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Guide to the John Caughlan Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 0704
Creator: Caughlan, John, 1909-1999
Title: John Caughlan papers
Date Span: 1933-1999
Quantity: 54.44 cubic feet (85 boxes, 3 oversize folders and two vertical files)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.
John Caughlan speaking at the 50th anniversary banquet of the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, 1987. Special Collections, UW Libraries.

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

John Caughlan was a Seattle attorney and civil rights leader.

John Caughlan was born in Missouri in 1909, the son of a Methodist clergyman. The Caughlan family moved to Eastern Washington in 1911, living chiefly in Ellensburg, and then to Seattle where Caughlan graduated from Ballard High School and earned a B.A. at the University of Washington. In the early 1930s he enrolled briefly in a graduate program in English literature at Yale University but, feeling the discipline to be removed from the issues of the day (the problems of the Great Depression and the proposed solutions of the New Deal), he enrolled instead in Harvard Law School, graduating in 1935.

Caughlan returned to Seattle in 1937 after a short stint in New York. He worked briefly for a law firm but was fired after refusing to withdraw from a case in which he represented the Communist Party in a dispute with the city, which had revoked the Party's lease for the Civic Auditorium. In 1938 Caughlan became a deputy prosecutor for King County, although he took leave from this position to represent the Grays Habor Civil Rights Committee as they investigated the destruction of a public hall in Aberdeen, Washington. He also represented CIO official Dick Law at the inquest into the death of his wife, labor activist Laura Law.

Caughlan returned to the King County Prosecutor's Office in 1940, but was informed that he would only be permitted to resume work there if he would publicly denounce the Soviet Union. He refused to do so, was dismissed, and spent the rest of his career in private practice, having as partners at various times Siegfried Hesse, Leonard Schroeter, C.T. Hatten and Lee A. Holley.

Civil liberties and human rights were the two overarching concerns that informed Caughlan's professional activities. In the 1940s and 1950s he represented labor unions, union activists, the Communist Party, the Washington Pension Union, Henry Huff in the Smith Act case of United States v. Henry Huff et al., foreign-born residents facing deportation because of their political activities, and individuals accused of "subversive" or "un-American" activities in cases related to the Smith Act, the McCarran Act, and the McCarran-Walter Act. Hazel Wolf was one of these, threatened with deportation for Commumist Party membership. He also represented, with his partner C.T. "Barry" Hatten, a number of witnesses before the hearings conducted by the Washington State Legislature's Joint Legislative Fact Finding Committee on Un-American Activities, led by Albert F. Canwell, in 1947-1948. He also represented several individuals before the House Committee on Un-American Affairs (HUAC) at its Seattle hearings in 1954, and handled many cases involving screening of Coast Guard personnel. Caughlan had been charged with perjury in 1948, two years after stating in the course of testifying in an immigration case that he was not a member of the Communist Party. He was acquitted, but was himself called before HUAC in 1954 to face the charge again. In 1961 Caughlan was convicted of failure to pay income tax. He served six months in the federal prison camp on McNeil Island and was suspended from practice for thirty days.

Five of Caughlan's cases went to the United States Supreme Court; the most significant of these were Herbert Schneider vs. Willard Smith, Commandant, United States Coast Guard, 1968, which invalidated Cost Guard screening procedures for personnel on United States merchant marine vessels, and United States vs. Eugene Robel, 1967, which invalidated a section of the Subversive Activities Control Act (McCarran Act) which had prohibited employment at defense facilities of members of Communist-action organizations.

In the 1960s and 1970s Caughlan's focus moved to other issues such as segregation and racial discrimination, and human rights beyond the United States. He travelled to Mississippi in the summer of 1964 with other attorneys to assist in the defense of civil rights activists there; at home in Seattle he was involved in racially charged cases, working with members of the Black Panther Party and protesting inquest procedures (which were later changed) in the inquest into the killing of black activist Larry Ward by Seattle police. Caughlan handled many conscientious objector and Selective Service cases during the Vietnam War.

Human rights abuses by governments supported by the United States were an issue of ongoing concern for Caughlan. In 1977 he went to the Philippines as part of a delegation headed by former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark, on a fact-finding mission to investigate human rights violations by the Marcos regime. During the 1980s he travelled several times to Central America, particularly Nicaragua, participating in a National Lawyers Guild mission in 1984 to observe the Nicaraguan elections, and also represented Central American refugees in their immigration cases. After the1981 murders of Filipino union organizers and anti-Marcos activists Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes, Caughlan was part of the legal team which represented the families in a civil suit against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos and the Republic of the Philippines, and which was ultimately successful in proving a connnection between the Marcos regime and the murders. In the 1980s Caughlan was also much concerned with nuclear power issues, serving as part of the legal team that defended environmental activists of the Crabshell Alliance after their demonstrations against the construction of the Satsop nuclear facility. He also helped to draft state initiatives banning the importation of nuclear waste into Washington state, and requiring voter approval of the construction of nuclear facilities. In the late 1980s Caughlan became very involved with the Oakland, California-based Line of March, an organization dedicated to the study and analysis of the history and development of Marxist-Leninist thought.

In the 1990s, Caughlan was part of the legal team working on the case of Willem Eickholt, whose boat was seized by United States Customs officials upon his return from a humanitarian mission to Cuba. During this time Caughlan was active in the cause of independent and small party politics, and was involved in the effort to promote Ralph Nader's 1996 presidential campaign.

Caughlan served on the board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. He was a member of the National Lawyers Guild from its founding in 1937 and served on its executive board and committee and as chairperson of its International Committee. He was also a founder and an active member of the Seattle chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Caughlan died on April 17, 1999.


Arranged in two accessions according to the date of receipt:

  • Accession No. 0704-001, John Caughlan papers, 1933-1965
  • Accession No. 0704-002, John Caughlan papers, 1936-1999

