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Guide to the Katharine Bullitt Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 5101
Creator: Bullitt, Katharine , creator
Title: Katharine Bullitt papers
Date Span: circa 1930s-2000s
Quantity: 138.72 cubic feet (140 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.
Students Helping Students program, Lowell Elementary School, circa 1970. Photo: David Medley. Special Collections, UW Libraries

Biographical Note

Katharine (Kay) Muller Bullitt has served as a civic leader in Seattle since she moved to the area in 1953. Raised in Massachusetts, Bullitt earned a degree in government from Radcliffe College in 1946. She taught elementary school in Cambridge before settling in Seattle in 1953. Bullitt raised six children and dedicated herself to civic activism. She has been active in the areas of education, desegregation, civil rights, peace and international affairs, the arts, historic preservation, and environmental protection of the Pacific Northwest.

Bullitt's civic activism in the area of education is especially noteworthy. After teaching elementary school in Massachusetts, Bullitt was the founding trustee of the Little School, an independent day school located in Bellevue, Washington. She also served on the board of trustees, chairing the board from 1959-1967. Over the next twenty-plus years, Bullitt dedicated much of her time to specific education issues such as desegregation, public school funding, and school volunteer programs.

In 1968, Bullitt first became involved in desegregation through her work in organizing a voluntary racial transfer program between the Lowell and Madrona elementary schools located in Seattle. In the same year, the Seattle School District proposed the city's first magnet school. Garfield High School, located in the largely African-American populated Central Area, was chosen for conversion and marked the beginning of Seattle's desegregation work. School enrollment had dropped dramatically in the Central Area, and many of the area's schools were racially isolated. Community meetings were called in 1968 to discuss the Central Area's "school crisis." Bullitt attended the meetings as co-chair of Meany Junior High School's Parent-Teacher Association, a role in which which she served from 1968 to 1970. The meetings resulted in a proposal for a sub-district school board to represent the area's interests. An ad hoc agreement was signed with the Seattle School Board in January 1969, creating the Central Area School Council (CASC). The advisory council was composed of sixteen elected representatives, with ten members serving as advocates for the area's ten elementary schools. By 1970, CASC had become frustrated by the Seattle School Board's failure to include the council consistently in desegregation planning. In February 1971, CASC announced a school boycott to show the extent of local parents' support for the council, but the action was largely unsuccessful in enhancing CASC's influence in decision making.

In 1971, Kay Bullitt co-founded the Coalition for Quality Integrated Education (CQIE) with Betty Jane Narver. Bullitt served as president of the desegregation-focused non-profit organization until 1974. CQIE's purpose was to back the Seattle School Board's decision to develop desegregated middle schools by encouraging parental and community support and participation. CQIE was formed in combination with three groups: Coalition Concern, Citizens for Quality Integrated Education, and the School Affiliation Service. Coalition Concern formed in response to the Seattle School Board's 1970 proposed middle school desegregation plans and served primarily as an information resource group. Citizens for Quality Integrated Education was a citizen's committee formed by the Seattle School Board and composed of parents involved in the Seattle Public Schools' Voluntary Racial Transfer program. The program ran from 1963 to 1978, but a lack of white student volunteers inhibited its success. The School Affiliation Service (SAS) was formed by the American Friends Service Committee to create contacts and exchanges between schools in the United States and war-torn or developing countries. Caspar Sharples Junior High School contributed to Seattle's participation in SAS, working with schools in Japan. By 1974, CQIE had extended its focus from middle schools alone to all schools with racially mixed populations. From 1971 to 1977, CQIE published In Touch, a newspaper reporting on desegration for the parents of public school students. CQIE lost some of its grant funding in 1977 and was defunct by 1980.

Seattle has been described as the largest city in the United States to voluntarily desegregate its school system. In 1978, after the failure of voluntary busing, a mandatory busing program was enacted. The program was described in the Seattle Plan for Eliminating Racial Imbalance by the 1979-1980 School Year, prepared by the Desegregation Planning Office of Seattle Public Schools. Nearly a quarter of the district's student population were bused out of their neighborhoods. Many parents were angered by the plan, and two months after mandatory busing began, voters passed an anti-busing initiative. The initiative was later ruled unconstitutional, and the Seattle School District continued mandatory busing until 1996.

Another major issue affecting education in Seattle revolved around public school funding and levy failures. In 1969, Bullitt participated in a protest walk to Olympia in hopes of persuading the Washington state legislature to allocate full funding to public schools. Her next contribution to school funding activism occurred in 1975, the year in which a double levy failure in Seattle resulted in school closures and staff layoffs. The Seattle School District created the Citizens' Levy Determination Process Committee to involve citizens in determining the following year's levy amount. The committee members decided instead to re-form as Seattle's Say on Schools (SSOS). Composed of members from the Parent-Teacher-Student Association, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters, Central Area School Council, and Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee, SSOS had a far-reaching community presence. City-wide meetings were held to discuss school budget issues and to encourage widespread citizen involvement in the budget process. Bullitt served as a member of the SSOS steering committee during 1976.

The Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee was another group that formed as a result of the 1975 levy failure. Bullitt served as a member of the steering committee. The Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee proposed an alternative budget and plan that resulted in some immediate changes in the Seattle School Board's policies. Residual concern regarding school finances prompted the committee members to form a new, permanent organization. Citizens for Fair School Funding (CFSF) was founded in April 1976 by Diana Gale, Anne C. Hallett, and Betty Jane Narver. State-wide school finance reform became CFSF's focus. Bullitt served on CFSF's steering committee from 1977 to 1979. The steering committee established a statewide task force and developed a comprehensive legislative proposal to present to the Washington state legislature. The proposal limited the use of special levies in support of greater state funding, created a broader definition of a "basic education," and highlighted urban children as "special needs students." The 1977 Basic Education Act was passed largely due to CFSF's lobbying and proposal. CFSF ceased operation in 1979, but a new statewide organization took its place. The Citizens Education Center Northwest (CECN) was founded by Bullitt, Narver, and others. Bullitt served as a board member until 1987. CECN existed throughout the 1980s as an information resource, school advocate, and reform supporter.

Bullitt was also active in school volunteer programs to encourage greater citizen involvement in public schools. She co-founded the Volunteer Instruction Program (VIP) in 1967 and served as its chair from 1967 to 1970. VIP was designed as a supplemental program for Seattle public schools in the Central Area. It emphasized stimulating students of diverse class and racial backgrounds. VIP classes were taught by volunteers with various areas of expertise. Mary Bard Jensen, local children's author and sister of author Betty MacDonald, taught a playwriting class shortly before her death in 1970.

The Seattle School District encouraged greater citizen involvement through its Volunteer Services program. From 1970 to 1973, Bullitt served as the Central Area chair. The committee successfully ran volunteer recruitment campaigns, targeting retired citizens with the slogan, "Add a plus to life: involve yourself in a Seattle public schools volunteer career."

From 1983 to 1985, Bullitt served as a board member on the Washington State Temporary Committee on Educational Policies, Structure and Management. During that period, she was also chair of the Early Childhood Education Subcommittee. Bullitt was nominated by Evergreen State College President Daniel J. Evans to serve on the committee, which was formed as a result of state legislation (SB 3609). The bill created a temporary committee charged with "investigating the entire educational complex in Washington state" and making recommendations for improvement. The committee investigated all areas of education, including curriculum, higher education, and vocational education. Public hearings were held to secure testimony and statements from citizens and interested groups, as well as to elicit comments on drafts of the final report. The committee's findings were reported before the Washington state legislature in a 1985 report titled The Paramount Duty.

Bullitt was involved with other education-focused organizations as well. In 1979, she co-founded Private Initiatives in Public Education (PIPE) and served as a board member from 1979 to 1986. PIPE was a non-profit organization that allocated community resources to Seattle public schools. Partnerships were established between local businesses and high schools to better prepare students for careers. PIPE also managed an education grant fund to finance special school projects. During the period of Bullitt's involvement with PIPE, she was also a board member of the National Committee for Citizens in Education (1976 to 1986). The National Committee for Citizens in Education served as an informational resource for parents of public school students. Additionally, Bullitt served on the Board of Governors for the Evergreen State College Foundation from the early 1980s to 1990. The foundation is a financial advocate for Evergreen State College, a public, alternative college located in Olympia, Washington.

In addition to her activism on behalf of education, Bullitt supported civil rights causes. She was a board member of the Seattle Urban League in 1967-1973. Between 1974 and the the late 1990s, Bullitt served on the Washington State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and chaired the commitee between 1980 and 1983. She was also a board member of the Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center between 1967 and 1989. From 1989-1991, she was a member of Seattle's Martin Luther King Memorial Committee.

Bullitt also actively supported historic preservation in Seattle. She was a board member of the Save Our Ships organization, later the Northwest Seaport, between 1963 and 1997, serving as president from 1979-1981 and 1985-1992. She also was a member of the Pioneer Square Historic Preservation Board between 1971 and 1982.

Bullitt's activism in international relations emphasized the achievement of peace. From 1991-1996, she was an organizing member of the Voices of Peace (Reconciliation) programs. Between 1984 and 1994, she was a board member of the Council of International Organizations, serving as the organization's president from 1986-1990. In 1982-1985, she was a member of multiple committees for Target Seattle: Preventing Nuclear War/Russian Realities. She also served as a delegation member for multiple sister cities: Mombasa (Kenya) and Limbe (Cameroon) in 1988, Managua (Nicaragua) in 1984, and Tashkent (USSR) in 1983.

