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Martin, Albert

ID: 1291
Full Name: Albert Carey Martin , Jr.
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1913-08-03
Death Date: 2006-03-30
Family: Spouse: Martin married in 1937.
Parents: His father was the noted Los Angeles architect, Albert Carey Martin, Sr. (1879-1960). One of his sons was David C. Martin (b. 1942), who also became an architect.
Children: When surveyed in 1955, Martin reported that he had had five children.
Biographical Information: Education: B.Arch. and graduate coursework, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, 1931-1936; coursework, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA, 1938-1940;
Work History: Chief Designer, A.C. Martin, Sr., Architect, Los Angeles, 1936-1945; Partner, A.C. Martin and Associates, Los Angeles, CA, 1945-1990; A.C. Martin and Associates was headed by A.C. Martin, Sr., A.C. Martin, Jr., and J. Edward Martin. Chief Executive Officer, A.C. Martin and Partners, Architects, Los Angeles, CA; A.C. Martin, Jr., and his brother, the structural engineer, J. Edward Martin (1916-2004), managed the oldest continuously operating architectural firm in Los Angeles. They turned management of the family business to Albert's son, David (b. 10/07/1942) and Edward's son Christopher C. Martin (b. 06/19/1950) between 1984-1990.
Miscellaneous: In 1955, A.C. Martin, Jr., indicated that he had traveled in Mexico, Panama, Cuba, England, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium; Member, Kappa Alpha Fraternity, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; Member, California Club, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1955; Member, the Jonathon Club, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1955; A.C. Martin, Jr., died of complications from a stroke that occurred about a week before his death on 03/30/2006. Martin enjoyed sailing, and participated in the Transpacific Yacht Race (between Los Angeles and Honolulu, HI) five times.
Professional Awards: College: Cum Laude, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, 1936; AIA School Medal, USC, Los Angeles, CA, 1936;
Post College: Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA), 1956; Distinguished Alumnus, University of Southern California (USC), School of Architecture, 1990.
Countries: United States
Structures: 1900 Avenue of the Stars Building, Century City, Los Angeles, CA - 1969-1970 (406)
1 Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA - 1966-1968 (16360)
444 Plaza Building, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1979 (168)
515 South Figueroa Street Office Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1981-1982 (9972)
ARCO Plaza, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1972-1973 (148)
California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Winnett Student Center, Pasadena, CA - 1998 (18875)
Cass-Johansing Company,Offices, Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1953 (11785)
City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Ferraro, John, Office Building, Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, CA - 1964-1965 (2369)
Consolidated Western Steel Corporation, Showroom Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1954 (8983)
Freeman, Daniel, Memorial Hospital, Inglewood, CA - 1954 (6355)
General Electric Company (GE), Office and Warehouse Building, Los Angeles, CA - (17364)
General Telephone Corporation (GTE), Buildings, CA - 1955 (11786)
Johnson, S.C., Wax Company Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1951-1954 (11784)
Kohler of Kohler Company Showroom, Los Angeles, CA - (11788)
Lakewood Shopping Center, Lakewood, CA - 1951-1952 (11014)
Martin, Albert Carey, Jr., House, Whittier, CA - (11783)
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Saint Basil's Church, MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA - 1974 (6396)
Sears, Roebuck and Company, Department Store, Alhambra, CA - 1971 (15693)
Security Pacific National Bank (SPNB), Headquarters Building #2, Los Angeles, CA - 1972-1974 (166)
Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Courthouse #4, Los Angeles, CA - 1956-1958 (10660)
Union Bank Square, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1967 (181)
United States Borax Company, Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA - (13160)
Locations: Architect's Birth:
Los Angeles, CA
Architect's Death:
San Luis Obispo, CA