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Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1934-1939 (Accession No. 1574-001)

Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1954-1970 (Accession No. 1574-005)

Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1942-1974 (Accession No. 1574-006)

Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1976-1978 (Accession No. 1574-007)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1967-1977 (Accession No. 1574-008)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records , 1940-1977 (Bulk: 1970-1975) (Accession No. 1574-009)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1945-1979 (Accession No. 1574-010)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific , 1974-1975 (Accession No. 1574-011)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1938-1981 (Accession No. 1574-012)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1959-1969 (Accession No. 1574-013)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1972-1985 (Accession No. 1574-014)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1952-1985 (Bulk: 1981-1984) (Accession No. 1574-015)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1940-1982 (Accession No. 1574-016)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1947-1966 (Accession No. 1574-017)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1936-1984 (Accession No. 1574-018)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , circa 1937-1966 (Accession No. 1615-001)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records , undated (Accession No. 1752-001)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific. San Francisco Division records , 1919-1965 (Accession No. 1761-001)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1968-1973 (Accession No. 2044-002)

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific , circa 1962-1972 (Accession No. 2044-003)

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Guide to the Inlandboatman's Union of the Pacific Records

Manuscript Collection No.: 1574, 1615, 1752, 1761, 2044
Creator: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, creator
Title: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records
Date Span: 1919-1985
Quantity: 105.69 cubic feet (116 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Processing Funded by the Labor Archives Fund, Labor Archives of Washington.

Historical Note

Labor organization.

The Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific was originally organized as the Ferryboatmen's Union of California in San Francisco in 1918. The union's early strength was among workers on railroad-owned ferries in San Francisco Bay, where it organized unlicensed workers, including deckhands, watchmen, bargemen, oilers, firemen, cooks and waitresses. The union began organizing workers on river freighters and tugs, and in 1931 expanded into the Pacific Northwest to organize ferry and tug workers on the Columbia River and Puget Sound. Its name was changed to Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific in 1936 to reflect this change in scope. Early bargaining successes included achieving an 8-hour day for ferry workers, and a guarantee of a "dismissal wage," (severance pay) for ferry workers to be displaced by the construction of bridges in San Francisco Bay. By the late 1930s the union had local organizations in Puget Sound, the Columbia River, San Francisco Bay, Long Beach, and San Diego. Since the 1960s, the IBU has had considerable membership in Alaska as well. Affiliated with the International Seamen's Union from 1919 to 1937, the IBU became the first West Coast affiliate of the CIO in 1937, and was affiliated with the Maritime Federation of the Pacific in the 1930s. Leaving the CIO in 1948, the IBU was affiliated with the Seafarers' International Union of North America until 1979. Since October 31, 1980 the IBU has been the Marine Division of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union.

List of IBU Presidents 1919-1931

  • 1919--Harry Williams
  • 1920--J. J. Moore
  • 1921--H. Behrend, F.P. Kinney
  • 1922--J. Fancort, W. R. Chandler
  • 1923--C.B. Connolly
  • 1924--M. H. Skibinski
  • 1925--Mark G. Reid
  • 1926--Carl Fergus
  • 1927--Paul Clinch
  • 1928--Henry Behrend
  • 1929--Jas. N. Dunn
  • 1930--E. U. Barton
  • 1931--E.U. Barton


Organized into 20 accessions.

Accession No. 1574-001, Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1934-1939
Accession No. 1574-005, Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1954-1970
Accession No. 1574-006, Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1942-1974
Accession No. 1574-007, Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records , 1976-1978
Accession No. 1574-008, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1967-1977
Accession No. 1574-009, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records , 1940-1977
Accession No. 1574-010, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1945-1979
Accession No. 1574-011, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific , 1974-1975
Accession No. 1574-012, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1938-1981
Accession No. 1574-013, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1959-1969
Accession No. 1574-014, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1972-1985
Accession No. 1574-015, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1952-1985
Accession No. 1574-016, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1940-1982
Accession No. 1574-017, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1947-1966
Accession No. 1574-018, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1936-1984
Accession No. 1615-001, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , circa 1937-1966
Accession No. 1752-001, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records , undated
Accession No. 1761-001, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, San Francisco Division records , 1919-1965
Accession No. 2044-002, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records , 1968-1973
Accession No. 2044-003, Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific , circa 1962-1972

Scope and Content

Correspondence, historical and organizational materials, minutes, agreements, negotiations, grievances, reports, conference proceedings, financial records, membership applications, and other records, relating to the union's operations in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia. Major correspondents are Merle Adlum and Larry Miner. Includes records of Inland Boatmen's Union, San Francisco Division.

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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.

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International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots, Local 6 Records (Mss Coll 1874)


Accession No. 1574-001
Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1934-1939
.21 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Agreements and awards, history of Inlandboatmen's Union achievement; 1934-1939.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union vis Merle Adlum, March 19, 1971
1/1Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific: its birth and growthc. 1939
1/2Constitution and By-lawsUndated
1/3Puget Sound Navigation Company: arbitration award1947
1/4Washington Ship Owners Association: arbitration award1936
1/6Washington Shipowners' Association: IBU agreements1940-1949
1/7Washington Shipowners' Association: MM&P agreements1934-1949

Accession No. 1574-005
Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1954-1970
11 cubic feet
Scope and Content
Correspondence, financial records, legal opinions, agreements, reports; 1954-1970.
Terms of Access
Open to all users, but access to portions of the papers restricted. Contact repository for details.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union, July 16, 1975
Inlandboatmen's Union, August 06, 1975
1/1-5/31 IBU EXTERNAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1934-19731934-1973
1/2Alaska British Columbia Transportation: Contract Negotiations1967-1970
1/3Alaska British Columbia Transportation1955-1967
1/4Alaska State Ferries: Correspondence1962-1965
1/5Alaska State Ferries: Correspondence1960-1968
1/6Alaska State Ferries: General Contract Material1964-1968
1/7Alaska State Ferries: Agreement1964-1966
1/8Alaska State Ferries: Agreement1969-1973
1/9Alaska State Ferries: Contract1967-1970
1/10Alaska State Ferries: Signed Contract1970-1973
1/11Alaska State Ferries: Payroll Deduction Authorities1963-1964
1/12Alaska State Ferries: Pending Membership Ledger Cards1963-1963
1/13Alaska State Ferries: Rosters of Ship's Crews1963-1964
1/14Alaska State Ferries: Seniority Rosters1965-1965
1/15Alaska State Ferries: Chris Palzer, Concessionaire1962-1963
1/16Alaska State Ferries: Chris Palzer, Concessionaire1963-1963
1/17Alaska State Ferries: Chris Palzer, Concessionaire1963-1963
1/18Alaska Barge and Transport1966 -1968
1/19Alaska Freight Lines: Masters, Mates, and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1960-1962
1/20Alaska Freight Lines: General Correspondence1962-1962
1/21Alaska Freight Lines: Masters, Mates, & Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1948-1960
1/22Alaska Freight Lines: Seniority List1958-1958
1/23Alaska State Federation of Labor: Dwayne Carlson, Correspondence1967-1967
1/24Alaska State Federation of Labor: Juneau Central Labor Council1962-1962
1/25Alaska Steamship Company: Labor Contracts, Correspondence for Masters, Mates, & Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1934-1935
1/26Alaska Steamship Company: Pier 421968-1968
1/27Alaska Towing Company1955-1955
1/28Nomination for Alaskan Port Representative1967-1967
1/29Allman-Hubble Tugboat Company: Contracts, Correspondence, Etc. for Masters, Mates, and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1968
1/30Allman-Hubble Tugboat Company: Quigg Brothers-McDonald Incorporated, Contract Negotiations1968-1970
1/31Allman-Hubble Tugboat Company: Quigg Brothers-McDonald Incorporated, Contract Negotiations with Masters, Mates, and Pilots1968-1970
1/32American Pile Driving Company (Inlandboatmen's Union)1957, 1959
1/33American Tug and Barge Company: Memo of Understanding1964-1964
1/34American Tug Boat Company1962, 1966-1967
1/35American Tug Boat Company: General Correspondence1957-1963,1965
1/36American Tug Boat Company: Master and Supplemental Towboat Agreement (Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates, and Pilots)1965-1967
1/37Bank of California: Current Expense Form, Death Benefit Fund1964, 1966-1968
1/38Bellingham Tug and Barge: Master and Supplemental Towboat Agreement (Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates, and Pilots)1965-1967
1/39Bellingham Tugboatmen: Minutes1955, 1957-1955, 1957
1/40Betts, Granger A.: Thumbs Contract, Labor Contract, Inlandboatmen's Union, San Pedro Division1966-1967
1/41Bjorgen, Albert: Decision and Order1956-1957
1/42Black Ball Transport: Labor Agreements for Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1953-1955 1957, 1959,1961-1968
1/43Black Ball Transport: Labor Agreements for Masters, Mates, and Pilots1955, 1957, 1959, 1962-1967
1/44Black Ball Transport Incorporated: Labor Contract for Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1962, 1966, 1968-1970
1/45Black Ball Transport Inc: Labor Agreement for Masters, Mates, and Pilots1969-1970
1/46Bowen, John C.1933
1/47Boyer Towing Company: Information, Organizing of Employees (Inlandboatmen's Union)1967, 1971
1/48Brown and Root, Incorporated1966-1967
1/49Builders Equipment Renal, Incorporated1957-1959
1/50Campbell, Ferral W.: Alaskan Representative Correspondence1963-1963
1/51Canada Seamen's Union1959-1959
1/52Certain Construction Companies: Labor Agreements1943-1969
1/53Certain Construction Companies: Contract Negotiations with Inlandboatmen's Union)1969-1972
1/54Columbia Construction (Inlandboatmen's Union)1940-1941
2/1Cook Inlet: Correspondence, Contracts, and Related Material1964-1968
2/2Cook Inlet: Agreements, Legal Documents, Etc.1966-1969
2/3Cook Inlet: Negotiations, Contracts, Correspondences1966-1969
2/4Cook Inlet Operations: Foss Launch and Tug Company (Roland Foss)1965-1972
2/5Crowley Companies: Confidential Report, Inlandboatmen's Unioncirca 1961
2/6Denali- McCray, Inlandboatmen's Union1957-1958
2/7Deal, Clyde W. , Inlandboatmen's Union1966-1968
2/8Fred Devine Diving & Salvage Company: Contract Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union1967-1967
2/9Fred Devine Diving & Salvage Company: Contract Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots1967-1970
2/10Fred Devine Diving & Salvage Company: Vietnam War Bonus, War Risk Insurance, Inlandboatmen's Union, Masters, Mates and Pilots1966-1966
2/11Dunlap Towing Company: Unreported Employees1963
2/12Dunlap Towing Company: Master Towboat Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union, Mater, Mates and Pilots1965-1967
2/13Federated American Insurance1967
2/14Farwest Towing Company, Inlandboatmen's Union1945-1950
2/15Federated American Insurance1958-1958
2/16Ferguson and Burdell: General1954-1967
2/17Foss, Brynn1968
2/18Foss Company- Tacoma: Memorandum of Understanding1970
2/19Foss Company- Tacoma: NLRB Case1954-1955
2/20Foss Launch and Tug Company: Master and Supply Towboat Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates and Pilots1965-1969
2/21Foss Launch and Tug Company: Milwaukee Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union1970-1970
2/22General Marine Transport of Santa Barbara, California, Incorporated Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1970
2/23Ghezzi Towing Company: Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates and Pilots1961
2/24Ghezzi Towing Company: Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates and Pilots1961
2/25Grayline Tours, Inlandboatmen's Union1946
2/26Grayline Tours, Masters, Mates and Pilots1946
2/27Gray's Harbor Pilots Association: Signed Agreements, Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1972
2/28Gray's and Willapa Harbor Pilots Association1960-1965
2/29Gray's Harbor Pilots Association: Labor Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union1971
2/30Halvorsen Towing Company: Agreements, Information, etc. Inlandboatmen's Union, Masters, Mates and Pilots1967-1970
2/31Hawaiian Island Ferry System1968
2/32Hayes, Earl D.- Correspondence1963-1967
2/33Independent Towboat Operators' Association: Inlandboatmen's Union, Masters, Mates and Pilots1949-1950
2/34Ketchikan Spruce Mills1957-1957
2/35Labow Haynes Company: Bonds, Etc.1964, 1970
2/36Leppauleto, Russell (Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union)1953-1956, 1958
2/37McCarty Marine Service, Inlandboatmen's Union1949
2/38McDermott, J. Ray1967
2/39J. Ray McDermott and Company: Labor Agreement, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6 and Inlandboatmen's Union, Puget Sound1967-1968, 1972
2/40J. Ray McDermott and Company: Labor Contracts, Master, Mates and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1968
2/41McFadden, P.M.1969
2/42Manson-Jones-Perini-Osberg1959, 1967
2/43Marine Cargo, Incorporated: Labor Contract, Master Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1970-1971
2/44Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association1937-1941, 1943-1947, 1964
2/45Maritime Trades Department1964, 1966, 1968
2/46Master, Mates, and Pilots: Coos Bay Local #191957-1958
2/47Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association (MEBA) Merger (Master, Mates, and Pilots)1952-1953
2/48Milwaukee Road: Labor Contract, Master, Mates and Pilots #6 and Inlandboatmen's Union, Puget Sound1953-1955
2/49National Labor Bureau, General: Truman Gill, Assistant Secretary1966-1967, 1970-1971
2/50National Labor Bureau: C.J. Simpson, Director1955-1959, 1961-1962, 1964-1966, 1969
2/51National Labor Bureau: C.J. Simpson1965-1969
2/52National Labor Relations Board1961
2/53National Maritime Union Local 3331967, 1970
2/54National Railroad Adjustment Road: Fourth Division1964
2/55North by Northwest1968
2/56Northern Tankers, Incorporated: Labor Agreements, Etc., Master, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1950-1951, 1953, 1955-1957, 1959, 1961-1962
2/57Northwest Hydrofoil Lines, Harrington Town House: Labor Contract, Masters, Mates and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1968
2/58Northwest Hydrofoil Lines, Incorporated: Labor Agreement, Masters, Mates, and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1968
3/1Northwest Towboat Association: Contracts and Supplements, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1945, 1948-1952, 1955, 1957
3/2Northwest Towboat Association (Puget Sound): Masters, Mates, and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959-1961
3/3Northwest Towboat Association (Puget Sound): Masters, Mates, and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959-1964
3/4Northwest Towboat Association: General Correspondence1954, 1958-1960,1965-1966, 1970
3/5Northwest Towboat Association: Special Agreements for Barges FOSS1959, 1963-1968, 1970-1971
3/6Northwest Towboat Association: Agreements with Certain Companies, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1967
3/7Northwest Towboat Association1970-1973
3/8Northwest Towboat Association: Labor Contract Negotiations1964-1968
3/9Northwest Towboat Association: Contract Negotiations1959, 1965
3/10Northwest Towboat Association: Negotiating Work File, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1964-1968
3/11Northwest Towboat Association (Grays Harbor): Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959-1961
3/12Northwest Towboat Association (Grays Harbor): Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific1955-1956, 1959-1961,1965-1968
3/13Northwest Towboat Agreement: Joint Recommendation, Agreements, Supplement1965-1967
3/14Northwest Towboat Association: Contract Negotiations1967
3/15Northwest Towboat Association: Negotiating Work File, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1967-1969
3/16Northwest Towboat Association: Roster used in balloting, from companies1969-1970, 1972
3/17Northwest Towboat Association: Signed Labor Contract, Masters, Mates and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1964-1969
3/18Northwest Towboat Association: Ocean and Coastwise Agreement, Masters, Mates and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1969
3/19Northeast Towboat Association: Memo of Understanding, Puget Sound Agreement, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1971-1973
3/20Northwest Towboat Association: Apprentice Tankerman Agreement, Inlandboamen's Union of Pacific1971
3/21Northwest Towboat Association: Ocean, Coastwise Towboat Agreement, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1972
3/22Northwest Towboat Association: Negotiations1965-1967
3/23Northwest Towboat Association: 1965 Supplement Rail Cars1965-1967
3/24Olson Ocean Towing: Election File1966-1973
3/25Olson Tugboat Company: Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1969
3/26Olympic Ferries, Incorporated: Contract Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots and Inlandboatmen's Union1968
3/27Olympic Ferries, Incorporated Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1961
3/28Olympic Ferries, Incorporated: Wage Review Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union1971
3/29Olympic Ferries, Incorporated : Labor Contract, Master, Mates and Pilot, Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1972
3/30Olympic Towing Company: Master Towboat Agreement, Master, Mates and Pilot, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1967
3/31Oregon Coast Towing Company: Agreement, Coos Bay, Oregon1963-1966
3/32Pacific Alaska Columbia: Contract1970
3/33Pacific Alaska Columbia1968-1971
3/34Pacific Inland Navigation Company: Vietnam Bonus Agreement1965-1968
3/35Pacific Towboat Company: Master Tugboat Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union, Master, Mates and Pilots1965-1967
3/36Parker Tug and Barge Company: Inlandboatmen's Union1970
3/37Pioneer Sand/Gravel Company: Master Towboat Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union, Master, Mates and Pilots1965-1967
3/38Pioneer Towing Company: Master Tugboat Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union, Master, Mates and Pilot1965-1967
3/39Pope and Talbot, Inlandboatmen's Union1970
3/40Puget Sound Freight Lines: Labor Agreements, Masters, Mates and Pilots1948-1968
3/41Puget Sound Freight Lines: Labor Agreements, Inlandboatmen's Union1950-1968
4/1Puget Sound Freight Lines: Labor Contract, signed copy, Inlandboatmen's Union1967-1970
4/2Puget Sound Freight Lines: Contract Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots1969-1970
4/3Puget Sound Freight Lines: Contract Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union1969
4/4Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society: Old Timer's Dinner1958
4/5Puget Sound Pilots: Contract Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union1935-1971
4/6Puget Sound Pilots: Station, Office Contracts, Inlandboatmen's Union1970
4/7Puget Sound Tug and Barge: Labor Agreements, etc. Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Unit1949-1967
4/8Quigg Brothers Construction Company: Inlandboatmen's Union and Masters, Mates and Pilots1942-1951
4/9Rig Tenders/NLRB1968
4/10Samson Tug and Barge Company: Organizing, bargaining, etc. Inlandboatmen's Union1970-1972
4/11San Diego Transportation: Labor Contracts, etc. Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1962-1967
4/12Sause Brothers Ocean Towing: Contracts, etc., Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1948-1949, 1956-1957,1960-1961, 1964, 1967-1969
4/13Seafarer's International Union of North America: Affiliation Agreement with Inlandboatmen's Union1948
4/14Seattle City Light Department (Inlandboatmen's Union)1950-1951, 1968
4/15Seattle Disposal Company: Signed Agreement with Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1959, 1967-1972
4/16Seattle Harbor Patrol (City of Seattle) (Inlandboatmen's Union)1958-1959
4/17Shaver Transportation Company: Labor Contract, Inlandboatmen's Union-Columbia River Division, Masters, Mates and Pilots #171968-1970
4/18Skagit County Commissioners: Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1971
4/19Skagit County Commissioners: Contract Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union1945-1946, 1963-1964,1966-1969
4/20Skagit County Ferry1966-1969
4/21Skagit Towing Company, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1940
4/22Standard Oil Company of California (SOCO)1968-1969
4/23Spaulding, Philip F.: Ferry Terminal Ramp Study1965
4/24Star and Crescent: Organizing, etc.1961-1966
4/25Steilacoom Ferry Service: Labor Agreement, Correspondence, Masters, Mates and Pilots Local 6, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific Puget Sound Division1964-1969
4/26Steilacoom Ferry Service: Labor Contracts, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1967-1972
4/27Turnagain Towing Corporation1962-1964
4/28United Industrial Workers of North America1962-1966
4/29The Upper Columbia River Towing Company (Masters, Mates and Pilots)1958
4/30U.S. Coast Guard: Inspection of Towboats1962, 1964, 1966
4/31U.S. Collector of Internal Revenue (Social Security) (Inlandboatmen's Union) 1958-1964
4/32U.S. Internal Revenue: Inlandboatmen's Union, Puget Sound Division1964-1967
4/33U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1956, 1958-1959
4/34U.S. Department of Labor1962
4/35Washington State Ferry Agreement1956-1968
4/36U.S. Marine Hospital1963-1964
4/37United Towing Company: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Masters, Mates and Pilots #61948, 1950-1951, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1961-1963, 1966-1967
4/38United Transportation Company: Tankerman Supplemental Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1970-1971
4/39Washington State: Department of Labor and Industries1960
4/40Washington State: Department of Health1959
4/41Washington State: Employees Retirement System Correspondence1967-1970
4/42Washington State Ferries: Newspaper Clippings1957
4/43Washington State: Labor Council1950, 1952, 1955,1958 -1959, 1961-1962, 1967, 1969
4/44Washington: Department of State1957-1958
4/45Washington State Ferries: Signed Contracts, Extension Agreement Only1965
4/46Washington State Ferries: Inlandboatmen's Union Signed Contract1965-1967
4/47Washington State Ferries: Correspondence1967-1968
4/48Washington State Ferries1964-1968
5/1O'Brien, John L.: Preliminary Inventory, Part IV, Office Copy1963
5/2Washington State Ferries: Contract, Negotiations, Work File, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1967-1969
5/3Washington State Ferries: Signed Labor Contracts, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1969
5/4Washington State Ferries: Inlandboatmen's Union (deck, engine room, ticket sellers)1962
5/5Washington State Ferries: Contract Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1968-1969
5/6Washington State Ferries: Voting on Personal Appearance1972
5/7Washington State Ferries: Deck Officers1951-1957
5/8Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959
5/9Washington State Ferries: Deck, Engine, and Stewards' Departments, Inlandboatmen's Union1951-1957
5/10Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959, 1961-1962
5/11Letters Regarding Indebtedness1956-1957
5/12Washington State Ferries: Deadhead Travel, Olympic and Rhododendron Ferries1967, 1969
5/13Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates and Pilots, and Inlandboatmen's Union Contract Negotiations, Working File1964-1967
5/14Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates and Pilots1962
5/15Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Signed Contract1965-1967
5/16Washington State Ferries: Labor Contract Negotiations, Signed Contract - Masters, Mates, and Pilots Local 61969
5/17Washington State Ferries: Wage Review Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots #61969, 1971
5/18Washington State Ferries: Wage Review Negotiations, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1971
5/19Washington State Ferries: Ticket-Takers, Ticket-Sellers, Inlandboatmen's Union1952-1954, 1957
5/20Washington State Ferries: Signed Contract, Inlandboatmen's Union1969, 1971
5/21Washington Tug and Barge Company: Master and Supplementary Towboat Agreement, Inlandboatmens Union and Masters, Mates and Pilots1965-1967
5/22Washington State Ferries: Simpson Wage Survey, Inlandboatmen's Union1966-1967
5/23Western Boat: Application for Membership1968
5/24Western Boat: Organizing, Legal, Etc., Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1967-1969
5/25Western Boat: Organizing, Legal, Etc., Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1965, 1967-1970
5/26Westours Incorporated: Charles B. West, President, Inlandboatmen's Union1970
5/27Weyerhaeuser Company, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1965, 1967-1968, 1970
5/28Whatcom County Commissioners: Ferry Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots, and Inlandboatmen's Union1960-1961, 1963-1969
5/29Whatcom and Skagit Counties: Labor Contracts, Masters, Mates and Pilots #6, Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1971
5/30Whatcom and Skagit Counties: Contract Negotiations, Masters, Mates and Pilots, Inlandboatmen's Union1959, 1968-1969, 1972
5/31Whatcom County Commissioners: Agreement, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1971
5/32-7/24 IBU DIVISIONAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1942-19721942-1972
5/32Inlandboatmen's Union Correspondence: Alaska Division1954, 1956-1960
5/33Alaska Division: O'Claray, Gregory, Alaskan Representative1965, 1967-1969
5/34Alaska Division: O'Claray, Gregory, Alaska Representative1970
5/35Alaska Division: O'Claray, Gregory1970-1971
6/1Alaska Division: Taft-Harvey Act1956-1958
6/2Alaska Division: Form 9901956
6/3Columbia River Division: Allocation to Inlandboatmen's Union Headquarters1964-1970
6/4Columbia River Division: Agreements1955-1956, 1959-1965
6/5Columbia River Division: Dismissal Wage Contract, Southern Pacific and Masters, Mates and Pilots #40, Inlandboatmen's Union1936
6/6Columbia River Division: Financial Reports1954-1970
6/7Columbia River File1959-1964
6/8Columbia River Division: General Correspondence1952, 1955-1960, 1968
6/9Columbia River Division: General Correspondence1962-1963, 1965, 1967
6/10Columbia River Division1947, 1949-1950,1952, 1954, 1958-1959
6/11Columbia River Pension List1963
6/12Columbia River to Puget Sound Contract Coverage, Richard K. Hillis1966
6/13Columbia River: Negotiations1966-1968
6/14Fox, John M., President, Inlandboatmen's Union1960, 1962
6/15Columbia River Division: Collector of Internal Revenue1943-1944, 1946-1951, 1952, 1954-1958, 1963, 1965, 1967-1971
6/16Puget Sound Division1945-1948
6/17Puget Sound Division: Allocation to Inlandboatmen's Union Headquarters1964-1971
6/18Puget Sound Division: Bank Statements, Inlandboatmen's Union1963-1967
6/19Puget Sound Division: Bills Payable, Inlandboatmen's Union1966-1971
6/20Puget Sound Division: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific1959-1964, 1967
6/21Puget Sound Division: Financial Reports1955-1972
6/22Puget Sound Division: General Correspondence1966
6/23Puget Sound Division: Nomination and Election of Officers, Inlandboatmen's Union1959-1961
6/24Puget Sound Division: Nomination, Election Officers, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1963
6/25Puget Sound Division: Nomination and Election of Officers, Inlandboatmen's Union1965-1967
6/26Puget Sound Division: Nomination and Election of Officers, Inlandboatmen's Union1967
6/27Puget Sound Division: Payroll and Expense Records, Inlandboatmen's Union1964
6/28Puget Sound Division: Taft-Hartley Act1954-1959, 1961,1968-1969
6/29Puget Sound Division: Unemployment Compensation, Washington State Inlandboatmen's Union1964-1971
6/30Executive Board Action1957
6/31Coastwise Executive Council, Inlandboatmen's Union: Minutes1961-1970
6/32Coast Executive Council Meeting: Financial Reports1964-1965
6/33Coastwise Council Meeting, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1970
6/34Coastwise Executive Council, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific: Minutes1971
6/35District Union, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific: Treasurer, General Correspondence1957-1963
7/1Treasurer - John H. Evans, Inlandboatmen's Union1942-1965
7/2Treasurer: General Correspondence, Inlandboatmen's Union (District Union, Seafarers International Union of North America)1955 -1960, 1962
7/3Treasurer: General Correspondence, Inlandboatmen's Union (District Union, Seafarers International Union of North America)1966-1971
7/4Treasurer: Truman D. Gill, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1966-1968
7/5Secretary Treasurer1971
7/6San Diego Division: Contract Agreements1955-1956, 1959, 1963-1965, 1968
7/7San Diego Division: Financial Reports1955-1958, 1960-1969
7/8San Diego Division: Correspondence1968
7/9San Diego Division: Form 9901943-1958, 1963-1968
7/10San Diego Division: Taft-Hartley Act1948-1952, 1954, 1958
7/11San Diego Division: Allocation to Inlandboatmen's Union Headquarters1963-1969
7/12San Francisco Division: Form 9901943-1958, 1965-1970
7/13San Francisco Division: Agreements1936, 1955-1959, 1962-1963, 1967-1969
7/14San Francisco Division: Taft-Hartley Act1946-1955, 1958
7/15San Francisco Division: General Correspondence1963, 1967-1968
7/16San Francisco Division: Financial Reports1955-1969
7/17San Francisco Division: Allocation to Inlandboatmen's Union Headquarters1963-1971
7/18San Pedro Division: Contract Agreements1956-1964
7/19San Pedro Division: Financial Reports1955-1972
7/20San Pedro Division: General Correspondence1955-1968
7/21San Pedro Division: Inlandboatmen's Union1958
7/22San Pedro Division: Taft-Hartley Act1948-1952
7/23San Pedro Division: General Correspondence1966, 1969
7/24San Pedro Division: Form 9901944-1970
7/25MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS, 1950, 1959-19731950, 1959-1973
8/1-8/26 CORRESPONDENCE A-Z, 1940-19731940-1973
8/1Correspondence: Miscellaneous "A"1941-1967
8/2Correspondence: Miscellaneous "B"1943-1967
8/3Correspondence: Miscellaneous "C"1941-1966
8/4Correspondence: Miscellaneous "D"1946-1966
8/5Correspondence: Miscellaneous "E"1941-1966
8/6Correspondence: Miscellaneous "F"1942-1965
8/7Correspondence: Miscellaneous "G"1941-1967
8/8Correspondence: Miscellaneous "H"1942-1967
8/9Correspondence: Miscellaneous "I"1941-1944, 1966
8/10Correspondence: Miscellaneous "J"1941-1967
8/11Correspondence: Miscellaneous "K"1943-1967
8/12Correspondence: Miscellaneous "L"1941-1967
8/13Correspondence: Member1973
8/14Correspondence: Miscellaneous "M"1940-1967
8/15Correspondence: Miscellaneous "N"1942-1966
8/16Correspondence: Miscellaneous "O"1941-1967
8/17Correspondence: Miscellaneous "P"1941-1967
8/18Correspondence: Miscellaneous "R"1941-1967
8/19Correspondence: Miscellaneous "S"1941-1967
8/20Correspondence: Miscellaneous "T"1941-1966
8/21Correspondence: Miscellaneous "U"1942-1963
8/22Correspondence: Miscellaneous "V"1943-1967
8/23Correspondence: Miscellaneous "W"1941-1966
8/24Correspondence: Miscellaneous "XYZ"1954, 1959, 1963, 1966-1967
8/25- 8/26CORRESPONDENCE ON VIETNAM, 1961-19691961-1969
8/25Vietnam Correspondence: Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific, Merle D. Adlum File1967-1968-1967-1968
8/26Vietnam Correspondence: Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific, Merle D. Adlum File1961, 1967-1969-1961, 1967-1969
9/1-10/12SUBJECT , 1936-19731936-1973
9/1Agreements, Other Unions1966-1969
9/2Constitution, State of Alaska1958, 1963
9/3Alaska Income Tax1959-1965, 1969
9/4Alaska Legislation1959, 1963-1965
9/5Bulk Mailing Permit (Information, Mailing Statements, Etc.)1965-1972
9/6Christmas Contributions, Inlandboatmen's Union1968-1969
9/7Christmas Gifts and Subscriptions1955, 1958, 1963-1968, 1971
9/8Coast Guard Hearing, Ted G. Groves, Patrick G. Moore1971
9/9Congressional Correspondence1966
9/10COPE Conference, Wenatchee1964
9/11Cross-Sound Bridge1957, 1959
9/12Delinquent Due Letters, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1969
9/13Dismissal Wage1958-1959, 1963
9/14Ferry Purchase and Legislature1946, 1948-1949, 1955
9/15Hair Case, Legal Opinions, Inlandboatmen's Union1970-1972
9/16Hawaiian Islands Organizing1964, 1967
9/17Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, Inlandboatmen's Union (District Union) 1959-1967
9/18Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act1959-1971
9/19Run-Off Election, Treasurer, Inlandboatment's Union of Pacific1968
9/20Harbor Patrol ReportUndated
9/21Harbor Patrol Report1963-1964
9/22Initiative 1981947
9/23Legal Briefs: Dry Straits, Sergius Narrows, User Tax1964-1965
9/24Legal Opinions, John R. Palmer1955
9/25Legal Opinions1961-1965
9/26Legislature, States1943-1951, 1960, 1965
9/27Line Handling: Inlandboatmen's Union vs. International Lonshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union1962, 1966, 1968
9/28Longshoremen Training Program, Seattle1969
9/29Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers Compensation Act1963, 1966
9/30Marine Inspection Bill1936-1937, 1965
9/31Merchant Marine Act1956-1958
9/32National Labor Relations Board Hearings1955
9/33National Maritime Union (NMU) Conference1954-1955
9/34New Hire Case, Marine Employee Commission1965-1969
9/35Newspapers, Company1968-1973
9/36The Nor'Wester1966-1970
9/37The Nor'Wester, Current Material1968
9/38The Nor'Wester, Old Material1967
9/39Oil, Chemical, and Automatic Workers, Strike1969-1970
9/40Oil Pollution1971
9/41Oil Spill, Anacortes, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1971
9/42Payroll Deduction1968
9/43Payroll Deduction Authorization1958-1959
9/44Pension, Washington State Ferries1955
9/45Permit Information, Summer1971
9/46Retirees Dinner1971
9/47Rosemurgy Claims1962
9/48Governor Rosellini, Unfair List1962
9/49Roster: Inlandboatmen's Union, Run-Off Election of Officers1969-1970
9/50Roster: Inlandboatmen's Union, Election of Officers1969-1970
9/51Selective Service Act and Amendments1965-1966
9/52Seniority List1956-1957
9/53Spokane Street Tubes1956
10/1State Bargaining Bills, Inlandboatmen's Union1967
10/2Tacoma Complaints1967-1969
10/3Taxes, Federal Payroll1971-1972
10/4Tugboat Working RulesUndated
10/5United Marine Workers Releases1954
10/6United Marine Workers Releases1947, 1954
10/7United Marine Workers Bulletins and Literature1947, 1953-1954
10/8User Tax, Inland Waterways, Inlandboatmen's UnionUndated
10/9Vision Care1969
10/10Walker, Alfred Hayes, Decision and Order1955
10/11Wedekind Reports of Columbia River1940-1941
10/12Wilson, Ralph B., Decision and Order1962
10/13-11/16 FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1940-19731940-1973
10/13Audits, Headquarters, Inlandboatmen's Union of Pacific1964-1971
10/15Marine Welfare Trust, Premium Payments, Inlandboatmen's Union1954-1972
10/16Marine Welfare Trust and Retirement Trust1966
10/17Deposits and Receipts from Ferral W. Campbell1963-1966
10/18Auditor of California Division, C.C. Meredith (Certified Public Accountants)1963-1964, 1967-1969-1963-1964, 1967-1969
10/19Inlandboatmen's Union Audit Reports and Financial Statements1948-1970
10/20Quarterly Financial Report FormsUndated
10/21Financial Report1971-1972
10/22Death Benefit Fund, Inlandboatmen's Union Headquarters1967-1970
10/23Financial Statements. Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific1969-1970
10/24Northwest Marine Pension Trust1959, 1962, 1964-1965
11/1Quarterly Per Capita Tax Reports, Seafarer's International Union of North America1947, 1962-1970
11/2Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Pension Plan, Actuarial Valuation1967-1968
11/3Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Accountants' Report1971
11/4Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Audit Report1966, 1968-1970
11/5Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Report to the Trustees1965
11/6Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Northwest Marine Health and Welfare Trust, Cost Analysis1970-1971
11/7Northwest Marine Welfare Trust: Audit Report1967-1968
11/8Northwest Marine Welfare Trust: Annual Review1966-1973
11/9Northwest Marine Welfare Trust: Accountants' Report1970-1971
11/10Peoples National Bank of Washington: Investment Funds for Employee Benefit Trusts, Annual Reports1967
11/11Peoples National Bank of Washington: Trust Department1972-1973
11/12Seafarers' International Union of North America, Part 11950-1956
11/13Seafarers' International Union of North America, Part 21957-1959
11/14Seafarers' International Union of North America, Part 31960-1961
11/15Seafarers' International Union of North America: Report1961-1963, 1969-1971
11/16Inlandboatmen's Union Membership Books1960-1962

