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Guide to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Records

Manuscript Collection No.: 1930
Creator: Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington), creator
Title: Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) records
Date Span: 1903-1982
Quantity: 50.6 cubic feet
Languages: Collection materials are in English.
From Mechanica brochure. Special Collections, UW Libraries, UW23044z

Funding for encoding this finding aid was partially provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The University of Washington Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) was established in 1895 by Ella Chamberlain, head of the English department. It was the first women's organization on campus and was organized before the incorporation of the national YWCA in 1906. In its early years, the UW YWCA was mostly a religious organization, offering Bible study groups, and devotional and missionary meetings. Throughout the 1910s, members volunteered to perform mission work and teach English to Japanese immigrants in local settlement houses. In 1916 the tenth anniversary of the national YWCA's founding was celebrated through the national jubilee.

In 1930 after the State Legislature prohibited religious organizations from being housed on the University campus, the UW YWCA moved off campus. In 1940 it merged with the UW YMCA and the two organizations operated jointly for the next thirty years . The UW YMCA-YWCA were housed in Eagleson Hall from 1940 to 1964. Eagleson Hall was sold to the University of Washington in 1964, and a new, spacious building was completed in 1965 at 4525 19th Ave. N.E.

In 1962 UW denied a campus group space for a talk by Gus Hall, general secretary of the American Communist Party. Students petitioned the UW YMCA-YWCA for rental use of Eagleson Hall, which was granted after much debate. The decision to allow a Communist speaker use YMCA-YWCA resources sparked immediate outrage and support. Members of the general public, students, faculty, and other YMCA-YWCA executives voiced their opinions through phone calls, letters, and newspaper articles. Some believed in the upholding of freedom of speech ; others were outraged by the "unAmerican" and "un-Christian" nature of the Communist Party. The topic of Hall's speech was the McCarran Internal Security Act (1950), which required registration of Communist party members and attempted to criminalize the party. Elizabeth Jackson and Frank Mark, respective executive directors for the UW YMCA-YWCA, made the difficult decision to allow Hall a speaking platform. (Elizabeth Jackson later went on to head the Western Region of the National Student YWCA.) After the controversial event, the organizations drafted an open platform policy, affirming their commitment to freedom of speech and intellectual pursuit. Throughout the 1960s, speakers and forums were sponsored by the UW YMCA-YWCA on diverse topics such as LSD use, the beatnik or "fringie" problem on University Way, capital punishment, racism, and birth control.

1970 was a pivotal year for the UW YWCA, marking its declaration of autonomy from the YMCA and subsequent move to 4224 University Way N.E. The effects of the second wave of the women's movement can be seen in its motivation for independent status, namely its commitment to "the development of a separate, visible identity of self-determining women-not identical to, but equal to men." Over the course of a decade, the UW YWCA pioneered feminist programming, providing an extensive range of services and activities not only for UW students but also for women throughout the Seattle area. Many of the UW YWCA's programs were considered radical or controversial , and pushed the understanding of what a YWCA meant for women and a community.

The Abortion Birth Control (ABC) Referral Service was formed after a UW student group, the Committee for Abortion Reform , was ordered off campus for advocating passage of a 1970 abortion reform bill (Referendum 20) in Washington State. ABC found a home at the UW YWCA, disbanding as a politically-focused group and reforming as a support service. The ABC Referral Service provided doctor referrals, counseling and advocacy to women considering abortion procedures, as well as birth control methods, and a range of other reproductive health topics. ABC staff regularly visited the offices of doctors providing abortions and gathered information from abortion patients about their experiences to ensure the quality of their referrals.

Another UW YWCA program centered on women's health. Aradia Clinic opened in 1972 after a year of organizing. The clinic was built by over sixty women under the leadership of a female architect. Aradia strongly encouraged patients to take their health into their own hands. Aradia staff offered annual examinations, pregnancy detection and counselling , and other medical services, as well as self-health classes, workshops, and abortion procedures. In 1973, Aradia sponsored the Third World Women Family Planning Needs Assessment Project. Several community groups, including EI Centro de la Raza and Planned Parenthood, encouraged Aradia to research the need for family planning services within Seattle's ethnic communities. The project's objective was to determine what family planning services were needed and how those needs could be met. Information was gathered from family planning clinics, ethnic service centers, and a sampling of women from each community. The report was completed in 1974 and included extensive demographic material and a list of recommendations. In 1973, Aradia legally separated from the YWCA in order to release the Board of Directors from responsibility for Aradia's actions, although it continued to be housed in the UW YWCA building until 1978. As of 2005, it operates as the Aradia Women's Health Center, and has remained committed to providing feminist health care for women.

The Lesbian Resource Center began as the Gay Women's Resource Center in 1971 after a UW YWCA staff member took a course on homosexuality at the UW Experimental College and recognized a need in the community. The LRC was a peer counseling center that prpvidea support services to lesbians in the Seattle-King County area. As well as providing individual counseling , a lending library, and a speaker's bureau, discussion "rap" groups were offered. The LRC also worked to make changes within the UW YWCA, pushing for more lesbian membership on the Board of Directors. The LRC became independent from the UW YWCA in 1980. It gained non-profit status under the name Pacific Women's Resources but continued to offer services as the LRC. As of 2005, the LRC is still active in Seattle.

Mechanica began as a women's co-operative garage and auto mechanics course in 1972. By 1975, it had evolved into a skilled trades information service for women seeking to enter apprenticeships in the skilled trades and other nontraditional jobs. As well as providing job counseling , Mechanica staff promoted affirmative action hiring of women and ethnic minorities and pushed for affirmative action placements in union apprenticeships. They worked hard to persuade the University of Washington to adopt a 12% goal for women on UW construction sites. Off campus, Mechanica worked as a consultant to the City of Seattle and King County to help them reach affirmative action goals. It also worked with Federal Contract Compliance officers to push local private companies to hire women. Mechanica lost funding in1980, and the program was converted into a Women's Employment Service.

Women in Trades (WIT) emerged out of Mechanica as an advocacy group for equal employment opportunites for women and people of color in the trades. In operation by 1976, WIT was an organization of working women employed in bluecollar jobs in the production, maintenance, and construction industries. They were dedicated to establishing legal action for the enforcement of affirmative action goals on a local and national level. Together with Mechanica, WIT negotiated with the Port of Seattle and local unions to ensure they met affirmative action hiring guidelines. WIT also offered support groups and legal support for tradeswomen . WIT was defunct by 1979, but the annual Women in Trades Fair started by Mechanica in 1979 still continues.

Rape Relief was formed in 1972 following a speakout on rape on the UW campus. Rape Relief provided a 24-hour crisis line for victims of sexual assault and their allies, as well as medical and legal advocacy . Rape Relief staff promoted community education about rape by speaking to junior high and high school students, as well as to various adult community groups. Projects designed for developmentally disabled people, ethnic communities and non-English speaking victims were created. Rape Relief also conducted sensitivity training for police in Washington, Oregon and Alaska . Rape Relief became independent in 1980 and continued to operate as Seattle Rape Relief until financial problems forced its closure in 1999.

Serve Our Sisters (SOS) was formed in 1970 by two Seattle feminists and was modeled on a temporary, feminist, emergency housing service for women in crisis in New York City. In 1972, SOS became part of the UW YWCA, obtaining a much-needed central telephone. SOS provided women with housing, referrals, a telephone crisis line, and emotional support. Local referral agencies, such as the Open Door Clinic and Harborview Emergency Room, also used SOS's services. By 1974, SOS was no longer an active.

The Third World Women's Resource Center opened in the summer of 1973 as part of the UW YWCA's attempt to implement the One Imperative to Eliminate Racism. The One Imperative was a National YWCA policy which pushed for "the elimination of racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary." One of the main purposes of the Center was to provide educational material for all women struggling with the intersections of racism, sexism and economic oppression. The Center was developed and coordinated by Third World women, or women of color. Counseling, classes, rap groups, a library, a speaker's bureau, and a referral service were offered, and there were also efforts to interact with incarcerated women of color. The Center was no longer active by 1976. The failure of the UW YWCA to implement the One Imperative successfully caused tension among staff and Board members.

Women in Midstream (WI M) was started as the Ad-Hoc Committee on Menopause in 1972 by several middle-aged women who served on the Board of Directors and saw the need for a program dedicated to older women's health, particularly on the topic of menopause. WIM sent out questionnaires about women's personal experiences dealing with symptoms, treatments and the medical field. Due to a small amount of unexpected national publicity, women from around the United States participated and looked to WIM as a resource on menopause. A WIM volunteer, Jane Page wrote a book The Other Awkward Age utilizing the questionnaire results and contributing a much-needed woman's perspective on menopause. WIM was no longer in operation by 1979.

Women's Divorce Cooperative (WDC) began operating in 1971 as a cooperative of women interested in learning more about divorce law and how to file for divorce without hiring a lawyer. The WDC became an official UW YWCA program in 1975. In its early years, WDC volunteers provided sessions in pro se divorce procedures, as well as referrals to lawyers, counselors, and other agencies for further help in securing a divorce. Telephone and in-person counseling were also available to help women cope emotionally with a divorce. The WDC separated from the UW YWCA in 1980 to regain financial control and restore a cooperative philosophy.

The feminist spirit inherent in the UW YWCA's programming can also be seen in internal organizational changes. In the two years following its independence from the UW YMCA, the staff structure shifted from a hierarchical to a co-director model, in which three adminstrators received equal pay. The Co-Directorship was seen as a more egalitarian power structure. Evaluation of the model began in 1975, and in 1976, the Board of Directors voted to return to an Executive Coordinator model. The Executive Coordinator was responsible for agency supervision, staff development and supervision , fiscal management, liasion with the Board, and coordination with the community services. Many staff members were displeased with the restructuring; some did not feel included in the decision-making process and others did not believe the model fit into a feminist organiza tion.

