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Guide to the Melville Jacobs Papers

Manuscript Collection No.: 1693
Accession No.: 1693-001
Creator: Jacobs, Melville, 1902-1971, creator
Title: Melville Jacobs papers
Date Span: 1918-1978
Bulk: 1941-1971
Quantity: 78.23 cubic feet (186 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Biographical Note

Melville Jacobs—an author, anthropologist, folklorist, and professor of anthropology and linguistics—was born in New York City on July 3, 1902 to parents Alexander and Rose Blau Jacobs. After attending DeWitt Clinton High School, he received his undergraduate degree in history and philosophy from the College of the City of New York in 1922. He then earned both his master’s degree (American history, 1923) and his doctorate (anthropology, 1931) from Columbia University. While at Columbia, he studied language structure and phonetics under the noted anthropologist Franz Boas.

Beginning in 1928, Jacobs was an anthropology professor at the University of Washington. With the exception of some visiting appointments, he taught at the University until his death in 1971. Also in 1928, and until 1936, Jacobs conducted field research for six months each year. This field research, which was made possible with funds from Boas, allowed Jacobs to document and preserve the languages, cultures, music, and oral traditions of Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest. In particular, he worked with the Clackamas Chinook, Tillamook Salish, Alsea, Hanis and Miluk Coos, Upper Umpqua and Galice Creek Athabaskan, Sahaptin, Molale, and Kalapuya (Tualatin, Santiam, and Yonkalla). He also studied Chinook Jargon (Chinuk Wawa). The people with whom he worked were often the last speakers able to recall traditions in these languages.

In order to preserve these languages and traditions, Jacobs recorded words, grammatical paradigms, and traditional stories. He also made audio recordings of music using wax cylinders, acetate records, and a custom-built portable phonograph recorder. Furthermore, much of his work was devoted to publishing phonetically-transcribed texts and translations. He published many different works, including A Sketch of Northern Sahaptin Grammar (1931), Notes on the Structure of Chinook Jargon (1932), Northwest Sahaptin Texts, I (1934), Texts in Chinook Jargon (1936), Northwest Sahaptin Texts, II (1937), Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts (1939), Coos Myth Texts (1940), Historic Perspectives in Indian Languages of Oregon and Washington (1941), Kalapuya Texts (1945), Outline of Anthropology (1947), General Anthropology: A Brief Survey of Physical, Cultural, and Social Anthropology (1952), Clackamas Chinook Texts (1959), The People are Coming Soon: Analyses of Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales (1960), Pattern in Cultural Anthropology (1964), and The Anthropologist Looks at Myth (1966).

Jacobs’ wife, Elizabeth Louise Derr Jacobs, whom he married on January 3, 1931, also conducted anthropological field research from 1933 to 1935. Although she worked for most of her career as a psychiatric social worker, she also recorded materials from the Nehalem Tillamook, Upper Coquille, and the southwestern Oregon Athabaskan languages and cultures. Her book, Nehalem Tillamook Tales, was published in 1959.

Other aspects of Jacobs’ professional career include his work as a Fellow of the American Anthropological Association, associate editor of the American Anthropologist (1939-1944), president of the American Folklore Society (1963-1964), and as a delegate from the American Folklore Society to the American Council of Learned Societies from 1966 to 1968. He was also interested in science, and hosted a weekly local “Science Headlines” radio broadcast from 1934 to 1951. Additionally, for many years he gave public lectures throughout the Pacific Northwest. Melville and Elizabeth Jacobs were also members of the Communist Party from 1935 to 1945, which threatened Melville’s work as a professor at the University of Washington.

Melville Jacobs died of cancer on July 31, 1971.

Scope and Content

Correspondence, field notes, notebooks, sound recordings, holographs and typescripts, published and unpublished speeches and writings, reports, and other items relating primarily, but not exclusively, to Jacobs' career as an anthropologist, folklorist, linguist, and Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of Washington. The collection also contains writings, field notes, recordings, and similar items of some of Jacobs' students and colleagues.

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Separated Material

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Biographical Features
1/1Personal documents 1924-1971
Scope and Content: Birth certificate, funerary arrangements, and passports.
1/2Obituary notes (by Jacobs), published obituary, and letter of sympathy1971, 1978
1/3Drawings of Melville and Elizabeth Jacobs by Helen Robinsonundated
1/4-5Education 1910-1924
Scope and Content: Elementary, high school, musical, college, and graduate school report cards, etc.
3 items
1/6Curriculum vitae1947-1969
1/7-8Bibliographiesc. 1948
1/9Correspondence concerning University of Washington career 1929-1971
Scope and Content: Appointments, promotions, etc.
1/10Correspondence and supporting documents concerning Jacobs's efforts to enlist in United States Army during World War IIundated
1/11Invitations to speak and letters of appreciation1939-1947
1/12Invitations to speak and letters of appreciation1946-1948
Pre-professional notes and writings
1/13Notes on "Introduction to Anthropology," taught by Leslie Spier, Columbia UniversitySummer 1923
1/14Notes on biologyundated
1/15Journal pages (handwritten)1925
1/16Various themes in American history (typed)c. 1920
1/17"Some Thoughts on the Present Condition of Historiography"1925
1/18Employment records1923-1931, 1961
1/19Dorsey Press publication agreements 1963
1/20University of Washington Press publication agreement1960
1/21Royalty statements (Barnes & Noble, Inc.)1951-1961
1/23Membership certificate (Society of the Sigma XI, University of Washington Chapter)1930
1/24Correspondence & documents regarding estate of (father) Alexander Jacobs (d. 1961) and "Aunt Mary" Fry1943-1963
1/25Household inventory and record collection inventory1940s-1950s
1/26Whatcom Museum donation correspondence and press release1971

