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American Academy of Political and Social Science 1911-1918

American Civic Association 1906-1913

Andrews, E. W. 1903, 1912

Ankeny, Levi 1908

Atkinson, John D. 1904-1908

Miscellaneous A 1902-1918

Balliet, Andrew J. 1905, 1914

Ballinger, Richard Achilles 1904-1910

Barrett, John E. 1887-1908

Battle, Alfred 1908

Blaine, E. L. 1910-1911

Brainerd, Frank 1898-1911

Brainerd, Frank 1916-1917

Bratlie, Hans J. 1905, 1908-1915

Bringhurst, Harry W. 1910-1911

Brockhagen, Carl H. ca.1911-1916

Brown, Ashmun N. 1904-1905

Brown, Ashmun N. 1906-1909

Brown, Ashmun N. 1910

Brown, Ashmun N. 1910

Brown, Ashmun N. 1911

Brown, Ashmun N. 1912

Brown, Ashmun N. 1913

Brown, Ashmun N. 1915-1918

Burwell, William Turnbull 1905-1908

Miscellaneous Ba 1887-1918

Miscellaneous Be 1901-1918

Miscellaneous Bl-Bo 1891-1917

Miscellaneous Br 1904-1917

Miscellaneous Bu-By 1890-1917

Chadwick, Stephen James 1896-1918

Chapin, Herman 1905-1912

Chapin, William Wallace 1909-1914

Chittenden, Hiram Martin 1906-1910

Clark, Walter Eli 1902-1904

Clark, Walter Eli 1905

Clark, Walter Eli 1906

Clark, Walter Eli 1907

Clark, Walter Eli 1908-1916

Clise, James William 1902-1911

Connolly, Christopher Powell 1908-1914

Cosgrove, Samuel G. 1904

Cotterill, George F. 1905, 1907, 1910

Cowen, Edward D. 1903-1914

Cowles, W.H. 1908, 1912

Crowley, J.G. 1902-1916

Crawford & Conover 1908, 1910

Cushman, Francis Wellington 1902-1908

Miscellaneous Ca 1889-1916

Miscellaneous Ce-Cl 1904-1917

Miscellaneous Co-Cu 1894-1916

Dilling, George W. 1908, 1911

Dole, N. H. 1897-1912

Donaldson, Thomas B. 1898-1917

Donovan, J. J. 1909-1910

Donworth, George 1910-1919

Downing, Thomas H. 1888-1914

Dysart, George 1908

Miscellaneous D 1887-1918

Easterday, Joseph Holt 1907-1909

Miscellaneous E 1905-1919

Falconer, J. A. 1907-1912

Farrell, John D. 1903-1906

Fechter, O. A. 1914, 1918

Fenn, Charles 1911-1916

Fitts, Frank 1910-1914

Furth, Jacob 1902-1906

Miscellaneous F 1888-1918

Gilbert, James W. 1898-1911

Gill, H.C. 1914, 1915

Gilman, L. C. 1908-1918

Glassford, W. A. 1906-1911

Goldsmith, James S. 1898-1911

Green, Joshua L. 1908, 1916

Greene, Roger S. 1901-1910

Griffiths, Austin E. 1902-1911

Miscellaneous G 1887-1915

Hanford, Cornelius n.d.

Hanson, Ole 1908-1918

Hay, Marion E. 1908-1912

Hayden, John L. 1908-1916

Hoge, James Doster 1902-1916

Hughes, Ellwood Clarke 1904-1913

Humphrey, William E. 1904-1915

Miscellaneous Ha 1886-1917

Miscellaneous He-Hu 1888-1916

Miscellaneous I 1912-1914

Jackson, Huntington W. 1888

Jonas, M. G. 1914

Jones, Wesley Livsey 1902-1909

Jones, Wesley Livsey 1909-1919

Jones, Wesley Livsey 1903-1914

Jones, Wesley Livsey n.d.

Miscellaneous J 1906-1917

Kane, Thomas F. 1907-1912

Keys, C. W. 1906-1907

Miscellaneous K 1905-1917

Langhorne, Maurice 1910

Lewis James H. 1898-1918

Miscellaneous L 1888-1918

McFarland, J. Horace 1905

McGraw, John Harte 1895-1908

McMicken, Maurice 1902-1913

Mackintosh, Kenneth 1908-1910

Matthews, Mark Allison 1906-1915

Maxwell, William H. 1913-1914

Mead, Albert Edward 1904-1910

Miller, John F. 1908-1919

Moran, Robert 1906-1917

Moran Bros. Co., Seattle, WN. 1901-1906

Miscellaneous Ma-Mc 1890-1916

Miscellaneous Me-My 1887-1916

Municipal League - National Office 1906-1913

Miscellaneous N 1887-1917

O'Dea, Bishop Edward John 1906-1917

Miscellaneous O 1892-1919

Paraguay. Consulado General, New York 1915-1918

Parry, Will H. 1906-1917

Paulhamus, W. H. 1907-1915

Payne, Thos. 1906-1907, n.d.