In 1980, the UW YWCA was evicted from University Way and moved away from the UW campus to Northlake. They remained at 701 NE Northlake Way until 1988 and continued to "struggle for peace and justice, freedom and dignity for all people ," as stated by the National YWCA purpose. The UW YWCA was still active in 1995 on the UW campus, though they may have become defunct as early as 1996.


The University of Washington Young Women's Christian Association records are arranged in five accessions by date of receipt or processing:

  • Accession No. 1930-001, Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) records, 1904-1972
  • Accession No. 1930-003, Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) records, 1918-1975
  • Accession No. 1930-010, Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) recorded interviews, 1975
  • Accession No. 1930-019, Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) YWCA National Jubilee records, 1903-1916
  • Accession No. 1930-021, Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) records, 1950-1982

Scope and Content

The records document the operations and programs of the University of Washington YWCA between 1903 and 1982. Accession 1930-001 covers 1904-1972 and contains newsletters, board and committee minutes, constitutions and by-laws, correspondence, financial records, subject series largely dating from the 1960s, and scrapbooks from the 1920s-1940s. Accession 1930-003 contains similiar materials, but most of these documents are dated between 1970 and 1974. In addition to subject series from the 1970s and records from UW YMCA committees and boards, it includes extensive program files from the Aradia Clinic, the Lesbian Resource Center, the Mechanica Committee, and the menopause study project. Accession 1930-010 consists of interviews with 14 women recorded in 1975. Accession 1930-019 contains early records of the organization, including correspondence, publications, and other writings, 1903-1918. Accession 1930-021 includes committee and board minutes, extensive subject series, financial records, correspondence, and program files from the Aradia Clinic, the Lesbian Resource Center, the Mechanica Committee, Rape Relief, third world women's programs, the Women in Midstream program, the Women in Trades program, and the Women's Divorce Cooperative.

Terms of Access

The records are generally open to all users, but portions of the collection are restricted. Contact the Special Collections division of the University of Washington Libraries for details.

Terms of Use

The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.

Acquisition Info

The records were acquired in various installments between approximately 1972 and 1983.

Processing Info

Accession 1930-001 and 1930-002 were partially processed in the 1970s and merged when processed in 2004. Accession 1930-003 was processed in 1978. Accession 1930-019 was processed in 2004. Accession 1930-021 is a merger of Accession Nos. 1930-011, 1930-012, 1930-013, 1930-014, 1930-015, 1930-016, 1930-017, 1930-018, and 1930-020. It was processed in 2003.

Accessions Nos. 1930-001, 1930-019, and 1930-021 were processed by Noella Natalino.

Photographic prints, negatives, and slides that form part of these records were relocated to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Photograph Collection, PH Coll 628, in the Special Collections division in 2003 and 2004.

Other Finding Aids

The visual materials that form part of this collection are described and indexed in A Guide to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Photograph Collection.


Accession No. 1930-001
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Records, 1904-1972
7 cubic feet (7 boxes)
Scope and Content
Accession 1930-001 contains 7 cubic feet of records spanning the years 1904 to 1972 (bulk 1964-1975). Major record series are correspondence, minutes, newsletters, subject series, committee files, and scrapbooks. Included are materials from the branch's advisory board, the cabinet council, the UW YMCA, the National Student YWCA, and the Western Region of the National Student YWCA. A major correspondent is Anne E. Schwiesow, who was executive director of the University branch during the latter period documented by these records.
Terms of Access
These records are open to all users.
Terms of Use
The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Accession 1930-001 was a gift of the Young Women's Christian Association, University of Washington, May 11, 1972, and February 28, 1973.
Processing Info

Approximately 167 prints, 10 negatives, 6 35mm slides, and 1 photograph album were relocated from accession 1930-001 to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Photograph Collection, PH Coll 628, in 2004.

Administrative Records
1/1Historical Information1916-1953, undated
1/2-3Constitutions and By-laws1922-1971, undated
Incoming Letters
1/4University of Washington Office of Student Affairs1969
Scope and Content: Concerns recognition of student organizations.
1/5YWCA National Board1968-1971
1/6General Correspondence1969-1971
1/7Special YWCA meetingSeptember 1969
1/8-11University of Washington YMCA Board of Trustees1945, 1948-1949, 1961-1970
University of Washington YMCA-YWCA
1/12Joint Executive Committee1944, 1946
1/13Joint Finance Committee1946-1947, 1966-1971
1/14Joint Food Service Committee1946
1/15Joint Personnel Committee1946
1/16University of Washington YWCA Board of Directors1947, 1970
National YWCA
1/17Staff to Staff1968-1971
1/18Public Affairs Committee, Public Affairs Newsletter1963, 1967-1972
University of Washington YMCA
1/19-20Brief Notes to a Y's Man1954-1956
YMCA-YWCA (University of Washington)
1/21Briefly from the Y1962-1963
1/22Jester's Jubilee1953, 1955
1/23Up and Coming1963-1967
1/24Y's Eagle1958
1/25Y's Wherefores1951-1959
University of Washington YWCA
1/26Portal1925-1929, 1932
1/27YWCA Annual Effort1940
1/28Miscellaneous1963, undated
1/29Speeches and Writingsundated
Subject Series
1/30Alumnae Newsletter and Correspondence1952-1969
1/31American Friends Service Committee1958-1969
1/32-33Bargain Bazaar1961-1970
1/34Basic Standards1964-1969
1/35Black Mood, Summer 19691969
Scope and Content: A program file about American institutions from the point of view of local African Americans.
1/36Black Programs1968-1969
Scope and Content: Includes United Good Neighbor Development and Demonstration Fund.
1/37-38Black Resources1965-1969, undated
1/39Camps1962, 1967, undated
1/40Writings and Proposals1968-1970, undated
1/41Miscellany1969-1972, undated
1/43University of Washington YWCA Work on Childcare1969
1/44Clemmer (Lola) Memorial Wood Panel1965-1966
1/45Community Coordinated Childcare 4-C Program1969
1/46Commuting Studentscirca 1959, 1966-1968
1/47Controversial Issues - Policy1948-1970
1/48Cosmopolitan Club1960-1969, undated
1/49Eleventh Hour Confrontation Program 1969, undated
General Notes: Anti-racism program.
1/50Experimental College: Unfulfilled Marriage Class Taught by Anne Schwiesow1969, undated
1/51Films: Birth of a Nation and The Many Shades of Black1968-1969, undated
1/52Finance Workshop: Resource Materials1964-1969, undated
1/53Foundation for International Understanding through Students1969, undated
1/54Grape Boycott (United Farm Workers)1968-1969
1/55Grassroots Assembly of Women, Child Care Committee1968-1969
1/56Guitar Classes1969, undated
1/57Interpretation of Student YMCA-YWCA1955-1968, undated
1/58Join Hands1968-1969
General Notes: Los Angeles, California, anti-racism group.
2/1-4May Breakfast1952, 1957, 1961-1968
2/5Open Platform Policy1934-1963
2/6-7Open Speaker Platform: Gus Hall Speech1962
2/8Pecan and Candy Sale1966-1967
2/9Program Emphases1935-1949
2/10-11Programs of University of Washington YWCA1966-1969, undated
2/12Recipes (Anna Barnett's Epicurean Kitchen)1968, undated
2/13Recruitment1964-1970, undated
2/14Removal from Campus1930-1939
2/15School for Community Action1965-1969
2/16Seminars and Workshops1970, undated
2/17Sensitivity Training1968-1969, undated
2/18Staff Women 101 Class1970-1971
2/19Summer Projects1964-1969
2/20Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)1966-1969, undated
2/21Tsutakawa Fountain Sculpture: Financing1966
2/22-24United Good Neighbors (United Way of King County) 1961-1970, undated
2/25-26United Good Neighbors Study of the University of Washington YMCA-YWCA 1961, undated
2/27Women and the Law1971, undated
2/28Women's International Group (WIG)1964
2/29World YWCA1963-1966, undated
2/30University of Washington YMCA-YWCA Functions and Guidelinesundated
2/31National YWCA1961-1971
2/32YWCA Purpose as a Christian Movement1964-1967, undated
2/33YWCA Student and Community Relationships (Committee on Committees)1958-1961, 1967
2/34YWCA (University of California - Berkeley)1964
2/35Health and Welfare Council of Seattle and King County, University of Washington YMCA and YWCA Reviewing Committee1953
2/36University of Washington YMCA Ad Hoc Committee1970
University of Washington YWCA
2/37-38Annual Reports1915-1922, 1932-1969
2/39Evaluation Study1960
2/40-42General Secretary Reports1913-1930
2/43Manuals on Reporting1950, 1966-1967
3/1Summer School Reports1918-1933
3/2Treasurer's Reports1914-1924, 1929-1930
3/3Other Reports1904-1905, 1915-1916, 1928-1934
Committee Files
3/4Council of Planning Affiliates, Steering Committee1966-1970
3/5-6Committee for Abortion Reform (Abortion Birth Control Referral Service) (Washington Citizens for Abortion Reform)1967-1971
Scope and Content: Includes bumper stickers on Washington State Referendum 20.
University of Washington YMCA-YWCA Public Relations Committee
3/7Organizational Information1954, 1965-1966
3/8General Correspondence1966-1969, undated
3/10-17Reports and Publicity Files1950-1967
University of Washington YWCA
3/18Endowment Committee1967-1970
3/19-21Memorial Scholarship Committee1950-1967
3/22Nominating Committee1953-1968
Building Files
3/23Minutes of the Building Committee1946-1948
Subject Series
3/26 Plans for the Sale of Eagleson and New Building at 4525 19th Avenue N.E.)1963-1965
3/29Reports and Writings1921, 1944-1945
Conference and Convention Files
3/30-31 National YWCA Convention1964, 1967, 1969-1970
3/32University of Washington and Seattle YWCA - Little Convention: The Times Demand1945
3/33-35Budget1918-1919, 1956, 1963-1970
Financial Records
4/1Eagleson Hall Donations1940
4/2-4Membership Contributions1950-1970
4/6Statements of Income and Expense1967-1970
4/7-8Alumnae1902-1967, undated
4/9Presidents, 1895-19691953, 1961, 1969
4/10Miscellaneous1948, 1967-1970
Personnel Files
Staff Evaluations
4/11General1962-1967, undated
4/12Schwiesow, Anne1968
Terms of Access: Restricted.
Job Descriptions
4/13Administrative Assistant1967-1970
4/14Executive and Associate Directors1949, 1956, 1962-1969, undated
4/15YWCA Personnel Administration Manual1966
4/16National YWCA: YWCA Magazine1955
4/17National YWCA: Introducing Social Change: An Administrator Looks at Institutional Racism by Dr. Ralph Garber1971
4/18National YWCA, Bureau of Research and Program Resources: Tallies and Trends1968-1970
4/19Article: "How to Have Intercourse Without Getting Screwed"1971
4/20Manual: Business Administration Manual for Community YWCAs1962
6 Freshman Commission of the YWCA1925-1926
6University of Washington YWCA Publicity File1936-1937
6University YMCA-YWCA News1964-1965
6 volumes
7Untitled    OVERSIZE1930-1949
3 volumes
7Loose Pages    OVERSIZEundated
4/23Programs1918-1919, 1924-1935, 1963
4/24Songbooks and Lyrics1957-1965, undated
4/25Miscellany1968-1969, undated
4/26Ephemera1914-1970, undated
4/27-35Clippings1931-1955, undated
University of Washington YWCA Advisory Board
4/36Constitutions and By-laws1925-1944
4/37-38General Correspondence1921-1969
4/39-5/5Advisory Board1907, 1920-1970
5/6Education Committee1940
5/7Executive Committee1946-1960, 1966-1970
5/8-9Minute books for the Advisory Board1913-1919, 1924-1932
5/10-13Handbooks1958-1963, 1968-1969
Committee Files
5/14Nominating Committee1950-1970, undated
5/15Other Committees1962-1968
5/16Finance Reports1968-1969
5/17President's Reports1933-1937
5/18Working Paper concerning YWCA Autonomy from YMCA1970
5/19Job Descriptions1955, 1968-1970
University of Washington YWCA Cabinet-Council
5/20Organizational Information1918-1923, 1957-1958
5/21General Correspondence1957-1967
5/22-25Minutes1913, 1916, 1921-1967
5/26Biographical Statements1964-1966
5/27Committee Reports1965-1966
5/28Statements and Writings1959, 1964-1967
5/29Program Evaluations1963-1965
5/33Ephemera1958-1959, 1967
5/34University of Washington YWCA Personnel Committee1947-1948, 1966-1969, undated
5/35University of Washington Campus-Community Coalition for University Sponsored Child Care 1970
National Student YWCA, Western Region
5/36Organizational Information1961, 1963, 1968
5/37-39General Correspondence1931, 1934, 1968-1972
5/40National Student Committee1969, 1971
5/41Regional Coordinating Councilundated
Meeting Files
5/42Staff Meetings1969-1970
5/43National Student YWCA "Blurb Sheets"1968-1969
5/44National Student YWCA, Western Region Newsletter1969, 1971
5/45National Student YWCA: Inter Act1967-1970
5/46National Student YWCA and National Student Council YMCA: Cues1963
Subject Series
5/47Institute on Web of Racism and Higher Education1971
5/48Institute on Web of Racism and Women's Role1971
5/49Task Force on Native American Fund1970-1971
5/50Annual Reports1969-1970
5/51Commission on New Directions for National Student YWCA1969
5/52Conference and Convention Files of the National Student Council of the YWCA1968-1970
5/53Speeches and Writings1962, 1967-1971
5/54Ephemera1968, undated
University of Washington Ad Hoc Child Care Services Committee
5/55-56General Correspondence1970

