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Dodd, William

ID: 130
Full Name: William James Dodd
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1862-09-22
Death Date: 1930-06-14
Family: Spouse: Dodd married Ione Estes, 1889 in Memphis, TN; Estes (b. 12/07/1861-d. Ventura County, CA, 02/07/1950) came from a socially prominent family in Memphis. Her mother's maiden name was Johnston. Two widowed sisters of Ione Estes came to live with her in Los Angeles after William J., Dodd's death: Sallie Estes Bell (b. Tennessee, 05/29/1860-d. Los Angeles, CA, 09/26/1944) and Kate Paton (b. Tennessee 07/14/1866-d. Los Angeles, CA, 09/02/1955).
Parents: His family was of English and Irish descent.
Children: Dodd and Ione Estes Dodd had no surviving children.
Relocation: Dodd was born in Canada, and spent some of his early adulthood in Chicago, IL. Here, he was a member of the Chicago Architectural Sketching Club, c. 1905, and designed ceramic ware produced by the Teco Pottery (operated by William D. Gates beginning in 1881) of Terra Cotta, IL, (hence the name TErra COtta). Dodd made his way from Louisville, KY, to Los Angeles, CA, by early 1913. He died while on a European trip from "an acute but unspecified illness." (See Los Angeles Times, 06/16/1930, p. 8.)
Biographical Information: Work History: Draftsman, William LeBaron Jenney, Architect, Chicago, IL, c. 1880-1882; Draftsman, Solon S. Beman, Pullman, IL, 1882-1883; Designer, McKim, Mead, and White, New York, NY, exact dates unknown, c. 1885; Partner, Wehle and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1887-1888; Partner, Maury and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1889-1895; Partner, Dodd and Cobb, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1896-1904; Partner, McDonald and Dodd, Architects, Louisville, KY, 1906-1912; Partner, Haenke and Dodd, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, early 1913-1915; Partner, Dodd and Richards, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1915-1930;
Miscellaneous: Landscaping Associate, T. Chalmers Vint: circa 1915; Landscaping Associate, F. Lloyd Wright, Jr. circa 1921; Architectural Associate, W. E. Kleinpell: circa 1928; Board Member, International Desert Conservation League (Honorary), c. 1930. Much of the above information on Dodd's career has been derived from the scholarship of Christopher T. White and his fine website at <>
Countries: Canada
United States
Locations: Architect's Office:
Los Angeles, CA
Architect's Birth:
Quebec City, Quebec
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