Penhallow, Charles S. (Chas) 1915-1919

Peters, William Allison 1893-1916

Piles, Samuel H. 1906-1910

Piper, Edgar B. 1898-1911

Porter, Robert P. 1885-1917

Miscellaneous P 1888-1917

Red Cross, U.S. American National Red Cross 1917

Reeves, Walter 1902

Republican Party 1888-1916

Robertson, Grace B. 1910-1916

Robertson, Wilbur Wade 1908-1918

Root, Milo A. 1906-1908

Miscellaneous R 1887-1918

San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1913-1918

Sawyer, A. P. 1905-1910

Scott, James W. 1888-1893

Seattle. Alaska-Yukon Exposition 1907-1909

Seattle Chamber of Commerce 1901-1911

Seattle Chamber of Commerce and Commercial Club 1917-1918

Seattle Central Council of Social Agencies 1914-1915

Semple, Eugene 1892-1902

Semple & Hale Law Firm, Seattle 1894

Sheffield, William M. 1911-1914

Shippen, Joseph 1901-1902

Sims, Edgar Albert 1914-1917

Smith, Charles Wesley 1902-1911

South Seattle Land Co. 1912

Stedman, Livingston Boyd 1902-1914

Stewart, A. B. 1898-1917

Stine, J. Howard 1909-1918

Strong, Rev. Sydney Dix 1910-1915

Miscellaneous S-Si 1887-1918

Miscellaneous Sl-Sw 1885-1917

Thomson, Reginald H. 1907-1910

Titus, Hazen J. 1915-1918

Turner, George W. 1891-1904

Miscellaneous T 1891-1919

U. S. Federal Trade Commission 1915

U. S. Food Administration 1917-1918

Miscellaneous U 1892-1918

Villard, Oswald Garrison 1909

Miscellaneous V 1896-1918

Wallace, H.C. 1905-1918

Wickersham, James 1905-1908

Wilson, Edna Sweet n. d., 1909-1913

Wilson, Henry Lane 1904-1914

Wilson, John Lockwood 1895-1911

Wood, Lovett Mortimer 1901-1913

Woodruff, Charles E. 1905-1912

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers 1905-1912

Miscellaneous W-We 1885-1917

Miscellaneous Wh-Wr 1889-1916

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Miscellaneous Z 1910-1912

Miscellaneous Unidentifiables 1904-1916

Enclosures B,C 1886-1919

Enclosures D-H 1903-1914

Enclosures J 1906-1910

Enclosures K-R 1880-1918

Enclosures S-W 1898-1913

Inclosures B-W 1902-1911

Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1905-1911, n.d.

Letters of recommendation and introduction for Consulate at Dawson, Alaska 1898

Letters of recommendation and introduction for position on Federal Trade Commission 1918

Letters of recommendation and introduction with application for Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1912

Miscellaneous letters of recommendation 1890-1902

Letters of recommendation and introduction as Washington, D.C. Representative of Seattle Business Groups 1901

Outgoing Letters 1902-1915

Outgoing Letters 1913

Legal Documents n.d.

Letter from Thomas Donaldson to Mary Brainerd 1906

Three items given by P-I March 25, 1965 1965

Clover Club 1881-1887

Invitations and Awards 1888-1920

People: lists and descriptions n.d.

Memorabilia: Books and Pamphlets 1875-1919

Memorabilia: Pictures and Photographs 1884-1897

Subject Terms

Guide to the Erastus Brainerd Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 4624
Accession No.: 4624-001
Creator: Brainerd, Erastus, 1855-1922, creator
Title: Erastus Brainerd papers
Date Span: circa 1880-1919
Quantity: 2.16 cubic feet (6 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are inEnglish.

Biographical Note

Erastus Brainerd, journalist, editor, politician, and civic leader, acted as lobbyist for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce during and after the Klondike gold rush and as editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from 1904 to 1911. Brainerd was born in Middletown, Connecticut, on February 25, 1855. In 1870 he graduated from the Phillips Exeter Academy and entered Harvard, from which he received his A.B. in 1874. From October 1874 to April 1878, he worked for Boston publisher James R. Osgood and Company. Brainerd traveled to Europe in 1878; the next year he returned to America and began his newspaper career.

Before moving to Seattle, Brainerd served on the editorial staffs of the New York World, the Philadelphia Press, and the Atlanta Constitution, where he was working when he married Mary Bella Beale of Richmond, Virginia, on May 30, 1882. (The Brainerds had three daughters: the first, Mary Beale, died in infancy; the second was also named Mary Beale; and the third, Elizabeth.) Brainerd also served as editor in chief of the Atlanta Star, as well as editor and co-owner of the Philadelphia Daily News. After he and his family moved to Seattle in 1890, Brainerd edited the Seattle Press, which bought out another evening newspaper, the Times, in 1891 to become the Seattle Press Times under Brainerd’s editorship. Brainerd left his post at the Press Times in 1893 to become a member of the Board of State Land Commissioners, a position he held until the Fusionists came to power in 1897.

Shortly after Brainerd’s term as land commissioner ended, news of gold in the Klondike reached Seattle. Brainerd was appointed secretary of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s newly formed Bureau of Information. As secretary he carried out an international advertising campaign, promoting Seattle as the gateway to Alaska. He sometimes acted as lobbyist in Washington D.C. for the Chamber and other Seattle businesses from 1897 to 1903. One of his successful lobbying campaigns was convincing Congress to assign Seattle a government assay office. During the same period, Brainerd also spent some time traveling in Alaska, where he worked as a mining consultant, having received investment capital from Philadelphia streetcar magnates, Elkins and Hivener, and from his cousin, Frank Brainerd. In December of 1901, Erastus Brainerd was sent to Washington, D.C. to represent Seattle throughout the Congressional session. During the session, he played a key role in getting a federal appropriation for the construction of the Lake Washington Canal.

Brainerd was active in Republican party politics. While he was essentially a Taft Republican, a Taft Republican was frequently a McKinley Republican somewhat chastened by the municipal reformers, populist agitators, the muckrakers' ex¬posures of the corrupt associations of business and politics, and the Rooseveltian disruption of standpatism within the Party. He believed the political influence of the railroad interests in the state was unfortunate. Brainerd served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1904 and represented Washington at other conferences, including the Conference of Governors in 1908 and the National Convention of the American Academy of Political and Social Science in 1912.

As editor of the Post-Intelligencer, Brainerd infused the newspaper with a "reform vigor" which revoked the newspaper's past. "Reform" was conservative, not radical; Brainerd believed in a stewardship doctrine of politics, and with many of his contemporaries, believed that stewardship was justifiable only if politics was purged of vicious and corrupt elements. When corruption became evident in the Seattle police department under Police Chief C. W. Wappenstein and Mayor Hiram Gill, a committee of church people was formed who, led by the Rev. Mark A. Matthews of the First Presbyterian Church, urged Brainerd to oppose Mayor Gill. Brainerd acceded to the demands and using P-I editorials, led one of the nation's first recall campaigns. Gill, who was elected in 1910, was removed from office in 1911. (He was, however, reelected in 1914 and 1916.) Wappenstein was fired and indicted for accepting bribes. In addition, Brainerd has been credited with initiating impeachment proceedings against Judge Cornelius H. Hanford. Impeachment hearings were held in 1912 and Hanford resigned. (In addition to speaking out against public figures, Brainerd also later campaigned against prohibition for the Anti-Prohibition Association on the grounds that such legisla¬tion would encourage "secret vice and law breaking.")

