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Romantic Modernism

ID: 2478
Publication type: Serial
Author: Jahn, Helmut
Article Title: Romantic Modernism
Publication Name: Transactions
Vol.: 5
Issue: 2
Pages: 14-17
Publication Date: 1987
Publisher: RIBA
Illustration Types: model
Notes: The journal says "Transactions 10" on cover; "The underlying idea of the design is to use the'fragments'of the urban scene, such as rectangle, octagon, band and bay facade, and create a new, distinct and recognizble form. A rectangular slab is combined with two octagonal towers which read as giant'columns'-- an appropritae symbolism to the tall building and homage to some older, existing, zig-zag modern buildings along Wilshire. The figure of the building is reinforced through the treatment of its surfaces, horizontal for the slab, vertical for the column. These shifts in form and scale combine to reduce the building's abstraction, raise its level of detail and interest and create a memorable representation of an historical form. THe'classical appearance of the column and its parts is achieved through a sophisticated technological cladding scheme combining stone and glass. The interior spaces serve the requirements of reception and representation, and related in their formal and material configuration to the exterior.
Architects: Jahn, Helmut , (989)