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Guide to the World Trade Organization 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection

Manuscript Collection No.: 5177
Title: World Trade Organization 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest collection
Alternate Title: WTO Seattle collection
Date Span: 1993-2011
Quantity: 45.63 cubic feet (31 boxes)
27 videocassettes and 1 CD Rom disk
5 oversize objects
3 tubes
2 packages
1 vertical file
Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Biographical Note

The WTO History Project and its associated archives are largely a response to the momentous protests that took place between November 29 and December 3, 1999 in Seattle during the World Trade Organization Ministerial meetings. The project also documents the mobilization that preceded the Ministerial. The protests were mounted by a wide array of groups and individuals, especially organized labor, environmentalists, and pro-democracy activists concerned that the WTO encouraged trade practices harmful to workers and the environment and operated in a manner which they considered largely undemocratic.

The WTO History Project was a partnership based at the University of Washington that included the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, and the University Libraries. The groups collaborated to ensure that future researchers of the WTO protests would have access to documentary evidence relating to the range of people involved in the protests, the many strategies and issues they brought to the streets and the meeting rooms, and the coalitions they formed.

During the nearly nine month mobilization in 1999, local and national non-governmental groups representing a variety of interests determined how to publicize the threat posed by the WTO and how to frame their messages to attract the attention of the public, the media and the WTO itself. The lengthy and often contentious mobilization process led to a six-week period immediately preceding the protests during which activists prepared themselves and the public with public teach-ins, training, and debates.

On November 30, 1999, first day of the ministerial meetings, thousands of largely peaceful protestors blocked delegates’ entrance to the opening plenary session. According to press reports, Seattle police in riot gear responded by releasing volleys of tear gas and pepper spray at 10:00 am and continued to do so throughout the day. The police eased up when the 20,000-member labor march reached the downtown core from the Seattle Center, where a large rally had been held. WTO officials cancelled the opening ceremonies. At a time difficult to verify after the fact, Mayor Paul Schell declared a civil emergency, ordering streets to be cleared by 7:00 pm and imposing a curfew on a large area of downtown, from Yesler Way to Denny Way and from Interstate 5 to Elliott Bay. Word of the curfew reached people on the streets at about 4:00 pm. Some dispersed, but others remained and were herded out of downtown by police firing tear gas and pepper spray. At approximately 10:00 pm the State Patrol reinforced the police. Scattered vandalism and looting of several downtown businesses had occurred during the day.

Early the following day, Wednesday, December 1, Seattle police established a ‘demonstration-free zone’ around the WTO meeting site at the Seattle Convention and Trade Center. They severely restricted access to the area, but protests continued. The ministerial meeting was shut down for five hours that day. Governor Gary Locke sent additional State Patrol troopers and two National Guard units to relieve and assist the Seattle police. Clashes between protesters and police spilled over in the evening to Capitol Hill, east of downtown. By then the focus had shifted somewhat, away from the WTO and towards the police response to the protests. Several hundred protesters were arrested, and other protesters demonstrated outside the King County Jail.

The following day the Mayor’s Office reduced the size of what it called a ‘limited curfew zone’ to the area bounded by Fourth Avenue, Pine Street, Boren Avenue, Seneca Street, and Interstate 5. Some protests were staged on Friday, especially inside the convention center. Protestors demonstrated outside the King County jail again on Friday evening. Eventually charges were dropped against most of the over 400 people arrested.


Organized into 13 accessions.

Accession No. 5177-003, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1993-2000
Accession No. 5177-004, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999
Accession No. 5177-005, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1998-2000 December
Accession No. 5177-006, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999 October-2000 December
Accession No. 5177-007, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999-1999
Accession No. 5177-008, World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 2000
Accession No. 5177-009, WTO Seattle collection, 1999
Accession No. 5177-010, WTO Seattle collection, 1999
Accession No. 5177-011, WTO Seattle collection, 1996-2000
Accession No. 5177-012, WTO Seattle collection, 2000
Accession No. 5177-013, WTO Seattle and global justice collection, 1998-2011
Accession No. 5177-014, WTO Seattle collection, 1999-2003
Accession No. 5177-015, Ruth Yarrow WTO Seattle protests collection, 1999

Scope and Content

The WTO Seattle Collection is composed of one large and several smaller accessions. Accession 5177-003, the largest, primarily covers the period from mid-1999 to early 2000. Included are publicity materials, other ephemeral material distributed during various events, reports, published and unpublished writings about the many issues of concern to activists, photos, audio recordings, and communications among the activists who organized events. Oversize items include posters, signs used in teach-ins and protests, and rain ponchos and other objects worn or used in the protests. Personal accounts written after the protests describe the impact the events had on several individuals and often contrast sharply with media accounts of the same events.

