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Rohrer, John

ID: 1496
Full Name: John Abram Rohrer
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 06/18/1914
Death Date: 07/04/2004
Family: Spouse: John Rohrer married Ruth Campbell Williams (b. 1918) in 1938. Ruth was, like her husband, a Seattle native and also an architecture student at the University of Washington. She started her architectural training there in 1936. A UW architecture school classmate of Rohrer's, the noted architect Paul Hayden Kirk (1914-1995), served as Rohrer's best man.
Children: He and Ruth had two children.
Relocation: Rohrer was born in Seattle, WA, in 1914, and lived during his youth in the Queen Anne Neighborhood; he graduated from Queen Anne High School in 1929. He died in Seattle, WA, in 2004.
Biographical Information: Education: Graduate, Queen Anne High School, Seattle, WA, 1929; B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1937.
Work History: Draftsman, James M. Taylor, Jr., Architect, Seattle, WA, 1938; Draftsman, John T. Jacobsen, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1938; Draftsman, Frederick V. Lockman, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1939; Draftsman, B.Marcus Priteca, Architect, Seattle, WA, c. 1939; Designer, John Graham and Company, Seattle, WA, 1939; Assistant District Architect, Austin Company, Seattle, WA, 1940-1945; the Austin Company, a huge construction company based in Cleveland, OH, was known for its industrial architecture; during World War II, he worked on defense projects for Austin. Principal, John A. Rohrer, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1946-1951; Rohrer maintained an office at 201 Railway Exchange Building in Seattle from 1946-1951; Designer and Illustrator, Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johanson, Seattle, WA, c. 1955; Rohrer worked as a consultant to a number of firms in Seattle, rendering presentation drawings.
Teaching: Instructor in Basic Design and Illustration, University of Washington School of Architecture, 1948-;
Miscellaneous: During 1946, Rohrer practiced in an office building located at Cherry Street and Second Avenue nearby by to his friends, Paul Hayden Kirk and James Chiarelli. The three maintained a loose association during the 1940s, cooperating on large-scale projects.
Professional Awards: College: Rohrer served as the Sous-Massier of the UW Architecture Department's Student Atelier in 1936.
Post College: Elected to Tau Sigma Delta, 1954;
Countries: United States