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Hefty, Henry

ID: 4303
Full Name: Henry J. Hefty , Sr.
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1858-12-28
Death Date: 1915-09-22
Family: Spouse: He married Agatha Wild Hefty (1856-1943) c. 1881, who was also born in German-speaking Switzerland. She was buried in the Saint Fridolin Cemetery, Champlin, MN.
Parents: In 1910, a widowed aunt, Regula Zettner (born c. 1830 in German-speaking Switzerland), lived with the family.
Children: He and Agatha had, according to the US Census of 1900, five children (three surviving), while that of 1910 said six children, four of whom survived in that year. They included Henry J., Jr., Bessie (born 10/1881 in OR), Edward (born 10/1885 in OR) Alfred E. (born 11/1886 in OR), Marguerite Rosa (born 08/12/1900 in Portland, OR), and perhaps one other. Alfred, in 1910, worked as a clerk in a hardware store.
Relocation: Henry Hefty was born in the town of Schwanden in the Swiss Canton of Glarus. (Schwanden was incorporated into the municipality of Glarus Süd in 2011.) He made his way to Portland, OR, by 1881. In 1910, the family lived at 402 Park Street in a residence Hefty designed. He remained in Portland until 1913, when he made a trip back to the city where his mother lived, Weesen, in the Canton of Saint Gallen and to other sites in Southern Europe. He died in Switzerland during this extended trip, with his wife and daughter accompanying him.
Biographical Information: Work History: Principal, Henry J. Hefty, Building Contractor, Portland, OR, c. 1881-1883; Principal, Henry J. Hefty, Architect, Portland, OR, c. 1884-1912.
Miscellaneous: When Hefty first arrived in Portland, he was known as "Heinrich Hefte," but this spelling was "Americanized" by the early/mid-1880s. Both Henry and Agatha came to the US in 1881 and had been naturalized before 1910.
Archives: The Henry J. Hefty Architectural Papers, circa 1890-1895, Mss 3029, are held at the Oregon Historical Society Research Library, Oregon Historical Society Davies Family Research Library, Portland, OR; the collection included "Plans, specifications and drawings for buildings, primarily in Portland, Oregon, circa 1890-1895." (See Oregon Historical Society, "Henry J. Hefty Architectural Papers, circa 1890-1895, <> Accessed 07/23/2014.) The papers were contained in four over-sized folders.
Countries: United States