Many items in this collection were created by organizations identified in the finding aid as subgroups. Other items were received and kept by these groups to document issues and events. Many gifts of this material were sought and received by WTO History Project staff in the Center for Labor Studies. Still other batches were collected by interested individuals and forwarded to the Libraries or to the Center for Labor Studies. Subgroups have been established for the following records-creating organizations: the Direct Action Network, a loosely-organized non-hierarchical umbrella organization for groups of protestors; Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit law firm that represents public interest clients; the International Forum on Globalization, a coalition of organizations concerned about the effects of globalization; the King County Labor Council; the Ralph Nader-sponsored People for Fair Trade/Network Opposed to WTO and its UW student affiliate organization; and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, a coalition of trade and labor groups. The Alan Rabinowitz subgroup includes materials contributed by Dr. Rabinowitz, a Seattle resident who helped fund educational activities in advance of the Ministerial. Included in it, besides audio cassettes of World Trade Watch are printed e-mails of preptory reports, of writings of various friends and contacts of Rabinowitz, of correspondence about the creation of the Independent Media Center, and of news articles.

Although the NGO Committee of the Seattle Host Organization that sponsored the Ministerial is represented by a subgroup, this segment is very small and consists mainly of packets and other information for delegates.

During processing in 2000-2001, materials were also grouped chronologically within each subgroup. “ Pre-WTO” reflects advance planning and reports about issues posed by the World Trade Organization. “During WTO” documents activities during the week of the Ministerial meetings, November 29-December 3. “Post-WTO” includes subsequent analyses as well as local materials which address the activists’ counter-response to the police actions during the Ministerial week.

Major correspondents include Alan Rabinowitz; Jeremy Simer, an activist with People for Fair Trade/No to WTO; and Patti Goldman, an attorney with the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund and the environmental community’s representative to the Seattle Host Organization.

Terms of Access

Access to archival recordings: Due to the fragility of archival tape recordings, potential users may be required to arrange for transfer to digital format before the material can be accessed. Please contact Special Collections for further information.

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Consult the restrictions governing reproduction and use for each of the accessions listed below.


