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Guide to the Seattle Urban League Records

Manuscript Collection No.: 0607
Creator: Seattle Urban League, creator
Title: Seattle Urban League records
Date Span: 1930-1997
Quantity: 103.37 cubic feet (135 boxes, 3 microfilms)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The Seattle Urban League (later the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle) is a social service organization created largely for the advocacy, community organization, and development of African Americans, other racial minorities, and the poor, but whose broader mission is to eliminate racial inequality, to create equal opportunity, and to promote self-sufficiency for these populations of Seattle citizens.

Established in 1929 and incorporated in 1936, the Seattle Urban League is an affiliate of the National Urban League that was founded in New York City in 1910. The governing body of the Seattle Urban League is a multi-racial, volunteer board of elected members, representing a broad range of people from the business and civic communities. Board responsibilities are to establish policy and programs, ensure funding, set up committees, review activities, select and annually review the executive director, elect board members, and in general oversee the progress of the League. The Executive Committee heads the Seattle Urban League staff, with Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer.

At its incorporation in 1936, the Seattle Urban League board had 18 members and an all-volunteer staff. By 1946 the League had one paid professional and one clerical staff member. In 1947 and 1948 the League reorganized and expanded to respond to the needs of a growing minority population during World War II, and at this time the impetus of its mission changed from being chiefly a social service agency offering direct services, to one of civil rights, actively working to secure equal opportunities for African-Americans and other disadvantaged people.

After the 1947-48 expansion the Seattle Urban League consisted of the board of directors and its officers, plus an Industrial Secretary, a Neighborhood Secretary and an Administrative Secretary. By 1957, a second Vice President had been added to the list of officers, and nine standing committees had been created within the organization. Over time, roles of the secretaries were redefined as new programs were developed and issues addressed, and in 1958 the Executive Director position was established; from then on it was the key leadership position.

Lewis Watts, who had been serving as Executive Secretary since 1950, became the first Executive Director and served in this office until 1961. Watts took a leave of absence in 1960 to study at Brandeis University, and Edwin T. Pratt, who had been serving as Community Relations Director since 1956, became acting Executive Director. When Watts decided to stay at Brandeis to work on his doctorate, Pratt became Executive Director and went on to become one of the League's most dynamic leaders. Pratt, a committed civil rights leader, dedicated himself to breaking down barriers of segregation in all areas of life. He served as Executive Director until his death in January of 1969, when he was assassinated at his home in Shoreline by an unknown assailant.

Following this tragedy, Jerome Page became Executive Director after serving briefly as Deputy Director under Pratt. During the early years of his tenure, Page's leadership was augmented by the able assistance of former Education Director, Gerrit Kouwenhoven, who served as Assistant Director of the League until 1973.

Page served as leader during a period of tremendous growth for the Seattle Urban League, a period in which Pratt's earlier efforts to equalize opportunities for African-Americans and other minorities were pushed forward. Page brought a new perspective to the League, and worked hard to bring it more in tune with the immediate needs of the community. Page served as Executive Director until 1979, when he then transferred to Washington D.C. to become president of the Urban League's affiliate there.

In 1978, the Seattle Urban League adopted the new personnel structure (mostly titular) of the National Urban League, in which the President of the board converted to Chair, with Vice Chairs, and the Executive Director and President were combined in one officer. After a six-month search, the Seattle Urban League hired Spruiell White as President of the Seattle Urban League. White provided strong leadership during a time of reduced funding and increased need for services, but he resigned to return to his home in Chicago, Illinois in 1983.

Traditionally, the Seattle Urban League's programs and services focus on housing, education, employment, and health and welfare. The 1940s and 1950s programs delineated a long-term agenda of desegregation in housing, education, public accommodation and employment, together with family and community development. The 1960s maintained this policy, but programs were reoriented and expanded in both scope and vision in order to join with the rapidly growing civil rights movement. The League's old watchword “Improvement” was firmly replaced with “Equality.” Increased availability of federal funding for direct service agencies at this time facilitated this renewal.

To address racial discrimination in housing, the Seattle Urban League's Housing Committee worked to secure equal housing opportunities for minorities. Its responsibilities included gathering and disseminating information pertinent to minority housing needs, making recommendations to City, County, and State agencies concerning fair housing legislation, and coordinating activities with various public and private housing organizations and agencies.

The Housing Committee also worked to develop programs that focused on breaking up segregated housing patterns through establishing an open housing market. Between 1965 and 1967 it implemented the Urban League's Rental Project, assisting the Fair Housing Listing Service in locating affordable rental units for African Americans outside of Seattle's Central district. In June of 1966 the Housing Committee wrote a report detailing landlord and community attitudes on minority housing.

In 1967 the Housing Committee oversaw the formation of Operation Equality, a cooperative program of the Seattle Urban League and National Urban League funded by the Ford Foundation and the local community. Originally it served as a Fair Housing Listing Service to help minority and low-income people find adequate housing, but it quickly added the task of counseling prospective home buyers on how to receive federal housing assistance. It also pushed local, state, and federal housing agencies to improve housing conditions for the poor.

In education, the Seattle Urban League increased efforts to eliminate racial imbalance in Seattle schools, and to improve curricula. Included among these were in-service training for teachers, curriculum development that incorporated minority history and contemporary race relations, the Volunteer Transfer Program for diversifying racially-isolated schools, student counseling, scholarships and other programs. The League's work in education was carried out mainly by the Education Committee and later, the Education Department.

The Education Committee was formed in October of 1956 primarily to examine the conditions of schools in Seattle's Central District and to assess racial imbalances in all Seattle public schools. Initially its core membership was comprised of citizens and educators concerned about child welfare, teacher turnover, school boundaries, student transfers, and other related issues. These members assisted the Education Director in conducting research and presenting the results to the League's Board of Directors or to the Seattle School Board for further action. Eventually, however, the Education Committee's membership grew to include staff and board members from the League, as well as representatives of various school and community groups. Additionally, the Education Committee began to serve in more of an advisory role to the Education Director by helping to meet the annually determined goals and objectives of the Education Department.

One project of the Education Committee was the development of a desegregation plan for the Seattle Public Schools. Introduced in the fall of 1964, a “Proposal for Re-organization of the Elementary Division of the Seattle Public Schools,” more commonly known as the “Triad Plan,” served as the basis for the Seattle School District's program to desegregate middle schools in the late 1960s.

Seattle Urban League programs for vocational training and employment included direct services to individuals such as training workshops, job placement and referral, and job fairs. In addition to these services, in 1964 the “Equal Opportunity Employers” roster was established, which listed businesses that had pledged an open-door policy in hiring practices and that employed more than 40 persons.

Another significant employment program was On-The-Job Training (OJT). OJT was initially developed and administered by the National Urban League in 1966 under a grant from the Department of Labor. Its primary mission was to seek out and develop on-the-job training opportunities for unemployed or underemployed members of minority groups. Qualified applicants were referred to employers for training in jobs that had advancement potential, and the employer's training costs were defrayed through the League grant. OJT also provided counseling and support services to trainees on workplace issues, and monitored their progress.

Initially Seattle Urban League programs for health and welfare were limited to making referrals to other health and social work agencies, but over the years the League's agenda came to include the improvement of health care and public assistance services for minorities and the poor. According to former Urban League Health and Welfare Director, Kay Thode, in his last speech to the Urban League Board of Directors, Edwin Pratt stressed the need to take action to prevent poverty and inequality rather than to provide services to deal with the consequences of these ills. This led to a shift in emphasis from providing direct service to individual welfare clients to taking action to change the systems that caused these problems.

By the mid 1960s, the Seattle Urban League had added a Health and Welfare Director to their organization, and early among them was Ivan King, a major administrator for the minority adoption program. In 1968 Kay Thode became Health and Welfare Director, a position she held through March of 1983. Thode brought dynamic leadership to the League's health and welfare programs, which focused on poverty, welfare reform, inflation, childcare, hunger, nutrition, and other related concerns. Mrs. Thode worked closely with local welfare rights groups, as well as social service, education, and community groups. In addition, she also supervised students from the University of Washington's School of Social Work who had field placements at the League.

Program strategies for the Health and Welfare Department included lobbying the State Legislature and disseminating information to minorities and the poor regarding their rights in relation to various national, state, and local agencies established to serve them. The program agenda also included conducting research and analysis of health and welfare issues. Solutions to health and welfare problems were also addressed through participation in various citizens' committees and task forces. In addition, Thode and her staff spoke to churches, university classes, and other public forums.

The Seattle Urban League gave voice to the community with forums for discussion of current issues, especially during the 1960s. The Thursday Forum, a Seattle Urban League program on KCTS, Seattle's public television station, was one such opportunity. Another was the Grass Roots Forum, a monthly panel comprised of community resource workers and Central Area residents who discussed topics of concern. The League also published several research reports that studied current and ongoing problems of racial inequality, including “Seattle's Negro Population: A Statistical Profile” in 1963 and “Seattle's Racial Gap: 1968.” Other activities of the League included programs for youth, adult seminars, in-service training and speaking engagements throughout the Seattle area.

The 1970s continued many of these programs, but the racial turmoil of the late 1960s prompted the National Urban League to call for a “New Thrust” in all Urban League programs. This new protocol would gear programs even more to attack systems at the root of racial discrimination. While the Seattle Urban League continued its direct service programs, the New Thrust would underpin all current and new programs that aimed to change institutionalized systems of discrimination.

A major objective of the New Thrust was to mobilize the minority community, and to motivate individuals to become directly involved in confronting systems of discrimination. One important League program driven by these principles was a movement to educate and register minority citizens to vote. Raising the profile of the Seattle Urban League within the minority community was also an objective prompted by New Thrust, and in 1973 the League moved its offices from the Smith Tower into a newly-purchased and renovated building at the corner of Yesler and 14th Avenue in order to be closer to the people it served.

Affirmative action was a major part of the Seattle Urban League's 1970s agenda. In addition to continuing direct placement and referral and other employment programs, the League focused in large part on providing consulting services to corporations and on assisting them in meeting new federal employment guidelines.

In the mid 1970s On-The-Job Training began receiving funding indirectly through the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), which provided federal monies to states and cities for job training and work experience. The King and Snohomish Manpower Consortium (KSMC) formed to collect this funding, and the Seattle Urban League contracted with KSMC to run OJT.

The League also fostered economic development in other areas with the organization of the Model Capital Corporation, a minority small business investment company, and the Construction Industry Development program that provided support services to minority contractors.

In the League's housing department, Operation Equality continued and expanded until it outgrew its initial scope. It separated from the Seattle Urban League in 1971 and merged with the Seattle Model City Program's Housing Development League. This move avoided a duplication of services between the two entities, and the new configuration, still carrying out the mission of Operation Equality, was renamed Seattle Housing Development. After this, the League no longer maintained a housing program and dissolved the Housing Committee. It continued to support housing, however, by raising funds for Seattle Housing Development and by placing staff members on the Seattle Housing Development's board of directors.

Efforts toward quality education and desegregation in the 1970s included the League's close participation with school and citizen committees to continue to develop plans for school desegregation. The final plan adopted by the Seattle School Board contained many components of the League's 1966 Triad Plan.

The Education Department was established circa 1970, encompassing the functions of the Education Director and the Education Committee. Desegregation and quality education in Seattle public schools were the two chief concerns of the Education Department. It actively promoted integration, affirmative action policies, and greater community involvement in Seattle area schools. Beginning in 1970, the Education Department began awarding the Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship in an effort to encourage minority students to pursue higher education. Named for the late Executive Director, this scholarship paid full college or university tuition and was awarded based on a student's motivation rather than past academic performance.

Project Excel, developed by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson as part of the PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) Program for Excellence in Education, was another program adopted by the Education Department in the 1970s. This program sought to promote academic success in underachieving students, to increase school attendance and decrease the number of student suspensions, to boost parent and community participation in schools, and to provide motivational activities for students. The Seattle Urban League served as the community agency for Project Excel by providing information and referral services for the Seattle School District's Academic Enhancement Program.

Project SUL was one more of the Seattle Urban League's educational programs, and provided outreach services to help parents of kindergarten students become involved in their children's schools, primarily in central and southeast Seattle. It also sought to develop district-wide solutions to the problems of school desegregation and to ensure that Seattle public schools develop and implement a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural curriculum. Project SUL received funding annually through an Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA) Title VII grant by the US Department of Education, and was supported by the Seattle Public Schools.

Directors and staff members of the Education Department were also active in numerous advisory committees and community groups, most notably the Central Area School Council. In January of 1969, the Seattle Urban League received a grant through the National Urban League's New Thrust Education Project to provide staff in supervising the establishment of a community school board in the Central District. Comprised of elected representatives, this school board, the Central Area School Council, sought to help parents influence and affect their children's education. The League's Education Director, Nan Pettit, and its Field Researcher, Carol Richman, assisted the Ad Hoc Committee for a Central Area School Council to prepare for its first elections in March of 1969. The League also informed residents about the candidates for the school council and encouraged them to vote.

In 1972 Kay Thode was named Social Worker of the Year by the Puget Sound chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, recognizing her dedication and expertise with laws and developments in the field of public assistance. In March of 1975 the Health and Welfare Department launched the Hypertension Project in cooperation with the Washington State Heart Association. This program was also assisted by several Central District churches and the Black Panther Party. Under project coordinator Marion Rivers, a Licensed Practical Nurse, and funded through a grant from the Washington/Alaska Regional Medical Program (W/ARMP), this six-month project screened a small portion of Seattle's African-American community for hypertension. Moreover, the project saw that those afflicted received proper medical care. Additionally, the Seattle Urban League's Education Committee developed an educational presentation that provided further information on hypertension and made referrals to community medical clinics. In 1978 and 1979 the Health and Welfare Department began to develop materials for another hypertension project, this time with a much stronger emphasis on follow-up care. It is not clear from the records, however, whether this new project was carried out.

For the Seattle Urban League, as well as many other social service agencies, the 1980s were marked by a decrease in federal funding for direct service programs. As a result, significant reductions took place in the League's staff and many of its programs. Meanwhile, the need for the Seattle Urban League's services were on the rise, as growing numbers of minorities and the poor were experiencing unemployment, discrimination and inflation. These conditions necessitated a reassessment of the League's vision and capabilities.

In order to maintain and maximize its effectiveness under these circumstances, the Seattle Urban League focused more sharply on advocacy, research, and community collaboration. Funding was garnered increasingly through corporate partnerships, grants and private donors. Although the Seattle Urban League has always relied on networking and partnering with various organizations and individuals, cooperative ventures were increasingly called for to continue developing and providing needed programs and services.

Through the end of the twentieth century the Seattle Urban League has continued this course of action. Since the 1930s the Seattle Urban League has aimed to change with the times and needs of the community which it serves, and it continues, as the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, to work toward the goals of its mission.


Organized into 4 accessions.

Accession No. 0607-001, Seattle Urban League records, circa 1930-1965
Accession No. 0607-007, Seattle Urban League records, 1933-1984
Accession No. 0607-009, Seattle Urban League records, 1984-1997
Accession No. 0607-010, Seattle Urban League records, 1950-1968

Scope and Content

Correspondence, organizational material, reports, minutes, financial records, subject files, case files, committee files, sound recordings, scrapbooks, and ephemera.