Accession No. 1574-006
Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1942-1974
3 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Scope and Content
Minutes, Correspondence, Nominations and Elections, Constitution and Bylaws, Case files, Applications, Financial records
1/1Nominations and elections1945-1947
1/2Nominations and elections1951-1952
1/3Nominations and elections1953-1954
1/4Nominations and elections1955-1956
1/5Nominations and elections1957-1958
1/6-1/15MEETING MINUTES1942-1959
1/6Regular and special meetings1951-1953
1/7Regular and special meetings1954-1955
1/8Regular and special meetings1956-1957
1/9Executive Council1942-1946
1/10Executive Council1947-1953
1/11Bellingham area towboatmen1958-1959
1/12Everett area towboatmen1959
1/13Tacoma area towboatmen1958-1959
1/14Port Angeles area towboatmen1958-1959
1/15Olympia area towboatmen1959
1/16Marine Hospital1953-1956
1/17Pacific Inland Navigation Co., NLRB case 36-CA-8721959
1/18James E. Joyce trial1955
1/19Interior Transportation et al., organizing1958-1959
1/20General correspondence1966-1967
1/21General correspondence1967-1972
1/22Executive Board communications1967
1/23Alaska Barge and Transport, Inc.: Saigon office1967-1968
1/24Alaska State Ferries: Palzer bankruptcy1963-1965
1/25IBU Annual Convention delegates1972
1/26IBU Alaska Port representatives1967-1968
1/27Military Sea Transport Service1954-1957
1/28Maryatt Industries data processing contract1969-1970
1/29Financial correspondence1971
1/30Membership applications for Alaska Barge and Transport, Vietnam1966-1970
1/31Treasurer's monthly financial statement1941
1/32Treasurer's monthly financial statement1942
1/33Treasurer's monthly financial statement1943-1944
2/1Financial statements and audit reports1936-1941
2/2Audit reports1942-1950
2/3Audit reports1954-1956
2/4Headquarters allocation reports1936-1942
2/5Draft IBU Constitution revision1967
2/6Second draft IBU Constitution revision1969
2/7Final draft IBU Constitution revision1969

Accession No. 1574-007
Inlandboatmens Union of the Pacific records, 1976-1978
1.26 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, copies of letters, minutes, other items sent to Warren Lawless for publication in the Inlandboatmen's Union newspaper, "Inlandboatman of the Pacific" and the "Pacific Mariner"; 1976-1978.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Warren Lawless, June 08, 1977
1/1IBU Correspondence1976
1/2Incoming correspondence1976-1978
1/3Incoming correspondence1976-1977
1/6Writings and plans1977
1/8News releases1977-1978
1/9Notes and draft copy1977
1/10Ephemera: Inland Waterway Weekly1977
1/17Inlandboatman of the Pacific vol. 2 no. 1; vol. 3 no. 31976-1977
1/18Maritime union publicatonsUndated
1/19AB Seamanship class1977
1/20Alaska Region1972-1973
1/21Columbia River Region1972-1973
1/22Hawaii Region1972-1973
1/23Puget Sound Region1972-1973
1/24San Francisco Region1972-1973
1/25Southern California Region1972-1973
1/26National IBU1972-1973

Accession No. 1574-008
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1967-1977
1 cubic foot
Scope and Content
General correspondence, legal files regarding NW Marine Retirement Trust; 1967-1977.
Terms of Access
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Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Adlum, Merle, August 02, 1978
1/1-1/7 CORRESPONDENCE, 1967-19771967-1977
1/1Tony Hovey, Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Secretary1967-1972
1/2Tony Hovey, Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Secretary1973
1/3Tony Hovey, Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Secretary1974
1/4Tony Hovey, Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Secretary Part 11975
1/5Tony Hovey, Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Secretary Part 21975
1/6Proposal from Health Administrators, Inc.1977
1/7Proposal for Reno, Nevada hotel-casino1974
1/8-1/14LEGAL RECORDS, 1974-19771974-1977
1/8Lester L. Reynolds vs. Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Part 11975-1976
1/9Lester L. Reynolds vs. Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Part 21975-1976
1/10Ferry System Concessions retirement: Helen De Fina1974-1975
1/11H. J. Carroll vs. Northwest Marine Retirement Trust1976-1977
1/12A. Clemens Grady vs Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Part 11975-1977
1/13A. Clemens Grady vs Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Part 21975-1977
1/14A. Clemens Grady vs Northwest Marine Retirement Trust Part 31975-1977

Accession No. 1574-009
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records, 1940-1977 (Bulk: 1970-1975)
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Scope and Content
Agreements, negotiations, payroll deductions, general correspondence.
Files include general correspondence of the Gray's Harbor Tug Boat Workers Union (with variant titles), 1940-1973.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, June 26, 1976
1/1Alaska Barge and Transport1971
1/2Alaska State Ferries1972
1/3Allman-Hubble Tugboat Company and Quigg Brothers-McDonald1972
1/4Black Ball Transport, Inc.1971-1974
1/5Boyer Towing, Inc.1974-1975
1/6Clark's Ferry Concessons1967-1973
1/7Construction agreements1970-1972
1/8Foss Launch & Tug car barge1970-1973
1/9Foss Launch & Tug North Vancouver barge1965
1/10Manson Construction & Engineering Co.1970-1975
1/11Northwest Towboat Association Puget Sound Towboat agreement1969-1972
1/12Northwest Towboat Association Puget Sound Towboat agreement1973
1/13Northwest Towboat Association Puget Sound Towboat agreement1973-1976
1/14Olympic Ferries, Inc.1972
1/15Pacific Inland Navigation Company1971-1972
1/16Puget Sound Freight Lines1970-1972
1/17Puget Sound Pilots Association1975
1/18Puget Sound Pilots Association: W. F. Gormley arbitration1975
1/19Sause Brothers: Columbia River Region agreements1970-1972
1/20Southeast and Southwest Alaska towboat agreements1968-1972
1/21Steilacoom Island Ferry Service1973
1/22Tidewater Barge Lines1968-1973
1/23State of Washington Higher Education Personnel Board1971-1973
1/24Washington State Ferries1972-1974
1/25Washington State Ferries concessionaire agreement1972
1/26Western Pile Driving Company1970
1/27Towboat company compliance agreements1972-1973
1/28-1/31CORRESPONDENCE--GRAYS AND WILLAPA HARBOR TUGBOATMEN--[Masters, Mates & Pilots in Grays and Willapa Harbors], 1940-19731940-1973
'1/28General correspondence1940-1945
1/29General correspondence1945-1947
1/30General correspondence1948-1951
1/31General correspondence1952-1973
1/32Meeting attendance register1942-1946
1/33Meeting attendance register1950-1964
1/34Vice President correspondence1973
1/35Vice President correspondence1974
1/36Vice President correspondence1974-1975
1/37Signed engineer pledge letters1958-1971
1/38Lists of members registered for work1976-1977
1/39Lobbyist reports1974-1975
1/40EEOC reports1974-1975
1/41Northwest Marine Welfare Trust Annual Review for the year 19661967

