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Clark, John Paul and DeVee, House, Pasadena, CA

ID: 12365
Alt. Name: Kelly, Miriam, House, Pasadena, CA
Construction Date: End Date: 1957
Notes: Neutra's employee, John A. Blanton, supervised the Clark House's construction.
Building History: John P. and DeVee Clark saw Neutra lecture in 1955 because of the architect's connection to Frank Lloyd Wright; impressed with him, they asked him whether he might design a residence for them. He first asked how much money they wanted to spend, and when he heard $39,000, he then asked them about their lot. Neutra viewed the lot, and, five months later, delivered an initial two-floor scheme that seemed too expensive to the Clarks. They also told the architect, that, because John Clark was a pianist (and a music teacher), he needed a larger living room to accommodate a grand piano. Neutra balked momentarily, and asked if the musician would settle for playing on a spinet. Clark refused, and Neutra then produced a second design costing $43,000 that they accepted. The Clarks, and their two daughters, aged 12 and 14, occupied the house after a 10-month construction phase just a little before 12/25/1957. Miriam Kelly purchased the house c. 2002 from the Clark Family.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
1780 Devon Road
Pasadena, CA
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