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Accession No. 0607-001
Seattle Urban League records, circa 1930-1965
16.44 cubic feet (44 boxes)
2 reels positive microfilm, 1 reel negative microfilm
Arranged in 15 series:
  • Microfilm of earlier records, circa 1930-1960
  • Administrative files, 1936-1963
  • General correspondence, 1947-1965
  • Outgoing letters, 1956-1963
  • Incoming letters, 1956-1961
  • Reports, 1947-1964
  • Financial records, 1953-1965
  • Ephemera, circa 1952-1964
  • National Urban League conferences, 1955-1963
  • Clippings, 1952-1966
  • Subject files, circa 1950-1966
  • Case files, circa 1948-1960
  • Committee files, 1948-1964
  • Louis G. Watts personal papers, undated
  • Edwin T. Pratt personal papers, undated
Scope and Content
Contains correspondence, financial records, minutes, ephemera, and case files.
This accession documents the Seattle Urban League from its inception through the mid 1960s, spanning years during which it evolved a great deal. This evolution is reflected in the correspondence, reports, committee records and other topical series.
The League’s records from the 1930s and 1940s are on microfilm and include its first six month and first annual reports. Also on microfilm is the Banner Report, a survey of Seattle community patterns that was requested of the National Urban League in 1954, by the Seattle Urban League. The purpose of the study was to review the prevailing conditions and needs of the minority population, and the League’s effectiveness in meeting those needs. There is also a paper copy of this report in this accession. Other microfilmed records include general correspondence and related material regarding racial discrimination in Seattle’s golf courses.
The Seattle Urban League’s 1947-1948 reorganization is documented in the office files. There are several reports by and for the Research Committee that evaluate the League’s effectiveness in providing adequate service to the community, all of which conclude that the League should immediately expand.
The bulk of the accession is in the correspondence and ephemera series. Much of the material classified as ephemera includes bulletins, reports, pamphlets, and articles, from a wide variety of organizations.
Also included are records from twenty committees of the Seattle Urban League. The Community Relations Committee is particularly well documented.
This accession also contains personal papers of Lewis Watts and Edwin Pratt. Watts’ papers include a published copy of his master’s thesis, and correspondence regarding his resignation in 1961. Pratt’s papers contain a letter from Watts while on leave in 1960 at Brandeis University that describes his studies and shares advice and instruction about Seattle Urban League operations.
Physical/Technical Access
Microfilm reader necessary for viewing microfilm.
Terms of Access
Open to all users, but access to the case files is subject to restrictions. Contact Special Collections for details.
Acquisition Info
Accession No. 0607-001 consists of three previous accessions (0523-001, 0607-001, and 0681-001) that were donated by the Seattle Urban League between 1965 and 1967. These accessions were merged possibly during the late 1960s or early 1970s. Accession 0523-001 was donated by Edwin Pratt on behalf of the Seattle Urban League in January 1965. At the time, it comprised seven cartons of League papers. Accession 0607-001, received in March of 1966, consisted of four cartons of supplemental files through 1960. Accession 0681-001, the largest of the three accessions, comprised eleven cartons of correspondence, financial records, reports, and ephemera, and was donated in January of 1967.
1/1Microfilm of earlier recordscirca 1930-1960
Scope and Content: Index of Content:
  • Veteran Administration, Cases of Discrimination
  • Banner Study - 1953-1954
  • Study Committee regarding: Need for Urban League -- Constitution & by-laws
  • Seattle Labor School
  • Pulse in Race Relations
  • Seattle Community Fund
  • Monthly reports, statements and budget
  • King Company Golf Association (Patrick Francis)
  • Auditor's reports - 1930-1959
  • Fair Employment Practice Committee Hearings
  • Local by-laws
  • Bulletin -- The Seattleite
  • Board minutes & correspondence - 1939-1954
  • Annual meeting - 1936
Administrative files1936-1963
1/2Constitution & by-laws1936, 1953, 1961
1/3Reorganization of Urban League1946, 1948
1/4-13Annual meeting -- Correspondence and supporting files1956-1957, 1959-1961, 1963
2/1Annual meeting -- Supporting files1963
2/2-3Annual dinner -- Correspondence & memos1961-1962
2/4-5Annual dinner -- Ephemera1961-1962
3/1-7Board of Directors - Minutes1952-1961
3/8Board of Directors - Correspondence and supporting files1957-1959
3/9Board of Directors - Attendance records1960-1961
3/10-12Board of Directors - Minutes, reports and relating materials1961-1962
4/1Agreement with Washington Employment Service1951
4/2-4General correspondence of the President1957-1958, 1960-1963
General correspondence1947-1965
4/5American Civil Liberties Union1957, 1959, 1960, 1962-1963
4/6-8American Jewish Committee1958-1963
4/9-10Anti-Defamation League1958-1963
4/11Atlanta, University1955
4/12Boeing Company1961
4/13Boy Scouts of American1959
4/14Building Service Employees Union1961
4/15Camp Fire Girls1961-1962
4/16Chamber of Commerce Seattle1954-1957, 1961, 1963
4/17Child Welfare League of America1960
4/18Children's Home Society of Washington1962
4/19Christian Friends of Racial Equality1960-1961
4/20Citizen's Committee for Negro Adoptions1962-1963
4/21Civic Unity Committee, Seattle1955-1963
4/22Community Chest1957-1958
4/23Congress of Racial Equality1963
5/1Council of Churches, Seattle1956-1963
5/2Council of Social Agencies, Kansas City, Missouri1955-1956
5/3Encampment of Citizenship1961
5/4Family Society of Seattle1949, 1959, 1961
5/5Girl Scouts of America1951
5/6-8Greater Seattle Housing Council1960-1963
5/9-11Health & Welfare Council of Seattle1957-1960
5/12Junior League1960-1961
5/13King County Juvenile Court1958
5/14-17King County Intergroup Relations Committee1955-1957, 1963-1964
5/18Legal Aid Bureauundated
5/19Medina Children's Service1957
5/20-22Municipal League, Seattle1961-1963
5/23National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Seattle1963
5/24National Association of Housing1958
5/25National Association of Social Workers1956-1960
5/26National Association of Social Workers, Puget Sound Chapter1956-1960
6/1Neighborhood House, Seattle1958-1961
6/2New York, Intergroup Relations1959
6/3Northend Brokers' Association, Seattle1955-1956
6/4Oregon, Fair Employment Practices Division1957
6/5-6Pacific Northwest Personnel Management Association1955, 1963
6/7Puget Sound Personnel and Guidance Association1955-1957
6/8Salvation Army1951-1953, 1961
6/9Seattle Park Department1948-1951
6/10Seattle Police Department1955-1962
6/11Seattle Public Library1961
6/12-14Seattle Public Schools1947, 1949, 1956-1964
6/15Seattle-King County, Health Department1957-1961
6/16Seattle Atlantic Street Center1959-1963
6/17Seattle Citizens Committee for School Support1963
6/18Seattle Committee on Alcoholism1962-1963
6/19Seattle Foundation1959-1964
6/20Seattle Improvement Committee1958
6/21Seattle Real Estate Board1957-1958
6/22Seattle University1960
6/23-24Seattle Urban Renewal Enterprise1958-1961
7/1-5United Good Neighbors1958-1964
7/6United States, Federal Housing Administration1957-1959
7/7United States Health, Education and Welfare Department1958
7/8-9United States Housing and Home Finance Agency1957-1963
8/1United States Housing and Home Finance Agency1963-1964
8/2United States Navy Recruiting Station1950-1951
8/3United States President, Equal Employment Opportunities Committee1960-1963
8/4-5United States President, Government Contracts Committee1959-1960
8/6United States President, Government Employment Policy Committee1956-1958
8/7-11Urban League National Office1955-1960
Scope and Content: These Papers from the National Office are not all general correspondence; some are newsletters, memoranda and notes.
9/1-10Urban League National Office1960-1962
10/1-12Urban League National Office1962-1963
11/1-11Urban League National Office1963-1964
12/1-12Urban League National Office1964-1965
12/3Urban League Chicago1960-1964
12/4Urban League Los Angeles1958-1964
12/5Urban League Miami1961
12/6Urban League Minneapolis1959-1963
12/7Urban League New York City1951-1963
12/8Urban League Portland1953-1963
12/9Urban League San Diego1959-1963
12/10-11Urban League Seattle1963-1964
12/12Urban League Washington, D.C.1956, 1959-1963
12/13Urban League Western Regional Office1953-1960-1963
12/14Urban League affiliates (miscellaneous ) Akron-Gary1950, 1961-1963
12/15Urban League affiliates (miscellaneous ) Kansas City-Winston-Salem1960-1964
12/16Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit Program1955
12/17-26Washington Board Against Discrimination1950-1963
13/1Washington Employment Security Department1948-1949, 1963
13/2Washington Penitentiary, Walla Walla1956-1957
13/3Washington Public Assitance Department1959
13/4Washington Vocational Education for Rehabilitation1951
13/5University of Washington1948-1962
13/6Young Men's Christian Association1957-1958
Topical correspondence
13/7Regarding: Open housing ordinance1963
13/8Regarding: Television program1957
13/9-10Regarding: "Seattle Profile" (radio-T.V. series)1954-1955, 1959-1962
14/1-2Regarding: Salary ranges1957-1963
14/3-13Outgoing letters1956-1958, 1960-1963
14/14-17Incoming letters1956-1957, 1960-1961
15/4Housing projects1957
15/5-6Internal, monthly1960-1963
15/7Minority housing1960
15/8Monthly narrative1953-1955
15/9Reagrding: Seattle schools1959-1960
15/10Survey of Seattle community patterns1954
15/11To and from National Urban League1955-1963
15/12Urban League intake -- A statistical study1950
15/13World's Fair hiring1961-1962
Financial records
14/141953, 19571953, 1957
Ephemera circa 1952-1964
17/1American Civil Liberties Unionundated
17/2-3American Council to Improve Our Neighborhoodundated
17/4American Federation of Labor-Congress Industrial Organizationundated
17/5-6American Jewish Committee1958-1963
17/7-9Anti-Defamation League1958-1963
17/10A Miscellaneous
17/11Baptists Mount Zion Baptist Church1968
17/12B Miscellaneousundated
18/1United States Chamber of Commerceundated
18/2Christian Friends for Racial Equalityundated
18/3Cincinnati Mayor, Friendly Relations Committeeundated
18/4Civic Unity Committee, Seattleundated
18/5"Community" Chicago (Magazine)undated
18/6Community Relations Conference of Los Angelesundated
18/7Community Relations Conference of Southern Californiaundated
18/8Community Relations Service, New Yorkundated
18/9Congress Industrial Organization, Political Action Committeeundated
18/10Cosmopolitan Century Club, Seattleundated
18/11Council of Churches, Nationalundated
18/12Council of Churches, Seattleundated
18/13Council of Churches, Washington - Northern Idahoundated
18/14C Miscellaneousundated
18/15Des Moines, Iowa, Human Relations Committeeundated
18/16Encampment for Citizenshipundated
18/17Engineers' Council for Professional Developmentundated
18/18Family Society of Seattleundated
18/19Federation of Jewish Laborundated
18/20F Miscellaneousundated
18/21Health and Welfare Council of Seattle and King Countyundated
18/22Jackson Street Community Council, Seattleundated
19/1Jewish Community Centerundated
19/2King, Martin Luther, Jr.undated
19/3K Miscellaneousundated
19/4Los Angeles Welfare Council
19/5Mutual Life Insurance Company of North Carolinaundated
19/6M Miscellaneousundated
19/7National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, New Yorkundated
19/8National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Seattleundated
19/9National Association of Home Buildersundated
19/10National Association of Social Workersundated
19/11National Child Labor Committeeundated
19/12National Committee Against Discrimination in Housingundated
20/1National Conference of Christians and Jewsundated
20/2New York (City) Intergroup Relations Commissionundated
20/3New York (City) Education Boardundated
20/4Newark Mayor, Group Relations Commissionundated
20/5N Miscellaneousundated
20/6Oklahoma City Citizens' Action Committeeundated
20/7"On the Tract" -- pamphletsundated
20/8Oregon Labor Bureauundated
20/9Pacific Northwest Personnel Management Associationundated
20/10Parents & Teachers Association, Seattleundated
20/11Pittsburgh Human Relations Commissionundated
20/12Pittsburgh Courier Publishing Companyundated
20/13Public Affairs Committeeundated
20/14Radio Corporation of America (RCA)undated
20/15Red Cross, United Statesundated
20/16Red Cross, Seattle
21/1Research Council for Economic Societyundated
21/3Seattle Mayorundated
21/4Seattle Planning Commissionundated
21/5-6Seattle Public Schoolsundated
21/7Seattle Public Schools, Edison Technical Schools and Adult Educationundated
21/8Seattle Urban Renewal Enterpriseundated
21/9-12Southern Regional Council1959-1963
22/1Southern Regional Councilundated
22/2Tone Publication, Inc.undated
22/3"Tomorrows Scientists & Technicians" -- Pamphletsundated
22/4T Miscellaneousundated
22/5United Auto Workersundated
22/6-7United Good Neighborsundated
22/8United States Steel Corporationundated
22/9-14Urban League National Officeundated
23/1-2Urban League National Office
23/3Urban League, Akron, Ohioundated
23/4Urban League, Anderson, Indianaundated
23/5Urban League, Atlanta, Georgiaundated
23/6Urban League, Baltimore, Marylandundated
23/7Urban League, Boston, Massachusettsundated
23/8Urban League, Buffalo, New Yorkundated
23/9Urban League, Chicago, Illinois1962-1963
23/10Urban League, Cleveland1959-1963
23/11Urban League, Colorado1962-1963
23/12Urban League, Columbia, Ohioundated
23/13Urban League, Dayton, Ohio1961-1962
24/1Urban League, Detroit, Michigan1955-1964
24/2Urban League, Flint, Michigan1961-1964
24/3Urban League, Gary, Indiana1959-1963
24/4Urban League, Kansas City, Missouri1952-1963
24/5Urban League, Los Angeles, California1953-1964
24/6Urban League, Morris County, New Jersey1960-1963
24/7Urban League, Muskegon, Michigan1960-1962
24/8Urban League, New Orleans, Louisiana1960-1962
24/9Urban League, New York City1960-1962
24/10Urban League, Oklahoma City, Pklahoma1961-1964
24/11Urban League, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1959-1963
24/12Urban League, Phoenix, Arizona1961-1962
24/13Urban League, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1957-1964
24/14Urban League, Portland, Oregon1958-1963
25/1Urban League, Rhode Island1960-1961
25/2Urban League, San Diego, Washington1960-1964
25/3Urban League, Seattle1953, 1664
25/4Urban League, South Bend, Indiana1960-1964
25/5Urban League, Washington, D.C.1960-1963
25/6Urban League, Wichita, Kansas1956
25/7Urban League, Western Regional Officeundated
25/8-9Urban League (various cities) A-Z Miscellaneousundated
25/10Washington Board Against Discrimination1958-1960
25/11Young Women's Christian Associationundated
National Urban League conferences1955-1963
26/1-10Annual conference1955-1961
26/11Board convention1955
26/12Cleveland leadership1957
26/13Delta workshop, Portland1961
26/14-16Housing luncheon1958
27/1-2Housing luncheon1959
27/3Housing for minority families1955, 1961
27/4-7Housing workshop1959, 1963
27/8-9Human relations workshop1955, 1960-1963
27/10Human resource workshop1960
27/11Industrial relations and vocational services1961
27/12Nondiscrimination in employment1961
27/13Personnel management seminar1962
27/14Seabeck conference on leadership training1958
27/15Southern Field Division1961
27/16Staff workshop1957
27/17"Tomorrow's Scientist and Technicians" -- pamphletsundated
27/18-20Vocational Guidance Institute1953-1958
28/1-12Vocational Guidance Institute1959-1963
28/13Washington conference1962
28/14West coast joint staff conference1960
28/15West Coast Urban Renewal Institute1963
28/16Western regional office1960
28/17-18Workshop -- "New Horizons in Community Leadership"1961
28/19Workshop on cultural factors1959
30/1-10General1959-1964, 1966
Subject filescirca 1950-1966
31/1Age Discrimination Law
31/2Civic Community Committee, Seattle
31/3Civil Rights
31/4-6Education -- Scholarships
31/7-17Employment1948-1960, undated
Scope and Content:
  • Applicants' profiles
  • Apprenticeship
  • Century 21
  • Engineering
  • Government contract compliance
  • Minority survey 1960
  • Pilots
  • Retailing 1951
  • Unemployment compensations
  • Unions
  • Union visit reports 1948
31/18Fair Employment Practice Committee
31/19Family Society of Seattle
32/1Health and welfare materials
32/2-7Housing: Rentals and urban renewals
32/8Leadership poll
32/10Neighborhood house1955
32/12-13Race relations
32/14Seattle, Government Departments
32/15Seattle, Parks and Recreation
32/16Seattle, Police Department (1960 four)
33/1Seattle, Police Department
33/2-3Seattle, Public Schools
33/3-6Seattle, Public Schools, Garfield High
33/7Social Work
33/8United States Employment Service
33/9Washington, Government
33/10University of Washington Social Work School
33/11Youth problems
33/12Young Men's Christian Association, Seattle, East Madison1950-1966
Case filescirca 1948-1960
Arrangement: These are subdivided according to the headings of the Urban League office. The subject divisions are: Affidavits, 1948-1958; By industry and subject; Employment Discrimination; Fair Employment Practice Committee Case Records; Washington State Board Against Discrimination cases; Welfare cases, 1955-1959; Individual cases (alphabetically by name of case)
Scope and Content: The researcher should be aware that a subject file for "housing", "employment discrimination", etc. will not contain all cases relating to those subjects. More will be found in individual case folders and elsewhere in this series.
Terms of Access: Access subject to restrictions.
34/10Agricultural Industry
34/11-13Alaska Project
34/14Amalgamated Clothing Workers
34/15American Federation of Labor
34/16American Jewish Committee
34/17Atkins, Vettress W.
34/18Bemis Bag Company
34/19Boeing Company
34/20Bremerton Oil Company
34/21Building Trade Council
34/22Cannery workers
34/23Clise, Charles F., Inc.
34/24Consolidated dairy products
34/25Continental Can Company
34/26Cooks and assistants
34/37Covey Laundry
34/28Discrimination in institutions of higher learning
34/29Dureme, Inc.
34/30Electrical Workers Union
34/31-33Employment discrimination
34/34-36Fair Employment Practice Committee
34/37Foster, William B.
35/1Garment industries
35/2Golf clubs
35/3Goodlander, Francis
35/4Hara, Tsumi1955
35/5Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union1948-1953
35/7Housing problems -- Tacoma
35/8Insurance companies
35/9International Longshoremen and Warehousemen's Union, Local 1-19
35/10King County Hospital
35/11Labor Temple, Seattle
35/12Laundry industry
35/13Lee, Clint W., Inc.
35/14McKinney, Jesse D.
35/15Marine Cooks and Steward Association
35/16Migrant workers
35/17Olympic Pic Company
35/18Olympic Steel Works
35/19Orpheum Garage, Inc.
35/20Pacific Car and Foundary Company
35/21Pacific Telephone and Telegram Company
35/22Pasco, William
35/23Picture modes
35/24Practical nurses
35/25Providence Hospital, Seattle
35/26-27Public accommodations
35/28Puget Sound Bridge and Dredge Company
35/29Rainier Brewing Company
35/31Retail Clerk's Union
35/32Retail stores
35/33Seattle, Civil Service Commission
35/34Seattle Fire Department
35/35Seattle Public Schools, Garfield High
35/36Seattle Public Schools, King County
35/37Seattle Public Library
35/38Seattle Transit Authority
35/39Seattle Master Builders
35/40Seattle Packing Company
35/41Seattle-Tacoma Airport
35/42Seattle Trade's Council
35/43Shorewood Apartments
35/44Siler Mill Company
35/45Skyway Luggage Company
35/46Slenderella Systems
35/47Smith-Gandy Ford Company
35/48Smith, Kenneth V.S. Sakahara, Toru, Attorney
35/49Standard Oil
35/50Stetson-Ross Machine Company
35/51Swift and Company
35/52Taxi companies
36/1Teamsters, International Brotherhood, Local 174
36/2Teamsters Union, Local 307
36/3Transportation Workers Union, Red Caps
36/4Typographical Union
36/5United States Army Transport Service
36/6United States Atomic Energy Commission
36/7United States Navy
36/8United States Navy Puget Sound Shipyard
36/9United States Thirteenth Naval District
36/10United States Post Office
36/11Van Vorst Company
36/12Waiters and Waitresses Union
36/13-21Washington discrimination against
36/22Washington Prison Terms and Parole Board
36/23University of Washington
36/24Washington Co-op and Poultry Association
36/25-30Welfare records1955-1959
36/31Western Steel Castings Company, Inc.
Committee files1948-1964
37/1-4Citizens Committee on Negro Adoptions, correspondence, minutes, clippings1961-1962
37/5-6Citizens Committee on Minority Housing, correspondence, notes, clippings1962-1963
37/7-16Community Relations Committee, correspondence, minutes, reports1957-1961
38/1-6Community Relations Committee, correspondence, minutes, reports, ephemera1959-1963
38/7Community Services, correspondence, reports1953, 1955, 1958
38/8-12Education Committee, correspondence, minutes, notes, ephemera1962-1964
38/13-17Fair Employment Practices, Committee Review, correspondence, minutes, reports, questionnaire, rphemera1948, 1956-1957
38/18-20Garfield Retaining Committee, minutes, ephemera1953-1955
39/1-7Health and Welfare Committee, correspondence, minutes, reports, notes, ephemera1961-1964
39/8-19Housing Committee, correspondence, minutes, notes (memos), ephemera1956-1963
40/1-7Industrial Relations Committee, correspondence, notes1954, 1956-1963
Scope and Content: The Industrial Relations Committee's secretary, Richard Fox, was responsible for the committee's work, and much of the secretary's work was linked with that of the committee. Hence, no attempt has been made to distinguish one from the other.
40/8Job Development and Employment Committee, correspondence, notes1963-1964
40/9-12Labor Advisory Committee, correspondence, minutes, notes (memos), ephemera1952, 1956-1959
40/13-16Membership Committee, correspondence, membership list1958-1963
40/17-18Nominating Committee, correspondence, reports, memos1960-1963
41/1Public Relations Committee, correspondence1959
41/2-5School Committee, correspondence, minutes, reports, recommendations, memos, clippings, ephemera1956-1962
41/6-13Urban Renewal Committee, correspondence, minutes, reports1960-1961
42/1-6Vocational Guidance & Institute Committee, correspondence, minutes, memos, ephemera1951-1958
42/7Youth Incentives Committee, report1963
43Watts, Louis G. personal papersundated
44Pratt, Edwin T. personal papers