General Correspondence
2/1Abraham, Mary Elizabeth1968
2/1Abstracts of Folklore Studies1968
2/1Academic Friends of the Hebrew University1941
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Salo W. Baron
2/1Adams, Sidney1948
2/2Adamson, Thelma1942, undated
9 items
2/3Adler, Fred W.1962
6 items
2/3Aitken, W. R.1961
3 items
2/4Aldine Society1968
4 items
5/22Allen, Harold B.
General Notes: Filed under University of Minnesota.
2/4Allred, Grover C.1956
2/4Al-Nouri, Qais1963-1969
3 items
2/5-6American Anthropological Association1941-1970
40 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Regina Flannery, Clifford Geertz, William S. Godfrey, Gordon W. Hewes, Elman Service, Frank M. Setzler, Alan H. Smith, Sol Tax, Arthur Tuden, and Herbert H. Williams
2/7-8American Anthropological Association, Fellows Councilundated
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Stephen T. Boggs
2/9American Anthropological Association, Western States Branch1956
3 items
2/9American Anthropological Association Bulletin1956-1957
5 items
2/10American Anthropological Association, Visiting Lecturers Program1959-1971
27 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Cara E. Richards
2/11American Anthropologist1939-1970
23 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Walter Goldschmidt and Edward H. Spicer
2/12American Association for the Advancement of Science1934-1956
2 items
2/12American Association of Scientific Workers1941
4 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Harry Grundfest and Ralph Gundlach
2/13-15American Association of University Professors, University of Washington Chapter1956-1969
34 items
2/16American Brotherhood, Washington Area1946
3 items
General Notes: See also National Conference of Christians and Jews.
2/16American Civil Liberties Union of Washington1969, undated
2 items
2/16American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom1939-1942
9 items
2/16American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born1941-1943
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Abner Green
2/17-18American Council of Learned Societies1954-1968
24 items
General Notes: See also Subject files, American Folklore Society, and Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies. Includes correspondence with C. Varn Woodward
2/19American Council on Education1964
2/19American Council on Race Relations1944-1947
5 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Laurence I. Hewes, Jr. and Louis Wirth
2/19American Ethnological Society1942-1968
14 items
2/19American Expeditionary Society1965-1966
4 items
2/20-21American Folklore Society1940-1970
44 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Benjamin A. Botkin, Tristram Potter Coffin, William N. Fenton, Robert A. Georges, Kenneth S. Goldstein, MacEdward Leach, and Elsie Clews Parsons
2/22American Folklore Society, Fellows Council1960-1970
12 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Kenneth S. Goldstein
2/23American Indian Fund1955
2 items
2/23American Indian Historical Society1967
4/27American Indian Languages Conference
General Notes: Filed under International Journal of American Linguistics.
2/23American Journal of Economics and Sociology1944
2/23American Magazine1942
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Vance Packard
2/23American Men of Sciencec. 1967
2 items
2/23American Motorists Insurance Co.
General Notes: See Wolfstone [H. H.] Co.
2/23American Museum of Natural History1966
2 items
General Notes: See also Natural History Press.
2/23American Philosophical Society1961
4 items
2/24Amoss, Harold1961-1964
9 items
7/13Amoss, Pamela H.
General Notes: Filed under Thorsen, Pamela H.
5/18Anderson, Charles D.
General Notes: Filed under MacMillan Co.
2/24Anderson, Ruth O. M.1967
4 items
2/24Anderson-Loew Hall Defense Fund Committee1969
2/24Anderson, M. J.1967
2 items
2/24Anderson, W. Banks (Mrs.)1960
2/24Andre, James M.1967
3 items
2/24Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science1962
2/25Aoki, Haruo1960-1970
13 items
6/3Appleton, John B.
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Regional Council
5/23Applied Linguistics Center
General Notes: Filed under Modern Language Association
2/25Armstrong, H. S.1963
2/25Associated Research Councils1955-1967
7 items
7/9Associated Press
General Notes: Filed under Taylor, Rennie
2/25Austerlitz, Robert1967
General Notes: See also American Anthropological Association.
2/25Ayoub, Millah1964
3 items
2/26Bacon, Elizabeth1966
2 items
11/21Baier, Joseph G.
General Notes: Filed under University of Wisconsin
2/26Balakian, Nona1962
2 items
2/26Ballard, Arthur C.1953-1958
7 items
2/27Barber, Margaret M.1958
2 items
2/27Barker, Phillip R.1955-1970
30 items
2/28-30Barnes & Noble, Inc.1945-1968
77 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Albert McGrigor, Harold Miller, and Samuel Smith
3/1Barnett, Homer G.1941
3/1Barnouw, Victor1963
4 items
General Notes: See also University of Wisconsin.
2/1Baron, Salo W.
General Notes: Filed under Academic Friends of the Hebrew University
3/1Barrow, Susan H. L.1966
2 items
3/1Barry, J. Nielson1945-1960
4 items
Scope and Content: Includes map
3/1Barton, Mildred W.1945
3/1Basic Books, Inc.1959-1960
11 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Thomas C.F. Lowry and Readers' Subscription, Inc.
3/1Bauman, Richard1970
3/1Beals, Ralph L.1945-1970
7 items
General Notes: See also University of California Los Angeles.
3/1Beatty, Patricia1969
7/16Beatty, Willard W.
General Notes: Filed under United States Interior Department, Indian Affairs Office
3/2Behavioral Research in Creativity Instituteundated
6/5-6Belknap, George N.
General Notes: Filed under University of Oregon Publications Committee and University of Oregon Press
3/2Bellevue Community College1967
3/2Benedict, Ruth1930-1942, 1947
16 items
General Notes: See also American Ethnological Society
3/2Bennett, Robert C.1966
2 items
3/2Benson, Robert L.1958-1959
4 items
3/2Berman, Howard1970
2 items
3/3Berndt, Ronald M. and Catherine H.1961-1965
7 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with University of Western Australia
3/3Berton, Maddy (Mrs. Paul M.)1968
2 items
3/3Bestor, Williamundated
3/4Biederstein, Vivian (?)undated
3/4Biegler, Mary1965
2 items
3/4Bigelow, Charles1969-1970
7 items
3/4Birdsall, Joseph B.1942
3 items
3/4Birnbaum, S. J.1948
3/4Birthright, Inc.1945
3/4Black Student Union (University of Washington)undated
3/4Blackwell (B. H.), Ltd.1956-1966
4 items
7/23Blaker, Margaret C.
General Notes: Filed under United States Smithsonian Institution Museum
3/5Blehr, Otto1968
5 items
3/5Bloch, Bernard1961-1962
5 items
3/5Bloomfield, Leonard1928-1940
2 items
3/5Blue Book1969
3/5B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League1938-1946
4 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Samuel G. Holcenberg
3/5B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation1942
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Arthur Zuckerman
3/6-17Boas, Franz1927-1941
General Notes: See also American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom
2/7-8Boggs, Stephen T.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association Fellows Council
3/18Boldt, Lana1967
3 items
2/20-21Botkin, Benjamin A.
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society
3/18Braniff, Ken1942
3/18Brannan, Lynn1943
3/18Branney, Stephanie1960
2 items
3/18Brant, Charles1959-1968
33 items
General Notes: See also University of Alberta
3/19Brattain, Walter H.1957
7/14Brattleboro Retreat
General Notes: Filed under Tompkins, J. Butler
3/19Brekke, Lloyd George1943
3/19Bright, William1956
2 items
3/19British Columbia Provincial Museum1970
3/19Bronson, B. H.1965
3/19Brophy, Elda M.1966
3 items
3/19Brown, Betty (Mrs. James T.)1967
2 items
3/19Brown, Doris Anita1970-1971
3 items
5/4-5Brunvald, Jan Harold
General Notes: Filed under Journal of American Folklore
3/20Bühler, Alfred1957
3/20Bunzel, Ruth L.1962, undated
4 items
3/20Burke, Robert E.1954-1968
10 items
3/20Burleson, Don1969
3/20Burridge, K. O. L.1968
2 items
3/20Butler, E. Robert1955
3/21Cade, Eugene C.1960
3/21Cain, Thomas1941
2 items
3/21Cairncross, Margaret1944
3/21Campbell, Emilie1942
2 items
3/21Canada Council1969
2 items
6/2Cantor, Nathaniel
General Notes: Filed under State University of New York, Buffalo
3/22Carlisle, Betty1943-1944
2 items
3/22Carnegie Commission of High Educationundated
4/12Carpenter, Edmund S.
General Notes: Filed under Explorations
3/22Carrier, Loran1960
2 items
3/22Carroll, Sandra Faye1966
3/22Carter, Jeanette1963
3/22Casagrande, Joseph B.1962
3/22Cataldo, Joseph M.1926
3/22Caughlan, Annec. 1960
3/22Cearley, Alvin1965
2 items
3/23Central States Anthropological Society1964-1968
8 items
7/15Chafe, Wallace L.
General Notes: Filed under United States Bureau of American Ethnology
3/24Chandler (Howard) Publishing Co.1962
4 items
3/24Cherry Gardens Improvement Club1941
2 items
3/24Chertok, Ely1965
2 items
3/24Chilton Books, Inc.1966
3/24Ciba Symposia1941
3/24Ciprioti, Joanna1967
3/24Clackamas County, Oregon1969
3/24Class, Loretta Mina1963
3/24Cofer, Bernice1945
2 items
2/20-21Coffin, Tristram Potter
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society
3/24Cohen, Joseph W.1942-1957
3 items
3/24Cohn, Werner1963
3/24Collins, Dan1940-1941
2 items
3/24Collins, Henry B.1940-1941
2 items
3/24Collins, Ray1968
3/25Colson, Elizabeth1941-1970
3 items
General Notes: See also University of Washington Libraries, Manuscripts Division.
3/25Columbia University1955
3/25Columbia University, Anthropology Strike Committee1968
3 items
3/25Columbia University Press1959-1970
5 items
General Notes: See also Diamond, Stanley
3/26Common Ground
3/26Conklin, Harold C.1962
3/26Content Analysis Education Committee1967
3/26Coon, Carleton S.1941
3 items
3/26Cooper, John M.1941
2 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Regina Flannery
3/26Cope, Orville G.1963
3 items
3/26Crawford, Cheryl1970
3/26Crawford, Michael H.undated
3/26Cressman, Luther S. and Cecilia1941-1961
8 items
4/8Creel, Wilhelmine
General Notes: Filed under Driver, Wilhelmine Creel
3/26Crofts, Marjorie1963
3/26Crowell, Newton H.1963
2 items
3/26Crowell (Thomas Y.) Co.1945-1961
7 items
General Notes: See also Lamar, Howard R.
3/26Crowley, Daniel J.1962-1969
2 items
3/27-28Current Anthropology1957-1970
23 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Sol Tax
6/5Curry, Robert L.
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Review
3/27-28Cushing-Malloy, Inc.1958
4/1Dansa, Arthur Kyle1963
4/1Darnell, Regina1970
4/1Davis, Clark1961
6/8Davis, Nancy Yaw
General Notes: Filed under Pacific Northwest Quarterly
6/8Davis, Robert Tyler
General Notes: Filed under Pacific Arts Association
4/1Davis, W. L.1942
3 items
4/1Day, Christopher1957
4/1de Brigard, Emilie Rahman1970
3 items
4/1de Laguna, Frederica (Freddy) and Grace1941-1944
6 items
4/1Delattre, Genevieve1962
6 items
4/2Demers, Richard1971
4/2Democracy Council1942
6 items
4/2Deschamps, Anne Marie1967
2 items
4/2Desmond, Gerald R.undated
4/2Diamond, Stanley1957-1961
10 items
4/2Dickerson, Laura K.1967
2 items
4/2Diplomat Motel1962
4/2Dixon, Scott1968
2 items
4/2Donaldson, Ivan J.1967
2 items
4/3-7Dorsey Press, Inc.1963-1970
114 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Frank G.Griffin and Irwin (Richard D.), Inc.
4/8Dorson, Richard J.1963
General Notes: See also American Folklore Society, Journal of American Folklore, and Indiana University Folklore Institute.
4/8Doubleday Co.1969
4/8Driver, Wilhelmine Creel1967-1970
2 items
4/8Drucker, Phillipundated
4/8DuBois, Cora1940-1961
2 items
4/8Duffell, M. (Miss)1961
4/8Dundes, Alan1965-1969
9 items
4/8Dupree, Calvin1970
4/8Duqanne, George1970
4/8Durkin, Roderick Pierce1961-1969
6 items
8/1Eastern Washington State College1963-1964
4 items
4/9Eastman, Carol1970, undated
3 items
4/9Ebaugh, Janetundated
4/9Edel, Abraham1966-1967
7 items
General Notes: See also University of Washington Libraries, Manuscripts Division.
4/9Edmonson, Munroe S.1967
4/9Elbert, Shirley1963
2 items
4/13Eligian, Kosrof
General Notes: Filed under Family Counseling Service
4/9Eliseuson, Michael1968
General Notes: See also American Expeditionary Society.
4/9Elmendorf, William Welcome1940-1941
3 items
4/9Emerson, Murray1951
4/9Emmons, Sharon A.1971
2 items
4/9Empire Savings Bank1969
4/9Encyclopaedia Brittanica1965
4/9Engelman, Thomas1968
2 items
4/9Epstein, Edmund L.1966
3 items
General Notes: See also Language and Style.
4/10-11Erickson, Vincent D.1963-1968
28 items
4/12Eslao, Nena B.1964
2 items
4/12Ethnomusicology Society1955-1958
6 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with David P. McAllester and Alan P. Merriam
4/12Evans, Christine1964
2 items
4/12Evans, Nora Woodward1953
4/12Everett Junior College1967
4/12Experiment in International Livingundated
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Edmund S. Carpenter
4/12Eyley, Samuel N.1927
4/13Fair Employment Practices Commission1946
4/13Family Counseling Service1964-1965
6 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Kosrof Eligian
2/20-21Fenton, William N.
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society
4/13Ferry, D. W.1944
4/13Filipovic, Mil. S.1967
4/14Fischer, John L. (Jack)1960-1967
21 items
General Notes: See also American Anthropologist.
4/14Fisher, Albertundated
4/14Fishman, Joshua A.1962
4/14Fisk University1945
4/14Fitzgerald, Clarence R.1945
4/14Fitzpatrick, Evelyn Darlene1965
2/5-6, 3/26Flannery, Regina
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association and Cooper, John M.
4/14Ford, Katherine1970
4/14Ford Motor Company1969
4/14Fordyce, Lois1970
2 items
4/14Fortune, Reo F.1940
2 items
4/14Franotovich, M. A.1965
2 items
4/14Frantz, Charles1962
2 items
General Notes: See also Portland State College (Oregon).
4/14French, David H. and Kay1954-1970
22 items
4/15Friends of the Free University of Seattleundated
4/15Fruhwirth, Fred1967
2 items
4/15Gamm, Necia1963-1964
3 items
4/15Gardner, E. E.1941
4/15Garfield, Viola1961
General Notes: See also Adamson, Thelma
4/15Gayton, Anna H.1940, 1965
4 items
2/5-6Geertz, Clifford
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association
4/15Geoghegan, Richard H.1940-1941
2 items
4/15George Washington University1965
2/20-21Georges, Robert A.
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society
4/15Gerber, Sidneyundated
4/15Gibson, Jim1969
7/26Gilliam, E. Joe
General Notes: Filed under Warner Pacific College
4/15Gillis, William T.1961
2 items
4/15Glavin, Michael P.1969
2 items
2/5-6Godfrey, William S.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association
4/15Godlove, Charles1961
2 items
4/16Goldenweiser, Alexander A. (Shoora)1934-1937
25 items
4/17Goldman, Irving1940-1956
4 items
2/11Goldschmidt, Walter
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropologist
2/20-21Goldstein, Kenneth S.
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society
4/17Goldstein, Marcus S.1962-1963
2 items
4/17Goldstein, Melvyn C.undated
4/17Goodchild, (?)1932
4/17Gouldner, Alvin W.1955-1957
8 items
4/17Gove, Nina1970
4/17Graeber, Isacque1940-1942
9 items
4/17Granberry, Julian1963
3 items
4/17Graves, Mortimer1958
2/16Green, Abner
General Notes: Filed under American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
5/4-5Greenway, John
General Notes: Filed under Journal of American Folklore
4/17Greenwood, Gloria1959
4/17Greenwood Press1968
4/17Gregory, Marvinundated
4/3-7Griffin, Frank G.
General Notes: Filed under Dorsey Press
4/17Grollig, Francis X.1964
2/12Grundfest, Harry
General Notes: Filed under American Association of Scientific Workers
2/12Gundlach, Ralph
General Notes: Filed under American Association of Scientific Workers
3/20, 8/3-9Gunther, Erna
General Notes: Filed under University of Washington Anthropology Department and University of Washington, Burke [Thomas F.] Memorial Washington State Museum
4/18Haas, Mary R.1960-1965
7 items
4/18Haimo, Sally1965
2 items
4/18Hallowell, A. Irving (Pete)1928-1962
7 items
4/18Halvorson, Marian A.1956
4/18Hamline University1966
2 items
4/18Hammerich, L. L.1963
2 items
4/19Hand, Wayland D.1961-1967
7 items
General Notes: See also American Folklore Society, University of California Los Angeles, and Western Folklore
4/19Hanks, Lucien M. and Jane Richardson1940-1959
6 items
4/19Hardies, Rod1941
4/19Harper, (?)undated
4/19Harper, Mrs. I. C. (Mary)1969
3 items
4/20Harper & Row1955-1967
12 items
4/20Harrington, John P.1942
4/20Harris, Jack1941
4/20Hartzell, Melba1955
4/20Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology1941-1942
4 items
4/21Hasan, Iqtida1960
3/19Hawthorn, Harry B.
General Notes: Filed under University of British Columbia
4/21Hays, Creighton E.1945
4/21Heath (D. C.) and Co.1951
4/21Heinrich, Albert1970
4/21Hennigh, Lawrence1967
4 items
General Notes: See also Journal of American Folklore
4/21Henry, Edward1945
2 items
4/21Henry, Jules1941
4/21Herskovits, Melville J.1941-1947
3 items
4/21Herzog, George1941-1971
3 items
4/21Hess, Thom1967
4/21Hesse, Bill1968
2-5/6Hewes, Gordon W.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association
4/21Hewes, Laurence I., Jr.1946
8 items
General Notes: See also American Council on Race Relations
4/22Hilbert, Violet1967
2 items
5/14-15Hill, Archibald A.
General Notes: Filed under Linguistic Society of America
4/22Hillway, Tyrus1956
6/17Hines, Donald M.
General Notes: Filed under Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
4/22Hinz, John1941-1944
3 items
4/22Hoebel, Ed A.1941-1954
4 items
5/14-15Hoenigswald, Henry
General Notes: Filed under Linguistic Society of America
4/23Hoijer, Harry1955-1963
18 items
3/5Holcenberg, Samuel G.
General Notes: Filed under B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League
4/23Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.1950-1963
7 items
4/24Hoogasian-Villa, S.1966
4/24Horner, George R.1962
2 items
4/24Houghton Mifflin Co.1952
4/24Hougladarom, Gail1952
11/21Howard, Robert R.
General Notes: Filed under University of Wisconsin
4/24Howard, Victoria1928
4/24Howley, Robert J.1954-1955
2 items
General Notes: See also MacMillan Co.
4/24Hrdlicková, Mrs. V.1968-1969
2 items
General Notes: See also Abstract of Folklore Studies, Northwest Regional Council.
4/24Hsu, Francis L. K.1959
3 items
4/24Hudson, Donald1956
6/3Hudson, John B.
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Regional Council
4/24Hulett, J. F.1966
2 items
4/24Hulse, Frederick S. and Leonie1940-1941
2 items
3/21Humboldt State College (California)1945
2 items
4/24Hunsdon, Stanley B.1958
4/24Hunt, Eleanor (?) B.undated
4/25Hymes, Dell1955-1970
26 items
General Notes: See also Journal of American Folklore.
4/26Independent Citizens' Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Inc.1946
4/26Indiana University1961
2 items
4/26Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music1956-1969
16 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with George List
4/26Indiana University Folklore Institute1961-1963
2 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Thomas A. Sebeok
4/26Indiana University Press1964
4/26Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia1942
4/26Instituto Panamerico de Geographia e Historia, Comision de Historia1965
4/26Intercultural Education Bureau1945
4 items
4/26International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. Publications Committee1957
4/26International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences1964
2 items
4/27International Journal of American Linguistics1944-1969
20 items
General Notes: See also Voegelin, Carl. Includes correspondence regarding the American Indian Languages Conference.
4/27International Platform Association1965
4/28International Society for Ethnology and Folklore1964-1970
7 items
5/1-2International Society for Folk Narrative Research1964-1968
15 items
5/3Irvine, F. R.1959
5/3Irving, Jack A.1941-1948
3 items
4/3-7Irwin (Richard D.), Inc.
General Notes: Filed under Dorsey Press
5/3Isaac, Ross and Carolundated
5/3Jacks, Frank O.1969
5 items
6/11Jackson, James
General Notes: Filed under Quinault Tribal Council
5/3James, Thelma G.1964
5/3Janos, Berze Nagy1961
5/3Jansen, William Hugh1964-1968
2 items
General Notes: See also American Folklore Society.
5/3Jenness, Diamond J.1941
4 items
5/3Johannsen, Uwe1968
5/3Johnson, Roger Charles1964-1970
3 items
5/3Johnson Reprint Company1964-1967
3 items
5/3Johnston, Paul1970
2 items
5/4-5Journal of American Folklore1941-1968
40 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Jan Harold Brunvald, John Greenway, MacEdward Leach, Lois Rankin, and Thomas A. Sebeok
5/6Journal of Personality1951-1954
3 items
5/6Juvonen, Helmiundated
2 items
5/6Kahan, Frank1944
5/6Kahin, George and Hazel1962
5/6Kahn, Richard A.1941
3 items
5/6Kansas City Mental Health Foundation1962
2 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Bud B. Khlief
5/6Kaplan, Bert1955
2 items
5/6Kaplan, Bernice A.1965
5/6Kaufman, Terence1968
3 items
5/6Keesling, James J.1942
5/6Keithahn, E. L.1942
5/6Kelly, Gail1970, undated
2 items
5/6Kernan, Keith T.undated
5/6Khlief, Bud B.
General Notes: Filed under Kansas City Mental Health Foundation
5/7King, Arden R.1964
4 items
5/7King, John L.
General Notes: Filed under KIRO (radio)
5/7King County Treasurer1956
5/7Kinkade, M. Dale1965-1967
3 items
5/7Kirk, Paul Livingston1965
5/7KIRO (radio)1940-1942
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with John L. King
5/7Klein (B.) and Co.1965
6/1Kluckhohn, Clyde and Elizabeth
General Notes: Filed under Natural History Press
5/7Knickerbocker Hotel
5/7Knopf (Alfred A.), Inc.1945
5/7Kolb, William L.1957
2 items
5/8Kolinski, Mieczyslaw1952-1957
4 items
5/8Koruga, John1966
5/8Kramer, Samuel Noah1959
2 items
5/9Krause, Marilyn1965
2 items
5/9Krauss, Michael E.1961-1969
13 items
5/10Krieger, JoAnne1967
2 items
5/10Kroeber, Alfred L.1958-1964
5 items
5/10Kroeber Anthropological Society1958, 1964
2 items
5/10Krueger, John R.1956-1962
3 items
5/10Kurath, William1941
2 items
5/11La Barre, Weston1956-1963
4 items
5/11LaDue, John S.1948
5/11Lamar, Howard R.1970-1971
4 items
5/11Lamb, W. K.1942
2 items
5/11Landar, Herbert1965-1966
2 items
5/11Lane, Bob and Barbara1954-1970
6 items
4 items
5/11Language and Style1967
6/3Lantis, Margaret
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Regional Council
5/11Larsson, Lars1955
3 items
5/12Laughlin, Robert M.1962
5/12Laughlin, William1941
5/12Lawrence, Geraldine1970
7 items
2/20-21, 5/4-5Leach, MacEdward
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society and Journal of American Folklore
5/12Leadbeater, Dorothy1961
5/12Leavitt (J. E.) Publishing Services1965
5/12Lee, Hector H.1968
5/12Le Febre, Charlene1966
2 items
5/12Lessa, William A.1961-1965
13 items
5/13Lett, David R.1968
2 items
5/13Lévi-Strauss, Claude1957
5 items
5/13Lewis, Claudia1957
2 items
5/13Lewis and Clark College1967
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with George J. Sinclair
5/13Liang, Patricia1966
5/13Lindstrom, Janet R.1956
2 items
5/13Liljeblad, Sven1962
5/14-15Linguistic Society of America1941-1968
24 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Archibald A. Hill and Henry Hoenigswald
5/16Lippincott (J. B.) Co.1963
2 items
4/26List, George
General Notes: Filed under Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music
3/25Lister, Robert H.
General Notes: Filed under University of Colorado
5/16Loewen, Jacob A.1956-1970
8 items
5/16Lomax, Alan1964-1970
4 items
5/23Lotz, John
General Notes: Filed under Modern Language Association
5/16Lowie, Luella Cole1965
3/1Lowry, Thomas C. F.
General Notes: Filed under Basic Books, Inc.
5/16Lucas, Robert J.1941
2 items
5/16Lynch, Frank1964
4/12McAllester, David P.
General Notes: Filed under Ethnomusicology Society
5/17McCabe, R. B.1943
3 items
5/17McCarthy, Darlene1968
2 items
5/17McClellan, Katherine1963
2 items
5/17MacColl, Sylvia1960
2 items
5/17McCormack, Marjorie J.1967
2 items
5/17McDaniel, William S.1964
2 items
5/17McEachran, Bernice Howe1955
2 items
5/17McGarvey, Jackie L.1966
5/18McGraw-Hill Book Co.1961-1963
7 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Howard P. Smith
2/28-30McGrigor, Albert
General Notes: Filed under Barnes & Noble
5/18McGough, Jimundated
5/18McIntosh and Otis, Inc.1942-1943
3 items
5/18Mackey, Harold1968
2 items
5/18McKenney, Margaret1957
5/18Macmillan Co.1941-1955
12 items
5/18MacNeigh, Helen W.1971
5/18McSwain, Romola1964
2 items
5/19Malin, Edundated
5/19Mallui, Borys1955
3 items
5/19Mannenbach, Steve1970
5/19Manning, T. H.1944
5/19Maranda, Pierre and Elli K.1960-1969
6 items
5/19Marsh, Roy Simpson1965
2 items
5/19Martin, Samuelundated
11/22Martin, Virginia B.
General Notes: Filed under Yakima Indian Nation, Tribal Community Action Programs
5/19Marylhurst College1965
5 items
General Notes: See also American Anthropological Association, Visiting Lecturers Program.
5/20Mason, John Alden1929
4/21Mason, Leonard
General Notes: Filed under University of Hawaii
5/20Mattina, Anthony1970
4 items
5/20Mead, Margaret1939-1970
23 items
5/21Mehler, Jacque1969
5/21Meine, Franklin J.1964
2 items
5/21Menez, Herminia1970
2 items
4/12Merriam, Alan P.
General Notes: Filed under Ethnomusicology Society
5/21Merriam, Harold G.1967
2 items
7/15Meshchaninov, M.
General Notes: Filed under U.S.S.R. Academy of Science, Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology
5/21Messenger, John1964
5/21Metcalf, Leon V.1969
5/21Meuli, Karl1963
5/21Miles, Charles1965
2/28-30Miller, Harold
General Notes: Filed under Barnes & Noble
5/21Miller, Maurice Maeterlinck1951-1955
3 items
5/21Miller, Marie1957
5/22Mitchell, William E.1963
5/23Modern Language Association, Applied Linguistics Center1963-1970
13 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with John Lotz
5/23Modern Language Association, Popular Literature Selection Committee1941
5/24Mohling, Virginia1964, undated
3 items
5/24Monane, Joseph1963
3 items
5/24Moore, Robert1940
5/24Moore, Siller G.1943
2 items
5/24Morrow (William) Co.1956
5/24Morton, Ermel J.1958
5/24Morton, J. S.1964
5/24Moulton, William G.1962
5/24Mueller, Joan L.1964
5/24Murdock, George P.1941
5/24Museo Nacional De Arqueologia (Lima, Peru)1941
2 items
5/25Nagel, Ernest1957
2 items
5/25Nagel, Rosemary Allen1959-1962
3 items
5/25National Conference of Christians and Jews, Oregon Chapter1945
2 items
5/25National Conference of Christians and Jews, Washington State Office1945
5/25National Conference of Christians and Jews, Western Headquarters1946
3 items
5/25National Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions, Inc.1950
6/1Natural History Press1968-1969
11 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Clyde and Elizabeth Kluckhohn
6/2Nelson, Harold E.1967
3 items
6/2Nevins, Margaret1956
3 items
6/2Newman, Stanley1969
6/2New University Conferenceundated
6/2New York City College1972
6/2New York City Railroad1964
7/9New York College Teachers' Union
General Notes: Filed under Teachers, American Federation of, Local 537
6/2Nickerson, Gifford S.1968
6/2Nolte, Katherine H.1956
6/2Northwest Anthropological Research Notes1969
6/2Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co.1941-1962
4 items
6/2Northwest Folklore1967-1968
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with J. Barre Toelken
Northwest Indian informants--correspondence1930-1950
115/2-3Brandon, James
115/2-3DuBois, Cora
115/2-3Johnley, Cy
115/2-3Lakanin, Mike E.
115/2-3Washington Emergency Relief Administration
6/3Northwest Regional Council1940-1943
14 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with John B. Appleton, John B. Hudson, Margaret Lantis, and Kenneth O. Warner
6/4Northwest Regional Council of Portland, Oregon1941
Scope and Content: Correspondence regarding the new edition of Northwest Bibliography. Includes correspondence with H. G. Barnett, Franz Boas, Henry B. Collins, Jr., John M. Cooper, William W. Elmendorf, Regina Flannery, A. D. Hoebel, A. Hrdlicka, John B. Hudson, Margaret Lantis, Robert H. Lowie, Albert McGrigor, George P. Murdock, Stanley S. Newman, Marvin K. Opler, Cornelius Osgood, Gladys A. Reichard, C. E. Schaeffer, Marian W. Smith, Julian H. Steward, Omer C. Stewart, and Duncan Strong.
6/5Northwest Review1962
7 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Robert L. Curry
6/5Nylem, Donald1945
8 items
6/6Obeyesekere, Gananath1962-1965
3 items
6/6Odegaard, Charles E.1970
2 items
6/6Oehler, Mary1969
6/6O'Grady, Geoffry M.1967
6/6Olbrecht, Marg and (?)1955
6/6Oliver, Margaret1956
6/6Olmstead, David L.1964
2 items
6/6Omak Public Schools1968
6/6Opler, Marvin1965
Oral Literature Analysis (book proposed by Jacobs, with contributing authors)
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
Scope and Content: Correspondents include William Bascom, Ernest Beaglehole, Catherine H. Berndt, Ronald M. Bernde, Helen Brainnard, Ann Chowning, Helen Codere, Elizabeth Colson, George Devereux, Dorothy Eggan, John Fisher, Meyer Fortes, Ward Goodenough, Jack Goody, James Hanks, Jules Henry, Melville J. Herskovits, John J. Honigman, George R. Horner, Edward Kennard, Clyde Kluckhohn, Weston LaBarre, William A. Lessa, Katherine Luomala, David G. Mandelbaum, Gananath Obeyesekere, Morris E. Opler, Hortense Powedermaker, Thomas A. Sebeok, Robert F. Spencer, Edward H. Spricer, and Theodore Stern.
6/7Oregon Historical Quarterly1955-1956
3 items
6/7O'Rourke, Daniel1966
2 items
6/7Osgood, Cornelius1941-1944
5 items
6/7Osmun, Paul Miller1968
6/9Ostroff, Rose
General Notes: Filed under Payne, Rose.
6/7Ottenberg, Phoebe V. and Simon1961-1965
16 items
6/7Oxford University Press1962
6/8Pacific Arts Association1941
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Robert Tyler Davis and the Portland Art Museum (Oregon)
6/8Pacific Northwest American Studies Association1963
6/8Pacific Northwest Library Association1968
6/8Pacific Northwest Quarterly1960-1970
36 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Nancy Yaw Davis
2/23Packard, Vance
General Notes: Filed under American Magazine.
6/9Paetzke, Richard E.1970
2 items
6/9Palazzalo, Agnes M.1963
2 items
6/9Palson, Charles1966
2 items
6/9Park, Willard Z.1941
2/20-21Parsons, Elsie Clews
General Notes: Filed under American Folklore Society.
6/9Pataki, Kery1968-1970
2 items
6/9Paul, Benjamin1954
6/9Payne, Rose1970
3 items
6/9Pelto, Pertti J.1966
2 items
6/9Peters, Evan R.1958-1964
4 items
6/10Philips, Susan1968
6/10Phillips, Jane R.undated
6/10Phillips, Wendell and Lu1969-1970
2 items
6/10Phi Sigma Society1940
6/10Pierce, Joe E.1961-1964
7 items
6/10Piker, Steve1964
3 items
6/10Pinnow, J.1967
3 items
6/11Playboy1970, undated
3 items
6/11Plumb, Frank C.1941
6/11Point, Tammy1967
6/8Portland Art Museum (Oregon)
General Notes: Filed under Pacific Arts Association.
6/5Portland State University (Oregon)1962-1963
2 items
6/11Powell, Jay1970
6/11Powers, Francis F.1940-1945
2 items
General Notes: See also Plumb, Frank C.
6/11Powers, Virginia1964
2 items
6/11Pratt, Roger1971
6/11Progressive Education Association1939
6/11Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc.1967
5/18Putnam, James
General Notes: Filed under Macmillan Co.
6/11Quinault Tribal Council1963
2 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with James Jackson
6/12Rabkin, Karenundated
6/12Ramakrishna, Rao K. S.1961
2 items
6/12Ramey, Ione1964
2 items
6/12Ramsey, Jarold1969
3 items
6/12Randle, Martha Champion1951-1963
2 items
5/4-5Rankin, Lois
General Notes: Filed under Journal of American Folklore.
6/12Ransom, Jay Ellis1941, 1964
3 items
6/13Ratcliff, Barbara1970
2 items
6/13Ray, Verne1932
6/13Rayfield, J. R.1970
8/3-9Read, Kenneth (Mick)
General Notes: Filed under University of Washington Anthropology Department.
3/1Readers' Subscription, Inc.
General Notes: Filed under Basic Books, Inc.
6/13Redman, Milton B.1961
2 items
6/13Reed, Carroll1962
6/13Reed College Library1941
6/13Reich, Theodore1967
6/13Reichard, Gladys A.1940
2 items
General Notes: See also Journal of American Folklore.
6/13Reinecke, John E.1939-1970
3 items
2/4Reinhold, Ernest
General Notes: Filed under University of Alberta.
2/10Richards, Cara E.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association, Visiting Lecturers Program.
6/13Richmond, W. Edson1964-1967
4 items
General Notes: See also American Folklore Society and Journal of American Folklore.
6/14-15Rigsby, Bruce J.1963-1965
20 items
6/16Ritter, Bettyundated
6/16Robb, Marian1941-1950
3 items
6/16Robbins, Sterling1967
7/15Roberts, Frank H. H.
General Notes: Filed under United States Bureau of American Ethnology.
6/16Robinett, Florence M.1953
6/16Robinson, Duane1969
6/16Robinson, Eugene1955
2 items
6/16Robinson, Sarah Ann (Sally)1963-1970
19 items
6/17Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association1970
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Donald M. Hines
6/17Rohner, Roland P.1965
6 items
6/18Ronald Press Co.1963
4 items
6/18Ronk, Patricia1965
2 items
6/18Roose, Robert B.1965
2 items
6/18Roosman, R. Slamet1956
2 items
6/18Rooth, Anna Dirgrith1964
6/18Rosenfield, Maurice and Ruth1967-1968
6 items
6/18Rosinbaum (?), Ralphundated
2 items
6/18Ruhe, Edward1966
6/18Rutgers University1965
11/19Sackett, S. J.
General Notes: Filed under Western Folklore.
6/19Safilios-Rothschild, Constantina1964
2 items
6/19Salant, Eddie (?)1952
2/2Salant, Thelma Adamson
General Notes: Filed under Adamson, Thelma.
6/19Sampson, Martin J.1963
4/8San Fernando Valley State College (California)1966
2 items
10/10-18Saporta, Sol
General Notes: Filed under University of Washington Linguistics Department.
6/19Sarles, Harvey B.1969
6/19Sauter, John R.1971
2 items
6/19Sawyer, Bessie1964
2 items
6/19Scharbach, Alexander1963
6/19Schlesinger, Emma1941
2 items
6/19Schmitz, Henryundated
2 items
6/19Schramm, Diana1961
6/19Schramm, Gene M.1956
2 items
6/19Schreiber, William I.1966
2 items
6/19Schroeppel, Norma1959
6/19Schultz, Amelia1950
6/20Schuster, Helen Hersh1968-1970
19 items
6/21Schwartz, Gretchen1970
6/21Science & Society1942
3 items
6/21Scruton, David1955-1964
5 items
6/21Seaburg, William R.1969
3 items
6/21Seattle Anthropological Society1955-1965
6 items
4/26, 5/4-5Sebeok, Thomas A.
General Notes: Filed under Journal of American Folklore and Indiana University Folklore Institute.
6/21Seidel, Samuel B.1961-1964
2 items
6/21Sells, Janetundated
2/5-6Service, Elman
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association.
2/5-6Setzler, Frank M.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association.
6/22Seymour, S. Frederick1965
6/22Shafer, Robert1941-1942
8 items
6/22Sheed and Ward, Inc.1957
6/22Shenk, G. F.1970
6/22Sherzer, Joel1970
6/22Shibani, Dorothyundated
6/22Shucklin, Geraldundated
6/22Sieg, Lee Paul1940
6/22Siegel, Bernard J.1958
General Notes: See also American Anthropological Association.
6/22Siegwein, Martin1970
2 items
6/22Sigma Xi, University of Washington Chapter1955-1960
6 items
11/21Silverberg, James
General Notes: Filed under University of Wisconsin.
6/22Silverstein, Michael1966-1970
6 items
6/23Simpson, Pamela1967
2 items
5/13Sinclair, George J.
General Notes: Filed under Lewis & Clark College.
6/23Smiley, Marjorie B.1944
3 items
2/5-6, 7/18-22, 8/1Smith, Alan H.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association, United States National Science Foundation, and Washington State University.
6/23Smith, C. W.1941
6/23Smith, Harry E.1941
5/18Smith, Howard P.
General Notes: Filed under McGraw-Hill Book Co.
6/23Smith, Jeff1961
2 items
6/23Smith, Marian W.1945
2 items
6/23Smith, Mary C.1960
2 items
2/28-30Smith, Samuel
General Notes: Filed under Barnes & Noble.
6/23Snelling, Thomas E.1962
3 items
6/24-7/4Snyder, Sally1958-1971
7/5Snyder, Warren Arthur1956-1970
6 items
7/5Social Agencies Council1946
7/5Social Science Research Council1942
7/5Social Studies National Council1945-1967
3 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Creighton E. Hays
7/5Sociedad Mexicana de Anthropologia1941-1942
3 items
7/18-22Sohns, Ernest R.
General Notes: Filed under United States National Science Foundation.
7/5Sondermann, Fred A.1965
2 items
7/5Southwest Museum (Los Angeles)1941-1955
3 items
7/5Southwestern Social Science Quarterly1964
3 items
7/6Spencer, Jones1966
4 items
7/6Spencer, Robert F.1956-1961
2 items
General Notes: See also University of Minnesota.
2/11Spicer, Edward H.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropologist.
7/6Spier, Leslie1929
7/6Spindler, George D.1957
4 items
7/6Spiro, Mel1961
7/6Sprague, Roderick1966-1967
2 items
7/6Stanford University1964
7/6Stapleton, Sylviaundated
7/6Starns, Jean E.1966
6/2State University of New York, Buffalo1945
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Nathaniel Cantor
7/6Statler Hotel1967
7/6Steffire, Volney1962
7/6Steinmetz, Al1963
7/7Stern, Bernhard J.1949-1956
6 items
7/7Stern, Theodore1957
7/7Stewart, Omer C.1940
3 items
7/15Stirling, M. N. W.
General Notes: Filed under United States Bureau of American Ethnology.
7/7Stocking, George W.1966
2 items
7/7Strong, Virginia1941
7/7Students for a Democratic Societyundated
7/7Studies in Linguistics1942-1943
3 items
7/7Sturtevant, William C.1968
7/7Subramanian, P. R.1965
3 items
7/7Sullivan, John R.1957
2 items
7/7Sulzberger, Marion B.undated
7/8Summer Institute of Linguistics1969-1970
3 items
7/8Summerland, Sylvia1969
7/8Suttles, Wayne1968
7/8Swadesh, Morris and Francis L.1949-1962
5 items
7/8Swanton, J. R.1953
7/8Swanzy, Marjorie1969
7/8Swartz, B. K.1967
7/8Szwed, John F.1965
7/9Tanno, Takakuni1966-1970
8 items
2/5-6, 3/27-28Tax, Sol
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association and Current Anthropology.
6/5Taylor, Howard
General Notes: Filed under University of Oregon Publications Committee.
7/9Taylor, Rennie1961
3 items
7/9Teachers, American Federation of, Local 5 (Teachers Union of the City of New York)1941
7/9Teachers, American Federation of, Local 537 (New York College Teachers Union)1941
General Notes: Includes correspondence with New York College Teachers' Union
7/9Teachers, American Federation of, Local ? (California State Federation of Teachers)1941
7/9Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America1940-1962
17 items
7/9Teeter, Karl V.1966-1968
6 items
7/10Tefft, Stanton K.1968-1969
4 items
7/10Theodoratus, Robert J.1956-1970
12 items
7/10Thirumalai, M. S.1966
2 items
7/10Thompson, Frank1968
7/10Thompson, Janet A.1967
2 items
7/11-12Thompson, Laurence C. (Larry) and Terry1957-1971
48 items
7/13Thompson, Stith1945-1961
4 items
7/13Thomson, Marion W.undated
7/13Thorsen, Pamela H.1955-1964
16 items
7/14Tochiyama, Michiko1967
7/14Todd, C. C.1943
3 items
6/2Toelken, J. Barre
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Folklore.
7/14Tompkins, J. Butler1952
4 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence about Thelma Adamson's condition at Brattleboro Retreat, as well as two other letters about her
7/14Tsuzaki, Stanley M.1955
2/5-6Tuden, Arthur
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association.
7/14Tulalip Tribes1967
2 items
7/14Tuller, Wendy J.1970
7/14Turney-High, Harry1941-1942
11 items
7/14Tweddell, Colin E. and Gertrude B.1956-1968
5 items
7/15United States Bureau of American Ethnology1929-1966
11 items
General Notes: See also American Folklore Society; Laughlin, Robert M.; and Collins, Henry B. Includes correspondence with Wallace L. Chafe, Frank H. H. Roberts, and M. N. W. Stirling
7/15United States Civil Service Commission1945
7/16United States Interior Department, Indian Affairs Office1940-1945
9 items
7/16United States Interior Department, National Park Service1967
2 items
7/16United States Interior Department, War Relocation Authority1944
7/16United States National Academy of Sciences1956
4 items
7/16United States National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council1931-1940
4 items
7/16United States National Archives and Records Service1968
2 items
7/17United States National Institute of Mental Health1958-1970
10 items
7/17United States National Resources Planning Boardundated
2 items
7/18-22United States National Science Foundation1960-1971
61 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Alan H. Smith and Ernest R. Sohns
7/23United States Smithsonian Institution Museum1940-1967
7 items
General Notes: See also United States Bureau of American Ethnology. Includes correspondence with Margaret C. Blaker.
7/23United States Smithsonian Institution, Study of Man Center1968
2 items
7/23United States Veterans Administration Hospital (American Lake, Washington)1956
5 items
7/23United States Works Progress Administration1936
7/24University Books, Inc.1964
2 items
7/24University Microfilms1970
2 items
2/3University of Alaska
2/3University of Alaska, anthropological papers1960, undated
3 items
2/4University of Alberta1958-1964
16 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Ernest Reinhold
2/25University of Arizona Press1970
3/19University of British Columbia 1946-1969
5 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Harry B. Hawthorn
3/21University of California Berkeley1966
2 items
3/21University of California Los Angeles1942-1970
4 items
3/21University of California Press1960
3 items
7/24University of Chicago Press1963-1971
5 items
3/25University of Colorado 1956-1970
17 items
General Notes: See also Amoss, Harold and Lister, Robert H.
4/21University of Hawaii1962
5 items
General Notes: Includes corresondence with Leonard Mason
5/6University of Kansas 1964-1965
3 items
5/21University of Michigan 1956
3 items
5/22University of Minnesota 1961-1967
15 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Harold B. Allen
6/6University of Oregon Press1958
General Notes: Includes correspondence with George N. Belknap
6/5University of Oregon Publications Committee1941-1966
14 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with George N. Belknap and Howard Taylor
6/8University of Pennsylvania 1967
2 items
6/8University of Pennsylvania Museum1958
6/9University of Pittsburgh 1964
2 items
6/9University of the Philippines 1963-1964
2 items
7/24University of Puget Sound1967
11 items
General Notes: See also American Anthropological Association, Visiting Lecturers Program.
7/10University of Texas, Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Oral History Centerundated
7/10University of Texas Press1969
7/25University of Victoria 1964
University of Washington
8/2Admissions Office1965
8/2Adult Education and Extension Service1955-1956
3 items
8/3-9Anthropology Department1954-1971
163 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Erna Gunther, Kenneth (Mick) Read, James B. Watson, and La Monte West
8/3-9Anthropology Department, Admissions and Teaching Assistants Committee1965-1969
3 items
8/3-9Anthropology Department, "B" Committee (incorporates "A" Committee)1955
7 items
8/3-9Anthropology Department, Course "500" Committee1965-1966
2 items
8/3-9Anthropology Department, Ethnomusicology Committee (ad hoc)1966
General Notes: See also University of Washington Graduate School, Ethnomusicology Committee.
8/12Anthropology Department, First Year Comprehensive Examination Committee1955-1966
17 items
Scope and Content: Includes student evaluations (grades).
8/13-19Anthropology Department, Faculty Personnel Committee1956-1966
114 items
Scope and Content: Includes vitae of Candidates.
8/20Anthropology Department, Graduate Curriculum Committee1967
5 items
8/20Anthropology Department, Library Acquisitions Committee1968
4 items
8/20Anthropology Department, Masters Program Committee1968-1969
2 items
8/20Anthropology Department, Mathematics Offerings Committee (ad hoc)1967
8/20Anthropology Department, Ph.D. Examination Committee (ad hoc)1957, undated
2 items
8/20Anthropology Department, Publications Committee1958-1960
3 items
9/1Anthropology Department, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee1966-1969
19 items
9/1Anthropology Department, Undergraduate Program Committee (ad hoc)1966
7 items
9/2Anthropology Department, Executive Officer Search Committee1953-1961
7 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College1929-1969
79 items
Scope and Content: Includes minutes of faculty meetings.
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, American Indian Studies Special Committee1970
2 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, American Studies Committee1967-1968
3 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Bachelor Degrees Committee (ad hoc)1969
3 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Black Studies Supervisory Committee1968
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Course of Study Committee1961
3 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Promotion Committee (ad hoc)1962
4 items
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Religion Course Offerings Committee (ad hoc)1966
9/3-10Arts and Sciences College, Social Welfare Curriculum Committee1967-1969
5 items
9/11Arts and Sciences College, Dean Search Committee1965-1970
6 items
9/12 Associated Students of the University of Washington Activities1940-1969
5 items
9/12Audio Visual Services1964-1968
2 items
9/13 Behavioral Science Review Committee1967
9/13Burke (Thomas F.) Memorial Washington State Museum1955
4 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Erna Gunther
3/20Burke (Thomas F.) Memorial Washington State Museum. Docents Training Program1968
3 items
9/13 Campus Levy Committee1967
9/13Campus Studios1942
9/13Comptroller1954, undated
3 items
9/13Continuing Education Division1963
9/13Counseling Centerundated
9/13Disadvantaged Students University Fund Allocations Committee1969
9/13Drama School1942
9/14Elementary Education Department1968-1969
8 items
9/14Engineering College, Humanistic Social Studies Committee1963-1966
24 items
9/17 English for Foreign Students Supervisor1955
9/17Extension Service1941
2 items
9/17Faculty Men's Club1941-1969
11 items
9/17Faculty Representative to the State Legislature1969
9/17Far Eastern and Russian Department1958-1966
2 items
9/17Film Center1954-1957
3 items
9/18General Studies Department1954-1967
15 items
9/19-24Graduate School1953-1969
70 items
Scope and Content: Includes annual reports of the Dean and minutes of the Executive Council, and correspondence with Graduate School Research Fund Committee
10/1Graduate School, Admissions Committee1969
10/1Graduate School, Ethnomusicology Committee1967-1968
6 items
General Notes: See also University of Washington Anthropology Department, Ethnomusicology Committee.
10/1Graduate School, High-Speed Computers Committee1956
10/2-3Graduate School, Linguistics Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee1955-1961
25 items
General Notes: See American Council of Learned Societies for NDEA Fellowship nominations and recommendations.
10/4Graduate School, Organization Committee1956
2 items
10/4Graduate School, Dean Search Committee1958
10/4Grant and Contract Accounting Office1966
10/4Grant and Contract Services Office1964-1968
3 items
10/5Hall (David C.) Health Center1966
2 items
10/5Institutional Research Grant Committee1968, undated
2 items
10/5Instructors' Association1940
4 items
10/5Intercollegiate Athletics Department1956
10/5International Educational Activities Advisory Committee1966
10/5International Students House1945
2 items
10/5Law School1969
27 items
10/9Libraries, Manuscripts Division1966-1970
8 items
10/10-18Linguistics Department1961-1969
84 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Sol Saporta
10/10-18Linguistics Department, Graduate Degrees and Requirements Committee (ad hoc)1963
2 items
10/10-18Linguistics Society1958
6 items
11/1Medicine School1956
11/1Medicine School, Psychiatry Department1955
11/1Music School1961
11/1Orientation Program Director1969
11/1Payroll Office1966
11/1Personnel Services Department1969
22 items
18 items
11/4Programmed Instruction Center1963
2 items
11/4Psychology Department1956
11/4Publications Committee1941-1954
2 items
11/4Public Exercises Committee1963-1969
8 items
11/4Purchasing Departmentundated
11/5Radio Education Department1947, 1951-1952
3 items
5 items
11/6Research Committee1941
2 items
11/6Research Society1956-1957
10 items
11/7Retirement and Insurance Office1956-1970
16 items
11/8Romance Languages and Literatures Department1955-1964
7 items
11/9Secretary to the Faculty1955-1968
2 items
10 items
11/10Senate, Budget Committee1957
2 items
11/10Senate, Committees Committee1963
2 items
11/10Senate, Grade Committee1941
11/11Senate, Parking Fees Committee (ad hoc)1964
11/11Senate, Retirement Annuities and Insurance Committee1955
11/11Senate, Schedule and Registration Committee1941
11/11Senate, Scholarships Committee1956
11/12Senate, Social Security Committee (ad hoc)1969
3 items
Scope and Content: Includes University of Washington Senate, Retirement Committee (ad hoc).
11/13Senate. Speaker Policy Committee (ad hoc)1963-1964
4 items
11/14Social Work School1968
11/14Special Student Programs Office1969
3 items
11/14Student Union Building Manager1965
11/14Summer Quarter1958
11/15Vice President1955-1969
8 items
11/16Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost1967-1969
6 items
Scope and Content: Includes draft report of the University of Washington Curricular Innovation Advisory Committee.
11/17Vice President for Business and Finance1964
2 items
11/17Vice President for Research1967-1968
2 items
11/17Vice Provost1963
3/3University of Western Australia
General Notes: Filed under Berndt, Ronald M.
7/15U.S.S.R. Academy of Science, Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology1934
2 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with M. Meshchaninov
7/24U.S. Week1942
7/24Utah State University, Logan1970
7/24Utley, Francis Lee1960-1968
3 items
7/25Van Every, Janet1971
7/25Van Inwegen, Antoinette1960
2 items
7/25Vatuk, Ved Prakash1969
7/25Velton, Harry1941
2 items
7/25Ventur, Pierre1970
4 items
7/25Vincent, Marion1962
7/25Voegelin, Carl F.1940
General Notes: See also University of Indiana Archives of Traditional Music, International Journal of American Linguistics, and American Anthropological Association.
7/25Vucinich, Wayne S.1967
7/26Walker, Deward E.1968
General Notes: See also Washington State University.
7/26Wallace, William J.1942
2 items
7/26Wallis, Ruth and Wilson D.1941-1961
5 items
6/3Warner, Kenneth O.
General Notes: Filed under Northwest Regional Council.
7/26Warner, Mikell (Mrs. Jo Kyle)1970-1971
6 items
7/26Warner Pacific College1970
4 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with E. Joe Gilliam
7/26Warren, D. E.1963
2 items
8/1Washington Emergency Relief Administrationundated
8/1Washington Legislature1967
8/1Washington Library1941
8/1Washington Licenses Department1935
2 items
8/1Washington Public Assistance Department1969
8/1Washington State University1966-1967
7 items
General Notes: See also Todd, C. C.; and Birdsall, Joseph B. Includes correspondence with Alan H. Smith
8/1Western Washington State College1965-1966
3 items
11/21University of Wisconsin1960-1965
30 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Joseph G. Baier, Robert R. Howard, and James Silverberg
11/18Washington Archaeological Societyundated
11/18Washington Mutual Savings Bank1954
11/18Wasserman, Luke1963, undated
2 items
11/18Waterman, Richard A.1957
8/3-9Watson, James B.
General Notes: Filed under University of Washington Anthropology Department.
11/18Wayner, Allen1953
11/18Weeks, Thelma1968-1970
7 items
11/22Weinrich, Max
General Notes: Filed under Yiddish Scientific Institute.
11/18Wells, Oliver N.1963-1964
4 items
11/18Weltfish (?), Gene1947
11/19Wennekens, Alix (Mrs.)1964
2 items
11/19Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research1946-1963
9 items
11/19West, La Monte (Monty)1966
General Notes: See also Friends of the Free University of Seattle; University of Washington Anthropology Department.
11/19Western Folklore1954-1965
11 items
General Notes: Includes correspondence with S. J. Sackett
11/20Wheeler, Sara H.1962
3 items
11/20White, Leslie A.1941
General Notes: See also University of Michigan.
11/20Who's Who in America1963
11/20Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere1941
11/20Widmayer, Ruth1957-1968
3 items
11/20Wildman, Eugene1963
11/20Wiley (John) and Sons1965
11/20Wilgus, D. K.1966
11/20Wilkins, M. L. (Mrs.)1941
2 items
11/20Williams, Dawn1958
2/5-6Williams, Herbert H.
General Notes: Filed under American Anthropological Association.
11/20Williams, Vivian T.1961-1962
5 items
11/20Wilson, John H.1957
2 items
11/20Wingert, Paul S.1942
3 items
2/19Wirth, Louis
General Notes: Filed under American Council on Race Relations.
11/22Wisconsin Archaeological Society1962
11/22Wisdom Hall of Fame1970
11/22Wolfstone (H. H.) Co.1942
11/22Woodard, J. A.1945
4 items
2/17-18Woodward, C. Varn
General Notes: Filed under American Council of Learned Societies.
11/22World Book Encyclopedia1956-1969
10 items
11/22Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.1970
11/22Yakima Indian Nation, Tribal Community Action Programs, Housing Services1970
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Virginia B. Martin
11/22Yiddish Scientific Institute1945
General Notes: Includes correspondence with Max Weinrich
11/22Zorn, Alice1967-1968
2 items
3/5Zuckerman, Arthur
General Notes: Filed under B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation.
6 items
11/23Ed and Dorothy (Dermers?)undated
2 items
2 items
2 items
11/24Mary and Evelyn1960
11/24Maureen (Conners?)1970 (?)
General Notes: See Bob, 1967.
11/24Rovi (?) and Trisundated
11/24Sam P.undated
2 items
11/24Sergeant (pseudonym)1945
11/24Sila and Barbara1970
11/24Syl (?)1943
2 items
11/24Uncategorized groups

