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Brown, J.

ID: 4636
Full Name: J. Merrill Brown
Occupation: Architect
Birth Date: 03/1853
Family: Spouse: J. Merrill Brown married Ella Jenkins Brown (b. 02/1856 in OH) c. 1878; both of her parents had been born in MA.
Parents: J. Merrill Brown's parents were both born in MA. His father was Erastus Brown, Jr., a farmer, (born c. 1822); his mother was Wealthy P. Brown (born c. 1838). His grandfather, Erastus Brown, Sr., (born c. 1792) and grandmother, Filinda Brown, (born c. 1793) lived with the family on the same farm in Conway, MA, according the US Census of 1860. The value of the farm was estimated at $1,800, and Erastus, Jr.'s personal estate was estimated at $800. In 1860, Merril had one brother, Clarence E., (born c. 1848).
Children: The Browns indicated in US Census of 1900 that they had had 4 children, 3 of whom were alive in that year; 2 still lived at home, Clarence L. (born 12/1878 in MA), who worked as an architect in that year and Geraldine F. (b. 08/1887 in MA), who was in school;
Relocation: Brown was raised on a farm in Conway, MA. The US Census of 1880 noted that the Browns lived with their infant son, Clarence, at 82 Allen Street in Boston; according to the Boston City Directory, 1890, (Boston, MA: Sampson, Murdock and Co., 1890), Brown lived at 68 Devonshire, Room 35, Newtonville, MA, in 1890; in 1900, Brown lived at 20 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville, MA with his wife Ella J. Brown and 2 children; in 1900, he reported that he did not own his own house. Brown also lived in Chicago, IL, before moving to Seattle, WA. In 1910, J. Merrill Brown lived in rental space at 823 Seneca, presumably in a hotel or apartment, without his family. He indicated that he worked on his "own account" and was not employee of another firm.
Biographical Information: Education: Coursework, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA;
Work History: Principal, J. Merrill Brown, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1911-1915;
Miscellaneous: The 1860 Census indicated that Brown as a 7-year-old boy was known as "Merrill J. Brown."
Countries: United States