Brainerd fully exploited the potential afforded by his associations with local men of prestige, position, and power. Many such people accredited the Direct Primary Law to Brainerd. Frank Fitts, Brainerd’s secretary at the P-I, witnessed Brainerd's summoning of Samuel Cosgrove, a Seattle lawyer, out of a sickbed, to be coerced by Brainerd into becoming the Republican candidate for Governor. In addition to choosing candidates, Brainerd kept himself well-informed concerning the activities of men already in office; for example, he was able to keep close tabs on Governor Mead through Ashmun N. Brown, private secretary to Mead and former employee of the P-I.

Brainerd also worked closely with men who were intimately involved in the advancement of the state's farm economy. He cooperated with William H. Paulhamus when Paulhamus was speaker of the Senate during Governor Mead's administration. Brainerd also cooperated with Wilbur W. Robertson, publisher of the Yakima Republic, on behalf of eastern Washington farmers, particularly those in the Wenatchee and Yakima valleys.

In 1911 W. W. Chapin, general manager of the Post lntelligencer, brought in Scott Bone to replace Brainerd, who, long discontented with the management, had offered his resignation in 1910 but did not actually leave the paper until Bone was hired. In 1913, Chapin was managing a San Francisco newspaper, the Call, and despite their previous differences, hired Brainerd as editor. He edited the Call for six months, but the newspaper was suffering financial problems and was sold. Brainerd returned to his home at Richmond Beach, a short distance from Seattle.

Brainerd served as president of the Board of Seattle Park Commissioners from 1914 1916, and during World War I, he became Assistant Federal Food Administrator for Western Washington (1917). In 1919 he served as Northwest consul for Paraguay, having previously represented Paraguay in Philadelphia during President Cleveland’s administration. He died at the Western State Hospital in Steilacoom, WA, on December 25, 1922.


In instances when a letter writer acted as agent for another party (corporate or personal) the letter is placed under the name of the party for whom the author acted as agent. (Authors of a few letters were not identified; consequently these letters are placed in a separate folder at the end of the incoming letter file.) Letters for which Brainerd is not directly a party are arranged alphabetically in two folders and are inventoried as “Enclosures”; some of these letters are filed by the name of the author, others are filed by the name of the recipient, depending on the probable source from which the enclosures were received. Brainerd’s outgoing letters are arranged alphabetically by name of addressee. The inventory of incoming letters is arranged in two groups; (1) an alphabetical list of letters in individual name folders; (2) an alphabetical list of letters in miscellaneous folders.

Scope and Content

Incoming letters concerning his editorship of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1904-1911; his involvement in Republican politics; and his role in securing Klondike gold rush trade for Seattle; some legal documents and memorabilia.

The papers are composed mainly of letters to Brainerd which span his career from ca. 1880 to 1919. About one third of the incoming letters are concentrated in the period for 1904 to 1911 when he was editor of the Post-Intelligencer. There are also letters relating to matters in which Brainerd was concerned but to which he was not directly a party; e.g., copies of letters recommending Brainerd for various positions, and letters enclosed with those expressly addressed to him. Letters from Brainerd to other parties are also in the collection. Two of the three documents included are petitions to President McKinley on behalf of Brainerd's unsuccessful candidacy for the position of Alaskan consulate. The third document is Brainerd's argument before the Washington Board of State Land Commissioners in Sanderson vs. Winsor concerning the purchase of Ballard tidelands. The papers also contain memorabilia and a few photocopies of Post-Intelligencer articles.

Included in the papers covering Brainerd’s term on the Board of State Land Commissioners is material on the development of the Seattle harbor and the private speculation corporation headed by Eugene Semple. Also included is material on Brainerd’s trips to Alaska and his work in Washington D.C. for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and other Seattle businesses. In the papers concerning his lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. are materials on his work to obtain support for the Lake Washington ship canal, a naval basin, the Lawton infantry post, and development of Alaska. The material covering Brainerd’s Post-Intelligencer editorship includes discussions of municipal, state and national politics. Topics discussed include the Mead-Turner senatorial campaign of 1904; the antagonism between the Seattle Times and the Post-Intelligencer (which was chiefly antagonism between Brainerd and Times editor, Colonel Alden J. Blethen); the “municipal-ownership” election in Seattle in 1906; reports of interviews and analyses of Roosevelt, Taft, and Washington congressmen, the 1908 senatorial campaign, the Ballinger-Pinchot dispute and general conservation policies; the Wilson-Burke-Poindexter senatorial campaign of 1910; and the recall of Mayor Gill in 1911.

Letters from Brainerd’s most prolific correspondents, Ashmun N. Brown and Walter Eli Clark, seem to touch on a large proportion of people and events that are most significant in the Brainerd papers. Brown had become private secretary to Governor Mead in 1905 with the help of Brainerd’s influence. In 1909, at the time of the Ballinger Pinchot controversy, Brown was sent to Washington, D.C. as the P-I’s special correspondent. Walter Eli Clark, prior to his appointment as Governor of the Territory of Alaska in 1909, worked as the P l’s Washington D.C. correspondent from 1902 to 1909, although he was primarily associated with the New York Sun and the New York Commercial.

Major correspondents include Richard Achilles Ballinger, Ashmun N. Brown, William Turnbull Burwell, Stephen James Chadwick, William Wallace Chapin, Walter Eli Clark, J. G. Crowley, Thomas B. Donaldson, Thomas H. Downing, Marion E. Hay, William E. Humphrey, Wesley L. Jones, John H. McGraw, Mark Allison Matthews, Albert E. Mead, William H. Paulhamus, Samuel H. Piles, Robert P. Porter, Wilbur Wade Robertson, Eugene Semple, William M. Sheffield, George Turner, John Lockwood Wilson, Charles E. Woodruff, and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

