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Harnish, Morgan and Causey, Architects

ID: 2409
Partnership Name: Harnish, Morgan and Causey, Architects
Position Title: Partnership
Firm Partners: Harnish, Jay Dewey
Morgan, Melford C.
Causey , Jack E.
Voss, Rudolph F.
Swords, William
Dates: 1960-?
Date Established: 1960-01-01
Notes: The Harnish, Morgan and Causey Office was located in Ontario, CA. It followed the firm, Harnish and Fickes, that existed between 1957-1960; following the retirement of Jay Dewey Harnish in 1978, the firm changed its name to HMC Architects, by which it is known today.
Locations: Architect's Office:
222 East B Street
Ontario, CA