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Guide to the George F. Cotterill Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 0038
Creator: Cotterill, George F. (George Fletcher), 1865-1958
Title: George F. Cotterill Papers
Date Span: 1839-1958
Quantity: 12.78 cubic ft.
Languages: Collection materials are in English.
George F. Cotterill. Special Collections, UW Libraries, UW18861

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Biographical Note

Civil servant, elected official, moral reformer, surveyor, and engineer, George Fletcher Cotterill helped shape the city of Seattle in the literal as well as the figurative sense.

Cotterill was born in England to Alice and Robert Cotterill on Nov. 18, 1865. In 1872, the Cotterill family immigrated to the United States and settled in Montclair, New Jersey. Cotterill graduated from high school as class valedictorian in 1881, and studied surveying and engineering under the tutelage of a New Jersey county engineer for the next three years. During this time he participated in the platting and construction of Arlington cemetery.

Cotterill migrated to the Pacific Northwest in 1884. For several years he worked as a surveyor on various land, mining, and railroad projects before being hired by surveyor R.H. Thomson. With Thomson, Cotterill surveyed for the city's first sewer system and platted additions to rapidly expanding Seattle. When Thomson was appointed city engineer in 1882, Cotterill became his assistant. Among his responsibilities as assistant city engineer, Cotterill was assigned to the city water department and became instrumental in the development of the Cedar River water supply. The city, needing a fresher and less expensive source of water than the Lake Washington pumping system, approved the Cedar River gravity system in the mid 1890s. At the time, the city was out of funds to pay for the new water system, and Cotterill, a member of the task force responsible for improving Seattle's water supply, proposed the novel revenue bond system for municipal ownership of public utilities. The first of its kind in the United States, this public utilities plan was approved by citizen vote in 1896. Cotterill was also involved in the project to convert the tide flats south of the city into property capable of development.

Cotterill's advocacy of public utilities drew him into the political arena. In 1900 the nonpartisan party, through which he was promoting public utilities, nominated him for mayor. Cotterill accepted the nomination contingent on backing from the Democratic Party, which he received, and he ran as a Democratic candidate. Though Cotterill had grown up a Republican, the recent campaign of William Jennings Bryan had made him a Democrat. Cotterill did not win this election or the next, but in 1906 he ran for the state senate and won. One of his principal accomplishments while in office was the framing of the successful amendment to the Washington State constitution recognizing female suffrage. Because of this amendment, he recalled later with pride, his mother had been able to cast a ballot for the first time at the age of 75. Cotterill received the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in 1908 and again in 1910, but lost both times.

In 1912 Cotterill again ran for mayor, this time on a platform demanding moral reform. In an "open" city where vice had flourished since the Klondike gold rush, his campaign targeted Hiram Gill's legacy of graft in city government as well as rampant prostitution and gambling houses. Cotterill won this election, helped in part by the new ability of women to vote. Cotterill's term was punctuated by conflict and controversy, due to corruption in municipal government and the police department, labor unrest, an unsympathetic Seattle Times, and other causes. He regularly confronted opposition to his moral reform agenda, which was for the most part driven by strong temperance beliefs.

At the center of Cotterill's commitment to moral reform was his life-long crusade on behalf of temperance. His parents had joined the United Kingdom Temperance Alliance in 1865, consequently indoctrinating Cotterill from birth. As a child in England, Cotterill attended the local chapter his mother had formed of the Band of Hope, an organization for children's temperance education. Cotterill attended his first convention of the International Order of Good Templars in 1897 and remained involved in this organization for the rest of his life. He served for a time as Grand Secretary of the Washington State division and later as Chief Templar of the national division. In addition to his work with the Templars, he was a member of the Anti-Saloon League. In 1909, Cotterill was appointed by President Taft as U.S. representative to the International Congress against Alcoholism; in 1913 President Wilson reappointed him.

Cotterill did not seek a second term as mayor; instead he worked as a surveyor and engineer in private practice. From 1916 to 1919 he served as chief engineer of the state Highway Department. He returned to Seattle politics in 1922, running for Seattle port commissioner. He won, and served four consecutive three-year terms, 1922 to 1934.

Following his port commissioner post, Cotterill ran unsuccessfully for at least five various city and state offices between 1932 and 1951. He also ran for governor in 1928. Besides these campaigns, Cotterill worked a variety of jobs. Many of these were temporary positions, such as his position as consultant to the State Planning Council, and Cotterill faced some financial difficulty during the depression. He met with marginal success in his endeavors to get work under the WPA, in large part due to his advanced age. But Cotterill kept working, retiring at 84 only because he was forced out of his job as draftsman in the King County Assessor's office by a new county regulation of compulsory retirement for all employees over 70.

Cotterill was also active civically. He was a founding member of the Queen City Good Roads Club, and served as chairman of the paths committee. He was responsible for designing, surveying, and laying out over 25 miles of bicycle paths throughout Seattle, which became the basis of the city's boulevard system. He also wrote on Seattle and Northwest history, and in 1928 he published The Climax of a World Quest, a history of Puget Sound.

Cotterill's entire immediate family eventually migrated to the Puget Sound area. Cotterill married Cora Gormley in 1890, and in 1892 daughter Ruth was born. Ruth died in 1900, and George and Cora had no more children of their own. They did, however, raise a niece, Marjorie Avery nee Smith, as a foster daughter. Cora died in 1936 and Cotterill later married Katherine Owens. He died in 1958, at 92.

Scope and Content

The George F. Cotterill papers date from 1839 to 1958, although the bulk is from his adult life and begin in the 1880s. A broad array of subjects is documented, including Cotterill's involvement in the temperance movement, Seattle municipal government, Washington state politics, and his career as a surveyor and engineer. Personal and family life is represented to a limited degree through letters, diaries of relatives, memoirs, and photographs. The strength of this collection is in the diversity of materials it contains, offering rich sources about a dynamic time in Seattle's history. In particular, turn of the century Seattle politics is revealed through Cotterill's correspondence, writings, and various printed materials that he collected, as well as through his scrapbooks of campaign clippings. Also evident in the papers, principally in letters, writings and other documents relating to Cotterill's occupation as a surveyor and engineer, is Seattle's rapid growth in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in terms of its population, industry, and infrastructure.

This collection may present a challenge to users, however, in terms of the headings materials are filed under. The inventory listing does not always adequately detail what is actually in each file, and so it is easy to overlook items of significance. Users are cautioned to peruse folders carefully and to not rely too heavily on the inventory.

Accession no. 38-1 spans 1839-1954; however, bulk dates are 1895-1930. This accession begins with a biographical series that includes memoirs written by Cotterill, a completed biographical sketch form, and personal items belonging to Cotterill such as passports and membership cards. Genealogical materials of Cora Gormley Cotterill are also present. This series provides information about other subjects as well. One item of note appears to be a draft of a report pertaining to a blowout in the Cedar River dam in 1918. In it Cotterill relates a general history of the Cedar River water and power supply projects and the extent to which he was involved in them, both as an engineer and later as mayor.

Correspondence comprises approximately one third of this accession. Cotterill's manifold involvements in civic and political arenas are well documented in this series, and if perused carefully, it is a rich fund of information regarding Seattle's development. Letters are filed alphabetically under name of correspondent or simply in a "miscellaneous" file for each letter of the alphabet. It should be noted that the "miscellaneous" headings do not imply material of apparent lesser interest; they, too, contain much information pertinent to the activities of Cotterill and the development of Seattle.