Accession No. 1574-010
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1945-1979
18.4 cubic feet (16 boxes)
Scope and Content
Agreements, negotiations, correspondence, financial records, minutes; 1945-1979.
The entire accession is San Francisco Division files. Bulk is records of union negotiations and agreements with various tugboat and shipping companies.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Records stored offsite; advance notice required for use.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
I.B.U., November 19, 1980
1/1IBU HISTORY, 1947-19481947-1948
1/1Affiliation with Seafarers International Union1947-1948
1/2Executive Committee minutes1948-1948
1/3Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1955-1955
1/4Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1956-1956
1/5Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1957-1957
1/6Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1958-1958
1/7Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1959-1959
1/8Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1960-1960
1/9Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1961-1961
1/10Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1962-1962
1/11Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1963-1963
1/12Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1964-1964
1/13Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1965-1965
1/14Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1966-1966
1/15Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1967-1967
1/16Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1968-1968
1/17Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1969-1969
1/18Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1970-1970
1/19Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes, financial reports1971-1971
1/20Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1972-1972
1/21Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1973-1973
1/22Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1974-1974
1/23Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1975-1975
1/24Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1976-1976
1/25Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1977-1977
1/26Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes1978-1978
1/27Special meeting (including strike meeting) rosters and minutes1956-1964
1/28Meeting rosters1968-1972
1/29Executive Board correspondence1975-1975
1/30Executive Board correspondence1976-1977
2/1IBU Constitution1971-1971
2/2Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Region by-lawsUndated
2/3Regional by-laws information and correspondence1971-1972
2/4General election of officers, 19591959-1959
2/5General election of officers, 19611961-1961
2/6General election of officers, 19631963-1964
2/7General election of officers, 19651965-1966
2/8Post-election information1966-1966
2/9General election of officers, 19671967-1968
2/10General election of officers, 19691969-1970
2/11U.S. Department of Labor investigation of 1969 election1969-1970
2/121970 Election supervised by U.S. Department of Labor1970-1971
2/13General election of officers, 19711971-1971
2/14Special regional election, Vice President1972-1972
2/15General election of officers, 19721972-1972
2/16Run-off election for Vice Chairman, 19731973-1973
2/17General election of officers, 1975: ballot1975-1975
2/18General election of officers, 1975: nominations1975-1975
2/19Richard Hillis: challenge to 1975 election1975-1975
2/20Richard Kiesser and Pat Gross: challenge to 1975 election1975-1975
2/21Larry A. Paulsen: challenge to 1975 election1975-1975
2/22George Rancich: challenge to 1975 election1975-1975
2/23Victor Rosselli: challenge to 1975 election1975-1976
2/24Challenges to 1979 election1979-1979
2/25-2/31CONVENTION, 1969; 1973-19771969; 1973-1977
2/25Inlandboatmen's Union National Conferences: Atlantic Gulf Coast and Pacific1969-1969
2/26Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1973-1973
2/27Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1974-1974
2/28Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1975-1975
2/29Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1976-1976
2/30Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1977-1977
2/31Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific National Convention1978-1978
3/1-3/18 FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1941-19771941-1977
3/1Inlandboatmen's Union headquarters purchase of Defense Bonds August 26, 19411941-1953
3/2National Labor Bureau: headquarters file1942-1954
3/3Yearly financial reports: correspondence1946-1949
3/4IBU Treasurer Roger Randall: correspondence1950-1955
3/5IBU Treasurer: correspondence1955-1956
3/6Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Coastwise headquarters1941-1963
3/7Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Pedro Division1948-1956
3/8Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Columbia River Division1948-1956
3/9Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Puget Sound Division1948-1956
3/10Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Diego Division1947-1956
3/11Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division1948-1961
3/12Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division1962-1964
3/13Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division1965-1968
3/14Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division: monthly financial reports1956-1956
3/15Audit reports: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Coastwise headquarters1973-1977
3/16Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Treasurer: correspondence1974-1974
3/17Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific: financial reports1977-1977
3/18Seafarer's International Union: audit reports1970-1970
3/19-9/3 CORRESPONDENCE, 1958-19771958-1977
3/19-6/21; 16/45Correspondence with Companies and Labor Councils (includes some agreements with companies), 1958-19791958-1979
3/19Seafarer's International Union: correspondence1971-1971
3/20Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence1962-1974
3/21Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: union shop compliance notices1958-1974
3/22San Francisco Bay Conservation Study Commission1964-1964
3/23Bay Cities Transportation Company: agreements and correspondence1958-1973
3/24Bay and River Navigation Co.1962-1972
3/25Beet sugar legislation: correspondence1964-1964
3/26Bethlehem Steel Co.1962-1962
3/27California Labor Federation: correspondence1963-1972
3/28California Labor Federation: convention1964-1970
3/29Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County: correspondence1963-1971
3/30Alfred Cotton: correspondence1968-1969
3/31Edwin T. Farias: NLRB case 20-CB-22391970-1970
3/32Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.1963-1963
3/33Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines: payroll deduction information1964-1964
3/34Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1962-1970
3/35Harbor Tours, Inc.: agreements and correspondence1961-1970
3/36Harbor Tug & Barge Company: agreements and correspondence1963-1964
3/37Healy Tibbits Construction Company: correspondence1970-1970
3/38Hydraulic Dredging Company: correspondence1963-1964
3/39Ideal Cement Company: correspondence1963-1969
3/40Peter Kiewit Sons' Company: correspondence1966-1969
3/41Joel P. Lathan case Part 11966-1967
3/42Joel P. Lathan case Part 21967-1967
3/43LeBoeuf Dougherty Contracting Company: correspondence1966-1966
3/44Manson-General: agreements and correspondence1967-1970
3/45Patrick McGarrigle: union shop case1964-1964
3/46General correspondence - P1949-1952
4/1American Maritime Association Bulletin1963-1965
4/2International Association of Machinists: jurisdictional dispute1959-1959
4/3Marine Engineers Beneficial Association: correspondence and strike information1969-1970
4/4Marine Hospital1962-1969
4/5San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council: minutes and correspondence1959-1962
4/6San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council: minutes and correspondence1963-1967
4/7San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council: minutes and correspondence1968-1972
4/8Francis J. McManus grievance1969-1972
4/9National Labor Relations Board1962-1968
4/10Joseph Brown: NLRB case 20-CB-25701971-1971
4/11Lauritzen Tug & Barge, Inc.: NLRB case 20-CC-10901971-1971
4/12Charles M. Shelton: NLRB case 20-CB-22441970-1970
4/13Jerry Seidman: NLRB case 20-CB-22401969-1970
4/14Willard H. Park: NLRB case 20-CB-20701969-1971
4/15Office and Professional Employees, Local No. 3: correspondence1963-1972
4/16Oil Terminals Company: correspondence1963-1976
4/17Pacific Disposal Company: agreements and correspondence1970-1970
4/18Pacific Inland Navigation Company: agreements and correspondence1969-1971
4/19Pilot-controlled tugs1968-1969
4/20Pioneer Shell Company: correspondence1965-1965
4/21Pipe lines: information and correspondence1962-1964
4/22Podesta Marine Service, Inc.: agreement1972-1972
4/23Railroad Retirement Board: pension-retirement case1962-1965
4/24Rapid transit information1965-1965
4/25J. C. Freese - River Lines Company merger1968-1969
4/26River Lines Company: correspondence1962-1969
4/27San Francisco Labor Council: minutes and publications1965-1968
4/28San Francisco Redevelopment Agency1965-1965
4/29San Mateo Central Labor Council1964-1971
4/30Santa Fe - Pomeroy, Inc.: agreement1971-1971
4/31Senate bill No. 4381969-1969
4/32Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Co. / Red Stack Line: agreements and correspondence1948-1964
4/33Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Co. / Red Stack Line: agreements and correspondence1964-1966
4/34Commercial agreements: seniority lists1967-1973
4/35The River Lines, Inc.: agreements and correspondence1959-1963
5/1U.S. Coast Guard: requests for seamen's papers1962-1972
5/2U.S. Coast Guard: requests for seamen's papers1957-1961
16/45U. S. Coast Guard: correspondence1979-1979
5/3Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division: shipping rules1952-1972
5/4Union shop, seniority and method of employment agreement1971-1972
5/5Southern Pacific Company: dismissal pay agreement1957-1957
5/6Southern Pacific Lines Associated General Chairmen1962-1966
5/7Southern Pacific Employees Hospital Association1964-1966
5/8Southern Pacific Employees Hospital Association1967-1967
5/9Towboat Operators: agreements1955-1957
5/10Crowley Launch & Tugboat Co. publication Safety Talk1966-1972
5/11United Towing Co. publication Tugs & Barges1964-1966
5/12United Towing Company: correspondence1956-1959
5/13United Towing Company: correspondence and agreements1959-1965
5/14United Transportation Company: correspondence and agreements1955-1965
5/15Western Pacific Railroad Company: monthly letters1962-1962
5/16Western Pacific Railroad Company: union shop compliance1954-1961
5/17Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1962-1968
5/18Western Pacific Employees Medical Department1962-1963
5/19Western Pacific Employees Medical Department1964-1968
5/20Ernest Wilson: trial and trial correspondence1971-1971
5/21Bay and River Navigation Company: correspondence1973-1978
5/22California Labor Federation1973-1977
5/23California Labor Federation1978-1978
5/24California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference1972-1978
5/25California Select Committee on Maritime Industry1974-1978
5/26Central Labor Council of Alameda County1978-1978
5/27Coalition of Labor and Business Alameda and Contra Costa Counties1978-1978
5/28Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County1973-1978
5/29Pier 94 East dredging plan: blueprint1973-1973
5/30HR 6479 / "Garmatz" bill1972-1972
5/31Marine Staff Officers agreement with M.G.R.S., Inc.1969-1969
5/32Marine Engineers Beneficial Association: correspondence1973-1976
5/33Legislative file1975-1978
5/34Maritime Museum1973-1977
5/35Equal opportunity employers1973-1973
6/1San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council: minutes and correspondence1974-1976
6/2San Francisco Maritime Trades Port Council: minutes and correspondence1977-1978
6/3Occupational Health and Safety Conference1973-1973
6/4Oil pollution control1973-1973
6/5Sailors' Union of the Pacific1962-1975
6/6San Francisco Labor Council: correspondence1963-1973
6/7San Francisco Labor Council: minutes and correspondence1974-1975
6/8San Francisco Labor Council: minutes and correspondence1976-1977
6/9San Francisco Labor Council: minutes and correspondence1978-1978
6/10San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission San Francisco Waterfront Advisory Committee1975-1975
6/11Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: correspondence1975-1975
6/12Spill spoiler operations1974-1974
6/13United River Lines: correspondence1973-1973
6/14United States Coast Guard: correspondence1946-1973
6/15United States Department of Labor1968-1970
6/16California State Department of Industrial Relations: correspondence and reports1943-1950
6/17California State Department of Industrial Relations: correspondence and reports1951-1971
6/18California Fair Employment Practices Commission1962-1971
6/19University of California Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relations1959-1961
6/20Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District: correspondence1972-1977
6/21International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots: agreements and correspondence1974-1976
6/22-7/5 General and Member Correspondence, 1962-19781962-1978
6/22Member correspondence1962-1967
6/23General correspondence1962-1964
6/24General correspondence1965-1967
6/25Member correspondence1968-1974
6/26General correspondence1968-1971
6/27General correspondence1972-1972
7/1General correspondence1973-1973
7/2General correspondence1974-1974
7/3General correspondence1975-1975
7/4General correspondence1976-1976
7/5Attorney correspondence1974-1978
7/6-8/19Correspondence with other IBU Regions [Includes Minutes], 1963-19781963-1978
7/6IBU Divisions: correspondence1963-1971
7/7IBU Alaska region: minutes1975-1979
7/8IBU Alaska region: correspondence1976-1978
7/9IBU Alaska region: agreements1973-1974
7/10IBU Alaska region: instrumentation reportUndated
16/39IBU Alaska Region: minutes1978-1979
16/40IBU Columbia River Region: minutes1979-1979
7/11IBU Hawaii region: minutes1972-1978
7/12IBU Hawaii region: correspondence1972-1978
7/13IBU Hawaii region: by-lawsUndated
16/41IBU Hawaii Region: minutes1979-1979
7/14IBU Puget Sound region: minutes1974
7/15IBU Puget Sound region: minutes1976-1978
7/16IBU Puget Sound region: correspondence1973-1975
16/42IBU Puget Sound Region: minutes1979-1979
7/17IBU headquarters: correspondence1972-1977
7/18IBU Southern California region: minutes1973-1976
7/19IBU Southern California region: minutes1977-1978
7/20IBU Southern California region: correspondence1974-1978
16/43IBU Southern California Region: minutes1979-1979
16/44IBU San Francisco Region shipping list1979-1979
7/21Percentage dues correspondence and information1973-1973
7/22Seafarers International Union: correspondence and convention materials1962-1967
7/23Seafarers International Union: correspondence and convention materials1968-1969
7/24Seafarers International Union: correspondence and convention materials1970-1971
7/25Seafarers International Union: correspondence1973-1977
8/1Seafarers International Union: financial reports1967-1970
8/2Seafarers International Union: monthly research report1968-1968
8/3Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific: its birth and growth: pamphlet and typescript1937-1956
8/4The Nor'wester1966-1971
8/5Newspaper clippings1956-1969
8/6IBU constitution1970-1972
8/7The Golden Gate and the Isles news bulletin1968-1971
8/8Committee for a Democratic IBU: publication The Hurricane1969-1970
8/9IBU San Francisco Region bulletins1973-1978
8/10Political file1975-1976
8/11Political file1977-1977
8/12Requests for honorary membership1962-1974
8/13IBU Coastwise Executive Council1972-1975
8/14IBU vacation savings plan1972-1972
8/15Dues increase balloting1970-1970
8/16Organizing: financial information1968-1969
8/17Reinstatement rules1958-1966
8/18Registration and membership rules revision1970-1970
8/19Obligation to membership: signed forms1963-1972
8/20-9/3Correspondence with Other Organizations, 1952-19781952-1978
8/20Christmas mailing lists1952-1971
8/21Insurance: fidelity bond1955-1971
8/22Merchant Officers Protective Syndicate: tankermen's license insurance1972-1977
8/23Office furniture and equipment: property tax information1954-1972
8/24Office and Professional Employees, Local No. 3: correspondence1972-1976
8/25Office and Professional Employees, Local No. 3: contract1961-1974
8/26Office Employees Insurance Trust Fund: correspondence1963-1969
8/27Applications for registration1973-1975
8/28San Francisco region death benefit fund1972-1972
8/29Union Services: eye and hearing care1972-1972
8/30Raoul A. Vincillione: personal1955-1972
8/31Local Union Equal Opportunity Report EEO-31967-1967
8/32California Department of Employment: correspondence1968-1970
8/33National Labor Bureau: correspondence1967-1968
9/1Rosenthal & Leff: correspondence1972-1978
9/2Jennings, Gartland & Tilly: correspondence1973-1974
9/3Safety Committee report re tug "Randi"1967-1967
9/4-10/1 CASES AND GRIEVANCES, 1953-19771953-1977
9/4National Labor Relations Board: cases1975-1976
9/5Guntert & Zimmerman: NLRB case 20-RC-11442, 20-RC-11443, 20-CA-83991973-1973
9/6Paul Bagley: disciplinary case1975-1975
9/7Claude Bailey: grievance1976-1976
9/8Tankerman grievance1976-1976
9/9Shipping rules beef: M. Camarena1974-1974
9/10Ray Carlsen: grievance1976-1976
9/11Fred Carlson: grievance1975-1976
9/12Vernon N. Buens: grievance1976-1976
9/13John Fernandes: complaint1972-1973
9/14Golden Gate Ferry: grievance1976-1976
9/15Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines: grievance1976-1976
9/16Charles O. Grill vs. National Maritime Union1975-1975
9/17Independent Journal San Rafael1975-1975
9/18Arthur Jarman: grievance1976-1976
9/19Phil Lyons: grievance1976-1976
9/20Francis S. McMillan: pension appeal1962-1974
9/21Larry Miner: unfit for duty1977-1977
9/22Charles Muscat: grievance1976-1976
9/23Willard H. Park: expulsion and seniority protests1972-1976
9/24David Prudhomme: charges and trial1973-1975
9/25Barbara Reichert: accident1976-1976
9/26Kenneth F. Russell: NLRB case 20-CB-41081976-1977
9/27Bill Safina: beef1975-1975
9/28Jan K. Salbu: withdrawal1976-1976
9/29Western Pacific Railroad: Donald W. A. Schmidt investigation1976-1976
9/30Red Stack: John Shipman1976-1976
9/31Robert Verney: Western Pacific grievance1976-1976
9/32Gerald Waitz: NLRB case 20-CB-37931976-1976
9/33Lars Weseth: overtime grievance1976-1976
9/34Joseph G. James: beef1975-1975
9/35Karen Rosenstiel: registration beef1975-1975
9/36Lyn E. Berry: registration beef1975-1975
9/37Katherine Gardner: registration beef1975-1975
9/38Enid Marcus: registration beef1975-1975
9/39Anne McCombs: registration beef1975-1975
9/40Nancy Gilliland: registration beef1975-1975
9/41National Organization of Women beefs1975-1975
9/42Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al. Part 11975-1975
9/43Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al. Part 21975-1975
9/44Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al. Part 11976-1976
9/45Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al. Part 21976-1976
9/46Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al.1977-1977
9/47Boudreau vs. Golden Gate Bridge et al.: deposition of Clifford J. Secombe1976-1976
9/48George Mihalopoulos and Peter Kiewit beef Part 11975-1976
9/49George Mihalopoulos and Peter Kiewit beef Part 21975-1976
9/50Clayton Lewis: NLRB case 20-CB-28381972-1973
9/51William A. Sutherland: grievance1976-1976
9/52Douglas Preslar: maintenance and cure1975-1975
9/53Edward P. Barnett: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe arbitration1975-1976
9/54George Mihalopoulos: Harbor Tug & Barge beef1973-1973
9/55Jerry Seidman: seniority loss beef1973-1973
9/56Terry Meehan and Golden Gate Bridge beef1974-1975
9/57Salvatore Cresci: grievance1975-1975
9/58San Francisco Division Death Benefit1963-1972
10/1Health and welfare correspondence1953-1960
10/2Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1953-1955
10/3Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1956-1958
10/4Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1958-1962
10/5Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1962-1963
10/6Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1964-1966
10/7Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1967-1970
10/8Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1971-1972
10/9Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1973-1973
10/10Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1974-1975
10/11Inland Waters Welfare Trust: correspondence1976-1976
10/12Inland Waters Welfare Trust: amendments to declaration of trust1955-1960
10/13Inland Waters Welfare Trust: minutes1956-1974
10/14Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1958-1962
10/15Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1962-1966
10/16Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1967-1969
10/17Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1970-1972
10/18Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1973-1973
10/19Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1974-1974
10/20Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1975-1975
10/21Inland Waters Pension Trust: correspondence1976-1976
10/22Inland Waters Pension Trust: census information cards1962-1962
10/23Inland Waters Pension Trust: coastwise reciprocity agreement1968-1974
10/24Inland Waters Pension Trust: minutes1960-1976
11/1-16/48WORKING FILES - AGREEMENTS AND NEGOTIATIONS (Includes Correspondence), 1950-19761950-1976
11/1Asbury Transportation Company: correspondence and agreements1966-1974
11/2Guy F. Atkinson Company: correspondence and agreements1969-1971
11/3Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: agreements1932-1956
11/4Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and agreements1957-1964
11/5Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations1964-1965
11/6Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: Tug "Hayden" dispute1964-1965
11/7Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and agreements1968-1969
11/8Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations1966-1969
11/9Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations Part 11970-1970
11/10Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations Part 21970-1970
11/11Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations Part 11971-1971
11/12Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: negotiations Part 21971-1971
11/13Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and negotiations Part 11972-1972
11/14Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company:correspondence and negotiations Part 21972-1972
11/15Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and agreements1973-1973
11/16Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and agreements1974-1974
11/17Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence and agreements1975-1975
11/18Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence1976-1976
11/19Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: Edward Barnett case1973-1975
11/20Bay and River Navigation Company: procedures1951-1966
11/21Bay and River Navigation Company: union shop letters1958-1964
12/1Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1961-1962
12/2Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1963-1963
12/3Bay and River Navigation Company: 1964 negotiations Part 11963-1966
12/4Bay and River Navigation Company: 1964 negotiations Part 21963-1966
12/5Bay and River Navigation Company: manning and severance pay1966-1969
12/6Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1967-1968
12/7Bay and River Navigation Company: correspondence and negotiations1971-1971
12/8Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1972-1973
12/9Bay and River Navigation Company: correspondence and negotiations1974-1975
12/10Ferdandes beef: Bay and River1970-1970
12/11Bay Cities Transportation Company: negotiations1966-1967
12/12Bay Cities Transportation Company: negotiations1969-1971
12/13Bay Cities Transportation Company: correspondence1971-1975
12/14Coastwise and ocean towing agreement1968-1974
12/15Construction agreement1968-1971
12/16U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredging work: correspondence1973-1974
12/17Dole-Isleways: agreement1968-1968
12/18Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations and agreements1946-1957
12/19Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations and agreements1958-1965
12/20Construction and dredging negotiations1964-1965
12/21Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1966-1968
12/22Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1967-1970
12/23Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations Part 11971-1972
13/1Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations Part 21971-1972
13/2Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1972-1974
13/3Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1973-1977
13/4Dutra Dredging Co: correspondence1966-1969
13/5J. C. Freese Company: agreements1945-1967
13/6J. C. Freese Company: correspondence1959-1969
13/7J. C. Freese Company: negotiations1966-1966
13/8Ben C. Gerwick Company: agreements and correspondence1955-1971
13/9Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District: correspondence and agreements1970-1971
13/10Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District: correspondence and agreements1972-1972
13/11Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines, Inc.: agreements and correspondence1959-1969
13/12Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines, Inc.: negotiations1966-1966
13/13Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines, Inc.: negotiations1969-1972
13/14Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Lines, Inc.: correspondence1973-1975
13/15Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company: correspondence1969-1971
13/16Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company: arbitration1972-1972
13/17Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company: correspondence1973-1976
13/18Harbor Tug and Barge Company: agreements and correspondence1959-1971
13/19Harbor Tug and Barge Company: negotiations1966-1968
13/20Harbor Tug and Barge Company: negotiations1969-1971
13/21Harbor Tug and Barge Company: correspondence1972-1977
13/22Harbor Tug and Barge Company: layoff notices1975-1977
13/23Harbor Tug and Barge Company: grievances1979-1979
13/24Haviside Company: agreements and correspondence1946-1969
13/25Haviside Company: negotiations1966-1969
13/26Hawaiian Tug and Barge Company: agreements and correspondence1967-1970
14/1Honolulu Gas Company: agreement1971-1971
14/2Ideal Cement Company: agreements1941-1966
14/3Ideal Cement Company: agreements1967-1969
14/4Ideal Cement Company: negotiations1959-1964
14/5Ideal Cement Company: negotiations1963-1965
14/6Ideal Cement Company: negotiations Part 11965-1968
14/7Ideal Cement Company: negotiations Part 21965-1968
14/8Ideal Cement Company: correspondence re plant closing1970-1971
14/9Kaiser Steel Corporation: agreements and correspondence1963-1968
14/10Kawaihae Towing Co,: agreement1968-1968
14/11Kentron Hawaii, Ltd.: agreement1970-1970
14/12Peter Kiewit Sons' Company: agreements and correspondence1963-1973
14/13Peter Kiewit Sons' Company: negotiations and grievances1970-1975
14/14Lauritzen Tug & Barge, Inc.: agreements and correspondence1972-1975
14/15LaBoeuf-Dougherty Contracting Company: agreements and correspondence1946-1964
14/16LaBoeuf-Dougherty Contracting Company: agreements and correspondence1964-1970
14/17LaBoeuf-Dougherty Contracting Company: negotiations1964-1969
14/18Long Beach Prince and Long Beach King: correspondence re problem1973-1973
14/19Manson-General: agreements and correspondence1963-1973
14/20Mare Island Ferry Company: agreements1952-1954
14/21Marine Mining & Engineering, Inc.: NLRB case 20-CA-81811973-1973
14/22Murphy Pacific Corporation: agreements and correspondence1965-1971
14/23Murphy Tugboat Company: agreements and correspondence1971-1975
14/24Oscar Niemeth Towing Company: negotiations1973-1974
14/25Roger Niemeth Company: correspondence1974-1974
14/26Oil Terminals Company: agreements and correspondence1956-1960
14/27Oil Terminals Company: agreements and correspondence1961-1969
14/28Oil Terminals Company: agreements and correspondence1971-1975
14/29Olson Towboat Company: agreements and correspondence1959-1964
14/30Olson Towboat Company: agreements and correspondence1964-1975
14/31Oregon Coast Towing Company: agreements and correspondence1968-1974
14/32Pacific Disposal Company: agreements and correspondence1969-1972
14/33Pacific Inland Navigation Company: agreements and correspondence1968-1972
14/34Pioneer Shell Company: agreements and correspondence1951-1971
14/35Podesta Marine Services, Inc.: correspondence1973-1975
14/36J. H. Pomeroy & Company: correspondence1968-1968
14/37Puget Sound tug & Barge Company: agreement1972-1972
14/38Railroad negotiations1959-1964
14/39Railroad negotiations1965-1968
15/1River Lines Company: agreements1941-1955
15/2River Lines Company: agreements1956-1969
15/3River Lines Company: correspondence and negotiations1963-1965
15/4River Lines Company: correspondence and negotiations1969-1971
15/5River Lines Company: correspondence and negotiations1971-1972
15/6River Lines Company: Tug "Lassen" manning beef1964-1965
15/7Sanders Towboat Company: correspondence1968-1969
15/8San Francisco Towing Company: agreements and correspondence1959-1968
15/9San Pedro Division agreements1956-1962
15/10Shellmaker, Inc.: agreements1971-1971
15/11Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: Cook Inlet negotiations1966-1967
15/12Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1966-1967
15/13Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1969-1971
15/14Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: correspondence1962-1969
15/15Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: agreements and correspondence1967-1969
15/16Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations and correspondence1972-1973
15/17Smith-Rice Company: correspondence1967-1973
15/18Solano County State Ferry Service1973-1973
15/19Southern Pacific R.R. request for reduction in rates for petroleum products: briefs1958-1958
15/20Southhampton Towing Company: correspondence1976-1977
15/21Stockton Towboat Company: correspondence1975-1975
15/22H. C. Thomsen Sand Dredging, Inc.: agreements and correspondence1963-1965
15/23San Francisco Maritime Museum Association: organizing1971-1971
15/24Trans-Bay Constructors: correspondence1966-1967
15/25Umpqua River Navigation Company: correspondence1974-1975
15/26United River Lines: agreements and correspondence1968-1974
15/27United River Lines: correspondence1975-1977
15/28United Sand and Gravel Company: correspondence1961-1961
15/29United Towing Company: agreements and correspondence1959-1966
15/30United Towing Company: agreements and correspondence1966-1977
15/31United Transportation Company: agreements1969-1974
15/32United Transportation Company: agreements and correspondence1971-1973
15/33United Transportation Company: negotiations re merger1975-1977
15/34United Transportation Company: negotiations1978-1978
15/35United Transportation Company: negotiations1966-1971
15/36Western Pacific Dredging Company: correspondence1970-1970
15/37Western Pacific Railroad Company: agreements1932-1964
15/38Western Pacific Railroad Company: agreements and correspondence1960-1965
15/39Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations1964-1965
15/40Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations1967-1969
15/41Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1968-1972
16/1Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1973-1973
16/2Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1974-1974
16/3Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1975-1975
16/4Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1976-1976
16/5Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1977-1977
16/6Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations and correspondence1978-1978
6/7Western Pacific Railroad Company: merger1960-1961
16/8Western Pacific Employees' Medical Plan1976-1977
16/9Western Pacific Railroad Company: dental plan1976-1979
16/10Western Pacific Railroad Company: George Jamison case1971-1974
16/11Western Pacific Salvage Company: agreement1974-1977
16/12Western Tug & Barge Company: correspondence1971-1972
16/13Williams, Dimond & Company: correspondence1957-1958
16/14Yuba Erectors: agreements and correspondence1953-1963
16/15Inlandboatmen's Union San Francisco Region: bulletins1961-1972
16/161959 Strike: picket information1959-1959
16/17Members letters on problems1974-1974
16/18Overtime records1967-1968
16/19Seniority lists1972-1973
16/20Deckhand classification negotiations1961-1961
16/21Deckhand negotiations1963-1963
16/22Tankermen negotiations1955-1956
16/23Tankermen: special meetings1960-1960
16/24Tankermen: earnings and overtime1962-1971
16/25Towboat negotiations1969-1969
16/26Towboat negotiations1974-1975
16/27Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1977-1978
16/28Dredging Contractors Association: negotiations1978-1978
16/29Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company: agreement1979-1979
16/30Crowley Maritime Corporation: correspondence and grievance1978-1979
16/31Peter Kiewit Sons' Company: correspondence and arbitration transcript1971-1979
16/32Sailors' Union of the Pacific: correspondence1979-1979
16/33Seafarers International Union1979-1979
16/34IBU Shipping rules1975-1979
16/35Inlandboatmen's Union Sixth Convention: minutes1977-1977
16/36IBU Executive Council: correspondence and minutes1978-1979
16/37IBU Secretary-Treasurer: correspondence and reports1979-1979
16/38IBU San Francisco Region Executive Committee: correspondence and minutes1979-1979
16/46Newspaper clippings1974-1978