Recommendations, Evaluations, and Student Correspondence
Scope and Content: Includes recommendations, evaluations, student research proposals, and thesis committee correspondence. For longer proposals, see also the Research Proposals series. For additional evaluations, see also the United States National Science Foundation.
12/1Abraham, Mary Elizabeth1967
2 items
12/1Adamson, Sandra Lee1970
12/1Adriaansz, Rebecca1966-1967
3 items
12/1Alexander, James McKenzie1968-1971
25 items
12/2Alkire, William H.1957
12/2Allred, Grover C.1955-1957
2 items
12/2Al-Nouri, Qais1959-1964
14 items
12/2Amoss, Harold1961-1964
9 items
13/33Amoss, Pamela
General Notes: Filed under Thorsen, Pamela
12/3Ancona, Paul Joseph1961-1969
15 items
12/4Anderson, Paul1957-1969
14 items
12/4Andrade, Manuel J.undated
12/4Arellano, Ralph1965-1969
5 items
12/5Armstrong, Katherine1957
12/5-6Armstrong, Robert Louis1965-1971
40 items
12/7Arrowsmith, Gary Leon1967-1968
2 items
12/7Ashcanase, Abe S.1941-1942
2 items
12/7Baenen, Jim1969
3 items
12/7Bair, Raymond L.1956
12/7Barker, Phillip R.1957, 1970
14 items
12/8Bascom, Burton William1960
12/8Beatty, John1966
6 items
12/8Berg, Frederick R.1959
2 items
12/8Bergman, Marilyn1960-1961
4 items
12/8Bestor, William1964
12/8Biever, Kathy1970
3 items
12/8Black, Robert1969
12/8Blois, Marsden Scott1969-1970
6 items
12/9Blukis, Astrida1964
12/9Blumstock, Robert1955
12/9Bohanan, Marion1964-1969
4 items
12/9Braunstein, Wendy Norma1966-1969
3 items
12/9Brenner, Daniel J.1970
12/9Britz, Patricia B.1968-1970
8 items
12/10Brooks, Ronald A.1969
12/10Brophy, Elda M.1966-1969
6 items
12/10Broussard, John Augustine1956
12/10Brown, Doris Anitaundated
12/10Brown, Waldo E.1967
12/11Browning, Randell1965-1968
24 items
12/12Burns, Allan Francis1969-1970
12 items
12/12Burroughs, Harriett Novita1967-1969
3 items
12/12Bushell, Don1960
12/13Byerly, Elizabeth Lee1965-1970
9 items
12/13Caditz, Sylvan B.1956-1957
2 items
12/13Cain, Thomas1945
2 items
12/13Calderon, Eduardo1970
2 items
12/13Calhoun, Francy1945
12/14Campbell, Michael1968
6 items
12/14Cardona, (?)1960
2 items
12/14Carlson, Royundated
12/14Carpenter, Edmund S.1956
12/14Carroll, Vern1967-1969
4 items
12/14Carvey, Sandra1969
2 items
12/14Casey, Julia K.1968
12/14Caughlan, Anne1965-1970
9 items
12/15Chandler, Walter Kirby1962-1966
7 items
12/15Chase, Sharon1968
12/15Chertok, Ely1955
2 items
12/15Class, Loretta Mina1963-1968
6 items
12/15Clay, Pamela1970
12/15Cohen, Yehudi A.1963
2 items
12/15Coy, Margaret A.1970
12/16Crain, Carleton1963
12/16Crain, Jay B.1963
12/16Crawford, Michael H.1964-1967
13 items
12/16Crawford, T. H. G.1961
12/16Cullin, Mary J.1961
12/16Curtis, Luke1966
12/17Daniel, Cletus E.1971
12/17Dann, Jeff1965
2 items
12/17Davis, Nancy Yaw1967
12/17Davis, Wilbur A.1963-1964
2 items
12/17Davis, Wilbur G.1957
2 items
12/17Dorfman, Donna1963
12/33-34Dougherty, Lydia
General Notes: Filed under Kotchek, Lydia
12/17Duck, Carolyn Ann Parker1970-1971
6 items
12/17Duggan, Patricia A.1970
12/17Dundes, Alan1970
3 items
12/17Durkin, Roderick Pierce1961-1964
4 items
12/18Eade, Erselle1971
12/18Efrat, Barbara Silvermanundated
12/18Elmendorf, William Welcome1956, 1966
3 items
12/18Elson, Ben1958
12/18Eng, Francis L.1955
3 items
12/18Epler, Deane Chandler1967-1968
2 items
12/18Epstein, Lawrence Joseph1964-1971
15 items
12/19-20Erickson, Vincent O.1960-1968
42 items
12/21Euler, Robert C.1964
12/21Finlayson, Tanya G.1958
12/21Fitzpatrick, Evelyn Darlene1966-1969
3 items
12/21Foedisch, Victoria1970
12/21Fordyce, Phillip1969
12/21Franz, Wanda Kay1969
2 items
12/21Freling, Roger Norman1967
4 items
12/21French, (David?)1958
12/21Fukushima, Pamilia1964
12/22Gaetana, Gloria1956
2 items
12/22Garner, Beatrice Mediane1964
3 items
12/22Garth, Thomas R.1965
3 items
12/22Gibson, James A.1963-1969
7 items
12/22Gibson, Robert N.1967
12/23Goldstein, Melvyn C.1964-1968
23 items
12/24Graalfs, Heinz1955
2 items
12/24Grantham, George W.1968-1969
4 items
12/24Green, John A.1958-1960
2 items
12/24Gronewold, Sylvia1968, undated
5 items
12/24Groth, J. H.1940
12/24Guksch, Christian E.1969
12/24Gumbiner, Mark1956
12/24Guthrie, Elton F.1944
12/24Haas, Mary R.1963
2 items
12/24Hadden, Robert M.1965
12/25-26Hage, Karl Per1956-1971
43 items
12/27Haggen, Clarence1953
12/27Hall, Judith1970
12/27Halverstoff, Lindy L.1967
12/27Harris, Jimmy Gene1963-1966
6 items
12/27Harrison, Robert Charlesundated
12/27Hasegawa, Andrew T.1942
12/27Hawkes, Kristin1969-1970
2 items
12/27Hebert, Raymond1960
12/27Heinrich, Albert1960-1963
3 items
12/28Hennigh, Lawrence1960-1969
33 items
12/29Hess, Thom1965-1969
5 items
12/29Hindley, John1955
12/29Hollenbech, Marg1965
12/29Horn, Beverly M.1970-1971
7 items
12/29Hougladarom, Gail1969
12/29House, Frances1970
12/29Hull, Alexander1955
12/29Hupton, Robert1957
12/30Iles, Clellaundated
12/30Jacobson, John Melgaard1966
5 items
12/30James, Evan1969-1971
2 items
13/3James, Karen
General Notes: Filed under McCulloch, Karen
12/30Jeicle, Ralph M.1966
12/30Johnson, Dorothy May (Dee)1970
7 items
12/30Johnson, Emmalyn1969
12/30Johnston, William Alan1970-1971
6 items
12/30Jolly, Grace1965
12/30Jones, Archie M. (Mrs.)1955
2 items
12/30Jones, Joan Megan1967
4 items
12/31Kaasa, Tom1957
12/31Kaufman, S. Harvard1952
12/31Keith, Shirley1965-1966
9 items
12/31Kemp, S. James1965-1967
3 items
12/31Kendall, Katherine1965
2 items
12/31Kernan, Keith T.1962
5 items
12/32Kew, John E. M.1969-1970
3 items
12/32Kinkade, M. Dale1965
12/32Kinser, Hal1955
2 items
12/32Kirk, Paul Livingston1963-1967
7 items
12/32Kistler, Elmer1942
12/32Kobbervig, Karl I.1955
2 items
12/32Korbut-Weberg, Iris Raymonde1970
12/32Koruga, John1967
12/33-34Kotchek, Lydia Ruth Dougherty1967-1970
49 items
12/35Kourkoumelis, Jim1954
12/35Krause, Marilyn1964-1966
21 items
12/35Krueger, John 1955
4 items
13/1La Barre, Weston1961, undated
3 items
13/1Lane, Warren1964
2 items
13/1Langdon, Thomas A.1968
4 items
13/1Lange, Gary V.1967
4 items
13/1Lagreid, Kay1970
13/1Lawson, Judd1970
13/1Leake, Brenda1962
13/1Leberg, Natalie1970
13/2Leininger, Madeleine1963-1965
3 items
13/2Levy, Leo1957
13/2Lewarch, Dennis E.1971
13/2Lewis, Henry1958
13/2Lewis, Norman1967-1968
3 items
13/2Liang, Patricia1965-1966
3 items
13/2Lindahl, Anna1969
13/2Loewen, Jacob A.1957
13/2Lord, Evelyn1944
13/2Lotz, Donna1958
2 items
13/2Lukoff, Young Soon1969
13/2Lundell, Gary1969
2 items
13/3McCollum, J. David1967-1969
4 items
13/3McCormick, June1942
2 items
13/3McCulloch, Karen Maria1968-1970
10 items
13/3McErlean, John M. P.1967
13/3McGrath, Michael M.undated
13/4McMillan, Catherine Jane1967-1969
6 items
13/4Madden, Cindy1970-1971
3 items
13/4Malkin, Borysundated
13/4Mark, Lindy Li1964
2 items
13/4Marshall, Barbara1961
13/4Mattina, Anthony1970
2 items
13/4Mentzer, E. Hollisundated
13/4Messler, David (sic)1963
13/4Mignon, Molly Raymond1960
2 items
13/4Mikami, Kris1970
2 items
13/5Mills, John1954-1955
19 items
13/6Moberg, Emily S.1971
13/6Mohling, Virginia1956-1957
4 items
General Notes: See also V. Powers.
13/6Moody, Michael Weston1967-1968
2 items
13/6Moorman, Melvin M.1968
13/6Moos, Felixundated
13/6Morimoto, Madoka (Maria)1955-1956
3 items
13/6Mork, Mary Elizabeth1965
2 items
13/6Mueller, Joan L.1964
4 items
13/6Mueller, Paul F. C.1959
13/6Nason, James Duane1966-1967
8 items
13/7-8Nelson, Harold Edwin1965-1970
31 items
13/9Newell, Laura L.1963-1966
12 items
13/9Nordquist, Philip1964
2 items
13/9Oettel, Malanie1969
2 items
13/9Oliver, Emmett1970
13/9Olmstead, David1954
13/9Opler, Marvin K.1940-1945
6 items
13/9Osborne, Douglas1956
2 items
13/9Osmundson, John1956
13/9Ottenberg, Phoebe V.1964-1965
2 items
13/10Pang, Sun Joo1965-1967
14 items
13/10Pataki, Karen1966-1967
2 items
13/10Patterson, Lynn1968-1971
11 items
13/11Paul, Macura1956-1957
2 items
13/11Pelto, Richardundated
13/11Person, Lloyd H.1969-1970
7 items
13/11Petrusich, Margaret1958
13/11Phillips, Derdre1967-1969
2 items
13/11Phillips, Richard1956-1963
3 items
13/11Phillips, Wendell1961
13/11Phillips, William L.1964
2 items
13/12Pierce, Joe E.1965
5 items
13/12Piker, Steven I.1964-1965
16 items
13/13Pitkin, Harvey1963
2 items
13/13Poisson, Rodney1957
13/13Powers, Virginia1964
General Notes: See also V. Mohling.
13/13Presson, Barbara Ann Keifer1970
4 items
13/13Proser, Matthew1960-1963
7 items
13/13Puderbaugh, Patricia I.1961
13/14Raichle, Sara C.undated
13/14Ramey, Joy Marie Sutphin1966
13/14Ransom, Jay Ellis1940
13/14Ray, Dorothy Jean1955-1956
3 items
13/4Raymond, Mollie
General Notes: Filed under Mignon, Mollie.
13/14Reed, Sylvia1968-1969
3 items
13/14Reinert, Dorothy1967
13/14Rice, Charlesundated
13/14Riegel, Charles1968-1970
8 items
13/15Robbins, Sterling Gregg1966-1970
11 items
13/15Roberts, Brian1966
13/16Roberts, Derek F.1963-1964
16 items
General Notes: See also University of Washington Anthropology Department -- General Correspondence I.
13/17Salem, Mahmoud1971
13/17Samuels, Douglas Clayton1967
3 items
13/17Sauer, Keith1967-1969
3 items
13/17Schneller, Judith1967
2 items
13/17Schultz, Harold A.1965-1967
2 items
13/18-19Schuster, Helen Hersh1964-1970
28 items
13/20Schwier, Marjorie Jenkins1957
13/20Shanker, Prem1958-1961
3 items
13/20Shapson, Dennis1966
13/20Shipek, Florence1970
2 items
13/20Shipley, William F.1970
13/20Shmavonian, Barry1956-1957
2 items
13/20Silverstein, Michael1967-1970
5 items
13/21-22Silverstein, Roberta Lee1967-1969
27 items
13/23Simonsen, Rolfe A.1964
13/23Singh, Ram Raj Prasad1956
13/23Skeels, Dell Roy1963
16 items
13/23Sloan, Margaret Devine1967
13/23Sloat, Clarence1965
13/23Smith, Harry1942
13/24-27Snyder, Sally1956-1971
115 items
13/28Snyder, Warren Arthur1954-1970
5 items
13/29-30Spaulding, Philip Taft1966-1970
48 items
13/31Spradley, James Phillip1964-1970
21 items
13/32Stapleton, Sylvia1969
13/32Starr, Mary1971
2 items
13/32Steele, James R.1959
13/32Stockholder, Katherine1964
2 items
13/32Susman, Amelia Louise1941
13/32Swanson, Bruce1970
13/32Swanson, Gerald1967
13/32Swanzy, Marjorie1969
13/32Tarpley, Denis1967
13/32Tenorio, Alfred1964-1968
13 items
13/33Teters, Barbara1955
13/33Theodoratus, Robert J.1957-1959
8 items
13/33Thomas, Michael Allen1971
13/33Thompson, John Mundated
13/33Thompson, Laurence C.1959-1968
6 items
13/33Thorsen, Pamela H.1955-1969
8 items
13/34Todoki, Robert A.1968
2 items
13/34Tollefson, Kenneth Dean1969-1971
4 items
13/34Tsuchida, Linda1967
13/34Turney-High, Harry H.undated
13/34Tweddell, Colin E.1957
13/34van Beers, Gustaaf G.1964
13/34Van Every, Janet1970
13/34Vecchio, Frank Ben1959-1963
4 items
13/34Veirs, Valerie C.1967
3 items
13/34Ventur, Pierre1970
3 items
13/34Vinje, Faye J.1969
13/35Wahrgren, Patricia Annundated
2 items
13/35Warren, Claude N.undated
13/35Waterman, Richard A.1956
3 items
13/35Watson, James1969
2 items
13/35Webster, Stephenundated
13/35Welch, Jeanne1967-1968
6 items
13/35Wennekens, Alix1957
13/35Weschler, John Charles1965-1967
6 items
8/3-9West, La Monte (Monte)
General Notes: Filed under University of Washington Anthropology Department
13/35Whalen, Joseph T.1942-1943
3 items
13/35Whitmarsh, Derek P.1965
13/36Wike, Joyce1941-1944
4 items
13/36Wildman, Eugene L.1961
13/36Williams, Vivian T.1962
2 items
13/36Wilner, Jeffrey D.1969-1970
6 items
13/36Wivell, Charles J.1962
13/36Wyatt, David1966
3 items
13/36Yanagisako, Sylvia1966
13/36Yang, Richard1955
2 items
13/36Yurgionas, Evelyn D.1955