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Accession No. 0704-001
John Caughlan papers, 1933-1965
22.26 cubic feet (53 boxes and one oversize folder)
Arranged in two series:
  • Personal and Professional Papers, 1933-1999
  • Related Organizations' Records, 1950-1998
Scope and Content
This accession consists primarily of case files (which include correspondence, pleadings, reports, newsletters and related material) and documents Caughlan's cases from the 1930s and 1950s; significant cases include the Smith Act case of United States vs. Henry Huff, the Canwell hearings, the defense of Richard Law, multiple cases for the Marine Cooks and Stewards Union, and cases involving the Washington Pension Union.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Personal and Professional Papers1933-1999
Arrangement: Arranged by document type.
Case Files
1/1Adams, Nona (Medical Care Program)1951
1/2Alcantro, Alex (Immigration)undated
1/3-8Allen, Eugenia B. (vs. Office Employees International Union)1953-1961
1/9Bigelow, William Charles1947-1948
1/10-2/1Blichfeldt, Julius Bernhardt1939, 1948-1956
2/2Boggs, Elizabethundated
General Notes: See also: Communist Party. NW Dist. Committee
2/3Bolongan, Aurelio Manac (Immigration)1953
2/4Bonilla, Pete (Immigration)1952
2/5Booth, John L. (Coast Guard Screening)1951, 53
2/6Bradley, Stuart L.1954
2/7Braun, Joseph N. (Seattle Housing Authority)1958
2/8-10Bridges, Harry 1949-1955
Scope and Content: Includes bound volume of ILWU Newsletters.
2/11-3/5Building Service Employees International Union (BSEIU) 1945, 1947
Scope and Content: Includes bound volume of hearing transcript.
3/6Butterworth, Joseph (Social Security)1953
General Notes: See also: Canwell case
3/7Carlson, Frank 1950
Historical Note : Also known as Solomon Skolnick.
4/1Carmichael, E. Brooke1955
Caughlan, John1948-1957
4/2-3General Correspondence1948
4/4-5Caughlan vs. I.L.W.U., Local 37 (Charges for Services)1953-1957
4/6U.S. vs. Caughlan (False Statement re. Political Affiliation)1948
4/7-8Caughlan, et al. vs. Doyle, et al., (HUAC)1956
4/9Chiles, Stokes (Loyalty Security Screening)1951-1954
4/10Civil Rights Congress vs. Seattle School District Board of Directors (Auditorium Use)undated
Communist Party. Northwest District Committee
4/13-14Boggs, Elizabeth and Heine Huff vs. City of Seattle (Auditorium Use)1940, 1943
4/15-5/5Communist Party USA vs. Belle Reeves, Secretary of State (Representation on Ballot)1940-1948
5/6Phil Frankfeld vs. Seattle Times (Libel)1943-1944
5/7-6/5Crain, James Joseph (Immigration)1938, 1947-1957
Historical Note : Crain also known as Crane or Cryan.
Scope and Content: Includes testimony of Joseph Butterworth.
6/6Crouch, Paul (Witness)1950, 1954, undated
6/7-10Dailey, Cecil E. vs. Housing Authority of the City of Seattle (Gwinn Amendment)1954-1955
7/1-2Daschbach, John (Referendum)1951
7/3De Lacy, Hugh (Libel)1946-1948
7/4Dennett, Eugene V. and Conrad H Espe,. (Affidavits)1949
7/5De Vries, Warntje (Regional Loyalty Board Hearing)1950
7/6-7Ferguson, John E.[James Stewart]1950
General Notes: See also: Bridges, Harry (Immigration)
7/8-9Finnish Workers Federation, Aberdeen - Hoquiam1940-1942
7/10-9/4Fisher, Avalo Allison vs. U.S.A. (False Statement, Taft-Hartley, Non-Communist Affidavit)1957-1962
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley et al. vs. U.S.
9/7Transcript Analysis1951-1952
10/1-11/1Three bound volumes – Pleadings1952
11/2Foster, William Z.1949
11/3-8Free Press Publishing Corp. vs. Ashley Holden (Libel)1933, 1938, 1943-1945
11/9-12/1Friel, Edward vs. Painters, Decorators, et al. Union Trial1947
12/2Frontier Book Store1943
12/3-5Fujimoto, Charles K. (Hawaii Case)1955, undated
12/6-9Garph, Mike Biddle (Immigration)1949-1958
12/10Gladstein, Richard (Contempt)1952
12/11Gray, Lonnie (Screening)1951, 1953
12/12Hanson, David1957-1958
13/1Henderson, Melvin (Murder Victim)1944
13/2-9Hernandez-Avila, Juan Manuel (Immigration)1961-1963
13/10Higa, Buster (Screening)1951-1953
13/11-12Hobson, Annie (Immigration)1951-1956
Huff, Henry P.
13/13Income Tax Matter1953, 1959
U.S. vs. Huff (Smith Act Violation)
Scope and Content: Also known as Huff vs. U.S.
General Notes: See also: Daschbach
13/14-14/8General Correspondence1952-1958
General Correspondence1953-1954
14/9Stanton, Munro, and Dean
14/10Lessor, Sarah1952-1953
14/12Central Files Vol. I1952
14/13-15/1Central Files Vol. II1953
15/2Central Files Vol. III1953
15/3Central Files Vol. IV1953-1954
15/4Central Files Vol. V1954-1955
15/6Appendix to Appellate Courtundated
15/7-8Bail1952-1953, 1958
15/9Bail Bonds1952, 1957
16/1Bail Bonds on Appeal1953-1954, 1957-1958
16/2Bail Reduction1957-1958
16/4-6Dismissal1952, undated
16/7Exhibits, Subpoena ducus tecum1953
16/8In Forma Pauperis1953
16/11Motion to Strike1953
16/12Motion for Leave to Travel1952-1953
17/1Travel Post Trial1954-1957
17/7Financial Records1953-1955
Subject Files
17/9Fletcher, Jesse (Witness)1953
17/10Hartle, Barbara (Witness)1954
18/1Jury Panel Material - Voir Direundated
18/2Lautner, John (Witness)1952
18/3Smith Act Attorneys1952
18/5-6Legal Research1949, 1950, 1958
18/8NW Citizens Defense Committee1953
18/9-10Notes1953, undated
Collateral cases
18/11United States vs. Pennock1952-1953
18/12-13United States vs. Daschbach (aka Daschbach vs. U.S.)1953-1954
19/1United States vs. Pettus (aka Pettus vs. U.S.)1952-1954
19/2Pettus and Daschbach consolidated1954-1955
19/3-6United States vs. Phillips (aka Phillips vs. U.S.)1950-1955
General Notes: See also: Misc. oversize box 3
19/10Huntamer, L.C. et al. vs. Earl Coe, Secretary of State (Affidavit of Candidacy)1952
19/11-20/1Iversen, Stanley O. vs. Seattle Gas Co. (Libel)1954-1958
20/2Jackson, Paul (Immigration)1957
20/3-8Jay, Cecil Reginald (Immigration)1952-1958
20/9Josue, I. Ignacioundated
20/10Kairis, Milton (U.S. Coast Guard Screening)1958
20/11Kildall, William Ross (Screening)1958-1962
21/1-10Knaisky, Alex (Immigration)1940-1954, undated
21/11-22/3Kohler, Charles (Immigration)1949-1957
22/4Kokoff, Joe [aka Mike K.] (Immigration)1958-1959
Law, Richard (Murder of Laura Law)
22/5General Correspondence1940
22/10Clippings1940, 1949-1950
Subject Files
Grays Harbor Civil Rights Committee
22/12General Correspondence1940
23/3News Releases1940
23/9Collateral Case – Johnson vs. Moir1942-1943
23/10-11Law, Richard vs. U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (Income Tax Appeal)1942-1943, 1950
23/12Lemon, Ralph vs. Earl S. Coe, Secy. of State (Candidacy)1948
23/13Lind, Walter vs. Marine Cooks and Stewards1963
23/14Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s International Union. Local 161949
General Notes: See also: Bridges, Harry vs. Thomas Graham
23/15-24/10Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s International Union. Local 37 vs. John P. Boyd, District Director Immigration & Naturalization Service.1949, 1951-1954
Scope and Content: Includes ILWU Defense Committee Bulletins
24/11-25/6Luckman, George (Immigration)1944-1952
25/7-9McConney, Norman Rowe (Immigration)1959-1961
25/10Machinists, International Association. Local 79 vs. Seattle Central Labor Council (Jurisdictional dispute)1946-1948
26/1-2MacKay, Hamish Scott, and William A. Mackie (Immigration)1955
General Notes: See also: Niukkanen, William
26/3-27/3Mangaoang, Ernesto A. (Immigration)1950-1954, 1956
Marine Cooks and Stewards Union vs. Arnold, George
27/4-6General Correspondence1949-1954
27/7-28/5Superior Court – King County1949-1952
28/6-29/2Supreme Court – Washington1950-1954
