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Heinsbergen, Antoon

ID: 2069
Full Name: Antoon B. Heinsbergen
Occupation: Muralist/Interior Designer
Gender: M
Nationality: Netherlands/US
Birth Date: 12/13/1894
Death Date: 06/14/1981
Family: Spouse: Antoon married Nedith K. Mclean, (born 05/22/1900 in English-speaking Canada).
Parents: His mother's maiden name was Auisendelft;
Children: Confusingly, Anthony B. and Nedith Heinsbergen had children also named Anthony and Nedith. The son, Anthony Thomas Heinsbergen (1929-2004), worked with his father for the Heinsbergen Decorating Company, a firm that executed approximately 400 interior designs across the U.S., but concentrated mostly in Southern California; the younger Nedith K. Heinsbergen was born 05/07/1923 in CA.
Relocation: Born in Holland, Antoon (Anthony) B. Heinsbergen came to the U.S. in 1907. In 1930, Heinsbergen and his family lived at 726 Citrus Avenue in Los Angeles. (It is not clear whether this was North or South Citrus Avenue.) At this time, they owned their residence which had an approximate value of $17,000. They employed a servant, 38-year-old Hedwig Walker, who worked as a nurse. He and his wife provided an address of 7415 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, in 1937, and continued to live here in 1954; he died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 86.
Biographical Information: Education: Coursework, Chouinard Institute of Art, Los Angeles, CA.
Work History: Principal, Heinsbergen Decorating Company, Los Angeles, CA; this firm was one of the most celebrated mural painting firms in Southern CA, responsible for many movie palace interiors.
Miscellaneous: He was known as "Anthony" not "Antoon" for most of his life. SSN: 566-46-6189; One source, architectural historian, John Edward Powell of Historic Fresno, indicated that "Legendary impresario Alexander Pantages presented the 30-year-old artist with his first theater commission in 1924, and Heinsbergen went on to decorate over 750 theaters nationwide during America's golden age of theater construction." (See "Anthony B. Heinsbergen," < accessed 01/03/2007> The Depression did not prove financially disastrous to Heinsbergen as it was for many others; at the Depression's depths in late 1932, he traveled aboard the Norddeutsche Lloyd liner, S.S. Europa, with his wife and daughter from Cherbourg, France to New York, NY, 11/30/1932-12/05/1932. He and his wife returned to Europe aboard the Cunard liner, Queen Mary, from Southampton, UK, to New York, NY, between 07/21/1937-07/26/1937. They sailed on the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth between Southampton and New York from 07/28/1954-08/02/1954.
Countries: Netherlands
United States
Structures: American Telephone and Telegraph Company (A, T and T), Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, Communications Center, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1961 (15863)
Beverly-Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA - 1926-1928 (1595)
City of Los Angeles, City Hall #3, Los Angeles, CA - 1926-1928 (157)
Fox West Coast Theatres, Fox Theatre, San Diego, CA - 1928-1929 (11035)
Gables Club, Santa Monica, CA - (7464)
Heinsbergen Decorating Company Office, Los Angeles, CA - 1927-1928 (14736)
Hotel Tioga, Merced, CA - 1928 (2223)
It Cafe, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - (17946)
Lathrop Building, 4th Avenue Theatre, Anchorage, AK - 1947 (3232)
Lewis and Clark Theatre and Bowl, Tukwila, WA - 1956 (14781)
Magnolia Theatre, Magnolia, Seattle, WA - 1947-1948 (16097)
Memorial Auditorium, Fresno, CA - 1935-1936 (2213)
Orpheum Theatre #2, Vancouver, BC, Canada - 1926-1927 (5246)
Pacific Coast Club, Long Beach, CA - (3028)
Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - 1929-1930 (1559)
Pellissier Building, Los Angeles, CA - 1930-1931 (226)
Pershing Square Building, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA - 1923 (12781)
Portola Theatre, West Seattle, Seattle, WA - 1919 (3231)
Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - 1926-1927 (4290)
Senator Hotel, Sacramento, CA - (7474)
Tower Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 1925-1927 (937)
Tower Theatre, Tower District, Fresno, CA - 1938-1939 (7473)
Union Trust and Savings Bank, Los Angeles, CA - (7471)
United Artists Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 1927 (758)
Warner Brothers Western Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 1930-1931 (225)
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