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Chiarelli, James

ID: 2183
Full Name: James Joseph Chiarelli
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1908-07-03
Death Date: 1990-05-05
Family: Spouse: James Chiarelli married Pat Chiarelli in 1947.
Children: When surveyed in 1955, Chiarelli noted that he had had three children. One son, Randall G. (Rico) Chiarelli, went on to become a Lighting Designer for the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB). (See Moira Macdonald, "Pacific Northwest Ballet's Rico Chiarelli lights the way," <> Accessed 04/17/2012.)
Biographical Information: Education: B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1934.
Work History: Draftsman, Andrew Willatsen, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1934; Draftsman, Thomas, Grainger and Thomas, Seattle, WA, 1936; Draftsman, Naramore, Bain, Brady, and Johnson, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1938; Field Architect, Vancouver Housing Authority, Vancouver, WA, c. 1940; Partner, Chiarelli and Kirk, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1945-1950; Principal, James J. Chiarelli, Architect, Seattle, WA; Chiarelli moved to a 1717 East Pine Street office in 09/1962.
Teaching: Instructor for Architectural Design, College of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle (UW), 1947; lectured at the Edison Vocational Technical Institute, Seattle, WA;
Miscellaneous: SSN: 531-10-5971;
Professional Awards: Post College: Honor Award, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Washington State Chapter, Walter Brown Clinic, 1947; Gold Medal, VIII Pan American Congress, Rosellini Clinic, 1950; Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Washington State Chapter, Tacoma Blood Bank, 1951;
Countries: United States
Structures: 4157 West Mercer Way House, Mercer Island, WA - 1957 (12965)
7027 32nd Avenue NE House, Seattle, WA - 1947 (6686)
7829 West Mercer Way House, Mercer Island, WA - 1950 (15875)
847 East 100th Street House, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA - 1948-1949 (7286)
9239 Matthews Avenue NE, Matthews Beach, Seattle, WA - 1949 (15902)
Arcorace House, Seattle, WA - 1953 (17768)
Brown, Odessa, Clinic, Seattle, WA - 1949 (4926)
C and K Apartments, Seattle, WA - 1949 (4649)
Chiarelli, James and Pat, House, Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA - 1948-1949 (10327)
City of Seattle, Civic Auditorium, Seattle, WA - 1925-1928 (5248)
Clark, Leland J., House, Hilltop, Bellevue, WA - 1950-1951 (12785)
Crown Hill Medical-Dental Clinic, Crown Hill, Seattle, WA - (10329)
Daniels House, Norwood Village, Bellevue, WA - 1951 (13424)
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5521 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA - 1945 (15813)
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5525 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA - 1945 (15819)
Kirk, Paul Hayden, Duplex House, 5529 25th Avenue NE, Ravenna, Seattle, WA - 1945 (15820)
Lundberg, Professor George A., House, Seattle, WA - 1947 (8384)
Olympic View Community Church of the Brethren, Seattle, WA - 1948 (6002)
Rader, Dr. Melvin, House, Seattle, WA - 1949 (6101)
Rosellinni, Dr. Leo, Clinic, Seattle, WA - (8204)
San Juan International Camps, Main Lodge, Sperry Peninsula, Lopez Island, WA - 1946 (8443)
Schueler, Dr., House, Port Angeles, WA - 1947 (4615)
Tacoma-Pierce County Blood Bank, Incorporated, Tacoma, WA - 1951 (13461)
Tavernite House, Seattle, WA - (18786)
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, Seattle, WA - 1962 (6730)
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Staff Employment Building, Seattle, WA - 1948 (9765)
Locations: Architect's Birth:
Spokane, WA

Portrait of James Chiarelli, c. 1955; from Docomomo WeWa and the State of Washington, Department of Architectural Licensing