Accession No. 1930-003
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Records, 1918-1975 (Bulk: 1964-1975)
14.27 cubic feet (33 boxes, one tube)
Scope and Content
Accession 1930-003 consists of 17 cubic feet of records dating from 1918 to 1975, with a bulk of the materials primarily between 1964 and 1975. Major record series include correspondence, statistics on Y activities, subject series, feminist publications, ephemera, pamphlets, and clippings documenting the major projects and interests of the University of Washington YWCA during this period. These include the Abortion Referral Service, Aradia Clinic, Gay Women's Resource Center, Mechanica, and a menopause study. Jan M. Krause, who was hired as associate director in 1970 and became a co-director in 1972, is the primary records creator, but other major correspondents include Anne Schwiesow and co-director Shelly Yapp. Materials of United Way of King County, Washington, Planned Parenthood Center of Seattle, and the Washington State Council on Family Planning are also included.
Terms of Access
These records are open to all users.
Terms of Use
The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Administrative Records
1/1Organizational Information1948-1973
Incoming Letters
1/7-8Booklet: How to Have Intercourse Without Getting Screwed1974
1/10-11Outgoing Letters1969-1974
General Correspondence
1/12, 2/1Miscellaneous1971-1974
2/2Sex Discrimination - U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission1972
2/3Intraorganizational Correspondence1973
2/4-5Minutes and Related Materials of YWCA Staff1972-1973
2/6Financial Records1971-1972
2/7Funding Informationundated
Speeches and Writings
2/10Miscellaneous1970, undated
2/11Poetry and Songbook1970-1971
2/12Counseling1972, undated
2/13-14Others1969-1973, undated
3/1-3Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions1970-1975, undated
3/4News Releases: YWCA and Others1971-1973
3/6Statistical Forms1972, undated
3/10National YWCA1972-1974
3/11Mailing Lists and Labels1972-1973, undated
3/12Address Cardsundated
3/13, 4/1Bibliographies1969-1974, undated
4/2Directories1967-1972, undated
4/3-4Newsletters of Others1970-1975
5/4YWCA National1968-1974
Newspapers - Others
6/4-7/4Clippingscirca 1970-1974
7/5Handbooks - YWCA and Others1968-1974
34Architectural Drawingsundated
7/6Guest Books1962-1966
7/7-8Appointment Books1971-1974
7/9, 8/1Notebooks of Janet M. Krauseundated
8/4Photograph (photocopy)1973
8/5Reference Papers1972
8/6University of Washington YWCA1970-1974, undated
8/7National YWCA1967-1974, undated
8/8 World YWCA1973-1974, undated
8/9-9/3Others1970-1974, undated
Pamphlets and Brochures
9/4-6YWCA1967-1976, undated
9/7-9, 10, 11Others1963-1974, undated
Disc Recordings Box 3World Voices of the YWCA, Geneva1974
1 sound disc : analog, 33-1/3 rpm
Subject Series
12/2Angela Davis1970-1971
12/3Articles Collected by Shelly Yapp1970-1973
12/5-6Birth Control1969-1973, undated
12/7City Council Business1972-1973
12/8Discrimination against Women (University of Washington)1970-1972
12/9Divorce1973, undated
12/11Exploration Groups1971
12/12Equal Rights Amendment1972-1973, undated
12/13Farah Pants Strike1973
12/14Feminist Coordinating Council1972-1973
12/15High School1970
12/16Howe, Florence (of Modern Language Association)1971
13/1-2Know, Inc. and Feminist Press1971-1972, undated
13/3Legal Information1972
13/4Materials to Be Reprinted1969-1973
13/5-7May Breakfast Programs1947-1967
13/8Name Change Information1970-1973
13/9National Women's Political Caucus1971-1973
13/10Negotiations YWCA-YMCA1949-1970
13/11Open Door Clinic1971-1972
14/1Peace Literature1970-1972, undated
14/2-4Programs of YWCA1972-1974
14/5Project Accomplish1973
14/6-15/1Racism1967-1970, undated
15/2Racism-Feminism Study Group1973
15/3Retirement Fund1967-1970
15/4Revenue Sharing1973-1974
15/5Royster, Beverly (Washington Program for Local Service)1973
15/6Rummage Sale1963-1972
15/7Seattle Women's Commission1971
15/8Seattle Mental Health Institute1972
15/9Segal, Loren1971
15/11S.O.S. (Service Our Sisters)1972
15/12Sex and Sexuality1971, undated
15/13Speaking Materials - Shelley Yapp1972
15/14Steinem, Gloria1972
15/15Third World Women1970, undated
15/16Urban League, Seattle, Washington1973
16/1Venereal Disease1972-1973, undated
16/2Washington Women's Council1971-1974
16/3Women 1011971
General Notes: A University of Washington class.
16/4Women and Group Health1972-1973
16/5Women and Lawundated
16/6Women and Mediaundated
16/7-17/1Women and Medicine1971-1972
17/2Women and Religion1962-1971
17/3Women in Prison1972, undated
17/4-6Women's Liberation1969-1971, undated
17/7Women's Studies (University of Washington)1971-1973
17/8Work-Study Programs1973
17/9Yost, Carolyn1974
Abortion Referral Service
Incoming Letters
17/13Handbook for Operating an Abortion Referral Service1973-1975
18/1-4Outgoing Letters1970-1974
18/5-7General Correspondence1971-1974
18/8-9Handbook - Counseling Materials1972-1974, undated
Minutes and Agenda
18/11Emergency Meetings concerning Legality of ARS Operations1972
18/12Reports - Others1970-1974, undated
18/13-14Speeches and Writings - Others1970-1973, undated
19/1Court Papers1972-1973
News Releases
19/5Notes1972, undated
19/6Instructions from Specific Doctors1972-1973, undated
19/7Statements - Others1972-1973, undated
19/8Statistical Formsundated
19/9-12Feedback Forms1972-1975
20/5Medical Facilities for Termination1971-1974
20/6-21/4Volunteers - Abortion Reform Committeeundated
21/5Volunteers - Abortion Referral Service1970
21/6Volunteer Schedules and Attendance Lists1971-1972, undated
21/7Miscellaneous1971-1972, undated
Newspapers - Others
21/10Z.P.G. Reporter1971
22/1-4Clippings1968-1975, undated
22/5Ephemera1968-1973, undated
22/6Pamphlets and Brochures1969-1973
22/7Bumper Stickersundated
Subject Series
22/8-9National Abortion Rights Action League1970-1974
22/10-11Women's National Abortion Action Coalition1971-1973
Aradia Clinic
23/1Organizational Materials1971-1972
Incoming Letters
23/3U.S. Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) Department1971-1974
23/4Outgoing Letters1971-1974
23/5Minutes, Meetings1972-1973
23/6Financial Recordsundated
23/7Speeches and Writings1968-1973
23/8Memoranda and Notes1972-1975
23/9Related Papers1972-1973
Subject Series
23/12-14HEW Grant Proposal1972-1973
23/15Restructuring the Coven1973
23/16Third World Women1973
Gay Women's Resource Center (Lesbian Resource Center)
25/11Organizational Materials1971-1974
Incoming Letters
26/6Outgoing Letters1971-1973
26/7General Correspondence1971-1973
26/8Intraorganizational Correspondence1971-1974, undated
26/9-11Funding Proposals1971-1973
27/1Speeches and Writings1969-1971, undated
27/2Meetings and Conferences1972-1974
27/3News Releases1971-1974
27/5Resource Maintenance1971-1974
27/6Legal Documents: Gay Women's Alliance1972
27/7Statistics - Contacts1971-1973
27/8-13Contact Sheets1972-1973
28/1Lists1972-1974, undated
28/2Bibliographies1971-1973, undated
28/3Gayly Forward1971
28/5Periodicals - Others1972
28/9-10Others1971-1973, undated
Subject Series
28/11Counseling, Mental Health Materials1971-1973
28/12Business Enterprises: Gay Women's Alliance1971
Advisory Board
28/13General Correspondence1972-1974
28/14Minutes, Agenda, and Related Papers1972-1973
28/15Notes and Lists1972, undated
Mechanica Committee
29/1Organizational Materials1973
29/2General Correspondence1972-1973
29/3-4Minutes, Agenda, and Procedures1972-1973
29/6Mailing Lists1972-1973
29/8Feedback Formsundated
29/9Reference Materials1971-1973, undated
29/10Related Papers1972-1974
29/11-12Ephemera - Others1973, undated
Menopause Ad Hoc Committee
Incoming Letters
29/13Letters and Related Papers1973-1974
29/14-30/10 Menopause Study1973-1974
31/12Rape Relief1973-1974
Third World Women's Resource Center
32/7Incoming Letters1972
32/8Outgoing Letters1970-1974
32/10 Ephemeraundated
Boards and Committees
Board of Directors
23/17Orientation Materials1973
23/18General Correspondence1972-1974
Board Committee Correspondence
24/1Child Care, Finance, Focus, and Friends Committees1970-1973
24/2Executive Committee1973-1974
24/3Survival Committee1970-1972
24/4Intraorganizational Correspondence1969-1974
24/5Minutes and Agenda1972-1973
Committee Related Papers
24/8Miscellaneous Papers1970-1975
24/9-13, 25/1Child Care Committee1970-1973
25/2Executive Committee1970-1973
25/3Finance Committee1971-1973
25/4Focus Committee1970-1971
25/5Friends of the YWCA1970-1973, undated
25/6-9Survival Committee1970-1973
25/10Related Papers1968-1972, undated
Personnel Committee
31/7-8General Correspondence1972
31/9-11Policies and Related Papers1970-1973
Other Organizations
National Student YWCA
31/2Incoming Letters1970-1973
31/3Lists and Rosters1970-1971
Planned Parenthood Center of Seattle
Scope and Content: Files of Janet Krause.
31/13-14Organizational and Related Papers1971-1972
32/2 Financial Records1972-1973
United Way of King County
32/11-13General Correspondence1970-1974
32/14Minutes of the Voluntary Agency Executives' Committee1970-1973
32/15Funding Information1971-1973, undated
32/16, 33/1Reports1964-1972
33/2Speeches and Writings1965, undated
33/2Ephemera1965, undated
33/3Conferences1970-1975, undated
33/4Related Papers1972-1974
Washington State Council on Family Planning
33/5Organizational Materials1973-1974
33/6General Correspondence1972-1975
33/10-11Newsletters and Related Papers1973-1974

