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Pre-congressional papers, 1930-1940 (Bulk: 1939-1940) (Accession No. 3560-001)

House papers, 1940-1952 (Accession No. 3560-002)

Senate papers, 1952-1963 (Accession No. 3560-003)

Senate papers, 1964-1972 (Accession No. 3560-004)

Senate papers, 1965-1983 (Bulk: 1973-1983) (Accession No. 3560-005)

Foreign policy and defense papers, 1941-1983 (Bulk: 1954-1983) (Accession No. 3560-006)

Voting records, 1941-1983 (Accession No. 3560-007)

House case files, 1941-1952 (Accession No. 3560-008)

Interview transcript from the Lyndon B. JohnsonLibrary, 1978 (Accession No. 3560-010)

Campaign papers, 1952-1982 (Accession No. 3560-012)

Henry M. Jackson certificates, awards andartifacts, 1912-1983 (Bulk: 1960-1983) (Accession No. 3560-013)

Senate case files, 1980-1983 (Accession No. 3560-014)

Campaign ephemera, 1940-1982 (Accession No. 3560-016)

Microfilm of outgoing letters, 1973-1981 (Accession No. 3560-019)

Scrapbooks on microfilm, 1944-1951 (Accession No. 3560-020)

Correspondence, 1941-1983 (Accession No. 3560-021)

Book:Memorial Addresses Delivered in theCongress, 1983 (Accession No. 3560-024)

Foreign policy and defense papers, 1955-1983 (Accession No. 3560-028)

Committee prints and Jackson-Vanik "BlackBook", 1940-1983 (Accession No. 3560-029)

Richard S. Page papers on Domestic Policy, 1971-1972 (Accession No. 3560-030)

Henry M. Jacksonphotographic and graphic materials , 1918-1983 (Accession No. 3560-031)

Henry M. Jackson moving images collection, 1956-1987 (Bulk: 1956-1976) (Accession No. 3560-032)

Henry M. Jackson sound recordings, 1944-1982 (Bulk: ca. 1967-1982) (Accession No. 3560-033)

Political Cartoons, 1940-1982 (Accession No. 3560-034)

Subject Terms

Guide to the Henry M. Jackson Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 3560
Creator: Jackson, Henry M. (Henry Martin), 1912-1983
Title: Henry M. Jackson papers
Date Span: 1912-1987
Quantity: approximately 1,240 cubic feet
Henry M. Jackson. Special Collections, UW Libraries, UW3045

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through grants awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

Biographical Note

Early years: Henry Martin Jackson was born in Everett, Washington, in 1912, the son of Norwegian immigrants. His sister gave him hislife-long nickname "Scoop" after a comic strip character in the local newspaperhe delivered as a boy. He briefly attended Stanford University beforegraduating from the University of Washington, where he earned his bachelor oflaws degree in 1935. After passing the bar examination, he entered privatepractice in Everett. Jackson won his first elective office at the age of 26,when he was chosen Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney in 1938. Two yearslater, in 1940, he ran successfully for the Second District congressional seatvacated when Representative Mon Wallgren ran for the U.S. Senate.

House years: Jackson served 12 years as a congressman, concentrating primarily on issues of interestto the Pacific Northwest. To serve the interests of his district, he sought andwon a seat on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Public powerdevelopment was among his legislative priorities. Jackson supported a plan byNorthwest legislators to establish the Columbia Valley Authority, a system ofpublicly financed hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River run by an agencysimilar to the Tennessee Valley Authority, and later used his seat on theInterior Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee to secure federal fundingfor regional power and public works projects. Jackson became interested in thepotential military and civilian uses of atomic energy and was appointed to theJoint Atomic Energy Committee in 1949.

Jackson's tenure in the House was briefly interrupted by service in the U.S. Army. He enlisted in 1943, but was recalled by President Roosevelt to congressional service after basic training.

Senate years: In 1952, Jackson defeated the Republican incumbent, Harry P. Cain, to win a seat in the U.S.Senate. Jackson's role on the Joint Atomic Energy Committee and his proposalfor an atomic plant at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation to power industrialdevelopment in the Tri-Cities area were critical in countering charges fromMcCarthyites that he was soft on communism.

Jackson was assigned to the Government Operations Committee's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, a position which quickly put him at the center of the un-American activities controversies and in the national spotlight. He won recognition for his questioning during the televised Army-McCarthy hearings in the spring of 1954, in which he came across as fair and evenhanded. Jackson remained a member of the PSI the rest of his Senate tenure and chaired the Subcommittee from 1973 to 1978.

Foreign policy: Following the Army-McCarthy hearings, Jackson turned hisattentions from internal security matters to the defense and foreign policyissues with which he would become so strongly identified. In the summer of1954, Jackson was named to the Senate Armed Services Committee, and in 1955 hewon reappointment to the Joint Atomic Energy Committee. In 1959, Jacksonassumed chairmanship of the Government Operations Committee's newly formedSubcommittee on National Policy Machinery, which studied how the government'sCold War strategy was made and executed.

Jackson came to be known as an unceasing advocate of a strong national defense. A stern adversary of the Soviet Union, he cast a critical eye on arms limitation agreements. His support became a key factor in the adoption of any agreement. The Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 and the interim agreement that resulted from the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I) of 1972 were adopted only after the Senate agreed to Jackson-sponsored amendments. As chairman of the Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Arms Control, he carefully monitored negotiations for a SALT II treaty, which were conducted between 1972 and 1979, and strongly criticized the resulting document.

Jackson was an early advocate of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. As the conflict in Vietnam dragged on, his continued support of Johnson and Nixon Administration policies found him increasingly in conflict with the Democratic Party and public opinion. Jackson voted against President Ford's request for aid for the crumbling South Vietnamese government in 1975, but remained convinced that the decision to become involved in Vietnam was fundamentally correct.

Jackson was an ardent supporter of Israel and championed the cause of human rights, most notably for Soviet Jews anddissidents. In 1972, Jackson introduced an amendment to the Trade Reform Actwhich sought to withhold investment credit and Most Favored Nation trade statusfrom countries which denied their citizens the right to emigrate. Theprovision, later known as the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, became law in 1974.Jackson also frequently intervened on behalf of individuals trying to emigrateto the U.S.

As early as 1966, Jackson spoke of the importance of working out "a livable relationship with the Chinese Communists," and he was instrumental in helping move the U.S. towards recognition of the People's Republic of China. As Jackson became a specialist on China, he played a significant behind-the-scenes role in influencing U.S. leaders and policy toward China.

Domestic policy: Jackson often found himself at odds with theDemocratic Party on defense issues, yet on domestic issues he remained aquintessential New Dealer, firm in his belief that an active Federal governmentcould improve the lives of ordinary citizens. He supported such initiatives asthe GI Bill, Medicare, and Medicaid. Jackson worked to ensure that his ownconstituents would benefit directly from federal spending and programs. Jacksonand his colleague, Warren G. Magnuson, were able to use their committeepositions and accumulated seniority to direct federal money and programs toWashington State.

As a member and later Chairman (1963-1980) of the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, Jackson played a key role in federal lands policy. He shepherded through the Senate the Wilderness Areas Act of 1964, which established a system for designating wilderness areas on public lands. He brokered the legislative compromises that led to the creation of the North Cascades National Park in 1968 and the passage of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act in 1980. He was also the author the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the cornerstone of American environmental law.

Jackson's chairmanship of the committee, which was renamed the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in 1977, also allowed him to influence energy matters. He was a proponent of the construction of a dual-purpose nuclear reactor at Hanford. Jackson played a key role in crafting the nation's response to the oil embargo imposed by the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 1973 and in the passage of the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Act of 1980.

The candidate: From his first election to political office, Jackson acquired a reputation as a tenacious campaigner andformidable political adversary. He handily defeated a succession of Republicanopponents. The only exception was his narrow re-election victory in the 1946Republican landslide. In 1970, he turned back his only serious primarychallenge from Spokane lawyer Carl Maxey.

Jackson first emerged as a national candidate in 1960 as a contender for the vice presidential nomination. Presidential nominee John F. Kennedy, however, chose Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate, and Jackson was asked to head the Democratic National Committee. In the early 1970s an informal poll of his Senate colleagues ranked him best qualified to be President, yet Jackson was unsuccessful in his 1972 and 1976 bids for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Final years: The 1980 elections gave the Republican Party control of the Senate and Jackson lost his committee chairmanship. He nevertheless retained great influence as ranking member of the Armed Services, Government Affairs, and Energy and Natural Resources Committees.

Henry M. Jackson died suddenly of a heart attack on September 1, 1983. At the time of his death he held the record for longest service in Congress.

Scope and Content

The numerous accessions that make up the Henry M. Jackson papers measure approximately 1,235 cubic feet. They date from 1912 to 1987, with the bulk of the material from the period 1940-1983, Jackson's years in Congress. The papers document Jackson's career as a small-town attorney, member of Congress, United States senator, and presidential candidate. Accessions 3560-1 through 3560-20 represent the original body of papers donated to the University of Washington Libraries shortly after the Senator's death. The papers were divided into separate accessions by date and material type to facilitate processing as well as early access by researchers. Accessions 21 through 30 contain materials that were added subsequently. Accessions 31 through 34 were created in 2007 when audio, moving image, and photographic and graphic materials in the collection were reprocessed and relisted.

Terms of Access

The Jackson papers are open to all researchers with the following exceptions:

The case files in accessions 3560-1 (pre-congressional papers), 3560-6 (FPD papers), 3560-8 (House case files) and 3560-14 (Senate case files) as well as any individual case files in other accessions are restricted to use by graduate students, university faculty members, and others doing similar serious research. These users must sign a statement indicating an understanding of the restrictions on the dissemination of information contained in these files. These conditions also apply to the microfilm of outgoing letters in accession 3560-19, which includes correspondence from constituent case files.

The Joel Merkel subgroup in box 330 of accession 3560-5 (Senate papers) is closed until an undetermined date before 2011.

Terms of Use

Literary rights to the Jackson papers have been transferred to the University of Washington. However, copyright restrictions apply to incoming letters and may apply to many of the photographs, moving image materials, sound recordings, and political cartoons. Researchers are advised to consult with the staff of the Special Collections Division, University of Washington Libraries for further information.

Acquisition Info

The main body of Jackson's papers was donated to the University of Washington Libraries by his widow, Mrs. Helen Jackson, after his death in 1983, with a small quantity of additional materials from his home in Everett donated in 1985. This part of the collection makes up accessions 3560-1 through 3560-20.

The Libraries subsequently acquired additional materials between 1991 and 1995 from the Jackson family and other sources, including former campaign aide Richard S. Page and Laszlo Pal. These materials, which include papers that became separated from the rest of Jackson's papers when his office was closed, make up accessions 3560-21 through 3560-30.

Accessions 31 through 34 were created in 2007 when audio, moving image, and photographic and graphic materials in the collection were reprocessed and relisted.

Processing Info

The main body of Jackson's papers was processed between the summer of 1984 and June of 1987 contemporaneously with the papers of Jackson's colleague, Warren G. Magnuson. Funding for what was known as the Congressional Papers Project was provided by a special grant from the Washington State Legislature. The papers were divided into separate accessions by date and material type to facilitate processing and early access by researchers. Accessions 3560-21 through 3560-30 were processed as they were acquired. Accession 3560-28 is a merger of accessions 3560-22, 3560-25 and 3560-27. Accession 3560-032 is a merger of accessions 3560-009 and 3560-018. Accession 3560-033 is a merger of accessions 3560-015, 3560-027, 3560-023, and 3560-024.

While all the constituent case files from Jackson's House years were retained, all but a representative sampling (10%) of the case files from the last four years of Jackson's Senate career (1980-1983) were discarded during processing. Representative case files from Jackson's Senate years up to 1980 were retained in the papers of Warren G. Magnuson, accession 3181-10. Magnuson served in the Senate from 1945 to 1980.

From the large volume of legislative correspondence in accessions 3560-4 and 3560-5, only a representative number of letters regarding each bill or issue was kept. If the original volume of letters was 3 inches or less, all was kept; 3-6 inches, 50%; more than 6 inches, 20%. The folders which were sampled are identified on the inventory and by a slip of paper in the file which indicates how much of the material was retained. In addition, only 50% of the letters of condolence received by Jackson's family after his death was retained.

For additional information about processing of a specific accession, consult the processing notes for that accession.

Separated Material

Books not previously held by the University of Washington Libraries were transferred to the main book collection. Duplicates were offered to the University's Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Government documents were offered to the Government Publications Division of the Libraries.

Related Material

Records of the House and Senate committees on which Jackson sat are held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Records of the House of Representatives, RG 233, are open to research after 30 years unless otherwise restricted by statute or executive order from public disclosure. However, investigative records containing personal data, administrative records relating to personnel, and records from hearings that are closed are restricted for a period of 50 years. Access to certain committee records may be subject to an order of the committee. Records less than 30 years old that were made public before being transferred to the Libraries are considered open. (See House Rule VII).


Accession No. 3560-001
Pre-congressional papers, 1930-1940 (Bulk: 1939-1940)
1.05 cubic feet
Terms of Access
Access to the case files and legal documents is restricted.Contact repository for more information.
Scope and Content
The pre-congressional papers of Henry M. Jackson date primarilyfrom his time as Snohomish County's prosecuting attorney. However, aside fromsome campaign ephemera and a small amount of personal papers, this accessionincludes only materials generated by the private law practice he maintainedwhile he was the prosecuting attorney. The materials consist largely of generalcorrespondence and case files. His correspondence touches on many of the localpolitical issues of the day, including his unsuccessful bid to be namedSnohomish County Superior Court Judge and his decision to run for Congress in1940. The case files consist of seven folders of correspondence relating to avariety of cases. They reveal a small, post-Depression law practice with theusual assortment of wills, deeds, contracts, and collection disputes.
General Correspondence
1/1Adair, Chester C. (Island County Prosecuting Attorney) 1939
1/1Benson, Naomi1939
1/1Bischofberger, Pauline1940
1/1Boe, Ivar1940
1/1Black, Lloyd1939
1/1Brown, Geneva1940
1/1Cochran, Ralph C.1939
1/1Deane, Armond1940
1/1Democratic Party. Snohomish County Young Democratic Club1940
1/1Dill, Clarence C.1940
1/1Dootson, Jack1939
1/1Dressel, Hugh A. (Pend Oreille County Prosecuting Attorney)1939
1/1Edwards, A. C.1939
1/1Elliott, E. N. Rhodes1940
1/1Everett Community Fund1940
1/1Flowers, Ethel M.undated
1/1Frederickson, Earl1939
1/1Glad, Peter1939
1/2Hanson, Charles1939-1940
1/2Henry, Edward E.1940
1/2Heslop, Fred J.1936-1940
1/2Humphrey, Robert M.1939-1940
1/2Pemberton, Joseph T.1939
1/3Scheldt, Ray1939
1/3Shorett, George1939
1/3Smythe, Ralph (Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney) 1940
1/3Troy, Smith (Washington Attorney General)1940
1/3Warnock, Phil G.1939
1/4Letters of Recommendation1939-1940
1/6Campaign Materials -- Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney1938
Subject Series
1/7East Pacific Highway Proposal1937
2/1-6Case Files 1939-1940
Arrangement: Correspondence is in chronological order.
Terms of Access: Restricted; contact repository for more information.
2/7Legal Documents
Terms of Access: Restricted; contact repository for more information.
Black and Rucker, Attorney at Law
3/1Partnership Agreement1936
3/2-7Financial Records1936-1940
3/8Appointment Book
Jackson, Henry M. Personal Papers
3/9Diploma - University of Washington1935
3/10Roster - Free and Accepted Masons. Lodge 137 1940
3/11Everett High School Annual1930