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1/1American Academy of Political and Social Science 1911-1918
Scope and Content: 11 letters
1/2American Civic Association1906-1913
Scope and Content: 6 letters
1/3Andrews, E. W. 1903, 1912
Scope and Content: 2 letters
1/4Ankeny, Levi 1908
Scope and Content: 1 letter
1/5Atkinson, John D. 1904-1908
Scope and Content: 5 letters
1/6Miscellaneous A 1902-1918
Scope and Content: Letters. Abbott, Anabel; Adams, Charles E.; Alaska Road Committee; Alexander, D. S.; Alexander Hamilton Institute; Allen, Arn S.; Allen, M. C.; Allen, P. L.; American Federation of Labor; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Illustrated Magazine; American Highway Association; American Institute of Architects; Ames, E. G.; Ames Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Seattle; Anderson, Karl M.; Anderson, Mary F.; Arnold, M. A.; Associated Press; Association for the Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis; Association for the Relief of Dependent Catholic Children; A. B.
1/7Balliet, Andrew J. 1905, 1914
Scope and Content: 7 letters
1/8Ballinger, Richard Achilles 1904-1910
Scope and Content: 22 letters
1/9Barrett, John E. 1887-1908
Scope and Content: 6 letters
1/10Battle, Alfred 1908
Scope and Content: 2 letters
1/11Blaine, E. L. 1910-1911
Scope and Content: 4 letters
1/12Brainerd, Frank 1898-1911
Scope and Content: 10 letters
1/13Brainerd, Frank 1916-1917
Scope and Content: 5 letters
1/14Bratlie, Hans J. 1905, 1908-1915
Scope and Content: 8 letters
1/15Bringhurst, Harry W. 1910-1911
Scope and Content: 7 letters
1/16Brockhagen, Carl H. ca.1911-1916
Scope and Content: 12 letters
1/17Brown, Ashmun N. 1904-1905
Scope and Content: 27 letters
1/18Brown, Ashmun N. 1906-1909
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1/19Brown, Ashmun N. 1910
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1/20Brown, Ashmun N. 1910
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1/21Brown, Ashmun N. 1911
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1/22Brown, Ashmun N. 1912
Scope and Content: 13 letters
1/23Brown, Ashmun N. 1913
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1/24Brown, Ashmun N. 1915-1918
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1/27Miscellaneous Be 1901-1918
Scope and Content: Beaton, R. C.; Beck, B. C.; Beebe, Albert H.; Beede, J. F.; Belgian Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Bell, Edwin; Bell, Landon C.; Bennett, Ira E.; Benson, Henry K.; Berg, G. L.
1/28Miscellaneous Bl-Bo 1891-1917
Scope and Content: Blaine, E. F.; Blethen, C. B.; Blethen, Joseph; Bloedel, J. H.; Blue, Wilson; Bobbett, F. W.; Bohlke, H. C.; Bone, Scott C.; Boston Herald; Bothwell, William J.; Bourns, F. S.; Bower, Ward T.; Bowes, R. F.; Boyd, W. A.; Boyle, Neal
1/29Miscellaneous Br 1904-1917
Scope and Content: Bradford, James; Bragg, Edward S.; Brainerd, Chauncey C.; Brainerd, E. LeRoy; Brainerd, Ezra; Brainerd, George; Brainerd, Ida; Brainerd, J. B.; Brainerd, Lillian; Brainerd, Mary B.; Brennan, George J.; Brewer, W. A.; Broderick, Henry; Bronson, Ira; Brooks, Alfred H.; Brown, Beriah; Brown. J. H.; Bryan, R. B.
1/30Miscellaneous Bu-By 1890-1917
Scope and Content: Bubb, B.C.; Buchanan, Charles M.; Buckley, Louis W.; Bugge, H. J.; Bullock, J. W.; Bureau of Municipal Research, New York; Butler, Ellis; Bunnell, M. Dick; Burkhart, D. I.; Burnett, C. H.; Burton, T. E.; Bush, Daniel; Business Chronicle; Butler, Nicholas Murray; Byrne, L. R.
2/1Chadwick, Stephen James 1896-1918
Scope and Content: 39 letters
2/2Chapin, Herman 1905-1912
Scope and Content: 7 letters
2/3Chapin, William Wallace 1909-1914
Scope and Content: 36 letters
2/4Chittenden, Hiram Martin 1906-1910
Scope and Content: 14 letters
2/5Clark, Walter Eli 1902-1904
Scope and Content: 24 letters
2/6Clark, Walter Eli 1905
Scope and Content: 15 letters
2/7Clark, Walter Eli 1906
Scope and Content: 18 letters
2/8Clark, Walter Eli 1907
Scope and Content: 14 letters
2/9Clark, Walter Eli 1908-1916
Scope and Content: 30 letters
2/10Clise, James William1902-1911
Scope and Content: 10 letters
2/11Connolly, Christopher Powell 1908-1914
Scope and Content: 12 letters
2/12Cosgrove, Samuel G. 1904
Scope and Content: 2 letters
2/13Cotterill, George F. 1905, 1907, 1910
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2/14Cowen, Edward D. 1903-1914
Scope and Content: 13 letters
2/15Cowles, W.H. 1908, 1912
Scope and Content: 2 letters
2/16Crowley, J.G. 1902-1916
Scope and Content: 25 letters
2/17Crawford & Conover 1908, 1910
Scope and Content: 3 letters Real Estate, Seattle
2/18Cushman, Francis Wellington 1902-1908
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2/19Miscellaneous Ca 1889-1916
Scope and Content: Cahey, P. W. ; Caldwell, Ethel H.; Calhoun, Annie H.; Calhoun, Scott; Calkins, W. H.; Calvin, Martin V.; Cameron, J. D.; Cameron, Samuel J.; Campbell, James; Campbell, Lindsay; Canse, J. M.; Carkeek, W. J.; Carnation Milk Products Co.; Carr, E. K.; Carrigan, M. J.; Carroll, H. W.; Carson, John M.; Case, Otto.; Casey, Thomas J.
2/20Miscellaneous Ce-Cl 1904-1917
Scope and Content: Central Council of Patriotic Service; Chadwick, H. A.; Chadwick, Emma P.; Chander, Alfred W.; Charities and the Commons; Charity Organization Society of Seattle; Cheasty, Edward c.; Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; Railway Co.; Chilberg, J. E.; Citizens Committee of Seattle; Clarke, C. H.; Clarke, W. T.; Clausen, C. W.; Clise, Harry R.
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2/23Dole, N. H. 1897-1912
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2/24Donaldson, Thomas B. 1898-1917
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2/29Miscellaneous D 1887-1918
Scope and Content: Daily News. Philadelphia; Dana, Richard H.; Davies, Joseph E.; Dean, John M.; Dearborn, H. H.; Deems, Clarence; Delaney (?); Delkin, Anton; DeVoe, Emma Smith; DeYoung, M. H.; Dickson, Samuel; Direct Legislation League ofthe State of Washington; Disston, Eamilton; Dodge, Mrs.; Dole, Arthur A.; Doolittle, William H.; Dorr, R. E. A.; Dorry, C. W.; Douglas, J. W.; Dovell. W. T.; Downing, R. F.; Drum, Henry; Duce, Henry C.; Durham, John; Dykeman, King
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2/33Farrell, John D. 1903-1906
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2/34Fechter, O. A. 1914, 1918
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2/35Fenn, Charles 1911-1916
Scope and Content: 12 letters