Bullitt also supported the arts in Seattle. She was a member and chair of the executive committee for Bumbershoot, a Seattle arts festival. She also was a board member for the Northwest Chamber Orchestra between 1981 and 1985.

In 1976, Bullitt helped found a women's bank, the Sound Savings and Loan, and served as director until 1986. Additionally, beginning in 1983 she served as trustee for the Bullitt Foundation, which promotes environmental protection in the Pacific Northwest.

Among the awards bestowed on or established in honor of Katharine Bullitt for her civic contributions are the Jefferson Award for Public Service, the YMCA Milnor Roberts Award for World Peace through International Understanding, the Partners in Public Education (PIPE) Katharine Muller Bullitt Award (named for her as the organization's co-founder), the Ralph Bunche Award from the Peace through Law Section of the Seattle Bar Association, the Paul Beason Award from Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the United Nations (Seattle Chapter) Human Rights Award.

Bullitt planned to deed her family home in Capitol Hill to the city of Seattle for use as a public park after her death.

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The creator's literary rights were transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.


Accession No. 5101-001
Katharine Bullitt Papers, 1950-1991
68 cubic feet (68 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, organizational histories, minutes, reports, financial records, notes, speeches, photographs, ephemera, newspapers, and clippings, circa 1950-1991. Katharine Bullitt organized her papers according to general subject, and this arrangement has been preserved. Her groupings include education, arts, civil rights, historic preservation, international, and other organizations with which she worked. Only papers relating to the topic of education have been processed and are described in the first section of this finding aid.
The remaining 42 cubic feet of unprocessed Katharine Bullitt papers document her activism in the following areas: civil rights (including her work with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Washington State Advisory Committee and Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center), peace and international affairs (mostly concerned with Central America, Nicaragua, and Russia), historic preservation (including work with the Pioneer Square Preservation Board, Save our Ships, and Northwest Seaport), cultural affairs (including Northwest Chamber Orchestra), and Sound Savings and Loan.
Restrictions on Access
Open to all users, but access to the Sound Savings and Loan records (boxes 27-31) is restricted. Contact the repository for details.
Restrictions on Use
The creator's literary rights were transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Donated by Katharine Bullitt in 1998.
Scope and Content: The education grouping documents Bullitt's leadership and involvement in various education-focused organizations. Included are records from Citizens Education Center Northwest, Citizens for Fair School Funding, Coalition for Quality Integrated Education, Evergreen State College Board of Governors, National Committee for Citizens in Education, Private Initiatives in Public Education, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Services, Volunteer Instruction Program, and Washington State Temporary Committee on Educational Policies, Structure and Management. Making up a smaller portion of this group are records from the Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee, Central Area School Council, Evergreen State College Citizens Evaluation Group, Municipal League of King County Education Committee, and Evergreen State College Foundation Board of Governors.
General Correspondence
1Haley, Frederick T.1978-1979
1Lyle, Glenda (Planners, etc.)1976
1Center for the Study of Children and Families1986
1King County Sex Education Association1966-1967
1Meeting Files of the Washington Extraordinary Committee1972
Scope and Content: Concerning the Aberdeen, Washington, teacher strike.
Subject Series
1Alternative Elementary School III1975
1Alternative Schools1972-1977, undated
1Amiel, Shirley: Initiative 3201975-1976
1Any Boy Can (Archie Moore Boxing Program for Youth)1966-1967, undated
1Bethel School District No. 403: Year-Round School1975
1Bottomly, Dr. Forbes (Seattle Schools Superintendent)1972-1974
1Caspar Sharples Junior High School (American Friends Service Committee School Affiliation Service)1957-1965
1Center for Urban Studiesundated
1Children in the City1985-1986
1Children's Initiative (Measure No. 102)1988
1Citizens Committee for Equitable School Finance1972-1974
1Classics Book Club Program1980
1Community Learning Center (Seattle)1972
1C.S.C.C.F. Education Committee1972
1Curriculum1950, 1968-1977, undated
1Damascus Preschoolundated
1Day Camps1971
1General Correspondence1972, 1979, undated
1Black Awareness Workshop (Voices, Inc.)1969-1970
1Brisker, E. J. (Concepts Northwest)1971
1Church Sponsorship1963-1964
1Coalition Concern1968-1971
1Desegregation-Seattle1971-1972, undated
1Desegregation-National1972, 1976, undated
1Franklin High School1972-1973, undated
1Garfield High School1974-1976
1Join Hands (Seattle, Washington)1968-1971, undated
1Lincoln High School1971
1Magnet Schools1976-1977, undated
1Middle Schools1974
1Multi-ethnic Curriculum1972-1973
1National Equal Education Institute1972
1Planned Variation Areas (Model City Program)1972-1973
1Project Bridge1973
1South Region Community Resource Center1972-1973
1Reports1967, 1969
1Boston (Massachusetts) Schools1974-1975, 1980
1District-wide Accountability Modelundated
2Educational Consultants Inc. (Drop-out Students)1971-1977, 1980-1984, undated
2Educational Parks1965
2Educators for Social Responsibility1986
2Elementary Institute of Science (San Diego, California)1968-1969
2Extended Services Program1971, undated
2Frederick Douglas House1967-1968
2Fuller, Robert1968, undated
2Garcia, Joseph (Private Sector Initiatives)1979-1980, undated
2Garfield High School1968-1975, undated
Scope and Content: Includes newsletters, Garfield Messenger and P.I.E. Piper.
2Garfield High School Challenge Math Program1990-1991
2Garfield-Lincoln-Roosevelt (High Schools) Triad Plan1971
2Higher Education1975-1977, undated
2Ideas1968, undated
2Institutional Child Abuse - Student Rights (Shirley Amiel)1975
2Junior League of Seattle School Playground Project1973
2Kahn, Barry: Adventure Playground1967
2Lakeside Scholarshipundated
2Lakeside School1990
2Learning Disabilities1971
2Little School of Seattle1965-1968
2Little School of Seattle Friends of the Little School1966-1967
2Lowell School1967-1973
2Lowell School - Transportation Patrol1967-1970
2Madrona Middle School1970, 1972-1973, undated
2Meany-Madrona Middle School1971-1975, undated
Meany Middle School
2Home Economics Project - Doris Katz1970
2Sculpture Fund1967, undated
2Medina Foundation1973-1974
2Middle Schools - Media and Planning1971-1972
2Miller Playground (Playfield)1968, undated
New Horizons for Learning
2Meeting Files of the Day One Advisory Committee1984-1986
2Newsletter: On the Beam 1984-1986
2Northwest School for Hearing Impaired Children1979-1980
Parents, Teachers, and Students Association (PTSA)
2Educational Planning Committee1979
3Legislation1964-1967, undated
3Summer Book1981
3Parochial (Tax Support for Private Schools)1970-1971
3Project SEED (Special Elementary Education for the Disadvantaged) 1970-1972
3Satellite Pre-Schools and DISTAR (Reading Program)1971-1974
3Satellite Pre-School Volunteers1970, undated
3School Site Management1978, undated
3Schools - Joint Use / Day Care1977-1978, undated
3Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences1985
3Seattle Central Community College (Brakeley Company)1977
3Seattle Council of Jewish Women Children's Tutoring Servicecirca 1963
3Seattle (City) and Seattle Public Schools Joint Advisory Committee on Education1981, undated
3Seattle Urban Academy1969-1976, undated
3Security1971-1972, undated
3Seward School - Stimson Trip, May 19721970-1972
3Sex Education1965-1967
3Special Child Publications, Inc.1968, undated