Cotterill's career as an engineer for the city, state, and in private practice is documented in the correspondence series, but rather sporadically. Letters written to or relating to Cotterill as a city engineer can be found in the "Seattle. City Engineer" file (7/8), as well as other various correspondence files. Many letters pertain to Seattle's infrastructure development and discuss topics such as the construction and maintenance of Seattle's street cars and the development of the tide flats. The Cedar River water and power supply project is also documented in the correspondence. Outgoing letters include "A statement concerning the proposed Cedar River water supply system," unsigned but probably written by Cotterill, and a placating letter that Cotterill wrote to J. McGilvra, who was initially suspicious of the public ownership of utilities. Incoming letters from his term as chief engineer of state highways (1916 to 1919), as well as from his private practice are dispersed throughout the correspondence, filed by name of sender. Letters from R.H. Thomson span more than twenty years, loosely outlining the relationship of the two engineers.

Cotterill as mayor is partially represented in this collection; most of his mayoral records are located at the Seattle Municipal Archives. Nevertheless the papers contain a fair amount of information regarding his mayoralty, most of it present in both the incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Of particular note are letters documenting Cotterill's efforts to get vice and corruption in hand. In the "Seattle, Police Department" file (7/13), there is a report to chief of police Claude Bannick, forwarded to Mayor Cotterill, from an officer working to uncover gambling operations. The officer identifies police who accept payoffs and summarizes a plot uncovered by the investigation to drive a wedge between the mayor and the chief of police. Additionally, in the miscellaneous "M" file and elsewhere, there are several letters from mayors and police chiefs from other cities responding to Cotterill's request that they review an ordinance that prescribes penalties for police officers, presumably enacted under Gill's administration. Responses all state that the ordinance is unknown to them and one asserts that it is a deliberate measure to hinder law enforcement, enacted on behalf of the criminal. In an outgoing letter written to Bannick on his retirement as chief of police, Cotterill praises him for remaining honest in the face of such vicious corruption.

Other controversial events of Cotterill's mayoral term include the requested resignation of R.H. Ober, superintendent of buildings, believed by Cotterill to be abusing his position in the interpretation of building codes. The public works file contains general correspondence on this subject, and includes a letter from Ober that refutes charges made against him.

The many congratulatory letters Cotterill received upon his election in 1912 reflect his constituency to some degree. Also reflected in these letters is Cotterill's image as an upstanding civil servant; a couple of letters from citizens claim that though they didn't vote for him on account of his radical views, they still wished to applaud him and pledge their support.

Correspondence to Cotterill as state senator (1907-1911) is limited; however, there are quite a few letters from citizens to Cotterill while he was in office that request his attention to various issues and problems. Correspondence from Cotterill's four terms as port commissioner (1922-1934) is limited as well.

As a politician, Cotterill's relationship with the voting public is indicated in the correspondence. One letter from a citizen asks Cotterill to state his position on various issues, which he does in his own hand on the same letter. A lengthy thank you from the same citizen follows. There is at least one other letter from a different person thanking Cotterill for responding to a similar request. Democratic Party Correspondence is useful for a broad picture of Seattle politics, and includes copies and drafts of platform statements from various years.

Cotterill's major correspondent was Robert Montgomery, editor of the Puyallup Valley Herald. Cotterill regularly wrote editorials and other pieces for the Herald. The letters discuss political issues as they relate to the press and ask Cotterill for articles on various topics or for revisions to submitted articles. This correspondence, dating from 1916 to 1936, documents a friendship over many years. Additional letters from Montgomery, who served for a time as a University of Washington regent, can be found in the University of Washington files. Articles that Cotterill wrote for the Puyallup Valley Herald are in the Speeches and Writings series.

Letters regarding temperance and prohibition are plentiful and include correspondence from the Anti-Saloon League of America and other prohibition groups. There are also many letters from individual members of the International Order of Good Templars (I.O.T.G.) filed by the name of the individual. Anything on official I.O.T.G. letterhead is in the I.O.T.G. subgroup.

Correspondence also contains information about the Queen City Good Roads Club; both the miscellaneous "D" and the University of Washington files contain club petitions to build or maintain bicycle paths.

Family correspondence is minimal, but there are a number of letters from Cotterill's brothers Frank and Roland, both of whom discuss current issues of the day. Outgoing correspondence also includes a notebook recording in- and out-going letters that appears to have belonged to Alice Cotterill, George's mother.

Legislative records include Washington senate and house bills, at least twelve of which were introduced by Cotterill. Also included are Seattle city ordinances, some relating to the city's infrastructure. One in particular is a street naming ordinance that gives the old and new names of Seattle streets and the rationale for the changes. Also among them is an ordinance against unreasonable search and seizure by law enforcement, dated Dec. 1912.

Legal papers are comprised of a miscellany of documents both public and private. Among them is the Queen City Good Roads Club agreement to incorporate, signed by the fourteen founders. Another, more complete copy of this agreement can be found in the court papers series. There are also many real estate contracts, agreements, and mortgage documents in this series that provide information about Cotterill's apparently frequent property sales. Also, multiple blank "surrender of contract of sale" forms for property in the tide lands indicate Cotterill's involvement in the tide flats project while a city engineer. Various bills of sale are also present; at least two are for timber from Cotterill's land. Another from 1892 records the sale of the Washington Temperance magazine by Cotterill and a partner to the "American Publishing Company" for $600. More material regarding this transaction is in the financial records series.

The engineering and survey notes represent a variety of projects worked on by Cotterill, especially Seattle's extension into the tide flats.

The ephemera series is an added source of information about Cotterill's campaigns and Seattle politics in general. There are many examples of Cotterill's campaign ephemera, as well as ephemera from other candidates. A number of political flyers are also present. A pamphlet from the "Bolo Club," a veteran's organization, offers an alternate take on Cotterill; several paragraphs are devoted to underlining Cotterill's shortcomings. There is also one unused Republican ticket from Washington's 1889 gubernatorial election. Prohibition and Seattle/Northwest development are also represented in the ephemera.

The court papers series include a deposition given by Joseph Lyons, Cotterill's opponent in the 1907 senatorial election, regarding a controversy that led the Republican Party to demand a recount after Cotterill's victory.

The speeches and writings series contain material from the broad range of Cotterill's career. Political writings and speeches are numerous, and include a transcript of a debate between A. Scott Bullitt and Cotterill on amending the Volstead Law. There are many articles and stories about Seattle and Northwest history, including drafts of The Climax of a World Quest. Also in this series are a number of Cotterill's speeches and writings as port commissioner.

The lists, maps, charts, and graphs files are comprised of sundry items pertaining to Cotterill's assorted projects and jobs. Included here are examples of the "Pacific Planisphere" map of the world, designed by Cotterill to better serve Pacific trade and commerce.

Cotterill's diaries and notebooks contain miscellaneous notes and record daily activities, and are generally not of a personal nature. Rare exceptions include two diary entries surrounding Cora's death in Feb. 1936. There is also a journal that Cotterill kept during his trip to Switzerland in 1897.

Scrapbooks include one substantial volume of clippings from Cotterill's 1900 campaign for mayor. More political and other clippings were kept in another book, and a third scrapbook with many temperance clippings appears to have belonged to Cotterill's mother.

