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Wenderoth, Oscar

ID: 1530
Full Name: Oscar Wenderoth
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 10/10/1871
Death Date: 04/15/1938
Family: Spouse: Married Sara Robinson Keyser;
Parents: At his death in 1938, two sisters survived him: Mrs R.L. Golze and Mrs. F.W. Saunders;
Children: Oscar and Sara Wenderoth had two daughters: Mrs. R.J. Macomb and Hastings Wenderoth;
Biographical Information: Education: Coursework, Franklin Institute Drawing School, 1888-1889; he took classes in freehand drawing at the Franklin Institute.
Work History: Draftsman, Theophilus Parson Chandler, Architect, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, Cope and Stewardson, Architects, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, William L. Price, Architect, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, Frank Miles Day, Architects, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, Lindley Johnson, Architect, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, Kennedy Hays and Kelsey, Architects, Philadelphia, PA; Draftsman, Office of the Supervising Architect of the U.S. Treasury, Washington, DC, 1897-c. 1904; Assistant Superintendent of Construction, U.S. Mint, Philadelphia, PA, c. 1904; Head Draftsman, Superintendent of the House and Senate Office Buildings, Washington, DC, 08/1904-1909; Designer, Carrere and Hastings, Architects, New York, NY, 1909-1912; Supervising Architect, United States Treasury Department, Washington, D.C., 06/1912-06/1915; Designer, Weary and Alford Company, Chicago, IL, 1915-c. 1920; Wenderoth went blind in 1920.
Miscellaneous: Member, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC; Member, T-Square Club, Philadelphia, PA; Wenderoth participated in T-Square Club activities c. 1896; Wenderoth resigned as the Supervising Architect of the United States Treasury after only 3 years of service. Henry and Elsie Rathburn Withey in "Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (Deceased)," (Los Angeles, CA: New Age Publishing Company, 1956), p. 644, mistakenly printed his death date as 04/11/1938.
Countries: United States
Locations: Architect's Birth:
Philadelphia, PA