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Bergstrom, George

ID: 204
Full Name: George Edwin Bergstrom
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1876-03-12
Death Date: 1955
Family: Spouse: George Edwin Bergstrom married Nancy Bergstrom.
Parents: Bergstrom's family was very socially significant in his hometown of Neenah, WI, where they owned a large paper mill.
Relocation: He sold his Vermont Avenue and Clinton Street house in Los Angeles, CA, for $100,000 in the early 1900s, a huge sum; in 1918, he and his wife lived at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.
Biographical Information: Work History: Bergstrom received his certificate to practice architecture in California, 05/1906; Partner, [John] Parkinson and Bergstrom, Los Angeles, CA, 1905-1915; on 03/23/1916, Bergstrom incorporated with Caleb S. Bragg and Jesse L. Lasky to open "The Supper Club;" Principal, George E. Bergstrom, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1916-1943; Bergstrom had his office in Room #1129, City National Bank Building, Los Angeles in 1918.
Miscellaneous: Bergstrom, at age 42, reported on his World War I Draft Registration Card that he stood 5-foot 7-inches tall and weighed 175 pounds. He had black wavy hair and blue eyes.
Countries: United States
Structures: Anthony, Earle C., Incorporated, Building #1, Los Angeles, CA - 1911 (629)
Bergstrom, George Edwin, House, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - 1906 (1250)
Brownstone Hotel, Los Angeles, CA - 1905 (3712)
Citizens Bank Building, Pasadena, CA - 1914 (6891)
City of Pasadena, Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA - 1925-1932 (849)
County of Los Angeles, General Hospital, Los Angeles, CA - (1056)
Ford Motor Company, Factory, Los Angeles, CA - 1912 (625)
Garrick Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - (7480)
Grauman's Metropolitan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 1921-1923 (814)
Hotel Rosslyn #2, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1914 (4412)
Johnson, O.T., Commercial Building #3, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1906 (2966)
Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Aged, Los Angeles, CA - 1906 (2969)
Los Angeles Athletic Club #2, Los Angeles, CA - 1911-1912 (627)
Norton Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1906 (2968)
Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, Building #1, Los Angeles, CA - 1908 (6260)
Rowan Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1911-1912 (628)
Security 1st National Bank, Office Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1915-1916 (1934)
Security Trust and Saving Bank, Office Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1907 (1933)
Spreckels Brothers Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA - 1909 (3697)
Trustee Company of Los Angeles, Office Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1906 (2967)
Union Oil Company, Office Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1911 (2265)
United States Government, Department of Defense (DOD), Pentagon, Arlington, VA - 1941-1943 (5004)
Washington Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1912 (626)
Locations: Architect's Birth:
Neenah, WI
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