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Held, Albert

ID: 3810
Full Name: Albert Held
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1866-03-25
Family: Spouse: Albert married Kate C. [Benham] Logan (b. 1862) of Constantine, MI, on 10/14/1903 in Spokane, WA. Her father came from MI, her mother, Melinda C. Benham, lived (born c. 1838 in NY) lived with Albert and Kate Held in Spokane c. 1910-1920.
Parents: His father was also Albert Held (born c. 1839 in Wurttemburg, Germany, who came to the U.S. c. 1854), working as a joiner in 1885, a carpenter in 1895; his mother was Christina Stupp (born c. 1840 in Germany). She died before 1910. His brothers and sisters included: Bertha (born c. 1865 in MN), Henry (born c. 1869 in MN), Louisa (born c. 1871 in MN), Otto (born c. 1872 in MN) and Herrmann (born c. 1876 in MN). A sister, Mathilde, (born c. 1877 in MN), may have died between 1875-1885.
Relocation: Born in New Ulm, MN, Held lived there at least through 1885. He came to Spokane, WA, in 1889, and lived the rest of his life there. In 1890, he lived in a boarding house at 326 East Riverside Avenue. According to the 1910 US Census, Held lived at that time in the Spokane W3 Carlisle census precinct; Held was prosperous enough to afford two servants at this time. In 1920, he and his wife lived at 364 Coeur d'Alene Street in Spokane; the household had one servant, Mary Samson, who recently (1911) immigrated from England.
Biographical Information: Education: The book, Sketches of Washingtonians,(Seattle, WA: Wellington C. Wolfe and Company, 1906), noted: "[Held] received his education in the public schools of that state [Minnesota], after which he took up the study of architecture in St. Paul and later studied at the Minnesota University in Minneapolis."
Work History: Principal, Albert Held, Architect, Spokane, WA, c. 1889-1890. Partner, Held and Zittlee, Architects, Spokane, WA, c. 1890- .
Miscellaneous: At age 44, a U.S. Passport application described him as standing 5 feet 7 3/4 inches tall, with a ruddy complexion, blue eyes and dark brown hair. Member, International Order of Odd Fellows, Spokane, WA; Member, Spokane Amateur Athletic Club, Spokane, WA; Member, Spokane Chamber of Commerce, Spokane, WA; Member, The Spokane Club, Spokane, WA;
Countries: United States
Structures: Amman Apartments, Spokane, WA - 1904 (8075)
Breslin Apartments, Spokane, WA - 1910 (8476)
Centennial Mill, Spokane, WA - (13358)
Clark, Mrs. James, House, Spokane, WA - (13365)
Goble, Pratt and Robbins Building, Spokane, WA - (13350)
Held, Albert, House, Spokane, WA - (13373)
Holley-Mason Hardware Building, Riverside, Spokane, WA - 1905 (13357)
Home Telephone and Telegraph Company of Spokane, Exchange Building, Spokane, WA - (13360)
Hotel Idaho, Coeur d'Alene, ID - (13361)
Inland Brewing Company, Brewery and Malt House, Spokane, WA - (13359)
Inland Empire Railway, Car Barns, Spokane, WA - (13354)
Inland Empire Railway, Freight Depot, Spokane, WA - (13353)
Inland Empire Railway, Machine Shops, Spokane, WA - (13355)
Inland Empire Railway, Power and Transformer Stations, Spokane, WA - (13356)
Jensen-Byrd Building, Spokane, WA - 1908-1909 (17488)
Kingsbury, B.C., House, Spokane, WA - (13366)
Kuhn, Aaron, House, Spokane, WA - (13370)
Ondowa Inn, Spokane, WA - (13348)
Robbins, Charles P., House, Spokane, WA - (13368)
S.A.A. Club House, Spokane, WA - (13345)
Saint Luke's Hospital, Spokane, WA - (13346)
San Marco Apartments, Spokane, WA - (13347)
Spokane Electric Railway Depot, Spokane, WA - (13349)
Spokane Public Schools, Grand School, Spokane, WA - (13343)
Spokane Public Schools, Lincoln School, Spokane, WA - (13342)
Spokane Public Schools, Lowell School, Spokane, WA - (13344)
Spokane Public Schools, North Central High School #1, Spokane, WA - (9107)
Spokane Public Schools, Webster School, Spokane, WA - (13341)
Weil, Mrs. R., House, Spokane, WA - (13367)
Wetzel, D.F., House, Spokane, WA - (13371)
Wren, T.F., House, Spokane, WA - (13369)
Zimmerman, F.W., House, Spokane, WA - (13372)
Locations: Architect's Birth:
New Ulm, MN