Accession No. 1574-011
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, 1974-1975
0.66 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, writings, marked-up copy, ephemera, photographs and proofs relating to the production of the Inlandboatmen's Union newspaper, "Inlandboatman of the Pacific" and the "Pacific Mariner." These records were assembled by Warren Lawless of West Seattle Associates, who edited the newspaper for the IBU; 1974-1975.
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Open to all users.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Warren Lawless, February 04, 1982
1/2-1/6 PUBLICATIONS (Source Materials for Newsletters and Publications)1972-1975
1/2Alaska Region IBU Bulletin1975
1/3Point to Point, rank-and-file newspaper1975
1/4SIU publications1974-1975
1/5Pacific Mariner vol. 1 no. 61972
1/6Pacific Coast Dredging Conference: photo1975
1/7Pacific Mariner: May 19741974
1/8Inlandboatman of the Pacific: May 1975 -- Part 11975
1/9Inlandboatman of the Pacific: May 1975 -- Part 21975
1/10Inlandboatman of the Pacific: May 1975 photographs1975
1/11Inlandboatman of the Pacific: June 19751975
1/12Inlandboatman of the Pacific: June 1975 photographs1975
2/1Inlandboatman of the Pacific: July 19751975
2/2Inlandboatman of the Pacific: July 1975 photographs
2/3Inlandboatman of the Pacific: August 19751975
2/4Inlandboatman of the Pacific: August 1975 photographs1975

Accession No. 1574-012
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1938-1981
4 cubic feet
Scope and Content
Minutes, 1971-1979; conferences, 1979, 1981; subject series, newspaper, 1975-1981; audits, 1938-1967; pension fund records, ca. 1968-1981.
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Open to all users.
Records stored offsite; advance notice required for use.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
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I.B.U., February 25, 1982
1/1Constitution and By-Lawsc. 1950-1976
1/2IBU Executive Council minutes1979
1/3ILWU Executive Board minutes1980
1/4Alaska Region minutes1972-1976
1/5Alaska Region minutes1977-1978
1/6Alaska Region minutes1979-1980
1/7Columbia River Region minutes1971-1975
1/8Columbia River Region minutes1976-1979
1/9Hawaii Region minutes1972-1975
1/10Hawaii Region minutes1976-1979
1/11Puget Sound Region minutes1972-1975
1/12Puget Sound Region minutes1976-1979
1/13San Francisco Region minutes1971-1973
1/14San Francisco Region minutes1974-1975
1/15San Francisco Region minutes1976
1/16San Francisco Region minutes1977
1/17San Francisco Region minutes1978
1/18San Francisco Region minutes1978
1/19Southern California Region minutes1971-1975
1/20Southern California Region minutes1976-1979
1/21Eighth IBU Convention: agenda1979
1/22Eighth IBU Convention: financial report and proposed budget1979
1/23Eighth IBU Convention: proceedings typescript -- Part 11979
1/24Eighth IBU Convention: proceedings typescript -- Part 21979
1/25Eighth IBU Convention: proceedings1979
1/26Ninth IBU Convention: proceedings typescript1981
1/27Ninth IBU Convention: proceedings1981
1/28Audit reports1938-1943
2/1Audit reports1944-1948
2/2Audit reports1949-1952
2/3Audit reports1953-1956
2/4Audit reports1957-1960
2/5Audit reports1961-1964
2/6Audit reports1965-1967
2/7IBU financial statements1979
2/8IBU Death Benefit Fund financial statements1981
2/9IBU Columbia River Region Death Benefit Fund financial statements1980
2/10IBU San Francisco-Hawaii Regions Death Benefit Fund financial statements1979-1981
2/11NMRT board meetings1971-1973
2/12NMRT board meetings1974
2/13NMWT board meetings1974
2/14NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11975
2/15NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21975
2/16NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 31975
2/17NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 41975
2/18NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11976
2/19NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21976
2/20NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11977
2/21NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21977
2/22NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11978
2/23NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21978
3/1NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11979
3/2NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21979
3/3NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 11980
3/4NMRT & NMWT board meetings -- Part 21980
3/5NMRT & NMWT board meetings1981
Northwest Marine Retirement and Welfare Trusts: Meeting Minutes1968-1977
3/6NMWT board minutes1971-1977
3/7NMRT board minutes1968-1973
3/8NMRT board minutes1974-1977
Northwest Marine Retirement and Welfare Trusts: Legal Documents, Reports, and Correspondence1954-1981
3/9Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: trust agreement1954-1976
3/10Northwest Marine Welfare Trust: trust agreement1954-1976
3/11Northwest Marine Retirement and Welfare Trust: administrator agreement1975-1976
3/12Pension reciprocity1968
3/13NMRT: plan changes required required by Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 19741974
3/14NMRT: Multi-employer Penson Amendments1979-1980
3/15Committee on Multi-employer Penson Amendment Act of 19801981
3/16Pension and Health and Welfare Trust merger1979
3/17NMRT: Bill McKenzie1981
3/18NMRT: Anthony Hovey correspondence1968-1976
3/19NMRT & NMWT: correspondence1976-1980
3/20NMRT & NMWT: reports and correspondence1973-1977
3/21NMRT retired members1971-1972
3/22NMRT retired members1979
3/23NMRT: Harold Michael arbitration1981
3/24NMRT: Wick Towing Company1979
3/25Employer roster1979
3/26NMWT plan booklet1970-1978
3/27Retirees' pension party: Everett Templeton file1971
Northwest Marine Retirement and Welfare Trusts: Financial Records1968-1980
3/28Summary annual report1976-1978
3/29Financial reports1974-1975
3/30Financial reports1976-1978
3/31NMRT: actuaries' reports1969-1980
4/1Investment account reports1969-1975
4/2NMRT: accountants's reports1974-1979
4/3NMRT: statement of assets1968-1975
4/4NMRT: audit report1969
4/5NMRT: summary of proposals for investment performance analysis1973
4/6Adminstrative procedures1971-1974
4/7Payments of trustee expenses: arbitration1980
4/8NMWT: accountants's reports1973-1978
4/9NMWT: financial reports1972-1974
4/10-4/14Columbia River Health: Welfare and Retirement Trusts: Board Minutes, Financial Records, Correspondence1978-1981
4/10Board minutes1979-1980
4/11Actuaries' reports1978-1979
4/12Investment reports1979-1981
4/13Audit reports1978
4/14Agreement for administative services1980
4/15-4/16Inland Waters Welfare and Pension Trusts: Board Minutes, Financial Records, Correspondence1979-1981
4/15Board minutes and correspondence1979-1980
4/16Board minutes and correspondence1981
4/17-4/18Southwest Marine Welfare and Pension Trusts: Board Minutes, Financial Records, Correspondence1978-1980
4/17Board minutes and correspondence1978-1980
4/18Summary plan descriptionundated
4/19-4/22Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: Board Minutes, Financial Records, Correspondence1978-1981
4/20Actuaries' reports1978-1980
4/21Financial reports1979-1981
4/22Lawsuit against Saga Foods1978-1980
4/23-4/25 AGREEMENTS1954
4/23Ferry agreements: booklets1955-1978
4/24Agreements: towboats and other - Part 11954-1977
4/25Agreements: towboats and other - Part 21954-1977

Accession No. 1574-013
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1959-1969
.42 cubic feet
Scope and Content
Seafarers International Union of North America Convention Proceedings for the 9th through the 14th biennial conventions, 1959-1969.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
I.B.U., November 19, 1980
1/1Proceedings Ninth Biennial Convention1959
1/2Convention Proceedings Tenth Biennial Convention1961
1/3Convention Proceedings Eleventh Biennial Convention1963
1/4Convention Proceedings Twelfth Biennial Convention1965
1/5Convention Proceedings Thirteenth Biennial Convention1967
1/6Convention Proceedings Fourteenth Biennial Convention1969

Accession No. 1574-014
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1972-1985
7.0 cubic feet (7 boxes)
Scope and Content
By-laws of IBU regions; minutes; convention records; financial reports; correspondence and subject files; records relating to retirement, health and welfare trusts; and grievance records; 1971-1985.
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Records stored offsite; advance notice required for use.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, February 07, 1986
1/1-1/4 BY- LAWS1975 -1979
1/1Alaska Region1979
1/2Puget Sound Region1976
1/3San Francisco Region1975
1/4Southern California RegionUndated
1/5-1/38 MINUTES1971-1985
1/5Executive Council1971-1974
1/6Executive Council1978
1/7Executive Council1979
1/8Executive Council Educational Conference1979
1/9Alaska Region1977-1978
1/10Alaska Region1979
1/11Alaska Region1981
1/12Alaska Region1983
1/13Columbia River Region1977-1978
1/14Columbia River Region1979
1/15Columbia River Region1980
1/16Columbia River Region1981-1982
1/17Columbia River Region1983
1/18Columbia River Region1985
1/19Hawaii Region1977-1979
1/20Hawaii Region1980-1982
1/21Hawaii Region1983-1985
1/22Puget Sound Region1977-1978
1/23Puget Sound Region1979
1/24Puget Sound Region1980-1981
1/25Puget Sound Region1982-1983
1/26San Francisco Region1977
1/27San Francisco Region1978
1/28San Francisco Region1979
1/29San Francisco Region1980
1/30San Francisco Region1981
1/31San Francisco Region1982
1/32San Francisco Region1983
1/33San Francisco Region1984-1985
1/34Southern California Region1977-1978
1/35Southern California Region1979-1981
1/36Southern California Region1982-1985
1/37ILWU International Executive Board1980
1/38ILWU International Executive Board1983-1985
1/39-3/5CONVENTION RECORDS1971-1985
1/39IBU convention expenses1972-1974
1/40Fourth National Convention: agenda1975
1/41Sixth National Convention: agenda1977
1/42Sixth National Convention: proceedings1977
1/43Eighth National Convention: agenda1979
1/44Eighth National Convention: financial report and proposed budget1979
1/45Eighth National Convention: Credentials Committee1979
1/46Eighth National Convention: Rules Committee1979
1/47Eighth National Convention: Finance Committee1979
1/48Eighth National Convention: Constitutional Committee1979
1/49Eighth National Convention Resolutions Committee: amendments that failed1979
2/1Eighth National Convention Resolutions Committee: amendments that passed1979
2/2Eighth National Convention: correspondence1979
2/3Eighth National Convention: attendance record1979
2/4Eighth National Convention: constitutional amendments1979
2/5Eighth National Convention: Secretary-Treasurer's report1979
2/6Eighth National Convention: working papers1979
2/7Ninth IBU Convention: agenda1981
2/8Ninth IBU Convention: resolutions1981
2/9Ninth IBU Convention: constitutional amendments1981
2/10Ninth IBU Convention: credentials1981
2/11Ninth IBU Convention: budget1981
2/12Ninth IBU Convention: Secretary-Treasurer's report1981
2/13Ninth IBU Convention: Finance Committee minutes1981
2/14Ninth IBU Convention: constitutional amendments withdrawn1981
2/15Ninth IBU Convention: constitutional amendments that failed1981
2/16Ninth IBU Convention: constitutional amendments that passed1981
2/17Ninth IBU Convention: resolutions that passed1981
2/18Ninth IBU Convention: correspondence and working papers1981
2/19Ninth IBU Convention: minutes sessions 1-31981
2/20Ninth IBU Convention: minutes sessions 4-51981
2/21ILWU 24th Convention: convention rules1981
2/22ILWU 24th Convention: Organizing Committee1981
2/23ILWU 24th Convention: texts of guest speakers1981
2/24ILWU 24th Convention: officers' reports1981
2/25ILWU 24th Convention: list of delegates and committee assignments1981
2/26ILWU 24th Convention: credentials and call1981
2/27ILWU 24th Convention: Constitution Committee1981
2/28ILWU 24th Convention: minutes1981
2/29ILWU 24th Convention: news clippings1981
2/30ILWU 24th Convention: delegate information1981
2/31ILWU 24th Convention: Safety and Health Committee1981
2/32ILWU 24th Convention: Resolutions Committee1981
2/33ILWU 24th Convention: proceedings1981
2/34ILWU 25th Convention: rules and list of delegates1983
2/35ILWU 25th Convention: credentials1983
2/36ILWU 25th Convention: organizing, officers' report, health and safety committees1983
2/37ILWU 25th Convention: resolutions1983
2/38ILWU 25th Convention: resolutions proposed by IBU1983
2/39ILWU 25th Convention: delegate information1983
2/40ILWU 25th Convention: constitutional amendments1983
2/41ILWU 25th Convention: minutes and notes1983
2/42ILWU 26th Convention: credentials1985
2/43ILWU 26th Convention: officers' report1985
2/44ILWU 26th Convention: Publicity and Education Committee1985
2/45ILWU 26th Convention: Safety and Health Committee1985
2/46ILWU 26th Convention: resolutions1985
2/47ILWU 26th Convention: constitution1985
2/48ILWU 26th Convention: delegate information1985
2/49ILWU 26th Convention: minutes1985
3/1Seafarers International Union of North America 14th Convention: proceedings1969
3/2Seafarers International Union of North America 15th Convention: proceedings1971
3/3Sailors Union of the Pacific Pacific Agents Conference: proceedings1978
3/4National Transportation Apprenticeship and Training Conference: proceedings1980
3/5National Conference for Trade Union Action1980
3/6-3/16 FINANCIAL RECORDS1971-1980
3/61975 Budget proposal1974
3/71976 Financial statement1975
3/81978 Financial review and budget projections1977
3/9Revised 1978 budget1978
3/101979 Budget - Part 11978
3/111979 Budget - Part 21978-1979
3/121980 Budget1980
3/13Financial reports1971-1972
3/14Financial reports1973-1974
3/15Financial reports1975-1976
3/16Financial reports1977-1978
3/17Alaska Region1975- 1978
3/18Alaska Region1980
3/19Alaska Region: Secretary Treasurer1974- 1981
3/20Columbia River Region1974-1980
3/21Columbia River Region: Don Liddle1975-1978
3/22Hawaii Region1972
3/23Hawaii Region1976-1977
3/24Hawaii Region1979-1980
3/25Hawaii Region: Secretary Treasurer1974-1978
3/26Hawaii Region: Warren Ditch1979-1980
3/27Puget Sound Region1980
3/28Puget Sound Region: Secretary Treasurer1974-1977
3/29Puget Sound Region: Secretary Treasurer1978-1979
3/30San Francisco Region1980
3/31San Francisco Region: Secretary Treasurer1974-1979
3/32San Francisco Region: Clifford Seccombe1974-1976
3/33San Francisco Region: Clifford Seccombe1977-1978
3/34Southern California Region1976- 1978
3/35Southern California Region1979-1981
3/36Southern California Region: Secretary Treasurer1974-1978
3/37Southern California Region: Richard Sayers1974 -1976
3/38Southern California Region: Richard Sayers1977-1978
4/1IBU Delegates: Puget Sound Region1979
4/2IBU Regional Directors reports1978
4/3IBU membership1980
4/4IBU: interoffice1979
4/5Reading file1973-1974
4/6Reading file1979
4/7General correspondence: outgoing1978
4/8General correspondence: outgoing1979
4/9General correspondence: incoming1979
4/10General correspondence1980
4/12American Home Assurance Company1978
4/13American Income Life Insurance Company1979
4/14Canadian Association of Industrial Mechanical and Allied Workers1980
4/15Carlson Marine Services: negotiations1980
4/16Carney, Probst & Cornelius1979-1980
4/17Data processing consultants1975-1978
4/18Dillingham Tug & Barge1980
4/19G. Dolan promisory note1978
4/20Donohugh Boat Service1980
4/21Jerome Dorman1978-1979
4/22Dynalectron Corporation1980
4/23Clara Fraser1980
4/24Warren Frazer1979
4/25Frank Gleeson1979
4/26Mike Gravel, US Senator1979
4/27Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company1979-1981
4/28Bob Grieve, King County Councilmember1979
4/29Hawaii regulatory agencies1980
4/30Inland Waters Trust1979
4/31Jackson Marine Corporation1979
4/32King County Labor Council: minutes1979-1980
4/33Lane Kirkland1980
4/34Kitsap County Central Labor Council: minutes1979
4/35Frank Klein1974-1976
4/36Lockitch, Clements and Rice1976- 1980
4/37Mike Lowry, Member of Congress1979
4/38Warren Magnuson, US Senator1979
4/39Mariner's Aid Donation (MAD) 1975
4/40Maritime Leasing Corporation1981
4/41Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO: minutes1979
4/42Phillip Massey, Columbia River Region1980
4/43Terry Meehan, San Francisco Region1975-1977
4/44George Mihalopoulas1972-1984
4/45National Maritime Council1980
4/46National Maritime Union1980
4/47Noise Control Committee1978-1979
4/48Northwest Towboat Association Joint Training Committee1979
4/49IBU OSHA report1978
4/50Greg O'Claray1979-1980
4/51Office and Professional Employees Union Local #81977-1981
4/52Office lease1975-1979
4/53Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union1979-1980
4/54Olympia Newsletter1980
4/55Oregon State Accident Insurance Fund1977
4/56Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild1980
4/57Pacific Towboat and Salvage Company1979
4/58John Perryman, Puget Sound Region1978
4/60Pierce County Labor Council: minutes1979-1980
4/61Joel Pritchard, Member of Congress1979
4/62Pull letters: Puget Sound Region1980- 1981
4/63Reisner Communications1979
4/64Tom Roach1979
4/65William Roberts1975-1979
4/66City College of San Francisco Labor Studies Advisory Committee1980-1985
4/67San Francisco Labor Council: minutes1979
4/68Seafirst Computer Services1978-1979
4/69City of Seattle1980
4/70Jim Seccombe1980
4/71Shoreline Labor Studies Advisory Committee: minutes1983-1984
4/72Hood Canal shuttle ferries1979
4/73Snohomish County Labor Council1979
4/74Southwest Repeal Taft-Hartley 14(b) Convention1979
4/75Howard Stine, Puget Sound Region1979
4/76Thurston-Lewis Counties Labor Council1979
4/77Union Group Legal Services1972
4/78Union Democracy Review1981
4/79US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau1974
4/80Universal Marine Corporation1978
4/81Duane Vance1974-1976
4/82Washington Department of Transportation1979
4/83Washington State Ferry strike1980
4/84Washington State Labor Council1978-1979
4/85West Seattle Associates1974-1978
4/86Jarvis White, Columbia River Region1980
4/87Inventory: University of Washingtonc. 1980
4/88Companies under contract by region1979
4/89Consumer price index1979-1981
4/90U.S. Coast Guard: requests for seamen's papers1979-1980
5/1 IBU Alaska Longshore Mechanization and Modernization Trust Fund: trust agreement1980
5/1IBU Alaska Longshore Mechanization and Modernization Trust Fund: trust agreement1983
5/2-5/11 Columbia River Region Health and Welfare Trust: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Financial Reports, Case Files1980- 1984
5/2Restated trust agreement1979-1980
5/3Meeting minutes1980-1981
5/4Meeting minutes1982
5/5Meeting minutes1983-1984
5/6Financial reports1980-1981
5/7Financial reports1982-1983
5/8Financial reports1984
5/10Correspondence1982- 1983
5/12-5/19 Inland Waters Pension and Health and Welfare Trusts: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Financial Reports, Case Files1980-1985
5/12IWPT Meeting minutes1980- 1982
5/13IWPT Meeting minutes1983-1985
5/14IWWT Meeting minutes1984
5/15IWPT Financial reports1981-1984
5/16IWPT Pension liability1983-1984
5/17Correspondence1980- 1983
5/19Sven Berg pension check1984
5/20-6/28Northwest Marine Retirement and Welfare Trusts: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Financial Reports, Case Files1974- 1985
5/20NMWT Claims Committee minutes1976
5/21Meeting minutes1979-1980
5/22Meeting minutes1981-1982
5/23Meeting minutes1984
5/24Financial reports1976-1979
5/25Financial reports1980
5/26Financial reports1981
5/27Financial reports1982-1983
5/28Financial reports1984
5/29Financial reports1985
5/30List of contributing employers1979
6/1Inlet Towing1981-1983
6/2Morrison-Knudson1980- 1981
6/3C. Carlson1983
6/4F. Carlson1979- 1981
6/5E. Carney1984
6/6M. Dixon1983-1984
6/7W. Ewing1983
6/8T. Gill1974
6/9J. Gouveia1983
6/10R. Johnson1983
6/11R. Lewis1984
6/12H. Little1984
6/13D. Mills1978- 1980
6/14R. Parsons1979
6/15B. Puckett1982
6/16P. Ruaro1980-1985
6/17R. Seefeldt1981
6/18E. Stocker1981
6/19W. Strauss1983
6/20J. Varlay1983
6/21W. Wick1985
6/22G. Wilcox1981
6/23J. F. Williamson1984
6/24S. Wuori1983
6/25Claim determination letters1979
6/26Claim determination letters1980
6/27Claim determination letters1981
6/28Claim determination letters1984-1985
6/29-6/33 Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Financial Reports, Case Files1980-1985
6/29Meeting minutes1980-1984
6/30Financial reports1980- 1981
6/31Financial reports1982
6/32Financial reports1984- 1985
6/34 Southwest Welfare and Pension Trusts: Correspondence1982
6/34Universal Marine1982
6/35-6/44IBU National Pension and Health Benefit Trusts: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Financial Reports, Case Files1981-1985
6/35Pension Plan: restated trust document -- Part 1 of 21981-1984
6/36Pension Plan: restated trust document -- Part 2 of 21981-1984
6/37Pension Trust: meeting minutes1981-1982
6/38Pension Trust: meeting minutes1984-1985
6/39Pension Trust: financial reports1981-1982
6/40Pension Trust: financial reports1983-1985
6/41Pension Trust: correspondence1982
6/42Pension Trust: correspondence1984-1985
6/43Health Benefit Trust: documents1984
6/44R Robbins pension appeal1984
7/1-7/3 Legal Records1975-1980
7/1L.W. Brendible Jr.1979- 1980
7/2R. Castner complaint1977
7/3Southern California Region: charges against members1975-1978
7/4-7/66 Grievance Case Files and Correspondence [RESTRICTED]1978-1985