Subgroups represent some of Cotterill's major activities. The International Order of Good Templars is the largest subgroup, the bulk being chiefly correspondence from national and international branches of the organization, spanning 1890-1949. The other subgroups are small and contain mostly minutes from various meetings.

Family miscellany consists primarily of the diaries and correspondence of other family members. Most of the diaries were Robert Cotterill's. A landscape gardener and florist, his entries are largely horticultural notes. One exception is his diary from 1864, which covers a variety of subjects, including temperance.

Lucy Gearhart's interview notes are a good source of information about temperance movement history, as well as biographical information about Cotterill. Cotterill was also interviewed by the Seattle City Water Department for what he could tell of the history of the Cedar River water supply, and the transcript of this interview provides a detailed account of the development of public utilities in Seattle.

Accession no. 38-2 spans 1931-1958. It provides a sketch of Cotterill's later employment, through his last term as port commissioner and afterwards. His work for state and federal agencies is documented predominantly in correspondence. Letters reveal the difficulty Cotterill faced in getting hired under the Works Progress Administration and elsewhere due to his advanced age. Also apparent is the financial difficulty Cotterill confronted during the depression. Cotterill ran for port commissioner again in 1940, and a letter from a citizen in the "B" correspondence file asks Cotterill if he is "the same George Cotterill" who as past port commissioner had been caught dipping into port funds to save his own property. There is also an application for federal employment in the "miscellany" file, dated 1943, that gives a synopsis of Cotterill's long and varied career in his own words.

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The collection's Accession no. 38-1 was purchased from Shorey's book store in 1959. Accession no. 113 was donated by Cotterill's friend and fellow temperance advocate, Lucy Gearhart, in 1960.

Processing Info

Accession nos. 38-1 and 113 were merged in 2003 and inventoried as 38-1. A second component of this collection has been inventoried as Accession no. 38-2.

The photographs were transferred to the George F. Cotterill Photograph Collection, PH Coll 211, in the division. Two other cartons were added in 2003.

Separated Material

Thirty maps, mostly topographical maps of Washington and Oregon, were transferred to the Maps section in 1994.

Related Material

Cataloged in the division is a copy of an address delivered by Cotterill regarding municipal ownership of street railways, and a copy of a map he created detailing the preliminary plan for the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.


