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1005 East Roy Street Apartments, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

ID: 11063
Alt. Name: Anhalt Apartments, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
Notes: Seattle Landmarks Dates: Date introduced/referred: November 13, 1979; Date passed: December 24, 1979; Status: Passed; Vote: 5-0; Date of Mayor's signature: January 3, 1980; in 2009, the Anhalt Apartments covered 0.37 acres. Composed of a wood-frame, it had 3 stories and 25 units, each with an average size of 1,110 square feet.
Building History: The building changed ownership 4 times between 1996-2007; between 2002-2007, this property was owned by Michael J. Malone. the currnet owner, 1005 Investors LLC paid MJM Properties LLC $9,190,925 for the property on 06/28/2007, more than its appraised value of $8,500,000 in 2009.
Assessor Number: 2663000620
Structure Size: Total Square Feet: 26910
City Landmark Status: City Landmark Added: 01/03/1980
City Landmark Number: 108731
City Landmark City: Seattle City Landmark
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses
Locations: Structure:
1005 East Roy Street
Seattle, WA
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