3Specific Language Disorder (Dyslexia)1969, undated
3Tax Reform1968-1969
3Teacher Training1970-1973, undated
3Teaching/Learning Center1974-1976
3United States Department of Labor Office of Youth Programs, Exemplary In-School Youth Program Demonstration Project1978
3United States Education1968-1973
3University of Washington Delinquency Prevention Research and Development Project Advisory Board1980-1981
University of Washington History Department
3Bullitt Professorship of History1981, 1987-1988, undated
3Visiting Committee1983-1986
3University of Washington Pilot Scholarship Program for Minority Studentsundated
3University of Washington School of Social Work1986-1988
3Voucher Plan (League of Women Voters)1970-1971
3Washington Roundtable1987
3Washington (State) Board of Education1975-1976
3Washington (State) Governor's School for Citizen Leadership1987-1988
3Washington (State) Legislature1976
3Wilson Middle School (School Violence)1976
3Work Experience and Training1954-1955, 1970-1971, undated
3Speeches and Writings1964, 1969-1970, 1977, undated
3Articles1979-1988, undated
3Du Pont: Context 1978-1979
4Chicano Education Project (Colorado): Un Nuevo Dia (en la Educacion) 1978
Conference and Convention Files
4Changes in Women's Education: Role Definition Past and Present1973
4Children Can't Wait1988
4Education Summit: A Conference on Life Span Learning (New Horizons for Learning)1988, undated
4Educational Leadership Seminar IV: Early Childhood Education1976-1988, undated
4Lake Quinault Conference: Educational Alternatives1972, undated
4Puget Sound Governmental Conference1968-1970
4Reports1974, undated
4Case Files: Seattle School District No. 1 v. State of Washington1975-1977
Scope and Content: Concerns school funding.
4Financial Records1974-1976
Handbooks and Study Guides
4Garfield High School Student Handbook1970-1971
4Los Angeles County Cooperative Project in Human Relations1951
4Miscellaneous1950, 1982, 1985
4Notes1972, 1986, undated
4Ephemera1981, 1987, undated
4Brouillet, Frank (Washington State Superintendent of Public Education)1973
4Citizen School Meeting1975-1976
4Education - General1970-1988, undated
4School Councils1971
4University of Washington Admissions Standards1973-1974
Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee
4General Correspondence1975-1976, undated
Meeting Files
4Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee1974-1976
4Seattle School Board1975-1976
4School Crisis Workshop1975
4Speeches and Writings1974-1975
4Statements1975-1976, undated
4Financial Records1974-1975, undated
4Periodicals: Argus 1975
4Notes1975, undated
4Miscellany1974-1976, undated
Central Area School Council (CASC)
4Historical Featurescirca 1970
4General Correspondence1968-1974, 1976
4Meeting Files1968-1974, undated
4Central Area School Council1969-1972
4Seattle Public Schools Central Area Administration Office: Turner Way 1970
4Seattle Public Schools Central Region Administration Office: The Communicator 1970-1973
Subject Series
Misc. Oversize Box 5Elections    OVERSIZE1971
4Huey (Charles) Campaign1969
4National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students1970, undated
4Seattle Model City Program1968-1969, undated
5Seattle Public Schools Central Region Administration Office1970-1971
Plans and Proposals
5Central Area School Council1968-1970
5Central District Education1970, undated
5Madrona Middle School Student Handbook1972
5Garfield High School Parent Surveys1972, undated
5Notes1969-1972, undated
5Ephemera1968-1971, undated
5Central Area School Council Desegregation Advisory Committee1971
Central Area Youth Association (CAYA)
Incoming Letters
5Bullitt Foundation1965
5Miscellaneous1968, 1970
5Writings1968, undated
5Financial Records1967-1968
5Miscellany undated
5Notes1968, undated
5Citizens Committee for Voluntary School Transfer1966, undated
Citizens Education Center Northwest
Organizational Features
5Articles of Incorporation and By-laws1978, 1990
5Policies and Committees1978-1980, 1990, undated
5Purposes and Goals1978-1990, undated
5Intraorganizational Correspondence1977-1990, undated
5General Correspondence1976-1990, undated
5Annual Meetings1979-1983, 1987-1990
5Board of Trustees1978-1990
5Executive Committee1979, 1980, 1986
5Other Committees1978-1990
Citizens Education Center Northwest
5 Beyond Z 1990
5 Center Point 1985, 1987-1988, 1990
5 Olympia Schoolwatch: Education 87 (Legislative Newsletter)1987
5 The Page (Summary for Trustees)1980-1990
5 PLT Update (Parent Leadership Training)1990
5Others1978-1988, undated
Subject Series
5Collective Bargaining and Citizen Involvement Resource Packet1978, undated
Education Campaign
5"Classes and Classics" Seminar1984
5Findings from the Statewide Community Meetings1984
5Spring Meetings Workbook1984
5Miscellany1984-1985, 1987
5Hawthorne School1990
5Lincoln High School Closure1978-1982
5Membership1979, 1982, undated
5Smart Investment: Preschool for Children in Poverty1987
5Sunrise for Education Awards Breakfast1985, 1990
5Annual Reports1980, 1987, 1989
5Director's Reports1979-1983
5Other Reports1977-1988
5-6Financial Records1977-1990, undated
Proposals and Programs
6Citizens Education Center Northwest1978-1984, undated
6Project ACCESS1981-1983
Speeches and Writings
6Citizens Education Center Northwest1979-1982
6Others1977-1984, undated
6Legislation1977-1990, undated
6Conference and Convention Files1979-1985, 1990, undated
6Lists1980-1991, undated
6Brochures and Publications1981
6Recommendations and Resolutions1976-1978, 1985-1987
6Notes1977-1983, 1990, undated
6Miscellany1977-1984, 1990, undated
6Citizens Education Center Northwest1979-1982, 1990, undated
6Others1977-1982, 1988-1990, undated
6Early Childhood Education Committee1985-1990, undated
Program Committee
6Minutes1979-1980, 1984, undated
Project ACCESS Advisory Committee
6General Correspondence1981-1985
6 Access to Access: A Community Cooperating for Effective Seattle Schools 1982
6 Blueprint: A Series of Workable Ideas for Building Effective Schools 1984
6Reports1982, 1984
6Miscellany1979-1986, undated
6Seattle Committee1990, undated
Citizens for Fair School Funding (CFSF)
6Historical Features1976-1977, undated
6General Correspondence1976-1979
Meeting Files
7Citizens for Fair School Funding
7General Meetings1976
7Legislative Proposal Ratification Meeting1979
7Municipal League Meeting1976
7Seattle Meeting1978
7Statewide Meetings1978
7Vancouver (Washington) Meetings1976, 1978
7Washington House Education Committee - Public Hearing1977
7Citizens for Fair School Funding1976-1979
7Speeches and Writings1978, undated
Subject Series
Amiel, Shirley
7School Funding1975-1978
7Students' Rights (Child Abuse)1972-1977, undated
Legislative Proposal and Bill (S.B. 2423 & 2424 - HB 571 & 594)
7General Correspondence1976-1977
7Meeting Files1975-1977
7Drafts and Summaries1976-1978
7Background Information1977
7Glossaries1978, undated
7News Releases1976-1977
7Questionnaires1978, undated
7Miscellany1976-1977, undated
7Lobbying1976-1978, undated
7Speaking1977, undated
7Statewide Organization - Portable Meetings1976-1978, undated
7Basic Education Amendatory Bill1979
7Basic Education for Literacy Act1977
7Basic Program of Educational Financial Equalization Act1977
7Senate Bills1977
7Report: Special Needs Committee1977
7Notes1976-1979, undated
7Miscellany1976-1978, undated
Steering Committee
7Meeting Files1976-1979
7Steering Committee Meeting on Legislative Proposal, Led by Diana Galecirca 1977
1 sound cassette
7Miscellany1976-1977, undated
Coalition for Quality Integrated Education (CQIE)
Organizational Features
7Articles of Incorporation and By-laws1971, 1974-1975, undated
7Miscellaneous1971-1972, 1974
7General Correspondence1970-1980, undated
7Annual Meetings1972-1977, undated
7Board of Directors1972-1977, 1979
7Executive Committee1971-1977
7Jefferson Community Meeting1975
7"Organization Meeting of Directors and First Annual Meeting of the Members of CQIE"1971
7Staff Meetings1973, 1975
Meeting Notes
7Board of Directors1970-1972, 1974
8Desegregation Planning Steering Committee1971
8Coalition for Quality Integrated Education (CQIE)1970-1976
8 Our Family Journal. Project Interchange Junior and Senior High School1974
8 In Touch 1971-1977
Scope and Content: Concerns desegration for parents of public school students.
