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18175 Normandy Terrace SW House, Normandy Park, WA

ID: 14595
Alt. Name: Walters, Richard B., House, Normandy Park, WA
Steele, William W. and Karen R., House, Normandy Park, WA
Construction Date: End Date: 1962
Notes: This house was notable for its cantilevered design, with its second-floor living room jutting out to take in water views. Elegantly beveled T-shaped concrete supports allowed the second floor to project over an inset first floor patio. This house had 4 bedrooms, a study, kitchen, living room, and 2 baths on the second floor; the first floor contained the main entry stairs, a utility room, a changing room, and a built-in barbecue. The house was featured on the cover of Sunset Magazine in 04/1967. Its dimensions were an unusual 70 feet long and 32 feet wide, and it occupied a 24,500-square-foot (0.56-acre) parcel. In 2010, the dwelling had an assessed value of $1,308,000.
Demolition Note: Demolished; this Thiry house was endangered in 11/2009 and, despite efforts to relocate it, was finally demolished on 04/23/2010.
Alteration Note: The first floor, once open, was glazed in to create rooms at some point.
Building History: The original family lived in this house into the 1970s; Lisa Polec and Christine Marshall, sisters, lived in this house during their childhoods; their mother, who was widowed, sold the place; another owner bought it at that time and lived in the dwelling until 2009. Neighbors William W. and Karen R. Steele purchased the residence on 08/31/2009 and made efforts to move the dwelling, offering it for free to a new owner who could transport it to another location. Because of moving costs (and the cost of land), no new owner was found. In 03/2010, the estimated cost of moving it to another waterfront location was $240,000, the figure supplied by Nickel Brothers Moving Company of Everett, WA.
Assessor Number: King County 6117502786
Structure Size: Total Square Feet: 2830
Number of Floors: 2
Demolition Date: 2010-04-23
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
18175 Normandy Terrace SW
Normandy Park, WA
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