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Moseley, Spencer

ID: 4729
Full Name: Spencer Moseley
Occupation: Artist
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1925
Death Date: 01/28/1998
Family: Spouse: Spencer Moseley married Aileen Mosely, who died c. 1988.
Parents: His father owned popcorn stands in Puget Sound and the State of Oregon; the family was itinerant as the father shifted the family periodically to new cities for business. Spencer had a brother, Roger.
Children: Spencer and Aileen Moseley had two children, Max and Grendl.
Relocation: Born in Bellingham, WA, the family moved to Tacoma, WA, c. 1936; he attended the University of Washington, for a number of years, and later taught there. He died in Seattle, WA at age 72.
Biographical Information: Education: B.F.A., University of Washington, Seattle; M.F.A., University of Washington, Seattle;
Teaching: Instructor/Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Art, 1951-1977;
Miscellaneous: Moseley participated with the Architects and Artists Group, (TAAG), that collaborated to design the University of Washington, Seattle, Nuclear Reactor Building in 1961. Moseley died from the effects of Parkinson's Disease.
Countries: United States
Locations: Architect's Birth:
Bellingham, WA