8 The Medium 1974
Scope and Content: An African-American weekly.
Subject Series
8Application for Assistance Under the Emergency School Aid Act1973
8Asa Mercer Junior High School. Volunteer Coordinator Program1974
8Communication1973-1974, undated
8Eckstein Middle School1971
8Education Task Force1965, 1973-1974
8Educational Consultants Inc.1974
Scope and Content: Concerns dropout students.
8Endorsements of CQIE1971-1972
8Federal Funding Denial (CQIE closure)1976
Garfield High School
8General Correspondence1971-1973
8Community Forum on School Desegregation1977
8Notes1971, 1973, undated
8Miscellany1969-1972, undated
8 In Touch Evaluation and Surveysundated
8Job Announcement and Job Description1973-1974, undated
8Legal (Palmer Smith)1971-1975
8Levy Loss1975, 1977
8Membership1971-1972, undated
8Middle School Parent Involvement Workshops (Parent Power)1971-1972
8New World Foundation and Others1970-1973, undated
8Newsletter Production1974
8Opalka, Kathleen1973
8Operation People to People (Garfield-Lincoln-Roosevelt Triad Plan)1971
8Parent-Teacher and Student Association, Seattle Council (PTSA)1971-1973
8People Portable (Parents, Teachers, and Students Association Human Relations Task Force)1973
8Project Interchange - Nordstrom Department Store1974
8Proposals and Planning1971-1976, undated
8Rumor Center1971-1972, 1974-1975
8School Facilities1972
Seattle Freedom March Coalition
8Anti-Racism March1974-1975
8Seattle Public Schools and CQIE - Educational Services Agreement1971-1973
Seattle Public Schools
8Capital Funding Information Packet1972
8Desegregation and Human Relations1971, 1974-1975
8Voluntary Racial Transfer Program1974-1975
8Seattle School Board - Desegregation Task Force Recommendations1972, undated
8Seattle University Middle School Administrators' Workshop1972
Scope and Content: Concerns desegregation.
8Sharples Junior High School - CQIE office1974
8Transportation1971-1972, undated
8Troxel, Loren (Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools)1974
8University of Washington Educational Opportunity Program1973
8Speeches and Writings1970-1972, undated
8Proposals1970-1974, undated
8Annual Reports1975-1977
8Director's Reports1974-1975
8Staff Reports1972-1974
8Summaries of CQIE Activities1971-1974
8-9Miscellaneous CQIE Reports1971-1977, undated
Grant Files
9Medina Foundation1972, 1974
9Washington (State) Humanities Commission1973
9Board of Directors1973-1974, undated
9Telephone (Organization)1969-1973
9Miscellany1971-1976, undated
9Ephemera1973-1974, undated
9Clippings1971, 1974-1980
9Central Area School Council (CASC) Desegregation Advisory Committee1971
Citizens Committee for Quality Education (CCQE)
9Meeting Files1970-1971
9CQIE Personnel Committee1972-1975
CQIE Title VII Advisory Committee (Emergency School Assistance Act)
9General Correspondence1973-1974, undated
9Proposals1973-1976, undated
9Reports1971, 1973
9Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center "Statement of Personnel Policy" 1968
9Student Advisory Committee Handbook1973
9Advisory Specialist Position1973-1974, undated
9Notes1970-1974, undated
9Miscellany1972-1977, undated
Evergreen State College Citizens Evaluation Group
9General Correspondence1974-1976, undated
9Meeting Files1976
9Meeting Transcripts1976
9Citizens Evaluation Group: Report to Board of Trustees1976
9Evergreen State College: Self-study Report1974
9"Exit Interview Report: A Summary of Interviews with Students Leaving the Evergreen State College between Winter 1974 and Summer 1975" circa 1975
9Conference and Convention Files1976
9Faculty Handbookcirca 1973
10Budget Files1975-1977
10Lists1976, undated
Evergreen State College Foundation Board of Governors
10General Correspondence1983-1990
Meeting Files
10Board of Governors1982-1990
10Budget and Finance/Resource Management Committees Combined Meetings1982-1984
10Endowment and Major Gifts Committee1984-1986
10Resource Management Committee1985-1990
10Evergreen State College Board of Trustees1985-1986
10Evergreen State College Foundation Board of Governors Executive Committee1983
10Bulletins: Happenings 1984
10 Greener Scene 1989-1990
10Evergreen State College Review1983-1984
10Evergreen State College Newsletter1982-1986
10 Cooper Point Journal 1984
10 Evergreen Times 1983
10Speeches and Writings1982, 1985, undated
Subject Series
10Athletics1982, undated
10Evergreen State College Division of College Advancement1989-1990
10Greater Expectations: The Campaign for Evergreen1988-1989
10Board of Governors1978-1990
10Evergreen Foundation Scholars1983-1990
10"Economic Development and Jobs in Washington: A Citizen's Guide"1982
10Ephemera1983-1990, undated
10Clippings1982, undated
Lincoln High School Career Education Advisory Board
10General Correspondence1977-1981
10Meeting Files1977-1980
10Notes and Miscellany1977-1981
10Clippings1978-1979, undated
Municipal League of King County Education Committee
10General Correspondence1977-1978, 1981
Meeting Files
10Board of Trustees1977-1978
10Education Committee1977-1978, 1980-1981
10Agendas: Municipal League of King County Executive Committee1977
Subject Series
10 Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) Community Schools Coordinator Position1976-1977
10League of Women Voters of Seattle Cities/Urban Crisis1977
10Municipal League of King County Educational Enrichment Program1977-1979, undated
10School Levy1978
11Teacher Negotiations1979
11Newsletters: Student Action Force on Education (S.A.F.E)1977
11Budget Files concerning Seattle Public Schools Desegregation Services1978-1979
11Miscellany1981, undated
National Committee for Citizens in Education (NCCE)
11Historical Features1977, 1983, undated
Organizational Features
11Articles of Incorporation1983, undated
11By-laws1978, 1982-1983
11Miscellaneous1978, 1981, 1983
11Intraorganizational Correspondence1976-1986, undated
11General Correspondence1976-1989, undated
11-12Meeting Files1977-1986
12 Inside Network: A Special Report on Program and Development to Members of the NCCE Governing Board 1978-1989
12 Network: The Paper for Parents 1980-1986
12Others1980, 1982
Subject Series
12Access: Information Clearinghouse about Public Schools1986, undated
Citizen's Training Institute
12Annual Reports1977
12Miscellany1976-1977, 1983-1984, undated
12Nancy Harrison Award1979-1983
12NCCE Visit to Seattle (and Citizens Education Center Northwest)1979-1980
12National Publicity/Publications/Marketing1982-1984
12Parents' Handbook1975-1984, undated
12Speeches and Writings1976-1981, undated
12Beyond the Bake Sale: An Educator's Guide to Working with Parents1986
12NCCE Occasional Papers1981, 1983
13Position Papers1974-1984, undated
Proposals and Programs
13Single Parents and the Schools1979
13Miscellaneous1973-1981, undated
13Casework Project1983-1984
13Projects Report of Program Committee1984
13School Based Management in Floridacirca 1977
13Financial Records1976-1984, undated
13Grant and Award Files1978-1983, undated
13Membership Files1978-1984, undated
13News Releases1977-1983
13Lists1980, undated
13Notes1976-1983, undated
13Miscellany1975, 1983, undated
13NCCE Catalog1985-1986, undated
13Miscellaneous1983-1985, undated
Private Initiatives in Public Education (PIPE)
Organizational Features
13Articles of Incorporation and By-laws1978-1983
13Seattle Chamber of Commerce/PIPE Joint Agreement1978-1980
13Miscellaneous1979-1991, undated
13General Correspondence1977-1987, 1990
13Advisory Board1980
13- 14Annual Meetings1980-1987
14Board of Directors1979-1987
14Board of Directors Retreat1980-1988, undated
14Board of Trustees1979-1985
14Breakfast at Our House: Business/School Partnership Invitation1986
14Business Coordinators1980-1981
14Development Committee1982-1983, 1985
14Executive Committee1980-1983
14Finance Committee1980, 1981
14Pacific Northwest Grantmakers Forum Seminar on Youth Employment1977
14Personnel Committee1980
14Principals of PIPE Partnered Schools meeting1980
14Public Relations Committee1980-1982
14Others1977-1982, 1990
14 The Communicator, Seattle Teachers Association1980
14 Focus on Seattle Public Schools 1986
14 PIPE Lines 1985-1986, 1989
14 Seattle Business Newsletter 1980, 1985
Subject Series
14Brochure (Prospectus)1977-1979, undated