Accession No. 5177-003
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1993-2000
31.17 cubic feet including 15 boxes, 3 tubes, 5 oversized objects
Scope and Content
Issue files consisting primarily of clippings as well as organizational files and ephemera used by People for Fair Trade/No To WTO. Records of other organizations such as Direct Action Network, EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund, International Forum On Globalization, King County Labor Council, No To WTO/UW, and Seattle Host Organization NGO Committee include: correspondence, email, calendars, packets, minutes, newsletters, news releases, speeches and writings, publications, ephemera, posters, videotapes, artifacts, maps, lists. Also includes personal accounts, audio tapes, photographs, ephemera, posters, and picket signs, from other sources, documenting opposition groups' preparations for the WTO round in Seattle, WTO week protests and events and the aftermath, 1999-2000.
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Acquisition Info
Donated 4/19/2000.
Direct Action Network (DAN)
1/1Organizing Packets
1/2Agenda – Neighborhood Groups Meeting8/28/99
1/4Subject Series - Street Theater Convergence
During WTO
1/6Action Packet
1/7-8Bibliographies—News Articles re WTO Protests11/30/1999-1/6/2000
Subject Series
1/9Legal Team
1/10Radical Jeerleaders’ Cheers
Artifacts (Used at Teach-In, in DAN office, and during Week of WTO) OVERSIZED
15/1Yellow/Gray “Resist”
Red/Blue “Rise Up”
15/2“November 30, 1999—Resist the WTO”
“World Trade Organization—What Are They Trading Away?”
“No To WTO!”
“The WTO is Biocide”
“We Oppose the WTO”
“Whose World Are They Trading Away?”
15/3“Peaceful Protest Zone”
“Tell the WTO”
“Things We Oppose:”
“Citizens’ Trade Campaign”
“Sierra Club. No Globalization”
11/1DAN Legal Team ID Badge
1/12Organization – DAN Continental Confederation
1/13General Correspondence12/99
1/14Meeting Notes
Subject Series
1/15-17Legal Team
1/18Medical Collective
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
1/20Outgoing Letter7/15/99
Speeches and Writings
1/22 Goldman, P. and J. Fawcett-Long, Farms and Food Safety At Risk undated
1/23 Goldman, P. & J. Scott, Our Forests at Risk 9/1999
1/24 Goldman, P. & M. Wagner, Trading Away Public Health 11/1999
1/25 Puckett, Jim, When Trade is Toxic 10/1999
1/26 Wagner, M. & P. Goldman, The Case for Rethinking the WTO 11/1999
Subject Series
1/28Billboard Campaign
1/29Coffee, Birds and Trade Policy10/1999
1/30Environmental Media Services Briefing
1/31Sierra Club - Bioinvasions
1/32Trade Pacts7/24/99
1/33 Newsletters – WTO News: The Road To Seattle 9/10 – 10/20/99
1/34News Release12/1/99
During WTO
1/37Calendars & Schedules
1/38Lists – Delegates and Observers
1/39 Videotape—The WTO’s Race to the Bottom
1/40-41 Newsletter – World Trade Observer Nov-Dec. 1999
1/42News Release12/1/99
1/43Photographs (Negatives only)
International Forum On Globalization
1/45News Release
1/46 Timeline—The Trouble With Trade, 1944-1999
1/47Report – “Beyond The WTO”12/26/99
1/48List – WTO Publications
Speeches and Writings
1/49 Anderson, Sarah, Ed., Views From the South undated
1/50 Barker, D. & J. Mander, Invisible Government 10/99
1/51 Clarke, Tony, By What Authority! undated
1/52 Menotti, Victor, Free Trade, Free Logging 11/99
1/53 Unidentified, “Eight Myths of Economic Globalization” undated
During WTO
1/54Audiocassettes (2)—Teach-In11/26-27/99
1/55Videotape—Town Hall Debate11/30/99
1/57News Releases
King County Labor Council
1/58Incoming Letter – Labor Party. Seattle Chapterundated
1/59Outgoing Letter - Invitation to Student Activists re WTO Rally11/3/1999
1/60Planning Packet
1/61Packet – “Workers’ Rights and the World Trade Organization (AFL-CIO)
Subject Series
1/62Baskin, Martha8/2/99-2/12/2000
1/63Coalition of Labor Union Women
1/64Herman, Alexis, US Secretary of Labor, Speech10/25/1999
1/65Port Truck Driver Campaign9/99
1/66Washington State Labor Council9/99
1/67 Newsletters—Labor’s Voice 10/99
1/68Speeches and Writings
Feldman, Rich, “New Rules For the Global Economy” 9/15/99
1/70Speeches and Writings – Ohio AFL-CIO President2/15/00
No! To WTO--uw
1/71Incoming Letters – King County Labor Council11/3/99
1/72 Corporate Watch 9/98-8/99
1/73 Eat The State 9&11/99
Justice 9-10/99
1/74 Sweatshop Watch 10/20/99
1/75Personal Account – Ramy Khalil
Subject Series
1/77Maquiladora Industry10/20/99
1/78-80Guides For Organizers
1/81Background Facts re WTO
Speeches and Writings
2/1 Hyde, David, “The WTO Does Not Affect You!” 11/28/99
2/2 Murphy, Gillian & L. Mogford and D. Hyde, “A Marxist Analysis of the World Trade Organization” 10/25/99
2/3 Unidentified, “Welcome fellow Students!” 11/30/99
Speeches and Writings by Others
2/4 Clinton, Bill. Remarks By the President at the Democratic Leadership Council Gala 10/13/99
2/5 Lucas, Caroline, Watchful In Seattle 11/99
2/6Miller, Scott. Director, National Government Relations, Proctor & Gamble. Statement Before the Interagency Trade Policy Staff Committee6/7/99
2/7 Schweke, William and Robert K. Stumberg, Could Economic Development Become Illegal In the New Global Policy Environment? 7/99
2/8-16Copies of Published Articles
During WTO
2/19Organizer’s Guide
2/20Student Walkout
2/22 Newsletter – Ruckus 1/2000
People For Fair Trade/no To WTO
2/24Organization - Website
2/25Incoming Letters8/6 – 9/7/99
2/26Outgoing Letters7/30/99
2/27-28Meeting Notes7/9 – 8/24/00
2/32Pledge Cards
2/33Ballard Meeting Facilities
2/34Experts, Speakers, Meeting Attendance
2/35-36Media Web Sites
2/38WTO Project
10/1Telephone Logs 11/18/99 – 3/14/00 CLOSED until 5/2005
2/40Packet–“Loaded against the poor, World Trade Organisation” Oxfam
2/41 Buckhorn Bulletin 8/99
Center Focus 11/99
Corporate Europe Observer 7/99
2/42 Drillbits & Tailings 10/23/99
2/43 High Country News 9/97
2/44 Report From Washington 2/6/98
2/45 Washington Trout Report1998
2/46Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange11/99, n.d
2/47“Handbood for Nonviolent Action”
2/48 Multinational Monitor 10-11/99
2/49NAFTA Superhighways1998
2/50“One Big Movement, Creating the End of Corporate Rule”undated
2/51“The WTO, Global Capitalism and the Socialist Alternative” publ. by Justice
2/52Writing – Madsen, Jeremy9/4/99
Speeches and Writings by Others
2/53Statements re: International Day of Action Against the WTO9/15/99
2/54Collingsworth, Terry, “U.S. Advocacy for Reform of the WTO—Progress or Posturing?”undated
2/55Cornwell, Rachel and Andrew Wells, “Deploying Insecurity”1999
2/56 Korten, David C., The Lexus and the Olive Tree A Book Review undated
2/57Lamy, Pascal, “Communication from the Trade DG of the European Commission”10/6/99
2/58Mokhiber, Russell & Robert Weissman, “10 Reasons to Dismantle the WTO”undated
2/59Unidentified, “Ministerial Decision on Trade, Globalisation, Development and Labour Issues”3/12/99
2/60Newsletter Articles from e-Newsletters
2/61Fact Sheets
Subject Series
2/62Adbusters Originalsundated
2/63Animal Rights1999
2/64Ballard-Fremont Neighborhood8/99
