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Bayley Construction Company

ID: 3655
Partnership Name: Bayley Construction Company
Position Title: Partnership
Firm Partners: Bayley, Robert E.
Bayley, Ronald
DuBois, Maxwell
Dates: 1963-present
Date Established: 1963-01-01
Notes: In 2011, this firm had its headquarters on Mercer Island, WA. It also operated offices in Santa Ana, CA, and San Diego, CA, at that time. Ron Bayley, son of the founder Robert E. Bayley, served as President and CEO in 2011; five Vice-Presidents included: Mike Kemppainen, Vice President of Operations; Brandon Etnyre, Vice President and Senior Construction Manager; Mark Florer, Vice President and Senior Construction Manager; Steve Grasso, Vice President of Preconstruction and Estimating; Warren Johnson, Vice President of Business Development.