29/3Supreme Court – United States1954
29/4-30/1Statement of Fact1951
30/2Superior Court – Washington – King County1951
30/6-10Notes1951-1953, undated
31/2Miscellany1949-1952, undated
31/3-5vs. Baker, Herbert1950-1952, 1959
31/6vs. McMonagle, Marshall1948-1951
31/7vs. Irwin – Lyons Lumber Company1948
31/8-10vs. Petroleum Navigation Company1947-1949
31/11vs. Rotan, Dan and Jack Taylor1948
31/12-13vs. Tulip, George and Charles Birdsall1948, 1950
Other Cases
31/14McMonagle, M.R. vs. Pacific Atlantic Steamship Company1946
31/15-16National Labor Relations Board vs. Harris, Joseph1949
31/17National Labor Relations Board vs. Pacific American Shipowners Association1952
31/18Nichols, Charles vs. Dombroff, John Doe1949
31/19Screening (U.S. Coast Guard)1952
32/1-2Mensalvas, Chris D. (Immigration)1952-1954
32/3-5Navarro, Nemosio Costales (Immigration)1954-1957
32/6Nelson, Burt (re: Subversive Activities Control Board)1962
32/7-8Nelson, Herbert L. vs. U.S. Army (Denied Commission)1954
32/9-10Niukkanen, William[William Mackie] (Deportation)
General Notes: See also: MacKay, Hamish Scott and Wm. Mackie
32/11Olson, Ardis (Navy Screening)1949
Orloff, Stanley (Army Discharge)
33/1Patrick, Robert E. adv. City of Spokane (Free Speech)1947
33/2-6Paulson, Clara and Gunnar (Denaturalization)1954-1957
33/7-10People’s Programs (Vincent J. Davis) vs. City of Seattle; Civic Auditorium re Paul Robeson Performance1952
33/11Powell, John W. and Julian Schuman (Sedition)1959
33/12-14Powers, Patrick vs. Marine Firemen1957, 1959
34/1-6Prudencio, Jose (Immigration)1950-1954, undated
34/7-35/2Rabang, Henry Ragonton (Immigration)1951-1958
35/3-5Raimondi, Pietro Biagio (Deportation)1954-1955
35/6-7Reinecke, John1948
35/8-36/1Rogers, Joseph, and Charles James vs. Mandin, J. and Monear, C.1958-1959
36/2-6Rystad, Tora (Immigration)1955-1958
36/7Sailor’s Union of the Pacific1950
36/8Sana, Miguel Asuncion (Immigration)1953
36/9-37/12Sasieff, Boris (Immigration)1949-1950, undated
38/1-39/4Scheiderman, William, et al. adv. U.S. (Smith Act – U.S. District Court, Southern District of California)1951-1952
39/5Shynn, Doo Sik (Immigration)1956
39/6Smith Ben H.1964
39/7Sobeleski, Helen (Grays Harbor Civil Rights Committee)1940
39/8Sulak, Frank (Immigration)1942
Sutherland, Milford
39/9Income Tax Matters1958
39/10-40/5SACB Hearings1964
40/6Swenson, H.F. vs. Seattle Central Labor Council1946
40/7Taylor, William (Screening)1953
40/8-11Torres, Ponciano Mendosa (Immigration)1950-1951, 1953
40/12-13Tougaw, S.O. and Robert Olson Logging Co. (NLRB)1947-1948
41/1-3Tueter, Charles Anthony (False Statement on Application for Citizenship)1949-1951, 1956
41/4Van Lydegraf, Clayton (IRS)1958
41/5Ward, Alexander (U.S. Coast Guard Screening)1952
41/6Warner, Tom adv. City of Seattle1962
Washington Pension Union
41/7-41/8Chronological1940-1942, 1945-1949
41/9Dill, Clarence C. (re Initiative 141)1940
41/10Canwell Hearings1941-1942, 1946-1949
41/11-12WPU vs. State of Washington rel. Dana T. Robinson (Canwell)1948
Individual Cases
41/13-14State of Washington in re Edward Pettus vs. Olzendam, dir. Dept. of Social Security1949-1951
41/15-16WPU & William J. Pennock, et al. vs. Olzendam, R. – Dir. Dept. of Soc. Security (WA) re Init. 1781950-1951
41/17WPUb vs. Cliff Yelle, Auditor, State of WA1948
41/18Proposed (Subversive) Designation of the American Bar Association by the Attorney General1953
41/19Brownell vs. W.P.U.1954
41/20WPU vs. Subversive Activities Control Board1962-1965
42/1Anderson, Morris et al. vs. Olzendam, R. – Dir. Dept. of Social Security (WA)1950
42/2Calkins, Duff, Kolloen1941, 1947, 1948
42/3Carpenter, Emma R.1951
42/4Giles, Harry1949
42/5Judd, Emma (Old Age Assistance Grant)1953
42/6Kroener, Edmond G.1949
42/7Larson, Ada Maud1949-1950
42/8Pennock, William vs. Townsend National Weekly (Libel)1952, 1953
42/9Regnier, David H1949-1950
42/10-11Robinson, Ira V. and Libby H.1945-1951, 1954
42/12WPU 16th Annual Convention1953
42/17Wheeler, Don (Subpoena)1953
42/18Wilkins, Eugene M. vs. Carlander, C., et al., Commissioners, Port of Seattle (Non Subversive Oath)1956-1957
Wolf, Hazel A. (Immigration)
42/19Biographical Featuresundated
42/20-43/7General Correspondence1947-1962, undated
43/8-45/10Pleadings1947-1961, undated
45/11-46/4Transcripts1949-1950, 1957, 1961
46/5-6Senate Bill No. 14251954, 1956
46/7-10Notes1949-1961, undated
46/12Legal Documents – Photostats1958
46/15Wolf, Walter (Immigration)1954-1955
Canwell Hearings and Resulting Cases
47/1General Correspondence1948-1950
47/2Butterworth, Joseph vs. Edward H. Lauer (UW)1948
47/3-5Forschmiedt, Rachmiel adv. State of WA1948-1949
General Notes: See also: Huff, et al.
Gundlach, Ralph adv. State of WA1949
47/6-7Transcript – Statement of Facts Vols. I and II
48/1-3Pleadings – Appeal1950-1951
48/5-8James, Burton1948-1950, undated
James, Florence Bean
48/9-13King County Superior Court1948-1949
48/14-15Washington Supreme Court1949
48/16U.S. Supreme Court1950-1951
48/17Speeches and Writingsundated
48/18Lists – Seattle Repertory Playhouse
48/19-21Ottenheimer, Albert1948-1951
48/22Pennock, William J.1948
49/1-2Phillips, Herbert J.1948
The Seattle Six:
Historical Note : The Seattle Six are Forschmiedt, Ralph Gundlach, Florence James, Burton James, Albert. Ottenheimer, and Herbert Phillips.
49/3General Correspondence1951
49/7Financial Records
49/8Briefing Material1948
49/10-11Washington Pension Union1948
49/12Armstrong, H. C.1948
49/13Budenz, Louis1948
49/14Costigan, Howard and Isabel1948
49/15Eldridge, Sarah M.1948
49/16Fogg, Kathryn,1948
49/17Hewitt, George (aka Holmes)1948
49/18Honig, Nat and Mrs. I.undated
49/19-20Huson, Homer1938, 46, 48, 54
49/21Jewell, Moro (Detective)1948
50/1Kirk, Chris Elmerundated
50/2Re: Leech, John1950
50/3Smith, Claude M. and R.undated
50/4Smith, Howard F.1948
50/5Sunoo, Harold1959, 1953
50/6Warren, Ward Firmanundated
Subject Files
50/7Government Witnesses1948
50/8Canwell Hearing Witnessesundated
50/10Vouchers1947, 1948
50/11-13General Correspondence1945-1949, undated
50/14Cain, Harry – Resignation1956
50/15Civil Rights1953, 1956
50/16Harbor Probe, Seattle1953
50/17-51/3Immigration and Deportation Materials1947-1953
Scope and Content: Includes item related to Coast Guard Screening.
51/4International Workers Order1954
51/5-6U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Un-American Activities (Velde Committee)1954
51/7Jury Lists, Data
Civil Rights Congress [Newsletters]
51/10Civil Rights Law Letter1955-1956
51/11International Association of Democratic Lawyers1957, 1962
51/12International Institute for Peace1962, 1963
51/13The Reporter1957-1958
51/14World Council for Peace, Bulletin of the1962-1965
51/15Pamphlets (miscellaneous)
52/1Communist Trials1952
52/1Caughlan Contempt of Court1950, 1952
52/2“Reds” Trials1955
52/3UW Professors Charged with Communist Activities1948-1949
52/4Case Files – Others1935
Scope and Content: Includes three immigration cases that were not related to Caughlan.
52/5Miscellany1948-1949, undated
Related Organizations' Records1950-1998
52/6ACLU Washington, Due Process Committee1965
American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born
52/7General Correspondence1948-1950, 1964
52/8U.S Supreme Court Cases1952, 1956-1957
52/9-10Newsletter - Bulletin: ACPBF1953-1959, 1967
53/1Committee to Secure Justice for Martin Sobell1956, 1959-1960, 1964
53/2-3Pennock (William J.) Memorial Association1953-1955, 1962-1963
53/4Progressive Party of Washington Nominating Convention1948
53/5-8Washington Social Security Committee1940-1952