Accession No. 1930-010
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Recorded Interviews, 1975
.45 cubic feet, including textual materials, 18 sound tape reels, and 1 sound disc (2 boxes, one vertical file)
Scope and Content
Accession 1930-010 consists of tape recorded interviews with 14 Northwest women. The reel-to-reel tapes are accompanied by brief summaries.
Terms of Access
These materials are open to all users, but access to portions of the accession is restricted. Contact the Special Collections division, University of Washington Libraries, for details. Access to archival recordings: Due to the fragility of archival tape recordings, potential users may be required to arrange for transfer to digital format before the material can be accessed. Please contact Special Collections for further information.
Terms of Use
Literary rights have been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Accession 1930-010 was received from June Page between 1976 and 1978.
Tape Recorded Interviews
Scope and Content: Consists of reel-to-reel tapes and textual summaries.
1Bloom, Jessie Spiro1975
Scope and Content: Includes a public listening copy on CD.
1Burke, A. Evelyn1975
1Campbell, Bertha Pitts1975
1Crowder, Katherine Kerr1975
1De Staffany, Betty1975
2Garfield, Viola Edmundson1975
2Hicks, Lucille McDaniel1975
2Howard, Eleanor1975
2Ketcham, Gena Peters1975
2Lane, Helen Tremper1975
2Tokita, Haruko Ann1975
2Walsh, Mildred L.1975
2Wolf, Hazel1975
2703Forbus, Lady Willie1975
Terms of Access: Restricted.

Accession No. 1930-019
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) YWCA National Jubilee Records, 1903-1916
.21 cubic feet (1 box)
Scope and Content
Accession 1930-019 consists of .21 cubic feet of material compiled by Ethel C. Scribner, general secretary of the University of Washington branch of the YWCA, for an exhibit or scrapbook regarding the YWCA National Jubilee in 1916.
Terms of Access
These records are open to all users.
Terms of Use
The creators' literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries.
Acquisition Info
Accession 1930-019 was transferred from the University of Washington College of Education records (Accession No. 70-3).
Processing Info

One photographic print was relocated from Accession 1930-019 to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Photograph Collection, PH Coll 628, in 2004.

1/1Incoming Letters: Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (New York, NewYork)1908-1909
Interorganizational Correspondence
1/2YWCA National Board1907-1909
1/3YWCA Executive Board of Washington1908-1909
1/5Northwestern Field Committee: Northwestern Student NewsJanuary 1916
Subject Series
1/6Country Girlscirca 1916
1/7Dodge, Grace H.1914-1916
Foreign Work of the YWCA
1/10Generalcirca 1916
National Jubilee
1/11Incoming Letters from Emma Bailey Speer1916
1/12Telegrams: Publicity Committee1916
Speeches and Writings
1/13"College Woman's Opportunity in a City Association"circa 1916
1/14"Story of a Student Movement"circa 1916
1/15"YWCA Milestones, or Contrasting the Years"1916
1/16Bulletin: "Students' Part in the National Jubilee"1915
1/17Panama-Pacific International Exposition (San Francisco, California)1915
1/18Minute Book1903-1905
Scope and Content: Includes minutes of University of Washington YWCA cabinet and various committees.
Scope and Content: Includes letter for incoming University of Washington YWCA president and committee lists.
1/20"Relation of the Local Associations to the National Board and its Field Committees: A Catechism"undated
1/21"Two Kinds of College Girls"circa 1916
Scope and Content: Includes "If I Were a Freshman Again" by Oolooah Burner and "A College Girl's Debts" by Abbie Graham.
1/22Article from Social Service Review: "The Social Service Program of the YWCA"May 1916
1/23Pamphlet: "What Is the Young Women's Christian Association?"August 1915
1/24Policies: Washington State Executive Committee1908-1909
1/25Lists of Washington State Board Committeescirca 1908-1909

Accession No. 1930-021
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Records, 1950-1982 (Bulk: 1969-1981)
28.67 cubic feet, including textual materials, 26 sound tape reels, and 36 sound cassettes (39 boxes)
Scope and Content
Accession 1930-021, at 28.67 cubic feet, is a merger of records received between 1976 and 1983, and documents the University of Washington YWCA from the early 1970s to the early 1980s. Major record series include correspondence, committee and staff meeting minutes, newsletters, financial records, statistics, reports, publications, ephemera, and numerous subject series. Among the records is a file of memoranda titled the "Friday Morning Memo," issued weekly from 1975 to 1980, and including both program and staff news. Extensive statistics were also collected by staff as part of their "Annual Data Service Report," which was submitted to their major funding source, the United Way of King County. A noteworthy subject series is United Way, which contains budget files and reports. Membership records dating from 1950 to 1975 are also included on index cards. Reel-to-reel tapes of public relations material, a feminist concert by Jody Aliesan, and an interview with Anne Schwiesow and Jan Krause are also included.
Project records contain additional material regarding projects documented in Accession 1930-003, including the Abortion Birth Control Referral Service, Aradia Clinic, Lesbian Resource Center (Gay Women's Resource Center), Rape Relief, Mechanica and Third World Women's Resource Center.
The Abortion Birth Control Referral Service records includes feedback forms from women who had abortions, as well as index cards containing doctor feedback and volunteer information. The card catalog of the Lesbian Resource Center's lending library and a record of an Eve Morris song with arrangement by Jody Aliesan are included in the Lesbian Resource Center materials. The Mechanica records contains client applications which reveal the diverse backgrounds of women using Mechanica's job placement services.
The Women in Midstream records contain a large number of completed questionnaires about menopause. The data from the menopause questionnaires is contained within a computer printout. Audiocassettes are also part of the Women in Midstream records. Women Talking Together on Tapes captures interviews and discussion groups with unidentified women on a variety of topics, including hysterectomies, motherhood, and divorce. For an untitled project, lectures and discussions by local health professionals on women's health topics, particularly menopause, were recorded on audiocassettes. There is also a recording labeled "Pro-Women's Liberation," which features an introduction by Jane Page.
The University of Washington YWCA's 1976 staff restructuring is documented in the records of the Executive Coordinator Search Committee and the Restructuring Committee, as well as in the papers of the first executive director, Beryl Gorbman. Also related is an audiocassette interview with Dona MacDonald and Jan Krause on the staff restructuring for a 1976 Pandora article.
Major correspondents in this installment of material include: Cassandra Amesley (president of the board of directors), Beryl Gorbman (executive coordinator), Kate Hunter (executive coordinator), Jan Krause (co-director of administration), Irma Levine (Women in Midstream), Eula Redenbaugh (National YWCA), Theresa Saludo (Third World Women Family Planning Needs Assessment Project), the United Way of King County, and the Feminist Coordinating Council.
Terms of Access
These records are open to all users, but access to portions of the records is restricted. Access to archival recordings: Due to the fragility of archival tape recordings, potential users may be required to arrange for transfer to digital format before the material can be accessed. Please contact Special Collections for further information.
Terms of Use
Some restrictions exist on copying and quoting. Contact the Special Collections division, University of Washington Libraries, for details.
Acquisition Info
Accession 1930-021 was received from the Young Women's Christian Association, University of Washington, between 1976 and 1983.
Processing Info