Accession No. 0607-007
Seattle Urban League records, 1933-1984 (Bulk: 1960-1982)
84.72 cubic feet (88 boxes)
Arranged into 6 series:
  • Organizational records, 1933-1983
  • Board of Directors, 1960-1980
  • Edwin Pratt - Executive Director, 1948-1975
  • Jerome Page - Executive Director, 1961-1982
  • Seattle Urban League committees and departments, 1956-1984
  • Related organizations, 1949-1982
Scope and Content
Contains correspondence, minutes, news releases, speeches and writings, budgets, newsletters, reports, subject files, scrapbooks, clippings, committee records, project files, ephemera, posters, and sound recordings.
The accession reflects the major organizational aspects of the Seattle Urban League from the 1960s through the early 1980s.
The Organizational records series dates from 1933-1983 (bulk 1962-1968) and provides an overview of the League and its activities. In particular, organizational files document changes and amendments to the League’s structure and mission over time, and the League’s annual reports from 1951 to 1983 give a summary of each year’s progress. In addition, there are scrapbooks of news clippings compiled both chronologically and by subject. These document League activities and concerns, as well as provide insight into civil rights issues of the 1950s and 1960s.
The Board of Directors series consists of material dating from 1960 to 1980. Recommendations, proposals, motions, resolutions, and statements series in this subgroup reveal the background and genesis of many of the League’s programs including Operation Equality, New Thrust, and On the Job Training. Other materials helpful in understanding League operations are the meeting packets: memos, statements, position papers and similar materials that were compiled for discussion and review at monthly board meetings. Financial records include monthly budget reports but also deal with program budgets. Executive Committee records are contained in this subgroup, and provide administrative data and information about committee activities. A confidential evaluation of Jerome Page for salary recommendation in 1978 within the Executive Committee records gives a summary of what the committee saw as the League’s program accomplishments for the mid 1970s.
The Edwin Pratt and Jerome Page Executive Director series are chiefly Seattle Urban League records generated by the executive directors and other staff. These records document League activities during the terms of these executive directors (Pratt 1960-1969, Page 1969-1979).
The Education Committee files comprise roughly .5 cubic feet of material dating from 1957 to 1981. Minutes document the numerous projects and activities of the Education Committee, especially its efforts to desegregate Seattle schools. Of particular interest is a complete 1964 copy of the Seattle Urban League’s “A Proposal for Re-organization of the Elementary Division of the Seattle Public Schools,” components of which were integrated into the Seattle School Board’s final desegregation plan.
The Education Department files consists of approximately 8.5 cubic feet of materials, primarily spanning the years 1968 to 1980. Correspondence, project files, reports, proposals, and subject files detail the many issues and activities concerning the Education Department. Salient topics include school desegregation, vocational training, multi-ethnic curricula, financial aid, and higher education for minorities. Subgroup highlights are materials documenting Project SUL and the formation of the Central Area School Council, two of the more significant endeavors undertaken by the Education Department. Among the Central Area School Council materials are subject files, clippings, and ephemera documenting its first election, held March 29, 1969.
The Health and Welfare Director files cover 1968 to 1982, primarily the years that Kay Thode served as Director of the Health and Welfare Department. A number of materials originating from her predecessor, Ivan King, are also present. This subgroup highlights the functions of the Health and Welfare Department, and especially Thode’s role as Health and Welfare Director. Her involvement in a wide range of social and health-related issues is documented by an extensive subject files and by the records of various committees and task forces she was associated with. In addition, project files for the Seattle Urban League’s Hypertension Project provide an excellent example of one of the Health and Welfare Department’s efforts to address quality of life issues faced by Seattle’s minority communities. Related to these files are the records of the Health and Welfare Committee, which likely served an advisory role to the Health and Welfare Director by helping to establish annual objectives and programs, as well as overseeing the Health and Welfare Department’s activities.
The Housing Committee files consist of materials dating from 1960 to 1968. These materials show the work of the Housing Committee in securing equal housing opportunities for minorities and the poor. Most noteworthy are project files for the Rental Project, which document the Housing Committee’s efforts to locate affordable housing for African-Americans outside the Central District.
The On-The-Job Training Program (OJT) files cover the years 1965 to 1980, and consist of correspondence, reports; contracts with Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), and King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium (KSMC); materials from conferences and conventions, meeting minutes, and other records providing insight into the employment finding services and job training operations of this program. Project files include Concentrated Employment Program (CEP), an employment program which coordinated job development, counseling, coaching and placement; Minority Skills Bank, a system that matched skilled persons with contracted employers; Urban Awareness Program, a seminar-based project that worked with local businesses, such as The Seattle Times, to promote the hiring of minority employees; and In-School OJT. subject files include apprenticeship programs, equal opportunity programs, and National Urban League programs. The bulk of these materials appear to originate during David Lantry’s service as Project Director for OJT, circa 1973 to 1979.
This accession also contains several cubic feet of audio tapes. Most of the audio tapes appear to have been recorded during the 1960s, and include radio and television broadcasts, League sponsored events, and interviews. Among these are recordings of the Grass Roots Forum, the Thursday Forum, an interview with Roberta Byrd Barr and LeRoi Jones regarding Whitney Young, and what is possibly Edwin Pratt’s last speech before his assassination.
Physical/Technical Access
Listening equipment necessary for reel-to-reel audio tapes. Contact Special Collections for details.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Acquisition Info
Accession No. 0607-007 is comprised of four separate accessions (1747-001, 0607-004, 0607-005, and 0607-06) that were combined in 2002 and 2003. The Seattle Urban League donated the records between 1971 and 1984, most of which had been stored in the basement of League headquarters at 14th and Yesler. Accession 1747-001 was received in 1971 and contained approximately 14 cubic feet of records, chiefly from the 1950’s and 1960’s. 0607-004 was received in 1981 and consisted of 3 cubic feet of scrapbooks of clippings and writings, photographs, and some correspondence and reports. 0607-005, received in 1984, comprised some 66 cubic feet of records dating from 1963-1983. 0607-006 measured 2.5 inches and was mostly newsletters and ephemera from 1966-1978. Accession 0607-007 also includes Seattle Urban League newsletters, flyers, ephemera, and other mailings received by the University of Washington Libraries between 1966 and 1979.
Processing Info
Merged and processed in 2002-2003. Processing was completed in 2007.
Processing Info

Three 1/2" open reel video tapes, two 3/4" U-matic video cassettes, seven reels of 16 mm motion picture film, approximately 82 color slides, and roughly one cubic foot of photographs were relocated to the Seattle Urban League Photograph and Moving Image Collection, PH Coll. 625, in Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.

The video cassettes and open reel video tapes appear to be mostly public service announcements produced for the Seattle Urban League during the late 1970s. Of particular interest is a video recording of a press conference held for National Urban League president, Vernon E. Jordan, on April 10, 1978, at Seattle’s Langston Hughes Cultural Center. Also of note are master copies of two public service announcements funded by the Seattle Urban League and the Food and Drug Administration. The first of these, entitled “Check It Out!” concerns nutrition labels on food items and was scripted and produced by Rainier Beach High School students. The second public service announcement, “Handle With Care!” deals with the proper application of cosmetics. It too employed the script writing and production talents of Garfield High School students. Both videos were created under the direction of the League’s Neighborhood Youth Consumer Education Project/Seattle Consumer Action Team (NYCEP/SCAT) during the first half of 1977.

The reels of 16 mm motion picture film seem to date from the late 1960s to early 1970s, and are mostly short television announcements that were most likely created by the National Urban League. Especially notable is a copy of the Seattle Urban League’s 1969 Annual Report that was probably shown as part of its 1970 “Non-Dinner” Annual Meeting and aired on KIRO TV, May 24, 1970. The film outlines major programs and activities undertaken by the League during 1969 and indicates the direction it hoped these would take in 1970 and beyond. It features discussions with Jerome Page, Luther Carr, Kay Thode, and Carl McCray. It also features the presentation of the 1969 Edwin T. Pratt Man-of-the Year Award by Mayor Wes Uhlman to Tyree Scott, and has footage of a speech by National Urban League president, Whitney Young, Jr. This film also documents unfavorable living conditions in Seattle’s Central District, with footage of houses in the ghetto, public demonstrations, and social unrest.

Another highlight is a ca. 1967 film that appears to document the Urban League’s On-The-Job Training Program. It features footage of skilled workers in factories and other business settings, the Seattle Urban League offices, and what appears to be an interview with Edwin Pratt. Also of interest is a short film from 1967 of a membership appeal for the Seattle Urban League by Mayor J.D. Braman.

The color slide images mostly date from 1975 to 1979, with a few dating to 1967. In general, these depict various League projects, events, and activities. One especially significant group of slides provides documentation of staff activities and day-to-day operations at the Seattle Urban League’s headquarters, ca. 1975. Also of note are slides used for NYCEP/SCAT public service announcements on cosmetic use, as well as slides of high school students and Urban League staff that are possibly related to the NYCEP/SCAT videos mentioned above.

Lastly, the photographs relocated from this accession cover the years ca. 1936 to ca. 1978, and are mostly black and white. Taken as a whole, these photographs document the Seattle Urban League’s development through the 1940s and 1950s and its evolution in the 1960s and 1970s with the advent and growth of the civil rights movement. The subject matter of these photos is primarily Urban League functions and events, various staff members and guest speakers, and public demonstrations. There are also numerous promotional or publicity photos. Photographs of League staff and public activities during the years prior to Edwin Pratt’s directorship are noteworthy, as are photos taken for the Central Area School Council elections and photos of the Advocates for Affirmative Action demonstration at Seattle City Hall in 1972. Also worth mentioning are photographs from the mid-1960s documenting housing conditions in the Central District, as well as numerous annual meeting photographs.

