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Moeller, Carl

ID: 1664
Full Name: Carl Gerhardt Moeller
Occupation: Architectural Designer
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1893-03-24
Death Date: 1975-12-10
Family: Relocation: It is possible that Moeller was not born in the U.S., (but probably Germany) and did not become a citizen until relatively late in his life. (This would explain why he does not show up on many U.S. Government records, such as census reports.) In 1945, at age 52, a Carl G. Moeller lived at 2534 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA. His last residence may have been in the 91744 zip code of La Puente, CA.
Biographical Information: Work History: It is known that Moeller was a long-time designer for the Skouras Brothers, who managed and redesigned over 200 movie theatres on the West Coast; many Skouras redesigns occurred in the 1930s-1940s, and were influenced by 1930s movie set design of interior designer, Cedric Gibbons. Moeller was liberal in his use of new aluminum sheeting in Skouras-managed theatres, often made into streamlined wall sculptures.
Miscellaneous: Information is scarce on Moeller; "Carl Moeller" is also a surprisingly common name, making definitive identification difficult. The birth and death dates above are possible not confirmed, nor is the middle name definitive. A "Carl G. Moeller" notified police when his wife, Ruth (born c. 1904) was missing in the Hollywood Hills in 1935. She had recently suffered a nervous breakdown. (See "Man Fears Wife Lost," Los Angeles Times, 09/27/1935, p. 13.) A "Carl G. Moeller" was naturalized on 11/23/1945 in the U.S. District Court of Los Angeles, CA. If this is the correct Carl G. Moeller, he was the driver of a car that struck and killed a pedestrian, Thomas Moreland, 70 years of age, at Western Avenue and Harrington Street, on 01/11/1946. (See "Traffic Injuries Fatal to Five, Los Angeles Times, 01/15/1946, p. A2.) SSN: 572329038;
Countries: United States