Accession No. 1574-015
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1952-1985 (Bulk: 1981-1984)
11.42 cubic feet (12 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, negotiation records, arbitration and legal files related to IBU labor agreements, including negotiations with Washington State Ferries and its food service concessionaire, Saga Corporation. Internal union records include membership and permit records, meeting attendance logs, meeting minutes, and correspondence between the IBU national union and IBU regional organizations, as well as materials related to Pension and Welfare Trusts accumulated by IBU officers in their role as trustees. Notable in these records are materials about a jurisdictional dispute between the Seafarers International Union (SIU) and the IBU in Southern California which resulted in the IBU's disaffiliation with the SIU in 1979. Related records document the affiliation of the IBU with the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union (ILWU) in 1980. Personnel and recruitment records from Washington State Ferries in the early 1980s as well as referrals from job training programs illustrate changes in the maritime workforce.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Records stored offsite; advance notice required for use.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
I.B.U., April 19, 1988
1/2Affiliation: demands1980
1/3State of Alaska Department of Labor1983
1/4Alaska Marine Charters1983
1/5Alaska State Ferries1980
1/6Alaska State Ferries annuities1982
1/7Alaska State Ferries: crew rosters1981
1/8Alaska State Ferries: seniority lists1980-1981
1/9Alaska State Ferries: shop steward seminarc. 1980
1/10AOTOS Award1980
1/11Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers1979-1982
1/12David H. Beeman, Southern California Region1979
1/13Bay & River Navigation Company1979-1981
1/14M/V Bering Trader1984
1/15Manuel Bettencourt, Southern California Region1979
1/16Robert Burroughs, Puget Sound Region1980
1/17Fred Carlson, San Francisco Region1976
1/18Carney, Probst, Cornelius & Buckley1981
1/19Chevron Shipping Co.: NWTA strike1981
1/20City College of San Francisco1980
1/21City of Seattle employees1979
1/22Coastal Towing & Lighterage: employee rosterc. 1978
1/23Tom Commins, San Francisco Region1984
1/24Crowley Maritime Corporation1978-1980
1/25Crowley Maritime Corporation1981-1982
1/26Crowley Maritime Corporation accretions1978-1980
1/27Crowley Maritime Corporation1983
1/28Doug Crute, San Francisco Region1980-1981
1/29David Day1980
1/30Dillingham Tug and Barge Corporation1980-1984
1/31Ewing Dodgson1982
1/32Carey Donworth1980-1981
1/33Dredging Contractors Association of California1979-1980
1/34Arnold Drumm1983
1/35New dues structure1983
1/36Dunlap Towing Company1981-1983
1/37James B. Dunnigan1979
1/38Dynalectron Corporation1980-1984
1/39Edgewater Inn1980
1/40Equal Employment Opportunity Corporation1983-1984
1/41John Fawcett, Puget Sound Region1975
1/42Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service1984
1/43Ferry concession rosters1982-1983
1/44Ferry Union Coalition1983
1/45Foss Company1979-1984
1/46Warren Frazier, Alaska Region1980
1/47Dierdre Gee, Alaska Region1983
1/49Golden Gate Bridge District1982
1/50Golden Gate Ferries1979-1982
1/51Neil Goldschmidt, Secretary of Transportation1980
1/52Slade Gorton, U.S. Senator1984
1/53H-10 Water Taxi1981-1982
1/54H. Tourist, Inc.1981
1/55Harbor Tug and Barge1984
1/56Hornblower Yachts, Inc.1984
1/57IBU correspondence - general1979-1983
1/58IBU correspondence to members1979-1982
1/59IBU Alaska Region1979-1983
1/60IBU Alaska Region1984
1/61IBU Columbia River Region1981-1984
1/62IBU Hawaii Region1980-1984
1/63IBU Puget Sound Region1981
1/64IBU Puget Sound Region1981-1983
1/65IBU San Francisco Region1980-1981
1/66IBU San Francisco Region1982
1/67IBU San Francisco Region1983-1984
1/68IBU San Francisco Region seniority lists1979
1/69IBU Southern California Region1981-1984
1/70IBU Southern California Region organizing1977
1/71IBU Southern California Region agreements1976
1/72IBU Constitutions1971-1975
1/73IBU Convention1981-1983
1/74IBU Longshore1979-1981
1/75ILWU Puget Sound District Council1981
1/77ILWU -- Part 11981
1/78ILWU -- Part 21981
2/1ILWU -- Part 31981
2/2ILWU -- Part 41981
2/3ILWU -- Part 51981
2/4ILWU -- Part 11982
2/5ILWU -- Part 21982
2/6ILWU International Office1983
2/7ILWU International Office1984
2/8ILWU Alaska Council1981-1983
2/9ILWU Longshore Clerk & Bosses Caucus -- Part 11981
2/10ILWU Longshore Clerk & Bosses Caucus -- Part 21981
2/11ILWU Local 191981
2/12ILWU Local 2001984
2/13ILWU Pensioners1983
2/14ILWU Executive Board: minutes1981
2/15Inland Waters Welfare and Pension Trusts1980
2/16Knappton Towboat Company1979-1984
2/17Labor Today1980
2/18Leaves of absence1979
2/19Lockitch, Clements & Rice1980-1983
2/20Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor Coalition1981-1982
2/21Lundeberg School of Seamanship1979
2/22King Lysen, Washington State Senator1979-1980
2/23Manson Construction Company1983
2/24Marine Engineers Beneficial Association1979-1984
2/25Marine Firemen1981
2/26Masters, Mates & Pilots members, San Francisco1980-1983
2/27Masters, Mates & Pilots1979-1982
2/28Masters, Mates & Pilots1983
2/29Masters, Mates & Pilots1984
2/30Masters, Mates & Pilots: Dave Boyle letter -- Part 11984
2/31Masters, Mates & Pilots: Dave Boyle letter -- Part 21984
2/32Masters, Mates & Pilots: Dave Boyle, Foss1984
2/33Paul McCloskey, U.S. Congressman1979
2/34Spark Matsunaga, U.S. Senator1984
2/35Membership Assistance Trust1982
2/36George Mihalopoulos1979
2/37Ray Moore, Washington State Senator1979
2/38Chuck Mollard, SIUNA1979
2/39National Maritime Union1980-1984
2/40IBU newspaper1971-1978
2/41Northwest Navigation Federal Credit Union1979
2/42Northwest Towboat Association1980-1984
2/43Northwest Towboat Association strike1981
3/2Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers1982-1984
3/3Greg O'Claray1980-1982
3/4Oregon AFL-CIO1980
3/6P.A.R. Tow & Tug Ltd.1980-1981
3/7Pacific Towboat (PACTOW)1984
3/8Pacific Towboat & Salvage Co.1979-1981
3/9Pacific Western Barge Lines1984
3/10Panama Marine Ltd.1984
3/11John Peterson, Bob Jacklin: overpayment of wages1981
3/12Petroleum & Maintenance Company1982-1983
3/13Pioneer Towing Company1981-1982
3/14Plant closure1979-1980
3/15Political Action Committee, Puget Sound Region1980
3/16Political Action Newsletter1981-1983
3/18Port Angeles Pilots Association1981
3/19Puget Sound Converson Project1981
3/20Puget Sound Pilots1979-1981
3/21Pull letters1982-1983
3/22Quigg Brothers-McDonald1979
3/23Bill Ratigan, Alaska Region1981
3/24Bill Ray, Alaska State Senator1981
3/25Red and White Catering1979-1984
3/26Regional Directors1980
3/27Gerald Reed1983
3/29Resignation of memberships1982
3/30Tamra Richards1982
3/31Riedel International1979
3/32Tom Roach1979
3/33Saga Corporation1980-1981
3/34Samson Tug & Barge Company1979
3/35Santa Fe Railroad1984
3/36Homer Sarber, Alaska Region1979
3/37Shearson/American Express Inc.1981-1982
3/38Sailors' Union of the Pacific1981-1982
3/39San Juan County Board of Commissioners1980
3/40John Segerquist1980
3/41SEIU Local 61983
3/42Norris Shears1981
3/43Shellmaker, Inc.1979
3/45Smith-Rice Company1980
3/46Bruce Spears, Puget Sound Region1975
3/47William Sutherland, San Francisco Region1976-1978
3/48Temporary licensing for offshore supply vessels1981
3/50Training inquiries1979
3/51Eugene Tucker, San Francisco Region1980
3/52United Federation of Industrial and Tidewater Labor Organizations1980-1981
3/53United Labor Committee of Pierce County1982
3/54U.S. Coast Guard1980-1981
3/55U.S. Coast Guard1982-1984
3/56U.S. Department of Commerce1979-1983
3/57U.S. Department of Labor1980-1984
3/58U.S. Public Health Service1980
3/59United Towing Co.1976
3/60Universal Marine Corporation1979-1982
3/61Urban Mass Transit Administration1979
3/62Urban Mass Transit Administration1980-1981
3/63City of Valdez1980
3/64Washington Public Employees' Association1982
3/65Washington State Ferries1979-1981
3/66Washington State Ferries1982
3/67Washington State Ferry Consumers Union1980-1981
3/68Washington State Ferry wage study1980
3/69Washington State Public Disclosure Commission1981
3/70Washington State Senate1979
3/71Washington State Department of Transportation1980-1981
3/72Washington Tug and Barge1979
3/73Waterway Terminals Company1980-1982
3/74Sandi Watson, Puget Sound Region1980
3/75Frederick Weyerman1979
3/76Willamette-Western Corporation1979
3/77Bob Williams, San Francisco Region1982
3/78Yuri Levit1983
3/79ILWU Executive Board minutes1984
3/80ILWU Coast Labor Relations Committee minutes1982
4/1ILWU Coast Labor Relations Committee minutes1983
4/2ILWU Longshore, Clerk and Bosses Caucus minutes -- Part 11984
4/3ILWU Longshore, Clerk and Bosses Caucus minutes -- Part 21984
4/4IBU Executive Council minutes1981
4/5ILWU Financial statements1980-1982
4/6ILWU Financial statements1983-1984
4/7SIUNA Financial statements1971-1978
4/8Attendance record1956-1968
4/9Attendance record1974-1977
4/10Attendance record1977-1979
4/11Attendance record1979-1981
4/12Attendance record1981-1984
4/13-4/19 IBU PERMIT AND BOOK RECORDS1918-1982
4/13Membership recordc. 1918-1930s
4/14Permit recordc. 1918-1954
4/15Permit record1954-1970
4/16Permit record1970-1982
4/17Probationary member record1930s-1953
4/18New full book member record1972-1981
4/19-6/21 NEGOTIATION RECORDS1977-1984
4/19Negotiations -- summary1981
4/20All Alaska towboat negotiations1980
4/21Alaska State Ferries1979
4/22Bay and River Navigation Company1982-1983
4/23Casserole Catering Inc.1980
4/24Coastal Towing and Lighterage Company1977-1978
4/25Coastal Towing and Lighterage Company -- Part 11982
4/26Coastal Towing and Lighterage Company -- Part 21982
5/1Coastal Towing and Lighterage Company pension beef1983
5/2Coastal Towing and Lighterage Company1984
5/3Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation -- Part 11981
5/4Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation -- Part 21981
5/5Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation1982
5/6Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation1983
5/7Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation final proposal1985
5/8Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation -- Part 11985-1986
5/9Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation -- Part 21985-1986
5/10Dillingham Tug & Barge Corporation -- Part 31985-1986
5/11Golden Gate Ferry1979
5/12H. Tourist, Inc.1979-1980
5/13H. Tourist, Inc. cost-of-living adjustment problem1980-1981
5/14Harbor Tours ticket agents1981
5/15Harbor Tours1981
5/16Harbor Tours1984
5/17Harbor Tug and Barge1981
5/18Harbor Tug and Barge1983
5/19Harbor Tug and Barge -- Part 11984
5/20Harbor Tug and Barge -- Part 21984
5/21Puget Sound Region hiring hall negotiations1982-1983
5/22Hiring hall rules1983
5/23Ketchikan Gateway Borough Ferry1983
5/24Lake Chelan Boat Company -- Part 11983-1984
6/1Lake Chelan Boat Company -- Part 21983-1984
6/2Lake Chelan Boat Company -- Part 31983-1984
6/3Lake Chelan safety problems1983-1984
6/4Lake Chelan Boat Company: Steve Gibson license information1984
6/5NMU -- Job Corps Training School1980
6/6Northwest Towboat Association -- Part 11980-1981
6/7Northwest Towboat Association -- Part 21981
6/8Northwest Towboat Association -- Part 31981
6/9Northwest Towboat Association -- Part 41981
6/10Puget Sound Freight Lines1981
6/11Puget Sound Pilots1979
6/12Red and White Catering1981
6/13Saga Corporation -- Part 11981
6/14Saga Corporation -- Part 21981
6/15Sause Brothers - Hawaii1983
6/17Spartan Towing, Ltd.1982-1983
6/18Star and Crescent Boat Company1980
6/19Universal Marine Corp. -- Part 11978-1980
6/20Universal Marine Corp. -- Part 21978-1980
6/21Washington State Ferries1980
6/22ILWU arbitration awards Part 11983
6/23ILWU arbitration awards Part 21983
6/24ILWU arbitration awards Part 11984
6/25ILWU arbitration awards Part 21984
6/26Afognak Logging Co.: NLRB case 19-RC-92101979-1980
7/1Alaska Fishermen's Union vs. Ebb Tide Processing: NLRB case 19-CA-120051980
7/2Alaska State Ferries: change port litigation1980-1981
7/3Alaska State Ferries: APEA raid1982
7/4American Navigation1983
7/5Anchor Towing: NLRB case 19-RC-75691975
7/6Anderson et al. vs State of Alaska and IBU1979
7/7Brigmann vs. Crowley1981
7/8British Columbia Steamship Company: NLRB case 19-RM-18341983-1984
7/9Byte Shop Northwest: NLRB case 19-RC-110631984
7/10Campbell Tug and Salvage: organizing1983
7/11Caribe Tug Company: NLRB case 21-CB-4881978
7/12Carney, Probst & Cornelius1979-1982
7/13Castle & Cooke; Dole Isleways1980
7/14Catalina Passenger Service, Inc.: NLRB case 21-RC-170961982-1983
7/15Coastal Towing & Lighterage Co.: NLRB case 21-CA-167431979
7/16Crowley Marine Lines: arbitration1979
7/17Crowley Towing & Transportation: NLRB case 21-RC-171881983
7/18Crowley and SIUNA vs. ILA: 264 NLRB No. 611982
7/19Stephen Dale: NLRB case 21-CB-84271984
7/20John Decker vs. MM&P: NLRB case 21-CB-83881983
7/21Diamond Parking, Inc.: NLRB case 37-RC-26671979-1984
7/22Dillingham Tug & Barge Corp.1980-1983
7/23Dredging Contractors Association of California: NLRB case 32-CA-31371980-1982
7/24Paul Erickson vs. State of Washington1979
7/25Dynalectron Corp.: NLRB case 37-RC-25331980
7/26Evangelista vs. IBU -- Part 11984-1985
7/27Evangelista vs. IBU -- Part 21984-1985
7/28Evangelista vs. IBU -- Part 31984-1985
7/29Harold Fields: NLRB case 20-CB-61841984
7/30Brown vs. Foss Launch & Tug -- Part 11983-1985
7/31Brown vs. Foss Launch & Tug -- Part 21983-1985
7/32Brown vs. Foss Launch & Tug -- Part 31983-1985
7/33M/V Golden Alaska1982
7/34Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Maurice Sanders1977-1978
7/35Hafer, Cassidy & Price1981-1982
7/36Harbor Carriers, Inc.: NLRB case 20-CC-21741979
7/37Harbor Tours vs. Golden Gate Bridge District1982
7/38Harbor Tours ticket agents1980
7/39Harbor Tug & Barge1982
7/40Hawaii Region trial committee1983
7/41Hawaii Region NLRB ULP case - Part 11984
7/42Hawaii Region NLRB ULP case - Part 21983-1986
7/43Hawaii Region NLRB ULP case - Part 31985-1986
7/44Hawaii regulatory agencies IBU vs. SIU1980
7/45Gary Hunt et al. vs. Washington State Ferries1983
7/46IBU Hawaii Region election challenge - Part 11979
7/47IBU Hawaii Region election challenge - Part 21979
8/1IBU Hawaii Region trusteeship1980
8/2Jackson Marine Corporation and SIU: NLRB case 31-CB-33491979-1980
8/3Herbert S. Johnson, Grill vs. IBU1981
8/4Jones Act: Ben Grayc. 1980
8/5Keefe vs. IBU: EEOC case1979
8/6Keller and Sontag vs. IBU: NLRB case 19-CB-33221979
8/7Kimmel vs. Crowley1979
8/8Knappton Towboat Co.: NLRB case 19-CA-113401979-1980
8/9Knappton Corporation: NLRB case 36-RC-46891983-1984
8/10Lake Chelan Boat Company: NLRB case 19-RC-107971983-1985
8/11Lake Chelan Boat Company: Claude Southwick discharge1983-1984
8/12Norman Leonard1981
8/13Leonard & Patsey1979
8/14Marine Officers Association: NLRB case 14-CC-14211980
8/15Chris McKenzie1979
8/16Mirene Company: NLRB case 36-RC-46851983
8/17Northern Stevedoring: NLRB case 19-CC-14031982
8/18Northland Marine Lines1979-1980
8/19Ocean Services, Inc.: NLRB case 21-RC-163041980
8/20O'Davey vs. IBU and Crowley1979-1980
8/21PACTO Dispatchers1980-1983
8/22Pacific Resources Inc. / GASCO1980-1981
8/23Pacific Towboat & Salvage: NLRB case 21-RC-152801977-1979
8/24Pacific Towboat & Salvage: NLRB case 21-RC-172101983
8/25Pantex Towing Corporation1984
8/26P.A.R. Tug & Tow, Ltd.: NLRB case 37-RC-25401979-1981
8/27Puget Sound Tug & Barge: Mike Morgan arbitration - Part 11985-1987
8/28Puget Sound Tug & Barge: Mike Morgan arbitration - Part 21985-1987
8/29Red and White Catering cooks: NLRB1980
8/30J. Reid: industrial insurance claim1978-1981
8/31Reynolds vs. IBU1976-1980
8/32William A. Roberts1978-1979
8/33Bill Roberts re Pacific Towboat & Salvage1979
8/34Rosenthal & Leff1979-1982
8/35A. Rugnetta and IBU vs. Crowley: NLRB case 21-CA-170191979
8/36Samson Tug and Barge employee list1980
8/37Santa Catalina Island Company: NLRB case 31-RC-50521981
8/38Seal Boat, Inc.1980-1984
8/39Sealand Services, Dutch Harbor1983
8/40Sealift Maritime, Inc.: NLRB case 21-RC-170271982
8/41Shaver Transportation: NLRB case 36-CD-1701982-1985
8/42Shears vs. IBU: NLRB case 21-CB-77961981
8/43Shelmadine, Morris Tug & Barge1980-1981
8/44Article XX charge filed against NMU by SIU1980
8/45ULP case against IBU filed by SIU Hawaii Region1980-1982
8/46SIU, ILWU leaflets1980
8/47SIU Alaska raid1984
8/48Smith Rice Company1980
8/49Southwest Marine Pension Trust vs. Crowley - Part 11979-1980
8/50Southwest Marine Pension Trust vs. Crowley - Part 21979-1980
8/51Southwest Marine Pension Trust vs. Crowley - Part 31979-1980
8/52Southwest Marine Pension Trust vs. Crowley - Part 41979-1980
9/1IBU vs. Southwest Marine Welfare Trust1982-1983
9/2Star & Crescent Boat Company: NLRB case 21-RC-162671980
9/3Teamsters Local 959 et al.: 266 NLRB No. 1341982
9/4Teamsters vs. Associated General Contractors1982
9/5Tractug/MARAD lawsuit1984-1985
9/6Gordon L. Walgren, Washington State Senator1979
9/7United Towing Company1980
9/8IBU and Washington State Ferries vs. Washington State Employees Insurance Board - Part 11980-1982
9/9IBU and Washington State Ferries vs. Washington State Employees Insurance Board - Part 21980-1982
9/10Washington State Ferries: white paper submitted to Blue Ribbon Commission - Part 11981-1982
9/11Washington State Ferries: white paper submitted to Blue Ribbon Commission - Part 21981-1982
9/12Washington State Public Employees Relations Commission: decisions1979
9/13Washington State Public Employees Relations Commission: WSF negotiations1980
9/14Waters Marine vs. ARA and MMP1980
9/15Western Pacific Dredging Corp.: NLRB case 21-RC-164831980
9/16Western Transportation Company1980-1983
9/17Willamette Tug & Barge Co.1984
9/18Wilmington Transportation Co.: NLRB case 21-RC-173101983-1984
9/19Windjammer Cruises: NLRB case 37-RC-25411980
9/20Wisner vs. IBU: NLRB case 21-CB-75061980
9/21Wrigley Transportation Company: organizing1984
9/22Alaska Longshore Pension and Welfare Trusts: meeting minutes1982-1983
9/23Alaska Longshore Pension and Welfare Trusts: financial reports1983-1984
9/24Alaska Longshore Pension and Welfare Trusts: correspondence1982-1984
9/25Columbia River Health and Welfare Trust joinder agreement1983
9/26Columbia River Health and Welfare Trust: meeting minutes1983
9/27Columbia River Health and Welfare Trust: financial reports1983-1984
9/28Columbia River Retirement Trust: meeting minutes1983-1984
9/29Columbia River Retirement Trust: financial reports1983
9/30Inland Waters Pension Trust: actuarial valuation1983
9/31Northwest Retirement and Benefit Trusts: meeting minutes1982-1983
9/32Northwest Retirement and Benefit Trusts: financial reports1982-1985
9/33Northwest Retirement and Benefit Trusts: correspondence1985
9/34Northwest Retirement and Benefit Trusts: suspension of benefits1985
9/35Northwest Marine Trusts: D. Close1984
9/36Northwest Marine Benefit Trust: Dunlap Towing1984
9/37Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: D. Fraser1983
9/38Northwest Marine Benefit Trust: K. Hansen appeal1983-1984
9/39Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: D. Hutchings1983
9/40Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: C. Krugner appeal1980-1984
9/41Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: E. G. Meekoff appeal1985
9/42Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: R. Oghe1983
9/43Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: V. Rupple1985
9/44Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: H. D. Wallace1983-1984
9/45Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: C. Wing1985
9/46Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: restated trust document1982-1984
9/47Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: financial reports1982-1983
9/48Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: minutes1978-1983
9/49Ferry Concessions Retirement Trust: actuarial study1981-1983
9/50Southwest Marine Pension Fund: restated trust document1982
9/51Southwest Marine Trusts: meeting minutes1982
9/52Southwest Marine Trusts: correspondence1980-1983
10/1IBU Health Benefit Trust: plan description1984
10/2IBU National Pension and Health Benefit Trusts: meeting minutes1983-1985
10/3IBU National Pension Trust: financial reports1983
10/4IBU National Pension Trust: financial reports1985
10/5IBU National Pension and Health Benefit Trusts: correspondence1983-1985
10/6IBU National and Northwest Trusts: payroll review1985-1986
10/7IBU National and Northwest Trusts: Pacific Western Lines payroll review1985-1986
10/8Northwest Marine Trusts vs. Marine Logistics Corporation1985
10/9IBU National Health Plan: J. Anderson appeal1985
10/10MM&P Individual Retirement Account Plan: plan documents1981-1984
10/11MM&P Individual Retirement Account Plan: correspondence and regulations1980-1983
10/12Delinquent dues1979
10/13Health and Safety1984
10/14Health and Safety: noise1981
10/15Hiring hall procedures1979
10/16Hood Canal news items1979-1980
10/17IBU ballot information1980
10/18IBU election results1982
10/19IBU general membership meeting1980
10/20IBU meeting notice letters1979-1980
10/21IBU newspaper1980-1984
10/22IBU Joint Hiring and Dispatch Trust: trust agreement1984
10/23IBU organizing materials1980s
10/24IBU picnic1980
10/25IBU Puget Souind Region by-laws1980
10/26IBU Executive Commitee1979-1980
10/27National Harbors Improvement and Maintenance Act of 19811981
10/28Northwest Marine Welfare Trust petitionc. 1980
10/29Northwest Towboat Association COLA1979-1980
10/30Northwest Towboat Association Joint Technical Committee1979
10/31Pierce County Ferry1979
10/32Political information1980
10/33Political campaign materials1982
10/34Retirement letters, honorary members1980
10/35Sailor's Union of the Pacific1984
10/36Shipping Rules / Method of Employment: SF Region proposed1981
10/37Skagit County Ferry1979
10/38U.S. Public Health Service Hospital1980
10/39UMTA grant application1981
10/40Von Reichbauer recall campaign1981
10/41Washington Tug & Barge cooks1979
10/42Robert Burroughs general correspondence1979
11/1Merchant Mariner's document requests1981
11/2WSF Agents1975-1976
11/3Bomb scare procedures1973
11/4Coast Guard appeal re vessel manning1980-1982
11/6WSF Delegates and Shop Stewards1979-1980
11/7Delinquency reports1972-1975
11/8Designated reliefs1980-1981
11/9Education Committee1979
11/10Election Committee1978-1980
11/11Engine room manning on new vessels1980-1982
11/12Health and safety1975-1982
11/13Oilers penalty time1980-1982
11/14Pickets "no show"1980
11/15Pull letters1980
11/16Dave Rice, WSF Personnel Manager1980
11/17Safety Committee1977-1980
11/18Seniority Committee1980
11/19Sick leave: legislative bills1979
11/20WSF sound survey1979
11/21WSF travel time and mileage1980
11/22Washington State Department of Transportation reports1981
11/23WSF general correspondence1970-1979
11/24WSF general correspondence1983-1984
11/25WSF agreement with Masters, Mates and Pilots1976
11/26WSF open jobs posted1980-1981
11/27WSF job bids1971-1976
11/28WSF job bids1976-1978
11/29Job referral application summary1982
11/30Job referral applications - Part 11982
11/31Job referral applications - Part 21982
11/32Job referral applications - Part 31982
11/33Job referral applications - Part 41982
11/34Job referral applications - Part 51982
11/35Job referral applications - Part 61982
11/36B. Adams grievance1975
11/37P. Grasser grievance1976
11/38M. LaRue grievance1979
11/39R. Marschall grievance1974-1979
11/40L. Nichols grievance1976
11/41S. Wittman grievance1979
11/42G. Workman grievance1979
11/43Anacortes seniority grievance1975-1976
11/44Shore gang1976-1983
11/45Fauntleroy oilers grievance1976
11/46Edmonds terminal1978
11/47WSF and Saga grievances1976-1979
11/48WSF and Saga grievances1980
11/49Saga corporate information1980
11/50Saga correspondence and job bids1977-1982
11/51Saga crew delegate correspondence1976
11/52Health and Safety1981-1983
11/53Minimum manning1978-1983
12/1Saga Corporations negotiations1984-1985
12/2Saga proposals and counterproposals1985
12/3Saga employer proposals1985
12/4Saga passes dispute and contract1985
12/5IBU and Saga proposals1985
12/6Saga negotiations: correspondence with crews1985
12/7Saga contract ballot1985