Accession No. 0704-002
John Caughlan papers, 1936-1999 (Bulk: 1950-1989)
32.39 cubic feet (32 boxes, two oversize folders and two vertical files)
Arranged in two series:
  • Personal and Professional Papers, 1936-1999
  • Related Organizations' Records, 1950-1998
Scope and Content
This accession consists largely of case files (which include correspondence, pleadings, reports, newsletters and related material) and documents Caughlan's cases from the 1940s through1990s; significant cases include United States vs. Robel, Schneider vs. Smith, Domingo et al . vs. Ferdinand Marcos et al., conscientious objector cases, and cases involving members of the Black Panthers, including Elmer Dixon. Also included is addition material related to Caughlan's work on behalf of clients called to testify in the Canwell Committee hearings. Subject files document his interest in and visits to Central America and the Philippines. Caughlan's partial autobiography is in the Writings file; other of his writings are interspersed in the papers (their presence has been marked with a note whenever possible). Related organizations' records show his involvement with the National Lawyers Guild, both on the national and local levels; material types include correspondence, agendas and minutes, working notes, conference and convention files, and historical materials. A photo album of the Seattle chapter's 50th anniversary is also present. A copy of Caughlan's FBI file is also included.
Terms of Access
Open to all users, but access to portions of the papers restricted. Contact repository for details.
Acquisition Info
Gift of Goldie Caughlan, August 19, 1999.
Processing Info
Processing begun by Midori Okazaki in 1999 and completed by Janet Polata in 2007.
Personal and Professional Papers1936-1999
Biographical Features
1/180th Birthday Celebration1989
Scope and Content: John Caughlan's 80th birthday celebration was a "roast" which also served as a fundraiser for the Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes; this file includes the printed program from the event as well as copies of some of the tributes presented.
1/2-3 Memorial, May 29, 19991999
Scope and Content: Includes memorial program as well as tributes written for the occasion by friends and associates, and the materials from a display of Caughlan's Supreme Court cases.
1/4Vital Records1964, 1976
1/5Clippings1987, 1999
Scope and Content: Includes Seattle Times obituary and Bar Bulletin article about Caughlan's career.
Speeches and Writings
1/6-7Autobiography draftundated
1/8Article on McCarran Act in American Civil Liberties Union News1964
1/9Miscellaneous1980, 1982, undated
Federal Bureau of Investigation File
1/10-11Part 11941-1946
1/12-13Part 21946-1950
1/14-16Part 31951-1963
1/17-18Part 41963-1972
Scope and Content: Includes one unidentified, undated snapshot, presumably of Caughlan's family.
Case Files
1/25Allen, Eugenia (Expulsion from Office Employees' International Union, Local 8)undated
1/26Bennett, Clarence (Police Misconduct, False Arrest)1973
1/27Bouiss, Helene (Immigration)1946
1/28Braune, Paul (Disbarment)1961-1962
1/29Brooks, C.J. and Reddit, Robert (Contempt of Court and False Statements in case of Ermie Estill)1956-1957
1/30-31Brown, Janette (Nuclear Train; Peace Law; Protest Defense)1985
1/32Browning, Ola M. and John P. (vs. Slenderella; Discrimination)1959
Brunnenkant, Siegfried
Security Clearance Hearing
1/33Incoming Letters1969-1972
1/34Outgoing Letters1969-1972
2/3Notes1966-1970, undated
vs. Melvin Laird, Secretary of Defense (Security Clearance Appeal)
2/4Incoming Letters1972-1973
2/5Outgoing Letters1972-1973
2/6-7Pleadings1973, undated
2/11Bullock, Ethel (Loyalty)1948-1952, undated
2/12Butler, Benjamin (Loitering, Constitutionality)1947, undated
Byrd, Abraham Ruddell (Rudy) (Conscientious Objector, Court Martial)
2/13Incoming Letters1969, 1972
2/14Outgoing Letters1969, undated
2/16Record of Trial, Summarized1968
2/17-18Record of Trial, Verbatim1969
2/19Notes1968-1969, undated
2/20Cannery Workers' and Farm Workers' Union, Local 7 (Attempted Dissolution of Local by King County)undated
Canwell Hearings
2/21Historical Features1997-1998, undated
2/22General Correspondence1947
2/23Incoming Letters1948-1957
2/24Outgoing Letters1952, 1957, 1980
2/26-3/7Butterworth, Joseph (Edward H. Lauer vs. Butterworth)1948
3/8-11Friel, Brother Edward1947
Gundlach, Ralphundated
3/12Gundlach vs. Norman R. Riddellundated
3/13State of Washington vs. Gundlachundated
3/14-16James, Florence Bean (State of Washington vs. Bean)undated
Phillips, Herbert J.
3/17-18Edward Lauer vs. Phillips1949
3/19-20Phillips vs. United States1953, undated
3/21Subject File: All Powers Project1997-1998, undated
Historical Note : All Powers Necessary and Convenient was a play presented at the University of Washington about the Canwell hearings and the dismissal of several University faculty members.
3/22Clippings1948-1950, undated
32/20-23Photographs and negativescirca 1947-1948
Cassidy, Douglas (Conscientious Objector)
3/24General Correspondence1968-1969
3/25-26Selective Service Paperwork1967-1968, undated
Caughlan, John
United States vs. Caughlan (Perjury)
3/32Washington State vs. Caughlan1951
3/33vs. International Longshoremen's Union, Local 37-C (Recovery of Fees) 1957-1958
3/34vs. Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Libel)1965
3/35Washington State Bar Association vs. Caughlan1968, undated
3/36Contempt of Court (Larry Ward Inquest)1970
3/37Estate of Hendrik Barslaag vs. Caughlan1976, undated
3/38Gwendolyn Williams Grievance Regarding Estate of James Williams1994
4/1Clemente, Serna (Immigration)1953
4/2Collins, Bishop (Right to Counsel)1968-1969, undated
4/3Corley, Milton (vs. National Maritime Union; Refusal to Register, Loyalty)1957-1958
Crabshell Alliance (Washington Public Power Supply System vs.) (Trespassing; Peace Law; Nuclear Defense)
Scope and Content: Additional material relating to this case can be found in the National Lawyers Guild material in the Related Organizations' Records section of this accession.
4/4General Correspondence of Legal Team1978-1979, undated
4/5Minutes of Legal Team Meetings1978-1979, undated
4/6-7Pleadings1978, undated
4/8-9Notes and Research1978, undated
4/10Crain, James Joseph (Immigration)undated
Craycroft, Peter (Conscientious Objector; Court Martial)
4/11Incoming Letters1967-1978
4/12Outgoing Letters1967-1978
4/13Record of Trial, Summarized1967
4/14Record of Trial, Verbatim1968
vs. Clark Clifford et al.
4/15United States District Court1968, undated
4/16United States Court of Appeals1968
vs. Ferrall et al.
4/17United States District Court1968
4/18United States Court of Appeals1968
Combined Cases
4/19United States District Court1973
4/20United States Court of Appeals1968, 1970
4/21United States Supreme Court1969
4/23Reference Cases1966, undated
4/24"Miscellany"1967-1968, undated
Cuadra, Santos vs. Queen Fisheries
4/27Dailey, Cecil E. (vs. Seattle Housing Authority; Constitutionality of Gwinn Amendment)undated
4/28Dickens, Calloway Ronald (Robbery): Pleadings1965
4/29Dixon, Aaron (State of Washington vs. Dixon; Unlawful Assembly; Black Panthers)circa 1969
Dixon, Elmer (Black Panther)
State of Oregon vs. Dixon (Armed Robbery)
4/30Incoming Letters1971-1972
4/31Outgoing Letters1970-1972
4/32-5/4Transcript of Trial, United States District Court1969
5/5-6Oregon State Court of Appeals1970-1971, undated
5/7United States Supreme Court1970-1971
5/9Custody of Merrill Dixon1974, undated
Dixon et al. vs. Washington Natural Gas Company, et al. (Illegal Surveillance; Wiretapping)
5/10General Correspondence1974
5/12Notes and Research1969, undated
5/13Clippings1970, 1973, undated
5/14Investigation of Seattle Black Panther Party; Congressional Hearing1970
Domingo, Silme and Gene Viernes
Domingo et al. vs. Republic of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos et al.
5/15Timeline and Backgroundundated
5/16Incoming Letters1981-1989
5/17Outgoing Letters1981-1993
Memoranda of Legal Team1987-1991
5/18Regarding Marcos' Secret Intelligence Slush Fundundated
5/19-23From Ring Binder1981-1982
5/30List of Docket Entries1990
6/1-3Volume I1981-1983
6/4-5Volume II1983, undated
6/6-7Volume III1983-1984, undated
6/8-9Volume IV1985-1986, undated
6/10Volume V1983
6/11-12Volume VI1985, undated
6/13-14Volume VII1984
6/15-16Volume VIII1982-1987
6/17-18Volume IX1983-1985, undated
6/19Volume X1986-1987
Scope and Content: A transcript of Ferdinand Marcos' videotaped deposition is in the folders for 1986.
9/3-4Drafts and Fragmentsundated
9/5-7Miscellany 1986-1988
Scope and Content: Includes pleadings; contents are in original order.
9/10Daily Trial Summaries1989
9/11-12Transcript (Volume II)1988-1989
9/13-14Deposition Summaries1983-1988
Testimony in Criminal Trial of Jimmy Ramil and Pompeyo (Ben) Guloy
9/15Annotated Summaryundated
9/16Partial Summaryundated
9/17Verbatim Transcript, Robert San Pablo1982
9/18-20Financial Records1983, 1992, undated
Scope and Content: Includes fee agreements, summaries of charges, and memoranda regarding distribution of settlement monies.
9/21-22Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes1981-1989, undated
Scope and Content: Includes administrative records, ephemera, and copies of Call for Justice, the Committee's national newsletter, and Update, the newsletter of the Committee's Seattle branch.
9/23-30Background Material on Philippines1957, 1968, 1977-1978, 1981, 1999
Language(s): Two items are in Tagalog.
