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Riddle, Charles A. and Louise, House, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

ID: 12993
Alt. Name: Riddle-Irwin House, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
Construction Date: End Date: 1899
Notes: Woodbridge and Montgomery have indicated in their, Guide to Architecture in Washington State, [Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1980], p. 199, that it dated from 1893. Architectural historian, Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, however, has noted that the building permit indicated a date of 1899. (E-mail to author, 01/14/2009)
Alteration Note: The house's owner, Dr. Lilian Irwin, an obstetrician, commissioned architect Otis E. Hancock to make alterations to the interior in 1941;
Building History: Edwin Houghton designed this large residence for the lawyer, Charles A. Riddle, (born 05/1858 in PA), his wife, Louise, (born 06/1860 in OH), their children, Rosamund (born 08/1895 in WA) and Katharine (born 04/1896 in WA) and 3 step-children, Ridgley C. Force (born 08/1879 in PA), Louise Riddle (born 03/1884 in PA) and Florence Riddle (born 06/1886 in PA). (Charles Riddle and Louise married in 1893.) The Riddles also employed a servant, Margaret Bagshaw, (born 04/1878 in the UK). In 1900, their neighbors on Highland Drive included the lumberman, Frederick Stimson, the landowner Walter R. Hinckley (owner of the Hickley Block), and several engineers and other professionals.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
153 Highland Drive
Seattle, WA
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