Accession No. 0038-001
George F. Cotterill papers, 1890-1956
10.26 cu. ft.
Scope and Content
Correspondence and related files, 1890-1956. Includes 24 letters to Newton McGraw (gift of Cora Cotterill) mostly written from McGrawsville, NY to Walworth County, WI; 1839-1848. The letters relate to life in Wisconsin and farming in New York.
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Open to all users.
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Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
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Purchased from Shorey Book Store
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1/1Abstract of Ownership--Tide Lands
Abstract of Title
1/2Denny Park Edition
1/3Green Lake Home Edition
1/4Green Lake Home Edition
1/5Lot 4 of the North East 1/4
1/6Plot of Century Addition No. 2 West Seattle
1/7Queen Anne Sound View Edition
1/8Township 24, North, Range 4 East, W.M.
1/9-17Biographical Miscellanea about George F. Cotterill
1/18Biographical Notes & Data about Others
1/20Alaska Club, Seattle1904
1/21Alcatraz Co.1901
1/22Allen, Arn S.1891-1912
1/23Allen, James1913-1914, n.d
1/24Allied Prohibition Forces of Seattle1932
1/25Allison, William B.1900-1911
1/26-28American Association of Port Authorities1923-1931
1/29American Business Men's Prohibition Foundation1930, 1932
1/30American Business Men's Research Foundation1939
1/31-32American Order Sons of St. George1928, 1943, 1936
1/33American Federation of Labor1912, 1918
1/34Americans for Democratic Action
1/35Amos, William F.1905-1906
1/36Ancient Order of United Workmen of Washington1917-1919, 1930
2/1Anti-Al Smith Democratic Organ
2/2-9Anti-Saloon League of America1902-1932
2/10Anti-Saloon League of Oklahoma1911
2/11-13Anti-Saloon League of Washington1911-1929, n.d.
2/14-18"A" Miscellaneous
2/19Black, William W.1920
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2/21Bothwell, James1901-1907
2/22Bowadish, J.R.1923-1924, n.d.
2/23Brainerd, Erastus1917
2/24Bringhurst, Harry W.1903-1917
2/25Bryan, James Wesley1918, 1932
2/26Bryan, William Jennings1909, 1917
2/27Bullitt, A. Scott1926
2/28Butterworth Mortuary1909-1928
2/29-42"B" Miscellaneous
2/43California Board of Harbor Commissioners
2/44Callahan, (S.) P.H.1929-1930
2/45Calvin Phillips Company1926-1932
2/46Case, Otto A.1916-1926
2/47Chamber of Commerce, Wash. State1930
2/48-49Chamber of Commerce, Seattle1901-1930
2/50Charlton, Cora Chase1931, n.d.
2/51Chase, S.B.1892-1903
2/52Cherrington, Ernest H.1920-1932
2/53Chittenden, Hiram Martinn.d.
2/54Church, Charles P.1907
2/55Citizens Alliance of Seattle1904
2/56Citizens Committee of One Thousand1904, 1925-1931
2/57Clark, W.H.1900-1906
2/58Clise, Henry R.1907
2/59Clise Inventment Company1900-1906
2/60Colburn, E.1904
2/61Collins, E. H.1925-1926
2/62Colman Company1901-1918
2/63Cotterill, Alice1920-1932
2/64Cotterill, Coran.d., 1920-1929
2/65-67Cotterill, Frankn.d., 1910-1918
2/68Cotterill, E. R.n.d, 1928
2/69Cotterill, George H.1953
2/70Cotterill, Robert1900
2/71Cotterill, Roland W.1917-1918
3/1Crowell, J. M.1906
3/2Cushman, Francis W.1904
3/3Cyclone Cycle Co.1901
3/4-14"C" Miscellaneous
3/15Darwin, L. H.1932
3/16Davies, D. Thomas1920-1931
3/17Davis, Maude Greener
3/18-26Democratic Party1900-1930, 1936, n.d.
3/27Denny, E. I.1900-1902
3/28Dill, Clarence C.1929-1932
3/29Dilling, George W.1911-1912
3/30Direct Legislative League1910-1917
3/31Dock & Harbor Authority1925
3/32Donovan, James J.1910, 1932
3/33Dorworth, George J.1910-1912
3/34Drake, F. E.1904-1910
3/35Dunlap, W. H.1910
3/36Dunphy, William H.1910-1912
3/37Durkee, J. H.1906-1910
3/38Dutton, W. C.1909
3/39-41"D" Miscellaneous
3/42Eaglestone, Joseph1918-1926
3/43Eaglestone, Walter1919-1921
3/44Edgerton, R. R.1901-1903
3/45Erickson, Oliver T.1918
3/46Everett Local Option1910
3/47-48"E" Miscellaneous
3/49-51Fairchild, John A.1900-1901
3/52Fidelity Trust Company1899-1900
3/53Finley, William J.1905-1906
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3/55-57Fisken, Archibald J.1907-1928
3/58Forehand, Harry R.1920, n.d.
3/59France, C. J.1917
3/60-61Freemasons. Seattle1920-1930
3/62Freemasons-Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrinen.d., 1924-1930
4/1-7"F" Miscellaneous
4/8Garrecht, Francis A.1919-1911
4/9Gilkey, J. A.1902-1912
4/10Gormley, Matt H.1910-1918
4/11Greensmith, Harry G.n.d., 1905-1910
4/12Griffiths, Austin E.1913-1930
4/13Grow, A. F.1892
4/14-17"G" Miscellaneous
4/18Hall, C. S.1917-1923
4/19Hall, John L.1912-1917
4/20Haring, Emily1921-1930
4/21Hart, B. F.1909-1912
4/22Hay, Marion E.1911
4/23Hayler, Guy1917-1918
4/24Hazzard, George H.1903-1905
4/25-26Heller, Elsie B.n.d., 1924-1943
4/27Hinton, Richard1900, n.d.
4/28Hodgdon, George N.1918-1931
4/29Hoover (Herbert) for President Clubs1920-1930
4/30Huff, C. A.1915-1916
4/31Humphrey, William Ewart1904-1909
4/32Hurley, William1904-1920
4/33-38"H" Miscellaneous
4/39Ingalls, A. O.1908
4/40International Prohibition Conference1918
4/41International Reform Bureau1909-1920
4/42"I" Miscellaneous
4/43Jemtegaard, O.1910-1911
4/44-46Jones, Wesley Livsay1917-1930
4/47-48"J" Miscellaneous
4/49Kaufman, W. H.1904-1907
4/50Kelly, Charles T.1905-1906
4/51-53"K" Miscellaneous
4/54Ladd Estate Company1923-1925
4/55Landes, H. M.1929
4/56Landon, Daniel1910-1933
4/57Larimer, D. K.1904
4/58Larson, Henry A.1912-1917
4/59Laurelhurst Company1917
5/1Lewis, James Hamilton1906-1917
5/2Lister, Ernest1909-1917
5/3Los Angeles, California Harbor Department1925-1931
5/4-7"L" Miscellaneous
5/8McDonald, Donald A.1909
5/9-10McHenry F. J.1905-1911
5/11Macnamara, Charles A.1906-1910
5/12Marron, F. C.1930
5/13Mathes, Edward T.1910-1926
5/14Matthews, Mark Allison1909-1912, n.d.
5/15Metcalf, Ralph1910
5/16Miller, John Franklin1926-1928
5/17Miller, John Watterson1907-1912
5/18-19Montclair Public Schools, Montclair, N.J.n.d., 1901-1930
5/20-44Montgomery, Robert1916-1933
6/1Moody, Alvin S.1929
6/2Moore, Lila H. 1890-1906
6/3Moran, Robert1903-1932
6/4Muckler, C. E.1914-1920
6/5Municipal League of Seattle1917-1932
6/7Mystic Workers of the World1910-1911
6/8-12"M" Miscellaneous
6/13National Council for Prevention of War1930-1931
6/14National Prohibition Press1909
6/15National Temperance Bureau1910-1927
6/16National Temperance Council1917-1936
6/17Niver, George1905-1927
6/18North Pacific Coast Passenger Office1917-1918
6/19-23Northern Life Insurance Co.1917-1932
6/24Northwest Rivers & Harbors Congress1925-1930
6/25Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.1919-1930
6/26-28"N" Miscellaneous
6/29Oettershagen, Amy & Martin
6/30-31"O" Miscellaneous
6/32Pacific & Far East Ports1929-1931
6/33Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities1925
6/34Pacific Northwest Society of Engineers1902-1916
6/35Patrons of Husbandry, Wash.1907-1932
6/36Parry, Will H.1913
6/37Paulhamus, Will H.1911
6/38People's Party1904
6/39Phelps, Bryon1921
6/40Pioneer Association of Washington1925-1930
6/41-42Plymouth Congregational Church1928-1930
6/43Poindexter, Miles C.1917-1921
6/44Presby, Winthrop1909-1912
6/45Preston, Harold1902-1918
6/46Public Utility Districts. Research and Information Service1944
6/47Prohibition. Miscellaneous
6/48Puget Mill Co.1904, 1907
6/49-51"P" Miscellaneous
6/52"Q" Miscellaneous
6/53Race, Hattie1933, n.d.
6/54Rader, L. E.1900-1902
6/55Revelle, Thomas P.1926
6/56Robins, A. H.1907-1931
6/57Rogers, John R.1901
6/58Resendale, D. M.1903
6/59Rothfuchs, C. S.1910-1912
6/60Ryan, George E.1917-1926
7/1-3"R" Miscellaneous
7/4Sayre, J. W.1911
7/5Schwellenbach, Lewis B.1924
7/6Scientific Temperance Federation1910, n.d.
7/7Seattle. City Council1897-1918
7/8Seattle. City Engineer1895-1930
7/9Seattle. Health & Sanitation Dept.1912-1913
7/10Seattle. Public Library1926-1930
7/11Seattle. Mayor1914-1926
7/12Seattle. City Planning Commission1926-1928
7/13Seattle. Police Dept.1912-1913
7/14-15Seattle. Port Commission1917-1932
7/16Seattle. Public Utilities Dept.1911
7/17Seattle. Public Works Dept.1910-1928
7/18Seattle. Miscellaneous Departments
7/19Seattle & Lake Washington Waterway Co.1900
7/20Seattle Commercial Club1907-1909
7/21Seattle National Bank1918-1920