Other Finding Aids
A separate finding aid for the visual materials is also available in Special Collections.
Organizational records
1/1Historical features1953-1954, circa 1973
1/2-7Organization1953, 1961-1978, undated
Incoming letters
To Ivan King
1/8National Urban League1964-1966
1/9Seattle Human Rights Commission1964-1966
1/10Seattle Public Schools1964-1966
1/11Urban League affiliates1964-1966
1/12Washington Adoption Resource Exchange1964-1966
1/13-15A-Z Miscellaneous1964-1966
1/16Regarding: Research1966
1/17Miscellaneous1957-1963, 1972
1/18-35Outgoing letters1961-1965
2/1-30Outgoing letters1965-1970
3/1-27Outgoing letters1970-1973
4/1-18Outgoing letters1973-1976, 1979
4/20Staff meetings1967, 1970-1972
4/22Staff rosters1979-1981
4/23-26News releases1961-1972
81/1News releases    OVERSIZE1965
4/31Office file guidecirca 1972
5/1Seattle Urban League1959, 1961
5/2Churches and Race1966, 1968
5/3Education1950, 1962-1964
5/4Fair Housing Law Campaign1963-1967
5/5Race Relations Improvement1963, 1966
5/6National Urban League1966, 1968, 1973
Speeches and writings
5/7Annual Dinner Script1977
5/8National Urban League1964, undated
5/9Race Relations1965
5/10Of Irene Taeuber1958
5/11Of Whitney Young, Jr.1964
Budget files and reports
5/12-29To United Good Neighbors Fund (Community Chest of Seattle and King County)1959-1974
5/30Auditor's reports1956-1964
5/32-34Of Seattle Urban League1959-1978, 1981
5/35Of others1958-1973
5/36-6/4Publications1960-1968, undated
6/5-6Police Operations Manual - SPDundated
6/9-7/5Monthly statistics1959-1967
7/6-8Seattle Urban League miscellaneous1962-1974
7/9National Urban League evaluations of Seattle1963-1974
7/10-11National Urban League miscellaneous1954, 1966-1970, undated
7/12-14Tapley's Hospital survey1968
7/15"Audit of Intergroup Relations in the City of Seattle"1950
7/16-21Miscellaneous (others)1957-1972
Project Files
7/22A.I.D. (International Students)1963-1966
7/23"Doors are Opening"1964
7/24Downtown Project/J.C. Penney report1964
7/25Grassroots forum1967
8/1-2Labor Education Advancement Program1967-1969
8/3-4Reading workshop1964
8/5Summer Reading Program1964
8/6-8Thursday forum1969, undated
8/9-11Triad Plan1964-1966
8/12Vocational Institute1961-1962
8/13-16Voter Registration1973
Event files
8/17-48Annual meetings (of the Seattle Urban League)1963-1970
9/1Black Economic Summit meeting1974
9/2Forum on the Washington scene1969, undated
9/3Job fair1964-1965
9/4-6National Urban League conferences1970, 1974-1977
9/7-12National Urban League Delegate Assemblies1975-1978
9/13National Urban League Executive Directors meeting1977-1978
9/14National Urban League Labor Affairs conference1973
9/15National Urban League Management seminar1977
9/16National Urban League Minority Highway Construction Project1974, undated
9/17National Urban League Urban Affairs Conference1973
Subject files
9/18All-American City Contest1967
9/19American Civil Liberties Union1966-1968
9/20Anti-Semitism1963-1965, undated
9/21Black Achievement Awards1975
9/22Black Student Union1968
9/23Business and industry survey1960-1961
9/24CARITAS Interracial Center1965, undated
9/27Central Area Economic Opportunity Citizen's Committee1965
9/28Central Area Neighborhood Opportunity Center1965
9/29-32Central Contractors Association1969-1970
9/33Children's agenciesundated
9/34Church involvement1964-1966, undated
9/35Economics of inequality; economic problems of Negros1954-1967
9/36Education in the ghetto1969, undated
9/37Equal employment opportunity1966-1967
9/38Expo housing issues1962
9/39Freeways/Citizens Against the R. H. Thomson1969
9/40Health and Social Welfare Council1977
9/45Indian Fish-In1965
9/46King County Probation and Parole Department1966
10/1Law Enforcement Advisory Council of Seattle Bar Assoc.1967-1968
10/2National Urban League, Affiliation information1977
10/3National Urban League Housing and Community Development1975-1978
10/4National Urban League Housing Foundation1968
10/5National Urban League Minority Aged Services1977
10/6New Careers Projectundated
10/7Plans for Progress program1966-1967
10/8Property rights and personal property1963
10/9Public housing1960, 1961
10/10Race relations1966
10/11Religious resources1964
10/12Retail selling survey1961
10/13-14School curricula1962-1965, undated
10/15Seattle Chamber of Commerce1966-1967
10/16Seattle Chamber of Commerce Intergroup Relations Workshop1965
10/17Seattle Model Cities Program Education Committee1968
10/18Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center1967
10/19Seattle Public Schools, Building plans and policies1959, undated
10/20Seattle school boycott1966
10/21Seattle schools1964-1966
10/22Seattle topless activities1965-1966
10/23Tax exemption1956-1959, 1964
10/24Title II fundsundated
10/25Trade Unions & Negroes, Relationship of Union & Civil Rights1965-1967
10/26Tri-cities area1961
10/27-31United Good Neighbors1954-1966
10/32United States Civil Rights Commission1962-1966
10/33United States Civil Service Commission1966-1967
10/34Federal Housing Administration1965-1966
10/35United States Veterans Administration1963-1965
10/36United Way1978
Urban League affiliates
11/2New York1969-1970
11/3Omaha1933-1965, undated
11/4Vocational Rehabilitation1966-1967
11/5Washington (State). Employment Security Department1960-1963
11/6Washington (State). Department of Public Assistance1956, 1964
11/7Washington Association of Social Welfare1963-1966
11/8Washington Citizens Committee for Civil Rights Legislation1960-1963
11/9World Congress of Peace Forces1973
11/10-11Young, Whitney M., Jr.1961-1966
11/12Contracts1969-1970, undated
11/13Applications - Grantscirca 1965, undated
11/14-18Lists1957-1966, undated
11/19-20Photographs (photocopies)1973, undated
11/21-28Ephemera1961-1980, undated
Pamphlet Files
11/29Adoption, childcare, and youth1959-1961, undated
11/30Attitudes1963, undated
11/31Audio-visual aids1963-1965, undated
12/2Business1961, undated
12/3-4Civil Liberties and Civil Rights1962-1966
12/5-6Curriculum1950, 1965
12/7Educational Opportunities1964, undated
12/8Employment Opportunity - Seattle1965-1966, undated
12/9Employment Opportunity - Specific Careers1966, undated
12/10Integration1963-1964, undated
12/12Legislation1961-1962, undated
Research Materials
12/15Bibliographies - Human Relations1956-1966, undated
12/16-17Bibliographies - The Negro in Print1966, undated
12/18Bibliographies - Title I and Head Start1966, undated
12/19Brotherhood1961-1967, undated
12/20Curriculum Proposals1965-1966
12/21Equal Educational Opportunityundated
12/22"Facts at Your Fingertips" - American Jewish Committee1964
12/23"The Founder's Day Fund" - Clark College National Alumni Association1964
12/24Head Start1966, undated
12/25Intergroup Educationundated
12/27People to People1963
12/28Reading Programs1966, undated
13/2"Secretarial Seminars and Workshops Made Easy" - National Secretaries Association1962-1963
13/3State Labor Council1966
13/5Maps - Seattle Negro Population1940-1965
82General Clippings    OVERSIZE1969-1973
2 vols.
83Civil Rights Movement in Seattle    OVERSIZE1963
83General Clippings (vol. 3)    OVERSIZE1971
84"Civil Rights Legislation to 1964, Intergroup Relations, Seattle Public Schools"    OVERSIZE1960-1964
84"Intergroup Relations, Transfer Program and Miscellany, Seattle Public Schools"    OVERSIZE1964
84"Miscellaneous Integration, Leading up to Transfer Program In Seattle Public Schools"    OVERSIZE1956-1963
85General clippings Regarding: Urban League and Civil Rights    OVERSIZE1958-1969
7 vols.
13/6Adoption, Children's Homes1966-1967
13/7Bremerton race tension1966
13/8Cable T.V.1973
13/9Central Area organizations1967-1968
13/10Church - resolutions on race1965, 1967
13/11[Other] Civil rights organizations1966-1968
13/12Continuous Progress centers1968
13/13-14Discrimination, cost of1962-1968, undated
13/16Equal Employment Opportunity1965-1967
13/17Franklin High School incident1968
13/18Guaranteed income maintenance1966
13/19Housing - Group (open housing, etc.)1966-1968
13/20Job opportunities and employment1968
13/21King, Martin Luther1963-1968
13/22King County Grand Jury report1966
13/23Labor and race relations1966
13/24Negro Voters League1968
13/25Open housing1963
13/26Police practices1968
13/27Political candidates1967-1968
13/28Race, health, welfare1963-1968
13/29Race labeling1961-1962
13/30Racial climate, Seattle1967-1968
13/31Racial riots1967-1968
13/32Reese incident1965
13/33School transfer program1968
13/34Seattle Observer1964
13/35Seattle, Building and Construction Trade Unions1969
13/36-39Seattle Public Schools1965-1968, 1978-1979
13/40Seattle, Racial Disturbances1968
13/41Seattle Times - Donald K. Smith series1965
13/42University of Washington1968
13/43-44S.U.L. Miscellany1963-1968
Sound Recordings; Sound tape reels
General Notes: User listening copies (on CD-ROM) mentioned in this inventory are located in box 87
77Adult Seminar1967 January 15-1967 February 12
5 sound tape reels
Digital Content/Other Formats: Listening copy on CD-ROM available.
77Annual Meetings of Seattle Urban League1964-1967
6 sound tape reels
77Bellevue Civil Rightsundated
1 sound tape reel
77Black Muslims, KIROundated
1 sound tape reel
77Board Staff Meeting1969 January 29
1 sound tape reel
Digital Content/Other Formats: Listening copy on CD-ROM available.
77"Richard L. Butterfield - Ketchikan, Alaska"undated
1 sound tape reel
77"Cabbages Young"undated
1 sound tape reel
77"Mr. & Mrs. Charles" parts 1,2,3undated
2 sound tape reels
77Family Studyundated
1 sound tape reel
77"Godfrey Cambridge and unidentified news columnist"undated
1 sound tape reel
77"Mr. and Mrs. Gayton"undated
1 sound tape reel
77Grass Roots Forum1965-1967
15 sound tape reels
Digital Content/Other Formats: Listening copy on CD-ROM available.
78Grass Roots Forum1967-1968
6 sound tape reels
78Housing Workshop1963 March 9
2 sound tape reels
78Interview: Leroi Jones - Roberta Byrdundated
1 sound tape reel
78KIRO Public Pulse1966, undated
9 sound tape reels
78KIRO TV - Housingundated
1 sound tape reel
78KOL Inquiry with Edwin Pratt1965 February 14
1 sound tape reel
78KOMO School Proposalsundated
1 sound tape reel
78KRAB Radio Commentary1964
1 sound tape reel
78KYAC Radio spot announcementundated
1 sound tape reel
78 Labor Education Advancement Program (LEAP) Proposal - Art Greenundated
1 sound tape reel
78National Urban League "New Thrust" radio promotion with James Brownundated
1 sound tape reel
78Seattle Profile #3-19undated
17 sound tape reels
79Seattle Profile #20-26undated
7 sound tape reels
79"Seattle Urban League Center"undated
1 sound tape reel
79"Seattle Urban League Dinner"1973 May 25
1 sound tape reel
79"Crisis in the Nation"undated
1 sound tape reel
79Of Martin Luther King - "I Have a Dream"undated
1 sound tape reel
79Of Edwin Pratt1967-1969, undated
6 sound tape reels
79Summer Seminar1966 July 19-August 23
9 sound tape reels
79"Thirty Minutes"undated
1 sound tape reel
79Thursday Forum1965-1967
10 sound tape reels
80Thursday Forum1967-1969, undated
14 sound tape reels
80Urban League Annual Dinner1968, undated
2 sound tape reels
Digital Content/Other Formats: Listening copy on CD-ROM available.
80Urban League Conversation1965-1966
4 sound tape reels
80"Urban League Dedication of Building"1973 December 8
1 sound tape reel
80Urban League Specialundated
2 sound tape reels
80"Whitney M. Young Memorial Service"1971 March 19
1 sound tape reel
80"Whitney M. Young Speeches from the O.I.C. Conference"undated
1 sound tape reel
80"Whitney Young Press Conference at Olympic Hotel"1969 January 30
1 sound tape reel
80Unidentified recordingsundated
5 sound tape reels
Sound Recordings; CD-ROM
Adult Seminar
87CD 1: "Segregation is Killing Me!"1967 January 15
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 2: "Why Negroes Have Too Many Babies"1967 January 22
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 3: "Where do Negro Leaders Come From?"1967 January 29
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 4: "How to be Sane Though Negro"1967 February 5
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 5: "World Revolution of Color"1967 February 12
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 6: Board Staff Meeting1969 January 29
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
Grass Roots Forum
87CD 7: "Role of the Church in the Social Revolution"1965 September 21
3 CD-ROM: 1 user, 1 master, 1 WAV
87CD 8: "Who Needs the Negro"1966 January 11
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 9: "Does White Man Speak with Forked Tongue?"1966 February 8
3 CD-ROM: 1 user, 1 master, 1 WAV
87CD 10: "Should Children Be Used in Civil Disobedience?"1966 May 10
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 11: "Triple Revolution: Gravestones or Monuments for Public Education"1966 October 18
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 12: "Is the Lost Sheep of Social Reform Labor?"1966 November 15
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 13: "Health and Welfare or Wealth and Hellfare?"1967 January 17
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 14: "Why Women Hide Out in the Home"1967 February 21
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 15: "The Third Bridge a South Wall for the Ghetto"1967 April 25
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 16: "Is Recreation a Wreck?"1967 June 20
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 17: "An Urban Riot: Who Wins, Who Loses"1967 September 19
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 18: "Are You Being Cheated on Your Food?"1967 October 17
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 19: "Will I Have Christmas Mom?"1967 December 12
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 20: "Seattle's Scheduled Race Riot"1967 December 20
5 CD-ROM: 2 user, 2 master, 1 WAV
87CD 21: Urban League Annual Dinner1968
3 CD-ROM: 1 user, 1 master, 1 WAV
Board of Directors
Incoming letters
14/9From board members1966-1978
14/10-12Miscellaneous A-Z1965-1979
Outgoing letters
14/13-15Board mailings1966-1979
14/16-18Miscellaneous1968-1979, undated
General correspondence
14/26-27Regarding: Board membership1964-1966, 1973
14/28Regarding: Henderson/Hale high school case1964
14/29Regarding: Holiday party1972
14/30Regarding: Membership appeals1972-1974
14/34-37Minutes and agenda1960-1961
15/1-26 Minutes and agenda1961-1972
16/1-8Minutes and agenda1973-1979, undated
16/9Minutes and agenda of miscellaneous board meetings1964-1969, 1979
16/10-53Meeting packets1966-1980
81/2Meeting packets    OVERSIZEOctober 1970
Event files
16/54-17/7Board/staff meetings, retreats, workshops1964-1966
17/8-9Attendance1960-1974, undated
81/3Attendance    OVERSIZE1960-1965
17/10Employment programs1976-1978
17/11Executive director's reports1977-1978, undated
17/12Field investigation1979
17/13Housing Committee1967-1968
17/14Monthly statistical1967-1969
17/15On-The-Job Training1967
17/16Operation Equality1967-1970
17/17Race relations1966, 1968
17/19Miscellaneous1966-1979, undated
17/20-26Financial records1968-1979, undated
17/28-29Proposals1964-1979, undated
17/30Motions1976-1979, undated
17/31-33Resolutions1966-1979, undated
Speeches and writings
17/37-38of Board members1967-1978, undated
17/39-40of others1966-1977, undated
Subject files
17/41Areas of concern1972-1977, undated
17/42Parking lot1976
17/43School desegregation1977
17/44-45News releases1964-1979
17/47Lists1964-1972, undated
17/49Ephemera1978, undated
17/51Miscellany1968, undated
Committee files
17/52-55Membership Committee1964-1979
17/56, 18/1-2Nominating Committee1964-1979, undated
Executive Committee
18/3Organization1972-1976, undated
18/4Outgoing letters1961-1970, 1977
18/5General correspondence1961, 1970-1973
18/11-21Minutes and agenda1961-1979
18/22Financial records1961-1977, undated
18/23Reports1960, 1970
18/24Subject file - King County Contract Compliance1979
18/25Notes1970,1977, undated
18/26Evaluation of Jerome Page, Executive Director1978
Edwin Pratt - Executive Director
18/27Biographical featuresundated
Incoming letters
18/28American Jewish Committee, Seattle Chapter1963-1969
18/29Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Pacific Northwest Region1964-1968
18/30Helen Bush-Parkside School1963, 1966
18/31Central Area Community Council1963, 1967
18/32Christian Friends for Racial Equality1956-1965
18/33Humphrey, Hubert H.1968
18/35KING Broadcasting Company1963-1968
18/36King County Freeholders1968
18/39-41National Urban League1961-1968
18/42-43National Urban League Western Regional Office1964-1968
18/44Seattle, City Council1963, 1968
18/45Seattle, Municipal court1966
18/46Seattle, Public Schools1963-1968
18/47United States Federal Housing Administration1962-1968
18/48United States Department of Labor1968
18/49United States - Various federal agencies1961-1968
18/50-51University of Washington. School of Social Work1962-1968
18/52University of Washington - Various departments1962-1968
18/53-54Urban League Affiliates1963-1968
18/55Washington (State). Department of Public Assistance1962-1968
18/56Young, Whitney M. Jr.1968
18/57Young Men's Christian Association. Seattle1961-1965
19/18Regarding: Annual Meeting1968
19/19Regarding: National Urban League conference1963
19/20Hate Letters1962-1967
19/21Miscellaneous unidentified1964-1965
Outgoing letters
20/3-4Membership mailings1966-1968
20/5Form lettersundated
General correspondence
20/6Doces, John1966
20/7Jones, Rex1961-1966
20/8-13United Good Neighbors1963-1968
20/14Various Labor Organizations1963-1967
20/15Regarding: Middle school Proposal1968
20/16Regarding: PB&S and Assoc, Inc.1966
20/17-24Miscellaneous Personal1960-1969, undated
20/25Memos from Mr. Pratt1966-1968
Interoffice correspondence
20/28Regarding: Staff meetings1967-1969
Correspondence of others
20/32Jerome Page1967-1968
20/33Seattle Urban League Staff1965-1968
20/34Minutes of others1963, 1968
Reports1961-1968, undated
20/35Regarding: Alcoholism1966-1968
20/36"The Economic Status of the Seattle Negro"circa 1966
20/37Financial report1968
20/38Legal Services Center1967
20/39Membership reports1968-1969
20/40Newcomers programs1966, undated
20/41"The Non-White Worker in the Seattle Metropolitan Area"1963
20/42Perron, Carol's work logundated
20/43Racial employment rates1967
20/44Rental Project1959
20/45Seattle response to President's Commission on Civil Disorders1968
20/46-48Seattle Urban League program1964-1967
20/49Social welfare survey1965-1966, undated
20/50Survey of racial attitudes in the Broadview district1948, 1968
20/51Wash. State Advisory Committee to
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights1967
20/52YMCA survey1956
Speeches and writings
21/1-3of Pratt1958-1967
21/4-5of Seattle Urban League members1968. undated
21/6of Whitney Young, Jr.1967, undated
21/7-16of others1950-1968, undated
Event files
21/18-19A. I. D. correspondence1968
21/20A. I. D. foreign students1967-1968, undated
21/21-23A. I. D. Program Leadership Training Seminar1967-1968
21/24National Urban League conference1968
21/25-26Seattle Urban League annual meeting1968
21/27-22/3Seminar on Equal Opportunities and Racial Harmony1968
22/4Washington State Board Against Discrimination/Seattle Urban League Staff conference1967
22/5Whitney Young Jr. visit1968
22/6-7Resolutions1964-1967, undated
22/8News releases1965-1969, undated
22/9Trends in housing1965-1966
22/10Of others1964-1968
Project files
22/11Adult seminars1967
22/12Black Adult Self-Help (BASH)1968
22/13Central Area Community School Council1968-1969
22/14-15Grass Roots Forum1965-1967
22/16Housing Intern Program1968-1969
22/17-19Labor Education Advancement Program (LEAP)1967-1970
22/20-21Minority Crime Prevention1957-1960
22/22-29Negro Scholarship Fund1964-1966
22/30Police Harassment Study1967, undated
22/31-32SAV-CAP effort1966-1967
22/33-34Summer Program for Participation of Black Student Members in Urban League Programs1968-1969
22/35-45Thursday Forum1966, 1968
23/1Work Study1966-1968
Subject files
23/3Ad Hoc Committee for Emergency Servicesundated
23/4Apprenticeship program information1967, undated
23/5Birth Control1963-1968
23/6Black Social Workers1968
23/7Black United Front1968
23/8Black Unity Coalition1968
23/9Central Area Committee for Peace and Improvement (CAPI)1968, undated
23/10Central Area Services Center1967-1968, undated
23/11Central Area Statistics1950-1964, undated
23/12Church and State1963-1968, undated