Accession No. 3560-002
House papers, 1940-1952
circa 66 cubic feet
Scope and Content
This accession documents Jackson's six terms in the U.S. House ofRepresentatives. Arrangement of the papers follows that established byJackson's staff and used throughout Jackson's congressional career. The filingcategories include General (personal) Correspondence, DepartmentalCorrespondence, Legislative Correspondence, Legislation-HMJ Sponsored Bills,Campaign Materials, Speeches and Writings, Lists, News Releases, Publications,Clippings, Scrapbooks, Subject Series, and Appointment Books.
General Correspondence consists of the Jackson's correspondencewith friends and associates on a variety of personal and political topics. Theyare arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Some write on issues of nationalor regional importance, such as Edward Allen on fisheries, Oliver Colvin onmerchant marine development, Frank Killien on commodity controls andallocations, Charles Gable on Everett housing problems, and General Mark Clarkthe 5th Army's Rapido River attack during World War II. Other correspondents,such as Nick Bez, Addis Gutmann, Harry Henson and Rogan Jones, touch on avariety of state political issues. Jackson had a network of correspondentsfeeding him information on political activities in his district. Thesecorrespondents included Frank and Leslie Cooper (Snohomish_ County), OrlandIverson (Whatcom County), Axel Nelson (Skagit County), Joseph Pemberton(Bellingham) and Phil Sheridan (Everett).
The Departmental Correspondence includes letters with variousfederal agencies, as well as constituent information and assistance requestsbucked to agencies. They are arranged alphabetically by department or agency.The correspondence reflects a typical range of wartime and postwar problems:commodity shortages and rationing, demobilization, price controls, surplusmilitary property disposition, etc. These files include documentation onJackson's work to help secure funding for federal projects and facilities inthe state, including military bases, Everett shipyards, Columbia Basin dam andirrigation projects, Puget Sound river and harbor improvement projects, andOlympic National Park. There are additional files on state projects among theHouse Rivers and Harbors Committee and the House Flood Control Committeerecords. These topics are also documented in the Subject Series.
The Correspondence with legislative colleagues (filed under "U.S.House" and "U.S. Senate") consists mainly of routine thank yous and birthdaygreetings, but a few letters do touch on the political maneuvering in Congress.The voluminous correspondence with John Salter, his aide, describesCongressional activities, particularly during the time Jackson was in the Armyin 1942-43.
The Legislative Correspondence consists of letters between Jacksonand his constituents on the legislative issues of the day, including education(Borden Bill), housing, Japanese relocation camps, public power, universalmilitary training and un-American activities. Jackson's support of organizedlabor is reflected in a number of files, including those on the Taft-HartleyAct, the Fair Labor Standards Act and assorted other labor and anti-laborbills. His views on many of these legislative topics are further developed inhis Speeches and Writings, which also often contain collected backgroundmaterial on a given topic.
Legislative materials can be found throughout several seriesbesides the Legislative Correspondence series. In fact, materials in theLegislative Correspondence series overlaps topically with material in theLegislation-HMJ Sponsored Bills series, in which Jackson's own legislativeprogram is most evident. Papers related to the drafting and passage oflegislation can be found in the Subject Series, Speeches and Writings, and NewsReleases. These series contain notes, speech drafts, press releases, staffmemoranda and additional correspondence. Legislative materials can also befound in the files of the various committees on which Jackson sat.
Jackson's own legislative program is most evident in the SponsoredBills series and in the committee files. He worker) on a number of regionallysignificant issues. Public power development was one of Jackson's priorities.In 1946 and 1949 he co-sponsored bills to establish a Columbia ValleyAuthority. And although he, Hugh B. Mitchell, Warren G. Magnuson and otherNorthwest Legislators pushed this issue for several years, the CVA was neverestablished. Additional material on the CVA is in the Departmental andLegislative Correspondence and in the Subject Series, as well as in theMitchell (acc. no. 927) and Magnuson (acc. no. 3181-3) papers. Jackson alsodealt with public power issues as a member (after 1947) of the HouseAppropriations Committee Interior Subcommittee. In his campaign literature hetouted the fact that he was the only Western States member of thissubcommittee. .
Jackson represented Washington State natural resources interestsas a member of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee and various ofits subcommittees, where he worked on a variety of fishing and shippingproblems. This committee was Jackson's first choice for assignment when heentered the House.
Jackson's growing interest in atomic energy issues is documentedin the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy sub-series. In 1948 Jackson was namedto the Congressional Joint Atomic Energy Committee, an assignment he kept evenafter his election as Senator in 1952. Although this committee assignmentpresages Jackson's later interest in national security and nuclear weaponry, atthis time he was most interested in the development of the Atomic EnergyCommission's Hanford Site. While much of the material is related toadministrative issues at the Hanford site, the sub-series also containsmaterials outlining Jackson's early views on the role of nuclear arms in thenation's defense policy.
Native American affairs were a particular concern from 1944 to1947 when Jackson served as a member of the House Indian Affairs Committee andco-sponsored the Indian Claims Commission Bill. The Commission was establishedin 1946, providing Native Americans with a means to seek redress for treatyviolations. There was a five year limit on filing claims and a ten year limiton the life of the commission. Prior to the establishment of the commission,Native American had been barred from the federal courts, pursuant to an 1863law.
The Scrapbooks were assembled by Jackson's staff and includemostly clippings on topics of interest. The contents were removed from theiroriginal notebooks, then foldered, labeled, and arranged chronologically andthen alphabetically by subject within each year. Microfilm copies of thescrapbooks from this accession are found in accession 3560-20.
This accession reveals a young, progressive congressman focusedprimarily on issues of local and regional interest. The General Correspondenceincludes letters from Jackson's network of political allies keeping him abreastof developments around the state. Correspondence with his aide, John L. Salter,provides a rich description of congressional activities, particularly duringthe time Jackson was in the army in 1943-1944.
The Campaign Material series contains materials related toJackson's congressional re-election campaigns in 1942, 1944, 1946, 1948, and1950. The materials include correspondence, speeches and writings, newsreleases, clippings, and financial records and are arranged chronologically bycampaign.
Terms of Access
Open to all users; however, researchers who use DepartmentalCorrespondence (boxes 8-26) must sign a release form agreeing not to divulgethe identity of any individual named in a case file.
Terms of Access
Users must use microfilm copies of scrapbooks instead oforiginals.
Digital Content/Other Formats
Microfilm of the scrapbooks is available. Accession No. 3560-020,Microfilm Drawer 19.
Processing Info
Constituent case files from this period were separated and arefound in accession 3560-008.
The original filing categories of the papers have been maintainedor reconstructed wherever possible. These papers include three basiccorrespondence series -- General, Departmental and Legislative -- four sets ofsubject files -- Jackson Sponsored Bills, Campaign Materials, Speeches andWritings and Subject Series -- and several sets of committee files. The papersof John Salter, Jackson's aide, make up the final subgroup of the accession. Inthe late 1970s one of Jackson's aides had attempted to put the materials fromthis period in some order. Unfortunately he mixed much of the Legislative andDepartmental correspondence together, creating artificial subject groupings. Wehave reconstructed the original filing order, based on notations on thematerials themselves.
Duplicates and non-essential materials have been discarded orreturned to the Jackson family. The latter include tear sheets from The Congressional Record, unannotated publishedmaterial, personal financial receipts and documents such as insurancepolicies.
General Correspondence
1/1Achenbach, Gerry1940-1943
1/2Adair, Chester C.1942-1950
1/3Adams, William C.1949
1/4Adkins, Clifford1941-1951
1/5Aldwell, Thomas T.1941-1951
1/6Alhadeff, Jack J.1941
1/7-8Allen, Edward J.1941-1952
1/9Allen, Ellen W.1943-1947
1/10Allyn, Harry J.1942-1949
1/11Ambler, John1943-1945
1/12Anderson, Anders1941-1949
1/13Anderson, Arthur B.1944-1950
1/14Anderson, C. E.1949-1951
1/15Anderson, Clinton P.1945
1/16Arend, Walter A.1941-1948
1/17Arms, P. C.1947-1950
1/18Armstrong, Orena1941-1947
1/19Astrup, Einar1948
1/20Atwood, Richard C.1941-1945
1/21Aymar, William M.1942-1946
1/24Backstrom, Henry1941-1950
1/25Bailey, Philip W.1950-1951
1/26Baillargeon, Cebert1943-1949
1/27Baker, Archie1945-1948
1/28Baker, Frank1941
1/29Ballew, Jack A.1941-1950
1/30Bargreen, Howard1945-1951
1/31Bartley, Bruce1942-1950
1/32Baugh, Virgil E.1944-1949
1/33Baumgardner, Elsie1942-1950
1/34Bay, C. B.1941-1944
1/35Bayley, Frank S.1949-1951
1/36Beach, Robert W.1941-1952
1/37Beals, Walter B.1943
1/38Beardsley, Arthur S.1941-1946
1/39Beeks, William T.1947-1952
1/40Beernink, Harry J.1944-1951
1/41Benjamin, Earl W.1943
1/42Bennett, Charles A.1941-1949
1/43Benson, Naomi A.1941-1947
1/44Berg, Bert M.1943-1948
1/45Bergeron, Rene E.1941-1949
1/46Bernhoft, George K.1943-1945
1/47Best, Robert D.1941-1951
1/48Bez, Nick1943-1950
1/49Billingsley, Kirby1943-1951
1/50Black, David S.1949-1951
1/52Bland, S. O.1942-1944
1/53Boardman, Phil (see also: Company B)1942-1947
1/54Boe, Ivar Lars1941-1948
1/55Boettcher, W. F.1944-1950
1/56Boettner, James J.1943-1950
1/57Boettner, Julius F.1941-1944
1/58Bolinger, J. R.1943-1949
1/59Bone, Homer T.1941-1946
1/60Boney, Mentor1942-1947
1/61Booth, Norman G.1943-1946
1/62Boren, Arthur C.1945-1949
1/63Bowden, Richard W.1941
1/64Bowen, John C.1941-1950
1/65Boyd, Peter J.1946-1952
1/66Boyer, Stanley A.1941-1945
1/67Bradley, E. J.1945-1950
1/68Brown, C. S.1944-1948
1/69Brown, Henry M.1943-1950
1/70Brown, Mary1941-1951
1/71Brown, Vaughan1941-1952
1/72Bullitt, Stimson1946-1947
1/73Burdick, Alice E.1942-1945
1/74Butler, J. E.1943-1945
1/80Callison, I. P.1949-1950
1/81Calvert, Laurence1943-1944
1/82Calvert, Starr1943-1946
1/83Cameron, Val1946-1950
1/84Carlson, Bror G.1942-1949
1/85Carlson, Mildred J. and Glen E.1941-1950
1/86Carpenter, Clifford1941-1949
1/87Carraher, Mort1943
1/88Carroll, Harry B.1949-1950
1/89Carter, Orrie O.1945-1949
1/90Chace, Aurelia Ferris1941-1942
1/91Chambers, Mary Susan1941-1947
1/92Clarke, Don1942-1948
2/1Clark, Mark W.1942-1952
2/2Clise, J. W.1942-1950
2/3Cochran, Neil and Ralph1941-1946
2/4Coe, Earl1948-1952
2/5Coleman, Clarence J.1941-1952
2/6Coles, Marvin1944-1946
2/7Collier, Sidney M.1941-1951
2/8Colvin, Oliver D.1942-1952
2/9-12Company B (HMJ's army unit)1940-1952
2/13Connelly, Matthew J. (Secretary to President) 1945-1949
2/14Cook, George S.1941-1943
2/15Cook, Terry H.1941-1942
2/16-17Cooper, Frank and Leslie1941-1951
2/18Coughlin, Paul1949-1951
2/19Crawford, Harriet Ann1947
2/20Cremer, Stewart1944-1947
2/21Cronkite Family1941-1946
2/22Cross, Howard1941-1946
2/23Council, Mary Lee1948-1951
2/24Currie, Don1947-1948
2/29Dalstead, Gus1942-1946
2/30Davies, William D.1942-1951
2/31Deane, Charles J.1941
2/32Deane, Clarence S.1941-1943
2/33Deebach, Walter1941-1946
2/34Delaney, Tom1940-1949
2/35Dellwo, Robert1951
2/36Denney, Charles R.1941-1949
2/37Dennis, A. T.1941-1947
2/38Dillon, Robert1941-1952
3/1Doeg Family1942-1944
3/2Dolan, Clarence1942-1949
3/3Donovan, Daniel1943-1946
3/4Donovan, Mary and Mike1941-1944
3/5Dootson Family1941-1951
3/6Dowdle, James1941-1943
3/7Downie, Frank1941-1945
3/8Drews, Arnold H.1942-1948
3/9Durham, Tom A.1941-1942
3/10Duryee, Dan1941-1949
3/11Duryee, Marjorie A.1943-1951
3/15Eberhardt, John1946-1947
3/16Eberhardt, Sylvia1941-1942
3/17Edwards, A. E.1942-1946
3/18Eliot, Thomas H.1941-1952
3/19Ellis, Harry C.1942-1943
3/20Enright, G. L.1943-1944
3/21Eubank, Carl C.1944-1945
3/22Evans, Frank S.1942-1945
3/23Evans, June1945-1947
3/25Faller, George F.1944-1945
3/26Fellows, Fred1942
3/27Fletcher, Helen and Walter1942-1949
3/28Forman, William1942-1951
3/29Forsgren, Richard1941-1949
3/30Foss Family1942-1949
3/31Fowler, George W.1943-1949
3/32Fox, Albert1941-1945
3/33Freeman, Kemper1943-1944
3/34Freeman, Miller1943-1945
3/35Freeman, William B.1943-1944
3/36Friedman, Samuel1944-1950
3/39-40Gable, Charles1941-1952
3/41Gagnon, Dan1941-1944
3/42Gannonn, G. W.1941-1951
3/43Garrison, Tillman1949
3/44Genesle, Elmon A.1942-1946
3/45Ghormley, Ralph (see also: Jackson Family) 1942-1949
3/46Gibson, Ed1942-1950
3/47Ginnett, Robert W.1949-1950
3/48Glassberg, A. M.1941-1950
3/49Godbold, Norman1946-1952
3/50Goenen, John C.1942-1950
3/51Goodin, Paul1950-1952
3/52Grant, Harry1941-1950
3/53Green, Jack A.1941-1950
3/54Greenebaum, Adah1948-1951
3/55Grenbemer, George J.1944-1950
3/56Griffiths, Thomas E.1945-1946
3/57Grimison, Anna1945
3/58Gritten, Leslie A.1941-1950
3/59Gutmann, Addis1942-1952
3/62Haas, Saul1945-1952
3/63Hack, Maurice1941-1951
3/64Haggard, Fred E.1944-1945
3/65Haggard, W. W.1942-1943
3/66Hall, Charles C.1943-1949
3/67Hanbloom, H. G.1943-1946
3/68Hansen, Carl E.1945-1951
3/69Hansen, Einar1948-1949
3/70Hansen, Paul H.1947-1949
3/71Hanson, Charles F.1941
3/72Harmon, Craig A.1949-1951
3/73Harnett, Arthur L.1947-1948
3/74Hartz, David M.1941-1947
3/75Hays, Tully H.1941-1946
3/76Heede, Burger M.1944-1945
3/77Hennesey, Ed P.1941-1950
3/78Henry, Edward E.1941-1950
3/79-80Henson, Harry1941-1951
3/81Hinman, Grover W.1942-1945
3/82Hislop, Fred J.1941-1948
3/83Hite, Gaynel M.1944-1946
3/84Hite, James C.1942-1946
3/85Hoeck, Jerry1949-1951
3/86Hogan, Vincent P.1941-1950
3/87Houston, Roy1949-1950
3/88Howard, Arthur H.1941-1944
3/89Hughes, Vic A.1944
4/1Humphrey, Robert M.1941-1949
4/2Hunter, James P.1941-1946
4/3Hunter, Mazie1941
4/4Hurley, John R.1942-1950
4/9-11Ivarson, Orland1941-1952
4/13Jackson Family (incl. correspondence with parents) 1941-1951
4/14Jackson, Frank C.1941-1943
4/15Jacobsen, Eldon W.1949-1951
4/16James, Frank W.1941-1949
4/17Janssen, George1941-1945
4/18Jenkins, Warren M.1942-1947
4/19Jensen, Odin1941-1949
4/20Jesdahl, Carl1941-1945
4/21Jewitt, Ned A.1942
4/22Jewitt, Vernon C.1943-1951
4/23Johnson, Clarence W.1941-1943
4/24Johnson, E. Fred1946
4/25Johnson, Knute1941-1946
4/26Johnson, Lester J.1946-1952
4/27Johnnson, William A.1945
4/28Johnston, Joseph H.1941-1950
4/29Jones, Blanche1944-1948
4/30Jones, Rogan1941-1952
4/33Kamb, Boynton1941-1951
4/34Karo, Arnold1941-1949
4/35Karr, David1942-1944
4/36Kefauver, Estes1945-1954
4/37Keith, Lyle1949-1951
4/38Kelley, Lester1941
4/39Kendall, Clyde A.1943-1949
4/40Kenton, Frank1948-1950
4/41Killien, Frank1942-1952
4/42King, John L.1949-1952
4/43Knisely, J. Dan1948-1950
4/44Knudson, Herbert C.1942-1948
4/45[number skipped]1949
4/46Knutzen, William J.1946-1952
4/47Koffski, Sidney A.1941-1951
4/48Kongsgaard, Thomas P.1942-1949
4/49Kron, C. E.1946
4/50Kuehn, Fred E. H.1942-1951
4/53Laing, G. W.1945
4/54Lambert, Alice E.1945-1949
4/55Lamont, Daniel E.1948-1951
4/56Lane, George1941-1949
4/57Larrahee, Charles F.1941-1945
4/58Larsen, Louis1942-1951
4/59Lawrence, Emerson1941-1949
4/60Leavy, Charles H.1941-1952
4/61Lecocq, G. M.1941-1943
4/62Leeper, Lon P.1943-1951
4/63Leishman, A. A.1942-1949
4/64Lembke, Louie J.1941-1950
4/65Leth, Tage1947-1949
4/66Lilienthal, David E.1949-1951
4/67Lindow, Sigrid E.1944-1946
4/68Little, T. H.1941-1952
4/69Low, Madeleine M.1949-1952
4/70Low, Robert A.1948-1950
4/71Lowell, Elias1941-1947
4/72Lynn, David1942-1950
5/1McCauley, John P.1950-1951
5/2McComb, Mary1941-1952
5/3McDonald, James D.1941-1949
5/4McDowell, Mary1941-1943
5/5McGlinn, John P. and Betty1941-1949
5/6McIntyre, S. S.1942-1949
5/7McLean, W. A. and Alan A.1946-1948
5/8McMillin, C. K.1941-1945
5/9McNamara, James J.1949
5/10Mackey, Earle1947-1950
5/11Mackey, Robert and Ruby1941-1947
5/12Maher, William1947-1949
5/13Manus, Samuel1941-1951
5/14Mardesich, Tony P.1947-1951
5/15Marsh, C. L.1941-1943
5/16Marsh, Robert E.1943-1950
5/17Martin, Andrew1945-1951
5/18Martin, Harry J.1942-1952
5/19Martin, Ward A.1950
5/20Maher, Muriel1941-1951
5/21Maxwell, C. E.1943
5/22Meisnest, Kenneth1945-1951
5/23Mejleander, George O.1942-1948
5/24Mitchell, Billy Jr.1947-1951
5/25Mitchell, Hugh B.1945-1949
5/26Mize, R. W.1944-1949
5/27Moore, Charles L.1950-1951
5/28Moore, Margaret and Leonard1941-1951
5/29Moore, Milo1948-1949
5/30Moore, Tom1949-1951
5/31Moulton, Harold G.1941-1946
5/32Mund, Vernon A.1946-1951
5/33Munro, Ed1949-1950
5/34Mullaney, Bernard1941-1947
5/39National Reclamation Association1949
5/40Neilan, Paul1942-1943
5/41Nelson, Axel1941-1951
5/42Nelson, Chester L.1943-1952
5/43Nerland, C. A.1942-1952
5/44Neuberger, Richard L.1941-1952
5/45Newman, Lee L.1941-1951
5/46Newton, Clifford1941-1945
5/47Niles, David1942-1944
5/48Nolan, William J.1943-1945
5/49Norberg, Eric1941-1946
5/51Olsen, Oscar J.1942-1947
5/52Olson, E. R. (Bud)1941-1951
5/53Olson, Harold1949-1950
5/54Oas, Philip1941-1947
5/55Osborne, Don W.1940-1950
5/56Osborne, Lithgow1944-1950
5/57Osen, Sigrid E.1942
5/59Palmer, Fred C. Jr.1941
5/60Palmer, Gertrude1942-1948
5/61Parker, Edwin S.1949-1950
5/62Payette, Sedric A.1942-1950
5/63Pearson, Francis1941-1949
5/64Pemberton, Joseph T.1941-1950
5/65Penix, Lyle R.1943-1951
5/66Pennington, Maitland S.1947
5/67Peterson, Archie1944-1945
5/68Peterson, Amandus1946-1948
5/69Peterson, Payson1942-1944
5/70Phillips, Benjamin N.1941-1949
5/71Phillips, W. F.1942-1951
5/72Pierce, Jack1948-1952
5/73Pierce, John C.1942-1946
5/74Pigott, Paul1942-1951
5/75Pilz, William J.1941-1952
5/76Pitt, Chart1942-1943
5/77Preston, John C.1941-1951
6/1Railsback, E. M.1941-1949
6/2Ramsey, Blake1943-1944
6/3Reardon, Keiron1941
6/4Repp, Ellen1941-1952
6/5Rhea, David E.1941-1949
6/6Rhodius, Paul1941-1949
6/7Ridgeway, Emma Abbott1941-1951
6/8Riley, Jack F.1942-1944
6/9Ripley, Edwin1942-1948
6/10Romney, Kenneth1941-1945
6/11Roper, Frances A.1942-1949
6/12Ruben, Gerhard G.1946-1951
6/13Rucker, Jasper L.1941-1949
6/14Ryan, George G.1941-1950
6/18-22Salter, John1941-1950
6/23Sakes, James C.1945-1952
6/24Sancrant, D. L.1949-1951
6/25Sands, Leo G.1941-1949
6/26Satterlee, D. E.1943-1945
6/27Schwartz, Frank1949-1952
6/28Schwellenbach Family1945-1949
6/29Scott, John C.1948-1949
6/30Secoy, H. R.1941-1946
6/31Sedore, Carl R.1943-1950
6/32Sefrit, Charles L.1941-1950
6/33Selander Family1941-1951
6/34Shanks, J. C.1942-1944
6/35Sheridan, George P.1941-1949
6/36Sheridan, Phil1941-1951
6/37Shorett, Lloyd1941-1947
6/38Sievers, Verne1941-1951
6/39Silver, Max A.1943-1950
6/40Simdars, Pearl1941-1951
6/41Simonarson, Einar1941-1949
6/42Slavenburg, John L.1942-1950
6/43Smith, A. Glenn1942-1945
6/44Smith, C. Millard1949-1952
6/45Smith, Martin1941-1946
6/46Smith, R. Clifford1941-1945
6/47Smythe, Ralph1941-1947
6/48Snowdon, Ben1941-1945
6/49Spear, Nancy1944-1951
6/50Squire, Clark1945-1951
6/51Starrett, E. M.1942-1949
6/52Startup, George R.1943-1944
6/53Stengel, Minerva1942-1943
6/54Stillwell, Margaret1941-1951
6/55Stimson, Robert1945-1948
6/56Shatton, Samuel S.1950-1951
6/57Stringfellow, Bud1948-1950
6/58Stuart, Robert W.1946-1950
6/59Stuntz, George R.1941-1951
6/60Sundborg, George1949-1950
6/61Sundeen, Elmer1942-1948
6/62Swan, Edwin A.1941-1950
6/63Swanson, C. A.1942-1946
6/64Sylvester, Jack1941-1950
6/65Syre, Melvin G.1945-1952
6/71Teiquist, Frank1948-1950
6/72Testu, Jeanette1942-1943
6/73Thomas, Christy1945-1950
6/74Thomas, Maurice J.1942-1943
6/75Thompson, Walter L.1942-1950
6/76Todd, Charles H.1941-1949
6/77Troy, Smith1942-1949
6/78Turner, Charles A.1941-1949
7/3Ubil, R. Harry1941-1950
U.S. House of Representatives
7/4Anderson, Clinton (New Mexico)1945
7/4Bartlett, E. L. (Alaska)1948
7/4Biemiller, Andrew J. (Wisconsin)undated
7/4Bland, S. O. (Virginia)1941-1947
7/4Boggs, Hale (Louisiana)1951
7/4Bradley, Fred (Michigan)1947
7/4Buck, Ellsworth B. (New York)1948
7/4Callahan, Joseph (Sergeant at Arms)1951
7/4Camp, A. Sidney (Georgia)1951
7/4Canfield, Gordon (New Jersey)1945-1951
7/4Cannon, Clarence (Missouri)1946-1951
7/4Capozzoli, Louis J. (New York)1943
7/4Case, Francis (South Dakota)1948
7/4Casey, Joseph E. (Massachusetts)1941
7/4Clements, Earle (Kentucky)1947
7/4Coffee, John M. (Washington)1943-1947
7/4Combs, J. M. (Texas)1951
7/4Cooper, Jere (Tennessee)1951
7/4Delacy, Hugh (Washington)1943-1945
7/4Dingell, John D. (Michigan)1945-1951
7/4Dirksen, Everett M. (Illinois)1946
7/4Domengeaux, James (Louisiana)1949
7/4Doughton, Robert L. (North Carolina)1941-1951
7/4Dowd, George (Office Doorkeeper)1949
7/4Eberharter, Herman P. (Pennsylvania)1951
7/4Fogarty, John E. (Rhode Island)1944
7/4Forand, Aime J. (Rhode Island)1951
7/4Gore, Albert (Tennessee)1944
7/4Gossett, Ed (Texas)1950
7/4Granger, Walter K. (Utah)1951
7/4Gregory, Noble J. (Kentucky)1946-1951
7/4Hays, Brooks (Arkansas)1950-1951
7/4Herter, Christian A. (Massachusetts)1946-1948
7/4Houston, John M. (Kansas)1940
7/4Hill, Knute (Washington)1943
7/5Izac, Ed V. (California)1943-1946
7/5Jarman, Pete (Alabama)1942
7/5Johnson, J. Leroy (California)1948
7/5Jones, Homer R. (Washington)1947-1948
7/5Kefauver, Estes (Tennessee)1943-1948
7/5Kelley, Augustine B. (Pennsylvania)1944
7/5Keogh, Eugene J. (New York)1943-1951
7/5Kerr, John H. (North Carolina)1949
7/5Kilday, Paul J. (Texas)1949
7/5King, Cecil R. (California)1945-1951
7/5Kramer, Charles (California)1941
7/5Lambertson, W. P. (Kansas)1944
7/5McCormack, John W. (Massachusetts)1942-1947
7/5McQuire, John A. (Connecticut)1950-1951
7/5Mansfield, Mike (Montana)1947-1949
7/5Martin, Joseph (Massachusetts)1948-1950
7/5Mills, Wilbur (Arkansas)1941-1951
7/5Mitchell, Hugh B. (Washington)1951
7/5Norblad, Walter (Oregon)1951
7/5O'Brien, Thomas J. (Illinois)1951
7/5Ploeser, Walter C. (Missouri)1944
7/5Powell, Adam Clayton (New York)1948
7/5Priest, J. Percy (Tennessee)1949
7/5Rabaut, Louis C. (Michigan)1946-1947
7/5Rains, Albert (Alabama)1949
7/5Ramspeck, Robert (Georgia)1943-1945
7/5Rayburn, Sam (Texas)1942-1950
7/5Robinson, J. W. (Utah)1944
7/5Romney, Kenneth (Sergeant at Arms)1943
7/5Sabath, A. J. (Illinois)1947-1948
7/5Savage, Charles R. (Washington)1945
7/5Scanlon, Thomas E. (Pennsylvania)undated
7/5Sikes, Bob (Florida)1943-1949
7/5Sims, Hugo Jr. (South Carolina)1950-1951
7/5Sparkman, John J. (Alabama)1946
7/5Stanley, Thomas B. (Virginia)1950
7/5Stockman, Lowell (Oregon)1948
7/5Taber, John (New York)1947
7/5Terry, David D. (Arkansas)1941
7/5Thomas, Albert (Texas)1944
7/5Walter, Francis E. (Pennsylvania)1949-1951
7/5West, Milton H. (Texas)1945
7/5Whittington, Will M. (Mississippi)1946
7/5Wolcott, Jesse P. (Michigan)1947
7/5Zimmerman, Orville (Missouri)1943
7/7U.S. President (Roosevelt, Franklin D.)1941
U.S. Senate1940-1952
7/8Byrd, Harry F. (Virginia)1943-1945
7/8Johnson, Lyndon B. (Texas)1948
7/8McCarran, Pat (Nevada)1943
7/8Magnuson, Warren G. (Washington)1944-1949
7/10Van Dyke, J. B.1943-1947
7/11Varn, Stewart1941-1952
7/12Vasgaard, Palmer1942-1948
7/13Vennigerholz, Carl. T.1942-1943
7/14Vennigerholz, Pearl1947-1951
7/15Verhoeven, Leon1942-1946
7/16Voohns, Jerry1941-1950
7/18Waddingham, Harry1940-1945
7/19Wahl, Loren L.1949
7/20Wakefield, Lowell1941-1950
7/21Wallace, L. B.1948
7/22Wallgren, Monrad C.1944-1949
7/23Waltz, Russell S.1945-1950
7/24Wanamaker, Floyd A.1941-1947
7/25Wanamaker, Pearl A.1941-1950
7/26Webber, Francis P.1944-1950
7/27Webster, Charles N.1941-1950
7/28West, Fred1941-1945
7/29Westre, Arne and Edna1941-1943
7/30White, Herbert1949
7/31Wilkinson, H. Fielding1945-1950
7/32Williams, Parker1941-1944
7/33Williams, Raymond W.1943-1944
7/34Winde, James1942-1944
7/38Yothers, Robert A.1949-1950
7/39Young, Kenneth E.1949-1952
7/40X, Y, Z1940-1952
Departmental Correspondence
Terms of Access: Access restricted. Contact repository for more information.
8/1International Labor Office1947
8/2United Nations. Relief and Rehabilitation Administration1945-1946
U.S. Agriculture Department
8/19Anderson, Clinton P. -- address in Everett1947-1948
9/1Cooperative Taxation1951
9/2Dairy Industry1941-1942
9/3Dry Pea Purchase -- European Recovery Program1948
9/4Feed Shortages1946
9/5Hoof and Mouth Disease Laboratory1949-1950
9/6Migratory Farm Labor1951
9/7Multiple Crop Insurance Program -- Snohomish County1949,
9/8Northwest Feed and Truck Crop Laboratory1945-1946
9/9Storage Bin Facilities1949
9/10Strawberry Farmers -- price ceiling lift1942
9/11Sugar Shortage1946-1947
9/12Surplus Commodities1950
9/13-20War Food Order 144 -- wheat restriction1946
9/21Wheat Export Allocations1949
9/22Wheat Supplies1946
U.S. Air Force
9/26Air Training Academy in the West1950-1951
9/27Birch Bay Installation1949-1950
9/28Boeing Airport Plant1949-1951
9/29Castle, Leo (Air Metals, Inc.)1950
10/1-3Paine Field1948-1952
10/4Reserve Officers Training Corps1951
U.S. Army
10/11Army-Air Force-Navy Industrial Mobilization Plan1948-1949
10/12Army-Navy Procurement -- Busby barrel wrench1949
10/13Army-Navy Longshore Agreement1949
10/17Fish Purchases -- Japan1949-1950
10/18Fort Lawton Apartment Construction1949
10/19Mt. Baker Ski Patrol1941-1943
10/20Mukilteo Port Facilities1950
10/21Pearl Harbor Investigation1945
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps
11/2Hood Canal and Dabo Bay Use Restrictions1949-1951
11/3Edmonds, WA1948-1954
11/4Seattle District1945
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
11/5Hanford Employment1949-1950
11/6Materials Reclamation Corporation1948-1950
11/7Wahluke Slope1951-1952
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration
11/14Grand Coulee Dam Dedication1950
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration
11/16Bow Lake Move (CAA installation)1949
11/17U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1949-1951
11/18U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps1941-1942
U.S. Civilian Production Administration
11/22Stocking Shortage1946
11/23-28U.S. Coast Guard1944-1952
12/1-3U.S. Columbia Valley Authority (Proposed)1941-1948
U.S. Commerce Department
12/7Wallace, Henry A. -- confirmation1945
12/8U.S. Community Facilities Service - Snohomish County Courthouse1950-1952
U.S. Customs Bureau
12/12Canadian Berries Importation1949
12/13Red Cedar Shingles Importation1949
12/14Sumas, WA -- port of entry1948-1950
U.S. Defense Department
12/17U.S. Defense Electric Power Administration 1951-1952
12/18U.S. Defense Fisheries Administration1951
12/19-20U.S. Defense Minerals Administration1951-1952
12/21U.S. Defense Plant Corporation1944
12/22U.S. Defense Production Administration1952
12/23U.S. Defense Transportation Administration 1943-1948
12/24-25U.S. Displaced Persons Commission1948-1952
U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration
12/28Foreign Assistance Act1948
12/29Lumber Procurement1949-1950
13/1Pulp Industry -- Pacific Northwest1949
13/2Washington State Federation of Labor - EuropeanRepresentative1949
13/3U.S. Education Office1952
13/4-5U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1949-1952
13/6U.S. Employment Service1946
13/7U.S. Entomology Bureau (Bayley, Frank S.)1950-1952
13/8-9U.S. Farmers Home Administration1945-1952
13/10U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1943-1951
13/11U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration1951-1952
13/12-13U.S. Federal Communications Commission1941-1952
13/14U.S. U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1946-1951
U.S. Federal Housing Administration
13/18Lynnwood, WA1948
13/19U.S. Federal Maritime Board1951
13/20U.S. U.S. Federal National Mortgage Association 1950-1952
U.S. Federal Power Commission
13/23Cowlitz River Project1950-1951
U.S. Federal Security Agency
13/26Steel for Schools1951-1952
13/27U.S. Federal Supply Bureau1948-1949
13/28U.S. Federal Trade Commission1945-1952
13/29-34U.S. Federal Works Agency1942-1948
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
14/4Bryant, Floyd G.1949
14/5Dungeness Refuge1949
14/6Herring Quota -- Alaska1949
14/7Quilcene Hatchery1948-1951
14/8U.S. Food and Drug Administration1943-1948
14/9U.S. Foreign Economic Administration1945
U.S. Forest Service
14/13Skagit River Bridge (Concrete, WA)1948
14/14Fire Protection and Forest Roads1941-1943
14/15-16U.S. General Accounting Office1950-1952
14/17U.S. General Land Office1941-1948
14/18-20U.S. General Services Administration1949-1952
14/21U.S. Geological Survey1951
14/22U.S. Government Printing Office1951
14/23-24U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1949-1952
14/25-26U.S. Housing Expediter1946-1951
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
14/32Inspector Transfer to Mexican Border1949-1951
14/33Seattle Detention Station Closure1950
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau
15/12Area Offices Abolishment1949-1951
15/13Lummi Indians1950-1951
15/14Neah Bay Road (water and sewer systems)1950
15/15Quinalt Reservation Timber Sale1949
15/16U.S. Indian Claims Commission1947-1948
U.S. Interior Department
16/1Elwha River Flood Control1945-1947
16/2Fishing Industry1952
16/3Kyes Peak Naming1947
16/4Lake Crescent Land Exchange (Jensen, Roy S., FirstNational Bank in Port Angeles, Wash.)1948
16/5McNary Dam Project1946-1947
16/6Quilcene Fish Hatchery Addition1946
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
16/9Office Move to Seattle -- protest1952
U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission
16/12Motor Carriers -- state regulations1941-1947
U.S. Justice Department
16/16Bridges (Harry) Deportation1945-1950
16/17-20U.S. Labor Department1948-1952
U.S. Land Management Bureau
16/22Port Angeles, WA -- Block 321949-1950
16/23U.S. Library of Congress1949-1951
16/24U.S. Marine Corps1951-1952
U.S. Maritime Commission
17/6Everett Port Project1945
17/7Freight Forwarders1945-1948
17/8Intercoastal and Coastal Shipping1947
17/9Mariposa and Monterey (Peet, Creighton)1949
17/10Shipbuilding and Repair Yards -- West Coast1948-1949
17/11U.S. Military Sea Transportation Service1950-1951
17/12U.S. Mines Bureau1950-1952
U.S. National Labor Relations Board
17/14-15Kaiser Shipyards1943
U.S. National Park Service
17/19Moran State Park1941
17/20Mt. Baker National Monument1950-1951
Olympic National Park
18/3Appropriations Bill1949-1950
18/4Budget Items1948-1950
18/5Jurisdiction Bill1941-1942
18/6Morse Creek Watershed1941-1945
18/7-9U.S. National Production Authority1950-1952
18/10U.S. National Resources Planning Board1942-1943
18/11U.S. National Security Resources Board1950-1951
18/12-13U.S. National Youth Administration1941-1943
U.S. Navy
19/5Agate Pass Bridge1947-1948
19/6Blaine Harbor Rescue Ship1947-1948
19/7Carr Inlet Proposal1952
19/8Diking District #3. (Oak Harbor, WA)1949
19/10Everett Dry Dock1952
19/11Everett Pacific Shipyard Waterways Lease1950-1951
19/12International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen'sUnion -- security pass denial1949
19/13Jim Creek Radio Station Employment1950-1951
19/14Oak Harbor School District Aid1949-1951
19/15Phillips Target Area (Whidbey Island)1949-1950
19/16Sand Point Housing Project1951
19/20Surplus Property Disposition (Everett, WA)1950
19/21-24U.S. Navy. Sand Point Naval Air Station1949-1951
20/1U.S. Navy. Whidbey Island Naval Air Base1949-1952
20/2U.S.S. Enterprise1945
20/3-5U.S. Organization of the Executive Branch Commission (Hoover Commission)1949-1950
20/6U.S. Patent Office1950-1951
20/7U.S. Petroleum Administration1945
20/8U.S. Philippine War Damage Commission (LeCocq, G.M.) 1949-50
U.S. Post Office Department
20/14Lottery Laws -- fishing derbies1950
20/15Mail Boat Route -- San Juan Islands1950-1952
20/16Terminal Annex Building -- Seattle, WA1949-1950
U.S. Price Administration Office1942-1946
20/24Administration -- recruitment of employees1942-1946
21/1Automobile Tires1944-1946
21/2Blaine Price Consolidation Panel1945
21/3Butter Shortage -- Anacortes, WA1946
21/4Dairy, Poultry and Baking Products1943-1946
21/6Friday Harbor Ration Board1944-1945
21/7Gasoline and Fuel1942-1943
21/10Meat Packing1942-1946
21/11-14Price Control1942-1951
21/15-16Rent Control1942-1951
21/17Retail Stores1943-1945
21/19-20U.S. Price Stabilization Office1951-1952
22/1U.S. Price Stabilization Office1951-1952
22/2U.S. Production Management Office1941
22/3U.S. Public Buildings Administration1947-1949
22/4-5U.S. Public Health Service1946-1952
U.S. Public Housing Administration
22/7Forks, WA1948-1950
22/8Fort Warden (Port Townsend, WA)1948
22/9Lakeview Terrace Project1949-1950
22/10Low Rent Housing Projects1948
22/11U.S. Public Roads Administration1952
22/12U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1946-1952
U.S. Reclamation Bureau
22/15Architectural Firms1949
22/16-18Columbia Basin Project1947-1952
22/19Columbia Basin Project -- slowdown claims1951-1952
22/20Kennewick Irrigation Project1950-1951
22/21Roza Project1941
22/22Sequim Project1948-1950
22/23Western Washington1941-1949
22/24Yakima Irrigation Project1950-1951
U.S. Reconstruction Finance Corporation
22/27Mt. Baker Plywood, Inc.1950
U.S. Rural Electrification Administration
22/30Public Utility District, Clallam County -- Hoh RiverHydroelectric Plant1949-1951
22/31U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1950-1952
23/1U.S. Securities and Exchange commission1952
23/2U.S. Selective Service System1952
23/3-5U.S. Smaller War Plants Corporation1943-1952
23/6U.S. Social Security Administration1952
23/7-8U.S. Soil Conservation Service1948-1952
U.S. State Department1943-1952
24/1-2Voice of America Transmitter1951-1952
24/3U.S. Sugar Rationing Administration1947
24/4-5U.S. Surplus Property Administration1945-1946
U.S. Tariff Commission
24/10Agricultural Produce Imports1951
24/11Brined Cherries1949
24/12Canadian Log Companies1947-1950
24/13Canadian Log Embargo1946-1947
24/14Fish Imports1950-1951
24/18Japanese Cement Importation1950
24/19Narcissus Bulbs1949-1950
24/21Reciprocal Trade Agreements1942-1945
24/23U.S. Temporary Controls Office1946-1947
24/24U.S. Treasury Department1949-1952
U.S. Veterans Administration
25/14Additional Beds1952
26/3Employment Service1948
26/4Veterans Hospital Site1945
26/5-6U.S. Wage Stabilization Board1951-1952
U.S. War Assets Administration
26/10Mukilteo Ammunition Depot1947-1948
26/11Mukilteo Waterfront Lots1948-1949
26/12U.S. Navy. Hospital. Seattle, WA -- park site1948-1949
26/13U.S. War Claims Commission1949-1952
U.S. War Department
26/19Bellingham Airport1946-1947
26/20Paine Field1946
26/21Port Angeles Western Railroad1946
26/22U.S. War Department. Transportation Chief1946-1947
26/23U.S. War Food Administration1943-1945
26/24U.S. War Labor Board1945
26/25U.S. War Manpower Commission1942-1945
27/1U.S. War Manpower Commission1942-1945
27/2U.S. War Mobilization and Reconversion Office 1946
U.S. War Production Board
27/11Order M-3881945
27/12U.S. War Shipping Administration1945-1946
27/13U.S. Women's Auxiliary Army Corps1942
27/14-17U.S. Works Projects Administration1941-1947
27/18Washington. Labor Department1950-1951
Legislative Correspondence
28/1Administrative Practitioners Act1947
28/2-3Brannan Farm Program1949-1950
28/4Feed Prices1950
Alcoholic Beverages
28/9-11Sale to Servicemen1950-1952
28/12Sugar to Produce1945
28/14Aliens (non-Japanese)1942
28/15Amusement Tax Repeal1950
28/16Anti-Lynching Legislation1947
28/18Armed Services1946-1949
28/19Balanced Budget1950
28/22Budget Expenditures -- taxes1950
28/24Church of Christ -- mission in Italy1949-1950
28/25Circulation Reports for Weekly Newspapers1945
28/26Civil Defense1951
28/27Civil Rights1947
Civil Service
28/28-33Federal Pay Increase1942-1949
29/1-15Federal Pay Increase1945-1951
29/16Internship Bill1945
29/17-18Overtime Pay1943
29/19Pensions and Annual Leave1951
30/2Coast Guard1947
30/3-11Columbia Valley Authority1941-1950
30/13Communist Problems1950
30/14Consumer Credit1947
30/15Day Care1943
30/16Daylight Savings Time1944-1948
30/18Production Act1951
30/21Dies Committee (U.S. House. Un-American Activities Committee)1943
30/22District of Columbia1941
30/30-31Barden Bill1949
31/1-3Barden Bill1949
31/15Environment and Conservation1945-1948
31/16-17Equal Rights Amendment1944-1951
31/18-20Excise Taxes1950
31/21-22Fair Employment Practice Commission1945-1950
31/23Fair Labor Standards Act1948
31/24Family Allowance Bill1950
31/25-27Farm Subsidies1944-1945
31/28Federal Communications Commission1945-1948
31/29Federal Overtime Bill1950
31/30Federal Pay and Leave1951
32/1Federal Sales Tax1942-1943
32/2Federal Spending1946
32/4Food and Drug Act1951
32/5Foreign Aid1947
32/6Forty Hour Work Week1948
32/7-8Freight Carrier Regulation1945-1948
32/9Full Employment1945
32/10Gun Control1941-1947
32/15Housing Act1949
32/16Public Housing1950
32/17-18Rent Control1950
32/19U.S. Federal Housing Administration -- financing1949
32/20-21Wagner Bill (veterans housing)1946-1948
32/28Hobbs Bill (alien detention)1941-1942
32/31-34International Situation1948-1951
32/35International Trade1947
32/36Japanese Peace Treaty1950-1951
32/37Japanese Relocation Camps1942-1943
33/1-5Japanese Relocation Camps1942-1944
33/8Ball-Burton-Hatch Bill (anti-labor)1945
33/9Building Trades and Related Unions1941
33/10-11Case Bill1946
33/12CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations)1946
33/13Dirksen Bill1941
33/14Fishermen's and Cannery Workers' Unions1941
33/15Fishermen's Hospitalization Bill1941
33/16Gwynne Bill -- statute of limitations1945
33/17Hobbs Bill1945
33/18Longshoremen and Maritime Unions1941
33/19Private Concerns and Individuals1941-1942
33/20Railway Brotherhoods1941
33/21Smith-Connally Bill1943
33/22-26Taft-Hartley Act1947-1949
33/27Vinson Bill1941
33/28Wage Increases1943
33/29Woodworkers, Lumber and Sawmill Unions1941
33/30Work Stoppages Prevention Bill1945
34/11Legislative Reorganization1946
34/12Library Demonstration Project1950
34/14Mazama Glacier, Mt. Baker (name change to Kiser Glacier)1948
34/15Minimum Wage1946
34/16-19National Health Care1946-1949
34/20National Labor Relations Board1945
34/21National Security Act1947
34/22-23National Service1944-1945
34/24National Service Life Insurance1950
34/25Nursing Aid1951
34/26-33Oleomargarine Tax Repeal1948-1950
35/1-4Olympic National Park1947-1948
35/5Overtime Pay1948
35/8Philippine Property Holders Relief1947
35/9-10Poll Taxes1941-1943
35/11-14Price Controls1948-1951
35/15-16Price and Wage Controls1951
35/17-18Public Power1941-1946
35/19Publically Owned Utilities1951
35/20Rabbit Wool Tax1947
35/29Recreational Facilities -- U.S. Forest Service Funds 1952
35/30Rent Control1947
35/32-34Rifle Practice Promotion1949-1952
35/35Seaman's Unemployment Insurance1941
35/36-37Selective Service1941-1946
36/1-13Selective Service1943-1950
36/15Small Business1948
Social Security
36/16-19Old Age Pensions1941-1951
36/22-24Social Security Act Extension1940-1949
37/8Soil Conservation1946-1947
37/9Soldier Vote1942-1944
37/10Spain -- proposed loan1950
37/11Subversive Activities1941-1942
37/13Income Tax Forms1944
37/14Joint Income Tax Returns1941
37/16Retirement Income Exemption1945
38/6Territorial Papers (preservation)1944
38/9-12Townsend Plan1941-1951
Un-American Activities
38/13-15Mundt-Nixon Bill1950
38/21United Nations1952
38/22U.S. Customs Service1947
38/23-25U.S. Organization of the Executive Branch Commission (Hoover Commission)1950
38/26-27U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency -- Seattle office closure)1951
38/28-29U.S. Interior Department1946-1947
39/1-2U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1941-1947
39/3U.S. Price Administration Office1947
U.S. Post Office Department
39/4-6Parcel Rates1945
39/7-14Pay Increase1941-1951
39/17Service Curtailment1950
39/22-30Universal Military Training1947-1952
40/1-2Universal Military Training1952
40/3Universal Military Training and Vatican Ambassador 1952
40/7Credit Bill1950
40/8G. I. Bill1944
40/10Pensions (WWI and earlier)1944
40/12U.S. Veterans Administration Training Order1950
40/23Veto Override1950
40/25Wage Stabilization Bill1952
40/26Water Dispute -- Arizona and California1949
40/27Wheat for India1951
41/2World Federation1950
Legislation -- HMJ Sponsored Bills
77th Congress
43/6H. R. 6486 -- Post Office Pay Raise1942
78th Congress
43/7H. R. 2240 -- Longevity Pay1945-1946
43/8H. R. 4699 -- Civil Service1944
43/9H. R. 4782 -- Tulalip Indian Tribe Land Sale1944
79th Congress
43/10H. R. 288 -- Servicemen Appointed to San FranciscoConference (United Nations)1945
43/11H. R. 2231 -- Indian Debt Cancellation1945
43/12H. R. 2693 -- Bonneville Project Act1945
43/13H. R. 4497 -- Indian Claims Commission1945-1946
43/14H. R. 4551 -- Social Security1945-1947
43/15H. R. 5784 -- Foreign Service Exam1946
43/16H. R. 6605 -- Pacific Islands Civilian Government1946
43/17H. R. 6648 -- Veterans Preference in FederalEmployment1946
43/18H. R. 7054 -- Columbia Basin Project Lands1946
43/19H. R. 7132 -- Labor Extension Program1946
43/20H. R. ???? -- Longshoremen & Harbor WorkersCompensation Act1946
80th Congress
43/21H.C.R. 114 -- Seamen's Social Security Protection1947
43/22H. J. R. 80 -- Pacific Islands Civilian Government1947
43/23H. J. R. 122 -- Alaska1947
43/24H. R. 1244 -- "Crosline" Ferry (U.S. Registry)1947
43/25H. R. 1591 -- Mining Claims1947
43/26H. R. 2411 -- Clallam County, Public HospitalDistrict No. 21946-1950
43/27H. R. 2638 -- Game Fish Regulation1947
43/28H. R. 3718 -- Veterans Organizations1946-1948
43/29H. R. 4229 -- "Ajar" Dredge1947
43/30H. R. 5356 -- Social Security and Disability1948-1949
43/31H. R. 5462 -- Pensions for WWII widows and children1948
81st Congress
43/32H. C. R. 80 -- United Nations1949
43/33H. C. R. 219 -- United Nations1950
43/34H. J. R. 462 -- Tariff Act (Berries)1950
43/35H. R. 578 -- Commission on Germany1950
43/36H. R. 988 -- Clayton Anti-Trust Act1949
43/37H. R. 1221 -- Thai Immigration1947-1949
43/38H. R. 1222 -- Fishing Facilities1948-1949
43/39H. R. 1961 -- Army Commissaries1949
43/40H. R. 2186 -- Alaska Railroad Survey1949
43/41H. R. 2650 -- Margarine Coloring Ban1949
44/1H. R. 3420 -- Ebey Slough Refuge Area1949
44/2H. R. 3421 -- Fishermen's Cooperatives1949
44/3-4H. R. 4287 -- Columbia Valley Authority1949
44/5H. R. 4876 -- Social Security1949-1950
44/6H. R. 5307 -- Skagit County Property Transfer1949
44/7H. R. 5413 -- Marine Corps1949
44/8H. R. 5665 -- Economic Expansion Act1949
44/9H. R. 6132 -- Merchant Marine Act1949
44/10H. R. 6214 -- Timber on National Forests1949-1950
44/11H. R. 7242 -- Grain Sale to Egg Producers1950
44/12H. R. 7717, 7718, 7719 -- International LaborOrganization1950
44/13H. R. 8047 - Grain surpluses to Egg, Poultry, andDairy Producers1950
44/14H. R. 8160 -- Olympic National Forest Additions1950
44/15H. R. 8692 -- Fisheries Stabilization Act1950
44/16H. R. 8730 -- Olympic National Park1950
44/17H. R. 9215 -- Foreign Flag Vessels1950
44/18H. R. 9569 -- Portage Canal Bridge (Indian Islandammunition depot)1948-1950
82nd Congress
44/20H. C. R. 97 -- Organized Crime Joint Commission1951
44/21H. C. R. 162 -- United Nations Crusade for WorldPeace1951
44/22H. C. R. 219 -- Armed Forces Firepower1952
44/23H. J. R. 241 -- Federal Crime Commission (see alsoH. C. R. 97)1951
44/24H. J. R. 406 -- Leif Ericson Statue1952
44/25H. R. 1197 -- Olympic National Park1951-1952
44/26H. R. 2026 -- Marine Corps1951
44/27H. R. 3407 -- G. I. Bill Extension1950-1951
44/28-31H. R. 4963 -- Steam Plants in Northwest1951
44/32H. R. 6752 -- Social Security1952
44/33H. R. 7026 -- Post Office1952
44/34H. R. 7076 -- Social Security for Lawyers1952
44/35H. R. 7737 -- Bribery of U.S. Employees1951-1952
44/36H. R. 7819 -- Construction Contracts1952
44/37H. R. 8012 -- Election Pamphlets1952
Campaign Materials
General Correspondence
45/1bSalter, John1942
45/3News Releases1942
45/4Speeches and Writings1942
Subject Series
45/6Democratic Party1942
45/7Election Returns1942
45/8Old Age Pension Union (Initiative 151)1942
45/9-13General Correspondence1944
45/14Financial Records1944
45/15News Releases1944
45/16Speeches and Writings1944
45/17Mailing Lists1944
Subject Series
45/21Certificate of Election1944
45/22Democratic Party1944
45/23-24Election Returns1944
46/1-3General Correspondence1946
46/4Financial Records1946
46/5News Releases1946
46/6Speeches and Writings1946
46/7Mailing Lists1946
Subject Series
46/12Certificate of Election1946
46/13Democratic Party1946
46/14-15Election Returns1946
46/16Labor Endorsements1946
46/17-23General Correspondence1948
47/1Financial Records1948
47/2News Releases1948
47/4Speeches and Writings1948
47/5Mailing Lists1948
Subject Series
Democratic Party
47/9Precinct Committeemen Lists1948
47/11-12Democratic Party. National Committee1948
47/13[number skipped]1948
47/14Election Results1948
47/15Labor Endorsements1948
47/16Research Material1948
47/17Veterans' Letter1948
47/18-21General Correspondence1950
47/22Financial Records1950
47/23News Releases1950
47/24Speeches and Writings1950
47/25Mailing Lists1950
Subject Series
48/3Certificate of Election1950
Democratic Party
48/6Democratic Party. King County Democratic Club -- dinner (Everett, WA)1950
48/7Election Returns1950
48/8Labor Endorsements1950
48/9Labor's League for Political Education1950
48/12-13Research Material1950
48/14General Correspondence1952
48/15Mailing Lists1952
Subject Series
Democratic Party
48/17State Meetings1952
48/18Research Material1952
Speeches and Writings
48/19Alaska; University of Alaska; Fairbanks, AK July 1, 1949
48/20"Atomic Secrecy and Democracy"; University of Washington; Seattle, WA;April 22, 1949
48/21Bonneville Power Hook-up to San Juan Islands; Orcas Power and Light Company; Lopez, WAMarch 11, 1950
48/22Columbia Valley Authority (Readers Digest); U.S. House July 24, 1950
48/23Farmers Cooperative; U.S. HouseJune 18, 1948
48/24International Problems and Influences Affecting the Merchant Marine; Propeller Club; Washington, DCMay 22, 1946
48/25Oleomargarine; U.S. HouseApril 28, 1948
48/26Power Needs in 2nd District; U.S. Senate Interior Committee. Appropriations SubcommitteeMay 21, 1947
48/27"The Proposed Columbia Valley Administration"; Public Utility Law Section, American Bar Association; St. Louis, MOSeptember 6, 1949
48/28Public Utility Districts; U.S. HouseMay 17, 1948
48/29Social Security; U.S. HouseJanuary 25, 1948
48/30Taft-Hartley Act; U.S. HorseApril 27, 1947
48/31"What Should The Free World Do About The Atomic Bomb?" America's Town Meeting of the Air, broadcastOctober 15, 1949
48/32Tennessee Valley Authority; Students for a Democratic Society; Chicago, ILApril 17, 1948
48/33Tennessee Valley Authority; U.S. HouseMay 9, 1944
48/38News Releases 1941-1946
Related Material: For additional releases from 1941-52, see: Reel 1 of the 1953-64 Microfilmed Releases, Accession No. 3560-003)
48/39League Reporter(Labor's League for Political Education)1950
49/1League Reporter(Labor's League for Political Education)1950
49/2Radio Material1949-1950
Terms of Access: Researchers must use microfilm in Accession No. 3560-020 in place of originals.
Subject Series1941
49/5Air Transportation
49/7Alaska Water Transportation1946-1951
Aluminum Plants
49/10American Red Cross1948
49/11Anacortes, WA (projects pending)1945
49/12Atomic Energy (Hanford area school districts) 1949-1950
49/13-14Brannon Farm Bill1949
49/15Brooks Lumber Company1941-1942
49/16Cain, Harry P.1949-1950
49/17Census (Mercer, Harry E.)1950
Civic Matters
49/18Anacortes, WA1949
49/19-22Bellingham, WA1941-1948
49/23Blaine, WA1941-1946
49/24Blaine, WA (Peace Arch Celebration)1950
49/25Everett, WA1941-1951
50[see Scrapbooks]
51/1Kirkland, WA1941
51/2Marysville, WA1951
51/3Monroe, WA1949
51/4Mount Vernon, WA1941-1942
51/5Port Angeles, WA1941-1946
51/6Port Angeles Air Show and Derby Week Celebration1949-1950
51/7Port Townsend, WA1941-1947
51/8Port Townsend Rhododendron Festival1950
51/9San Juan County, WA1942
51/10-12Seattle, WA1941-1949
51/13-15Seattle Chamber of Commerce1942-1949
51/16Sedro Wooley, WA1941
51/17Stanwood, WA1942
51/19-26Columbia Valley Administration1941-1951
51/28Pacific Northwest1950
Defense Contracts
51/30Edlund, Carl E.1943-1944
51/31Olympic Shipbuilders, Port Angeles, WA1943
52/1-2Procurement and Bidding Day1951
52/4Shipbuilding -- Bellingham, WA1941-1943
52/5Shipbuilding -- Everett, WA1941-1943
52/6Skagit Steel and Iron Works1941-1945
52/8Defense Minerals -- Pacific Mineral Company 1941-1942
Defense Projects
52/9Army Air Depot -- Snohomish County Airport1941
52/10Blimp Base1941-1942
52/11Keystone Harbor Improvement1941-1942
52/12U.S. Navy. Whidbey Island Naval Air Base1941
52/13Neah Bay Breakwater1941-1942
Democratic Party
52/15Bellingham-Everett Jefferson Day Dinners1948
52/16-20State Matters1947-1948
52/23Dondero Bill Opposition1947
52/24Endurance Metal Corporation1941-1942
52/25Everett, WA -- Pacific repair yard1942-1944
52/26Federal Government Procurement -- Hall-Holmes Brush Cutting Machine1949-1950
Fishing Industry
52/28International Sockey Commission - Appointment ofMember1949-1951
52/29Food Shortages1945
52/30-31Foreign Aid1946-1948
53/1Foreign Aid1948
53/2-3Foreign Policy1950-1951
53/4Freedom Train1948
53/5Greek-Turkish Loan1947
53/7Arlington, WA1945
53/8Bellingham, WA1942-1943
53/9Coplen, George W. (U.S. National Housing Agency)1947
53/10-11Everett, WA1941-1943
53/12King County, WA1941-1945
53/13Military Housing1949-1950
53/14Mount Vernon, WA1942
53/15National Veteran's Housing Conference1948
53/16Oak Harbor, WA1942-1943
53/17Port Angeles, WA1942
53/18Skagit County, WA1943
53/21Hydrogen Bomb1950
Industrial Development1951
53/23Bellingham, WA1951
53/24-25Everett, WA1951
53/26Sedro Woolley, WA1952
53/28International Labor Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
Labor Problems1945
53/29Hawaiian Shipping Strike1949
53/30-31Outlaw of Longshoremen's Hiring Halls (U.S. NationalLabor Relations Board)1949
53/33-37Second District (WA)1941-1951
54/1Second District (WA)1951
54/2-3Liquor Industry1941-1948
54/5Lumber Industry1950-1951
54/6Magnesium Development Program1941-1942
54/7Marshall Plan -- procurement policies1949
54/8Migratory Workers -- interstate and Alaska 1941
54/9Mindszenty (Cardinal)1949
54/10Mining -- Big Sister Chrome Mines Road1941-1944
54/13Norwegian-American Organizations1943-1944
54/14Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission1947
54/15Oatis, William -- imprisonment1951
54/16Olympic National Park1948-1949
54/17Palestine Partition1948
54/18-19Point Roberts1949-1950
54/20Port Development
Post-War Planning1944-1945
54/21Bretton Woods Agreement1945
54/22Public Building Program1945-1946
Post-War Problems
54/24Food for Europe1945-1946
54/25Industrial Development1945
54/26Japanese Occupation1945
54/27Post-War Projects1944-1945
Public Power
54/28Alcoa Loan Investigation1943
54/29Aluminum Potlines1951
54/30Rockwell Bill1946-1947
55/4Public Utility Districts1951
55/5Radio Industry1941
55/6Reid (John) Paint Company1942
Roads and Highways
55/7Defense Highway -- Stevens Pass1941-1942
55/8Mountain Loop Highway1941-1946
55/12Seattle Urban League -- Hanford Project Survey 1950-1951
55/13Snohomish County. Welfare Department1948-1950
55/14Surplus Property1948-1949
55/15Synthetic Rubber1942-1945
55/16Toynbee (Arnold J.) Article1949
55/22Truman, Harry S. 1951
55/23Unemployment -- Whatcom County depressed areas 1950
55/24United Nations1951-1952
55/25U.S. Community Facilities Service1950-1951
55/26U.S. District Judge -- Washington1950
55/27U.S. Forest Service1941-1943
55/28U.S. House of Representatives1944-1949
55/29U.S. House. Public Lands Committee - Olympic National Park Hearings1946-1947
55/30U.S. National Inventors Council1941-1942
55/31U.S. Navy. Bellingham Material Redistribution Center 1945
55/32-34U.S. Navy. Sand Point Naval Air Station1950
55/35U.S. Senate. Public Works Committee1947-1949
55/36Voting Record (HMJ)1942-1944
56/1Wallgren, Mon C.1949
War and Defense
56/2Aid to War Stricken Population1941-1945
56/3Business -- Plan for Small Businesses1942-1943
56/4Business Priorities1941-1943
56/5Canadian Trade Restrictions1942
56/7-8Civilian Defense1941-1943
56/10-11Commodity Production1941-1942
56/12Installment Buying1941-1943
56/13Government Non-Defense Expenditures1943
56/14Dependency Allotments1943-1945
56/15Farm Problems1943-1947
56/17Government Commodities Buying1942
56/18Hospital Needs1942
56/19Interstate Trucking Regulation1941
56/20Korean War1951
56/21-22Labor Problems1942-1944
56/24-25Lend Lease1941
56/26Neutrality Act1941
56/27Northwest Cities1944-1945
Opinions (Legal)
56/28Japanese Relations1942-1944
56/29Price-Fixing Legislation1941-1942
56/30Property Seizure Bill1941-1942
56/31Pacific Coast Needs1942
56/32Production Problems1941-1942
56/33-35Roosevelt (Franklin D.) Foreign Policy1941
57/2Surplus Property1945-1947
57/3Total Conscription1944
57/4U.S. Defense Supplies Corporation1943
57/5U.S. War Production Board1945
57/6U.S. War Shipping Administration1943-1945
57/7-8Vice Near Military Camps1941-1942
57/15War Brides Reception1946
57/16War Surplus1950
57/17Washington. Development Board1946
57/18Washington. Legislature1949
57/19Washington. University - oceanographic vessel request 1949
57/20Chrome Industry Development1948
57/21-22Departmental Matters1948-1951
57/23Farm Market News Service1948
57/24Surplus Coast Guard Facilities (Port Townsend, WA)1947
57/25Surplus Materials From White House Repairs1951
58/2Washington State Grange1951
58/3-4Washington Stove Works1942-1947
58/5Whatcom County. Welfare Department1949
58/6World Government1950
Committee Records and Aides' Papers
58/11Democratic Party. U.S. House Steering Committee 1945-1947
U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee
58/12-20General Correspondence1945-1952
Subject Series
58/21Arco -- Idaho Project1949
58/22Hanford MeetingsApril 18-19, 1949
59/1International Control of Atomic Energy (town meeting)1950
59/2Military Protection for Hanford1949
59/3U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee. Raw Materials Subcommittee1951
U.S. House. Appropriations Committee
59/6-10General Correspondence1947-1952
Subject Series
59/12Ball Amendment -- Customs and Immigration Employees Correspondence1948-1949
59/13Chief Joseph Dam1948-1949
59/14Emergency Flood Control and Forest Service Appropriations1948
59/15Ice Harbor Dam1949-1952
59/16Life Saving Station, LaPush, WA1948
59/17Status of Unit #3, Wapato Irrigation Project 1948-1949
59/18U.S. Bonneville Power Administration -- Deficiency Appropriation1948
59/19U.S. House. Appropriations Committee. Commerce Subcommittee1948
59/20U.S. House. Appropriations Committee. Treasury and Post Office Subcommittee1948
U.S. House. Appropriations Committee. Interior Subcommittee
59/21Speeches and Writings1946
59/22News Releases1949
Subject Series
59/24Interior Appropriations Bill1949
59/25-26California Intertie Hearings1951
59/27-31Inside Washington State1949-1952
59/32-34Outside Washington State1949-1952
60/1Outside Washington State1952
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration
60/2Columbia Basin Project1948-1950
60/3Transmission Line Extension1947
60/4Transmission Line to San Juan County 1948-1950
60/6aU.S. House. Conservation of Wildlife Resources Select Committee1944-1946
60/6bU.S. House. Democratic Steering Committee1945-1947
U.S. House. Flood Control Committee
60/7Meeting Announcements and Agendas1941-1942
60/8-11General Correspondence1944-1952
Subject Series
60/12Dungeness River1950
60/13-14Nooksack River1944-1951
60/15Projects -- Washington State1941-1942
60/16-17Skagit County1943-1951
Skagit River
60/20"Water Resources of the Skagit Area" (draft) 1943-1945
60/21Snohomish River1949-1951
U.S. House. Indian Affairs Committee
Subject Series
60/22Indian Claims Commission Bill1946-1947
60/23LaConner Hearing (Swinomish Reservation) 1944
U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee
60/24-29General Correspondence1941-1950
61/1-4General Correspondence1941-1950
61/5-9Meeting Notices and Agendas1941-1947
Conferences and Conventions
61/10-11International Labor Organization. Joint Commission Meeting; Geneva, SwitzerlandNovember-December 1948
61/12-18International Maritime Labor Conference; Seattle June-July 1946
61/19Maritime Preparatory Technical Conference of the International Labor Organization; Copenhagen, DenmarkNovember 15, 1945
Subject Series
62/1Alien Fishing1941
62/2Fish Trap Regulations1946
62/3Herring Industry Fishing Regulation1941-1942
62/4U.S. Interior Department -- Commercial Fishing Regulations1946
62/5Railroad Operation of Ocean-going Vessels 1946
Alaska Shipping
62/6Government Operations Statement1949-1950
62/9U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Alaska Shipping Investigation Subcommittee1949-1951
62/13Communications Officers Status -- Merchant Marine 1945-1946
62/14-18General Correspondence1941-1950
Subject Series
62/19Alaska and Pacific Waters1946-1947
62/20Japanese Crab and Salmon Importation1941
62/21Japanese Fishing Industry1945
62/22War Risk Insurance for Fishermen1942
62/23Grace Lines (sale of ships)1946-1947
62/24International Labor Organization1949
62/25U.S. Maritime Administration -- Washington Stove Works1950
U.S. Maritime Commission
62/26-28General Correspondence1945-1950
63/1General Correspondence1949
Subject Series
63/2Freight Forwarders1949-1950
63/3U.S. Navy. Reserve. Olympia, WA1948-1950
63/4U.S. Maritime Commission. Alaska Transportation Committee1948-1949
63/5Maritime Day Speech1945
63/6Merchant. Marine Act of 19361949
63/7Merchant Sailor Awards1943
63/8Merchant Ship Sales to Foreign Countries 1948
63/9Pacific Explorer (floating cannery vessel) 1947-1948
63/10Seamen's Bill of Rights1946-1947
63/11-13Ship Sales1945-1946
63/14Ship Storage on Lake Washington1945
63/15Ship Transfer to Panamanian and Other Foreign Flags1947-1948
63/23Unemployment Insurance for Maritime Industry H. R. 1899)1945
63/24Unemployment Insurance for Merchant Seamen 1944-1946
63/25U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Life Rafts Subcommittee1944-1945
63/26U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Plate Fractures on Welded Ships Investigation Subcommittee 1944
63/27Washington. Fisheries Department1947-1948
64/1-5U.S. House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Alaska Problems Subcommittee1944-1950
64/6U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Ship Design Construction Subcommittee1944
64/7U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Steel Shortage Subcommittee1943-1944
64/8U.S. House. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. Tax Liability of Ship Operators Subcommittee1945-1947
U.S. House. Rivers and Harbors Committee
64/9-12General Correspondence1944-1947
Subject Series
64/13Fisherman's Bay (Lopez Island)1948-1952
64/14Burlington Northern -- Bend cut-off1947-1948
64/15Cape Sante Waterway1949
64/15Everett Harbor Project1944-1948
64/17Foster Creek1944-1949
64/18Puget Sound-Columbia River Canal1941
64/19Quilcene Bay Boat Harbor1948-1950
64/20Quillayute and Keystone Harbor1943-1947
64/21St. Lawrence Seaway1941
64/22Stillaquamish River Improvement1939-1941
64/23Shilshole Breakwater1949-1950
64/24Skagit River Diversion -- Floodway Project 1941-1942
64/26U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1948-1949
65/1-4U.S. House. Small Business Select Committee
65/5-14General Correspondence1941-1948
65/15-17Meetings and Hearings1943-1948
Subject Series
65/18Automobile Dealers Discounts1945
65/19Export Controls1948
65/20-21Taxation of Cooperatives1947-1948
65/23U.S. House. Small Business Select Committee. Anti-Monopoly Subcommittee1947
65/24-27U.S. House. Small Business Select Committee. Log and Lumber Policy Subcommittee1943-1948
65/28Valley Forge Foundation. Trustees Board1951-1952
Salter, John L. Papers
65/29-31General Correspondence1945-1952
67Appointment Books1941; 1943; 1947; 1949; 1950
Speeches and Writings -- HMJ
67/1Atomic Energy; Institute of Industrial and LegalProblems of Atomic Energy; Michigan. University. Law School; Ann Arbor, MI1952
67/2Atomic Energy; Washington Silver Jubilee; Longview,WA1949
67/3Democratic Party; Vancouver, WASeptember 1, 1951
67/4Jackson Day Dinner1946
67/5Military and Economic Strength; U.S. House ofRepresentativesJune 5, 1952
67/6The Peaceful Atom; U.S. House of RepresentativesMay 12, 1952
Subject Series
67/7U.S. Fisheries Coordinators Office1945
67/8Democratic Party. Young Democrats1941
General Notes: As described with box 50.

