
37Burnham, Louis E., Smash the Chains 1946 October 3
37 Dust off Your Dreams 1945 December
37Pearlman, Nathan, The Case of the Missing Helicopter 1946 October 3
Americans for Democratic Action
37 Americans for Democratic Action 1947
37Goodfriend, Arthur, The Only War We Seek circa 1951
37 Report of the Committee on Economic Stability 1947
37 Voting Guide - 1956 1956
37 Where We Stand undated
37 Who Says We Can't Afford It? undated
37Wyatt, Wilson W., Liberals Rearm for 1948 1948
Americans United for World Organization
37 Here Comes Your Last Chance undated
Anderson, Senator Clinton P.
37 Twenty Years of Teamwork 1952
Apostolic Faith
37 From the Cattle Ranges of Idaho undated
Arco Publishing Company
37Kingdon, Frank, "That Man" in the White House 1944
Argow, W. Waldmar W., Ph.D.
37 You Do Need Religion 1949 September 11
Armstrong, Herbert W.
37 Does God Heal Today? undated
37 The Key to the Book of Revelation undated
37 The Plain Truth About Christmas undated
37 The United States in Prophecy undated
Association of American Railroads
37Pelley, J.J., The Facts Behind the Figures 1936
37 How Much Is 1941 July 15
37Cohen, Felix S., Indians Are Citizens 1944
Association Press
37Hagedorn, Hermann, The Bomb That Fell on America 1951
Automatic Voting Machine Corporation
37Voting Machine instructions undated
Avery, Mrs. W. H. H.
37 Ritual--the Daughters of the American Revolution undated
Avil Printing and Lithograph Company
37 An Index of the Coins and Medals of the Cabinet of the Mint of the United States 1895
Baldwin (Roger N.) Civil Liberties Foundation
37Biddle, Francis, Dilemmas of Liberalism 1953 May
Basic Pamphlets
Lamont, Corliss
37 Are We Being Talked Into War? 1952 February
37 The Myth of Soviet Aggression 1953
37Lamont, Corliss, and Margaret Lamont, To End Nuclear Bomb Tests 1958
Bailey, Banks and Biddle Company
37Alphabetical List of Coat Armour Borne in America1916
Processing Info: Missing.
Beacon Press
37Begun, Hurley, Come Up Higher 1948
37Cairns, Fred I., Of, By, For the People 1947
37Foote, Henry Wilder, Thomas Jefferson: Social Reformer 1947
37Ogilvie, Frank E., Religion and Other Essays 1952
37Perkins, Palfrey, My Ample Creed 1953
Scholefield, Harry B.
37 A Pocket Guide to Unitarianism 1954
37 Unitarianism Some Past History and Present Meanings 1950
37Weary, Gerald F., Democracy's Case Against Religious Education on School Time 1947
Berea College
37 Glimpses of Berea College undated
37 Labor -- the Good Teacher undated
37 Mirror of the Mountains undated
Berry Schools
37 Martha Berry undated
37 The Story of Martha Berry 1938
Better World Fund
37Wyer, Samuel S., Dynamic Religion for an Atomic Age Including Specifications for Religion for Democracy 1938
Bitzer, Helen I.,
37IF [sic], Crimes, Causes and Cures undated
Bonneville Power Administration
37 Are You Getting Your Share? undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
37Book-Of-The-Month Club, Inc.
37Scherman, Harry, Invisible Greenbacks 1942
Borleis, Harry F.
37 Catholic or President 1960
Brookings Institution
37Moulton, Harold G., and Louis Marlio, The Control of Germany and Japan 1944
Bullitt, William C.
37 A Report to the People 1940 August 18
California Emergency Defense Committee
37Trumbo, Dalton, The Devil in the Book 1956 May
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
37 International Conciliation 1960 March
Processing Info: Missing.
Carnegie Institution of Washington
37 The Carnegie Institution of Washington 1922
Catechetical Guild
37 Is This Tomorrow undated
Catt (Carrie Chapman) Memorial Fund
37Kelly, Alfred H., Where Constitutional Liberty Came From 1954
37Smith, T.V., The Bill of Rights and Our Individual Liberties 1954
Central Association of the Miraculous Medal
37 Perpetual Novena 1936
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
37 Punishment for Conscience undated
37Willoughby, George, E., Handbook for Conscientious Objectors 1957 July
Chamber of Commerce United States
37 Communists Within the Labor Movement 1947
Chase, W. Corwin
37 We Invite You to Visit undated
Chicago Press, University of
37Barr, Stringfellow, Let's Join the Human Race 1952 May
China Books and Periodicals
37Imported Books From China - Catalog 1960-19611961
China Reconstructs
37 Songs and Stories of the Minority Peoples in Yunnan 1960
Processing Info: Missing.
