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Boller, Carl

ID: 1215
Full Name: Carl Henry Boller
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1868-01-12
Death Date: 1946-10-30
Family: Parents: His father was Charles William Boller (1832-1914), his mother, Pauline W.A. Grutzmacher (1845-1919), both born in Germany. They wed 07/04/1865 in Brunswick, MO, and resided in Saint Joseph, MO, raising ten children born between 1866-1887. (Carl Boller [born in 1868] was the second oldest, his brother, Robert [1887-1962], the youngest. Seventeen years separated the brothers.) Charles and Pauline and some other Boller family members were buried in the Ashland Cemetery, Saint Joseph, MO. The eldest Boller brother, William F. (1866-1957), worked in vaudeville as a magician, traveling theatrical circuits in MO and KS. Will worked occasionally as a scene painter, an occupation in which Carl began before getting into architectural design in 1903, with the planning of La Belle Theatre in Pittsburg, KS. Carl opened his own firm in 1905, taking on Robert as an apprentice that year.
Relocation: Boller was born and grew up in MO. He passed away of a heart attack in Glendale, CA at the age of 78. He was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, CA.
Biographical Information: Work History: Principal, Carl Boller, Architect, Kansas City, MO, 1905-c. 1920; in 1911, Carl Boller and his brother Robert partnered with the Sullivan and Considine vaudeville circuit, to design and build movie theatres on the West Coast. (Sullivan and Considine's firm, formed in the 1890s, and emerged as the first consolidated vaudeville circuit in the West; it encountered business problems by about 1910, worsened by the absence of partner "Big Tim" Sullivan [1862-1913] from the business due to the onset of tertiary syphillis; Sullivan died under mysterious circumstances in 1913, a year before Sullivan and Considine filed for bankruptcy.) Following their contracts with Sullivan and Considine, the Bollers developed professional connections in the booming California theatre construction market of the 1910s-1920s, enabling them to design at least eight realized projects in the state. Carl Boller moved to the Los Angeles area in the 1920s, and supervised work in the Boller Brothers office there. Partner, Boller Brothers, Architects, Kansas City, MO, and Los Angeles, CA, c. 1920-1946. A 1924 note in the Southwest Builder and Contractor indicated that Boller called his Los Angeles firm at that time, "Carl H. Boller, Architect, and A.J. Williams, Associate."
Countries: United States
Locations: Architect's Death:
Los Angeles, CA
Architect's Birth:
Saint Joseph, MO

Portrait of the Boller Family, 1914; Robert stands in the back row left, Carl back row center. From the State Historical Society of Missouri: Historic Missourians