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Goodhue, Allen and Kahn

ID: 4615
Publication type: Serial
Author: Britton, James, II
Article Title: Goodhue, Allen and Kahn
Publication Name: AIA Journal
Vol.: 66
Issue: 7
Pages: 2, 86
Publication Date: 1977-07
Notes: "Louis Kahn explained in a letter to me why the Salk Institute was not landscaped as planned. He and his associates could not decide on trees that would both complement the architecture and withstand the ocean winds. Finally, after Kahn visited an exhibition of Luis Barragan's work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, he called the Mexican architectto the Salk site. 'When Barragan arrived,' Kahn wrote, 'he swept his hand across the spaces and said: 'I would not put in a single tree in this area. I would make a plaza. Then you will have a facade to the sky.' Both Jonas [Salk] and I felt the undeniable appropriateness."