111 photographs and 46 slides were relocated from Accession 1930-021 to the Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) Photograph Collection, PH Coll 628. The bulk of the photographs (87) were from the Lesbian Resource Center. Included were photos from a Gay Pride demonstration in Los Angeles and informal snapshots of women, mostly unidentified, from the early 1970s. Eleven photographs were from a 1980 Halloween mask workshop for children organized by the University of Washington YWCA's Women's Cultural Center and Temple Day Care Center. Thirteen prints of unidentified women at work in the skilled trades were from the Mechanica materials and were used for Mechanica brochures. Twenty of the slides were of various articles and artwork related to the topic of women's sexuality. Eighteen slides of the Aradia Clinic's construction in 1972 by an all-female crew have also been included in the photograph collection, as well as six slides of University of Washington YWCA office remodeling in 1981.

Separated Material
Accession 1930-021 included a substantial library of feminist and gay newletters, periodicals, and other publications. Most of this material was disbursed to other collections in the University of Washington Libraries and other institutions.
Administrative Records
1/1-2Historical Information1968-1971, 1979, undated
1/3-8Organizational Information1950-1981, undated
Incoming Letters
1/9-10National YWCA1973-1981, undated
1/11 National Student YWCA1972-1979
1/12YWCA Western Region1973-1980
1/13Miscellaneous, A-Z1973-1978, undated
Outgoing Letters
1/14-15Membership Appeals1959-1970
1/16-18Miscellaneous1973-1982, undated
General Correspondence
1/19Cepeda, Rita1976-1978
1/20Legal Matters1975
1/21Mailing List Requests1968-1973
1/22McDonald, Laurie1976
1/23Morgan, Robin1971
1/24Sunkel, Donna1974-1975
1/25Women's History Library1971
1/26-27National YWCA1974-1979, undated
1/28-32Miscellaneous, A-Z1969-1980, undated
1/33-34Intraorganizational Correspondence1972-1980, undated
1/35-37Correspondence of Jan Krause1972-1976, undated
1/38-39Correspondence of Beryl Gorbman1977-1978
2/1Correspondence of Kate Hunter1980, undated
2/2-6Memoranda: "Friday Morning Memo"1975-1980, undated
2/7Budget Committee1972
2/8Building Committee1972
2/9Child Care Committee1970
2/10Evaluation Process Meetings1975
2/11Fund Raising Committee1979
2/12Meeting of Chairs and Officers1978
2/13-14Staff Meetings1974-1979
2/15Women and the Law Committee1971
2/16Women and Peace Committee1971
2/17Minutes of Other Organizations1971-1976
Minute Book
2/18Advisory Board Meetings1973
2/18Board Meetings1973
2/18Staff Meetings1973
2/19Alumnae News1961, 1968
2/20Wollstonecraft1975, 1978
Newsletters of Others
2/23National YWCA1972-1981
2/24 Other YWCAs1973, 1976
2/26Speeches and Writings1971, 1979, undated
2/27Personnel Administration Manual for Community and Student YWCAs1978
2/28University of Washington Manual of Policies and Procedures for Voluntary Student Organizations1972
2/31Staff Meetings1975-1976
2/32Standing Committees1976, undated
2/33-43, 3/1-3Budgets1970-1981
3/4-6Audits 1971-1977
Financial Records
3/12Memorial Scholarship Fund1968-1971
3/13Miscellaneous Income1974
3/14Program Income1971, 1973
3/15Restricted Contributions1971
3/16Retirement Plan1974
3/17Unrestricted Contributions1971-1972
3/18YWCA Dues1969-1974
Grant Files
3/19-20Women's Educational Equity Act Program1977-1978
3/23Abbreviation Key1975
3/24-25Annual Service Data Report1973-1977, undated
3/26Co-Directors 1975
3/27Community Education1980
3/29Full-time Staff1975
3/30Non-paid Workers1974
3/31Part-time Staff and Programs1975
Time Logs (Staff Activities)
3/40Arnold, Alma 1974-1975
3/41Emigh, Anne 1975, undated
3/42Heishman, Gay 1975
4/1Kaye, Karen 1975
4/2Krause, Jan 1974-1975
4/3Rothman, Stephanie 1975
4/4Sunkel, Donna 1974-1975
4/5Weeks, Pam 1975
4/6Miscellaneous 1975-1976
4/9Annual Reports1965-1976
4/10Reports of Others1963, 1974
4/11Sex Discrimination Reports1970
4/12Sex Discrimination Studies1969-1971
4/13-14University of Washington YWCA1971-1981, undated
4/15National Student YWCA1976-1977, 1979
4/16-18 National YWCA1974-1978
Subject Series
4/19Abortion1964-1974, undated
4/20Adoption1970-1974, undated
4/21Affirmative Action1973-1980
4/22Aliesan, Jody: Thunder in the Sun1971
4/23Alternative Lifestyle Committee1971
23/45Amesley, Cassandra1976
4/24-36, 5/1-2Annual Auction1973-1979
5/3Annual Meetings1973-1978
5/4Anti-draft Leafleting1980
5/5Anti-draft Materials1980
5/6Anti-draft Seattle School Board1977, 1980
5/7-10Bargain Bazaar1968-1971, undated
5/11Bibliographies for Women1968-1974, undated
5/12Birth Control1971
5/13-14Board/Staff Retreat1977-1978
5/15Books and Subscriptions1974
5/16-17Building and Eviction1974-1981
5/18Building and Eviction Correspondence with Don Kennedy1980
5/20Childcare Center Planning1969-1970
5/21Children's Non-sexist Literature1970-1971, undated
5/22Clerk Typist Position1976
25/42Coalition for Childcare at the University of Washington1970
5/23Communications Workshop1977
5/25Counseling Referral List1974
5/26Counselor Applications1974
5/27Dance Proposal1975
5/28Davis, Angela1970-1971, undated
5/29Ditto Masters1968-1970
5/30Dodson, Bettyundated
5/31Employment Service1979-1981
5/32Employment Supplement Program1970-1971
5/34Endowment Fund1973
5/35Equal Rights Amendment1970-1971
5/36Female Sexuality1970-1972
5/37Feminism - General Presentation Speaking1970-1971, undated
5/38Feminist Personalities1969-1971, undated
5/39Filing System1969-1974, undated
5/40Funding Letters1969-1972
5/41Fund Raising Dance1976-1977
5/42Garcia, Inez1974-1975
5/43Grievance Procedures1975-1980
5/44History of Women's Movement1966-1970, undated
5/45How to Have Intercourse Without Getting Screwed1972
5/46Journal Writingundated
5/47KNOW, Inc.1969-1971, undated
5/48Legal Rights1964-1971, undated
5/50Management Workshop1975
5/51Marriage and Family1968, 1970, undated
6/1Masculine Mystique1969-1972, undated
6/2Meetings and Policies1972-1978
6/3Myths and Stereotypes1932, 1969-1972, undated
6/4Name Change of Anne (Schwiesow) Hirondelle1972
6/5Newsletter Criticism1975
6/6Newsletter Materials 1977-1978
6/7Non-paid Workers1974-1975, undated
6/8Office Procedures1972-1981
6/9Ohara Koenshu School of Japanese Flower Arrangement1969-1970
6/10-13Pecan Sale1961-1972
25/43-44Planned Parenthood of Seattle-King County1972-1975
6/14Poetry1969-1972, undated
6/15Political Candidates' Questions1979
6/17Politics of Touch1970
6/18Program Evaluation Taskforce1975
6/19Program for Local Service1973
6/20Program Guidelines1976
6/21Program Guidelines Meetings1976
6/22Prostitution1969-1971, undated
6/23Psychology and Women1969-1972, undated
6/24Racism1972, undated
6/26Referrals1974, undated
6/27Religion: Feminism and the Church1970-1971, undated
6/28Renton (Washington) School District - Sex Education1969-1970
6/29Resident Release Program1972, undated
6/30Rummage Sale1974, 1977, undated
23/46-48Saludo, Theresa1973-1974, undated
6/31School for Community Action1970
23/49Schwiesow, Anne (Hirondelle) 1970-1972
6/32Speaker's File1970-1974, undated
6/33Speaking Engagements1971-1975, undated
6/34Special Events1973-1978, undated
6/35Street Fair Mexican Dinner1973
6/37Tax Exemption1961-1973
6/38Turkey Raffle1979-1980
United Way of King County
6/39Organizational Information 1973-1975
6/40Agenda 1970-1971
6/41Incoming Letters 1970-1979
6/42Outgoing Letters 1971-1980
6/43-46General Correspondence 1971-1978, undated
6/47Memoranda 1970-1979
7/1-16Budgets 1968-1980
7/17-21Budget Presentations 1977-1981
7/22-31Budget Proposals 1970-1980
7/32Budget Hearing Transcripts 1971-1972
7/33Project Proposals 1973
8/1-6Manuals 1960-1971
8/7Agency Board Members and Staff 1972, 1978
8/8Agency Program Planning Information Report 1979
8/9-12Annual Service Data Reports 1976-1978
8/13-17Miscellaneous1970-1978, undated
Subject Series
8/18Accounting Procedures 1971
8/19Allocations 1974
8/20Women's Coalition 1975
8/21Workshops 1976
8/22Conference and Convention Files 1971, 1978-1979
8/23News Releases 1975
8/24Policies 1974
8/25Awards 1977
8/26Notes undated
8/27Clippings 1971, 1979
8/28Ephemera 1971-1979
8/29U.S. China People's Friendship Association1976-1977
8/30University of Washington Human Relations Workshop1975
8/31University of Washington Libraries, Archives1972-1976
8/32University of Washington School of Social Work, Non-paid Workers1972-1976
8/33Venereal Diseaseundated
8/34Vocational Classes for Women in Cooperation with the Central YWCA1973, undated
8/35Voluntary Agency Executives Coalition Workshop1976
8/36Volunteers1972, undated
8/37Washington State Bar Association, Family Law Committee1970-1972
8/38Washington State Higher Education Personnel Board: Comparable Worth Study1974
8/39Witchcraft1969, 1971
8/40Women and Academe1969-1971
8/41Women and Literature1971, undated
8/42Women and Medicine1970-1971, undated
8/43Women and Prisonundated
8/44Women and the Draft1980, undated
8/45Women and Trade Unions1974
8/46-48Women and Work1969-1980, undated
8/49Women in the Arts Festival1975-1976
9/1-3Women Studies1969-1977, undated
9/4Women's Association of Self Help1975-1976
9/5Women's Clinics1973-1974
9/6Women's Cultural Center1977, 1981
9/7Women's Employment Situation1981
Women's Film Festival
9/8Incoming Letters 1974-1975
9/9Outgoing Letters 1974-1975
9/10General Correspondence 1974-1975
9/11Agenda 1975
9/12Financial Records 1974-1975
9/13Contracts 1974
9/14Reports 1974-1975
9/15Publications 1974
9/16Speeches and Writings undated
9/17Project and Planning Files undated
9/18Lists 1974-1975
9/19Evaluations 1975
9/20Surveys 1975
9/21News Releases 1974-1975
9/22Flyers 1974-1975
9/23Clippings 1971-1975
9/24-25Ephemera 1971-1975
9/26Women's Groups1968-1972, undated
9/27Women's Legal Center1973, undated
9/28Worker Performance Evaluationundated
9/30YWCA Area Meetings1977
9/31YWCA Fair Share Support1964-1967
9/32YWCA Imperative to End Racism1970-1972, undated
9/33National Student YWCA1976-1977
9/34Oregon YWCA1973-1974
9/35YWCA Review and Accreditation1978-1979
Course Files
9/36Class Evaluations1973-1977
9/37Classes1972-1975, undated
9/41-42Fall Quarter Classes1974-1975
9/43Instructors1977, undated
9/44News Releases1974-1976
9/45Non-paid Worker Participation Forms1975
9/46Notes1976, undated
9/47-49Registration Data Sheets1975-1976
9/51-52Spring Quarter Classes1975, undated
9/54-55Summer Quarter Classes1974-1975
9/57Winter Quarter Classes1975
9/58Workshop Ideas1976
Course Files - Courses
10/2Structure of Power: Hierarchical or Collectiveundated
10/3-5White Feminists and Racism Study Group1970-1977
10/6Wind Works Sailing Classundated
10/7Woman Know Thyself1973
10/8-14Women 1011964-1973, undated
10/15Addresses1977, 1980, undated
10/16Advisory Board1966-1971
10/17Advisory Board Committees1971-1978
10/18Board Committees1971-1978