Scope and Content: Includes writings by Caughlan, including a report on his 1957 trip to the Philippines. Also present are negatives and contact sheet of photographs from his 1977 trip, as well as publications, ephemera, articles and notes relating to labor issues, human rights abuses, and the World Peace Through Law conference that was held in Manila in 1977. Correspondents include Friends of the Filipino People.
10/1-9Notes and Research Materialundated
10/10-15Collateral Case: Pleadings in Domingo et al. vs. Leonilo Malabed1991, undated
10/16-18Clippings1981-1989, undated
10/19Ephemera1981-1982, undated
Scope and Content: Includes programs of memorials for Domingo and Viernes.
Terri J. Mast [Executrix of Domingo's Estate] vs. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and Keerkor Bedayan
Scope and Content: Bonita Clarke notes that this does relate to the case against Marcos, "even though it seems only an insurance matter."
10/20Incoming Letters1982-1984
10/21Outgoing Letters1982-1984
10/22Retainer Agreement1982
11/5Deposition Summaries1983
11/6Notes1981-1983, undated
Drifka, Douglas (Drifka et al. vs. Brainard, et al.; Mobilization of the First Squadron of the Eighteenth Armored Division, National Guard - "First of the Eighteenth"; Illegal Deployment; Violation of Guardsmens' Rights)
Scope and Content: Also includes some materials from the related case of Allen et al. vs. Brainard et al.
11/7Incoming Letters1968-1970
11/8Outgoing Letters1968-1969
11/9-10District Court1968
11/11-14Court of Appeals1968
11/15United States Supreme Court1968
11/16Personal Histories of Plaintiffsundated
11/17Retainer Agreements and Lists of Plaintiffs1968
11/18-19Notes and Research Materials1968-1969, undated
11/20-22Related Cases1968
11/24Edmondson, John Ernest (Coast Guard Screening)1950-1975
11/25Edwards, Alvin (Racial Discrimination, Arrest without Warrant, Illegal Search and Seizure)undated
Eickholt, Willem (Seizure of Property; Violation of Cuba Embargo)
11/26-28General Correspondence of Legal Team1993
12/1Miscellaneous Correspondence Regarding Case1993
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence seeking support from local legislators.
12/3-4Legal Memorandum from Roy J. Moceri1993
12/5-7Notes and Research Materials1993, undated
12/8Clippings1992-1993, undated
12/9Fagin, Ted (Court Martial)1961, undated
12/10Fisher, Avalo Allison (False Statement Regarding Membership in Communist Party)circa 1955
12/11-12Free Ballot Party (Certification of Party; Recovery of Fees; Sutherland, Kissler and Huff)1968-1970
12/13-18Fujimoto, Charles Kazuyuki; Pleadings (Smith Act)undated
12/19Garcia, George (Conscientious Objector)1969, undated
12/20Gilbert, Michael (Worker's Compensation)1990
12/21-22Gonzalez-Cordoba, Samuel (Deportation; El Salvador)1984-1986, undated
12/23Guilmet, George and Van Lydegraf (Proposal of Initiative 33, a declaration against the war in Vietnam) 1966, undated
12/24Hagen, James (Medical Release from Army)1970, undated
Heay, James (Correction of Military Record regarding Other-than-Honorable Discharge)
12/25Incoming Letters1969-1973
12/26Outgoing Letters1962-1973
General Correspondence
12/27Of Heay Family and Others, Seeking or Expressing Support for Case1969-1972
12/28Between James Heay and the United States Army1967-1970
12/29Army Records of James Heay1967-1969
12/30Notes1968, undated
12/31Petitions, Statements and Affidavits1968-1972
Hebert, Joseph (Wrongful Death; Police Shooting; Black Panthers)
12/32General Correspondence1975
12/34-35Police Reports1975
12/39Ephemera and Publicity Materials1975, undated
12/42Notes1975, undated
13/1Heikkila, William (Deportation; Communist Party Membership)1952, 1957
Heitz, Marilyn (Alaska Native Eligibility Claim, Tlingit and Haida Tribes)
13/2Incoming Letters1974-1979
13/3Outgoing Letters1974-1979
13/4General Correspondence of Heitz Family Members
13/7Transcript of Proceedings1977
13/8Exhibits1970-1977, undated
13/10-11Hodderson, Guerry (Freeway Hall Case; Freedom Socialist Party)1986-1987, 1995, undated
Scope and Content: Not Caughlan's case, but he provided an affidavit in support of Hodderson and the Freedom Socialist Party.
Huff, Henry P. (Smith Act)
13/12Incoming Letters1953-1954
13/13Outgoing Letters1953-1954
13/14-20Pleadings1952-1957, undated
13/23Collateral Cases; Dashbach vs. United States, Pettus vs. United States (Contempt of Court)undated
13/24-26International Association of Machinists (Amici Curiae in Swenson vs. Seattle Central Labor Council et al.; Representation of Employees)undated
13/27-28International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers, Local 25 (Tacoma Smelter)1959, undated
13/29-31Jackson, Richard (vs. Todd Shipyard; Workers' Compensation) 1977-1978
13/32Jackson, Walter (Curfew)1947
13/33-34Jay, Cecil Reginald: Pleadings (Immigration)1953-1955
Johnston, Harold and Nora Ann
Terms of Use: Closed until 2040; client privacy issues.
2738bWills1967-1969, undated
Terms of Use: Closed until 2040; client privacy issues.
13/37-38Property Transfers1974-1977
14/1Johnston, Lana (Membership in Muckleshoot Tribe)1997
14/2-18Kohler, Charles: Transcripts (Kohler, Wolf, Mangaoang, Jay et al.; Immigration)1950
14/19Kusnitz, Rose (Immigration)1956
14/20Lagunilla, Matias: Pleadings (Contempt of Court)undated
14/21Lenske, Reuben (Income Tax Evasion, Amicus)1966-1967
14/22Levine, Hollie (vs. Bastyr University; Wages Withheld)1997
Lima-Flores, José (also referred to as José Flores-Lima); (Immigration, Central America)
14/23Incoming Letters1984-1988
14/24Outgoing Letters1984-1987, undated
14/25-26Court of Appeals1984-1985
14/27Department of Justice1986
14/28Board of Immigration Appeals1986-1987
14/29-30Department of Justice Administrative Record1982-1987
15/2Lovett, Richard (Conscientious Objector)1969-1970
15/3Luckman, George (Immigration)1953
Mangaoang, Ernesto (Immigration/Deportation)
15/4Outgoing Letters1949-1950
15/5-6Pleadings1950, 1953
15/7Exhibit: Decision in Deportation Proceedings1951-1952
15/8-9McCarty, Rose: Pleadings (Medical Insurance Dispute)undated
15/10Mendez-Sanabria, Alfonso (Immigration)1982
Mercator Industries (Breach of Contract; vs. Willem Eickholt)
15/11General Correspondence1978
15/14Montgomery, Mark (Violation of Enlistment Contract)1968-1969
15/15Morgan, James (Social Security Benefits)undated
15/16-21National Union of Marine Cooks and Stewards: Pleadings (Libel)undated
Newlon, Norman (Conscientious Objector)
15/22Incoming Letters1966-1971
15/23Outgoing Letters1966-1971
15/25Notes and Background Material1962-1967, undated
Niukkanen, William (Communist Party; Deportation)
Historical Note : Not Caughlan's case, but he submitted an amicus curiae brief. Niukkanen was also known as William Mackie.
15/27-28Orloff, Stanley J. (Doctors Draft Act)1952
Osaki, Rei vs. Columbia Basin Project, Grant County, Washington (Appropriation of Land)
15/29Incoming Letters1952-1956
15/30Outgoing Letters1954-1957
15/31Pleadings1955-1956, undated
15/32Notes and Background Material1954-1956, undated
Scope and Content: The first folder contains six black-and-white photographs, presumably of the property in question.
15/33Padgett, Clarence Wayne (Desertion from United States Army)1987
15/34Paine, Alice (American Friends' Service Committee; Hiroshima Day Committee; Illegal Transfer of Funds)1966-1967, undated
16/1Pennock, William J.: Pleadings (Un-American Activities)1947, undated
16/2Poll, Tom (Conscientious Objector)1971, undated
16/3Progressive Citizens of America: Pleadings (Un-American Activities)1947
16/4Rabang, Henry: Pleadings (Immigration)1955-1956, undated
16/5Rance, Willie and Siegfried Hesse (Police Misconduct, False Arrest): Deposition of Willie Rance1954
Ranta, Carl (Coast Guard Security Screening)
Scope and Content: This is one of a number of Coast Guard screening cases handled by Caughlan. Because it was the first of the group on which the Coast Guard took action, many of the related cases did not have their own case files, and thus have been kept with the Ranta case. Other clients were Elmer Allen, Stokes Chiles, Stephen Connolly, John Edmonson, Nels Ekroth, Meyer Schneider, Robert Krahl, Ronald Simpson and Thomas Normann. Separate case files exist for Milton Corley and Ronald Simpson (in this accession) and Stokes Chiles (in accession 704-001).
16/6General Correspondence1957
16/9Loyalty Oath Questionnaireundated
16/10Notes1956-1958, undated
16.11Related Cases1951-1958
Robel, Eugene (Subversive Actvities, Defense Industry; Security)
Historical Note : Eugene Robel was an employee at Todd Shipyards in Seattle.
16/12Incoming Letters1963-1967
16/13Outgoing Letters1963-1967
16/14-15District Court1963-1966, undated
16/16Court of Appeals1971
16/17-20United States Supreme Court1965-1967
16/21Publicity1966, undated
Ruich, Tony
Immigration Case
16/23Incoming Letters1984, undated
16/24Outgoing Letters1984
16/25Pleadings1982-1984, undated
16/28Apex Equipment Company vs. Ruich (Payment Dispute)1984, undated
16/29Rystad, Tora (Immigration; Deportation)1958-1970
Scope and Content: Includes two passport-size black-and-white photographs of Tora Rystad.
Schneider, Herbert (Coast Guard Security Screening)
16/30Incoming Letters1967-1971
16/31Outgoing Letters1967-1970
16/32-36District Court1966-1968
16/37-38United States Supreme Court1966-1967
16/39Notes1967, undated
16/40-17/1Research Materials1965, undated
Ship Scalers, Dry Dock and Miscellaneous Boat Yard Workers' Union, Local 541
Suit Against Laborers' International Union of North America (Mishandling of Union Funds; False Statements; Union Elections)
17/2General Correspondence1975-1977
17/3-9Pleadings1973-1976, undated
17/10-16Exhibits1968-1974, undated
17/17-19Notes1971-1974, undated
Yvonne M. Quiroga vs. Ship Scalers (Dispute over Payment of Wages)
17/24Press Conference Materials1986
