Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD)


McDougall, Barnett

ID: 1168
Full Name: Barnett McDougall
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1825
Death Date: 1905
Family: Spouse: Barnett McDougall had three sons, all of whom became architects in California: Charles C. McDougall (1857-1930), Benjamin G. McDougall (1865-1937), and George Barnett McDougall (1868-1957);
Relocation: Born in New York, McDougall settled in California, just after the start of the Gold Rush in 1856, and worked as a builder and architect in the cities of San Diego and San Francisco; McDougall was listed in the Great Register of San Francisco County for 1890, 15th Precinct Register, 43rd Assembly District. At the time, he was 65 and his occupation was indicated as "architect."
Countries: United States