2/36Fitts, Frank 1910-1914
Scope and Content: 10 letters
2/37Furth, Jacob 1902-1906
Scope and Content: 6 letters
2/38Miscellaneous F 1888-1918
Scope and Content: Fairbanks, Charles W.; Fairchild, Daniel; Fairchild, H. A.; Fanning, N. O.; Farrell, C. H.; Fee, Elizaueth B.; Fenwick, A. R.; Filter, Edwin H.; Ford, Franklin; Ford, J. C.; Forrest, W. T.; Foster, A. G.; Foster, H. E.; Fowler, C. E.; Fox, R. R.; Frazier, Raymond R.; Frazier, S. R.; Frederick, D. E.; Freeman, Miller; Frink, J. M.; Frost, J. E.; Frye, Charles N.; Fuller, Robert Brainerd; Fuller, S. R.; Funk, T. K.
3/1Gilbert, James W. 1898-1911
Scope and Content: 8 letters
3/2Gill, H.C. 1914, 1915
Scope and Content: 2 letters
3/3Gilman, L. C. 1908-1918
Scope and Content: 4 letters
3/4Glassford, W. A. 1906-1911
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3/5Goldsmith, James S. 1898-1911
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3/6Green, Joshua L. 1908, 1916
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3/7Greene, Roger S. 1901-1910
Scope and Content: 3 letters
3/8Griffiths, Austin E. 1902-1911
Scope and Content: 9 letters
3/9Miscellaneous G 1887-1915
Scope and Content: Gallagher, Henry; Gano, Laura; Garretson, Hiram F.; Garrett, Garet; Gat, E. Thomas; Gaven, Herbert H.; Georgeson, C. C.; Ghent, J. A.; Gilkeson, B. F.; Gillam, M. M.; Gillespy, Sherwood; Glover, Charles C.; Goldfagle, Harry M.; Gordon, W. J. S.; Gorham, Wm. H.; Goss, Frank P.; Gould, Carl F.; Gould, J. A.; Graham, George S.; Graham, James M.; Graves, Edward O.; Graves, Frank Pierrepont; Graves, Will G.; Great Northern Steamship Co.; Green, Howard; Greene, Charles T.; Grosscup, B. S.; Grovedabe, E. L.; Grubbs, John L.; Gunn, Arthur; Gunn, J. B.
3/10Hanford, Cornelius n.d.
Scope and Content: 5 letters
3/11Hanson, Ole 1908-1918
Scope and Content: 10 letters
3/12Hay, Marion E. 1908-1912
Scope and Content: 24 letters
3/13Hayden, John L. 1908-1916
Scope and Content: 10 letters
3/14Hoge, James Doster 1902-1916
Scope and Content: 10 letters
3/15Hughes, Ellwood Clarke 1904-1913
Scope and Content: 10 letters
3/16Humphrey, William E. 1904-1915
Scope and Content: 54 letters
3/17Miscellaneous Ha 1886-1917
Scope and Content: Haas, A. F.; Hager, George; Haight, James A.; Hale, Julius F.; Halford, W. E.; Hall, F. S.; Hamilton, R. F.; Handy, Egbert G.; Handy, M. P.; Handy, William; Hanford, Frank; Hanna, E. K.; Hanson, Howard; Harper, VincentHarriman, Averill; Harris, W. F.; Harris, William J.; Harrison, W. J.; Hart, Emma C.; Hart, Joseph K.; Hart, Thomas Burdett; Hartman, John P.; Hartranft, W. G.; Hastings, D. H.; Hastings, H. H. A.; Hawkins, Erastus C.; Hayden, Mira E.; Hazeltine, F. A.
3/18Miscellaneous He-Hu 1888-1916
Scope and Content: Heffernan, J. T.; Heins, John; Hemrich, Louis; Henderson, Wm. H.; Hendrick, B. J.; Henry, E. Stevens; Henry, H. C.; Hensel, W. U.; Hercules Powder Co.; Hernan, J. J.; Herrington, Clayton; Hetterington, A. G.; Higgins, Anthony; Higginson, Edward; Hill, R. W.; Hill, Samuel; Hitt, J. M.; Hodge, Robert G.; Holland, E. O; Holman, Alfred; Holmes, C. E.; Hoopes, E. M.; Hopkins, C. B.; Horr, Christopher W.; Howarth, William; Howell, E. W.; Hoyt, John P; Hubbard, Samuel; Huggins, N. W.; Hulbert, W. D.; Humphries, John E.; Hunt, Thomas F.
3/19Miscellaneous I1912-1914
Scope and Content: 2 letters: Irvine, Leigh H; Ives, J. F.
3/20Jackson, Huntington W. 1888
Scope and Content: 5 letters
3/21Jonas, M. G. 1914
Scope and Content: 7 letters
3/22Jones, Wesley Livsey 1902-1909
Scope and Content: 61 letters
3/23Jones, Wesley Livsey 1909-1919
Scope and Content: 37 letters
3/24Jones, Wesley Livsey 1903-1914
Scope and Content: 11 letters
3/25Jones, Wesley Livsey n.d.
Scope and Content: 1 letter
3/26Miscellaneous J 1906-1917
Scope and Content: Jackling, Frances; James, Edmund J.; Japan. Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Jarvis, D. H.; Jenkins, D. C.; Jenner, Ernest C.; Jennings, Judson T.; Johnson (D. C.) Co.; Johnson, Joseph French; Jones, R. W. W.; Jones, Richard Saxe; Joseph, Thomas; Justice, J. R.
3/27Kane, Thomas F. 1907-1912
Scope and Content: 7 letters
3/28Keys, C. W. 1906-1907
Scope and Content: 5 letters
3/29Miscellaneous K1905-1917
Scope and Content: Karner, C.W.; Kegrize, Michael; Kelleher, Daniel; Kelley, Philip F.; Kellogg, F. W.; Kellogg, G.; Kellogg, James Y. C.; Kelly, Guy E.; Kerr, J. E.; Kiefer, James; Kimball, Horace; Kincaid, Trevor; King Chung Lung Co., Seattle; King County, Washington Assessor.; King County, Washington Commercial Waterway District No. 1; King County Humane Society; Kinnear, J. R.; Kline, R. L.; Knights of Columbus; Knights of the Royal Arch, Washington
3/30Langhorne, Maurice 1910
Scope and Content: 5 letters
3/31Lewis James H. 1898-1918
Scope and Content: 4 letters
3/32Miscellaneous L 1888-1918
Scope and Content: Lachau, Lena; LaFarge, Oliver H. P.; Landes, Henry; Lane, Franklin K.; Latimer, N. H.; Laughlin, John; Lawler, James T.; Lawrence, J. C.; Laymen's Missionary Movement Committee; Lee, Francis, W.; Leahey, Maurice D.; Leghorn, James T.; Lemmon, Samuel L.; Leonard, Alton W.; Leonard, P. C.; Lesh, D. E.; Lewis, B. R.; Lewis, E. G.; Lewis, L. D.; Lindsay, L. Seton; Lippincott, Martha S.; Lister, Ernest; Liver, Edwin; Lloyd, J. P. D.; Longworth, Nicholas; Lord, Albert B.; Lorton, Eugene; Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce; Lowell, J. D.; Lowman, J. D.; Lull, H. T.; Luther, Otto L.; Lyau, S. A. M.; Lyons, James H.
3/33McFarland, J. Horace 1905
Scope and Content: 5 letters
3/34McGraw, John Harte 1895-1908
Scope and Content: 48 letters
3/35McMicken, Maurice 1902-1913
Scope and Content: 10 letters
3/36Mackintosh, Kenneth 1908-1910
Scope and Content: 4 letters
3/37Matthews, Mark Allison 1906-1915
Scope and Content: 31 letters
4/1Maxwell, William H. 1913-1914
Scope and Content: 14 letters
4/2Mead, Albert Edward 1904-1910
Scope and Content: 43 letters
4/3Miller, John F. 1908-1919
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/4Moran, Robert 1906-1917
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/5Moran Bros. Co., Seattle, WN. 1901-1906
Scope and Content: 16 letters
4/6Miscellaneous Ma-Mc 1890-1916
Scope and Content: McClure, S. S.; McComb, Samuel; McCorry, T. J.; McCumber, P. J.; McCutcheon, I. D.; McDermott, Frank M.; McElroy, James F.; McGeorge, William; McGill, O. H.; McGlinn, Robert E.; McHugh, Patrick; MacKenzie, A. H.; McKenzie, D. A.; McLean, Henry S.; McManus, John E.; McMicken, Alice M.; McMillan, James M.; McMullen, J. S.; Major, W. A.; Macquis (A. N.) and Co.; Martin, C. M.; Mathews, E. J; Maxwell, George H.
