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Schubert, Holger

ID: 4595
Full Name: Holger Schubert
Occupation: Designer
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1967
Biographical Information: Work History: Schubert worked as a product designer in Los Angeles, CA. His primary architectural claim to fame was his own residence that featured an elongated studio that doubled as a garage; Schubert parked his pristine Ferrari 512 BBi "Boxer" in one end of the minimal modern interior and worked on the other. Neighbors objected to the bridge that Schubert built on his two-acre property and went to court to have the City of Los Angeles demand that he remove it. The house was on Tigertail Lane in the Brentwood Hills. The Schubert House was the "Existing Garage" winner of Architectural Digest's Design Driven competition in 2009.
Countries: United States