Christian Reformed Church
37Dekker, Reverend Harold, A Soul Restored undated
37Eldersveld, Reverend Peter, What Are We Voting For? undated
Christian Science Publishing Society
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General Notes: In Swedish and English.
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General Notes: In French and English.
Christ's Mission
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37 Father O'Connor undated
The Church Peace Mission
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37 The Word of God in the Nuclear Age undated
Processing Info: Missing.
The Church Peace Union
37 Stop, Look, Listen undated
37 United Nations Week 1957
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Civil Rights Congress
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Processing Info: Missing.
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Processing Info: Missing.
Commercial and Financial Chronicle
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Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
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Commission on the Rights, Liberties and Responsibilities of the American Indian
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Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy
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Committee for Peaceful Alternatives
38 Appeal to the American People for Peaceful Alternatives to the Cold War 1950 May
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Communist Party, United States of America
Dennis, Eugene
38 Eugene Dennis Indicts the Wall Street Conspirators 1948 August
Processing Info: Missing.
38 I Challenge the Un-Americans 1947 May
Community Church of Boston
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Congregational Christian Churches Council for Social Action
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Processing Info: Missing.
Congress of Industrial Organizations
38 Elections: 1946 1946 February 11
Gaer, Joseph
38 Let Our People Live undated
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Processing Info: Missing.
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Congress of Industrial Organizations (C.I.O.), the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers
38 When You Come Back 1944
Congress of Industrial Organizations (C.I.O.), United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum, and Plastic Workers
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Congress of Peoples Against Imperialism
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Congress of Racial Equality
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38King, Martin Luthur, Our Struggle, the Story of Montgomery 1956
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Processing Info: Missing.
Converted Catholic Magazine
Lehmann, L. H.
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Murphy, J. J.
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38 Clerical Fascism in Italy undated
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38 Religious Education and Crime 1944 February
The Cooperative League of the United States of America
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38Myers, James, Labor and Co-Ops 1944 October
Council for Democracy
38Scherman, Harry, Inflation in One Easy Lesson undated
The Council for Middle Eastern Affairs
38 The Council for Middle Eastern Affairs undated
38Fernsworth, Lawrence, Vatican and the War undated
Current Affairs Press
38Warburg, James P., Turning Point Toward Peace undated
Danville National Bank (Pennsylvania)
38 Danville National Bank 1950
Daughters of the American Revolution, Covina Chapter
38Yearbook: 1921-1922 1922
Daughters of the American Revolution, Marcus Whitman Chapter
38Yearbooks 1915, 1934-1945
8 volumes
Daughters of the American Revolution, Marshalltown Chapter
6 volumes
Daughters of the American Revolution National Society
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38 Manual for Citizenship 1936
38 National Songs for Open Air Singing 1899
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Dawn Bible Students Association
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Democratic National Committee
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Bowers, Claude G.
38 History of the Democratic Party undated
38 In Defense of Politicians undated
Cameron, Alice H.
38 Absentee Voting by Members of the Armed Forces 1944 July 12
38 Summaries of State Registration and Voting Laws 1944 March
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38Democratic campaign handbook 1940
38Democratic platform 1952
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Farley, Honorable James A.
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38February 15, 19371937 February 15
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38 Meet the Candidates -- Adlai E Stevenson undated
38 New Deal Farm Primer 1938
38Panel Discussion on Dumbarton Oaks, A.1945 February
38 Record Shines Through circa 1944
38 Seven Years of Mr. Wiling undated
38 So Uncle Sam Is Going Broke 1938
38Tennessee Valley Authority, How the Eisenhower Administration Has Tried to Kill TVA undated
38 Tools for Democratic Victory 1944
Democratic Party, Clark County
38Clark County Democratic Picnic and Convention 1952 August 30-31
Di Domenica, Reverend Angelo
38O'Brien, Reverend Father Patrick Henry, Is Washington in the Grips of the Roman Church? 1938
Dramatic Publishing Company
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Edelman, Irwin
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Editorial Publications, Inc.
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Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
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38 Dare to Be Free circa 1959
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O'Connor, Harvey
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38 A Plot against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts undated
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38 Rights undated
General Notes: Volume 1, numbers 2-8, 10; volume 2, numbers 1-8; volume 3, numbers 2-7, 10, 11; volume 4, numbers 2-10; volume 5, numbers 1-3, 5-8; volume 6, numbers 1-6; volume 7, numbers 1-4; volume 8, numbers 1-2.
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Emergency Conservation Committee
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Edge, Rosalie
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38 Roads and More Roads March, 1936
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Essene School, The
38 The Essene Quarterly 1952
Processing Info: Missing.
Essential Books, Inc.