14Community Programs Affiliation1973, 1980-1981
14Factory of Visual Art1974-1979
14Friends of PIPE Auction and Events1986-1988, 1990
14Garfield High School and Honeywell1977-1979
14Lincoln High School1978-1980
14Metropolitan Democratic Club - Schools and Politics Panel1977
14National Alliance of Business1986
14Partners for the '80s: Business and Education, National School Volunteer Programundated
14PIPE Philosophy1979, 1982, undated
14Possible Projects1978-1979, undated
14Power of the Printed Word (International Paper)1979
14Programs and Projects1977-1985, undated
14Relations with Other Groups1968, 1979
14School Needs1978-1979
14Seattle Teaching Awards and Recognition (STAR) Program1981
14Seward Park - Artsundated
14Vocational Programs (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America)1976-1983
14Speeches and Writings1977-1981, undated
14Annual Reports1980-1983
14Director's Reports1979-1987, undated
14Job Site Exploration Project1983
14Others1985-1990, undated
Grant Files
14PIPE Mini-Grants1990, undated
14Washington (State) Humanities Commission1979-1986
14Lists1978-1991, undated
14News Releases1985-1986
14Resolutions of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Education Committee1977-1980
14Newspapers: Argus 1979, 1981, 1983
14Articles1978-1982, undated
15KUOW Interview: Katharine Bullitt/John Reynoldsundated
1 sound cassette
Financial Records
15Auditor's Reports1980-1986
15Applications for Executive Director1980-1986
15Procedural Guidelines1981
15Notes1977-1982, undated
15PIPE1984, 1987, undated
15Others1981-1990, undated
15Clippings1954, 1977-1990
15Nominating Committee1980-1982, 1985, undated
Partners Committee
15Partnership Reports1980-1985
15Miscellany1979-1984, undated
Program Planning and Evaluation Committee
15Minutes1979-1982, 1986, undated
15Miscellany1980-1984, undated
Seattle Public Schools
15Letters of Support for the Word Market Reading Strategy1989
15General Correspondence concerning Civic Mentors for Leadership Class at Rainier Beach High School1988
Meeting Files
15Seattle Public Schools and City of Seattle: City/Schools Joint Committee1986-1988
15Title I Citizens' Advisory Committee1969
15Newsletters1975, 1986, 1988
Subject Series
15Asian-American Cultural Heritage Program (Look to the Rainbow)1973-1974, undated
15Career Development1972-1973, undated
15Central Region Slide Show1970-1971
15Citizens School Advisory Councils1970-1971
15Committee for Academic Excellence1978-1979
15Community Involvement Workshop1970-1971
15General Correspondence1969-1978, 1988
Meeting Files
15People Power Coalition (Seattle Desegregation Project)1975, 1977
15Seattle School District No. 1 Administration Meetings1973
15Agenda for the Desegregation Task Force, Community Organization Unit1971
Subject Series
15Burton, Warren1973
16Communication between North End and Central Region Schools Proposal Program1970-1971
16Goss Lawsuit - Racial Discrimination in Seattle Schools1970
16Middle Schools and Desegregation Planning1968-1971, undated
16Minority Staffing - HEW and School Boycott1976
16Racial Balance1969-1971, undated
16School Desegregation Plan1974-1976, undated
16School Partnerships (Lowell-Madrona Voluntary Racial Transfer)1968-1972
16Seattle School District1973-1974
16Seattle Schools1965-1967, 1977
16Steps toward Desegregation1970, undated
16Speeches and Writings1970-1977, undated
16Plans and Proposals1970-1971, 1977, undated
16Reports1968-1972, 1979
16Studies1970, 1977, undated
16Conference and Convention Files: Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction, Racial Imbalance in Education1970
16Legal Briefs: William A. Dawson v. J. Loren Troxel1975
16Education Roundtable1963, 1970-1973
16Evaluation of Administrative and Support Personnel: Planning and Procedures1976
16Individualized Instruction Workshop1971-1973
16Lakeside School Graduation Policy1977
16Lowell-Central Area Relations - Garfield Area Citizens Advisory Committee1967-1968, undated
Scope and Content: Concerns community development and open housing.
16Middle Schools1971
16Patterson, Roland1971
17Public Relations1977-1978
17School Budget Committee (Citizens Budget Review)1973-1974
17School Levy1965-1977, 1983
17School Voucher Plan (Seattle)1970-1971, undated
17Seattle Council of Parent-Teacher Associations1970-1971, undated
Seattle School Board
17Elections1970-1971, 1975, undated
17Seattle Schools1966-1970, undated
17Sex Discrimination (Non-Sexist Education Group)1972-1973
17Teachers and Unions1975-1976
Scope and Content: Concerns Seattle teachers' strike.
Program Files
17Affirmative Action1974
17New School Programs (Alternative High School)1970-1971
17Parent-Teacher-Student Association, People Portable Programsundated
17School Programs Involving Our City's Elderly (SPICE)1977
17Special Education Programundated
Voluntary Racial Transfer Program
17Outgoing Letters1970
17General Correspondence1971-1973, undated
17Ephemera1971-1977, undated
17Miscellany1971-1973, 1976, undated
17New Bedford (Massachusetts) Public Schools Plan1971
17Statements of Parents, Students, and Teachers1969
17Summer Orientation Day Camps1973
17Committee for Academic Excellence, Subcommittee on Curriculum and Materials1978
17Committee for Academic Excellence, Other Subcommittees1978, undated
17Staff Reports1971
25Facilities Consolidation Information Packets undated
25Southeast Education Center Citizens' Committee 1968
25Miscellaneous Publications and Printed Reports1968-1980
25SPS: Publications and Reports1972-1983
17Notes1977, 1986, undated
Seattle Public Schools Human Relations Task Force
17General Correspondence1971-1973
Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Services
17Intraorganizational Correspondence with Area Chairmen1970-1974
17General Correspondence1968-1981, undated
Meeting Files
17- 18Advisory Committee (Advisory Board)1967-1980, undated
18Advisory Committee (Advisory Board) - Steering Committee1969
18Area Chairmen's Meetings1970-1974
18Principals' Meetings1970
18Seattle Public Schools and City of Seattle: City/Schools Joint Committee1980
18Steele, Dr. [Donald J.?]1981
18Advisory Committee (Advisory Board) - Standards Committee1968
18 Volunteer News 1969-1974, undated
Subject Series
18Business Involvement1977, undated
18Central Area School Council1970, undated
18Edna McConnell Clark Foundation1976-1977, 1979, undated
Scope and Content: Includes meeting files of Committee for Retired Persons in Volunteer Programs.
18Garfield High School - Elementary School Relations1970-1972
18Learning Resource Center (LRC)1972, undated
18Levy Failure1975-1976
18Lowell Middle School1970-1971
18Madrona Middle School1969, 1973-1974
18Madrona-Lowell Middle Schools1966-1969, undated
18Meany-Madrona Middle Schools1970-1972
18Middle Schools1971-1973
18Moberley, David (Superintendent)1976
18New Programs1977-1979
18School Volunteers - Career Education1979-1980
18Transportation for Volunteers1970, undated
Program Files
18CHOICE Program: Friday Afternoon Small Group Enrichment1970-1971, undated
18General Volunteer Program1967, undated
18National School Volunteer Program1978-1981, undated
18Special School Speaker Program1973
18STAY Tutoring Program1970, undated
18Students Helping Students Program (Battelle Memorial Institute)1970-1971
Speeches and Writings
18Volunteer Services1968-1971, 1980, undated
18Others1963-1971, 1980, undated
18Area Chairmen's Workshops1969-1973, undated
18Policies and Goals1976-1980
18 "School Volunteers at Work" undated
18Lists1969-1971, 1980, undated
18Schedules1969-1973, undated
18Job Descriptions1977-1981
18Notes1968-1981, undated
18Forms1969-1973, 1980, undated
18Ephemera1971-1972, 1981, undated
18Miscellany1976-1980, undated
18Committee for Retired Citizens in Volunteer Programs
18General Correspondence1976-1977, undated
Meeting Files
18Committee for Retired Citizens in Volunteer Programs1977-1979
18Joint Meeting with Committee Involving Business and Industry with the Seattle Public Schools1976-1977
18 Additions 1977-1980
18Cleveland High School Radio News Magnet Program1979
18Los Angeles City Unified School District, Dedicated Older Volunteers in Educational Services (DOVES)1975-1976, undated