7/22Seattle Peace Society1927-1930
7/23Seattle Post Intelligencer1896-1925
7/24Seattle Times1901-1910
7/25Schoenfeld & Sons1917-1930
7/26Shorrock, Edward1909-1918
7/27Skinner, Isabeln.d., 1931, 1943
7/28Smith, Marjorie (Avery)
7/29State Prohibition Committeen.d.
7/30Steele, William C.1908-1934
7/31Strong, Sydney1925
7/32Sweeney, B.1916-1918
7/33-39"S" Miscellaneous
8/1Thompson, David P.1925-1926
8/2Thomson, Reginald H.1909-1930
8/3Thompson, W. J.
8/4Titlow, A. R.1920
8/5Titus, Hermon F.1906
8/6Tolman, Warren W.1904-1913
8/7Troy, Preston M.1916-1928
8/8Tucker, Wilmont1904-1923
8/9Turner, George1901-1920
8/10-11"T" Miscellaneous
8/12United States Army Corps of Engineers1904-1935
8/13United States Labor Department1917-1920
8/14United States Library of Congress1930
8/15United States State Department1818-1842
8/16United States Work Projects Administration1935
8/17-18United States Miscellaneous
8/19Uren, William S.1908
8/20"U" Miscellaneous
8/21Vancouver, B.C. Harbor Commission1929-1930
8/22Van Waters, William1905-1907
8/23"V" Miscellaneous
8/24Walker, Anne S.1917
8/25Walker, Cyrus1903-1904
8/26Washington State. Attorney General1908-1924
8/27Washington State. Highway Department1919-1926
8/28Washington State. Commissioner of Lands1899-1904
8/29Washington State. State, Secretary of1920-1932
8/30Washington State. Historical Society1928-1929
8/31-33Washington. University1900-1936
8/34Washington State Federation of Labor1911
8/35Watkins, S. C. G.1928-1930
8/36Weare, Edithe
8/37Wells, Charles William1905
8/38Wenatchee Canal 1900
8/39White, H. M.1910-1911
8/40Whitworth, Frederick H.1917-1919
8/41Williams, S. A.1905-1906
8/42Wills, Edith M.1911
8/43Wilson, Woodrow1911
8/44Women's Christian Temperance Union1905-1932
8/45Woodmen of the World1901
8/46Wooten, Dudley G.1924
8/47World Prohibition Federation1922-1947
8/48Wylie, Willard O.1924-1925
8/49Washington State. Miscellaneous1947
8/50-53"W" Miscellaneous
9/1Yantis, George F.1932
9/2Yesler, (Henry) Estate, Inc.1901
9/3Yost, Helen & Al
9/4-5Young Men's Christian Association1917-1931
9/6"Y" Miscellaneous
9/7-11Letters congratulating Cotterill on election to mayor's office1912
9/19Outgoing letters1891-1898
9/20-39Outgoing letters1900-1925
10/1-9Outgoing letters1925-1953
10/10Outgoing letters, incomplete
10/11-12Outgoing lettersn.d.
10/13Correspondence record of Alice Cotterill
28Certificates    OVERSIZE1912-1936
11/1Naturalization certificate
11/2-11Legislation, Washington House & Senate bills, 7 resolutions1907-1911
11/12-13Legislation. Miscellaneous Seattle ordinances
11/14-27Legal documents (agreements, will, etc.)
11/28-31Engineering & survey notes & memos
12/2Cotterill, George F. for: Congress & Senator
12/3Cotterill, George F. for: Lieutenant Governor + Governor
12/4Cotterill, George F. for: Mayor
12/5Cotterill, George F. for: Port Commission
12/6Democratic Party
12/9Inter Harbor Navigation Canal, New Orleans1923
12/10New Cascade Tunnel
12/11Our Great Restricted District Under Mayor Gill
12/12-14Political candidates
12/15Printed chairman manual
12/19Puyallup Valley Tribune1929
12/20Referendum 25
12/21What Visitors Mean to Seattle
12/26-27Campaign material duplicates
28Campaign Posters    OVERSIZE1931, n.d.
12/28-30Court Papers
12/31Financial Records. Miscellaneous
12/32-33Petition re: His Candidacy for Port Commissioner
Speeches and Writings
13/1After the Fire (to the) American Association of Port Authorities in Convention at Quebec1931
13/1American Engineer in Europe
13/2-11Climax of a World Quest
13/12Calendar Reform
13/13-15Cotterill, George F. Campaign speeches
13/16Debate on the Amendment of the Volstead Law (Bullitt vs. Cotterill)1925
13/17Forty Years of Statehood-Washington
13/18Gold Backed by Silver Lining
13/18Golden Rule School Days
13/18Good Work--Well Done
13/18Grand Opera House Building Fire
13/19Great Discovery Days in the Pacific Northwest
13/19Harbor & Waterways
13/19Inter-Oceanic Canal1904
13/19Keeping Salt Water Out of Lock Controlled Waterways1912
13/20Labor Day of the Plural Pronoun1918
13/20Labor Day Address1918
13/21Lewis, James Hamilton-Personal Recollections of His Pioneer Years
13/21Liquor Problem in All Ages
13/21Local History
14/1May Days of Rememberence
14/1Memorable May-Days
14/1Modern Globe for the North Pacific Era
14/1N.R.A. "We Do Our Part"
14/1Pioneers Puget Sound & Seattle
14/3Port of Seattle
14/4Prefatory on Temperance Lines
14/4President Makes Money Talk
14/5Roosevelt Rules Out Plunder
14/5Seattle Mayoralty Mix-up
14/5Snoqualmie Falls Power Plant
14/5State Districting
14/5State Highway Maintainance Under the Law of 1917
14/6Story of Seattle
14/6Tax Emergency & the Supreme Court Vacancy
14/6Initiative 94 & Separation of State & Local Revenue
14/6Vancouver's Journal
14/6Washington State Publicity
14/6What Part Has an Engineer in the Development of a Municipality Such as Seattle?
14/7The Value of Educational Opportunity, & miscellaneous
14/8-13Written for Montgomery
14/14-17Miscellaneous speeches & writings
14/18Port of Seattle
15/7Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition1906
15/8Cedar River Water Supply1890-1895, 1912
15/9Lake Washington Canal Project
15/10-19Lists (precinct, election results, rosters, etc.)
15/20-26Maps, charts, graphs
General Notes: See also oversize.
16Diary1897, 1902, 1921, 1923, 1936, 1940, 1945
7 vol.
16Fishing date book1937-1940
17Notebooks & autograph books
7 vol.
19Scrapbooks, 1900 election & miscellaneous
28Typographical maps, plat maps, contour maps (Seattle), Cotterill's "Planisphere Projection" of the world, poster, memorabilia    OVERSIZE
General Notes : Oversize pkg. 29.
International Order of Good Templars
23/2-3International Superintendent of Juvenile Work1909-1952
23/4-9International Supreme Lodge1901-1949, n.d.
23/10-24International Supreme Lodge. Secretary
23/25International Supreme Lodge Session, Copenhagen, Denmark1920
23/26Mutual Benefit Association1905-1930
23/27International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of Australia & Canada
23/28International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of England1909-1930
23/29-31International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of Germany1919-1930
23/32International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of Holland1919-1929
23/33International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of India1910-1927
23/34International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge, miscellaneous-foreign countries
24/1-11International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of United States1909-1947
24/12-26International Order of Good Templars Grand Lodge of United States, Secretary1905-1924
24/43New Hampshire1898-1909
24/44New Jersey1901-1924
24/45New York1905-1926
24/46North Dakota1892-1910
24/51South Dakota1905-1906
24/52Texas 1906
25/1-7Washington1890-1935, n.d.
25/16Financial Records, United States1909-1910
25/17Legal Documents
25/18Minutes. International Supreme Lodge & others1925
Reports1890-1929, n.d
25/19United States1910
Queen City Good Roads Club
26/2Puget Sound Flood Control Council1935
26/3Seattle City Planning Commission1926
Seattle Port Commission
26/4-8Minutes and notes1922-1934
Cotterill Family
Incoming Correspondence
26/9-17To Cotterill, Cora (Mrs. George F.)1901-1935, n.d.
26/18To Avery, Marjorie1915-1917, n.d.
26/19To Gormley, Mrs. Henry1909-1912, n.d.
26/20To Cotterill, Katherine (Mrs. George F.)1953, n.d.
26/21-23To McGraw, Newton1839-1848, n.d.
26/25Legal Documents - Clerk's (?) record of court cases1846-1848
27/1Band of Good Hope - Rules and regulationsca. 1860
27/2Cotterill, Emily1886
27/3Cotterill, Robert (incomplete)1858-1859
27/4Cotterill, Robert1860, 1862-1869
27/5Cotterill, Robert1864
27/6Cotterill, Robert1872, 1876
27/7Cotterill, Robert1883, 1884
27/8Cotterill, Robert1886-1893
27/9Cotterill, Robert1898-1900
27/10Cotterill, Robert1899, 1908
Gearhart, Lucy
27/11-14Notes of Mrs. Gearhart from her interview with George F. Cotterill
27/15Transcript of interview with George F. Cotterill regarding origin of first revenue bonds for public utilities