Speeches and Writings by Jacobs
14/1"Analysis of the Expressive Content of an Oral Literature"undated
14/2"Anthropology and Public Education"undated
14/3"Anthropology and Social Work"undated
14/4"Applied Biology"undated
14/5"Areal Spread of Indian Oral Genre Features in the Northwest States"undated
14/6"The Areal Spread of Sound Features in the Languages North of California"undated
14/7"Atomism versus Configurationism in Anthropology"undated
14/8"The Backward Economic Systems and the Present World Crisis"undated
14/9"Boas' Work in Folklore"undated
14/10"Changing Cultures and Personality Results Among Indians in the Northwest United States"undated
14/11"Chinook Jargon"undated
14/12Clackamas Chinook Texts, Part 1 unbound signatures of bookundated
14/13-16/7Clackamas Chinook Texts longhand manuscript of Parts 1 and 2undated
114/42Clackamas Chinook Texts correspondence1955-1959
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with Cushing-Malloy, Inc.; Indiana University Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore and Linguistics; International Journal of American Linguistics; Alfred Lewis Kroeber; and Thomas A. Sebeok
114/43Clackamas Chinook Texts correspondence1956-1958
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with Sol Tax; Carl F. Vogelin; University of Washington Contract Accounting Office; University of Washington Graduate School, Anderson (Agnes H. Research Fund Committee; and Lloyd S. Woodburne
16/8"Comments on Paper by Fischer, January 18, 1963"undated
16/9"Conkling, Garfield and Patronage, 1880-1881" [Master's thesis]undated
16/10-17/3The Content and Style of an Oral Literature: Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales typescript undated
17/4The Content and Style of an Oral Literature: Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales page proofsundated
114/42Content and Style of an Oral Literature1956-1958
Scope and Content: Includes publisher's contract; reviews; and correspondence with American Folklore Society, Dorothy Eggan, David French, A. I. ("Pete") Hallowell, David Mandelbaum, Thomas A. Sebeok, Sol Tax, Ruth Underhill, University of Chicago Press, and Sherwood L. Washburn
17/5-8Coos Myth Texts typescript copy for printerundated
18/1Coos Myth Texts page proofs and some galley proofsundated
18/2-5Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts typescript copy for printerundated
19/1Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts galley proofsundated
19/2Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts page proofsundated
19/3"Culture and Personality"undated
19/4"Cultures in the Present World Crisis"undated
19/5"Did Early Man Live in Caves?"undated
19/6"Directions in Folklore"undated
19/7"Expression of Humor in an Oral Literature"undated
19/8"The Fate of Indian Oral Literature in Oregon"undated
19/9"A Few Observations on the World View of the Clackamas Chinook Indians"undated
20/2"Further Comments on Evolutionism in Cultural Anthropology"undated
20/3"General Anthropology"undated
20/4"The Genetic Relationship of Sahaptin and Lutuamian"undated
20/5"Genres in Northwest States Oral Literatures"undated
20/6"Handbook for Field Recording of Primitive Languages"undated
20/7"An Historian Looks at the Culture of the Pacific Northwest"undated
20/8Historic Perspectives in Indian Languages of Oregon and Washingtonundated
20/9"An Historical Event Text from a Galice Athabaskan in Southwestern Oregon"undated
20/10-11"The History of Indian Languages in Oregon and Washington"undated
20/12"Humor and Social Structure in an Oral Literature"undated
20/13"Indications of Mental Illness Among Pre-contact Indians of the Northwest States"undated
20/14"Inherent Barriers to Crosscultural Psychopathology"undated
21/1-22/1"An Introduction to Anthropology"undated
22/2"Is there a Racial Body Odor?"undated
22/3-23/5Kalapuya Textsundated
23/6"Language Families and Important Written Languages"undated
23/7-24/2"Lectures in Cultural Anthropology"undated
24/3"A Look Ahead in Oral Literature Research"undated
24/4"Mental Hygiene, Anthropology, and Racism"undated
24/5"The Myth that Threatens America"undated
24/6"Northern Sahaptin Kinship Terms"undated
24/7"Northern Sahaptin Phonemes"undated
24/8-25/5Northwest Sahaptin Textsundated
26/1Northwest Sahaptin Texts galley proofsundated
26/2Northwest Sahaptin Texts galley correctionsundated
26/3Northwest Sahaptin Texts page proofsundated
26/4Notes on the Structure of Chinook Jargonundated
26/5"On the Possibility of an International Auxiliary Language"undated
26/6"On the Use of the Culture Area Concept in South Africa"undated
26/7"The Origin of Chinook Jargon"undated
26/8"Our High School Libraries and Racism"undated
26/9"Our Knowledge of Pacific Northwest Indian Folklores"undated
26/10-27/1"Outline of General Anthropology"undated
27/2-3"Pacific Northwest Folklore"undated
27/4Pattern in Cultural Anthropology galley proofsundated
27/5The People are Coming Soon: Analyses of Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales correspondence 1959-1961
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with Richard M. Dorson, the University of Washington Graduate School Anderson (Agnes H.) Research Fund, and the University of Washington Press
28/1-29/1"Perspectives in Anthropology"undated
29/2"Problems in the Recording and Phonetics of Coos, a Coastal Oregon Language"undated
29/3"Psychological Inferences from a Chinook Myth"undated
29/4-5"Race: An Historical Interpretation"undated
29/6"Race and the War"undated
29/7"Races and Changing Cultures"undated
29/8"Races and Cultures in the Present World Crisis"undated
29/9"Racism: A Program for Action"undated
29/10"Racism and Fascism"undated
29/11"Racism and Scientific Evidence"undated
30/1-2"Racism and the Peoples of the World"undated
30/3"Racism and the Teacher"undated
30/4"Racism and the War"undated
30/5"Resources in Kalapuyan Languages"undated
30/6"The Romantic Role of Older Women in a Culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast"undated
30/7Sahaptin Texts1935
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with Columbia University Press.
30/8"Science Headlines" [transcriptions of radio broadcasts]undated
30/9-32/8"A Short General Anthropology"undated
33/1A Sketch of Northern Sahaptin Grammar unbound signatures of bookundated
33/2"Some Anthropological Comments on Race and Racism"undated
33/3"Some Concepts of Personality Indicated in a Clackamas Chinook Myth"undated
33/4"Some Psychological Problems Towards the Solution of Which Anthropology is Contributing"undated
33/5"Spread of Features of Style in Indian Oral Genres in the Northwest States"undated
33/6"A Structural Way of Connecting Language and Culture"undated
33/7"A Survey of Linguistic Research from the Point of View of an Anthropologist"undated
33/8"A Survey of Pacific Northwest Anthropological Research 1930-1940"undated
33/9"The Teaching of Anthropology in the Secondary Schools"undated
33/10"That Word 'Race'"undated
33/11"The Theoretic Basis and Utility of Classification of Cultures"undated
33/12"Thoughts on a History of Anthropology"undated
33/13"Thoughts on Methodology for Comprehension of an Oral Literature"undated
33/14"Titles in an Oral Literature"undated
33/15"Unstructured Stimuli and Literary Creativity"undated
33/16-34/4[Untitled Northwest states folklore manuscript]undated
34/5Andrade, Manuel J. Quileute and Quileute Textsundated
34/5Baron, Salo Wittmeyer. A Social and Religious History of the Jewsundated
34/5Boas, Franz, editor Handbook of American Indian Languages, Part 3undated
34/5Coffin, Tristram P., editor Our Living Traditions: An Introduction to American Folkloreundated
34/5Colson, Elizabeth. The Makah Indians: A Study of an Indian Tribe in Modern American Societyundated
34/6Dorson, Richard M. American Folkloreundated
34/6Driver, Harold E. Indians of North Americaundated
34/6Fey, Harold E. and D'Arcy McNickle. Indians and Other Americansundated
34/7Harris, Zellig S. Methods in Structural Linguisticsundated
34/7Hawthorn, Audrey. Art of the Kwakiutl Indians and Other Northwest Coast Tribesundated
34/7Hawthorn, H. B., C. S. Belshaw, and S. M. Jamieson. The Indians of British Columbia: A Study of Contemporary, Social Adjustmentundated
34/8Hays, H. R. From Ape to Angelundated
34/8Howard, Helen A. and Dan L. McGrath. War Chief Josephundated
34/8Lambert, Mary Ann. The House of the Seven Brothers: Trees, Roots and Branches of the House of Ste-tee-thlumundated
34/8Lowie, Robert H., editor Letters from Edward Sapir to Robert H. Lowieundated
34/8Miles, Charles. Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North Americaundated
34/9Propp, Vladimir. Morphology of the Folktale [1958 and 1970 editions both reviewed]undated
34/9Reichard, Gladys A. An Analysis of Coeur d'Alene Indian Mythsundated
34/9Reichard, Gladys A. Navaho Grammarundated
34/10Sapir, Edward and Morris Swadesh. Native Accounts of Nootka Ethnographyundated
34/10Sapir, Edward and Morris Swadesh. Nootka Texts: Tales and Ethnological Narrativesundated
34/10South Dakota Writers' Project. Legends of the Mighty Siouxundated
34/10Spencer, Katherine. Mythology and Values: An Analysis of Navaho Chantway Mythsundated
34/10Street, Eloise. Sepass Poems: The Songs of Y-Ail-Mihthundated
34/10Thornton, Mildred Valley. Indian Lives and Legendsundated
34/10Weber, Max. Ancient Judaismundated
34/10[?]. An Essay towards an Indian Bibliographyundated
34/11Book notices and reviews of Jacobs's worksundated
34/12Mailing lists for offprints and copies of Jacobs's books1961, undated
Course materials
Scope and Content: Reading and teaching notes, handouts.
Class notesundated
34/13Anthropology 390undated
34/14Anthropology 429undated
34/15Anthropology 431undated
34/16Anthropology 433undated
34/17Anthropology 441undated
35/1Anthropology 457-551undated
35/2-3Anthropology 460undated
35/4Anthropology 500-501-502undated
35/5Anthropology 502undated
35/6Anthropology 541undated
35/7Anthropology 559undated
35/8Anthropology 560undated
35/9Anthropology-Linguistics 450Jundated
35/10Anthropology-Linguistics 553Jundated
35/11"Old Lecture Notes from 1929"1929
35/12Class/lecture notesundated
35/13Reading notesundated
36/5-42/3Unsorted notes and drafts
Scope and Content: Mostly unidentifiable fragments and/or early versions of Jacobs' published works.