18Using Retired Persons Effectively in Schools: "Add a Plus to Life: Involve Yourself in a Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Career"1977, 1979
19Grant Files: Edna McConnell Clark Foundation1976, undated
19Speeches and Writings1977, undated
19Miscellany1976-1979, undated
19Clippings1971-1978, undated
Seattle's Say on Schools (SSOS)
19Historical Featuresundated
19General Correspondence1975-1976
Meeting Files
19League of Women Voters of Seattle1975
19City-wide Meetings1975
19General Meetings1975-1976
Subject Series
19Summary of Consensus Data (Questionnaires from City-wide Meetings)1975
19Tacoma Public Schools Feasibility Committee1975-1976
19Urban Educations Coalition (Seattle School Coalition)1975-1976
19Work Experience1970-1976
19Lists of Citizen Leaders - November 13 (City-wide Meeting)1975
19Clippings1975-1977, undated
University of Washington Seattle Social Development Project Advisory Board
19General Correspondence1985-1987
19Meeting Files1984-1987
19Cooperative Learning Bowl1986-1987
19Miscellany1972, 1984-1986, undated
19 Clippings1985-1986
Volunteer Instruction Program (VIP)
Organizational Features
19Articles of Incorporation and By-laws1967, undated
19Program Descriptions, Fact Sheets, and Organizational Charts1966-1971
19Memoranda from Seattle Public Schools Personnel1973-1974
19General Correspondence1966-1974, undated
19Agenda1968-1969, undated
19Instructors Meetings1968-1974, undated
19Steering Committee1967, undated
19Meeting Files of the Board of Directors1967-1969, undated
Subject Series
19Beauty Workshop (Mrs. Reginald J. Johnson)undated
19Class Information1966, 1971-1972, undated
19Instructor Comments1967-1968, 1972
19Japanese-American Cultural Heritage Programundated
19Jensen, Mary Bard (Playwriting Instructor)1970-1971
19Madrona Middle School VIP class1967, 1973
19Orientation and Training Course1959, 1967-1968
19Playwright's Workshop (Mary Bard Jensen)1969-1970, undated
19Recruitment1966-1969, undated
19Resource Peopleundated
19School Lists1966-1968, undated
20School Relations1967-1968, undated
20Sullivan, Lynn (Personal VIP file)1968, undated
20Training1966-1968, undated
20Student and Teacher Evaluations1967-1969, 1972
20Attendance Reports1969-1972
20Curriculum Reports1966-1972, undated
20Volunteer Applications1969-1971
20Speeches and Writings1956-1971, undated
20 Blare (Montlake School)1968-1969
20 Education U.S.A. 1971-1972
20 Minor Mumble (T.T. Minor School)1968
Student Publications
20 Trial Balloons: A Magazine Writtten by Madrona School's VIP 6th Grade Creative Writing Classes.1968, 1970, undated
20Miscellaneous1968, undated
20Periodicals: Puget Soundings from Junior League of Seattle1970
20Logs1967-1968, undated
20Instructors1966-1974, undated
20Officers, Trustees and Directors1966-1974
20Miscellaneous1967-1974, undated
20Inventories1970, undated
20Directories and Handbooks1969-1970
Financial Records
20Expenses Diary1967-1968, undated
20Funding1967-1972, undated
20Grant Files1971
20Forms1967-1970, undated
20Calendars1967-1969, undated
20Notes1968-1972, undated
20Book Covers of Trial Balloons 1968
20Photographs and Negativesundated
20Ephemera1968-1971, undated
20Clippings Concerning Education and Desegregation1967-1974
21Washington (State) Temporary Committee on Educational Policies, Structure, and Management (TCEPSM)
21General Correspondence1982-1985, 1989
21Minutes and Agenda
21Joint Meeting with Washington Roundtable1984
21Program Subcommittee1982
21Task Force on Literacy1984
Meeting Files
21Association of Washington Business: Economic Development / Education Council1985
21Seattle Urban League, the Black Response Committee, and Seattle TCEPSM members1984
Washington TCEPSM
21Committee Meetings1982-1985
21Subcommittee I - Articulation and Progression1983
21Other Subcommittees1984
Education Campaign
21 Reports1983-1984
21Collective Bargaining1983-1984
21Miscellany1982-1983, undated
Public Hearings on Field Review Draft
21Draft Report: The Paramount Duty 1984
21Schedule of Meetings1984
21Pasco, Washington1984
21Yakima, Washington1984
Testimony and Meeting Notes
21Aberdeen, Washington1984
22Bellingham, Washington1984
22Bremerton, Washington1984
22Everett, Washington1984
22Seattle, Washington1984
22Spokane, Washington1984
22Tacoma, Washington1984
22Vancouver, Washington1984
22Wenatchee, Washington1984
22Testimony and Statements1984
Public Hearings on Phase 1 Draft Recommendations
22Draft Report and Comments1983
22Testimony and Statements1983
Subject Series
22Advanced Placement (AP)1975-1982
22Alternative Education1981-1984, undated
22Bilingual Education1976, 1982-1984
22Committee Workplan and Schedule1983
22Community Colleges1982-1984
22Meeting Notes1983-1984
22Speeches and Writings1982-1983, undated
22Testimony and Statements1980-1984, undated
22School Publications1982-1983
22Miscellany1983-1984, undated
23Early Childhood Education Subcommittee1974-1984, undated
Financial Issues / Education
23Collective Bargaining1981-1983
23Cost1980, 1983-1984
23General1974-1984, undated
23Governance and Structure1977, 1981-1984, undated
23Handicapped Students1980-1984
23Higher Educationundated
23General Correspondence1982-1984, undated
23Reports and Proposals1979-1984, undated
23Speeches and Writings1981-1984, undated
23Washington State National College Fair, National Association of College Admissions Counselors1982-1984
23Publications1981-1984, undated
23Miscellany1979-1984, undated
23Ephemera1982-1983, undated
23Clippings1982-1984, undated
23HOSTS (Help One Student to Succeed)1981-1982, undated
23Latin in the Elementary School (Joequil Lundquist)1982-1983
23Literacy1980-1984, undated
23Multicultural Education1979, 1984, undated
23Northshore School District - Elementary School Programundated
23School Day - School Year1979-1984, undated
24Shorewood High School1982-1984
24Special Student Populations Task Force1982-1984, undated
24Student Outcomes1982-1984, undated
24Teacher Preparation1979-1984, undated
24Tyee Middle School (Bellevue, Washington)1983-1984
Vocational Education
24Incoming Letters1982-1983, undated
24Washington State Advisory Council on Vocational Education: Annual Evaluation Report, 1982-19831984
24Washington TCEPSM1983
24Washington State Commission for Vocational Education1976-1984
24Speeches and Writings1981-1984
24Miscellany1983-1984, undated
24Washington Roundtable Education Study1984
24 The Paramount Duty 1984, 1985, 1990
24Prepared by Washington TCEPSM1983-1984
24Washington High School Graduation1980-1984
24Others1981-1984, undated
24Articles1948, 1964, 1980-1984
24Speeches and Writings1970, 1981-1984
24Testimony and Statements1983-1984
24Conference and Convention Files: Evergreen State College ABE/ESL Summer Conference1984
24Lists1984, undated
24Notes1983-1985, undated
24Miscellany1981-1984, undated
24Washington TCEPSM1983-1985
24Miscellaneous1982-1985, undated
35Bumbershoot1973-1985, undated
60Martin Luther King Memorialundated
47, 64Northwest Chamber Orchestra1981-1986, undated
47, 64Wilderness Women Productions1978, undated
Civil Rights
45, 60-62, 64Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Centercirca 1965-1986, undated
55Seattle Urban League1967-1969
39, 53-54, 56, 59U.S Commission on Civil Rights and the Washington State Advisory Committeecirca 1960-1991
62Community Talent Bankcirca 1968-1970, undated
Historic Preservation
34, 48, 57-58, 66Historic Seattle1972-1990
63International Districtcirca 1976-1980, undated
32Landmarks Preservation Board1970-1976
33, 37-38, 63Pioneer Square Board1970-1982
40Housing in Seattlecirca 1973, undated
44, 52, 67Central America and Nicaraguacirca 1960-1990
52Focus Internationalundated
43-45, 51, 53, 66-67General and Miscellaneouscirca 1950-1991
43, 66Goodwill Gamescirca 1986-1990, undated
41International Resource Centercirca 1989-1991, undated
43-44, 51, 53, 66-67USSR and Russiacirca 1985-1990, undated
65League of Women Voterscirca 1959-1965, undated
50, 64Municipal Leaguecirca 1976-1989
36-37, 42, 46, 49, 54Northwest Seaportcirca 1975-1989, undated
44-45, 65Peaceundated
40Resource Information Bankundated
37Save Our Shipscirca 1964-1975, undated
27-31Sound Savings and Loancirca 1973-1991, undated
Restrictions on Access: Restricted.
47, 51, 54, 64Target Seattle / Nuclearcirca 1982-1985, undated
45, 52YMCAundated