2/68Clise Property1999
2/69Delegate Visa Problems11/8/1999
2/70-74Democracy/Legalities1999, n.d.
2/75Downtown Seattle Association1999
2/77Environment Issues10 – 11/99
2/80-81Health6/99, n.d.
2/82Joint Pledge Card Proposal1999
2/83King County Council Resolution8-9/99
2/84-86Labor1999, n.d.
2/87Larson, Ericundated
2/88-89Logistics11/99, nd.
2/90Methodist Church1999, n.d.
2/91NGO Press Center11/99
2/92Neighborhood Organizations8-9/99
2/93No! WTO Student Teach-In11/6/99
2/94 “The Opposition”—CIBER/UW, Simer, Jeremy 7/99, n.d.
2/95 “The Opposition”—WTO & SHO Information, Simer, Jeremy 1999
2/96Seattle Student/Youth Organizing8-9/99
2/97-101Social Justice1999
2/102Street Committee8/25/99
2/103-105Trade/WTO Anti-Corp1998-99
2/106Trade/WTO Pro-Traden.d.
2/107-110Trade/WTO—Trade Treaties1993-99
2/112Washington Council on International Trade5/2000
2/113Workers & Families For Free Traden.d.
3/1Notice re Noise Ordinance
3/2Resolutions - Labor
3/3Conference - Evergreen State College10/23-24/1999
3/6-7News Releases
3/12-27Chronological Files (Mostly clippings)6/99-11/28/99
3/29-38Clippings - Articles, In-Depth
14/1Information about WTO and its record --Foamboard 3-panel
Tube 17No To WTO Teach-In11/6/99
During WTO
3/37Notebook – “Front Desk Information”
Speeches and Writings
3/39Humane Society of the United States11/29/99
Subject Series
3/40Food and Agriculture Day1999
10/2Infernal Noise Brigade
3/41Medics—Re Basic Medic Kit11/22/99
3/42Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)11/30/99
3/43Protest Targets1999
3/44Seattle International Peoples’ Assembly1999
3/46Women, Development, Democracy Day at WTO1999
3/47WTO Ministerial1999
3/48 Belltown’s Regrade Dispatch 12/12/99
3/49 The Spectator (Seattle University) 12/2/99
3/51News Releases
3/54Financial Records
11/2Armband, black, reads: “City-Wide Walkout”
11/3Bumper Stickers
11/5Cigarettes (presented to people released from jail)
11/6Hat, Parade Marshall’s
Particulate Mask
11/8Photograph of Dee Dee Rainbow, autographed
11/9Police Tape (false) reads: “Unseen Crimes”
11/10Swim Goggles
11/11T-Shirt, black, torn piece
11/12Item list, with notes, by Jeremy Simer
13/2“Fremont/Ballard Neighborhood”
Handmade sign announcing opening of Network Opposed To World Trade Organization offices
Agenda (Handmade sign)
“Showdown In Seattle”
“Congratulations, Seattle”
“The Golf War”
13/3Miscellaneous Posters distributed by Dana Schuerholz
13/4Sierra Club
“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”
“Make Trade Clean, Green, and Fair”
“No Globalization”
13/5“Tell Schell”
“Stop the Corporate World Takeover”
“Beyond the WTO Ministerial”
“Do You Know?”
13/6“That’s Right, Tiffany”
“Nine Things to Do”
World Trade Organization (Turtle)
13/7 “Defend Free Speech” (Handmade Poster)
“Fair Trade”
“Food and Agriculture Day”
“Stop the WTO!”
“We Believe in Fair Trade, How About You, Al Gore?”
Tube 16Banner OVERSIZED
“WTO Hurts Working Families--Seattle Center Rally and Meeting Nov. 30/1999 8 am” (street banner—white with red Letters—airflow cuts)
3/59Incoming Letters12/7/99-7/28/00
3/60Outgoing Letter
3/61Speeches and Writings - Atkin, Jerry, Jobs With Justiceundated
Subject Series
3/62N30 Mural Project
3/63Views on Food and Agriculture Day
3/64 Newsletter - World Affairs 12/99
3/65 Bringing Democracy Home 4/2000
3/66 Rebuild the Balkans 7/1999
3/67 Standing 3/2000
4/1Report - Seattle International Peoples’ Assembly—Report from the Secretariat1/00-2/00
Web Page Printouts
4/2 Eat the State
4/3Pure Food
4/4World Socialist
4/5World Trade Organization
4/6Ephemera – re: Celebration of Victory
Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch
4/10Outgoing Letter8/31/99
4/11Contact Lists – Environmental and Health Day
4/12 Packet – “WTO: What Are We Trading Away?” undated
4/13Subject Series - Michael Moore, Director of WTO10/1/1999
4/14 Eco WTO Watch 4/99
4/15 Harmonization Alert 11/98, 6/99-7/99
4/16News Releases
Speeches and Writings
4/17Nader, Ralph & Lori Wallach, “GATT, NAFTA, and the Subversion of the Democratic Process”undated
4/18Parrish, Geov, “Shutting Down Seattle”8/19/99
4/19 Wallach, Lori M., International ‘Harmonization’ of Social, Economic, and Environmental Standards 7/98
4/20Wallach, Lori M., Testimony of Lori Wallach, Global Trade Watch, Re: U.S. Preparations for the WTO’s 1999 Ministerial Meeting8/5/99
4/21“Comments of Public Citizen…”10/22/98
4/22“Five-Year Record of WTO Reveals Disturbing Trends: Food Safety, Environment Undermined, Accountable Governance Eroded”10/13/99
Statement of Joan Claybrook on WTO10-13-99
4/24 Anderson, Alfred F., Challenging Newt Gingrich 1996
4/25 A Citizen’s Guide To The World Trade Organization 7/99
During WTO
4/29 Newsletter - Mobilization Against Corporate Globalization 11/29-12/3/00
4/30News Releases
Rabinowitz, Alan
9/1-8E-mail On Floppy Disk With Printouts—“65 Files Plus Early Newspaper Clippings.” Includes Copy Of The Fake Seattle Post-intelligence Of 11/30/997 – 12/99
Incoming Letters
4/31International Forum on Globalization10/22/98-11/17/99
4/33Outgoing Letter4/12/99
Making Contact, Democracy for Sale 7/7/99
World Trade Watch Demo Tape undated
Subject Series – Institute For Agriculture and Trade Policy
4/35Incoming Letters1/27/99-8/10/99
4/36Annual Reports1996-97, 98-99
4/37 Agriculture Biodiversity News 11/98-3/99
4/38 The Road to Seattle Issue VII 9/10/99
4/39IPR---info: Information About Intellectual Property Rights5/95-7/98
4/40Proceedings - Meeting on the WTO Agreement on Agriculture9/30-10/4/98
Speeches and Writings
4/41Dawkins, Kristen, “Defending Biological Diversity and Food Security in the Face of Globalization”11/97
4/42Dawkins, Kristen, “Trade Strategy of U.S.: Analysis of Current Agricultural Policy”1/8/99
4/43 Dawkins, Kristen & Steve Suppan, Sterile Fields: The Impacts of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade on Biodiversity & Food Security 11/96
4/44 Hausknost, Daniel, “In Europe, Consumers Think Twice: A look at the Uproar Over Genetically Engineered Food” 7/10/98
4/45Kraker, Daniel & Kristen Dawkins, “The Continuing Threat From Trade Negotiations”3/99
4/46Lehman, Karen, “Alternatives To The Global Trading System For Agriculture”5/16/96
4/47 Murphy, Sophia, “Trade and Food Security—An Assessment Of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture” 1999
4/48 Murphy, Sophia, Trade-Related Agenda, Development and Equity (Trade) Working Papers 11/99
4/49 Teitel, M., Fund, C.S., and H. Shand, The Ownership of Life, When Patents and Values Clash 6/97
4/50 “Building the ‘capacity to trade’ through trade related policy reform: Towards revising the Agreement on Agriculture and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights” 9/8/97
4/51 “Strengthening Complementarities Between Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development” 3/17-18/98
Subject Series - International Forum on Globalization
4/53Audiotapes - Teach-In11/26/99
4/54Report - Beyond the WTO, Alternatives to Economic Globalization11/26/99