17/25-26Simpson, Ronald (Coast Guard Screening)1952-1958
17/27Stallings, Bob (Court Martial; Conscientious Objector)1969
17/28Steinlauf, Michael (George Jackson Brigade)1977
Talbot, Charles (Washington State Bar Association Matter)
17/29Incoming Letters1970-1974
17/30Outgoing Letters1970-1974
18/2Notes1967, 1974, undated
18/3Thompson, William (Conscientious Objector)1970
Vinnedge, Robert (Conscientious Objector; Court Martial)
18/4General Correspondence1967-1972
18/5Pleadings1970, undated
18/6-7Record of Trial, Verbatim1970
18/8Notes1969, undated
18/9Waldman, Selma (Demonstration)1969-1971
18/10-13Ware, Frank (Selective Service)1968-1972, undated
Washington Environmental Council (vs. Port of Pasco; Nuclear Issues; Food Irradiation)
18/14-15Incoming Letters to Legal Team1989-1991
18/16Outgoing Letters of Legal Team1989-1991
18/17-24Superior Court of Washington for Franklin County1988-1990, undated
18/25Court of Appeals1990, undated
18/26Washington State Supreme Court1991
18/27-28Exhibits1984-1990, undated
18/29-19/2Notes1987-1989, undated
19/4-7Publications1988-1990, undated
19/8-10Washington Pension Union: Pleadings (Canwell Committee; Subversive Activities Control Board)1948, undated
19/11Williams, Ed (Discrimination)1983, undated
Williams, Ernest Lee
Appeal of Arson Conviction
19/12General Correspondence1972-1976
19/15Notes1975, undated
vs. King County (Inadequate Medical Care in Prison)
19/16General Correspondence1972-1975
19/17-18Pleadings1972-1975, undated
Williams, James
Workers' Compensation Claim
19/19General Correspondence1991-1992
19/20Claim History1984-1985
19/22Anish Lal vs. Estate of James Williams1993-1994
19/23Williams, Ronald (Black Panther Party)1970, undated
Withey, Michael (Disbarment, Caughlan as Amicus Curiae)
19/24General Correspondence1976
19/25Letters of Support1976
19/26Pleadings1976, undated
Wolf, Hazel (Immigration)
19/28Incoming Lettersundated
19/29Outgoing Letters1962-1966
19/30Pleadings1956-1965, undated
19/33Notes1965, undated
Zilsel, Paul (Illegal Search and Seizure)
20/1General Correspondence1976-1977
20/2-3Pleadings1975-1976, undated
20/4Police Reports and Witness Statements1976
Scope and Content: Includes negatives of photographs of the building and apartment where the disputed search took place.
20/5Work in Progress and Hearing Notes (Caughlan's folder title)undated
20/6-7Miscellaneous - Grand Jury and Search and Seizure (Caughlan's folder title)1976, undated
20/8Miscellaneous or Unidentified Cases1941-1994, undated
20/9List of Cases, Caughlan & Hesse1953
Outgoing Letters
20/10To Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Times regarding coverage of accusations against Caughlan by the House Un-American Affairs Committee 1959
20/11To Sally Caughlan1962-1963
Scope and Content: Photocopies; written while Caughlan was serving his term at McNeil Island.
20/12On Caughlan's Behalf During his Prison Term1962
Scope and Content: Possibly written by Hazel Wolf.
20/13To the United States President1956, 1961
General Correspondence
20/15Berner, Richard, Manuscripts Curator, University of Washington Libraries1967-1968
20/16Goodman, Irvin1951
Historical Note : Regarding the death sentence for Utah and Turman Wilson
20/17Howell, Mary1996-1998
20/18Patricia [last name unknown]1995-1997
Scope and Content: Includes a letter from Lyle Mercer to Ralph Munro, Washington Secretary of State, recommending that John Caughlan be interviewed by the Washington State Oral History Program.
Writings of Others1969, 1985
20/28Anonymous (possibly Goldie Caughlan)undated
Historical Note : Found in James Heay file.
20/29Best, Norman: Excerpts from a Critique of the Market (joint project with Caughlan)1992
20/30-31Feldman, Jonathan Marc: "No Safe Distance"1990
Scope and Content: First draft of a screenplay about the Domingo-Viernes case.
20/32-34Fox, Kasandra: "Cry Against Twilight (On the Insanity of the Human Species)" (typescript, inscribed to Caughlan)undated
20/35-37Herman, Donald III and Graham, Philip Jr.: "The Suspect and the Law"1969
20/38Hesse, Siegfried: "When and How an Alien Can Obtain Release Pending Deportation and Exclusion Proceedings", by Siegfried Hesseundated
20/39Jackson, George: Poem1977
21/1Mathews, Allan J.: The Voice of Timeundated
Scope and Content: Family history of Nora Ann and Harold Johnston
21/2Nelson, Craig: "Craig Nelson on War Crimes Committed by the United States Army in Vietnam"undated
21/3Rystad, Gus (Translator): Norwegian Poems (typescript)1985
21/4Schroeter, Leonard1970, 1996-1998, undated
Scope and Content: Includes letters and articles.
21/5-6Teachout, Peter R.: "Technological Development and the Legal Process: The Role of the Courts in Consumer and Environmental Protection"undated
Scope and Content: A collection of materials; contains Caughlan's notes.
21/7-8White, James: "Introduction to Legal Expression"1969
Scope and Content: Edited by Peter R. Teachout from materials prepared by James White; used in BGS 200 at the University of Washington
21/9-10University of Washington School of Law: International Protection of Human Rights (Seminar Materials)1985
21/11-13Miscellaneous1963, 1984, 1987, 1993-1994, undated
Subject Files
21/14-16Miscellaneous Papers, Letters, Notes Which May Be of Use or Interest (Caughlan's envelope title)1982-1991, undated
Scope and Content: The first folder contains Caughlan's index to the materials. A note from Bonita Clarke speculates that these were to be used in some way in Caughlan's writings. Pieces relate to many of Caughlan's continuing interests--Central America, the Philippines, rights of indigenous peoples, peace, social justice, socialism.
21/1714th Amendmentundated
21/18Abraham Lincoln Brigade1939, undated
21/19Apartheid1985, undated
Scope and Content: Includes a flyer from the National Socialist White People's Party.
21/20-21Black Panther Party1966, 1969, 1975, undated
Scope and Content: Includes a short piece by Caughlan entitled "My Training to Become a Member of the Black Panther Party."
21/22-24Boudin, Kathy1982-1986, 1994-1995
Scope and Content: Includes three color snapshots of Kathy Boudin and her family.
21/25Boudin, Leonard1976, 1989, undated
21/26Braden, Carl (Discrimination in Housing)1955
Central America
Scope and Content: Materials relating primarily to Nicaragua, but also to Guatemala and to the region in general.
21/27-22/31990 Nicaragua trip1984-1990, undated
Scope and Content: The purpose of this trip was to observe the 1990 elections, and much of the material relates to this topic.
22/4-10Joint Legal Task Force on Central American Refugees1983-1988
22/11Lawyers Committee against United States Intervention in Central America (LACAUSICA)1985
22/12Salvadoran Teachers Union (ANDES)1980-1982
22/13-14Miscellaneous American Solidarity Organizations and Events1983-1985
22/15-21Publications1982-1989, undated
22/23Miscellaneous Oversize Box 9Ephemeraundated
Scope and Content: Several posters have been relocated to an oversize box.
22/25Civil Disobedience Panel (Chaired by Caughlan)1986
22/26Civil Rights Suits - Master File (Caughlan's title)1971, undated
Scope and Content: Includes pleadings and memoranda.
22/27Contempt of Court 1948-1949
23/1-3DeLacy, Hugh and Dorothy1969-1992
Scope and Content: Includes clippings and ephemera relating to Hugh DeLacy, his political career, and his work with the Committee to Protect the Foreign-Born. Also includes correspondence between Caughlan and Dorothy DeLacy regarding the transfer of DeLacy's papers to the University of Washington Manuscript Collection, and material regarding a memorial to DeLacy.
23/4Draft Ralph Nader for President1996
23/5Independent Progressive Political Organizing Committee1996
23/7Fort Lewis Riot and Court Martial1944, 1987
23/8Initiative 325 (Anti-Nuclear)1978-1979
23/9Isserman, Abraham1950, 1977
23/10Jackson, Jesse1984
23/11Law, Laura1940, 1948-1950, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1999
Scope and Content: Contains clippings, correspondence and ephemera
23/12Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights (Asylum)1979, undated
23/13-14Loyalty Oaths1947-1949, undated
23/15Mark Curtis Defense Committee1990, undated
23/16Maritime Unions and the Magnuson Act1952
23/17-21McCarran Act (Internal Security Act of 1950) Analyses and Pleadings1950, undated
23/22-23O'Higgins, Pablo1975-1987, undated
23/24Palestine Project1984-1987, undated
23/25Peace in Vietnam - Municipal Initiative1967, undated
Scope and Content: Possibly drafted by Caughlan
Arrangement: Caughlan's folder titles have been retained where they are known. Most folders contain a mix of newsletters, fact sheets, ephemera and clippings.
23/26Anti-Martial Law Coalition (later the Coalition Against the Marcos Dictatorship)1977, 1981, undated
23/27Asia Resource Center1982, 1987, undated
23/29-30Conference and Convention Files: Manila Conference on the Law of the World1977
23/31Ephemera1976-1977, undated
23/32Free Filipinos Legal Assistance Group1981-1998, undated
23/33Friends of the Filipino People1977, undated
24/1-4Information Regarding Detainees1977, undated
24/5Information Regarding Torture1977, undated
24/6Letters from Bicutan Detainees1977, undated
24/7Luce, Don and Clergy and Laity Concerned1977, undated
24/8-9Miscellaneous Background Material1977, undated
24/10-12Miscellany1974-1977, undated
Language(s): One item in [second folder] is in Tagalog
24/13National Committee to Oppose the Marcos State Visit; Committee to Oppose the Marcos Visit (Seattle, Washington)1981-1982
24/14National Democratic Front (Philippines)1985-1986
24/15-17Publications1975-1986, undated