10/19-20Board of Directors1971-1980, undated
10/21Cabinet Presidents1969
10/22Emergency Contacts1976, undated
10/23Mailing Lists1965-1968
10/24Mailing List Changes1976, undated
10/25Mailing Lists of Women1970-1971, undated
10/26Mailing Lists of Women in the Arts1976
10/27Membership Mailing Lists1969
10/28Staff1977-1979, undated
Conference and Convention Files
10/29-30International Women's Year Conference (Mexico)1974-1976
10/31-32White House Conference on Families1979-1980, undated
10/33-34Miscellaneous1971-1978, 1980
10/40News Releases1974-1979
10/41Black Chronicle Discussion Guideundated
10/42Our Bodies Our Selves1971
10/43ASUW Student Commemorative Anthology1973
10/44National Student YWCA1969-1976
10/45National YWCA1973-1974
11/1-2Miscellaneous1971-1975, undated
11/4Mockups 1976-1980
11/5-6Personnel Policies1955-1979
11/7Project and Planning Filesundated
11/16Forms1976, undated
11/18Legislation1973-1974, undated
11/19All-Staff Meeting1979
11/20Erwin, Mardea concerning Kate Hunter1979
11/21-26Hunter, Kate 1979-1981
11/27Miscellaneous1974-1975, undated
28Interview of Dona MacDonald and Jan Krause for Pandora Article on the Executive Coordinator Model1976
28Walter, Martha - Resignation from Board of Directorsundated
Reel-to-Reel Tapes
28Aliesan, Jody - In Concert: Feminist and Freedom Songs and Poetry1971
28Interview with Anne Schwiesow and Jan Krause by Greg Palmer1970
28Public Relations1974
Index Cards
31-33Membership Records1950-1975, undated
31Pledge Cards of "Friends of the Y"1973
Misc OS Box 6Posters    OVERSIZE1976, 1978, undated
11/28Foundation for Change1974
11/29-30University of Washington YWCA1969-1979, undated
11/31Other YWCAs1973-1977, undated
11/32-33Miscellaneous1967-1980, undated
11/37Female Sexualityundated
11/39Rape1971, 1974
11/40Sex Bias Cases1974
11/41University of Washington1974
11/42University of Washington YWCA1972, 1976
11/43Women and Health1974
11/44Women and Politics1974, undated
11/45Women and Religion1975
11/46Women and Sports1974
11/47Women's Movement1973-1974
11/48-49Miscellaneous1969-1975, undated
11/50-51Miscellany1971-1980, undated
Abortion Birth Control Referral Service
11/52Historical Information1970, 1973, undated
11/53Organizational Information1976-1978
11/54Intraorganizational Correspondence1975-1980, undated
11/55Minutes1975, 1979
11/59Publications1970-1972, undated
11/60Grant Files1971-1972
12/1-3Abortion Feedback Forms1977-1979
Subject Series
12/8Abortion Organizing1981-1982
12/9Brochure1976, undated
12/10-11Counseling1969-1975, undated
12/12Program Evaluation1974-1975
12/13Statewide Telephone Bank1981
Index Cards
30Doctors' Feedback1971-1973, undated
30Volunteers1971-1973, undated
Aradia Clinic
12/15Organizational Information1973, undated
Subject Series
12/18Third World Clinics1970-1973, undated
12/19Third World Women1972-1975, undated
12/20-23Grant Proposals1971-1974
12/24Miscellany1974, undated
Lesbian Resource Center
12/25Organizational Information1973-1981, undated
12/26Incoming Letters1972-1973
General Correspondence
12/27United Way and King County Mental Health Mental Retardation Program 1971-1973, undated
12/28-29Miscellaneous1972-1975, undated
Subject Series
12/32American Civil Liberties Union1967
12/33Art, Books and Film1971-1975, undated
12/34"Bars and Whatever"1970, 1974
12/35Belly Dance Class1974
12/36Campus Gay Women's Alliance1969-1971, undated
12/37Friedan (Betty) the Homophobe1973, undated
12/38Gay Activists Alliance and Coalition1972-1973
12/39Gay Rights1972-1974
12/40Hell No1969-1973, undated
12/41Heterosexuals Report1970
12/42Law and Prison1972-1973
12/43Lesbian Teacher1973
12/44Lesbians in the City and Other Places1969-1973, undated
12/45Male Homosexuals1970-1971
12/46Marriage and Religion1971, undated
12/47Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Washington YWCA and the LRC1979
12/48National and Seattle Gay Organizational Material1971-1975
12/49New York State Legislation on Homosexuality1974
12/50Not Necessarily Freaks1970, 1973, undated
12/51Peer Counseling1978-1979
12/52Program Evaluation1972-1973
12/53Race and Homosexuality1970-1973, undated
12/54Resource Lists and Outreach Materials1977-1981, undated
12/55Rights vs. All Kinds of Cops1972-1973, undated
12/56San Francisco Homosexuals' Political Machine1971
12/57Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities1971-1972, undated
12/58"Social Experts" Opinionating1971, 1973
12/59Stonewall and Whitman Center1972-1974, undated
12/60Student Questionnaires1972-1973
12/61Washington State Women's Council1971-1974
13/1What Is a Lesbian?1971-1972, undated
13/2Women's Centers and Support from Non-lesbians1972-1973, undated
13/3Financial Records1977
13/4-5Grant Files1977, 1979, undated
13/6Lists1973-1975, undated
13/8Notes1973, undated
Index Cards
33Library Card Catalogundated
33Sexuality Workshop Materialsundated
Disc Rec. Box 3Disc Recording: Eve Morris, "Song for Cheryl," arranged by Jody Aliesan and E. Morris1974
13/9Ephemera1961, 1972-1975, undated
13/11Miscellany1971, 1973, undated
Advisory Board
13/12Organizational Information1972, 1979
13/14Board Negotiating Committee1978-1979
Mechanica Committee
13/15Organizational Information1971-1981, undated
13/16-18General Correspondence1972-1980, undated
13/19Intraorganizational Correspondence1974, 1978-1979, undated
13/20Minutes1972-1973, undated
13/21Newsletters1976, 1978, undated
13/22-23Grant Files1977-1979
13/24-26Grant Proposals1974, 1977-1979
13/28Reports1972, 1978-1979
Job Applicants
13/29Community Education Specialist1979
Budget Files
13/31A Territory Resource Foundation1978
13/32Leckenby Foundation1978
13/33McKenzie Riverundated
13/42-43Labor Force1963-1979
13/44Renton (Washington) Branch - Client1977-1978
Subject Series
13/45 Bellevue Affirmative Action Plan1977
14/2Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)1978-1979
14/3CETA Skill Training Improvement Program1978
14/4Construction Orientation1978
14/5Cornell University, Trade Union Women's Studies Program1974
14/6Counseling Services Northwest1976-1977
14/7Donations1976, 1978
14/8Employment Discrimination1978-1979, undated
14/9King County Council and Cancellation of CETA positions1979
14/10-12King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium1971-1977
14/13Mechanica Sub Program1979
14/14Open Positions1974-1979
14/15Program Plan for 19801980
14/16-17Seattle (Washington): Affirmative Action Plan for Employment1976, 1979
14/18Seattle (Washington) Employers: Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Ordinance1972-1977
14/19Port of Seattle1965-1978
14/20-21Port of Seattle Negotiations1977
14/22Seattle Recruitment Liasion1978
14/23Seattle Summer Youth Employment Program1978
14/24-25Speaking Engagements1975-1979
14/26Training and Counseling1974-1978, undated
14/29United Way of King County1977
14/30United Way of King County Budgets1976-1977
14/31University of Washington1975-1977, undated
14/32-35U.S. Department of Labor and Equal Employment Opportunity1977-1978, undated
14/36U.S. Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC)1972-1977
14/37U.S. OFCC Guidelines Proposal1975
14/38Washington Department of Commerce and Economic Development: Labor Training Program1976
14/39Women in Construction1975-1979
14/40Women in Trades1975-1979
14/41Women's Organizations1974-1977
14/42Women's Organizations, Miscellaneous1974-1977
14/43, 15/1YWCA1973-1978
15/2Areas of Participation1972-1973
15/3Mailing Lists for Newsletter1979
15/4Women in Trade Unions1977
15/5Vocational Education Money to End Sex Stereotyping1977
15/10Trade Preference1977-1978
Contract Files
15/11Seattle (Washington): Contracts for Truck Driving1975-1977
15/12Seattle (Washington): Contracts with over 8 Workers and Frequent Contractors1975-1977
15/13Seattle (Washington): Contracts with under 8 workers or One Time Only1975-1977
15/15Labor Area Summary: Seattle-Everett 1978-1979
15/16Washington Labor Area Summary1978-1979
Case Files
15/17-19Advocates for Women vs. Department of Labor (DOL)1973-1977
15/20-21Advocates for Women vs. F. Ray Marshall1974-1979
15/22Advocates for Women vs. William Usery, Jr.1977
15/23Discrimination Complaints1975-1977
15/24King County Suit - Statistics1974-1976
15/25Women's Directory - Case Histories1974-1977, undated
34/1-27, 35/5Client Applications1975-1979
Terms of Access: Restricted.
35/1-4Case Files1976-1978, undated
Terms of Access: Restricted.
Rape Relief
15/28Organizational Informationundated
15/29General Correspondence1975-1979, undated
15/31Newsletters1975-1980, undated
15/32Budget Files1974-1979
15/33-34Reports1973-1974, 1978-1979
Grant Files
15/35Proposal for an Education and Training Program on Exploitation for Handicapped Students1977-1978
15/36Seattle Department of Human Resources1978
15/39Registration Data Sheets1974, 1978
Subject Series
15/41Personnel1975-1978, undated
15/42Program Evaluation1975
15/43Workers and Volunteers1973, 1976, undated
15/44-45, 16/1Grievance Files1973-1978
16/2Executive Committee of Rape Reliefundated
16/3Serve Our Sisters1972-1973
Third World Women Family Planning Needs Assessment Project
16/4Organizational Information1973, undated
16/5Incoming Letters1973-1974
16/6Outgoing Letters1973-1974
Subject Series
16/10Copy Drafts1974, undated
16/11Demographic Materials1970, 1974, undated
16/12Other Funding1973, undated
16/13Population Materials1970, undated
16/14Presentation Materials1974, undated
16/15-17Project Materials1972-1974, undated
16/18-21Washington State Council on Family Planning1974-1975
16/22-24Questionnaires1974, undated
16/26-27Clinic and Staff1972-1974, undated
16/28Population1969-1974, undated
16/29-30Grant Files1973, undated
16/31Conference and Convention Files1974
16/32Personnel Files1973-1974
16/35Miscellany1973-1974, undated
Misc. OS Box 6Posters    OVERSIZE1970, 1975
Third World Women's Resource Center
16/36Organizational Information1972, undated
16/37Incoming Letters1973-1974, undated
16/38Outgoing Letters1973-1974
General Correspondence
16/39National Student YWCA1973-1974
16/42Minutes and Agenda1973-1974, undated
16/46Grant Files1972-1973, 1976
16/47Budget Files1972-1974, undated
16/48News Releases1973
Subject Series
16/50Seattle Third World Women1972-1974, undated
16/51Seize the Time for Oppressed People (STOP)undated
16/52Seventy-Year Impact and Resource Model Calendar1974, undated
16/53Special Projects1973
16/54Associated Students of the University of Washington Women's Commission Reprints1969-1970, undated
16/55Work Release Books and Clothes1973-1974
17/1Financial Records1973
17/2-4Publications1971-1975, undated
17/5Telephone Contacts1974
17/7Statistics1970-1973, undated
17/8Notes1973-1974, undated
17/9Ephemera1973-1974, undated
17/10Asian Women1973-1974, undated
17/11Black Women1972-1974
17/12Chicana Women1972-1973, undated
17/13Indian Women1973-1975
17/15Thirld World News from the University of Washington Daily1974
