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Dryden, Nathaniel

ID: 2476
Full Name: Nathaniel L. Dryden
Occupation: Building Contractor
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 1849-02-14
Death Date: 1924-03-07
Family: Spouse: He married Helen Brand, who was the sister of the railroad tycoon/real estate developer/banker, Leslie Brand (1859-1925). Leslie purchased 1,000 acres from the Verdugo Family's huge 36,000-acre Rancho San Rafael in Glendale, CA.
Parents: His mother was Catherine E. Sharp, his father, Frederick Hambleton Dryden, born in Washington County, VA, in 1812. A great grandfather, David Dryden, Jr., erected a two-story log house in 1772, which was listed on the Register of Historic Virginia Homes, and has been called the oldest occupied residence in the state. A relative of Nathaniel's was the San Diego building contractor, David Owen Dryden (1877-1946), who built notable bungalows in the city during the 1910s.
Children: He had a daughter, Virginia, who married Harry Winchester Robinson (1878-1932), scion of the family owning the Robinson's Department Store chain in Southern CA.
Relocation: Nathaniel Dryden was born in Montgomery County, MO. He lived for most of his life in Southern CA, and for a good portion of that in Glendale, CA. He was buried in the Brand Family Cemetery in Glendale that served as the final resting place for 27 family members and at least 5 dogs.
Biographical Information: Work History: Principal, Thomas Nathaniel Dryden, Building Contractor, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1893.
Miscellaneous: Thank you to Keith Biever, a relative of Nathaniel Dryden, for making corrections to this record and providing additional information.
Countries: United States