4/55Partial Summary of Media Coverage—IFG WTO Campaignundated
Speeches and Writings (Publications)
4/56 Barker, D. & J. Mander, Invisible Government 10/99
4/57 Barlow, Maude, Blue Gold 6/99
4/58 Newsletters 10-11/99
Speeches and Writings by Others
4/60 Ad Hoc Working Group on the MAI, “ MAI—Democracy For Sale?” undated
4/61 Shrybman, Steven, “The World Trade Organization: The New World Constitution Laid Bare” undated
4/62 Cuernavaca Consensus—Draft undated
4/63 “Solidar Briefing” 11/99
During WTO
4/66-67 Audiocassettes - World Trade Watch, Five Days of the WTO (10 tapes total, 2 sets) 11/29-12/3/99
4/68Workshop - Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)11/30/98
5/1Incoming Letters
World Trade Watch12/11/99
International Forum On Globalization12/20/99
5/2Outgoing Letter2/1/2000
“The Whole World Is Watching, Art, Images & Literature From The WTO Protests” Center On Contemporary Art Exhibit Brochure
Seattle Host Organization. Ngo Committee
Incoming Letters
5/9Wiehoff, Dale e-mail2/17/99
5/10To Goldman, Patti8/6/-11/24/99
5/11Outgoing Letter
5/13Corporate Hospitality
5/15Agenda - Trade And Environment Session12/2/1999
5/17Historical Features – World Trade Organization
5/18Incoming Letter – Fidel Castro To Jim Mcdermott11/29/99
5/19Outgoing Letter – Church Council Of Greater Seattle To Castro10/1/99
5/21Alliance For Better Foods
5/22Body Shop – “Wasting Trade Opportunities”
5/23Global Environmental Protection
5/24Greenpeace International
5/25“A Handbook of World Trade” MinComEx Columbia
5/26Preamble Center
5/27National Wildlife Federation
5/28World Bank Bonds Boycott Campaign
Subject Series
5/29Alliance For Democracy
5/30American Lands Alliance8/6/99
5/31Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace1998-99
5/33Falun Gong11/99
5/34-35Friends Of The Earth1999
5/36Grassroots International
5/37Green Party1999
5/38International Federation for Alternative Trade
5/39Manana Coalition10/5/99
5/40No On I-695 Campaign
5/41Pacific Northwest Junior State
5/42Ruckus Society
5/43Seattle Anarchist Response
5/44Seeds Of Liberation
5/45Sierra Club
5/46United For a Fair Economy
5/47-49U.S. Chamber of Commerce
5/50U.S. Congress
5/51Women and Trade
5/52Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
5/53WTO Student Ambassador Program
5/54News Releases
5/55 The Big Picture, Visualizing The Global Economy
Compost The Corporations
The Dispatcher
5/56 Eat The State 3-11/1999
5/57 Eugene Weekly
European Public Health Update
Handbook For Nonviolent Action
Instant Planet
5/58 Real Change 8-11/1999
5/59 Seattle Weekly
5/60 Storm Warning!
Street Roots
Teamsters On The Front Line—Local 174
Trade Union World
The World Bank
Z Magazine
Speeches And Writings
5/61 Canwright, Lois, “Action Advice & Globalization and the WTO” undated
5/62 Godfried, Mike, “WTO Talking Points” undated
5/63 History Committee of the General Strike Committee, The Seattle General Strike of 1919 1999
5/64Stanton, Arnold, “Ode: To All Oligarchs And Their Minions”1998
5/65Japan Proposal, “Toward the Establishment of Trade Rules For the 21st Century that Contribute to the Era of Diversity And Coexistence”undated
5/66 Japan Proposal, “Proposal of Japan on the WTO Negotiations”
5/67Legal Opinion re Child Labor Laws & Gatt7/15/93
5/69Consumers International, “Consumer Rights and the Multilateral Trading System”8/99
5/70Environmental Media Services, “Understanding International Trade and the Environment”undated
5/71 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, “Building Workers’ Human Rights Into the Global Trading System” 1999
6/1Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
6/2Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD)10/99
6/3United States Trade Representative
6/4World Vision
6/8Report – U.s. Trade Representative – “accelerated Tariff Liberalization…”11/99
6/9Labor & NGO Alliesundated
6/10Seattle Public Library reading list
6/11Revolutionary Communist Party U.S.A. Seattle Branch
During WTO
6/21Delegate Packet
6/22Press Pack
6/23European Union Millennium Round Packet
6/24Seattle Round Agricultural Committee Media Packet
6/25-40Personal Accounts
Subject Series
6/41Citizens For Free Tradeundated
6/42Civil Disobedience
6/43 Independent Media Center (incl. Newsletter – Blind Spot, A Daily Bulletin Of Underreported Anti-WTO Activism, Issues 1-5)
6/44Industrial Workers Of The World11/99-1/00
6/45Seattle, City of
6/46Seattle Police Department11/30/99,n.d.
6/47United Steelworkers of America
6/48Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
6/49Washington Toxics Coalition11/28/99, n.d.
6/50Court Paper12/2/99
12/1Comics Oversized
6/52 Seattle Post Intelligence (Parody) 11/30/99
6/53 Washington Free Press 11-12/99
Publications (WTO Week Accounts)
6/55Labor Press
6/56Socialist Press
7/2 Bridges, Daily Update On The Third Ministerial Conference 12/3/99
7/3 The Current 7/99-8/99
7/4 Environment & Climate News 2/2000
7/5GovLink WTO Traffic Alerts12/1-8/99
7/6Puget Sound Council Of Senior Citizens10/99-1/00
7/7 WTO Watch 12/99
Speeches And Writings
7/8 Clinton, Wm. J., Remarks by the President at the Signing of ILO Convention 182 12/2/99
7/10News Release - Caribbean Community
“GMOs and the World Trade Organization: Food For Thought”12/1/99
“Seattle Symposium On International Trade Issues In The First Decades Of The Next Century”12/1/99
Conferences And Conventions
7/14ICFTU Conference on Globalisation and Workers’ Rights: Core Labour Standards in the Global Economy11/28-29/99
7/15LELO—Workers’ Voices Coalition12/4/99
Artifacts Oversized
12/2Plastic WTO Rain Ponchos
12/3Black & Yellow “Insurrection” Banner
23Turtle Costumes
Picket Signs Oversized
19Darth Vader, on a stick
20“Reclaim The Streets”, on a stick
21Tear Gas Canister, on a stick
22Tree, on a stick
Posters Oversized
15/4WTO Octopus
12/4“First Amendment”
“Expose & Oppose the WTO”
“Nov. 30 No To WTO! People’s Assembly March & Rally”
“WTO Basta!”
“Junk WTO”
14/2“Congratulations Everyone” with Post-Intelligencer Front Page12/4/99
14/3“Stop the Global Gamblers,” Foamboard
Union-Related Posters
“Labor Says WTO Ends Democracy”
Firefighters Logo, Foamboard
Teamsters Local 174—“No To WTO”
14/4Sweatshops (GAP)
Make Trade Green, Clean, and Fair (3)
Trade/Debt “Boomerangs”
Economic Institutionalized Racism
Seattle Police Department Training
14/5Stop the WTO
Art and Revolution Convergence
14/6Horsey 1999 Post-Intelligencer Cartoon (enlarged photocopy)
Poetry Event
Poem by Eric Larson
Training Posters
Subject Series
8/1China Admission To WTO12/99
8/2Seattle. City Council Hearings12/99 – 1/00
8/3Speeches And Writings
“Funder’s Network On Trade Globalization, Background Information”3/00
8/4 Eat The State 12/99-2/00
Fifth Estate Spring 2000
8/5 Leschi News 12/99, 1/00
8/6 People’s Weekly World 12/99 – 1/00
8/7 Washington Free Press Jan-Feb. 2000
8/8 Z Magazine 1/00
8/9Spanish Language
Posters Oversized
12/5Jubilee 2000
N30 “We will not be silenced”
N30 Whose Day? Our Day!
14/7Anarchist Teach-In Handmade Posters (2)3/2000
12-23 Oversized Material (as Described Above)