38 Essential Books 1956 June
Eugenics Society of Northern California
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General Notes: Numbers 78 and 84.
Euterpean Fraternity
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Everett High School
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Farley, Honorable James A.
38 Democratic Party Achievements 1937 July 26
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Farm Research
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Farmers Union Defense Committee
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Farmers Union of the New York Milk Shed
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Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America
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38List of publication available1947
Federal Farm Board
38Stone, James C., The Farm Board undated
Processing Info: Transferred elsewhere.
Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works
38 Homes for Workers undated
Processing Info: Transferred elsewhere.
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
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Federal Reserve System Board of Governors
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Fellowship of Reconciliation
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First Church of Divine Immanence
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First Parish, Unitarian (Sterling, Massachusetts)
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First Parish in Needham
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First Unitarian Church
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Food for Freedom, Inc.
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Foreign Affairs
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Foreign Languages Press
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Processing Info: Missing.
Foreign Policy Association Inc.
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Processing Info: Missing.
Forward Movement Commission
38 Forward -- Day by Day 1939
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Friends and Neighbors of David Hyun
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Friends Committee on National Legislation (F.C.N.L.)
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38 Questions on Disarmament and Your Job undated
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Friendship Press
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Processing Info: Missing.
Frontier Book Store
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Fund for the Republic
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Funk and Wagnalls Company
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Future Farmers of America Organization
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General Alliance Committee on Unitarian Extension
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General Motors Corporation
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39Twenty-Seventh Annual Report 1935
The Golden Age
39 Earth's Oldest Empire 1921
General Notes: Reprint from volume 2, numbers 46-47.
Good Government Educational League
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Goodyear-Marshall Publishing Company
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The Graphics Group
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Haldeman-Julius Publications
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Bowden, E. M.
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39 The Essence of Koran undated
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General Notes: Numbers 4, 28, 50, 61, 62, 73, 88, 103, 129, 147, 156, 187, 200, 294, 317, 318, 325, 428, 448, 505, 564, 753, 798, 1137, 1144, 1308, 1311, 1383, 1451.
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Hardyman, Hugh
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Harper's Magazine
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General Notes: Reprints.
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General Notes: Reprints, August 1946, December 1947.
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Hillman Foundation (Sidney)
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The Home Insurance Company
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Home Mission and Church Erection Society
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Houseman's Bookshop
39Wellock, Wilfred, New Horizons--Build the Future Now undated
Processing Info: Missing.
Independent Labour Party
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India Information Service
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39 About India
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39 India
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
39 Nehru Visits United States of America
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Institute for International Government
39Clark, Grenville, A Condensation of a Plan for Peace
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
Institute of Government
39 Program of Eleventh Annual
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
Institute of Mental Physics
Dingle, Edwin J.
39 The Art of True Living 1937
39 Your Mind and Its Mysteries 1930
39 The Mystery Supreme undated
Institute of Natural Therapy
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Institute of Pacific Relations
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International Convention of Disciples of Christ
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International Nickel Company, Inc.
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International Publishers
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Processing Info: Missing.
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Iowa Farmers Union
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Iowa Union Farmer Association
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39Stover, Fred, Peace and Parity 1954
Iowa University
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Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
39Student's handbook 1901-1902
Island Press
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Jackson Street Community Council
39Tenth Annual Report 1956
Johnson, James Harvey
39 Superior Men 1949
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Kenworthy, Leonard S.
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Kiwanis International
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Labor Youth League
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Labour Party
39 The Next Step 1959
Lamont, Corliss
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Larson, Christian D.
39 The Law of Attraction 1933
League for Columbia Valley Authority
39 The Story of Columbia Valley Authority undated
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Lincoln Souvenir and Gift Shop
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Live and Let Live
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Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
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Luthern Press
39 The Split Between Roman Catholicism and Christ undated
Mainstream Publishers
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McMahon, Honorable Brien,
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Marzani and Munsell, Inc.
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Medical Society of New Jersey
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Men of Good Will
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Methodist Church Board of World Peace
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39 Register Christian Opinion - A Congressional Directory to Aid in Legislative Action in 1953 1953
39 Register Christian Opinion -- A Congressional Directory to Aid in Legislative Action in 1955 1955
Midland Cooperative Wholesale
39Douthit, Davis, Taxes and Co-Ops undated
Mine-Mill Defense Committee
39Lens, Sidney, The Mine-Mill Conspiracy Case undated
Montana Reclamation Association
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Monthly Review
39 Inside the United Nations and the American Struggle Against Human Rights 1951 February
Moore Hugh
39 The Population Bomb undated
Processing Info: Missing.
Moral Re-Armament
39 Ideology and Co-Existence 1959
Morgan, H. T.