Speeches and Writings by Others
42/4Adler, Fred W. "A Bibliographical Checklist of Five Pacific Northwest Indian Languages"undated
42/5Aginsky, Burt W. "The Evolution of American Indian Culture: A Method and Theory"undated
42/5Aginsky, Burt W. and Ethel B. Aginsky. "Lateralization Among American Indians"undated
42/5Alexander, Hartley Burr. "Philosophic Imagination in Indian America"undated
42/6Averkieva, U. G. "Slavery in the Tribes of Northwestern Coast of North America"undated
42/6Balint, Andras. "Sector Analysis and Idioms"undated
42/6Ballard, Arthur C. "Southern Puget Sound Salish Kinship Terms"undated
42/7Barnett, Lincoln. "The Universe and Dr. Einstein"undated
42/7Bascom, William. "African Culture and the Missionary"undated
42/7Bauer, Harry C. "A Child's World"undated
42/7Bauer, Harry C. "These Are My Jewels"undated
42/8Benedict, Ruth. "Configurations of Culture in North America"undated
42/8Benedict, Ruth. "Folklore"undated
42/8Benedict, Ruth. "Psychological Types in the Cultures of the Southwest"undated
42/8Berlin, Brent and Paul Kay. "Universality and Evolution of Basic Color Terms"undated
42/9Bestor, William. "Descriptive Semantics of Chuan Chiu Chinese Numeral Classifiers"undated
42/10Bestor, William. "Obstacles to Soviet-American Communication"undated
42/11Brownell, Baker (series editor). Introduction to "Religious Life," Volume II of Man and His Worldundated
42/11Browning, Randall. [untitled]undated
42/11Burleigh, B. L. "The Tales of Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris"undated
42/11Burns, Allan F. "A Sabucan and a Woman of the Street: The Analysis of a Mayan Humor Event"undated
43/1Chandler, Kirby. "The Psychobiology of Non-Human Primates"undated
43/2Clements, Forrest E. "Quantitative Method in Ethnography"undated
43/2Cohen, Morris Raphael. Review of The Mind of Primitive Man by Franz Boasundated
43/2Collier, John (letter to Ben Dwight). "The Policy of the Office of Indian Affairs on Religious Liberty Among Indians"undated
43/3Coon, Carleton Stevens. "The Racial Identity of the Jews"undated
43/2Crawford, Michael H. "Hemoglobin Polymorphism in Macaca nemestrina"undated
43/2Crawford, Michael H. "Serum Pseudocholinesterase in the Hominoidae"undated
43/4Davidson, John F. "Anthropology in the Hominoidae"undated
43/4Deloria, Vine. "Custer Died for Your Sins"undated
43/5Dorsey (J. O.) manuscripts in Bureau of American Ethnology Archives (Siletz Reservation trip, 1884)
43/4Driver, LaVerne. "Alfred Adler, 1870-1937"undated
43/4Duck, Carolyn. "The Hare, the Lion, and Other Things: A Tentative Bibliography for the Study of Traditional African Literature Based on the Sources Available in the Suzzallo Library"undated
43/4Durkin, Roderick. "Some Social Functions of Psychological Interpretations in a Residential Treatment Program for Disturbed Children"undated
43/6Efimenko, (?). "Pre-clan Society"undated
43/7Firestone, Charles. "Boiled Cartilage Implants"undated
43/8Firestone, Charles. "Boiled Cartilage Implants" correspondence1946
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with W. Montague Cobb, Paul Fejos, William Krogman, Harry L. Shapiro, and Sherwood L. Washburn
43/7Fischer, John L. "The Sociopsychological Analysis of Folktales"undated
43/7Fischer, John L. "The Stylistic Significance of Consonantal Sandhi in Trukese and Ponapean"undated
43/7Fischer, John L. "Syntax and Social Structure: Truk and Panape"undated
43/7Frantz, Donald G. "A PL/I Program to Assist the Comparative Linguist"undated
43/9Geoghegan, R. H. and Dimitri Krenov, translators. "Introduction by the Priest I. Veniaminov to the Study of the Aleutian Language"undated
43/10Getchell, Alice McClure. "Bibliography of Oregon Indian Myths"undated
43/11Goldenweiser, Alexander A. "The Future of the Social Sciences"undated
43/11Goldenweiser, Alexander A. "Loose Ends of Theory on the Individual, Pattern, and Involution in Primitive Society"undated
43/11Goldenweiser, Alexander A. "The Relation of the Natural Sciences to the Social Sciences, as viewed by Wilhelm Dilthey, Heinrich Rickert, and Others"undated
43/11Goldenweiser, Alexander A. review of H. Cunow, "Zur Urgeschichte der Ehe und der Familie"undated
43/12Goldstein, Chunden Surkhang. "Secular Education in Lhasa"undated
43/12Goldstein, Melvyn C. "Preliminary Study of the Kinship Terminology of the qapa and qutàa of Tibet"undated
43/12Graves, Mortimer. "Congress Helps American Libraries to Discover the Spherical World"undated
43/13Greenberg, Joseph. "Tentative Linguistic Classification of Central and South America"undated
43/14Greenway, John. Introduction to Journal of American Folklore special issueundated
43/15Grimes, Joseph E. "Scheduling to Reduce Conflict in Meetings"undated
43/15Grimes, Joseph E. and Naomi Glock. "A Saramaccan Narrative Pattern"undated
43/15Gudshinsky, Sarah C. "More on Formulating Efficient Orthographies"undated
43/15Hall, Robert A. "Creole Linguistics"undated
43/15Henry, Jules. "Anthropology in the General Social Science Course"undated
43/15Henry, Jules. "Cultural Discontinuity and the Shadow of the Past"undated
43/15Henry, Jules, and Joan Whitehorn Boggs. "Child Rearing, Culture, and the Natural World"undated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "The Afsati-Sage"undated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "Bok Murun (1)"undated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "Er Taryin"undated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "Preliminary Altaic Time Depth"undated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "Preliminary Sketch of the Kazakh Language," Parts I and IIundated
43/16Hebert, Raymond J. "Some Functions of a Karachay Belief"undated
43/17Herskovits, Melville J. "The Economic Basis of the Family in Primitive Society"undated
43/17Herzog, George. "Musical Styles in North America"undated
43/17Herzog, George. "Music in the Thinking of the American Indian"undated
43/17Hirsch, Jerry. "Author's Implication or Reviewer's Inference" (letter to the editor, Contemporary Psychology)undated
43/18Hoijer, Harry. "Galice Athabaskan Stems"undated
43/18Hoijer, Harry. "Linguistic History"undated
43/18Hoijer, Harry. "Navaho Phonemes"undated
43/19Hrdlicková, V. "The Chinese Storytellers and Singers of Ballads: Their Performances and Storytelling Techniques"undated
44/1Jacobs, Elizabeth D. "Anthropology by Analogy"undated
44/1Jacobs, Elizabeth D. "A Chetco Athabaskan Myth Text from Southwestern Oregon"undated
43/16"Nehalem Tillamook Tales"undated
43/16Journal of the Oriental Society, book reviewsundated
44/2Kennedy, Raymond. "An Acculturation Questionnaire for Indonesia"undated
44/2Kikuchi, Stephen A. "The Needs of Students"undated
44/2Klokeid, Terry J. "Linguistic Acculturation in Nitinat"undated
44/2Kroeber, Alfred L. "Cultural Area"undated
44/2Kroeber, Alfred L. "The Culture-Area and Age-Area Concepts of Clark Wissler"undated
44/2Kroeber, Alfred L. "Totem and Taboo: An Ethnologic Psychoanalysis"undated
44/3Kuipers, Aert H. "On Divergence, Interaction and Merging of Salish Language-Communities"undated
44/3La Barre, Weston. "History and Worldview: The Aymara"undated
44/3Laughlin, Robert M. "The Analysis of Myth in Highland Chiapas"undated
44/3Leechman, (?). "Bibliography of the Anthropology of the Puget Sound Indians"undated
44/4Lesser, Alexander. "On the Meaning of 'Race'"undated
44/4Loeb, Edwin Meyer (Mrs.) undated
Scope and Content: Bibliography and photographs of Edwin Meyer Loeb, compiled in his memory.
44/4Lotz, John. "Speech Event and Linguistic Analysis" (abstract)undated
44/4Lowie, Robert H. "On the Historical Connection Between Certain Old World and New World Beliefs"undated
44/6MacGregor, Robert. "Time Turned Back"undated
44/4McGinnis, Duane. Poems (Clallam name is Duane Niatum)undated
44/5McIlwraith, T. J. "Bella Coola Social Life"undated
44/7Mekeel, H. Scudder. "Clinic and Culture"undated
44/7Mendelsohn, S. "The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto"undated
44/7Murdock, George P. "North American Social Organization"undated
44/7Murdock, George P. "The Science of Culture"undated
44/8Miller, Carl G. "Naivete on Tolerance."undated
44/9N[?], W. W. review of Night of the Gods by John O'Neillundated
44/9Nagel, Rosemary A. "Haida World View: An Essay in the Analysis of a Folk Literature"undated
44/10Nelson, Harold E. "Pre-Contact Isolation of the New Guinea Highlands: An Analysis of Evidence From Disease Geography"undated
44/10Nelson, Willis H. and Frank Barnett. "Burial Cave, Kanaga Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska"undated
44/10Newman, Stanley. "Zuni Equivalents of English 'To Be'"undated
44/11Nolan, Edward. "Bibliography of the Yakima"undated
44/12Nostrand, Howard Lee. "Handbook on the Describing and Teaching of Literate Cultures"undated
44/12Nostrand, Howard Lee. "Literature in a Structural Description of French Culture"undated
44/13Pike, Kenneth L. "Five Poems"undated
44/13Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred R. "Some Problems of Bantu Sociology"undated
44/13Radin, Paul. "The Founder's Account of the Peyote Religion"undated
44/13Reagan, Albert B. Articles (newspaper?) relating to Quileutes and Makahs undatedundated
44/13Reinecke, John. "Chinook Jargon"undated
44/14Riepe, Dale. "A Review of Jespersen's 'How to Teach a Foreign Language'"undated
44/14Rinder, Irwin D. "The Modern Jew and Mental Health"undated
44/15Robb, Marion. "The Salmon's Home, Switched Home"undated
44/14Roheim, Geza. "Summary of Psychoanalysis of a Matrilineal Culture (Normanby Island)"undated
44/16Rohner, Ronald P. "Factors Influencing the Academic Performance of Kwakiutl Children in Canada"undated
44/16Rohner, Ronald P. "Franz Boas: Ethnographer on the Northwest Coast"undated
44/17Safilios-Rothschild, Constantina. "Morality, Courtship, and Love in Greek Folklore"undated
44/18Sawyer, Jesse. "Reflexes of Spanish "r" in Wappo"undated
44/19Scharbach, Alexander. "Are the Clackamas Chinook Myths Dramas?"undated
44/19Schoolcraft, Milhous. "The Heard Student: Some Seminal Ideas"undated
44/19Schultz, Amelia. "Segmental Phonemes of Brienzerdeutsch"undated
45/1Sebeok, Thomas A. "Sound and Meaning in a Cheremis Folksong Text"undated
45/1Skeels, Dell. "Gods and Titans, the Bipartite Foundation of Dumézil's Tripartition"undated
45/1Snyder, Sally. "Class Phenomena and Their Relation to Tribal Shifts in Northern Puget Sound"undated
45/1Snyder, Sally. "Connections between Skagit Religion and Ethics"undated
45/1Snyder, Sally. "The Youngest-Smartest Theme in Skagit Literature and Culture"undated
45/1Snyder, Sally. [Untitled]undated
45/2Stern, Theodore. "Mythic Roles and Culture Change Among the Klamath"undated
45/2Stocking, George W. "The History of Anthropology: Where, Whence, Whither?"undated
45/3[Swadesh, Morris. "Glottochronological Word List"]undated
45/3Swadesh, Morris. "The Phonemic Principle"undated
45/3Swadesh, Morris. "Reading and Writing the Aht Indian Languages"undated
45/4Takeuchi, Lone. "Santiam Kalapuya Vocabulary with Notes on Phonology and Morphology"undated
45/5Tedlock, Dennis. "The Nature of Reality Distortion in Zuni Tales"undated
45/5[Teit, J. "Notes on Washington Basketry"]undated
45/5Thompson, Laurence C. Interim report to the National Science Foundationundated
45/6Tweddell, Colin E. The Snoqualmie-Duwamish Dialects of Puget Sound Coast Salishundated
45/6Tweddell, Colin E. "A Tentative Sketch of the Phonology, Morphology and Syntax of the Kungland Dialect of the Tuli, a Lolo Language of West Central Yunnan, China"undated
45/7Warner, Mikell. Series of translations of French Catholic Church recordsundated
45/8West, La Monte. "The Identification of Musical Items"undated
45/8Wilkins, James L. and Melvyn R. Diamond. "Some Comparisons of Participant Observer and Questionnaire Methods"undated
45/8Yampolsky, Cecil. "Science or Indoctrination?"undated
45/8Anonymous. "Penitence, after being shown the anachronism of modern male-female equality" (Poem)undated
45/9Miscellaneous bibliographiesundated

Student Papers
Doctoral dissertations
45/10Alexander, James McKenzie. "Tibetan National Character"1970
45/11Blois, Marsden Scott. [Untitled draft]1970
45/12Loewen, Jacob. [Untitled draft]undated
45/13-46/3Nelson, Harold E. "'As Bilong Poisin': The Social, Medical and Metaphysical Bases of Disease Epistemology in a New Guinea Highlands Culture"1970
46/4-46/6Robbins, Sterling Gregg. [Untitled draft]undated
46/7Scruton, Davis. [Untitled draft]1953
46/8Skeels, Dell Roy. "Style in the Unwritten Literature of the Nez Perce Indians"1949
46/9-11Spaulding, Philip Taft. "The Metis of Ile-A-La-Crosse"1970
Masters theses
46/12-13Adatto, Emma. "A Study of the Linguistic Characteristics of the Seattle Sefardi Folklore"1935
47/1Al-Nouri, Qais Naima. "Kinship and Changing Requirements of Group Loyalty Among Tribal People in South Iraq"undated
47/2Amoss, Pamela Thorsen. "Nuksack Phonemics"1961
47/3Ancona, Paul. [Untitled draft]1969
47/4-5Arellano, Ralph. "The Mexican Hacienda, 1876-1910"1968
47/6Arrowsmith, Gary Leon. "Colville Phonemics"1967
47/7Harris, Jimmy Gene. "The Phonology of Chilliwack Halkomelem"1966
47/8Langdon, Thomas. [Untitled draft]1968
47/9Oettel, Melanie. "Aspects of Acculturation in Native Independent Churches in South Africa"1970
47/10Phillips, Richard Lee. "A Descriptive Phonology and Grammar of the Kiowa Language"1960
47/11-12Schuster, Helen Hersh. "Implications of the Use of Children's Drawings for Cross-cultural Research -- A Survey and Evaluation"1965
47/13-14Tweddell, Colin Ellridge. "The Snoqualmie-Duwamish Dialects of Puget Sound Coast Salish: An Outline of Phonemics and Morphology"1947
Courses and colloquia
48/1Curtis, Luke1966
48/1Epstein, Lawrenceundated
2 items
48/1Goldstein, Chunden Surkhangundated
48/1Goldstein, Melvyn C.1964
48/2Holmes, Lionel1934
48/2James, Evan1969
48/2Jamieson, Neilundated
48/2Kirkland, Barbaraundated
48/2Lundell, Gary A.undated
48/3Nelson, Harold E.1964
48/4Phillips, Lorraine1961
7 items
48/5Piker, Stevenundated
48/5Shapson, Dennis1966
48/5Silverstein, Roberta1967
48/6Spradley, James P.1965
3 items
48/7Warner, Kathleen1971
48/7Whalen, Thaddeusundated

Student Exams
48/8-9Armstrong, Robert1966-1969
48/10Burns, Allan Francis1970
48/11Byerly, Elizabeth L.1967
48/11Goldstein, Melvyn C.undated
48/12Hage, Karl Per1969
48/13Heinrich, Albert1960
48/14Kotchek, Lydia1970
48/15Mills, John1952
48/16Schuster, Helen1967
49/1Snyder, Sally1957
49/2Class, Loretta1968
49/3Person, Lloyd1970
49/4Welch, Jeanne1968
First year evaluation
49/5Allred, Grover1955
49/5Al-Nouri, Qais1959

Linguistic Slip Files
Scope and Content: In most cases these slip files constitute original field-notes, taken and filed in sessions with informants, with cross-references and other notes added as analysis progressed. There are also notes at various points concerning Jacobs's observations about the language; in particular there are notes at the beginnings of files concerning the ordering used, dates, explanations of abbreviations used, and other important information. Where there are several boxes for one language, they have been numbered consecutively in the proper order when it could be determined. All of these files were made by Jacobs unless otherwise indicated. The dates given here were taken from the original box labels, which in some cases have been replaced.
59-60Kalapuya (Tualatin)1936
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous notes on Oregon kinship terms -- comparative notes; surviving speakers -- name file; bibliography (Oregon and Washington Indian research).
60Kalapuya (copy of Jacobs' notes by K. F. Sherwood?)undated
61Kalapuya (continuation)undated
61-63Kalapuya (Leo J. Frachtenberg)undated
63Chinook (Clackamas)1929-1930
63-65Chinook (Clackamas)undated
65Chinook Jargonundated
68-69Alsea ("copy, by help of students, of John Alberts' notes on Alsea morphology")undated
69-70Tlingit (Franz Boas and Jacobs)undated
71-72Southwest Oregon Athabaskan (Elizabeth D. Jacobs)undated
72Eskimo (Point Hope)undated
73Aleut (Atka)undated
74-77Aleut (English-Aleut dictionary; Stephen A. Eringis)undated
79Nootka (Jacobs and others)undated

Field Notebooks (languages)
Digital Content/Other Formats: Notebooks are also available on microfilm
Terms of Access: Researchers should use microfilm of the Jacobs notebooks unless there is a compelling reason to consult the originals.
Processing Info: These notebooks were numbered serially by Jacobs; the numbers that are encircled on the front cover of each notebook show his numbering system. Because some notebooks contain data from more than one language, Jacobs's original order has been retained.
80/1-12Sahaptin (Klikitat); index of field notebooks 1-1301926
81A/13Sahaptin (Klikitat)1926
81B/14Sahaptin (Klikitat)1926
81C/15-21Sahaptin (Upper Cowlitz, Yakima, etc.)1927
82A/22-26Sahaptin (Upper Cowlitz, Yakima, etc.)1927
82B/27-28Sahaptin (Upper Cowlitz, Yakima, etc.)1927
82B/29Sahaptin (Upper Cowlitz, Klikitat, etc.) music notes, texts and translations to sound recordings at the Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana Universityundated
82B/30Sahaptin (Klikitat)1927
83/31-32Sahaptin (Klikitat)1927
83/33Molale; Shasta; Chasta Costa; Karok; Kalapuya (Santiam); Chinook Jargon; (some loose notes attached inside back cover)1928
83/34-36Kalapuya (Santiam)1928
83/37Molale; Kalapuya (Santiam)1928
84/41-42Sahaptin (Klikitat)1928
84/43Eskimo (Nome)1928
84/44Sahaptin (Upper Cowlitz)1928, 1931
84/45Kalapuya (Yonkalla)1928
85/46-47Kalapuya (Santiam)1928
85/48Sahaptin (Klikitat)1928
85/49Lummi, 1929; Muckleshoot, 1930; Chinook Jargon, 19301929, 1930
85/50Sahaptin (Klikitat)1929
85/51Northwest Oregon music notes, texts and translations to sound recordings 14501-14548 in the Melville Jacobs Collectionundated
85/52-54Chinook (Clackamas)1929
86/55-60Chinook (Clackamas)1929
86/61-63Chinook (Clackamas)1930
87/64-66Chinook (Clackamas)1930
87/67-69Chinook (Clackamas); Chinook Jargon1930
87/70Chinook Jargon, by speakers of Saanich and Snoqualmie1930
87/70aChinook (Clackamas) corrections; list of various theoretic jobs needed, with some detailed discussion, undated; some linguistic forms and notes in back of notebookundated
87/71Saanich; Upper Coquille Athabaskan texts in English, with some native forms, by Elizabeth D. Jacobs [= Notebook 114]undated
87/72Sahaptin (Palus); Chetco Athabaskan texts and translations by Elizabeth D. Jacobs [= Notebook 115]undated
88/73Sahaptin (Walula, Palus)1930
88/74Cayuse; Tillamook (Nehalem) texts in English by Elizabeth D. Jacobs [= Notebook 112]undated
Scope and Content: No notebook in the collection with this number. A note on Jacobs's index (inside field notebook 1) indicates "no n.b." for this number.
88/76-83Kalapuya (Santiam)1929
89/84-86Kalapuya (Santiam)1929-1930
89/87Kalapuya (Santiam), 1930; Chinook Jargon, 19321930, 1932
89/88-90Kalapuya (Santiam)1930
90/102Tillamook (Garibaldi), 19331933
91/104Upper Coquille Athabaskan texts in English, with some native forms, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
91/105-107Tillamook (Nehalem) texts in English, with some native material, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
91/108Southwest Oregon Athabaskan (Tututni, Chetco[?]) words, phrases and paradigms by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
91/109Southwest Oregon Athabaskan; Klamath, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
91/110Kalapuya (Yonkalla); Southwest Oregon Athabaskan and comparative Athabaskan notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
91/111Tillamook (Nehalem) texts in English by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
92/112[in Notebook 74]undated
92/113Tillamook (Nehalem) texts in English by Elizabeth D. Jacobs; one text in Nehalem Tillamook dictated to Melville Jacobs1933
92/114[in Notebook 71]undated
92/115[in Notebook 72]undated
92/116Chetco Athabaskan texts and translations; Upper Coquille Athabaskan texts in English, with some native forms, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
92/117-118Galice Athabaskan, 1935 (a few pages by Elizabeth D. Jacobs; the rest of the notebooks by Melville Jacobs)1935
92/119-121Upper Coquille Athabaskan texts and ethnographic notes in English, with some native forms, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
92/122-125Kalapuya (Tualatin)1936
92/122-125Chinook Jargon textundated
93/126-130Galice Athabaskan (some notes in the handwriting of Harry Hoijer)1938-1939
93/131Upper Umpqua texts in English, with some native forms, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
93/132Southwest Oregon Athabaskan linguistic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobs (at end of notebook)undated
93/133Aleut (Atka)1937
93/133Tsimshian (Nass)1937

