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Bebout, Austin

ID: 2682
Full Name: Austin Elbert Bebout
Occupation: Building Contractor
Gender: M
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 05/1871
Family: Spouse: Austin E. Bebout married Flora Bell Hawley (born c. 1876 in IA) on 05/02/1906 in Seattle, WA. She was 14 years younger than her husband. Flora's father came from NY, her mother, OH.
Parents: His father, Ellis Bebout (born 03/1820), a farmer, was born in PA, his mother, Phoebe (born 08/1826), came from OH. Ellis's parents came from PA: Phoebe's father was from WV, her mother, OH. The U.S. Census of 1900 indicated that Phoebe had had 15 children, 9 of whom were alive in that year. They married in c. 1843.
Children: Austin and Flora had five sons, Elbert T.(born c. 1907 in WA-died 07/1978 in Everett, WA), Carl H. (born c. 1908 in WA), Harold G. (born c. 1910 in WA), Edward Claborn Bebout, (born 07/12/1913 in Seattle, WA) and Billy W. (born c. 1920 in WA).
Relocation: Born in 05/1871 in OH, Bebout spent some of his adolescence in Benton, IA. The family farmed in IA between 1885-1895, at least. On 06/15/1900, Bebout, aged 29, lived with his parents in Grandview Township, OH, on a farm. In 1910, the Bebouts and their two children lived at 2130 North 64th Street, Seattle, WA. Ten years later, the Bebouts lived in rural Snohomish County; their house had an estimated value of $1,000.
Biographical Information: Work History: Carpenter, Grandview, OH, c. 1900; the U.S. Census indicated that Bebout had spent 4 months not employed as a carpenter in 1900; Partner, Hawley and Bebout, Building Contractors, Seattle, WA, 1904; Bebout was probably in partnership with his wife's father or brother. In 1910, the U.S. Census indicated Bebout's profession to be "contractor." Carpenter, Snohomish County, CA, c. 1920; they continued to reside in Snohomish County in 1930, near Manor Lake, WA.
Countries: United States