Accession No. 5177-004
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999
2.33 cubic feet (2 boxes )
includes 5 videotapes
Scope and Content
Posters, videotapes, ephemera, and published material. Videotapes include the four-part video "Labor Beat: WTO Seattle."
Terms of Access
Open to all users. Access to archival recordings: Due to the fragility of archival tape recordings, potential users may be required to arrange for transfer to digital format before the material can be accessed. Please contact Special Collections for further information.
Terms of Use
Rights in artwork and videos not transferred. Materials may be loaned for exhibits in secure locations.
Acquisition Info
Donated 2/22/2001.

Accession No. 5177-005
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1998-2000 December (Bulk: 1999 August-2000 December)
.42 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Ephemera, publications, clippings, relating to the April 16, 2000 protest against the IMF at World Bank meeting in Washington D.C.,and the WTO demonstrations in Seattle; minutes of one post-WTO mtg, People for Fair Trade, transcript of radio program of a teach-in, 11/99, "The Day the WTO Stood Still," and a report by the ACLU of Washington on official responses to the Seattle protests.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Acquisition Info
Donated 3/26/2001.

Accession No. 5177-006
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999 October-2000 December (Bulk: 1999 November-December)
1.42 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Includes 14 videocassettes (VHS) and 1 compact disc sound recording
Scope and Content
Ephemera, videotaped speeches, independently produced videotapes of programs prior to and programs following the 1999 meetings in Seattle, compact disc recording of protest songs, T-shirt, publications, press releases.
Terms of Access
Open to all users. Access to archival recordings: Due to the fragility of archival tape recordings, potential users may be required to arrange for transfer to digital format before the material can be accessed. Please contact Special Collections for further information.
Terms of Use
Some restrictions exist on copying, quotation or publication. Contact Repository for details.
Acquisition Info
Donated 7/5/2001.