Accession No. 1574-016
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1940-1982
1.75 cu ft. ; (3 boxes (1 carton, 1 2.5" doc case, 1 5" doc case))
Scope and Content
Membership applications, IBU election records, correspondence, materials collected by Warren Lawless of West Seattle Associates for publication in the IBU newspaper, and legal records. Legal records include materials concerning the 1965 IBU officer election, and records of NLRB and union proceedings, including on the subject of IBU members involved in an United Mine Workers District 50 attempt to organize maritime workers in Puget Sound . Additionally, contains a transcript of a 1933 conference with union representatives and State of Washington officials concerning non-enforcement of State marine safety regulations, as well a 1934 census of Puget Sound vessels, condition and manning levels.
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Open to all users.
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Acquisition Info
Extracted from the Merle Adlum papers, February 01, 1989
1/1Membership applications -- Part 11966-1974
General Notes: Restricted
1/2Membership applications -- Part 21966-1974
General Notes: Restricted
1/3Membership applications -- Part 31966-1974
General Notes: Restricted
2/1Warren Lawless files Part 11978
2/2Warren Lawless files Part 21978
2/3Warren Lawless files Part 31978
2/4Warren Lawless files Part 41978
2/5Warren Lawless files: photographs1978
2/6Warren Lawless files: biographical sketches1978
2/7Informal conference on marine safety in Washington State: transcript1933
2/8Inspector's Motor Boat Data Report [Puget Sound]1934
2/9Hearing on 1965 IBU Puget Sound Division officer elections: transcript -- Part 11966
2/10Hearing on 1965 IBU Puget Sound Division officer elections: transcript -- Part 21966
2/11IBU vs. Canadian Pacific Railways: ICC complaint1970
3/1Hiring hall: NLRB and court cases1955-1956
3/2R. E. Barr: NLRB case 19-CB-3801955-1956
3/3J. Farias, Jr.: NLRB case 19-CB-3931955
3/4H. Hull: NLRB case 19-CB-3491955
3/5N. Johnson: NLRB case 19-CB-3761955-1956
3/6J. R. Palmer: union trial1955-1957
3/7M. Parker: United Mine Workers1955
3/8J. Redzik: grievance1955
3/9Criscaden and Powers affidavits and photos: UMW incident1955
3/10J. R. Palmer: trial transcript1955
3/11R. E. Barr: trial transcript1955
3/12J. E. Joyce: trial transcript1955
3/13Boyer Halvorsen: NLRB case 19-RC-20651957-1958
3/14Taft-Hartley Act reports1948-1959
3/15Labor Organizaton Annual Report LM-21959-1970
3/16-3/17 FINANCIAL RECORDS1939-1945
3/16Puget Sound Division financial reports1939-1941
3/17Puget Sound Division financial reports1942-1945
3/18-3/28 ELECTION RECORDS1949-1971
3/18General and regional officer elections1949-1954
3/19General and regional officer elections1955-1960
3/20General and regional officer elections1957-1961
3/21General and regional officer elections1961
3/22General and regional officer elections1963-1964
3/23Run-off election1966
3/24General and regional officer elections1967-1968
3/25Run-off election1968
3/26General and regional officer elections1969
3/27Run-off election1970
3/28IBU election campaign material1970-1971
3/29Dick Hillis: expenses1967-1968
3/30Kawaihae Towing1969-1972
3/31Palmer, Underhill letters1954-1955
3/32Sailors Union of the Pacific1955-1957
3/33Thomas Q. Schultz1971-1982
3/34IBU Executive Council1971
3/35IBU Columbia River Division1942-1955
3/36IBU San Francisco Division1942-1953

Accession No. 1574-017
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1947-1966
.42 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, newsletters, bulletins and legal records.
Subjects include organizing efforts of United Mine Workers District 50 in attempting raids on IBU-organized industries in the Puget Sound region, dissident IBU member organizations in Puget Sound and the San Francisco Bay area, and affiliation of the IBU with the Seafarers' International Union of North America and disaffiliation with the CIO. These files were among papers in Merle Adlum's home at the time of his death
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Acquisition Info
Merle Adlum estate, April 01, 1990
1/1Campaign literature: IBU elections1960s
1/2IBU election material1963-1972
1/3IBU political activity1954-1960
1/4United Mine Workers: newspaper clippings1954-1955
1/5UMW District 50 organizing efforts: correspondence and circulars1954
1/6UMW District 50: bulletins and organizing material1954-1955
1/7Union dissident literature: "Plain brown envelope"1969
1/8Committee for a Democratic IBU: San Francisco newsletter "IBU Hurricane"1969
1/9Petitions concerning contract negotiations1967
1/10-1/17LEGAL RECORDS1954-1956
1/10Trial Committee1955
1/11Rodney E. Barr trial1955
1/12Louis Belin trial1955
1/13James E. Joyce trial1955
1/14Intimidation, etc. of IBU members by UMW organizers1954-1955
1/15Charges filed by Barr, Hull, Belin and Johnsen1955-1956
1/16Notice to employers re suspension of Barr, Hull, Johnsen and Belin1956
1/17IBU vs. Ketchikan Pulp Co. NLRB case 19-CC-90: deposition of Noel Davis1956
1/18Paul Hall, SIUNA President: correspondence1954-1966
1/19Affiliating to SIUNA from CIO: referendum1947-1948
1/20SIUNA affiliation agreement1948
1/21Proposed IBU constitution amendments; dues increase1979
1/22Companies under IBU contract1979

Accession No. 1574-018
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1936-1984
3.45 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Scope and Content
By-laws, minutes, convention records, correspondence, negotiation and agreement records.
Minutes include those of Puget Sound Region Executive Board and membership meetings, 1948-1976; and Grays Harbor Tugboat Workers Union, 1936-1969.
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Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, December 12, 1990
1/1 BY-LAWS1980-1982
1/1IBU Puget Sound Region By-laws1980-1982
1/2Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1948
1/3Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1949
1/4Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1950
1/5Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1958
1/6Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1959
1/7Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1960
1/8Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1961
1/9Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1962
1/10Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1963
1/11Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1964
1/12Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1965
1/13Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1966
1/14Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1967
1/15Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1968
1/16Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1969
1/17Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1970
1/18Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1971
1/19Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1972
1/20Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1973
1/21Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1974
1/22Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1975
1/23Regular, special and Executive Board meetings1976
1/24Ballot Committee1965
1/25Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1936-1940
1/26Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1941-1944
1/27Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1945-1948
1/28Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1949-1953
1/29Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1954-1958
1/30Grays Harbor Tugboatmen1959-1962
1/31Grays Harbor Tug Boat Workers Union1962-1969
1/32Third Annual Convention: agenda1974
1/33Fourth Annual Convention: agenda1975
1/34Fifth Annual Convention: agenda1976
2/1Sixth Annual Convention: agenda1977
2/2Seventh Annual Convention: agenda1978
2/3Seventh Annual Convention: financial review and proposed budget1978
2/4Proposed constitutional amendments1978
2/5Seventh Annual Convention: minutes1978
2/6Eighth Annual Convention: agenda1979
2/7Eighth Annual Convention: financial report and proposed budget1979
2/8Eighth Annual Convention: minutes1979
2/9IBU Coastwise Executive Council1979-1980
2/10Clark's Ferry Concessions1972
2/11Grays Harbor Pilots Association, Twin Harbor Launch Service, Inc.1971-1972
2/12Joint Industry-Union Training Committee1972-1974
2/13Kitsap County Central Labor Council
2/14Knappton Corporation proposal1984
2/15Masters, Mates & Pilots Union1982-1984
2/16Northwest Marine Welfare Trust1974-1978
2/17Olympic Ferries, Inc.1972-1974
2/18Washington State Ferries: negotiation minutes1974
2/19Washington State Ferries: strike1980
2/20Washington State Ferries: Tom Hardcastle1979
2/21Washington State Ferries: plans for 328' cross-sound ferry1978
2/22Washington State Higher Education Personnel Board1971-1972
2/23Washington State Higher Education Personnel Board1973-1974
2/24Whatcom and Skagit Counties1973-1974
2/25General correspondence1979
2/26J. Frazelle, Pacific Inland Navigation Co.1974-1975
2/27S Iverson1972
2/28D. Manley1970
2/29H. Russell1969-1973
2/30T. Thayer1974
2/31Termination of employment cases1973
2/32Alaska Region: Bulk Handlers, Inc.1974
2/33Alaska agreement: Operating Engineers1974
2/34Arctic Marine Freighters, et al: Sealift agreement1978-1983
2/35Alaska Region: Kiewest contract, Vadez construction1975
2/36Alaska Region: Northwest Towboat Association Southwestern Alaska agreement1973
2/37Alaska Region: Northwest Towboat Association Southeastern Alaska agreement1970-1978
2/38All-Alaska Towboat agreement1977-1980
2/39Allman-Hubble / Quigg Brothers- McDonald1973-1981
2/40Black Ball Transport1974-1981
2/41Boatel, Inc.1978
2/42Bulk Handlers, Inc.: 450-4 barge1977
2/43Caribe Tugboat Corporation: SIU agreements1977
2/44Certain Construction Companies1973-1980
2/45Certain Construction Companies: negotiations1981
3/1Certain Construction Companies: Alaska1980-1981
3/2Coastal Towing and Lighterage1977-1978
3/3Columbia Marine Lines, Inc.1976-1978
3/4Columbia River Towboat Association1975
3/5Columbia River Region: Oregon Coast Towing Company1975-1976
3/6Compliance agreement companies1973-1978
3/7Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Barges #20 and 211970-1980
3/8Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Bering Sea oil barges1975-1980
3/9Foss Launch & Tug Co.: LASH barges1973-1975
3/10Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Barge 248 operation1978-1981
3/11Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Job site memorandum of understanding1979
3/12Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Miki Miki class tugs1970
3/13Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Salina Cruz memorandum of understanding1982
3/14Foss Launch & Tug Co.: Self-propelled drilling vessel supplement1977
3/15General Presidents' Offshore Construction agreement1976
3/16Grays Harbor Pilots Association, Twn Harbor Launch Service1974
3/17Hargitt Towing Company1977
3/18Inlet Towing, Inc.1979-1983
3/19Jackson Marine Operators, Inc.1977
3/20Joint Crafts Council1959-1975
3/21Joint Crafts Council1975-1976
3/22Joint Crafts Council1979
3/23Joint Crafts Council1980
3/24Marine Cargo, Inc.1973-1976
3/25Northwest Hydrofoil Lines, Inc.1968
3/26Northwest Towboat Association Ocean and Coastwise master agreement1978-1979
3/27Northwest Towboat Association contract proposal1978
3/28Northwest Towboat Association negotiations1980
3/29Northwest Towboat Association All Alaska1977-1980
3/30Northwest Towboat Association Southwestern Alaska1973
3/31Northwest Towboat Association Anna Foss type vessels manning memorandum1973
3/32Northwest Towboat Association Foss Launch & Tug tankermen1978-1980
3/33Northwest Towboat Association Puget Sound Tug & Barge lashing operation1975-1979
3/34Northwest Towboat Association Puget Sound Tug & Barge1976-1980
3/35Northwest Towboat Association United Towing1977-1980
3/36Northwest Towboat Association United Transportation Company1973
3/37North Star Enterprises1973
3/38Olson Ocean Towing Company1970
3/39Olympic Ferries, Inc.1969-1972
3/40Openers: Alaska and Puget Sound1980
3/41Openers: Pilots1981
3/42Pacific Northern Marine, Inc.: working papers1980-1981
3/43Pacific Salvage, Inc.1980
3/44Pacific Western Lines1964-1970
3/45Pioneer Towing Company1981-1982
3/46Puget Sound Freight Lines1971-1973
3/47Puget Sound Freight Lines1978-1981
3/48Puget Sound Freight Lines: negotiations1981
3/49Northwest Towboat Association: Puget Sound Master Agreement1978
3/50Puget Sound Pilots Association1973-1979
3/51Saga Food Service1975-1984
3/52San Francisco Region: River Lines1972
3/53San Francisco Region: tank barge agreement1975-1977
3/54San Francisco Region: MEBA agreement1975
3/55Southern California Region: Pacific Towboat & Salvage Company1974-1977
3/56Southern California Region: Universal Marine Corporation1975
3/57Steilacoom Ferry Service1975-1978
3/58University of Washington: M/V Thompson1973
3/59United Transportation Company tank barge agreement1973-1975
3/60Washington Pilots Association1981-1982
3/61Washington State Ferries1975-1976
3/62Washington State Ferries1977-1979
3/63Washington State Ferries: Masters, Mates, and Pilots agreement1977
3/64Washington State Ferries: Jetfoil agreement1978
3/65Western Pacific Towing Co.1976-1977
3/66Whatcom County1976-1979
3/68Willamette Western Corporation1978
3/69Hiring lists sent to employers: towboats1981

Accession No. 1615-001
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, circa 1937-1966
4.21 cubic feet (5 boxes)
Scope and Content
Correspondence, membership applications, minutes, agreements, ephemera.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union via Merle Adlum, May 07, 1971
1/1Congress of Industrial Organizations1938-1942
1/2CIO Maritime Committee -- Part 11944-1945
1/3CIO Maritime Committee -- Part 21944-1945
1/4Washington State Industrial Union Council1938-1942
1/5Seattle Industrial Labor Union Council1937-1941
1/6IBU Executive Council -- Part 11938-1942
1/7IBU Executive Council -- Part 21938-1942
1/8Committee on Labor's Non-Partisan League1938
1/9Maritime Relief Committee1938
1/10Committee on Referendum Ballot of Maritime Federation of the Pacific1938
1/11Constitution Committee1939
1/12Committee on Coordination of Labor1939
1/13Committee on Hiring of Nonmembersc. 1938
1/14Commitee on Newspaper1937-1940
1/15Elections and ballot returns1935-1944
1/16Puget Sound Division Political Welfare Committee1937-1940
1/17Trial Committee1936-1940
1/18IBU San Diego Division1938-1941
1/19IBU San Francisco Division1941
1/20IBU San Francisco Division1942
1/21IBU San Francisco Division1943
1/22IBU San Francisco Division1944-1945
1/23IBU San Pedro Division1938-1941
1/24IBU San Pedro Division1945-1946
1/25Bellingham Tugboatmen: minutes and correspondence1936-1939
1/26Bellingham Tugboatmen: minutes and correspondence1939
1/27Bellingham Tugboatmen: minutes and correspondence1940-1942
2/1Tacoma Tugboatmen: minutes and correspondence1936-1937
2/2Tacoma Tugboatmen: minutes and correspondence1938-1939
2/3Ferry agreements1936-1948
2/4Ferry agreements1941-1961
2/5Ferry agreements1941-1961
2/6Petroleum agreements1938-1948
2/7Freight boat agreements1950
2/8Towboat agreements1936-1949
2/9Towboat agreements1936-1951
2/10Milwaukee Road agreements1935-1955
2/11Puget Sound Freight Lines negotiations1949
2/12Kodiak Naval Air Station: organizing1939-1942
2/13Masters, Mates and Pilots : jurisdictional dispute1939
2/14Tugs Georgia and Humaconna: jurisdictional dispute1939
2/15Ferry Vashon dispute1939
2/16Puget Sound Navigation Co. complaints1940-1941
2/17Contract administration, grievances1937-1941
2/18Alaska State Ferries: negotiations1966
2/19Alaska State Ferries: operational directives1966-1968
2/20Alaska State Ferries: complaints1966-1967
2/21Alaska State Ferries: negotiations and grievances1963-1965
2/22Alaska State Ferries: negotiations and grievances1966-1967

Accession No. 1752-001
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Puget Sound Division records, undated
.42 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Scope and Content
Proceedings of conventions of the International Association of Masters, Mates and Pilots, the Maritime Federation of the Pacific, and transcript of a meeting of the Committee for Maritime Unity Executive Board.
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Acquisition Info
Merle Adlum, November 12, 1971
1/1National Organization Masters, Mates and Pilots: proceedings of forty-first annual convention1932
1/2National Organization Masters, Mates and Pilots: record of forty-third convention1938
1/3National Organization Masters, Mates and Pilots: proceedings of fiftieth annual convention1952
1/4Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast: resolutions adopted by third annual convention1937
1/5Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast: proceedings of fifth annual convention1939
1/6Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast: proceedings of sixth annual convention1940
1/7Committee for Maritime Unity Executive Board: proceedings1947