Accession No. 3560-003
Senate papers, 1952-1963
274 cubic feet
Scope and Content
The materials in this accession cover the first two terms ofJackson's Senate career. Arrangement follows the pattern established forJackson's House papers, with General, Departmental and LegislativeCorrespondence, Sponsored Bills, Speeches and Writings, Subject Series, andCommittee Records and Aides' Papers as the primary filing categories. Inaddition, Jackson's staff added several new filing categories. The WashingtonState Matters series includes materials about state public works projects,agencies, and legislative concerns. These materials occasionally overlap withmaterials found in the Subject Series. Trip Files include itineraries,background information, and arrangements for Jackson and his staff for theirtrips to Washington, around the country, and abroad. A Jobs and Appointmentsseries (also called "Senate Nominations") was also added. It was the practiceof Jackson's Senate staff to begin new files each year.
The Sponsored Bills series reveals Jackson's continued legislativefocus on issues of importance to the Northwest, including the YakimaReservation land sales and the Spokance Valley Project funding.
The accession also documents Jackson's growing interest in defenseand foreign policy issues. Addresses on topics such as national security andthe missile gap make up a large part of the Speeches and Writings series.Jackson's impressions of his 1956 and 1959 trips to the Soviet Union and 1962tour of Vietnam can be found in both the Trip Files and Speeches and Writingsseries. Defense and foreign policy matters are also covered by the Senate ArmedServices Committee, Joint Atomic Energy Committee, and North Atlantic TreatyOrganization Parliamentarians Conference subseries.
The Government Operations Committee, Permanent Subcommittee onInvestigations (PSI) subseries, under the Committee Records and Aides' Papersseries, documents Jackson's emergence as a national figure. The subseriescontains several folders of PSI staff correspondence and proposed questions forwitnesses at subcommittee hearings, including the Senate's censure of McCarthy,the Jimmy Hoffa investigation, and the appointment of J.B. Matthews as chief ofstaff. There are also seven cartons of constituent mail regarding theArmy-McCarthy hearings. In addition, there are several scrapbooks on thehearings and other PSI matters. Additional materials regarding theArmy-McCarthy hearing can be found in accession 3560-21.
The Democratic National Committee subseries, under the CommitteeRecords and Aides' Papers series, documents Jackson's tenure as party chairmanduring the 1960 presidential campaign. The files include correspondence withparty leaders that sheds light on the political maneuverings of the party in1960. Other letters discuss the candidates and the issues, including Kennedy'sCatholicism. There is also a large collection of Kennedy's campaign speeches.Some of Jackson's own campaign speeches are found in the Speeches and Writingsseries.
Terms of Access
Open to all users; however, researchers who use DepartmentalCorrespondence (boxes 9-97) must sign a release form agreeing not to divulgethe identity of any individual named in a case file.
General Correspondence
1/2Beeks, William T.1953
1/3B - C1953
1/4Fuchek, Florence M.1953
1/5Garside, Grenville1953
1/6Gutmann, Addis1953
1/7D - G (incl. Eisenhower, Dwight D. andGoldwater,Barry M.)1953
1/8Haley, Andrew G.1953
1/9H (incl. Hayden, Carl; Hill, Lister; Humphrey,HubertH.)1953
1/10Jackson, Gertrude1953
1/11Kaplan, Jack and Betty1953
1/12Lee, Walter A.1953
1/13Low Family (Madeleine)1953
1/14I - L (incl. Kefauver, Estes)1953
1/15Mitchell, Roy C.1953
1/17N - R1953
1/18Sancrant, D. L.1953
1/19Stratton, Samuel S.1953
1/21T - Z (incl. Truman, Margaret)1953
1/22Birthday Greetings1953
1/23Congratulations Letters1953
1/24Atwood, Evangeline1954
1/25Beeks, William T.1954
1/26Bone, Hugh1954
1/27Brown, Mary1954
1/28A - B (incl. Bowles, Chester)1954
1/29Davies, William D.1954
1/30C - D (incl. Chavez, Dennis; Clark, MarkW.)1954
1/31Garside Family (Grenville)1954
1/32Goldberg, Charles F.1954
1/33Gutmann, Addis1954
1/34E - G1954
1/35Hirsch Family (James)1954
1/36Jackson, Gertrude1954
1/37H - J (incl. Hoover, J. Edgar; Johnson, LyndonB.)1954
1/38Kefauver, Estes1954
1/39Kennedy Family (Jacqueline, John F., JosephP.,Robert)1954
1/40Low Family (Madeleine)1954
1/41K - L (incl. Long, Russell B.)1954
1/42M - O (incl. Magnuson, Don; Mansfield, Mike;Morse,Wayne)1954
1/43P - R1954
1/44Sheridan, Philip1954
1/45S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1954
2/1T - Z1954
2/2Beeks, William T.1955
2/3A - B1955
2/4C - F (incl. Eisenhower, Dwight D.)1955
2/5Jackson, Gertrude1955
2/6Johnpoll, Leona1955
2/7Johnson, Lyndon B.1955
2/8Kefauver, Estes1955
2/9G - K (incl. Harriman, Averell)1955
2/10Low Family (Madeleine)1955
2/11McGovern, E. B.1955
2/12Martin Family (Dan)1955
2/13O'Shea Family (John J.)1955
2/14L. - P1955
2/15Smith, Millard1955
2/16Sulzberger, Marion B.1955
2/17Symbol, James1955
2/18Tendler Family (Max)1955
2/19R - U (Rickover, Hyman G.)1955
2/20Van Aken, George1955
2/21West, Norma B.1955
2/22Wright, Martha1955
2/23V - Y (incl. Waligren, Mon C.)1955
2/24Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, LyndonB.)1955
2/25Thank Yous1955
2/26Complimentary Letters1955
2/27Bailey, Philip W.1956
2/28Bingham, Harvey D.1956
2/29A - B (incl. Bowles, Chester)1956
2/30Clise, Jim1956
2/31C - E (incl. Church, Frank; Clark, MarkW.)1956
2/32F - G (incl. Gore, Albert)1956
2/33Mack, Maurice1956
2/34Johnpoll, Leona1956
2/35Johnsen, Lester1956
2/36II - J (incl. Hayden, Carl; Johnson, LyndonB.)1956
2/37Kridel, William J.1956
2/38Low Family (Madeleine)1956
2/39K - L (incl. Kennedy, John F.)1956
2/40M (incl. Magnuson, Warren G.; Mansfield, Mike;Morse, Wayne)1956
2/41N - R1956
2/42S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1956
2/43T - Z (incl. Teller, Edward)1956
3/1Birthday Greetings1956
3/2Christmas Card List1956
Complimentary Letters
3/4"Meet the Press" Appearance1956
3/5Beeks, William T.1957
3/6A - B1957
3/7C - E1957
3/8Hack, Maurice1957
3/9Humphrey, Hubert H.1957
3/10F - L1957
3/11Johnpoll, Leona1957
3/12J - K (incl. Johnson, Lyndon B.)1957
3/13Low Family (Madeleine)1957
3/14L - M (incl. Magnuson, Warren G.)1957
3/15N - R (incl. Rosellini, Albert D.)1957
3/16S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1957
3/17T - Z1957
3/18Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, LyndonB.)1957
3/19-20Christmas Card List1957
Complimentary Letters1957
3/21General (incl. Neuberger, Richard L.)1957
3/22"Ballistic Seapower" Article (incl. Hill, Lister; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Kennedy, John F.; Knowland, William F.; Saltonstall, Leverett)1957
3/23"College Press Conference" Appearance1957
3/24Anderson, Ethel Kelleher1958
3/25Beeks, William T.1958
3/26A - B1958
3/27C - D (incl. Douglas, Paul H.)1958
3/28Hack, Maurice1958
4/1F - H (incl. Gore, Albert; Humphrey, HubertH.)1958
4/2Jackson, Gertrude1958
4/3Johnpoll, Leona1958
4/4Little, Theodore H.1958
4/5Low Family (Madeleine)1958
4/6I - L (incl. Johnson, Lyndon B.; Kennedy, JohnF.)1958
4/7M - P (incl. Mansfield, Mike; Monroney, Mike; Muskie,Edmund S.)1958
4/8R (incl. Ribicoff, Abraham; Roosevelt,Eleanor)1958
4/9S (incl. Stennis, John)1958
4/10T - Z (incl. Teller, Edward; Truman, HarryS)1958
4/11Birthday Greetings (incl. Bennett, Wallace F.;Payne,Frederick)1958
4/12Christmas Card List1958
4/13Complimentary Letters (incl. Kefauver, Estes;Malone,George W.)1958
4/15Beeks, William T.1959
4/16Block, Dorothy and Robert1959
4/17B (incl. Bowles, Chester; Bush, Prescott;Byrd,Robert C.)1959
4/19D - E1959
4/20F - G (incl. Fulbright, William; Goldwater, BarryM.;Gruening, Ernest)1959
4/21H (incl. Hart, Philip A.; McNamara, Pat;Humphrey,Hubert H.)1959
4/22Jackson, Gertrude1959
4/23I - J1959
4/24Low Family (Madeleine)1959
4/25K - L (incl. Kefauver, Estes; Langer,William)1959
4/26Martin, Charles E.1959
4/27Ma - Me1959
5/1Mi - N (incl. Muskie, Edmund S.)1959
5/2O-Q (incl. O'Mahoney, Joseph C.)1959
5/4S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1959
5/5T - V (incl. Teller, Edward; Thurmond,Strom)1959
5/6W - Z1959
5/7Birthday Greetings (incl. Byrd, Robert C.;Keating,Kenneth B.)1959
5/8Christmas Card List1959
5/9Complimentary Letters (incl. Morse, Wayne;Scott,Hugh)1959
5/10A - B (incl. Bowles, Chester; Byrd, RobertC.)1960
5/11C (incl. Church, Frank)1960
5/12D - E1960
5/13Gutman, Addis1960
5/14F - G1960
5/15H (incl. Hansen, Julia Butler)1960
5/16I - K (incl. Kefauver, Estes)1960
5/17Low Family (Madeleine)1960
5/18Martin, C. D.1960
5/19L - Me1960
5/20Mi - N (incl. Murray, James E.)1960
5/21O - R (incl. O'Mahoney, Joseph C.; Powell,AdamClayton; Rickover, Hyman G.; Ridgeway, Matthew)1960
6/1S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1960
6/2T - Wa (incl. Teller, Edward; Washington.University.President (Odegaard, Charles))1960
6/3We - Y1960
6/4Birthday Greetings (incl. Byrd, Robert C.;Hartke,Vance; Keating, Kenneth B.; Randolph, Jennings)1960
6/5Christmas Card List1960
6/6Complimentary Letters (incl. Dodd, Thomas J.;Hart,Philip A.; Neuberger, Richard L.; Saltonstall, Leverett)1960
6/7Aiken, Paul1961
6/8Beeks, William T.1961
6/9A - Be1961
6/10Bi - C (incl. Byrd, Robert C.)1961
6/11Davies, William D.1961
6/12D - E1961
6/13F - G1961
6/14-15Howell, Paul L.1961
6/16H - He1961
6/17Higer, Clifford1961
6/18Hi - I1961
6/19J - K1961
6/20Low Family (Madeleine)1961
6/21L - M (incl. Mansfield, Mike; Murrow, EdwardR.)1961
6/22N - Q (incl. Percy, Charles H.)1961
7/1R - Se1961
7/2Sulzberger, Marion B.1961
7/3Sh - Sy1961
7/4Yale, Wesley W.1961
7/5T - Z (incl. Thurmond, Strom; Udall, Morris;Wagner,Robert F.)1961
Birthday Greetings1961
7/6A - J (incl. Byrd, Robert C.; Connally, John B.; Goldberg, Arthur; Hartke, Vance)
7/7K - W (incl. Keating, Kenneth B.; Kennedy, John F.; McGee, Gale W.; Wiley, Alexander)
7/8Christmas Card List1961
7/9Complimentary Letters1961
7/10A - Ba1962
7/11Beeks, William T.1962
7/12Be - Ca1962
7/13Ch - Di1962
7/14Do - F1962
7/15Godbold, Norman D.1962
7/16Green, Paul R.1962
7/17G - Ha (incl. Gore, Albert; Gruening, Ernest;Hansen,Julia Butler)1962
7/18Howell, Paul L.1962
7/19He - L1962
7/20J - K (incl. Kefauver, Estes)1962
7/21Low Family (Madeleine)1962
7/23Meadowcraft, Thomas II.1962
7/24N (incl. Morse, Wayne; Morton, Thurston B.;Murphy,Maurice J.)1962
8/1N - P (incl. Percy, Charles H.)1962
8/2R - Si (incl. Rickover, Hyman G.; Rosellini,AlbertD.)1962
8/3Sk - Sy1962
8/4T - V (incl. Teller, Edward; Tower, John G.;Udall,Norris K.)1962
8/5W - Z (White, Byron R.)1962
8/6Birthday Greetings (incl. Anderson, ClintonP.;Keating, Kenneth B.; Kennedy, John F.; McGee, Gale W.)1962
8/7Complimentary Letters1962
8/8A - Ba1963
8/9Be - Bu (incl. Brzezinski, Zbigniew)1963
8/10Denny, Brewster1963
8/11C - D1963
8/12E - F1963
8/13Hardin, M. M. (Helen's Father)1963
8/14G - Ha (incl. Harriman, Averell)1963
8/15Howell, Paul L.1963
8/16He - Ja (incl. Humphrey, Hubert H.; Javits,JacobK.)1963
8/17Je - K1963
8/18Livesy, Percy1963
8/19Low Family (Madeleine)1963
8/20L - Ma1963
8/21Me - N1963
9/1Reinvik, Georg1963
9/2O - Re1963
9/3Rickover, Hyman G.1963
9/4Rh - Se (incl. Rosellini, Albert D.; Russell,RichardB.)1963
9/5a, 5bSh - Su1963
9/6T - Z (incl. Teller, Edward; Thurmond,Strom)1963
Birthday Greetings1963
9/7A - H (incl. Byrd, Robert C.)
9/8J - W (incl. Kennedy, John F.; Vance, Cyrus R.)
9/9Complimentary Letters1963
Departmental Correspondence
Terms of Access: Access is restricted. Contact repository for more information.
9/10-11United Nations1953
9/12-19U.S. Agriculture Department1953
U.S. Air Force1953
9/24Larson Air Force Base Laundry1953
9/25Paine Field1953
U.S. Army1953
10/5Fort Warden Closure1953
10/6Puget Sound Port Utilization1953
10/7Seventh Day Adventists1953
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1953
10/13The Dalles Dam1953
10/14Rivers and Harbors1953
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1953
10/18Richland, WA -- disposition1953
10/19Wahluke Slope1953
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1953
10/23U.S. Budget Bureau1953
10/24U.S. Census Bureau1953
10/25-26U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration1953
11/1U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration1953
11/2, 11/2aU.S. Civil Service Commission1953
11/3U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1953
11/4U.S. Coast Guard1953
11/5U.S. Commerce Department1953
11/6-7U.S. Conservation Program Service -soilconservation1953
11/8U.S. Customs Bureau1953
U.S. Defense Department1953
11/9, 11/9aGeneral1953
11/10Defense Procurement1953
11/11U.S. Defense Minerals Administration1953
11/12U.S. Economic Stabilization Agency1953
11/13U.S. Education Office1953
11/14U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1953
11/15U.S. Farmers Home Administration1953
11/16U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1953
11/17U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1953
11/18U.S. Federal Communications Commission1953
11/19U.S. Federal Housing Administration1953
U.S. Federal Power Commission1953
11/23Washington Water Power Company and Puget Sound Power and Light Merger1953
11/24U.S. Federal Trade Commission1953
11/25U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1953
12/1U.S. Food and Drug Administration1953
12/2U.S. Foreign Operations Administration1953
12/3U.S. Forest Service1953
12/4U.S. General Accounting Office1953
12/5U.S. General Services Administration1953
12/6U.S. Geological Survey1953
12/7U.S. Government Printing Office1953
12/8U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1953
12/9-10U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1953
12/11U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1953
12/12-13aU.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1953
U.S. Interior Department1953
12/16Lake Wallula1953
12/17U.S. Internal Revenue Service1953
12/18U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1953
12/19U.S. Justice Department1953
12/20U.S. Labor Department1953
12/21U.S. Land Management Bureau1953
12/22U.S. Library of Congress1953
13/1U.S. Mines Bureau1953
13/2U.S. Maritime Commission1953
13/3U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1953
13/4U.S. National Standards Bureau1953
13/5U.S. National Production Authority1953
13/6U.S. National Labor Relations Board1953
U.S. National Park Service1953
13/8-9Olympic National Park1953
U.S. Navy1953
13/15Rickover, Hyman G.1953
13/16-18U.S. Navy. Sand Point Naval Air Station --closure1953
13/19U.S. Patent Office1953
U.S. Post Office1953
13/25Examination Notices1953
13/26Rural Station Closures1953
13/27U.S. Price Stabilization Office1953
13/28U.S. Production and MarketingAdministration1953
13/29U.S. Public Health Service1953
13/30-31U.S. Public Housing Administration1953
13/32U.S. Public Roads Administration1953
13/27U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1953
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1953
14/3-5Grand Coulee Dam1953
14/6Soap Lake -- rising water level1953
14/7U.S. Reconstruction Finance Corporation1953
14/8U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1953
14/9U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1953
14/10-11U.S. Selective Service System1953
14/12U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous committees1953
14/13U.S. Small Business Administration1953
14/14-15U.S. Social Security Administration1953
14/16-18U.S. Soil Conservation Service1953
U.S. State Department1953
14/22Book Burning1953
14/23Horton, Douglas (Mrs.)1953
14/24-25Lumber Exploitation1953
14/26Passport Division1953
14/27-29Visa Division1953
14/30Voice of America Site1953
14/31U.S. Supreme Court1953
14/32U.S. Tariff Commission1953
14/33U.S. Treasury Department1953
14/34U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority1953
14/35U.S. Veterans Administration1953
15/1U.S. Wage Stabilization Board1953
15/2U.S. War Claims Commission1953
15/3U.S. Weather Bureau1953
15/4U.S. Army. Engineers Corps -- Rivers andHarbors1954
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1954
15/6Hanford, WA -- coal mines1954
15/7Richland, WA -- disposition1954
15/3U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1954
15/9U.S. Budget Bureau1954
15/10U.S. Census Bureau1954
15/11-12U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1954
15/13U.S. Civil Service Commission1954
15/14U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1954
15/15U.S. Coast Guard1954
15/16U.S. Commerce Department1954
15/17U.S. Customs Bureau1954
15/18-25U.S. Defense Department1954
15/26-28U.S. Education Office1954
15/29-31U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1954
U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1954
15/33-34Reed (Mark E.) Memorial Hospital1954
U.S. Federal Communications Commission1954
16/2Television Booster Stations1954
16/3U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1954
16/4U.S. Federal Housing Administration1954
16/5U.S. Federal Power Commission1954
16/6U.S. Federal Trade Commission1954
16/7U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1954
16/8U.S. Foreign Claims Commission1954
16/9U.S. Foreign Operations Administration1954
16/10U.S. General Accounting Office1954
16/11-12U.S. General Services Administration1954
16/13U.S. Government Printing Office1954
16/14U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1954
16/15U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1954
16/16U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1954
16/17-18U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1954
16/19U.S. Information Agency1954
16/20U.S. Interior Department1954
16/21U.S. Internal Revenue Service1954
16/22-23U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1954
16/24-25U.S. Justice Department1954
16/26U.S. Labor Department1954
16/27U.S. Land Management Bureau1954
16/28U.S. Library of Congress1954
17/1U.S. Maritime Commission1954
17/2U.S. National Guard1954
17/3U.S. National Labor Relations Board1954
17/4U.S. National Park Service1954
17/5-10U.S. Navy1954
17/11U.S. Patent Office1954
U.S. Post Office1954
17/17Raymond, WA1954
17/18Richmond Beach, WA1954
17/19Wenatchee, WA1954
17/20U.S. Public Health Service1954
17/21U.S. Public Housing Administration1954
17/22U.S. Public Roads Administration1954
17/23U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1954
17/24U.S. Reclamation Bureau1954
17/25U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1954
17/26U.S. Selective Service System1954
17/27U.S. Small Business Administration1954
17/28U.S. Social Security Administration1954
U.S. State Department1954
18/1Passport Division1954
18/2U.S. Tariff Commission1954
18/3U.S. Treasury Department1954
18/4-5U.S. Veterans Administration1954
18/6U.S. War Claims Commission1954
18/7-13U.S. Agriculture Department1954
U.S. Air Force1955
18/19Paine Field1955
18/20-23Spokane Supply Depot1955
18/24-28U.S. Army1955
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1955
13/32Chinook Harbor1955
18/33Neah Bay, WA1955
18/34-35Rivers and Harbors1955
18/36Tacoma, WA1955
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1955
19/1Prosser Barricade1955
19/2U.S. Budget Bureau1955
19/3U.S. Census Bureau1955
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1955
19/5Northwest Air Service1955
19/6-7Northwest-Alaska Air Service1955
19/8Seattle-Honolulu Air Service1955
19/9-10U.S. Coast Guard1955
19/11U.S. Commerce Department1955
19/12U.S. Customs Bureau1955
19/13U.S. Defense Department1955
19/14U.S. Education Office1955
19/15U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1955
19/16U.S. Export-Import Bank1955
19/17U.S. Farmers Home Administration1955
19/18U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1955
19/19-20U.S. Federal Communications Commission1955
19/21U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1955
19/22U.S. Federal Housing Survey1955
19/23U.S. Federal Power Commission1955
19/24U.S. Federal Trade Commission1955
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1955
19/27Jones Island1955
19/28U.S. Food and Drug Administration1955
19/29U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1955
19/30-31U.S. Foreign Operations Administration1955
U.S. Forest Service1955
19/33Wind River Sustained Yield Unit Application 1955
U.S. General Accounting Office1955
19/35Government-owned Timber Sales1955
20/1-4Government-owned Timber Sales1955
U.S. General Services Administration1955
20/7-8Baker-West Disposal1955
20/9U.S. Geological Survey1955
20/10U.S. Government Printing Office1955
20/11U.S. Health, Education, and WelfareDepartment1955
20/12U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1955
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1955
20/16Hearings -- Timber Sales on Indian Reservations 1955
20/17Tulalip Shores1955
20/18U.S. Interior Department1955
20/19-20U.S. Internal Revenue Service1955
20/21U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1955
20/22U.S. Justice Department1955
20/23U.S. Labor Department1955
20/24U.S. Land Management Bureau1955
20/25U.S. Library of Congress1955
20/26U.S. Maritime Commission1955
20/27U.S. Mines Bureau1955
21/1U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1955
21/2U.S. National Labor Relations Board1955
21/3U.S. National Park Service1955
U.S. Navy1955
21/10Bremerton Dry Dock1955
21/11U.S. Patent Office1955
U.S. Post Office Department1955
21/15Nominations Confirmed1955
21/16Post Office Closures1955
21/17U.S. Public Health Service1955
U.S. Public Housing Administration1955
21/20Bremerton, WA -- rent increases1955
21/21U.S. Public Roads Administration1955
21/22U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1955
21/23U.S. Reclamation Bureau1955
21/24U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1955
21/25U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1955
21/26U.S. Selective Service System1955
22/1U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous committees1955
22/2U.S. Small Business Administration1955
22/3-5U.S. Soil Conservation Service1955
22/6-9U.S. State Department1955
22/10U.S. Supreme Court1955
22/11U.S. Tariff Commission1955
22/12-13U.S. Treasury Department1955
U.S. Veterans Administration1955
22/15National Military Home, Fort Warden1955
U.S. Agriculture Department1956
22/20Animal Disease Lab1956
22/21-26U.S. Air Force1956
22/27-32U.S. Army1956
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1956
23/2American Lake, WA1956
23/3-4Anacortes, WA1956
23/5-8Bellingham, WA1956
23/9-10Blaine, WA1956
23/11Columbia River Mouth1956
23/12-13Everett Harbor1956
23/14Grays Harbor -- West Haven Breakwater1956
23/15-16Quillayute, WA1956
23/17-19Rivers and Harbors1956
23/20Shilshole Bay1956
23/21Stillaguamish River Project1956
23/22Willapa River (incl. Naselle Harbor)1956
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1956
24/1-3Hanford Coal Contract -- Roslyn-Cle Elum Coal Mines1956
24/4-6Richland, WA -- Disposal1956
24/7Uranium Processing Plant (Spokane, WA) 1956
24/8U.S. Budget Bureau1956
24/9U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration1956
24/10-11U.S. Civil Service Commission1956
24/12U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1956
24/13U.S. Coast Guard1956
24/14U.S. Commerce Department1956
24/15U.S. Customs Bureau1956
U.S. Defense Department1956
24/19Defense Mobilization1956
24/20U.S. Education Office1956
24/21U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1956
24/22U.S. Farmers Home Administration1956
24/23U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1956
U.S. Federal Communications Commission1956
24/25Queen City Broadcasting Company1956
24/26Television Booster Stations1956
25/1U.S. Federal Conciliation and MediationService1956
25/2-3U.S. Federal Housing Administration1956
25/4U.S. Federal National Mortgage Association--secondary market operations1956
25/5U.S. Federal Power Commission1956
25/6U.S. Federal Savings and Loan InsuranceCorporation1956
25/7U.S. Federal Trade Commission1956
25/8U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1956
25/9U.S. Food and Drug Administration1956
25/10U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1956
U.S. Forest Service1956
25/12Mt. Baker Improvements1956
25/13U.S. General Accounting Office1956
U.S. General Services Administration1956
25/16-17Simplified Keyboard System1956
25/18Tacoma Federal Building1956
25/19U.S. Government Printing Office1956
25/20U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1956
U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1956
25/22-24Richland Housing Appraisal Protest1956
25/25-26U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1956
25/27U.S. Indian Claims Commission1956
25/28U.S. Information Agency1956
25/29-30U.S. Interior Department1956
26/1-2U.S. Internal Revenue Service1956
26/3U.S. International CooperationAdministration1956
26/4-5U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1956
26/6U.S. Justice Department1956
26/7U.S. Labor Department1956
26/8U.S. Land Management Bureau1956
26/9U.S. Library of Congress1956
26/10U.S. Maritime Commission1956
26/11U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1956
26/12U.S. National Labor Relations Board1956
U.S. Park Service1956
26/14-17Mission 661956
26/18U.S. National Science Foundation1956
U.S. Navy1956
26/25U.S. Navy. Ammunition Depot. Bangor, WA 1956
27/1U.S. Navy. Puget Sound Navy Yard - workload reduction1956
27/2U.S. Navy. Spokane Naval Air Base -- closure 1956
27/3U.S. Patent Office1956
U.S. Post Office Department1956
27/4, 5, 5a, 6General1956
27/7East Sound1956
27/8Spokane Postal Transportation Service Promotion Plan1956
27/9U.S. Public Health Service1956
27/10U.S. Public Housing Administration1956
27/11U.S. Public Roads Bureau1956
27/12U.S. Reclamation Bureau1956
27/13U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1956
27/14U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1956
27/15U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous committees1956
27/16U.S. Small Business Administration1956
27/17U.S. Social Security Administration1956
27/18-19U.S. Soil Conservation Service1956
U.S. State Department1956
27/22Religious Freedom in Columbia1956
27/23U.S. Tariff Commission1956
27/24U.S. Treasury Department1956
27/25U.S. Veterans Administration1956
27/26United Nations1956
U.S. Agriculture Department1957
28/1Curly Top Resistant Tomatoes1957
23/2Regional Research Lab Proposal1957
23/3Wheat Standards1957
28/4-10U.S. Air Force1957
U.S. Army1957
28/18-19Bishop, Dorothy1957
28/20-21Girard, William S.1957
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1957
28/26-27Rivers and Harbors1957
29/1Rivers and Harbors1957
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1957
29/8-9Wahluke Slope1957
29/10-11U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1957
29/12U.S. Census Bureau1957
29/13-16U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration1957
29/17U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1957
29/18U.S. Coast Guard1957
29/19-20U.S. Commerce Department1957
29/21U.S. Customs Bureau1957
U.S. Defense Department1957
29/29Armed Services Civilian Employment Cuts 1957
30/1a,bSeattle Army Terminal1957
30/2U.S. Defense Mobilization Office1957
30/3U.S. Education Office1957
30/4U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1957
30/5U.S. Farmers Home Administration1957
30/6U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1957
30/7U.S. Federal Communications Commission1957
30/8-10U.S. Federal Housing Administration1957
U.S. Federal Power Commission1957
30/13-15Natural Gas Rates1957
30/16Seattle Boundary Project Licensing Application 1957
30/17U.S. Federal Trade Commission1957
30/18U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1957
30/19U.S. Food and Drug Administration1957
U.S. Forest Service1957
31/1a,bGlacier Peak Wilderness Area1957
31/2U.S. General Accounting Office -- AlaskaJunkCompany1957
U.S. General Services Administration1957
31/5National Grange Headquarters Building Relocation 1957
31/6Seattle Christian School1957
31/7-3Seattle Post Office Building1957
31/9U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1957
31/10U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1957
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1957
31/13-14Quinalt Indian Reservation Timber Sales 1957
31/15U.S. Indian Claims Commission1957
31/16U.S. Interior Department1957
31/17U.S. Internal Revenue Service -- FederalFirearmsAct1957
31/18U.S. International CooperationAdministration1957
31/19U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1957
31/20-21U.S. Justice Department1957
32/1U.S. Labor Department1957
U.S. Land Management Bureau1957
32/4Pressentin, E. V.1957
32/5U.S. Library of Congress1957
32/6U.S. Marine Corps1957
32/7U.S. Maritime Commission1957
32/8U.S. Mines Bureau1957
32/9U.S. National Labor Relations Board1957
U.S. National Park Service1957
Mission 661957
32/11Grand Coulee Dam Recreation Area
32/12-13Mt. Rainier National Park -- Rockefeller Survey
32/14Ohanapecosh Cut-off Route1957
32/15Sol Duc Hot Springs Pool1957
32/16U.S. National Science Foundation1957
U.S. Navy1957
33/1Ellensburg Retraining Center Proposal1957
33/2Segregation Policy1957
33/3a,b-6U.S. Navy. Ammunition Depot. Willapa Harbor,WA1957
33/7-8U.S. Navy. Supply Depot. Spokane, WA --closure1957
33/9a,bU.S. Navy. Tacoma Naval Station --closure1957
33/10U.S. Patent Office1957
U.S. Post Office1957
33/15Lowell, WA1957
33/16U.S. Public Health Service1957
U.S. Public Housing Administration1957
33/18Sheridan Park -- Bremerton, WA1957
33/19U.S. Public Roads Administration1957
33/20U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1957
33/21U.S. Reclamation Bureau1957
34/1U.S. Reclamation Bureau1957
34/2U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1957
34/3U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1957
34/4U.S. Small Business Administration1957
34/5-6U.S. Social Security Administration1957
34/7U.S. Soil Conservation Service1957
34/8-9U.S. State Department1957
34/10U.S. Tariff Commission1957
34/11U.S. Treasury Department1957
U.S. Agriculture Department1957
28/1Curly Top Resistant Tomatoes
23/2Regional Research Lab Proposal
23/3Wheat Standards
28/4-10U.S. Air Force1957
U.S. Army1957
28/18-19Bishop, Dorothy
28/20-21Girard, William S.
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1957
28/26-27Rivers and Harbors
29/1Rivers and Harbors
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1957
29/8-9Wahluke Slope
29/10-11U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1957
29/12U.S. Census Bureau1957
29/13-16U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration1957
29/17U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1957
29/18U.S. Coast Guard1957
29/19-20U.S. Commerce Department1957
29/21U.S. Customs Bureau1957
U.S. Defense Department1957
29/29Armed Services Civilian Employment Cuts
30/1a,bSeattle Army Terminal
30/2U.S. Defense Mobilization Office1957
30/3U.S. Education Office1957
30/4U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1957
30/5U.S. Farmers Home Administration1957
30/6U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1957
30/7U.S. Federal Communications Commission1957
30/8-10U.S. Federal Housing Administration1957
U.S. Federal Power Commission1957
30/13-15Natural Gas Rates
30/16Seattle Boundary Project Licensing Application
30/17U.S. Federal Trade Commission1957
30/18U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1957
30/19U.S. Food and Drug Administration1957
U.S. Forest Service1957
31/1a,bGlacier Peak Wilderness Area
31/2U.S. General Accounting Office -- AlaskaJunkCompany1957
U.S. General Services Administration1957
31/5National Grange Headquarters Building Relocation
31/6Seattle Christian School
31/7-3Seattle Post Office Building
31/9U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1957
31/10U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1957
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1957
31/13-14Quinalt Indian Reservation Timber Sales
31/15U.S. Indian Claims Commission1957
31/16U.S. Interior Department1957
31/17U.S. Internal Revenue Service -- FederalFirearmsAct1957
31/18U.S. International CooperationAdministration1957
31/19U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1957
31/20-21U.S. Justice Department1957
32/1U.S. Labor Department1957
U.S. Land Management Bureau1957
32/4Pressentin, E. V.
32/5U.S. Library of Congress1957
32/6U.S. Marine Corps1957
32/7U.S. Maritime Commission1957
32/8U.S. Mines Bureau1957
32/9U.S. National Labor Relations Board1957
U.S. National Park Service1957
Mission 66
32/11Grand Coulee Dam Recreation Area
32/12-13Mt. Rainier National Park -- Rockefeller Survey
32/14Ohanapecosh Cut-off Route
32/15Sol Duc Hot Springs Pool
32/16U.S. National Science Foundation1957
U.S. Navy1957
33/1Ellensburg Retraining Center Proposal
33/2Segregation Policy
33/3a,b-6U.S. Navy. Ammunition Depot. Willapa Harbor,WA1957
33/7-8U.S. Navy. Supply Depot. Spokane, WA --closure1957
33/9a,bU.S. Navy. Tacoma Naval Station --closure1957
33/10U.S. Patent Office1957
U.S. Post Office1957
33/15Lowell, WA
33/16U.S. Public Health Service1957
U.S. Public Housing Administration1957
33/18Sheridan Park -- Bremerton, WA
33/19U.S. Public Roads Administration1957
33/20U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1957
33/21U.S. Reclamation Bureau1957
34/1U.S. Reclamation Bureau1957
34/2U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1957
34/3U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1957
34/4U.S. Small Business Administration1957
34/5-6U.S. Social Security Administration1957
34/7U.S. Soil Conservation Service1957
34/8-9U.S. State Department1957
34/10U.S. Tariff Commission1957
34/11U.S. Treasury Department1957
U.S. Agriculture Department1958
34/15Brucellosis Eradication Program1958
39/16P. L. 480 Program1958
34/17a,b-19a,b-20U.S. Air Force1958
35/1U.S. Air Force1958
U.S. Army1958
35/7Bankers Life and Casualty1958
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1958
35/10-11Proposed Edmonds Marina -- petitions1958
35/12-14Rivers and Harbors1958
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1958
35/18Butcher, L. H.1958
35/19Hanford Reactors1958
36/1U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1958
36/2U.S. Census Bureau1958
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1958
36/5-7Northwest Local Air Service1958
36/8Tacoma Airport1958
36/9U.S. Civil Service Commission1958
36/10U.S. Coast Guard1958
36/11U.S. Commerce Department1958
36/12U.S. Community Facilities Administration1958
36/13U.S. Customs Bureau1958
U.S. Defense Department1958
36/19Labor Surplus Areas -- governmental contracts 1958
36/20Submersible Offshore Missile Launching Platforms 1958
U.S. Defense Mobilization Office1958
37/1Low Grade Chromium Conversion1958
37/2U.S. Education Office1958
37/3a,bU.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1958
37/4U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1958
37/5U.S. Export-Import Bank1958
37/6U.S. Farmers Home Administration1958
37/7U.S. Federal Communications Commission1958
37/8U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1958
37/9-10a,bU.S. Federal Housing Administration1958
U.S. Federal Power Commission1958
37/12Snohomish County -- Sultan River Project 1958
37/13U.S. Federal Trade Commission1958
37/14U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1958
37/15U.S. Food and Drug Administration1958
U.S. Forest Service1958
37/18Glacier Peak Wilderness Area1958
37/19Lewis River Access Problem1958
37/20-21Timber Sales Program1958
37/22U.S. General Accounting Office1958
U.S. General Services Administration1958
33/4Camp Hayden Disposal1958
38/5Kaiser Closure1958
38/3Renton Highlands Housing Disposal1958
38/7U.S. Army. Engineers Corps. Depot. Pasco, WA -- disposal1958
38/8U.S. Government Printing Office1958
38/9U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1958
38/10U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1958
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1958
38/14-15Gilbert, Elon (lease)1958
38/16Quinalt Timber Problem1958
38/17Wapato Satus Project1958
38/18U.S. Information Agency1958
U.S. Interior Department1958
38/21a,bLong-Range Mineral Program1958
38/22Matenuska Valley Lines1958
39/1-4U.S. Internal Revenue Department1958
U.S. International CooperationAdministration1958
39/5-8Roslyn-Cle Elum Coal Mines1958
39/10U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1958
39/11-12U.S. Justice Department1958
39/13-14U.S. Labor Department1958
U.S. Land Management Bureau1958
39/16Rawson (Fred B.) Claim1958
39/17U.S. Library of Congress1958
39/18U.S. Marine Corps1958
39/19U.S. Maritime Commission1958
39/20U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1958
39/21U.S. National Labor Relations Board1958
U.S. National Park Service1958
39/24Mission 66 -- Pt. Rainier National Park -- Rockefeller Survey1958
39/25Olympic National Park Strip Road -- Neah Bay to LaPush1958
39/26U.S. National Science Foundation1958
U.S. Navy1958
40/6Ault Field (Whidbey Island, WA)1958
40/7Pacific Northwest Ammunition Depot1958
40/8Sixth Fleet Visit1958
40/9-11Wage Fixing -- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 1958
40/12-17U.S. Post Office Department1958
40/18U.S. Public Health Service1958
40/19U.S. Public Housing Administration1958
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1958
40/21Lewis and Clark Highway1958
40/22Second Lake Washington Bridge1958
41/1U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1958
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1958
41/5-6Columbia Basin Project1958
41/7Grand Coulee Dam Lighting1958
41/8U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1958
41/9U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1958
41/10-11U.S. Small Business Administration1958
41/12U.S. Soil Conservation Service1958
U.S. State Department1958
41/19Aluminum Industry1958
41/20Neff, A. L. -- Second International Amateur Boxing Tournament1958
U.S. Tariff Commission1958
41/23-25Processed Shingles Importation1958
42/1U.S. Treasury Department1958
42/2U.S. Veterans Administration1958
U.S. Agriculture Department1958
34/15Brucellosis Eradication Program
39/16P. L. 480 Program
34/17a,b-19a,b-20U.S. Air Force1958
35/1U.S. Air Force1958
U.S. Army1958
35/7Bankers Life and Casualty
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1958
35/10-11Proposed Edmonds Marina -- petitions
35/12-14Rivers and Harbors
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1958
35/18Butcher, L. H.
35/19Hanford Reactors
36/1U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1958
36/2U.S. Census Bureau1958
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1958
36/5-7Northwest Local Air Service
36/8Tacoma Airport
36/9U.S. Civil Service Commission1958
36/10U.S. Coast Guard1958
36/11U.S. Commerce Department1958
36/12U.S. Community Facilities Administration1958
36/13U.S. Customs Bureau1958
U.S. Defense Department1958
36/19Labor Surplus Areas -- governmental contracts
36/20Submersible Offshore Missile Launching Platforms
U.S. Defense Mobilization Office1958
37/1Low Grade Chromium Conversion
37/2U.S. Education Office1958
37/3a,bU.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1958
37/4U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1958
37/5U.S. Export-Import Bank1958
37/6U.S. Farmers Home Administration1958
37/7U.S. Federal Communications Commission1958
37/8U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1958
37/9-10a,bU.S. Federal Housing Administration1958
U.S. Federal Power Commission1958
37/12Snohomish County -- Sultan River Project
37/13U.S. Federal Trade Commission1958
37/14U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1958
37/15U.S. Food and Drug Administration1958
U.S. Forest Service1958
37/18Glacier Peak Wilderness Area
37/19Lewis River Access Problem
37/20-21Timber Sales Program
37/22U.S. General Accounting Office1958
U.S. General Services Administration1958
33/4Camp Hayden Disposal
38/5Kaiser Closure
38/3Renton Highlands Housing Disposal
38/7U.S. Army. Engineers Corps. Depot. Pasco, WA -- disposal
38/8U.S. Government Printing Office1958
38/9U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1958
38/10U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1958
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1958
38/14-15Gilbert, Elon (lease)
38/16Quinalt Timber Problem
38/17Wapato Satus Project
38/18U.S. Information Agency1958
U.S. Interior Department1958
38/21a,bLong-Range Mineral Program
38/22Matenuska Valley Lines
39/1-4U.S. Internal Revenue Department1958
U.S. International CooperationAdministration1958
39/5-8Roslyn-Cle Elum Coal Mines
39/10U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1958
39/11-12U.S. Justice Department1958
39/13-14U.S. Labor Department1958
U.S. Land Management Bureau1958
39/16Rawson (Fred B.) Claim
39/17U.S. Library of Congress1958
39/18U.S. Marine Corps1958
39/19U.S. Maritime Commission1958
39/20U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1958
39/21U.S. National Labor Relations Board1958
U.S. National Park Service1958
39/24Mission 66 -- Pt. Rainier National Park -- Rockefeller Survey
39/25Olympic National Park Strip Road -- Neah Bay to LaPush
39/26U.S. National Science Foundation1958
U.S. Navy1958
40/6Ault Field (Whidbey Island, WA)
40/7Pacific Northwest Ammunition Depot
40/8Sixth Fleet Visit
40/9-11Wage Fixing -- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
40/12-17U.S. Post Office Department1958
40/18U.S. Public Health Service1958
40/19U.S. Public Housing Administration1958
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1958
40/21Lewis and Clark Highway
40/22Second Lake Washington Bridge
41/1U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1958
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1958
41/5-6Columbia Basin Project
41/7Grand Coulee Dam Lighting
41/8U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1958
41/9U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1958
41/10-11U.S. Small Business Administration1958
41/12U.S. Soil Conservation Service1958
U.S. State Department1958
41/19Aluminum Industry
41/20Neff, A. L. -- Second International Amateur Boxing Tournament
U.S. Tariff Commission1958
41/23-25Processed Shingles Importation
42/1U.S. Treasury Department1958
42/2U.S. Veterans Administration1958
U.S. Agriculture Department1959
42/10Grain Sanitation1959
42/11Potato Research in Washington State1959
42/12Soil Surveys1959
U.S. Air Force1959
42/20McChord Air Force Base Airline Services Case 1959
U.S. Army1959
43/3Fort Lewis Bus Service1959
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1959
43/9Advance Notices and Contract Awards1959
43/10-13Rivers and Harbors1959
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1959
43/19-21Hanford Convertible Reactor1959
43/22Hanford Janitorial Contract1959
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1959
U.S. Budget Bureau1959
44/1Snohomish County Inclusion in Seattle Standard Metropolitan Area1959
44/2U.S. Census Bureau1959
44/3U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1959
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1959
44/6-7Pan American Airlines -- Hawaii renewal case 1959
44/8U.S. Civil and Defense MobilizationOffice1959
44/9U.S. Civil Rights Commission1959
44/10U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1959
44/11U.S. Coast Guard1959
44/12-13U.S. Commerce Department1959
44/14U.S. Community Facilities Administration1959
44/15U.S. Customs Bureau1959
U.S. Defense Department1959
44/20-26Seattle-San Francisco Military Cargo1959
44/27-30U.S. Education Office1959
44/31U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1959
44/32U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1959
45/1U.S. Farmers Home Administration1959
U.S. Federal Aviation Agency1959
45/4Volpe Claim1959
45/5U.S. Federal Civil DefenseAdministration1959
U.S. Federal Communications Commission1959
45/9Duff Radio Station Application1959
45/10Gasoline Price Wars1959
45/11U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1959
45/12U.S. Federal Housing Administration1959
45/13U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1959
45/14-15U.S. Federal Power Commission1959
45/16-17U.S. Federal Trade Commission1959
45/18U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1959
45/19U.S. Food and Drug Administration1959
45/20U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1959
U.S. Forest Service1959
45/24Glacier Peak Wilderness Area1959
Timber Sales1959
46/2-3Lewis, Stafford1959
46/4-5U.S. General Accounting Office1959
U.S. General Services Administration1959
46/9-10U.S. Army. Engineers Corps. Depot. Pasco, WA -- disposal1959
46/11-12U.S. Navy. Supply Depot. Spokane, WA -- disposal 1959
46/13U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1959
46/14U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1959
46/15-16U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1959
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1959
47/1-2Wapato Satus Project1959
47/3U.S. Indian Claims Commission1959
U.S. Interior Department1959
47/8-9Alaska Fish Traps1959
47/10Consolidated Mines and Smelting Company Patent Application1959
47/11U.S. Internal Revenue Service -- communitypropertystates1959
47/12-13U.S. International CooperationAdministration1959
47/14U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1959
47/15-16U.S. Justice Department1959
U.S. Labor Department1959
47/18Farm Labor Recruitment Regulations (proposed) 1959
47/19U.S. Land Management Bureau1959
47/20U.S. Marine Corps1959
47/21U.S. Maritime Administration1959
47/22U.S. Merchant Marine -- shipbuilders annualreport1959
47/23U.S. National Academy of Sciences1959
47/24U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1959
47/25U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1959
47/26U.S. National Labor Relations Board1959
U.S. National Park Service1959
48/1Mt. Rainier National Park Overnight Facilities 1959
U.S. National Science Foundation1959
48/3Northwest Computer Center -- U. N. Proposal 1959
48/4-6U.S. National War College1959
U.S. Navy1959
48/14-15U.S.S. Funston and O'Hara1959
48/16U.S. Navy. Tacoma Naval Station Disposal 1959
48/17U.S. Patent Office1959
U.S. Post Office1959
48/26Seattle-Spokane Mail Service Change1959
48/27Seward-Nikolski Mail Route Service1959
U.S. Public Health Service1959
48/29Cushnman Indian Hospital1959
48/30U.S. Public Housing Administration1959
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1959
49/3-4Highway 4101959
49/5U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1959
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1959
49/10Chehalis River Survey1959
49/11Greater Wenatchee Project1959
49/12Wahluke Slope Development1959
49/13U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1959
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1959
49/15Rule 136-140 -- proposed assessable stock changes 1959
49/16U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous committees1959
U.S. Small Business Administration1959
49/19Pend Oreille County Mill1959
49/20U.S. Soil Conservation Service1959
49/21-25U.S. State Department1959
50/1-2U.S. State Department1959
50/3U.S. Tariff Commission1959
50/4U.S. Treasury Department1959
50/5U.S. Veterans Administration1959
50/6International Joint Commission1960
50/7-9U.S. Agriculture Department1960
50/10-13U.S. Air Force1960
50/14, 15a,b, 16U.S. Army1960
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1960
50/19Advance Notices and Contract Awards1960
50/20Bellingham, WA1960
50/21Brewster Project1960
50/22Cedar River1960
Columbia River1960
51/1Deep Draft Ship Canal
51/2Fisher's Island and Barlow Point -- Longview, WA
51/3Mouth Dredging
51/4, 5a,b, 6Tributaries Review Reports
51/7Cowlitz River at Castle Rock, Randle, Toledo and Kelso1960
51/8Edmonds Boat Harbor1960
51/9Elochonien Slough1960
51/10Flood Control1960
51/11Friday Harbor, WA1960
51/12Port Angeles, WA1960
51/13Port Townsend, WA1960
51/14Portland Harbor1960
51/15Providence and Esquatzel Coulee (flood control) 1960
51/16Puget Sound Bridge1960
51/17Rivers and Harbors1960
51/18Sammamish River1960
51/19Tacoma-Hylebos Waterway1960
51/20Tokeland (Willapa) Erosion Problem1960
51/21-23Upper Columbia River Development1960
52/1Vancouver Lake Project1960
52/2-3Wynooche River (flood control)1960
52/4Yakima Firing Center1960
52/5Yakima River at Ellensburg, WA (flood control) 1960
52/6Yakima River near Richland, WA1960
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1960
52/9Hanford Coal Contract1960
52/10-11Hanford Labor Dispute1960
52/12Hanford Reactor1960
52/13Ozeroff (Mary) Housing Problem1960
52/14Stanford Linear Accelerator1960
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1960
52/16a,b-17a,bCalifornia Intertie1960
52/18U.S. Census Bureau1960
52/19U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1960
52/20U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1960
52/21U.S. Civil and Defense MobilizationOffice1960
52/22-24U.S. Civil Service Commission1960
52/25U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1960
53/1U.S. Coast Guard1960
53/2U.S. Commerce Department1960
53/3U.S. Community FacilitatesAdministration1960
53/4U.S. Customs Bureau1960
U.S. Defense Department1960
53/7-8Copehart Housing Program1960
53/9-10Household Goods "Movement1960
53/11-13U.S. Education Office1960
53/14-15U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau -- Kahn, CecilP.1960
53/16U.S. Employment Security Bureau1960
53/17U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1960
53/13U.S. Farm Credit Administration1960
53/19U.S. Farmers Home Administration1960
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1960
53/22Tacoma Municipal Airport1960
53/23Walla Walla Airport Instrument Landing System 1960
53/24U.S. Federal Communications Commission1960
53/25U.S. Federal Housing Administration -ColumbiaHeights Housing Disposal1960
53/26U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1960
54/1U.S. Federal Housing Administration1960
54/2U.S. Federal National MortgageAssociation1960
54/3U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1960
U.S. Forest Service1960
54/6Timber Sales1960
54/6U.S. General Accounting Office1960
54/7U.S. Federal Power Commission1960
54/8U.S. Federal Trade Commission1960
54/9U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1960
54/10U.S. Food and Drug Administration1960
U.S. General Accounting Office1960
54/11-12Moorland Court, Inc.1960
U.S. General Services Administration1960
54/16a,bBridgeport Housing Disposal1960
54/17a,bFort Ward Disposal1960
U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1960
54/19-20Cranberry Industry1960
55/1U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1960
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1960
55/6Timber Sales -- Colville Indian Reservation 1960
55/7Yakima Reservation Leasing Problems1960
55/8-9U.S. Interior Department1960
55/10a,b-11U.S. Internal Revenue Service1960