Linguistic and Ethnographic Field Notes
94/1Sahaptin texts1927-1928
Sahaptin (Klikitat)
94/2Texts from Mary Hunt1926-1927; 1929
94/3Texts from William Cree1926-1927
94/4Texts from Jim Peters1926-1927
94/5-6Autobiographical texts from Joe Hunt1926-1927
94/7-8Philosophical texts from Joe Hunt1926-1929
94/9Myth texts from Mary Hunt1926-1928 (?)
94/10Myth texts1926-1927
Sahaptin (Warmsprings)
94/11TextsAugust 1951
Sahaptin (Umatilla)
94/12Kin terms assembled from field-notes by Bruce Rigsby1963
94/12Note to Jacobs from Rigsby30 October 1963
Sahaptin (Yakima)
94/13-14Field-notes by Marilyn Krause1965
Nez Percé
94/15Field-notes by George L. Coale1953
95/1Short vocabulary collected by Verne F. Ray1932
95/2Short lexicon collected by Theodore Stern, 1963undated
Scope and Content: 3- by 5-inch index cards
95/3Unfinished grammatical sketch of Molale and comparisons between Sahaptin, Molale and Klamathundated
95/4Miscellaneous ethnographic field-notes from Victoria Howardundated
95/5Text from Molale KateNovember 1928
95/6Texts from Molale Kateundated
95/7Text with grammatical notes by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)undated
95/7Miscellaneous Molale ethnographic notes by Frachtenberg (possibly original notes)undated
95/8Text notebook number 1 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/9Text notebook number 2 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/10Text notebook number 3 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/11Text notebook number 4 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/12Text notebook number 5 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/13Text notebook number 6 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/14Text notebook number 7 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/15Text notebook number 8 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/16Text notebook number 9 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/17Grammar notebook number 1 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/18Grammar notebook number 2 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/19Notes on texts, notebook number 1 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/20Notes on texts, notebook number 2 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/21Notes on texts, notebook number 3 by Leo J. Frachtenberg (copy)1910-1911
95/22Miscellaneous notes pertaining to Kalapuya textsundated
95/23Unfinished grammatical sketch of the Kalapuya dialectscirca 1930
Scope and Content: Plan and extensive notes and examples for a Kalapuya grammar, incorporating material on all the languages.
95/24Miscellaneous ethnographic notes, ethnogeographic notes and map, and text translationsundated
96/1Miscellaneous ethnographic notes, map, notes for Kalapuya Textsundated
96/2Element listcirca 1936
96/8Text manuscript by Leo J. Frachtenbergcirca 1914
96/9Ethnographic notes by Leo J. Frachtenbergundated
96/13Making a Sweat House; About Headmen; Autobiography of a Tualatin (Jacobs's title) or "My Life" by Louis Kenoyerundated
96/14Miscellaneous notes and drafts relating to Kalapuya Textsundated
96/15"The Tfalati Dialect of Kalapuya," by Jaime de Angulo and L. S. Freeland (marginal notes by Jacobs)circa 1929
97/2 "The Mounds of the Calapooia," map and photographs by Lee Rohrboughcirca 1965
97/2Letter from Rohrbough to Jacobs 15 August 1965
97/3Text dictated to Paul Gowundated
Kalapuya (Santiam)
96/3Texts from Eustace Howardundated
96/4Texts from Eustace Howard1928
96/5Color terms elicited with aid of colored pictures from magazinesundated
96/6-7Ethnobotanical specimens collected by Jacobsundated
Kalapuya (Mary's River)
96/10Ethnographic notes by Leo J. Frachtenberg1914
Kalapuya (Tualatin)
96/11-12"A Tualatin Kalapuya Autobiographical fragment with some other Tualatin texts," by Melville Jacobs (texts dictated by Louis Kenoyer)undated
96/16Ethnographic notes culled by Jacobs from Gatschet's 1877 notebooks, 19381877, 1938
96/17[Typed copy of same]undated
97/1[Carbon of typed copy]undated
Chinook (Clackamas)
97/4Introductory notes for a Clackamas Chinook ethnographyundated
Chinook (Clackamas) ethnographic notes
Scope and Content: Chinook (Clackamas) notes extracted from Jacobs's Clackamas Chinook field notebooks and from Philip Drucker's field-notes (foldered by "subject" or "trait")
97/5Abnormality and insanityundated
97/8Ages of life (infant, youth, adult, and more)undated
97/12Beings (dangerous beings, dwarfs, spirits, etc.)undated
97/15Body Appearanceundated
97/17Chieftanship and chief class (see: class)undated
97/18Childhood (see: birth, babyhood, infancy)undated
97/19Class (see: chief, slavery)undated
97/20Clothing and personal adornmentundated
97/22Crime, murder, etc.undated
97/23Dance and Ceremonial Prayer and Ritualundated
97/24Death, Burial, and Mourningundated
97/26Economics (exchange, commerce, trade, markets, money, production, distribution, property, class, population numbers, inheritance)undated
97/28The Family Patternundated
97/30Fish and fishingundated
97/31Foods, cookingundated
97/32Games and toysundated
97/34Humor, sense of humor, joking, etc.undated
97/36Hygiene, vermin, etc.undated
97/38Kinship termsundated
97/39Labor and Division of Laborundated
98/5Neighboring Peoplesundated
98/6Numerals and countingundated
98/7Payments and finesundated
98/8People and date regarding individual names (including dogs)undated
98/9Place names and regional geographyundated
98/12Powers (see: Shamanism)undated
98/13Seasons, months, and moonsundated
98/17Sickness and disease (see: Shamanism)undated
98/18Signs. omens, and portentsundated
98/21Swimming, bathing, and sweat bathsundated
98/22Tools and utensils (see: artifacts)undated
98/23Trade, travel, and commerceundated
98/30Miscellaneous ethnographic and myth references to Jacobs's Clackamas Chinook field notebooksundated
98/31Kinship terms; miscellaneous grammatical notesundated
98/32Notes for plot types or themes and components of plots in Clackamas Chinook oral literatureundated
98/33Notes about types of play in Clackamas Chinook oral literatureundated
98/34-35Miscellaneous notes regarding Clackamas Chinook oral literatureundated
98/36Ethnographic notes by Philip Drucker1934
99/1-3File of various ethnographic and myth "units" in Jacobs's Clackamas Chinook textsundated
Chinook (Wishram)
98/37Text by JacobsAugust 1951
98/38Miscellaneous ethnographic notes and bibliographic citations for the Northwest Coastundated
99/4Contents index to Coos ethnographic notes extracted from Jacobs' Coos field notebooksundated
Coos ethnographic notes
Arrangement: Foldered by "subject" or "trait."
99/8Babyhood (see: birth)undated
99/9Dangerous beingsundated
99/10Berries and Fruitsundated
99/13Ceremonial -- ritual oratoryundated
99/15Class and casteundated
99/19Cosmology (see: mythology, weltanschanng)undated
99/20Clothing, dress, and body adornmentundated
99/22Death and suicideundated
99/24Dreams (see: dream power -- religion)undated
99/26Education (see: family)undated
99/27Exchange economics (see: marriage purchase)undated
99/28Family and Social Life: Marriageundated
99/29Family and Social Life: Pregnancy and Childhood (see: babyhood)undated
99/30Family and Social Life: Old Ageundated
99/31Family and Social Life: Kinship Terminologyundated
99/32Family and Social Life: Division of Labor (see: sex)undated
99/33Family and Social Life: Miscellaneous notes (Illegitimacy, widowhood, divorce, sororate, levirate, parent vs. child, orphans, visiting between relatives, old age, pouting-exile, temporary)undated
99/34Feasts (see: ceremonial, religion, travel, games, marriage, birth, etc.)undated
100/1Foods, Recipes, and Cooking Methods (see: hunting, fishing, roots, berries, plants, etc.)undated
100/2Games and Playundated
100/3Geography (see: villages)undated
100/7Greens and sprouts (see: plants)undated
100/9Hunting and animals, generallyundated
100/12Insanity, abnormal psychology, etc.undated
100/15Notes on Coos grammarundated
100/17Law (see: person to person)undated
100/18Life cycleundated
100/19Manufactures: basketryundated
100/20Manufactures: dress, etc.undated
100/21Manufacturers: homesundated
100/22Manufactured objects: Utensils, tools, etc. (houses, clothing)undated
100/25Mythology (see: birds, hunting and animals, cosmology, weltanschanng)undated
100/26Naming (see: person-to-person)undated
100/27Names (Appendix)undated
100/28Notes on style of speech, literary style, myth style, etc.undated
100/30Omens, signs, misc. prohibitions, amulets (see: dreams)undated
100/31Persons: Biographic personality, temperament, character, evaluating people)undated
100/32Person-to-Person relationships (feuds, warfare, fights, friends and enemies, manners, etiquette, avoidance) (see: law, crime, government, chief, and naming)undated
100/34Property, valuable possessions, and wealthundated
100/35Puberty, girlsundated
101/1Religion, powers (for other powers, see: Amulets (under omens))undated
101/2Supernatural (see: religion)undated
101/6Sickness (see: Shamans, religion)undated
101/7Slaves (see: caste, class)undated
101/9Taboos (see: under "Ceremonial," tta'zeta, religion, power, supernatural, shamans)undated
101/11Villages (see: geography)undated
101/12Appendix: Village Sitesundated
101/13Weapons (see: manufacturing)undated
101/14Weather (see: cosmology)undated
101/15Weltanschauung: ethics, philosophy, attitudes, and the mental life in generalundated
101/16Youth (girls: puberty to marriage, boys: 10-11 to marriage)undated
101/18"Preliminary Notes on Coos Ethnology"undated
101/19-23Ethnography manuscriptundated
101/24Myth texts: English translationsundated
101/25Ethnographic notes from Philip Druckercirca 1934
101/26Ethnographic notes from Joe and Alice B. MaloneyJuly-August 1933
101/27-102/3Index of components in Coos myths and talesundated
Lower Umpqua (Siuslaw)
102/4Vocabulary, 4- by 6-inch file slips1934
102/5"The Phonemes of Alsea, a Coastal Oregon Language"1935
102/6Kinship termsundated
102/7Ethnographic notes from Philip Drucker1934
102/8-9"Yakonan (Alsea)," by Leo J. Frachtenberg (marginal notes and annotations by Jacobs)circa 1918
102/10Myth texts in English translation and ethnographic notes from Gatschet1877
102/11Linguistic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobscirca 1934
Tsimshian (Nass)
102/12Linguistic notes (in the handwriting of Jacobs and others)undated
102/13Texts written by William Beynon and sent by Franz Boas to Jacobs 1935
103/1Field notebook number 1 by Franz Boas (original)undated
103/2Field notebook number 2 by Franz Boas (original)undated
103/3Field notebook number 3 by Franz Boas (original)undated
103/4Field notebook number 4 by Franz Boas (original)undated
103/5Copy of Boas's Haida cards written out by Elizabeth D. Jacobs at Columbia UniversityNovember 1936
103/6Field notebook by Franz Boas and miscellaneous file slips on Tlingit (original notebook and slips)undated
103/7Miscellaneous Tlingit and Haida notes in the handwriting of Franz Boasundated
103/8Tlingit and comparative data (primarily from Athabaskan languages) by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
103/9"Notes on the Relationships between Tlingit and Athabaskan," by Elizabeth D. Jacobscirca 1936
103/11-104/1Field notes by John P. Harrington1940
104/2"Vocabulary of the Kolash Language of Sitka, Alaska," translated from the Russian of I Veniaminov by R. H. Geoghegan; "Words of the Upper Tanana Dialect," by James T. Geoghegan1904-1906
Galice Athabaskan
104/3Miscellaneous Galice Athabaskan linguistic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobscirca 1935
104/4Texts copied from Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan field notebook number 130undated
104/3Linguistic notesundated
Approximately 60 file slips and two pages of words and phrases.
104/6Music notes1938-1939
104/7Ethnographic notes extracted from Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan field notebooks by Sally Snyder1955
104/8Text translations from Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan field notebooks by Julia Smith and Sally Snyderundated
104/9[Carbon copy of same]undated
104/10Key to Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan text dictations, elicitation list, note on orthographic changes in the writing of Galice Athabaskan, and phonetic key to Galice-ApplegateJuly 1939
104/11Text translations from Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan field notebooks numbers 126 and 127circa 1967
104/12Field notebooks by Pliny Earle Goddard (originals)circa 1904
3 items
104/13Ethnographic notes extracted by Jacobs from Goddard's Galice Athabaskan field notebooksundated
104/14Texts and translations from Goddard's Galice Athabaskan field notebooks; "Names [of] villages on Rogue River given by Batise of Galice creek (undated)," by Pliny Earle Goddardundated
104/15"Galice Athabaskan Stems," by Harry Hoijerundated
Coquille Athabaskan
104/16Linguistic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
104/17Text dictations in English by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
104/18Words and phrases from myths, oral literature "units" from Coquille Athabaskan texts, by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
Chetco Athabaskan
104/19Linguistic notes and elicitation lists by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
Southwest Oregon Athabaskan languages
105/1Miscellaneous linguistic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobs (primarily on southwest Oregon Athabaskan languages)undated
Clatskanie Athabaskan
105/2Lexical items from Clara Pearson (Melville and Elizabeth D. Jacobs's Tillamook informant)undated
Scope and Content: Copy of Clatskanie notes by George Gibbs at Bancroft Library, Berkeley.
105/3Lexical items by Leo J. Frachtenberg (with marginal annotations by Jacobs)1921
Hupa Athabaskan
105/4Athabaskan (Hupa), An Illustrative Sketch , by Pliny Earle Goddard (annotated with comparative notes from Southwest Oregon Athabaskan languages by Elizabeth D. Jacobs)undated
Lassik Athabaskan
105/5Field notebooks by Pliny Earle Goddard (originals)circa 1906
4 items
105/6"Reflexes of Proto-Athabaskan initial consonantal phonemes in Navaho, Chipewyan, Sarcee, and Hupa," by Edward Sapir1936
Southwest Oregon Athabaskan language
105/7Miscellaneous notes from a publication on Sierra Popoluca by Elizabeth D. Jacobs; miscellaneous notes on southwest Oregon Athabaskan language by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
General Notes: Missing
Eskimo (Point Hope)
105/8Text from Howard Rockundated
Eskimo (Nome)
105/9Text from Jim Ahklaundated
105/10Introductory and explanatory notes, contents, and appendices to English-Aleut dictionary by Stephen A. Eringiscirca 1942
General Notes: See also Boxes 74 to 77 for dictionary itself, in file slip form.
Tillamook (Nehalem)
105/11-12Typescript of Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
105/13Miscellaneous notes and drafts relating to Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
105/14-15Carbon copy of typescript of Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobs1934
105/16Notes on Nehalem Tillamook sound recordings in the Melville Jacobs Collection; ethnographic notes on Nehalem Tillamook musicundated
105/17Abstracts of stories in Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
105/18Introduction to Nehalem Tillamook ethnographic notes by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
105/19Ethnographic notes: world-view and ceremonial expressionundated
105/20Ethnographic notes: social structure and cycle of lifeundated
105/21Ethnographic notes: material cultureundated
105/22Ethnographic notes: biographical notesundated
106/01Miscellaneous ethnographic notesundated
106/02Klimek-Kroeber-Gifford tribal trait analysis for Nehalem Tillamook and for Coosundated
106/03Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobs (galley proofs)undated
106/04Introduction to a projected popular edition of Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobsundated
106/05Tillamook texts and translations by Franz Boas (copy)circa 1890
106/6-9"Unarranged Sources of Chehalis Ethnology," by Thelma Adamson 1926-1927
Physical/Technical Access: Note: Use photocopy in folders 3 and 4.
106/10Lexical items copied by Jacobs from the notebook of a student, Mrs. Gertrude Tweddell22 January 1947
Scope and Content: Includes terms for body parts, numbers, and some animals. No place names.
106/11Lexical items transcribed by Jacobs from Mrs. Williams in SeattleNovember 5, 1946
106/12Texts, translations, and miscellaneous linguistic notes in Snoqualmie and related dialects by H.K. Haeberlinundated
107/1Notes to the Skagit songs of Mr. Charlie Anderson, recorded by Virginia Mohling1955-1956
107/2Notes regarding Upper Skagit songs recorded by Vivian Williamscirca 1961
107/3Upper Skagit myth text translations by Sally Snyderundated
107/4Ethnographic and ethnogeographic notes by Sally Snyderundated
107/5-6Folklore by Sally Snyderundated
107/7-13"Contains data on Western Washington Salishan Indians' federal land claims cases, obtained about 1953-55 by Prof. Sally Snyder," [from note in Jacobs' handwriting at front of folder]undated
107/14-108/3Ethnographic notes by Sally Snyder (Swinomish and Upper Skagit)undated
108/4-109/2Field notebooks (1-6, & 8-15) by Sally Snyder (originals)circa 1950-1954
109/3Copy of linguistic notes collected by Jacobs and sent to Franz Boascirca 1929
109/443 Lummi file slips by Jacobs1929
109/5Notes and annotations to Lummi sound recordings by Harry Smithundated
109/6"Nuksack Phonemics," by Pamela Thorsen Amoss, 1961 (MA Thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington)undated
109/7-11Field notebooks (3-11, and 1 unnumbered) by Paul Fetzer (originals)undated
109/12 "George Swanaset: Narrative of a personal document," by Paul Fetzerundated
109/13"Folktales Vol. V (Josie George)," by Paul Fetzerundated
109/14"Nooksack-Sumas Folktales," by Paul Fetzerundated
109/15Census data by Ram Singhcirca 1951
109/16"Outline of the Quinault Acculturation Study," by Ram Singhcirca 1954
109/17Typescript copy of Quinault and Quileute 1855 treatyundated
109/18Miscellaneous documents and reports relating to Indian Shaker Church, collected by Ram Singhundated
109/19-110/2Ethnographic field-notes by Norman Lermancirca 1954
110/3Photographs and accompanying notes from Okanagon fieldtrip by Norman Lermanundated
110/4Miscellaneous texts in Nootka (?) by Jacobs and othersbefore 1940
110/5Chehalis-Kwakiutl lexical comparisons by Franz Boasundated
Ilocano Filipino
110/6Folk-tales by Mariano Damasco1934
110/7Folk-tales, NYA projectcirca 1935
110/8Songs by Trinidad A. Rojoundated
110/9Songs, NYA projectcirca 1935
110/10Linguistic field-notes tentatively identified as Korean, in Jacobs's handwritingcirca 1942
110/11Miscellaneous linguistic notes on Korean, Japanese and Thaiundated
Klamath, Maidu, Penutian and Sahaptin
110/12Miscellaneous notesundated
110/13Color Chips (used for eliciting color terms)undated

Northwest "Trait File"
Processing Info: Notes are foldered by subject.
111/1Introduction: Bibliographyundated
111/2Index: Trait distribution in the Northwestundated
111/3Key to Trait File (incomplete)undated
111/4Traits: unindexed (as of 1946)undated
111/5Abnormal sex relationsundated
111/10Adultery (punishment)undated
111/12Armor, body protectiveundated
111/13Arrow featheringundated
111/16Baby language, baby land, baby shamanundated
111/17Baptism, immersionundated
111/18Bark containersundated
111/19Bark house walls, roofundated
111/20Basketry: cups and ladles, baskets, bags, and carrying basketsundated
111/22Bear rites, impersonationsundated
111/33Burning the skinundated
111/34Calendar dataundated
111/36Caps, hatsundated
111/39Children's ceremonialsundated
111/40Chinook Jargonundated
111/42Class, casteundated
111/43Clothing, decoration of clothingundated
111/45Clubs (war, fish)undated
111/51Cradle/baby boardsundated
111/56Deformed childrenundated
111/57Destiny of the soulundated
111/58Dice gamesundated
112/2Dress (ornament)undated
112/3Dried pulverized meat, berriesundated
112/6Economic conditionsundated
112/10Face hairundated
112/11Face painting: face painting by warriors, methods of applying body and facial paintundated
112/13Feathers, use of; feather wands, pomponsundated
112/15Fire: flint, firedrillundated
112/16First foods obtained by a childundated
112/17First foods ceremonyundated
112/18First fruits ceremonyundated
112/20Flattening of the headundated
112/21Flute; flageoletsundated
112/22Foetuses eatenundated
112/24Food: eating of insects; edible tree moss; meals, both sexes together or notundated
112/25Food offeringsundated
112/26Footwear (see moccasins): socks and stockingsundated
112/30Games: children's, laughingundated
112/35Greeting methodsundated
112/36Guardian spirit, conference ofundated
112/37Hair dressing and ornamentationundated
112/40Houses: arrangement, floor coverings, mat lodges, multifamily houses, wooden house roofs, gables, and shedsundated
112/41Hunters' sex tabooundated
112/43Hygiene: swimming and bathingundated
112/44Illegitimate childrenundated
112/47Joking relationshipsundated
112/48Land: ownership of fishing sites, berry patches, root patchesundated
112/51Levirate, sororateundated
113/1Luck and ill luck, concepts ofundated
113/3Marriage: infant marriages, polygamous marriage, marriage danceundated
113/4Marriage messengersundated
113/6Material cultureundated
113/8Menstrual customsundated
113/10The Milky Wayundated
113/12Types of shells and other money valuesundated
113/13New moonundated
113/14Mourning: cutting of hair during mourningundated
113/15Murder: cause, frequency, and punishmentundated
113/16Name avoidanceundated
113/17Naming: ceremonies for children and naming childrenundated
113/19Obsidian bladesundated
113/20Ornaments: bracelets, necklaces, ear and nose ornamentsundated
113/23Pack strapundated
113/25Physical characteristicsundated
113/26Pillows, headrestsundated
113/28Pit Baking (see birth)undated
113/29Poisons: arrow poisoning, poisoning of implements of war, poisoning other than in warundated
113/30Pole climbingundated
113/34Puberty customs, boysundated
113/35Corporal punishmentundated
113/36Rabbits and rabbit skinsundated
113/42Fern rootsundated
113/43Scalps: scalping, scalp dance, use of scalps for adornment (see dances)undated
113/44Seagull, seagull guardian spiritundated
113/45Shaman's public competitionundated
113/48Skunk cabbageundated
113/49Slaves: freeing slaves, slave wars and raidsundated
113/51Snake: guardian spirit, beliefs, etc.undated
114/2Soul destiny, soul lossundated
114/4Spears (harpoons)undated
114/8Sunflower seedsundated
114/9Supernatural womenundated
114/10Sweat house: arrangement of; purpose of sweating; sweat house (what they did)undated
114/11Sweat lodgeundated
114/12Swimming and bathingundated
114/16Teeth (first teeth)undated
114/17Thunder: thunder guardian spiritundated
114/18Tobacco (use of) and smoking habitsundated
114/20Trade and commerceundated
114/21Traps (fish, hunting)undated
114/23Treatment of war captivesundated
114/26Umbilical cordundated
114/29War: deserters in war, feuds, making peace, pre-arranged battle, retreat, war dressundated
114/30War captivesundated
114/31War dead: treatment of those killed in combatundated
114/33Weather controlundated
114/34Weaving (looms)undated
114/36White contactundated