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Movement for a Pacifist Church of Christ
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Nation Associates
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National Citizens Political Action Committee
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National Committee for a Free Europe
39Dennen, Leon, The Soviet Peace Myth 1951
National Committee for Agriculture
39 Will the Farmer Survive? undated
National Committee for the World's Poultry Congress
39 German Poultry-Breeding undated
National Committee to Defeat the Mundt Bill
39 Hey Brother There's a Law against You undated
National Council Against Conscription
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Snomley, John M., Jr.
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39 Militarism in Education 1950
39 Press Agents of the Pentagon 1953
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
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Moos, Elizabeth
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39 Soviet Schools Revisited 1960
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National Council of Catholic Men
Sheen, Fulton J.
39 The Economic Guarantee of Human Liberty 1939
39 The Unity of Mankind 1939
39 What Can I Do? undated
39Stanford, Edward V., Practical Aspects of Catholic Education 1938
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America, United Church Women
39 World Day of Prayer -- 75 Anniversary 1961
National Defense through Patriotic Education Committee
39The Constitution of the United States of America undated
National Education Association, Educational Policies Commission
39 Some Current Problems in American Education 1936
National Emergency Council
39 Report on Economic Conditions of the South undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
National Farmers Union
39 The Truth about Subsidies 1944
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
39 This Is Your Research undated
39 When You Have Polio undated
National Guardian
39Mandel, William, Man Bites Dog 1952
39Robins, Colonel Raymond, An American Prophet Speaks circa 1952
Processing Info: Missing.
National Home Library Foundation
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National Municipal League
39 Who's Boss 1940
National Negroes Congress
39 Negro Workers after the War 1945
National Non-Partisan Committee
39Crockett, George W. Jr., Freedom Is Everybody's Job undated
National Selected Morticans
39 Return of Our Gold Star Heroes 1946
National Wallace for President Committee
39 Facts to Fight With undated
39 So You're Wearing a Wallace Button 1948
39 The Story of Henry Wallace 1948
Wallace, Henry
39 Henry Wallace says Increase Wages Out of Profits! undated
39 Stand Up and Be Counted: Why I Choose to Run 1947
39 The Wallace Plan versus the (Hoover-Dulles) Marshall Plan 1948 February 24
National Women's Appeal for the Rights of Foreign Born Americans
39 American Homes in Danger undated
Near East Foundation
39 The Test of Time undated
New Century Foundation
39 New Outlook 1960 May
New Century Publishers
Aptheker, Herbert
39 Freedom in History 1958
39 Since Sputnik--How Americans View the Soviet Union 1959
39Bradley, Hugh, Next Step in the Struggle for Negro Freedom 1953
39Dennis, Eugene, America at the Crossroads 1945
Processing Info: Missing.
Foster, William Z.
39 Problems of Organized Labor Today 1946
39 The Rankin Witch Hunt 1945
39 Reaction Beats Its War Drums 1946
39 Workers, Defend Your Unions 1947
39Garlin, Sender, Enemies of the Peace 1945
Processing Info: Missing.
39Magil, A.B., Socialism--What's in It for You 1946
Processing Info: Missing.
39Morris, George, How Wall Street Picks Your Pocket 1946 October
39Morton, Joseph, How the Cradle of Liberty Was Robbed 1955 January
North, Joseph
39 Cuba's Revolution 1959 February
39 What Are We Doing in China? 1945
39Phillips, George, What Price Philippine Independence? 1946
Processing Info: Missing.
New Christian Books
39Leslie, Kenneth, Hungary -- Christian or Pagan? undated
New Hampshire University General Extension Service
Rudd, Herbert F.
39 A Method of Balanced Representation
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
39 Uniting the Nations 1945 March
New York Labor News Company
39 Depotism on the March 1951
New Yorker
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Northern Book House
40Carter, Charlotte, and Dyson Carter, Science of Health and Long Life in the U.S.S.R. 1958
40 People's Capitalism, Report #31957
40 Religion and Atheism in the Soviet Union, report #81958 March 1
40 First Edition Sputniks to Space Travel 1958 January
Northern Friend's Peace Board
40Alexander, Horace, Resisting Evil without Arms undated
Northern Neighbors
40Khrushchev, Nikita S., Letter of Chairman of Council of Ministers of the U.S.S.R. to the Right Honorable John George Diefenbaker, the Prime Minister of Canada 1958 May 30
Northwest Wildlife Council
40 Steelhead or Sunfish? undated
Old South Association
40 Cotton Mather's Lives of Bradford and Winthrop undated
40Old South leaflets1918
40 The Voyage of the Mayflower undated
Pabst Brewing Company
40 The Winning Plans in the Pabst Post-War Employment Awards undated
Processing Info: Missing.
Pacific Publishing Foundation
40Morton, Joseph, McCarthy - The Man - And the Ism 1953?