Accession No. 5101-002
Katharine Bullitt papers, circa 1930s-2000s
70.72 cubic ft (69 cartons, 2-11x17 flat boxes, 1-5" legal document case)
Scope and Content
Additions to the Katharine Bullitt collection contains papers on topics such as education, the arts, health, international affairs, historic preservation, and other social issues.
Physical Access
Materials stored off site; advance notice required for use.
Restrictions on Access
Rights undertermined. Contact Special Collections for more information.
Restrictions on Use
Rights undetermined. Contact Special Collections for more information.
Acquisition Info
Katharine Bullitt, 2014-07-09.
1Maria’s story
1Committee for Justice for Carcama & Orozco
1Arab Festival
1NW Seaport, numerous files, 1990-94
1Seattle Commons, numerous files, 1991-93
1Institute for the Study of Contemporary Social Problems/Wm O Douglas Institute
1Randolph Carter
1“The Lessons of Isla Vista,” Louis Lundborg 1970
1Dan Evan’s address on civil unrest 1970
1Equal Employment Opportunity in Tacoma Area local gov’t 7/80
1Martha Washington School Report 1983
1“Federal Funding of Science & the Autonomy of American Universities,” by Gerald Piel
1Evergreen State College
1CFSF Citizens for Fair School Funding, Vancouver
1Will We Live Together seminar
1Citizens Committee for Open Housing
1Japanese American Citizens League 1973
1Governor’s Committee on Youth Employment
1Youth Enterprises 63-64
2“Youth Goes to Work?”
2Social Development of Youth 1980-84
2Troubled Youth Community Based Services
2Central Branch pre-school
2Little School – Central branch
2 Classroom and the World of Work
2The Paramount Duty – Report of the WA State Temporary Committee on
2Educational Policies, Structure and Management (2 issues)
2Seattle Academy
2Institute for Policy Studies (1983 letters of packet of info)
2Loaned Wage Earner
2School Council
2Central Area Schools 1970
2Peter Raible – misc sermons
2“Voices of Unreason: the Far Right in the 30s and 60s” (G Costigan)
2“The Urban Education Crisis in Seattle” by Forbes Bottomly 1969
2“Goals and Methods in a Preschool Program for Disadvantaged Children”
2The Urban Review 1/68
2A Constitution for the World
2“The Focus for Curriculum/Staff Dev planning for Garfield 74-75”
2Books Which Cross Frontiers
2The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet (2 issues)
2Bothell School
2Little School AFSC
2Dunlap School
2SAS Daniel Bagley
2Shoreline Program
2Mercer Island Jr High
2Catherine Blaine Jr High
2Mercer Island Jr High South
2School Affiliation Service Handbook (3 issues)
2Youth and Poverty workshops, Bullitt Foundation 90 – 91 (2 files)
2Risk and Protective Factors by J David Hawkins
3UW Seattle Social Dev Project
3Teen Seattle Youth Activities Study
3Articles by J David Hawkins
3Y & P, Bullitt Foundation 1991 (4 files)
3Community Home Health Care (4 files)
3Japanese – American Citizen League
3Aspen Institute International Conference Center
3Voices of Peace, Africa, Caribbean, Central America
3Meany and Lowell (numerous files)
4Meany and Lowell (numerous files)
4The Portable 53 Review
4Seattle Daily Times 2/12/53
4Decision is Destiny Workshop (UW)
4Seattle Child Guidance Center (2 files)
4UW History Dept 1977-84 (approx.)
4HS Seattle School District
4HS Jacobean Frescoes
4UW Minority Issues
4Community Dev: Pike Place/Terrafoil/Lake Union
4Adult Ed 1971 “Dissent & Affirmation”
4Law Scholarships
4Charles Huey certification
4Seattle Urban Academy
4Small Towns Institute
4School Board and City Council 1971
4Broadway M Council
4Capitol Hill Community Council
4Broadway Neighborhood Council – Safeway
5Safeway fall 1970
5“Does It Matter What I Think?”
5“The Years After College,” Katherine Taylor
5“Civil Rights & Education,” Fred T Haley
5Black Women
5Alternatives for Women (4 files)
5Womens Issues
5Port Ludlow
5Family Support Center (4 files)
5Education misc 1990-2001
5NWIMR 1990 - 2002
5Education 1975
5Education ideas 1976
5The Paramount Duty (report on WA State Comm on educational policies) 1/85
5Rainier Beach mentor program
5UN Day Chairman 1977
5City Council 2/75
5Schools – Hard Times
5St Board on Education
5School Affiliation Service
5Spectrum Schools
5First AME 8/21/66
5Education and Child Care Institute in Germany, 1949-51, 4 copies
5Rosyln Carter appt 76 (letter)
5Seattle Center proposal 66
5Map of Central Europe 1939
5Framed certificates from Historic Seattle (2)
Box 6
6Youth and Work Experience 1960s
6Child Welfare League
6League of W Voters
6WA State “taxes”
6Young Democrats
6Jr League – Provisional Course
6WA Assoc for Remedial Education
6Youth Service Center and Guide
6Friends of the Youth Symphony
6League of W Voters
6Miller playground
6Precinct Committee
6Youth Center
6Community Service Inc
6Juvenile Delinquency
6National Child Labor Comm
6Unitarian Service Comm
7Friends (news clippings)
7Juvenile protection
7Communications Liberty
7Clippings: anti-communism 1950s
7Decision is Destiny UW
7Alaskan Way Seawall & Promenade Guide Plan
7Puget Soundings 10/61
7“Some Aspects of Divination in Tiberan Society,” Robt Ekvall
7The New Charter of City of Seattle 1946
7League of W Voters City Gov’t Survey 11-57
7UN 1962
7Health and Welfare Council of Sea-KC 1958
7King County Bar Auxiliary
7City Gov’t
7Today’s Child Tomorrow’s Man (4 copies)
7League 1950s
7League – unit meetings
7WA State Taxes 1956
7Greater Boston Area Council
7Mark Tobey – a retrospective
7Health and Welfare Council – Exec Comm
7Dinner program from dinner with Their Imperial Highnesses from Japan 1960
7Civic Unity Comm of Sea
7ACLU Educ Comm
7Council for Public Educ
7Collins Educ Foundation Inc
7Juvenile Law
7A Binns
7John Goins
7Hungarian resettlement
7White House conference
7IPPM 1984
7Bastyr event 1996
7Chaordic Learning Alliance
7Direct Relief International
7Ethnic Heritage Council
7Fair Budget Action
7Folk Life Festival
7Homeless Services
7Housing Levy
7HS Feasibility Study
7HS newsletters
7HS campaign
7Institute for Public Policy
8Friends (archived 11/03)
8Capitol Hill files
9Capitol Hill files
9Center for Democratic Renewal
9Bountiful Table
9Bio Defense Mobilization Conf
9Arab Center of WA
9UW History 1990s (3 files)
9Death with Dignity (numerous files)
10UW History 1990s (3 files)
10HS Gala
10Black $ Days
10KAL 007 Inquiry Nov 1992
11KAL 007 Inquiry Nov 1992
11Old date books, calendars and steno pads
12KAL 007 Inquiry Nov 1992
13Old date books, calendars and steno pads
13Miscellaneous friends
13Women of Achievement Award
13We Do The Work
13Wing Luke Museum
13Sustainable Seattle
13Martin Luther King Park
14SCN – numerous files (SCN = Seattle Community Network)
14School of Communication – UW
14Sand Point
14Regional Transit
14Radcliffe – numerous files (1980 – 90s
15Bullitt Foundation
15Citizens for Education Center
16Celebration of Hope
18Theda Carle
18Walsh Commission
19Walsh Commission
19Donovan Cook
19John Dixon
19Sally Goldmark
19Bill Grace (2 files)
19Elizabeth Hathaway
19Eugene Levin
19Gloria Lewis
19Eleanor Siegl
19Jesse Wineberry
19Mademoiselle magazine 8/1945
19Wm O Douglas Institute
19Herfy’s Broadway 73
19UW Visiting Committee
1986-87 Fund Agent Handbook
19Survivor Personality
19League of Women Voters
19Municipal League
20WA Citizens for Handgun Control
20Fair Budget Action
20NWCO (3 files)
20VOR (5 files)
20Samsek Org
20Sister City Association
20UNPD (binder)
20Men Ale, Men Vini (4 copies)
20VOV photo
20Correspondence, Notes 94-95
20Seattle Commons Bd 1994-95
21Seattle Commons articles
21Peace Action/SANE
21Election 1999
21Good City
21City Cantabile Choir
21Democratic Caucus 3/9/2000
21Interfaith Activities
21International Bridge
21Jefferson Award
21Jury Duty
21Law Fund (2 files)
21Law Related Education Comm
21League of Women Voters
21Native Americans
21NW Chamber
21Pacific Traditions Society
21Peace activities
21Peoples Memorial Assoc
21Relief Orgs
21Saipan Contract Worker
21Seattle Central Comm. College
21Seattle Ethics & Election Comm
21Seattle Union Now
21Shady Hill
21Terrorism 9/11/01
21Trident 2000
22Women’s Funding Alliance
22Women general
22Women – Pro Choice WA
22Women’s Political Caucus
22Alamel Child Care
22Pacific Islanders
24Bullitt Foundation (thru 2007)
25Bullitt Foundation (thru 2007)
25Mid-East (multiple files)
25War with Iraq
25Arab American Anti-defamation
25Pal/Israel (multiple files)
26Pal/Israel (multiple files)
26Hanna Eady
26Education (archived 2007)
27Patsy (papers, slides, photos)
28Patsy (papers, slides, photos)
28School to Work
28Plan for Community Education thru Work Experience
28Books (reviews)
28Rancho La Puerta
28Ashland (3 files – 1999, 2000, misc)
28First Citizen
28Peace Trees
28Seattle Commons
28Draft plan
28History of area
28By laws
28Exec Committee
28Organizational structure
28Timeline 94-96
28Board 1996 & 97
29First Citizen (2000) The Bullitt Family (many copies)
30Seattle Commons, continued
30Finances & fundraising (multiple files)
30City Council
30Lake Union
30Cleveland Memorial Forest
30People for Puget Sound
30Institute for Transportation & Environment
30Logging National Forests
30Grantmakers (3 files)
30A Territory Resource
30Henry M Jackson
30Boston Foundation
30List of Foundations
30Youth & Poverty
30Demographic report
30Family Support Center Conference
30SB conference 1991
30“Scissors” by Tom Beyers
30Bullitt Foundation 1991 – summary of meetings
30James Kielsmeyer – Youth Leadership Council
30John Gardner
30Lisbeth Schorr
30Youth at Risk (2 files)
30International & Environment
30Shared Interest
30Program in Africa
30Central & Latin America
30World Peace Conf Tbilisi
30Tashkent (4 files)
30Freedom Channel
30Gerasimov Events 5-20/24/93
30Russia (2 files)
31China/Far East
31Democracy in China Fund
31Bullitt Foundation (multiple files)
31Ben Gurion University
31Ellen Homan
31A Village of Hope