24/18World Peace Through Law Investigating Committee1977, undated
24/19Seattle Liberation Front1970, undated
24/20Shibley, George (Civilian lawyer arrested by military police)1956, undated
24/21-22United States Congress, House Committee on Un-American Affairs (HUAC)1948, 1959-1961, undated
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with Frank J. Donner.
24/23-29Vietnam War 1957, 1968-1970, undated
Scope and Content: Includes pamphlets, newsletters and sample pleadings relating to conscientious objector and Selective Service cases as well as nonpayment of war taxes and background information on the war.
24/30Washington Pension Union1987
24/31Washington State Rainbow Coalition1989-1992, undated
25/1Wolf, Hazel1979, 1988, 1991-1996, undated
Scope and Content: Inclues clippings, writings, correspondence and transcripts. Transcripts are of interviews with Caughlan regarding Hazel Wolf, her activism and her immigration case, conducted by Susan Starbuck for a biography of Wolf. These transcripts also contain a fair amount of material about Caughlan's own activism.
25/2Woodson, Susan and Woodson, Harold Jr.1961, 1998
Course Materials
25/3-5Civil Rights Seminar, Edmonds Community College1973
25/6The Cold War - Lifetime Learning Center (course description only)1999
25/7-26/17Case Files of Others 1930s-1970s, undated
Scope and Content: Primarily pleadings; some have Caughlan's markings or notes. Topics include Cuba, race discrimination, immigration, free speech, right to counsel, treason (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Morton Sobell), the Smith Act, Alger Hiss (coram nobis petition), "subversive activities," the Communist Party of the United States. The largest amount of material in this series relates to cases of the American Committe to Protect the Foreign-Born.
26/18-19Publications1961, 1968
Scope and Content: Caughlan's copies of the New Testament and the Selected Military Writings of Mao Tse-Tung
Miscellaneous Oversize Box 3Certificates1936, 1947, 1956
26/20Obituaries, Memorials and Tributes to Others1963-1972, 1985-1997
26/21-24Ephemera1952, 1963-1964, 1985, 1993, undated
27/1About Caughlan and his Cases1940, 1954, 1964, 1987, undated
27/2-3"[Political] Climate, New York Times"1952-1953, undated
27/5Legal Documents1954
Related Organizations' Records1950-1998
27/6American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, Board of Directors1967-1968
Scope and Content: Primarily meeting agendas and minutes.
27/7Committee for Justice for Orozco and Carcamo1992-1994, undated
Historical Note : The Committee was founded to defend Oscar Uceda-Carcamo and Miguel Orozco-Delgado two Central American refugees who worked for refugee assistance organizations and who were indicted for conspiracy and filing false documents. The defense was ultimately successful. Orozco-Delgado was married to Caughlan's daughter, Mary.
27/8-9Florence Bean James Memorial Committee1988, undated
Scope and Content: Primarily correspondence, ephemera, notes, clippings, and drafts of the script for a multimedia presentation at the memorial.
Line of March
27/10Incoming Letters1988-1989, undated
27/11Outgoing Letters1983, 1988-1989, undated
27/12-13Memoranda1988-1989, undated
27/14-22Speeches and Writingsundated
Scope and Content: Includes writings by Caughlan as well as writings by others, unidentified pieces and pieces written jointly by Line of March participants.
27/24Minutes and Agenda1989, undated
27/25Legal Documents1986
27/26-28National Board Report1983-1989
27/29Pleadings1989, undated
27/30-32Notebook 1undated
28/1-4Notebook 2undated
28/5-7Subject File: Frontline1983-1989
28/8-9Line of March Internal Bulletin1988-1989
12/12-13The Restoration of Capitalism in the Soviet Unionundated
28/14-16Miscellany1980-1988, undated
28/18Clippings1984, 1988, undated
28/19Ephemera1988, undated
National Lawyers Guild
National Organization
28/21Historical Features1968, 1986-1998, undated
28/22General Correspondence1957-1960, 1977-1984
28/23-24Pleadings and Petitions1958,1965, 1998, undated
28/25-29/1National Executive Board and National Executive Committee1960s-1980s
Scope and Content: Primarily correspondence, agendas and minutes.
Committees and Topical Divisions
29/2Affirmative Action/Anti-Discrimination Committee1981
29/3Civil Liberties Committee1985
29/4-6Committee on Native American Struggles1983-1985, undated
Scope and Content: Material primarily concerns the rights of the Miskito tribe of Nicaragua (some are in Spanish); some materials relating to North American tribes and issues are also present.
International Committee1977-1986, 1994, undated
Historical Note : Caughlan served as chair of the International Committee.
Central America Task Force
29/7-8Administrative Records1981-1986, undated
Scope and Content: Primarily correspondence, memos and newsletters.
29/9-11Citizens Tribunal on United States Government Involvement in Central American and the Caribbean (Seattle), Planning Materials and Transcript1984-1987, undated
29/12-141983 Delegation
Historical Note : Caughlan visited Nicaragua in 1983 as part of a delegation invited by the Asociacion de Juristas Democraticos de Nicaragua (Democratic Jurists Association of Nicaragua), representatives of whom had previously visited Seattle. The delegation included members of the National Lawyers Guild, the Lawyers Committee Against Intervention in Central America (with which Caughlan seems to have also been affiliated) and the National Conference of Black Lawyers.
Scope and Content: Includes notes, correspondence, extensive background material prepared for the participants, and writings by Caughlan on the subject of the delegation and the Nicaraguan jurists' visit. A small amount of the material is in Spanish.
29/15-30/11984 Delegation1981-1989, undated
Scope and Content: The purpose of this delegation was to observe and report on the Nicaraguan elections. Includes Caughlan's travel diary, background material prepared for participants, and the delgation's final report.
30/2-4Peace and Disarmament Subcommittee1979-1986, undated
Scope and Content: Includes a speech by Ann Fagan Ginger delivered at a Peace and Disarmament Subcommittee workshop and a letter by Caughlan in response, as well as drafts of other writings by Caughlan.
30/5Philippines Delegation1985-1986
30/6Miscellaneous1977-1984, undated
Scope and Content: Includes writings, a speech by Caughlan, and material on the Philippines.
30/7Labor Committee1984
30/8Marxism and the Law Subcommittee1993
30/9-10Mississippi Summer Project1964
30/11-17National Immigration Project1978-1986, undated
30/18National Prison Project1978-1979, undated
30/19-21Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Vice President Support Committee1985-1986, undated
Subject Files
30/22Guild 50th Anniversary1986-1987
Scope and Content: Includes planning materials, clippings and commemorative journal.
30/23Guild Lawsuits against United States Attorney General and Federal Bureau of Investigation 1955, 1983-1984, undated
30/24International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union1980
Scope and Content: Includes a letter from Harry Bridges
30/25Japanese Visitors1992
Scope and Content: Includes copies of Dateline Tokyo newsletter
30/26Martin, Gordon1950, 1957
30/28-29Selective Service and Draft Issues1963, 1966-1968, undated
Conference and Convention Files: Guild Annual Conventions1964-1998
30/30-31/14Annual Conventions1964-1998
Scope and Content: The 1997 Convention materials include a piece (a reflection on the Convention and the Guild's history) by Caughlan entitled "La Lucha Continua."
31/15-17Northwest Regional Conference1985, undated
Scope and Content: Presented to Caughlan at the Guild's 1997 Annual Convention, in honor of his sixty years of membership.
31/19-25Writings1953, 1967, 1981, undated
Scope and Content: The first folder contains a piece on the McCarran Act that may or may not be by Caughlan.
31/27Contract between Guild and Guild National Staff Union1984
National Lawyers Guild, Seattle Chapter
31/28Historical Featuresundated
31/29General Correspondence1971-1998
31/30Minutes and Staff Reports1979-1986
31/31Financial Records1986, 1994-1995
32/1Policy Board1974-1979
32/2Executive Board1981-1988
32/3-8Nuclear Affairs Committee1979-1985, undated
Historical Note : This committee seems to have operated at some point under the name Anti-Nuclear Committee, but it has not been possible to pinpoint the dates for each name.
Scope and Content: Includes some materials related to the defense of the Crabshell Alliance, the Washington State Public Power Supply System, Initiative 382, the State Energy Financing Accountability Act proposed for the 1980 election, and an act, also proposed for 1980, banning the importation of nuclear waste into Washington state and requiring voter approval of the construction of nuclear facilities.
32/9Central America-Nicaragua Demonstrationundated
32/10Annual Banquet Journals1984-1987, 1990
32/11Photo Album from 50th Anniversary Banquet1987
Scope and Content: Includes two snapshots of Caughlan at the banquet; and enlarged color photocopies of both.
32/12Ephemera1968-1980, undated
32/14Other Chapters1969-1986, undated
Scope and Content: Includes small amounts of material from chapters including Detroit, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), New York City and Massachusetts.
32/15Peace and Freedom Party of Washington State1965-1967, undated
32/16-17Paul Robeson Centennial Committee1969, 1998, undated
Scope and Content: Contains a photograph of Paul Robeson at Peace Arch Park.
32/18-19Seattle Lawyers' Selective Service Panel1968-1969, undated

