Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD)


Killian, Otto

ID: 2338
Full Name: Otto Henry Killian
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Birth Date: 07/01/1923
Death Date: 10/17/1993
Family: Spouse: Born in California, Otto Kilian died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 70; his mother's maiden name was Hillebold; father: Frederick Otto Kilian (b. 10/20/1886 Germany?-d. 1/16/1981 Riverside County, CA; his mother's maiden name was Kampmeyer); mother: Luise Hillebold (b. 12/26/1899 Germany?-d. 1/12/1973 Los Angeles County, CA)
Biographical Information: Work History: Kilian was credited with being an architect who helped design the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles, CA; SSN: 557-28-7813;