Processing Info: Missing.
Palo Alto Peace Club
40 The Question of German Rearmament 1951
Paschke, Ruth Ann
40 Poetical Gems 1933
Paulist Press
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40 The Worker's Holy Hour 1938
Peace News
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40Sherwood, Roy, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.) undated
Pendle Hill Publications
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40Bristol, James E., McCarthyism - the Seed Is in Us 1954
Processing Info: Missing.
Hinshaw, Cecil E.
40 Nonviolent Resistance: A Nation's Way to Peace 1956
Processing Info: Missing.
40 Toward Political Responsibility 1954
40Hoffman, Hallock, Loyalty by Oath 1957
People's Lobby, Inc.
40 America Needs an Over-all Plan 1946 February 9
40 The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations 1945
40 Responsibility for Employment 1947
40 Some American Problems in 1945 1945
40 What Responsibility to Consumers Have Government, Industry, Farmers, Labor Cooperatives? 1949
40 World Planning or World Chaos? 1948 May 29
Personal growth leaflets
Processing Info: Filed under National Education Association.
40 After-War Educational Reconstruction undated
40Ashby, Lyle W., Our Faith in Education undated
40Benjamin, Harold, Community Forces and the School undated
40Bergengren, R.F., The Teachers Credit Union undated
40Blake, Ethel, Newbery Medal Books for Children undated
Bonar, Hugh S.
40 Organizing New Voter Programs undated
40 Preparation and Recognition -- New Voter undated
40 Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee Institute undated
40 Books Every Child Should Know undated
40Brandeis, Louis D., True Americanism undated
40Breg, W. Roy, Allied Youth--a Social Club undated
40Bruntz, George G., The Parent's Part in Education undated
40Burnham, Dr. William J., Essentials of Mental Health undated
40Carter, Vernon, Chemurgy and Conservation undated
40Chambers, M. M., Legal Liability of Teacher and Schools undated
40Charters, W. W., Heirs of Democracy undated
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Coyle, David Cushman
40 Economic Systems in the United States undated
40 A Primer of Taxation undated
40 Roads to American Prosperity undated
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40Davis, Watson, Achievements of Science undated
40Dawson, Howard A., Teaching Materials for Rural Schools undated
40Dewey, John, Creative Democracy -- the Task Before Us undated
40 Dictator's Strategy: America's Response undated
Dykstra, Clarence Addison
40 The Challenge of the Hard Road undated
40 Critical Problems Facing Our Nation undated
40 The Elementary Teachers Library undated
40Ellwood, Charles A., Social Imagination in Education undated
40Farris, J.D., The Significance of Friendship undated
Fenner, Mildred Sandison
40 Alice Freeman Palmer undated
40 The Growing Teacher undated
40 The Story of the National Education Association undated
40 Fiction for High School Students undated
40 Fiction for Junior High School Students undated
40Franklin, Benjamin, Poor Richard's Almanac undated
40Franklin's Personal Growth Recordbookundated
40Fraser, Mowat G., The College of the Future undated
40Gerwig, George William, A Golden Treasury of Americanism undated
40Gesell, Arnold, The First Five Years of Life undated
40Giddings, T.P., Teacher, Take It Easy undated
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Givens, Willard E.
40 The Challenge of a United Profession undated
40 Thank God I'm an American! undated
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40Holmes, Harry N., Have You Had Your Vitamins? undated
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40Horn, Gunnar, American History in Fiction undated
40How to Use Personal Growth Leafletsundated
40Jelinek, Frances, Tenure for Teachers undated
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40Marsh, Daniel L., The Place of Religion in Education undated