Accession No. 0038-002
George F. Cotterill papers, 1931-1958
2.52 cu. ft. (6 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, clippings, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, miscellany, notes, photographs, reports, speeches and writings.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Personal Papers
General Correspondence
1/1Allied Youth1939-1951
1/2American Association of the United Nations1948-1952
1/3American Civil Liberties Union1954
1/4American Order Sons of St. George1933-1946
1/5Americans for Democratic Action1950-1951
1/6Ancient Order of United Workmen1934-1940
1/7Angrove, T. R.1937
1/8Anti-Saloon League of America1933-1937
1/9Atkins, Frank R.1941-1943
1/10-12Avery, Marjorie (Mrs. Paul J.)1935-1953
1/13Avery, Paul J., Jr.1938-1945
1/14A-1 Stamp Worksn.d.
1/14Alexander, Paul1954
1/14Allen, Arn S.1934
1/14Allen, Charles S.1941
1/14Aluminum Life Time Shingle Co.1953
1/14American Businessmen's Research Foundation1941
1/14American Forestry Association1939
1/14American Issue Publishing Co.1947
1/14American Geographical Society1933
1/14American League for a Free Palestine Committee1944
1/15American Palestine Committee1943
1/15American Shore and Beach Preservation Association1939
1/15Ames, Charles (and Mabel)1936
1/15Andrews, Lawrence F.1933
1/15Ashby, Paul H.1943
1/16Bartlett, Mark1944
1/17Bell, McNeill and Bowles1938-1940
1/18Benson, Ruth1934-1942
1/19Bolton, Frederick E.1949
1/20Bone, Homer T.1936-1942
1/21Bowdish, Blanche1935-1936
1/22Bowdish, John R.1935-1936
1/23British American Association of Washington1946-1947
1/24Bryan and Arthur1942
1/25Bull, Harry E (Mrs.)1941-1942
1/26Burke's Landed Gentry1937-1940
1/27Burton, S. L. (Mrs.)1941-1942
1/28Byrne, Carl A.1944
1/29Bainbridge Review1944
1/29Balkema, Peter1938
1/29Barnum, Lydia1940
1/29Benedicto, Oscar and Winnie1936
1/29Bennett, C. G.1936
1/29Bennett, G. Clinton1942
1/29Boeing Airplane Company1948
1/29Booth, Lawrence1942
1/29Bray, Newton J.1945
1/29Brayton, Annie C.1938
1/29Brayton, Fannie E.1938
1/29British & Northern Shipping Agency, Ltd.1947
1/29British Consulate. Seattle1948
1/29Bryan, James Wesley1936
1/29Burwell (Anson) Class Association1954
1/29Burwell and Morford1949
1/29Butterworth (E.R.) & Sons, Inc.1936
1/30Campbell, Lindsey & Elsie1954
1/31Carlson, D. E.1936
1/32Carroll, John E.1941
1/33Chamber of Commerce, Seattle1933-1936
1/34Chambers, Ed1937-1947
1/35Chambers, Helen1941
1/36Chandler, George1933
1/37Churchill, Arthur H.1947
1/38Citizen's Committee for a National War Service Actn.d.
1/39Clark, Irving C.1936-1948
1/40Collier (P.F.) & Son1935-1936
1/41Common Council for American Unity1940-1941
1/42Conover, Charles Tallmadge1954
1/43Conover, Milton1939
1/44Cotterill, Alice1950
1/45Cotterill, Charles J. (Mr. & Mrs.)1943
1/46Cotterill, Cora1933-1935
1/47Cotterill, Family (Unidentified)1898-1954
1/48Cotterill (Letters to/from others)1911-1954
1/49Cotterill, George H.1941-1948
1/50-51Cotterill, Katherine (Owens)1940-1957
1/52-54Cotterill, Ronald H.1941-1950
1/55Cotterill, Sidney Charles1947
1/56Cotterill, William Matthew1954
1/57Crawford, Harriet A.1941
1/58Crehan, James1934
1/59Croson, Johnson & Wheelon1953
1/60Curtis, Alvin H.1948-1950
1/60Case, Charles R.1946
1/60Catholic Action Youth1949
1/60Chadwick, Laura M.1936
1/60Childs, R. W.1943
1/60Church, Laura R.1935
1/60Churchill, Verne1944
1/60Civilian War Commission1943
1/60Clark, Frank Jones1938
1/60Clemens, Cyril1939
1/60Committee for a Jewish Army1943
1/60Committee of "100"1952
1/60Congregational Methodist Temple1937
1/60Coy, Lillian M.1935
1/60Crone, Annie M.[1936?]
2/1Davies, Pearce1933
2/2Davis, Maude Greener1940-1949
2/3Dean, Edward S.1937
2/4Democratic Party. King County1938-1954
2/5Democratic Party. National Campaign Committee1938
2/6Democratic Party. (Miscellaneous)1944-1953
2/7Disbled American Veteransn.d.
2/8Doolittle, H. J.1942-1949
2/9Doubleday, Robert S.1933-1939
2/10Duryee and Reese, Inc.1932-1947
2/11Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington1943
2/11Dean Motor Company1941
2/11DeMars, Jack V.1934
2/11Douglas, R. W.1944
2/11Dunn, Eileen1940
2/11Dutcher, Helen Harris1947
2/11Dutton, Elizabeth1940
2/12Ehlers, Anna1948-1949
2/13Engineer's Club1938
2/14Eaglestone, Walter1933
2/14Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe1943
2/14Ellis, F. D.n.d.
2/15Fact Magazine1945
2/16Farmer's Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange1936-1939
2/17First National Bank of Seattle1933-1934
2/18Forehand, Harry R.1950
2/19Frazier, Raymond R.1950
2/20Freemasons. Knights Templar1936
2/21Freemasons. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine1937-1941
2/22Freemasons. Order of Eastern Star1933-1955
2/23Freemasons. Royal Arch Masters1933-1953
2/24Fahs, Margaret M.1936-1940
2/24Flagg, A. E.1936
2/24Forehand, John Vernon1934
2/24Forehand, Lawrence H.1941
2/24Forsyth, Jessie1934
2/24Fremont Old Timers1943
2/24Funk and Wagnalls Company1933
2/25George (Henry) School of Social Science1951
2/26Gisehut, Beth1946-1949
2/27Gormley, Harriet C.1936-1944
2/28Gormley, Matt H.
2/29Greensmith, Harry G.1936-1940
2/30Griffiths, Austin E.1951
2/31Gaston, E. P.1947
2/31Gauthier, Alvin1948
2/31Glass, R. C. (Mrs.)1936
2/31Goodland, H. T.1937
2/31Gormley, Ida I.1933
2/31Gormley, Matt Kinneyn.d.
2/31Granger, J. D.1944
2/31Griffith, Rena Bagley1936
2/32Hale, William G.1937-1943
2/33Haring, Emily1933-[1934?]
2/34Haring, Robert C.1941-1953
2/35Heller, Elsie B.1936-1954
2/36Hentschke, H. G.1931-1935
2/37Hodgdon, George N.1933
2/38Hagmoe, Edward1941
2/38Hallock, H. G. C.1939
2/38Hamach, Frank, Jr.1944
2/38Hamley, Frederick G. (Judge)1950
2/38Handsaker, M. E. (Mrs.)1934
2/38Haring, Jean C.1943
2/38Harris & Ewing1948
2/38Healy, D. H.1936
2/38Heiffer, Frances H.1947
2/38Henly, Neil (Mrs.)1943
2/38Henry, Dr. Lee Roy1940
2/38Homeowner's Taxpayers Association1939
2/38Horton, L. R.1934
2/38Howard, S. M. A.1934
2/38Hutchinson, Charles J.1933
2/39Imperial Policy Group1939
2/39Industrial Training Institute1941
