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Adams, Morgan

ID: 6143
Full Name: Morgan Adams , Jr.
Occupation: Developer
Gender: M
Birth Date: 08/30/1915
Death Date: 03/24/2004
Family: Spouse: Adams married Ruth L. Swanson on 12/12/1964 in Los Angeles, CA. She was born c. 1918.
Parents: His father (born in OH c. 1886-1951) was Morgan Adams, Sr., who controlled the Western Mortgage Company in Los Angeles, CA. Morgan. Sr.'s parents both came from OH. His mother was Aileen McCarthy Adams, (born c. 1892 in NY). Her parents came from NY, her mother, OH, according to the US Census of 1920. Morgan Adams, Jr.'s younger brother was James H. "Peter" Adams (born c. 1917). Morgan Adams, Sr., descended directly from President John Adams (1735-1826) and President John Quincy Adams (1767-1848).
Children: Adams had three children, Morgan III (d. 1966 in an auto accident), Robin, and John Adams.
Relocation: In 1920, the family lived in a house at 426 South Sereno Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. He had an address of 554 Lorraine Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90020-4732, in 1993.
Biographical Information: Education: B.A., History, Yale University, New Haven, CT.
Work History: Service, US Navy, c. 1941-1945;
Miscellaneous: Morgan Adams, Jr., created office buildings along Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, and produced the first ski areas (the resort Thunder Mountain) on Mount Baldy. Adams also sought to build a skiing complex on Mount San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino National Forest. He was a founding member of the Southern California Ski Lift and Tow Operations Association and had a membership in Southern Skis. Adams served as Director of the Los Angeles YMCA. SSN: 557-14-6359;
Countries: United States
Locations: Architect's Death:
Los Angeles, CA
Architect's Birth:
Pasadena, CA