40Martin, Theodore D., Ethics for Teachers undated
40Mason, Edward F., Shall I Attend a Junior College? undated
40Miller, Clyde R., Propaganda Analysis undated
Morgan, Joy Elmer
40 The Code of the Good American undated
40 Franklin's Plan of Self-Improvement undated
40 Future Teachers of America undated
40 A Golden Treasury from the Bible undated
40 A Golden Treasury of Beauty and Wisdom undated
40 A Golden Treasury on the Art of Living undated
40 Horace Mann's Letter to Young Americans undated
40 Learning to Be a Leader undated
40 The Planning of Your Life undated
40 Selections From Abraham Lincoln undated
40 Selections from Horace Mann undated
40 Selections from Ralph Waldo Emerson undated
40 Shall I Become a Teacher? undated
40 Shall I Go to College? undated
40 Teaching Economics to Children undated
40 The Tyranny of Bad Habits undated
40 Your Citizenship in the Making undated
40 Your Health in the Making undated
40 Your Home in the Making undated
40 Your Life in the Making undated
40 Your Mind in the Making undated
40 Your Personality in the Making undated
40Norton, John K., Education in the Economy of Defense undated
40Overstreet, Harry A., Seven Adventures in Pioneering undated
40Parran, Thomas, Our Common Diseases undated
40Pinkston, Eva G., and Irvin A. Wilson, The Modern Elementary School undated
40 Principles of Academic Freedom undated
40Pulliam, Roscoe, The Rural School of the Future undated
40 Readable Books of 1940 1940?
40Russell, Bertrand, Education for Democracy undated
40Steinhaus, Arthur H., Shall I Become a Smoker? undated
40Stoltz, Herbert R., Individual Guidance thru the Schools undated
40Studebaker, John W., Crucial Issues in American Education undated
40Sur, William Raymond, Your Music Record Library undated
40Sutton, Willis A., Education--the Mainstay of Business undated
40Thompson, Clara Belle, and Margaret Lukes Wise, How I Found My Job undated
40Thompson, Lenore E., Schoolground Beautification undated
40Townsend, Atwood H., One Hundred Books Everyone Should Know undated
40Townsend, Atwood H., Motive-Centered Education undated
40 The United States Flag Code undated
40Upton, Rolland H., The Rabble Rouser undated
40Welling, Richard, Student Self-Government undated
40 What the High School Ought to Teach undated
40Willins, Stella, How to Become an Expert Typist undated
40Winslow, Leon L., Art in School and Life undated
40 Youth and Social Security undated
Philosophical Research Society
Hall, Manly Palmer
40 Atlantis--an Interpretation 1946
40 A Commentary Upon the Quiet Way 1951
40 Comte De St. - German 1939
Piedmont Red Cedar Chest Company
40 The Story of Red Cedar undated
The Pierce Butler, Jr. Foundation for Education in World Law
General Notes: Distributed by United World Federalists, Inc.
40Address by Christian Herter, Secretary of State1960 February 18
Processing Info: Missing.
The Pilgrim Press
40 Christian Vocation (sermons)1945
Promoting Enduring Peace
40Address of Mr. Justice William O. Douglas 1951 February 14
40Bowles, Chester, Memo: On Our Policy in Asia undated
40Eddy, Sherwood, and Jerome Davis, Report from Asia 1956
40Frank, Jerome D., The Great Antagonism undated
Kennan, George F.
40 The Illusion of Security undated
40 Reflections on Our Present International Situation 1959 October 22
40Mays, Benjamin E., The Christian in Race Relations undated
40Rabinowitch, Eugene, Walking the Plank to Nowhere undated
40 The Report of an Independent Peace Mission to Europe, June 30-September 7, 1949 1949
40 Report of the American-European Seminar on the U.S.S.R. undated
40Schweitzer, Albert, Reverence for Life undated
40Stanfield, Boris M., Wanted: A Dynamic Foreign Policy undated
40Stevenson, Adlai; Prime Minister Nehru and President Eisenhower, Observations on the World Scene undated
40Weir, Ernest T., Survey of the Road to Peace 1956
Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State
40Archer, Glenn, Without Fear or Favor 1955
40 A Manifesto undated
Public Affairs Committee, Inc.
40Buchanan , Norman S., and Gloria Waldron, America's Stake in World Trade 1947
40Crow, James F., Effects of Radiation and Fallout 1957
40Ellison, Jerome, These Rights Are Ours to Keep 1948
Public Information Committee
Judicial Reform
40 Legal Quibbles versus National Needs undated
40 Who Said That about the Supreme Court? undated
Public Ownership League of America
Thompson, Carl D.
40 Don't Give Up Your Light and Power Plant undated
40 Own Your Own 1944
Public Utility District, Cowlitz County
40Annual Report 1943
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
40Annual Report 1944
Public Utility District, Grant Count
40Annual Report 1942-1943
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Public Utility District, Okanogan County
40Report to our Customers and the Public of Okanogan County undated
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Public Utility District, Pacific County
40Annual Report 1943
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Public Utility District, Skamania County
40 1940-45: Six Years of Public Power circa 1946
Puget Sound Power and Light Company
40 Ample Power--More Payrolls--Greater Prosperity--through Cooperation for the Common Good 1954 June
40Annual reports1946-1960
15 items
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40 A Brief Record of the Company's Progress and Activities for 1930 circa 1930
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
40 Highlights of Puget's Performance for the Past Decade 1953 November 19
40 Power on the Farm 1930
40Quarterly Dividend Report 1956 May 15
40Report to the Stockholders1931, 1933-1937, 1943, 1945
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Radiant Health Products
40 The Great Discovery 1952
Rankin, Honorable John E.