Accession No. 1761-001
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific. San Francisco Division records, 1919-1965
28.23 cubic feet (32 boxes)
Scope and Content
Minutes, election records, correspondence, office logs and employment registers of the San Francisco Division of the IBU. Includes negotiation and agreement records, and arbitration and legal documents. Financial records include those of the San Francisco Division as well as IBU Treasurer's records for periods when the IBU Treasurer was based in San Francisco, and records of the Inland Waters Welfare Trust and Inland Waters Pension Trust.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Inlandboatmen's Union, San Francisco division via Clifford J. Seccombe, October 18, 1971.
1/1Constitution and by-laws; booklet discussing history and possible disaffiliation with CIOUndated
1/2International Seamen's Union of America: correspondence1919-1925
1/3International Seamen's Union of America: correspondence1926-1927
1/4International Seamen's Union of America: correspondence1928-1929
1/5International Seamen's Union of America: correspondence1930-1931
1/6International Seamen's Union of America: correspondence1932-1932
1/7 MINUTES--PUGET SOUND DIVISION, 1941-19471941-1947
1/7IBU Puget Sound Division: membership and executive board meeting minutes1941-1947
1/8-2/14 MINUTES--SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION, 1919-19321919-1932
1/8IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1920-1925
1/9IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1929-1930
1/10IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1931-1932
1/11IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1933
1/12IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1934
1/13IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1935
1/14IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1936
1/15IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1937
1/16IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1938
1/17IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1939
1/18IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1940
1/19IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1941
1/20IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1942
1/21IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1943
1/22IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1944
1/23IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1945-1946
2/1IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1947-1948
2/2IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1949
2/3IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1950
2/4IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1951
2/5IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1952
2/6IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1953
2/7IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1954
2/8IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1955
2/9IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1959
2/10IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1960
2/11IBU San Francisco Division: minutes1961
2/12Meeting attendance record1940-1947
2/13IBU San Francisco Division: Executive Board minutes1943-1951
2/14IBU Coast Conference: minutes1938
2/15-2/22 AGREEMENTS AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS, 1919-19381919-1938
2/15U. S. Railroad Administration: wage rulings and agreements1919
2/16Marine Engineers Beneficial Association: jurisdiction agreements1924-1928
2/17Railway Labor Executives Association: national agreement1934
2/18Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: agreements1929-1936
2/19Resolution supporting support for organization of Puget Sound ferries1931
2/20Incorporation of union1931
2/21Railway Labor Act arbitration award1928
2/22United Seamen's Council: ballot1938
2/23-3/10 CORRESPONDENCE, INTEROFFICE, 1940-19621940-1962
2/23IBU President: correspondence1945-1946
2/24IBU President: correspondence1947-1954
2/25IBU Treasurer: correspondence1940-1946
3/1IBU Treasurer: correspondence1947-1950
3/2IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: correspondence1939-1940
3/3IBU Secretary: correspondence1950-1951
3/4IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: correspondence1950-1954
3/5IBU San Francisco Division Treasurer: correspondence1956-1960
3/6IBU Coast Executive Council meetings1956-1961
3/7Labor-Management Law information1959-1960
3/8Labor-Management reports and correspondence1959-1960
3/9IBU Treasurer: headquarters correspondence1960-1964
3/10IBU British Columbia Division: correspondence1937-1938
3/11IBU San Diego Division: minutes1938
4/1Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Worker, January-March1935
4/2Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Worker, April-June1935
4/3Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Worker, July-September1935
4/4Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Worker, October-December1935
4/5Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Worker1935
4/6Newspapers and bulletins: Maritime Worker1935
4/7Newspapers and bulletins: Black Gang News1936
4/8Newspapers and bulletins: Waterfront Organizer1937
4/9Newspapers and bulletins: The Ferryboat Worker1935-1936
4/10Newspapers and bulletins: The Teamster1935
4/11Newspapers and bulletins: Bargemen's strike1935
4/12Newspapers and bulletins: The New Waterfront Worker1935-1935
4/13Newspapers and bulletins1935-1936
5/1-7/1 U. S. RAILROAD LABOR BOARD PROCEEDINGS, 1919-19271919-1927
5/1Board of Railroad Wages and Working Conditions: transcript of proceedings in re marine employees, San Francisco, California1919
5/2U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 17 vol. 1-31920
6/1U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 17 vol. 4-51920
6/2U. S. Railroad Labor Board: documents related to Southern Pacific marine culinary workers1921-1922
6/3U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 9741922
6/4U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 35701923
6/5U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 4290 vol. 1-21924
6/6U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 4290 copy 21924
6/7U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 47251925
6/8U. S. Railroad Labor Board: document relating to docket no. 5052, marine culinary workers vs. Southern Pacific Railroad1925
6/9U. S. Railroad Labor Board: transcript of proceedings docket no. 50591925
6/10U. S. Railway Labor Act Board of Arbitration: statement of railroads in case C-321927
6/11U. S. Railway Labor Act Board of Arbitration: transcript of proceedings, case C-32 vol. 1-91927
6/12U. S. Railway Labor Act Board of Arbitration: transcript of proceedings, case C-32 vol. 10-181927
7/1U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit: transcript of record, railroads vs. Ferryboatmen's Union of California1927
7/2National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the central and northern California towboat industry, March 16, 19341934
7/3National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Columbia River District, March 17, 19341934
7/4National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Northern District1934
7/5National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on proposed supplement to code of fair competition for the crushed stone, sand and gravel and slag industries1934
7/6National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Puget Sound District, April 17, 19341934
7/7National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the inland water carrier trade of the Western Division of the US, Columbia River District April 24, 19341934
7/8National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Columbia River District April 25, 19341934
7/9National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the inland water carrier trade of the Western Division of the US, Central and Northern California District May 1-3, 19341934
7/10National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Southern California Division May 10, 19341934
7/11National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the inland water carrier trade in the Western Division of the US, Southern California District May 11, 19341934
7/12National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the inland water carrier trade of the Western Division of the US, Columbia River District May 22, 19341934
7/13National Recovery Administration: transcript of hearing on code of fair competition for the towboat industry of the Western Division of the US, Puget Sound District May 24, 19341934
7/14-8/2ARBITRATION PROCEEDINGS, 1934-19561934-1956
7/14San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company: arbitration proceedings1935
7/15Puget Sound Ferry strike: arbitration proceedings, vol. 31935
7/16Railroad back pay lawsuit: appellants' appeal brief1936
7/17Black Ball Lines: arbitration proceedings, vol. 2-41939
7/18Black Ball Lines: arbitration proceedings, vol. 51939
7/19National War Labor Board War Shipping Panel: proceedings in case no. 111-4932-D, Pacific Shipowners Association and Marine Engineers Beneficial Association1943
7/20National War Labor Board War Shipping Panel: proceedings in case no. 111-7030-D, Richmond and San Rafael Ferry and Transportation Company and IBU1944
7/21NLRB: proceedings in cases 20-R-1312, 20-R-1366, 20-R-1367, Standard Oil of California1945
7/22Brief on behalf of Captain Robert Markleyc. 1947
8/1Committee for Maritime Unity: union exhibits for arbitration before Arbitrator James Lawrence Fly1946
8/2Proposed user tax on inland waterways: IBU brief1956
8/3-9/16 FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1928-19641928-1964
8/3Financial reports: Headquarters1928-1930
8/4Financial reports: Headquarters1931-1932
8/5Financial reports: Headquarters1933-1936
8/6Financial reports: Headquarters1941-1947
8/7Financial reports: Headquarters1948-1952
8/8Financial reports: Headquarters1956-1959
8/9Financial reports: Headquarters1960-1964
8/10Financial reports: Columbia River Division1936-1937
8/11Financial reports: Puget Sound Division1936-1937
8/12Financial reports: San Diego and San Pedro Divisions1936-1937
8/13Seafarers' International Union: financial reports and correspondence1948-1960
8/14Seafarers' International Union: financial reports and correspondence1961-1963
8/15Audit reports1936-1939
8/16Audit reports1941-1949
8/17Audit reports1950-1955
8/18Audit reports1956-1960
8/19Audit reports1961-1963
8/20IBU Divisions: Audit reports1951
8/21IBU San Pedro Division: Audit report1963
8/22Seafarers' International Union: Audit reports1951-1957
8/23Seafarers' International Union: Audit reports1958-1960
8/24Internal Revenue Service: form 9901944-1963
8/25Government reporting forms1961-1964
9/1IBU Treasurer: headquarters bills paid and correspondence1956-1957
9/2IBU Treasurer: headquarters bills paid and correspondence1958-1959
9/3IBU Treasurer: headquarters bills paid and correspondence1962-1963
9/4Death benefits paid1947
9/5Death benefits paid1948-1949
9/6Death benefits paid1950
9/7Death benefits paid1951
9/8Death benefits paid1952
9/9Death benefits paid1953-1954
9/10Death benefits paid1955
9/11Death benefits paid1956-1957
9/12Death benefits paid1958-1959
9/13Death benefits paid1960-1961
9/14Death benefits paid1962-1964
9/15IBU headquarters death benefit fund: financial reports1964
9/16Health and Welfare payments related to 1959 strike1959-1960
9/17-13/24CORRESPONDENCE, 1934-19611934-1961
9/17IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: correspondence1934-1936
9/18IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: correspondence1937
9/19Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad: correspondence1945
9/20ILWU Local 1-22, Bay and River Bargemen1940-1943
9/21Harry Bridges Victory Committee: correspondence1942-1945
9/22California State Department of Employment: unemployment insurance1940-1945
9/23California Labor School1944-1949
9/24CIO: financial correspondence1940-1948
9/25CIO Maritime Committee1942-1947
9/26CIO building certificates1941-1948
9/27California CIO Local Policy Committee1945
9/28Credentials for convention delegates1940-1944
9/29Delinquents, requests for withdrawal cards1941
9/30Derby, Sharp Quinby and Tweedt1940-1943
9/31C. W. Deal leave of absence1941
9/32Ferry service proposed for 19421942
9/33John M. Fox, Secretary Puget Sound Division1940-1946
9/34ILWU: correspondence1946
10/1Quarterly reports and IBU News1952-1957
10/2IBU Columbia River Division: correspondence1940-1945
10/3IBU Puget Sound Division: correspondence1940-1946
10/4IBU San Diego Division: correspondence1941-1946
10/5IBU San Pedro Division: correspondence1944-1947
10/6Labor Day Parade1940-1941
10/7Labor Herald1948
10/8Labor Information Service1943-1944
10/10Mare Island Ferry Company1942
10/11Marine Cooks and Stewards Association1941-1944
10/12Marine Firemen, Oilers, Watertenders and Wipers Association1942-1944
10/13Maritime Compensation Act1938
10/14Maritime Labor Board1938-1945
10/15Martinez-Benicia Employees Association for operation of ferries1940
10/16Motorboat bill1945
10/17National Engineers Beneficial Association and IBU jurisdiction dispute1941
10/18National Maritime Union1941-1949
10/19National Maritime Union: proposed constitutionUndated
10/20Permanente Metals Corporation1945-1946
10/21Rio Vista Literage Company1940-1941
10/22River Lines owners and operators1935-1941
10/23Harry Lundeberg1941-1942
10/24Shell Oil Company1935-1937
10/25Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: complaint to Commerce Department1939-1940
10/26United Towing Co: negotiations1940-1949
10/27Southern Pacific Company: overtime claim1944-1945
10/28Williams-Dimond Company: claim for uniforms1944-1945
10/29Wilmington Transportation Company: crew schedules1942-1945
10/30Member correspondence Part 11940
10/31Member correspondence Part 21940
10/32Member correspondence Part 11941
10/33Member correspondence Part 21941
10/34Member correspondence Part 11942
10/35Member correspondence Part 21942
10/36Member correspondence1948
10/37Member correspondence1949
11/1Member correspondence1950
11/2Member correspondence1951
11/3Member correspondence1952
11/4Member correspondence1953
11/5Member correspondence1954
11/6Member correspondence1955
11/7Member correspondence1956
11/8Member correspondence Part 11957
11/9Member correspondence Part 21957
11/10Member correspondence1958
11/11Member correspondence1959
11/12Member correspondence1960
11/13Member correspondence1961
11/14Member correspondence: delegates1945-1949
11/15Member correspondence: delegates1950-1951
11/16IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: reports and correspondence1941-1943
11/17IBU San Francisco Division Secretary: reports and correspondence1944-1948
11/18IBU San Francisco Division: Executive Board records1938-1949
11/19IBU San Francisco Division: Executive Board records1950-1951
11/20Sick Committee records1942-1945
11/21IBU Divisions: general correspondence1948-1962
11/22IBU San Francisco Division: notices1951
12/1Able seaman test and manual1941-1946
12/2American Trust Company1938-1950
12/3Edwin Barton's resignation as chairman, S.F. Division1947-1951
12/4Bay and River Navigation Company: IBU dues deductions1940-1951
12/5Fidelity bonds1940-1951
12/6California Department of Employment1945-1954
12/7California Labor League for Political Education1954-1955
12/8California State Federation of Labor1950-1951
12/9California State Federation of Labor1952-1955
12/10Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service1950
12/11Marine Engineers Beneficial Association Local 971939-1951
12/12Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation1938-1949
12/13Maritime Administration Pacific Coast District1960-1961
12/14Maritime Trades Department AFL-CIO1955-1961
12/15Masters, Mates and Pilots of America1939-1950
12/16National Labor Bureau1949-1951
12/17National Mediation Board1946-1951
12/18Office Employees International Union: correspondence and agreements1948-1954
12/19Office Employees Insurance Trust Fund1950-1954
12/20Pacific Maritime Association and Pacific American Steamship Association1949-1950
12/21Richmond Brotherhood Hall Association: rent1939-1951
12/22Sailors' Union of the Pacific1948-1958
12/23San Francisco Labor Council: minutes1954-1955
12/24Seamen's papers1943-1951
12/25Southern Pacific Hospital Department1945-1946
12/26Southern Pacific Hospital Department1948
12/27Southern Pacific Hospital Department1949
12/28Southern Pacific Hospital Department1950
12/29Southern Pacific Hospital Department1951
12/30Southern Pacific Hospital Department1952
12/31Tax on office equipment1947-1950
12/32Taft-Hartley Act1947-1950
12/33Max Wedekind letter re anti-closed-shop legislation1945-1947
13/1Western Pacific Railroad Medical Department1946-1955
13/2General correspondence "A"1941-1951
13/3General correspondence "B"1939-1950
13/4General correspondence "C"1947-1951
13/5General correspondence "D"1941-1951
13/6General correspondence "E"1941-1951
13/7General correspondence "F"1940-1947
13/8General correspondence "G"1946-1948
13/9General correspondence "I"1945-1949
13/10General correspondence "K"1940-1945
13/11General correspondence "L"1940-1949
13/12General correspondence "M"1940-1950
13/13General correspondence "S"1948-1951
13/14General correspondence "V"1943-1951
13/15General correspondence1952
13/16General correspondence1953
13/17General correspondence1954
13/18General correspondence1955
13/19General correspondence1956
13/20General correspondence1957
13/21General correspondence1958
13/22General correspondence1959
13/23General correspondence1960
13/24General correspondence1961
13/25A-1 Boat Works1956-1957
13/26Admiral Towing Company1956
13/27Alaska Queen Towing1960-1963
13/28Any Ocean Towing Service, Incorporated1959-1960
13/29Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: agreements1925-1951
13/30Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence1936-1945
13/31Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence1946-1952
13/32Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: correspondence re negotiations1941-1955
13/33Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: seniority rosters1940-1953
13/34Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: discharge of J. P. McDonald1940
13/35Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: grievance of Hosmer, Marinsik, Winther1936-1945
13/36Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company: vacation with pay dispute1941-1943
13/37Bargemen's Union: agreements1940-1943
13/38Bay and Ocean Towing Company: agreements1935
13/39Bay and River Navigation Company: agreements1936-1955
13/40Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1939-1946
13/41Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1947-1951
13/42Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1952-1953
13/43Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1954
13/44Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1955
13/45Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1956-1957
14/1Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1958
14/2Bay and River Navigation Company: negotiations1959-1960
14/3Bay and River Navigation Company: correspondence re negotiations1947-1951
14/4Bay and River Navigation Company: correspondence1938-1955
14/5Bay and River Navigation Company: arbitration awards1939
14/6Bay and River Navigation Company: group life insurance policy1949
14/7Bay Cities Transportation Company: agreements1936-1955
14/8Bay Cities Transportation Company: negotiations1941-1952
14/9Bay Cities Transportation Company: correspondence1934-1959
14/10Bay Cities Transportation Company: Longshoremen's Local 38-791934
14/11Bay small craft1940
14/12Bay Transport Company1934-1937
14/13Berkeley Transportation Company: agreements1947-1960
14/14Berkeley Transportation Company: negotiations1949-1963
14/15Brendel and Decker1951-1961
14/16John R. Bruce: fatal accident1958
14/17Bundesen and Lauritzen1941-1942
14/18CandH Sugar1954
14/19California Department of Public Works: Martinez-Benicia Ferry1954-1955
14/20California Towing Company1936-1951
14/21California Tugboat Company1943-1966
14/22Campbell Construction and Equipment Company1955
14/23Case Construction Company1946
14/24Coastwise tugs1943-1947
14/25Coastwise, Ocean and Alaska towing1946-1953
14/26Cochran Tugboat Company1953-1959
14/27Marvin E. Collins Company1954
14/28Columbia Construction Company1941
14/29Columbia Geneva Steel1946
14/30Columbia River agreements1934-1955
14/31ILWU Local 38-67: agreement re Columbia River work1935
14/32ILWU Local 1-22: Stockton agreement re transfer of cooks to IBU1941-1942
14/33Coronado Toll Tube1955
14/34Crescent City Harbor Commission case: coastwise towing1951-1955
14/35Crowley Launch and Tug Boat Company: agreements1935-1956
14/36Crowley Launch and Tug Boat Company: negotiations1940-1955
14/37Crowley Pioneer Lines1939-1950
14/38Daniel Contracting Company1950-1952
14/39Lyle Davidson Company1937
14/40Deckhand negotiations1955-1956
14/41Deckhand Contract Committee1958-1959
14/42Dowrelio's Boat Works1956-1957
14/43Dredge Owners Association1948-1950
14/44Dredgemen's agreement1936
14/45Duncanson-Harrelson Company1948-1950
14/46A. C. Dutton Lumber Corporation1950-1953
15/1Eaton and Caples1946
15/2Estero Municipal Improvement District1962
15/3Evans Towboat Service1966
15/4Wayne Fellows Productions, Incorporated (Batjack)1955
15/5Foy Tug and Barge Company1956-1959
15/6J. C. Freese Company: agreements1939-1955
15/7J. C. Freese Company: negotiations1939-1952
15/8J. C. Freese Company: correspondence1938-1955
15/9J. C. Freese Company: Ozzie Boggs case1958
15/10A. L. Fulton1952-1964
15/11Ben C. Gerwick, Incorporated1952-1954
15/12Ben C. Gerwick, Incorporated1955-1962
15/13Gerwick, Morrison and Twaits1944
15/14Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Company, Inc1946-1948
15/15R. G. Halford Towing Company1952-1955
15/16Harbor Tours, Incorporated1960-1961
15/17Harbor Tug and Barge Company: deckhand agreements1943-1963
15/18Harbor Tug and Barge Company: tankermen agreements1946-1949
15/19Harbor Tug and Barge Company: negotiations1935-1952
15/20Haviside Company1941-1946
15/21Healy-Tibbits Construction Company1952-1955
15/22Hydrofoil Boats, Incorporated1966
15/23Ideal Cement Company1937-1958
15/24Independent Oil Carriers1945-1946
15/25Industrial Tank Cleaning, Incorporated1959
15/26Judson Pacific Murphy Kiewit1953-1954
15/27Kaiser Permanente1943-1946
15/28Kaiser Permanente: wage stabilization rulings1942-1944
15/29Key System: agreements1921-1940
15/30Key System: correspondence1936-1939
15/31Key System: seniority lists1939-1940
15/32Key System: schedule1938
15/33Key System: check-off lists1940
15/34Key Terminal Railway, Ltd.1929-1933
15/35Launch operators agreements1937
15/36LeBoeuf Dougherty Contracting Company1946-1955
15/37Lewis Excursions Service1960-1964
15/38Lord and Bishop, Incorporated1957
15/39M and S Corporation1956-1963
15/40Edward F. MacDonald grievance1956
15/41McDougal Livestock Company1959
15/42Mare Island Ferry1944-1945
15/43Mare Island Ferry Company: agreements1952-1955
15/44Mare Island Ferry Company: negotiations and correspondence1952-1955
15/45Marin Bay and River Towing Company1952-1959
15/46Marine Cooks and Stewards: agreement with Pacific American Shipowners Association1946
15/47Martinez-Benicia Ferry Company: agreements1936-1955
15/48Martinez-Benicia Ferry Company: correspondence1937-1954
15/49Martinez-Benicia Ferry Company: negotiations1950-1951
15/50Martinez-Benicia Ferry Company: concession agreements1950-1954
16/1Martinez-Benicia Ferry: proposals for state-owned ferry1952-1953
16/2Method of employment: negotiation of Rule 21958-1960
16/3Robert Miller Towing Company1963
16/4Motor ship transit1936-1940
16/5National Railroad Adjustment Board1950
16/6National Service Company: negotiations1937-1939
16/7National Service Company: correspondence1938-1940
16/8National Service Company: seniority roster1938
16/9C. W. Ness1959-1960
16/10Nickols Transportation Company1966
16/11Northwest Towboat Association1940-1950
16/12Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company: agreements1925-1936
16/13Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1938-1942
16/14Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company: seniority and schedules1939-1940
16/15Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company: claim for dismissal wage1940
16/16Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company: dismissal settlement data1941
16/17Oakland Scavenger Company1940-1942
16/18Ocean Tow Company1946-1947
16/19Ocean Transport Company1960-1961
16/20Olson Towboat Company1959-1960
16/21Pacific Coast Aggregates1936
16/22Pacific Drydock and Repair Company: civil suit vs. IBU1959-1960
16/23Pacific Portland Cement Company: agreements1941-1946
16/24Pacific Portland Cement Company: negotiations1946-1952
16/25Pacific Portland Cement Company: correspondence1941-1951
16/26Pacific Towing Company1936-1938
16/27Permanente Metals and Kaiser Cos.1943
16/28Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company: agreements1939-1960
16/29Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company: culinary workers1939-1949
16/30Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company: negotiations1939-1955
16/31Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company: correspondence1942-1954
16/32Johnny Peterson Towboat Company1946-1947
16/33Lester A. Peterson1956-1963
16/34R. Lee Pickett1956
16/35J. D. Proctor, Incorporated1945
16/36Puget Sound Navigation Company1940-1947
16/37Puget Sound Tug and Barge1946
16/38Puget Sound Division agreements1938-1941
16/39Puget Sound Division agreements1955-1964
16/40R and L Towing Service1964
16/41Railroad carriers: 20 cent increase1937-1938
16/42Railroad negotiations1940-1941
16/43Railroads: requests for agreement changes1941
16/44Railroad agreement changes1945-1947
16/45Railroad company negotiations1950-1951
16/46Railroad company negotiations1950-1953
16/47Railroad health and welfare negotiations1953-1954
17/1National Railroad Adjustment Board: culinary workers award No. 451940-1947
17/2Council of Railroad Labor Organizations1948-1950
17/3Red Stack Tug and Barge Company1940-1949
17/4Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: agreements1931-1938
17/5Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: agreements1938-1951
17/6Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: agreements1952-1954
17/7Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1937-1938
17/8Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1938-1944
17/9Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1941-1947
17/10Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1948
17/11Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1949
17/12Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: negotiations1949-1954
17/13Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: grievances1938
17/14Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: correspondence1939-1955
17/15Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: War Shipping Panel hearing1944
17/16Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: seniority rosters1939-1955
17/17Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: dismissal pay dispute1953
17/18Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: Taft-Hartley election1950
17/19Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company: dismissed employees' unemployment case1955-1956
17/20Richmond Navigation and Improvement Company1948-1956
17/21River Lines: cooks agreements1941-1951
17/22River Lines: deckhands agreements1941-1956
17/23River Lines: tankermen agreements1942-1955
17/24River Lines: culinary workers and deckhands negotiations1935-1952
17/25River Lines: tankermen negotiations1946-1952
17/26River Lines: correspondence1935-1957
17/27River Lines: seniority roster1938-1949
17/28River Towing Company1960-1963
17/29Rogers Towing Service1956-1957
17/30John E. Rozich; Islais Tugboat Company1948-1952
17/31Sacramento Northern Railway: agreements1937-1955
18/1Sacramento Northern Railway: negotiations1941-1953
18/2Sacramento Northern Railway: negotiations re dismissal wage1936-1942
18/3Sacramento Northern Railway: agreements and correspondence1941-1958
18/4Sacramento Northern Railway: correspondence1938-1955
18/5Sacramento Northern Railway: seniority rosters1940-1951
18/6Sacramento Northern Railway: hospitalization plan1947
18/7Sacramento Northern Railway: vacations1942-1945
18/8San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company1941-1948
18/9San Diego Division IBU agreements1942
18/10San Francisco Bridge Company agreement with San Pedro1941
18/11San Francisco Towboat Operators' Association1956-1959
18/12San Francisco Towboat Operators' Association: Earl Sinz case1958-1959
18/13San Francisco Towing Company1940-1955
18/14San Francisco Water Tour Company1944-1946
18/15San Pedro Division IBU agreements1939-1959
18/16Santa Fe Hospital Association1949-1951
18/17Seaborn Towing Service1953-1956
18/18Shamrock Towing Company1959-1960
18/19Shell Oil Company1937-1939
18/20John Sheridan, deceased member1956
18/21Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: agreements1934-1955
18/22Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: coastwise agreements1948-1953
18/23Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: V-4 tugs1943
18/24Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: Tug Buttercup1943
18/25Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: National War Labor Board case1942-1943
18/26Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1935-1949
18/27Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1950-1951
18/28Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1952
18/29Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1954-1955
18/30Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: negotiations1955
18/31Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: back pay1944-1948
18/32Shipowners and Merchants Towboat Company: correspondence1938-1955
18/33George Sindinich: disability case1955
18/34Singleton Cruise Company1957
18/35Southern Pacific Company: agreements1925-1941
18/36Southern Pacific Company: agreements1929-1949
18/37Southern Pacific Company: agreements1950-1957
19/1Southern Pacific Company: culinary workers agreements1925-1956
19/2Southern Pacific Company: culinary workers negotiations1929-1949
19/3Southern Pacific Company: negotiations re vacations1942-1945
19/4Southern Pacific Company: negotiations1942-1955
19/5Southern Pacific Company: National Railroad Adjustment Board cases1939-1942
19/6Southern Pacific Company: dismissal wage agreements1936-1940
19/7Southern Pacific Company: reduction in service1956-1958
19/8Southern Pacific Company: dismissal wage agreements1956-1958
19/9Southern Pacific Company: dismissal wage cases1958-1961
19/10Southern Pacific Company: correspondence1937-1946
19/11Southern Pacific Company: correspondence1947-1950
19/12Southern Pacific Company: correspondence1951-1954
19/13Southern Pacific Company: correspondence1955
19/14Southern Pacific Company: correspondence1956-1958
19/15Southern Pacific Company: correspondence re grievances1943-1948
19/16Southern Pacific Company: seniority disputes and wage claims1943-1950
19/17Southern Pacific Company: physical examinations1950-1954
19/18Southern Pacific Company: union shop letters1953-1957
19/19Southern Pacific Company: protest re request for reduction in rates for petroleum products1958
19/20Southern Pacific Company: seniority rosters1938
19/21Southern Pacific Company: seniority rosters1938-1948
19/22Southern Pacific Company: seniority rosters1949-1953
19/23Southern Pacific Company: seniority rosters1954-1961
19/24Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: agreements1925-1936
19/25Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: seniority rosters1928-1929
20/1Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: seniority rosters1933-1940
20/2Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: correspondence re abandonment1940
20/3Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries: bankruptcy case, dismissal wage1942
20/4Standard Oil Company Bay Fleet: organizing1952
20/5Star and Crescent Company1954
20/6Tankermen research data1954-1956
20/7Tankermen contract committee1958-1959
20/8Thiemann and Johnston1941-1952
20/9Tidewater Shaver Barge Lines; Shell Chemical1954-1955
20/10Standard towing agreement negotiations1950-1951
20/11Commercial towing and tank barge negotiations and Wage Stabilization Board case1951
20/12Commercial towing and oil barge negotiations1952-1953
20/13Coastwise towing agreement: changes as of 1/1/621961
20/14Tugboat agreements1940
20/15Tug Tango; Charlotte S. Burrowes1940
20/16Louis Uberto1941
20/17United States Defense Transport Administration: bulletins1950-1953
20/18United States Department of Labor Wage Stabilization Board1951
20/19United States Steel Corporation. Columbia-Geneva Steel Division1956
20/20United Towing Company: tankermen agreements1941-1955
20/21United Towing Company: deckhand agreements1941-1952
20/22United Towing Company: negotiations1942-1952
20/23United Towing Company: correspondence1950-1955
20/24Utah Construction Company1955
20/25Western Crane Service, Incorporated1965
20/26Western Pacific Railroad Company: agreements1929-1949
20/27Western Pacific Railroad Company: revised agreement1941
20/28Western Pacific Railroad Company: supplemental agreement for 40-hour week1949
20/29Western Pacific Railroad Company: vacation dispute1941-1942
20/30Western Pacific Railroad Company: negotiations1942-1955
20/31Western Pacific Railroad Company: seniority rosters1939-1958
20/32Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1938-1940
20/33Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1941-1942
20/34Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1943-1949
20/35Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1950-1954
20/36Western Pacific Railroad Company: correspondence1955-1957
20/37Jim Wilder Company1934-1950
20/38David Willard1959
20/39Williams, Dimond and Company1957
20/40Wilmington Transportation Company: IBU San Pedro Division1938
20/41Wilmington Transportation Company: agreements1943-1945
20/42Wilmington Transportation Company: negotiations1943-1944
20/43Wilmington Transportation Company: negotiations1943-1945
20/44Wilmington Transportation Company: special meetings1943
20/45Wilmington Transportation Company: seniority rosters1943-1945
20/46Wilmington Transportation Company: correspondence1942-1945
20/47Agreements: employers with whom IBU has had agreementsUndated
20/48ILWU agreement with barge operators1948
20/49Agreements: IBU San Pedro Division1942-1949
20/50Agreements: IBU British Columbia Division1942
21/1Agreements: IBU San Diego Division1942-1947
21/2Agreements: IBU Columbia River Division1940-1948
21/3Agreements: IBU Puget Sound Division1940-1948
21/4Printed IBU agreements1925-1957
21/5Printed agreements: other unions Part 11921-1949
21/6Printed agreements: other unions Part 21921-1949
21/7Union constitutions and by-laws1925-1945
21/8Adding machine agreement1949
21/9Address-O-Graph: agreement and mailing lists1951-1954
21/10Association of Railroad Medical Association Executives1961
21/11Bridge over Sacramento River at Sacramento1961-1962
21/12Harry Bridges deportation case1940-1941
21/13Bulletins: tug and barge companies1953-1959
21/14California Department of Employment: bulletins1961-1961
21/15California Department of Employment: unemployment case1956-1958
21/16California Department of Employment: unemployment case1959-1960
21/17California Department of Employment: claims and appeals1959
21/18California Department of Employment: general1960
21/19California Labor Federation1958-1961
21/20California State Federation of Labor1956-1958
21/21California Labor Federation: Weekly News Letter1960-1961
21/22California Labor League for Political Education1956-1958
21/23Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County1958-1960
21/24California Governor's Committee for Ship Construction and Repair1960-1961
21/25Civil Defense1957-1960
21/26Conference of American Maritime Unions1954
21/27Conference of American Maritime Unions1954-1955
21/28IBU San Francisco Division delegatesc. 1944
21/29Old Timers' Dinner, November 12, 19541954
21/30Old Timers' Dinner photographs1954
21/31Dinner in honor of Southern Pacific members, August 26, 19581958
21/32Dues increase ballot1952
21/33Dues increase ballot1953
21/34Annual meeting dues referendum1954
21/35Election of division and general officers1939
21/36Election of division and general officers1941-1943
Election of division and general officers1943-1947
22/1Election of division and general officers1949-1950
22/2Election of division and general officers1951-1952
22/3Election of division and general officers1953-1954
22/4Election of division and general officers1955-1956
22/5Election of division and general officers1957-1958
22/6Emergency fund account1939
22/7Guntert and Zimmerman1956
22/8Hiring hall rules1942
22/9Jones Special Subcommittee on Water Resources and Power: proposed inland waterway user tax1955-1956
22/10General correspondence "H"1944-1952
22/11Inland waterways legislation1952
22/12Joint Strike and Strategy Committee1946
22/13Labor: railroad workers' weekly newspaper1954-1957
22/14Mare Island Ferry dues check-off list1952-1953
22/15James M. Kelly: delegate, Martinez-Benecia Ferry Company1945-1947
22/16Membership correspondence with delegates1952-1957
22/17Membership meeting rosters1948-1957
22/18Mimeograph day log1953
22/19Mimeograph day log1954
22/20Mimeograph day log1955
22/21National Labor Bureau1958-1960
22/22Newspaper clippings1959-1960
22/23Notices to members1946-1949
22/24Notices to members1950
22/25Office Employees Insurance Trust Fund1955-1959
22/26Office Employees International Union1955-1961
22/27Office and Professional Employees Pension Trust Fund1959-1961
22/28Penal file1949-1952
22/29Permit members: lists1953-1956
22/30Southern Pacific Ferry photographs1958
22/31Picket line duty book1947
22/32National Railroad Adjustment Board awards1951
22/33Railroad Retirement Board1949-1959
22/35Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company dues delinquency notices1952-1955
22/36Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company form letter on loans from strike fund1952-1956
22/37Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company strike: receipts and records1947
22/38City of Richmond Housing Authority: RandSR IBU members1949
22/39Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company IBU membership meetings1948-1949
22/40Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company strike: donations from local labor organizations1949-1950
22/41Richmond and San Rafael Ferry Company strike expenses1949-1950
22/42Right-to-work information1957-1958
22/43Safety conference: regulation of uninspected vessels1954-1955
22/44Division of Industrial Safety: safety reports1956-1959
22/45San Francisco Employers' Council1945
23/1San Francisco Labor Council: correspondence1959-1961
23/2San Francisco Labor Council: Official Bulletin1960-1961
23/3San Francisco Maritime Museum1956-1961
23/4Seafarers' International Union1948-1958
23/5Seafarers' International Union1959-1961
23/6Seafarers Log: SIUNA publication1960-1961
23/7Requests for seamen's papers: U.S. Coast Guard1952-1956
23/8Shipping lists1960-1962
23/9Sick and Unemployment Benefit Fund: IBU San Francisco Division1941-1952
23/10Sick Committee Reports1946-1953
23/11Sick Committee Reports1953-1955
23/12Sick Committee Reports1955-1957
23/13Sick Committee Reports1958-1961
23/14SIUNA Washington Report1960
23/15SIUNA Washington Report1960-1961
23/16Southern Pacific Hospital Department: Board of Managers minutes, reports1950-1952
23/17Southern Pacific Hospital Department: Board of Managers minutes, reports1953
23/18Southern Pacific Hospital Department: Board of Managers minutes, reports1954-1955
23/19Southern Pacific Hospital Department: Board of Managers minutes, reports1959-1960
23/20Southern Pacific Hospital Department: Board of Managers minutes, reports1961
23/21Southern Pacific: Associated General Chairmen1954-1957
23/22Southern Pacific: Associated General Chairmen1957-1961
23/23Southern Pacific: steering committee minutes for annual safety picnic1950-1955
24/1Standard clauses for agreementsUndated
24/2Strategy Committee 1956 strike1956
24/3Strike contributions1959
24/4Strike photographc. 1959
24/51959 Strike: bulletins, meeting records, clippings1959-1960
24/61959 Strike: picket duty roster, money paid in lieu of picket duty1959-1960
24/7Taft-Hartley qualifying requirements1951-1955
24/8Taft-Hartley qualifying requirements1956-1959
24/9California unemployment taxes1946-1949
24/10Antone J. Thomas: honorary membership1946
24/11Union Buying Service1954
24/12Union Labor Digest1957-1960
24/13Union Labor Life Insurance Company1944-1946
24/14Union Labor Party1957
24/15United Mine Workers District 501954
24/16United Mine Workers District 50: organizing efforts in Puget Sound1954-1955
24/17Jurisdictional disputes involving MEBA, ILWU, IBU: correspondence and bulletins1952-1954
24/18U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: bulletins1961
24/19U.S. Army Intelligence Security Division1951
24/20Annual gross wages all IBU members1963-1964
24/21Western Pacific General Chairmen's Association1959-1961
24/22Western Pacific Railroad Company: financial reports1950-1952
24/23Western Pacific Railroad Company: financial reports1953-1955
24/24Western Pacific Medical Department1955-1957
24/25Western Pacific Medical Department1958-1959
24/26Western Pacific Medical Department1960-1961
24/27Western Pacific Railroad Company: rotation of watches ballot1955
24/28Workmen's compensation1954
24/29Writing concerning strike, unidentified authorUndated
24/30Mill and Factory chart re labor-management relations under Taft-Hartley1953
24/31IBU Membership application forms, blankUndated
24/32Report: How are things in the barge business?1961
24/33Report: Economic study of proposed package freighters for service to Southeast Alaskan ports by Alaska Merchant Line1954
24/34-25/5 EMPLOYMENT REGISTERS AND OFFICE LOGS, 1953-19641953-1964
24/34Daily employment register1953-1956
24/35Daily employment register1956-1958
24/36Daily employment register1958-1962
24/37Daily employment register1962-1964
25/1Day books1953-1955
25/2Day books1955-1956
25/3Day books1956-1957
25/4Day books1957-1959
25/5Day books1959-1960
26/1-26/11 LEGAL MATERIALS, 1928-19641928-1964
26/1Overtime pay lawsuit vs. railroad companies: Southern Pacific employees due pay settlement1928-1936
26/2Overtime pay lawsuit vs. railroad companies: Northwestern Pacific employees due pay settlement1928-1936
26/3Overtime pay lawsuit vs. railroad companies: special trust account1936-1940
26/4IBU vs. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad: National Railroad Adjustment Board award no. 2151942
26/5Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries bankruptcy: brief re maritime liens1942
26/6IBU vs. Southern Pacific: National Railroad Adjustment Board case re dismissal pay. Part 11959-1964
26/7IBU vs. Southern Pacific: National Railroad Adjustment Board case re dismissal pay. Part 21959-1964
26/8NLRB vs. ILWU Local 6, U.S. Court case 40995: affidavits1962
26/9NLRB vs. ILWU Local 6, U.S. Court case 40995: transcript of testimonyc1962
26/10NLRB vs. ILWU Local 6, U.S. Court case 40995: notes and exhibits1961-1963
26/11NLRB vs. ILWU Local 6, NLRB case 20-CD-92: brief for IBU1963
26/12-27/5CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, 1938-19621938-1962
26/12Statement re maritime subsidies by J.M. Calhoon, MEDA, and Paul Hall, SIUNA1962
26/13Proceedings of SIUNA convention1951
26/14SIUNA convention: resolutions, reports, minutes1955
26/15SIUNA convention: resolutions, reports, minutes1957
26/16Proceedings of SIUNA convention1957
26/17SIUNA convention: election of IBU delegates1961
26/18Maritime Federation of the Pacific: convention proceedings1938-1939
26/19Proceedings of First Constitutional Convention, CIO1938
26/20Proceedings of Seventh Constitutional Convention, CIO1944
26/21National Maritime Union convention: call and correspondence1946
26/22California Industrial Safety Conference1953
26/23California Industrial Safety Conference1954
26/24California Industrial Safety Conference1955
26/25Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1956
26/26Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1957
26/27Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1958
27/1Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1959
27/2Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1960
27/3Governor's Industrial Safety Conference1961
27/4California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO: convention materials. Part 11958
27/5California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO: convention materials. Part 21958
27/6-27/8EPHEMERA, 1936-19491936-1949
27/6Labor organization constitutions1936-1949
27/7SIUNA handbooks for membersc1940s
27/8Rail Unity newspaper vol. 3 No. 121949
27/9-28/25 FINANCIAL RECORDS--SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION, 1938-19641938-1964
27/9Loan record1949-1955
27/10Receipt record1938-1944
27/11Receipt record1945-1947
27/12Receipt record1947-1958
27/13Monthly financial report1938
27/14Monthly financial report1939
27/15Monthly financial report1940
27/16Monthly financial report1941
27/17Monthly financial report1942
27/18Monthly financial report1943
27/19Monthly financial report1944
27/20Monthly financial report1945
27/21Monthly financial report1946
27/22Monthly financial report1947
27/23Monthly financial report1948
27/24Monthly financial report1949
27/25Monthly financial report1950
27/26Monthly financial report1951
28/1Monthly financial report1952
28/2Monthly financial report1953
28/3Monthly financial report1954
28/4Monthly financial report1955
28/5Monthly financial report1956
28/6Monthly financial report1957
28/7Monthly financial report1958
28/8Monthly financial report1959
28/9Monthly financial report1960
28/10Quarterly financial report1962
28/11Audit reports1939-1940
28/12Audit reports1941-1943
28/13Audit reports1944-1947
28/14Audit reports1948-1951
28/15Audit reports1952-1955
28/16Audit reports1956-1958
28/17Audit reports1959-1960
28/18Audit reports1961-1963
28/19Audit reports1964-1966
28/20National Audit Bureau ; Strong Meredith and Ronneau1949-1964
28/21Labor Organization Financial Reports1960-1961
28/22Bay and River Navigation Company: authorization to deduct dues1959-1962
28/23Finances: special committee information1961
28/24Dues increase: bulletins, ballot1961
28/25Melvin R. Shaver, Patrolman: collections, 19481948
28/27Declaration of Trust and Supplemental Health and Welfare Agreement. Part 11953-1960
28/28Declaration of Trust and Supplemental Health and Welfare Agreement. Part 21953-1960
28/29Administrator's monthly reports1953-1961
28/30State and Federal financial reports1959-1961
29/1Annual audits and financial statements1954-1965
29/2Eligibility list1953-1954
29/3Eligibility list1954-1955
29/4Eligibility list1955-1956
29/5Eligibility list1956-1957
29/6Eligibility list1957-1958
29/7Eligibility list1958-1959
29/8Eligibility list1959-1960
29/9Eligibility list1960-1961
29/10Transmittals for payments made during 1956 strike1956
29/11Pension plan planning and proposals. Part 11955-1960
29/12Pension plan planning and proposals. Part 21955-1960
29/13Trust agreement1960-1962
29/14Insurance company proposals1961
29/15Actuarial reports1960-1965
29/16Annual audits and financial statements1961-1965
29/17Eligibility list1960-1961
29/18Employer contribution checklist1960-1961
29/19-31/1FINANCIAL RECORDS--IBU TREASURER, 1937-19641937-1964
29/19Alaska Division financial reports1960
29/20British Columbia Division financial reports1937-1938
29/21British Columbia Division financial reports1939
29/22Columbia River Division financial reports1937-1938
29/23Columbia River Division financial reports1948-1949
29/24Columbia River Division financial reports1950-1951
29/25Columbia River Division financial reports1952-1953
29/26Columbia River Division financial reports1954-1955
29/27Columbia River Division financial reports1956-1961
29/28Columbia River Division financial reports1962-1964
29/29Columbia River Division: Geraldine Dolan misappropriation of funds1958-1959
29/30Puget Sound Division financial reports1937-1939
29/31Puget Sound Division financial reports1948-1953
29/32Puget Sound Division financial reports1954-1955
29/33Puget Sound Division financial reports1956-1961
29/34Puget Sound Division financial reports1962-1963
30/1San Diego Division financial reports1948-1951
30/2San Diego Division financial reports1952-1953
30/3San Diego Division financial reports1954-1955
30/4San Diego Division financial reports1956-1957
30/5San Diego Division financial reports1958-1960
30/6San Diego Division financial reports1961-1963
30/7San Pedro Division financial reports1938
30/8San Pedro Division financial reports1939
30/9San Pedro Division financial reports1948-1950
30/10San Pedro Division financial reports1951-1953
30/11San Pedro Division financial reports1956-1958
30/12San Pedro Division financial reports1959-1963
31/1IBU Treasurer receipts and disbursements ledger1937-1939
32/1NEWS CLIPPING SCRAPBOOK, 1937-19391937-1939
32/1Scrapbook: news clippings re labor movement and IBU activities in California and Puget Sound; includes typescript of speech concerning Puget Sound ferry strike1937-1939