55/12U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1960
55/13U.S. International CooperationAdministration1960
55/14-15U.S. Justice Department1960
55/16U.S. Labor Department1960
55/17U.S. Land Management Bureau1960
55/18U.S. Library of Congress1960
55/19U.S. Maritime Administration1960
'55/20U.S. National Academy of Sciences1960
55/21U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1960
55/22U.S. U.S. National Labor Relations Board1960
U.S. National Park Service1960
56/2Lake Quinalt North Shore1960
56/3U.S. National Science Foundation1960
U.S. Navy1960
56/9Everett Shipyard Disposal1960
56/10-11U.S. Navy. Quillayute Naval Air Field1960
56/12-19U.S. Outdoor Recreation Resource ReviewCommission1960
57/1-3U.S. Outdoor Recreation Resource ReviewCommission1960
57/4U.S. Patent Office1960
U.S. Post Office1960
57/13-14Distribution Guides System1960
57/15-17Nationwide Integrated Postal Service Plan 1960
57/18U.S. Public Health Service1960
U.S. Public Housing Administration1960
57/20Low Rent Housing -- Noses Lake, WA1960
57/21U.S. Public Roads Bureau1960
57/22U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1960
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1960
57/24-28Columbia Basin Project1960
58/1-2Columbia Basin Project1960
58/3Greater Wenatchee Project1960
58/4U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1960
58/5U.S. Securities and Exchange Cmmission1960
58/6-7U.S. Senate - miscellaneous Committees1960
58/8U.S. Senate. Small Business Committee1960
58/9U.S. Small Business Administration1960
58/10-12U.S. Social Security Administration1960
58/13U.S. Soil Conservation Service1960
U.S. State Department1960
58/18a,bInternational Law of the Sea Conference (fisheries treaty)1960
58/19U.S. Tariff Commission1960
58/20U.S. Treasury Department1960
58/21U.S. Veterans Administration1960
U.S. Agriculture Department1961
59/9Grain Export (Gee, William)1961
59/10Merritt, Lester (timber sales)1961
59/11-18U.S. Air Force1961
60/1U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1961
U.S. Army1961
60/6Capehart Housing -- Fort Lewis1961
60/7Survival Rations1961
60/8Walker, Edwin A.1961
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1961
60/13a,b-14Advance Notices and Contract Awards1961
60/15Bruce's Eddy Dam1961
60/16Civil Works Program1961
Columbia River -- Vancouver, WA1961
60/17The Dalles Ship Channel
61/1-3Willamette Mouth Improvement
61/4Dayton Flood Control1961
61/5Everett Harbor1961
61/6Flood Control1961
61/7Hoko River1961
61/8Hoquiam Fish Base1961
61/9-12John Day Dam1961
61/13-14Kingston Harbor Project1961
61/15-17Middle Snake River1961
61/18Nisqually River1961
Rivers and Harbors1961
61/20Flood Control
61/21-22Snohomish River Navigation Project
61/23Zintel Canyon1961
61/24-32U.S. Army. Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot1961
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1961
62/3Hanford Labor Dispute1961
62/4-9Hanford Reactor1961
62/10-18Press Releases and Memoranda1961
62/19Tandem Van de Graaf Reactor1961
63/1a,bU.S. Bonneville Power Administration1961
63/2U.S. Budget Bureau1961
63/3U.S. Census Bureau1961
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1961
63/6-7Pacific Northwest-Hawaii Routes1961
63/8Transpacific Routes1961
63/9-10U.S. Civil and Defense MobilizationOffice1961
63/11-12U.S. Civil Service Commission1961
63/13U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1961
63/14U.S. Coast Guard1961
63/15a,bU.S. Commerce Department1961
63/16U.S. Community Facilities Administration1961
63/17U.S. Customs Bureau1961
63/18U.S. Defense Department1961
64/1-5U.S. Defense Department1961
64/6U.S. District of Columbia Board1961
64/7-9U.S. Education Office1961
64/10U.S. Emergency Planning Office1961
64/11a,bU.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1961
64/12U.S. Employment Security Bureau1961
64/13U.S. Export-Import Bank1961
64/14-15U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1961
64/16U.S. Farm Credit Administration1961
64/17U.S. Farmers Home Administration1961
64/18-19U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1961
65/1-2U.S. Federal Communications Commission1961
65/3U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1961
65/4U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1961
65/5-7U.S. Federal Housing Administration1961
65/3-9U.S. Federal Power Commission1961
65/10U.S. Federal Trade Commission1961
65/11U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -1961
65/12U.S. Food and Drug Administration1961
65/13U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1961
U.S. Forest Service1961
65/21-22Caron, Leo A.1961
65/23Cedar River Watershed1961
65/24U.S. General Accounting Office1961
66/1-8U.S. General Services Administration1961
66/9U.S. Government Printing Office1961
66/10-13U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1961
66/14-18U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1961
66/19-23U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1961
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1961
67/1Makah Reservation1961
67/2Yakima Reservation Leasing Program1961
67/3U.S. Information Agency1961
U.S. Interior Department1961
67/8-10California Intertie1961
67/11-12Columbia Basin Project1961
67/13Columbia Basin Repayment Contract1961
67/14Wapato Satus Project1961
67/15-17U.S. Internal Revenue Service1961
67/18-19U.S. International CooperationAdministration1961
67/20U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1961
67/21U.S. Justice Department1961
68/1a,bU.S. Justice Department1961
68/2-4a,b-7U.S. Labor Department1961
68/8U.S. Land Management Bureau1961
68/9U.S. Library of Congress1961
68/10U.S. Marine Corps1961
68/11U.S. Maritime Administration1961
68/12-13U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1961
68/14U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1961
68/15U.S. National Fruit Express Council1961
68/16U.S. National Labor Relations Board1961
U.S. National Park Service1961
68/19Seven Lakes Basin1961
69/1-2U.S. National Science Foundation1961
U.S. Navy1961
69/11a,b"Communism on the Map" Film and Sanger, Kenneth J. 1961
69/12DeLong Corporation -- Mobile Nuclear Power Plant on Guam1961
69/13-16Keyport Commissary1961
U.S. Outdoor Recreation Resources ReviewCommission1961
70/5-6Study Reports1961
70/7U.S. Patent Office1961
70/8-9U.S. Peace Corps1961
U.S. Post Office1961
70/15Commemorative Stamps1961
71/1Garland Postal Substation1961
71/2Guidelines System1961
71/3Regional Office -- Portland, OR vs. Seattle, WA 1961
71/4-5U.S. Public Health Service1961
71/6a,bU.S. Public Roads Bureau1961
71/7U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1961
71/8-9U.S. Reclamation Bureau1961
71/10U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1961
71/11U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1961
71/12U.S. Selective Service System1961
71/13-14U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous committees1961
71/15U.S. Senate. Small Business Committee1961
71/16-20U.S. Small Business Administration1961
71/21U.S. Smithsonian Institution1961
71/22-23U.S. Soil Conservation Service1961
U.S. State Department1961
72/17-18Japanese Log Exports1961
72/19U.S. Tariff Commission1961
72/20U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority1961
72/21-22U.S. Treasury Department1961
72/23U.S. Veterans Administration1961
72/24U.S. Weather Bureau1961
72/25-28U.S. Agriculture Department1962
73/1-10U.S. Agriculture Department1962
U.S. Air Force1962
73/20-21U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1962
73/22U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1962
U.S. Army1962
74/2-3Alaska Freight Lines1962
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1962
74/9-10Columbia River, Vancouver, WA -- Willamette Mouth Improvement1962
74/11-12Contracts Awards and Press Notices1962
74/13Dayton Flood Control1962
74/14Grays Harbor and Chehalis River Navigation Project 1962
74/15John Day Dam1962
74/16Kingston Harbor Project1962
74/17Middle Snake River1962
74/18Rivers and Harbors1962
75/1Rivers and Harbors -- Swinomish Slough 1962
75/2U.S. Army. Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot1962
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1962
75/9Exo-Met Proposal1962
75/10Hanford Reactor1962
75/11Hanford Research Project1962
75/12a,bPress Releases1962
75/13a,bTri-City College Corporation1962
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1962
76/9U.S. Budget Bureau1962
76/10U.S. Census Bureau1962
76/11U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1962
76/12-13U.S. Civil Defense Office1962
76/14U.S. Civil Rights Commission1962
76/15-17U.S. Civil Service Commission1962
76/18U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1962
76/19U.S. Coast Guard1962
77/1-2U.S. Commerce Department1962
77/3U.S. Community Facilities Administration1962
77/4U.S. Customs Bureau1962
U.S. Defense Department1962
77/11Yakima Firing Range -- diatomaceous earth deposits 1962
77/12-13U.S. Education Office1962
77/14U.S. Emergency Planning Office1962
77/15-16U.S. Employees Compensation Bureau1962
77/17U.S. Employee Security Bureau1962
77/18U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1962
78/1U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1962
78/2U.S. Farmers Home Administration1962
78/3-4U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1962
78/5-6U.S. Federal Communications Commission1962
78/7U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1962
78/8U.S. Federal Nome Loan Bank Board1962
78/9U.S. Federal Housing Administration1962
78/10U.S. Federal Mediation and ConciliationService1962
78/11U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1962
78/12U.S. Federal Power Commission1962
78/13U.S. Federal Trade Commission1962
78/14a-15U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1962
78/16U.S. Food and Drub Administration1962
78/17U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1962
U.S. Forest Service1962
79/5-6Cooper City Sale -- Cougar Lakes Wilderness Area 1962
79/7Indian Timber Land Bidding -- Spikerman Brothers, Inc.1962
79/8-9U.S. General Accounting Office1962
U.S. General Services Administration1962
79/14Fort George Wright1962
79/15Spokane Federal Office Building1962
79/16U.S. Government Printing Office1962
U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1962
80/1-2Water Pollution Conference, Olympia, WA 1962
80/3U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1962
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1962
80/10Lumni Diking Project1962
80/11-12Quinalt Reservation Timber Sales1962
80/13U.S. Indian Claims Commission1962
80/14U.S. Information Agency1962
U.S. Interior Department1962
81/3-5a,bColumbia Basin Project.1962
81/6Ozette Indian Reservation1962
81/7Press Releases1962
81/8-9a,bU.S. International Development Agency1962
81/10-12U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1962
81/13-15a,bU.S. Justice Department1962
82/1-5U.S. Labor Department1962
82/6-7U.S. Land Management Bureau1962
82/8U.S. Library of Congress1962
82/9U.S. Maritime Administration1962
82/10U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1962
82/11U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1962
82/12U.S. National Labor Relations Board1962
82/13U.S. National Park Service1962
82/14-15U.S. National1962
U.S. Navy Science Foundation1962
82/21Analysts and Schedulers1962
83/1-2Flair, Inc. (missile launching equipment) 1962
83/3-4Keyport Commissary1962
83/5Polaris Submarines -- Bangor, WA as homeport 1962
83/6U.S. Outdoor Recreation Resources ReviewCommission1962
83/7U.S. Patent Office1962
83/8-10U.S. Peace Corps1962
U.S. Post Office1962
83/19-20Commemorative Stamps1962
83/21Nominations Confirmed1962
83/22Seattle Regional Office Engineering Positions 1962
83/24Work Measurement System (S. 1002)1962
83/25-26U.S. Public Health Service1962
84/1U.S. Public Housing Administration1962
84/2-3U.S. Public Roads Bureau1962
84/4U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1962
84/5-8U.S. Reclamation Bureau1962
84/9U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1962
84/10U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1962
84/11-14U.S. Senate -- miscellaneous Committees1962
84/15U.S. Senate. Small Business Committee1962
U.S. Small Business Administration1962
84/20-21McClure Carbon and Chemical Corporation 1962
84/22Set-Aside Program1962
84/23Special Poll Summary1962
84/24-25U.S. Social Security Administration1962
85/1-2U.S. Social Security Administration1962
85/3U.S. Soil Conservation Service1962
85/4a,b-6a,b-11U.S. State Department1962
85/12U.S. Tariff Commission1962
85/13-14U.S. Treasury Department1962
85/15U.S. Urban Renewal Administration1962
85/16-17U.S. Veterans Administration1962
85/18U.S. Weather Bureau1962
U.S. Agriculture Department1962
86/10U.S. Agriculture Stabilization andConservationService1963
86/11-17U.S. Air Force1963
U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1963
86/21Skagit County Nursing Training
U.S. Army1963
87/5-6Atlanta General Depot
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1963
87/12-14Contracts and Awards
87/15Flood Control
87/16Grays Harbor and Chehalis River
87/17Rivers and Harbors
87/18U.S. Army. Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot1963
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1963
88/4Batcheller, Willis T.
88/5-13Diversification of Hanford Project
88/14Press Releases and Memoranda
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1963
89/3U.S. Budget Bureau1963
89/4U.S. Census Bureau1963
89/5U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1963
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1963
89/7-8West Coast Airlines
89/9U.S. Civil Defense Office1963
89/10U.S. Civil War Centennial Commission1963
89/11U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1963
89/12U.S. Coast Guard1963
U.S. Commerce Department1963
89/18-19Canadian Lumber
89/20-21U.S. Community Facilities Administration1963
89/22U.S. Customs Service1963
U.S. Defense Department1963
90/6-10TFX Fighter-Bomber
90/11U.S. District of Columbia1963
90/12-13U.S. Education Office1963
90/14U.S. Emergency Planning Office1963
90/15U.S. Export-Import Bank1963
90/16U.S. Farm Credit Administration1963
90/17U.S. Farmers Home Administration1963
90/18-19U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1963
U.S. Federal Communications Commission1963
90/24Red Lion Radio Station
91/1U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1963
91/2U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1963
U.S. Federal Housing Administration1963
Appointments -- Regional Director
91/10Pleasant View Homes
91/11U.S. Federal Maritime Administration1963
91/12U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1963
91/13U.S. Federal Mediation and ConciliationService1963
91/14-15U.S. Federal Power Commission1963
91/16U.S. Federal Reserve System1963
91/17U.S. Federal Trade Commission1963
91/18-19U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1963
U.S. Food and Drug Administration1963
91/22Church of Scientology
U.S. Forest Service1963
92/5Copper City Timber Salvage Sale - Cougar Lakes Wilderness Area
92/6U.S. General Accounting Office1963
U.S. General Services Administration1963
92/9Manchester Fuel Depot Disposal
92/10-11U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1963
92/12-14U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1963
92/15-16U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1963
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1963
93/3Goudy, Al
93/4Lummi Diking Project
93/5Okanogan Indians
93/6U.S. Indian Claims Commission1963
93/7U.S. Information Agency1963
U.S. International Development Agency1963
93/11Locomotives to Turkey
U.S. Interior Department1963
93/16-17Columbia Basin Project
93/18U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1963
93/19-20U.S. Justice Department1963
93/21U.S. Justice Department. Internal SecurityDivision1963
93/22-23U.S. Labor Department1963
94/1U.S. Labor Department1963
94/2-3U.S. Land Management Bureau1963
94/4U.S. Marine Corps1963
94/5U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1963
94/6U.S. National Labor Relations Board1963
94/7U.S. National Mediation Board1963
U.S. National Park Service1963
94/11-13Mt. Rainier National Park -- Paradise Facilities
94/14-15U.S. National Science Foundation1963
94/16-20U.S. Navy1963
95/1-3U.S. Navy1963
95/4-5U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1963
95/6U.S. Outdoor Recreation Resources ReviewCommission1963
95/7U.S. Patent Office1963
95/8-9U.S. Peace Corps1963
U.S. Post Office1963
95/16Facilities and Sites
95/17U.S. Prisons Bureau1963
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1963
95/19Crystal Mountain Road
95/20-21U.S. Public Health Service1963
96/1U.S. Public Housing Administration1963
96/2U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1963
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1963
96/6Chief Joseph Dam -- Whitestone Coulee Unit
96/7U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1963
96/8U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1963
U.S. Small Business Administration1963
96/12Set-Asides and Dredging Contracts
96/13U.S. Small Business Administration. AdvisoryBoard1963
96/14-16U.S. Social Security Administration1963
U.S. State Department1963
97/8-9Pear Exports
97/10-11U.S. Tariff Commission1963
97/12-13U.S. Treasury Department1963
97/14U.S. Urban Renewal Administration1963
97/15U.S. Veterans Administration1963
97/16-18White House Staff1963
Legislative Correspondence
98/1Alcohol Advertising1952
98/2Annual Leave Amendment1952
98/3Bureau of Apprenticeships1952
98/4Constitutional Amendments (H. J. R. 376)1952
98/5-8Defense Production Act1952
98/9Equal Rights1952
98/10-12Fair Trade Bill -- loss leaders (H. R.5767)1952
98/13Foreign Policy1952
98/14Freight Forwarder Bills1952
98/15-16Government Economy1952
Government Employees (Post Office and CivilService)1952
98/17-18Overtime Pay1952
98/21Graham, Bill1952
98/22Hoover Commission (U.S. Organization of theExecutiveBranch Commission)1952
98/24Immigration (McCarran-Walters Act)1952
98/25Interstate Compact Bill (H. R. 2470)1952
98/28Military Pay1952
98/29Mine Safety (H. R. 7408)1952
98/30Mutual Security -- Point IV Program1952
98/31Optometry Bill (S. 106)1952
98/32Parcel Post Rates (H. R. 7852)1952
99/1Securities and Exchange CommissionProposedRegistration Fees1952
99/2Shipping Bill (S. 241)1952
99/3Social Security1952
99/4St. Lawrence Seaway1952
99/5Exemptions (Forand Bill -- H. R. 2764) 1952
99/6Juke Boxes Tax (H. R. 5473)1952
99/7LIFO Accounting (H. R. 7447)1952
99/8Tidelands Oil Issue -- oil for education1952
99/9UNICEF (United Nations InternationalChildren'sEmergency Fund)1952
99/10-11Universal Military Training1952
99/12-13Dairy Products1953
99/18Anti-Trust Laws1953
Armed Forces1953
99/19Pay Increase1953
99/21Atlantic Union Resolution1953
99/23-29Bricker Amendment (limit on treaty making powerofPresident and Senate)1953
100/2-3Health, Education and Welfare1953
100/6Post Office1953
100/7Hydroelectric Power1953
100/8State, Justice and Commerce1953
100/14Daylight Savings Time1953
100/15Defense Problems1953
100/16-18Doctor / Dentist Draft1953
100/19Economy in Government1953
100/20Education -- Federal Aid1953
100/21Equal Rights Amendment1953
100/22Ethics in Government1953
100/23Federal Security Agency -- cabinetstatus1953
100/25Foreign Aid1953
100/26-27Foreign Policy1953
100/28Forest Reserves (Baker Bill)1953
100/29Freight Forwarders1953
100/30Genocide Treaty1953
100/31Government Contracts1953
Government Employees1953
100/36Health Problems1953
100/37Home Rule1953
100/39-40Immigration Act1953
101/1Immigration Act1953
101/2-3Indian Affairs1953
101/4Industrial Development1953
101/5Interest Rates on Mortgages1953
101/6Investigations (McCarthy Committee)1953
101/7Juvenile Delinquency1953
101/8Koch, William F. -- cancer treatment1953
101/11Loyalty (Rosenberg case)1953
101/12Merchant Marine1953
101/13National Debt Limit1953
101/14National Grandmother's Day1953
101/15-16Natural Gas1953
Natural Resources1953
101/17Uniform Federal Grazing Land Act1953
101/19News Censorship1953
101/21Point Four Program1953
Postal Employees1953
101/22-23Pay Raise1953
101/27Postal Rates1953
Post Office1953
101/28Star Route Carrier's Contract1953
101/30-32Hell's Canyon Dam1953
102/2Presidential Primaries1953
102/3-4Price Controls1953
102/5Public Lands1953
102/6Railroad Rates1953
102/7Railroad Retirement Act1953
102/8Rent Controls1953
102/9Reserve Program1953
102/10St. Lawrence Seaway1953
102/11Senate -- Filibuster Rule1953
102/12Small Business1953
102/13-17Social Security1953
102/18-20Taft-Hartley Act1953
102/25Excise (theater admissions)1953
102/26-27Excise (miscellaneous)1953
102/28Oregon Sales Tax1953
102/29Pension Exemption (state and municipal taxes) 1953
103/4-9Tidelands Oil1953
103/12Trip Lease (Seattle)1953
102/13Trout (labeling)1953
103/14United Nations1953
103/15U.S. Organization of the Executive BranchCommission(Hoover Commission)1953
103/16-17Universal Military Training1953
103/20Veterans Preference Act1953
Veterans Administration1953
103/23Medical Service Program1953
103/25Vocational Rehabilitation1953
103/26World Calendar1953
104/4Farm Program1954
104/5Summer Fallow Program1954
104/19Health, Education and Welfare1954
104/22State, Justice and Commerce1954
Armed Forces1954
104/25Pay Increase1954
105/4Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Control1954
105/5-6Atomic Energy Commission1954
105/8-16Bricker Amendment1954
105/17Coffee Investigation (New York CoffeeExchange)1954
105/19Congressional Pay Increases1954
105/20Defense Problems1954
105/21Defense Procurement1954
District of Columbia1954
106/1Economy in Government1954
106/3Equal Rights1954
106/4Federal Rabies Bill1954
106/5Fishing Industry1954
106/7Foreign Aid1954
106/8-11Foreign Policy1954
106/12Genocide Treaty1954
106/13Government Contract1954
Government Employees1954
106/14Bureau of Prisons1954
106/15-22Pay Increase1954
106/26Hawaii Statehood1954
106/27Cancer Treatment1954
107/1Highway Problems1954
107/5Indian Affairs1954
107/6Internal Security1954
107/8Juvenile Delinquency1954
107/10-14McCarthy (Joseph) Censure1954
107/15Merchant Marine1954
107/16Mining Problems1954
107/17Narcotics Control1954
107/18National Debt Limit1954
107/19National Grandmother's Day1954
107/20Natural Gas1954
Natural Resources1954
107/21-25Dinosaur National Monument (Echo Park Dam) 1954
107/26Paradise Valley1954
108/2-5Pledge of Allegiance -- "Under God"1954
108/6Peace (incl. Korean Peace Treaty)1954
Postal Employees1954
108/7-17Pay Increase1954
108/19Postal Rates1954
108/20-22Post Office1954
109/1Dixon-Yates Bill1954
109/2Hell's Canyon Dam1954
109/3-4Power Problems1954
109/5Public Works1954
109/6Racial Discrimination1954
109/7Railroad Problems1954
Railroad Retirement1954
109/8-10Dual Compensation1954
109/13-14Robinson-Patman Act1954
109/15St. Lawrence Seaway1954
109/16Small Business1954
109/17-26Social Security1954
110/1-3Social Security1954
110/4-7Taft-Hartley Act1954
110/9Double Taxation1954
110/14Retirement Tax Exemption1954
111/12United Nations1954
111/13Universal Military Training1954
111/20Voting Age to 181954
111/21Vocational Rehabilitation1954
112/2-3Sugar Beets1955
112/8-9Alaska Statehood1955
112/14Health, Education and Welfare1955
112/15Independent Offices1955
112/17State, Justice and Commerce1955
112/19-25Armed Forces1955
Atomic Energy1955
112/26-27Richland, WA -- Disposal1955
113/1-2Richland, WA -- Disposal1955
113/6Bricker Amendment1955
113/7Civil Defense1955
113/8Communism and Internal Security1955
113/9Congressional Pay Increases1955
113/10Constitutional Amendments1955
113/11Defense Problems1955
113/12Defense Procurement1955
District of Columbia1955
113/15Economy in Government1955
113/16Equal Rights Amendment1955
113/17-19Federal Aid to Education1955
113/20Fishing Industry1955
Foreign Policy1955
113/22Cyprus Question1955
113/23Far East (incl. China and Formosa)1955
Government Employees1955
113/29-30Pay Increase1955
114/1-4Pay Increase1955
114/13Hawaii Statehood1955
Highway Bill1955
114/16H. R. 70721955
114/17-18H. R. 74741955
114/19-20Highway Problems1955
114/21Hoover Commission (U.S. Organization of theExecutiveBranch Commission)1955
114/24Indian Affairs1955
115/2Juvenile Delinquency1955
115/3Minimum Wage1955
115/9Library Services1955
115/10McCarthy (Joseph) Censure1955
Merchant Marine1955
115/11Merchant Marine Academy1955
115/13Mining Problems1955
115/14Narcotics Control1955
115/15National Debt Limit1955
115/16National Grandmother's Day1955
115/17Natural Day1955
115/18Natural Resources1955
Postal Employees1955
115/21-24Pay Increase1955
Postal Rates1955
115/29Fourth Class1955
115/30Parcel Post1955
115/32Post Office1955
115/33Echo Park1955
116/1-3Hell's Canyon Dam1955
116/7Public Works1955
116/8Racial Discrimination1955
116/9-10Railroad Retirement Act1955
116/11Robinson-Patman Act1955
116/12Small Business1955
116/13-19Social Security1955
116/20Surplus Property1955
116/22-23Crab and Fish Products1955
116/24Reciprocal -- oil import1955
117/1Income Tax Deduction1955
United Nations1955
117/10-17Universal Military Training1955
117/18Hoover Commission Report -- Medical Services 1955
117/19Hoover Commission Report -- Personnel and Civil Services Preferences1955
117/20-22Hoover Commission Report -- miscellaneous 1955
118/2Vocational Rehabilitation1955
118/3World Calendar1955
118/10Cargo Preference Act1956
118/11Farm Bill -- Section 1051956
118/17Copper River Highway1956
118/18-19Mental Health1956
119/5Health, Education and Welfare1956
119/6Independent Offices1956
119/9LaPush Harbor1956
119/10State, Justice and Commerce1956
Armed Services1956
119/12Commissioning Osteopaths1956
119/15-16Atomic Energy1956
119/17Bank Holding Companies1956
119/19Bricker Amendment1956
119/20Civil Defense1956
119/21Civil Rights1956
119/23-24Constitutional Issues1956
119/25District of Columbia1956
119/26Economy in Government1956
119/27School Construction1956
119/31Foreign Aid1956
120/1Foreign Aid1956
Foreign Policy1956
120/2Middle East1956
120/3Tito (Broz, Josip)1956
Government Employees Retirement1956
120/7-9S. 28751956
120/10S. 3725 and S. 37311956
120/20Highway Construction Bill (H. R. 10660) 1956
120/21Prevailing Wage Bill (H. R. 8836)1956
121/4-5Humane Slaughter1956
121/6McCarran-Walters Act1956
121/10Indian Affairs1956
121/13Merchant Marine1956
121/16National Grandmother's Day1956
121/17National Pension Plan1956
121/18National Security1956
Natural Gas1956
121/19S. 18531956
121/21-22Natural Resources1956
121/25Postal Employees1956
121/26Postal Rates1956
121/27Post Office1956
121/28Hell's Canyon Dam1956
122/1-2Hell's Canyon Dam1956
122/5Racial Discrimination1956
122/6-7Railroad Retirement1956
122/8Robinson-Patman Act1956
122/9Small Business1956
Social Security1956
122/10Age Limitation1956
122/11-14H. R. 72251956
122/15H. R. 7848 (Roosevelt Bill)1956
122/16H. R. 4471 (Townsend Bill)1956
123/1Surplus Property1956
123/2Excise Tax on Cosmetics1956
123/3Theater Admissions1956
123/7Territorial Matters (excluding Alaska)1956
123/8Time (daylight savings time)1956
123/9Trade and Tariffs1956
123/11United Nations1956
123/12Hoover Commission1956
123/13-14Pensions (H. R. 7886)1956
123/15Pensions (H. R. 11310)1956
123/16Pensions (H. R. 2867 and H. R. 1700) - Spanish American War Widows1956
123/17Pensions -- World War I Veterans1956
123/25Vocational Rehabilitation1956
123/26Water Pollution Control1956
123/27World Calendar1956
124/7Sustained Yield Units1957
124/10Airlines Certification1957
124/13On Airplanes1957
124/19-21Federal Budget1957
124/22Health, Education and Welfare1957
124/25Post Office1957
Armed Services1957
125/3-4Gardner Bill (S. 2014)1957
Atomic Energy1957
125/9Nuclear Weapons Testing1957
125/13Financial Institutions Act1957
125/14S. 14511957
125/16Civil Defense1957
125/17-20Civil Rights1957
125/21Communism and Internal Security1957
125/22Constitutional Issues1957
125/23-24Economy in Government1957
126/1Economy in Government1957
126/2Federal Aid to School Construction1957
126/7-10Foreign Aid1957
Foreign Policy1957
126/11Tito Visit1957
126/19Gasoline Price Increase Investigation1957
Government Employees1957
126/20Insurance Policy1957
126/21-22Pay Increase -- scientific and professional employees1957
127/1-4Pay Increase1957
127/5-7Retirement Increase1957
127/12Hawaii Statehood1957
127/13-15Hoxsey Cancer Treatment1957
127/17Access Roads1957
127/18Highway 111957
127/19Highway 4101957
127/21Housing Act1957
127/23-24Humane Slaughter1957
128/1McCarran-Walters Act1957
128/2Refugee Relief Act1957
128/3Visas for Orphans1957
128/8-9Indian Affairs1957
128/10Interest Rates1957
128/11Jenks Decision1957
128/13Juvenile Delinquency1957
128/14Apprenticeship Bureau1957
128/15-16Fair Labor Standards Act1957
128/17Labor Racketeering Investigation1957
128/20Licensing Aircraft Mechanics1957
Merchant Marine1957
128/22Alaska Small Vessel Exemption1957
128/25Monetary Matters1957
128/26National Pension Plan1957
128/27-29National Security1957
128/30Natural Gas1957
129/1Natural Resources1957
Postal Employees1957
129/4-16Pay Increase (S. 27)1957
129/17-18Pay Increase (H. R. 2474)1957
Postal Rates1957
130/5Railroad Retirement1957
130/6Columbia Basin Land Reclamation Bill1957
130/8Small Business1957
130/9-12Social Security1957
130/13Surplus Property1957
130/14-16Tax Reduction1957
131/1Territorial Matters1957
Trade and Tariffs1957
131/2Fish Products1957
131/3-6Japanese Plywood Imports1957
131/7Japanese Trade Imports1957
131/10Train Brakes1957
131/12United Nations1957
131/14Hoover Commission1957
131/16Spanish-American War Widows1957
131/17World War I Veterans1957
132/7-8Humane Slaughter1958
132/9Rural Electrification Cooperative Association Interest Rates1958
132/10Sustained Yield Units1958
132/19Architecture -- Bovary, H. E. ConsultingEngineers1958
133/1-3Atomic Energy1958
133/6Civil Defense1958
133/7Civil Rights1958
133/19Federal Government1958
Foreign Relations1958
133/22Academy of National Policy1958
134/1-4Foreign Aid1958
134/11Government Employees1958
134/15Immigration and Naturalization1958
134/16Indian Affairs1958
Insurance and Retirement1958
134/17-18Railroad Employees1958
135/7-10Legal Issues1958
135/11Davies, W. D. -- marine freight forwarders 1958
136/1-5National Defense1958
Natural Resources1958
136/6-9Fishery Problems1958
136/12-14Revised Wilderness Bill (S. 4028)1958
136/15Soviet Union Water Resources1958
137/1Outer Space1958
137/2-4Post Office1958
Power and Light1958
137/10-11Federal Employees1958
137/12-13Postal Workers1958
137/14-18Social Security1958
138/9-11Alaska Oil Bill (H. R. 8054)1958
138/12-14Alaska Statehood1958
138/15Hawaii Statehood1958
139/14Un-American Activities1958
Atomic Energy1959
140/14U.S. Atomic Energy Commission - Richland Business Properties1959
140/19Civil Defense1959
140/20Civil Rights1959
140/21Community Television Antenna Systems1959
141/5-12Economic Matters1959
142/1Federal Government1959
142/4-5Foreign Aid1959
142/6-10Foreign Relations1959
142/11-13Government Employees1959
142/14-15Health Legislation1959
142/17Immigration and Naturalization1959
Indian Affairs1959
142/18Yakima Enrollment Act1959
Insurance and Retirement1959
143/1Railroad Retirement Act1959
143/3Judicial Matters1959
143/13-15Legal Issues1959
National Defense1959
144/6Biological Warfare1959
Natural Resources1959
144/14-15Indiana Dunes1959
144/16North Cascade Wilderness1959
144/17Pacific Northwest Account1959
144/18-21Wilderness Bill1959
145/1-5Wilderness Bill1959
145/14Post Office1959
Power and Light1959
145/15Bonneville Act Amendments1959
146/2Salaries -- federal employees1959
146/3Senate Rule Changes1959
146/4-7Social Security and Welfare1959
146/8State Taxing of Interstate Commerce1959
147/1-2Hawaii Statehood1959
147/3-9Puerto Rico Statehood (S. 2023)1959
147/10Requests to Give Testimony at Hearings 1959
147/19Un-American Activities1959
148/18-19Atomic Energy1960
148/8-14Civil Defense1960
148/8-14Civil Rights1960
148/8-14Economic Matters Education1960
148/8-14Federal Government Finance1960
148/8-14Foreign Aid Foreign Aid Foreign RelationsGovernmentEmployees Health1960
148/8-14Immigration and Naturalization IndianAffairs1960
148/8-14Insurance and Retirement Judicial MattersLabor1960
Legal Issues1960
151/7Electoral College and Primaries1960
151/10Overseas Dependents1960
151/13-17National Defense1960
Natural Resources1960
151/18Humane Treatment of Animals (S. 3570)1960
151/19Pacific Northwest Account Bill1960
152/1Pacific Northwest Account Bill1960
152/2-6Wilderness Bill1960
Power and Light1960
152/12Peace River Power1960
152/14-15Post Office1960
152/16Railroads (S. 1089 and S. 1197)1960
152/18-20Salaries -- federal employees1960
153/1Salaries -- federal employees1960
153/2-9Social Security1960
154/1Proposed Bills1960
154/2-3Puerto Rico1960
154/10Un-American Activities1960
154/11United Nations1960
155/7Agricultural Assistance Act (S. 1643 and H. R. 6400)1961
155/18-20Atomic Energy1961
156/1Atomic Energy1961
156/4Civil Defense1961
156/5Civil Rights1961
156/7Communist Conspiracy (H. J. R. 447)1961
156/8Congressional Record1961
156/9Connally Reservation1961
156/10Constitutional Amendments1961
156/14Depressed Areas Bill (S. 7)1961
156/16DuPont Stock1961
156/17-21Economic Matters1961
156/22Benefits for Deaf1961
156/23-24Impacted School Districts (P. L. 874 and P. L. 815)1961
156/25Private Schools-- Catholic1961
156/26Private Schools -- other1961
157/1-11Private Schools -- other1961
157/12-17Federal Aid (S. 1021)1961
158/1-5Federal Aid (S. 1021)1961
158/14-16Extending Length of Session1961
158/17Fairchild Air Force Base1961
158/18Federal Government1961
159/1Ferry County Timberman's AssociationPetition1961
Foreign Aid1961
159/4S. 1983 and H. R. 73721961
159/12-19Foreign Relations1961
160/1-5Foreign Relations1961
160/8Diplomatic Entertainment Spending1961
160/9Halt Extravagant Spending1961
160/11S. 14781961
160/13Humane Treatment of Animals -- H. R.35561961
160/14Immigration and Naturalization1961
Indian Affairs1961
160/15Washington. Senate -- Civil Criminal Judiciary Bill Hearings1961
Insurance and Retirement1961
160/19Railroad Retirement1961
Judicial Matters1961
161/1New Judgeship in Washington State1961
161/3Kennedy Speech at United Nations1961
161/4Northwest Airlines Strike1961
161/5On Site Picketing1961
161/12Larson Air Force Base -- Mobile Homes1961
161/13-14Legal Issues1961
161/15Liberty Ships1961
161/16Loyalty Oath1961
161/18-24Medical Care -- King-Anderson Bill (H. R. 4222 andS.65)1961
162/1-7Medical Care -- King-Anderson Bill (H. R. 4222 andS.65)1961
162/8-9Personnel in Civic Affairs1961
162/15-18Minimum Wage1961
162/19Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot1961
163/1-2Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot1961
163/3Mutual Savings Bank1961
163/4National Cemetary at Fort George Wright1961
163/5-8National Defense1961
Natural Resources1961
163/9High Mountain Sheep Dam1961
163/10-12Peace Arch State Park1961
163/13Water Resources Planning Act (S. 2246) 1961
163/14-19Wilderness Bill (S. 174)1961
164/4Nuclear Testing1961
164/5-6Organization for Economic and CooperativeDevelopment(OECD)1961
164/7Ozette Indians (H. R. 2329)1961
164/8Patents and Inventions1961
164/9People's Television1961
164/10Plane Hijacking1961
164/11Pollution Control (H. R. 6441 and S.120)1961
164/12-13Post Office1961
Power and Light1961
164/14Columbia Basin Project1961
164/15Snake River Dam1961
164/18Price Quality Stabilization1961
164/19Public Works1961
164/20Congratulations to Retired Workers1961
164/21Elimination of Minneapolis, MN1961
164/22Flora Line Spur1961
165/2-3Merger (H. R. 355)1961
165/4Merger (H. R. 374)1961
165/5S. 11971961
165/6-19S. 1089 and S. 11971961
166/1-9a,b-18S. 1089 and S. 11971961
167/1-17S. 1089 and S. 11971961
168/1-6S. 1039 and S. 11971961
168/7Billboard Bill (H. R. 6713)1961
168/8-17Highway Tax1961
169/1-9Highway Tax1961
169/10Neuberger Amendment1961
169/11Seattle Freeway (U.S. 5)1961
169/14-17Sanger, Kenneth L. -- U.S. Navy. Sand Point NavalAirStation Commandant1961
Social Security1961
169/18Clubs Petition1961
170/5-6Taft-Hartley Act1961
170/7Mason-Bailey Bill (H. R. 10181)1961
170/9Deduction for Construction Workers1961
170/10-16Repeal of 4% Dividend Credit and $50 Exclusion 1961
170/17-20Withholding Tax on Interest and Dividends 1961
171/10Tractors for Freedom -- Cuban exchange1961
United Nations1961
171/15UNESCO Recommendations on School Discrimination 1961
171/21U.S. House. Rules Committee1961
172/1-10U.S. House. Un-American ActivitiesCommittee1961
172/11U.S.-Japan Trade Council1961
172/12U.S. Senate. Armed Services Committee.SpecialPreparedness Subcommittee (Thurmond Study)1961
172/13U.S. Senate - rules1961
172/14-16Closure of Washington State Contact Offices 1961
172/17-19World War I Veterans Pension Act (II. R. 3745) 1961
173/1-7World War I Veterans Pension Act (H. R. 3745) 1961
173/11-13Yugoslavia Jets1961
175/4DuPont Bill (H. R. 8847)1962
175/5Labor Unions (S. 2573)1962
175/8Armed Services Oath1962
175/9-13Atomic Energy1962
175/18British Guiana1962
175/19Civil Defense1962
Civil Rights1962
175/20Meredith, James1962
175/22Columbus Day as Legal Holiday1962
175/25-28Communist Literature (S. 2738)1962
176/3Davis-Bacon Act1962
176/4Disarmament Proposal1962
176/5-7Economic Matters1962
176/8Federal Aid1962
176/15Farm Bill (S. 2786)1962
Federal Communications Commission1962
176/16Ham Radio Licenses1962
176/17-18Sunrise Radio1962
176/19Federal Employees Retirement1962
176/20Federal Salary Increases1962
176/23Fish and Fisheries1962
176/24-25Food and Drug Act1962
177/1-4Food and Drug Act1962
177/5-9Foreign Aid1962
177/10-14a,b-15Foreign Relations1962
177/16-17Government Employees1962
177/18Grain Export to Red China1962
Health Care1962
177/19-20King-Anderson Bill1962
178/1-16King-Anderson Bill1962
179/1-17King-Anderson Bill1962
180/1-10a,b-16King-Anderson Bill1962
181/1-7King-Anderson Bill1962
181/13Immigration and Naturalization1962
181/14-15Indian Affairs1962
181/16-17Insurance and Retirement1962
181/18Judicial Matters1962
182/1-4Judicial Patters1962
182/11Naval Shipyards Limits1962
182/12Navy Planning1962
182/16National Defense1962
182/17-19Natural Resources1962
183/1Nuclear Test Ban Treaty1962
Postal Affairs1962
183/2-8Pay Raise1962
183/93rd Class Rate1962
184/1Power and Light1962
184/2Public Affairs1962
184/3-4Quality Stabilization (S. J. R. 159)1962
184/5Railroads -- merger1962
184/6Requests for Information on WashingtonState1962
184/7Retirement (S. 188)1962
184/10Satellites (S. 2814)1962
184/11-20School Prayer1962
185/1-10School Prayer1962
185/11Seamen -- U.S. Public Health Servicebenefits1962
185/12Senate Rules1962
185/13-15Social Security1962
186/1-4Social Security1962
186/6Steel Price Increase1962
186/7Sugar Act1962
186/12-19H. R. 10 -- Gore Amendment1962
187/1-18H. R. 10 -- Gore Amendment1962
188/1-3a,b-17H. R. 10 -- Gore Amendment1962
189/1-7H. R. 10 -- Gore Amendment1962
109/8H. R. 5775 -- Farmer Cooperatives1962
189/9H. R. 3847 -- DuPont Bill1962
189/10-15H. R. 106501962
190/1-2H. R. 106501962
190/19Japanese Fishing1962
190/20Trade Expansion Act (H. R. 11970)1962
191/1Trade Expansion Act (H. R. 11970)1962
191/13S. 32431962
192/1-3Un-American Activities1962
United Nations1962
192/4-5Anti-United Nations1962
192/10Congo -- Katanga Province1962
192/11-12Jackson Speech1962
192/13UNESCO and Connally Amendment1962
193/16a,b-17Urban Affairs1962
194/1Urban Affairs1962
194/2Vatican Building Project1962
195/14S. 17031963
196/3Air Traffic Controllers Retirement1963
196/11-21Atomic Energy1963
197/1-4Atomic Energy1963
197/6Bahai Faith1963
197/9-10Civil Defense1963
Civil Rights1963
197/11Civil Rights and Kennedy (John F.) Assasination 1963
197/21Cle Elum Steam Plant1963
197/22Columbus Day as Holiday1963
197/24Congo -- Katanga Province1963
197/25Congressional Adjournment1963
198/2Dyna-Soar Program1963
198/3-6Economic Matters1963
198/13English Teachers Award1963
198/14Equal Pay for Women (H. R. 3861)1963
198/15-16Federal Government1963
198/18Fish and Fisheries1963
198/19Foreign Aid1963
199/1-3Foreign Aid1963
199/4-9Foreign Relations1963
199/10Gold Mining (S. 2125)1963
199/11Government Employees1963
199/12Gun Control1963
199/13Halibut Fishing1963
200/7-9Indian Affairs1963
200/10-11Insurance and Retirement1963
200/12Jimenez, Perez -- extradition1963
200/17-19Legal Issues1963
201/2Manned Bombers1963
201/4Mason County -- Harstene Bridge1963
201/5Mass Transit1963
201/21-22National Defense1963
201/23-24Natural Resources1963
202/1-16Nuclear Test Ban Treaty1963
203/1a,b-2Nuclear Test Ban Treaty1963
203/4Optometry (S. 911)1963
203/5-6Petrified Wood1963
Postal Affairs1963
203/7Pay Raise1963
203/10Postmaster at Quincy1963
203/11Power and Light1963
203/12-13Public Debt1963
203/14Public Works1963
203/15Quality Stabilization1963
203/16Railroad Retirement1963
203/17-21S. 1021963
203/23Salaries -- federal employees1963
204/1Sale of Wheat to Russia1963
204/2San Poil Lumber Company1963
204/3School Prayer1963
204/4Senate Rules1963
204/10Small Business1963
204/11-13Social Security1963
204/14Softwood Lumber Standards1963
204/15Southern Pacific Railroad1963
204/174% Dividend1963
204/18Internal Revenue Service and Exemptions 1963
204/19New Proposals1963
204/20S. 351963
204/21S. 749 and S. 8471963
204/22S. 10931963
204/23-24State and Local Taxes1963
205/18-20TFX Fighter-Bomber1963
206/9S. 6841963
206/10-13S. 10611963
206/17Un-American Activities1963
206/18United Airlines1963
206/19-20United Nations1963
207/1-3United Nations1963
207/4Senate Committee Needed1963
207/5World War I1963
Legislation -- HMJ Sponsored Bills
209/1Summary of Sponsored Bills1953-1958
33rd Congress1953-1954
209/1aRequests to Cosponsor Legislation1953-1954
209/2H. R. 5495 -- Tariff Act -- Section 221953-1954
209/3S. 50 -- Alaska Statehood1953-1954
209/4S. 51 -- Hawaii Statehood1953-1954
209/5S. 107 -- Tidelands Oil for Education1953-1954
209/6S. 446 -- Foster Creek Reclamation1953-1954
209/7-8S. 848 -- Federal Construction Contracts1953-1954
209/9S. 952 -- Immigration and NaturalizationAct1953-1954
209/10S. 1048 -- Yakima Indian Lands1953-1954
209/11S. 1145 -- Blaine Harbor Improvement1953-1954
209/12S. 1319 -- Bonneville Power AdministrationNameChange1953-1954
209/13S. 1357 -- Robinson-Patman Act1953-1954
209/14S. 1360 -- Airmail Subsidy Separation1953-1954
209/15S. 1368 -- Library Services Act1953-1954
209/16S. 1372 -- National Cemetary -- FortLewis1953-1954
209/17S. 1507 -- Chinook Harbor Project1953-1954
209/18S. 1515 -- Western Interstate Commission forHigherEducation1953-1954
209/19S. 1664 -- Snake River Project1953-1954
209/20-20aS. 1793 -- Priest Rapids SiteDevelopment1953-1954
209/21S. 1952 -- Social Security for OysterWorkers1953-1954
209/22S. 2173 -- Career Compensation Act1953-1954
209/23S. 2260 -- Social Security Act1953-1954
209/24S. 2565 -- Rent Freeze at Richland, WA1953-1954
209/25S. 2590 -- Federal Power Act1953-1954
209/26S. 2763 -- Tidelands Oil Money forEducation1953-1954
209/27S. 2779 -- Public School Construction1953-1954
209/28S. 2802 -- Fishery Product Distribution1953-1954
209/29S. 2888 -- Ex-Prisoners of War1953-1954
209/30S. 2962 -- Dairy Products1953-1954
209/31S. 3109 -- Public Health Service Hospitals--narcotic addicts admission1953-1954
209/32S. J. R. 48 -- Lewis and Clark Highway1953-1954
209/33S. J. R. 75 -- Steamboat Lake1953-1954
209/34S. R. 32 -- Senator Wayne Morse1953-1954
209/35S. R. 38 -- Consumer Interests Committee1953-1954
209/36-37S. R. 150 -- Peace -- Limitation ofArmaments1953-1954
84th Congress1955-1956
210/1-3Requests to Cosponsor Legislation1955-1956
210/4S. 2 -- National Security TrainingProgram1955-1956
210/5S. 11 -- Robinson-Patman Act1955-1956
210/6S. 49 -- Alaska and Hawaii Statehood1955-1956
210/7S. 67 -- Government Employees PayIncrease1955-1956
210/8S. 205 -- Rural Public LibraryDevelopment1955-1956
210/9S. 521 -- Social Security1955-1956
210/10S. 594 -- Longshoremen's and HarborWorker'sCompensation1955-1956
210/11S. 669 -- District of ColumbiaGovernment1955-1956
210/12S. 686 -- Federal Aid for SchoolConstruction1955-1956
210/13S. 693 -- Aging and Aged Commission1955-1956
210/14S. 772 -- Tidelands Oil School Funds1955-1956
210/15S. 789 -- Housing Act Loan Funds1955-1956
210/16S. 908 -- Interstate TransportationDiscrimination1955-1956
210/17S. 985 -- Alaska Railroad and HighwayCommission1955-1956
210/18S. 1004 -- Health and Education InstitutionsAid1955-1956
210/19S. 1191 -- Postal and Federal Employees1955-1956
210/20S. 1333 -- Hell's Canyon Dam1955-1956
210/21S. 1451 -- Sammamish River Improvement1955-1956
210/22S. 1514 -- Alaska Indebtedness1955-1956
210/23S. 1603 -- Yakima Reservation Lands1955-1956
210/24S. 1604 -- Virgin Islands National Park1955-1956
210/25S. 1605 -- Yakima Indian Lands Leased1955-1956
210/26S. 1633 -- Constitional Convention --Alaska1955-1956
210/27S. 1644 -- Government ContractLegislation1955-1956
210/28S. 1650 -- Alaska UnemploymentCompensation1955-1956
210/29S. 1795 -- Travel Expense Act1955-1956
210/30S. 1823 -- Niagara River Power1955-1956
210/31S. 1829 -- U.S. Veterans Administration.Hosptial.Vancouver, WA1955-1956
210/32S. 1954 -- Guam Organic Foods Act1955-1956
211/1S. 2069 -- Old-age Assistance1955-1956
211/2S. 2086 -- Philippine Promotion Bill1955-1956
211/3S. 2120 -- Colville Reservation LandRestoration1955-1956
211/4S. 2174 -- Eleventh Judicial Circuit1955-1956
211/5S. 2215 -- Civil Defense Commission1955-1956
211/6S. 2280 -- Disabled Longshoremen Act1955-1956
211/7S. 2517 -- Tongass National Forest TimberSale1955-1956
211/8S. 2518 -- Alaska's Mentally Ill1955-1956
211/9S. 2667 -- Career Compensation Act1955-1956
211/10S. 2712 -- Manette Bridge Tolls1955-1956
211/11S. 3067 -- National Service LifeInsurance1955-1956
211/12S. 3234 -- Education FacilitiesConstruction1955-1956
211/13S. 3272 -- Small Flood Control and BankProtectionProjects1955-1956
211/14S. 3286 - Honorary Promotions1955-1956
211/15S. 3308 - Federal Election Laws1955-1956
211/16S. 3340 - Passport Office1955-1956
211/17S. 3374 - Columbia Basin Farmers Loan1955-1956
211/18S. 3375 -- Post Office ParkingFacilities1955-1956
211/19S. 3387 -- Makah Tribal Lands Transfer1955-1956
211/20S. 3388 -- Port Hudson Sale to PortTownsend1955-1956
211/21S. 3420 - Timber Access Roads1955-1956
211/22S. 3462 - Federal Highway Act1955-1956
211/23S. 3558 - Library Captioned Films forDeaf1955-1956
211/24S. 3621 -- Atomic Energy Commission - SpecialNuclearMaterials Schools1955-1956
211/25-27S. 3730 -- Soap Lake1955-1956
211/28a,bS. 3826 -- Columbia Basin Farm Units1955-1956
211/29S. 3897 -- Goverment Budgeting andAccountingProcedures1955-1956
211/30S. 3920 -- Tulalip Reservation Partition1955-1956
211/31-32S. 4055 -- Seattle Property Disposal forEducationalPurposes1955-1956
211/33S. 4016 -- Eagle Gorge Project Dam (GreenRiver)1955-1956
211/34-35S. 4101 -- Seattle Property Disposition1955-1956
211/36S. 4278 -- Federal Power Act1955-1956
211/37S. C. R. 2 -- Central Intelligence AgencyJointCommittee1955-1956
211/33S. C. R. 12 -- Atlantic Union1955-1956
211/39S. J. R. 46 -- Mental Illness AnalysisandReevaluation1955-1956
211/40S. J. R. 101 -- Conservation MovementAnniversary1955-1956
211/41S. R. 16 -- U.S. Senate. Small BusinessPermanentCommittee1955-1956
211/42S. R. 18 -- Communist Conspiracy andSubversion1955-1956
85th Congress1957-1958
212/1-3Requests to Cosponsor Legislation1957-1958
212/4S. 21 -- Civil Retirement Act AnnuitiesIncrease1957-1958
212/5-6a,b-7S. 49 - - Alaska Statehood1957-1958
212/8S. 313 -- Poultry Products Inspection1957-1958
212/9S. 420 -- Eleventh Judicial Circuit1957-1958
212/9a-10S. 434 -- Budgeting and AccountingRevisions1957-1958
212/11S. 512 -- Niagara River Power1957-1958
212/12a,b-13S. 555 -- Hell's Canyon Dam1957-1958
212/14S. 677 -- Washington State Public LandsUse1957-1958
212/15S. 762 -- National Service Life Insurance FundsforHome Loans1957-1958
212/16S. 931 -- Government Safety Functions1957-1958
212/17S. 970 -- U.S. Veterans AdministrationHospital.Vancouver, WA1957-1958
212/18S. 1030 -- Postal Office Parking1957-1958
212/19-21S. 1031 -- Chief Joseph Dam1957-1958
212/22S. 1061 -- Veterans ReadjustmentAssistance1957-1958
212/23S. 1088 -- National Life Insurance forVeterans1957-1958
212/24S. 1118 -- Whitman National Monument1957-1958
212/25S. 1128 -- Poultry Product Inspection1957-1958
213/1S. 1136 -- Highway Act Funds1957-1958
213/2-3S. 1176 -- Wilderness Preservation Act1957-1958
213/4S. 1191 -- Olympic 'National Park Lands1957-1958
213/5S. 1209 -- Social Security1957-1958
213/6S. 1242 -- National Science Foundation1957-1958
213/7S. 1298 -- Vocational Education1957-1958
213/8S. 1393 -- National Potato GradeLabeling1957-1958
213/9S. 1440 -- Coast Guard ReserveRetirement1957-1958
213/10-13a,bS. 1482 -- Columbia Basin1957-1958
213/14S. 1540 -- Federal Property Utilization andDisposal1957-1958
213/15S. 1573 -- State Tax Payments1957-1958
213/16S. 1574 -- Grand Coulee Dam1957-1958
213/17S. 1597 -- Federal Agency forHandicapped1957-1958
213/18S. 1680 -- Cranberry Freezing -AgriculturalMarketing Act1957-1958
213/19S. 1761 -- Land Conveyance to Tacoma fromMunicipalWater System1957-1958
213/20S. 1806 -- Sockey Salmon Fisheries1957-1958
213/21S. 1808 -- National Disaster Assistance forOwnersOrchard1957-1958
213/22S. 1846 -- District of ColumbiaGovernment1957-1958
213/23S. 1935 -- Columbia River Boundary1957-1958
213/24S. 1994 -- Prisoner of War Compensation1957-1958
213/25S. 2113 -- Federal Power Act1957-1958
213/26S. 2217 -- McNary Dam Sale1957-1958
214/1-3S. 2300 -- Construction Contracts ProceduresandPolicies1957-1958
214/4S. 2461 -- Government EmployeeInformationProhibition1957-1958
214/5S. 2462 -- Communication Prohibition ofAdjudicatoryMatters Pending Government Agencies1957-1958
214/6S. 2592 -- Indian Contracts1957-1958
214/7S. 2593 -- Richard Byrd Polar Commission1957-1958
214/8S. 2594 -- Housing and Home Finance AgencyPropertyTransfer1957-1958
214/9S. 2740 -- Government Agencies ProhibitedfromLeasing National Grange Headquarters1957-1958
214/10S. 2792 -- Immigration and NaturalizationAct1957-1958
214/11S. 2848 -- Hawaiian Organic Foods Act1957-1958
214/12S. 2861 -- Wool Act1957-1958
214/13S. 2905 -- Mt. Rainier National ParkHeadquarters1957-1958
214/14S. 2924 -- Dairy Products Price Support1957-1958
214/15S. 3091 -- Agriculture Price Supports1957-1958
214/16S. 3114 -- Regional Corporation Bill1957-1958
214/17S. 3187 -- National Defense1957-1958
214/18S. 3194 -- Small Business Tax1957-1958
214/19S. 3414 -- Federal Highway Aid1957-1958
214/20S. 3679 -- World Science ExpositionImports1957-1958
214/21S. 3809 -- Hawaiian Reef Lands PublicStatus1957-1958
214/22S. 3880 -- Federal Aviation Act1957-1958
214/23S. 4070 -- Anti-trust Laws -- professionalteamsports1957-1958
214/24S. 4129 -- Puerto Rico Appointment1957-1958
214/25S. 4237 -- National Defense EducationAct1957-1958
214/26S. C. R. 28 -- Columbia RiverDevelopment1957-1958
214/27S. J. R. 35 -- Natural ResourceProtection1957-1958
214/28S. J. R. 50 -- Ferry County Highway1957-1958