40"A Speech"1940 July 2
Reader's Digest
40Hayek, Frederich A., The Road to Serfdom 1945 April
40Scherman, Harry, A Philosophy for the War 1942
Readers Press
40Kingdon, Frank, An Uncommon Man 1945
Religious Liberty and Temperance Association
40Manks, Sanford B., Cancer--the Actual Causes of and the True Remedy for Cancer undated
Religious Society of Friends East-West Committee
40Lonskale, Kathleen, Peaceful Co-Existence: the Christian Obligation 1955
Reno, Robert H.
40Clark, Grenville, and Louis B. Sohn A Digest of Peace through Disarmament and Charter Revisions: Detailed Proposals for Revision of the United Nations Charter 1953
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
40Smith, Joseph, Joseph Smith Tells His Own Story undated
Republican National Committee
40Brownell, Herbert Jr., Blueprint for Freedom 1945 December 7
40Republican platform 1952 July 10
Reynolds Publishing Company, Inc
40Camp, Walter, The Daily Dozen 1921
Rialto Publishing Company
40Reid, Roy L. (Chuckles), The Great American Menace 1951
Ring of Freedom, Inc.
40Thompson, Dorothy, A Call to Action 1941
Rose, Mall
40 Four Leaf Clovers undated
Rural Electrification Administration
40 Rural Electrification on the March undated
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Saturday Review of Literature
40Scherman, Harry, What Is This War About? 1939 November
Scott, Harold
40 Our Bible Heritage 1958
Seaboard Airline Railway Company Development Department
40 Farming on the South Carolina Coast undated
Securities and Exchange Commission
40 Puget Sound Power and Light Company undated
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Seattle Housing Authority
40 A Place to Live --8th Annual Reportundated
Processing Info: Relocated to the Pacific Northwest Collection, Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.
Serbian Child Welfare Association of America
40 Co-operative Reconstruction 1924
Shriners, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.)
40Donnatin, Louis N., I Am an American
Sierra Club
40 The Kings River Region Should Be a National Park 1939
Simon and Schuster
40Lorant, Stefan, FDR: a Pictorial Biography 1950
Processing Info: Missing.
40Wallace, Henry A., Sixty Million Jobs 1945
40Willkie, Wendell L., An American Program 1944
40 Simplified Economics, June 1951, October 1953, January 19551951 June, 1953 October, 1955 January
Simplified Spelling Board
40 Alphabetic List of Simplifications in Spelling 1909
40 Fourth List of Simplified Spellings 1913
40 Simplified Spelling: a Letter to Teachers 1909
40 Three Hundred Words Spelled in Two or More Ways 1907
Snohomish County Boy's Club, Inc.
40Matheny, Merlin, The Medicine Man 1949
Social Science Institute
40Nearing, Helen, and Scott Nearing, Our Right to Travel undated
Nearing, Scott
40 To Promote the General Welfare undated
Processing Info: Missing.
40 The Revolution of Our Time 1948
40 Soviet Education undated
Sociedades Biblicas Unidas
40 Los Hechos De Los Apostoles undated
40 San Marcos 1950
40 Timoteo A. Hebreos undated
Society for the Prevention of World War III, Inc.
40 Business as Usual undated
Society of Friends East-West Relations Committee
40Lachmund, Margarethe, Christians in the Divided World undated
Society of Liberal Arts
40Joslyn Memorialundated
South Today
40Smith, Lilian E., and Paula Snelling, Buying a New World with Old Confederate Bills 1942-1943
Smith, Lillian
40 The Earth: a Common Ground for Children 1944
40 There Are Things to Do 1942-1943
40 Two Men and a Bargain 1943
40 The White Christian and His Conscience undated
Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.
40Maund, Alfred, The Untouchables undated
S.R.T. Publications, Inc.
40Smith, Jessica, The American People Want Peace 1955
Processing Info: Missing.
40Khrushchov, N.S., For General and Complete Disarmament, Soviet Booklet number 581959
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)
40Holman, Eugene, Oil: Product and Pillar of Freedom 1944
Standing Joint Pacifist Committee
40Niemoller, Martin The Failure of Violence undated
State University of Iowa
40Student's handbook 1901-1902
Technocracy, Inc.
40 America Must Show the Way 1938
40 Our Country Right or Wrong 1946
40 Technocracy 1939
Tydings, Honorable Millard E.,
40 Universal Disarmament Down to Rifles 1950
40 Union for Democratic Action undated
40 Tomorrow's Challenge to Today's Progressive undated
Union of Democratic Control
40Chinnery, John, What Is Happening in Viet-Nam? undated
Davidson, Basil
40 The Darkening Shadow Over Africa undated
40 EDC--the Shadow of a Gunman 1953
40 Two Sides in Germany-Which Is Yours? 1955 January
40 What the Arab World Really Wants 1955
40 What Really Happened in Hungary? undated
40 Hiroshima--It Must Not Happen Again undated
40Holland, Denys C., Our Freedom Is Not for Them 1955
40Jagan, Cheddi, What Happened in British Guiana undated
40Parkin, Ben, China and the United Nations undated
40Read-Collins, Nicholas, Report on the War in Indo-China 1953
40Stross, Dr. Barnett, Adventure or Eclipse (Man and the Atoms) undated
Warbey, William
40 The Hydrogen Bomb and You 1954
40 The Prospects for World Disarmament 1955
40Zilliacus, Konni, Four Power Talks--for Peace or War? 1955
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) Embassy
40Constitution of the U.S.S.R.1947 February
Processing Info: Missing.
