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ResearchWorks Journal Hosting Service

What is the ResearchWorks Journal Hosting Service?

The Journal Hosting Service is a full-service publishing option for those interested in starting a new journal or relocating an existing title. We provide server space plus support and training for the use of the publishing platform. We provide a journal hosting solution, that offers open access, subscription or pay-per-view models. The technology can provide a robust yet flexible workflow environment that could include:

  • Back-end workflow management
    • Facilitating author submissions
    • Guiding submissions through the various editorial processes including peer review
    • Preparing manuscripts for publication
    • Publishing completed issues
  • Front-end user experiences
    • Producing a journal web site where users can access current and archived content
    • Tailoring the appearance and identity of journals
  • All the while
    • Providing maximum exposure and visibility of publications by making them full-text accessible for indexing by Google Scholar and other search services
    • Archiving, preserving, and migrating content for future technologies

Who can use the Journal Hosting Service?

University of Washington faculty who are associated with the publishing functions of a journal or who want to start a new venture. Journal hosting on ResearchWorks may continue even if UW related affiliations change or cease to exist.  For student-run journals, please contact us.

How could you use this Service?

  • Starting a new journal
  • Migrating a current journal to a new publishing platform and/or publishing model
  • Journals needing a robust backend workflow environment even if the journal is sent off for publishing with another entity
  • Archiving a ceased journal
  • Seattle, Washington