214/29S. J. R. 134 -- Food and FiberStockpiling1957-1958
214/30S. J. R. 201 -- Atomic Energy Medal forRickover(Hyman G.)1957-1958
214/31S. R. 17 -- Filibuster Rule 221957-1958
214/32S. R. 64 -- Crude Oil and Petroleum ProductsPriceInvestigation1957-1958
214/33S. R. 121 -- North Pacific InternationalWaterwaysAgency1957-1958
214/34S. R. 247 -- Salmon Fishing Neutral Zone1957-1958
214/35S. R. 304 -- Raw Materials Stockpile Use1957-1958
86th Congress1959-1960
215/1-2List of Bills Cosponsored and Introduced1959-1960
215/3-8Requests to Cosponsor Legislation1959-1960
215/9H. R. 75 -- Fifty Star Flag1959-1960
215/10H. R. 12580 -- Age Sixty-two Retirement1959-1960
215/11S. 1 -- Federal Airport Act1959-1960
215/12-18S. 2 -- Public Schools Support1959-1960
215/19-20S. 8 -- School Construction Assistance1959-1960
215/21-22S. 11 -- Clayton Act -- equality ofopportunity-1959-1960
216/1-2S. 50 -- Hawaiian Statehood1959-1960
216/3-4S. 57 -- Urban Housing and Renewal1959-1960
216/5S. 59 -- Small Business Tax Adjustment1959-1960
216/6S. 144 -- Rural ElectrificationAdministrationReorganization1959-1960
216/7S. 187 -- Sugar Act1959-1960
216/8S. 188 -- Explosives Prohibition1959-1960
216/9S. 193 -- Urban Renewal1959-1960
216/10S. 194 -- Housing Act Loans toEducationalInstitutions1959-1960
216/11S. 257 -- Yakima Federal ReclamationProject1959-1960
216/12S. 258 -- Yakima Reclamation Project1959-1960
216/13-19S. 541 -- Pay Equalization of UniformedServiceRetirees1959-1960
216/20S. 578 -- Point Roberts NavigationSurvey1959-1960
216/21S. 579 -- Army Land Sales for PortDevelopment1959-1960
216/22S. 530 -- Surplus Fishery ProductsExported1959-1960
216/23S. 581 -- Bridgeport, WA -- relief1959-1960
216/24S. 582 -- West Point Chaplain1959-1960
217/1S. 583 -- Bumping Lake Storage Capacity1959-1960
217/2S. 584 -- Federal Power Act -- licensingprojects1959-1960
217/3S. 585 -- Food Allotment1959-1960
217/4S. 619 -- Handicapped Tax Deductions1959-1960
217/5S. 663 -- Food Commodities Distribution1959-1960
217/6S. 695 -- Federal Reserve District - inclusionofAlaska1959-1960
217/7-8S. 722 -- Area Redevelopment Bill1959-1960
217/9S. 760 -- Longshoremen's and Harbor Worker'sAct1959-1960
217/10S. 772 -- Handicapped RehabilitationServices1959-1960
217/11-12S. 791 -- Unemployment ReinsuranceGrants1959-1960
217/13-14S. 812 -- Youth Conservation Corps1959-1960
217/15S. 837 -- Philippine Defense ParticipantPromotion1959-1960
217/16S. 910 -- Federal Property Payment1959-1960
217/17S. 917 -- Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher --relief1959-1960
217/18S. 918 -- Natural Resources in ReservoirAreas1959-1960
217/19S. 953 -- American Indian Assistance1959-1960
217/20S. 972 -- Columbia Basin Project1959-1960
217/21S. 992 -- Public Lands Selection byStates1959-1960
217/22-24S. 994 -- Spokane Valley Project1959-1960
217/25S. 995 -- Track Motorcar Regulation forRailroadEmployees Protection1959-1960
218/1S. 996 -- Railroad Employees and TravelersSafety1959-1960
218/2S. 1009 -- Voluntary Retirement Plans1959-1960
213/3S. 1093 -- Blind Organizations andSelf-ExpressionRights1959-1960
213/4S. 1113 -- National Service Life InsuranceforVeterans1959-1960
218/5S. 1140 -- Domestic Parity Plan -- wheat1959-1960
218/6S. 1172 -- Jobs After Forty1959-1960
218/7-10S. 1209 -- Pay Readjustment Act1959-1960
218/11S. 1380 -- Sea Cadet Corps Incorporated1959-1960
218/12S. 1395 -- National Turkey Marketing Act1959-1960
218/13S. 1425 -- Track Motorcar Regulation forRailroadEmployees Protection1959-1960
218/14S. 1438 -- U.S. Veterans Administration.Hospital.Walla Walla, WA1959-1960
218/15S. 1458 -- Career Compensation Act1959-1960
218/16S. 1484 -- Wheat Stabilization Act1959-1960
218/17a,b-18a,bS. 1541 -- Alaska Omnibus Bill1959-1960
218/19S. 1570 -- Wool Shearing Act1959-1960
218/20S. 1576 -- Saltwater Research Lab1959-1960
218/21S. 1597 -- Bureau of SubmarinesEstablishment1959-1960
213/22S. 1631 -- Commission on UnemploymentProblems1959-1960
218/23S. 1713 -- Grand Coulee DamAuthorization1959-1960
218/24S. 1789 -- National Railroad Freight CarSupply1959-1960
218/25S. 1826 -- Federal Highway Act of 1956 and19581959-1960
218/26S. 1839 -- Pig War National Monument1959-1960
218/27S. 1925 -- Flag Rank for Pathologists1959-1960
218/28S. 1926 -- Fort George Wright Transfer toSpokane,WA1959-1960
219/1-3S. 1926 -- Fort George Wright Transfer toSpokane,WA1959-1960
219/4S. 1930 -- Navy Land Rights1959-1960
219/5S. 1993 -- Army -- dental care1959-1960
219/6S. 1994 -- Air Force -- dental care1959-1960
219/7S. 2023 -- Puerto Rico1959-1960
219/8S. 2065 -- Century 21 Exposition1959-1960
219/9S. 2077 -- Blindness Study1959-1960
219/10-11S. 2112 -- Polluted ShellfishImportationProhibition1959-1960
219/12S. 2240 -- Federal Highway Act1959-1960
219/13-14S. 2404 -- Vancouver and Portland InterstateBridgeToll-free1959-1960
219/15S. 2545 -- Anti-Trust Exemption for TeamSports1959-1960
219/16S. 2545 -- Retired Civil Employees HealthCoverage1959-1960
219/17S. 2549 -- Resources and ConservationAct1959-1960
219/18S. 2594 -- United States and CanadaInternationalJoint Commission1959-1960
219/20S. 2625 -- War Claims Act1959-1960
220/1S. 2675 -- National Service LifeInsurance1959-1960
220/2S. 2775 -- Consumer Credit FinanceCharges1959-1960
220/3S. 2830 -- Library Services Act1959-1960
220/4S. 2877 -- Muckleshoot Indian LandReconveyance1959-1960
220/5S. 2917 -- Milk and Butterfat PriceSupport1959-1960
220/6S. 2935 -- Passenger Train Service Act1959-1960
220/7-8S. 3020 -- National TransportationSystem1959-1960
220/9S. 3049 -- Oh Chun Soon1959-1960
220/10-11S. 3054 -- Hawaiian Omnibus Bill1959-1960
220/12S. 3159 -- Wheat Marketing Program1959-1960
220/13S. 3231 -- Shoalwater Bay IndianReservation1959-1960
220/14S. 3232 -- Lower Elwha Band Property1959-1960
220/15S. 3233 -- Fruit Canning or FreezingMarketingOrders1959-1960
220/16S. 3234 -- Sunnyside Valley Irrigation DistrictandTieton District Property Transferal1959-1960
220/17S. 3290 -- Public Roads Funding1959-1960
220/18S. 3309 -- Yakima Reservation Land1959-1960
220/19S. 3316 -- Spokane Valley Project1959-1960
220/20S. 3385 -- East-West Cultural Center1959-1960
220/21S. 3449 -- Blind Financial Assistance1959-1960
220/22S. 3503 -- Medical Care for Aged1959-1960
220/23S. 3557 -- Saline Water Conversion1959-1960
220/24S. 3658 -- Fishery Research Act1959-1960
220/25S. 3701 -- Quinalt Tribe Lands1959-1960
220/26S. C. R. 4 -- VHF Television Booster1959-1960
220/27S. C. R. 7 -- American DentalAssociationAnniversary1959-1960
220/28S. C. R. 35 -- Anadromous Fish in ColumbiaRiver1959-1960
220/29S. C. R. 66 -- White Fleet (hospitalships)1959-1960
220/30S. C. R. 69 -- Steel Strike Settlement1959-1960
220/31S. J. R. 22 -- Land Management StudyCommission1959-1960
220/32S. J. R. 41 -- International MedicalResearch1959-1960
220/33S. J. R. 66 -- College Land GrantsCentennialCelebration1959-1960
220/34S. J. R. 126 -- Elector Qualifications1959-1960
220/35S. J. R. 148 -- Dr. Dooley Medal1959-1960
220/26S. J. R. 152 -- Wilson Memorial1959-1960
220/37-39S. J. R. 162 -- Water Delivery1959-1960
220/40S. J. R. 193 -- Mt. Rainier National ParkFacilities1959-1960
220/41S. J. R. 199 -- American Indian Day1959-1960
220/42S. J. R. 220 -- George Washington CarverCentennialCommission1959-1960
220/43S. R. 19 -- Senate Veterans Committee1959-1960
221/1S. R. 115 -- National Policy1959-1960
221/2S. R. 118 -- Senate Members Selection1959-1960
221/3S. R. 129 -- International Health andMedicalResearch Year1959-1960
221/4S. R. 136 -- Oceanography and ReportResearch1959-1960
221/5S. R. 173 -- National Jaycee Program1959-1960
221/6???? -- Air Force Academy1959-1960
221/7???? -- Annapolis1959-1960
221/8???? -- Omnibus Plan for Offshore Areas1959-1960
221/9???? -- West Point1959-1960
87th Congress1961-1962
221/11List of Bills Cosponsored and Introduced1961-1962
221/12-14Requests to Cosponsor Legislation1961-1962
221/15H. R. 10606 -- Public Assistance1961-1962
221/16P. L. 566 -- Watershed Application1961-1962
221/17S. 1 -- Douglas Area Redevelopment1961-1962
221/18S. 2 -- Small Business Tax1961-1962
221/19S. 11 -- Clayton Act1961-1962
221/20S. 109 -- Saline Water Conversion1961-1962
221/21S. 111 -- Public Land Exchange1961-1962
221/22S. 146 -- Proxmire Milk Program1961-1962
221/23S. 153 -- Reorganization Act1961-1962
221/24-28S. 174 -- Wilderness Bill1961-1962
221/29S. 239 -- Conservation Act1961-1962
221/30S. 324 -- White Fleet1961-1962
231/31S. 325 -- Water Pollution1961-1962
221/32S. 364 -- West Point Chaplain Committee1961-1962
221/33-34S. 365 -- Bumping Lake Reservoir1961-1962
221/35-36S. 366 -- Pig War National Monument1961-1962
221/27S. 404 -- Youth Conservation Corps1961-1962
221/38S. 501 -- Forest Roads Development1961-1962
221/39-40S. 507 -- Quinalt Tribal Lands1961-1962
221/41S. 529 -- Fiscal Requirement Evaluation1961-1962
221/42S. 610 -- International Travel Office1961-1962
221/43-45S. 626 -- Armed Services PayEqualization1961-1962
222/1-2S. 626 -- Armed Services PayEqualization1961-1962
222/3-4S. 667 -- Loans To Tribes1961-1962
222/5S. 668 -- Indian Health Facilities1961-1962
222/6S. 669 -- Yakima Reservation Land Sales1961-1962
222/7S. 670 -- Juvenile DelinquentInstitution1961-1962
222/8S. 777 -- Interstate Crime JudiciaryCommittee1961-1962
222/9S. 886 -- Freight Car Supply1961-1962
222/10S. 908 -- Blind Property PossessorsRestrictions1961-1962
222/11-12a,b-15S. 909 -- Medical Care and Health Insurance forAged1961-1962
222/16S. 931 -- Geological Survey Outside UnitedStates1961-1962
222/17S. 1003 -- Fort George Wright NationalCemetery1961-1962
222/18S. 1021 -- Financial Assistance forEducation1961-1962
222/19S. 1060 -- Chief Joseph Dam1961-1962
222/20S. 1124 -- Migrant Children's Education1961-1962
222/21S. 1125 -- Adult Education for MigrantWorkers1961-1962
222/22S. 1165 -- Fort Vancouver NationalMonument1961-1962
222/23S. 1230 -- Fishery Research Program1961-1962
222/24S. 1245 -- Educational InstitutionHousing1961-1962
222/25S. 1307 -- Richland, WA Courthouse1961-1962
222/26S. 1308 -- Sea Cadet Corps1961-1962
222/27S. 1344 -- Estate Taxes Credit1961-1962
222/28S. 1390 -- Flag Rank for PathologyDirector1961-1962
222/29S. 1391 -- Corporation Taxation1961-1962
222/30S. 1581 -- Wapato-Satus IrrigationProject1961-1962
222/31S. 1586 -- Research Costs Payment1961-1962
222/32S. 1622 -- Atomic Energy Community Act1961-1962
222/33S. 1629 -- State Water Resource Planning1961-1962
223/1S. 1633 -- Urban Affairs and Housing1961-1962
232/2S. 1669 -- Railroad Equipment Inspection1961-1962
223/3S. 1703 -- Federal Airport Act1961-1962
223/4S. 1710 -- Emergency Livestock Loans1961-1962
223/5S. 1740 -- Finance Charge Disclosure1961-1962
223/6S. 1741 -- Deputy for Guam and VirginIslands1961-1962
223/7S. 1742 -- Major Disaster FederalAssistance1961-1962
223/8S. 1743 -- Virgin Islands CorporationAct1961-1962
223/9S. 1756 -- Pasco, WA Relief1961-1962
223/10S. 1877 -- Academy Appointments1961-1962
223/11-12S. 2008 -- Spokane Valley Project1961-1962
223/13S. 2086 -- Banks Lake Reservation1961-1962
223/14S. 2087 -- Quinalt Reservation1961-1962
223/15S. 2088 -- Government Comptroller Salary1961-1962
223/16-18S. 2123 -- Colville Indian Funds1961-1962
223/19S. 2156 -- Saline Water Conversion1961-1962
223/20S. 2146 -- National Parks Conference1961-1962
223/21S. 2301 -- Federal Deposit Insurance Act1961-1962
223/22-23S. 2320 -- State InstitutionsConstruction1961-1962
223/24S. 2535 -- Wheat Marketing Act1961-1962
223/25S. 2697 -- G. I. Bill Extension1961-1962
223/26S. 2705 -- Whitman National Monument1961-1962
223/27S. 2737 -- American Flag Vessels1961-1962
223/28S. 2747 -- Lead and Zinc Mining in UnitedStates1961-1962
223/29S. 2774 -- Guam Organic Foods Act1961-1962
223/30S. 2775 - Pacific Trust Territory1961-1962
223/31S. 2936 - Forest Roads Development1961-1962
223/32S. 3117 - Outdoor Recreation Program1961-1962
223/33-35S. 3118 -- Land Conservation Fund1961-1962
224/1-5S. 3118 -- Land Conservation Fund1961-1962
224/6S. 3258 -- Limestone Spalls1961-1962
224/7S. 3260 -- Puget Sound Survey1961-1962
224/8S. 3431 -- Pacific Marine FisheriesCompact1961-1962
224/9S. 3512 -- Copper Import Tax1961-1962
224/10S. C. R. 4 -- Fuels Study1961-1962
224/11S. C. R. 16 -- Congress Adjournment Date1961-1962
224/12S. J. R. 13 -- Mt. Rainier National Park1961-1962
224/13S. J. R. 40 -- Lewis and Clark Highway1961-1962
224/14S. J. R. 51 -- Woodrow Wilson Memorial1961-1962
224/15S. J. R. 58 -- Electors Qualifications1961-1962
224/16S. J. R. 76 -- Irrigation in Washington1961-1962
224/17S. J. R. 84 -- American Indian Day1961-1962
224/18S. R. 105 -- National Fuels Study1961-1962
224/19S. R. 133 -- Dr. Theodore von Karman1961-1962
224/20S. R. 134 -- Veterans Affairs RulesCommittee1961-1962
224/21S. R. 150 -- Railroad Mergers CommerceCommission1961-1962
224/22S. R. 154 -- White Fleet1961-1962
Washington State Matters
224/28Public Welfare
225/7Industrial Expansion -- Snohomish County IndustrialBureau
225/8International Boxing Tournament
225/14Eastvold (Don) World Trip
225/15Surplus Food - Distribution Problem
World Fair (Century 21)
225/18National Science Planning Board (Invitations and Responses)
226/8-11Century 21
227/2Aerojet Sites
227/3-4Century 21
227/5Hill-Burton Act
228/1-2Century 21General
228/3-5Press Releases and Memos
Magnuson, Warren G. -- Silver Anniversary Dinner
228/7Invitation Responses
228/8Public Power -- H. 197
228/9Tacoma Air Pollution
229/4-7Century 21
229/8Lumber Industry
229/18Sumner Iron Works
Jobs and Appointments ("Senate Nominations")(See also the Addendum)
230/1Cain, Harry P. -- appointment as U.S. Veterans Administration. Administrator1953
230/2-3Strauss, Lewis L. -- nomination as U.S. Commerce Department. Secretary1959
Trip Files
230/23-23aSoviet Union1956
230/24Soviet Union1959
231/3-25Washington State (incl. Rocky Reach Dam dedication and Kennedy (John F.) Visit)1956-1963
Speeches and Writings
232/1"An Academy of National Policy"; Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington,D.C.1958
232/2Admission Day Celebration, Hawaii (Statehood) November 29, 1958
232/4"America's Rediscovery of Excellence"; Democratic Women's Club1959
232/5"America's Rediscovery of Learning"; Pacific Northwest Conference on Higher Education, Washington. State College, Pullman, WA July 11-1912, 1959
232/5a"America's Testing Time"; Active 20-30 International Convention; Seattle, WAJuly 1963
232/6Anderson (Clinton) Testimonialundated
232/7Basic Democratic Speech1958
232/8Book Review, The Question of National Defense," by Oskar Morgenstern; Washington PostNovember 8, 1959
232/11Campaign; Clarksburg, WV (as chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)October 1, 1960
232/12Campaign; Everett, WA1952
232/13Campaign; Greensburg, PA (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)1960
232/14Campaign; Hartford, CT (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)September 24, 1960
232/15Campaign; Indiana (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)1960
232/16Campaign; Kansas City, MO (as Chair of the Democratic Party. National Committee)October 6, 1960
232/17Campaign; Kearny, NB (as Chair of the Democratic Party. National Committee)October 5, 1960
232/18Campaign; League of Women Voters, Minneapolis, MN (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)October 6, 1960
232/19Campaign; Madison, WI (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)October 4, 1960
232/20Campaign; Midwest Democratic Conference; Okalahoma City, OK (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)September 16, 1960
232/21Campaign; Minneapolis, MN (as Chair of Democratic Party. National Committee)1960
232/22"The Case for the Democrats"; Saturday Evening Post October 15, 1960
232/23"The Challenge of the Twentieth Century"; Democratic Mock Political Convention,Washington and Lee University; Lexington,VA May 2, 1960
232/24"The Citizen and National Security"; Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Spokane, WAApril 9, 1962
232/24a"The Citizen and Foreign Policy"; Foundation for Understanding Through Students; Seattle, WAApril 15, 1963
232/25Civil Rights (Incl. 1957 Equal Rights Amendment) 1957
232/26"The Cold War"; Industrial War CollegeApril 12, 1960
232/27Columbia Basin Project1957
232/28"Commitment to Freedom"; Armed Forces Day Celebration, Huntsville, ALMay 15, 1959
232/29Communism; Nebraska State Bar Association, Omaha, NB October 6, 1960
232/30Communism; New JerseyNovember 2, 1960
232/31Communism; Texas1960
232/32Congressional Over-staffingFebruary 1963
232/33Defense and Foreign Policy1962
232/34-35Defense and Outer Space1954-1960
232/36Defense; Georgetown University Center for Strategic Studies Conference, Washington, D.C.January 23, 1963
232/37Defense Program; National Security Commission of the American Legion; Washington, D.C.January 28, 1960
232/38Defense Strategy Seminar; National War College July 11, 1961
232/39Democratic Party (personal notes)1954
232/40Democratic Party; Arizona1961
232/41Democratic Party. National Committee1961-1963
232/42Democratic Program; Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner; Hartford, CTMarch 8, 1958
232/43Disclosure Rules -- regulatory agency employees 1957
232/44Economic Resources1957
232/46Economy and Defense1960
232/47Economy, Taxes and Recession1953-1958
232/49Education; Bremerton TeachersSeptember 28, 1961
232/50"Effect of NPR on Industrial Growth"1961
232/51"Excellence and the National Service"; Industrial College of the Armed ForcesJune 12, 1962
232/52"Excellence and the Public Service"; Quest for Quality Conference, University of Washington, Seattle, WANovember 19, 1962
232/53Face the Nation, CBS BroadcastAugust 14, 1960
232/54"Fact, Fiction and the National Security"; The Business CouncilMay 10, 1963
232/55"Fact, Fiction and National Security"; Methodist Dinner; Seattle, WANovember 1963
232/57Federal Pay Legislation1957
232/58Foreign Policy (incl. disarmament and United Nations) 1958-1959
232/59Foreign Policy and Defense; the Active 20-30 International Club; Seattle, WAJuly 1963
232/60"Forging a National Strategy"; Military Government Association, Washington, D.C.June 14, 1959
233/1"Freemasons and Freedom"1966
233/2Free Men and Freedom" (Washington University Students) 1963
233/3"Free Men and National Security"undated
233/4"Government, Business and Science: Partners in National Security"; Aerospace Industries Association of America; Williamsburg, VA1963
233/5Government Spending; Inland Empire Waterways AssociationNovember 4, 1963
233/6Grand Coulee Lighting System Dedication; Grand Coulee, WAMay 30, 1958
233/7"Great Issues of the 86th Congress"; The ArgusJanuary 1959
233/8Highway Program1959
233/10"How Does a Liberal Look at the Sixties?" Oberlin College; Oberlin, OH1962
233/11"How Shall We Forge a Strategy for Survival?" National War CollegeApril 16, 1959
233/13Interview, Puget SoundingsSeptember 10, 1960
233/14"Is Our Defense Program Adequate?" American Forum of the Air, broadcastundated
233/15Israel Bonds1955
233/16"Its One World"undated
233/17Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner; Willmington, DE May 12, 1962
233/18July 4th Address; Everett, WA1963
233/19Juvenile Delinquency1953
233/20Kefauver (Estes) Dedicationundated
233/21"Kennedy Cares"; 7th Congressional District Dinner; Detroit, MISeptember 25, 1960
233/22Kuykendall, Jerome K. -- nomination to the U.S. Federal Power Commission1957
233/24Labor Day; Steelworkers Picnic; Youngstown, OH September 5, 1960
233/25Laurier, WA Airport DedicationJuly 11, 1963
233/26"The Lawyer and the Public Service"1956
233/27"Leadership for the Sixties"; Democratic Party National Committee; Boston, MANovember 1, 1960
233/28Livestock Industry; Wool Growers Association; Phoenix, AZJanuary 22, 1958
233/29Meet the Press, NBC BroadcastFebruary 28, 1960
233/30Meet the Press, NBC BroadcastOctober 23, 1960
233/31"Meeting the Challenge of Retirement: Through Federal Services"; Governor's Council on Aging, Washington, DCNovember 15, 1963
233/31aThe Military Implementation of Our Foreign Policy"; U.S. Industrial College of the Armed Forces; Washington, D.C.April 20, 1955
2331/32Mining Legislation1958
233/33Mining; Northwest Mining Association; Spokane, WA December 6, 1963
233/34"Mobilizing Talent for National Security"; National Defense Executive Reserve Training ConferenceMay 23, 1960
233/35"The Missile Gap"; The ArgusFebruary 19, 1960
233/36National Security; Hawaiiundated
233/37National Security; Navy GroupNovember 16, 1963
233/38National Security Seminar; Chamber of Commerce and Industrial College of the Armed Forces; Grays Harbor, WAMay 4, 1963
233/39National Security; Tiger Clubundated
233/40NATO Parliamentarians Conference. Asian and African Languages Study Group1959
233/41-42Natural Resources1958
233/43Natural Resources; Bellingham SportsmenSeptember 7, 1957
233/44"Needed -- A First Things First Defense Program" 1960
233/45"The New Frontiers After 65"; National Committee on the Aging; New York, NYOctober 19, 1960
233/46"The New Production Reactor at Ha-nford, WA"; U.S. SenateJuly 18, 1961
234/3N. S. Haddo Launching; New York Shipbuilding Corporation; Camden, NJAugust 18, 1962
234/4"The Old Quest for Peace in the New Age of Science"; Borah Foundation; University of Idaho, Moscow, IDMarch 20, 1958
234/5"The Older Worker Problem"1957
234/6"Organizing for National Security"; U.S. Government Operations Committee. National Policy Machinery Subcommittee (final statement) 1961
234/7"Organizing for Survival"; Foreign Affairs April 1960
234/8"Our Future and Fisheries"; U.S. Commercial Fisheries Bureau Laboratory; Seattle, WAJuly 3, 1963
234/9"Our Posture as a World Power"; United States Chamber of Commerce; Washington, D.C.May 1-194, 1963
234/10"Peace Demands a Policy"; American Society of International Law; Washington, D.C.May 2, 1959
234/11Peaceful Atom1948-1955
234/12Post Office Dedication; Aberdeen, WAApril 13, 1963
234/13Postal Service; Seattle Chamber of Commerce April 16, 1963
234/14Pre-paid Health Care; Washington State Dental Association; Seattle, WAMarch 24, 1958
234/15"Promising Aspects of the Peaceful Atom"; Providence Hospital; SeattleMay 19, 1958
234/16"Public Confidence and National Security"; Industrial College of the Armed ForcesMay 27, 1963
234/17"Public Opinion and National Security"1963
234/18Public Power; Inland Power and Light Company; Mead, WA March 29, 1957
234/19Public Power; Northwest Public Power Association; Seattle, WAApril 1963
234/20Public Power; Washington State Labor Council; Richland, WAJuly 8, 1963
234/21Public Power; Public Works and Natural Resources 1960
234/22Quemoy and Matsu1958
234/25"The Rediscovery of Excellence"; Walla Walla College; Walla Walla, WA1961
234/26Republican Record; Nine County Democratic League; Shelton, WAJune 14, 1958
234/27"Research and Education in the Field of National Security Policy"; University of Washington; Seattle, WA1962
234/28Rocky Reach Hydroelectric Project Dedication; Wenatchee, WAJuly 20, 1963
234/30"The Significance of the Soviet Challenge"; National War College; Washington, D.C.April 28, 1958
234/31Sino-Soviet Disputesundated
234/32"Some Legal Implications in the Operation of Nuclear Powered Ships"; JAG Journal (U.S. Navy. Judge Advocate General)April 1959
234/33"Status and Prospects for Atomic Power Development"; American Public Power Association; Seattle, WAMay 28, 1959
234/34"The Strength of the Democratic Party"; Thomas Jefferson Dinner; Parkersburg, WVJune 6, 1959
234/35Tacoma Industrial Airport Dedication; Tacoma, WA 1963
234/36"The Task of American Statesmanship"; United Jewish Appeal; New York, NYApril 14, 1959
234/37"The Task of American Statesmanship in a Nuclear Age"; World Affairs Institute, Washington. State College; Pullman, WA1959
234/38Technology Advancement; Carolina Symposium, University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NCMarch 16, 1958
234/39Test Ban Treaty1962
234/40"To Forge a Strategy for Survival"; Public Administration ReviewSummer 1959
234/41Unemployment; American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial organizationsundated
234/42U.S. Forest Service1958
234/43U.S. National Archives and Records Service. Federal Archives and Records Center Dedication; Seattle, WA1963
234/44U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee. National Policy Machinery Subcommittee1959-1961
234/45"The United States in the United Nations: An Independent Audit"; National Press ClubMarch 20, 1962
234/45aU.S.S. Richard Byrd Commissioning; Todd Shipyard; Seattle, WAFebruary 6, 1962
234/46U.S.S. Skate and U.S.S. Seadragon Recognition; Century 21 Exposition; Seattle, WASeptember 3, 1962
234/47Urbie Day; Hoqium, WAApril 4, 1963
235/1Vice Presidential Candidacy -- Johnson (Lyndon B.) vs. Lodge (Henry Cabot)1960
235/4Voting; Monsanto MaqazineJuly 28, 1960
235/5"We Must Catch Up"; Washington Banker's Association; Spokane, WAOctober 10, 1957
235/6Whidbey Island Naval Air Station1957
235/7Youth Conservation Corpsundated
Speeches and Writings - Others
235/12Downs, Patricia - ReportAugust 19, 1961
235/13-14Kennedy, John F.1957-1961
235/15Kennedy (John F.)-Nixon (Richard) Debates -- Meet the Press1960
235/16Kerr, Robert S.1956-1959
235/17"Our American Government"; U.S. Congress1953-1956
235/19bSpeeches and Writings - Unidentified
236Appointment Books1955-1963
236Guest Books1955-1958
Press Releases (incl. speech excerpts and public statements)
235/20Microfilm Copies (incl. telegraphic releases; reel l also includes releases from 1941-52)1956-1963
235/21-29Papers Copies (incl. some releases and speech excerpts not on microfilm)1958-1960
237/1-4Paper Copies (incl. some releases and speech excerpts not on microfilm)1960-1961
Clippings (Scrapbooks) (See also Addendum)
237/6Atomic Power
237/7Atomic Weapons and Disarmament
237/8Democratic Party
237/9U.S. Interior Department
237/11-12Hell's Canyon
237/13-15McCarthy (Joseph) Committee (U.S. Senate. GovernmentOperations Committee. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations)
237/16-17McCarthy (Joseph) Controversies
238/1McCarthy (Joseph) Controversies
238/1-3Mathews, J. B.
238/4Olympic National Park
238/5Pelly, Thomas
238/6-7Public Power
238/8Republican Party (incl. Langlie, Arthur B.; Cain,Harry P.)
238/9Speeches -- HMJ
238/10Tidelands Oil
238/11U.S. Information Agency Investigation
238/12U.S. Voice of America -- Baker-West Project
238/13Westland, Jack
238/14White, Harry Dexter
238/17Defense Procurement Policy
238/18McCarthy (Joseph) Committee (U.S. Senate. GovernmentOperations Committee. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations -- Army-McCarthyHearings)
239/1McCarthy (Joseph) Committee
239/2-8McCarthy (Joseph) Controversies
239/9Westland, Jack
239/12Atomic Energy
239/13Interior and Insular Affairs (incl. Hell's Canyonand Alaska-Hawaii Statehood)
239/14-15Republican Party (incl. Cain, Harry P.; Langlie,Arthur; Eastvold, Don)
239/16U.S. Senate. Armed Services Committee
239/17U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee.Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
240/3-4Armed Forces
240/5-6Ballistic Missiles
240/10Foreign Affairs
240/11-12Interior and Insular Affairs (incl. Hell's Canyon)
240/13National Affairs and Voting Records
240/14Republican Party (incl., Langlie, Arthur B.; Pelly,Thomas; Westland, Jack; Tollefson, Thor C.; Eastvold, Don; Cain, Harry P.)
240/15-16U.S. Air Force -- bomber shortage
240/17U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee
240/18U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee
241/7-9Armed Forces
241/10-11Atomic Energy
241/13Foreign Affairs
241/14Interior and Insular Affairs (incl. McKay, Douglas-- appointment)
241/15Missiles and Atomic Weapons
241/16-17National Affairs
241/19Public Affairs
241/22-23State Projects
242/1-2State Projects
242/4Armed Forces
242/17-18Departmental and Legislative
243/1Foreign Affairs
243/2Natural Resources
243/3-4Political Affairs
243/5Public Affairs
243/9State Projects
243/10-11U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
270/14Campaign and Election/Century 21
270/15-16Departmental and Legislative
243/18-19Departmental and Legislative
270/17Diplomatic and Foreign Relations
270/18Editorial Comments on HMJ
270/19-20Natural Resources
271/6-10Democratic Party. National Committee andPresidential Election
271/11-13Departmental and Legislative
271/14Diplomatic and Foreign Relations
271/15Editorial Comment on HMJ
271/16-17Jackson for Vice President
271/18Natural Resources
272/1Agriculture and Interior/Ports and Waterways/IndianAffairs
272/2Labor/Commerce and Trade/Natural Resources
272/3-4Miscellaneous (incl. Kennedy (John F.) Visit)
243/20Contracts and Awards
272/6Estes, Billie Sol
243/21Interior Affairs
244/1National Security and Foreign Affairs
244/2-3Political and Personal Appearances
244/4Ports and Waterways
244/5Seattle World's Fair (Century 21)
244/6-8United Nations
244/9-10a,bU.S. Atomic Energy Commission and Hanford, WA
244/11U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee.Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
244/13a,bCommerce and Fisheries
244/14-16Contracts and Awards
245/1Defense National
272/9Editorial Comments on IIMJ
272/10Foreign Affairs and National Security
245/7Kennedy (John F.) Visit
272/10aLabor and Employment/Health and Education
245/8Ports and Waterways
245/9Reclamation and Irrigation
245/10State Appearances
272/11-12State Appearances
272/13-15State Politics
272/16U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Subject Series
246/1Air Power -- Eisenhower administration record 1953
246/1a"American Strategy and Strength" Report Analysis 1960
Democratic Party. National Committee
246/3-8General Correspondence1957-1961
Subject Series
246/10Fact Sheets1957-1958
246/11Presidential Election -- candidates and strategies 1959
246/12President's Birthday Ball1961
246/13Recommendations for New Administration (appointive jobs)1960-1961
246/14State Speakers1959
246/15Democratic Party. Senatorial Campaign Committee 1961
Democratic Party. Washington State Central Committee
246/16-21General Correspondence1959-1961
Subject Series
246/22Congressional Districts1957
246/23Precinct Committeemen1961
246/24Dental and Medical Legislation1958
246/24aElectoral College1960
246/25Goldstein (Sol and Goldie) Dinner1976
246/26Hayden (Carl) Dinner1961
246/28-29aKennedy, John F. -- condolences1963
247/1Kennedy, John F. -- condolences1963
247/2Kennedy-Ives Bill1958
247/3Pension and Welfare Plan Disclosure Act1958
247/4Right to Work (Initiative 202)1958
247/6Legislative Record -- 86th Congress1959
247/7Military Issues1962
247/7aMissile Diplomacy1960
247/8Public Works Appropriations1957
247/9Mt. Rainier National Park Hotel Facilities 1959
247/10National Military Industrial Conference1959
247/11Shelton Cooperative Sustained Yield Unit1953
247/12-13State Resources1958
247/14-15TFX Fighter-Bomber1963
247/16-17U.S. Congress. Internal Revenue Taxation Joint Committee1962-1963
247/18-19Voting Record -- HMJ1957-1962
247/20Western States Democratic Senators Conference 1959
Committee Records and Aides' Papers
Democratic Party. National Committee. Chairman
General Correspondence
247/23Ashman, Eleanor1960
247/25Bartlett, E. L.1960
247/26Belkap, George1960
247/27Booth, Harry V.1960
247/28Boykin, Frank W.1960
247/29Brightman, Samuel C.1960
247/30Brooks, Jack1960
248/5Farley, James A.1960
248/6Fowler, Henry H.1960
248/9Halbersteadter, Claus1960
248/10Healy, T. J.1960
248/11H - I1960
248/12Johnson, Lyndon B.1960
248/14Kennedy, John F.1960
248/15Krueger, Culp1960
248/17Leventhal, Harold1960
248/19McCormack, John W.1960
248/20McGhee, George C.1960
248/24P - Q1960
248/26Sheldon, Raymond1960
248/28Truman, Harry S.1960
248/30U - V1960
248/31Williams, G. Mennen1960
248/33X, Y, Z1960
249/2Complimentary Letters1960
Congratulatory Messages
249/3-8re: Chairmanship1960
249/9-10re: Kennedy Elected1960
249/11-12re: HMJ's Congratulatory Message1960
249/15-18Religion Problems (incl. Kennedy, John F. letter)1960
249/19-22Views on Candidates and Platforms1960
249/23Notes and Memoranda
250/1-2Jackson, Henry M.1960
250/3-4Kennedy, John F.1960
250/5Executive Committee MeetingJanuary 21, 1961
Speeches and Writings -- HMJ
250/6Acceptance of National ChairmanshipJuly 1960
250/7Republican Party Requests for FeesOctober 15, 1960
250/8ResignationJanuary 21, 1961
250/9Missile GapFebruary 9, 1961
Speeches and Writings -- Kennedy, John F.
250/11African Educational HelpJuly 27, 1960
250/12Death of Leland OldsAugust 5, 1960
250/13Governor Harriman to Undertake Mission to Africa August 18, 1960
250/14Minimum Wage BillAugust 18, 1960
250/15Farmers for Kennedy Committee Formation August 19, 1960
250/16Untitled; VFW 61st Annual ConventionAugust 23, 1960
250/17Jewish High Holy DaysAugust 29, 1960
250/18Minimum Wage ConferenceAugust 30, 1960
250/19Better Representation of Racial Groups in the Federal JudiciaryAugust 31, 1960
250/20Untitled: Manchester, NHSeptember 2, 1960
250/21Untitled; Presque Isle, MESeptember 2, 1960
250/22Untitled; Portland, MESeptember 2, 1960
250/23Untitled; Bangor, MESeptember 2, 1960
250/24Untitled; San Francisco International Airport September 3, 1960
250/25Special Labor Day MessageSeptember 4, 1960
250/26Untitled: Flint, MISeptember 5, 1960
250/27Untitled; Cadillac Square, Detroit, MI September 5, 1960
250/28Untitled; Spokane, WASeptember 6, 1960
250/29Untitled; Pocatello, IDSeptember 6, 1960
250/30Russian Infiltration and Suppression in the Congo September 6, 1960
250/31Untitled; Seattle, WASeptember 6, 1960
250/32Untitled; Portland, ORSeptember 7, 1960
250/33Unemployment RedevelopmentSeptember 7, 1960
250/34Untitled; Salem, ORSeptember 7, 1960
250/35Lack of Administration Action on Unemployment September 8, 1960
250/36Untitled; Oakland, CASeptember 8, 1960
250/37Untitled; Redding, CASeptember 8, 1960
250/38Wickard, ClaudeSeptember 8, 1960
250/39Untitled; Urban Problems Conference; Washington, D.C.September 9, 1960
250/40Chinese American Businessman's Committee Meeting September 9, 1960
250/41Untitled; Fresno, CASeptember 9, 1960
250/42Untitled; Los Angeles, CASeptember 9, 1960
250/43Untitled; Houston, TXSeptember 12, 1960
250/44Untitled; New Jobs and New Growth Conference; Charleston, WVSeptember 12, 1960
250/45Untitled; Question and Answer Period; Houston, TX September 13, 1960
250/46Untitled; Texarkana, TXSeptember 13, 1960
250/47Untitled; International Association of Machinists Convention; St. Louis, MOSeptember 14, 1960
250/48Untitled; Women's Democratic Luncheon; New York, NYSeptember 14, 1960
250/49Untitled; Liberal Party Dinner; New York, NY September 14, 1960
250/50Untitled; Bergen Mall; Bergen, NJSeptember 15, 1960
250/51Untitled; Reading, PASeptember 16, 1960
250/52Untitled; Biennial Clergy Laity Conference of GreekUntitled; Orthodox ChurchSeptember 17, 1960
250/53Citizenship DaySeptember 17, 1960
250/54Untitled; Charleston, WVSeptember 19, 1960
250/55Untitled; Atlantic City, NJSeptember 19, 1960
250/56Untitled; Sheraton-Park HotelSeptember 20, 1960
250/57Untitled; StatementSeptember 20, 1960
250/58Untitled; Nashville, TNSeptember 20, 1960
250/59Education for African FreedomSeptember 21, 1960
250/60Congratulations to Prime Minister of Nigeria September 22, 1960
250/61Untitled; Memphis, TNSeptember 22, 1960
250/62Untitled; Billings, MTSeptember 22, 1960
250/63Untitled; Denver, COSeptember 23, 1960
250/64Untitled; Salt Lake City, UTSeptember 23, 1960
250/65First Kennedy-Nixon DebateSeptember 26, 1960
250/66Federal Powers; Lockport, NYSeptember 28, 1960
250/67America's Experience in Foreign Policy; Syracuse, NYSeptember 29, 1960
250/68Captive Nations; Polish American Congress; Chicago, ILOctober 1, 1960
250/69"Leap Year Liberalism"; Minneapolis, MN October 2, 1960
250/70Pulaski Day MessageOctober 2, 1960
250/71Untitled; Duluth, MNOctober 2, 1960
250/72Untitled; Carbondale, ILOctober 3, 1960
250/73Nixon-Benson Farm Program; Springfield, IL October 3, 1960
250/74"Confidence in American Strength"; St. Louis, MO October 3, 1960
250/75Nation's New VotersOctober 5, 1960
250/76Economy; Indianapolis, INOctober 5, 1960
250/77Unemployment; Evansville, INOctober 5, 1960
250/78Midyear Budget ReportOctober 5, 1960
250/79National Unity; Louisville, KTOctober 5, 1960
250/80Cuba; Cincinnati, OHOctober 6, 1960
250/81Civil RightsOctober 7, 1960
250/82Two Basic Goals; Farmers for Kennedy-Johnson October 9, 1960
250/83Prestige; Salem, OHOctober 9, 1960
250/84Urban Affairs Conference; Pittsburgh, PA October 10, 1960
250/85Calhoun-Webster; Columbia, SCOctober 10, 1960
250/86Health and Medical Research; Warm Springs, GA October 10, 1960
250/87Letterø to Thomas E. MurrayOctober 10, 1960
250/88Columbus Day StatementOctober 12, 1960
250/89"Freedom"; Council of Women, Inc.; New York, NY October 12, 1960
250/90Economic Policy; Biltmore Hotel, New York, NY October 12, 1960
250/91Prestige; Kansas City, MOOctober 12, 1960
250/92"The Kennedy Record"October 12, 1960
250/93War and Peace; Democratic National Committee; Waldorf-Astoria Hotel; New York, NYOctober 13, 1960
250/94Housing for the ElderlyOctober 13, 1960
250/95Third Kennedy-Nixon DebateOctober 13, 1960
250/96Adult Educational Association of the USA; Denver, COOctober 14, 1960
250/97Educational Medical Care of Aged; Ann Arbor, MI October 14, 1960
250/98Unemployment-Economic Growth; Saginaw, MI October 14, 1960
250/99Quemoy-Matsu; Sharon, PAOctober 15, 1960
250/100Cuba; Johnstown, PAOctober 15, 1960
250/101Federal Aid for Vocational EducationOctober 16, 1960
250/102Domestic Affairs; Dayton, OHOctober 16, 1960
250/103Nixon -- "I'm for Every Republican Candidate in the Nation"; Wilmington, DEOctober 16, 1960
250/104Nixon Unwilling for 5th Debate, Dayton, OH October 17, 1960
250/105"New Spirit in Washington -- Government Service"; Wittenberg College, Springfield, OHOctober 17, 1960
250/106Latin America; Tampa, FLOctober 18, 1960
250/1077-Point Program for Nation's Senior Citizens October 19, 1960
250/108Al Smith Memorial Dinner; New York, NY October 19, 1960
250/109Untitled; Urban Affairs ConferenceOctober 20, 1960
250/110Nixon's ChargesOctober 20, 1960
250/111Cuba Policy; Biltmore Hotel, New York, NY October 21, 1960
250/112Fourth Kennedy-Nixon DebateOctober 21, 1960
250/113Fifth Debate Proposal; Northland Shopping Center; St. Louis, MOOctober 22, 1960
250/114Farm Program; Wichita, KSOctober 22, 1960
250/115Telegram to Nixon, re: 5th DebateOctober 23, 1960
250/116The Farm Depression; LaCrosse, WIOctober 23, 1960
250/117Freedom From Fear; Milwaukee, WIOctober 24, 1960
250/118Social Security; Rockford, ILOctober 24, 1960
250/119Experience Counts; Rock Island, ILOctober 24, 1960
250/120Population Explosion; Meadowdale Shopping Center, Meadowdale, ILOctober 25, 1960
250/121U.S. Information Agency Survey; Detroit, MI October 25, 1960
250/122Suppressing Important Public Information; Mt. Clemens, MIOctober 26, 1960
250/123U.S. Information Agency Survey Results; York Township High School, Elmhurst, ILOctober 26, 1960
250/124Untitled; International Ladies Garment Workers Union Rally, New York, NYOctober 27, 1960
250/125Cost of Living; Brooklyn, NYOctober 27, 1960
250/126Depressed Areas; Scranton, PAOctober 28, 1960
250/127Untitled; Bethlehem, PAOctober 28, 1960
250/128Latin AmericaOctober 28, 1960
250/129Untitled; Valley Forge, PAOctober 29, 1960
250/130Three Basic Themes on Domestic Issues; Levittown, PAOctober 30, 1960
250/131Gold Market; Philadelphia, PAOctober 31, 1960
250/132Basic Difference Between Nixon and Kennedy; Philadelphia, PAOctober 31, 1960
250/133Six Basic Areas of Disagreement Between Nixon and Kennedy; Penn Fruit Shopping Center, PAOctober 31, 1960
250/134Food for PeaceOctober 31, 1960
250/135LaFarge, Oliver -- letter toNovember 1, 1960
250/136Social Security; Clothing Workers' Rally; Los Angeles, CANovember 1, 1960
250/137Presidential Responsibility Issues; Los Angeles, CANovember 1, 1960
250/138"Calling for Kennedy" Campaign by the Women on Television with Mrs. KennedyNovember 1, 1960
250/139Fund-Raising Dinner; Philadelphia, PANovember 1, 1960
250/140Key to Victory; Los Angeles, CANovember 2, 1960
250/141B-70 Program -- Releasing of Additional Funds November 2, 1960
250/142Social Security; Albuquerque, NMNovember 3, 1960
250/143Peace Corps; San Francisco, CANovember 3, 1960
250/144Untitled; Roanoke, VANovember 4, 1960
250/145Untitled; Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL November 4, 1960
250/146Untitled; New York Collisium, New York, NY November 5, 1960
250/147Intention to Create a Consumer Counsel; Bronx County Women's Luncheon; New York, NYNovember 5, 1960
250/148100th Anniversary of Ignace Paderewski November 6, 1960
250/149Untitled; Comack Arena Suffolk County, Long Island, NYNovember 6, 1960
250/150Untitled; Springfield, MANovember 7, 1960
250/151Ed Kennedy Goes on TourDecember 2, 1960
250/152Our Educational Frontiersundated
251/1Inaugural AddressJanuary 20, 1961
251/2Speech to PartyJanuary 21, 1961
251/3State of the Union AddressJanuary 30, 1961
251/4Balance of Payments and Gold OutflowFebruary 6, 1961
251/5Health ProgramFebruary 9, 1961
251/6American EducationFebruary 20, 1961
251/7Special Feed Grain ProgramFebruary 20, 1961
251/8Natural ResourcesFebruary 23, 1961
251/9Federal Pay-As-You-Go Highway ProgramFebruary 28, 1961
251/10Permanent Peace Corps EstablishmentMarch 1, 1961
Speeches and Writings -- Kennedy, Jacqueline
251/11Second TV Party; Washington, D.C.October 4, 1960
251/12Harlem TourOctober 5, 1960
251/13"Campaign Wife"; EducationOctober 6, 1960
251/14"Women's Committee for a New Frontier" October 9, 1960
251/15Calling for Kennedy WeekOctober 16, 1960
251/16"Campaign Wife"September - November 1960
Speeches and Writings -- Johnson, Lyndon B.
251/17Spread of Communism; Tampa, FLOctober 11, 1960
251/18Untitled; Atlanta, GAOctober 12, 1960
251/19Spread of Communism; Miami, FLOctober 13, 1960
251/20"American Stands For"; Montgomery, ALOctober 14, 1960
251/21Campaign Issues; Pensacola, FLOctober 14, 1960
251/22Prestige Free World; Mercer University, Macon, GA October 14, 1960
251/23Cuba; New Orleans, LAOctober 15, 1960
251/24Mrs. Johnson goes to Tea in Northern Virginia October 17, 1960
251/25Quemoy-Matsu; Allentown, PAOctober 18, 1960
251/26Too Many Horses -- Republican Candidates; Williamsport, PAOctober 19, 1960
251/27"Sneak Punch"; Hutington, WVOctober 19, 1960
251/28Kitchen Debate; Winston-Salem, NCOctober 20, 1960
251/29Strength of Our Nation; Owensbora, KTOctober 21, 1960
251/30General Campaign; Austin, TXOctober 22, 1960
251/31Prestige; Long Beach, CAOctober 25, 1960
251/32U.S. Information Agency Report; Spokane, WA October 26, 1960
251/33Untitled; Sacramento, CAOctober 27, 1960
251/34Victory for the Democratic PartyOctober 29, 1960
251/35Untitled; Springfield, MOOctober 31, 1960
251/36Breakfast with Mayor Daley and Democratic Leaders; Chicago, ILNovember 1, 1960
251/37Untitled; Chicago, ILNovember 1, 1960
251/38Untitled; Rochester, NYNovember 3, 1960
251/39Social Security; Buffalo, NYNovember 3, 1960
251/40Itineraries -- Johnson, Lyndon B.1960
251/41-42Clippings -- Campaign1960
Subject Series1960
251/43Democratic Study Group
251/44aMayors, County Chairmen and Dollars for Democrats 1960
251/44bNational Security Group1960
251/45aTransition Planning1960
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Parliamentarians Conference
General Correspondence
251/46Bronk, Dettev W.1957
251/48Combustion Engineering, Inc.1957
251/49Courant, Richard1957
251/53Fort, Richard (British M. P.)1957
251/55Green, Theodore Francis (U.S. Senator) 1956-1957
251/56Griggs, David1957
251/57Grondal, Benedikt1957
251/59Hays, Wayne L.1957-1959
251/61Institute of International Education1957
251/62Johnson, Lyndon B.1957
251/63Johnston, Eric1957
251/67Massachusetts Institute of Technology1957
251/68Mayer, Maria Goeppert1957
251/69Mayor, Robert1957
251/70Mettler, Rubin F.1957
251/71Michener, Roland1957
251/72Mott, N. F.1957
251/74National Academy of Sciences1957-1958
251/75National Science Foundation1957
251/76Nielson, Jacob1957
251/77North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Secretary General (Speak, Paul-Henri)1957
251/78NATO. Parliamentarians Conference. Executive Secretary (Robinson, Douglas)1957-1960
251/81Philpott, Elmore1957
251/84Sarnoff, David1957
251/85Scientific Manpower. Commission1957
251/86Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe 1957
251/88Teller, Edward1957
251/90U.S. Senate. Foreign Relations Committee 1956-1957
251/91U.S. State Department1957
251/92U - V1957
251/93Washington. University1957
251/94Wheeler, John A.1957
251/95W, X, Y, Z1957
251/97Interoffice Correspondence1956-1959
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Parliamentarians Conference. Asian and African Languages Study Group
General Correspondence
252/3-4A - F1959
252/5Graves, Mortimer1959
252/6-10G - T1959
252/11U.S. Defense Department1959
252/12U - V1959-1960
252/13W, X, Y, Z1959
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Parliamentarians Conference. Science and Technology Committee
General Correspondence
252/15A - B1956-1959
252/17Driscoll, John1958-1960
252/18-19D - F1957-1959
252/20Green, Theodore F.1958
252/21-24G - K1957-1960
252/25Labberton, O. van H.1958-1960
252/26Meyerhoff, Howard A.1958-1959
252/28NATO. Parliamentarians Conference. Executive Secretary (Robinson, Douglas)1958
252/29N - P1959
252/30Ramsey, Norman1959
252/32Sarnoff, David1958-1959
252/33-35S - Z1958-1960
252/38-39, 253/1-4U.S. Army Reserve1953-1963
U.S. Canada Inter-Parliamentary Group
253/5Meeting (April 20-22)1960
U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee
General Correspondence
253/6A - C1955-1962
253/7Dufek, George J.1960-1961
253/8D - H1955-1962
253/9I - O1955-1963
253/10Phelan, Thomas H.1960
253/11P - Q1955-1962
253/12Rickover, Hyman G.1959-1961
253/13R - T1955-1962
253/14U.S. Atomic Energy Commissioner (Murray, Thomas E.)1957-1960
253/15U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee. Chairman (Anderson, Clinton P.)1955-1960
253/16U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee. Counsel (Norris, George)1957-1961
253/17U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee. Executive Director (Ramey, James T.)1956-1962
253/18U.S. Congress. Atomic Energy Joint Committee. Radiation Subcommittee. Chairman (Holifield, Chet)1957-1960
253/19U - Z1955-1962
253/26Press Releases1959-1962
253/28Meeting with the PresidentJanuary 18, 1963
Subject Series
254/1Antarctic Reactor Plants Proposal1960-1961
U.S. Senate. Armed Services Committee
Intercommittee Correspondence
254/8-9Real Estate Proposals1955-1959
General Correspondence
254/10Allen, Riley H.1957
254/11A - B1959-1961
254/12Capsin, Joseph1960-1961
254/13-14C - I1954-1962
254/15Johnson, Lyndon B.1954-1957
254/16-18J - T1955-1962
254/19U.S. House. Armed Services Committee. Chairman (Vinson, Carl)1956
254/20U - Z1954-1962
255/1Publication Requests1955-1962
Subject Series
255/3Airpower Investigation1955-1962
255/4-6U.S. Senate. Armed Services Committee. Military Construction Subcommittee1954-1962
U.S. Senate. Armed Services Committee. Preparedness Investigating Committee
255/7-14General Correspondence1961-1962
255/15Photographs & Literature Re Weapons1961
255/16Speeches and Writings1960-1962
U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee
256/5-10General Correspondence1953-1962
256/12-16U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee. National Policy Machinery Subcommittee1959-1962
256/17U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee. National Security Staffing Subcommittee1962
U.S. Senate. Government Operations Committee. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
256/18-25Memoranda (Incl. Kennedy, Robert; McClellan, John;McCarthy, Joseph; Symington, Stuart)1953-1962
256/26-31General Correspondence1953-1962
256/34Speeches and Writings1953
Subject Series
257/3American Watch. Association1956
257/4Chotiner, Murray1956
257/5Cross, Hugh (U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission) 1955
257/6Die Neue Zeitung, (American Newspaper in Germany)1953
257/7-8Estes, Billie Sol1961-1962
257/9Excess Profits1962
257/10Gambling and Organized Crime1962
257/11-13Hoffa, James R.1960-1961
257/14Jackson (Henry M.) Radio and Television Appearances1954
257/15-23McCarthy-Army Hearings1952-1954
258/1McCarthy-Army Hearings (mostly constituent correspondence)1954
265/23McCarthy-Army Hearings (mostly constituent correspondence)1954
266/1-15McCarthy (Joseph) Censure (Flanders Resolution) 1954
266/16-21Matthews (J. B.) Appointment (Jackson resignation from Committee)1953
267/1-2Matthews (J. B.) Appointment1953
267/3-4Pakistan Grain Storage1955
267/5Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, Local 706 (El Dorado, AR)1960
267/6-7Sears (Samuel P.) Appointment1954
267/8Talbot, Harold E. (Mulligan (Paul B.) and Company) 1955
267/9-10U.S. Military Sea Transportation Service 1961
267/11-12U.S. Voice of America1953
267/13Work Stoppages at Missile Bases1961
U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee
268/16U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. Indian Affairs Subcommittee1963
268/17-18U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. Irrigation and Reclamation Subcommittee1963
268/19U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. Minerals, Materials and Fuels Subcommittee1963
268/20-21U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. Public Lands Subcommittee1963
U.S. Senate. Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. Territories Subcommittee
269/1-3General Correspondence1962-1963
Subject Series
269/6Puerto Rico1962
269/8-9Trust Territories1961-1962
269/10-14Virgin Islands1961-1962
269/15-20U.S. Senate. Water Resources Select Committee 1959-1961
270/3Corcoran, Brian Papers1963
270/4Holt, Russ Papers1960
270/5Munro, Sterling Papers1961
270/6-10Salter, John L. Papers1953-1957
General Correspondence
273/1-4re: "Meet the Press" Appearance1957
273/5Christmas Card Lists1959
Jobs ("Senate Nominations")
273/7-9Armstrong, Ralph -- appointment-as Federal Judge(Washington)1963
273/10Williams, David -- appointment as Federal Judge(Washington)1963
Speeches and Writings
273/11Current Needs of EducationJune 22, 1953
273/12"Scientific Cooperation within the AtlanticCommunity"1959
273/13"What are the New Faces in Congress Thinking";American Forum of the AirJanuary 25, 1953
273/14Century 21 Exhibition1961
273/16Democratic Party1961
273/17Foreign Affairs1961
273/18Magnuson (Warren G.) Silver Anniversary Dinner1961
273/19Reclamation Projects1961
273/20-21U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1961
273/22-23Wedding (HMJ)1961
274/4Democratic Party1962
274/5United Nations Speech1962
274/6Washington State Natural Resources1962
274/8-9Nuclear Test Ban Treaty1963
274/10TFX Fighter Bomber1963
Subject Series
274/11Sorge Espionage Case1950
274/12Water Rights1957
274Press Releases (Microfilm -- 4 Reels)1941-1963