23/13Church Resolutions on Race1967
23/14Citizens Crusade Against Poverty1968
23/15Citizens for Quality Education1967-1968, undated
23/16Citizen's Legislative Review Committee (Seattle City Council)1968, undated
23/17Citizens Planning Council1968, undated
23/18-19Civil Rights Organizations, Other1967-1968, undated
23/20-21Community Action Program1966, 1968, undated
23/22-23Community Agencies and Organizations1962-1966, undated
23/24Consumer Education in Housing1954-1966, undated
23/25Council of Churches of Greater Seattle1968
23/26Delinquency and Institutionsundated
23/27Discrimination Cases1957-1964, undated
23/28-29Doors are Opening (Booklet)1964, undated
23/30East Side Conference on Religion and Race1963-1968, undated
23/31-32Education1964-1968, undated
23/33-34Educational Programs1962-1969
23/35Family Planning1965-1967
23/36Federal Employment1963-1965
23/37Federal Exams1967, undated
23/38Federal Fair Housing Act1968, undated
23/39Ghetto Involvement1968
23/40Girl Scouts of America1968
23/41Governor's Conference on Education1968
23/42Governor's Council on Aging1962-1965
23/43-45Housing Laws and Legislation1960-1969
23/46"In White America" program1964-1965
24/1Job Development/Descriptionsundated
24/2Job Opportunities1968
24/3Jobs Now1968
24/4Justice Without Violence Workshop1969
24/5King County Probation and Parole Department1967
24/6King County Welfare Association1966
24/7Leschi Improvement Council1966, undated
24/8Meany, (Edmond) Jr. High1961, 1966-1967
24/9Model Neighborhood Citizen participationundated
24/10National and State Legislation1960-1965
24/11National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1962, undated
24/12National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials1966
24/13National Reparations Committee1962
24/14National Urban League Fellowship1968
24/15National Urban League Human Resources Program1966-1967
24/16Negotiation Now1967
24/17-19Negro First Family Booklet1963, undated
24/20Negro Voters Leagueundated
24/21-25New Thrust1968-1969, undated
24/27-28PTA Human Relations Conference Program Advisory Committee1967-1968
24/29Planned Parenthood Center of Seattle1964-1966
24/30-31Police1961-1967, undated
24/32Police Community Relations1967-1968
24/32Police Department (Seattle)1968-1969
24/34-36Police Questionnaire1959-1960, undated
24/37Police Practices1965-1967
24/38-39Police Tours1958-1960, undated
24/40Public Housing Administration1959-1964
24/41Race labeling in newspapers1960
24/42Reese incident1965
24/43Referendum 35, 19671967-1968
24/44Right to Work1966-1967, undated
24/45Rumor Center1968
24/46-48Seattle, Human Rights Commission1963-1969, undated
24/49-25/2Seattle, Model Cities1967-1968, undated
25/3-4Seattle, Public Schools1966-1968
25/5Seattle Atlantic Street Center1962-1964
25/6-7Seattle Charter Amendment1967
25/8Seattle Community Council and Committees1966-1968
25/9Seattle Fair Housing Ordinance1968, undated
25/10Seattle Friends of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee1967
25/11Seattle-King County Board of Realtors1967-1968, undated
25/12-18Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board1965-1968, undated
25/19-20Seattle Press Council1967-1968
25/21Seattle Voting Statistics1964, undated
25/22Social Welfare - Race, Health and Welfare1967, undated
25/23Supreme Court Civil Rights Decisions1967-1968
25/24Tacoma Civil Rights clearing house (Tacoma Catholic Interracial Council)1968, undated
25/25-26Tacoma Urban League1968
25/27Three-M Areas1961, undated
25/29United States Commission of Civil Rights1965-1967, undated
25/30United States Federal Housing Administration1960-1965
25/31United States House Un-American Activities Committee1966-1967
25/32-33United States Office of Economic Opportunity (Seattle-King County Economic Opportunity Board)1966-1969, 1975, undated
25/34-35University of Washington - Conferences1968, undated
25/36-38University of Washington - Programs1964-1966, undated
25/39Urban Employment Program1967
25/40-41Urban Renewal1960-1966
26/1-7Washington State. Board Against Discrimination1964-1970
26/8Washington State. Legislature1966-1967
26/9-10Washington State. Department of Public Instruction1961-1967
26/13YWCA Unmarried Mothers Program1967, undated
26/14Youth Incentives - Dropouts1964-1968, undated
26/15-18Pamphlets1966-1967, undated
26/19Contracts - Of Local Unions1964-1967
Personnel Files
26/20-21Rettie, C. William1967-1968
26/22Court papers1970-1971
26/24-31Lists1961-1969, undated
26/32-34Clippings1956, 1963-1968
26/35Agencies Discussion Group1961-1964
26/36-38Central Area Civil Rights Committee1963-1969
26/39Committee Of Agency Executives1963-1968
26/40District School Committee On Bottomly Proposal1968, undated
26/41Garfield Community Council1958-1967
26/42Information Systems Committee1967-1968
26/43Joint Study Committee Between Black And Jewish Communities1968-1969
26/44Municipal League Of Seattle And King County. Civil Rights Committee1966
26/45-47Municipal League Of Seattle And King County. Urban Social Problems Committee1968-1970
26/48Municipal League Of Seattle And King County. Candidates Investigating Committee1963-1966
26/49Puget Sound Ad Hoc Housing Fund Committee1967-1968
26/50Urban League Seattle, Ad Hoc Committee - Structure And Function1967
27/1-4Urban League Seattle, Minority Housing Committee1957-1967
27/5Urban League Seattle, Speakers Bureau1961-1963
27/6-11Washington. Attorney General. Citizen's Committee On Crime1967-1968, undated
Jerome Page - Executive Director
27/12Biographical features1969, undated
27/13-14Organization1961, 1974-1976, undated
Incoming letters
27/15Adams, Brock1969, 1976
27/16American Civil Liberties Union. Washington1969-1978
27/17American Jewish Committee. Seattle1969-1975
27/18Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Pacific Northwest Region1970-1977
27/19Black Academy of Music1975
27/20Black Retreat Steering Committee1970
27/21Boeing Company1969-1972, 1978
27/22Boy Scouts of America. Chief Seattle Council1969-1970, 1978
27/23Central Area Community Alcoholism Center1976
27/24Central Seattle Community Council1969-1970
27/25Council of Churches of Greater Seattle1969-1970
27/26Decuir, Herman H, Sr.1970-1972
27/27Dudley, Don T.1975-1979
27/28Evans, Daniel J.1971-1976
27/29Frayn, R. Mort1976-1978
27/30Girl Scouts of America. Totem Girl Scout Council1969-1970
27/31Hruza, Frank L.1970
27/32Jackson, Henry M.1969-1979
27/33Jordan, Vernon E.1974, 1978-1979
27/35King County1969-1978
27/36King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium1974-1979
27/37KING TV1969-1979
27/38KIRO Radio and Television1970-1973
27/39KOMO Radio1969
27/40KYAC Radio1974-1977
27/41League of Women Voters of Seattle1969-1970, 1978
27/42Magnuson, Warren Grant1969, 1978-1979
27/43NAACP. Seattle Branch1969-1979
27/44NAACP, various branches1969-1979
27/45National Commission for Manpower Policy1977-1978
27/46National Urban League Administration Department1969-1978
27/47National Urban League Board of Trustees1969
27/48National Urban League Executive Department1969-1978
27/49National Urban League Field Services Department1969-1970, 1974
27/50National Urban League Personnel Department1969-1970
27/51National Urban League Program Development1969-1978
27/52National Urban League Public Relations Department1970
27/53National Urban League Washington Bureau1969, 1974
27/54-56National Urban League Western Regional Office1969-1979
27/57Pritchard, Joel1975-1978
27/58Private Sector Initiatives1977-1979
27/59Ray, Dixy Lee1977, 1979
27/60Royer Charles1978-1979
27/61Schneider, Lawrence1969-1970
27/62Seattle, City Council1969-1977
27/63Seattle, Executive Department1970, 1979
27/64Seattle, Human Resources Department1973-1979
27/65Seattle, Human Rights Department (Human Rights Commission)1972-1979
27/66Seattle, Public Schools1969-1979
27/67-68Seattle Central Community College1969-1979
27/69Seattle Chamber of Commerce1969-1977
27/70Seattle Communication Council1969
27/71Seattle-First National Bank1971-1978
27/72Seattle-King County New Careers Project1974-1975
27/73Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center1969-1973
27/74Smith, Charles Z.1970-1979
27/75Tacoma Urban League1974-1976
27/76Talbert, Henry A.1976-1977
27/77Uhlman, Wesley C.1970-1976
27/78United Airlines1975-1979
27/79United Front for Survival1973
28/1United Inner-City Development Foundation1975-1979
28/2United States Department of Labor1969-1978
28/3University of Washington. College of Education Visiting Committee1970
28/4University of Washington. School of Social Work1969-1979
28/5University of Washington (various offices)1969-1979
28/6Urban League Affiliates1969-1979
28/7Washington. Employment Security Department1969-1979
28/8Washington. Social and Heath Services1978-1979
28/9Washington Jockey Club (Kenneth Alhadeff)1977-1978
28/10Western Washington State College1969-1979
28/11Young Men's Christian Association. Seattle1970, 1977-1979
28/12Young Women's Christian Association. Seattle-King County1969-1979
28/13-16Miscellaneous A - D1969-1979
28/17-32Miscellaneous E - Z1969-1979
28/33First name only and unsigned1971-1976
28/34Regarding: Marshall, Clifford1974
28/35Regarding: People Running for Public Office1977
28/36Regarding: Youth Community1970
Outgoing letters
28/37-38To the membership of the Seattle Urban League1969-1977
29/1-4Chronological1979, undated
General correspondence
29/5Black Cultural Association1972
29/6Breakfast Group1971
29/7King County. Prosecuting Attorney1974
29/8-10National Urban League1970-1974
29/11-12National Urban League Western Regional Office1972-1978
29/13News media1971-1973
29/14Seattle, City Council1969
29/15United Good Neighbors1970
29/16United States Community Services Administration1974-1979
29/17United States Office of Economic Opportunity1974-1977
29/18Urban League Affiliates1971
29/19Washington. Army National Guard1971-1974
29/20Regarding: Administrator of the Office of Public Defender (Washington state)1970
29/21Regarding: Affirmative Action1973
29/22Regarding: Membership1970
29/23Regarding: Minority Business Education1971
29/24Regarding: National Guard "Youth Today" Program1974
29/25Regarding: Relocation (of Seattle Urban League offices)1972
29/26Regarding: Seattle Mental Health Institute1973-1974
29/27Regarding: UW. School of Dentistry. Minority Affairs Committee1977
29/28Regarding: Urban Services Center dedication1973
Interoffice correspondence
30/1Benson, Maurice "Buzzy" (Building Manager)1977-1979
30/2Department Heads1977
30/3Lantry, David N. (Program Planning)1978
30/4Peak, Carleton1978-1979
30/5Regarding: Pratt Awards1969
30/26-37Reader files1969-1979
30/38All-Staff meetings1970
31/1-2All-Staff meetings1971-1978
31/3Department Heads meetings1976-1978
31/4Miscellaneous1971, 1977
31/5Staff roster1979
31/6-15Of the Seattle Urban League1969-1979
31/16-19Of the National Urban League and affiliates1969-1978
31/20-30Miscellaneous1970-1977, undated
Subject files
31/311969 Political Campaigns1969
31/321970 Census Undercount of Blacks1970
31/33Abie Label and Associates1970
31/34-49Affirmative Action1969-1978, undated
32/1Affirmative Minority Construction Opportunity (AMCO)1970
32/2Afro-American Journal1969-1970
32/3Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity1971-1973, undated
32/4Asian American Advisory Council1972
32/5Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies1972-1973
32/6Associated Grocers Inc.1969
32/7Black Arts West1972-1973
32/8Black - Jewish Dialogue1973
32/9Black Media1973
32/10Black Panther Party. Washington1969-1970
32/11Black Social Workers Scholarship Fund1975
32/12Black Student Unionsundated
32/13Black Women's Network1980, undated
32/14Bremerton Urban League1976
32/15Brisker, E.J. Proposal1973-1974
32/16Case to Maintain an Independent Office of Contract Compliance1979
32/17Center for Career Alternatives1980-1981
32/18Center for Urban Studies1975
32/19Central Area Bicentennial Forum1976
32/20Central Area Community Alcoholism Center1974-1975
32/21Central Area Crime Prevention Committee1970
32/22-26Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP)1964-1972, 79-1981
32/27Central Area Senior Citizens1974-1975
32/28Central Contractors Association1969
32/29Central Seattle Community Council1969-1971
32/30-31Central Seattle Community Council Federation1972-1976
32/32-33Children/Child Care1973-1974
32/34Citizens Against Mandatory Busing (CAMB) suit1972
32/35Citizens for Fair School Funding1976
32/36CMP Support Services1974
32/37Coalition Against Discrimination1970
32/38Coalition Against Recall1972
32/39Coalition Concern1971
32/41Community Disorders1970
32/42Community Improvement School1969
32/43Community/Police Cooperative Planning Committee1970
32/44Comprehensive Manpower Act1973, undated
32/45-46Concerned Central Area Citizens (CACC)1969
32/47Contract Compliance Ordinance1972
32/48-49Contract Compliance Program1978
32/50Council Journal (Council of Executive Officers /Nat'l Urban League)1974
32/51-52Day Care Development Project1977
32/53Detroit Urban League1971, 1974
32/54East Side Human Relations Council1969-1970
32/55Economic Development Advisory Committee1973-1974
32/56-63Education1970-1972, undated
32/65Energy Crisisundated
32/66Emergency Employment Act1971
32/67Garfield High School Community Action Meeting1976
32/68Health Systems Plan for Northwest Washington1977
33/1Hollow Point Bullets1974-1975
33/2Honorary Legislative Resolution1971
33/5-6Interstate 901969-1974
33/8Jordan, Vernon E.1971
33/9KCTS TV1971
33/10KING TV1970
33/11Latcholia, Kenneth E.1973
33/12Legislative Watch Committee1974
33/13Mayoral Candidate Human Rights Forum1977
33/14Minority Businesses1972
33/15Model Campaign Finance Reform Act1970
33/16National Council of Negro Women. Seattle1970
33/17National Urban League Education1969
33/18National Urban League Trustees1972
33/19Neighborhood Youth Corps1971
33/20Northwest Council of Black Professional Engineersundated
33/21Northwest Minority Manpower Association1972-1973
33/22Northwest Regional Energy Conference1977
33/23Northwest Regional Foundationundated
33/24Opportunities for Minorities in Health Science Positions1975, undated
33/25Police/Community Relationsundated
33/26Portland Urban League1977-1978
33/27-29Edwin T. Pratt Awards1970-1971
33/30-33Pratt Memorials1969
33/34Pratt Fine Arts Center1977
33/35Program for Local Service1973-1974
33/36Project FIND1972
33/37Puget Sound Governmental Conference1974
33/38Rapid Transit Plan1969
33/39Recall Petition - Mayor Wesley C. Uhlmanundated
33/42Rejected Judkins Redevelopment Study1976
33/43Relocation Poll1971
33/44Research Task Force Meeting1978
33/45Revenue Sharing1971
33/46Ross, Michael1972
33/47Save Mt. Baker Ridge Project (I-90)1969-1970
33/48Seattle, Department of Community Development1972
33/49Seattle, Human Rights Commission1970-1972
33/50-63 Seattle, Model City Program1969-1973
33/64Seattle, Police Department - Chief Selection1970
33/65Seattle, Police Department - John Herbert shooting1975
33/66-68Seattle, Public Schools1970
33/69-70Seattle 2000 Commission1972-1973
34/1Seattle Black Firemen1970
34/2Seattle Board of Freeholders - Seattle Charter1975
34/3Seattle Chamber of Commerce1972, undated
34/4Seattle Committee for Martin Luther King1970
34/5-6Seattle Community College1969-1974
34/7-9Seattle King County Economic Opportunity Board1968-1972
34/10Seattle: Leadership1973
34/11-12Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center1972-1973, 1977
34/13Seattle Plan for the Elimination of Racial Imbalance1977
34/14Seattle Population Information1969, 1971
34/15Seattle School District Faculty transfers1976
34/16Seattle Urban Academy1971
34/17Seattle Urban League administration1969-1971
34/18-19Seattle Urban League staff1973, 1976, undated
34/20Simply Heavenly (fundraiser)1974-1975
34/21-22Skid Road1966-1971, 1976
34/23Social Welfare Management Curriculum Development Project1975
34/24South East Effective Development1976
34/25Southeast Youth Accountability & Service Bureau1979
34/26-27Survival Fund1971
34/28Tacoma Urban League1972-1979
81/4Tacoma Urban League    OVERSIZE1972,1974
34/30Terms of Affiliation (National Urban League)1971, undated
34/31Thurston County Urban League Committee1971-1972, 1978, 1982
34/33-40United Good Neighbors1969-1972, undated
34/41United National Business League Foundationundated
34/42-43U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Washington State Advisory Committee1971-1972
34/44United States Jaycees - Project Mainstream1974-1975
34/45-35/17United Way of King County1970-1979
University of Washington
35/18Citizen Participation Conference1975-1976
35/19Ethnic Cultural Centerundated
35/20Minority Affairs Committee1977
35/21School of Communications1970
35/22-27School of Social Work1969-1972
35/28Special Groups Conference Panel1976
35/29Technical Advisory Committee - Social Welfare Management1975-1976
35/30Work Study1968-1973
35/31Urban Services Center1973
35/32Urban Studies1973, undated
35/33Vanhu Cablevision1976
35/34Voter Registration1972-1974
35/35Walker (Eddie Ray) Murals1979
35/36Washington (State). Board Against Discrimination1969-1970
35/37Washington (State). Human Rights Commission1977, 1979, undated
35/38Washington. Secretary of State. Urban Affairs Council1970-1971
35/39Washington 2000 Program1973-1974
35/40Washington Insurance Council1969
35/41Washington State Black Conference1973
35/42Washington State Business League1981, undated
35/43West Seattle Freeway Project1974
35/44"Which Way America?" (Nat'l Urban League program)1971
35/45White House Conference on Domestic and Economic Affairs1975
35/46Women in Unity1973
35/47Yesler-Atlantic Neighborhood Project1969-1970, 1975
35/48-53Young, Whitney M. Junior1967, 1971
81/5Young, Whitney M. Junior    OVERSIZE1971
35/54Youth Community Conservation and Improvement Projects1977
35/55Youth Summer Employees1972
Event files
35/57Alpha Phi Alpha Dance-A-Thon1976
35/58-59Annual Meetings (Seattle Urban League)1969-1970
36/1Annual Meetings (Seattle Urban League)1971
81/6Annual Meetings (Seattle Urban League)    OVERSIZE1969
36/2Basketball game, ABA/NBA All-Stars1971
36/3Board/Staff Retreat1972
36/4Board Training Workshop1978
36/5Lt. Governor Brown visit1976
36/6City Care Conference1979
36/7Executive Director Meetings, Conferences and Seminars1972-1973
36/8Vernon Jordan visits1973-1974
36/9March Against Underemployment of Minorities1969
36/10Minority Contractors Workshop1974
36/11Mobile Training Workshop1973-1974
36/12National Conference on Housing1973
36/13National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Conference1978
36/14-18National Urban League Conferences1970-1974
36/19Seattle Chamber of Commerce Seminar1976
36/20Special Education Programs & Black American Students Workshop1969
36/21Staff Retreat1974
36/22Gloria E.A. Toote visit1974
36/23Urban Affairs Conference1971
36/24Urban League Portland - Vernon Jordan visit1972
36/25Urban Legislative Workshop1973
36/26Washington Association for Social Welfare Conference1977
36/27Western Regional Conference1970
Project files
36/2814th and Yesler development1972
36/29Affirmative Action Program1971-1972
36/30American Indian Fine Arts and Heritage Class1969
36/31-35Construction Industry Development Project1970-1973
36/36-37Day Care project1977
36/38Drug Abuse project1973
36/39Entrepreneurial Development Program1970
36/40Film: "Getting It Together"1969
36/42Labor Education Advancement Program (LEAP)1969
36/43-44Labor Education Advancement Recompense for Non-Whites (LEARN)1969
36/45-37/3Media Action1972-1973
37/4National Black Survey1979
37/5New Thrust1969-1970
37/6Operation Breakthrough1970-1973, undated
37/7-9Seattle Consumer Action Team (SCAT)/Neighborhood Youth Consumer Education Project (NYCEP)1976-1977
37/10-15Thursday Forum1969-1970
37/16Volunteer Program1970
37/17-19Newsletters of others
37/20-30Financial records1969-1978, undated
Speeches and writings
37/31-32Page, Jerome1969, 1976-1979, undated
37/33Young Whitney M.1968-1970, undated
37/34National Urban League miscellaneous1969, undated
37/35Seattle Urban League miscellaneous1975-1976, undated
37/36Other miscellaneous1969-1979, undated
37/37Statements1972, undated
37/38Black Minorities in Broadcasting1969
37/40Senior Service proposal1977
37/41Title VII ESAA1973
37/42Miscellaneous1973-1975, undated
News releases
37/43, 38/1Seattle Urban League1969-1978
38/4Ordinances1976, undated
38/5Case file: Smith, Willy1978
38/8Of J.W. Pageundated
