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Keith, John

ID: 3889
Full Name: John Charles Malcolm Keith
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1858-12-19
Death Date: 1940-12-19
Family: Parents: His father was Episcopal priest Charles McGhee Keith, his mother, Elizabeth Madeline Christie.
Relocation: Born in Nairn, Scotland, in the Highlands. He attended secondary schools in England, but apprenticed with an architect for about six years in Inverness, Scotland. From there, he furthered his career working in the offices of two architects there, before opening his own architectural firm in the southwestern English coastal city of Portishead in Somerset. He stayed here only briefly before migrating to San Francisco, CA, in 1887.
Biographical Information: Education: Attended, Lincoln Grammar School, Lincoln, England, UK; attended, Clare Mount School, Wirral, England, UK, c. 1876.
Work History: Apprentice, Alexander Ross, Architect, Inverness, Scotland, UK, 03/01/1877-1883; Draftsman, T. Roger Smith, Architect, London, England, UK, 1883-c. 1885; Draftsman, N.R. Gough, Architect, London, c. 1885-1886; Principal, John C.M. Keith, Architect, Portishead, Somerset, England, UK, c. 1886-1887; Partner, [Cecil C.] Evers and Keith, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1890-1893. Evers, came to Seattle, in 1889, the year of Seattle's Great Fire. Keith came about the same time and joined Evers in a partnership. The firm maintained offices in the Boston Block (Rooms #37-38 in 1890-1891) and the Butler Block (Rooms 502-504 in 1892-1893). The Depression of 1893 wiped out most work for architects in Seattle, and Keith, like a lot of others, left town that year. He transplanted himself to Victoria, BC, where he and Evers had won a competition for the Episcopal Cathedral there in 1892.
Countries: United States