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Preliminary Guide to the Hermann Ulrichs Photographs

Collection No.: PH0399
Creator: Ulrichs, Hermann F. , photographer
Title: Hermann Ulrichs photographs
Date Span: 1921-1938
Quantity: 81 photographic prints (6 boxes)
Languages: Collection materials are inEnglish.

Biographical Note

Hermann Ulrichs was born in 1903. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1925 as a chemical engineer. For one year he worked as a research chemist in Massachusetts, then climbed the Swiss Alps before returning to earn a doctorate in chemistry at Harvard University. When he returned to the West coast he taught drama and music at the Cornish School in Seattle and in 1935 worked for the U.S. Forest Service, laying out the Pacific Crest Trail from Glacier Peak to Snoqualmie in Washington State. Ulrichs later taught at Mills College and served six years in the Navy during World War II. Afterward he earned a master's in music in 1951 to improve his concert work. He was proud to have made 21 first ascents of mountain peaks in the Northern Cascades. Ulrichs was also an avid photographer, his work often was compared to Ansel Adams. He died in 1988.

Scope and Content

The collection includes 72 photographs of the North Cascades in the 1920s-1930s, when Ulrichs was a pioneer in the exploration of the area and in opening it to climbers and hikers.

Terms of Access

The collection is open to the public.

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Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation, or publication. Contact Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries for details.

Acquisition Info

Donor: Hermann Ulrichs; received in 1989.



BOX 1 : 1921-1926

ULRICHS 48/1: Evolution Lake, Mt. Huxley and Mt. Spencer and the Evolution Peaks, Sierras (California). 1921.

ULRICHS 49/2: Kennedy Meadows taken on Ulrichs' 196-mile hike from Tahoe to Tuolumne. (California). 1924.

ULRICHS 30/3: Benson Lake, North Yosemite Park taken during Tahoe-to-Tuolumne backpack trip. (California). 1924.

ULRICHS 47: Tuolumne Meadows and River, Sierras taken at the end of Ulrichs' Tahoe-to-Tuolumne trip. (California). 1924.

ULRICHS 41: Half Dome and Cloud's Rest, Yosemite taken during a climb to Glacier Point. (California). January 1925.

ULRICHS 75/6: Mt. Shasta, California taken during Ulrichs' trans- continental trip. This was taken before there was a road to Mt. Shasta. (California). 1925.

ULRICHS 34/7: Coast Range, Oregon near the Coquille River. (Oregon). 1925.

ULRICHS R-2: Two photographs of Hermann Ulrichs, left, with his camera at Lagunitas Lake, April 1925. Right in San Anslemo at point of leaving on his cross- continental trip, June 28, 1925. (California) 1925.

ULRICHS 43/13: View of Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River, East Ontario, Canada. Taken on Ulrichs' cross continent trip. (Ontario). 1925.

ULRICHS 6: Presidental Range, New Hampshire. Highest mountains in New England. (New Hampshire). 1926.

ULRICHS 21/14: Birches in New Hampshire. (New Hampshire). 1926.

ULRICHS 20/16: Switzerland taken during a hike across Switzerland. (Switzerland). 1926.

BOX 2: 1926-1927

ULRICHS 4/24: Kicking Horse River and the northwest face of Mt. Stephen. Taken on Ulrichs' climb of the north face of Mt. Stephen which was the first and remains the only ascent of the northwest side of the over-6000-ft. mountain. Canadian Rockies. (British Columbia). 1927.

ULRICHS 42/12: Mt. Stephen taken on Ulrichs' first ascent of the northwest face of Mt. Stephen. Canadian Rockies. (British Columbia). 1927.

ULRICHS 10/20: Yoho Range, Canadian Rockies. (Canadian Rockies). 1927.

ULRICHS 5/18: Devil's Gap on the way to the Ghost River, Canadian Rockies outside of Banff, Alberta. (Alberta). 1927.

ULRICHS 11/19: The wilderness of the Ghost River Canyon, Canadian Rockies, Alberta. (Alberta). 1927.

ULRICHS 8/22: Ten Peaks ice fields with view of the Ottertail Range in the distance. Canadian Rockies. (Alberta). 1927.

ULRICHS 9/21: The Sawtooth Range with three peaks named Edith, Louie, and Fifi. Banff. (Alberta). 1927.

ULRICHS 33/25: Taken during a climb of Silver Peak near Snoqualmie Pass, North Cascades. (Washington). 1927

ULRICHS 44/29: Hermit Range, Selkirk Mountains taken during a solo climb of the 10,525-ft. Mt. Roger. (British Columbia) 1928.

ULRICHS 3/30: Panorama south with Mt. Sir Donald. Taken during solo climb of Mt. Rogers in the selkirks. (British Columbia). 1928.

ULRICHS 38/28: The "North American Matterhorn", Mt. Assiniboine. Canadian Rockies. (British Columbia). 1928.

ULRICHS 23/27: Climbers in the Purcells; Ulrichs made the first ascent of the west side of Mt. Farnum with a Swiss guide. (British Columbia). 1928.

ULRICHS 29/26: "Winter Interlude". North Cascades near Mt. Snoqualmie. (Washington). 1928

BOX 3: 1930-1933

ULRICHS 1/35: Crater of Mt. St. Helens with Mt. Adams in the distance. This has been destroyed by volcanic eruption. (Washington). July, 1930.