4/7Miscellaneous Me-My 1887-1916
Scope and Content: Mead, Mina J.; Meany, Edmund S.; Meigs, Leonard O.; Meikle, James B.; Mercer, David H.; Merrill, R. D.; Michael, Clayton M.; Metcalfe, J. B.Metcalfe, Ralph; Milligan, Edward; Miller, John B.; Millis, John; Mills, William H.; Molera, E. J.; Moore, Harry E.; Moore, J. A.; Moore, Wm. Hickman; Morris, Page; Morrison, C. G.; Morrison, E. H.; Muncie, J. B.; Munday, Charles F.; Munerati, O.; Municipal League of Seattle; Municipal Plans League, Seattle; Munroe, Hall and Hopkins, Washington, D. C.; Munson, C. LaRue; Munter, S.; Murphy, Harry; Murphy, J. T.; Murphy, W. H.; Myrick, J. B.
4/8Municipal League - National Office 1906-1913
Scope and Content: 12 letters
4/9Miscellaneous N 1887-1917
Scope and Content: "National American Committee of the Polish Victims Relief Fund; National Association of Cotton Manufacturers; National Board of Fire Underwriters; National Conference of Charities andCorrection; National Economic League; National Editorial Association; National Foreign Trade Council; National Geographic Society; Nelson, Arthur E. L.; Nelson, J. B.; Nettleton, Clark; New England Club; New York (City) Department of Health; New York (City) Mayor's Office; New York American; Newlands, George; News Publishing Co. Philadelphia; Nichols, Ralph S.; Normagle, J. E.; Northern Pacific Railroad Co.; Northwest Development League; Nottingham, William; Nyvall, David"
4/10O'Dea, Bishop Edward John 1906-1917
Scope and Content: 13 letters
4/11Miscellaneous O 1892-1919
Scope and Content: 7 letters: O'Brien, J. E.; O'Connor, J.; O'Neill, Charles
4/12Paraguay. Consulado General, New York 1915-1918
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/13Parry, Will H. 1906-1917
Scope and Content: 9 letters
4/14Paulhamus, W. H. 1907-1915
Scope and Content: 23 letters
4/14aPayne, Thos. 1906-1907, n.d.
Scope and Content: 4 letters
4/15Penhallow, Charles S. (Chas) 1915-1919
Scope and Content: 9 letters
4/16Peters, William Allison 1893-1916
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/17Piles, Samuel H. 1906-1910
Scope and Content: 18 letters
4/18Piper, Edgar B. 1898-1911
Scope and Content: 11 letters
4/19Porter, Robert P. 1885-1917
Scope and Content: 21 letters
4/20Miscellaneous P 1888-1917
Scope and Content: Pace, J. W.; Pacific Creosoting Co., Seattle; Padelford, Frederick Morgan; Parker, Adella M.; Parker, Ross; Parrish, Thomas A.; Parsons, Benjamin; Parsons, Reginald; Paterson, J. V.; Patterson, R. S.; Payne, Thomas; Perkins, George C.; Perkins, William T.; Perley, A. W.; Peters, Madison C.; Pettit, Silas W.; Pierce, R. W.; Phelps, Byron; Phillips, Osmund; Pigott, Wm.; Plamondon, L. N.; Poindexter, Miles; Polson, Alex; Pontius, Nevin D.; Poweles, J. B.; Preston, George H.; Price, Hickman; Priest, A. R.; Prosser, Wm. Thornton; Public Welfare League, Inc.; Puget Sound Traction, Light Co., Seattle; Purdy, E. M.; Pyle, J. G.
4/21Red Cross, U.S. American National Red Cross 1917
Scope and Content: 6 letters
4/22Reeves, Walter 1902
Scope and Content: 1 letter
4/23Republican Party 1888-1916
Scope and Content: 10 letters
4/24Robertson, Grace B.1910-1916
Scope and Content: 7 letters
4/25Robertson, Wilbur Wade 1908-1918
Scope and Content: 29 letters
4/26Root, Milo A. 1906-1908
Scope and Content: 6 letters
4/27Miscellaneous R 1887-1918
Scope and Content: Radcliffe College; Rainier Club; Ramsay, Claude C.; Randolph, W. T.; Ray, S. H.; Raymond Commercial Club; Rayner, Iridon; Rea, John A.; Reber, E. S.; Reed, Anna Y.; Reed, C. S.; Reed, Henry; Reed, Mark E.; Reeder, Frank; Rees, S. H.; Reid, Robert T.; Remsberg, C. E.Republican Invincibles of Philadelphia; Revelle, Thomas P.; Ridgely, Charles; Riley, J. E.; Robb, Charles N.; Roberts, John W.; Robertson, Grace B.; Robinson, A.; Robinson, E. B.; Robinson, Joseph; Rockwell, T. D.; Rodey, Bernard S.; Ross, E. W.; Ross, J. D.; Ross, W. A.; Rotan, Samuel P.; Round, William M.; Russell, William
4/28San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1913-1918
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/29Sawyer, A. P. 1905-1910
Scope and Content: 10 letters
4/30Scott, James W. 1888-1893
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/31Seattle. Alaska-Yukon Exposition 1907-1909
Scope and Content: 8 letters
4/32Seattle Chamber of Commerce 1901-1911
Scope and Content: 23 letters
4/33Seattle Chamber of Commerce and Commercial Club 1917-1918
Scope and Content: 12 letters
4/34Seattle Central Council of Social Agencies 1914-1915
Scope and Content: 5 letters
4/35Semple, Eugene 1892-1902
Scope and Content: 19 letters
5/1Semple & Hale Law Firm, Seattle 1894
Scope and Content: 1 letter
5/2Sheffield, William M. 1911-1914
Scope and Content: 24 letters
5/3Shippen, Joseph 1901-1902
Scope and Content: 5 letters
5/4Sims, Edgar Albert 1914-1917
Scope and Content: 8 letters
5/5Smith, Charles Wesley 1902-1911
Scope and Content: 5 letters
5/6South Seattle Land Co. 1912
Scope and Content: 4 letters
5/7Stedman, Livingston Boyd 1902-1914
Scope and Content: 3 letters
5/8Stewart, A. B. 1898-1917
Scope and Content: 7 letters
5/9Stine, J. Howard 1909-1918
Scope and Content: 13 letters
5/10Strong, Rev. Sydney Dix 1910-1915
Scope and Content: 7 letters
5/11Miscellaneous S-Si 1887-1918
Scope and Content: San Diego Union; Schlumpf, Joseph; Schoenfeld, Herbert A.; Scribner's (Charles) Sons; Seattle Department of Health and Sanitation; Seattle Board of Park Commissioners; Seattle Library Board; Seattle Public Library; Seattle Commercial Club; Seattle Electric Co.; Seattle Golf and Country Club; Seattle National Bank; Seattle Post Intelligencer; Seattle Power Boat Club; Seattle Press Club; Seattle Real Estate Association; Seattle Symphony Orchestra Society; Seattle-Tacoma Power Co.; Selfridge, Thomas O.; Seymour, Edmund; Shaffrath, Paul; Shapley, Rufus E.; Shayler, E. V.; Sheafe, E. M.; Sheafer, Arthur W.; Shelby, P. P.; Shepard, Charles E.; Shields, B. F.; Shoemaker, Joel; Sharrock, E.; Short, William; Siegfriedt, T. A. A.; Sizer, H. L.
5/12Miscellaneous Sl-Sw 1885-1917
Scope and Content: Sleicher, John A.; Slipper, John H.; Smiley, Albert K.; Smith, A. A.; Smith, C. J.; Smith, Edward Lincoln; Smith, Everett; Smithsonian Institution; Snowden, C. A.; Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise; Sons of the American Revolution; Spreckels, John D.; Stern, A.; Stevenson, George H.; Stitzel, Jacob; Stone, Melville E.; Storey, T. P.; Stoddard, Henry L.; Stratford Company, Boston; Strout, E. A.; Struve, Frederick K.; Stuart, E. H.; Stuart, Edwin S.; Sullivan, P. C.; Sumner, Samuel R.; Sundwall Co. Inc.; Suzzallo, Henry; Sweeney, John P.; Swisher, M. D.