2/39Ingram, Maud
2/39International Rescue Committee1954
2/39International Labor Defense1934
2/40James, Karl D.1943
2/41James, Lionne1936-1940
2/42-43James, Marge (Mrs. Karl D.)1939-1949
2/44Jackson, Jesse A.1950
2/44Jacobsen, Borge1947
2/44Jensen, Lars A.1933
2/44Joergenson, G. B.1942
2/44Johanson, Martin G.n.d.
2/44Johnston, Andrew L.1936
2/44Johnston, Eric1940
2/44Jones, Reuban1932
2/45Kelsey, Henry Evelyn1935-1941
2/46King County. Auditor1939
2/47King County. Commissioners1946
2/48King County Legislative Council1950
2/49King County Medical Service Corp.1948-1954
2/50Keep Out of War Committee1938
2/50Keith, Walter S.1933
2/50Keller, Helen1944
2/50Kinkadeo, Jeannette1941
2/50King, C. W.1936
2/50King, Jean1936
2/50King, Mabel1940
2/50Kinnear, Charles A.1948
2/50Kiplinger Washington Letter1936
2/50Knight, Viola1940, n.d.
2/51Langlie, Arthur B.1938
2/52Langlie, (Arthur B) for Mayor1938
2/53League of Women Voters of Seattle1950, n.d.
2/54Lewis, James Hamilton1935-1939
2/55Loer, Thomas R., M.D.1938-1940
2/56Larkin, Roosevelt & Larken, Ltd.1941
2/56Lifetime Sealing Co.n.d.
2/56Little, Burgunder & Smith1940
2/56Longfellow, Florella (Mrs.)1936
2/56Love, A. H.1938
2/57McCloskey, Clair1940-1953
2/58McDonald, Robert T.1938-1943
2/59McKales, Inc.1935-1940
2/60Magnuson, Warren G.1939, n.d.
2/61Marquis (The A.N.) Company1938-1944
2/62Martin, Clarence1936-1939
2/63Martin (Clarence) for Governor1936-1940
2/64Matthews, Mark A. (Rev.)1936
2/65Millikin, Earl1941
2/66Millikin (Earl) for Mayor1941
2/67Mills, Blake D.1940-1941
3/1-5Montgomery, Robert1933-1936
3/6McCallum, C. N.1936
3/6McCroskey, W. E.1936
3/6McCurdy, James G.1937
3/6McLarty, J.1933
3/6McNulta, Robert Pelton (Mrs.)1941
3/6Martin, Harry J.1951
3/6Mead, Dwight1936
3/6Methodist (First) Church1942
3/6Mitchell, Hugh B. (& Kathryn)1951
3/6Moffatt, Grace (Mrs.)1953
3/6Montclair High School Alumni Association1936
3/6Montgomery, Tom1936
3/6Moore, Eva1953
3/6Moran, Frank G.1950
3/6Moran, Nellie1943
3/6Moran, Robert1940
3/6Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company1936
3/6Municipal League of Seattlen.d.
3/6Methodist Episcopal Church. Board of Temperance, Prohibition and Public Morals
3/7National Geographic Society1935-1939
3/8National Rivers and Harbors Congress1934
3/9National Society of Professional Engineers1938
3/10National Temperance and Prohibition Council1934-1941
3/11National Temperance Bureau1933
3/12Northern Life Insurance Company1933-1937
3/13Northern Pacific Railway Company1933-1939
3/14Northwest Rivers and Harbors Congress1933
3/15Northwestern Mutual Fire Association1934-1940
3/16Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company1932-1934
3/17National Association of Sanipractic Physicians, Inc.1950
3/17National Emergency Committee1940
3/17National United Committee for Law Enforcement1933
3/17News Associates1944
3/17News Publishing Company1950
3/17North, Orville (& Chrissie)1936
3/17Northwest Veteran1950
3/17Northwestern Press Association1944
3/17Nygard, Don1933
3/18O'Farrell, James R.1936-1949
3/19O'Hearn, Juliet1936-1944
3/20Old American Insurance Company1951-1953
3/21Owen, Will C.1940-1945
3/22Oettershagen, Martin & Amy1944
3/22O'Farrell, Lena1940
3/22Olympia Realty Board1935
3/22Oregon Trail Memorial Association1939
3/22Owen-Farlin Company1933
3/22Otis, Glennn.d.
3/23Pacific Northwest Society of Engineers1933
3/24Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co.1944-1950
3/25Payne, Gordon H.1937
3/26Perkins, Sidney Albert1934-1950
3/27Philips, (Calvin) & Company1934-1935
3/28Pioneer Association of Washington1941-1953
3/29-32Plymouth Congregational Church1938-1958
3/33Postal Life and Casualty Insurance Company1942-1951
3/34Public Power League1952, n.d.
3/35Public Utility Districts1944
3/36Pacific School of Religion1940
3/36Peace Makers1936
3/36Penberthy, Larry1936
3/36Philomel Singers of Seattle1946
3/36Pigott-Washington Printing Company1934
3/36Porter, Fannie1934
3/36Post, James H.1937
3/36Publishers Service Company1943
3/36Puget Sound Stamp Worksn.d.
3/37Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital1941
3/38Race, Hattie1942-1947
3/39Richardson, Dorsie G (Mrs.)1947-1954
3/40Rinehart, William V., Jr.1940, n.d.
3/41Royal Arcanum. Rainier Council1934-1948
3/42Raymer's Old Book Store1933
3/42Residential Finance Company1934
3/42Robins, John H.1951
3/42Robinson, Lyle Bradfordn.d.
3/42Roosevelt (Eleanor) 70th Birthday Committee1954
3/42Royal Mail Steam Packet Company1933
3/42Runyan, Walter L.1935
3/42Ryan, George E.1934-1938
3/43Save the Children Federation, Inc.1940-1941
3/44Schwellenbach, Lewis B.1935-1939
3/45Seattle. Dept. of Finance1933-1940
3/46Seattle. Dept. of Lighting1936-1937
3/47Seattle. Dept. of Public Works1936
3/48Seattle. Public Schools1942
3/49Seattle. Water Dept.1938
3/50Seattle First National Bank1936-1939
3/51Seattle Post-Intelligencer1939-1944
3/52Seattle Times1950, n.d.
3/53Seattle Trust & Savings Bank1939, n.d.
4/1Seitzinger, Marie1940-1941
4/2Sheppard, Morris1941
4/3-4Skinner, Isabel1936-1951
4/5Sluth, Mildry1940-1941
4/6Smith, Charles L.1934
4/7Smith, Irving Davenport1936-1942
4/8Snyder, Edgar G.1942
4/9Spaulding, Olive1941-1945
4/10Standard Oil Company of California1935-1937
4/11Steele, William C. & Mary1936, n.d.
4/12Steiger, E. & H.1935-1940
4/13Stoker, Dee A.1936-1937
4/14Stoliker, Effie1936-1948
4/15S.O.S. Society1941
4/15Saint Dunstan's1939
4/15Sales Tax Repeal Association1936
4/15Sanger, S.S.n.d.
4/15Schmidt, Dr. J. Raymond1947
4/15Schuman, Kathryn Darte1951
4/15Seattle. City Comptroller1950
4/15Seattle Community Fund1936
4/15Seattle Goodwill Industries1933
4/15Seattle Peace Society1939
4/15Seattle Rubber Stamp Company1936
4/15Seattle Traffic & Safety Council1939
4/15Sill, Frank L.1952
4/15Sisson, R. C.1935
4/15Sorenson, John W.1954
4/15Speer, Robert E.1941
4/15Starr, Evangelinen.d.
4/15Strong, Sydney1936
4/15Superior Stamp Works1936
4/15Sutton, Chloe1947
4/16Thompson, George R. & Elsie1936-1954
4/17Tacoma Times1944
4/17Tanner and Garvin1939