17/16Women News from the University of Washington Daily
17/17-18Miscellaneous1972-1974, undated
17/19Miscellany1973-1974, undated
17/20Catalyst Committeeundated
17/21Standing Committeeundated
Women in Midstream
17/22Organizational Information1976-1978, undated
Incoming Letters
29/1-3A-Z, concerning Menopause1976-1977
Terms of Use: Restricted.
17/36Newsletter and Book Requests1978
General Correspondence
17/37 Medical Doctors1973-1976
17/38Requests for Information1973-1975
17/39Women's Clinics1974-1977
17/40-47, 18/1Miscellaneous1972-1979, undated
18/2Intraorganizational Correspondence1978
18/4Newsletters1973-1978, undated
18/5-6Newsletters of Others1974-1978
18/8Publicity1973-1978, undated
18/9Statistics1977-1978, undated
18/10Issues on Older Women1973-1977, undated
18/11Miscellaneous1975-1977, undated
18/12Budget Files1975-1978
18/13-17Grant Files1973-1979, undated
Subject Series
18/18American Cancer Society1969-1976, undated
18/19Book Offer to Women's Programs1978
18/20Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Menopause Questionnaire1974
18/22CETA Eligibility Training1977-1978
18/23CETA Performance Reports1977-1978
18/24Community Health Services Development1973-1975
18/25Community Programs, Agencies and Emergency Help1976-1978, undated
18/26Discussion Groups1973-1974, 1978
18/27Displaced Homemakers1978
18/28Doctors for Possible Referralundated
18/31Evaluation of Workshops and Discussion Groups1978, undated
18/32Facts and Fallacies about Older Women in Our Societyundated
18/33Gorbman, Beryl (from Patricia)1978
18/34Gyn/OB and Health Clinics1978, undated
18/35 Hormones, etc.1969-1975, undated
18/36Information Center on the Mature Woman1969-1973
18/37Job Workshop1978
18/38Lease for University Congregational Church1975
18/39Material for Louise1976-1977
18/40Medical Information on Menopause1973-1978
18/41Menopause Information Sheetsundated
18/42Menopause Medical Glossaryundated
18/43Menopause Questionnaire Coding and Key-Punching Workundated
18/44Newsletter Ideas1977-1978, undated
18/45 Newsletter Materials1974-1975
18/46Nutrition1969-1973, undated
18/47-48Other Awkward Ageby Jane Page1977-1978, undated
19/1Personal Growth Group for Women over Age 401975-1977
19/2Program Development and Ideasundated
19/3Prospective Workshops1978, undated
19/4Registration Data1976
19/5Requests for Future Discussion Groups1974, undated
19/6Research on Starting a Women's Center (by Ana Waisman)1973, undated
19/7Resources for Older Women1977-1978
19/10Slide-Tape Ideas1978
19/11Source for People-Likes [Hikes?]undated
19/12Speaking Engagements, Requests, and Thanks1973-1977
19/13Staff Planning1978
19/14Study-Discussion Groups1973-1976
19/15Testimonials and Comments1973-1975, undated
19/16United Way of King County1976-1977
19/17United Way Referral1978
19/18University of Washington School of Social Work: Project on Women and Mental Health1977
19/19Washington State Feminist Federal Credit Union1977-1978, undated
19/20Women Talking Together on Tapesundated
19/21Women's Health Centers1978, undated
19/22Work Pending for Decisions1977-1978
19/23Zip Code Information1975-1976
19/24-43, 20/1-15 Menopause Questionnaires1973-1976
OS VF 60Menopause Questionnaires Computer Printout    OVERSIZE1974
20/17Financial Records1973-1978, undated
20/21Speeches and Writings1973, 1977
20/23Bibliographies1974-1978, undated
20/24Conference and Convention Files1975-1978
20/25Reports1965, 1978
20/26Volunteer Forms1978
20/27Beach, Carol1978
20/28Daily Logs1978
21/1Shorthand, Notes, and Telephone1977-1978
21/2-3Notes1976, undated
Audiotapes (Cassettes and Reel-to-Reel Tapes)
26Health Professionals on Women's Health Topicsundated
26Pro-Women's Liberation, with Introduction by Jane Pageundated
27Women Talking Together on Tapes1975-1976, undated
21/4-6Women's Groups1973-1977, undated
21/7-9Miscellaneous1969-1979, undated
21/10-12Clippings1972-1978, undated
Ad Hoc Committee on Menopause
21/14Organizational Information1973, 1975, undated
21/18Questionnaires1976, undated
21/19National Organization for Women Seattle Taskforce on Older Women, and Other Groups1974, 1977
21/20Papers of Irma Levine1974-1977, undated
Women in Trades
21/21Organizational Information1977, undated
21/22General Correspondence1975-1978, undated
21/23Minutes and Agenda1976-1977, undated
21/24-25Speeches and Writings1973-1977, undated
21/26Newsletters1975-1978, undated
21/27-28Newsletters of Others1973-1978
21/29-34Grant Files1974-1979, undated
21/39Lists1976-1977, undated
21/40Publicity1977, undated
21/41Conference and Convention Files1977
Case Files
21/42Amendments to Include Women in 29 C.F.R., Part 301970, 1977
22/1Other Lawsuits about Discrimination in Industry1975-1976, undated
22/2Women in Construction vs. Department of Labor1975-1976
22/3Women in Trades vs. Department of Labor1977
22/4Women in Trades vs. King County1975
22/5-6Women in Trades vs. Spellman1975-1976
35/6-7Case Files1976-1977, undated
Terms of Use: Restricted.
Subject Series
22/7Alternatives for Women1977
22/8Anti-discrimination Laws and Information1970-1976, undated
22/9Apprenticeship Information Center1976
22/10Coalition for Protective Legislation1975-1977
22/11Educational Forums1976-1977, undated
22/12Federal Government Upward Mobility Program1978
22/13Federal Women's Bureau Publicationsundated
22/15Highline Community Career Exploration1977
22/16Joint Apprenticeship Training Council1977, 1979
22/17King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium1974-1977, undated
22/18Loan Fund1976-1977
22/19Member Advocacy Activitiesundated
22/20Occupational Health1975-1976, undated
22/21Outreach and Research Coordinator1977
22/22 Port of Seattle1976-1977
22/23Speakers Bureau1976-1977
22/24Strike Support Activities1976
22/25Union Information Sheetsundated
22/26U.S. OFCC Regulations on Women in Construction1977
22/27University of Washington Affirmative Action Programundated
22/28Washington State Labor Council Women's Committee1974-1977, undated
22/29Washington State Women and Employment Workshop1975, undated
22/30Worker's Compensation1976, undated
27Audiocassettes: Socialist Feminist Conference1975
22/32-33Ephemera1973-1979, undated
22/35Miscellany1977, undated
Women's Divorce Cooperative
22/36Organizational Information1973-1980
22/37General Correspondence1975, undated
22/38Reports1975, 1979
22/39Grant Files1974-1975, 1977
22/40Subject Series: Program Evaluation1973
Boards and Committees
Advisory Board
22/42General Correspondence1968-1970
General Notes: See also minute book in box/folder 2/18
Board of Directors
22/44Organizational Information1974-1979, undated
22/45General Correspondence1973-1979
22/46-47Intraorganizational Correspondence1970-1980
22/48Memoranda1976, 1978
22/49-55, 23/1Minutes1970-1980, undated
23/2Reports1972-1978, undated
23/3Financial Records1973-1976
23/4-5Manuals - Board Training Manual1980-1981
Subject Series
23/6Board Application Packet1979-1980, undated
23/7Board Workshop Materials1975
23/9Fall Workshop1976
23/10Friends of the Y Board Account1973
23/11Orientation1974, 1977
23/13Miscellany1970-1977, undated
Building Committee
23/14Organizational Information1973
23/15General Correspondence1970-1976
23/16Minutes1970-1978, undated
23/18Subject Series: Moving1978-1979
23/19Miscellany1975, undated
23/20Committee on Committees1972, undated
Endowment Committee
23/21Historical Information1970
23/22General Correspondence1954-1966
23/23Minutes1958, 1969-1974
23/24Minutes of Others1964
Subject Series
23/25-26Endowment Contributions1965-1972, undated
23/27-28Endowment Fund1964-1969
23/29Student Loans1967-1969
23/30Reports1964, 1968
23/31Financial Statements1964
Executive Committee
23/33Organizational Information1973, 1976, undated
23/34General Correspondence1973-1977
23/35Intraorganizational Correspondence1973-1976
23/36-39Minutes and Agenda1969-1979
Subject Series
23/41Program Guidelines1976, undated
23/42Timetable for Committees1978
23/44Executive Coordinator Evaluation Committee1978-1979
23/45-48Executive Coordinator Search Committee1975-1978
Finance Committee
23/49Organizational Information1974, 1976, undated
23/50-52General Correspondence1950-1978
23/53Intraorganizational Correspondence1971-1979, undated
23/54-55, 24/1-3Minutes1971-1980, undated
24/5Grant Files1975-1978, undated
24/6-7Reports1973-1977, undated
24/8-11Budget Files1972-1978
24/12Financial Records1973-1977
Subject Series
24/13Committees and Programs1973-1976
24/14Ideas1973-1974, undated
24/15Investment Information1976-1977
24/16-17United Way of King County1972-1975
24/18United Way Budget Files1972-1976
24/19United Way Budget Presentations1978-1979
24/20United Way Budget Proposals1976-1977
24/21Women's Divorce Cooperative1973-1974, undated
24/22Work Positions1976
24/24Miscellany1974, undated
Focus Committee
24/25Organizational Information1973
24/26General Correspondence1970-1971
Imperative Committee
24/28Intraorganizational Correspondence1978
24/29Minutes and Agenda1978
24/30-32Subject Series: YWCA Action Audit for Change1974, 1978, undated
Membership Committee
24/34Organizational Information1969-1976, undated
24/35Incoming Letters1973, 1978, undated
24/36Outgoing Letters1968-1979
24/37Intraorganizational Correspondence1972-1974
24/39Reports1975, 1978
Subject Series
24/41Friends and Membership1975
24/42-45Membership Drive1967-1981, undated
24/46Membership Figures1969
24/47Financial Records1967-1975
24/48Lists1974-1976, undated
Nominating Committee
24/51-52General Correspondence1972-1977
24/54Speeches and Writings1974-1975, undated
24/55-56Board Members Information Sheets1972-1975
25/2Nomination Forms1977
25/3Subject Series: Board Demographic Surveyundated
25/6Miscellany1976-1977, undated
25/7Partnership Committee1977
Personnel Committee
25/8Organizational Information1973-1974, undated
General Correspondence
25/9Prospective Employment1973-1976
25/10State CETA1979-1980
25/11Miscellaneous1971-1978, undated
25/12Intraorganizational Correspondence1974-1979
25/13-14Minutes1971-1980, undated
25/15Minute Book1973
25/16Policies1973-1979, undated
25/17Recommendations1972-1975, undated
25/18Contracts1975, undated
Subject Series
25/20Staff Evaluation1974-1975, undated
25/21Student Intern Requests1981
25/22Subcommittee for Rape Relief Positions1973
25/23Questions for Prospective Employees1974
25/24Job Descriptions1970-1979
25/25Miscellany1972-1975, undated
25/26Program Planning Committee1973-1980, undated
Restructuring Committee
25/27Intraorganizational Correspondence1975-1979
Subject Series
25/28-32Staff Restructure1975-1977, undated
25/33Speeches and Writings1975
25/36Special Events Committee1971, 1976-1979
Survival Committee
25/37Organizational Information1973, 1975
25/38Minutes and Agenda1972-1975
Subject Series
25/39Fund Raising1972
25/40Fund Raising Committee1971
25/41Special Events1973-1976