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Caughlan, John, 1909- --Archives.
Dixon, Elmer.
Domingo, Silme, d. 1981.
Huff, Henry P.
Law, Laura, d. 1940.
Law, Richard.
Viernes, Gene, d. 1981.
Wolf, Hazel, 1898-2000.
American Civil Liberties Union of Washington.
Line of March Black Liberation Commission.
Marine Cooks and Stewards Union.
National Lawyers Guild.
National Lawyers Guild. Seattle Chapter.
Seattle Black Panther Party.
Washington (State). Legislature. Joint Legislative Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities.
Washington Pension Union.
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Washington (State)--Civil rights.
Washington (State)--Politics and government.
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Case files.
Photograph albums.
Antinuclear movement--Washington (State)
Cannery workers--Labor unions--Washington (State) eattle
Communism--Washington (State)
Communist trials--United States
Communist trials--Washington (State)
Conscientious objectors
Governmental investigations--Washington (State)
Human rights uman rights--Central America--Central America
Human rights--Nicaragua
Human rights--Philippines
Lawyers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Pension trusts--Washington (State)
Subversive activities--Washington (State)
Trials (Political crimes and offenses)--United States
African Americans
Civic Activism
Civil Procedure and Courts
Civil rights
Civil Rights
Labor History
Labor Unions
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Politics and government
Social and community history
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