Accession No. 2044-002
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific records, 1968-1973
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Historical sketch, documents, correspondence, membership applications, ephemera.
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Inlandboatmen's Union via Merle Adlum, May 16, 1974
1/1IBU history1937-1970
1/2IBU Puget Sound Division History1931-1955
1/3"The Organizing Drive on Puget Sound" draft chapter1931-1940
1/4History of monthly hours of and wages officers and crews employed on inland craft operating on Puget Sound and related waters1906-1958
1/5Audit reports1968-1968
1/6Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Puget Sound Division general correspondence1966-1967
1/7Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence1968-1969
1/8Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence1969-1969
1/9Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence1970-1970
1/10Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence1970-1972
1/11Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence1971-1971
1/12Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 11972-1972
1/13Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 21972-1972
1/14Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 31972-1972
1/15Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 11973-1973
1/16Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 21973-1973
1/17Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific general correspondence part 31973-1973
1/18Pacific Mariner copy and correspondence1973-1973
1/19Marked-up copy for publication, including convention proceedings1972-1972
1/20Revised IBU constitution1971-1971
1/21Port of Seattle1971-1971
1/22Washington State public employee pension legislation1972-1972
1/23U. S. Department of Labor communication, utilities and miscellaneous transportation industries wage order: notice for posting1944-1944
1/24Trans-Alaska Pipeline1971-1972
1/25Trans-Alaska Pipeline1972-1972
1/26Trans-Alaska Pipeline1973-1973
1/27Traffic control and nautical safety in ports and their approach ways: Adlum speech draftUndated
2/1Labor agreements1968-1970
2/2Minutes, other copy for publication in Pacific Mariner: Warren Lawless files1971-1971
2/3Inland Boat News1969-1969
2/4Union-industry maritime school1971-1971
2/5Pacific Mariner newsletter fragment1972-1972
2/6National convention agenda and minutes1973-1973
2/7Membership applications A1931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
2/8Membership applications H part 11931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
2/9Membership applications I - J1931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
2/10Membership applications K1931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
2/11Membership applications L part 11931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
2/12Membership applications L part 21931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
3/1Membership applications M part 11931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
3/2Membership applications M part 21931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
3/3Membership applications N1931-1964
General Notes: RESTRICTED.
3/4Membership applications O1931-1964
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3/5Membership applications P - Q1931-1964
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3/6Membership applications R1931-1964
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3/7Membership applications S part 31931-1964
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4/1Membership applications T, U, V1931-1964
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4/2Membership applications W part 2, X, Y, Z1931-1964
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4/3Membership applications A - D1965-1971
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4/4Membership applications E - H1965-1971
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4/5Membership applications I - M1965-1971
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4/6Membership applications N - R1965-1971
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5/1Membership applications S - V1965-1971
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5/2Membership applications W - Z1965-1971
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Accession No. 2044-003
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, circa 1962-1972
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International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots, Local 6 records (Mss Coll 1874)
Scope and Content
Negotiation files, correspondence concerning legislaton, and grievance case file.
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Open to all users.
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Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
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Inlandboatmen's Union
1/1National Labor Bureau: C.J. Simpson1966-1967
1/2Seafarers Union of North America: Paul Hall1966-1966
1/3Financial reports1966-1966
1/4Alaska Fishermen's Union: 12-mile limit1966-1966
1/5Revision of constitution1967-1967
1/6Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific: John M. Fox resignation as president1966-1967
1/7Coastal agreements1963-1966
1/8United States Department of Labor1963-1966
1/9Labor Organization Annual Report: LM-21963-1966
1/10Receipts and disbursements1966-1966
1/11Death benefits1966-1966
1/12Employers' Quarterly Federal Tax Return1941-1955
1/13City of Seattle Harbor Advisory Commission: drafts, reports, news clippings regarding harbor patrol - part 11958-1958
1/14City of Seattle Harbor Advisory Commission: drafts, reports, news clippings regarding harbor patrol - part 21958-1958
1/15City of Seattle Harbor Advisory Commission1959-1960
1/16United Mine Workers District 50: organizing efforts among ferry workers1954-1956
1/17Alaska Labor News1956-1958
1/18Washington State Citizens' Initiative 202: right-to-work1958-1958
1/19International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: correspondence and passes1967-1967
1/20Ken Jabobsen: Saigon payroll claim1967-1967
1/21King County Labor Council: minutes1966-1968
1/22International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots: correspondence1962-1964
1/23Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Puget Sound Division: Merle Adlum correspondence1966-1966
1/24Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific: Delbert P. Huff correspondence1967-1967
1/25San Diego Transportation Company: negotiating materials1961-1962
1/26Puget Sound Oceanography Action Committee1967-1967
1/27United Labor Lobby Legislative Conference1966-1967
1/28United States Coast Guard licencing beef1960-1961
1/29North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc. Community Action Program contract No. 40-9141001970-1970
1/30North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: board meeting minutes1969-1971
1/31North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: Raymond Program director's reports1970-1971
1/32North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: Raymond Program general correspondence1971-1971
1/33North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: Raymond Program letters of commitment (issued)1970-1970
1/34North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: Raymond Program staff1971-1971
1/35North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: Raymond Program letters of support, funding efforts1968-1971
1/36North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: board of directors1970-1970
1/37North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: financial reports1971-1972
1/38North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: publicity1968-1971
1/39North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc. / Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board evaluation report1970-1970
1/40Washington State Public Employees' Retirement System1969-1971
1/41Universal Services. Incorporated1963-1963
1/42Alaska State Ferries: agreements1962-1964
1/43Alaska State Ferries1960-1962
1/44Alaska State Ferries: correspondence Part 11963-1967
1/45Alaska State Ferries: correspondence Part 21963-1967
1/46Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific election1965-1966
1/47Executive Council meeting April 8, 19691969-1969
1/48Maritime Trades Department AFL-CIO. Puget Sound District Council: meeting minutes1965-1971
1/49Alaska State Ferries: discrimination complaints1964-1964
1/50Washington State Labor Council1972-1972
2/1Executive Committee1972-1972
2/2Honorary memberships1955-1971
2/3Seafarers' International Union of North America: audit reports1960-1961
2/5North by Northwest Adventurers, Inc.: articles of incorporation, by-laws and related material1969-1972
2/6Oceanography-related training notes1971-1971
2/7Delbert Huff, President Coastwise Inlandboatmen's Union: financial situation1967-1970
2/8Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific. Office of the President: correspondence1968-1970
2/9Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific. Office of the President: correspondence1966-1966
2/10Headquarters office budget account1968-1969
2/11University of Washington: correspondence1946-1961
2/12Seafarers International Union of North America: convention1967-1967
2/13Seafarers International Union of North America: convention1965-1965
2/14State of Washington Public Employees Collective Bargaining Committee1970-1971
2/15Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific new constitution and special investigating committee - Part 11971-1971
2/16Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific new constitution and special investigating committee - Part 21971-1971
2/17IBU Headquarters Office: U.S. Internal Revenue Service reports and expense accounts1964-1970
2/18IBU Headquarters Office: quarterly financial reports1966-1967
2/19IBU News: Al Leslie1969-1969
2/20Alaska State Ferries: organization of terminal agents1968-1971
2/21Cook Inlet activity1968-1968
2/22Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: draft meeting minutes1966-1966
2/23Washington State highway omnibus bill: Section 681967-1967
2/24Alaska State Ferries: news clippings1968-1968
2/25IBU Executive Council meeting minutes, correspondence1963-1967
2/26State of Alaska minimum manning legislationUndated
2/27Seafarers International Union of North America: convention1969-1969
2/28Seafarers International Union of North America: convention1963-1963
2/29Northwest Marine Retirement Trust: Captain Sam Geer retirement pension1971-1971
2/30Foss Launch & Tug Company: Moorhouse/Templeton situation1968-1968
2/31IBU disaffiliation with CIO, affiliation with Seafarers International Union of North America1947-1948
2/32Alaska State Ferries: jurisdiction1967-1968
2/33National Conference of Inlandboatmen's Unions, SIUNA: correspondence1969-1969
2/34National Conference of Inlandboatmen's Unions1969-1969
2/35Seafarers International Union of North America: correspondence1969-1969
2/36Ketchikan Pulp Mill Company: NLRB case1956-1956
2/37TIDEX summons, restraining order1968-1968
2/38Brazeau grievance1969-1970
2/39Seattle-King County Economic Development Council1974-1974
3/1Proposed amendment to IBU constitution1965-1966
3/2Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific 50th anniversary dinner1968-1968
3/3Dunlap Towing Company1963-1963
3/4George Bodle: correspondence1963-1964
3/5Alaska Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood 46th annual convention1958-1958
3/6Membership correspondence Part 11963-1966
3/7Membership correspondence Part 21963-1966
3/8United Mine Workers: inter-union correspondence1954-1954
3/9Marshall R. McMonagle case1956-1957
3/10Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Coastwise Executive Council minutes1947-1963
3/11Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division: correspondence1955-1961
3/12Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Diego Division: correspondence1955-1960
3/13Clark's Ferry Concessions: 1965 contract negotiations1965-1965
3/14Grace Harrington: union case1952-1952
3/15Raymond C. Rainey: union case1962-1963
3/16Sidney Conover: NLRB case 19-CB-3261954-1954
3/17Wallace Marlin Ireland: NLRB case 19-CB-4631957-1959
3/18Edward V. Cleek: NLRB case 19-CB-3691955-1955
3/19Byrnlee Reese: NLRB case 19-CB-3531955-1955
3/20Ruth Vincent: union case1954-1954
3/21Disciplinary cases: correspondence1955-1956
3/22Membership roster1968-1968
3/23Audit reports1964-1973
3/24Henry L. Smith dismissal case1968-1970
3/25Alaska Freight Lines / IBU debt payment agreement1964-1964
3/26Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division: finances1971-1972
3/27Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Puget Sound Division: financial reports to executive committee1965-1968
3/28Trial committee records, 1965 election, Merle Adlum vs Delbert Huff1965-1966
3/29Seafarers International Union of North America: financial reports1966-1969
3/30Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific Columbia River Division: financial reports1967-1967
3/31Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Pedro Division: financial statements1966-1968
3/32Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Diego Division: financial statements1966-1968
3/33Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific San Francisco Division: financial statements1966-1968

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Personal Names:
Adlum, Merle Daniel, 1919-1986, creator.
Barr, Rodney E.
Fox, John M., 1902-1978, creator.
Johnson, William F., creator.
Liddle, Don, creator.
Miner, Larry, creator.
Alaska Native Brotherhood.
Alaska. Marine Transportation Division. Southeast Ferry System.
Committee for Maritime Unity.
Inland Waters Welfare Trust, creator.
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific--Archives.
Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific. Puget Sound Division--Archives.
International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots. Local 6.
Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast.
Masters, Mates and Pilots of America.
Northwest Marine Retirement Trust, creator.
Puget Sound Freight Lines.
Puget Sound Navigation Company.
Sailors International Union of North America.
Seafarers' International Union of North America, creator.
Seattle-King County Economic Development Council.
United Mine Workers of America. District 50, creator.
Inlandboatman of the Pacific (newspaper)
Pacific Mariner.
Labor History
Labor Unions
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Ships and Shipping
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