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Amesley, Cassandra Elinor.
Gorbman, Beryl.
Hunter, Kate.
Krause, Jan.
Levine, Irma.
Redenbaugh, Eula.
Saludo, Theresa.
Schwiesow, Anne E.
Yapp, Shelly.
Aradia Clinic.
Feminist Coordinating Council (Seattle, Wash.)
Lesbian Resource Center (Seattle, Wash.)
National Student YWCA (U.S.)
National Student YWCA. Western Region.
Planned Parenthood Center of Seattle.
Third World Women's Resource Center.
United Way of King County (King County, Wash.)
Washington State Council on Family Planning.
Women in Trades (Organization : Seattle, Wash.)
Young Men's Christian Association (Seattle, Wash.). University Branch.
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington)--Archives.
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington). Abortion Referral Service.
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington). Ad Hoc Committee on Menopause.
Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington). Mechanica Committee.
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
Geographic Names:
Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century.
Seattle (Wash.)--Social conditions--20th century.
Genre Headings:
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Job descriptions.
Press releases.
Sound recordings.
financial records.
forms (documents)
manuals (instructional materials)
project files.
Abortion services--Washington (State)--Seattle
Birth control clinics--Washington (State)--Seattle
Christian women--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies and clubs
Feminists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lesbian activists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lesbians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Menopause--Health aspects--Washington (State)--Seattle
Middle-aged women--Health and hygiene--Washington (State)--Seattle
Minority women--Services for--Washington (State)--Seattle
Rape victims--Services for--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women's health services--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women--Services for--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies and clubs
Women college students--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies and clubs
Women construction workers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Young Women's Christian associations--United States
Young women --Washington (State)--Seattle--Religious life
Civil rights
Civil Rights
Colleges and Universities
Gays and Lesbians
Medicine and Health
Personal Papers/Corporate Records
Politics and government
Social and community history
Sound Recordings
Student Life
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