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Anderson, Ralph

ID: 2344
Full Name: Ralph D. Anderson
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1924-10-21
Death Date: 2010-10-24
Family: Spouse: Ralph married Shirley Anderson on 05/24/1957. She worked as a pediatrician, who did her residency at Seattle Children's Hospital.
Children: Ralph and Shirley Anderson had two sons; Ross and Kel. Ross became an architect in Seattle, WA, with the firm of Anderson Collier Architects. Kel lived in Bali at the time of his father's death.
Relocation: Born in Seattle, Anderson grew up in the Magnolia Neighborhood and attended high school in Queen Anne. During the Second World War, he spent some time in Boca Raton, FL. He returned to Seattle, and matriculated at the University of Washington, where he graduated in 1951. He spent the rest of his life practicing in Seattle. Anderson passed away at his residence in the Horizon House retirement community, a facility in which many architects have chosen to reside.
Biographical Information: Education: Graduate, Queen Anne High School, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA; B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1951;
Work History: Military service, US Army Air Corps (USAAC), Boca Raton Field, Boca Raton, FL, c. 1942-1945; he became sick and was not sent to combat during the war. He was stationed at Boca Raton Field, where the USAAC maintained a technical training command center and its RADAR technical school. Draftsman, Paul Hayden Kirk, Architect, c. 1951-1954; Principal, Ralph D. Anderson, Architect, Seattle, WA, c. 1954-1972; Partner, Ralph Anderson and Partners, Architects, Seattle, WA, c. 1973; he was partners with T. William Booth and Robert Koch.
Miscellaneous: Anderson died of kidney cancer at age 86, a disease that had afflicted him 30 years previously.
Archives: In 2012, the majority of Ralph Anderson's papers and drawings were held by his partner, Robert Koch. Ross Anderson, Ralph's son, also retained a few items in his architectural office, Anderson/Collier Architects.
Countries: United States
Structures: 18 Highland Drive House, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA - 1965 (12979)
2018 87th Avenue NE House, Clyde Hill, WA - (14594)
6007 79th Avenue SE House, Mercer Island, WA - 1969 (17224)
8551 SE 80th Street House, Mercer Island, WA - 1965-1966 (15783)
Alaska Trade Building, Seattle, WA - 1915 (12129)
Ambaum Medical and Dental Clinic, Seattle, WA - 1965 (8182)
American Can Company, Factory, Downtown, Seattle, WA - 1924 (6318)
Anderson, Einar, House, Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA - (15830)
Anderson, Ralph D. and Shirley, House #1, Hidden Lake, WA - (14473)
Anderson, Ralph D. and Shirley, House #3, West Seattle, Seattle, WA - 1998-1999 (14472)
Ballard, John G., House, Mercer Island, WA - 1961 (6051)
Butterworth Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA - 1903 (6322)
Capital Brewing and Malting Company Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA - (9757)
Concrete Engineering Company, Carports, Tacoma, WA - (15831)
Fort Worden, Commander's House, Port Townsend, WA - (14351)
Glickman, Harry and Jeannette, House, Wedgwood, Seattle, WA - 1959-1960 (16938)
Grand Central Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA - 1889 (4985)
Grand Central Hotel, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA - 1889-1890 (5155)
Innis Arden House, Innis Arden, Shoreline, WA - 1958 (17575)
Jones, Robert W. and Gerd Korsnes, House, Mercer Island, WA - 1965-1966 (13223)
Kotkins, Henry, Sr., and Marion, House, Seattle, WA - (14474)
Market Place North, Public Market Center, Seattle, WA - 1980-1982 (8598)
Meier, Kenneth and Mabel, House, San Juan Island, WA - (15842)
Miller, Jack, House, Seattle, WA - (15832)
Patha House, Seattle, WA - (14475)
Pifer House, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA - 1970 (14330)
Pioneer Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA - 1889-1891 (4626)
Puget Mill Company, Port Gamble Mill, General Store, Port Gamble, WA - (16464)
Runions House, Magnolia, Seattle, WA - 1972 (6410)
Seattle Trust Court, Seattle, WA - 1977 (6188)
Sodergren Apartments, Seattle, WA - 1960 (14484)
Somerset View House, Seattle, WA - (14471)
Tucker, Dr. Frederick, House, Seattle, WA - 1954 (14476)
Union Trust Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA - 1893 (9760)
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Fisheries Center, Seattle, WA - 1949-1950 (9631)
University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Mueller, James I., Hall, Seattle, WA - 1986 (8759)