31Science Technology Project
31Handicapped Bedouin Program
31Video Strimar Lakia
31Bedouin rugs (2 files)
31Lakia pictures
31Bedouin clippings
31Rotary grants
31Charlotte Ellis
31Lakiya current (1999 – 06)
31Lakiya PR
31BEEP notes 1996-98
31BEEP ECE proposal
31Early Childhood project 1998
31World Vision
31Hudden Giddens – Negev & Charlotte Ellis
32B-G University (2 files)
32World Federalist Assoc
32World Affairs Council
32Wolfenet 12/97
32Wealth – Bill Gates Sr.
32WA Physicians for Social Responsibility
32WA State Capitol
32Bullitt Foundation 05
32Oct 2003 primary
32Purdy (WA Correctional Center for Women)
32Pole to Pole
32Peppercorn Foundation
32Pediatric Interim Care Center
32Peace Chorus 6/28
32Patriot Act
32WA Heritage Caucus
32Victories over Violence
32Volunteer Park Conservatory
32Voters Initiative 1991
32Urban League
32Urban Parks Initiative
32Sound Savings & Loan
32Sound Transit
32St Marks Nominating Comm
32Social & Health Services
32Scottish Rite – Cornish
33AFSC Eyes Wide Open
33Stop the Wall
33American Coming Together
339-11 Commission
33Abraham Lincoln Brigade
33David Snow
33John Potter
33Rachael Corrie
33Walter Baz
33Eliz Banesiewicz
33Opening of the Heart
33NW Labor Arts
33NW Immigrant Rights
33Metro Demo Club
33Mongolia Performing group 02
33Da Lat Café
33Empty Space
33Ethnic Heritage Council
33Freedom Rings
33Hate Free Zone
33Jewish Film Festival
33Joint Victory Campaign 2004
33Bastyr University
33Cascadia Revolving fund
33Center for Ethical Leadership
33Church Associations
33American Friends Comm
33Radcliffe June 01
33Radcliffe Crew Reunion
33Radcliffe Reunion
33Radcliffe Reunion 06
33Radcliffe Choral Society
33Radcliffe May 02
34Elder Hostel
34Elder Hostel Spain
34Italy 02
34Travel Ideas
34Travel Tips
34Travel Train trip
34Healthcare 2000
34Health (“GH” = Group Health)
34GH Study
34Health (2 files)
34GH 2007
34GH Physical Therapy
34GH social security
34GH / UW programs
34Healthwise (book)
34Fred Hutch PACE study
34Breast cancer ino
34Cancer treatment receipts
34Separation Diet
34Nutrition program
34Seattle Cancer Treatment & Wellness Center
34Visiting Nurse
34GH & Dental
35Med records 2001
35Pathology reports
35Articles on breast cancer
35GH & UW cancer centers
35GH surgery outpatient
35GH article
35GH 8/14/01
35Long term care
35GH adult changes of thought
35ACT study
35Body electric
35Women’s health watch
35Surviving a heart attack
35Shingles study
35OWN 2005
35Wangari Maathai 4/20
35Wangari Maathai co-presenters
35Fool Proof (2 files)
35MEPC (2 files – 2004 & 05)
35Picnics 96 – 98 – 02
35Picnics master 95 02
35Picnics (no date)
35Picnics 07
35Wawona 07 (2 files)
35Wawona 05
36Guys & Dolls (Conrad?)
36Wings Neck
36Brenda 07
36Religion & Environment
36Women’s University Club 06
36Manual Ponce
36Wings Neck 01
36SPI – Education Services
36SPI – 9/07 (2 files)
36J Washington Foundation 04
36Celebrate Active Ageing
36Seaport (1990s – early 2000s)
37Seaport (1990s – early 2000s)
37MEPC (2002, 2003, 2004)
37Maritime Heritage
37Wawona Summit 2005
37All Aboard
38NW Seaport
38Don Hawks (NWS)
38NWS Notes
38Save Our Ships – founding documents
38All Aboard – originals
38NWS Wawona
38JW Foundation 2005 (2 files)
38Hugo House
38Salmon People
38Save the Children
38Election 2005
38Press for Peace
38Lowry notes & correspondence
38Goldmark Campaign
38Election 2006
3843rd District 2006
38Jim Street 2006
38Judges 2006
38Barack Obama
38Jim McDermott
38WA Demo Club
38Greek plays, miscellaneous notes, instructions, lists
39Greek plays, miscellaneous notes, instructions, lists
39Cards and letters 1960 – 1993 (?)
40Cards and letters 1960 – 1993 (?)
41Events (1990 – 2001) (numerous files)
42Events (1990 – 2001) (numerous files)
42Fallen limb 1125
421014 E Galer
42Misc log 77-78
42Steno spiral notebooks (marked)
42Children’s projects
42Interior & additions 1125
421125 Harvard
42“The Special Child in Century 21”
42Engagement calendars
42“Water Shortage, Real and Imaginary”
42Early Childhood
42Wilderness Woman
42Carole Richmond Taplin (4 files)
43Carole Richmond Taplin (4 files)
43Mary B Jensen
43Kay engagement calendars 1955, 56, 57
43Youth Employment
43Open letter to JFK 11/61
43Calbraith visit 1966
43Advent Magazine 6/59
43Seattle Magazine (file)
43Summer 1957
43Ebright House
43To be a Politician, Kay’s outline/notes
43Cards and letters, misc
44Cards and letters, misc
44Marian Churchill Muller memorabilia
45Shady Hill teaching
461125 Harvard East
46Parks – goals
46Dove Tree
46Gardens and reserve
46BLB park planning
46Retaining wall E Prospect
46Plot plan 1986 Giese Arch.
46Balcony cover – Johnson Cruise/Mellor Co
46House projects
46Balcony and bath plans – unused
46Home remodeling loan
46Remodel – estimates and bills
46Bath remodel 1985
46Remodel notes
46Events 1985
46A-frame beam repair
46Events 1988
46Projects 89 repair and refinish furniture
46Property tax 2001-02
46Trip to Germany – 1949-50 (Kay)
47Trip to Germany – 1949-50 (Kay)
48William A Muller memorabilia
48Marian Churchill Muller memorabilia
49Marian Churchill Muller memorabilia
49William A Muller memorabilia
50William A Muller memorabilia
50Political campaign buttons
51Kay Muller memorabilia:
51Cards and letters 1940/50
51Harvard Trust Co/bank statements & checks 1946-53
51Check stubs 1940s
51Shady Hill School 1939 – Kay’s classwork and memorabilia
52Shady Hill School 1939 – Kay’s classwork and memorabilia
53Day Camp
54Day Camp
54Concord Academy
54Shady Hill
54USSR March 1983 spiral notebook
54Engagement calendar 1983
54Financial 85-86 spiral notebook
54Kay’s teaching manuals from 1940s & 50s
54Engagement calendar 1972
54Ideas for Children’s activities
54DSB – First Citizen Award
54Kay passport and travel papers 1966
54Greece trip 1966
54Bob Fuller
54Alfred Petty
54Cards and letters 1960s – early 80s
55Cards and letters 1960s – early 80s
55Cards and letters, misc dates
56Cards and letters, misc dates
56Christmas cards – late 70s
57Christmas cards – late 70s
57Cards and letters, 1950s
58Cards and letters, 1950s
58Germany 1949-50
59Germany 1949-50
59Radcliffe 1942-46 + 49
59Cards and letters, 1980s
60Cards and letters, 1980s
61Broadway – Capitol Hill
61Summit Park
61Lowell playground
61Clippings, misc 1950s & 60s
61Obituaries 1990s
61Liz Day Camp
61Parks and Recreation – Camping Adu Comm
61Clippings – racial issues from 1960s
61Day Camp subcommittee 72-73
611990 Goodwill Games Certificate of Appreciation for KB
6122 spiral notebooks, undated and unmarked
61Visitors and trips 1979
61LA 1988 birthday of Louise Schuchat
61Winthrop – raft trip
61San Juan Islands
61China dinner 2/3/79
61Report on KB by Carl Coryell-Martin
61Certificates for KB, various orgs
61Engagement calendars 74, 76, 77, 78
62Bob King
62Friends (2 files) 1970s
62M Wilds
62Resumes (70s and early 80s)
62Susan Ruddy
62Peter Prince acct 1980
62May Sarton
62Wm Bullitt Collins
62Children’s summer activities 1958
62Summer school
62Jack’s Crew
62SB 1954 campaign for Congress
62John Kenneth Galbraith
62Obits 1950s
62Shady Hill School Children’s Reports
63Stimson Green House
63Articles on sale of KING
63To Be a Politician – book reviews
63Stimson “Towboat”
63Sisters of Mercy (2 files)
63Spiral notebooks (approx 30, mainly 70-80s)
64Spiral notebooks (approx 30, mainly 70-80s)
64Calendars – many day planners late 70s – 80s
641940s-50s (from Wing’s Neck) KB:
64US Politics
64Civil Liberties
64Mass ADA
64Ind Voters
64Race Relations
64Travel – US and Mexico
651940s-50s (from Wing’s Neck) KB:
65US Politics
65Civil Liberties
65Mass ADA
65Ind Voters
65Race Relations
65Travel – US and Mexico
65Cards and letters (misc dates)
66Cards and letters (misc dates)
66From Wing’s Neck – 1940s/Kay’s memorabilia:
66Concord education
66Engagement calendars
67From Wing’s Neck – 1940s/Kay’s memorabilia:
67Concord education
67Engagement calendars
68St Nicholas 1959
68Lyn Campbell drawings
68Burglary 2/82
68India dinner 9/10/85
68DCB wedding
68Engagement calendars, 1964, 67, 68, 70, 71, 73
68Michael Chiles
69Marian Churchill Muller memorabilia
70Marian Churchill Muller memorabilia
70Assorted cards and letters
71Assorted cards and letters
71Wm Muller memorabilia
72Wm Muller memorabilia

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Bullitt, Katharine--Archives.
Ad Hoc School Crisis Committee (Seattle, Wash.)
Central Area School Council (Seattle, Wash.)
Citizens Education Center (Seattle, Wash.)
Citizens for Fair School Funding.
Coalition for Quality Integrated Education (Seattle, Wash.)
Evergreen State College Foundation. Board of Governors.
Municipal League of Seattle and King County. Education Committee.
National Committee for Citizens in Education.
Private Initiatives in Public Education.
Seattle Public Schools.
Seattle's Say on Schools.
Volunteer Instruction Program (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington (State). Temporary Committee on Educational Policies, Structure, and Management.
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Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century.
Seattle (Wash.)--Social conditions--20th century.
Arts--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies, etc.
Civil rights--Washington (State)
Education--Washington (State)--Citizen participation.
Education--Washington (State)--Societies, etc.
Historic preservation--Washington (State)--Seattle.
Peace--Societies, etc.
Public schools--Washington (State)--Seattle.
School integration--Washington (State)--Seattle.
Volunteer workers in education--Washington (State)--Seattle.
Women civic leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives.
Women civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives.
Women pacifists--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives.
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