Subject Series
114/39Boas, Franz1927-1938
114/40Boas, Franz (obituaries)1942
114/41Boas manuscripts in American Philosophical Society Library (index)undated
115/1Dictionary of the Social Sciences1941
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence.
115/9Pacific Northwest Research Projectundated
United States House, H.R. 3 (Hobbs bill -- detention and supervision of aliens)1941
115/28American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born1941
115/28Blankenship, Russell1941
115/28United States House, Judiciary Committee1941
115/28University of Washington President (Sieg, Lee Paul)1941
115/29-31United States Relocation Authority, Community Analysis Section1945-1946
Washington Legislature, Senate Bill 293 (prevention of interracial marriage)1939
115/32-33Atkinson, Nathan P.1939
115/32-33Bloomfield, Leonard1939
115/32-33Boas, Franz1939
115/32-33Cressman, Luther S.1939
115/32-33Farquharson, Mary1939
115/32-33Henry, Edward E.1939
115/32-33Herskovits, Melville J.1939
115/32-33Hitchman, Robert1939
115/32-33Hoot, E. A. Hodos1939
115/32-33Horton, Donald1939
115/32-33Hulse, Frederick S.1939
115/32-33Kyle, H. I.1939
115/32-33Montagu, Ashley1939
115/32-33Murfin, A. M.1939
115/32-33The Nation1939
115/32-33National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1939
115/32-33Opler, Morris E.1939
115/32-33Rosellini, Albert D.1939
115/32-33Spier, Leslie1939
115/32-33Stern, Bernhard1939
115/32-33United States Indian Affairs Commissioner1939
115/32-33Voegelin, Carl F.1939
115/32-33Wallis, Wilson D.1939
115/32-33Warne, Colston E.1939
115/32-33Warne, Marion1939
Washington Legislature, House Bill 301 (prevention of interracial marriage)1935
115/34Boas, Franz1935
115/34Cantor, Nathanial1935
115/34Cooper, John M.1935
115/34Herskovits, Melville J.1935
115/34Hrdlicka, A.1935
115/34Langdon, Elizabeth1935
115/34Mason, J. Alden1935
115/34The Nation1935
115/34Smith, Michael B.1935
115/34Strong, Duncan1935
115/34Tozzer, Alfred M.1935
115/34Turney-High, Henry1935
115/34Willey, Malcolm M.1935
Washington Legislature, Un-American Activities Joint Fact-Finding Committee (Canwell Committee)1948
115/35Herskovits, Melville J.1948
115/35Stern, Bernhard1948
115/36Testimony (of Jacobs); subpoena1948

University of Washington
115/27Student protests at University of Washington1960s
University of Washington Anthropology Department
115/38Annual reports1955-1960
115/39-40Faculty meetings1960-1969
Scope and Content: Includes agenda, correspondence.
115/41-116/5Curriculum material1955-1970
Scope and Content: Includes syllabi, reading lists, exam questions, course information and degree requirements.
116/6-8Folklore Department proposal1958-1960
116/9Graduate Student Advisory Committeesundated, 1965
116/10Webb (Roy) Library1962-1970
116/11Crossroads, Davidson Anthropological Society Newsletter, Washington Anthropologist1960-1965
University of Washington Linguistics Department
116/16Annual reports1962-1968
116/17Faculty meetings1962-1971
Scope and Content: Agendas, minutes, and correspondence.
116/18Curriculum material/degree requirements1958-1964
University of Washington Senate, Tenure and Academic Freedom Committee
116/21General correspondence1948-1949
116/22Charges against Jacobs, and response1948
Defense materials
116/23Statement of Jacobs to the Committee1948
116/25To President Allen1949
116/26University of Washington President (Allen) to University of Washington Regents1949
116/27American Association of University Professors, Faculty Dismissals and Non-Reappointments Special Committee1956
116/28American Psychological Association, Gundlach (Ralph) Tenure Investigation Evidence Review Committee1951
116/30University of Washington faculty organizations and pledges1969, undated

Research Grants -- Jacobs
Scope and Content: Includes grants for graduate student research.
116/32-117/7Erickson, Vincent O.undated
116/32-117/7Read, Kenneth E.undated
116/32-117/7United States National Institute of Mental Healthundated
116/32-117/7University of Washington Graduate School, Anderson (Agnes H.) Research Fund Committeeundated
116/32-117/7Budget status reportsundated
Arrangement: Arranged by account number.

117/8-9Research Proposals -- Jacobs1964
General Notes: See also United States National Science Foundation.

Research Proposals -- Others
Scope and Content: Includes thesis research proposals.
117/10Bestor, William1963-1964
117/10Crawford, Michael H.undated
117/10Erickson, Vincent O.undated
117/10Goldstein, Melvin C.undated
117/10Horn, Beverly1968
117/11Kinkade, M. Dale1969
117/11Krauss, Michael E.1961
117/11Mattina, Anthony1970
117/12Nelson, Harold E.undated
117/12Ridington, Robin1969
117/12Spradley, James P.1966
117/12Tefft, Stanton K.undated
117/12Thorsen, Pamela H.undated

Conferences and Conventions
117/13American Anthropological Association (AAA), Thirty-fifth Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. 27-29 December 1936
117/13AAA, Thirty-ninth Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 27-30 December 1940
117/13AAA, Fortieth Annual Meeting, Andover, Massachusetts 27-30 December 1941
117/13AAA, Fifty-third Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan28-30 December 1954
117/13AAA, Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting, Santa Monica, California 28-30 December 1956
117/13AAA, Fifty-sixth Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 27-30 December 1957
General Notes: See also Casual and Non-casual Language Symposium.
117/13AAA, Fifty-eighth Annual Meeting, Mexico City 26-30 December 1959
117/13AAA, Fifty-ninth Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota 17-20 November 1960
117/13AAA, Sixtieth Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16-19 November 1961
117/13AAA, Sixty-third Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan 19-22 November 1964
117/14American Association of University Professors, Forty-second Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri6-7 April 1956
117/14American Ethnological Society (AES), Annual Spring Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania11-12 May 1956
117/14AES, Annual Spring Meeting, Ithaca, New York 25 May 1957
117/14AES, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California 23-25 March 1967
117/14AES, Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana14-16 March 1969
117/15American Folklore Society (AFS), Winter Meeting, Washington, D.C. 28-29 December 1955
117/15AFS, Sixty-eighth Annual Meeting, Santa Monica, California 28-30 December 1956
117/15AFS, Regional Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin 9-10 September 1957
117/15AFS, Seventieth Meeting, New York, New York 27-28 December 1958
117/15AFS, Regional Meeting, Albany, New York 28-30 August 1959
117/15AFS, Seventy-first Annual Meeting, Mexico City 27-30 December 1959
117/15AFS, Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana 21-23 April 1960
117/15AFS, Seventy-second Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 27-29 December 1960
117/15AFS, "Folklore in the American West" Conference and Regional Meeting, Logan, Utah 18-20 July 1963
117/15AFS, Seventy-fifth Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan 27-29 December 1963
117/15AFS, Spring Meeting, Durham, North Carolina 23-25 April 1964
117/15AFS, Seventy-sixth Annual Meeting, College Park, Maryland 27-29 December 1964
117/15AFS, Seventy-ninth Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada 17-19 November 1967
117/15California Folklore Society, Twelfth Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California 10-11 April 1964
117/16Casual and Non-casual Language Symposium, Chicago, Illinois December, 1957
117/17Central State Anthropological Society (CSAS), Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri 3-5 May 1962
117/17CSAS, Annual Meeting, Lexington, Kentucky 15-17 April 1965
117/17CSAS, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 27-29 April 1967
117/17CSAS, Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan 2-4 May 1968
117/17Chicago Linguistic Society, Fifth Annual Regional Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 18-19 April 1969
117/17Content Analysis National Conference, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16-18 November 1967
117/17Ethnomusicology Centennial Workshop, Totem Park Residence, University of British Columbia 19-23 June 1967
117/17Foreign Language Twenty-second Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 24-26 April 1969
117/17Higher Education First Annual Pacific Northwest Conference, University of Washington, Tacoma, Washington 11-13 July 1957
117/18International Conference for Folk-Narrative Research, Athens, Greece1-6 September 1964
117/18International Congress for Folk-Narrative Research, Bucharest, Romania 26-31 August 1969
117/18International Congress of Americanists (ICA), Thirty-sixth, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. August, 1964
117/18ICA (Thirty-seventh), Argentina1966
117/18ICA (Thirty-eighth), Stuttgart, West Germany11-18 August 1968
117/18International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (ICAES), Fifth. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1-9 September 1956
117/18ICAES (Seventh), Moscow, USSR 3-10 August 1964
117/18ICAES (Eighth), Tokyo, Japan 3-10 September 1968
117/18Linguistics and Language Studies (LLS), Seventh Annual Round Table Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 13-14 April 1956
117/18LLS Sixteenth Annual Round Table Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 26-27 March 1965
117/18LLS Eighteenth Annual Round Table Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 17-18 March 1967
117/18LLS Ninteenth Annual Round Table Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 15-16 March 1968
117/18LLS Twentieth Annual Round Table Meeting, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 14-15 March 1969
117/19Linguistic Society of America (LSA), Seventeenth Annual Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island 30-31 December 1940
117/19LSA, Nineteenth Annual Meeting, New York, New York 29-30 December 1944
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Berkeley, California 13-14 July 1951
117/19LSA, Linguistic Institute, Bloomington, Indiana21-31 July 1952
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Washington, D.C. 29-30 July 1955
117/19LSA, Thirtieth Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois29-31 December 1955
117/19LSA, Thirty-first Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 27-29 December 1956
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Seattle, Washington 26-27 July 1963
117/19LSA, Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 28-30 December 1963
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana 31 July -1 August 1964
117/19LSA, Thirty-ninth Annual Meeting, New York, New York 28-30 December 1964
117/19LSA, Fortieth Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 28-30 December 1965
117/19LSA, Forty-first Annual Meeting, New York, New York 28-30 December 1966
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan 27-29 July 1967
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Urbana, Illinois 26-28 July 1968
117/19LSA, Forty-third Annual Meeting, New York, New York 28-30 December 1968
117/19LSA, Summer Meeting, Urbana, Illinois 25-27 July 1969
117/19LSA, Forty-fourth Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California 29-31 December 1969
117/20Northeast Anthropological Conference, Third Annual Meeting Ithaca, New York 29-31 March 1963
117/20Northwest Anthropological Conference (NAC), Tenth, Portland, Oregon 18 May 1957
117/20NAC (Thirteenth), Seattle, Washington 13-14 May 1960
117/20NAC (Sixteenth), Portland, Oregon 26-27 April, 1963
117/20NAC (Seventeenth), Pullman, Washington 17-18 April 1964
117/20NAC (Eighteenth), Bellingham, Washington 9-10 April 1965
117/20NAC (Nineteenth), Banff, Alberta, Canada 7-9 April 1966
117/20NAC (Twentieth), Seattle, Washington 23-25 March 1967
117/20NAC (Twenty-first), Portland, Oregon 12-13 April 1968
117/20NAC (Twenty-second), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 3-5 April 1969
118/1Pacific Arts Association, Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon 7-9 April 1941
118/1Problems of Minorities Conference, Seattle, Washington 15-17 November 1944
118/1Salish Languages International Conference (SLIC), Second, Seattle, Washington 28-29 August 1967
118/1SLIC (Third), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 26-27 August 1968
118/1SLIC (Fourth), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada25-26 August 1969
118/1SLIC (Fifth), Spokane, Washington 17-18 August 1970
118/2Viking Fund Supper-Conference of Anthropologists (guest list only)21 September 1945

Newsletters and Bulletins
118/3American Association of Scientific Workers Newsletter, Numbers 1-7, (No. 3 missing)1941
118/3American Association of Scientific Workers Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 2January 1944
118/3American Council of Learned Societies Newsletter, Vol. 22, No. 2March 1971
118/3Central States Anthropological Society Bulletin 1967-68
118/3"Culture and Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific," Newsletter of the Culture and Mental Health Program, Honolulu1968-69
118/3"The Demogram"February 1955

118/4Lectures and colloquia by Jacobs1944-1967
118/5-6Lectures and colloquia by others1955-1969
118/7-9Books, journals, sound recordings, etc.1954-1970
118/10-11School programs, institutions, etc.1955-1970

118/12Drawings by Indian Children1955

118/14Indian Map copied by Lewis and Clark -- enlargedundated
General Notes: See General Correspondence I -- Barry, J. N.
118/14Sahaptin Speaking Bands of Pacific Northwest (Vern F. Ray)circa 1931
Scope and Content: Including notes by Jacobs from Allen Pa'dawa, a Yumatila Indian, March 1931

118/15-18Miscellanycirca 1965
Scope and Content: Includes Jacobs's address book.

Related Groups and Organizations
American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born, Board of Directors
General correspondence
118/19American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born1941-1942
118/22Sixth National Conference, Cleveland, Ohio1942
118/23Action Alert1941-1942
118/24Mimeographed circulars1941-1942
Subject files
119/4Council for Democracyundated
119/5National Foundation for Constitutional Liberties1941-1942
American Council on Race Relations
119/6A Monthly Summary of Events and Trends in Race Relations1945-1946
119/8Director's Newsletter1945
119/9Press Releases1945-1949
119/10Writings1945-1950, undated
119/13Administrative Materials1944-1945, undated
American Folklore Society, Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies
119/14-16General correspondence1965-1968
119/17-120/6Minutes of ACLS meetings1965-1968
American Folklore Society, Executive Board
120/7-10General correspondence1958-1965
American Folklore Society, Nominating Committee, Chairman
American Folklore Society, President
General correspondence
120/13Alliance Travel1964
120/13American Anthropological Association1963-1964
3 items
120/13American Association for the Advancement of Science1963
3 items
120/13American Council of Learned Societies1963
15 items
120/13Anthropos Institute1963
120/13Ashton, John W.1963
2 items
120/13Baughman, Ernest W.1963-1964
5 items
120/13Bogatyrev, Petr Grigorevich1963
120/14Duke University1963
2 items
120/14Ethnomusicology Society1963
10 items
120/14Fischer, John L. (Jack)1964
120/14Friedman, Albert1964
120/14Horner, George R.1964
2 items
120/14Humanities Commission1963
3 items
120/15International Folk Music Council1964
3 items
120/15Iroquoian Studies Institute1963
120/15Johns Hopkins University Press1964
3 items
120/15Krader, Barbara1963
120/15Lesser, Paul1963
120/15List, George1964
120/15Mead, Margaret1964
4 items
120/16Park Sheraton Hotel1964
120/16Purdue University (Indiana)1963-1964
4 items
120/16Safilios-Rothschild, Constantina1963
2 items
120/16Social Science Research Councilundated
120/16University of California Press1964
4 items
120/16University of Colorado 1963
2 items
120/16University of Washington Graduate School1964
2 items
120/16Wayne State University (Michigan)1963
11 items
120/17-121/2Interoffice correspondence1963-1965
Scope and Content: Major correspondents include the following vice-presidents, secretary-treasurer, editors, bibliographer, executive board members, committee members, and delegates: Roger Abrahms, William Bascom, Samuel Bayard, Jan Harold Brunvand, Tristram Coffin, Daniel J. Crowley, William N. Fenton, Austin Fife, John L. Fischer, Frances Gillmor, Kenneth S. Goldstein, Frank Goodwyn, Archie Green, John Greenway, A. I. Hallowell, Herbert Halpert, Wayland O. Hand, William Hugh Jansen, Louis C. Jones, MacEdward Leach, William A. Lessa, George List, Katharine Luomala, Willard Rhodes, W. Edson Richmond, Warren Roberts, William E. Simeone, George E. Simpson, Stith Thompson, Francis Lee Utley, D. K. Wilgus, and Donald M. Winkelman.
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
Committee files
121/3Humanities Commission Report Committee (ad hoc)1963
121/3Publications Policy Committee (ad hoc)1964
121/5Greenway, Johnundated
121/5Jahnsen, William Hughundated
121/5Meine, Franklin J.undated
121/5Simeone, William E.1963
121/6Bulletins -- American Association for the Advancement of Scienceundated
121/8American Folklore Society. Second Vice-President1959
Scope and Content: Includes report of President.
121/9-11American Folklore Society, Stafford (Jo) Prize Judges Committee1954-1955
121/12California Council for Civic Unity
121/13Pacific Coast Council on Intercultural Education1947

Family Papers
121/14Elizabeth D. Jacobs1936-1962
12 items
Scope and Content: Includes autobiographical sketch and personal and professional correspondence.
121/15-19Alexander and Rose Jacobs (parents of Melville J.) correspondence1924-1970
45 items
121/20Legal correspondence1962-1970
7 items

Publications and Reprints
Scope and Content: Mostly copies of journals containing Jacobs's articles and reviews.
University of Washington Publications in Anthropology
121/21"Some Tales of the Southern Puget Sound Salish" by Arthur C. BallardDecember 1927
121/21"Northwest Sahaptin Texts, 1" by Melville JacobsJune 1929
121/21"Mythology of Southern Puget Sound" by Arthur C. BallardDecember 1929
121/22"Wishram Ethnography" by Leslie Spier and Edward SapirMay 1930
121/22"The Indians of Puget Sound" by Hermann Haeberlin and Erna GuntherSeptember 1930
121/23"The Quinault Indians" by Ronald L. OlsonNovember 1936
121/23"Texts in Chinook Jargon" by Melville JacobsNovember 1936
121/24"Lower Chinook Ethnographic Notes" by Verne F. RayMay 1938
121/24Index to Volume 71936-1939
121/24"Tsimshian Clan and Society" by Viola E. GarfieldFebruary 1939
122/1"Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts" by Melville JacobsApril 1939
122/1"Coos Myth Texts" by Melville JacobsApril 1940
122/2"Archaeology of the Upper Columbia Region" by Donald Collier, Alfred E. Hudson, and Arlo FordSeptember 1942
122/2"Kalapuya Texts" by Melville Jacobs, L. J. Frachtenberg, and A. S. GatschetJune 1945
122/3Publications of the University of Washington Faculty1937
122/4-123/2Abstracts of Theses, Faculty Bibliography and Research in Progress Volumes 3-7, 101938-1946
123/3Abstracts, American Anthropological Association1692
123/3American Council of Learned Societies Annual Report1967-1968
123/3American Indian Periodicals in the Princeton University Library1970
123/3The American TeacherFebruary 1941
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
123/4"Foreign Policies and Relations of the United States"January 1948
123/4"The Soviet Union since World War II"May 1949
123/4"Formulating a Point Four Program"July 1950
123/5"Toward Family Stability"November 1950
123/5"Medical Care for Americans"January 1951
123/6"Civil Rights in America"May 1951
123/6"The Future of Our Natural Resources"May 1952
123/7"Meaning of the 1952 Presidential Election"September 1952
123/7"Mental Health in the United States"March 1953
123/7"Ethical Standards and Professional Conduct"January 1955
124/1Le Canot D'ecorce a Weymontaching1970
124/1The Commonwealth Review, Volumes XV and XIX1933, 1937
124/1Cornish School brochure1953-1954
124/1"Proceedings of the one day insitute on Cultural Factors in Social Work," Council of Social Agencies1948
124/2The Content and Style of an Oral Literature: Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales by Melville Jacobs1959
124/3The Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaNovember 1950
124/3Frontier and MidlandSummer 1937
124/3Human Relations: Studies towards the Integration of the Social Sciences1947
124/4The HumanistAutumn 1948
124/5If Men Want Peace: The Mandates of World Order1946
124/6Selected Papers of the Fifth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences1956
125/1ISIS: An International Review Devoted to the History of Science and its Cultural InfluencesDecember 1959
125/1Journal of American FolkloreApril-June 1959
125/1Journal of American Folklore SupplementsApril 1960 and April 1964
125/1Juvenile Court Standards: Report of the Committee Appointed by the Children's Bureau, August, 1921, to Formulate Juvenile-Court StandardsMay 18, 1923
125/2Mental Health Today1947-1949
125/2National Science Foundation "Preliminary Report on Science Legislation from the Subcommittee on War Mobilization to the Committee on Military Affairs"1945
125/2"The Director's Report," New York State Historical Association1963
125/2Northwest Folklore, Volume II, Numbers 1-21967
125/2Northwest ReviewSummer 1962
125/3Oregon Historical QuarterlyJune 1956, March 1959, and September 1960
125/4Pacific Arts Association, 16th Annual Convention ProceedingsApril 1941
125/4Pacific Northwest Chemurgic Conference with Washington State Planning CouncilMarch 22-23, 1937
Pacific Northwest Quarterly
125/5Volume XXVII, Number 1January 1936
125/5Volume XXVII, Number 2April 1936
125/5Volume XXVIII, Number 1January 1937
125/6Volume XXIX, Number 2April 1938
125/6Volume XXXI, Number 1January 1940
125/6Volume XXXII, Number 1January 1941
125/7Volume XXXIII, Number 2April 1942
125/7Volume 50, Number 4October 1959
125/7Volume 51, Number 1January 1960
125/7Volume 51, Number 2April 1960
125/7Volume 52, Number 3July 1961
125/7Volume 52, Number 4October 1961
126/1Volume 53, Number 4October 1962
126/1Volume 55, Number 2April 1964
126/1Volume 55, Number 4October 1964
126/1Volume 57, Number 1January 1966
126/1Volume 58, Number 4October 1967
126/2The Review of ReligionMay 1949
126/2Social Science Abstracts: A Comprehensive Abstracting and Indexing Journal of the World's Periodical Literature in Social SciencesJuly 1929
126/2State of Washington Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Health, Book IINovember 24, 1943
126/2Papers from the Symposium on American Indian LinguisticsJuly 7, 1951
126/2Tulane University "Distinguished Lecture Series in Anthropology" flier 1964-1965
University of Indiana
126/3Midwest Folklore Volume VII, Number FourWinter 1957
126/3Midwest Folklore Volume XII, Number TwoSummer 1962
126/3"Graduate School Announcements"1958-1959
126/4"Report of the Department of Anthropology to the Dean of the University College"September 1, 1950 to August 31, 1951
University of Washington
126/5"Books for 1951"1951
126/7College of Education "Record"December 1944
126/7Communism and Academic Freedom: The Record of the Tenure Cases at the University of Washington1949
126/7Fellows' SeminarMay 5-9, 1947
126/7Lecture brochuresundated
Scope and Content: Brochures for "Scientific Study of Alcohol" and "Race Differences and Interracial Problems"
126/7"On the Air with Your University" schedule for radio broadcastsSpring 1950, Spring 1951
126/7"The Research Society"1919-1944 and 1947-1948
126/8"Victory for What?: Modern Knowledge Tackles the Contemporary Crisis" Spring Series1943
126/8"Victory for What?: Modern Knowledge Tackles the Contemporary Crisis" Complete Edition of the Winter and Spring Series1943
126/8The Washington AlumnusFebruary 1944
126/8The Washington AlumnusMay 1946
126/9The Washington Historical QuarterlyApril 1933
126/9World AffairsMarch 1946
Yiddish Scientific Institute -- YIVO
127/1The Classification of Jewish Immigrants and Its Implications1945
127/1Hitler's Professors: The Part of Scholarship in Germany's Crimes against the Jewish People1946
127/2YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science1949
127/2Newsletter of the YIVOSeptember 1944
127/3"Letters to the Editor: Supplementary Facts about Clark Wissler"July-September 1949
General Notes: Reprinted from American Anthropologist Vol. 51, No. 3
127/3"Notes on the Structure of Chinook Jargon"March 1932
General Notes: Reprinted from Language Vol. VIII, No. 1
127/3"Notes and Reviews"April 1960
General Notes: Reprinted from International Journal of American Linguistics Vol. 26, No. 2

128General Anthropologyundated
128Melville Jacobs's Writingsundated

129Student Grade Books1928, 1946, 1964
Scope and Content: Student grade books for courses taught by Jacobs and Erna Gunther Spier between 1928 and 1964; introductory courses on American Indian languages, Oceania, Culture and Personality, and Linguistics. One grade book is for E. R. Smith, Summer 1946.