Accession No. 3560-004
Senate papers, 1964-1972
266.42 cubic feet
Scope and Content
This accession documents Jackson's Senate career from 1964-1972.The arrangement is closely patterned after that of the 1952-1963 Senate papers.Series include General Correspondence, Departmental Correspondence, LegislativeCorrespondence, Legislation -- HMJ Sponsored Bills, Washington State Matters,Jobs, Trip Files, Speeches and Writings, Appointment Books, Conferences andConventions, Clippings, Scrapbooks, Subject Series, and Committee Records andAides' Papers.
Personal Correspondence consists primarily of Jackson'scorrespondence with friends and political acquaintances, although letters fromconstituents and various public officials can occasionally be found herealso.
Departmental Correspondence includes correspondence of Jacksonwith federal departments, mostly on behalf of constituents asking him tointervene on their behalf with the federal bureaucracy.
Legislative materials can be found throughout several series.Because of the large amount of legislative correspondence in this accession,only a representative number of letters regarding each bill or issue was kept.If 3 inches or less, all was kept; 3-6 inches, 50%; more than 6 inches, only20%. The folders which have been sampled are identified on the inventory and bya slip of paper in the file which indicates how much of the correspondence hasbeen retained. Copies of Jackson's responses to constituent letters werefoldered together for each year. These "flexos" as they were called (after theword processing technique used to produce them) are filed at the end of thealphabetical sequence of legislative topics for each year.
A number of idiosyncrasies of the flexo system, which wasinstituted in 1964, should be mentioned. In some cases two flexos with the samenumber are listed on the inventory; usually one version is a revision, butsometimes they are completely different. These were left as is and listedtogether on the inventory. Researchers should also be careful to look fortopics which may be the same but are labeled differently, such as "abortion"and "right-to-life." There are also some identical topics with different flexonumbers. Flexo counts are a tally of the number of responses sent out on aparticular issue; "flexo masters" are a compilation of the flexos, arrangedsequentially, that were sent out each year. Some of the flexo masters are filedwith the incoming correspondence as well. There is a small sequence of"redactrons" at the end of the flexo series for each year. These areessentially the same as flexos, but refer to the different word processingsystem which was used to produce them.
In some instances, this correspondence overlaps topically withother material in the HMJ - Sponsored Bills series. Papers related to thedrafting and passage of legislation can be found in the following series:Subject Series, Speeches and Writings, and News Releases. These series containnotes, speech drafts, press releases, staff memoranda, and additionalcorrespondence.
Washington State Matters includes materials about public worksprojects, agencies, and legislative concerns. Subject Series also includesseveral files on Northwest public improvement projects, as well as materialsrelated to defense issues, local and national politics, and the environment.The Subject Series called "Working Papers" consists of miscellaneous staffmemos, reports, clippings and speech drafts which Jackson kept together inmanila envelopes to carry with him.
The Speeches and Writing series is arranged alphabetically byyear. These reflect Jackson's views on a number of significant issues, but mostparticularly on defense and human rights. Most of the folders contain relatedcorrespondence, notes, background materials, and drafts, as well as a copy ofthe speech itself.
During this period Jackson's staff began to assemble blacknotebooks of Jackson's major speeches and statements on a particular subject.These materials are found in the series Speeches and Writings -- BlackBooks.
The Jobs series consists mostly of letters written to Jackson insupport of or against the nominations of Abe Fortas to the United StatesSupreme Court and Walter J. Hickel as Secretary of the Interior. Researchersshould also look for files regarding the Fortas nomination in the SubjectSeries.
The Scrapbooks were assembled by Jackson's staff and includemostly clippings on such topics such as agriculture, foreign affairs, andpolitics. These were removed from their original notebooks, foldered andlabeled, and arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically by subjectwithin each year.
The Trip Files series in this accession is arrangedchronologically. The majority of materials date from 1971-1972 and documentJackson's frequent travels across the country in connection with his 1972presidential bid. The files also document tours to Vietnam and the Middle East.They are arranged chronologically.
This accession contains only a limited amount of materials relatedto Jackson's 1972 presidential campaign. Some materials can be found in theScrapbooks series, the Subject Series on the campaign, and in the personalcorrespondence of the Brian Corcoran subseries, under the Committee Records andAides' Papers Series. Corcoran was Jackson's long-time press secretary. TheCorcoran papers also include Corcoran's personal correspondence, news releases,speeches and writings, and clippings.
This accession sheds light on Jackson's role in the major defenseand foreign policy debates of this period. Materials on arms control talks canbe found in the Speeches and Writings series and Committee Records and Aides'Papers series, under the Armed Services Committee subseries. America's growinginvolvement in Vietnam as well as the first steps to normalize relations withthe People's Republic of China are also documented.
This accession contains few records generated by Jackson's work aschairman of the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, which under Jackson'sleadership assumed jurisdiction over almost all pieces of environmentallegislation. The Interior and Insular Affairs Committee subseries, in theCommittee Records and Aides' Papers Series, contains a relatively small amountof constituent correspondence regarding legislation before the committee. Thecentral role Jackson played in the shaping of environmental policy is best seenin the Sponsored Bills and Speeches and Writings series. These series includematerials on bills creating the North Cascades National Park and the landmarkNational Environmental Policy Act. They also document his early recognition ofthe need for a national energy policy. Jackson's untitled draft of a book onthe environment can be found in the Speeches and Writings - Black Booksseries.
The Atomic Energy Joint Committee subseries, under the CommitteeRecords and Aides' Papers series, contains correspondence and memoranda fromcommittee staff on a range of atomic energy issues ranging from the operationsat nuclear weapons facilities, such as Hanford and Rocky Flats, Colorado, tothe efforts to site nuclear power plants in the Pacific Northwest.
Terms of Access
Open to all users; however, researchers who use DepartmentalCorrespondence (boxes 7-139) must sign a release form agreeing not to divulgethe identity of any individual named in a case file.
General Correspondence
1/1A - B1964
1/2Chase, Goodwin1964
1/3Chevy Chase Club1964
1/5D - F1964
1/6Gourlie, Larry1964
1/7Haddock, Hoyt S.1964
1/8G - I (incl. Goldwater, Barry)1964
1/9Jackson, Helen1964
1/10K (incl. Kennedy, Robert F.)1964
1/11Low Family1964
1/13Martin, Charles E.1964
1/14McLean, A. N.1964
1/15McNutt, Paul T.1964
1/16Minert, Katherine1964
1/17M - N1964
1/18Plaisted, Mark S.1964
1/19Repp, Ellen1964
1/20O - R (incl. Rickover, Hyman and Rosellini,Albert)1964
1/21S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1964
1/22Washington State Bar Association1964
1/23West, Norma C.1964
1/24T - Z1964
1/25Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, Lyndon;Byrd,Robert)1964
1/26Christmas Cards1964
1/27-28Christmas Card Lists1964
1/29Condolences -- John F. Kennedy1964
1/30Anderson, Lorna1965
1/32Belieu, Kenneth1965
1/33Brattain, Walter1965
1/34Byrd, Harry F.1965
1/35B (incl. Brown, Pat)1965
1/36Carlson, Eddie1965
1/38Denny, Brewster C.1965
1/39Dillon, Jack1965
1/40Doces, Gus J.1965
1/41Friend, Edward F.1965
1/42D - F1965
1/43Goldwin, Robert A.1965
1/45Hardin Family1965
1/46Holden, Edward1965
1/47Irwin, Lydia1965
1/48H - I1965
1/49Jackson Family1965
1/50Jones, Rogan1965
1/51Kerr, William1965
1/52Kirchheimer, Joseph M.1965
1/53J - F (incl. Kennedy, Edward; Kissinger,Henry)1965
1/54Low Family1965
1/55Lee, H. Rex1965
2/2M (incl. Muskie, Edmund)1965
2/3N - R (incl. Pell, Claiborne)1965
2/4Slone Family1965
2/5S (incl. Smathers, George; Stennis, John;McCarthy,Eugene and Symington, Stuart)1965
2/6Timberlake Family1965
2/7T - Z1965
2/8Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, Lyndon;Bayh,Birch; Nitze, Paul and Byrd, Robert)1965
2/9Christmas Card List1965
2/11Beauliu, Avis1966
2/12A - B1966
2/13College Club of Seattle -- re AlfredCowlesMembership Application1966
2/16E - G1966
2/17Hardin Family1966
2/18Holden, Edward C.1966
2/19H - I (incl. Hartke, Vance; Inouye,Daniel)1966
2/20Justice, Belmor1966
2/21J - K1966
2/22Low Family1966
2/23L (incl. Lindsey, John)1966
2/24Meadowcroft, Howie1966
2/25Mus, Marjorie1966
2/27Noland, Cornelia1966
2/28N - P1966
2/29Revelle, Randy1966
2/30Rosellini Family1966
2/31R (incl. Ribicoff, Abraham; Rusk, Dean)1966
2/32Spray, W. B. A.1966
2/33Stevens, Robert1966
2/34S (incl. Saltonstall, Leverett)1966
2/35T - V1966
2/36Werner, A. Matt1966
2/37W - Z1966
2/38Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, Lyndon;Humphrey,Hubert; Nitze, Paul; Byrd, Robert; Bayh, Birch and O'Brien,Lawrence)1966
2/39Christmas Card List1966
2/41Aiken, Paul C.1967
2/42Brattain, Walter1967
2/43A - B1967
3/1C (incl. Clark, Mark)1967
3/2Day, Judd1967
3/3Denny, Brewster C.1967
3/4D - E1967
3/5Fosdick, Dorothy -- Rockefeller Public ServiceAwardNomination1967
3/6Golub, Stanley D.1967
3/7F - G1967
3/8Hurley, Joe S.1967
3/9Holden, Edward E.1967
3/10H - I1967
3/11Johnson, Lester1967
3/12Kelleher, W. A.1967
3/13Killien, Frank1967
3/14Kirchheimer, Joseph1967
3/15J - K (incl. Javits, Jacob)1967
3/16Low Family1967
3/17Martin, Charles1967
3/18McCune, Francis K.1967
3/19L - Mac (incl. McGovern, George)1967
3/20Me - N1967
3/21Revelle, Randy1967
3/22O - R (incl. Percy, Charles)1967
3/23Sulzberger, Marion1967
3/25Williams, Dave1967
3/26Wood Family (Glen)1967
3/27T - Z1967
3/28Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson; LindonB.;Humphrey, Hubert; Nitze, Paul; Byrd, Robert; Bay, Birch; Montoya, JosephandO'Brien, Lawrence)1967
3/29Christmas Cards1967
3/31Beeks, William T.1968
3/32Brattain, Walter1968
3/33A - B (incl. Bayh, Birch)1968
3/34Cain, Harry P.1968
3/35C (incl. Church, Frank; Udall, Stewart andCranston,Alan)1968
3/36Denny, Brewster C.1968
3/37Durning, Marvin1968
3/38D - E1968
3/39Friedlander Family1968
3/40Gourlie, Larry1968
3/41Grenbemer, George1968
3/42Grimes, Trudy1968
3/43F - G (incl. Gravel, Mike)1968
3/44Hardin, M. M.1968
3/45Hayward, John T.1968
3/46Holden, Edward1968
3/47Hutchison, Bruce1968
4/1H (incl. Humphrey, Hubert)1968
4/2Johnsen Family1968
4/3I - J (incl. Jackson, Helen)1968
4/4Kirchheimer, Joseph1968
4/5Leibman, Morris1968
4/6Low Family1968
4/7K - L1968
4/8Martin, Charles E.1968
4/9M (incl. McGovern, George)1968
4/10Pennington Family1968
4/11N - P (incl. Nimitz, Chester)1968
4/12Rickover, Hyman G.1968
4/13Rosellini Family1968
4/14Rowney, Edward G.1968
4/15Q - R1968
4/16Shiels, Archie1968
4/17Smith, S. H. (Buck)1968
4/18Spray, W. B. A.1968
4/19S (incl. Symington, Stuart)1968
4/20Thompsen, Lew R.1968
4/21T - V (incl. Teller, Edward)1968
4/22Wilhams, David J.1968
4/23W - Z1968
4/24Birthday Greetings (incl. Johnson, Lyndon B.andHumphrey, Hubert H.)1968
4/25Christmas Cards1968
4/28Broda, George1969
4/29Brady Family1969
4/32Denny, Brewster C,1969
4/33Dill, Clarence C.1969
4/35Elliott, Terry R.1969
4/36Garrett, Arthur1969
4/37Guthman, Ed1969
4/38E - G1969
4/39Hayden, Carl1969
4/40Holden, Edward1969
4/41Hurley, Joseph1969
4/43Kaiser, Phillip M.1969
4/44Kirchheimer, Joseph1969
4/45Kongsgaard, Tom1969
4/46I - K1969
5/1Low Family1969
5/3McAdoo, Benjamin F.1969
5/4Martin, Charles E.1969
5/6N - P (incl. Percy, Charles)1969
5/7Rockefeller, Laurance1969
5/8Ross, Glynn1969
5/9Rostow, Eugene V.1969
5/10Rowny, Edward L.1969
5/11Q - R1969
5/12Schuchart, George1969
5/13Simmons, Daniel T.1969
5/14Spray, W. B. A.1969
5/16Udall, Stewart1969
5/17T - V1969
5/18W - Z1969
5/19Birthday Greetings1969
5/20Christmas Cards1969
5/22Agnew, Harold M.1970
5/24Blaustein, Jacob1970
5/25Bloedel, Prentice1970
5/26B (incl. Bayh, Birch)1970
5/27Cameron, William L.1970
5/28Carlson, Bror G.1970
5/29Carns Family1970
5/30C (incl. Chaffee, John)1970
5/31Denny, Brewster C.1970
5/32Duecy, Charles M.1970
5/33D - E (incl. Douglas, William O.)1970
5/34Grenbemer, George1970
5/35F - G1970
5/36Haas, Saul1970
5/37Hardin, M. M.1970
5/38Holt, Russ1970
5/40Johnsen Family1970
5/41Kirchheimer, Joseph1970
5/42J - K (incl. Keating, Kenneth)1970
5/43Low Family1970
5/44Luce, Jim1970
5/46McCone, John1970
5/47McKee, Victor1970
5/48Marks, John1970
5/49Mataxis, Theodore C.1970
6/1Payne, Ancil1970
6/2N - P1970
6/4Scripps College1970
6/5Spray, W. B. A.1970
6/6Sulzberger, Marion1970
6/7Sa - Sl1970
6/8Sm - T (incl. Johnson, Lyndon B.)1970
6/9Voorhees, Donald1970
6/10Wallace, Bob1970
6/11Wertheimer, Robert G.1970
6/12Wheeler, John L.1970
6/13W - Z (incl. Zumwalt, Elmo)1970
6/14Birthday Greetings1970
6/15-16Christmas Cards1970
6/18Alfsen, F. A. M.1971
6/20Baldwin, George S.1971
6/21Bendetsen, Karl1971
6/22Burt, Roscoe1971
6/23Ba - Bl (Bunker, Ellsworth)1971
6/24Bo - By1971
6/25Cafferty Family1971
6/26Campbell, Clyde Keener1971
6/27Chase Family (Goodwin)1971
6/28Curtis, Mark H.1971
6/30Day, Judd1971
6/31DeGroot, Carmen Jean1971
6/32Denny Brewster C.1971
6/34Farley, James A.1971
6/35E - F1971
6/36Garrett, Arthur W.1971
6/38Hayward, John T.1971
6/39H (incl. Hansen, Julia Butler; Hayden, Carl;Hoover,J. Edgar and Humphrey, Hubert)1971
6/40I - J1971
6/41Karr, David1971
6/42Kirchheimer, Joseph1971
6/44Langsdorf, J. Guthrie1971
6/45Low Family1971
6/47McAdoo, Benjamin F.1971
6/48Machol, Robert E.1971
6/49M - Mac1971
6/50Me - Mo1971
6/51N - P1971
7/1Repp, Ellen1971
7/2Q - R1971
7/3Sands, Leo G.1971
7/4Shorett, Lloyd G.1971
7/5Shuba, John A.1971
7/6Spray, W. B. A.1971
7/7Stevens, Robert T.1971
7/8Sa - Sm (incl. Shlesinger, James)1971
7/9So - Sw1971
7/11U - Y1971
7/12Birthday Greetings (incl. Agnew, Spiro andVolpe,John A.)1971
7/13Christmas Cards1971
7/15Beaulieu, Avis1972
7/16A - B1972
7/17Carlson, Bror1972
7/18Causer, Geraldine1972
7/19C - D1972
7/20E - F1972
7/21G - H1972
7/22Jones, Catherine1972
7/23I - J1972
7/24Kester, Herb1972
7/25Low Family1972
7/26K - L1972
7/27Mansfield, J. Kenneth1972
7/28M (incl. Mansfield, Mike)1972
7/29Packard, David1972
7/30Pennington, Les1972
7/31N - P1972
7/32Rowney, Edward1972
7/33Shorett, Lloyd1972
7/35Webb, William Woodward1972
7/36T - Z1972
7/37Birthday Greetings (incl. Bayh, Birch;Hatfield,Mark; Percy, Charles; Volpe, John)1972
7/38Christmas Cards (Invitations -- see:Addendum)1972
Departmental Correspondence
Terms of Access: Access is restricted. Contact repository for more information.
7/39Communications Satellite Corporation1964
U.S. Agriculture Department1964
8/12-14Wheat Grading Standards1964
8/15-26U.S. Air Force1964
9/1-4U.S. Air Force1964
U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1964
9/12Anacortes, WA -- Farwest Fisheries, Inc. 1964
9/13-14Cameron, Val1964
9/15-16Cashmere, WA -- Tree Top, Inc.1964
9/17Centralia, WA -- Magnesium Plant1964
9/18Chelan County, WA -- Silica Sands1964
9/19Colville Indian Reservation , WA - Sodium Sulfate 1964
9/20Ellensburg, WA -- Recreation and Convention Center 1964
9/21Galey, Cecilia P. (Northwest Division Chief) 1964
9/22Pacific County, WA -- Watershed Projects 1964
9/23-24Republic, WA -- San Poil Plywood Products Company 1964
9/25-27Ronald, WA -- Upper Kittitas County Redevelopment Company1964
9/28Sedro-Woolley, WA -- Skagit Steel Corporation 1964
9/29-30Sequim, WA -- Dungeness Frozen Foods, Inc. 1964
9/31Wenatchee, WA -- Trevi-Tile, Inc.1964
9/32Willapa Harbor, WA1964
9/33Willapa River, WA -- Fisheries Study1964
10/1U.S. Arms Control aril DisarmamentAgency1964
10/2-7U.S. Army1964
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1964
11/9University of Washington Ship Canal Lands 1964
11/10-28U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1964
11/29-33U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1964
12/1-2U.S. Budget Bureau1964
12/3U.S. Census Bureau1964
12/4U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1964
12/5-6U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1964
12/7U.S. Civil Defense1964
12/8U.S. Civil Rights Commission1964
12/9-10U.S. Civil Service Commission1964
12/11U.S. Coast Guard1964
12/12-20U.S. Commerce Department1964
12/21U.S. Community Facilities Administration1964
12/22U.S. Customs Bureau1964
U.S. Defense Department1964
13/4Autovan Switch Program1964
13/5Dyna Soar1964
13/6-7Sunpak Movers1964
13/8-10U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1964
13/11-13U.S. Education Office1964
13/14U.S. Emergency Planning Office1964
13/15U.S. Employment Security Bureau1964
13/16-19U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1964
13/20U.S. Export-Import Bank1964
13/21U.S. Farm Credit Administration1964
13/22-23U.S. Farmers Hone Administration1964
13/24U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1964
13/25-28U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1964
14/1-4U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1964
14/5U.S. Food and Drug Administration1964
14/6-18U.S. Forest Service1964
14/19-21U.S. Federal Aviation Agency1964
14/22-23U.S. Federal Communications Commission1964
15/1U.S. Federal Communications Commission1964
15/2U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1964
15/3-5U.S. Federal Home Loan1964
15/6-8U.S. Federal Housing Administration1964
15/9-10U. S, Federal Maritime Commission1964
15/11U.S. Federal Power Commission1964
15/12U.S. Federal Trade Commission1964
15/13Skyway Luggage1964
15/14U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1964
15/15-17U.S. General Accounting Office1964
15/18-21U.S. General Service Administration1964
15/22-23U.S. Health Education and Welfare1964
16/1-2U.S. Health Education and Welfare1964
16/3-4Kidney File1964
16/5-9U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1964
16/10-15U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1964
16/17U.S. Indian Claims Commission1964
16/18U.S. Information Agency1964
16/19U.S. Interior Department1964
17/1-9U.S. Interior Department1964
17/10-19U.S. Internal Revenue Service1964
17/20-22U.S. International Development Agency1964
18/1U.S. International Development Agency1964
18/2U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1964
18/3-7U.S. Justice Department1964
18/8-11U.S. Labor Department1964
18/12-14U.S. Land Management Bureau1964
18/15U.S. Library of Congress1964
18/16U.S. Marine Corps1964
18/17U.S. Mines Bureau1964
18/18U.S. Mint1964
18/19-20U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1964
18/21U.S. National Archives1964
18/22U.S. National Labor Relations Board1964
18/23U.S. National Mediation Board1964
18/24U.S. National Park Services1964
19/1U.S. National Park Services1964
19/2U.S. National Science Foundation1964
19/3-12U.S. Navy1964
19/13-16U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1964
19/17U.S. Patent Office1964
19/18-19U.S. Peace Corps1964
19/20-21U.S. Post Office1964
20/1-10U.S. Post Office1964
20/11-14U.S. Public Health Service1964
20/15U.S. Public lousing Administration1964
20/16U.S. Public Roads Bureau1964
20/17U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1964
20/18-20U.S. Reclamation Bureau1964
21/1U.S. Reclamation Bureau1964
21/2U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1964
21/3-4U.S. Securities Exchange Commission1964
21/5U.S. Selective Service System1964
21/6-13U.S. Small Business Administration1964
21/14U.S. Smithsonian Institution1964
21/15-18U.S. Social Security Administration1964
22/1-2U.S. Soil Conservation Service1964
22/3-17U.S. State Department1964
22/18-19U.S. Tariff Commission1964
23/1-4U.S. Treasury1964
23/5-7U.S. Urban Renewal1964
23/8U.S. Veterans Administration1964
23/9U.S. Weather Bureau1964
23/10Communications Satellite Corporation1965
23/11-20U.S. Agriculture Department1965
24/1-8U.S. Agriculture Department1965
24/9-17U.S. Air Force1965
24/18-22U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1965
25/1-9U.S. Area Redevelopment Administration1965
25/10U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1965
25/11-18U.S. Army1965
25/19-25U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1965
26/1-4U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1965
26/5-25U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1965
27/1-7U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1965
27/8-14U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1965
27/15U.S. Budget Bureau1965
27/16U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1965
27/17U.S. Census Bureau1965
27/18-20U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1965
27/21-23U.S. Civil Service Commission1965
28/1-2U.S. Civil Service Commission1965
28/3U.S. Coast Guard1965
28/4-14U.S. Commerce1965
28/15U.S. Community Facilities Administration1965
28/16U.S. Community Relations Service1965
28/17U.S. Defense Department1965
29/1-16U.S. Defense Department1965
29/17U.S. District of Columbia. CommissionersBoard1965
29/18U.S. Economic Development Administration1965
29/19U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1965
30/1-6U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1965
30/7-10U.S. Education Department1965
30/11-13U.S. Emergency Planning Office1965
30/14-17U.S. Employment Security Bureau1965
30/18-22U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1965
30/23U.S. Export-Import Bank1965
30/24U.S. Farmers Home Administration1965
30/25U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1965
31/1-2U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1965
31/3U.S. Federal Communications Commission1965
31/4U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1965
31/5U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1965
31/6-7U.S. Federal Housing Administration1965
31/8U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1965
31/9-12U.S. Federal Power Commission1965
31/13U.S. Federal Trade Commission1965
31/14-20U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1965
31/21U.S. Food and Drug Administration1965
31/22U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1965
31/23-26U.S. Forest Service1965
32/1-10U.S. Forest Service1965
32/11-12U.S. General Accounting Office1965
32/13-21U.S. General Services Administration1965
32/22U.S. Government Printing Office1965
32/23-28U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1965
33/1-3U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency1965
33/4U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1965
33/5-7U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1965
33/8-15U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1965
33/16U.S. Indian Claims Commission1965
33/17U.S. Information Agency1965
33/18-24U.S. Internal Revenue Service1965
33/25-27U.S. Interior Department1965
34/1-14U.S. Interior Department1965
34/15-17U.S. International Development Agency1965
34/18-19U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1965
34/20U.S. Justice Department1965
34/21-22U.S. Justice Department. Internal SecurityDivision1965
35/1-5U.S. Labor Department1965
35/6U.S. Land Management Bureau1965
35/7U.S. Library of Congress1965
35/8U.S. Marine Corps1965
35/9U.S. Maritime Administration1965
35/10U.S. Mines Bureau1965
35/11U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1965
35/12U.S. National Archives1965
35/13U.S. National Council on the Arts1965
35/14U.S. National Labor Relations Board1965
35/15U.S. National Mediation Board1965
35/16-19U.S. National Park Service1965
35/20U.S. National Science Foundation1965
35/21-26U.S. Navy1965
36/1-12U.S. Navy1965
36/13-16U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1965
36/17U.S. Patent Office1965
36/18U.S. Patent Office1965
36/18U.S. Peace Office1965
36/19-24U.S. Post Office1965
37/3Commemorative Stamps1965
37/5-6U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1965
37/7-9U.S. Public Health Service1965
37/10U.S. Public Housing Administration1965
37/11-14U.S. Public Roads Bureau1965
37/15U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1965
37/16-20U.S. Reclamation Bureau of1965
38/1U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1965
38/2-3U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1965
38/4-11U.S. Small Business Administration1965
38/12U.S. Smithsonian Institution1965
38/13-20U.S. Social Security Administration1965
39/1U.S. Social Security Administration1965
39/2-18U.S. State Department1965
39/19U.S. Tariff Commission1965
39/20-25U.S. Treasury Department1965
40/1U.S. Urban Renewal Administration1965
40/2-3U.S. Veterans Administration1965
40/4U.S. Weather Bureau1965
40/5-15U.S. Agriculture Department1966
40/16-20U.S. Air Force1966
40/21U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1966
40/22-24U.S. Army1966
41/1-6U.S. Army1966
41/7-14U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1966
41/15-22U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1966
42/1-4U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1966
42/5-7U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1966
42/8U.S. Budget Bureau1966
42/9U.S. Census Bureau1966
42/10U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1966
42/11-12U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1966
42/13U.S. Civil Rights Commission1966
42/14U.S. Civil Service Commission1966
42/15U.S. Coast Guard1966
42/16-23U.S. Commerce Department1966
42/24U.S. Community Facilities Administration1966
42/25U.S. Defense Department1966
43/1-17U.S. Defense Department1966
43/18U.S. District of Columbia. CommissionersBoard1966
43/19-21U.S. Economic Development Administration1966
44/1-2U.S. Economic Development Administration1966
44/3-11U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1966
44/12-16U.S. Education Department1966
44/17U.S. Emergency Planning Office1966
44/18U.S. Employment Security Bureau1966
44/19U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission1966
44/20-21U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1966
44/22U.S. Farmers Home Administration1966
45/1U.S. Farmers Home Administration1966
45/2-4U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1966
45/5-8U.S. Federal Communication Commission1966
45/9U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1966
45/10U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1966
45/11-15U.S. Federal Housing Administration1966
45/16U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1966
45/17-19U.S. Federal Trade Commission1966
45/20-24U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1966
46/1-4U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1966
46/5-6U.S. Food and Drug Administration1966
46/7-12U.S. Forest Service1966
46/13U.S. General Accounting Office1966
46/14-20U.S. General Services Administration1966
47/1-6U.S. Health Education and WelfareDepartment1966
47/7-12U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1966
47/13-15U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1966
47/16U.S. Indian Claims Commission1966
47/17U.S. Information Agency1966
47/18-21U.S. Interior Department1966
48/1-6U.S. Interior Department1966
48/7-8U.S. Internal Revenue Service1966
48/9-11U.S. International Development Agency1966
48/12-15U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1966
48/16-17U.S. Justice Department1966
48/18-22U.S. Labor Department1966
49/1-2U.S. Labor Department1966
49/3U.S. Land Management Bureau1966
49/4U.S. Library of Congress1966
49/5-9U.S. Marine Corps (Buck, Carl H.)1966
49/10U.S. Maritime Administration1966
49/11U.S. Mines Bureau1966
49/12U.S. National Archives1966
49/13U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1966
49/14U.S. National Endowment on the Arts -- WhiteHouse1966
49/15U.S. National Labor Relations Board1966
49/16U.S. National Mediation Board1966
49/17-21U.S. National Park Service1966
49/22U.S. National Science Foundation1966
49/23-29U.S. Navy1966
50/1-3U.S. Navy1966
50/4-28U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau -- NorthCascades1966
51/1-5U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau -- NorthCascades1966
51/6U.S. Patent Office1966
51/7-8U.S. Peace Corps1966
51/9-22U.S. Post Office Facilities Bureau1966
51/23-25U.S. Prisons Bureau1966
51/26U.S. Public Health Service1966
52/1-4U.S. Public Health Service1966
52/5U.S. Public Land Law Review Commission1966
52/6U.S. Public Roads Bureau1966
52/7U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1966
52/8-12U.S. Reclamation Bureau1966
52/13U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1966
52/14U.S. Securities Exchange Commission1966
52/15-16U.S. Selective Service1966
52/17U.S. Senate. Commerce Committee1966
52/18-23U.S. Small Business Administration1966
53/1-3U.S. Social Security Administration1966
U.S. State Department1966
53/15Seattle Youth Symphony1966
53/16Vietnam Relief Fund -- Orphanages1966
53/17U.S. Tariff Commission1966
53/18U.S. Territories Office1966
53/19U.S. Transportation Department1966
53/20-24U.S. Treasury Department1966
53/25U.S. Urban Renewal Administration1966
53/26U.S. Veterans Administration1966
53/27U.S. Water Resources Council1966
53/28U.S. Welfare Administration1966
54/1International Joint Commission1966
U.S. Agriculture Department1967
54/7Dairy Regulation1967
54/8Mandarin (Unshu) Oranges -- Importation 1967
U.S. Air Force1967
54/13Cargo Containerization1967
54/14Paine Field (Everett, WA)1967
54/15Sonic Booms1967
54/16U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1967
U.S. Army1967
55/6Re-Supply Program -- Yukon River, AK1967
U.S. Army Engineers Corps1967
55/14Point Roberts, WA1967
55/15Willapa Harbor, WA -- development1967
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1967
56/7Food Irradiation1967
56/8-11Hanford, WA Diversification1967
56/12-13U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1967
56/14U.S. Budget Bureau1967
56/15U.S. Census Bureau1967
56/16U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1967
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1967
56/19-20Northwest-Southwest Service1967
57/1U.S. Coast Guard1967
57/2-4U.S. Commerce Department1967
57/5-6U.S. Commercial Fisheries Bureau -- fishproteinconcentrate (see also: U.S. Economic DevelopmentAdministration)1967
57/7U.S. Customs Bureau1967
57/8-14U.S. Defense Department1967
U.S. Economic Development Administration1967
58/1Everett and Snohomish County, WA -- applications 1967
58/2Fish Protein Concentrate (see also: U.S. Commercial Fisheries Bureau)1967
58/3-4Washington-Alaska Ferry System1967
U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1967
King County, WA1967
58/15Legal Services Center
58/16Spokane, WA -- Community Action Council 1967
58/17-18Sunnyside, WA -- Day Care Unit1967
58/19U.S. Education Office1967
59/1-6U.S. Education Office1967
59/7U.S. Emergency Planning Office1967
U.S. Employees' Compensation Bureau1967
59/10Reasoner, Wayne A.1967
59/11U.S. Environmental Science ServicesAdministration1967
59/12U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission1967
U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1967
59/16Seafood Resources (Gasser, Clyde D.)1967
59/17U.S. Export-Import Bank1967
59/18-20U.S. Farmers Home Administration1964-1967
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1967
60/1-4Supersonic Transport1967
60/5U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1967
60/6-8U.S. Federal Communications Commission1967
60/9U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1967
60/10-11U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1967
60/12-14U.S. Federal Housing Administration1967
60/15U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1967
60/16U.S. Federal National MortgageAssociation1967
U.S. Federal Power Commission1967
60/19Canadian Natural Gas - importation1967
60/20U.S. Federal Reserve System1967
60/21U.S. Federal Trade Commission1967
60/22-23U.S. Federal Water Pollution ControlAdministration1967
61/1U.S. Federal Water Pollution ControlAdministration1967
61/2-4U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1967
U.S. Food and Drug Administration1967
61/8DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) - regulation 1967
61/9U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1967
U.S. Forest Service1967
61/13-15Mining -- Glacier Peak Wilderness, WA1967
61/16Northwest Forest Products Industry1967
U.S. General Services Administration1967
61/21Radio Relay Station -- Lynnwood, WA1967
61/22U.S. Government Printing Office1967
62/1-3U.S. Health, Education and WelfareDepartment1967
U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1967
62/12Burien, WA -- arts center1967
62/13Redondo, WA -- sewage system1967
62/14Seattle, WA -- regional office1967
62/15Washington State -- urban planning assistance 1967
62/16-18U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1967
62/19U.S. Indian Claims Commission1967
63/1U.S. Information Agency1967
U.S. Interior Department1967
63/9-10Coal De-Ashing1967
63/11Columbia Basin Project1967
63/12Columbia River -- water temperature1967
63/13-15Grand Coulee Dam1967
63/16Oil Shale -- leasing regulations1967
U.S. International Development Agency1967
63/20-21Thai Highway1967
63/22-23U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1967
64/1-2U.S. Justice Department1967
U.S. Labor Department1967
64/6-7New Careers Program1967
U.S. Land Management Bureau1967
64/9Leadbetter Point (Long Beach Peninsula, WA) 1967
64/10U.S. Library of Congress1967
64/11U.S. Marine Corps1967
64/12U.S. Maritime Administration1967
64/13U.S. Mines Bureau1967
64/14U.S. National Academy of Sciences1967
64/15U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1967
64/16U.S. National Archives1967
64/17U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andHumanities1967
64/18U.S. National Institute of Health1967
U.S. National Labor Relations Board1967
64/20Pulp and Paper Workers -- West Coast1967
64/21U.S. National Mediation Board1967
U.S. National Park Service1967
65/1Historic Landmarks1967
65/2U.S. National Science Foundation1967
U.S. Navy1967
65/11-12Helibarge -- Crowley, Walter A.1964-1967
65/13Mt. Vinson (Antarctic) Climb - logistical support 1967
65/1413th Naval District (Seattle, WA) -- consolidation 1967
U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1967
65/16North Cascades1967
65/17U.S. Patent Office1967
U.S. Post Office1967
66/5Commemorative Stamps1967
66/6Employee Organization -- Presidential Election (Henry, Luella)1967
66/7Railway Cars1967
66/8Wapato, WA -- facilities1967
66/9U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1967
66/10U.S. Prisons Bureau1967
U.S. Public Health Service1967
66/15Air Quality Standards1967
66/16U.S. Public Land Law Review Commission1967
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1967
66/20Lake Washington (Seattle, WA -- third bridge) 1967
66/21San Francisco, CA -- freeway1967
66/22Steptoe Canyon (Clarkston, WA)1967
66/23U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1967
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1967
67/2-4Columbia -- North Side Project1967
U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1967
67/6-7Pend Oreille County, WA1967
67/8U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1967
U.S. Small Business Administration1967
67/14U.S. Smithsonian Institution1967
67/15-16U.S. Social Security Administration1967
U.S. State Department1967
68/5-6Pfister (Ralph J.) -- citizenship restoration 1967
68/7Treaty Computerization (Rohn, Peter H.) 1967
68/8U.S. Tariff Commission1967
68/9U.S. Territories Office1967
U.S. Transportation Department1967
68/13Airport Design Firm (Seattle, WA)1967
68/14-17U.S. Treasury Department1967
68/18-20U.S. Veterans Administration1967
68/21U.S. Water Resources Council1967
68/22U.S. Welfare Administration1967
69/1-5U.S. Agriculture Department1968
U.S. Air Force1968
69/12-13Paine Field1968
69/14Supersonic Transport1968
69/15U.S. Apprenticeship Training Bureau1968
69/16U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1968
U.S. Army1968
Anti-Ballistic Missile System1968
70/11Barton's Air Traffic Control Specialists, Inc. 1968
70/12Fort Lawton (Seattle, WA) -- closure1968
70/13-14Port Handling Costs1968
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1968
71/4Fast Fuels Test Facility1968
71/5Hanford, WA - Diversification1968
71/6-7U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1968
71/8U.S. Budget Bureau1968
71/9U.S. Census Bureau1968
71/10U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1968
71/11U.S. Civil Service Commission; PublicShipyardsSuperintendents Pay1968
71/12-13U.S. Coast Guard1968
71/14U.S. Commerce Department1968
71/15U.S. Customs Bureau1968
71/16-19U.S. Defense Department1968
72/1-2U.S. Defense Department1968
U.S. Economic Development Administration1968
72/4Fish Protein Concentrate Plan -- Makah Indian Reservation1968
U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1968
72/11Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board, Inc.1968
72/12-13Washington Citizens for Migrant Affairs 1968