40Kiselev, K.V., Certain Results of the Work of the United Nations Organization 1946
40Mikhailov, N., The Sixteen Republics of the Soviet Union 1951
Molotov, V. M.
40 Armed Forces of the United Nations of Foreign Territory 1946
Processing Info: Missing.
40 General Reduction of Armaments 1946
Processing Info: Missing.
40 The Soviet Union and International Cooperation 1946
40 The 30th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution 1947
Novikov, N. V.
40Text of speech1946
40Text of statement1946
40 Soviet Information Bureau Falsifications of History 1948
Vyshinsky, A. Y.
40 On Condemning the Preparation of a New War and Concluding a Five-Power Pact for Strengthening Peace 1949 November
40 The Soviet Position on Prohibition of Atomic Weapons and International Control of Atomic Energy 1949 November
Processing Info: Missing.
40Text of speech1947 September
Processing Info: Missing.
The Unitarian Church
40Bliss, Paul Franklin, The Curse Is Apathy 1950
Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice Peace Committee
40 Geneva and Peace--an Unfinished Drama undated
Unitarian Laymen's League
40 What Unites Us 1950
Unitarian Universalist Association
40Rice, William B., What Are the Issues? undated
United Church of America
40Jones, E. Stanley, The Next Great Step: the United Church of America undated
United Committee of South-Slavic Americans
40Taylor, A .J. P Trieste 1945
The United Nations
40 Books in Print undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
40 Human Rights Day
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
40 Balancing Food and People undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
40 FAP Guide for Discussion undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
40First Report to the Governments of the United Nations by the Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (U.N.R.R.A.)
40 U.N.R.R.A. Organization, Aims, Progress undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
United Nations Association
40 A Policy for Disarmament 1959
United Nations Bulletin
40 World Social Situation Today undated
Processing Info: Transferred to Government Documents, University of Washington Libraries.
The United Unitarian Appeal
40 This Is Your Appeal undated
3 items
Unity School of Christianity
40 Good Business 1950 July
40Hopkins, Alice M., The Gift of Immortality 1951
Veterans of Foreign Wars
40 Etiquette of the Stars and Stripes 1936
40 Fifth Column Facts undated
Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary
40Booklet of Instructions1941 January 1
40Constitution and By-laws1940
Wallace, Henry A.
40 One World--the Only Road to Peace 1950 April 29
Washington Educational Association
40Addresses and Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Session1915
40Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting1913
40 Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting1914
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc.
40 Awake! 1948 March 8
40 The Coming World Regeneration 1944
40 Consolation 1945
40 Face the Facts 1938
40 Freedom 1939
40 Fighting for Liberty on the Home Front 1943
40 Judge Rutherford Uncovers Fifty Column 1940 July
40 Satisfied 1940
Watts, C. A. and Company, Limited
40Sandell, Warren, John V. Simcox, and Raymond Winch, Is the Roman Catholic Church a Secret Society? 1946
Weir, Ernest T.
40Statement on Our Foreign Situation1951 January 5
40 Which Future War or Peace? 1954 December 7
Weis, Daniel
40 Popular Planisphere 1895
Wellock, Wilfred
40 India's Social Revolution Led by Mahatma Gandhi and Now Vinoba Bhave undated
Westwood, Tom
40Bible Treasury Notes 1950 July
Weyerhauser Timber Company
Olzendam, Roderic
40 Freedom through Unity undated
40 The State of Washington--One of America's Great Tree Farms undated
40 Timber Is a Crop undated
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
4011th, 12th and 13th International Congresses1949 August, 1953 August, 1956 July
40 Freedom's Future Is In Your Hands 1951 May
40Pack, the Reverend John Paul, A Time to Protest 1958
40 Political Action Handbook 1955 November
40Woker, Professor Gertrude, Atomic Energy and Alternative Sources of Power 1957
Workers Library Publishers
40Garlin, Sender, Is Dewey the Man? 1944 July
World Government News, Inc.
40 World Government News 1948 March
Young Friends Committee of North America
40 Experiment in Understanding 1959

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Magnuson, Warren Grant, 1905-
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