Scope and Content: The bulk of these clippings relates to activities of the "Canwell Committee." The remainder mostly deal with Jacobs's public service activities.

132"Strip Charts"1982
Scope and Content: Made in 1982 from selected recordings; see charts for identification.

133Pitch pipe
133Needles used in field recordings (1934-39) for RCA pregrooved discs

Processing Info: In most instances these are the negative copies of positives provided to various researchers. Old box numbers have been retained on the small microfilm boxes and should not be confused with the numbers of the collection's "main" boxes.
134Records of the Oregon Superintendency of Indian Affairs (Negative)1848-1872
135Microfilms made by Dr. Jacob Loewen (Negative)1936
Scope and Content: El Idioma Katio, Carmelita Descalzo, and one unknown film.
136Copy of Jacobs's Galice Athabaskan field notebooks filed in box 93/126-130 of this collection (Negative)1938-1939
137Copy of Jacobs's Molale field notes (Part 1) (Positive)undated
Scope and Content: Slip files, boxes 54-56 of this collection.
138Copy of Jacobs's Molale field notes (Part 2) (Positive)undated
Scope and Content: Slip files, boxes 54-56 of this collection.
139Copy of the manuscript of The People are Coming Soon (Negative) undated
140Copy of the manuscript of Clackamas Chinook Texts (Negative) undated
141Notes from boxes 74-77, 84, 93, and 103-105 (Negative)undated
142Okanogan (Salish) ethnology (Negative)undated
143Chinook (Clackamas) from box 63-65 (Negative)undated
144Chinook (Clackamas) from boxes 63-65 (Negative)undated
145Atka Aleut from from boxes 74-77, 93, and 105 (Positive)undated
146Atka Aleut Dictionary from boxes 74-77 (Positive)undated
147Chinook, Saanich, Sahaptin, Cayuse, Kalapuya: Notebooks 64-83 from boxes 87-88 (Positive)undated
148Notebooks 103-133 from boxes 91-93 (Positive)undated
149Athabaskan from boxes 93, 102-105 (Positive)undated
150Tillamook folk-tales, music, notes from boxes 105 and 106 (Positive)undated
151Atka Aleut from boxes 74-77, 93, and 105 (Negative)undated
152Atka Aleut dictionary from boxes 74-77 (Negative)undated
153Chinook, Saanich, Sahaptin, Cayuse, Kalapuya: Notebooks 64-83 from boxes 87-88 (Negative)undated
154Notebooks 103-133 from boxes 91-93 (Negative)undated
155Athabaskan from boxes 93, 102-105 (Negative)undated
156Tillamook folk-tales, music, notes from boxes 105 and 106undated
157Consolidated tribes of Coos Bay notebooks 91-104, and Box 100/3 through 101/261933-1934
Acquisition Info: Microfilmed by Alpha Information Management, Inc. (from originals given by Melville Jacobs), August 1, 1990
General Notes: This roll of microfilm was created at the request of the Coos Tribes in 1990. Later, photocopies were also sent. The film consists of all Coos fieldnotes in the Jacobs Collection.

Sound Recordings
Processing Info: For explanation of numbering system, and a detailed description of the sound recordings, see William Seaburg's Guide to Pacific Northwest Native American Materials in the Melville Jacobs Collection, available in Special Collections.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 1August 1952
Scope and Content: Klikitat Sahaptin walpta'ykas songs, sung by Joe Hunt at Husum, WA on June 22, 1929. Originally on cylinder played on an Ediphone.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 2August 1952
Scope and Content: 5 Klikitat Sahaptin songs, sung at Husum, WA in June 1929. Originally on small Edison blanks played on an Edison at 100 RPM.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 3August 1952
Scope and Content: Klikitat Sahaptin songs, sung by Joe and Mary Mundi Hunt at Husum, WA on June 23 and 24, 1929. Originally on small Edison blanks, played on an Ediphone at 100 RPM.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 4August 1952
Scope and Content: Songs by Mary Mundi Hunt and Joe Hunt, Klikitat Sahaptins, in June 1929 on small Edison cylinders played on an Ediphone. At Husum, WA.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tapes 5-7September 1952
Scope and Content: Songs on Ediphone cylinders, 1929, Oregon City, by Mrs. Victoria Howard, Clackamas Chinook.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 8undated
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 9September 1952
Scope and Content: Songs on Ediphone cylinders, 1929, by Mrs. Victoria Howard, Clackamas
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 10-11September 1952
Scope and Content: Songs on Ediphone cylinders, 1930, by Mrs. Victoria Howard, Clackamas Chinook
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 12September 1952
Scope and Content: Muckleshoot Reservation (Puyallup, Duwamish, Snoqualmie) recordings, songs and texts, by Arthur C. Ballard in 1932 on Ediphone cylinders.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 13undated
Scope and Content: Ediphone cylinders from Muckleshoot Reservation, 1932, recorded by Arthur C. Ballard
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 14-18August 1952
Scope and Content: Tapes are missing. The description on the box states that the missing tape's content is Viola E. Garfield's Tsimshian recordings on Ediphone cylinders at Port Simpson, B.C., September 1932.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 19August 1952
Scope and Content: Songs sung by Hanis Coos Indians, November-December 1932 at Florence, Oregon, on Ediphone cylinders at 100 RPM.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 20August 1952
Scope and Content: Coos songs on Ediphone cylinders (100 RPM), recorded in 1932 and 1933.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 21August 1952
Scope and Content: Coos songs on Ediphone cylinders, 1933, by Annie Peterson
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 22August 1952
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 23-24September 1952
Scope and Content: Songs on RCA Victor pregrooved discs, by Mrs. Annie Peterson, Coos, 1934 (Coastal Oregon)
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 25September 1952
Scope and Content: 1934 RCA pregrooved discs in Miluk and Hanis Coos
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 26September 1952
Scope and Content: RCA pregrooved discs (1934), in Coos
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 27September 1952
Scope and Content: RCA pregrooved discs recorded at Charleston, Coos Bay, Oregon, 1934.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 28September 1952
Scope and Content: RCA pregrooved discs, recorded at Charleston, Coos Bay, Oregon in August 1934, and at Garibaldi, Oregon in September 1934
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 29August 1952
Scope and Content: Ilocano Filipino songs sung in 1934 and recorded on pregrooved RCA discs
SR-1 (158)Jacob audio tape 301951
Scope and Content: Puyallup, Herzog, and Jacobs, 1951. Copy for Dr. Marion Smith. Puyallup materials from Jerry Meeker.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 31August 1952
Scope and Content: Tape is missing. The description on the box states that the missing tape's content is dubbings of RCA pregrooved disc. Word lists and dictations in Galice Athabaskan and Molale
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 32August 1952
Scope and Content: Tape is missing. The description on the box states that the missing tape's content is dictations by John B. Hudson in April 1935 in Santiam Kalapuya, dubbed from RCA Victor pregrooved discs
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 33August 1952
Scope and Content: 14 songs sung by Hoxie Simmons, a Galice Athabaskan, in 1938. Dubbed from RCA Victor pregrooved discs
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 34August 1952
Scope and Content: 13 songs sung by Hoxie Simmons, a Galice Athabaskan, in 1938. Dubbed from RCA Victor pregrooved discs.
SR-1 (158)Jacobs audio tape 35August 1952
Scope and Content: 12 songs sung by Hoxie Simmons, a Galice Athabaskan, in 1938 and 1939. Dubbed from RCA pregrooved discs.
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 36August 1952
Scope and Content: Tape is missing. The description on the box states that the missing tape's content is 8 songs sung by Hoxie Simmons in 1939, Galice Athabaskan, dubbed from RCA Victor pregrooved discs.
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 37August 1952
Scope and Content: Filipino songs sung in 1934 and recorded on RCA pregrooved discs.
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 38August 1952
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 39September 1952
Scope and Content: Songs on Ediphone cylinder, 1930, by Mrs. V. Howard, Clackamas
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 40-411952
Scope and Content: RCA pregrooved discs, 78 RPM, in Nehalem Tillamook Coast Salish, Garibaldi, Oregon, 1934
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 42September 1952
Scope and Content: Ghost Dance Cult (1878) songs sung by (Upper) Coquille Thompson, December 1935 on RCA pregrooved discs, 78 RPM, Siletz Reservation
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 43-45September 1952
Scope and Content: Data on RCA pregrooved discs, by Coquille Thompson in U. Coquille Athabaskan, December 1935, 78 RPM, Siletz Reservation
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 46undated
Scope and Content: U. Coquille Athabaskan (Coquille Thompson) and Santiam Kalapuya (John B. Hudson)
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 47-50September 1952
Scope and Content: Twana. Recorded on glass-based acetate discs, 78 RPM, in September-October 1946 by William Elmendorf.
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 51undated
Scope and Content: Twana, Isleta, Alsea
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 55December 9, 1952
Scope and Content: Dubbings from wire recorded by K. McClellan
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 56undated
Scope and Content: Tlingit-McClellan
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tapes 57-58undated
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 59-60undated
Scope and Content: Tlingit-McClellan
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 61undated
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 88.1August 1954
Scope and Content: Waterman
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 88.2undated
Scope and Content: Half of Jam Session with Dick Waterman
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 88.3-88.4undated
Scope and Content: Potlatch
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 88.5undated
Scope and Content: Potlatch welcome speech and mourning song
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 89.1December 1954
Scope and Content: Potlatch opening and English explanation
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 89.2-89.3December 1954
Scope and Content: Potlatch
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 89.4December 1954
Scope and Content: Potlatch feast songs
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 89.5December 1954
Scope and Content: Potlatch Dance of the H'amatsa (beginning)
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 90.1undated
Scope and Content: Potlatch Ha'matsa dance, masked arrival dance, and the Bee Dance
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 90.2undated
Scope and Content: Potlatch Bee Dance
SR-2 (159)Jacobs audio tape 90.3-90.5undated
Scope and Content: Potlatch
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 91.1-91.3undated
Scope and Content: Peterson Kawus, Ram Singh tape (Quinault and Quilente)
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 91.4undated
Scope and Content: Mark Williams 218 and Ram Singh tape, Quinault and Quilente
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 91.5undated
Scope and Content: Murray 6 and Ram Singh tape, Quinault and Quilente
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 92.1-92.24 November 1952
Scope and Content: Material collected by Allen Baird in 1950
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 92.3undated
Scope and Content: Selected from Allen Baird's wire recordings on Canton 9 (Gilbert Is.), 1949
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 92.4September 1951
Scope and Content: Tlingit speech and songs (Raven Hat & Beaver's Hat)
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 92.5September 1951
Scope and Content: Tlingit and Henry Allen
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 93.1-93.2August 1952
Scope and Content: Herzog tape, Hamlin Park, Seattle, August 1952. Charles Swan and other Makahs
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 93.3August 1952
Scope and Content: Herzog tape, Makah materials
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 93.427 August 1950
SR-3 (160)Jacobs audio tape 94.1-94.5, 95.1-95.41929-1930
Scope and Content: Indian, NA, NW Oregon
SR-3 (160)1982 dubbings, 14501 through 145111982
SR-4 (161)"1982 dubbings" 14512 to 145511982
SR-5 (162)"1982 dubbings" 14552 to 146061982
SR-6 (163)"1982 dubbings" 14607 to 14628, 14637 to 14645, 14705 to 147091982
SR-7 (164)"1982 dubbings" 14710 to 14729, 14733-14734, 14738-14751 and "user copy" cassette tapes for 14726-147291982
SR-8 (165)"1982 dubbings" 14601, 14755-14760, 14770-14772, 14780-14783, C-1-C3, D1-D9, Shephardic 1-111982
SR-9 (166)"1982 dubbings" Shephardic 12-141982
SR-9 (166)Harry Smith D1-D4undated
SR-9 (166)Dubbing of Disc #3 (Makah, Quileute, and B. C. Salish)August 1972
SR-9 (166)Duplicates of 14512, 14513, 14547, and DG(12)undated
SR-9 (166)Jacobs audio tape 96.1undated
Scope and Content: Mrs. Elizabeth Shelton on Snohomish villages and customs
SR-9 (166)Jacobs audio tape 96.2undated
Scope and Content: Mrs. Elizabeth Shelton and Mrs. William Shelton on Snohomish villages, boundaries, and neighbors
SR-9 (166)Jacobs audio tape 96.3August 1960
Scope and Content: Lower Chehalis conversation and Upper Chehalis (the wren and his grandmother and the otter)
SR-9 (166)Jacobs audio tape 96.4undated
SR-9 (166)Jacobs audio tape 96.5undated
Terms of Access: Restricted.
Scope and Content: Charlie Anderson songs No. 11-17 (Skagit) and V. Gill Mohling Powers
SR-9 (166)Dubbing of tape 32December 1974
SR-9 (166)Mel Jacobs reminiscencesundated
SR-9.5 (167)Sephardic song cassettes, dubbed from discs in the Melville Jacobs Collectionundated
SR-9.5 (167)Mrs. Lea Sadis sound cassetteFebruary 1, 1936
Scope and Content: "Delgazina" & "Alma Mia vino l'hora" (singing)
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #3 (14503)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #4
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #5 (14505)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #6 (14506)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #7 (14507)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #8 (14508)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #9 (14509)
Scope and Content: Molale
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #10 (14510)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #11 (14511)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-10 (168)Cylinder #12 (14512)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #1 (14501)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #2 (14502)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #13 (14513)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #14 (14514)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #15 (14515)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Klikitat and Klamath
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #16 (14516)
Scope and Content: Siletz Reservation and Klamath
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #17 (14517)
Scope and Content: Sahaptin Yakima
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #18 (14518)
Scope and Content: Siletz Reservation, Molale, Sahaptin Klamath, and unidentified
SR-11 (169)Cylinder #20 (14520)
Scope and Content: Molale, Kalapuya Tualtin, and Chinook Clackamas
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #21 (14521)
Scope and Content: Molale, Kalapuya Tualtin, and Chinook Clackamas
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #22 (14522)
Scope and Content: Kalapuya Tualtin and Chinook Clackamas
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #23 (14523)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #24 (14524)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #25 (14525)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas and Molale (or possibly Modoc)
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #26 (14526)
Scope and Content: Molale
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #27 (14527)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas and Kalapuya Tualtin
SR-12 (170)Cylinder #28 (14528)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #29 (14529)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #30 (14530)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #31 (14531)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #32 (14532)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #33 (14533)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #34 (14534)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #35 (14535)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-13 (171)Cylinder #36 (14536)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas, Molale, and Kalapuya Tualtin
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #37 (14537)
Scope and Content: Kalapuya Tualtin, Molale, and Chinook Clackamas
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #43 (14540)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #44 (14541)
Scope and Content: Chinook Jargon and Chinook Clackamas
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #45 (14542)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas and Kalapuya Yonkalla
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #46 (14543)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #47 (14544)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas and Molale
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #48 (14545)
Scope and Content: Kalapuya Yamhill and Molale
SR-14 (172)Cylinder #49 (14549)
Scope and Content: Kalapuya Yamhill and Kalapuya Tualtin
SR-15 (173)Cylinder #50 (14547)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas and Kalapuya Yamhill
SR-15 (173)Cylinder #51 (14548)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas, Kalapuya Yamhill, and Kalapuya Mary's River
SR-15 (173)Ballard #1 (14549)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Snoqualmie
SR-15 (173)Ballard #2 (14550)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Snoqualmie and Lushootseed Duwamish
SR-15 (173)Ballard #3 (14551)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Puyallup, Lushootssed Duwamish, and unknown
SR-15 (173)Ballard #4 (14552)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Duwamish
SR-15 (173)Ballard #5 (14553)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Snoqualmie and Lushootseed Duwamish
SR-15 (173)Ballard #6 (14554)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Snoqualmie
SR-16 (174)Ballard #7 (14556)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Snoqualmie
SR-16 (174)Garfield #1 (14557)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #2 (14558)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #3 (14559)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #4 (14560)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #5 (14561)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #6 (14562)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-16 (174)Garfield #7 (14563)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #8 (14564)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #9 (14565)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #10 (14566)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #11 (14567)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #12 (14568)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #13 (14569)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #14 (14570)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-17 (175)Garfield #15 (14571)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-18 (176)Garfield #16 (14572)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-18 (176)Garfield #17 (14573)
Scope and Content: Tsimshian
SR-18 (176)Coos #1 (14574)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis
SR-18 (176)Coos #2 (14575)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis, Chinook Jargon, and Siuslaw
SR-18 (176)Coos #3 (14576)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis and Lower Umpqua
SR-18 (176)Coos #4 (14577)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis and Lower Umpqua
SR-18 (176)Coos #5 (14578)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis and Coos Miluk
SR-18 (176)Coos #6 (14579)
Scope and Content: Coos Miluk
SR-19 (177)Coos #7 (14580)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis, Coos Miluk, Upper Coquille, and unidentified
SR-19 (177)Coos #8 (14581)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis, Coos Miluk, and Lower Umpqua
SR-19 (177)Coos #9 (14582)
Scope and Content: Coos Hanis and Coos Miluk
SR-19 (177)Jim Yoke #5 (14750)
Scope and Content: Galice Creek
SR-19 (177)Jim Yoke #6 (14751)
Scope and Content: Galice Creek and Takelma
SR-19 (177)Jim Yoke #7 (14752)
Scope and Content: Makah and Quinault Salish
SR-19 (177)Cy. Johnly (14753)
Scope and Content: Makah and Quinault Salish
SR-19 (177)Muckleshoot #41 (14755)
Scope and Content: Muckleshoot
SR-19 (177)Muckleshoot #42 (14756)
Scope and Content: Muckleshoot
SR-20 (178)Muckleshoot #43 (14757)
Scope and Content: Lushootseed Muckleshoot and Lushootseed Duwamish
SR-20 (178)Walters (14758)
Scope and Content: Moses Columbia
SR-20 (178)Tillamook/Pearson #1 (14759)
Scope and Content: Tillamook Nehalem
SR-20 (178)Tillamook/Pearson #2 (14760)
Scope and Content: Tillamook Nehalem
SR-20 (178)Clackamas/Mrs. Howard (14772)
Scope and Content: Chinook Clackamas
SR-20 (178)1
SR-20 (178)2
SR-20 (178)3
SR-21 (179)4
Scope and Content: Practice only
SR-21 (179)4
SR-21 (179)Eskimo #1 (Jim Ahkla)
SR-21 (179)Eskimo #2 (Jim Ahkla)
SR-21 (179)Eskimo #3 (Jim Ahkla)
SR-22 (180)Disc recordings 14601 to 14643July 1934 - 20 April 1935
SR-23 (181)Disc recordings 14644 to 1473620 April 1935 - undated
SR-24 (182)Disc recordings 14737 to 14751; D-1 to D-8 undated - 8 August 1939; 13 April 1942 - undated
SR-25 (183)"Science Headlines" recordings
SR-26 (184)"Science Headlines" recordings
SR-27 (185)"Science Headlines" CD duplications
Sound Recordings Notes and Correspondence
115/10Ballard, Arthur C. (wax cylinders)1932
115/11Flathead Salish, Tibetan and Mongol Recordings made by John R. Krueger (tape 63)1955-1957
Jacobs's sound recordings--correspondence
115/12American Council of Learned Societiesundated
115/12American Museum of Natural Historyundated
120/12Ashton, J. W.undated
120/12Ballard, Arthur C.undated
120/12Indiana University Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore and Linguisticsundated
120/12United States Bureau of American Ethnologyundated
115/13Jacobs's sound recordings inventory (version 1)1933
115/14Jacobs's sound recordings inventory (version 2)1929-1938
115/15Jacobs's sound recordings inventory (version 3)1929-1955
115/16Jacobs's and Gunther's wax cylinder recordings -- notes to tapes 14755-14757undated
115/17Kwakiutl potlatch ceremonial recordings made by Richard Waterman (tapes 64-78)1953-1954
115/18Lushootseed Puyallup recordings made by Jacobs (number 14773)1951
115/19Northwestern Oregon song texts and notes -- Victoria Howard1929-1930
115/20-22Oregon recordings of native music -- correspondence1930-1933
Scope and Content: Includes correspondence with George Herzog, United States Bureau of American Ethnology, United States National Research Council (Albert E. Barrows, Madison Bentley, Vernon Kellogg and Robert H. Lowrie), and Erich vonHornbostel
115/23Sahaptin wax cylinders at Indiana University1927
115/24Sephardic song collection -- inventoryundated
115/25Swinomish and Skagit Salish music recordings made by Vivian T. Williams (tape 62)1961-1962
115/26Sound recordings -- miscellaneous1928, 1957

186Annotated Record Sleeves for Linguistic Recordingsundated

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