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Haas, Solomon

ID: 675
Full Name: Solomon Irmscher Haas
Occupation: Architect
Gender: M
Birth Date: 1858-03
Family: Spouse: Haas married Sarah B. Haas (born 05/1865 in NY), c. 1886. Her parents had come from NY, according to the US Census of 1900, from VT, according to that of 1910.
Parents: His father, George Haas, Jr., (born c. 1835 in PA), worked as a furniture dealer in 1870. His mother was Phebe A. Haas, (unsure if spelled "Phebe" or "Phoebe," born c. 1845), a homemaker, who had come from IL, PA or Saxony, depending on which census record consulted. Solomon's grandfather was George Haas, Sr., (born c. 1800) a native of Wurtemberg, Germany; his grandmother, Mary (born c. 1808), also came from Wurtemberg. The US Census of 1880 indicated that the 79-year-old man worked as a gardener. As reported in the 1870 Census, Solomon had three siblings, B. Frank (born c. 1858 in IL), Millie A. (born c. 1866 in IL), and Hattie H. (born c. 10/1869 in IL).
Children: He had two children with Sarah, one of whom died before 1900; the surviving child was Mildred, (born 12/1888 in CA).
Relocation: Haas was born in IL in 03/1858. In 1870, Solomon Haas lived with his brother, sisters and parents in Savanna, Carroll County, in northwest IL, a small town located on the Mississippi River and Plum River. He resided with his grandparents and brother, Frank, in Savanna in 1880; his two sisters were not reported at this time. According to Los Angeles, CA, "City Electors" voting records of 1888, he resided at 13 Council Street. The same records of 1892 indicated that he lived at 1527 West Council Street, and had his office address at 114 North Spring Street. Haas left CA c. 1895, and relocated to Chicago, IL, in 1900, residing at 169 Monticello Avenue. The Haas Family lived in a small apartment building (or triplex) at 1409 Dunbar Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1910. Haas had moved to Wilkinsburg, PA, by 1920, where he lived in rented accommodations on Hay Street with his daughter, who worked as a stenographer at a high school. His wife had died by 1920.
Biographical Information: Work History: In 1880, Haas worked as a 23-year-old carpenter in Savanna, IL; Partner, [William A.] Boring and Haas, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1886. Partner, Caulkin and Haas, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1888- ; in 1900, Haas lived with his family in Chicago, IL, where he worked as an architect; ten years later, they lived in Pittsburgh, PA, where continued architectural work. When living in Wilkinsburg, PA, in 1920, Haas was listed in the US Census as a "contractor."
Miscellaneous: In 1892, the voter's rolls indicated that Haas stood 5-feet 8-inches tall, had a dark complexion, gray eyes and dark hair. Architect Henry F. and his wife Elsie Rathburn Withey, in their architect's biographical dictionary, referred to him as "Sidney J. Haas." (See Henry Withey and Elsie R. Withey, Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (Deceased), [Los Angeles: Hennessey & Ingalls, 1970,] p. 66; apparently this was a mistake, as an LAPL card stated: "NOTE: name given incorrectly as 'Sidney J'; after checking 1887-1897 in the city directory, it was ascertained that this was 'Solomon I. Haas.''' (See LAPL California Index card, "Haas, Solomon I." The Los Angeles City/County Directory of 1886/1887 indicated that Haas was in partnership with William A. Boring at that time (p 180).) Two US Census forms, those for 1900 and 1920 identified him as "Solon" Haas. It is unclear whether he called himself this after setting himself up in a new city (Chicago) or whether it was a mistake. If he referred to himself as "Solon" it may have been an attempt to make his name sound "less Jewish." Discrimination against Jewish Americans was widespread in the US at this time, and Jewish architects often did not receive commissions because of their faith.
Countries: United States