ULRICHS 64/34/: White Horse Glacier and the pinnacles of White Horse Mountain, North Cascades. (Washington). 1930.

ULRICHS 65/32: Mt. Hood looking over the Columbia Valley. (Oregon). 1930.

ULRICHS 18/31: "Indian Henry's Hunting Ground". Avalanche lilies on the south side of Mt. Rainier. 2 prints. (Washington). 1930.

ULRICHS 27/37: "October Interlude". 1931.

ULRICHS 28/54: Mt. Booker and Mt. Buckner; Ulrichs made first ascents of both. North Cascades. (Washington). 1932.

ULRICHS 53/38: Mt. Buckner and the Boston Glacier, North Cascades. (Washington). 1932.

ULRICHS 62/39: "A Study in Whiteness". 1932.

ULRICHS 63: The Poet Range, Mts. Emerson, Poe, and Whittier taken from Mt. David, North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 56/44 : "The Source (The Black Hand)". Where the Twisp River begins. North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 58/41: "Petrified Sea". Glacier Peak, North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.
BOX 4: 1933-1934

ULRICHS 32/42: "The Pass". White Horse Mountain in the distance in Monte Cristo country, North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 31/40: "Winged Cornice". North Cascades, Skykomish Country. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 36/45: "The Castle". North Cascades in Skykomish Country. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 37/47: "The Valley of the Shadow". North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 55/43: "Purity". First ascent of Bald Eagle Peak, North Cascades. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 57/46: "Aspiration". Northeast side of Mt. Rainier. (Washington). 1933.

ULRICHS 15/55: "Austerity". Mt. Eldorado, Hidden Lake Peak, Cascades. (Washington). 1934.

ULRICHS 65: "The Rappel. 1934.

ULRICHS 2/60: Looking into the North Fork of Bridge Creek, Mt. Good and Mt. Buckner. Taken during Ulrichs' solo climb of Black Mountain, North Cascades. (Washington). August, 1934.

ULRICHS 61: "Wave Crests". North Fork, Bridge Creek, North Cascades. (Washington). 1934.

ULRICHS 25/52: "Late Afternoon". Black Mountain on the left taken during a solo ascent, Cascades. (Washington). 1934.

ULRICHS 35/56: "Essay in the Gothic". Taken from the summit of Mt. Black (northwest peak) on a solo climb. (Washington). 1934.

BOX 5: 1935-1938

ULRICHS 54/36: Upper photo. Winter climbing, Mt. Rainier. (Washington). 1935. Lower photo. North Cascades. (Washington). 1930.

ULRICHS 39/58: "Sanctuary". Taken during Ulrichs development of the Pacific Crest trail in the North Cascades. Ulrichs named the lake Lake Jade. (Washington). 1935.

ULRICHS 60/51: Mt. Ruth and Mt. Shuksan, North Cascades. (Washington). 1935.

ULRICHS 16/53: Icy Peak, Cascades showing two types of glaciers: left, Ice Fall Glacier, right, Piedmont glacier. Ulrichs tried to make first ascent of Icy Peak, but he discovered a tin can on top when he got there. (Washington). 1935.

ULRICHS 17/59: "Mazama". This goat had probably never seen humans; Ulrichs spotted him far below on the side of the mountain, but the goat climbed u the mountain to stand six feet away and inspect the human intruder in his home. Cascade Mountains. (Washington). 1935.

ULRICHS 13: Madonna Spire, at the head of Sulpher Creek, a spur of the Blue Mountains, North Cascades. (Washington). 1936.

ULRICHS 40/61: Glacier Peak, North Cascades. (Washington). 1936.

ULRICHS 59/50: "Serenity". Peggy's Pond, North Cascades. (Washington). 1936.

ULRICHS 26/33: "Pastorale". Near Ft. Klamath in southern Oregon. (Oregon). 1937.

ULRICHS 14/64: Storm above the Carbon River, west side of Mt. Rainier. (Washington). 1938.

ULRICHS 24/63: North British Columbia Coast Range. Ulrichs has to chop a trail through the forest to make the first ascent of the peak, which he named Bastille Peak to honor the date. (British Columbia). July 14, 1938.

ULRICHS 19/62: "Mountain Fastness" On 1st 1938 ascent of then unnamed Bastille Peak. The Mundys. (British Columbia) . 1938.

BOX 6: Miscellaneous Ulrichs prints

ULRICHS no #: 1 unmounted b/w print: "Barney Lake" undated.

ULRICHS no #: 1 mounted b/w print: Whitman Crest ski slopes. undated

ULRICHS no #: 1 mounted b/w print: Panorama mountain peaks. n.d

ULRICHS 7/23: 1 mounted b/w print: Mountain scenery. undated

ULRCIHS 41/11: 1 mounted b/w print: Mountain scenery. undated

ULRICHS 50/8: 1 mounted b/w print: Mountain scenery. undated

ULRICHS 51/9: 1 mounted b/w print: Mountain scenery. undated

ULRICHS 52/10: 1 mounted b/w print: Mountain scenery. undated

ULRICHS no #: 1 mounted color prints: Self portrait of photographer Stephen E. Johnson at Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Rainier Oct. 1970

ULRICHS R-1: "The Great White Watcher". Mt. Baker. 1931. Oversized from Box 3.

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Photographic prints.
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