5/13Thomson, Reginald H. 1907-1910
Scope and Content: 2 letters
5/14Titus, Hazen J. 1915-1918
Scope and Content: 12 letters
5/15Turner, George W. 1891-1904
Scope and Content: 16 letters
5/16Miscellaneous T 1891-1919
Scope and Content: Tamplin, E.H.; Taft, William Howard (by secretary); Tam, Eng; Tawney, James A.; Taxpayers' League of Seattle; Taylor, Alonza S.; Taylor, Howard D.; Tchihashi, Yamato; Thayer, Walter R.; Thornburg, Frank J.; Todd, Elmer E.; Tourny, George; Townsend, Lilburn H.; Treat, H. W.; Theosophical Society of America; Thorpe, Merle; Titus, Harry L.; Turnbull, George
5/17U. S. Federal Trade Commission 1915
Scope and Content: 5 letters
5/18U. S. Food Administration 1917-1918
Scope and Content: 9 letters
5/19Miscellaneous U 1892-1918
Scope and Content: Union League Club, Chicago; Union Savings and Trust Co., Seattle; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Army 91st Division; U.S. Army Quartermaster; U.S. Civil Service Commission; U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor; U.S. Consular Service Barmen; U.S. Bureau of Fisheries; U.S. Geological Survey; U.S. Department of Justice; U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence; U.S. Bureau of Navigation; U.S. Office of Postmaster General; U.S. Shipping Board; U.S. Superintendent of Documents; U.S. Treasury Department; United Commercial Travelers; University of Washington Alumni Association
5/20Villard, Oswald Garrison 1909
Scope and Content: 2 letters
5/21Miscellaneous V 1896-1918
Scope and Content: 15 letters: Vaille, Frederick O.; Van Smith, George A.; Vanderveer, George F.; Vassar College; Venezuela Legacion U.S.; Vernon, James M.; Vernon, Mercer; Votes for Women
5/22Wallace, H.C. 1905-1918
Scope and Content: 9 letters
5/23Wickersham, James 1905-1908
Scope and Content: 6 letters
5/24Wilson, Edna Sweet n. d., 1909-1913
Scope and Content: 12 letters
5/25Wilson, Henry Lane 1904-1914
Scope and Content: 10 letters
5/26Wilson, John Lockwood 1895-1911
Scope and Content: 19 letters
5/27Wood, Lovett Mortimer 1901-1913
Scope and Content: 10 letters
5/28Woodruff, Charles E. 1905-1912
Scope and Content: 18 letters
5/29Woodruff, Clinton Rogers 1905-1912
Scope and Content: 10 letters
5/30Miscellaneous W-We 1885-1917
Scope and Content: G. W.; Waedensohwiler, D.; Wakeman, Edgar L.; Walker, George H.; Walla Walla Commercial Club; Walsh, Wm. S.; Wappenstein, C. W.; War-Camp Community Recreation Fund; Warwick, Charles F.; Washington State Board of Health; Washington State Board of Tax Commissioners; Washington Children's Home Society; Washington Conference of Charities and Correction; Watrous, A. E.; Weare, P. B.; Wegener, O. F.; Wells, Calvin; Wells, E. H.; Wells, Samuel; West and Wheeler, Inc.; Western Steel Corp.; Western Washington Wholesale Grocers Association; The Westerner
5/31Miscellaneous Wh-Wr 1889-1916
Scope and Content: Wharton, Fletcher L.; Wharton, S. E.; Wheeler, Benjamin I.; Whister, G. N.; White (James T.) and Co. New York; Whiteley, James G.; Whitham, John W.; Whitney, W. M.; Wiggins, Frank; Wilcox, Delos F.; Wiley, Harvey W.; Williams, Talcott; Wilson, James M.; Wilson, Robert; Wilson, Rufus; Wilson, Worrall; Winslow, Stephan A.; Wood. W. D.; Woodcock, Grace H.; Worcester, F. W.; Wright, George E.
5/32Miscellaneous Y 1906-1910
Scope and Content: 5 letters
5/33Miscellaneous Z 1910-1912
Scope and Content: 2 letters
5/34Miscellaneous Unidentifiables 1904-1916
Scope and Content: Letters to Brainerd from unidentified authors
5/35Enclosures B,C 1886-1919
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directly a party
5/36Enclosures D-H 1903-1914
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directly a party
5/37Enclosures J 1906-1910
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directly a party
5/38Enclosures K-R 1880-1918
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directly a party
5/39Enclosures S-W 1898-1913
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directlya party
5/40Inclosures B-W 1902-1911
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence to which Brainerd is not directlya party
6/1Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1905-1911, n.d.
Scope and Content: Letters sent to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer regarding a variety of topics
6/2Letters of recommendation and introduction for Consulate at Dawson, Alaska 1898
6/3Letters of recommendation and introduction for position on Federal Trade Commission1918
Scope and Content: Some letters very faded
6/4Letters of recommendation and introduction with application for Commissioner of Indian Affairs1912
6/5Miscellaneous letters of recommendation 1890-1902
6/6Letters of recommendation and introduction as Washington, D.C. Representative of Seattle Business Groups1901
6/7Outgoing Letters1902-1915
Scope and Content: The 17 letters from Brainerd to other parties are: Clark, W.E.; Hopkihs, Charles B.; Jones, Wesley L. (2); Leonard, P. C.; Low, A. Maurice; News Editor; O'Dea, E. J.; Parry, Will H.; Porter, Robert F. (2 letters); Rainier Club; Reeves, Walter; Sheffield, W. H.; Stone, M. E.; Tawney, James A.; Washington. Board of State Land Commissioners; Wilson, John L. (2 letters)
6/8Outgoing Letters1913
6/9Legal Documents n.d.
Scope and Content: Before the Board of State Land Commissionsers of the State of Washington Walter P. Sanderson vs. Thomas Winsor and Ida A. Winsor involving right to purchace part of lots 7,8,9 and 10 of Blk. 9 Ballard tike lands
6/10Letter from Thomas Donaldson to Mary Brainerd 1906
Scope and Content: Letter from Thomas Donaldson to Mary Brainerd, 15 Aug. 1906
6/11Three items given by P-I March 25, 1965 1965
Scope and Content: Photocopies of articles on Brainerd from the Post-Intelligencer Library
6/12Clover Club 1881-1887
Scope and Content: Meeting dates, invitations, constitution and bylaws, memorabilia, The Clover Leaf newspaper 1884
6/13Invitations and Awards 1888-1920
Scope and Content: Includes Lewis and Clark Centennial commemorative diploma for valuable services
6/14People: lists and descriptions n.d.
6/15Memorabilia: Books and Pamphlets 1875-1919
6/16Memorabilia: Pictures and Photographs 1884-1897

