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Lenzen, Theodore

ID: 5023
Full Name: Theodore Lenzen
Occupation: Building Contractor / Architect
Birth Date: 1834
Family: Spouse: He married Caroline Lenzen, (born c. 1841 in Germany); they married c. 1865 in CA. According to the 1910 US Census, Caroline came to the US in 1857;
Parents: Both of his parents had been born in Germany.
Children: Theodore had one son, Louis Theodore Lenzen, who also became an architect.
Relocation: According to the 1910 US Census, Theodore Lenzen came to the US in 1854; In 1910, Theodore Lenzen, his wife, his son, Louis T. Lenzen and his wife, Ella, and their son, Theodore L. Lenzen lived at 53 Lenzen Avenue in San Jose, CA.
Biographical Information: Work History: Principal, Theodore Lenzen, Building Contractor/Architect, San Jose, CA, c. 1862-1910;
Countries: Germany