72/14-16U.S. Education Office1968
73/1U.S. Education Office1968
73/2U.S. Emergency Planning Office1968
73/3U.S. Employees' Compensation Bureau1968
73/4U.S. Employment Security Bureau1968
73/5U.S. Environmental Science ServicesAdministration1968
73/6U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission1968
73/7-8U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1968
73/9U.S. Farmers Home Administration1968
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1968
73/12-13Portland International Airport1968
73/14Supersonic Transport1968
73/15-16U.S. Federal Communications Commission1968
73/17U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1968
73/18U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1968
73/19-21U.S. Federal Housing Administration1968
74/1U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1968
U.S. Federal Power Commission1968
74/3Snake River Dam1968
74/4-6Spada lake and Sultan River - Snohomish County Public Utility District #11968
74/7U.S. Federal Reserve System1968
74/8U.S. Federal Trade Commission1968
U.S. Federal Water Pollution ControlAdministration1968
74/10Crown Zellerbach Research and Development Grant 1968
74/11U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1968
74/12U.S. Food and Drug Administration1968
74/13U.S. U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1968
Forest Service1968
74/18Glacier Peak -- mining1968
75/1U.S. General Accounting Office1968
U.S. General Services Administration1968
75/3Lynnwood, WA Communications Site -- surplus land 1968
75/4Wenatchee, WA Federal Building1968
75/5U.S. Geographic Names Board1968
75/6U.S. Geological Survey1968
75/7U.S. Government Printing Office1968
U.S. Health, Education, and WelfareDepartment1968
75/11Kidney Program1968
U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1968
75/18Puget Sound Governmental Conference1968
75/19Yesler-Atlantic Urban Renewal Project1968
75/20U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1968
76/1-2U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1968
76/3U.S. Indian Claims Commission1968
76/4U.S. Information Agency1968
U.S. Interior Department1968
76/10Budget Report1968
76/11Columbia Basin Project1968
76/12Grand Coulee Dam -- third power plant1968
76/13Thermal Pollution1968
U.S. International Development Agency1968
76/15Columbia Basin Farmers -- Brazilian Proposal 1968
76/16U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1968
77/1U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1968
77/1-3U.S. Justice1968
U.S. Labor Department1968
77/8U.S. Labor; Federal Code, Title 29 Revision 1968
77/9New Careers Program1968
77/10U.S. Land Management Bureau1968
77/11U.S. Library of Congress1968
77/12U.S. Management Development and TrainingProgram1968
77/13U.S. Marine Corps1968
77/14U.S. Maritime Commission1968
77/15U.S. National Academy of Sciences1968
77/16U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1968
77/17U.S. National Archives1968
77/18U.S. National Commission on the Causes andPreventionof Violence1968
77/19U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andtheHumanities1968
77/20U.S. National Institute of Health1968
77/21U.S. National Labor Relations Board1968
77/22U.S. National Mediation Board1968
77/23U.S. National Park Service1968
78/1U.S. National Science Foundation1968
78/2U.S. National Water Commission1968
U.S. Navy1968
78/9Applied Physics Laboratory1968
78/10Minesweeper Contract -- Overseas Bidders 1968
78/11Project Sea Use1968
78/12Surface Nuclear Ships1968
78/13U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1968
78/14U.S. Patent Bureau1968
U.S. Post Office1968
79/3Career Development Plan -- Seattle, WA Office 1968
79/4Erikson (Leif) Commemorative Stamp1968
79/5Far East Military Mail -- Seattle, WA Gateway 1968
79/6Oso, WA Rural Station1968
79/7Service Economics1968
79/8South Sound Shopping Center -- postal facility 1968
79/9Zenith, WA Mail Delivery -- Des Moines, WA 1968
79/10U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1968
79/11U.S. Prisons Bureau1968
79/12-13U.S. Public Health Service1968
79/14U.S. Public Land Law Review Commission1968
U.S. Public Roads Bureau1968
79/22Freeway Route -- Marymoor Park (Redmond, WA) 1968
79/23North Cascades Highway1968
79/24U.S. Rail Road Retirement Board1968
U.S. Reclamation Bureau1968
80/2-3Ahtanum Irrigation District (Yakima, WA) 1968
80/4Bumping Lake Reservoir1968
80/5U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1968
80/6U.S. Senate1968
80/7-8U.S. Small Business Administration1968
80/9U.S. Social Security Administration -- Spicer,JackW.1968
80/10U.S. Soil Conservation Service --marshland1968
U.S. State Department1968
81/2Coryell, Christine1968
81/3Herala (India) Project1968
81/4Vietnamese Children -- Medical Treatment 1968
81/5U.S. Tariff Commission1968
U.S. Territories Office1968
81/7Air Service to Micronesia1968
U.S. Transportation Department1968
81/14Parkland Preservation Act1968
81/15Tracy, Brunstrom and Dudley Inc.1968
81/16U.S. Treasury Department1968
81/17U.S. Urban Renewal Administration1968
81/18-19U.S. Veterans Administration1968
82/1U.S. Veterans Administration1968
82/2U.S. Water Resources Council1968
82/3International Boundary Commission - defoliationasborder marking1968
U.S. Agriculture Department1969
82/9Log Exports1969
82/10Meat Inspectors1969
U.S. Air Force1969
82/15Release of Reserves Called Up In Public Crisis 1969
82/16Paine Field1969
82/17U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1969
U.S. Army1969
83/3-10Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM)1969
83/11Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Site - Bainbridge Island, WA1969
83/12Chaplains Discussing God1969
83/13Chemical and Biological Warfare1969
83/14Federal Contractors Inc.1969
83/15-16Fort Lawton (Seattle, WA)1969
83/17Hinkle, Robert J.1969
83/18My Lai Massacre1969
83/19Nerve Gas Dumping1969
83/20Presidio Stockade1969
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1969
84/8Maclntyre, Byron1969
84/9Marmes Archeological Site1969
84/10-12Upper Columbia River Navigation Project 1969
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1969
85/4-5Hanford Reactor1969
85/6U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1969
85/7-8U.S. Budget Bureau1969
85/9U.S. Census Bureau1969
85/10U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1969
85/11-12Transpacific Routes1969
85/13U.S. Civil Rights Commission1969
85/14U.S. Coast Guard1969
85/15U.S. Commerce Department1969
85/16U.S. Commercial Fisheries Bureau1969
85/17U.S. Customs Bureau1969
85/18U.S. Defense Department1969
86/8Barnett, Martha -- overseas schools1969
86/9Press Release for Seattle Public Schools 1969
86/10Reserve Call Up In Pueblo Crisis1969
86/11Seattle, WA Food Purchasing Headquarters - closure 1969
86/12-13U.S. Economic Development Administration1969
86/14-17U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1969
87/1-2U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1969
87/3-6U.S. Education Office1969
87/7U.S. Emergency Preparedness Office1969
87/8U.S. Environmental Quality Council1969
87/9U.S. Environmental Science ServicesAdministration1969
87/10U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission1969
87/11-12U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1969
87/13U.S. Export-Import Bank1969
87/14U.S. Farmers Home Administration1969
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1969
87/17-18Portland International Airport1969
87/19-20Supersonic Transport1969
88/1Supersonic Transport1969
88/2-5U.S. Federal Communications Commission1969
88/6U.S. Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation1969
88/7U.S. Federal Highway Administration --safetyregulations for commercial drivers1969
88/8U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1969
88/9U.S. Federal Housing Administration1969
88/10U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1969
88/11U.S. Federal Power Commission1969
88/12U.S. Federal Reserve System1969
88/13-14U.S. Federal Trade Commission1969
88/15U.S. Federal Water Pollution ControlAdministration1969
88/16U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1969
88/17U.S. Food and Drug Administration1969
88/18U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1969
88/19-21U.S. Forest Service1969
89/1U.S. Forest Service1969
89/2U.S. General Accounting Office. ComptrollerGeneral1969
89/3-4U.S. General Services Administration1969
89/5U.S. Geological Names Board1969
89/6U.S. Government Printing Office1969
89/7-10U.S. Health Education and WelfareDepartment1969
89/11U.S. Health Education and Welfare Department.SexInformation and Education Council of the United States1969
89/12-15U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1969
89/16U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1969
89/17-18U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1969
90/1U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1969
90/2U.S. Indian Claims Commission1969
90/3U.S. Information Agency1969
U.S. Interior Department1969
90/8Alaska Oil -- development and pipeline 1969
90/9Columbia Basin Project1969
90/10Grand Coulee Dam -- third power plant1969
90/11North Cascades Advisory Group1969
90/12-13North Cascades National Park1969
U.S. International Development Agency1969
90/17Museum in Honduras -- Johnston, Michael 1969
90/18-19U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1969
U.S. Justice Department1969
90/22Seattle Federal Drug Lab Closure1969
91/1-4U.S. Labor Department1969
91/5U.S. Land Management Bureau1969
91/6U.S. Library of Congress1969
91/7U.S. Marine Corps1969
91/8U.S. Maritime Administration1969
91/9U.S. Mines Bureau1969
91/10-11U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1969
91/12U.S. National Archives and RecordsService1969
91/13U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andHumanities1969
91/14U.S. National Labor Relations Board1969
91/15U.S. National Mediation Board1969
91/16-18U.S. National Park Service1969
91/19U.S. National Science Foundation1969
U.S. Navy1969
92/5Applied Physics Laboratory1969
92/6Bangor Ammunition Depot1969
92/7Sewage Hook-up at Pier 91 (Seattle, WA) 1969
92/8U.S.S. Pueblo1969
92/9U.S. Navy. Facilities EngineeringCommand1969
92/10U.S. Navy. Sandpoint Air Station -- privateaircraft1969
92/11U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1969
92/12U.S. Panama Canal Company1969
92/13U.S. Parole Board1969
92/14U.S. Patent Office1969
92/15U.S. Peace Corps1969
U.S. Post Office1969
93/2-3Commemorative Stamps1969
93/5U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1969
93/6-7U.S. Prison Bureau1969
93/8-9U.S. Public Health Service1969
93/10U.S. Public Land Law Review Commission1969
93/11U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1969
93/12U.S. Reclamation Bureau1969
93/13U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1969
93/14U.S. Selective Service System1969
93/15U.S. Senate1969
93/16-17U.S. Small Business Administration1969
U.S. Social Security Administration1969
93/19Medicare -- 2% Reimbursement Factor1969
U.S. State Department1969
94/8Metropoulos, John C. (Monk Panteleimon) 1969
94/9-10Nigeria and Biafra1969
94/11Northwest Committee for Democracy in Greece 1969
94/12U.S. Tariff Commission1969
94/13U.S. Territories Office1969
94/14-17U.S. Transportation Department1969
94/18-19U.S. Treasury Department1969
94/20U.S. Water Resources Council1969
95/1U.S. Veterans Administration1969
95/2International Boundary Commission1969
95/3International Joint Commission1969
95/4-12U.S. Agriculture Department1970
U.S. Air Force1970
96/3Paine Field1970
96/4U.S. Air Pollution ControlAdministration1970
U.S. Army1970
97/1-2Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM)1970
97/3Chemical and Biological Warfare1970
97/4-5Fort Lawton (Seattle, WA)1970
97/6My Lai Massacre1970
Nerve Gas1970
97/9-11Shipment in Washington State
97/12Script Associates -- Mach, Hugo
U.S. Army. Engineer Corps1970
98/9Ediz Hook (Port Angeles, WA)1970
98/10-13U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1970
98/14-15Hanford Reactor1970
98/16-17U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1970
98/18U.S. Budget Bureau1970
98/19U.S. Census Bureau1970
99/1-2U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1970
99/3-4U.S. Civil Rights Commission1970
99/5U.S. Civil Service Commission1970
99/6Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Smith, Lyle M. 1970
99/7-8U.S. Coast Guard1970
U.S. Commerce Department1970
99/12U.S. Commercial Fisheries1970
99/13U.S. Consumer Protection and EnvironmentalHealthService1970
99/14-15U.S. Customs Bureau1970
99/16-19U.S. Defense Department1970
100/1-7U.S. Defense Department1970
100/8Civil Defense1970
100/9-10U.S. Economic Development Administration1970
100/11-16U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1970
101/1U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1970
101/2Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board, Inc.1970
101/3United Inner City Development Foundation 1970
101/4-7U.S. Education Office1970
U.S. Emergency Preparedness Office1970
101/9Time Oil Company1970
101/10U.S. Employment Security Bureau1970
101/11U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1970
101/12U.S. Environmental Science ServiceAdministration1970
101/13U.S. Equal Employment OpportunitiesCommission1970
101/14-17U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1970
101/18U.S. Export-Import Bank1970
101/19U.S. Farm Credit Administration1970
101/20-21U.S. Farmers Home Administration1970
101/22Burlington Home Financing1970
101/23Section 235 Program1970
101/24U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1970
102/1-3U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1970
102/4Air Traffic Controllers Problems1970
102/5-8U.S. Federal Communications Commission1970
102/9U.S. Federal Highway Administration1970
102/10Spokane Freeway1970
102/11U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1970
102/12-13U.S. Federal Housing Administration1970
102/14Longview American Baptist Church Retirement Home 1970
102/15U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1970
102/16U.S. Federal Mediation and ConciliationService1970
102/17U.S. Federal Power Commission1970
102/18U.S. Federal Reserve System1970
102/19-21U.S. Federal Trade Commission1970
103/1-2U.S. Federal Water Pollution ControlAdministration1970
103/3U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1970
103/4-5U.S. Food and Drug Administration1970
103/6U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1970
103/7-11U.S. Forest Service1970
103/12-13Condominiums on Forest Service Land1970
103/14Coulter Creek Area Logging1970
103/15Olympic National Forest Mining Claims1970
103/16U.S. General Accounting Office1970
103/17-19U.S. General Services Administration1970
103/20U.S. Geological Survey1970
103/21U.S. Government Printing Office1970
104/1-8U.S. Health Education and WelfareDepartment1970
104/9Rockwood Manor Retirement Home1970
104/10Sex Education in Schools1970
104/11-16U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1970
105/1-2U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1970
105/3Low Income Housing Kirkland1970
105/4U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1970
105/5-8U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1970
105/9-11Lummi Aquaculture1970
105/12U.S. Indian Claims Commission1970
105/13U.S. Information Agency1970
105/14-16U.S. Interior Department1970
106/1-3U.S. Interior Department1970
106/4Alaska -- Oil and Pipeline1970
106/5Columbia Basin Project1970
106/6North Cascades1970
106/7North Cascades Advisory Committee1970
106/8-9U.S. International Development Agency1970
U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1970
106/13Household Goods Carriers1970
106/14-17U.S. Justice Department1970
107/1-4U.S. Labor Department1970
107/5U.S. Land Management Bureau1970
107/6U.S. Law Enforcement AssistanceAdministration1970
107/7-8U.S. Library of Congress1970
107/9U.S. Marine Corps1970
107/10U.S. Maritime Administration1970
107/11U.S. Merchant Marine1970
107/12U.S. National Academy of Sciences1970
107/13U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1970
107/14U.S. National Archives1970
107/15U.S. National Credit UnionAdministration1970
107/16U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andHumanities1970
107/17U.S. National Labor Relations Board1970
107/18U.S. National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration1970
107/19-20U.S. National Park Service1970
107/21U.S. National Science Foundation1970
107/22U.S. National Water Commission1970
U.S. Navy1970
108/9Clebra (Puerto Rico) -- firing activities 1970
108/10U.S. Navy. Facilities Engineering Command--Northwest Division Closure1970
108/12-14U.S. Navy. Sandpoint Air Station1970
109/1U.S. Obscenity and PornographyCommission1970
109/2U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1970
109/3U.S. Parole Board1970
109/4U.S. Patent Office1970
109/5U.S. Peace Corps1970
U.S. Post Office1970
109/15Commemorative Stamps1970
109/16U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1970
109/17U.S. Prisons Bureau1970
109/18-19U.S. Public Health Service1970
110/1-3U.S. Public Health Service1970
110/4U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1970
110/5U.S. Reclamation Bureau1970
110/6U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1970
110/7U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1970
110/8U.S. Senate1970
U.S. Small Business Administration1970
110/12Columbia Fruit Packers1970
110/13U.S. Smithsonian Institution1970
110/14U.S. Social Security Administration1970
U.S. State Department1970
111/4Jacobsen Brothers -- Torpedo Recovery Contract 1970
111/5-7Middle East1970
111/8U.S. Tariff Commission1970
111/9U.S. Territories Office1970
U.S. Transportation Department1970
111/14-16Supersonic Transport1970
111/17-18U.S. Treasury Department1970
U.S. Veterans Administration1970
112/3Hospital Conditions1970
112/4U.S. Water Resources Council1970
112/5International Joint Commission1971
112/6-7U.S. ACTION1971
112/8U.S. Ad Hoc Advisory Group on the PresidentialVotefor Puerto Rico1971
112/9-16U.S. Agriculture Department1971
U.S. Air Force1971
113/3Pearson, Mary Ann1971
113/4U.S. American Revolution BicentennialCommittee1971
113/5U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1971
U.S. Army1971
113/16Fluke, John1971
113/17Fort Lawton1971
113/18-19U.S. Army. Engineer Corps1971
114/1-5U.S. Army. Engineer Corps1971
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1971
114/12-13Amchitka, AK -- CANNIKIN Test1971
114/14Hanford, WA Reactor1971
114/15Mechanics Research Products1971
115/1U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1971
115/2U.S. Management and Budget Office1971
115/3-5U.S. Census Bureau1971
115/6U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1971
115/7-8U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1971
115/9U.S. Civil Rights Commission1971
115/10U.S. Coast Guard1971
115/11-13U.S. Commerce Department1971
115/14U.S. Commercial Fisheries Bureau1971
115/15U.S. Consumer Protection and EnvironmentalHealthService1971
115/16U.S. Customs Bureau1971
U.S. Defense Department1971
116/7Civil Defense1971
116/8Roselle, Richard1971
116/9-10U.S. Economic Development Administration1971
U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1971
116/16Active Mexicanos Economic Development1971
117/1-4U.S. Education Office1971
117/5U.S. Emergency Preparedness Office1971
117/6U.S. Employees' Compensation Bureau1971
117/7U.S. Employment Security Bureau1971
117/8-13U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1971
117/14U.S. Environmental Quality Council1971
U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1971
118/5Aging Conference1971
118/6Children and Youth Conference1971
118/7Spanish-Speaking People -- Opportunities -- Cabinet Committee1971
118/8U.S. Export-Import Bank1971
118/9U.S. Farm Credit Administration1971
118/10-12U.S. Farmers Home Administration1971
118/13-14U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1971
118/15U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1971
118/16-18U.S. Federal Communications Commission1971
118/19U.S. Federal Highway Administration1971
119/1U.S. Federal Highway Administration1971
119/2U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1971
119/3U.S. Federal Housing Administration1971
119/4U.S. Federal Maritime Commission1971
119/5U.S. Federal Power Commission1971
119/6U.S. Federal Railroad Administration1971
119/7U.S. Federal Reserve System1971
119/8-9U.S. Federal Trade Commission1971
119/10U.S. Ash and Wildlife Service1971
119/11-12U.S. Food and Drug Administration1971
119/13U.S. Foreign Claims SettlementCommission1971
119/14-18U.S. Forest Service1971
119/19U.S. General Accounting Office1971
120/1-5U.S. General Services Administration1971
120/6U.S. Government Printing Office1971
120/7-14U.S. Health, Education, and WelfareDepartment1971
U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1971
121/12Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)1971
121/13Seattle, WA -- Vacancy Rate1971
121/14U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1971
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1971
122/3Lummi Aquaculture Project1971
122/4U.S. Information Agency1971
U.S. Interior Department1971
122/9Alaska -- Oil and Pipeline1971
122/10Columbia Basin Project1971
122/11-12U.S. International Development Agency1971
122/13U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1971
122/14-16U.S. Justice Department1971
U.S. Labor Department1971
123/7U.S. Land Management Bureau1971
123/8U.S. Library of Congress1971
123/9U.S. Marine Corps1971
123/10U.S. Maritime Administration1971
123/11U.S. Mines Bureau1971
123/12-13U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1971
123/14U.S. National Archives1971
123/15U.S. National Council on IndianOpportunity1971
123/16U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andHumanities1971
123/17U.S. National Labor Relations Board1971
123/18U.S. National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration1971
U.S. National Park Service1971
124/1North Cascades National Park1971
124/2U.S. National Railroad PassengerCorporation(AMTRAK)1971
124/3U.S. National Science Foundation1971
124/4U.S. National Water Foundation1971
U.S. Navy1971
124/14Gulebra (Puerto Rico) -- firing activities 1971
124/15Oak Harbor, WA -- water supply1971
124/16U.S. Navy. Sandpoint Air Base1971
124/17U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1971
124/18U.S. Parole Board1971
125/1U.S. Patent Office1971
125/2U.S. Peace Corps1971
U.S. Post Office1971
125/8Commemorative Stamps1971
125/9U.S. Post Office. Facilities Bureau1971
125/10-13U.S. Prisons Bureau1971
125/14-16U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1971
125/17U.S. Reclamation Bureau1971
126/1U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1971
126/2U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1971
126/3U.S. Selective Service System1971
126/4U.S. Senate1971
126/5-8U.S. Small Business Administration1971
126/9U.S. Smithsonian Institution1971
126/10-11U.S. Social Security Administration1971
U.S. State Department1971
126/19Fly, Claude1971
126/20-22Middle East1971
127/1-2Middle East1971
127/3Point Roberts, WA1971
127/4Warfare -- Chemical and Biological1971
127/5U.S. Tariff Commission1971
127/6U.S. Territories Office1971
U.S. Transportation Department1971
127/15Jupitor Corporation1971
127/16-19Supersonic Transport1971
128/1Supersonic Transport1971
128/2-3U.S. Treasury Department1971
128/4-8U.S. Veterans Administration1971
128/9-10U.S. Youth Conservation Corps1971
128/11International Joint Commission1972
128/12-13U.S. ACTION1972
128/14-17U.S. Agriculture Department1972
129/1-3U.S. Agriculture Department1972
129/4-8U.S. Air Force1972
129/9U.S. American Revolution BicentennialCommission1972
U.S. Army1972
129/19Search and Rescue Planning1972
129/20U.S. Navy. Sandpoint Air Station1972
U.S. Army. Engineers Corps1972
130/6Brownsville, WA -- Shoreline Management Permit 1972
130/7-9U.S. Atomic Energy Commission1972
130/10-11U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1972
130/12U.S. Census Bureau1972
130/13U.S. Central Intelligence Agency1972
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board1972
130/16Northwest Orient Airlines - strike1972
130/17U.S. Civil Rights Commission1972
130/18U.S. Coal Research Office1972
130/19U.S. Coast Guard1972
130/20U.S. Commerce Affairs Office1972
131/1U.S. Commerce Department1972
131/2-3U.S. Cost of Living Council1972
131/4U.S. Customs Bureau1972
131/5-9U.S. Defense Department1972
131/10-12U.S. Economic Development Administration1972
131/13-16U.S. Economic Opportunity Office1972
132/1-4U.S. Education Office1972
132/5U.S. Emergency Preparedness Office1972
132/6U.S. Employees' Compensation Bureau1972
132/7U.S. Employment Security Bureau1972
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1972
132/11Everett, WA -- pulp mill closures1972
132/12Manchester, WA -- water hygiene laboratory 1972
132/13U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission1972
132/14-15U.S. Executive Department (White HouseStaff)1972
132/16U.S. Export-Import Bank1972
132/17-19U.S. Farmers Home Administration1972
132/20-21U.S. Federal Aviation Administration1972
133/1U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation1972
133/2-4U.S. Federal Communications Commission1972
133/5U.S. Federal Highway Administration1972
133/6U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board1972
133/7U.S. Federal Housing Administration1972
133/8U.S. Federal National MortgageAdministration1972
133/9U.S. Federal Power Commission1972
133/10U.S. Federal Reserve Board1972
133/11U.S. Federal Trade Commission1972
133/12U.S. Food and Drug Administration1972
U.S. Forest Service1972
133/19Lake Closures -- seaplanes1972
133/20Liberty, WA1972
133/21Roadless Areas -- survey1972
134/1Roadless Areas -- survey1972
134/2Wilderness Areas1972
134/3U.S. General Accounting Office1972
U.S. General Services Administration1972
134/8-9Grantee Program1972
134/10U.S. Geographic Names Board1972
134/11U.S. Government Printing Office1972
134/12-17U.S. Health, Education, and WelfareDepartment1972
U.S. Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment1972
135/5Everett, WA -- Planning Grant1972
135/6U.S. Immigration and NaturalizationService1972
U.S. Indian Affairs Bureau1972
135/9Lummi Aquaculture Project1972
135/10U.S. Indian Claims Commission1972
135/11U.S. Indian Health Service1972
135/12U.S. Information Agency1972
U.S. Interior Department1972
135/16Alaska -- Oil and Pipeline1972
135/17Columbia Basin Project1972
135/18U.S. International-Development Agency1972
135/19U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission1972
136/1-2U.S. Justice Department1972
136/3-7U.S. Labor Department1972
136/8U.S. Land Management Bureau1972
136/9U.S. Library of Congress1972
136/10U.S. Management and Budget Office1972
136/11U.S. Marine Corps1972
136/12U.S. Maritime Administration1972
136/13U.S. Mines Bureau1972
U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration1972
136/16Space Transportation System - Utah1972
136/17U.S. National Archives1972
136/18U.S. National Foundation on the Arts andHumanities1972
136/19U.S. National Highway Traffic SafetyAdministration1972
136/20U.S. National Labor Relations Board1972
136/21U.S. National Mediation Board1972
136/22U.S. National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration1972
U.S. National Park Service1972
137/3North Cascades National Park1972
137/4-5U.S. National Railroad PassengerCorporation(AMTRAX)1972
137/6U.S. National Science Foundation1972
U.S. Navy1972
137/13Fenner, Ray1972
137/14Franks, Harry E.1972
137/15U.S. Navy. Puget Sound Supply Center (Bremerton,WA)1972
137/16U.S. Outdoor Recreation Bureau1972
137/17-18U.S. Parole Board1972
137/19U.S. Patent Office1972
137/20-21U.S. Post Office1972
138/1-3U.S. Post Office1972
138/4U.S. Prisons Bureau1972
138/5-6U.S. Public Health Service1972
138/7U.S. Railroad Retirement Board1972
138/8U.S. Reclamation Bureau1972
138/9U.S. Rural ElectrificationAdministration1972
138/10U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission1972
138/11U.S. Selective Service System1972
138/12U.S. Senate1972
138/13-16U.S. Small Business Administration1972
138/17U.S. Sport Fisheries and Wildlife Bureau1972
U.S. State Department1972
139/4Middle East1972
139/5Point Roberts, WA1972
139/6Prosterman, Roy -- Vietnam Land Reform 1972
139/7U.S. Tariff Commission1972
139/8U.S. Territories Office1972
139/9-12U.S. Transportation Department1972
139/13U.S. Treasury Department1972
139/14U.S. Urban Mass TransportationAdministration1972
139/15-16U.S. Veterans Administration1972
139/17U.S. Water Resources Council1972
139/10-19U.S. Youth Conservation Corps1972
Legislative Correspondence
140/1-5Agriculture -- Beef Imports (50%)1964
140/8Anderson Federal Tax Lien Amendment1964
140/9Animal Imports1964
140/10Appropriations (50%)1964
140/11Atomic Energy1964
140/13California-Pacific Northwest PowerIntertie1964
140/14Civil Defense1964
Civil Rights1964
140/15-21General (50%)1964
140/22Workers - Mississippi1964
140/23Civil Service Annuities1964
140/24Columbia River Water Diversion1964
140/26Congressional Pay Raise1964
140/29Dirksen Amendment -- Reapportionment1964
141/1Distilled Spirits Advertising1964
141/2Dyna Soar Program1964
141/9Federal Employees Retirement1964
141/10Federal Excise Tax1964
141/11Federal Government1964
141/12Federal Pay Bill1964
141/17-19Registration -- Dodd Amendment1964
141/20Firemen's Social Security1964
142/1-3Firemen's Social Security1964
142/4-5Fish and Fisheries1964
142/6Fishermen's Health Care1964
142/7-3Foreign Aid1964
142/9-12Foreign Relations (50%)1964
142/13Fort George Wright Cemetery1964
142/14Fulbright, William -- Foreign Policy1964
142/15Government Employees1964
142/16Gulf of Tonkin1964
143/3-5Indian Affairs1964
143/6Industrial Arts1964
143/7Premium Borrowing1964
143/9Kalispel Indians1964
143/14Laboratory Animals1964
143/15-17Legal 1964
Scope and Content: Includes information about school prayer.
143/18Log Exports1964
144/2National Defense1964
144/3-6Natural Resources1964
144/7North Atlantic Treaty Organization and theAtomicEnergy Commission1964
144/8Nuclear Weapons1964
144/9Othello, WA -- Post Office1964
144/10Panama Crisis1964
144/11Parochial School Aid1964
144/12Post Office1964
144/13Poverty Legislation1964
144/14Power and Light1964
144/15Public Works1964
144/16Purchase Authorizations for Wheat1964
144/17Railroad Retirement1964
144/20Ribicoff Amendment (Tax Credits forEducation)1964
144/24-26School Prayer (50%)1964
144/27Senate Rules1964
144/28-29Social Security (50%)1964
145/1Social Security (50%)1964
145/3Taft-Hartley Act1964
145/4Tax -- Boeing Per Diem Allowances1964
145/9-11Trade (50%)1964
145/13Un-American Activities1964
145/14United Nations1964
U.S. Bonneville Power Administration1964
145/15Rate Increases1964
145/16Transmission Line1964
146/2War on Poverty1964
146/3West Coast Pulp and Paper Workers Union1964
146/4Wheat Bill1964
146/5-6Wheat Program1964
146/7Wheat Sale to Russians1964
146/8-10General (20%)1964
146/11Flexos -- master copies1964
146/12-13Agricultural (50%)1965
146/14American Legion1965
146/19Appropriations -- Willamette Falls FishwayProject1965
146/20Arms Control1965
146/21Atomic Energy1965
146/23Beverages -- beer concentrate1965
146/24C-5A Contract1965
146/25Census Form Revisions1965
147/1Civil Defense1965
147/2-5Civil Rights1965
147/6Coin and Currency1965
147/8-10Conscience Clause -- Labor Union Membership(50%)1965
147/11-12Consular Convention with U.S.S.R.1965
147/13Copyright Laws1965
147/15Dominican Republic1965
147/18-19Education (50%)1965
148/1-4Eldercare (50%)1965
148/5Election Day Move to Sunday1965
148/6Excise Tax1965
148/7Farm Bill1965
148/8-9Federal Government1965
148/10Federal Pay1965
148/11Field Solicitor1965
148/15-17Firearms (20%)1965
148/18Fire Fighters1965
148/19Fish and Fisheries1965
148/20-21Foreign Aid1965
148/22-25Foreign Relations (50%)1965
149/1-3Foreign Relations (50%)1965
149/4Fraternity and Sorority Segregation1965
149/5Government Employees1965
149/6Green River Watershed1965
149/7-9Health (50%)1965
149/10-13Health Care -- King Anderson (20%)1965
149/14Highway Billboards1965
149/15Holland Amendment1965
149/20Indian Affairs1965
149/21Indian Affairs -- Tlingit and HaidaIndians1965
149/22-23Insurance and Retirement1965
150/1Insurance and Retirement1965
150/13Log Exports1965
151/5-6Military Pay1965
151/7Milk Marketing1965
151/8Mt. Pilchuck State Park1965
151/9National Defense1965
151/10-13Natural Resources1965
151/14Natural Resources -- Diverting Water totheSouthwest1965
151/15Natural Resources -- Water ResourcesBill1965
151/16Otto Otepka (Communists in Government)1965
151/17Post Office1965
151/18Postal Workers1965
151/20Power and Light1965
151/21-23Public Works1965
151/24Railroad Retirement1965
151/25Railway Labor Act1965
152/1Reserve Units Merger1965
152/5Salaries -- federal1965
152/6Salaries -- postal1965
152/7School Aid -- private and parochial1965
152/8Senate Rules1965
152/9-12Social Security1965
152/13Soil Conservation1965
152/15-20Taft-Hartley Act -- Repeal of Section 14(b)(50%)1965
153/3-4Telephone Excise Tax1965
153/7-6Tlingit Indians1965
153/12Truck Tax1965
153/13Tucannon River1965
153/14Un-American Activities1965
153/15-16United Nations1965
153/17U.S. National Guard1965
153/22-23Veterans Hospitals1965
154/1Veterans Hospitals1965
154/2Veteran's Widows Pension1965
154/6Vietnam -- use of gas1965
154/7Vocational Rehabilitation1965
154/8-9Voting Rights Act1965
154/10War on Poverty1965
154/11Water Resources1965
154/13Wild Rivers Bill1965
154/14-18General (10% sample)1965
154/22Airline Strike1966
154/23Annuities Recomputation1966
155/3Atomic Energy1966
155/4Auto Excise Tax1966
155/6Box Cars1966
155/7Budget -- 19671966
155/8Certificates of Deposit1966
155/9Chicago and Northwestern-Milwaukee RailwayMerger1966
155/10Civil Defense1966
155/11Civil Rights1966
155/12-16Civil Rights Act1966
155/18Consular Convention with the U.S.S.R.1966
155/20DDT in Milk1966
155/21Demonstration Cities Act1966
155/22-25Diet Supplements -- prescription requirement(50%)1966
156/2District of Columbia Home Rule1966
156/10Education Act Funds1966
156/11Education Expense Deduction for Teachers1966
156/12Employment Security Amendment1966
156/13-15Federal Government1966
156/16Federal Pay Bill1966
157/2-3Fish and Fisheries1966
157/4Foreign Aid1966
157/5-10Foreign Relations1966
157/11Free Customs Service1966
157/12Government Employees1966
157/19-20Indian Affairs1966
157/21Insurance and Retirement1966
158/1Insurance and Retirement1966
158/2Insurance of Deposits1966
158/3Investments Tax Credits1966
158/4-8Labor (50%)1966
158/9Laboratory Animals1966
158/10Laboratory Animals -- Dealers Regulation1966
158/11Leavenworth Hospital1966
158/16Manpower Services Act1966
158/18-20Military (50%)1966
158/21Military Medical Care1966
158/22Minimum Income1966
158/23-24Minimum Picker's Wage1966
158/25Mortgage Funds1966
158/26Moses Lake Community Antenna TelevisionSystem1966
158/27National Defense1966
158/28National Guard Technicians1966
158/29Natural Resources1966
159/1-3Natural Resources1966
159/4-5Natural Resources -- water diversion tosouthwest1966
159/6Natural Resources -- Water Resources PlanningAct1966
159/7North Pacific Fish1966
159/8Oat-Rye Substitution for Wheat in FarmProgram1966
159/9Organizational Conspiracies Act1966
159/10-11Parcel Post Rates1966
159/12Piece Rate Minimum Wage1966
159/13Population Growth1966
159/14Postal Package Sizes1966
159/15Postal Pay Raise1966
159/16Postal Service1966
159/17Poverty Programs1966
159/18Power and Light1966
159/19-21Public Works1966
159/22Railroad Retirement1966
159/23Rent Supplements1966
159/25Rural Electrification AdministrationFinancing1966
159/26St. Joseph Hospital1966
159/27Salaries -- federal1966
159/28Salaries -- postal1966
159/29School Bonds1966
159/30-31School Lunch Cuts1966
159/32School Prayer Amendments1966
160/1Situs Picketing1966
160/2-3Social Security1966
160/4Social Security -- over 701966
160/6State Legislature Representation1966
160/7Taft-Hartley Act -- Repeal of Section14(b)1966
160/13-14Taxes -- travel expenses1966
160/15Telephone Tax1966
161/1-2Transportation Department Establishment1966
161/3Truth in Packaging Labeling1966
161/4Un-American Activities1966
161/5Unemployment Compensation1966
161/6-7Unemployment Standards1966
161/8United Nations1966
161/9U.S. Capitol -- West Front1966
161/10U.S. Food and Drug Administration1966
161/11U.S. Forest Service1966
161/16Veteran's Pensions1966
161/21White Wheat Market1966
161/22-24General (20%)1966
161/27Adult Basic Education1967
162/3Alcoholic Beverages1967
162/9Armed Forces Museum1967
162/12-13Chicago and Northwestern Railways MergerwithMilwaukee Road1967
162/15Civil Rights1967
162/17-19Consular Treaty with the U.S.S.R. (50%)1967
162/20Copyrights and Patents1967
162/21-22Crime (50%)1967
163/1Crime (50%)1967
163/2Dodd, Thomas1967
163/3Draft Alternatives1967
163/4Draft Changes1967
163/5Drug Treatment Center1967
163/8Economic Opportunity Office1967
163/12Export-Import Bank1967
163/13Federal Communications Commission FairnessDoctrine1967
163/14Federal Government1967
163/15Federal Savings Institutions1967
163/16Federal Spending1967
163/17Films and TV1967
163/22Fish and Fisheries1967
163/23Flag Desecration1967
163/24-25Food and Drug Administration -- vitamin andmineralprescription requirement1967
163/26Foreign Aid1967
163/27Foreign Relations (20%)1967
164/1-3Foreign Relations (20%)1967
164/4Forest Service Fees1967
164/5Goldendale Wheat Allotment1967
164/6Government Employees1967
164/7Government Operations -- ArchitecturalandEngineering Fees1967