Accession No. 5177-007
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 1999-1999 (Bulk: 1999)
.42 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Ephemera, publications, clippings, email, newsletters, news releases, documenting various opposition groups' preparations for the WTO round in Seattle, WTO week protests and events, and the aftermath.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Donated 8/16/2001.

Accession No. 5177-008
World Trade Organization, 1999 Seattle Ministerial Conference Protest Collection, 2000
.42 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Oral history transcripts of the WTO History Project.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Donated 9/25/2001.

Accession No. 5177-009
WTO Seattle collection, 1999 (Bulk: )
0.42 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
This accession includes newsletters, flyers, and pamphlets relating to issues and events surrounding the WTO conference in Seattle in 1999 that were sent to lawyers at Earthjustice. Earthjustice was a registered NGO at the WTO conference, and specialized in environmental law. Some lawyers had published articles in the newsletters and were supposed to give lectures on Nov. 29, 1999, the day of the rally.
Terms of Access
Open to all users
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries
Acquisition Info
Earthjustice, March 26, 2007

Accession No. 5177-010
WTO Seattle collection, 1999 (Bulk: )
6 cubic feet (1 box, 2 bundles)
Scope and Content
Picket signs and other oversize material related to preparation for and participation in the WTO protests of 1999. Created by various organizations, including SPEEA (AFL-CIO), Inland Boatmen's Union, Direct Action Network, and the Sierra Club.
Terms of Access
Open to all users
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries

Accession No. 5177-011
WTO Seattle collection, 1996-2000 (Bulk: )
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Includes 7 video recordings
Scope and Content
Booklets, pamphlets, flyers, documents, and videos pertaining to Seattle's WTO protest of 1999. See printed email contents list in box.
Terms of Access
Open to all users
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights not transferred to the University of Washington Libraries
Acquisition Info
Hans Nesse, July 10, 2008

