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Barnett, Absalom

ID: 3113
Full Name: Absalom J. Barnett
Birth Date: 1853
Death Date: 1918
Family: Parents: Father was George Ingham Barnett (1815-1898), a well-known local architect in Saint Louis, MO; Absalom was the eldest child, named for his grandfather, who was a Baptist minister in Birmingham, UK. Absalom's two other brothers, George Dennis Barnett (1863-c.1925) and Thomas Barnett (the youngest), were also architects in Saint Louis, comprising the firm of Barnett, Haynes and Barnett, operating 1889-1911; after the firm's dissolution, George Dennis Barnett moved to Los Angeles, CA, and practiced there until his death c. 1925.
Relocation: Born in Saint Louis, MO, Barnett moved to the San Francisco Bay Area c. 1880, and remained there until his death in 1918.
Biographical Information: Work History: Draftsman, George Ingham Barnett, Architect, Saint Louis, MO, c. 1867-1870; Principal, Absalom J. Barnett, Architect, San Francisco, CA, c. 1880-1918;
Countries: United States