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Osborn, Edward

ID: 3933
Full Name: Edward Thomas Osborn
Occupation: Draftsman
Gender: M
Family: Relocation: An Englishman by birth, Osborn traveled throughout the British Commonwealth, working in New Zealand, British Columbia, and Alberta. According to historian, Dennis Anderson, he came to Seattle, WA, around 1910.
Biographical Information: Work History: Draftsman, E.W. Houghton, Architect, Seattle, WA; Draftsman, John Graham and Company, Seattle, WA; Draftsman, B. Marcus Priteca, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1922; Associate, Wheatley and Osborn, Associated Architects, Seattle, WA, 1923-1924; Draftsman, Bebb and Gould, Architects, Seattle, WA; Osborn completed occasional commissions for himself and in association with others between 1920-1930. Wheatley, Bebb, Houghton, Graham and Priteca all had migrated to Seattle from the UK, as had Osborn.
Miscellaneous: The UW Department of Special Collections noted on its web page: "Born and educated in England, Edward Osborn arrived in Seattle about 1910 and worked as a delineator for several well-known architectural firms. From 1920-1930, he occasionally worked as an independent designer. Osborn was known especially for his watercolor renderings." See <> Accessed 08/14/2009.
Countries: United Kingdom