81/7Posters    OVERSIZEundated
38/18-19Ephemera1969-1976, undated
38/20Regarding: Central Contractor's Association1969-1970
38/21Regarding: O. I. C. Conference1971
Related organizations
38/23-24Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges1974-1977
38/25-26Central Area Civil Rights Committee1966-1967, 1971-1973
38/27Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System (camps)1970
38/28-29Eastern Washington State College, Board Of Trustees1973-1976
38/30-32Economic Resource Development, Policy Board1972-1973
38/33Environmental Works1972
38/34KCTS Advisory Board1970
38/35-38Municipal League of Seattle and King County, Board Of Trustees1971-1977
38/39National Association of Social Workers, Puget Sound Chapter1970
38/40National Urban League, Council of Executive Directors1971-1975
38/41Northwest Minority Communications Association1973
39/1Police - Community Relations Committee1968-1969
39/2-5Voluntary Agency Executives Coalition1971-1977
Seattle Urban League committees
39/6Affirmative Action Advisory Committee1977-1979
39/7Personnel Committee1966-1967
39/8Public Relations Committee1973, 1978, undated
39/9Volunteer Committee1969-1970
Seattle Urban League committees and departments
39/10-11Seattle Urban League Awards Committee1960-1968
39/12Seattle Urban League Building Committee1976-1979
Seattle Urban League Education Committee
39/13General Correspondence1958-1972
Subject files
39/21Adult and Vocational Education1963-1966
39/23Seattle Public Schools1967-1968
39/24News releases1962-1972
39/27"A Proposal for Reorganization of the Elementary
Division of the Seattle Public Schools"1964
39/29Speeches and writings1963, undated
39/31Notes1972, undated
39/32Membership Lists1962-1972, 1981
39/33Miscellany1963, 1970
39/34Ephemera1963-1964, 1971, undated
39/35Clippings1961-1963, 1968
Seattle Urban League Education Department
39/36Organizational Features1978-1984
Incoming Letters
39/37Citizens Education Center Northwest1980
39/38National Urban League1977-1981
39/39Urban League Affiliates1980
40/6-11Outgoing Letters1967-1981
40/12Interdepartmental Correspondence1970-1971
40/13-15Intradepartmental Correspondence1968-1971,1978-1980
General Correspondence
40/16Seattle University1977-1980
40/17-18Chronological1972, 1980-1981, undated
40/19Central Seattle Youth Service Bureau1979
40/20Washington State. Board of Education. Discipline Subcommittee1981
40/21Miscellaneous Staff Meetings1970-1971, 1979
Project Files
40/22-38Project Excel1978-1981, undated
Project SUL
40/39Organizational Featuresundated
40/40-41Outgoing Letters1978-1980
40/42Reader File1980
40/43Intradepartmental Correspondence1979-1980, undated
40/44Minutes1978-1980, undated
40/45Regarding: Desegregation and Job Bank Library1978
40/46Miscellaneous1980, undated
Grant Files
40/47-41/5Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA), Title VII Funding1978-1981, undated
Subject files
41/6Alving, Mary Louise1980-1981
41/7Core Parent Activities1980-1981
41/8ESAA, Title VII1978, undated
41/9Project SUL Advisory Committee1979-1980
41/10Student Assignment and Transfer1979-1981
41/11Summary Statement for 1980-81undated
41/12Title VII Advisory Committee1978-1979
41/13Staff Reports1979-1980, undated
41/15Of Elaine Eagles1979-1980
41/16-17Miscellaneous1979-1981, undated
Budget Files
41/18Worksheet Revenues and Expenses1978-1979
41/19-20Miscellaneous1979-1984, undated
41/21Seattle Urban League Literacy Improvement Center1979
41/22Job Descriptions1980-1981
41/23Staff Resumesundated
41/24Operations Manual1981
41/25Surveys1980-1981, undated
41/26Newsletters1979-1981, undated
41/28Staff Listsundated
41/30Miscellany1981, undated
Projects of others
41/31All School Arts Project1979-1980
41/32Casey Family Program1981
41/33Ethnic Heritage Studies Programundated
41/34Garfield High School Magnet School1968-1970
41/35Garfield High School Title VIII Tutorial Program1970-1971, undated
41/36Model Cities Cultural Pluralism Projectundated
41/37Nova Projectundated
41/38Parent Power Workshops1971
41/39Project Interchange1967, undated
41/40-43Seattle Urban Academy1961-1971
41/44Seattle Public Schools, Basic Plan for Occupational Education1969-1970
41/45Seattle Public Schools, Conflict Resolution Training Program1971-1972
41/46Seattle Public Schools, Follow Through Program1968-1970
42/1Seattle Public Schools, Lunch Program1968-1969
42/2Seattle Public Schools, Meany-Madrona Crime Prevention Program1972-73
42/3Seattle Public Schools, Voluntary Transfer Program1968-1973
42/4West Seattle Street Academy1970-1972
Desegregation Plans
42/5-11Other Schools1969-1970, 1980, undated
42/12-28Seattle Public Schools1966-1981
42/29, 43/1-9Miscellaneous1966-1973, undated
Subject files
43/10Affirmative Action in Higher Education1980-1981
43/11Black Education Center School Goals1976
43/12Budget TestimonyMarch 3, 1982
43/13Bus Rules1970-1972, undated
43/14Central City Voter Registration Campaign1976
43/15Children's Defense Fund1980-1981
43/16Citizens for Quality Integrated Education (Coalition Concern)1970-1971
43/17Day Care Informationundated
43/19Desegregation Monitoring1980
43/20Desegregation of Seattle Public Schools1972
43/21Desegregation Steering Committee1977, undated
43/22Education Department Information1979-1980
43/23Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship1980-1981
43/24Garfield High School Curriculum1973
43/25Higher Education1964-1967
43/26Human Relations1966-1970
43/27Ingraham High School1979-1980
43/28Leschi, Beacon Hill School Materials1978-1980, undated
43/29Magnet School Program1977
43/30Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Cultural Resource Center1979, undated
43/31Municipal League Meetings1976-1977
43/32National Committee for School Desegregation1980-1981
43/33Pacific Northwest Bell Contribution Request1979-1980
43/34-35Parent, Teacher, and Student Association. Seattle Council1978-1981
43/36Parent, Teacher and Student Association. Seattle Council & Office of Intergroup Relations Workshop1972
43/37Scholarships and Loans1963-1965
43/38School Climate Profile1973, undated
43/39School Closures1973-1974, 1979
43/40School Desegregation1965-1966,1977-1981,undated
43/41School Desegregation Case Studies1965-1970
43/42Seattle, Human Rights Commission1968-1971
43/43Seattle, Mayor's Task Force on Peaceful Desegregation1979
43/44Seattle Public Schools Educational Planning Committee1979
43/45Seattle Public Schools Fundamental School Option1979-1980
43/46Seattle Public Schools Literature1967-1970
43/47Seattle Public Schools Planning, Research, and Evaluation Office1980-1981
43/48Seattle Public Schools Reorganization1980, undated
43/49Seattle Public Schools School/Community Liaison Services Program1979, undated
43/50Seattle Public Schools Seattle School District #1 Board1977-1981
44/1Seattle Public Schools Seattle School District #1 Board Legislative Sessions1981
44/2Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Services1972
44/3Seattle Public Schools & Seattle Alliance of Educators Rally1973
44/4Seattle Anti-Klan Network1980
44/5Seattle Community College (Black Student Union)1969
44/6Seattle School Levies1973-1978
44/7Spectrum Schools1971
44/8Summary of URS Study for Facility Master Planningundated
44/9Triad Plan1977-1979
44/10Tuition Tax Credits1981
44/11UW - Academic African Sojourn1970
44/12UW. Black Student Union1968
44/13UW. Minority Student Program1968-1970
44/14Urban School Problems1965-1966
44/15Washington State School Board Legislation1966-1970
Conferences & Workshops
44/16Conference on Minority Education1972
44/17Education Change Team Conference1970
44/18Minority Affairs Workshop1972
44/19National Urban League 1979 National Conference1979
44/20National Urban League Western Regional Education Conference1970
44/21Parents as Partners in Education1980
44/22Puget Sound Governmental Conference. Seminar on Cooperative Planning1970
44/23Seattle Urban League Board/Staff Workshop1971
44/24Teacher as a Catalyst for Change in Minority Education1972
44/25Workshop in Social Action1969
44/26"Context for Education in the Seventies"1969
44/27"Continuous Progress" Final Report1967
44/28"Education in Action"1970
44/29League of Women Voters of Seattle, Study of Seattle School System1962
44/30Miscellaneous Seattle Public Schools Studies1967, 1972
44/31Miscellaneous Studies and Reports1968-1970
44/32Monthly Reports from Lolita Darby1980-1981
44/33National Education Studies and Reports1966-1969
44/34Quality of Health Care at Seattle Hospitals1968
44/35Seattle Public Schools Staff Morale1980
44/36Seattle Public Schools "Urban Education Crisis"1969
44/37"Social Welfare Agencies and the Negro"1967-1969
44/38Washington Education Association. De Facto Segregation Reports1968, 1970, undated
Speeches and writings
44/39Kimbrough to Seattle School Board1965
44/40"Minorities, Civil Rights, and Brigham Young University"1970
44/41"Minority Viewpoint: Equal Opportunity Through Education in the Free American Society"undated
44/42Miscellaneous Speeches and Writings1977
44/43Miscellaneous Speeches and Writings of Others1965-1972, 1978-1980
44/44Regarding: Seattle Public Schools Student Senate1970
44/45Speech by Nan Petit1973
44/46Spellman's Speech to Central Seattle Community Council1969
Course Material
44/47Multi-Ethnic Curriculum Informationundated
44/48The Negro: Past and Present1968-1969
44/49Student Rights and responsibilities1972
44/50Tacoma Public Schools. "Teaching and the Disadvantaged Child"1966
44/51Textbook Evaluations1964-1966, undated
Questionnaires And Surveys
44/52Community Institution Follow Up1979
44/53Counseling Survey1971-1973
44/54Initial Interview Reportundated
45/1Seattle Public Schools Student and Parent Preference Survey Data1977
45/2Seattle Public Schools Survey of Certificated Staff1980
45/3Survey on Desegregation Impact1978
Financial Aid/scholarships
45/4-5Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship1970-1973, 1980-1981
45/6Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship Recipients1970-1971, 1980-1981
45/7Federal Sources of Funding1969
45/8General Scholarship Information1970
45/9Memoranda1971, 1978
45/10Grant Files1970
45/11Seattle Public Schools Singer/Graflex, Inc.1970
45/12Job Descriptions1979
45/13Address Lists1969, undated
45/14Members of School Councils1971-1972
45/15Miscellaneous Lists1971, undated
45/16Parent Listsundated
45/17Directories1968-1972, undated
45/18Education Measures Passed by 1973 Legislature1973
45/19EIS Testimonies on School Closures1981
45/20Maudine Cooper on Youth Employment & Training Initiatives1980
45/21District Citizens School Advisory Council1971
45/22Maps1978-1979, undated
45/23BandersnatchFebruary 1971
45/24Seattle Public Schools Southeast Education Center1970-1971
45/25-26News releases1970-1973, undated
45/27Ephemera1965-1971, 1978-1979
45/28-29Clippings1967-1973, 1978, undated
45/30-31Miscellany1966-1973, 1979-1980
45/32Ad Hoc Committee For Tax Reform1973
45/33-34American Friends Service Committee. Pacific Northwest Regional Office 1977-81
45/35American Friends Service Committee. Education Group1971-1972
Central Area School Council
45/36Organizational Features1968-1969
45/37Incoming Letters1968-1972
45/38Outgoing Letters1968-1969
45/39General Correspondence1968-1970
45/40Interoffice Correspondence1969
45/41-44Central Area School Council1968-1971
45/45Community School Conference Steering CommitteeJan. 25, 1970
45/46Joint C.A.S.C./Seattle Model Cities Program/S.U.L. Meetings1970
45/47Memoranda1972, undated
45/48-52Reports1969-1970, undated
Speeches and Writings
45/53"A Community School Council in Seattle"undated
45/54"A New Thrust for the Urban League Movement"1969
45/55Central Area Committee on Civil Rights Proposal1968
45/56Central Area Educational Institute's "Ideas and Proposals"1969
45/57Miscellaneous Proposals1968-1969, undated
45/58Regarding: Central Region Title I Proposals1971
45/59Regarding: Community School Councilundated
45/60Regarding: Consumer Protection and Consumer Educationundated
45/61Regarding: Meany Jr. High School1969
Subject files
45/624-4-4 Plan1970
45/63Agreement on C.A.S.C.1968-1969
46/1Central Area Community Talent Bankundated
46/2Central Area Educational Institute1969
46/3-5Central Area School Council Election1969
46/6New Thrust Education Project1968-1969
46/7Seattle Model City Program/C.A.S.C. Contract1971-1972
46/8Student Paper1969
Conferences and Workshops
46/9C.A.S.C. Retreat1969
46/12Budget Files1969, undated
Job Descriptions
46/13Seattle Urban League/Seattle Public Schools Positions Regarding: Central Area1969-1971, undated
46/14Membership Lists1971-1973, undated
46/15NewsletterFeb. 9, 1973
46/16Ephemera1971, undated
46/18Miscellany1969, 1972, undated
46/19Committee Of Concerned Black Citizens1977, undated
Seattle Public Schools Committees
46/20Choice Committee1980-1981
46/21-22Citizens Advisory Committee1979-1981
46/23-24Citizens Budget Advisory Committee1979-1981
46/25-26Citizens Committee for Academic Excellence1978-1981
46/27-29Citizens School Advisory Councils1970-1971, 1973, undated
46/30Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee1978
46/31Committee on Review of Proposed Graduation Requirements1972-1973
46/32Community Liaison Services Parents Advisory Committee1973
46/33Compensatory Education Parent Advisory Council1978-1980
46/34-35District Planning Commission1978-1979, undated
46/36District Wide Advisory Committee for Desegregation1979-1981
47/1-2Educational Planning Committee1979-1980
47/3Elections Procedures Recommendations Committee1973
47/4Garfield Citizens Advisory Committee1968
47/5Garfield Community Council1961-1969
47/6Garfield High School Citizens Advisory Committee1968
47/7Human Relations Coordinating Council1980-1981
47/8-9Human Relations Planning Committee1971
47/10Human Rights Commission Consortium For Better Education1979-1980
47/11Middle School Voluntary Transfer Steering Committee1973
47/12Minimum Competencies Advisory Committee1979-1981
47/13-15Model Cities Education Task Force1969-1973
47/16Representative Community Committee1973
47/17School Board Advisory Committee for the Superintendent Selection Process1980
47/18Southeast Area Task Force1976-1980
47/19Steering Committee of the 1980 Seattle School Levy Campaign1979-1980
47/20-21Urban, Rural, Racial, and Disadvantage Committee1973
47/22-48/4Voucher Study Committee1968-1971
48/5Voucher Study Committee. Community Information Subcommittee1971
48/6S.u.l. Task Force On Desegregation1972
48/7-9United Community Services1971-1973
48/10University Of Washington. Visiting Committee For The College Of Education1971-1972
48/11-12Washington Legislature. Joint Committee On Education. Subcommittee On Metropolitan Education1968-1970
48/13 Seattle Urban League Employment Committee1974, 1977
48/14Seattle Urban League Finance Committee1969-1970
48/15-22Seattle Urban League Health and Welfare Committee1959-1978
Seattle Urban League Health and Welfare Director
48/23Goals And Objectives1978
48/24-34General Correspondence1963-1975
49/1-5General Correspondence1976-1982
49/6Of Health and Welfare Committee1965-1966
49/7Of others1981-1982, undated
Conferences And Conventions
49/8Miscellaneous1962, 1970
49/9-25Freedom from Want1975-1976
49/26Legal Services for Health Advocacy Conference1981
49/27Minority Awareness Seminar1974
49/28N.U.L. Conference1975
49/29-30Washington Economic Conversion Conference1980
49/32Activity/Committee Reports1978
49/33-34Annual Service Data Reports1978
49/35-37Hospital Survey Report1968-1970
49/39Legislative Report1977
49/40People Who Inter-Marry: Pioneers or Protesters?"1967
49/41Social and Economic Characteristics in King County, Washington1973
49/42Social Welfare Agencies and the Negro1967
49/43-44Social Welfare Agencies - Revisited1968
Reports Of Others
49/45Miscellaneous1964, 1971
50/1Joint Recruitment Project for Minority Adoptive Homes1956-1959
50/2The Puzzle: Why Hunger in King County?1972
Speeches and writings
50/3-4Miscellaneous1965-1978, undated
50/5Food Stamps: Effect of New Regulations1971
50/6Handbook for Supervisors of Disadvantagedundated
50/7Health and Welfare: The Urban League's Approach1964
50/8Indicators of Needcirca 1971
50/9National Urban League Requirements for a Minimum Income Floor1971
50/10Priorities for Health & Welfare Programmingundated
50/11The Social Revolution and Health and Welfare1964
50/12Testimony to the Bishop's Urban Coalition Hearings1978
50/13Toward an Unencumbered Income Guarantee1970
50/14Welfare Grants and the Poverty Level1978
50/15Work, Welfare, Women and Wealth, or Whose Work and Whose Welfare?1977
50/16Speeches and writings Of Others1971-1973, 1982, undated
51Card File Indices - Includes "negro Pioneers" & "inter-racial Couples" circa 1971
Questionnaires And Surveys
50/17-20Miscellaneous1966-1968, undated
50/21Effects of Urban Renewal on Racial Desegregation1960
50/22Health and Welfare Survey1966
50/23Intermarriage Survey1966
50/24National Black Survey1979
50/25Neighborhoods in Transition1962
50/26-27Priorities Assessment Questionnaire1979
50/28Social Welfare Agencies Survey1966-1967
50/30News releases1964-1982
50/33Economic Opportunity1977
50/34Lists1969, 1978-1980, undated
50/35-37Hunger Action Center1976-1982
50/38PE Bulletin1982
Newsletters Of Others
50/40-41Politics for Workers1975-1977
50/42-43Tacoma Community House Minority News1973-1981
50/44-45Vivian Gaboury's Letter from Olympia1969-1979
50/46Grant File1968
50/47Program Files1968-1969
Project Files
Hypertension Project
50/48Organizational Features1975, 1978, undated
50/49Incoming Letters1974-1975, 1979
50/50Outgoing Letters1974-1976
50/51General Correspondence1975-1979
Subject files
52/1American Heart Association1976-1980
52/2American Heart Association. Planning and Development Fund1975-1976
52/3Blood Pressure Screening Clinic1975
52/4Initiative 314undated
52/5Rivers, Marian1975-1976, undated
52/6United Way Development and Demonstration Fund1978
52/8-10Proposals1975-1976, 1979, undated
52/11Speeches and Writingsundated
52/12Conference File1978
52/13Grant Files1974-1976
52/14Budget Files1975-1976, undated
52/16Screening Records1975
52/17Project Results1976
52/18Activity & Time Sheets1979
52/19News releases1974-1975, undated
52/20Of National High Blood Pressure Education Program1975-1976
52/21Regional Medical Program Results1975
52/22Pamphlets1975, undated
52/23Notes1977, undated
52/25Ephemera1975, 1978, undated
52/27Miscellany1977-1978, undated
52/28Information and Referral Project1974-1976
52/29Pioneer Square Health Welfare Project1970-1971
52/30Voter Action Projects1963
52/31Curriculum File - Seattle Community College Seminarundated
Subject files
52/32ACLU Legislative Conference1968
52/33Action Alliance for Children, Youth and Families1980
52/35-37Adult Corrections1979-1983
52/38-39Aging1972, 1981
52/40Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Amendments1981
52/41Aid to Families with Dependent Children Hearings1982
52/42Alliance for Human Services, Education and Welfare1981
52/43-45Block Grants1975, 1981
52/46Child Welfare1980-1982
52/47Children's Protective Services1969
52/48Chore Services Cuts1981
52/49Churches and Negroes1969-1970
52/50Citizens Alert for Rapid vs. Highway Transit (CARHT)1971
52/51Citizens Participation for Progress of Washington1970
52/52Coalition Against Discrimination1971
52/53Coalition for Children, Youth and Families1982
52/54-55Consumer Health Education and Training Program1968-1972
52/56Consumer Training Proposal1969
52/57Day Care1982
52/58Defense Spending1978
52/59Election - Federal1980
52/60Election - State1980
52/61Energy Assistance for the Poor1979-1980
52/62Family Planning1964-1973
52/63-64Federal Budget Cuts1981
52/65Fluoridation1968, undated
52/66Foster Care1977-1980
53/2-4Health Agencies1970-1971
53/5Health and Human Services Network1980-1981
53/6Health and Welfare Application Process1964
53/7-8Health Careers1968-1972
53/9Holly Park Neighborhood Multi-Service Center1970
53/12Housing Rehab Proposalundated
53/15Human Potentials Center1969
53/18Initiative 241980
53/19Initiative 2711972
53/20Initiative 3141975
53/21Initiative 3941981
53/22Initiative 4011981
53/23-24Join Hands1969-1972
53/25Juvenile Code1980-1981
53/26King County Community Councils1968-1969
53/27King County Democratic Platform1970
53/28King County Epilepsy Leagueundated
53/29King County Hospital1969-1970
53/30King County Legislative Workshop1973
53/31King County Medical Society1968