164/8Head of Household Tax Benefits Extension1967
164/12Highway Funds1967
164/15Import Quotas1967
164/16-18Indian Affairs1967
164/19Insurance and Retirement1967
164/20Internal Revenue Service -- Ruling 67-101967
164/21,21aKennicott Copper -- Cascade Mining1967
165/1Kennicott Copper -- Cascade Mining1967
165/2KVOS TV1967
165/3-6Labor (50%)1967
165/7Laboratory Animals1967
165/11McHugh, Simon F. -- Appointment1967
165/13Middle East1967
165/18Military Pay1967
165/19Mink Ranches1967
165/20Missionaries Captive in Vietnam1967
165/21Mother's Day Plea for Peace1967
165/22National Defense1967
165/23Natural Resources (50%)1967
166/1-2Natural Resources --- water diversion1967
166/3Natural Resources -- water diversion1967
166/4-6North Cascades National Park1967
166/8Oil and Gas Tax1967
166/9-12Panama Canal1967
166/13Personal Income Tax Exemption Increase1967
166/14-16Post Office1967
166/17Postal Rate Increase1967
166/18-20Postal Salary Increase (50%)1967
166/21Poverty Funds1967
167/1Powell, Adam Clayton1967
167/2Public Works1967
167/3Pulp and Paper workers Union Dispute1967
167/4Railroad Labor Dispute1967
167/5Railroad Merger1967
167/6-7Railroad Pensions1967
167/8Railroad Retirement1967
167/9Railroad Work Hours1967
167/10Redwood National Park1967
167/11Rhodesian Sanctions1967
167/12Riot Bill1967
167/14Rural Electrification1967
167/13Salaries -- Federal1967
167/14San Rafael Wilderness1967
167/15School Prayers1967
167/16Securities and Exchange Commission -- MutualFunds1967
167/17Senate Rules1967
167/18Seven Percent Investment Tax Credit1967
167/19Situs Picketing1967
167/20-24Social Security (50%)1967
168/1Soviet Bid on Grand Coulee Dam1967
168/3Surplus Property for Schools1967
168/4Tax Increase1967
168/5-8Taxes (50%)1967
168/13Trade -- Log Exports1967
168/14Trade -- with Eastern Bloc1967
168/16Un-American Activities1967
168/17United Nations1967
168/18United States Troops in Rhodesia1967
169/2Veterans Pensions1967
169/3-5Vietnam (50%)1967
169/7World Peace and Vietnam1967
169/8Yakima Indians1967
169/9-12General (20%)1967
169/21Atomic Energy1968
169/23Beverages -- Alcoholic1968
170/2Civil Defense1968
170/3Civil Disorders1968
170/4-5Civil Rights1968
170/7Copyright Law1968
170/8Credit Disclosure1968
170/9-12Crime -- (incl. gun control)1968
170/14Democratic Party Convention1968
170/15Door to Door Sales1968
170/22Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation1968
170/23Federal Employee Retirement1968
170/24Federal Government1968
171/1Federal Savings Act1968
171/2Field Service Travel Tax1968
171/8Fish and Fisheries1968
171/9Food Supplements1968
171/10Foreign Aid1968
171/11-15Foreign Relations (50%)1968
171/16Foreign Travel1968
171/17-18Fortas, Abe -- nomination to Supreme Court(50%)1968
171/19Garnishment Restrictions1968
171/20-21Gold Standard1968
171/22Government Employees1968
171/23Head Start1968
172/3Highway Funds1968
172/5Humane Animal Treatment Act1968
172/7-8Indian Affairs1968
172/9Industrial Revenue Bonds1968
172/10Insurance and Retirement1968
172/11Investment Company Amendments Act1968
172/12Iron and Steel1968
172/16Law Enforcement1968
172/17-18Legal (50%)1968
172/19Log Exports1968
172/21McCarthy for President1968
172/25Monday Holiday1968
172/26Mortgage Rates -- Federal HousingAdministration1968
172/27National Art Foundation1968
172/28National Defense1968
172/29National Insurance Corporation1968
173/1National Labor Relations Act --Agriculture1968
173/2-4Natural Resources1968
173/5Natural Resources -- Duck Stamps1968
173/6Natural Resources -- water diversion1968
173/7Northern Pacific-Great Northern RailwayMerger1968
173/8Nuclear Weapons1968
173/10Olympic National Park1968
173/11Pacific Airline Route1968
173/12Poor Peoples March1968
173/13Portland International Airport1968
173/14Post Office1968
173/15Post Office -- service changes1968
173/16Power and Light1968
173/17Public Works (incl. conservation)1968
173/19Robel, Eugene Case -- communists in defenseplants1968
173/20Salaries -- Federal1968
173/21Salaries -- Postal1968
173/22School Aid1968
173/24-25Social Security1968
173/26Soil Conservation1968
173/27Soil Districts1968
173/28Steel Trade Act1968
173/29Supreme Court1968
174/1-2Tax Increase1968
174/3-6Taxes (50%)1968
174/7Telephone Strike1968
174/11Trade -- mink imports1968
174/14Travel Tax1968
174/16Un-American Activities1968
174/17United Nations1968
174/18Urban Development Act1968
174/19U.S.S. Pueblo1968
175/3Veterans Pensions1968
175/7Vietnamese Corruption1968
175/8Violence (rioting)1968
175/9Vocational Training1968
175/10-14General (20%)1968
175/18-19Airspace Regulations1969
175/20Alaska Income Tax on Non-Residents1969
175/21Alaska Native Claims1969
175/22Alderbrook Inn1969
175/23Amchitka Atomic Tests1969
175/24American Prisoners of War1969
176/1-2Anti-Ballistic Missile System (20%)1969
176/3Anti-Ballistic Missile System -- BainbridgeSite1969
176/6-7Atomic Energy1969
176/11Bonneville Powerline Construction1969
176/12Campus Disorders1969
176/13Census Questions1969
176/14Chemical and Biological Warfare1969
176/15-17Chiropractic Services (Medicare)1969
176/18Cigarette Advertising1969
176/19Civil Defense1969
176/20Civil Rights1969
176/21Civil Service Retirement1969
176/23Congressional Pay Raise1969
176/24Consumer and Homemaking Education1969
176/25-26Crime (50%)1969
176/27DDT and Pesticides1969
177/2Draft Laws1969
177/5-8Education (50%)1969
177/9Federal Education Funding1969
177/10Federal Education Programs1969
177/11Federal Government1969
177/12Federal Home Loan Bank1969
177/14Fire Research and Safety Funding1969
177/15Fish and Fisheries1969
177/16Food Supplements (20%)1969
177/17Foreign Aid1969
177/18-22Foreign Relations (50%)1969
178/1Gas and Oil Depletion Allowance1969
178/2G. I. Bill1969
178/3Golden Eagle Passport1969
178/4Government Employees1969
178/5Government Official's Pay Raise1969
178/6-9Gun Control1969
178/10Haynesworth -- Clement nomination to U.S.SupremeCourt (20%)1969
178/16-17Hickel, Walter -- Appointment as Secretary oftheInterior (20%)1969
178/18Homebuilders Industry1969
179/4Indian Affairs1969
179/5-6Insurance and Retirement1969
179/7Job Corps Facilities Closing1969
179/11Labor -- aid to migrant workers inWashington1969
179/12Labor -- Labor Management Bill1969
179/13-14Labor -- Seattle OpportunitiesIndustrializationCenter, Inc.1969
179/15Laboratory Animals1969
180/2-3Legal -- Failing Newspapers Bill1969
180/4Lumber Prices1969
180/6Medical Research Funding1969
180/7-8Middle East1969
180/9Migrant Worker Program1969
180/10-11Military (50%)1969
180/12Military -- draft1969
180/13Military Pay Recomputation1969
180/14Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV)andArms Limitations1969
180/15National Defense1969
180/16-17National Timber Supplies Act1969
180/18-20Natural Resources1969
181/1-2Natural Resources1969
181/3Northwest Airlines Labor Dispute1969
181/4Nuclear Treaty1969
181/5Oil and Gas Depletion Allowance1969
181/6Oil Drilling Termination1969
181/7Pay Television1969
181/8Peace Department1969
181/9Population Growth1969
181/11-15Pornography in the Mail1969
181/16Portland Airport1969
181/17Post Office1969
182/1Post Office1969
182/2-3Postal Salaries1969
182/4Power and Light1969
182/5Public Works1969
182/6-8Pueblo Hearings1969
182/9-10Railroad Retirement1969
182/11Real Estate Depreciation Allowance1969
182/13Ross Dam1969
182/14-16Salaries -- federal1969
182/17Savings and Loan Tax Changes1969
182/18School Prayer1969
182/19Sedition Laws1969
182/20Sex Education -- public schools1969
182/21Snake River Dam1969
182/22-24Social Security (50%)1969
182/26Supersonic Transport1969
182/27Surplus Salmon Sales1969
183/1-5Tax Reform (50%)1969
183/6-8Taxes (20%)1969
183/9Taxes -- personal1969
183/10Television Reporting1969
183/15Un-American Activities1969
183/16United Nations1969
183/17Vehicle (Truck) Limitations on InterstateHighways1969
183/18-20Veterans (50%)1969
184/1-3Vietnam (50%)1969
184/4Vietnam -- My Lai Incident1969
184/5Vocational Education1969
184/6Voting Age1969
184/7Welfare Proposals1969
184/8Work-Study Programs1969
184/9-11General (20%)1969
184/14-16Agriculture (50%)1970
184/20Atomic Energy1970
184/22Civil Defense1970
184/23Civil Rights1970
185/1Civil Rights1970
185/3Consumer Protection1970
185/4-6Crime (50%)1970
185/7Crime -- civil disorders1970
185/8Crime -- student activities1970
186/2-6Environmental Quality1970
186/7Federal Government1970
186/10Fish and Fisheries1970
186/11Foreign Aid1970
186/12-17Foreign Relations (50%)1970
187/1Foreign Relations (50%)1970
187/2-3Foreign Relations -- Prisoners of War1970
187/4Government Employees1970
187/5-8Health (50%)1970
187/11-12Indian Affairs1970
187/13-14Insurance and Retirement1970
187/15-16Internal Security1970
187/21Labor -- Northwest Airlines Strike1970
187/22Laboratory Animals1970
188/3-5Military (50%)1970
188/6National Security1970
188/7-9Natural Resources1970
188/10-11Post Office1970
188/12Power and Light1970
188/13Public Works1970
188/14-15Railroad Retirement1970
188/17Salaries -- federal1970
189/1-4Social Security1970
189/6-8Taxes (50%)1970
189/14Un-American Activities1970
189/15-16United Nations1970
190/2-3General (20%)1970
190/11-12Atomic Energy1971
190/14Civil Rights1971
190/16Consumer Protection1971
191/8-10Environmental Quality1971
191/11Federal Government1971
191/13Fish and Fisheries1971
192/1Foreign Aid1971
192/2-7Foreign Relations (50%)1971
192/8Government Employees1971
192/9-12Health (50%)1971
192/14Humane Treatment of Animals1971
192/16Indian Affairs1971
192/17-18Insurance and Retirement1971
192/19Internal Security1971
193/11-12National Defense1971
193/13-16Natural Resources1971
194/1Natural Resources1971
194/2Political Affairs1971
194/3Post Office1971
194/4Power and Light1971
194/5Public Works1971
194/6Railroad Retirement1971
194/8Salaries -- Federal1971
194/9Senate Rules1971
194/10-11Social Security1971
194/23United Nations1971
195/3-4Welfare (50%)1971
195/5-6General (20%)1971
195/12Alaska Airlines1972
195/13American Passenger Vessels1972
195/16Animal Welfare1972
195/19Big Cypress Watershed (Florida)1972
195/20Civil Rights1972
196/1-2Consumer Protection1972
196/3Cougar Lakes1972
196/9-13Defense -- SALT1972
196/19-21Environmental Quality1972
197/1-3Equal Rights Amendment1972
197/4Federal Government1972
197/7Fish and Fisheries1972
197/8Foreign Aid1972
197/9-16Foreign Relations1972
197/17Government Employees1972
197/18-20Health (50%)1972
197/21Health Education and Safety Act1972
197/23Indian Affairs1972
198/1-2Insurance and Retirement1972
198/3Internal Security1972
198/8-9Longshoremen's Strike (50%)1972
198/11-12Middle East1972
198/13-15Military (50%)1972
198/16-18Natural Resources (50%)1972
198/21Post Office1972
198/22Power and Lights1972
198/23Public Works1972
198/24-25Railroad Retirement1972
199/1Revenue Sharing1972
199/2Salaries -- federal1972
199/3Senate Rules1972
199/4-8Social Security1972
199/10Space -- Brunner, Hans1972
199/14Trade -- Jackson-Vanick Amendment1972
200/2-3United Nations1972
200/6-9Vietnam (50%)1972
200/13Wide Busses1972
200/14General (20%)1972
Legislation -- HMJ Sponsored Bills
88th Congress1963-1964
201/1S. 1 -- Youth Employment1963-1964
201/2S. 2 -- Water Resources Research (P. L.88-379)1963-1964
201/3-6S. 4 -- Wilderness1963-1964
201/7-8S. 6 -- Urban Mass Transportation (P. L.88-365)1963-1964
201/9S. 20 -- Outdoor Recreation (P. L.88-29)1963
201/10S. 41 -- Public Lands Exchange1963-1964
201/11S. 397 -- Silver Tax Repeal1963-1964
201/12S. 537 -- Government Fiscal Evaluation1963-1964
201/13S. 627 -- Commercial Fishery Research (P. L.88-309)1963-1964
201/14-17S. 859 -- Land and Water Conservation Fund (P.L.88-578)1963-1965
201/18-21S. 880 -- Aged Medical Care1963-1964
202/1-5S. 880 -- Aged Medical Care1963-1964
202/6-9S. 900 -- Dairy Sales (H. R. 963)1963
202/10S. 978 -- Commercial Fishermen -- medical care (P.L.88-424)1963-1964
202/11-21S. 1007 -- Northwest Power Preference (P. L.88-552)1963-1964
203/1S. 1023 -- Bumping Lake Reservoir -capacityincrease1963-1965
203/2S. 1063 -- Freight Car Supply1963
203/3S. 1117 -- Civil Rights CommissionExtension1963-1964
203/4S. 1138 -- Railroad Merger Moratorium1963-1964
203/5-6S. 1169 -- Payment to Colville Indians (P.L.88-551)1963-1964
203/7S. 1277 -- Professional Engineering --ScientificClassification -- Federal Government1963
203/8S. 1321 -- National Service Corps1963-1964
203/9S. 1335 -- Emergency Assistance -- InteriorandAgriculture Department1963-1964
203/10S. 1373 -- Presidential Transaction Act (P.L.88-277)1963-1964
203/11S. 1440 -- Amend 1949 Housing Act1963
203/12-13S. 1441 -- Pig War National Monument1958-1964
203/14-17S. 1442 -- Colville Indians -- FederalControlTermination1963-1964
203/18S. 1495 -- Guam -- Rehabilitation (P. L.88-170)1963
203/19S. 1534 - Lead and Zinc IndustryStabilization1963-1964
203/20S. 1580 -- Guam -- Urban Renewal (P. L.88-171)1963-1964
203/21S. 1651 - Fish Embargo1963-1964
203/22S. 1676 -- Billboard Control (P. L.88-157)1963-1964
203/23-24S. 1731 -- Civil Rights1963
203/25S. 1876 -- Creation of Eleventh JudicialCircuit1963-1964
203/26S. 1915 -- Milk Surplus Reduction1963-1964
204/1S. 1988 -- Non-U.S. Fishing in U.S. Waters (P.L.88-308)1963-1964
204/2S. 2068 -- Tax Reductions for EntertainmentExpenses1963-1964
204/3S. 2100 -- Foreign Vessel LumberTransport1963
204/4S. 2114 -- Review of Federal Grants1963-1964
204/5S. 2128 -- Assateague Island National Seashore(MDand VA)1963-1964
204/6S. 2180 -- Optometry Student Loans1963-1964
204/7S. 2249 -- Indiana Dunes NationalLakeshore1963-1964
204/8S. 2307 -- Farmers Home AdministrationEmergencyLoans1963-1964
204/9S. 2341 -- Kennedy Center1963
204/10S. 2384 -- Mineral Exploration1963-1964
204/11S. 2447 -- Whitestone Coulee Unit - Chief JosephDam(P. L. 88 - 599)1964
204/12S. 2497 -- Panama Canal Alternative (Ref. S.2701)1963-1964
204/13S. 2512 -- Inauguration Day as NationalHoliday1963-1964
204/14S. 2533 -- Manson Unit -- Chief JosephDam1963-1964
204/15S. 2608 -- Kalispell Indian Payment1963-1964
204/16S. 2630 -- Kennewick, WA IrrigationDistrictExtension1963-1964
204/17S. 2657 -- Sugar Beet Market1963-1964
204/18-20S. 2719 -- Alaska Earthquake Relief 1963-1964
Related Material: See also: S. 2772 and S. 2881
204/21S. 2751 -- School Lunch Milk1963-1964
204/22S. 2772 -- Alaska Earthquake Relief (P.L.88-311)1963-1964
Related Material: See also: S. 2719 and S. 2881.
204/23-24S. 2881 -- Alaska Earthquake Relief (P.L.88-451)1963-1964
Related Material: See also: S. 2719 and S. 2772.
204/25S. 2984 -- Hanford, WA Land Exchange (P. L.88-557)1963-1964
204/26S. 3079 -- Quinault Indian Payment1963-1964
204/27S. 3084 -- Touchet River, WA FloodControl1963-1964
204/28S. 3086 -- Alien Fishing in U.S. Waters1963-1964
204/29S. 3114 -- Lummi Indian Diking1963-1964
204/30S. C. R. 13 -- Lewis and Clark Trail1963
204/31S. C. R. 79 -- National Halibut Week1964
204/32S. J. R. 31 -- Vietnamese to West Point1963
204/33S. J. R. 113 -- Save Your Vision Week (P. L.88-242)1963-1964
204/34S. J. R. 136 -- Kennedy Center (P. L.88-260)1963-1964
204/35S. J. R. 163 -- Kaiser (Henry J.) GoldMedal1964
204/36S. R. 204 -- U.S.S.R. Jewish Persecution1963-1964
89th Congress1965-1966
204/39H. R. 5950 -- Limestone Import1962-1966
204/40-42S. 1 -- Medicare (Ref. H. R. 6675)1965-1966
205/1-7S. 1 -- Medicare (Ref. H. R. 6675)1965-1966
205/8S. 2 -- Executive Fiscal Evaluation1965
205/9S. 12 -- Higher Education Tax Credit1965-1966
205/10S. 22 -- Water Research (P. L. 89-404)1965-1966
205/11S. 338 -- Mining Tax Deduction (P. L.89-570)1965-1966
205/12S. 360 -- Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore(P,L.89-761)1965-1966
205/13S. 370 -- Education -- Elementary andSecondary1965
205/14S. 408 -- Flood Insurance1965-1966
205/15-20S. 489 -- San Juan Island, WA NationalHistoricalPark (Pig War; P. L. 89-565)1965-1967
205/21S. 490 -- Manson Unit -- Chief Joseph Dam (P.L.89-557)1965-1967
205/22S. 558 -- Export Expansion1965
205/23S. 561 -- Intergovernmental Cooperation1965-1966
205/24S. 564 -- Lead and Zinc IndustryStabilization1965
205/25S. 702 -- Quinault Indian Payment (P. L.89-28)1965-1966
205/26S. 794 -- Kennewick, WA DistrictIrrigationExtension1965-1966
206/1S. 795 -- Lummi Indian Diking1965
206/2S. 944 -- Oceanographic Council (P. L.89-454)1965-1966
206/3S. 944 -- Extend Wool Act1965
206/4S. 1088 - Touchet River, WA FloodControl1965-1967
206/5-6S. 1098 - Freight Car Shortage (P. L.89-430)1965-1966
206/7S. 1126 - Farmers Home AdministrationEmergencyLoans1965
206/8S. 1203 -- Teacher Education TaxDeductions1965-1966
206/9S. 1229 -- Water Projects -- Recreation1965
206/10S. 1297 -- Coins -- silver content (Ref. S.2080)1965-1966
206/11-12S. 1413 -- Colville Indians -- FederalControlTermination1965-1966
206/13-14S. 1446 -- National Wild Rivers System1965-1966
206/15S. 1452 -- U.S. Army Reserve -- SeniorReserveCommanders Association -- Incorporation1965-1967
206/16S. 1483 -- National Foundation on ArtsandHumanities1965
206/17S. 1564 -- Voting Rights1965-1966
206/18S. 1605 -- Water Projects1965-1966
206/19-22S. 1761 -- Grand Coulee Dam -- Third Powerplant(P.L. 89-448)1965-1966
206/23S. 1766 -- Rural Water Supply (P. L.89-140)1965
206/24S. 1787 -- Social Security Benefits--Blind1965-1966
206/25S. 1861 -- Disaster Relief (P. L.89-769)1965-1966
207/1S. 2045 -- Antidumping Act Amendment1965-1966
207/2S. 2067 -- War Orphans -- EducationalAssistanceIncrease1965
207/3S. 2121 -- Special Summer Lunch Program1965-1966
207/4S. 2248 -- Mining Claim Recordation1965-1966
207/5S. 2307 -- Relief -- Columbia BasinProjectEmployees1965-1966
207/6S. 2310 -- Banks Lake -- Columbia BasinProject1965
207/7S. 2318 -- Veterans (deceased) -- Payments toWidowsand Children1965
207/8S. 2321 -- Scrip Rights1965-1966
207/9S. 2421 -- Columbia River Mouth -- Land Transfer-Washington State Park1965-1966
207/10S. 2505 -- Quillayute Indian Payment (P. L.89-655)1965-1966
207/11S. 2506 -- Nooksack Indian Payment (P. L.89-656)1965-1966
207/12S. 2575 -- Banking Law Strengthening1965-1966
207/13S. 2582 -- Bonneville Power Administration--Revolving Fund1965-1966
207/14S. 2627 -- Pension Plan Disclosure1965-1966
207/15S. 2675 -- Kidney Disease1965-1966
Related Material: See also: S. 3177
207/16S. 2921 -- Milk for Children1966
207/17S. 2933 -- Fish -- Food-For-Freedom1965-1966
207/18S. 3011 -- Policymakers -- SenateConfirmation1965-1966
207/19-22S. 3034 -- Water Resources (P. L.89-561)1965-1966
207/23S. 3035 -- Historic Preservation (P. L.89-665)1965-1966
207/24S. 3036 -- Virgin Islands Legislature (P. L.89-548)1965-1966
207/25S. 3061 -- Mass Transit Planning Funding1965-1966
207/26S. 3068 -- Indian Claims CommissionExtension1965-1966
207/27-28S. 3107 -- National Water Commission1965-1966
207/29S. 3150 -- Comptroller General --RetirementBenefits1965-1966
207/30S. 3169 -- Mentally Retarded Children -MilitaryPersonnel (P. L. 89-614)1965-1966
207/31S. 3171 -- Hiking Trails -- NationalSystem1965-1966
207/32S. 3177 -- Kidney Disease 1965-1966
Related Material: See also: S. 2675.
207/33S. 3257 -- Relief -- Puget Sound NavalShipyardEmployees1965-1966
207/34S. 3337 --Rural ElectrificationFinancing1965-1966
207/35S. 3344 -- Tax Court -- Small TaxDivision1965-1966
207/36S. 3408 -- Intergovernmental Personnel1965-1966
207/37S. 3504 -- Pacific Islands TrustTerritory1965-1966
207/38S. 3514 -- Eye Institute -- National InstituteofHealth1965-1966
207/39S. 3580 -- Vietnam Veteran Assistance1965-1966
207/40S. 3662 -- Milk Price Support1965-1966
207/41S. 3769 -- Clean Lakes1965-1966
207/42S. C. R. 2 -- Congress Reorganization1967-1965
207/43S. C. R. 4 -- Kennedy (John F.) Film Distribution(P.L. 89-274)1965-1966
207/44S. C. R. 17 -- U.S.S.R. -- JewishPersecution1965-1966
207/45S. J. R. 1 -- Presidential Succession1965
207/46S. J. R. 52 -- American Indian Day1963-1965
208/1S. J. R. 86 -- Firefighters RecognitionDay1965-1966
208/2S. R. 20 -- Veterans Affairs -- StandingCommittee1965
208/3S. R. 55 -- Veterans Affairs --Committee1965-1966
90th Congress1967-1968
208/6-12Sponsorship Requests1967-1968
208/1390th Congress (cont.)S. 16 -- VietnamVeteranAssistance (P. L. 90-77)1967
208/14S. 18 -- Tax Court -- Small Tax Division1967-1968
208/15-16S. 20 -- National Water Commission (P. L.90-515)1967-1968
208/17S. 119 -- National Wild Rivers System1967-1968
208/18S. 278 -- Postal Service PositionReclassification1967
208/19-20S. 282 -- Colville Indians -- FederalControlTermination1967-1968
208/21S. 303 -- Pacific Islands Trust Territory (P.L.90-16)1967
208/22S. 304 -- Indians -- Loan Fund and HeirshipLand1967-1968
208/23S. 307 -- Indian Claims Commission Extension (P.L.90-9)1967-1968
208/24S. 370 -- Kennewick, WA DistrictIrrigationExtension1964-1968
208/25-26S. 446 -- Relief -- Klickitat County, WAPublicUtility District1967-1968
209/1S. 448 -- Interior Department - TemporaryEmployees-- Medical Care1967-1968
209/2S. 450 -- Virgin Islands Governor - popularelection1967
209/3S. 485 -- Touchet, WA IrrigationDistrict1967-1968
209/4S. 539 -- Highway Beautification Act --Non-MandatoryCompensation1966-1967
209/5S. 605 -- Banks Lake, WA1967
209/6S. 612 -- Dairy Imports1967-1968
209/7-8S. 617 -- Washington Education -- LandIncome1967-1968
209/9S. 698 -- Intergovernmental Cooperation1967-1968
209/10S. 699 -- Intergovernmental Personnel1967
209/11S. 814 -- National Park Foundation (P. L.90-209)1967-1968
209/12S. 824 -- Law Enforcement1967-1968
209/13S. 827 -- Hiking Trails -- National System (P.L.90-543)1967-1968
209/14S. 835 -- Tax Credit -- Higher Education1967
209/15S. 878 -- Military Surplus1967-1968
209/16S. 945 -- Federal Magistrates1966-1967
209/17-20S. 1004 -- Colorado River Basin Project (P.L.90-537)1967-1968
209/21S. 1013 -- Central Arizona Project1967
209/22S. 1092 -- Scenic Rivers1967-1968
209/23S. 1128 -- Social Security Underpayments1966-1967
209/24S. 1145 -- Government ProcurementCommission1967-1969
209/25S. 1161 -- John F. Kennedy National Historic Site(P.L. 90-20)1967
209/26S. 1181 - Combat Duty Exemption - Sole ServingSon1967-1968
209/27-30S. 1321 - North Cascades National Park1967-1968
210/1-7S. 1321 -- North Cascades National Park1967-1968
210/8-10S. 1401 -- Land and Water Conservation Fund (P.L.90-401)1967-1968
210/11S. 1485 -- Intergovernmental Personnel1967
210/12S. 1551 -- Interstate Tax Compact1967-1968
210/13S. 1613 -- Strawberry Import Limitation1967
210/14S. 1651 -- Mining Claim Recordation1967-1968
210/15S. 1681 -- Social Security Disability Insurance-Blind1967-1968
210/16-17S. 1722 -- Wheat Acreage Allotment (P. L.90-243)1967-1968
210/18S. 1796 -- Textile Import Quotas1967-1968
210/19S. 1816 -- Indian Resources Development1967-1968
210/20S. 1832 -- Statehood Enabling Acts Amendment --NewMexico, Arizona, Hawaii1967-1968
210/21S. 1872 -- Arms Sales to Middle East(Jackson-TowerAmendment)1967
210/22S. 1934 -- Electric Power Reliability1967-1968
210/23S. 2122 -- Highway Beautification1967-1968
210/24S. 2201 -- 9th Circuit Court -- AdditionalJudges1966-1967
210/25S. 2255 -- Public Land Law Review Commission (P.L.90-213)1967
210/26S. 2273 -- International Agricultural ServiceCorps1967-1968
210/27S. 2336 -- Yakima and Colville Indians --JudgmentFund (P. L. 90-278)1967-1968
211/1S. 2411 -- Groundfish Import Quota1967-1968
211/2S. 2419 -- Cargo Container Vessels (P. L.90-268)1967-1968
211/3S. 2428 -- Yakima Firing Range Relocation (P.L.90-166)1967
211/4-7S. 2515 -- Redwood National Park (P. L.90-545)1967-1968
211/8S. 2650 -- Merchant Marine Strengthening1967-1968
211/9S. 2657 -- Spokane Indian Judgment Fund (P.L.90-337)1967-1968
211/10S. 2658 -- Vehicle Weight and WidthLimitations1967-1968
211/11S. 2805 -- Environmental Quality Control1967-1968
211/12-15S. 2882 -- Artificial and TransplantedOrgans1965-1968
211/16S. 2936 -- Medicare Drugs1968
211/17S. 3006 -- Western Interstate NuclearCompact1967-1968
211/18S. 3058 -- Water Resources Planning1968
211/19S. 3132 -- Surface Mining Regulation1967-1968
211/20S. 3182 -- Swinomish Indian Land Resources (P.L.90-534)1968
211/21S. 3542 -- Selective Service Promotions1967-1968
211/22S. 3621 -- Muckleshoot Indian Judgment Fund (P.L.90-530)1967-1968
211/23S. 3685 -- Pear Marketing -- FederalOrder1967-1968
211/24S. 3688 -- Reclamation ProjectAcquisitionCompensation1967-1968
211/25S. 3689 -- Columbia Power -- NorthwestReclamationProjects1967-1968
211/26S. C. R. 10 -- Highway Fund Restoration1967
211/27S. C. R. 52 -- International EducationYear1967-1968
211/28S. J. R. 4 -- National Asthma Week1967-1968
211/29-30S. J. R. 8 -- 18 Year Old Vote1967-1968
211/31S. J. R. 24 -- Firefighters RecognitionDay1967
211/32S. J. R. 30 -- Apollo AstronautsMemorial1967-1968
211/33S. J. R. 56 National -- United Nations ChildrenFundDay1967
211/34S. J. R. 126 -- Eisenhower National HistoricSite1967-1968
211/35S. J. R. 152 -- Fire Service RecognitionDay1968
212/1S. J. R. 183 -- Constitution AnalysisDocumentPrinting1967-1968
212/2S. R. 8 -- Veterans Affairs -- StandingCommittee1967-1968
212/3S. R. 142 -- Bonneville Project 30thAnniversary1967
91st Congress
212/9-21Sponsorship Requests1969-1970
212/22S. 11 -- Intergovernmental Personnel1969-1970
213/1S. 88 -- Artificial and TransplantedOrgans1969-1970
213/2S. 364 -- Military Retirement PayEqualization1969-1970
213/3S. 472 -- Social Security EarningsLimitations1969-1970
213/4S. 508 -- National Social ScienceFoundation1969
213/5S. 524 -- Surface Mining1969-1970
213/6S. 540 -- Relief -- Yuda and TamarGalazan1968-1969
213/7S. 541 -- Colville Indians -- FederalControlTermination1969-1970
213/8S. 740 -- Mexican-American AffairsCommittees1969-1970
213/9S. 741 -- Columbia River Power --NorthwestReclamation Projects1969
213/10S. 742 -- Kennewick, WA District Irrigation (P.L.91-66)1969-1970
213/11S. 743 -- Touchet, WA District Irrigation (P.L.91-307)1969-1970
213/12S. 744 -- National Park ServiceAdministration;Electric Power Marketing1969
213/13S. 745 -- Dairy Quotas1969-1970
213/14S. 763 -- Medicare Drug Costs1969-1970
213/15S. 870 -- Aging Research1969-1970
213/16S. 1033 -- Community Colleges1969
213/17-20S. 1075 -- National Environmental Policy (P.L.91-190)1969-1970
213/21-22S. 1076 -- Youth Conservation Corps (P. L.91-378)1969-1970
213/23S. 1123 -- Relief -- Locke, Ah Mee1969
213/24S. 1128 -- Relief -- Stroisch, Chong Suk1968-1969
213/25S. 1132 -- Social Security DisabilityDefinition1969-1970
213/26S. 1198 -- Multistate Tax Compact1969-1970
213/27S. 1209 -- Medicare -- Extended Care1969
213/28S. 1291 -- Legal Services Expansion -- OfficeofEconomic Opportunity1969-1970
213/29S. 1298 -- Customs Fees1969-1970
213/30S. 1496 -- Land Acquisition Payments --FederalReclamation Projects1969-1970
213/31S. 1518 -- Wapato Point, WA LeaseExtension1969
213/32S. 1587 -- Relief -- King County, WA -FederalAviation Administration Debt1969-1970
213/33S. 1613 -- Glen Canyon Dam, AZ - RenameEisenhower1969-1970
213/34S. 1627 -- Firefighters Recognition Day1969-1970
213/35S. 1628 -- Western Interstate Nuclear Compact (P.L.91-461)1969-1970
213/36S. 1635 -- Combat Duty Exemption -- SoleSurvivingSon1969
213/37S. 1707 -- Government Procurement Commission (P.L.91-129)1969-1970
213/38S. 1708 -- Federal Lands for Parks andRecreation(Fort Lawton, Seattle, WA)1969-1971
213/39S. 1714 -- Army Reservists Medical Care1969-1970
213/40S. 1830 -- Alaska Native Land ClaimsSettlement1969-1970
214/1S. 1832 -- Timber Supply1969-1970
214/2S. 1851 -- Honey Promotion and Research1969
214/3S. 1872 -- McCarran Act -- EmergencyDetentionProvision -- Repeal1969-1970
214/4S. 1894 -- Border Patrol -- Overtime Pay1968-1970
214/5S. 2000 -- Johnson (Lyndon Baines) NationalHistoricSite (P. L. 91-134; Johnson Signature)1969
214/6S. 2014 -- Food Stamp Program Reform1969-1970
214/7S. 2044 -- Tax Withholding Exemption (P. L.91-569)1969-1970
214/8S. 2062 -- Reclamation Acreage Limitations (P.L.91-310)1969-1970
214/9S. 2063 -- Tulalip Indian Lands1969-1970
214/10-11S. 2108 -- Family Planning (P. L.91-572)1969-1970
214/12S. 2140 -- National Guard -- Pier. 91, Seattle,WA1968-1969
214/13S. 2150 -- Indian Hearing Examiners1969
214/14S. 2218 -- Education AssistanceExtension1969-1970
214/15-16S. 2315 -- Golden Eagle Passport -- NationalParkAdmission (P. L. 91-308)1969-1970
214/17S. 2346 -- Court Reporters Salary1969
214/18S. 2453 -- Equal EmploymentOpportunitiesEnforcement1969-1970
214/19S. 2482 -- Kidney Disease (P. L. 91-515)1969-1970
214/20S. 2518 -- Social Security Disability Insurance--Blind1969-1970
214/21S. 2582 -- Eisenhower Silver Dollars1969-1970
214/22S. 2653 -- Relief -- Sokitch, Miloye1969-1970
214/23S. 2674 -- Military Lawyer RetentionIncentives1969-1970
214/24S. 2766 -- Relief -- Blonquis, Guillermo(Bloomquist,William)1969-1970
214/25S. 2804 -- Interstate Taxation1969-1970
214/26S. 2847 -- Desalination Prototype Plant --Israel1969
214/27S. 3014 -- Wildlife Refuges asWilderness1969-1970
214/28S. 3035 -- Social Security Benefits --EarlyRetirement1969
214/29S. 3068 -- Agricultural Stabilization1969-1970
214/30S. 3072 -- Low-Emission Vehicles1969-1970
214/31S. 3141 -- Navy Oceanographer -- ViceAdmiral1969
214/32S. 3147 -- Dairy Farmer IndemnityPayments1969-1970
214/33S. 3151 -- Environmental Education (P. L.91-516)1969-1970
214/34S. 3153 -- Coral Reef Conservation (P. L.91-427)1969-1970
214/35S. 3223 -- Freight Car Shortage1969-1970
214/36-38S. 3354 -- Land Use Policy1970-1971
214/39S. 3355 -- Disease Research1970
214/40S. 3389 -- Public Land -- Recreation1969-1970
214/41S. 3492 -- Illegal Foreign Fishing - Penalties (P.L.91-514)1969-1970
214/42S. 3503 -- Middle Income Mortgage Credit1969-1970
214/43S. 3505 -- Land and Water Conservation Fund(CopalisBeach, WA)1969-1970
214/44S. 3518 -- Colville Indians -- FederalControlTermination1969-1970
215/1S. 3619 -- Omnibus Disaster Assistance (P.L.91-606)1969-1970
215/2S. 3697 -- Clean Lakes1969-1970
215/3S. 3725 -- Baseball -- Sherman Anti-Trust Act (InRe:Seattle, WA Pilots)1969-1970
215/4S. 3835 -- Alcohol Abuse (P. L. 91-616)1970
215/5S. 4078 -- Northwest Indian JudgmentFunds1969-1970
215/6S. 4106 -- National Health Service Corps (P.L.91-623)1969-1970
215/7S. 4165 -- Indian Trust CounselAuthority1969-1970
215/8S. J. R. 1 -- Presidential Election -- PopularVote1969-1970
215/9S. J. R. 7 -- 18-Year Old Vote1969-1970
215/10S. J. R. 147 -- 18-Year Old Vote1969-1970
215/11S. J. R. 163 -- Education Appropriations1969
215/12S. J. R. 207 -- Environment -- JointCommittee1970
215/13S. R. 11 -- Filibusters1969
215/14S. R. 68 -- Nutrition and Human Needs -SelectCommittee1969-1970
215/15S. R. 290 -- South Vietnam -- LandReform1969-1970
215/16S. R. 376 -- Cancer Research1970
215/17S. R. 486 -- Prisoner of War RescueAttempt1969-1970
215/18-22Commendation Miscellaneous1969-1970
92nd Congress1971-1972
215/24-27Sponsorship Requests1971-1972
216/1-13Sponsorship Requests1971-1972
216/14S. 31 -- Emergency Employment (P. L.92-54)1971
216/15S. 32 -- National Science Policy1971-1972
216/16S. 34 -- National Cancer Authority1971
216/17-18S. 35 -- Alaska Native Claims Settlement (P.L.92-203)1971-1972
216/19S. 117 -- Relief -- Reyes, Angelina R.1971-1972
216/20S. 325 -- Military Widows -- Benefits1971-1972
216/21S. 377 -- Military Retirement Pay --Equalization1971
216/22S. 545 -- Community Colleges1971-1972
216/23S. 575 -- Appalachian RegionalDevelopment1971-1972
216/24S. 582 -- Coastal Zone Management (P. L.92-583)1971-1972
216/25S. 592 -- Emergency Detention Act -- Repeal (P.L.92-128)1971
216/26S. 630 -- Surface Mining1971-1972
216/27S. 632 -- National Land Use Policy1971-1972
217/1S. 704 -- Military -- Judge Advocates1971
217/2S. 732 -- Public Works Acceleration1971-1972
217/3S. 806 -- National Guard and Reservists --MedicalCare1971-1972
217/4S. 884 -- Relief -- Weltner, Howard A.1971-1972
217/5S. 887 -- National Institute ofGerontology1971-1972
217/6S. 921 -- Public Domain Lands OrganicAct1971-1972
217/7S. 936 -- Medicare -- Drug Costs1971
217/8S. 984 -- Consumer Class Action Suits1971-1972
217/9S. 990 -- Land and Water Conservation1971-1972
217/10S. 991 -- Desalination (P. L. 92-60)1971
217/11S. 1035 -- Medicare -- Extended Care1971-1972
217/12S. 1053 -- Shoreline Erosion1971-1972
217/13S. 1104 -- Colville Indian Judgment Fund (P.L.92-244)1971-1972
217/14S. 1113 -- National Environmental Center1971
217/15S. 1116 -- Wild Burro and Horse Protection (P.L.92-195)1971-1972
217/16S. 1228 -- Golden Eagle Passport - NationalParkAdmission (P. L. 92-347)1971-1972
Related Material: See also: S. 1893.
217/17S. 1241 -- Pear Marketing -- Federal Order (P.L.92-466)1971-1972
217/18S. 1245 -- Historic Monument Preservation (P.L.92-362)1971-1972
217/19S. 1305 -- Economic Opportunity Act --Extension1971
217/20S. 1401 -- Indian Education1971-1972
217/21S. 1408 -- Tax-Exempt Organizations -LobbyingStatus1971-1972
217/22S. 1485 -- U.S. Education Department--Establishment1971-1972
217/23S. 1595 -- Civilian Conservation CorpsRevival1971-1972
217/24S. 1729 -- Freight Car Shortage1971-1972
217/25S. 1773 -- Adequate Nutrition -- FoodStamps1971
217/26S. 1779 -- Economic Disaster Relief 1971-1972
Related Material: See also: S. 2393.
217/27S. 1828 -- Cancer Research (P. L.92-218)1971
217/28S. 1846 -- Coal Gasification DevelopmentCorporation1971-1972
217/29S. 1874 -- Children -- Dental Health1971-1972
217/30S. 1893 -- Golden Eagle Passport -- NationalParkAdmission (P. L. 92-347)1971-1972
Related Material: See also: S. 1228.
217/31S. 2074 -- Navigable Waters -- SafetyandEnvironmental Quality1971
217/32S. 2097 -- Drug Abuse Prevention1971-1972
217/33S. 2321 -- Emergency UnemploymentCompensation1971
217/34S. 2393 -- Economic Disaster Relief 1971-1972
Related Material: See also: S. 1779.
217/35S. 2408 -- Indian Claims Commission Extension (P.L.92-265)1971-1972
217/36S. 2454 -- Youth Conservation Corps --Expansion1971-1972
217/37S. 2515 -- Equal Employment OpportunityEnforcement1971-1972
217/38S. 2574 -- Voter Registration1971-1972
217/39S. 2599 -- Baseball -- Sherman Anti-TrustAct1971
217/40S. 2801 -- Deep Seabed Mineral Resources1971-1972
217/41S. 3371 -- Relief -- Rudy, Donald E.1972-1973
217/42S. C. R. 6 -- U.S. Public Health ServiceHospitals1971
217/43S. C. R. 26 -- American Indian and AlaskaNativesPolicy1971-1972
217/44S. C. R. 33 -- U.S.S.R. -- JewishPersecution1971-1972
217/45S. J. R. 1 -- Presidential Election -- PopularVote1971-1972
217/46S. J. R. 7 -- 18-Year Old Vote1971
217/47S. J. R. 56 -- Seabee Memorial (P. L.92-422)1971-1972
217/48S. R. 45 -- Fuels and Energy Policy1971-1972
218-224Washington State Matters1964-1972
225/1-6Fortas, Abe -- Nomination as Chief Justice to U.S. Supreme Court1968
225/7-8Hickel, Walter J. -- Nomination as U.S. Interior Department. Secretary1969-1970
225/9-230/20Trip Files 1964-1972
Scope and Content: Includes information about Vietnam, Europe and Saudi Arabia.
Speeches and Writings
230/21Alaska Omnibus Act; U.S. SenateApril 24, 1964
230/22Alaska Reconstruction Office Bill; U.S. Senate 1964
230/23American Fishing InterestsApril 16, 1964
230/24"Automation and Structural Unemployment"1964
230/25Beef Imports; U.S. Tariff CommissionMay 1, 1964
230/26Columbia Basin Project; U.S. Senate. Appropriations Committee. Public Works SubcommitteeApril 28, 1964
230/27Education; Seattle Pacific College; Seattle, WA June 8, 1964
230/28Fishermen's Festival; Ballard First Lutheran Church; Seattle, WAMarch 8, 1964
230/29Forest Hydrology Laboratory Dedication; Wenatchee, WA March 28, 1964
230/30"The Importance of Excellence"; Seattle Pacific College, Seattle, WAJune 7, 1964
230/31National Halibut WeekApril 16, 1964
230/32National Security Seminar; Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Industrial College of the Armed Forces; Aberdeen, WA May 4, 1964
230/33Navy; Bremerton Elks; Bremerton, WAFebruary 8, 1964
230/34Northwest Public Power Association; Spokane, WA April 1, 1964
230/35Oil Exploration; Aberdeen Lions Club; Aberdeen, WA May 4, 1964
230/36"Opinion in the Capital"; KIRO Television Broadcast; Seattle, WAJune 7, 1964
230/37Power Rates; The Seattle TimesMarch 31, 1964
230/38"The Pursuit of Excellence"; St. Martin's College; Olympia, WAMay 30, 1964
230/39"The Rediscovery of Excellence"; Oral Club, University of Washington; Seattle, WAFebruary, 1964
230/40"That Was The Week That Was Or How Do You Bury Barry With No Body?"; Democratic Party. Washington State Central Committee; Seattle, WAJune 27, 1964
230/41Unemployment; Washington Distributive Education Association and Yakima Chamber of Commerce; Yakima, WAMarch 9, 1964
230/42U.S. Customs Service, 175th Anniversary; Seattle, WA April 3, 1964
230/43Washington. State University. ROTC Commissioning Ceremonies; Pullman, WAMay 31, 1964
231/2Allen, William and Gleed, Tom Honorary Dinner; Seattle, WA1965
231/3Amateur Athletic Union and National Collegiate Athletic Association; U.S. Senate. Commerce CommitteeAugust 16, 1965
231/4"The Challenge of Vietnam"; American Legion; Portland, ORAugust 21, 1965
231/5"The Citizen and National Policy"; American Association of University WomenNovember 26, 1965
231/6Communications Satellite Corporation Station (COMSAT) Groundbreaking Ceremony; Brewster, WANovember 16, 1965
231/7"Facts, Fallacies and Foreign Policy"; Boston College; Boston, MAMay 4, 1965
231/8"Fallacies of Foreign Policy"; Pi Kappa Delta; Pacific Lutheran University; Tacoma, WAApril 15, 1965
231/9Foreign Policy; National War College; Washington, DC April 30, 1965
231/10International Affairs; World Affairs Council; Seattle, WANovember 11, 1965
231/11"Investing in Education"; Principals Parliament; Seattle, WANovember 18, 1965
231/12Kidney Act of 1966; U.S. SenateNovember 20, 1965
231/13Labor DaySeptember 6, 1965
231/14Mineral Resources; American Mining Congress; Washington, DCJanuary 11, 1965
231/15Northwest Center for the Retarded Dedication; Seattle, WAAugust 29, 1965
231/16"Power and Responsibility"; Methodist Council of