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Ballinger, Richard Achilles, 1858-1922, creator.
Brainerd, Erastus, 1855-1922 --Archives.
Brown, Ashmun Norris, creator.
Chittenden, Hiram Martin, 1858-1917, creator.
Clark, Walter Eli, 1869-, creator.
Crowley, J. G., creator.
Donaldson, Thomas Blaine, 1876-, creator.
Downing, Thomas H., creator.
Hay, Marion E., 1865-1933, creator.
Humphrey, William E. (William Ewart), 1862-1934, creator.
Jones, Wesley Livsey, 1863-1932, creator.
Matthews, Mark A. (Mark Allison), 1867-1940, creator.
McGraw, Thomas Harte, creator.
Mead, Albert Edward, creator.
Paulhamus, William H., creator.
Piles, Samuel Henry, 1858-, creator.
Robertson, Wilbur Wade, creator.
Semple, Eugene, 1840-1908, creator.
Sheffield, William, creator.
Smith, Charles W. (Charles Wesley), 1877-1956, creator.
Strong, Sydney, 1860-1938, creator.
Wilson, John Lockwood, 1850-1912, creator.
Woodruff, Charles E., creator.
Moran Brothers Company (Seattle, Wash.), creator.
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
Seattle Chamber of Commerce, creator.
Mines and Mineral Resources
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Political Campaigns
Politics and Politicians
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