4/17Thurston County Pioneer & Historical Society1950
4/17Thwing, Clarence1939
4/17Times London, Inc.1951-1952
4/17Turner, C. H. & Net1939
4/17Tyrwhitt, Reginald1941
4/18Unicorn Press, Inc.1952-1953
4/19Union Pacific Railroad Company1947
4/20U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1937-1939
4/21U.S. Commerce Department1934
4/22United States Farm Security Administration1941
4/23United States Home Owner's Loan Corporation1934
4/24United States National Reemployment Service1935
4/25United States Secretary of the Treasury1938
4/26United States War Dept. Engineers Office1936
4/27United World Federalists1950
4/27University Book Store1938
4/28Veness, Harry E.1934-1936
4/29Veterans of Foreign Wars. Ladies Auxiliary1944
4/29Victorsen, Claus, L. D.1940
4/29Viewlands Fuel Company1939-1941
4/29Von Gegerfelt, Martha1939
4/30Wallgren, Mon C.1941-1945
4/31Washington. Employee's Retirement System1950
4/32Washington. Dept. of Highways1938
4/33Washington. Inheritance Tax & Escheat Division1935
4/34Washington. Dept. of Lands1937
4/35Washington. Superintendent of Public Instruction1943
4/36Washington. Dept. of Social Security1937-1938
4/37Washington. Secretary of State1944
4/38Washington. State Capitol Historical Museum1947
4/39Washington. State College1937
4/40Washington. State Progress Commission1938-1939
4/41Washington. University. Library1943
4/42Washington Association of Licensed Professional Engineers1937
4/43Washington Mutual Savings Bank1934-1944
4/44Washington Society of Professional Engineers1937-1940
4/45Washington Temperance Association1938-1939
4/46West Washington Women's Christian Temperance Union1933-1934
4/47Whatcom County. Commissioners1935
4/48World League Against Prohibition1936
4/49World Prohibition Federation1935-1947
4/50Wright, Ben D.1936
4/51Wylie, Willard O.1935-1936
4/52Wallace, Josephine1934
4/52Warren, James P.1933
4/52Washington Committee for Academic Freedomn.d.
4/52Washington Committee for Conscientious Objectors1952
4/52Washingtonians, Inc.1939
4/52Weare, Edithe1950
4/52Wells, W. R. (Mrs.)1946
4/52Whaley-Eaton Service1944
4/52Whitcomb, Charlotte1934
4/52Whitworth, Hal1934
4/52Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere1943
4/52Williams, C. G.1935
4/52Wills, Ida M. (Mrs.)1941
4/52Winformation Contest Service1940
4/52Women's Christian Temperance Union. King County1936
4/52Woodland Park Conservation Clubn.d.
4/52World League Against Alcoholism
4/53Yantis, George F.1937-1949
4/54Young Men's Christian Association. Seattle1936
4/55Zent, F. P.1936
4/56Unidentified (Florence ?)1949-1958
4/58-74Correspondence: Outgoing1933-1955
5/8Financial Records1933-1953
5/9-10Legal Documents
5/16-17Speeches and Writings
International Order of Good Templars
Correspondence: Incoming
6/5International Supreme Lodge1933-1947
6/8Maryland, Virginia & D. C.1939-1947
6/9National Lodge of the U. S.1933-1953
6/10New York1936-1938
6/11New York Scandinavian1939
6/12Pacific Northwestn.d.
6/14Miscellaneous, A-Z
6/14Bergsobranden, A.1936
6/14Cherrington, Ernest H.1937-1947
6/14Cook (Thomas) & Son1952
6/14Dinwiddie, Edvin C. (Mrs.)1935
6/14Hale, William G.1949
6/14Micka, Anthony1947
6/14Wright, Ben D.1936
6/15Financial Records1935-1937
Seattle. Port Commission
Correspondence: Incoming
6/19American Association of Port Authorities1933-1934
6/19Business Chronicle1934
6/19Delanty, Hugh M.1933
6/19Milwaukee (City of)1933
6/19Moran, Hampton1933
6/19New York (City of). Port of New York Authority1934
6/19Robinson, Alice V.1933
6/19Washington. Emergency Relief Administration1933
6/19West, J. R.1933
6/20Correspondence: Outgoing1933-1934
6/21Reports, Minutes, etc.1933-1934
Washington State Planning Council
Correspondence: Incoming
6/22U.S. Dept. of Interior. Office of the Secretary1934
6/23U.S. National Emergency Council1935
6/24U.S. National Planning Board. Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works1934-1936
6/25U.S. National Resources Board1934-1936
6/26Washington. Dept. of Conservation and Development1934-1935
6/27Washington. Washington State Planning Council1934-1938
6/28-31Correspondence: Outgoing1934-1935
6/33Speeches and Writings
United States Works Progress Administration
6/34-37Correspondence: Incoming
6/34-37U.S. Works Progress Administration1938-1941
6/38Correspondence: Outgoing1941
Cotterill, Cora1933-1936
6/39-40Correspondence: Incoming
Cotterill, Katherine
6/42Correspondence: Incoming1952-1954
Haring, Emily
6/43-46Correspondence: Incoming1936-1940

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Bone, Homer Truett, 1883-1970.
Cotterill, George F. (George Fletcher), 1865-1958--Archives.
Jones, Wesley Livsey, 1863-1932.
Montgomery, Robert, 1872-1936.
Thomson, Reginald Heber, 1856-1949.
Family Names:
Cotterill family.
Anti-saloon League of America.
International Order of Good Templars.
Plymouth Congregational Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Seattle Port Commission.
United States. Work Projects Administration.
United States. Works Progress Administration.
Washington State Planning Council.
Geographic Names:
Cedar River (King County, Wash.)
Cedar River Reservoir (Wash.)
Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government.
Washington (State)--Politics and government.
Washington (State)--Social conditions.
Genre Headings:
City Planning
Civil engineers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Government and Politics
Home and Family
Legislators--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Mayors--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Political corruption--Washington (State)--Seattle
Politics and government
Prohibition--Washington (State)
Public Utilities
Public Works
Social and community history
Social reformers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Surveyors--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Temperance--United States--Societies, etc.
Washington (State)
Water-supply--Washington (State)--King County
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