53/32King County Mental Health Planning1969
53/33Legal Services Suit vs. USDA on Surplus Foods1971
53/34Legislative Committee Meetings1970-1975
53/36-37Low-Income Energy Assistance Plan (CAMP)1981
53/38Minority Executive Directors Coalition1983
53/39National Caucus of Labor Committees1973
53/40National Council of Negro Women1968
53/41National Council on the Aging1969
53/42Nixon's Economic Policy1971
53/43Nutrition and Health Council1971-1972
53/44Parks and Recreation1962-1968
53/47Polk, William1981
53/48-49Public Assistance Law1981-1982
53/50Public Health Service1972
53/51Puget Sound Conversion Project1980
53/52Puget Sound Health Systems Agency1977-1978
53/53Recipient Representation on SDPA Advisory Committees1970-1972
53/54Research Proposal1973
53/55Rock Festivals
53/56Seattle Consumer Action Network1980
53/57Seattle Emergency Housing Service1978-1981
53/58-59Seattle Legal Rights Association1969-1970
53/60-61Seattle Model City Program1967-1970
53/62, 54/1-4Seattle Public Schools Proposal1964
54/5Seattle Urban Network1980
54/6Social Security1979
54/7Social Welfare Coalition Against the War1969-1970
54/8Solidarity Day1981
54/9-10State Bills - Summaries1981
54/11United Good Neighbor1968-1970
54/12-13United Good Neighbor Agencies1969-1970
54/14University of Washington1968-1970
54/15-16Washington Association of Community Action Agencies (WACAA)1980-1981
54/17-18Welfare Caseload1980-1981
54/19-26Welfare Cuts1980-1981
54/27-32Welfare Facts1970
54/33-45Welfare Reform1972-1979
55/1White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals1976
55/2White Racism1965-1971
55/3Women's Groups1980-1981
55/4Work Incentive Program (WIN)1979-1980
55/5Y.M.C.A. Seattleundated
55/6Young Jr., Whitney M.1971
55/9Miscellany1965-1978, undated
55/10-15Fair Budget Action Campaign1982
55/16-22Washington. Department Of Social And Health Services. Advisory Committee1979-1981
55/23-30Washington. Employment And Training Council Ad Hoc Welfare Reform Committee1979-1981
55/31-44Welfare Coalition1973-1982
55/45Seattle, Public Schools. Citizens' Staff Human Relations Task Force1970
55/46-56/2Seattle Urban League Agency Survey Task Force1969-1970
56/3Seattle Urban League Conference Planning Committee1976
56/4Seattle Urban League Health Coordinating Committee1969
56/5Seattle Urban League Welfare Workshop Committee1970
Seattle Urban League Housing Committee
56/6General Correspondence1962-1968
56/9Membership Lists1967, undated
Project Files - Rental Project
56/11General Correspondence1965-1966
56/14Status of Applicants1966-1967, undated
56/15Lists - Rental Listings1963, undated
Rental Resource Forms
56/19-20Polled Owners & Managers Refusing to Rent to Negroes1967
56/21Refusals & Evasives Found in "Avoided Areas"1965-1967
56/22-23Evasive and ?1965
56/24-25Polled Owners & Managers Evasive About Renting to Negroes1967
Subject files
56/28Fair Housing Listing Service1963-1965
56/29Harmony Homes Inc.1962-1964
56/30Speeches and Writings1965, undated
56/34Speeches and writings1960-1967
56/36Miscellany1962-1963, 1968
Seattle Urban League Job Development Committee
56/37-40Incoming Letters1962-1966
56/41-44Outgoing Letters1962-1965
57/1Outgoing Letters1966-1969
57/2-6Interoffice Correspondence1961-1968
57/8--9Reports - Monthly1961-1966
57/11Subject files - Jobs Now1968
57/13Seattle Urban League Negro Scholarship Fund1964-1967
57/14Seattle Urban League Office Relocation Task Force1971
Seattle Urban League On-The-Job Training Program (OJT)1965-1980
70/25-27Organizational features1965-1978
Incoming letters
70/28Affiliate correspondence1976
70/29Construction Industry Development1970
70/30Employer letters seeking applicants1966
70/31-32Equal employment letters1974-1979
70/33Labor Management Training and Apprenticeship of King County1969-1970
70/34National Urban League1967-1977
70/35Seattle Fire Department1972
70/36Seattle Model Cities Program1975
70/37United States Penitentiary McNeil Island Black Culture Program1970
70/38-46, 71/8Miscellaneous Chronological1966-1977
Outgoing letters
71/9to National Urban League1966-1977
71/10-12of Humes, Hascal O.1966
71/13-14of Lantry, David1974-1979
71/15of Maxie, Charles M.1969-1970
71/16-22of Sanford, Lawrence E.1966-1969
71/23-24of Williams, George, Project Director1972-1973
71/25-36Miscellaneous Chronological1966-1977
General correspondence
71/37-38of Collins, Cecil A.1968-1969
71/39-40, 72/1-9Miscellaneous chronological1966-1979, undated
72/10-22Intradepartmental correspondence1965-1979
72/23-36Interdepartmental correspondence1965-1979
Minutes (mostly Staff Meetings)
72/37-38Seattle Urban League executive staff meetings1966-1970
72/40Fiscal year 1977 contract staff meeting notes1976
72/41-42Seattle Urban League departmental directors meetings1976-1977
73/1-10Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)circa 1974-1979
73/11-44King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium (KSMC)circa 1973-1978
73/45-48, 74/1-5National Urban League Subcontracts1966-1973
81/8National Urban League Subcontracts    OVERSIZE1971-1973
74/6-15United States Manpower Development Training Act1965-1978
74/16-23Miscellaneous Contracts1965-1978
74/24On-the-Job Training Program (OJT) proposal1965
74/25Neighborhood House1971-1972
74/26-27Seattle City Light Affirmative Action1971-1972
74/28-29Centro de la Raza1973
74/30-31Fiscal Year 19741973-1974
74/32Foundation Grant1975
74/33Area Agency on Aging1976-1977
74/34Ex-Offender Proposal1977
74/35Career Counseling, Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) King County1977
74/36Minority Jobs Research1977
74/37Sexual Offender Proposal1977
74/38Battelle Private Sector Initiatives (PSI) Proposal1978-1979
74/39Resource Library Proposalundated
74/40Personnel Exchange Programundated
74/41-42Miscellaneous1969, undated
Project files
74/43-45Concentrated Employment Program (CEP)1969
74/46-47In School OJT1975-1976
Minority Skills Bank
74/48-50General Correspondence1970-1979, undated
75/1Reports1975-1979, undated
75/2Activity Reports, Matthew Bryant1975
75/3-4Contracts1976-1978, undated
75/7Miscellaneous1976-1978, undated
75/8Title IV Special Projects: Fiscal Year 19771977
75/9Fiscal Year 19771977
75/11Urban Awareness Program1969-1970
75/13Available publications1969
75/14Client businessesundated
75/17Affiliate Data1974-1977
75/18Annual Comprehensive Employment and Training Act1978
75/19Contract/Trainee Statistics #34-9-0011-0031970
75/21Employment Programsundated
75/22Employment Security1972-1973
75/23Fiscal Year 19661966-1967
75/24Fiscal Year 19751974-1976
75/25Full Employment - Jordanundated
75/26-34Miscellaneous Chronological1966-1979, undated
75/35Miscellaneous Individual Reports1969
75/43Monthly Statistics1968-1969
75/45-46Progress and Compliance1968-1969
75/49Staff Reports of Meetings1970-1971
75/50Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas Labor Market1976-1978
75/54Statistical Reports on Completion1977
75/55United Way Conference Report1977
75/56United Way Service Data1975-1977
75/58-60Weekly Statistical1968-1972
75/61-67Financial records1966-1977, undated
76/1-3Invoice materials1968-1974
Subject files
76/4Administrative Log of Employee Activity1976-1977
76/5-8Affirmative Action1976-1978, undated
76/9Alleged Fraud Incident1969
76/10-11Apprenticeship Programs1964-1966
76/12Audit Letter1977-1978
76/13B.W. Industries1976
76/14Background on Manpower1977, undated
76/15Bellevue Police Department and Equal Opportunity1975-1976
76/16Board Committee- David Lantry1977
Scope and Content: Includes employment committee records and department heads meeting minutes
76/17Board Report1976
76/18Board Retreat1978
76/19Budgeting and Financial Management1977-1978, undated
76/20Central Contractors Association1969
76/21Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System1970
76/22Direct Placement1971-1972
76/23Employer Information1965-1967
76/24Equal Employment Opportunity Companies and Newsletters1966-1969
76/25Federal Contract Compliance Officers1968-1970
76/26Human Needs Coalition1973, undated
76/27Intergovernmental Job Information Center1972-1973, undated
76/28-31Job Development1971-1976, undated
76/32Join Hands & United Customers for All-American Hiring1969-1970
76/33King County Contract Compliance1977-1978
76/34King County Metro Transit Advisory Committee1973-1975
76/35Manpower Information1970-1971
76/36Minority Engineers1971
76/37National Urban League Job to Industry Program1974
76/38National Urban League Office of Veterans Affairs1970
76/39National Urban League Priorities1978
76/40Negro Working Girl1966
76/41New Employee Orientation1973-1977
76/42Operation Improvement1977-1978
76/44Playground Safety Standards1976
76/45Port of Seattle1971-1973
76/46Port of Seattle Employment Profile1971
76/47Prisons and Jails1973-1974
76/48Private Sector Initiatives1977-1978
76/49Program Models for Youth Programs1977
76/50-52Program Planning1977-1978
76/53Publicity Campaignundated
76/54Puget Sound Coalition1973, undated
76/55Seattle/Opportunities Industrialization Center1966-1975
76/56Seattle Public Schools Work Training Programs1973-1975
76/57Seattle Urban League Parking Lot1976-1978
76/58Seattle Urban League OJT Reception1972
76/59Services Employment & Redevelopment1972-1973
76/60Sheet Metal Workers Local 991968-1969, undated
76/61Staff Evaluations1975
76/62Statewide Minority Job Research and Placement Project1978
76/63Sunset Sportswear1974-1975
88/1Team Performance Policy1980
88/2Training Programs1971
88/3United Airlines Affirmative Action Plan1977
88/4United Way of America Services Identification System1977, undated
88/5University of Washington Inter-Race Relations Workshop1969
88/6Urban League Affiliates Regarding: Black Cooperatives1969
88/7Washington State Welfare Rights1973
88/8Youth Employment Models1977
88/9Washington State Student Resumes and Summer Employment1969-1970
Personnel files
88/10Mercer, Lyle F.1965-1966
88/11Lantry, David1974-1978
88/12Humes, Hascal O.1966
88/13Job postings1968-1974
Conferences and conventions
88/16Cooperative Education: The Merging Manpower Resource1975-1975
88/17Economic Development Department Conference1977
88/18Joining the Community Through Jobs: The Role of the Private Sector1975
88/20National Urban League Kansas City Conference1976
88/21Office of Manpower Development Training Denver Conference1976
86/1On the Job Training Conference-Phoenix1972
86/2Portland Office of Manpower Development and Training Conference1975
86/3San Francisco Youth Program Planning Conference1977
86/6Speeches and writings1965-1977, undated
86/7-8Notes1974-1975, undated
86/11Davis, Edward, Affirmative Action Specialist1977-1979
86/12King-Snohomish County Manpower Area Planning Council1972-1973
86/13-16National Commission for Manpower Policy (David N. Lantry)1971-1979
57/15-18Seattle Urban League Personnel Practices Committee1956-1964
Seattle Urban League Planning and Evaluation Director (Willy Smith)
Subject files
57/20Health Manpower Workshop1969-1971
57/21Seattle Model City Program1969-1970
Seattle Urban League Research and Communications Director (William Strawbridge)
57/22-24General correspondence1974-1976
57/25After Graduation - What?: Follow-Up Survey of the class Graduating in 19671969
57/26Employment Client Profile1974
57/27Evaluation of Low Performance by Job Applicants Taking Employment Security's Metropolitan Achievement Test1974
57/28Monthly Reports1976
57/29Neighborhood Profiles for Seattle's Twenty Critical Neighborhoods1971
57/30United Way Service Data Report1974-1976
Reports Of Others
57/31Seattle Public Library: Yesler Branch1974
Subject files
57/32Affirmative Action1971-1974
57/33Census Workshop1975
57/35Health Education Coalition of King County (HECK)1976
57/39Proposed Neighborhood Preservation Program1975
57/40Racial Gap1968-1974
57/41Tacoma's Racial Gap1975
Speeches and writings
57/43News releases1977
57/44-45Clippings1975, undated
57/46-50Reader Files1961-1967, undated
Subject files
58/2-3Parents' Night1964
58/4Seattle-King County Youth Commission1958, 1964-1965
58/5Seattle Neighborhood Youth Corps1966
58/6-7Washington. Employment Security Dept. Youth Opportunity Center1965-1967
Project Files
58/8-11Operation Higher Motivation1967-1969
Related organizations
58/12-32Construction Industry Development Program1970-1972
Model Capital Corporation
58/38Incoming letters1971-1979
58/39Outgoing letters1972-1979, undated
General correspondence
58/40of Culp, Dwyer, Guterson and Grader1971-1980
58/41of Hubbard, Walter1971-1980
58/42Regarding: Dividends and earnings distribution1971-1980
59/1-2Board of Directors1974-1975
59/3Loan Committee1973-1974
59/6American Association of Minority Enterprises Small Business Investment Company (MESBIC)1975
59/7MESBIC of Washington1971-1978
59/8Small Business Portfolios1976
59/9Various MESBICS1972-1975
59/12Speeches and writingsundated
59/13Grant Proposals1972, 1978
59/14-19Financial records1972-1979
59/20Legal Documents1972-1978
59/21Personnel Files1973-1976
Subject files
59/22Bangasser management contract1973-1975
59/23Board of directors membership1972-1974
59/24Impact Communications1977-1978
59/25M&R Enterprises1982
59/27Shareholder meetings1976-1977
59/28The Skanner1980
59/29Sunrise Compost Company1973
59/30Timberlake, Inc.1974
59/31United Inner City Development Foundation1971-1972
Project Files
59/32-35Dudley Communications Ltd./KYAC1975-1979
59/36-60/4Gemini Associates1974-1978
60/5-13MESBIC (Minority Enterprises Small Business Investment Company) of Washington Joint Venture1971-1975
60/14-16MESBIC of Washington merger1977-1980
60/17-23New Heritage House, Inc. (John Brisker)1973-1976, undated
60/24-26Seattle Hedonist magazine1973-1976, undated
60/27-61/5Vanhu, Inc.1971-1978
National Urban League
Organizational Features
61/11-12Manuals1956, 1961-1962
61/13-15Memoranda1949, 1963, 1976
61/16News releases1963, 1966-1972, undated
61/17Of National Urban League1968, 1970-1973
61/18Of Affiliates1964-1977
61/19Publication - Secretariat1967-1968
61/20Report - "state Of National Urban League"1975
61/21-24Conference Files1960-1965
Subject files
61/25Black Middle Class1974
61/26Skills Bank1964, undated
61/27Speeches and writings1974
61/29-33Pamphlet Files1956-1965
61/34National Urban League Education Council1968-1972
61/35National Urban League Executive Director's Treasurer1964-1966
61/36, 62/1National Urban League Executive Secretaries Council1960-1961, undated
62/2National Urban League Equal Opportunity Day Committee1958
62/3-4National Urban League Western Regional Office1962-1966
Operation Equality
62/5Organization1966-1967, undated
Incoming letters
62/7-8Miscellaneous A - Z1967-1971
62/9-28Outgoing letters1966-1970
63/1-4Outgoing letters1970-1971
63/5-6Outgoing letters Of The Legal Department1970-1971
General correspondence
63/7-8Ford Foundation1969-1971
63/9National Urban League1969
63/14Staff Meetings1967-1971
63/15Neighborhood Advisory Council & neighborhood committees1967-1968
63/16Consolidation meetings1971
63/17-18Miscellaneous (of Operation Equality)1967-1971
63/25Yearly1968, 1970
63/26-28Miscellaneous Operation Equality1967-1971, undated
63/29-30Miscellaneous other1968-1970
63/31-64/2Financial records1966-1971
Speeches and writings
64/3of Operation Equality1966-1970
64/4of Seattle and National Urban League1963-1967, undated
64/5-6of Others1968-1969, undated
64/7Drafts1967, undated
64/8Statements Of Discrimination1968-1969
64/10News releases1966-1968
64/11Contracts1970-1971, undated
Subject files
64/12-13221(h) projects1968-1969
64/17Counseling Services (of Operation Equality)1970
64/18Foundation for Cooperative Housing Feasibility Study1969
64/22Housing code1969
64/23Housing fair1968
64/24Legislation and ordinances1967-1968, undated
64/25-26Operation Breakthrough1970-1971
64/27Operation Equality Task Force1970
64/28Success stories1969
64/29United Inner City Development Fund1970
64/31Job descriptionsundated
64/32Lists1967-1969, undated
Seattle Housing Development
Incoming letters
65/2U.S. Housing and Urban Development Dept. (HUD)1972-1975
65/3Regarding: Mortgages1974
65/4-5Outgoing letters1971-1978
General correspondence
65/6Church of the Epiphany1974
65/7Regarding: Audit1972-1974
65/10-11Memoranda1972-1974, 1976-1977
Speeches and writings
65/13-14"Reading Material"1973
65/18Monthly to Ford Foundation1972
65/19Miscellaneous to Ford Foundation1973-1974
65/21-22Proposals1973, undated
Subject files
65/24A. W. Carter contract1971
65/25Central Brokers Association1973
65/26CETA training1973-1975
65/27-28Counseling plans/programs1974-1978, undated
65/29-30Delinquency and default counseling1972-1973
65/31Executive director search1972
65/32Experimental housing allowance1973
65/33Ford Foundation matching funds1972-1973
65/35Housing Affairs newsletters1974-1975
65/36-37Insurance Information Center1973-1974
65/38Model Contractors, Inc.1972
65/39Moon vs. Takasaki1971-1972
65/41Neighborhood Housing Rehabilitation Program1973-1974
66/1New Towns involvement1972-1973
66/2Performance appraisal1972
66/4-5Pierce County. Community Action Program1974-1975
66/6Port of Seattle relocation1974
66/7Property releases1973
66/8Public Assistanceundated
66/10Seattle Emergency Housing Service1973
66/11Seattle Model Cities Revenue Sharing1972-1973
66/12South Park Workshops1974
66/13Stock transfer1973
66/14Tenant-Landlord bill1973
66/15-16Training Programs1971, 1974
66/17Urban homesteading1974-1975
65/18U.S. Farmer's Home Administration1974
66/19Washington State Housing Counseling1974
66/24Seattle Housing Development, Board of Directors1972
66/25-32Advocates For Affirmative Action Central Area Citizens Committee (central Area Motivation Program)1971-1972
66/33-34Organizational features1967-1971, undated
66/35Incoming letters1969-1971
66/36Outgoing letters1970-1971
66/38Board meetings1970-1972
66/39Central Area Motivation Project staff meetings1968
Project files
66/41Beautification/Operation Improvement1970-1971
66/42Black Arts West1970-1971
66/43Communications Department1970
67/1Education Talent Search Program (ETSP)1970-1971
67/2Head Start1970-1971
67/3Management Information System (MIS) project1969-1971
67/4Motivated ADC Mothers Program1970
67/5Repair service project1970-1971
67/6Seattle Community Organization for Renewal Enterprises (SCORE)1970-1971
67/7Tenants Organization1970
67/10-11Financial records1970-1972
67/12Newsletters1968, undated
67/13Miscellany1966, undated
67/14-15Executive board1967-1968
67/16-18Central Area Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity1964-1965
Citizens Committee for Negro Adoptions
67/19By Lawsundated
67/20-21General correspondence1961-1963
67/25Referrals and inquiries1962-1963
67/26Surveys - Negro Children Awaiting Adoption1961-1962
67/27Membership lists
67/29Speeches and writings
Subject files
67/30"A Child In Your Future"undated
67/31Medina Children's Service Minority Adoption Project1965-1967
67/32Programs1962,1966, undated
67/33Washington Adoption Resource Exchange1964-1965
67/35Financial records1962-1963
67/39Seattle Urban League Committee On Adoptions And Foster Home Placement Of Negro Children1953-1955
67/40-68/13Council of Planning Affiliates1963-1977
68/14Council of Planning Affiliates, Contract Negotiations Committee1970
68/15Council of Planning Affiliates, Legislative Committee1970-1971
Court Ordered Advisory Committee (COAC)
General correspondence
68/17United Construction Workers Association.1972-1974
68/18-21Miscellaneous1969-1979, undated
68/25Special Electrical Apprenticeship Subcommittee1972
68/26-30Financial records1972-1977
68/31Contracts1973, undated
68/32-35Court papers1969-1979
69/1News releases1973, undated
69/2-3Speeches and writings1971-1973
Subject files
69/4Affirmative action in the construction industry1969-1970, undated
69/5Curricula1972, undated
69/6Labor apprentice programs1969, undated
69/7Labor outreach proposals1969-1970
69/8Program merger1973
69/9Supplemental Order relative to COAC and United Construction Workers Association1972
69/10United Construction Workers Association (UCWA)1974-1975, undated
69/11UCWA and the Lindberg decision1972
69/16-21Employment Equal Opportunities Commission reports1974-1976
69/22Monthly data sheets1972, 1976-1977
69/23-26Monthly reports1972-1977
69/27-31Quarterly reports of the U. S. Attorney1972-1974
69/33-70/13Joint Manpower Board (unicenter)1971-1976
70/14King County Intergroup Relations Committee1964
70/15-23United Inner City Development Foundation1969-1973