Accession No. 5177-012
WTO Seattle collection, 2000
.03 cubic feet (1 folder)
Scope and Content
Cops of the WTOwall calendar featuring photos and commentary about the protests.
Terms of Access
Open to all users
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries
Acquisition Info
Dan Halligan, April 10, 2013

Accession No. 5177-013
WTO Seattle and global justice collection, 1998-2011
1.64 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Scope and Content
Contains publications, fliers, and ephemera relating to the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, as well as other materials on related issues of global justice, and the Occupy Olympia movement.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Acquisition Info
Donor: Trevor Griffey, August 29, 2013
Processing Info
Processed by A. Demeter, 2013.
Before WTO protests
1/1IISD, The World Trade Organization and Sustainable Development: An Independent Assessment: A Report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development 1996
1/2Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, The World Trade Organization (WTO) at 39 Months: A Sampling of the Damage and Dangers So Far 1998 March
1/3Booklets, fliers, etc. about WTO and/or promoting protestscirca 1999
1/4Handbooks, Action Packetcirca 1999
2/1Newspapers – Seattle Weekly OVERSIZE1999 November 25
During WTO protests
1/5Publications, articles, clippings1999 November
Newspapers OVERSIZE
2/2 Seattle Post Intelligencer 1999 November 28-December 3
2/3 Seattle Times 1999 November 29-December 4
2/4 Seattle Gay News 1999 December 3
2/4 Seattle Weekly 1999 December 2
2/4 The Stranger (clippings)1999 December 2
1/6Ephemera – Press badges, small fliers, stickers, parking tickets, ACLU rights cards, buttoncirca 1999 November
1/7CD – Christopher DeLaurenti, N30, “Live at the WTO November 30, 1999”1999 November 30
After WTO protests
1/8ACLU of Washington, Out of Control: Seattle’s Flawed Response to Protests Against the World Trade Organization – A Special Report 2000 July
1/9Articles, clippingscirca 2000
1/10Claims against policecirca 2000
Newspapers OVERSIZE
2/5 Seattle Times 1999 December 5-16
2/6 Seattle Weekly (clippings)1999 December 9-30
2/6 The Stranger 1999 December 9-16
2/6 Waging War on Dissent: A Report by the Seattle National Lawyers Guild WTO Legal Group 2000 Winter
2/7Poster - N29 benefit show OVERSIZEundated
Global justice
1/11Magazines – In These Times; The Nation; Dollars and Sense; Left Turn 1998-2001
1/12Jubilee 2000 Coalition, The New Jubilee 2000 Debt Cutter’s Handbook: Breaking the Chains 1999
1/13Booklets, small publications2000-2002
2/8Newspapers – Eat the State OVERSIZE2002 April 24
1/14Occupy Olympia2011

Accession No. 5177-014
WTO Seattle collection, 1999-2003
0.18 cubic feet (1 box)
Historical Note
Marjorie Van Cleef is a teacher and musician with the Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition. She has worked as the Program and Action Chair of the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.
Scope and Content
VHS tapes, fliers, newspapers, and other publications from and about the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999, as well as Marjorie Van Cleef’s personal recollections from the demonstrations
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Marjorie Van Cleef, 2015-03-12
1Marjorie Van Cleef's personal recollections from the WTO demonstrationsundated
1 Shut Down the World Trade Organization newspaper1999
1The WTO and the Global War System forum proceedings1999
1"Celebrate Resistance to the WTO" flier1999
1Clippings from The Stranger 1999
1Clippings from the New Haven Advocate 1999
1 Storm Warning! Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist newsletter1999
1 Neoliberal Globalization: Cancun and Beyond, An In-Depth Report on the World Trade Organization 2003
1 Z Magazine 2000
1 The Progressive 2000
1Email print-out with the subject "lessons from Seattle and DC"2000
1 Indypendent newspaper clippingundated
1"Revolt against Globalization" bumper sticker undated
12 VHS tapes of WTO demonstrationsundated
2 videocassettes (VHS)

Accession No. 5177-015
Ruth Yarrow WTO Seattle protests collection, 1999
0.18 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Ruth Yarrow's collection of materials relating to the planning and participation in the World Trade Organizational protests in Seattle in 1999. Ruth Yarrow was involved in the planning and overall events of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.
Terms of Access
Open to all users.
Terms of Use
Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Ruth Yarrow, 2015-08-25

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Goldman, Patti, creator.
Rabinowitz, Alan, creator.
Simer, Jeremy, creator.
AFL-CIO. King County Labor Council of Washington, creator.
Direct Action Network, creator.
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, creator.
Institute For Agriculture And Trade Policy, creator.
International Forum On Globalization, creator.
People For Fair Trade, creator.
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, creator.
World Trade Organization. Ministerial Conference.
Anti-globalization movement--Washington (State)--Seattle
Protest movements--Washington (State)--Seattle
Natural resources and the environment
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Civic Activism
Labor History
Labor Unions
Washington (State)
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