Accession No. 0607-009
Seattle Urban League records, 1984-1997
2 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Arranged in chronological order
Scope and Content
Meeting minutes for the Seattle Urban League Board of Directors.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
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Acquisition Info
Donor: R.Y. Woodhouse, June 29, 2011.
1Board minutes1984-1990
2Board minutes1991-1997

Accession No. 0607-010
Seattle Urban League records, 1950-1968
.21 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Statements and memos, annual report, fliers, brochures, course material and other documents related to the Seattle Urban League.
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Open to all users.
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1/1Statements and memos1960-1964
1/2Annual Report1959
1/3Housing workshop1963
1/4Paper - Racial Trends in Seattle, Lewis Watts1958
1/5Seattle University courses - SC 166N and 266N, Racial Relations1958
1/6Pamphlets, informational handouts, and event fliers1961-1968
1/7News reprints1950-1963
1/8The Facts, "The Northwest's Largest American Negro Publication," no. 11964 April 15

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Pratt, Edwin T., d. 1969.
Watts, Lewis.
National Urban League.
Seattle Urban League--Archives.
Geographic Names:
Seattle (Wash.)--Race relations.
Washington (State)--Civil rights.
Washington (State)--Societies, etc.
Genre Headings:
Annual reports.
Case files.
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Financial records.
Sound recordings.
African American leadership--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Education--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Health and hygiene--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Housing--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans--Washington (State)
African Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle--Social conditions
African Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies, etc.--Archives
Civil rights--Washington (State)
Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies, etc.
Civil rights movements--United States
Civil rights movements--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in education--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in employment--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in housing--Law and legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in housing--Washington (State)--Seattle
Discrimination in medical care--Washington (State)--Seattle
Human services--Washington (State)--Seattle
Minorities--Washington (State)--Seattle
Nonprofit organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives
Social work with African Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle
African Americans
Civic Activism
Civil rights
Civil Rights
Immigrant, ethnic, and racial groups
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Social and community history
Washington (State)
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